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Title: 다 줄거야 / Da Julgeoya / I’ll Give You Everything
Chinese Title : 給你所有 / 都给你 / 全部給你
Also known as: Reversal of Fate / Give You My All
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 150
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-12 to 2010-Apr-03
Air time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM


Bo Young began her career as a teacher in a small village. Alone in a remote place, Bo Young was approached by Jung Gil who introduced himself as a single bachelor. Their relationship became serious over time to the point where they promised to marry each other. However, Jung Gil turned out to be a married man and his wife, Yong Shim, and mother-in-law, who learned about his affair, assaulted Bo Young in front of him. Betrayed by Jung Gil who helplessly let Yong Shim and his mother-in-law humiliate her, Bo Young decided to get back at them. When Bo Young and Yong Shim happened to give birth to their daughters at the same hospital, Bo Young deliberately switched the newborn babies in an act of revenge and in the hope of her own daughter being raised in an affluent environment. While raising Yong Shim’s daughter, Bo Young did not care about her at all, and as a result Yong Shim’s daughter felt deprived of love. Bo Young only wished for her real daughter’s happiness. Yet, contrary to Bo Young’s expectations, things were going the other way around.


Gong family

Hong Ah Reum as Gong Young Hee / Gong Bok Soon
Jung Sung Mo as Gong Jung Kil
Kim Hyun Kyoon as Gong Sun Soo
Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Yong Shim

Lee family

Park Jin Woo as Lee Kang Ho
Kim Hye Na as Lee Kang Hee
Yoon Chul Hyung as Lee Yoon
Kyung In Sun as Bae Geum Ja

Cha family

Yoon Ah Jung as Cha Nam Joo
Kim Jung Wook as Cha Tae Min
Jung Dong Hwan as Cha Soon Chul
Oh Mi Hee as Kang Bo Young
Yoon So Jung as Oh Mal Nyeon

Production Credits

Director: Kim Won Yong
Screenwriter: Kang Sung Jin (강성진), Sul Kyung Eun (설경은), Lee Eun Joo (이은주)

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61 Responses to “I’ll Give You Everything”

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  1. 51
    indah Says:

    I cried and cried a lot just like a dumber (I know!) after watching episode 149 when biological mother of Bok Sun was passed away.. It’s soo… sad… But the ending was not satisfying…

  2. 52
    Altynai Says:

    Than this serial will end. I live in Kazakhstan and this serial to us show since November. Please tell to me all thoroughly.

  3. 53
    Altynai Says:

    what will be drama in the end? tell me please ,10-150 tell me,please

  4. 54
    Aika Says:

    I really like this drama, thinking of watching all the episodes without any misses))

  5. 55
    Gowshika Says:

    can someone tell who ends up with who….i love romance stories and if both characters don’t end up with someone i’m gonna be soooooo sad?

  6. 56
    Moldir Says:

    Hi I live in Mongolia, but I am Kazakh too. I like this film very much. It’s a really good film

  7. 57
    Assem Says:

    I like this serial toooo!!! I want to watch last episode!!!! But can’t!!! ((( where I can watch it????? hwo will prompt me??? pls!!!!

  8. 58
    Louis D. Clarke Says:

    Again playing a bad guy, Jung Sung Mo is at it again. Doing a role of an character everyone wants to hate. Maybe he just fits the part perfectly. Either he is a pretty good actor or he is playing himself.

  9. 59
    Snow Says:

    This drama is a bunch of drama, but foolish drama. I liked Daring Women and A Good Day For The Wind to Blow/Happiness in the Wind much better. Here the female lead is stupid and everyone caters around the evil sister. It just makes you roll your eyes and wonder if the writer just couldn’t be more creative.

  10. 60
    Snow Says:

    Also, whoever directed this drama needs to go back to school. He can’t walk with a crutch with one leg in a cast? LOL!! That scene was funny and over acted.

  11. 61
    Snow Says:

    I give you. After skipping every other episode, I call it quits at 125. It’s just too stupid. The male lead is such a disappointment. I didn’t like him from the beginning because there is a level of immaturity about him. I wanted her to be with Dr. Cha. The plotline is stupid and none of the characters are worth while. The cheating father is just disgusting.

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