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I Need Romance

Title: 로맨스가 필요해 / Romaenseuka Pilyohae / I Need Romance
Chinese Title : 需要浪漫
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2011-June-13 to 2011-Aug-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Related Series: I Need Romance Series


The story of the love, lives, marriage, careers and families of single and independent career women in their 30s.


Jo Yeo Jung as Sun Woo In Young
Kim Jung Hoon as Kim Sung Soo
Choi Yeo Jin as Park Seo Yeon
Choi Song Hyun as Kang Hyun Joo
Choi Jin Hyuk as Bae Sung Hyun
Ha Yun Joo as Yoon Kang Hee
Kim Hyung Min as Duk Soo
Ricky Lee Neely as Alex
Heo Tae Hee as Kim Tae Woo
Lee Kwan Hoon as Joon Hee


Jung Yoo Chan as a guy at airport (ep 4)
Lee Da Hee as Lee Min Jung (ep 16)
Park Woo Chun as Jung Hae Woon (ep 16)
Kim So Yun as little Kim Sung Soo’s girlfriend (ep 16)

Production Credits

Production Company: JS PICTURES
Director: Lee Chang Han
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung

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Introduction Trailer

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

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  1. 1 : Ralph W Shoemaker via Facebook Says:

    My girlfriend is a gumiho.

  2. 2 : Mary Mae Dolorosa Edep via Facebook Says:

    Natapos ko na panood un ang gnda sobra

  3. 3 : Celine Says:

    Welcome Back Kim Jung Hoon!!!! I already wait you for long time….

  4. 4 : Herky Mezarina via Facebook Says:

    What drama is this?

  5. 5 : snow Says:

    wish u successful in this drama…. and become handsome….

  6. 6 : okta Says:

    Woaaaah,Kim Jung Hoon~~ Love you love you!
    Cant wait to see ur acting again! Excited!

  7. 7 : czak Says:

    prince YUl is back!!!

  8. 8 : yulkimn Says:

    Yul goon….mish u so much……so happy u is backk..^__^

  9. 9 : Wu Xiao Lan Says:

    Oppa!!! Sranghae…!!!
    I wait you so long!!!!! I miss your act!! After I love you drama Princess Hour!!
    I always wait you……

  10. 10 : wynn demon Says:

    wa~ im looking forward to this drama~ (-. ^)
    cst jst see the images, thn feel tht its nice..(*- *)
    so i will wait for it~ (>.

  11. 11 : weny Says:

    after prince hour and the devil…..welcome back kim jung hoon…..

  12. 12 : Omc Poopu via Facebook Says:

    i love kimjeonghoon. from thailand

  13. 13 : lovie Says:

    wow.. Jonghoon is back.. he’s more fat than before.. yeiii 😀

  14. 14 : Riefa Fuyuzora via Facebook Says:

    welcome back jeonghoon oppa
    nice to hear your new ddrama ^^

  15. 15 : luna Says:

    Jeong hoon…….i wait you,i miss you……

  16. 16 : TRICIA JANE Says:


  17. 17 : luvyluna Says:

    i’ve seen it’s trailer, and this drama will bring a new air into kdrama..it’s about woman’s things,love,live, carrier n sex with more brave,openmind,and almost close with real that we deal in life. i can say it’s not cinderella or snow white stories.. and it makes me waiting for this drama @-}–

  18. 18 : Lirik Lagu barat Says:

    I like this drama..live you Kim Jung Hoon

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  20. 20 : yoRoseberry Says:

    he comes back.. handsome and he is a smart guy, u can get know through watching ”strong heart”, he talking alot scientific things >

  21. 21 : luvyluna Says:

    Well.. i think this drama will we be rated NOT FOR UNDER 18.. hehe..

  22. 22 : Lirik Lagu korea Says:

    Korean Drama..Yesssss!!

  23. 23 : pyongs Says:

    eeeeeeeehhhhhhhh un lang hhhhhaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. 24 : wynn demon Says:

    -haiz~ till now still dnt have..
    -so where can v see this drama?
    -really want to see this drama~!!! hope tht it will out now~!!!

  25. 25 : meggy Says:

    it looks like a nice drama. can’t wait to see it

  26. 26 : Quintessa Says:

    Hey does anyone know where I can watch this with english subtitles?? It looks like a really good drama. Right now I live on the western part of the word and it might be hard to fine anywhere so on the internet would be the best place to watch it. Please and Thanks in advance!! my email>> [email protected]

  27. 27 : 52drama Says:

    Choi Yeo Jin is ugly!

  28. 28 : lalala Says:

    already watched this first episode…

    omooooooo… its great, cant hardly wait to watch episode2 😀

  29. 29 : sachy Says:

    anyway where we can see the rating this drama…

  30. 30 : asi koreli Says:

    Turn to this new array, and the Turks or Turkish channels will also publish how much you want or you, I’m also sick of love you Kim Jeong Hoon

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  34. 34 : biane Says:

    Who is acting like Dok Woo in this drama? LOve his smile…. SO Cool :))))

  35. 35 : 'Evyloveya Olyvea via Facebook Says:

    waa .!

  36. 36 : nanda Says:

    this drama is so great! very different from any other drama ever done in Korea. definitely a breath of fresh air

  37. 37 : Kstyle4love Says:

    Between the KDrama new shows like I Need Romance , Myool the Spy and my FanFav City Hunter combined with the TDrama shows like the Hayate the Combat Butler and Material Queen; how will I ever get any sleep. Tired but happy/giddy like a schoolgirl crushing on her first Oppa 🙂

  38. 38 : drpiedad Says:

    the gay so cute and excellent and perfect gay for girls…

  39. 39 : HOPE Says:

    I’m watching this drama now after Lie to ME ended… and it excites me also because its about issues of the real situation of a relationships…

  40. 40 : Noviasari Dwi Gartika Kurosaki via Facebook Says:

    Kim jeong hoon :**

  41. 41 : Charlie Says:

    Korean version of Sex and City?
    Refreshing new breed of KDrama.

  42. 42 : Wenty Anggreani via Facebook Says:

    confuse…is it good?

  43. 43 : eileen534 Says:

    this is a good drama, exciting to watch the new episode..

  44. 44 : eileen534 Says:

    the actor is so bad yet so handsome.. love it, but more like the second actor..

  45. 45 : Taraneh Shamloo via Facebook Says:

    What is the name of the old song at the beggining of 1st episode?

  46. 46 : kdramafanNC Says:

    i love this drama, can’t stop watch every ep in one time. Super good. And it’s true, it’s different as other Kdrama, fresh air. Highly recommend.

  47. 47 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    I hope this drama can more attention here. It is really a very good drama. Right now, only cith hunter and this one I’m watching.

  48. 48 : sephi27 Says:

    admin of this site… can u post the ratings of this drama??? tnx

  49. 49 : admin Says:

    hi sephi27, for your information there is no episode ratings for tvN drama at this moment.

  50. 50 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    I realize there is no rating and also no OST site for this show, I think this effect people who comes to this website and may think not interest in this show, is actually a very good show. Much better than Lie to me, than Romance town. I hope people can really know this is a good drama, so they won’t miss it. Of course, these are all my personal opinion.

  51. 51 : kdramafanNC Says:

    I hope In Young will end up with Sung Hyun. He is such a sweet person.

  52. 52 : maya Says:

    –SPOILER–warn;dont read if u dont want get spoilt..

    IY avoids SH as long as she can, and then when he finally gets a moment alone with her, she answers strictly in jondae and tells him it can’t continue. So he passive-aggressively gets drunk and passes out,
    leading to a hilarious situation where an angry Boyfriend 1(SS) has to help carry in a drunk Boyfriend 2(SH), while IY gloats at the poetic justice.

    ss:Don’t be easy with him. You were easy with me.
    iy:I was easy? Is that why you lasted one minute?
    ss:It was not one minute!
    iy:Thirty seconds then
    ss:If you’re going to sleep with him, use a condom! I said I’d take you
    back, but I’m not raising his kid! … I hope it turns out he’s a horrible
    iy: Why?
    ss:That way… you’ll come back to me.

  53. 53 : Rusdaina Pasaribu via Facebook Says:

    kim jeong hoon the main chracter isn’t ?

  54. 54 : via Says:

    as much as Sung Hyun is a nice man, but still he much younger than In Young, so I think In Young should stick with Sung Soo, since he’s trying to win her over again..

  55. 55 : via Says:

    I can’t believe that after 10 years relationship (non married) the feeling will not the same anymore.. are they really love each other? How come Sung Soo bertrayed In Young at the first place. If he really love her then he will never cheated on her, especially when they just got back together. I wonder what happen when they are married couple? will they going through the same situation like this?

  56. 56 : Anne Says:

    I really love this korean drama, i totally can relate to it, it’s like i am watching my life.. this drama really happens in real life, it did happened to me, like In Young, it’s not that easy to let go of someone you’ve been with for more than a decade, even that person cheated on you several times. everything that you see around you will remind you of your memories with him, even if it hurts, you somehow can’t let that person go, not just only for how long you’ve been together it’s all about love, and feeling safe with that someone, because that person had seen your worst… So far this is the best korean comedy-drama I’ve seen so far.. kudos for the writer more power

  57. 57 : Dokko&AJ Says:

    Cool, the OST link come out. Support this drama, is a very good drama. Can’t wait to watch this week’s episode. Hope more people come over here to leave your comment to support his drama.

  58. 58 : helena Says:

    Will it be Sung Soo or Sung Hyun? After episode 12, it’s hard to know!
    In Young is blessed with such great friends, I like to see how the girls support each other in need. Everyone should have such friends. I like also that the personages are so outspoken in sex matters, completely different from the Korean modesty. Times are changing!
    I’m really curious about the end!!

  59. 59 : Charlie Says:

    I like this drama.it’s funny and real. The leading lady is very cute and lovely.
    Oncea cheater, always a cheater. No need to hanging around the spoiled old love, move on to the new fresh one.

  60. 60 : diana Says:

    i do really fall in love with this drama the first time i seen, its very real,, like i can see my life in this drama,, i learn so many thing to face the problem, like in young did, its so hard to delete someone u love for so many years even they cheated on u, but after i watch this drama i decide to face it and move on (i know someday i’ll deserve to get someone better than him)

  61. 61 : kdramafanNC Says:

    After Ep 12, I’m really worried about In Young, I want her to be with Sung Hyun. But now this rich girl seems very had. And Motorcycle will become her closest man again. Sigh. Even for ten years, I just think if IY end up with Motorcycle, she will be hurt for her whole life. SH is so sweet, but maybe because of his background, it would be hard for them to have a happy ending. But still Please.

  62. 62 : kdramafanNC Says:

    Hope more people come here to support this drama, is such a good and funny drama. Everybody did a great job in it. Again, Korean Drama, my love. 🙂

  63. 63 : Sharellh Says:

    This drama is good and show different parts of relationships. Good bad and ugly. In Young is a bit needy and has no idea what a good man should be, but the ending should be interesting. Support this drama please

  64. 64 : Taraneh Shamloo via Facebook Says:

    I have found it .That song is Amado mio by Pink Martini.

  65. 65 : Charlie Says:

    Wow. Some scenes in episoe 11 are very sexual, nicely done.
    Love this drama.

  66. 66 : Mav Says:

    i love this drama….very realistic

  67. 67 : choe Says:

    It’s really great drama. One of best drama i’ve seen. Kim Jung Hoon is more manly and mature and i like this. I love all the actors and actress!!!

  68. 68 : Denise Says:

    I was pleasantly surprised with this drama! I love the storyline, it’s a refreshing (and more mature) change from your typical Korean drama. I can’t seem to figure out what direction it’s going in, and while I don’t mind not knowing, I really hope In Young doesn’t end up with Kim Sung Soo but with Sung Hyun instead. Although, Kim Sung Soo seems nice in many ways, there aren’t enough good qualities to redeem a cheating man. Especially one who has done it more than once. I would lose respect for In Youngs character if she takes him back. I hope this drama comes up with a satisfying ending!!

  69. 69 : Candy Says:

    I really hope In Young ends up with Sung Hyun. He is so sweet! to her and treats her like a lady. Unlike Sung Soo who only wants her when it suits him and uses her for his selfish needs. He’s not in love with her, he’s just being possessive with In Young because another man finds her attractive but yet he continues to keep another younger woman hanging around on the side. Everything Sung Soo does points clearly to the fact that he doesn’t love In Young but wants the best of both worlds. This story is sooo like my life story, minus Sung Hyun. Please let me meet someone like Sung Hyun!!

  70. 70 : kdramafanNC Says:

    What’s the exact time of update for this drama. I hope In Young ended with Sung Hyun. When the trust lost, is lost, you can’t rebuild it again. I totally agree @Candy, Sung Soon just want best for himself. This kind of person is like poison. The bad thing is that they don’t only hurt you they are attracted to you to get hurt.

  71. 71 : kdramafanNC Says:

    Well, In Young and Sung Hyun may not end up together, 13, 14 are fast pace for the story line. Make viewer wonder whom In Young will be with.

  72. 72 : lee benston Says:

    I watched from 1st episode to 13 episode then it is gone. I can’t find it on TUDOU anymore.

    HELP!!!! Where can I find the show?

  73. 73 : hanna Says:

    @ lee benston …. (^_^)

    try to look at dramastyle.com …

    next time i’ll try to watch this drama ….

  74. 74 : Karolina Says:

    That’s my fav drama at the moment. I can’t wait to see what happen next.
    It’s like part of my and my friends life. Great job!!!

  75. 75 : Yummy Says:

    Too bad the Chinese links don’t work….:( Any idea where else I can find it other than Tudou?

  76. 76 : Wae Says:

    This drama is awesome…really grat and original! I like this, I want more dramas like this.
    P.S: I really hope In Young will be with Sung Hyun, please!!!!!(I cross my fingers)

  77. 77 : Vl Says:

    No, she went back to that jerk. I was loving this drama till up to episode 14 . I refused to watch ep 16 after I read the spoilers.

  78. 78 : Shahrun Nizam Tahir via Facebook Says:

    http://free-apxb-movie.blogspot.com/2011/08/i-need-romance.html download full episode here

  79. 79 : kdramafanNC Says:

    what happened why i can’t watch the last two episode, they are disappeared

  80. 80 : Mic Says:

    The last episode definitely the sweetest! Great drama!

  81. 81 : angie Says:

    if its different from other love korean drama it should be different at the end… In young should be with Sung hyun… otherwise its just the same drama like others

  82. 82 : carmen Says:

    A very different script from all what I watched before. I like everything : the story (as in ” Sex in the city”), how they are written dialogues, the actors acting, the soundtrack. WOW !!!!! I can’t wait to see season two !!!!

  83. 83 : megagie05 Says:

    i really love this drama!!! i want in young and sung soo back together in d end….please!!!! and make a part 2

  84. 84 : Sophie Jae Joong Says:

    Guys, please tell the ending? Is In young back to Sung Soo? OMG, I hope In young back to Sung Soo. In fact that sung soo played with a young girl, but in young still in Sung Soo’s heart and sung soo can’t live without in young. Thay are a perfect couple. I love the way sung soo taking care to in young.. I still watching till epi 8 and can’t wait to see next episode!

  85. 85 : d14h Says:

    I Think, this drama is like “Sex & the City” Korean Version…. Because how they talk about relationship, about friendship, about sex life, about they lifestyle, how the girls like the shoes, and alot of kisses, for me it so like Sex and the City. In Young is like Carrie Bradshaw character,
    Park Seo Yeon is like Samantha Jones character, and Kang Hyun Joo is like mix between Charlotte York and Mirranda Hobes Character.

    This drama is not Taboo to talk abaout sex life, how they interest to man and have sex so easily. how they have sex for the first time, how In Young feel after have Org*sm for the first time with Sung Soo…. So I think this drama dedicated for adult …. not for teenager.

    But so Far I like this Drama, and I’m so satisfied with the ending, because In Young back with Sung Soo. 🙂

  86. 86 : des Says:

    … a highly recommended drama! Not the common korean drama storyline… The actors and actresses are all great! I’m always looking forward for the next episodes.

  87. 87 : ditha Says:

    i dont like this drama..jeong hoon transform into bad guy..i dont like it

  88. 88 : Sophie Jae Joong Says:

    Finally I finished watching this drama until the end of episode.
    I am so happy that finally So In Young back to Sung Soo.
    Yes, in the begining Sung Soo played with a young girl and I hate it, but in the end Sung Soo realize that he still love In young and can’t life without in young. So he tried to be kind to In Young and take care to In Young as her oppa.
    As well as In Young never stopped loving Sung Soo even if she in love with Sung Hyun.
    This is one of the best korean drama I’ve ever seen.
    I love Kim Jeong Hoon and Jo Yeo Jung.

    I am fan of Kim Jeong Hoon from 2006.
    I love the way he act.

  89. 89 : summerhdz Says:

    Where did you watch all 16 episodes. I can’t find 14 15 and 16 subbed. I love this drama and want to know if you can please help me. Dying to know what happens.

  90. 90 : linda Says:

    I have watched episodes from here

  91. 91 : summerhdz Says:

    Thank you.

  92. 92 : e-Rheen Says:

    I’ve finished watching this drama.. this drama is great especially for Kim Jeong Hoon acting.. The ending was so happy, I’m happy that they were back together..

  93. 93 : devi Says:

    It’s for adult korean drama, and I love it much,coz the story is true sometimes happend in this modern life, I likes the cast of kim jung hon and choi jin hyuk, wondering if the two of this guys kissing me, wow hehehe even not best drama 2011 but it good enough for watch it. Hope can see choi jin hyuk and kim jung hoon in other drama soon

  94. 94 : via Says:

    I just finished watching this drama… and I LOVE IT A LOT!!!! its about 3 woman on their 30’s and they have this great relationship and always support each other back either they know their friend made a mistakes, but they always there for each other to support and comfort each other. Each one of them had their own problem in their life with their own bf or relationship with man. In yeoung-Sung So-Sung Hyun, Seo Yeon- a married man-Alex-Photographer (and with many other man, LOL), Hyun Joo-ex almost husband-the replace husband (whose end up finding love with him). So Glad that it is a happy ending, although life’s go on and we can’t predict what happen next to our life, but love that In Yeong finally back with Sung so (but not sure if he will ever cheat on her in the future), Hyun Joo with her replace husband and too bad for Seo Yeon because the photographer seems very sad that she ditch their last date because she is too busy with her work, he wont even take her phonecall (hope she will end up with this photographer, after all he already knew her well,hehehe).
    And Finally let Sung Hyun to be with me!!! he’s hot and sometimes I think he’s a bit more like Lee Min Ho… hahahaha… He’s so sweet and its sad that he cant be with In Yeong because neither one of them willing to make sacrifice for each other (In Yeong doesn’t want to leave Korea, if she got married with Sung Hyun she have to live in US and change her name and another proposal is they life in Singapore where Sung Hyun in charge of his new hotel there) . Thats why In Yeong decided that she can’t be with him no matter she wants to beside he still love and care about Sung So. If it is me , I would have say: JUST TAKE ME BAE SUNG HYUNG!!! hahaha…

  95. 95 : Sara Says:

    THE ENDING SUCKS!!! she should of ended up with the other guy. Once someone lose your trust they can never get it back, plus the other guy loved her….i am telling you it SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!

  96. 96 : ADE Says:

    I love this drama very much.
    I believe love in 10 years is very deep….
    Good Luck Kim Jeong Hoon, I Love you

  97. 97 : Dhicc '85 Says:

    really llovve this drama, but danger n n too WooWW for under 18th..hahaha. Hope make for SEASON 2…. waiting……..

  98. 98 : Momo Says:

    Kim Jung Hoon acting is the best in this drama.

  99. 99 : Momo Says:

    One of a good Kdrama, exciting to watch until the last episode. Kim Jung Hoon acting is the best in this drama.

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  101. 101 : ucu_niza Says:

    really great drama with happy ending, of course. sooo sweeeet

  102. 102 : tita_aja Says:

    I really like this drama… sooooo entertaining..
    mmm… what can I say… I laugh and also cry watching this drama. Each cast plays very well.. two thumbs up for I Need Romance… 😀

  103. 103 : Can't Lose | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Secret Garden tu. Tapi so far jalan cerita ok. Pendapat aku, antara Can’t Lose dengan I Need A Romance, aku pilih Can’t Lose walaupun aku nak sangat tengok lakonan Kim Jung Hoon. INAR aku tengok […]

  104. 104 : amethyst Says:

    This drama is great but for adults only.

  105. 105 : lovedsdrama Says:

    This drama is entertaining! It has lots of kisses though and made you think you’re not watching a korean drama and this drama made me and official fan of choi jin hyuk..hehe

    If you’re a woman in your 30’s..you’ll love this and relate to this. Just like the fun I got from The woman who still wants to marry!

  106. 106 : lyn Says:

    really good drama!! at 1st i think they will ended their relationship, im so scared…. T_T but im glad that they stay with each other until end…couple ring!! hahahaha…good2 promise!! ^_^

  107. 107 : Katex Isa Says:

    one of the best dramas
    recommend it
    not boring like other dramas

  108. 108 : pinkangel Says:

    my next in line after city hall….

  109. 109 : Paradisefan Says:

    This was a good drama but for adults only, please don’t watch this in front of your kids. It was very cute and real and I really enjoyed doing a marathon of two nights eventhough I work lol! I’m so excited season two will be out in the summer wth Lee Jin Wook 🙂

  110. 110 : Fairy Says:

    I can’t stop myself from watching this, I basically had 2 hours of sleep now…haha! I like Yul (Kim Jung Hoon) I am his fan since Princess hours..I am getting disappointed already that they will really end their relationship for good..And i’m starting to pamper myself of the thought that the director guy also love her so much so she can end up with him as well…but I read from one of the comments above that they will reunite at the end..so..now I’m much relief..Later tonight I can watch it with ease again…

  111. 111 : dee Says:

    please add lee kwang soo (photographer) in the actor list. he’s so manly and such a good actor. 😀 😀
    thank youuu…..

  112. 112 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    love i need romance season one, can’t wait for season two.. i hope the line up casting as good as season one..

  113. 113 : 143poochi Says:

    i cried so much … in this drama…
    i can relate to the lead actress…. huh….
    life is not easy…. huhuhuhu. i wanted to cry again..
    huh…. why am i like this????? i become emotional…
    while watching this drama…

  114. 114 : Jacqueline Says:

    I really love this drama so much……………. Enjoyable, interesting, fun……. And I feel like I was immersed by it… I just laugh, cry, pout by myself alone while watching…… It’s not boring at all…… And I love all the character in this movies……. 😀

  115. 115 : via Says:

    yeah.. waiting for INR season 2!!!!

  116. 116 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] I Need Romance Rating : 2,5 out of 5 […]

  117. 117 : Moomoo Says:

    Wow i super love the ending! Cant help but kept watching the ending over and over again.. Kim Jung Hoon is so charming as ever!
    Too much adult kissing but love the kissing scene!
    My fave drama of the year! Always interest me:D

  118. 118 : [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] I Need Romance 2012 (TvN) Says:

    […] is the 2nd season of ‘I Need Romance‘ but with different cast and […]

  119. 119 : zhia_aala Says:

    so interesting, very good story line…out the box korean drama….beautiful lady with hungky guys….aaaahhhhh…the producer/director/script writer sure know how to gain rating………sooooo hottttttt………I luv it…just luv it……..

  120. 120 : marg Says:

    I do love this drama… 30’s can really relate on it…

  121. 121 : jen Says:

    i love this drama very good story, the cast awesome they played very well. even teen can relate to it. Wow i super love the ending!

  122. 122 : monica Says:

    Foarte ,foarte frumoasa kdrama.Regie.scenariu si tot ce tine de acest serial nota 10 cu felicitari.Actorii sint foarte foarte frumosi si foarte foarte talentati.Foarte reusit acest serial.FELICITARI INTREGII ECHIPE.Monica din Rominia.

  123. 123 : I Need Romance 2012 « Gmtn96's Blog Says:

    […] is the 2nd season of ‘I Need Romance‘ but with different cast and […]

  124. 124 : Kelley Says:

    UGH! I HATE THIS KOREAN DRAMA! She did everything she wasnt supposed to do!!!! I HATE IT SOOO MUCH! I WISH I NEVER WATCHED IT!!! I would say y but it says i cant spoil it for u!!!!!!!!!!!! out of the three girls i hate the one that works at the hotel and the model i like the lawyer girl, she did everything right, i hate the one that works at the hotel more then the three

  125. 125 : leemataz Says:

    its so boring coz people who are over 30 are old enough to get married and thats not true love if one has moved on because she has been cheated and i love it when the director shows so much love for the hotel girl and he did everything he could to.please her . And please be real make people ask for more not to regret watching this kind of rubbish and this movie it doesnt teach anything except cheating and lying

  126. 126 : charm Says:

    can u tell me what is the title of the beginning song???

  127. 127 : hated Says:

    worst drama in the world

  128. 128 : adhe airashii Says:

    nice drama

  129. 129 : ance Says:

    i like this drama…it’s fresh (the plot), unique (the couples and each character), sexy (but not x-rated) and funny (those 3 girl bestfriends are)!

    i enjoyed this drama…hope that I Need Romance 2 meets those 3 things i mentioned!

  130. 130 : nanci Says:

    i love this movie, i watch it on netflix. i love bae sung he a handosmer man,

  131. 131 : nanci Says:

    we texas girl adore bae, that girl should have stay with him&not goin back to that 2 timer kim soo bae sung show he r mor e love&honerst them kim. stupid girl

  132. 132 : tomokoeiki Says:

    romantic…dramatic…hilarious…100% recommended…it made me laughed and cried alot… the acting was superb.. actor and actress well done to u all. keep it up… .love-romance-friendship.

  133. 133 : Lucy of USA Says:

    Very cute and funny

  134. 134 : faith Says:

    it is so funny, the background of the story is reall nice.

  135. 135 : Kapatid Asianovelas Says:

    I Need Romance will be aired soon on TV5 in the Philippines.

  136. 136 : Lucy Applestone Says:

    Hate the main actress whatever her name is! She’s very irritating and has a fat face, being not attractive at all!

  137. 137 : http://bubbaearth.com.au Says:

    kredyty gοtówkowe bez zaświaԁcƶeń

  138. 138 : naid07 Says:

    choi jin hyuk brought me here.. olaaa

  139. 139 : Shellsbells Says:

    This was good worth watching funny touching and entertaining.

  140. 140 : Guan Says:

    I don’t like this drama , the worst drama that i ever watched. I don’t understand with ppl who Say this drama is funny. No it’s not funny at all. I stopped since eps 2

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