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Title: 너의 목소리가 들려 / I Hear Your Voice
Chinese Title: 聽見你的聲音
Also known as: I Can Hear Your Voice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-June-05 to 2013-Aug-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


The drama is about a lawyer who is appointed by the state to represent a defendant who has “not even a 1% chance of being declared innocent.”

Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) is a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical female lawyer. She is a prickly edge, sharp tongue who doesn’t have a bit of concept or manners and finds it hard to be enthusiastic about what she does. Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a serious, passionate and macho former police officer who becomes a government lawyer. Meanwhile, Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a 19 years old boy who has the superpower to hear people’s thoughts. Together they will team up to solve the cases no one else wants, cases that only have a one percent chance of being found innocent.


Main Cast

Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Kim So Hyun as Jang Hye Sung (young)
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha
Goo Seung Hyun as Soo Ha (child)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwan Woo
Lee Da Hee as Seo Do Yun
Jung Min Ah as Do Yun (young)

People in Legal Circles

Yoon Joo Sang as Shin Sang Duk
Kim Kwang Gyu as Kim Gong Sook
Choi Sung Joon as Choi Yoo Chang
Jung Dong Hwan as Seo Dae Suk
Choi Dae Sung as Yang (chief clerk)
Lee Dong Jin as judge

Other People

Kim Hae Sook as Eo Choon Shim
Jung Woong In as Min Joon Gook
Kim Ga Eun as Go Sung Bin
Kim Byung Ok as Hwang Dal Joong
Park Doo Shik as Choong Ki
Jang Hee Soo as Do Yun’s mother
Jo Duk Hyun as Park Joo Hyuk (Soo Ha’s father)
Kim Soo Yun as Moon Dong Hee
Kim Mi Kyung as Dal Joong’s wife
Lee Jung Hyuk as Soo Ha’s classmate
Yeo Ho Min as Woon Seung
Jang Hee Woong as prosecutor
Lee Sul Goo as detective
Jung Geun as Kang Seung Goo


Han Ki Won as Jung Pil Jae (ep. 4-6)
Han Ki Woong as Jung Pil Seung (ep. 4-6)
Park Chul Hyun as Basketball boy (ep. 1-2)
Lee Byung Joon as the head of free newspaper company (ep 7)
Kim Kyung Jin as supermarket owner’s son (cameo)
So Yi Hyun as Min Joon Gook’s lawyer (ep. 1, 12)
Kim Hwan (김환) as announcer (ep 8)
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as sauna constumer (ep. 10)
Kim Ki Chun as a crook disguised as a blind person (ep 9)
Kim Sung Kyun as detective at the hospital (ep 1)
Jun Soo Kyung as Dental pad lady (ep. 1)
Ahn Moon Sook as representative of orphanage (ep 13)
Kim Min Jong as Lawyer Choi Yoon – Cha Kwan Woo’s senior (ep 14)
Uhm Ki Joon as new public defender (ep 14)
Pyun Sang Wook (편상욱) as news anchor (ep 15)
Kim Mi Ryeo as sales clerk of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Ahn Young Mi as customer of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Kang Nam as thief (ep 17)
Jung Man Shik as interviewer of police academy (ep 18)

Production Credits

Production Company: DRM Media and Kim Jong Hak Production
Chief Producer: Son Jung Hyun
Producers: Shin Bong Chul, Lee Sung Hoon, Kim Jung Mi, Park Bo Kyung
Director: Jo Soo Won
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun


– 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Lee Bo Young)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Producer Award – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actress (Mini-Series) – Kim Mi Kyung (The Heirs, I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Mini-Series) – Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Leading Actress: Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Actor Acting Award: Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Top Excellence Actor: Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Production Director (Jo Soo Won, I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Grand Prize: Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Young, I Hear Your Voice)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-05 1 7.8 (15th) 8.9 (13th) 7.7 (17th) 9.0 (12th)
2013-06-06 2 11.6 (4th) 13.6 (3rd) 12.7 (5th) 14.0 (4th)
2013-06-12 3 14.0 (4th) 16.5 (1st) 15.0 (4th) 16.5 (4th)
2013-06-13 4 17.3 (2nd) 20.1 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.5 (2nd)
2013-06-19 5 16.6 (2nd) 19.3 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.7 (2nd)
2013-06-20 6 16.6 (2nd) 19.9 (1st) 17.8 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)
2013-06-26 7 15.1 (3rd) 17.0 (1st) 16.1 (3rd) 18.4 (1st)
2013-06-27 8 18.1 (2nd) 20.7 (1st) 16.4 (3rd) 18.1 (2nd)
2013-07-03 9 17.3 (3rd) 20.5 (1st) 17.9 (2nd) 19.4 (1st)
2013-07-04 10 19.8 (2nd) 23.2 (1st) 19.7 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)
2013-07-10 11 22.2 (1st) 26.0 (1st) 22.1 (1st) 24.6 (1st)
2013-07-11 12 22.2 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.8 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-17 13 22.6 (1st) 25.7 (1st) 21.6 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2013-07-18 14 23.6 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2013-07-24 15 24.2 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 23.0 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-25 16 25.2 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 24.1 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2013-07-31 17 23.7 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.3 (1st) 24.7 (1st)
2013-08-01 18 26.2 (1st) 29.0 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 24.8 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


This drama was originally scheduled as a 16-episode drama. Due to the high ratings, The Scriptwriter decided on a two-episode extension.


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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV

7 Minutes Preview & 15 Minutes Preview

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828 Responses to “I Hear Your Voice”

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  1. 301
    Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Geez, Kim So Hyun again? She must be in about every current drama lately. I am not particularly favorable towards her. Why do they recycle all these actors??

  2. 302
    Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Wow, 16 episodes only? This is such a good drama, there should be 20 episodes at least!!!!! Cone on’ do add a few more!!! You are doing so well with the ratings.

  3. 303
    Micc Says:


    That’s too sad. Let’s just hope the writer does something non-traditional in this drama! Lee shines here and Yoon is just blur.

  4. 304
    Violet88 Says:

    Leesumi @ 299 – ya, i agree with u that HS did sacrifice for SH, but we can oversee that SH did protect HS just like he promised 10yrs ago.. That is what make this couple so special, they deserve each other despite the age gap premise we can buy them to be the OTP..

  5. 305
    Violet88 Says:

    Should be “we can’t oversee…”

  6. 306
    Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Jung Woong In is perfect for the part as he is disgusting looking.

  7. 307
    Periwinkle Says:

    Wow the plot just keeps getting better and better!!!!! AMAZING @-) My mind is blown..

  8. 308
    Periwinkle Says:

    I totally agree with usa-mary!!! @-)

  9. 309
    leesumi Says:

    what do you think the reason for the time jump it is so he can go in trial as an adult

  10. 310
    dramafreak Says:

    omggggg….this drama is addictive….super nice…nice plot…very interesting story line! DEABAK!

  11. 311
    melia Says:

    I really hope Soo Ha n Hye Sung can end up together.

  12. 312
    Susan 33 Says:

    Min Joon Guck is so effeminate. I noticed that he plucks his eyebrows. Must be gay….

  13. 313
    nixie Says:

    Love love this drama. Getting interesting in every episode can’t wait for ep11…. I’m so love how the story going. Fighting…..

  14. 314
    usa-mary Says:

    YAY…Lawyer Cha aka Oska is back!!! Yippee! I’m so glad they decided to have a jury trial because the judges are the pits! Aja..Aja…Lawyer Jang and Lawyer Cha…Fighting!

    So far, SH’s flashbacks aren’t giving us any good clues at this point, other than that he was at the fishery and struggled with MJG. I believe MJG baited SH there. Because if MJG didn’t want to get found by SH, he would have changed his cellphone number. The perfect bait and switch case!

    My observations about the case is…

    1) I believe MJG had help from someone(s) at the fishery, and the farming town.

    2) Someone hit SH on his head while his attention was diverted towards MJG, causing him to lose his memory. Even if the owner of the fishery is up in age, he can still hit someone on the head to impair them or even kill them, if need be. The object only has to be heavy, and the person doesn’t need to have much strength to knock someone out. Plus, I’m quite sure they know how to kill fish humanely…with a good head whack!

    3) I’m so ELATED that MJG, himself, was named a suspect in his own crime. Since he’s right-handed, he knew he could spare his left hand with his sicko self!

    4) The reward money was probably split between the ajumma, the 2 ajusshis’ at the fishery, and (possibly) the ajusshi who housed SH. That town is too small to not have open ears and eyes! Small town folks know about things that haven’t even happened, yet! LOL

    5) It would also be amazing to me if they don’t call the 2 ajusshi’s at the fishery to testify. Especially, the one who’s foot print was found along with SH’s and MJG’s. I wonder if that foot print was found behind SH’s or MJG’s foot prints?

    A Bit of Fun: The Hair Flip Trio! Can you tell me which one with the flip hairstyle is out of place…Lawyer Jang, Prosecutor Seo, or Lawyer Shin! Ting!

    What’s with Paralegal Choi mocking Lawyer Shin behind his back whenever Shin angers him. Gripping his upper teeth in retaliation by mimicking that Shin doesn’t have real uppers! I’ll forever recall the day he greeted the new Public Defense attorneys, HS and CKW when his false uppers fell out of his mouth onto the floor!

    I believe in being patriotic, yet I’m so glad paralegal Choi gave the camouflage tie a break from his wardrobe! For some reason, I kept noticing whenever he wore it! hmmmmm

  15. 315
    saraSJS Says:

    I don’t know if you can read this. It seems there’s something wrong with your email so I can’t send you anything. In case you might have lost my email address, please email to “goodstudent83@yahoo.com” so I can give you my main email again.


  16. 316
    Jessie Arisa Says:

    I think this is the best 2013 drama so faaar!!! I usually don’t like a relationship between woman with younger man but hye sung and soo ha are really cute togetherrr!!!

  17. 317
    Sharon Says:

    Question?? Shouldn’t the hand that was found in the water should be totally decompose after a year??

  18. 318
    leesumi Says:

    it wasnt found after a year they found it before the time jump when HS was telling us the story

  19. 319
    Sharon Says:

    @leesumi 318
    Thank you!! I watched that part over and you are correct, it was prior to the year.

  20. 320
    Sharon Says:

    You always seems to make me laugh!!!!!!
    About the flip issue, I think lawyer Shin’s is out!!!!!! Hahahaha!! He has that baby flip going on in the back. How the hell did you notice that!! Haha.
    MJG, psycho psycho!!!

  21. 321
    usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-320: Re the flip…suddenly, it was like ‘WHAM’ a continual distraction to me! RLOL Believe me, I don’t go looking for these differences, they just sneak up on me, begging me to take notice! I started to add the Sesame Street song…you know the one that goes something like…different yet the same! My take is…the same yet different! LOL

    I even noticed MJG’s ‘arched’ eyebrows, but for some reason didn’t speculate on that because, I don’t sense that’s for our entertainment. ~smile~

    I won’t even get started on the pencil-straight-legged pants some of the men are wearing. A little more fabric please, especially, for the businessmen’s attire! I already see their socks. Raise them up a few more inches and all they’ll need is a glittered left-hand glove!

  22. 322
    Sharon Says:

    That baby flip in the back of lawyer Shin’s head had become a distraction, I can never look at him the same way. His hair dresser need to reevaluate his hair style. Hahahahaha !!

  23. 323
    usa-mary Says:

    Whoever wrote the genre for this drama should have included the word…mystery. It truly is a case of who done it! I usually don’t care for government or law type dramas, but this one is really exceptional. The light romance is nice, too!

  24. 324
    Sharon Says:

    We already know who done it! It should be called how to catch a psycho!!!
    You are right, it’s quite entertaining.

  25. 325
    violetrain Says:

    oh gosh.. suddenly i am not able to download any video and the prompt came out as “there’s no downloadable video”.. when i try to check back the same video from former eps (ep 1-8), same msg came out whereas i was able to download them the past weeks.. can anyone help me how to/where can i download kdrama.. i wanna download IHYV ep 9 and 10 so badly..

  26. 326
    er Says:

    Just go to gooddrama.net
    A lot of korean dramas there 🙂

  27. 327
    hny Says:

    @taraJJ….yaps…dont watch it later…coz you’ll miss the evoria…hehe ;))

  28. 328
    Taemin~ah Says:

    http://youtu.be/p_RJ0_kfiQg Ep 11 Preview. Can’t wait for the next ep!!!

  29. 329
    Aurelly Says:

    @violetrain (325)

    I download from here http://www.dailymotion.com/playlists/user/zheekeez191/1

    gudluck 🙂

  30. 330
    Aurelly Says:

    OMG see the preview, at the cafe scene, SH smile to SB.
    pls SH dont fall to SB, your heart belong to HS , palli get yr memory!

  31. 331
    Mujib2810 Says:

    hello everyone i just wanna ask where do u guys download all the latests/current korean drama ?? gimme the link plz….~~~

  32. 332
    Mujib2810 Says:

    gimme the websites plz~~„

  33. 333
    rory Says:

    @325 violetrain & Mujib2810
    the only website I used to download KD is only Asiatorrents coz i can choose which one I prefer 450p, 720p or it’s even better if it’s 1080p but u need to seed after downloading to maintain ur ratios..but the quality is really good^^

  34. 334
    violet Says:

    don’t you all think do yeon actually is the daughter of min joon gook’s ex cellmate?
    1)her father (the judge) has said accidentally she isn’t their birth daughter..i forget in which episode
    2) her father was the min joon gook’s ex cellmate’s judge
    3) her father forbid her to interact with min joon gook’s ex cellmate

  35. 335
    Mujib2810 Says:

    @rory gomawo ~~

    @ Aurelly do u know how to download videos from dailymotion??

  36. 336
    usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-322: I’ve begun to notice that some kdrama screenwriters include a bit of unexpected humor into their serious/sad drama storylines. Whether its visual or verbal, I find it refreshing, funny, and a break from the intensity of certain scenes in the drama itself. Most people are so engrossed in the drama’s subtitles that they don’t even notice. I even notice different things about the interior designs sometimes because the décor tells a lot about the people that live in the various households. Even the music changes to fit the emotions and events about to take place during the scenes. I notice all that.

    This may be too analytical for some, but its fun for me!

  37. 337
    usa-mary Says:

    @Violet-334: That’s an excellent observation! I recall all the points you made, and I did also wonder why the judge was so obstinate about Do Yun interacting with him, but that didn’t come to my mind! There seems to be a secret for sure. What a very good point you made! Hopefully, the writer will include that into the storyline.

  38. 338
    Victoria Says:

    this is the best drama I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  39. 339
    violetrain Says:

    Hi guys (er @ 326, Aurelly @ 329, Rory @ 333).. thank you so much.. really appreciate your help.. BTW do you know whether there’s any limit to download from dailymotion? coz i’ve been downloading fine from the site (Aurelly, i download from exactly same channel as the one u recommended).. but suddenly i was not able to coz no downloadable link appear.. am very frustrated.. 🙁 miss soo ha n hye sung already..

  40. 340
    taraJJ Says:

    @rory #333
    me too… thanx for your info abt asiatorrent.. if i am not mistaken you ever mention it in IMY threads.. daang just remeber now 🙂

  41. 341
    Ana Says:

    Girls, download from freekordramas.blogspot.ro , is the best site to download korean dramas, Is really good, free , without registering and it has a lot of korean dramas.
    It is also very fast in uploading korean dramas like I hear your voice

  42. 342
    eve Says:

    i really love the story…its awesome

  43. 343
    usa-mary Says:

    This drama is AMAZING! I’m ready for ep. 10!

  44. 344
    violet Says:

    @usa-mary 337 I really curious about MJG ex cellmate because he has a child but he got amnesia..he must be had a special role in this drama besides only become MJG ex cellmate.

  45. 345
    Aurelly Says:

    @Mujib2810 (335)
    I usually use AVGO Free video downloader. I like this sofware coz I can donwload video from youtube, DM, FB, hulu, ect. And you also can choice video quality and format.
    Just gooling to donwload AVGO 🙂

  46. 346
    Aurelly Says:

    @Violetrain (339)
    You can try to http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/i-hear-your-voice

  47. 347
    Uppanen9525 Says:

    i also like this drama…and this guy “park soo ha@lee Jong Suk”..since school 2013 i like the way he act…cant wait till the next episod….. u guys also can watch korean drama at epdrama,com or dramacrazy.net…

  48. 348
    laraaasa Says:

    why doesnt park soo ha be the first guy whyyyyyyyy i mean seriously the title is about him 🙁 and why is it only 16 ep

  49. 349
    taraJJ Says:

    I heard that the network is repordly in talks with I Hear Your Voice producer about a 2-eps extention which would bring the total to 18 but dunno if its true or not..

  50. 350
    Sharon Says:

    Guys, Empire of Gold is really, really good!!! Check it out!!

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