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I Need a Fairy

Title: 선녀가 필요해 / I Need a Fairy
Chinese Title: 需要仙女
Also Known as : Sent From Heaven
Genre: sitcom
Episodes: 100 + 3 Special
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Feb-27 to 2012-July-27
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:45


‘I Need a Fairy’ will be a comprehensive description of Korean women love and desire. This drama to be known as korean version of ‘Sex and the City

Two beautiful angel falling from the heaven and become a mother and daughter. This sitcom show how they deal with their new life.


Main Cast

Cha In Pyo as Cha Se Joo
Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Chae Hwa
Shim Hye Jin as Wang Mo (Chae Hwa’s mom)
Lee Doo Il as Cha Se Dong
Yoon Ji Min as Ma Tae Hee
Park Hee Jin as Geum Bo Hwa

Supporting Cast

Park Min Woo as Cha Kook Min
Woo Ri as Cha Na Ra
Choi Jung Won as Geum Mo Rae
Cha Min Ji as Lee Ha Ni
Shi Ho (시호) as Jang
Min Young Won as Jang Hee Bin
Yang Young Ryun (양영륜) as Park Kyung Bin
Eun Won Jae as Shin Joo Suk
Heo Young Saeng as Heo Young Saeng
CNU as Shin Woo
Lee Joon as Lee Joon
Oh Hee Joon as Park Chang Soo
Go Woo Ri as Go Ri Ah
Chun Yi Seul as Ji Yoon
Yoon Sung Hyun as Sung Hyun


Bae Ki Sung as CEO Yong
Bae Suzy as Aspiring Actress
Jang Hang Jun as movie director
Kim Mi Ryeo as fortuneteller
Choi Ji Yun as teacher
Yang Han Yeol as Ji Hoon
Jo Jae Hyun as Geum Bo Hwa’s ex-boyfriend
Min Ji Oh as writer
Choo So Young

Production Credits

Director: Jeong Heum Moon, Ko Chan Soo
Screenwriter: Kim Mi Yoon, Kwak Kyeong Yoon, Sin Kwang Ho, Song Hye Jin


Related Photo

(Other Photo from official Site)

Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II

8 Minutes Preview

Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : kimmyyy Says:

    sounds like something i would watch. but 60 episodes?? idk. lol

  2. 2 : KDaddict Says:

    I need a fairy too! 🙂
    Interesting premise! But I don’t know these 2 actresses. 60 eps kinda long for 2 not so well-known actresses!

  3. 3 : shashah Says:

    I praise Korean producer for there idea, original stories for there TV drama. i have a lot of favorite telenovelas, and i always check there website if there’s any new korean drama’s showing.

  4. 4 : Charlie Says:

    Based on the info from this page, I am wondering how this can relate to “sex and city”. Mother, daughter? But definitely will keep an eye on this one.

  5. 5 : nisa Says:

    hmm… as i read the synopsis, the dramas sound like really legend
    i thought this drama gonna very tenses about the story.
    I should watch this! u,u
    can’t wait 🙂

  6. 6 : Smr Says:

    Which drama it follow?

  7. 7 : KDaddict Says:

    Love the poster! It’s intriguing, enticing n pretty! Will check it out for the poster, for the reference to Sex n City, n for the fairies! I love fairy tales of all kinds!

  8. 8 : sheena 시나 (@iHARTSHEENA) Says:

    I definitely watched this ^__^ i know some of the actress! and also tripleS is dying to see how our prince HEO YOUNG SAENG act his musical is awesome!

  9. 9 : elli Says:

    HEO YOUNG SAENG fighting…

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  11. 11 : taryn Says:

    is this the drama that a member of B1A4’s in? I wasn’t able to take note of the title. if young saeng is in this drama, I think this is it.

  12. 12 : Vita Says:

    @ taryn (11),

    You are right.

    i get the info here – http://news.kbs.co.kr/culture/2012/02/14/2435155.html

  13. 13 : chu Says:

    OH! I am glad that HEO YOUNG SAENG will appear in it.
    Very happy!
    I am waiting for you, YS, Fingting!

  14. 14 : chu Says:

    Can’t wait YOUNG SAENG’s acting!

  15. 15 : Cherry Blossoms Says:

    is there any way that none korean folks could watch simultaneous airing online?

  16. 16 : iyra Says:

    HEO YOUNG SAENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t believe it,will be seeing him after such a long time….i am going to watch this drama just for him!

  17. 17 : BOY GIRL BAND Says:

    nice pic 🙂 bagus kayaknya..

  18. 18 : chu Says:

    60 episodes….
    So long…..
    And the actor snd actress are not my favourite…..
    But,,,,,I’ll watch it without fail……
    Cause my young saeng is in it …..:)
    Young saeng!!!!
    I am waiting for your acting and new album…….

  19. 19 : coraea Says:

    i wanna watch <3 don't really know much of the cast but B1A4 CNU is in this :DDD lmao so ill watch :3

  20. 20 : Mystisith Says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I’m not a sitcom watcher, but i will try this only for Park Min Woo ( Bawool in FBRS ). I will wait a bit then marathon just for his scenes.

  21. 21 : faezahabdullah Says:

    Can i ask something????/…… Heo young saeng as…???

  22. 22 : admin Says:


    He use his real name in this drama which is Heo Young Saeng.

    His Character in this drama is also as a Singer.

  23. 23 : chu Says:

    Now I can see young saeng in the poster!

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  25. 25 : khine Says:

    Can I get young saeng related photos???

  26. 26 : michel Says:

    Young saeng’s photo is too small!!!
    I know he is not a leader actor,
    But he is so famous Kpop.Right!
    Can I get more photosss of YS.

  27. 27 : Sue Says:

    Young Saeng is the best!!!!!
    Both Hyun jun,Jung min,hyun jong are lead actors.
    So, why don’t you do???
    young saeng,I am waiting for your drama and new dramas..

  28. 28 : ame Says:

    Heo young saeng is at the bottom of the casts list.
    May I know why.
    Other casts are very popular in Korea???

  29. 29 : admin Says:


    You can check here why Heo young Saeng is list at the bottom

    may i know why you use different name (khine, michel, Sue, ame) to write your comment in this thread???

  30. 30 : chu Says:

    cause I don’t want to mention my names every time…
    Every time I read comment on web, some users comment all time with same name.I hate it !boring!
    I used my real name “chu” a lot of time. And still want to comment every time. Interesting …… Why don’t you do like me???

    How did you know that? I don’t notice that someone knew it.
    Well, Nice to meet you. Are you a fan of YS? Hope that so…..
    Bye ! See you!

  31. 31 : chu Says:

    oh, Are you a korean???
    I can’t read Korean alphabet.
    Anyway thanks lot.
    Cay you teach me Korean language?? 🙂
    see you…

  32. 32 : opick Says:

    look so great… try to watch,,,

  33. 33 : hime Says:

    i look this because i’m Y.E.S,, can’t wait first acting YS

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  35. 35 : Fairy Says:

    Which drama it follow?

  36. 36 : faezah abdullah Says:

    Tq so much admin…n i love to watch it…Young Saeng,fightingggg!

  37. 37 : TripleYES Says:


  38. 38 : suelay Says:

    We are waiting for YS drama to come to our country.
    What about in Korea?
    Did young saeng appear?Or Which episode will young saeng appear???

    Any way I hope I need Fairy Drama will arrive quickly.
    I think at the end of the March…
    I can watch this drama…….

  39. 39 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    I like Cho In Pyo as a hunter in Josoen times more than as an exec in modern times, whether it is in Da Mul or here. The first ep is funny. I like the daughter who is a fairy.

  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2, 3:
    Really funny. Better than Hi Kick 3, by far. Cho In Pyo not as buttoned down as in his other dramas. Love a good comedy!

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4,5:
    Cho In Pyo’s image in this show is quite different fr his usual ones, that are so serious, so stern. He is funny n unpredictable here.
    Love the girl n her mother, the fairies who have fallen to earth n have not a penny to their names!

  42. 42 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh, Cho’s son was Bawu in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

  43. 43 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6, 7, 8:
    This is a series that will make you laugh. Try it!
    Cho In Pye has never been funnier! The whole cast is a good combination. Have the main actress Hwang Woo Soo Hye! So pretty, so natural, so comedic! You should see her playing tennis or catching butterflies in front of 3-D tv!

  44. 44 : KDaddict Says:

    In ep 10, Fairy mother n fairy daughter both decide to cut off their fairy hair! They change their hairstyle to sth normal. They look gt, but I love their quirky old fashioned hair style!
    Chae Hwa looks wonderful in a lowcut dress. I think the men’s eyes popped out! So did mine!
    She catches the bridal broquet n has to marry within 6 months. So she’ll marry Cha Se Joo, which is most convenient!

  45. 45 : robbo4 Says:

    Featuring three of the former castmembers of ‘Hello Franceska’ (Shim Hye Jin, Lee Doo-il and Park Hee Jin), this one picks up where that one left off. and by that I mean, get ready to hold your sides and be careful about having anything to eat or drink while watching because you might just need a carpet cleaner to come by due to the insanity of the action. Boy how I’ve missed ‘Franceska’! This time she (Shim Hye Jin) plays a fairy using the same deadpan, ‘don’t mess with me, or else’ attitude that she had as a vampiress. Both of the fairies (Shim Hye Jin and Hwang Hwe Seul Hye) are hysterically funny, and the outrageous Park Hee Jin (as a 40ish idol singer wannabe) is the best of them all. Don’t miss this one folks, it’s the best comedy currently airing. I only hope that someone will sub it soon… 🙂

  46. 46 : machi Says:

    my mom, my aunts want to see this drama so bad… hopefully have chinesse dubbing in the future

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    My fav show at the moment! I like Cha In Pyo and Hwang Woo Seul Hye in this drama more than the other chars. Like his son too.

  48. 48 : KDaddict Says:

    The early eps of Hello Franceska were made in Jan 2005, 7 years ago. The 3 actors who were in HelloF as well as in I need a Fairy have aged quite a bit. But the who has aged even more is Jung, who recently played Baek Yeo Chi in Salaryman. She was cute then. It seems like her face has gotten longer too. Park Hee Jin probably is the one who has changed the least. These r funny shows, all 3 of them! Hello F, Salaryman, n Fairy!

  49. 49 : elli Says:

    i need eng sub.. :((
    young saeng fighting….

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    In Ep 19:
    Young Fairy only appears for 5 secs. She really brightens up the screen. The ep in itself is entertaining, but her absence is sorely felt.

  51. 51 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve watched all the eps in this drama, n I can’t tell which char is Young Saeng. Is it Nara’s classmate? The handsome boy who has a crush on her?

  52. 52 : JANG YOUNG HO Says:

    OMG!!!my Heo Young Saeng oppa!!!!

  53. 53 : KDaddict Says:

    Which character in the show is Heo Young Saeng? Is it Nara’s classmate?

  54. 54 : robbo4 Says:

    While I very much enjoy any, and all, scenes that include the younger fairy, I feel robbed if I don’t get enough involving the fairy mother (Shim Hye Jin) and the kooky “popstar” Barbara Queen (Park Hee Jin). The younger folks don’t do much for me (other than Woori, who plays the high school daughter), but I do like the scenes with the jealous girl and her two mean-girl allies (featuring one of the “meangirls” who gave Goo Hye Sun such a hard time in Boys Over Flowers.) The younger fairy remains happliy oblivious of her rival’s dislike and the plots against her as she happily accepts whatever turns up in front of her with cheerful enthusiasm. Saving the jealous lady’s life as she was choking did little to stop her ineffective attacks though jealous lady continues to sink her own ship. I’m looking forward to episode #21 as the previews show ‘Barbara Queen’ featured predominantly. Thus far, I’ve only seen subs for episode one, but I’m still enjoying every minute of I Need A Fairy! 🙂

  55. 55 : dddd Says:

    Heo Young Saeng oppa

  56. 56 : GHSforever Says:

    I think it is not her classmate but this guy!
    But I am not sure if this guy is it definetly because I am still in episode 17.
    But I am sure that it is not the classmate!
    Hope I helped you!

  57. 57 : jen Says:

    suzy was in the previous ep it was really good !

  58. 58 : GHSforever Says:

    Lee Joon and Rainbow’s Woori are also in this show since episode 33!!

  59. 59 : dreamer Says:

    i think this drama is quite funny, i hope KBS will finish this drama as soon as possible.

  60. 60 : یونگ سنگ در قسمت 32 Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=15189 […]

  61. 61 : kriss Says:

    Sounds interesting. Where can I see this? Don’t mind seeing it even if it’s without subs.

  62. 62 : admin Says:

    Kriss (61),

    There is a link on the post to Watch Online with English Subtitle

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for responding. PPl on this thread have been excited abt Heo Young Saeng’s presence for a while now. So it made me think he has already appeared. As a matter of fact, he had not, until a more recent ep, when he appeared as himself. He was the family’s old neighbor, n came to stay with them.

  64. 64 : latifa almuhannadi Says:

    i’ll definitly watch it

  65. 65 : snowking Says:

    Shin-woo are B1A4 CNU. He’s Nara Classmate. Heo Young Saeng are Young saeng who ex-neighbour of Cha Seju’s Family. Please add Miss A Suzy in and don’t forget MBLAQ Lee Joon and Rainbow’s Woo-ri, too.

  66. 66 : GHSforever Says:

    You welcome!:)

  67. 67 : kriss Says:

    @62 admin – Thanks unfortunately the link only has 1 episode. Where can I see the rest?

  68. 68 : GHSforever Says:

    you can watch this drama here:

  69. 69 : KDaddict Says:

    WE r at ep 45 this week. With the show ending soon, things r coming to a head:
    First, Cha Se Joo recognizes his feelings for Fairy;
    then Ma hears it straight fr the horses mouth;
    Finally, Ma expresses her feelings openly to Cha.
    Next up, Cha has to turn her down, n confess to Fairy; he probably won’t do it without a push. Maybe when he sees Fairy w Kim MoRai, he can’t contain himself, n will have to do sth drastic.
    I’ve been enjoying every ep of this show bc of the exuberant n lovely fairy.

  70. 70 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 47:
    MaTH n Cha SDong spent a night together, in bed! Hahaha. Good thing they passed out n remain fully clothed! At the end of the ep, she seems to get in trouble again; this time kissing a man she can’t remember. Who is it? I’d like to see her married off, n get off the back of Cha S Joo.

  71. 71 : lhynssi Says:

    @ KDaddict Says: Young Saeng will appear on ep 23.. it’s actually a flashback.. the guy whom Nara’s first love.. the guys that call Nara as “kaori”… in ep.23 he was the one in blonde hair…

  72. 72 : GHSforever Says:

    I love I need a fairy and I hope they will extend the sit-com. It is just amazing.
    Well my favourite shippings are:
    -Cha Se Joo and Fairy (Chae Hwa)! They need to be together at the end or I will be mad.
    -Na Ra and Young Saeng!

  73. 73 : GHSforever Says:

    Just finished episode 48 and it was daebak.
    I can’t wait for episode 49.

    SPOILER: The preview was really interesting. It looks like the character of Lee Joon will like or have feelings for Fairy too.

  74. 74 : GHSforever Says:

    Tae Hee and Uncle are still confused because of the kiss. When they see each other it seems like they only think about their lips.
    They behave really weird and awkward so the other workers at the company gets suspicious about them. They try to avoid each other and they are no developments about their relationship in this episode. Meanwhile Gook Min helps Joon to get a ‘date’ with Fairy Chae Hwa. Using the excuse that he needs fireworks she goes to a store to buy them for Gook Min. But then suddenly Joon appears and reveals the lie. When they walk a little Joon realizes the lustful looks of other people at Chae Hwa because of her short skirt. He wants to cover it with his jacket but she says she don’t need it because other people also have short skirt on. But Joon explains to her that Noona can’t. Fairy Chae Hwa accepts it and gets a phone call and have to leave. Alone Joon says to himself that Chae Hwa is his ideal girl/his style and he accepts her even if she is a Fairy. At the end of the episode Chae Hwa helps her mother to make a medicine(they told the mother that they can’t go to Africa because of the illness Malaria, so she tries to make a medicine for it) but then Chae Hwa gets a phone call from Joon. He asks her to meet him at the rooftop. She goes there and he surprised her with fireworks but she was so afraid that she extinct the fireworks. Joon apologizes for his lies and he gives her sweets. He asks her if they can use the fireworks again and she agrees to it. They share a super cute moment together and Joon’s eyes are only focused on Chae Hwa.

    Own opinion:
    Damnit Joon is so cute and I officially ship him with Fairy now. Cha Se Joo gets another love rival for Fairy’s attention. And I changed from Se Joo’s boat to Joon’s boat.

  75. 75 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 48, 49:
    I like the developments in these 2 eps.
    Tae Hee n Uncle now have yes for/on each other. Hee hee. But TH has been behaving in a way that is entirely unfitting sb her age, around 35? She is like a 12 yr old who has a crush on a classmate, regarding her behav w Cha Se Joo.
    Also like Lee Joon’s crush on our pretty fairy. I really like the way the actress looks. Now I’ve to go look up her previous dramas! Believe in Love, which I abandoned the 1st time around; n our Slightly Risque Relationship, which might not be so easy to find. Also a movie, Penthouse elephant.

  76. 76 : KDaddict Says:

    I ship Fairy w Kim Mo Rai. Secondarily, I ship her w Lee Joon as well as w Cha. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I think she is so damn adorable that she deserves all the admirers there can be.
    I like Young Saeng’s char on this show. I don’t ship him w the Cha girl. I rather dislike her personality, n think YS deserves better than her. Unless, of course she can change, n stop pretending to be so cool, so above it all, so much better than everybody.

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    This show will come to an end soon. I’ll go check out Standby, another sit-com. That one is supposed to be funny too.

  78. 78 : GHSforever Says:

    Fairy got so many guys and she does not even realize that.
    The reason why I like Joon the most now is that he is so joyful with Chae Hwa and also he is not so stiff around her.

    I would rather see Youngsaeng with the Cha girl than her with her classmate(CNU) who has a crush on her. To be honest she does not deserve such a nice and cute boy like him. I would like to see CNU with the friend of Na Ra(the girl with the glasses). They would look so super cute together.

    And I was a little sad because the cameo of Suzy was only for one episode. She is one of the few idols who really can act. No offense but there are few who really can’t act. And Suzy would have been the only character I would have shipped with Park Min Woo. I don’t like him to end up with Ha Ni. I would rather see him with Rainbow’s Woori than with her.

    I know the show will end soon. Maybe they will extend it. For example at the beginning they said that it will only have 50 episodes but after they showed 40 episodes they changed it to 60. Maybe they will do it again. I have hope. Btw do you know if the show is popular in Korea?

  79. 79 : robbo4 Says:

    Sorry folks, but it seems to me that fairy daughter Chae Hwa is already engaged and will eventually be flying back up to heaven once she and Wang-mo retrieve their wings. She will continue, of course, to have all of the guys, girls, and us, trembling in her presense and falling for her pretty face and sunny disposition until (and long after) that time arrives… 🙂

  80. 80 : GHSforever Says:


    Did i miss something importent? I thought her past boyfriend dumped her. That is why she cried when she had to prepare of the wedding of the woman in the early episodes.

  81. 81 : GHSforever Says:

    Btw I watched her KBS Special Drama Slightly Risque Relationship. It was cute, awesome and hilarious. You should watch it. It has only 1 episode so it is easy to watch.

  82. 82 : robbo4 Says:


    You may correct. It’s been a while since the series began and I’m waiting for Darksmurfsubs or whoever finishes subbing the series to go back and rewatch everything, so I don’t quite remember what went on back then. It does seem to me that the fairys have to be fairys, so I figured that going back to their cloud was the inevitable course for the series. I’ll happily be wrong if that turns out not to be the case.

  83. 83 : GHSforever Says:

    I would be really upset if she had to go back. She is such a cheerful character and the family members are so happy around her. I still remember the episode where the fairy and her mother went away for Africa and the whole family were depressed. I do not want to see them in this kind of situation again.

  84. 84 : KDaddict Says:

    @GHSforever, robbo4,
    I think it was in the 2nd or 3rd ep that she found out that the day after she left the heavens, her fiance went with sb else, just like that! So that’s water under the bridge. By contrast, Cha Se Joo has been so steadfast, loving her secretly, supporting her quietly by her side. I’m sure it will mean a gt deal to her when that love is revealed. She’ll stay with them, I’ll bet! Her mother can go back if she wants. But, how can they possibly find their fairy costumes, on the whole continent of Africa???
    Need to find time to watch Standby!
    What might be a good site to find Slightly risque relationship? I’m not good at finding these 1 or 2 ep Drama Specials or movies for that matter.
    You not watching K2Hs or RTP???

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    I really like Young Saeng a lot; don’t like the Cha girl at all, so constipated, so dishonest, so not open, so full of sh_t. That’s why I don’t ship them, but I know mine is a lost cause. I wasn’t thinking of who the other young ppl would end up with. I’m ok abt that.
    I’m not familiar w the KPop scene. I’m strictly a KD addict, n so don’t know the other idol stars, but sure know Suzy fr DH1. You r right, she is a gt little actress.
    I hope u r right. I wouldn’t mind at all if they extend this show some more.
    If u r curious abt this show’s ratings, u can check on KBS’ official website. My eyes already hurt fr watching too much KD!

  86. 86 : GHSforever Says:

    I watched in on dramacrazy. I really enjoyed it!
    So I was right that she was dumped by her previous boyfriend.
    They should really extend it because it is an amazing show.
    I watch the K2H but not RTP.
    I don’t want to watch Rooftop Prince because I really can’t stand a ‘bitchy’ sister. It would make me so crazy taht I would go nuts.
    K2H is really awesome. Why does Korea not want to watch such a good drama. Is Equator Man that much better? Maybe I give Equator Man a try although I do not like Uhm Tae Woong that much.
    I started to watch the drama You are so pretty. I enjoy watching it but it has 135 episodes. I think I am gonna die:D

  87. 87 : GHSforever Says:

    SPOILER episode 50 of I need a fairy:
    This episode compared to episode 49 is a bit boring and not so many important things happened.

    Episode 49 ended when Fairy mother visited a shaman(?). The shaman got an turtle and he gives Fairy mother a letter. She reads it and leaves somewhere.

    Joon tries to get Fairy’s love and attention and what works better than giving her snacks:D I love him so much, he knows what Fairy loves the most and makes it his advantage to win her heart.

    CNU and Gook Min bromance starts slowly. CNU visits the family and Gook Min gives him water because he is sick and tries to cheer him up.
    Joon gives Woori the task to say to everyone I LOVE YOU.

    Se Joon don’t like the atmosphere between Tae Hee and Uncle.
    He tries solve the problem by telling a lie.The lie has something to do with the company and someone related to the drama( I am not quite sure about that. Well it works and Tae Hee and Uncle works really hard together. But unfortunately the lie gets so big that Se Joon has to admit that everything was a lie.


    I did not like this episode this much. What I liked the most is that Gook Min and CNU bromance starts and that he is not only focused on Youngseung, his hyung:D
    And I loved Joon’s smile. God I am fangirling right now.

  88. 88 : hny Says:


    I just try to look 4 this drama coz you, but I’m shocked!!..60 eps..to much!
    better not now..I don’t want to be “Panda eyes”..

  89. 89 : KDaddict Says:

    60 eps of less than 30 mins each equals abt 30 eps of a regular series. Plus this is a sit-com, so no suspense, no angst, no problem!

  90. 90 : KDaddict Says:

    Holy Moly! This series is choke full of Kpop idols n I was barely aware of it! After u mentioned it, I found out that:
    NaRa’s classmate, the timid boy who has a crush on her, is played by B1A4’s CNU (Shin Woo);
    The guy whom she has a crush on is SS501’s Heo Young Saeng; I guess their 2nd member to venture into acting, after Kim Hyun Joon;
    While the dance teacher is MBLAQ’s Lee Joon;
    and of course Suzy appeared as an aspiring actress in ep 26.
    Now I can see why you ship Lee Joon w our fairy girl.
    It barely registered on me, cos I’m not into Kpop. One of these days, I need to learn abt Kpop’s most famous bands n their music.
    I know 2AM, 2PM, SNSD, SS501, Super Jr, Super Jr M, n not that much else.

  91. 91 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank u for the link to watch SRR. I don’t ever go looking for films, n so don’t know where to find them.
    You r rt abt RTP. The evil sister drives everyone crazy. Many pts r docked fr that show bc of her heavy presence IMO.
    K2H is indeed awesome. But as it deals w N-S relations, n thorny issues, it doesn’t go down well w everyone, esp. in this political climate. Even some interntl viewers get pretty upset by it, in eps 13, 14, as u can see fr the latest comments on that thread.
    Eq Man has such old themes of revenge for family n betrayal by best friend that tho I know it is a quality production n I like the actors, I loathe to watch that melodrama for the umpteenth time.

  92. 92 : GHSforever Says:

    yes there are alot of idol’s in I need a Fairy and luckily they can act. Btw you forgot to mention Woori from Rainbow.
    Well my favourite K-Pop group is Sistar.
    I don’t know which episode it was but Cha Chi Soo’s mobile phone had Sistar’s So cool as it’s ring tone.
    Joon is so handsome and even the director is impressed by his acting.
    Some people say that Joon should rather choose a drama instead of a sit-com for his acting debut. I disagree with that. There are many examples of idols who literally failed at this point. Besides the audience can see Joon 5 days a week and this is pretty much good for a ‘new actor’.
    You welcome with the link, glad that I helped you. I am happy that the audience from abroad love TK2H. Count me in because I am from Germany.
    I don’t know but I just cant stand evil sisters. I mean I TRY to understand them but they are so ‘bitchy’ that you can’t even feel pitiful for them because they are so miserable. For example Yellow Boots. The evil step-sister NEVER DID SOMETHING GOOD. And when I say never it does really mean never. Everytime I see her in that drama I could punch my laptop. Unfortunately she appears alot so I have the feeling almost everytime.
    Btw Lee Yoori is awesome in that drama(again).

    Well it seems like we can’t write spoilers anymore so we can only talk now. Bad for the people who can’t understand korean. I hope you will be still here in that thread:D

  93. 93 : KDaddict Says:

    I welcome the No Spoilers policy, becos it is directed at ppl who like to post information abt UNaired eps! Once an ep has aired, it is in the public domain, n we can talk abt it. Heavens knows there is no way to wait till everyone has seen an aired ep b4 talking abt it, right?
    I agree w you that this is a good vehicle for Lee Joon’s acting debut. It is not a particularly demanding role dramatically, so it is a good way to get his acting toes wet.
    Forgive me for saying this: Unless u already know who they r, sometimes, the idols r not too impressive if you r just watching them as k actors.
    Germany! Where? I spent last summer in Munich. 1 year I summered in the area of the Black Forest. Find the Modern Romance languages easy to learn, but German is sth else altogether! So difficult, so impenetrable.
    I know what u mean by evil sisters. They r unbearable to watch. I liked Lee Yoori in Sparkling, but I didn’t think she was evil. At least she had a legitimate reason for going after what was rightfully her, plus the guy, who wasn’t. But she got what she deserved at least 10 eps b4 the ending. So that was satisfying.
    Oh, I see, so Woori is from Rainbow! Never heard of the group. Now off to google.

  94. 94 : GHSforever Says:

    I live in Frankfurt. I like Germany aswell:D
    Did you already see episode 52 of I need a fairy?
    Yeah I know what you mean. I often see spoilers of episodes of Fashion King but the episode even did not air. And these spoilers are even false.
    Lee Yoori was indeed really good.
    Btw the name of Woori’s character is Lea.

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    I fly in n out of Frankfurt many times. Want to go to Baden Baden one day. Love Japanese onsens. Want to see what baths r like there for comparison. Hee.
    I haven’t seen ep 52 yet. Will try to watch it tonight. Been busy watching the newest ep of K2Hs n RTP. How come u r not on the K2Hs thread?
    For dramatic shows, I don’t like knowing what will happen b4 the ep is shown. Takes all the fun n surprise out of it. So I hate spoilers of that kind, true or false.

  96. 96 : GHSforever Says:

    The K2Hs thread is too ‘busy’ for me haha.
    But I watched yesterday’s episode already.
    I am still waiting of a new drama of Jung Il woo. I really miss him on screen.
    He such an awesome actor. Also I am waiting for the drama’s BIG and I do, I do.
    Suzy will be in BIG and Kim Sun ah and Lee Jang Woo in I do, I do. Missed both actresses. And the synopsis of both dramas are interesting. Big is the Hong Sister work and I do, I do will be so much fun. The PTB dad will be also there. He was so funny in PTB.
    I am doubtful of Lee Min Ho’s upcoming new drama Faith. Maybe I am wrong and I hope am wrong because I like him as an actor. Also the drama sounds similar as Time slip doctor jin.

  97. 97 : KDaddict Says:

    Agree 100% with you on all the upcoming dramas u mentioned. I’ll miss K2H, but am comforted that it’ll be followed by an interesting drama, I do, I do. Definitely waiting eagerly for BIG. Loved Gong Yoo in Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star; not so much in Coffee prince.
    K2H thread may be busy, but a lot of that is re-posting for info purposes. Some ppl were angry abt the racist remarks on the show, but it has died down.
    Just watched ep 52. Happy that Cha Se Joo can no longer ignore his feelings for Fairy-ssi. It’ll take a push fr his bro to get things going in the next eps.

  98. 98 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 53-54:
    Mr. Cha doubles back on himself; he now feels guilty that he was out on a date on his wife’s BD, n is actively retreating fr Fairy. While that makes him a nice n sentimental guy, it also makes it more difficult to ship him w Fairy. Unfortunately, Lee Joon is only shown coaching Kim Bo Hwa, n isn’t shown to be pursuing Fairy.
    Meanwhile, another couple is forming: seems that Kim Mori n Ms Ma r getting together. N for whatever reason, Cha Na Ra now prefers her classmate to Young Saeng, which doesn’t make sense, bc Yong Saeng is the guy whom she has a crush on ever since they were kids. Honestly, who can resist when a Hallyu star shows his interest in you?
    Doesn’t look like things can get wrapped up in another 6 eps. So maybe there’ll be an extension after all?

  99. 99 : GHSforever Says:

    I loved the Troublemaker scene between Lea and Kook Min. Love them so much.
    youngseung and Na Ra better end up together. I want CNU with the girl with glasses so bad. Na Ra don’t get on my nerves and choose Youngseung. I also think that this sit-com will be more than 60 episodes;-)

  100. 100 : KDaddict Says:

    Lea? When is she called Lea? Doesn’t everyone call her Na Ra in the show?

  101. 101 : GHSforever Says:

    No you misunderstood. I meant Woori who plays the character Lea/Lia. I just don’t know how to write it.

  102. 102 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve no idea who u r talking abt.
    There is only one actress called Woori in this show, rt? And she is playing the Cha daughter, rt?
    Is there another actress called Woori in here?
    Who is Lea? Is that the girl in the apprentice group whom Cha Kook Min likes?
    Besides her, there is Na Ra’s classmate w the glasses; and 2 other girls/women, who work under Ms. Ma.

  103. 103 : GHSforever Says:

    The Cha daughter is played by Woori but there is also another Woori which is from the idol group RAINBOW. Woori from RAINBOW plays the girl named Lia/Lea who Cha Kook Min likes and the other Woori plays the sister of Cha Kook Min named Na Ra.

  104. 104 : GHSforever Says:

    Btw Lia/Lea is the girl from the dance group with Yoon etc.

  105. 105 : GHSforever Says:

    I need a Fairy is NOT finished yet.
    Today 2012-May-18 I watched it live and they showed the preview of the upcoming episode so I hope one of the admin’s you can change it!

  106. 106 : admin Says:


    Thanks for inform us.

    We just make the correction. Please take a look.

  107. 107 : Teresa tran Says:

    Where can I watch this drama? Can someone send me the link Plz thnx 🙂

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m totally ignorant when it comes to KPop groups. Becos her name isn’t listed in the Cast above, I had no idea. Thx for the education.
    Then you mentioned Yoon in the dance group. Guess what? I haven’t heard of him either. I’m sure that’s the other other man in the apprentice group. He is fr another KPop group?

  109. 109 : GHSforever Says:

    haha no problem. I am pretty good at this point. No that was my writing mistake, I meant Joon;-) but you’re right there is also a boy in the group, but I really don’t know him.
    @Teresa tran
    http://www.dramastyle.com/drama/I-Need-a-Fairy-Sitcom-2012/ this is the link where you can watch I need a Fairy!

  110. 110 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 59:
    Boy, this guy is hard to get! It takes a kidnapping for him to pull her into a hug, and then there is still no confession. Can’t wait for the finale! Fairy loves him! Yeah!

  111. 111 : Milky Says:

    Anyone know is Episode 60 is the final episode?

  112. 112 : Micc Says:


    No, 60 is not the end.

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps 61, 62:
    Now Fairy is trying to find ways to refuse him becos she remembers that fairies aren’t supposed to hitch up w humans. Lee Joon is still there hovering over her, but she only sees him as a younger brother. No hope for him at all. Her heart is already taken. Too bad. I’d rather see the two guys fighting for her affection than for first Cha than Fairy to go thru denial bc of his guilt n bc of her heavenly teachings.

  114. 114 : GHSforever Says:

    Fairy and Se Joo finally get together.
    They shared a lovely kiss together.
    Episode 64 will be so much fun because they try to hide their relationship.
    I love their little moments.

  115. 115 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 68:
    I’m getting impatient w the way they r trying to hide their relationship. One is a widower w grown children, the other is a 500 yr old fairy of single status. What is there to hide? It is plain silly the way he pretends the ring isn’t for her. The show Should bring these 2 together and just wrap it up ALREADY!

  116. 116 : Kimi Says:

    is this done already? how come they have stopped showing this at kbs2 during its usual time slot? and nobody has been uploading the raws either. i think the last episode shown was episode 69.

  117. 117 : hny Says:

    look from the thriller ..the story looks the same with a legend of “jaka tarub” it’s famous story in indonesia. Jaka saw an angel coming down from heaven and see them bathing in the river and then he took one angel scarf so that one of the angel can not return to heaven and the angel finally live together with him..This story really got me interested but I still hesitate to watch it coz the long eps ..I’m not a piety one 😉 try wacth it one by one..ooogggh

  118. 118 : hny Says:

    watch eps 1…damn … so funny…that’s mom and daughter …they are stupid n smart fairy 🙂 and cha se joo remain me to cha chi soo ;-)..he’s adorable and good ‘hula hoop” player…makes me lol when he audition 4 ‘Korean Idol’….hihiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😉
    but why in dramacrazy eps 2- etc still raw…..what should i do continue or wait till it available on CD *!*

  119. 119 : GHSforever Says:

    No episode 69 was not the last. There is already episode 70 out.

  120. 120 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps 69, 70, 71:
    Downright stupid. Such a good show for a long. Want to watch it till it ends, but they r making it difficult.

  121. 121 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 72:
    is the funniest ep in a long time. heo Young San wants to be Nara’s bf, n has to pass a series of test set by her father n brother. I like Heo YS. 😉

  122. 122 : Felix Says:

    The only korean sitcom I love to watch. However it is so hard to find for download and watch it. Anyone know the site for download. Video raw or subs is work for me as long as we can enjoy it.

  123. 123 : Fairy Says:

    it’s a very funny sitcome, and i enjoye watching even though that the episodes are rather short than what i used to in dramas. i love all the charachters, each has a certain flavor to add to the show. but i don’t understand why the ratings are so low?

  124. 124 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 73-79:
    These r good again.
    First they sent off CNU–he went off to the U.S. for medical treatment. Now send off Lee Joon, as he goes to Hollywood to make a movie. It looks like they r winding down the show.
    They r pairing Ma Tae Hee w Kim Moo Ri. Unfortunately they didn’t make Ma very appealing in the beginning.
    Wang Moo has gone off again to who knows where.
    The cat is of the bag, the children n the office now know abt their relationship, and some eps revolve around what happens when ppl know.
    I really love Heo Young Sang. He is really cute n baby faced, n his char is so sweet here. Don’t get why Nara is being so proud w him. She could be nicer.

  125. 125 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 80 is all abt Ma Tae Hee. She does look nicer now that they have changed her hairstyle, n she doesn’t smirk as much as she used to. Still, no love was established betwn her and the audience, so at the 11th hour in ep 80, it is difficult to care abt her w an ep devoted almost entirely to her.
    Heo Young Sang is really lovely tho. 😉

  126. 126 : IzzNny Says:

    Lee Joon just cameo in this drama or part of the cast??

  127. 127 : Mp3 Download Says:

    Needed to write you this very small word to help thank you very much yet again with your wonderful views you have shown on this website.

  128. 128 : HirumaKecil Says:

  129. 129 : Lorem Says:

    To quote Marge Simpson’s reference to “Sex and the City”; “That’s the show about four women acting like gay guys.” And indeed the insightful and deep thinking Marge Simpson is correct. Let’s not beat around the bush, that show was created by the gay Darren Star and promotes hedonism sugar-coated with humor to seduce the unsuspecting viewer. I do not subscribe to hedonism, so I decided to give “I Need a Fairy” the thumbs down.

  130. 130 : robbo4 Says:

    Wow, Lorem! I love it that you are cool enough to have referenced ‘The Simpsons’ and have yet to catch up on this drama after the first 30 unsubbed episodes. (I tuned in to see Shim Hye Jin and Park Hee Jin reprise their ‘Hello Franceska’ hilarity and am not at all familiar with ‘Sex in the City’. I actually felt a bit let down when all of the kids began taking up too much screen time for my liking with the veterans being so much more capable and fun to watch) but, you lost me on the second part. If you are indeed a fan of ‘The Simpsons’, what’s with the “no fun league” stance? To be fair, though, I really need to catch up with the rest of the drama in order to fully assess things. I must admit that I was just really happy to see Park Hee Jin again that I can’t help but smile and laugh every time that she appears on screen. That woman just never fails to crack me up…

  131. 131 : KDaddict Says:

    Up to Ep 93:
    I didn’t expect to like Heo Young Sang so much. I didn’t know of him before this show. But every time he appears, I like the ep.
    They are pairing up Ma and Morae. Sealed w a kiss at the end of ep 93.

  132. 132 : Penelope Says:

    Is Lee Joon just a cameo? i dont see his name up the cast lists?

    (@Penelope from admin, we just update the list, please take a look.)

  133. 133 : JJ Says:

    i luv to see this coz of Cha In Pyo but 100 epis seem too much for me though, i’ll think about it! it seems interesting though!

  134. 134 : cams Says:

    oh my god EUN WON-JAE!!!!

  135. 135 : njt Says:

    I really like this drama where is the english sub

  136. 136 : kim soo young Says:

    ilove youngsaeng saranghamnida

  137. 137 : kim soo young Says:

    ilove youngsaeng…i wish i saw you in person:)

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