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Incarnation of Money

Title: 돈의 화신 / Incarnation of Money
Chinese Title: 錢的化身
Also known as: Money Incarnation / Money Demons / The Embodiment of Money
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, Mystery
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-02 to 2013-April-21
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama based on law about money, love and passion.

Bok Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) plays the daughter of a loan shark and ‘knows nothing but money’. She then eventually becomes the president of a savings bank with her pragmatic and a strong work ethic personality. Meanwhile, Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) knows of her past and is in debt to her. He then happens to be locked up in a psychiatric hospital on a remote island…..


Main Cast

Kang Ji Hwan as Lee Cha Don
Park Ji Bin as Lee Cha Don (young)
Hwang Jung Eum as Bok Jae In
Seo Shin Ae as Jae In (young)
Park Sang Min as Ji Se Kwang
Oh Yoon Ah as Eun Bi Ryung
Choi Yeo Jin as Jeon Ji Hoo
Kim Soo Mi as Bok Hwa Sool

Supporting Cast

Park Soon Chun as Park Ki Soon
Lee Ki Young as Kwon Jae Kyu
Jung Eun Pyo as Hwang Jang Shik
Lee Seung Hyung as Go Ho
Yang Hyung Wook as Yang Goo Shik
Kim Hak Chul as Jung Hae Ryong
Choi Jin Ho as Lee Kwan Soo
Do Ji Han as Kwon Hyuk
Lee Byung Joon as Jo Sang Deuk
Yoon Yong Hyun as Kim Pal Do
Joo Hyun as Lee Joong Man
Lee Ji Hyun as Hong Ja Mong
Go In Bum as Lee Cha Don’s uncle
Son Byung Ho
Jo Woo Jin


Song Kyung Chul as Gentleman of Jingogae (Jae In’s father / Bok Hwa Sool’s ex-husband)
No Hyung Wook as Bok Jae In’s math tutor (ep.3)
Lee Han Wie as Plastic Surgeon (ep.5)
Lee Moon Shik as Park So Tae (ep.9)
Kim Byung Ok as nursing home director (ep.11)
Choi Sang Hoon as Jun Hoon (Jun Ji Hoo’s father)
Kim Kwang In as Yellow Sea Credit Union’s major stakeholder

Production Credits

Production Company: JS Pictures
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Director: Yoo In Sik
Screenwriter: Jang Young Chul, Jung Kyung Soon


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Lifetime Achievement – Kim Soo Mi (Incarnation of Money)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-02-02 1 9.2 (14th) 10.0 (10th) 9.7 (16th) 10.6 (12th)
2013-02-03 2 7.6 8.4 9.2 (17th) 10.2 (14th)
2013-02-09 3 11.0 (10th) 12.3 (6th) 10.2 (12th) 10.7 (10th)
2013-02-10 4 10.7 (9th) 11.1 (9th) 10.6 (8th) 12.3 (5th)
2013-02-16 5 14.1 (7th) 14.9 (4th) 14.5 (4th) 16.6 (4th)
2013-02-17 6 13.0 (9th) 13.8 (7th) 13.1 (6th) 15.2 (6th)
2013-02-23 7 13.9 (5th) 15.3 (4th) 13.3 (4th) 15.0 (3rd)
2013-02-24 8 11.7 (11st) 12.8 (9th) 13.4 (7th) 15.1 (6th)
2013-03-02 9 13.3 (7th) 14.2 (4th) 12.2 (6th) 14.0 (5th)
2013-03-03 10 10.9 (12th) 11.6 (12th) 11.4 (11th) 12.8 (8th)
2013-03-09 11 12.4 (6th) 13.7 (5th) 12.4 (6th) 13.8 (6th)
2013-03-10 12 11.8 (12th) 13.1 (7th) 15.1 (6th) 16.5 (4th)
2013-03-16 13 13.2 (6th) 14.7 (4th) 14.5 (5th) 16.6 (4th)
2013-03-17 14 13.0 (9th) 14.3 (8th) 15.3 (6th) 17.5 (4th)
2013-03-23 15 14.1 (4th) 16.0 (3rd) 16.4 (4th) 19.1 (4th)
2013-03-24 16 13.7 (7th) 15.3 (6th) 15.3 (4th) 17.2 (3rd)
2013-03-30 17 15.1 (5th) 17.5 (4th) 14.7 (5th) 16.0 (5th)
2013-03-31 18 13.4 (8th) 14.6 (8th) 15.6 (4th) 17.4 (3rd)
2013-04-06 19 14.4 (4th) 16.6 (3rd) 16.1 (4th) 18.0 (3rd)
2013-04-07 20 13.4 (8th) 15.2 (5th) 14.6 (5th) 16.3 (4th)
2013-04-13 21 11.6 (6th) 12.3 (5th) 14.2 (4th) 16.7 (3rd)
2013-04-14 22 12.6 (6th) 14.0 (6th) 15.2 (5th) 17.5 (3rd)
2013-04-20 23 13.4 (4th) 14.3 (3rd) 14.3 (4th) 15.4 (5th)
2013-04-21 24 14.2 (4th) 15.7 (3rd) 16.8 (4th) 18.8 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : Dar In Indonesia Says:

    Oke, Im waiting…See KJH again remember Hyun Gi JUn with 5 packet Handsome, strong responsibility,equipped common sense, education N demeanor…

  2. 2 : cc Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan, welcome back!!! Fighting!!

  3. 3 : emerald Says:

    its a romance comedy… love it… Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum…

  4. 4 : myeon Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan ! omg why lately all my favorite actor were playing drama. yoon shi yoon, moon jun won, park si hoo, yoochun, and now kang ji hwan. omg..

  5. 5 : myeon Says:

    and i bet it’ll be an interesting drama.
    aarghhh don’t know what should i watched. i can’t watch them all T___T
    flower boy next ooor? 7th grade civil servant? cheongdamdong? or this one? well, at least cheongdamdong will end 🙂

  6. 6 : LeeHyun Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama, i miss the Hyung (Kang Ji Hwan) since he acted in Drama “Lie to Me”. I hope his new drama is also good as the latest

  7. 7 : lara Says:

    the title and the synopsis doesn’t seem like RomCom..
    oh well.. haha..

  8. 8 : Reivo Says:

    Kang ji hwan and Hwang jung eum noona… Fighting….

  9. 9 : chon Says:

    I’m glad to kang ji hwan . I’m waiting for this drama a long time. Love you very much.
    KANG JI HWAN FIGHTING!!! AJA AJA AJA……^___^ ^__^ @@ ^^

  10. 10 : KDaddict Says:

    My goodness! Another melodrama! I miss Kwan Ji Hwan.

  11. 11 : Tin Says:

    The lead actress having short hair? Hmm.

  12. 12 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Is it just me that Im puzzled with two things? The first one is its genre which is ROMCOM but when ive read the plot, i can say its very drama, can be classified to melodrama. and then there’s this serious poster. jejeje

    and the 2nd one is KJH’s hair where I find it like a hair of a chicken? jejeje peace! that hair is unattractive! lol

    But I’ll wait for this drama soon!

  13. 13 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    And hoping KJH to be out from the case filed by his former agency. aigooo

  14. 14 : myeon Says:

    @Kurayuzaki666 hair chicken? loooool xD

  15. 15 : KDaddict Says:

    Really, what is with their hair? Last year, every K actor had hair that covered their eyes. Now we see Jang Hyuk w that WTF hair cut in the Iris 2 poster, n now this on KJH! I sure hope it is not a trend. Dah.
    If there is a way to make great looking men ugly, I think they’ve found it!

  16. 16 : hny Says:

    hmmm…it seem Korean was experiment with hair!!…

  17. 17 : fhay Says:

    Gosh! Loveeethhhh! Kang Ji Hwan.

  18. 18 : Ttuk Says:

    Another strange title “Incarnation of Money”. The word “incarnate” means to become flesh, as in a soul takes on a body by being born. Money is an inanimate thing, having no will, no desire and therefore no need of a body. So title is a metaphor of sorts.

    After reading the synopsis I’m going to suggest that “money” really has little to do with this drama, rather something fundamental — “attachment”. The attachment to the promise that wealth brings security, comfort and enjoyment. Almost everyone have money after all, but not all are willing to sacrifice their dignity or humanity to pursue it and/or hold on to it.

    If my analysis is correct, the title of this drama “Reincarnation of Money” is a misnomer. A drama deserves to be named properly, even for us not so important English speaking audiences. If only to garner respect, and also viewers may feel confident to commit.

  19. 19 : Ttuk Says:

    woops! typo correction: “Reincarnation of Money” should be “Incarnation of Money”

  20. 20 : Ttuk Says:

    Too true about the new hair trend #15-KDaddict. I think of it as the “babo” look.

  21. 21 : chon Says:

    I saw bts ” incarnation ofmoney ” it’s funny. Kangjihwan’s charming and good acting.
    Kangjihwan i love you so much . Fighting. Good luck in every thing. ^__^

  22. 22 : KDaddict Says:

    Ha, there u go again, being stumped by the English title! 😉 I understand your frustration.
    화신, pronounced ‘Hashin’ is difficult to translate properly into English. Incarnation, Personification, Avatar, all carry the same connotation of sth changing into a being, w spirit or soul. I’d use “Transformation”, but that’s quite vague. Imagine: “The Transformation of Money”. It’d leave ppl scratching their heads too! So take these translated titles w a Large grain of salt.

    Sometimes, it may be that their English skills r lacking; other times, it may be done by a machine; but mostly, I think it’s bcos subtleties get lost in translation!

    I love your calling those “the Babo hairdo”. So Ept.
    But KJH is KJH, one of the hottest men walking the planet, no matter what!

  23. 23 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t much too much wt on their classifying this as a rom-com. U know, they called Scent of a Woman the same thing. A woman dying of cancer a rom-com? And Can’t Lose. 2 lawyers going thru a divorce. They tried to make these shows funny, but they just weren’t.
    At this pt, the only thing we can be sure of is that KJH will appear in it.

  24. 24 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @KDaddict Yes but I do believe that Scent of A Woman was categorically classified into RomCom coz it’s Kim Sun Ah’s zone. But what’s important is KJH is in this drama. Sorry I don’t know the other actors. Love him in Lie To Me even if he was just like an over acting comedian there but it’s was an effective way for viewers to see how he totally get hooked up and fall in love with YEH there.

    and what’s Babo hairdo by the way?

  25. 25 : Shandy Says:

    where does ham eun jung?

  26. 26 : Dhiny Says:

    mmmmm…Kang Ji Hwan as Hyeon Gi Jun…handsome..

  27. 27 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Can’t wait to see Kang Ji Hwan in this new series♡

  28. 28 : mena Says:

    At last!…. I’ve been waiting for another Kang Ji Hwan drama. I have seen almost all of his previous drama and I love them!!!

  29. 29 : chon Says:

    I’m so exciting for this drama. I love kjh. He’s good acting and so charming.
    Be Strong Kjh. Have a nice time. Fighting!!! ^__^ @[email protected] ^__^

  30. 30 : KDaddict Says:

    CDDA has ended. Now we can look fwd to seeing this drama in the same time slot next W, Th, w KJH, Babo hair notwithstanding!

  31. 31 : hawana Says:

    Best actor in korea…lov u muachhhhhh

  32. 32 : KDaddict Says:

    Yay! It’ll start this Sat, Sun. Not much interesting is being shown rt now, except for 7GCS, which is light n funny, n FBND, which is even lighter. Waiting for this one. Hope it is really a rom-com as they say. Too many melos this past few months already!

  33. 33 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan was hilariously funny in his 2009 “My Girlfriend Was an Agent”, so I am hoping that he & fellow cast members will bring us some much needed laughter to Kdramaland.

  34. 34 : ecoronacion Says:

    at last… it’s more than a year since i last saw you on a series… good luck and more power…. God bless

  35. 35 : Ttuk Says:

    #22 You gave me an idea. I’m thinking about making a one meter paper version of your “Large Grain of Salt” with the title and credit attributed to you. If I get around to it, so busy with work. With your permission?

  36. 36 : Ttuk Says:

    KDaddict: Hey its not just any “Very Large Grain of Salt”, it’s the one we used to soften the silliness inherent in the naming of this drama. 🙂

  37. 37 : myeon Says:

    park ji bin -> kang ji hwan. daebakk. is it will be another kim tak goo? xD

  38. 38 : something Says:

    admin, if you watch the 10minutes trailer this one not really a romcom but melodrama too, the comedy part only will start after the cast grown up (adult part)

    (@something from admin: Thanks for inform us. we just changed it accordingly)

  39. 39 : chon Says:

    Nice to meet you. Kang ji hwan fighting. I’m waiting to watch INCARNATION OF MONEY.
    Kang ji hwan’s one of the best acting. I love you. Have a great time. (^_^) (^_^) (@[email protected])

  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    A VERY Rich, but Very Stupid, evil old man goes and gets himself killed by 3 ppl who have the most access to him: his beloved movie star mistress, his 2 trusted personal assistants, who r lawyers in his corporation.
    His wife and young son of abt 15, r left at their ‘mercy’, of which I’m sure will be none. It is just a figure of speech.
    The son grows up to become a public prosecutor, played by KJH. But he has amnesia! He no longer remembers his own identity! So we know that some trauma has befallen him after his father’s death.

    It’s only 1 ep in. It is too early to tell if this is good. But it is clear now what the title means. It means What Money becomes: Dangled in front of those who want it, it takes the form of their greed. Possessed by those who r rotten, it becomes evil incarnate. Great amts of it becomes power, the power to do whatever, even to buy the lives of others. It endangers. It corrupts.
    One of the assistants is played by the short guy who was the eunuch in METS. His char is pretty bad, but will play an impt role in the story.

    It doesn’t look like a rom-com, at least not at 1st.
    Ep 1 neither excites nor bores me. But I’m here for KJH, tho I much prefer his look in LTM. I hope his ‘Babo hair’ will go soon!

  41. 41 : emerald Says:

    Park Ji bin is a big boy now…

  42. 42 : jenn Says:

    just finished watching ep 01, not bad, should be good. watching ep 2 now

  43. 43 : chon Says:

    I suppose you . I’m excited for this drama ( IOM )

  44. 44 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    So disappointed there is no comedy yet. Just a few chars U want to punch in the gut for their vile ways. The 1st word in the genre reads melodrama, & so far that is what it is. The description didn’t lie. So, I hope we will get the comedic relief soon, probably when LCD finds himself in the psych ward. One can only hope. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    Park Ji Bin is displaying his talent in this ep. & doing a good job. Well, on 2 ep 2.!

  45. 45 : liz Says:

    First and second episode are good. the handsome young
    boy is good. when he first recover, he holds back his
    tears and the first word—- ma , ma ——-touch
    my heart. Preview show this young boy face turns to
    Kang Ji Hwan. I can’t wait for next week.

  46. 46 : Yvonne Says:

    I don’t like the tiny lead female. She’s so tiny.

  47. 47 : torri Says:


  48. 48 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    Viewers who know and love Park Ji Bin, from his previous works, will enjoy eps 1 n 2 a lot more. Otherwise, it is a yawn to see the bad guys get their way, frame the feeble samonim, and out smart the young boy. We already knew from the opening that KJH will suffer at the hands of those who kill his father. Ep 2 feels like painting by the nos. W enough money, everyone can be bought. It just gets him and us into the family of the rich money-lender lady.
    Hopefully by ep 3, the setting up will be over, and we’ll get into the meat of the drama.

  49. 49 : Gretz16 Says:

    Ohhh… Park Ji Bin looks cool in this drama… he still have the personality of an easy going boy like his character in May Queen… i would try watching this drama because of him. Hwang Jung Eum catches my attention in Can You Hear my Heart, she is a good actress and i like her. 🙂 I’ll be following this drama because of this two great artist…

  50. 50 : Gretz16 Says:

    I remember Park Sang Min also played the older brother of Hwang Jung Eum in her drama Giant.

    On episode 2, the Uncle of Park Ji Bin is his grandfather on May Queen…. yayyyy…. 🙂 Just to bad.. young cast had a very little part… ep.3 is already the adult cast… im wondering if i should continue watching. I love Hwang Jung Eum anyway…

  51. 51 : kimchilee Says:

    oh hi there KDaddict! came over to this thread after reading your thread to watch this.. i have not started yet.. will let you do the “watching” for me and read your reviews before deciding whether its worth my time.. like you said.. will wait for the meat of the drama to start.. hehe..

    Wishing everyone Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year to those who will be celebrating it! cheers! 🙂

  52. 52 : MAY Says:

    quite disappointed with the actress who played the movie star, she doesn’t look like a supestar. she could have just played a supporting role, like a nanny or household helper maybe

  53. 53 : smile2 Says:

    I like the story so far. I can’t wait to see KJH.
    KJH last korean drama Lie To Me on air in May 2011.
    KJH keep on fighting!!!!!

  54. 54 : chon Says:

    Incarnation of money fighting. Kang ji hwan fighting. Every body in this drama fighting.

  55. 55 : amy Says:

    i love kjh oppa so much..bt after yoon eun hye why this woman???
    this woman always plays in a good drama with all my fav actors….
    bt, she really not fit to the charachter 🙁 she is too fake acting..i think she get the job bcz she knows lots of producer or director…ihhhhh……

  56. 56 : myeon Says:

    waa it’s truly will became a big drama. already watched eps 1 and now i’m fall in love with this drama. i hope it’ll be more and more interesting as like baker king kim tak goo. kang ji hwan, park ji bin fighting !

  57. 57 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    At the end of ep 3, he FINALLY grows up. Does he ever, in the shower! My interest in this show just shot up 3000%. There is nothing wrong w Park Ji Bin. Actually he does a good job playing sb w brain damage in ep 3. Only he isn’t KJH or Yeo Jin Gu.

    The story is set up too clearly IMO, in the sense that there is too little mystery for the audience to wonder abt. The bad guys basically hate each other, or r using each other. I’m sure that in time, those who r still in cahoots now, will turn on each other too. So, they’ll bite n sell out each other, n lead to the downfall of all of them.
    But I much appreciate the script’s stance that those who enjoy the most esteem in society may not be what they really seem: the trusted public prosecutor, the law school professor, the best investigative reported in the land are all murderers (who had a hand in killing or covering up the killing of the Rich old man). The eunuch in METS is the lawyer for hire who defends crooks. He seems to be the only one who has some feelings.
    So you have these guys on the one hand, fighting against KJH’s char on the other. The eunuch guy will play a pivotal role in turning the tide?
    KJH’s Lee Cha Don suffered a brain damage in the auto accident. His brain surgery has a side-effect of giving him photographic memory. They call him a genius. He too becomes a public prosecutor, like the 2 lawyers who worked for his father. Lee Cha Don and the bad guys will duke it out over the next 20 eps, hopefully w a few more shower scenes thrown in to spice things up. 😉

  58. 58 : myeon Says:

    the ratings is getting higher ! yaay ! ofcourse, it’s an interesting drama. good luck incarnation of money ! ^^

  59. 59 : yura Says:

    saw photo of PJB’s six pack.. omo… oppa… fall for him since may queen.. i hope he will get more recognition. he is really really a good young actor.. Give him more new drama please…
    and KJH is here now… the story is a bit sad imo.. i’m not drama expert, but i enjou this drama as my weekend drama.. incarnation of money.. hwaiting?!!

  60. 60 : Ttuk Says:

    Bom from “Thank You” is fat. Prosthetic makeup I’m sure.

    Enjoying this drama.

  61. 61 : myeon Says:

    already watched eps 3 and 4, and i was like..

    LOL XD it’s so funny, and i’m sure it will be funnier in next eps.

    i really can’t describe this drama. somehow it makes me angry, sad, but somehow i can laugh out load. it’s really interesting. i can’t guess what will happen next.

    I love this drama ! new kind of drama for me haha

  62. 62 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    KJH is a great comedic actor. He hams it up, n I marvel!
    Now I see the pt of that haircut. He looks a bit like the village idiot, but then the village idiot never looked so good. The young girl called him “the good-looing idiot”. That’s so apt.
    Se Kyung the prosecutor is investigating hugh illegal donations in political elections. Cha Don is trying to get into that office as an intern, by trying to seduce the fat girl into being witness for the prosecution, bcos she works at the Savings & Loan under investigation.
    A new female prosecutor just arrives on the scene. Her name sounds like Jeon Ji Yeon, n she has the looks too.
    OK, things r heating up.

  63. 63 : unknown unknown Says:

    This drama is not bad, not bad at all…many genres meshed together with some slapsticks and laughable moments. Thoroughly watchable so far. 🙂

  64. 64 : hny Says:

    I began with ep 3… hmmm not bad, I like Park Ji Bin his act getting beter n beter .I will mis him… and KJH…hmmm stil want to know ur act here,,so I’ll follow this drama 😀

  65. 65 : chon Says:

    Kang ji-hwan is a great actor. IOM is so excited.

  66. 66 : Dar Says:

    Today 12 Feb 2013…11th Anniversary of KJH’s Korean fans Club..Congratulation.

  67. 67 : Prinna Says:

    This is a very exciting drama. Love to watch to Kang Ji Hwan, Park Ji Bin and Hwant Jun Eum. They are great actors and actress. Seo Shin Ae is pretty interesting, fat and ugly so fit the drama.
    The writer must be genius for writing exciting and suspense drama.

  68. 68 : VIANA Says:

    i like this drama!

  69. 69 : chon Says:

    Happy valentines’s day. Kang ji -hwan forever. I love you. I hope you’s lucky in every
    thing. IOM ‘s so funny. I live your acting.(^__^)♥

  70. 70 : smile2 Says:

    Well done. rating up up up.
    Kang Ji Hwan kssp on flighting

  71. 71 : unknown Says:

    up up up up up ~~

  72. 72 : cho Says:

    Rating to up. IOM FIGHTING UP UP UP (^_^)

  73. 73 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Adore kang ji hwan & yoon eun hye. Adore this drama after the absence of kang ji hwan on the drama scene for so long. Elated that the drama ratings are picking up. ‘fighting’!

  74. 74 : cho Says:

    Kang ji hwan fighting. Every body fighting. Incarnation of money fighting.
    Congratulations to get up rating.

  75. 75 : myeon Says:

    the rating’s up again ! freakin’ awesome xD

  76. 76 : Prinna Says:

    Hopefully Hwang Jung Eum need to change her lipstick brand because the brand that she using is kind always look dry in most of her drama. No offend, I want her to look better on the screen all the time.

    Look Choi Yeo Jin’s lip, her lips always look moist.

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    I feel that this series takes a long time to get things going. I feel that all 6 eps are preamble. I feel that 6 eps out of 24 is a long time to put your lead actress in a fat suit. 6/24, that is 1/4 of the show. There is nothing wrong w fat ppl; there is nothing cool abt a fat suit.
    At the end of ep 6, finally she is out of the fat suit; Lee Cha Don is showing his investigative prowess, and gets to meet his mother! And the bad guys are headed in a show down.
    During the 1st 6 eps, I keep walking away fr the tv; I keep hoping the eps would end sooner. That’s becos I feel no connection with any of the chars. I don’t give a hoot abt the bad guys, the chief prosecutor, the law prof, the lawyer for hirer, the politicians, the mayor, his assistant whom he ordered murdered, the assassin, the actress/mistress, etc. So it’s hard to stay focused. I’m supposed to care abt Lee CD, but he’s such a happy-so-lucky guy who knows nothing of his family; he is not in any pain, so I’m not feeling any pain for him either.
    KJH’s acting is fun to watch. But for a show to be engaging, it has to offer more chars for us to care abt.

  78. 78 : mml Says:

    When i have finished watching all the 50 episodes for a hundred years inheritance this drama, maybe may not consider to watch Incarnation of money this drama as i do not like to watch melodrama, i only like comedy or happy romance family drama, no melodrama, melodrama not my taste…….

  79. 79 : Ttuk Says:

    #52 Actually @May most of the characters are like you described, especially the male lead. He’s playing Hong Gil Dong in a suit, sporting a different hairdo.

    I am unable to feel the continuity from the boy to the adult, its just lacking in the adult character.

  80. 80 : chon Says:


  81. 81 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Hello mml #78, this drama is a combination of comedy, mystery & romance, not just a melodrama as posted by Admin. This drama is funny, yet exciting. As an ardent fan of kang ji hwan, I will support and watch his dramas, regardless the drama genre. ^^,

  82. 82 : chon Says:

    @ Hwan-Hye Fan I agree . This drama is comedy& romance. It’s funny and exciting.

  83. 83 : mia Says:

    KJH’s hair cut in this drama is very odd

  84. 84 : chon Says:

    I don’t worry KJH’s hair stye. Beacuse he good acting and so cool. It’s ok. (^_^)

  85. 85 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Agree with u totally Chon @ #84, though I would very much prefer his hairstyle in ‘Lie To Me’. Looking forward to watching KJH-IOM every weekend. 😄😄

  86. 86 : ซีรีย์เกาหลี Incarnation of Money SubThai Episode 6 Says:

    […] อื่น ๆ ทั่วไป Lee Jae บาดแผลถูกแทงที่เขาถามและหากที่ไม่ได้ทำ … cha incarnation of money […]

  87. 87 : eny Says:


  88. 88 : sousou Says:

    So far I appreciate this show, hope that it ‘ll continue with this high quality.
    I already laughed a lot thanks Cha Don, I really love his character.

  89. 89 : sousou Says:

    Too pity that the main female character is the actress Hwang Jung Eum…I would have preferred Ham Eun Jung
    I do agree with all of you, when you said that Kang Ji Hwan was much prettier in “Lie To Me”.
    In this show, he is less handsome due to his new (horrible, strange, creepy) hair style…let’s do a petition ! ^^
    After all, the main female character, changes her apparence why wouldn’t the male character do so too ?

  90. 90 : Micc Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan is really funny. Started watching from epsiode 3 and didn’t think I miss much.

  91. 91 : Micc Says:

    Finally catch up to episode 6. It’s so funny they refer to 200 lb Beauty.

  92. 92 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Ratings are up again! ‘Fighting’!

  93. 93 : myeon Says:

    fightingg kang ji hwan ! I never get bored until now..

  94. 94 : Cc Says:

    Very nice and another comedy drama…. I love Kang Ji Hwan!! He is really Good in acting… Oppa, fighting!!

  95. 95 : torri Says:

    Hwang Jung Eum this girl cracks me up , she is so funny she makes me laugh my head off i mean all the sound she makes when she claims to be angry is so funny i look foward to seeing her every sunday

  96. 96 : Micc Says:

    I like Hwang Jung Eum too! She is funny!

  97. 97 : hny Says:

    just finish 2 part of eps 6.. ooooh why I’m to lazy to continue watch.. I guess I’m agree with @KDaddict said-77 abt this drama -__-

    check it out next time … 😀

  98. 98 : myeon Says:

    haha yeah hwang jung eum really funny xD i always laugh

  99. 99 : myeon Says:

    omoo can’t wait to see eps 9 xD the main point of drama already started !

  100. 100 : myeon Says:


    what? ham eun jung? from T-Ara? noooo, she’s not fit the role at all. she can’t make me laugh, i don’t like her acting at all -_____-” fuuh, glad the role played by hwang jung eum, not her. i bet this drama will be boring as hell, if bok jae in character played by eun jung.

    anyway, i don’t get it why people said this drama was boring. it’s totally interesting for me XD it’s similar to anime/manga story i think.. especcially after eps 8, i think it’ll be more interesting, since lee cha don already knew about bok jae in and jingogae gentlemen.

    yaay fighting IOM !!!!!

  101. 101 : eny Says:

    bad hairstyle isn’t problem for because i enjoy the acting and the story

  102. 102 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Marvelled at Kang Ji Hwan’s wacky and hilariously funny portrayal of Lee Cha Don. Hwang Jung Eum is good in comedic role as well. Enjoying the drama …

  103. 103 : chon Says:

    I love kang ji hwan in every thing. Fighting IOM.

  104. 104 : may Says:

    It’s great to see KJH once again. I’ve loved him since Hong Gil Dong, I’ve watched all of his dramas except Coffee House because I don’t feel like watching him oppposite the two lead ladies there. In this drama he was paired with Jeung Eum and I get to like the actress after I’ve watched her in Full House 2. I hope for the success of this drama

  105. 105 : YEH-KJH Fan Says:

    I think this drama is good..I can see act KJH again my feel dag–dig –dug woww but why I can forget that KJH was Hyeon Gi Jun..

  106. 106 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s already ep 8, and the female lead is no more than an idiot, who stuffs her face w food, n drools over the good-looking fool, who is now a prosecutor. The writer hasn’t given her any traits that viewers can appreciate, much less admire. Sure, it is a comedy, but even in a comedy, a leading char has to have good qualities for viewers to like her. Perhaps she will later. But we r already 1/3 of the way in!

  107. 107 : torri Says:

    HI KDaddict , long time , dont know if you remember me, its torri from toronto , well am glad am back on this site again i catch up with you with the good drama , well so far am loving this drama u are right about the lead actress but i love how stupid she behaves sometimes it cracks me up , well we keep up with each other here

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear torri,
    Of course I remember you. Nice to meet you again! It’s been a long cold snowy winter in Toronot. How r things going w your college entrance exam? Good luck!
    I watch this only for KJH. The script is not hi grade. Not very many good KDs right now. Best one IMO is That Winter. Waiting for Lee Seung Gi’s Gu family book.

  109. 109 : eny Says:

    I’m different with you, last year I just watch little drama but this year still in January I already watch many drama. Many good actor have drama in the beginning of the year. Acting is important to me : currently watching My love madam butterfly, Incarnation of Money, Queen of Ambition, Level 7 next I’m gonna try TWMB and Iris 2
    I always hard to enjoy drama with actor around 20’s especially in seriouse drama except Joo Won, it doesn’t really matter in tenage romance drama or rom-com when the actor doesn’t really need to act comedy,or the comedy is little like most korean drama rom-com

  110. 110 : tc Says:

    Started watching this drama mainly for KJH and has little expectation on the script since the synopsis did not sound interesting. Surprisingly, I find the drama entertaining especially KJH with his hilarious antics and brilliant mind.

    The story is quite fast paced and I do like the cases and the way KJH and team managed to solve the cases.

    As for the female lead, she is pretty but wish the writer will focus more on her character development instead of outer beauty. I know the writer is trying to emphasis how drastic is her transformation from ugly duckling to a swan but find that HJE’s mannerism especially the deliberate swinging of her hair on more than a few occasions a bit cheesy and overboard.

    Nevertheless, this drama does have enough plot to carry though and can’t wait to see how KJH will react when he recovers his memory and go after the antagonists who destroyed his family and took away his inheritance.

  111. 111 : Torri Says:

    kDAddict hi
    I am doing great thanks for asking , yes Toronto has been pretty cold but am hoping with feb over it will get better soon ,, my exams did go very well I am actually doing my student placement now so classes are over and now I can watch as much dramas as I can , I am also watching that winter the wind blows but since I have watch a similar movie I kind of guess what the ending will be like but all the same I am enjoying the drama very well . .i hope this year will have great dramas but so far none have really whoa me like secret garden or the moon embrasses the sun but I have hope something will come up

  112. 112 : unknown unknown Says:

    Just finished episode 9 – quite funny and the story is not draggy. Worth watching for a few light hearted moments. One funny thing about this drama is that the OTP are full of crazy antics and slapsticks while all the rest of the other characters in the show are involved in serious matters such as murder, kidnap, bribery, loan sharking and are evil, dark and sinister.

  113. 113 : liz Says:

    I watch this Korean drama only for Kang Ji Hwan
    The story is not bad. Better than Lie to Me.
    the rating is more than 10, so it is good.
    Kang Ji Hwan keep on flighting.

  114. 114 : kdfan Says:

    i was passively watching, kinda disappointed it is not as funny as Salaryman n too slapsticky n the story was draggy from the beginning. then the sudden time jump in ep 9 made everything a lot more interesting, except the forced marriage thingy is kinda cheesy n overused but KJH is so funny. Is it just me who thinks HJE’s facial expression is rather stiff.

  115. 115 : chon Says:

    This is a good drama. Kangjihwan is a great actor.

  116. 116 : Drama Lists Says:

    […] Like You I Remember You Ice Girl If Tomorrow Comes Iljimae Immortal Classic In-soon is Pretty Incarnation of Money Indomitable Daughters in Law Innocent Man Innocent You Into The Storm Into the Sun Ireland IRIS […]

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    Abt That Winter: There was a K movie that had an interpretive ending, and a Japanese series that had a happy ending. So the PD team can so either way this time. As for the rest of the shows, I can’t agree more. I’ve Never watched fewer shows–only 2 right now: That Winter and Childless Comfort. 4 hours a week, that’s all. I keep talking away from the screen when I tried the others; they just don’t hold my attn, incl. this one. It’s ok; it gives me time to do other things.
    I’m neutral towards Hwang JE, but find her to be way overacting here. Some think of it as slapstick. To me, it’s cringe-worthy. It’s the way the char is written!

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    @: typo in #117:
    ‘w’alking away; Not ‘t’alking away. sorry. 🙂

  119. 119 : tc Says:

    Just finished watching ep 9. So confused with the time jump of 5 years. Why so long and why Cha Don drastically changed his personality from honorable to most corrupted prosecutor? Did I miss a part which explain his drastic change in character?

    If the time jump is 5 years, does that means the statute of limitation has passed ( all in 17 years from time of murder) and the murderers have escaped from prosecution for the murder of Cha Don’s dad?

    If Cha Don does not even like Jae In after 5 years have passed, I will have difficulty accepting the fact that he will fall for her now after the time jump.

  120. 120 : torri Says:

    well i hope the winter has a happy ending here , childless comfort seem to have good rating but they don’t have eng sub yet, and as much as my Korean understanding is getting better i would really like to give it a go when the subs come around,this drama is dragging too but am not given up on it yet , they really have no great dramas right now i find my self searching for old dramas this day to keep me busy while i wait for Thursday, well another drama i picked up this week is a hundred years inheritance, but god help me the mama boy there and his mother drive me nots so i have decided to stop till the drama is over then i can picked up up again , got to run back to work, catch up with u later

  121. 121 : Coldzero Says:

    Can u plz tell me how to find the rate of this Drama or any other drama >>> or it’s all about Comments ^_^

  122. 122 : KDaddict Says:

    I actually quite like Ep 9, in that I watched the whole ep to the end. The only clue given for Cha Don’s change is in that 1 sentence: Another million won n I’ll be able to be rid of the disgusting Park mother and daughter.
    So he is squirreling money away to pay Boss Park back. But it was money spent on him Without his knowledge, n now calculated as a loan with loan shark interests, so why is he obligated to repay it to the last penny is a complete mystery to me. Plus, he marvels at his love of money, n if it is hereditary. So it shows the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree? Let’s face it, this thing doesn’t have the strongest plot so far.
    As for the time jump, it ought to be a plot twist, which will be useful in his confrontation w the bad guys.
    Agree w u on his relationship w Jae In. Her char is my biggest grip w this show. Who can love a loud, unintelligent, insufferable princess type? That’s all she has been so far in 10 eps! Why should he and us love her at the end? I much prefer the other female, prosecutor Jeon Ji Hoo as a char, tho she hasn’t done much so far. But hers was one hell on an entrance on the motorcycle!

  123. 123 : KDaddict Says:

    @torri dear,
    Childless Comfort has the highest rating of shows on cable Ever, by far! It’s written a family show written by the most respected writer in SK. I find it to be constantly interesting and entertaining in a warm, intelligent kind of way. Sb on that thread said that the subs are now out, tho she didn’t say where.
    Some shows r only good for watching the beginning and the end, bcos the middle makes no sense or that it is dragging. Many shows r not worth bothering w at all.
    Hey, you r not far fr Ottawa. Every year at the end of May (20 th 27th), they’ve a Tulip Festival. One can see Ottawa at its best. I want to go, but it doesn’t suit my schedule to go away that time of year. You’ve been?

  124. 124 : torri Says:

    i just asked a friend of mine from Ottawa whom i work with about the Tulip festival because i did not know about it and , he is just telling me now its a pretty fun and interesting festival and you are right about the time its around the (20th 27th )well i think i am going to check it out this year am in Toronto is a 4 hrs drive to Ottawa and those dates fall on weeks ends will be good to go see , thanks for the festival info , you are right about childless comfort i think i saw on gooddrama.net 3 eps that have been sub waiting to see if they upload more before i start watching , will keep you up dated on the festival when i go ok ,

  125. 125 : Coldzero Says:

    How can i found the rate of this drama plzzzzzzzz or it’s all about Comments ?

  126. 126 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Hi Coldzero @ 125, the episode ratings are posted right on this same page, before all the comments. I am a Kang Ji Hwan fan, I loved and enjoyed this drama. 😊

  127. 127 : tc Says:

    After watching Ep 10, my frustration grew. I find it so hard to maintain connectivity with the show especially when the male lead had a corrupted personality whilst the female lead’s focus is on vanity and beauty. I feel the writer is treading on dangerous territory with Cha Don’s change of personality and if this corrupted trait still persist in him, viewers will become unsympathetic towards him.

    I don’t mind a flawed hero, in fact would welcome watching one but not to the extent of having a serious morality issue such as been corrupted and not feeling guilty at all!

    We are already at Ep 10 and there is hardly any romance at all. I still can’t feel the chemistry between Jae In and Cha Don. In fact, I like Ji Hoo’s character more than Jae In at this juncture.

    Please writer-nim, let Cha Don revert to his righteous self when he was the trainee prosecutor and let him reunite with his mum quickly so that we can see how he starts to bring down the 4 evil antagonists. One more thing, how come after 5 years, Cha Don still maintain his ridiculous hairstyle whilst Jae In already had her hair style changed from long to bob!

  128. 128 : chon Says:

    I love lee cha don amazing so funny.

  129. 129 : Ttuk Says:

    #127 @tc Totally! You hit the nail on the head with your comment.

    I’ve returned to give this another go, but it just got worse.

    The writer would do well to introduce Elmer Fudd as a cast member. He at least has a personality, which is more than I can say for the human characters in this drama.

  130. 130 : Micc Says:

    Finally! Episode 12 is moving forward!!!

  131. 131 : Micc Says:

    Glad I wasn’t eating and watching episode 11. Everything would have come out … Queen In Seok! 😀

  132. 132 : Micc Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say Seon Deok!

  133. 133 : Micc Says:

    Sorry sorry, I meant Empress Myung Sung! I kept mixing up the two!

  134. 134 : OK OK OK Says:

    第12集太精彩了,男一李次敦进了疯人院查案,给院长和护士们折磨,反而恢复了小时候的记忆,认回了妈妈,还知道谁害了他家人 🙂

    好期待下一集 🙂

  135. 135 : KDaddict Says:

    What’s this? Posting in Chinese for a change? 😀

  136. 136 : OK OK OK Says:


    Majayo !! 🙂

  137. 137 : unknown unknown Says:

    Episodes 11 & 12 are quite interesting. This plot is moving along quickly now so I hope it will continue with this pace until the end. This drama is not bad, really. Especially for those who have been watching this drama from the beginning, make sure you watch episode 12…

  138. 138 : chon Says:


  139. 139 : HaLessy Says:

    FINALLY! I can breathe after ep 12 :))
    and yeah Ep 11 is the best! Kang Ji Hwang is indeed a very talented for being able to portray as the Empress of Joseon! LOL! i couldn’t stop laughing! 🙂 BIchoso?!

  140. 140 : torri Says:

    EP 12 is the best ep so far , i believe the big show of revenge starts now and i cant wait to see Kang Ji be a better man and also see him fight for his mum , ohhhhh boy its going to be very very very interesting this week i , i don’t think he should claim that money now if he does then Ji Se Kwang would be prepared to fight him i think he should watch their every move and every breath then make a good plan to break them little by little

  141. 141 : eny Says:

    ep 11 is really funny n episode 12 is touching,revenge begin

  142. 142 : tralalalala Says:

    What is the name of the girl who pretended as the guardian of Cha Don?

  143. 143 : justme Says:

    I think IOM has really fascinating and interesting plot without focusing on -an alwas- romance story between its lead male and female.. every episode of it, always make me wonder what will happen next.. episode 11 and 12 is great, love how cha don pretend like crazy man just to meet his mom (his client before he knew) in sanatorium, but feels bad when they gave cha don a very -rghhrh- theraphy which leading him to remember his childhood, his mom, his dad and something about his past..

    no preview for next episode 🙁

  144. 144 : romi Says:


  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    In ep 12, we r finally getting somewhere! Finally! I feel that the first 10-11 eps r a bore. Maybe this 10 eps would have been enough for this thing!

    KJH was more dashing in LTM. Is it bcos he has put on weight in the past 2 years?
    Hwang JE looks way over ‘plastic surgeried’, esp. her eyes, like stretched n taxidermic.

  146. 146 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Im so effing like this drama::!

  147. 147 : Micc Says:


    Have you seen KJH in Runway Cop?

  148. 148 : chon Says:

    Beautiful song Ivy – Memories of you ( ost incarnation of money part 4)
    Kangjihwan Fighting.

  149. 149 : KDaddict Says:

    Runway cop? Is it good?
    I don’t usually watch movies unless sb recommends sth.

  150. 150 : cio Says:

    wow!! cant wait for ep 13 and 14!!!
    lol on ep 12

  151. 151 : cio Says:

    watch this drama very intense and funny
    full of mystery
    hope the rating become 1st!!!

  152. 152 : tc Says:

    Ep 12 was daebak, not in terms of romance but the storyline on how Cha Don regained back his memory and his reunion with his mum. It was so realistic and believable that Cha Don managed to get back his long buried memories through electric shock that went through his brain wave when the evil doc tortured him at the sanarioum.

    I am so glad that the “young” Cha Don is back, full of remorse and anger! Really can’t wait to see how he will take his revenge against the antagonists.

    As for the female lead, sigh… Still can’t connect to her, she overacted and screamed her head off most of times . Anyway, I have given up on the romance angle but will definitely continue watching this drama for KJH and the revenge plot.

  153. 153 : my fairy0 Says:

    I like this drama.This drama very good

  154. 154 : Cc Says:

    Getting interesting…. Can’t wait next episode! KJH really a super great actor!!

  155. 155 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I like this drama. ^_^ It’s very interesting.

  156. 156 : nuri Says:

    ohh….so sad his mom is dead….

  157. 157 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Just finished watching episode 13. Emotional and heart wrenching mother-son scenes. Kang Ji Hwan is awesome. Must-watch drama.

  158. 158 : Jacklyn Says:

    Was looking tho the comments to see if Incarnation of Money is a good drama.
    LOL.. some of the posts were really interesting.
    From the comments without watching this drama yet, i could tell that it has an interesting plot that keeps the audiences mood to swing up and down…
    The same bunch of people were like cursing at some of the EPs then praising them at later Eps..
    Omo… seems like a roller coaster drama.. Looking forword!! Definitely watching this one.

  159. 159 : chon Says:

    Exciting for this drama IOM . I’m so sad to IEE CHA DON & MOM Fighting!

  160. 160 : KDaddict Says:

    This train is finally on its way. Ep 14 is mighty interesting. If only every ep. was this good, it’d have been a daebak KD! I love that LCD’s revenge plan is in motion. But was it really nece to have him be amnesiac for 10+ eps? What a waste of time.

  161. 161 : liz Says:

    Esp. 13 is good. Lee Kang Shek and mum saying goodbye
    the screen touch my heart.
    The story is good.
    Cant wait to watch esp 14.
    English version comes out too ……..two or three days after SBS lauch????? Waiting time is awesome!!!!

  162. 162 : Mui Says:

    Agreed with what other viewers says, this drama is getting more and more exciting.

  163. 163 : tc Says:

    Ep 13 was heartbreaking and the seaside scene between Cha Don and mum was so well done and touching. KJH was so good in his crying scenes.

    Ep 14 belonged to our protagonist, with first revenge step in claiming the monies that rightfully belong to Kang Seok. What a brilliant way to fool the antagonists in successfully undertaking the blood test without Kang Seok’s identity been blown away and shipping the container away right under their eyes. So impressed with the writing – just curious how Kang Seok will store the monies. In this ep, finally able to see some glimpses of maturity change in Jae In.

  164. 164 : torri Says:

    i think jae in will now finally stop her childish ways and grow up am happy she was not told about kang seok plan , well i cant wait to see kang seok next step ,the guy was always smart now we get to see him put his brains to use kang seok fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. 165 : kdfan Says:

    been too bz and decided to ff a few eps to watch ep 12. omg the son mom reunion was so emotional. i hv not seen kjh so good and crying so real. looking fwd to a more matured jaein. have not liked her character at all so far.

  166. 166 : chon Says:


  167. 167 : ance Says:

    sooo late, but i’ve finally finished ep. 14…

    episode 13 & 14 are awesome! now the fight is on, and the first target is that no manners and no class woman Angelina…i can smell the sweetness of this revenge,hehehe! i’m so happy that she’s the first target! 🙂

  168. 168 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    and this one brings colors in my eyes. I WILL WATCH IT SOON! My 1st in my watchlist for this week!

  169. 169 : liz Says:

    Happy Birthday Kang Ji Hwan
    Hope is not too late

  170. 170 : Mui Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan, like him more and more!!!

  171. 171 : Incarnation of Money (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  172. 172 : chon Says:

    IOM. Fighting . Ieechadon fighting . I like this drama . Exciting in every Ep,

  173. 173 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Just finished watching episode 15. Cliff-hanging, exciting. Super love Kang Ji Hwan. He’s truly awesome.

  174. 174 : Wildie_ankai Says:

    whooowhhh…i can’t watch episode 15…did DRAMACRAZY.NET banned me???it doesnt work at all…..huhhuh

  175. 175 : Wildie_ankai Says:

    i love KJW’s character…cool..awesome…

  176. 176 : FAaat Says:

    Love this drama and I love KJW

  177. 177 : lizzy Says:

    esp 16 is good. the story is exciting. i hope it is happy ending. kjh flighting

  178. 178 : Torri Says:

    Well ep 16 was well written I can say the writer made kjh look very smart and he seem to be always ahead of ji s like he knows what their next plan will be and he is good at covering his tracks that I am loving every bit of it I was thinking that every two expisode from now kjh will have to eliminate one of the four every week but after today I see what his big plan is he will use the girl to bring up the past and gradually in the process of judging this girl in court the truth of what all four did will be expose , I cants wait lovvvvvvve it

  179. 179 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps 15, 16 r very interesting n well-written. As Torri said, they made Lee CD look so smart.
    Only I don’t believe that Angelina never told Ji Se K that she killed the short guy to protect him. She just doesn’t seem the type to keep that kind of secret esp. when she can use it for emotional blackmail vs JSK.
    Love to watch the bad guys getting their due, n Park JI becoming competent.

  180. 180 : Cc Says:

    Like this drama so much….just getting better and better….. I like KJH so much… Oppa, fighting!!

  181. 181 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Hi Admin, any update on the ratings and rankings for episode 16? Anxious to know how IOM has fared. Thank you.

  182. 182 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    The drama is very intriguing. Love the plot unfolds. The lead actor and actress are wonderful.

  183. 183 : ck Says:

    this drama is one of the best so far beside that winter…they deserve higher rating,unfortunately since in korean,most of the audience are adjumma and adjussi,thats why it is always behind the other two dramas.

  184. 184 : Justadream Says:

    “Incarnation of Money” is really interested me from starting, one of the best drama i have ever seen. Kang Ji Hwan oppa fighting!

  185. 185 : chon Says:

    Incarnation of money is a best drama. So funny and exciting in every time. Kangjihwan is a good acting. Smart & Charming. I’m waiting ep, 17 , 18 Fighting!!!.

  186. 186 : tc Says:

    This drama keeps on getting better and I am so impressed with the writing – brilliant and fast paced plot. It is really enjoyable to watch not only a smart hero who always outwits the antagonists and stays one step ahead but we also get to watch a smart and confidence heroine.

    As commented by ck-183, the rating could have been better. I personally feel this drama does deserve a better rating than other dramas airing at the same time – lost to ahjummas who prefer family dramas than law/revenge ones. There is still hope for higher rating especially when a lot of viewers are very frustrated with the latest plot in drama leader, One Hundred Years of Inheritance whilst this drama keeps on improving.

  187. 187 : Justadream Says:

    OMO, fall in love with Lee Kang Seok and Lee Cha Don! thinking of him all the time, looking forward to ep 17 tonight.

  188. 188 : JACKY Says:

    why is kjw’s hair look like ” Lupin” !

  189. 189 : Cc Says:

    What happen?? Rating should be up not down. It’s such a fantastic drama…

  190. 190 : chon Says:

    I like Kangjihwan’s eyesight. He’s a good looking eyes.

  191. 191 : Hanako Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama and love the whole story, with excitement and unlike some of the dramas made you not looking forward.
    Overall the main characters did real good and very natural. Kang Ji Hwan is one of the good actors in all the Korean dramas even though some years back he was also damn good. I like Hong Gil dong, esp Lie To me a very typical love story but love the drama as well as this one. His first drama I watched was “Save the last dance for me” together with Eugene. It was quite a sad movie but a happy ending. As for Hwang Jung Eum I love the one she acted in “Can you hear my hear beat” with Kim Jae Won, was a real good drama too. Full House 2 isn’t so bad either
    Anyway I think this drama will get an award , it is the best for this year so far comparing to a few I had seen this year.
    Real good screen writer as well as the Director who direct this drama

  192. 192 : Torri Says:

    Ep 17 did not really whoa me like I was hoping and the fact that Angelina got only three years was something I was not happy about .then lee cha don almost got caught by the elevator am worried that he is bring to many people in his plans and this might back fire if he is not carefull .i like how the writer is bring in the romance part between lee cha don and jae in gradually in to the picture .well s
    6more ep to g

  193. 193 : Jyenie Says:

    Enjoyed episode 1-16 but episode 17-18 are not interesting.

  194. 194 : tc Says:


    The male lead in Save the Last Dance For Me was Ji Sung , not Kang Ji Hwan.

  195. 195 : Sora Says:

    Kang Ji Hwan is soooooooooooooooooo funny in this drama. OMGosh i went into this drama not expecting much and omgoshhhhh please see it for yourself. I have cried laughing because of this drama. A++++

  196. 196 : Sky Says:

    I love this drama!!!!! Must watch to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. 197 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 17, 18:
    I like it that at this stage, the baddies r ready to scratch each others’ eyes out. The script is smart to write all those maneuvers for Lee Cha Don to pit them against each other. But….
    Do you get why Ji Se K is soo irresistible to the ladies? I don’t. Bi Ryung can’t forget him after so many years in the U.S., even after she has borne a son to another man, even after being rejected by him time n again. Angelina loves him so much that she kills to protect him. And even the young female prosecutor, who is gorgeous, well-qualified, fearless, comes fr an excellent family wants nobody but him, even tho he confesses (in ep 18) that he is interested in her only becos her father is in a position to help him politically. Why????? Do you find him attractive? I find him cold, rude, arrogant, that is w/o bringing in the history of his murder n betrayals. If they had cast a younger, drop-dead gorgeous actor, if his char was more charismatic, warm, even only at times, I might understand. As it is, it’s just becos the writer says so!

  198. 198 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ KDaddict

    I agree with u. Ji Se K is not charming….. bc he is not only NOT handsome, he is SHORT !!!! for this gorgeous TALL female prosecutor from excellent family….. 🙂

  199. 199 : KDaddict Says:

    Plus, she is young, n he is old; she is gorgeous, n he is not; she is righteous, n he is rotten! Yuck. Other than that, I’m fine w these eps.

  200. 200 : KDaddict Says:

    Forgot to say:
    Kwan JH was oh-so-gorgeous in LTM. Not so much here. Is it becos of that Paboo haircut? And that he has gained some weight over the past 2 years? I drooled over him in LTM until there was a puddle on the rug. Not drooling this time around. 🙁

  201. 201 : OK OK OK Says:

    Actually female lead also plays a very important role whether the male lead will shine more or not.

    This F1 not so attractive too. Her bob hair cut is awful. She don’t looks pretty even after the plastic surgery she had done. She has No chemistry with M1

    I am not attracted to her for all her dramas ….

    I watch Incarnation of Money mainly for Kang Ji Hwan 🙂
    I watch Full House (2) mainly for M1 🙂

  202. 202 : Joyce Says:

    I love this drama and the cast…just noticed most of the cast also from the drama Giant…but I kinda hate Park Sang Min’s character here cos I adored him so much in Giant.And I love the child’s part made me cry :)Good drama!

  203. 203 : tc Says:


    Same here. I really liked KJH’s looks and dressing style in LTM whilst I don’t quite like his hairstyle in this drama. The chemistry between him and Jae In is also lacking – maybe due to less focus in romance here.

    Apart from that, I really love this drama – so impressed with the script and pacing. It is nice to watch the protagonists having an upper hand and a step ahead of the antagonists every time. Quite rare to come across such a smart and intelligent hero.

  204. 204 : zhian Says:

    This IS MY BEST Drama

    drama Of this season kekekeke

    and for everyone who want to watch kdrama with long episode


  205. 205 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 19:
    Chi SK is so smart. LCD thinks that once he hands Chi SK the acct books of his enemy, he’d get SK’s trust. Just the opposite: SK gets even more suspicious of LCD afterwards. I’m so nervous for LCD as SK is just once step behind him! Dang! JSK is a worthy adversary!

  206. 206 : Annies Shafira Says:

    Love this drama so much…
    The first thing to wait every saturday and sunday night…
    It’s getting exited on ep 19, can’t wait for episode 20 this night…

    Love the scene when LCD can’t handle his jealousy over BJI…
    So envy to her…

    It’s so unique, when Melodrama, Romance, Comedy, and Mystery meet in a drama, good job for the screenwriter and the director, keep making the drama cooler and more interesting…

  207. 207 : Micc Says:

    It’s really cute, just like when he was little! Nice touch by the writer.

  208. 208 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 20:
    Love it that JiSK now knows that LCD = LKS, but CD doesn’t know his cover has been blown! The tables r turned, which makes the cat n mouse chase so much more exciting!

  209. 209 : KDaddict Says:

    AT the End of ep 20, they both know. The masks come off. So do the gloves. Bloody battle to the end.

  210. 210 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Mixed feelings, sad that the drama will be ending soon with only 4 episodes left. At the same time, excited and looking foward to watching each episode every weekend. Kang ji hwan never fails to deliver in whatever role he plays, adore him more and more.

  211. 211 : India Samks Says:

    Can’t stand that Park Sang Min! He’s soooo creepy!!!

  212. 212 : Joyce Says:

    I just love ep20! This drama reminds me of the drama Giant! They have the same concept!Park Sang Min is very clever in ep 20..Now I wud love to see who is more clever between Se Gwang and Cha Don in the next ep 😉 I know Cha Don gonna win hehe! Just wanna see how they gonna lay their cards :)I love this kind of plot! Each ep is exciting! great drama!

  213. 213 : chon Says:

    I watch this drama because kangjihwan. He’s good acting and great actor. This drama is so good so funny so exciting.

  214. 214 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 21:
    I never understood the obvious contradiction between ChiSK’s obsession with being a prosecutor who seeks ‘justice’ or ‘righteousness’ in the world at large and his being such an evil human, but a phrase LCD said in this ep gives me a clue: “Justice w/o conscience is no justice at all”. So, ChiSK was seeking justice, but he has no conscience. Justice governs other ppl, but conscience governs oneself!!!
    I’ve always thought that you have to be a good human being yourself (i.e. have a conscience and an abidance to rule of right and wrong) before you can seek justice in the world at large. Ppl who want others to pay for the wrongs that they do, but exempt themselves fr the same standard and regard themselves to be carrying out justice or righteousness are clearly evil, absurdly hypocritical, and delusional.
    Jae In’s hair is finally styled more nicely in this ep. That is to signify her growth into a true heroine of the show. With her mom sick n CD being in danger, she is stepping up to the plate, n w that, the stylist gives her an attractive hairdo to signify the change.
    The S & L accountant who swindles money n blames it on LCD is blowing it away w online gambling. I’m glad our vice is only to watch KD n comment!

  215. 215 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 21:
    I’m sorry Hyuk has to die. But that is the one thing that hurts Kwon the most. Karma raising its head. All his ambition, evil deeds n money, do they still mean anything now that his only son is dead?
    Hyuk’s death is also the one thing that will drive a divide between Kwon n Chi SK when Kwon comes to know the truth of who really killed his son. But so far Kwon seems to be so dumb, n lets ChiSK pull his strings all along.
    Angelina knows ChiSK well. One look at the news n she know the truth behind Hyuk’s death.
    So ultimately, it takes Kwon, Angelina, n the gambler accountant Together to bring down Chi SK!

    Jeon’s father is very funny to offer Chi the job of Mayor and tell him to propose to his daughter in the same breath. But what makes him and Jeon think that Chi is interested in marrying her, besides using her father’s connections n clout? Does he even look like he is in love w her?????

  216. 216 : MAY Says:

    @KDaddict I think the writer is trying to show us and prove to us that appearances are deceiving like CHI SK he appears as a righteous person but he is the devil and LCD who appears as the corrupted prosecutor but he is the good one!

  217. 217 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Drama’s awesome, comedy and suspense rolled into one. Into the final 3 episodes, JSK and LCD each trying to outdo and gain the upper hand. Kang Ji Hwan ‘fighting’!

  218. 218 : KDaddict Says:

    You r rt; On one level that’s what the writer wants to show.
    But on another level, don’t you wonder how these big bad wolves can genuinely believe that they r making the world a better place as ‘righteous’ prosecutors when they commit murder left n rt, rob other ppl’s inheritance, put the innocent in jail n mental institutes, etc.? #214 address this 2nd Qn.

  219. 219 : Sam Says:

    Watching this drama has taught me one thing never meet someone if the location is an abandoned building. That could be your final destination as you may lose your life…

    Can’t wait for the final three episodes. JSK is a worthy adversary, can’t wait to see what would make him fall and unmask him. I think Jeon might be catching on to the plot…. well I hope the writers take it in that direction as she could be a major help LCD, since she always stands for justice.

  220. 220 : Jyenie Says:

    I stopped at episode 18, still haven’t got the urge to watch the rest of the episodes, must catch up and clear the backlog. LOL.

  221. 221 : Justadream Says:

    After watch ep 21, what I can see is basically the relation between cause and effect. The person who wanted to kill people’s son, that person’s son was being killed

  222. 222 : KDaddict Says:

    Sam is right. Why would Hyuk agree to meet a known felon (accountant) at an abandoned building at night, all by himself? That’s not very defensive. Kwon certainly deserves this outcome, but poor Hyuk!
    When he went to see Jae In at the S&L, JI just sent him away. I wish she had listened to what he had to say. Maybe that’s why she is in the dark abt so many things until very late in the game, cos she is not a listener, and not a good observer either.

  223. 223 : Jyenie Says:

    Because she is only interested in food:)

  224. 224 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Episode 22, super cool Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) hanging upside-down… effortlessly. 😍

  225. 225 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m not sure how I feel abt the writer sending him to prison to solve the crime. It makes the story seem unrealistic, unbelievable. There r some funny moments. But they make it look like going to prison is a walk in the park.
    OK, so he convinces the accountant to give testimony in court, n he moves the truck driver w his kind deeds. Seems so easy, like child’s play.
    Good that his assistants r so loyal.

  226. 226 : FAaat Says:

    Best drama I love this dram<3

  227. 227 : MAY Says:

    @KDaddict I must agree with you it’s not acceptable . Well I guess people do what they think it’s suitable with their problems and related to the right thing whereas the right thing is the total opposite I guess that’s their case they try to relate bad feelings , revenge etc…to the “righteous”.Otherwise they are simply psycopaths .

  228. 228 : MAY Says:

    Somehow JI SK and LCD are in the same situation. Viewers are just taking LCD’s side cuz he is the lead. LCD’s father framed JI SK’s father too . JI sk only did his revenge! then LCD wanted to get revenge too. THE two of them are so similar . They both went through the same pain. I think if JI SK was the lead cast the viewers would take his side.

  229. 229 : kHz Says:

    No they’re not the same at all. The fact that Jsk killed this whole family and tried to kill LCD many times. What kind of justice is that? LCD tries to get revenge on sk with justice not trying to kill him. That’s the difference. That’s why sk is not the lead!!! He tried to kill everyone who gets in his way. Has cd killed anyone or intended to kill someone? No!!!

  230. 230 : Justadream Says:

    Total agree with kHz, LCD and JSK never can be the same. That is only an excuse for all JSK crime and avarice, take people’s Money (they share to eah other after get it) that is unacceptable. The same as Jea In case, he has tried to appropriate peoples Money from times to time. Is that the right justice?
    LCD is trying to keep things follow the right way, criminal must bear the responsibity instead of the innocent and also protect peoples around him.

  231. 231 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Weekend finally, waiting anxiously for the final 2 episodes of IOM. Watched the preview of episode 23, Kang Ji Hwan looks exactly like how he looked in ‘Lie To Me’, gosh! very good looking. 😉

  232. 232 : sweet Says:

    i dont think JSK father was framed by the LCD father, there is a scene where JSK and his father talking in the prison (cant recall the ep) his father is begging him not to feel bad about the chairman because he choose to do it(taking responsibility on chairman crime)… so ya JSK and LCD is not the same at all as what Justadream says JSK revenge is greedy while LCD is a righteous revenge or wil say seeking justice…

  233. 233 : kriss Says:

    Among the shows airing currently, this is definitely among the better ones, if not the best. Storyline is intriguing and acting, especially by the older cast (Park Sang Min and Kim Soo Mi) is excellent!

  234. 234 : Misu Says:

    This is the best drama ever and with great ending!! I like Kang Ji Hwan and Hwang Jung Eum. Hope to see more drama from them in the future. Thank you for the writer and producer that produce such a wonderful and exciting drama.

    Great job to all!

  235. 235 : chon Says:

    Hello. I like this drama very much. So funny and exciting. Kangjihwan’s good acting and great actor. He is top excellent. I’m looking forward to see your next project. Coming soon

  236. 236 : Joyce Says:

    I just love the ending!Park Sang Min is such a good actor cos he was able to make me loved him in Giant and made me hate him in this drama :)Good drama~!

  237. 237 : Es Says:

    i really like this drama…. 🙂

  238. 238 : tc Says:

    Very good ending with all the antagonists getting their respective punishment and our leads getting happily married. The writer has managed to tie up all the loose ends neatly and quite like the way she crafted the ending for the main villian.

    Overall, I find this drama so satisfying with strong plot points, fast paced and both the protagonists and antagonists teams so well matched that the drama managed to keep me in suspense and hooked, wanting to know what happens next. Pity Bi Ryung for such a sad ending as she had actually repented.

    The only complaint I have for this drama is the lack of skinships and romantic scenes between our OTPs. There was only one kiss scene and that was so mild!

  239. 239 : Mui Says:

    KJH getting more and more manly….

  240. 240 : MAY Says:


  241. 241 : MAY Says:

    oh plus I didn’t want BJI to be fat again after all that effort she made!!!
    plus Bok hwa soul getting back to here senses in ht right moments and then back to be sick isn’t too much luck ??

  242. 242 : Hanako Says:

    Love the drama and very exciting drama all throughout. Ji Se Kwang really fit to be the murderer and a man with two face, he is real good to be the heartless person in this drama. Lee Cha Don acted best in this series and all the sufferings and tolerant he have had all the years. One of the best action drama so far this year

    Hope it will get voted best action drama this year and also for the main characters

  243. 243 : Woro Prawesti R Says:


  244. 244 : novii Says:

    Love Kang ji Hwan so manly…..i’ll be wait for ur next drama….love comedy romance drama ♥♥

  245. 245 : Justadream Says:

    “Incarnation of Money” has been included in the Seoul International Drama Awards, which is the largest TV drama festival in Asia. Please vote for “Incarnation of Money” through the link below. When you have opened the site on another tab, click on the word Serial which you will find on the left side of the screen (on top of the categories you will find View All, TV movie, Mini series, then Serial). A lot of international dramas would load up, click on the “list more” button about five times until you see the image of “Incarnation of Money”. Click on the button with the number of votes with a heart beside it as much as you can and you will see the votes increasing. Let’s vote for IOM in this competition. All it takes is a lot of patience in clicking to increase the votes. Thank you.


  246. 246 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 to 3 , although episode 1 and 2 not very attracting to me, but the fat cute little girl can create comedy and i will continue to watch episode 4 see what’s go next to the fat cute little girl, maybe is a nice drama ……..

  247. 247 : kdrama freak Says:

    Recommended watch. Script strong and pace good.

  248. 248 : sousou Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama Incarnation of money is one of the most great drama of 2013. /

  249. 249 : sousou Says:

    …but the official poster sucks

  250. 250 : dahlia(fx) Says:

    One of the korean great drama:)

  251. 251 : Hwan-Hye Fan Says:

    Yay! “Incarnation of Money” premieres 11 November on Sony One channel, every monday to Thursday. Must watch😍

  252. 252 : xuwangziyu Says:

    钱的化身 从剧本到演员都很棒,是为数不多的优秀电视剧,特别是演员姜至奂的演技真的很好,李次敦就是为姜至奂而生的角色,赞赞赞赞赞!

  253. 253 : katsu Says:


  254. 254 : Ruth Says:

    Good show!!

  255. 255 : lclarakl Says:

    This is a very well written drama with an excellent plot. I hate that I put off watching it for so long. I could tell immediately that it was the same writers and directors as Salaryman (History of a Salaryman). Evil guys were smart and evil. Good guys were smart and evil within the law. Bad guys didn’t always win, it was well balanced.

    Again a very smart and well written drama that I just loved.

  256. 256 : Reem Says:

    I realy realy like the drama special cha don love him ❤️😍😍

  257. 257 : uh Says:

    can you give me a link where to download this drama. other than viki and dramafever. it’s not available in our country. TIA 😀

  258. 258 : Barney Says:

    I want to share my joy with the world on how i got my ex back. we have been together for the past 6 years only for him to tell me that he was no longer interested in me that he wants us to be apart. when he said this, i was so frustrated that i couldn’t do any thing for over a week. i had to seek help from online when i met some one who directed me to a spell caster that helped her before. i contacted the spell caster and she told me that in 4 days time my ex will return back to me, i didn’t believe it at first but i had to try because i had no other choice. After i did all that the spell told me to, it was at 3pm on the third day, i saw a call and it was my ex, when i answered it, he was pleading with me to forgive him for what he did, that he wants us to be together again, i was so surprise and happy when this happened that am with my ex again and from that day on i had promise to share this with the world so that others who are going through any problem can be helped through the spell caster who helped me. she is the most powerful and genuine spell caster i have ever met.
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  259. 259 : Kdrama Terbaru Tayang Februari 2013 | Simpleaja.com Says:

    […] 돈의 화신 / Incarnation of Money / 錢的化身 Broadcast period: 2013-Feb-02 to 2013-April-21 Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50 […]

  260. 260 : Korean Drama Review IOM – Drama and Show Reviews & Recommendations Says:

    […] Incarnation of money (2013) 钱的化身 […]

  261. 261 : N.O Says:

    Love this great Korean thriller drama, with strong and intelligent good guys, especially the lovable Hwang Jung Eum, Kang Ji Hwan & of course, the legendary Kim Soo Mi!

  262. 262 : N.O Says:

    Yun Yong Hyun & Yang Hyun Wook are simply adorable too! They are so funny!

  263. 263 : N.O Says:

    The child actors are adorable too!

  264. 264 : N.O Says:

    What a great Ending, without prolonging the series unnecessarily! Just Revenge is indeed sweet, especially by romantic, but heroic, intelligent and beautiful Hwang Jum Eum & so dashing Kang Ji Wan!

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