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Title: 너의 목소리가 들려 / I Hear Your Voice
Chinese Title: 聽見你的聲音
Also known as: I Can Hear Your Voice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-June-05 to 2013-Aug-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


The drama is about a lawyer who is appointed by the state to represent a defendant who has “not even a 1% chance of being declared innocent.”

Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) is a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical female lawyer. She is a prickly edge, sharp tongue who doesn’t have a bit of concept or manners and finds it hard to be enthusiastic about what she does. Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a serious, passionate and macho former police officer who becomes a government lawyer. Meanwhile, Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a 19 years old boy who has the superpower to hear people’s thoughts. Together they will team up to solve the cases no one else wants, cases that only have a one percent chance of being found innocent.


Main Cast

Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Kim So Hyun as Jang Hye Sung (young)
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha
Goo Seung Hyun as Soo Ha (child)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwan Woo
Lee Da Hee as Seo Do Yun
Jung Min Ah as Do Yun (young)

People in Legal Circles

Yoon Joo Sang as Shin Sang Duk
Kim Kwang Gyu as Kim Gong Sook
Choi Sung Joon as Choi Yoo Chang
Jung Dong Hwan as Seo Dae Suk
Choi Dae Sung as Yang (chief clerk)
Lee Dong Jin as judge

Other People

Kim Hae Sook as Eo Choon Shim
Jung Woong In as Min Joon Gook
Kim Ga Eun as Go Sung Bin
Kim Byung Ok as Hwang Dal Joong
Park Doo Shik as Choong Ki
Jang Hee Soo as Do Yun’s mother
Jo Duk Hyun as Park Joo Hyuk (Soo Ha’s father)
Kim Soo Yun as Moon Dong Hee
Kim Mi Kyung as Dal Joong’s wife
Lee Jung Hyuk as Soo Ha’s classmate
Yeo Ho Min as Woon Seung
Jang Hee Woong as prosecutor
Lee Sul Goo as detective
Jung Geun as Kang Seung Goo


Han Ki Won as Jung Pil Jae (ep. 4-6)
Han Ki Woong as Jung Pil Seung (ep. 4-6)
Park Chul Hyun as Basketball boy (ep. 1-2)
Lee Byung Joon as the head of free newspaper company (ep 7)
Kim Kyung Jin as supermarket owner’s son (cameo)
So Yi Hyun as Min Joon Gook’s lawyer (ep. 1, 12)
Kim Hwan (김환) as announcer (ep 8)
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as sauna constumer (ep. 10)
Kim Ki Chun as a crook disguised as a blind person (ep 9)
Kim Sung Kyun as detective at the hospital (ep 1)
Jun Soo Kyung as Dental pad lady (ep. 1)
Ahn Moon Sook as representative of orphanage (ep 13)
Kim Min Jong as Lawyer Choi Yoon – Cha Kwan Woo’s senior (ep 14)
Uhm Ki Joon as new public defender (ep 14)
Pyun Sang Wook (편상욱) as news anchor (ep 15)
Kim Mi Ryeo as sales clerk of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Ahn Young Mi as customer of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Kang Nam as thief (ep 17)
Jung Man Shik as interviewer of police academy (ep 18)

Production Credits

Production Company: DRM Media and Kim Jong Hak Production
Chief Producer: Son Jung Hyun
Producers: Shin Bong Chul, Lee Sung Hoon, Kim Jung Mi, Park Bo Kyung
Director: Jo Soo Won
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun


– 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Lee Bo Young)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: New Star – Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Producer Award – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actress (Mini-Series) – Kim Mi Kyung (The Heirs, I Hear Your Voice, The Master’s Sun)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Mini-Series) – Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Mini Series) – Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Daesang – Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Leading Actress: Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Actor Acting Award: Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Apan Star Awards – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Couple: Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Excellence Actor: Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Top Excellence Actor: Jung Woong In (I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Best Production Director (Jo Soo Won, I Hear Your Voice)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Grand Prize: Lee Bo Young (My Daughter Seo Young, I Hear Your Voice)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-05 1 7.8 (15th) 8.9 (13th) 7.7 (17th) 9.0 (12th)
2013-06-06 2 11.6 (4th) 13.6 (3rd) 12.7 (5th) 14.0 (4th)
2013-06-12 3 14.0 (4th) 16.5 (1st) 15.0 (4th) 16.5 (4th)
2013-06-13 4 17.3 (2nd) 20.1 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.5 (2nd)
2013-06-19 5 16.6 (2nd) 19.3 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.7 (2nd)
2013-06-20 6 16.6 (2nd) 19.9 (1st) 17.8 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)
2013-06-26 7 15.1 (3rd) 17.0 (1st) 16.1 (3rd) 18.4 (1st)
2013-06-27 8 18.1 (2nd) 20.7 (1st) 16.4 (3rd) 18.1 (2nd)
2013-07-03 9 17.3 (3rd) 20.5 (1st) 17.9 (2nd) 19.4 (1st)
2013-07-04 10 19.8 (2nd) 23.2 (1st) 19.7 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)
2013-07-10 11 22.2 (1st) 26.0 (1st) 22.1 (1st) 24.6 (1st)
2013-07-11 12 22.2 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.8 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-17 13 22.6 (1st) 25.7 (1st) 21.6 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2013-07-18 14 23.6 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2013-07-24 15 24.2 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 23.0 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-25 16 25.2 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 24.1 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2013-07-31 17 23.7 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.3 (1st) 24.7 (1st)
2013-08-01 18 26.2 (1st) 29.0 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 24.8 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


This drama was originally scheduled as a 16-episode drama. Due to the high ratings, The Scriptwriter decided on a two-episode extension.


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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III & Trailer IV

7 Minutes Preview & 15 Minutes Preview

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828 Responses to “I Hear Your Voice”

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  1. 501
    Periwinkle Says:

    Well said, celine 🙂 🙂 This drama is truly amazinggg <3

  2. 502
    Mujib2810 Says:

    @Ana ouh that pretty fast hehe, okay thank you..u do helped me a lot thanks ya^^

  3. 503
    Ana Says:

    Mujib2810@ I’m really happy that it worked! ^^You’re welcome!

  4. 504
    usa-mary Says:

    @celine-492: Explain why its nonsense so I can understand your reasoning for making that statement? The question that person posed didn’t seem like nonsense to me, at all. In fact, its a valid, concrete observation that’s paramount to this drama because Judge Seo’s connection to the next case is the major trial we’re going to see in the next episode(s)! This trial, like all the others, will reveal the hidden truths that weren’t easily noticed, accepted or were maliciously ignored.

    Also, if SH is MJG’s stepson, that would be a shocker because of MJG’s retaliation. In other dramas, no one really cared about the 2nd or 3rd wives and their children when fathered by a chaebol businessmen. They just gossiped about it. But, psycho MJG changed all that in this drama…that is…if that’s the case! Even so, if it was the case , its not SH’s fault. At least, he’s not blood related to that psycho nut, MJG! Its so sad how the innocent children who have no voice in these matters always become the marked, harassed victims due to the actions of selfish adults.

  5. 505
    IHYV Says:

    love this drama very much!!!

  6. 506
    celine Says:

    It’s clear in the story that judge seo taken DY for repaying his fault toward HDJ. Like firework accident, judge seo gave HS’s mother money and HS asked why. She thinks judge seo was afraid what if she isn’t a culprit. From that, judge seo wonder if he will repeat his fault again.

    also, maybe i already manipulated. Why i though mjk has or hasn’t blood relation with sh. It naturally came since mjk confessed his reason to killed sh’s father. At first, i guessing the reason why mjk killed sh’s father because of business problem but after mjk’s confession in fishery and said that sh’s father killed mjk’s wife with his conned tounge, the question abt 3 relationship just came.

  7. 507
    usa-mary Says:

    @celine-506: We obviously didn’t get the same understanding from the scene when Judge Seo and HDJ’s wife met. HDJ’s wife clearly asked Judge Seo to take Tae In and provide a better life for her since he and his wife were childless. That doesn’t even make good sense for Judge Seo to adopt Tae In and raise her as a way to repay HJD for falsely imprisoning him. It didn’t state that in the drama. I believe there were other reasons the judge didn’t come forth to reveal HDJ’s wife not being dead. One was because he wanted to adopt Tae In because he and his wife were childless. DY’s DNA test results will tell us whether HDJ is her father or not. Hopefully, we’ll find out in the next episodes what the other reasons are.

    Of course, SH is not blood related to MJG! MJG is heinous, but not towards his own blood (I hope)!

  8. 508
    MoMo Says:

    i hope it will be happy ending….
    WriterNim, please~ i beg u….

  9. 509
    dinaz Says:

    phew!!it was hard resisting myself from reading the spoilers here before i watched the episodes myself..watched ep11 to 14 today..woww i am so glad that soo ha and hyesung are together now.. 🙂 🙂 for lawyer cha do yeon is there hope they get paired up later..but dosent seem like it!!
    i love to see the bratty hyesung..haha..she acts well..i saw her in save the last dance for me and now this drama.she has really done so well with this role..
    and lee jong suk is so cute specially his lips are so cute and kissable..hehe 🙂
    i dont know why but i dont seem to sympathy with min joon gook..he is a total psycho..coz if he wanted to kill little soo ha too..if soo ha’s dad was at fault it had to be something wrong with mjg that his wife was after soo ha’s dad..
    another thing that bothers me is soo ha..hope he wont be killed at the end..please writers you all cant do that..

  10. 510
    iamjerq Says:

    a really good drama! I so love it! ^^

  11. 511
    firda Says:

    i waitig the drama

  12. 512
    firda Says:

    drama fantasticcc

  13. 513
    jess Says:

    Episode 15 preview here guys 🙂



  14. 514
    RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Where can we watch episode 13 and 14 because epdrama.com is broken from Episode 13 part 3 to Episode 14. Anybody, please reply.

  15. 515
    dinaz Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia u can watch it in http://www.gooddrama.net

  16. 516
    cynthia Says:

    i hear your voice preview episode 15

  17. 517
    ks Says:

    waw amazing rating
    i am now watching this drama and really good story

  18. 518
    Zeez Says:

    I love this drama to bits… Still need to wait for 2 more days…

  19. 519
    sangjhoon Says:

    gud drama but am still wondering the relationship of hye sung with soo ha, i thought i was beginning to see it’s more of a platonic relation but hvng seen the latest epis i’m quite baffled now!

  20. 520
    leesumi Says:

    there is nothing confusing about their relationship they are predestined lovers its fated from the day they met as kids the reason why they couldnt stay platonic is that they are not actually brother and sister and to care so much for an unrelated person as they did it will turn into love sooner or later but its an innocent love though

  21. 521
    sunflower93239 Says:

    I like this drama, but I don’t love it. I think the chemistry between Hye Sung and Cha Kwan Woo was legit. They are opposites yet compliment each other. With Hye Sung and Soo Ha it was evident he had a big time crush on her from the get go. While they have a shared history I don’t see them as destined lovers. Who knows, the show might be able to pull off something with the remaining four episodes that would change that.

  22. 522
    Masfie Says:

    I hope it’ll be happy ending.. SH-HS and KW-DY

  23. 523
    violet88 Says:

    Is there anybody can help to enlighten me? i know SH spoke in banmal to HS.. but i always wonder how does he calling her as in the direct translation..

  24. 524
    leesumi Says:


    he doesnt call her anything he uses the word / you / instead of a name he doesnt call her noona and cant call her by her bare name

  25. 525
    cynthia Says:

    preview episode 16 i hear your voice


  26. 526
    Raneem Says:

    This drama is the best drama for 2013 , lee jong suk oppa fighting

  27. 527
    cynthia Says:

    watch online episode 15

  28. 528
    Tantree Says:


    WATCH HERE NOW : http://ow.ly/nhmVU

  29. 529
    cynthia Says:

    see on youtube

  30. 530
    cynthia Says:

    the ending i hear your voice (episode 18)

  31. 531
    juliane04 Says:

    this episode 15 is so heartbreaking

  32. 532
    cynn Says:

    what is ending the ep 18????whether is become happy or sad???

  33. 533
    ann Says:

    really so much ending SH with HS…please 🙂

  34. 534
    herie Says:

    phew..this drama is making me so nervous..lol.. i want them to be together Sooha <3 Hye Sung. Why so few the romantic scene of SH-HS? hehehe 😛 i want more! haha.. pleaseee..

  35. 535
    violet88 Says:

    @ leesumi

    Thanks dear.. so they talk to each other by using “you” and “me” is it.. very cute… hmm, how about when he had amnesia? how does he calls her in jondae?..

  36. 536
    momO Says:

    He juz called her as lawyer…..

  37. 537
    edel Says:

    Hai,can u tell me,where i can free download for this drama.thanks

  38. 538
    Aga Says:

    Hope HS and SH hv happy ending…:-)
    Fighting couple….

  39. 539
    celine Says:

    Poor DY 🙁

  40. 540
    usa-mary Says:

    Now what’s happening with viki.com?!!!

    Since I watched it in the raw…I look forward to seeing the subs!

    Granted this is fiction and even so, its understood that DY would be upset and emotional, but that face slapping even 1x wouldn’t be happening! She needs to vent her frustrations at one of those baseball cages…REALLY!

  41. 541
    celine Says:

    ep 15:
    -The DNA test shown that DY is HDJ’s daughter 99,999997% match. *i was lol’ing when hyesung said 99,999997% in courtroom with that mimicry*
    -DY is in difficult state. She should prosecuting her biological father *poor her:(*
    -Father park is a reporter *i don’t know what kind of reporter*
    -MJK sent articles to lawyer cha, sooha, n hyesung (which the writer is father park) about ‘The Myth of 100% Transpalant Success’. Lawyer cha and sooha invertigating it. Fortunately, hyesung has no idea and just abandon it *pheeeew*

  42. 542
    herie Says:

    ep 16..aaaaaa i cried..T_T.. I hope HS wont hate our SH..I think she wont..but what will happen to HS makes me worrying now..please save her. SH.;p overall..thumbs up director & writer nim!

  43. 543
    cynthia Says:

    watch i hear your voice episode 16 in koreanonair.in

  44. 544
    dElisah Says:

    Watch I Hear Your Voice Ep. 16 [Raw / Englis sub]

    Watch now : http://goo.gl/qCnRJN

  45. 545
    cynthia Says:

    watch on k24h.com, episode 16

  46. 546
    Sandy Says:

    At this point, all I can say if this couple dont end up together, that will be mess up. I have loved all the cute moments that writer has made us to enjoy up to now…so I would really hate that he ends such a great drama with a louzy ending by SH & HS being apart. Of course its only my opinion.

  47. 547
    rory Says:

    someone jebal, lend a shoulders for DY..poor this girl ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    everyone love to see HS & SH end up together but I might be the only one viewer who doesn’t really care about their loveliness..teehehe..don’t get me wrong I’m not a Lawyer Cha & Jang shipper or hating SH & HS shipper tho..I just watch this drama because of their amazing plot..So, I’m okay if suddenly she choose Lawyer Cha since both are kind..SH & HS looks sweet together but I dunno, perhaps I’m a bit weird, yes, i like this drama but not too crazy about their loves 😀
    But the most important is I can’t wait to know what is MJG’s next plans..

    *sobs..only 3 eps left..I’m gonna miss this drama 4 sure..ops, it’s only 2 eps left to be exact..

  48. 548
    cynthia Says:

    Lee Jong Suk Has a Nightmare about Lee Bo Young’s Death

  49. 549
    cynthia Says:

    Lee Bo Young & Lee Da Hee Join Hands to Save Kim Byung Ok

  50. 550
    cynthia Says:

    Lee Da Hee Accepts Kim Byung Ok as Her Father

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