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Ice Girl

Title: 그녀가 돌아왔다 / Geu-nyeo-ga Dol-ah-wat-da / Ice Girl
Chinese Title : 她回来了
Also known as: She Returned / She Came Back / She Is Back / Love Lost In Time
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-27 to 2005-Aug-16
Air time: Monday & Tuesday at 21:55


Before the marriage to fiance, a young lady Kim suddenly suffered a heart attack. She was moved to her father’s hospital, but her father Dr. Kim was not able to save her. So he took her body and froze her until he could find a way to save her.

And 25 years later, in 2005, she is revided. But she cannot remember her fiance… and she falls in love with his son…


Kim Hyo Jin as Kim So Ryung
Kim Joo Seung as Jung Ha Rok
Park Jin Woo as young Jung Ha Rok
Kim Nam Jin as Jung Min Jae (Jung Ha Rok’s son)
Seo Ji Hye as Cha Joo Ha

Extended cast

Jung Wook as Doctor Kim Soo Yeop (So Ryung’s father)
Yoon So Jung as Doctor Oh Jung Hee
Moon Chun Sik as Supervisor Jo
Kwon Hyuk Ho (권혁호) as President
Lee Dal Hyung as a supervisor
Park Soon Chun as Jung Soo Im (Min Jae’s mother)
?? as Oh Yeon Du (Soo Im’s daughter from her 2nd marriage)
Chun Ja (춘자)
Lee Gun

Production credits

Screenwriter: Moon Eun Ah
Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Kim Myung Wook, Lee Jin Suh

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  1. 1 : Sumin Says:

    i thought this drama was a bit scarry in the beginning, cuz the main chik dies from blood clot, and her dad[a mad scientist] freezes her bbody, and finds a cure to her disease, and about 13 years later, he melts her down, adn cures her of her disease, and her fiance [from the past] is married to another woman!
    so then she tries to get him bak.

  2. 2 : ^^ Says:


  3. 3 : Judy Rivera Says:

    This is a silly movie with the crummiest acting I have ever seen in Korean dramas which I usually love. The girl is brought back after 25 years. I hated the son Doctor Kim what a terrible actor. The hair dresser should be drummed out of the business. What were they thinking of. Harok looked terrible as a young guy and as the 40 year old. I only watched 3 episodes. I will go back to Lee Byeong-Heon, etc

  4. 4 : Judy Rivera Says:

    I changed my mind and watched the whole thing. Liked Min Jae better near the end when he stopped acting so babyish. Guess that was part of his role. We couldn’t figure out if it was the same guy playing Harok and went online and found out it wasn’t. The first guy was so handsome really but why the dumb haircut? He looked really awful. It was sad to read that the older actor playing Harok died this year from cancer. He was only about 46.

  5. 5 : joy Says:

    Don’t let the title Ice Girl fooled you thinking that it is not going to be
    a good one. It has a good snyposis;however, I wish that it did not end
    so sadly. The main girl should have ended with the son instead after
    resurrection of 25 years.

  6. 6 : azeren Says:

    whats the heckk??? she died at the end!!

  7. 7 : deadlyooo Says:

    although tis show is nice,….bt it’s ending i haTE it!!! de main character should not died in de show..it was so sAd….made me cry so much……

  8. 8 : uzmi Says:

    please do not make dramas lke this in the future, it does not have any story or any depth to it,just nonsense!

  9. 9 : aqilah Says:

    This is the most unique drama that i’ve seen .I love and enjoyed the plot plus with cool actor and atress.But i hate the character of Dr.Bong and Cha Juha.

  10. 10 : jojo Says:

    this movie is so cool. like this is so nice and i dont want to miss any episode of it. Duh! its so addicting…i love minjae…hes so cute,,
    graveh\! to the max///////
    cute din si cha joha…
    btw who really became kim soryeong’s lover at the end/|?
    please somebdy tell me.. is it minjaeor harok? ah oh!
    about the side effects..what are those\/
    did kim jaehui died in the end?

    dont want to miss this movie again..
    thanks to KBS they show it back every saturday…..

  11. 11 : skyeraven11 Says:

    You all shouldn’t give away the endings of dramas especially since most people who are looking at your comments have never seen the show before! I just wanted to see what most people though of the show overall.

  12. 12 : Lyda Says:

    Hum, I just want to say that I really really love this drama, Ice girl. It is really interesting eventhought it is a bit nonsense. I really like the snyposis. The main character which is Kim Soryoung, loves her fiance very much although she died n come back to life. You could see at the end, she records her voice before she died that as long as she is Soryoung, she loves Harok n forever…this is very sweet. And I love their love story very much from the beginning to end. But what I don’t like is Soryoung’s hair. She looks beautiful in long hair not short.So I would prefer the author to let her have long hair after she comes back to life again. That would be more interesting in watching! Just only that bad point! N other characters like Dr.Juha, I think she is not bad. I like her as well. Who hate her? She act a little bit crazy in the middle of the story, but she acts very well as a doctor from the first to end. She is a good doctor! Whereas, Min Jay, oh I do not like him at all. He acts silly silly. N he is very sexy. You can see the way he dress, look at his clothes!compare to girls he is sexier than women…..

    Anyway, anyone know where I can download this drama? I want to watch it again because I missed a lot parts especially at the beginning. I didn’t watch d beginning, so I just want to watch n to know why Kim Soryoung die?That day was her wedding day, what happen?….If you know, please tell me. Oh there is one more thing I want to say, the songs!yeach~~the OST in this seris, are also nice!not bad. I got them copied all from youtube! If you want to download, please go to youtube.com n search for Korean drama Ice girl. You will see. It is so strange that this drama doesn’t has much information. I just to know whether there is an outside clip of the drama like interview or NG clips. It seems not have all of that; only a few songs available. I am so curious about it? If you know about it, please let me know.

  13. 13 : Elisa Says:

    You can watch this drana at mysoju and at veoh.

  14. 14 : Rena Says:

    I think this drama is not bad. I ‘ve so touched and cry when i watch the scene when Ha Rook and So Ryoung met for the first time after So Ryoung’s memories is back.
    But i must agree with the bad haircut though. Ha Rook’s hair look awfull, but then maybe the writer want to show the audience how sad and devastated Ha Rook is after So Ryoung’s death.
    @Lyda : Love your comment. Anyway So Ryoung is die because she done too much activity and too much emotions got in her mind that day, and her heart is just couldnt afford that kind of activity. She went travel with Ha Rook that day, and when she got back home she dig a hole in her yard when she put Ha Rook’s camera that she bought back from the pawnshop that she keep for her wedding present to Ha Rook, which this activity need alot work of heart.
    At this time her heart was already unwell, but then Ha Rook call her and ask her to go out for the second time that day.
    And when she got back to home again she try her wedding dress and dance with it. And at this time she got a fatal heart attack that already has predicted by the doctor and her father as well.
    And thats what happen 🙂

  15. 15 : imnotafreak Says:

    tis show doesnt really attract my attntion
    kinda stupid,though
    the only got my attntion is the ringtone tat the hero uses
    wat song is tat???
    i thought i heard it smewhere…

  16. 16 : mel Says:

    is this drama with sad ending?

  17. 17 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  18. 18 : louis vuitton Says:

    This is the most unique drama that i’ve seen .I love and enjoyed the plot plus with cool actor and atress.But i hate the character of Dr.Bong and Cha Juha.

  19. 19 : kassy 07 Says:

    this korean drama is going to become a soap opera..someone please tell me how it ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. 20 : lula Says:

    yea is a soap opera called AURORA in spanish language in telemundoo

  21. 21 : silverfox Says:

    I staring like korean drama

  22. 22 : Hilda Says:

    Saya sangat suka film film korea. jika ada judul baru yg bagus tolong dipublish yah. thx

  23. 23 : dhandelle Says:

    i would like to know if soo-ryung will end up with jung harok.. i wish they would even harok got older just because of that stupid preservation of her body.. haha.. i promise that i would cry alot if i knew that they won’t end together.. huhuhu., pleaasse., coz i couldn’t find the other videos of it..

  24. 24 : kimnic Says:

    actualy its a unique drama, so different and interesting, and a sad ending, i feel sorry for so-ryung she died so early yet not achieve her dreams and marry the man she love…..

  25. 25 : rocio Says:

    where can i see these dorama..!???? i could find it…please give a link…!!! please…!!!

  26. 26 : Eniola Says:

    I luv d movie,xo xo intresting hw i wish min jae was d 1 wu marry so-ryung,nd ha-rook shld jst accept it dat he choose his destiny lyk dat,nd b wit min jae moda.bt as 4 dr cha-juha nd dr bong dey ave 2 regret it all.as 4 so-ryung she suppose 2 fullfil her dream nd life happily ever after bt its a pity dat she died.

  27. 27 : erhlsiee Says:

    i support eniola jung ha rok shuld jxt forget so ryung

  28. 28 : leonardo Says:

    where can i watch this kdrama???

  29. 29 : saloni jhalani Says:

    hi, from where i can get the episodes of this drama icegirl….please lemme know

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