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I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3 02

Title: 로맨스가 필요해 시즌3 / I Need Romance 3
Chinese Title : 需要浪漫 3
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-Jan-13 to 2014-March-04
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:40
Related Series: I Need Romance Series


This drama is about a 33-year-old woman who doesn’t believe in love, a 20’s man who dreams of pure love and a 30’s man who is that woman’s boss at work.

Shin Joo Yun (Kim So Yun) works at a home shopping network. She used to have a warm and kind personality, but after 9 years of harsh working experience she has become cold. After a failed romantic relationship, she tells people that she does not believe in love. Deep down inside though, she can’t give up on real love. Her love interests Kang Tae Yoon (Nam Goong Min) who will be a work sunbae and mentors her versus a younger man Joo Wan (Sung Joon) who comes along and heals her jaded sense of romance.


Main Cast

Kim So Yun as Shin Joo Yun
Jung Da Bin as Joo Yun (young)
Sung Joon as Joo Wan / Allen Joo
Choi Ro Woon as Joo Wan (child)
Jung Yoon Suk as Joo Wan (young)
Nam Goong Min Kang Tae Yoon
Wang Ji Won as Oh Se Ryung

Joo Yun’s colleagues

Park Hyo Joo as Lee Min Jung
Yoon Seung Ah as Jung Hee Jae
Park Yoo Hwan as Lee Woo Young

Other People

Yoo Ha Joon as Ahn Min Suk (Lee Min Jung’s boyfriend)
Jung Woo Shik as Han Ji Seung
Im Soo Hyun as Oh Se Ryung’s assistant


Alex as Lee Jung Ho PD / Joo Yun’s ex-boyfriend (ep 1-2)
John Park (존박) as Joo Yun’s first ex-boyfriend (ep 1)
Joo Sang Wook as Joo Yun’s second ex-boyfriend (ep 1)
Kim Ji Suk as bar owner (ep 3)
Jung Myung Hoon as Joo Yun’s third ex-boyfriend
Park Seung Gun (박승건) as Joo Yun and Se Ryung’s business partner
Kim Na Young as fashion designer
Yoo Young as radio program guest
Nara as radio program guest

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Young Kyu
Producers: Jo Moon Joo, Jung Se Ryung
Director: Jang Young Woo
Screenwriter: Jung Hyun Jung


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  1. 1 : kim so yun fans Says:

    horaaayyyyy kim so yun….

  2. 2 : HB Lovers Says:

    although i have never seen I Need romance before, of course, i will watch this because the main actress is kim so yeon.
    Fighting unni…
    do your best

  3. 3 : taraJJ Says:

    whooaaa, I really love I Need Romance season 1 so I hope this third serie is going to be good as the previous one..
    beside can resist all the great casts.. the legendary Kim So Yun.. another leading role for Song Jun :-).. Nam Goong Min, love this man.. Yoochun little brother’s Park Yookwan… plus Alex is going to be comeo,, I hope he will sing ost for this drama 🙂

  4. 4 : ance Says:

    i’ve been a fan of i need romance…hope this one is good!

  5. 5 : dramaraw.com Says:

    watch fast raw at: http://www.dramaraw.com/korean-drama-i-need-romance-3-28.html

  6. 6 : Mara Says:

    oh my….

    Kim So Yun IS IN !!

  7. 7 : chim Says:

    waiting for this drama^^

  8. 8 : Adeline Tan Says:

    Love kim so yeon acting she a very good actress

  9. 9 : tintinRELOS Says:


  10. 10 : puji Says:

    Sung Joon… Sung Joon… Sung Joon… Sung Joon… Sung Joon…

  11. 11 : freedomdemon Says:

    (*o *) HE ARE GONNA ACT IN THIS NEW DRAMA!!!!! [로맨스가 필요해 시즌3 / I Need Romance 3 / 需要浪漫 3]
    Sure keep wait till this drama appearance, and sure he and the actors too!!!
    its soon of this drama appearance d!!!!! ^^Y
    finally have his new acting drama appearance!!!!! (*o *)

  12. 12 : choo ahnlin Says:

    love season2

  13. 13 : torri Says:


  14. 14 : roni Says:


  15. 15 : Micc Says:

    Judging from the first 2 episodes, this will probably be my favorite in the I need Romance series!

  16. 16 : Juana love Says:

    I love dis drama already..love the lead Actor and Actress.

  17. 17 : hny Jo Says:

    so far so good…I’ll keep watch ;))

  18. 18 : uh-0h! Says:

    Never watched the series before but since this is the third installment of I Need Romance i give it a try..and for the first two episodes i must say it was good. Looking forward for the following episodes… I hope this drama can cure my Reply 1994 fever.lol. Btw, anyone knows the background song of this drama?apart from Lee Hyori’s song…

  19. 19 : Ella Says:

    Daebak, I love this drama, can’t wait for the next episode

  20. 20 : vip Says:

    i like it, its nice..

  21. 21 : Yapo Says:

    Love everything in this drama. Really Really Cute

  22. 22 : LIMASOL Says:


  23. 23 : kk Says:

    hoooray for Shing Shing and Sweet Potato…good chemistry…hoping for high rating..FIGHTING!!!

  24. 24 : NIKOL Says:


  25. 25 : SHEHERAZADA Says:


  26. 26 : VANQ Says:


  27. 27 : Yapo Says:

    How Cute Sweet Potato & Shing Shing

  28. 28 : Jyenie Says:

    Shun shin is so lucky to have such a romantic, nice, caring and successful little boyfriend 🙂

  29. 29 : Tictac Says:

    Does anyone know what’s the name of the song that plays at the beginning of ep4 “love in the air, love in my dreams, love in your eyes……” ?

  30. 30 : faith Says:

    I LIKE THIS DRAMA more in reality , promises ,loyalty and most of how powerful the love is
    …. GO FOR THE IT i love this drama

  31. 31 : DT Says:

    Love this drama.

  32. 32 : DT Says:

    Love this drama

  33. 33 : bigmama Says:

    i love this drama!i like actors!figthing!

  34. 34 : minnie Says:

    Super Cute drama I love latest episode (ep.6) very very cute

  35. 35 : raduga Says:

    I need romance too!Figthing!Ilove this drama!

  36. 36 : Sandar Says:

    Love it…sweet potato and shing shing

  37. 37 : g14 Says:

    why does the rating not appear?
    How is the rating of this drama?

  38. 38 : Carmen Says:

    I just start watching this drama and LOOOOOVEEEEEDDDDDD a lot, I did not imagine I will like it this much….love the Sweet Potato & Shing Shing…they do make a really good couple…OMG LOVE IN THE AIR!!!

  39. 39 : stela Says:

    I watch this drama because of Kim So yun. I liked her ever since Iris1 and Prosecutor Princess. Hope she makes another action drama.

  40. 40 : miroslawa Says:

    omg!i love this drama!sweet potato-i love you!

  41. 41 : momO Says:

    I like 싱싱과 고구마…

  42. 42 : MPRL Says:

    WHERE’S the ratting numbers??

  43. 43 : forever Says:

    its so cute 😀 i love the pairing 😀

  44. 44 : cornDip Says:

    This, the third in the series is the best.

  45. 45 : Dee Says:

    Hi, where to watch this drama on line?

  46. 46 : Jyenie Says:

    Joo Wan’s love for Joo Yun can really pull my heart string! Joo Yun is so so lucky to have someone like this by her side but she is too blind and her heart is too numb to feel it.

  47. 47 : Micc Says:

    Is it possible to have a man so perfect? Is it possible for a man to love a woman so much even if she doesn’t love him back? More importantly, is it possible for a woman to not realize she has missed a perfect man standing right next to her??? I think these only happen in dramaland.

  48. 48 : Micc Says:

    Kim So Yun and Nam Goong Min have absolutely no chemistry together. It’s so awkward watching them play romantic, although they are trying so hard. Min Jung couple is a lot more fun!

  49. 49 : Lin Says:

    Don mind having a younger partner like sweet potato. Omggg… He’s a good kisser too. Better than sunbae Kang. He’s too sweeeet.

  50. 50 : Jyenie Says:

    Woot, the kiss with the blanket wrapping them together under the shooting star sky really makes my legs go jello! What did he say to her again? “If you close your eyes, I will make you warm.” I also want a dongsaeng like this!

  51. 51 : shoshlev Says:

    I love the drama ! Sweet Potato-I LOVE YOU !

  52. 52 : gogoromance3 Says:

    love this drama. I am hooked!

  53. 53 : xingxing Says:

    I loveeeee this drama! Really want a guy like sweet potato, he’s so perfect~ totally my ideal type..

  54. 54 : hny Jo Says:

    love this drama too..sweet potato kiss is so passionate n thrilling,yummmy!!!….this is ‘I Need romance’ series that i like so much.. but the episode is too short ;((

  55. 55 : cactus Says:

    What about episode ratings

  56. 56 : John k Says:

    All you girls are smoking crack. Sweet potato ruined this drama. You want a guy who can’t take no for an answer??when you bitches have a boyfriend you want a guy like him around kissing you anytime and interrupting your date with ur man. Guys like him end up raping girls!! He says the right thing to the girl and turns around and means another. Instead of living in la la land,why don’t you come back to reality!! Why not take into consideration of the boyfriends point of view.?what guy in his right mind is going to be ok with his girlfriend living with a guy who forces himself on his girl. There is a right way to love a girl and a wrong way!!

  57. 57 : Sandar Says:

    Sweet potato, you’ll be missed a lot..

  58. 58 : Henz Says:

    I love all three seasons of I need romance, I think it’s one of those dramas that gave me pure insights about love and dating. it’s very realistic …

  59. 59 : Henz Says:

    but so far among all the series … I need romance 3 has the best soundtracks …. don’t get me wrong the two previous series have amazing OST but so far this is the best …

  60. 60 : Jenn Love Says:

    Really disappointed with main female. Voice so fake, acts cute in front of main younger boy but act matured in front of her senior, the one she likes…. Disappointed with producers for choosing such lousy main actress. Don’t wanna see her again….

  61. 61 : Jenn Love Says:

    Main female is so pretentious… That ep when she listens to main male plays guitar…. My God…. Girls here…. Don’t even do that. I liked her when she was in Iris…. COOL… But here…. They need a younger, bubbly lady for this role. She can’t even smile naturally. Seriously, she spoilt the whole of I Need Romance…….

  62. 62 : Lin Says:

    How I loves sweet potato! Hopefully he will b main actor in any new romance drama. He’s v passionate guy n v handsome…good acting tool!

  63. 63 : htayapril Says:

    I like this drama.love sweet potato!!!!!!!!
    I want him main lead in new project

  64. 64 : Sanyi Says:

    Love this drama especially sweet potato, I would love to have a man like.

  65. 65 : Victory Says:

    @Jenn Love : Your comment so rude. It shown you don’t understand heroin character at all. Have you ever read synopsis? Shin Joo Yeon character was pure ans innocent when she was young but she change to be cold and aggressive because faced with difficult times and unsuccessful of love. It’s make sense she back to be herself with Sweet Potato and stay in cool character with sunbae in work life.

  66. 66 : Pure heart Says:

    The actors and actresses were overacting. Their acting was not soooo natural.

  67. 67 : ABC90 Says:

    I love sweet potato!! lol

  68. 68 : mench Says:

    This drama is so sweet!!! Its just a simple story but with lots of things to learn!!! I enjoyed it a lot!!!

  69. 69 : choopatiu Says:

    Sung joon is the only reason I was able to finish this very dull drama,I need romance 2 is still my favorite.

  70. 70 : moonlight Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t like Joo Wan character. Unrealistic at all. That’s no way this guy type exist in this world. Finished this drama just bcoz Kim So Yeon.

  71. 71 : winn Says:

    @ jenn love have you read the synopsis? shin joo yun is 33 yrs old lady.. so how old, you want to play to shin character? 18, 20, 23, 25?

  72. 72 : mona Says:

    i almost finish this drama. yeah i also think it’s really impossible to find a man like goguma hahaha but that’s ok.
    for me, goguma is a young man with old soul inside makes my heart melts and i feel many butterflies spinning around in my stomach 😀

  73. 73 : Hong Seung Ri Says:

    This drama is not compatible for under 18yr old
    Over all nice ending , nice story , but setting area very boring cos 85% indoor.

  74. 74 : yuni Says:

    I like this drama. Always like the main actress after act on prosecutor princesa…

  75. 75 : maemae Says:

    I look forward to watching this drama.

  76. 76 : maemae Says:

    I just started watching this drama, and I’m more than impressed with the superb acting and great chemistry.

    After the watching the 1st and 2nd seasons of I Need Romance a few years ago, I must say that this one is quite mild. Even though we don’t hear sounds of cat’s mating like in the 2nd season. There’s still plenty of pre-honeymoon frolicking and rollicking going on in it.

  77. 77 : maemae Says:

    This was the BEST drama that ended very, very well!


  78. 78 : Sharon M Says:

    im in love!!!! lol

  79. 79 : Daphne Says:

    This is the second drama that I’ve watched with Sung Joon as the lead. It was quite a good drama and I love Sung Joon’s character, Joo Wan aka Goguma(Sweet Potato). He’s kind, patient, understanding and charming. It was also kinda fascinating that he seem to know a lot about life. It was kind of frustrating when the Shin Joo Yeon started dating Kang Tae Yoon instead of realizing that there is a perfectly good man in front of her, which is Joo Wan. Out of the countless Korean dramas I’ve watched, so far, Joo Wan is my favourite male lead!

  80. 80 : carmen Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. Loved it from start to finish. Loved the chemistry of all four couples; the wardrobe of the three main female actresses; the interior design of the main actress’ home.

  81. 81 : melania Says:

    this drama is daebak.. the best series of I Need Romance..the chemistry between the 2 main couples is really sweet..Sung Joon is really handsome in this drama ;-).. a must watch drama..

  82. 82 : Shellsbells Says:

    LOVED this Drama even more than the first one it’s the bomb baby simply amazing. I’ve actually watched it twice and don’t plan on stopping.

  83. 83 : Watch i need romance Free Streaming | Putlocker2k.pw Says:

    […] I Need Romance 3 […]

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