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Indomitable Daughters in Law

Title: 불굴의 며느리 / Bulgurui Myeoneuri / Indomitable Daughters in Law
Chinese Title : 不屈不撓的兒媳婦
Genre: Family, drama
Episodes: 113
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2011-June-06 to 2011-Nov-18
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:15
Related Series: Iron Lady Cha


The story of three generations of daughters-in-law who have lived in a 300-year-old traditional house. Choi Mak Nyeo is the daughter-in-law of the 11th generation. She may be small of stature, stubborn and recalcitrant, but she has lead the large household with dignity and her powerful charisma ever since her husband died.

Cha Hye Ja is the daughter-in-law of the 12th generation. She lost her husband in an accident when she was young, and since then she has been dedicated to her role as a daughter-in-law of the family, taking care of the family with warmth. One day, however, her lover from the past suddenly shows up, and Hye Ja is thrown into a quandary.

Oh Young Shim is the 13th generation daughter-in-law, adored by everyone for her bright personality and optimism. Unfortunately, her lack of children even after 10 years of marriage makes her increasingly guilty. The situation worsens when her husband has an affair and demands a divorce, but is killed in a sudden traffic accident.


Shin Ae Ra as Oh Young Shim
Kang Boo Ja as Choi Mak Nyeo
Kim Bo Yun as Cha Hye Ja
Honey Lee / Lee Ha Nui as Kim Yun Jung
Park Yoon Jae as Moon Shin Woo


Im Ye Jin as Kim Geum Shil
Kang Kyung Hun as Han Hye Won
Joon Hyung as Kim Soon Jung
Yoon Da Hoon as Kim Hong Goo
Park Min Ha as Viviana

Queen’s Group

Kim Yong Gun as Moon Se Jin
Kim Dong Joo as Hyun Myung Joo
Lee Hoon as Moon Jin Woo
Jun Ye Seo as Park Se Ryung

Other people

Lee Young Ha as Jang Suk Nam
Kim Yoo Ri as Im Ji Eun
Chu Hun Yub as Ho Sub
Lee Mi Eun as Kang Na Eul
Son Ga Young as Jo Eun Soo
Lee Seung Hyo as Jang Bi
Seo Seung Man as sous-chef

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Jin Man
Director: Oh Hyun Chang, Lee Min Woo (이민우)
Screenwriter: Ku Hyun Sook


2011 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award (Serial Drama), Actress (Shin Ae Ra)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award (Serial Drama), Actor (Park Yoon Jae)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award (Serial Drama), Actress (Honey Lee)
2011 MBC Drama Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award (Kang Boo Ja)

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  1. 1 : Jay Says:

    Miss Korea 2006 – Lee Ha Nui, She is so sexy and beautiful!!!

  2. 2 : Jenifer Ramos Acierto via Facebook Says:

    do Yoon Eun Hye has a tv show already ???

  3. 3 : Rosadale Seguisabal via Facebook Says:

    @jenifer “Lie to me” new drama of yoon hye!

  4. 4 : Kitt Labrador via Facebook Says:

    shi min ah is the best………….

  5. 5 : elma Says:

    been ff this drama since the very beginning, though my korean is limited to a word here n there. hope the eng. subs will come soon just love this drama. now that this is on 10th epi already the story is getting intirested.

  6. 6 : nenggeulis Says:

    park yon jae is chae rim’s brother… finally he’s got the main role

  7. 7 : Namiq Hama via Facebook Says:

    ilaek drma

  8. 8 : Halason Hutauruk Ap via Facebook Says:

    I like its>>>!!!!!!!!

  9. 9 : Charlie Says:

    The leading lady doesn’t look like mid-thirty, as she supposed to be. She look mid-forty, more like Shin Woo’s mom than girlfriend. Bad choice of cast for the leading lady.

  10. 10 : karen millen dress Says:

    So wonderful sharing! And we also share a prefect thing which is beautiful karen millen dresses, karen millen evening dresses. We are being the focus of the party!

  11. 11 : yamon Says:

    I like Korean drama and i watch many movies and film of Korea including this one. This drama is really wonderful and i like it very much…

  12. 12 : JoJo Says:

    The leading lady looks like in her late twenties and though not charming but she has the charisma. The main actor is also very handsome.

  13. 13 : OK OK OK Says:

    Now its showing in Singapore Ep 23. Many viewers like it very much and commented its a nice show.
    Chae Rim’s brother – the leading man is also very charming. 🙂

  14. 14 : OK OK OK Says:

    This drama is exactly like You Don’t Know Women produce in year 2010 starring Lee Min Jung & Go Si Won – which i enjoy very much. Also the lead actress husband got an affair and she end up with a younger man, rich & handsome …… 😆
    Anyway, I also like the leading F & M cast here. I am watching ep 10 now

  15. 15 : suehazel Says:

    hi, will someone help me to translate to English 
    in the story indomitable daughter in law,
    in the scene by the sea
    shin woo was telling young shim thats he loves
    Pls help me translate to English the words spoken there
    something about he knows that he love her but unsure when or where it begins
    pls pls pls

  16. 16 : june Says:

    nice drama …

  17. 17 : yoon sung Says:

    this drama realy complicated.. arrgghhh!!! and showing how small this world be.. (fate maybe lolzz.) make me head spining.. (otoke, otoke, otoke???). 😛 nice drama… love it.

  18. 18 : june Says:

    this drama really nice,..love the cast involve in this drama … so touching…

  19. 19 : ju Says:

    fantastic drama love it so much . the couple Oh Young Shim and Park Yoon Jae are very matching and has the chemistry between them hope to watch them pair off together in other dramas . Shin Ae Rae is very pretty, natural beauty and ParkYoon Jae is so handsome ! Love the drama!

  20. 20 : Janet Says:

    can anyone tell me where can i download this drama to watch, please help.

  21. 21 : ying lee Says:

    it is a very nice drama cos i like family dramas, the leading man is so handsome though the main actress do look a bit too old for him but she has the charisma and the eldest grand daughter lee ha nui is miss korea 2006, i absolutely love her dimples

  22. 22 : ju Says:

    Can Park Yoon Jae and Shin Ae ra pair together again as couple in other new dramas ? They are really a perfect couple! Every gestures they made seem so real like lovers and their acting is good .

  23. 23 : Kumar Says:

    I agree with Ju absolutely. Park Yoon Jae and Shin Ae ra make a perfect couple. Their portray of true love for each other is simply remarkable and amazingly inspiring. They are better than the best. They are just superb. I really wish these characters exist. The story is simply unbelievably fantastic.
    Heartiest congrads to Park Yoon Jae and Shin Ae ra, not forgetting the other actors as well. Oh yes! The script writer is definitely very talented, the producers and directors as well. Wonderful job. Definitely looking forward to more such inspiring stories and watching Park Yoon Jae and Shin Ae ra act as a couple again. I pray that in real life they will also experience lasting love and happiness.

  24. 24 : Lam Yin Wah Says:

    Yoon Jae is really so handsome! He is a Prince Charming! Acting is very good. He deserves the award

  25. 25 : Linda Says:

    I really like this drama.

  26. 26 : Low Lai Kheng Says:

    Who is the sponsor jewelry in this Korea drama?

  27. 27 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and nice

  28. 28 : mc Says:

    In the first episode as they were preparing food for the memorial service, they had pieces of cloth in their mouths. Does anybody know why they do that?

  29. 29 : janet Says:

    I love to watch the drama Korean Drama – Iron Daughters…. very sad the dvd does not come substitles for deaf. I hope i can get dvd. Very amazing and wonderful drama. I can give 10 stars.

  30. 30 : Ms Chen Says:

    Hi, I an looking for the full video with English Subtitle for the drama :Iron Daughters-in-law”.

    Please kindly advise which web page I can locate them.

    Thank you

  31. 31 : Ling Says:

    Love this drama !

  32. 32 : Ling Says:

    Heart warming, hopeful, cute

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