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I Hear Your Voice

Title: 너의 목소리가 들려 / I Hear Your Voice
Chinese Title: 聽見你的聲音
Also known as: I Can Hear Your Voice
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-June-05 to 2013-Aug-01
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00


The drama is about a lawyer who is appointed by the state to represent a defendant who has “not even a 1% chance of being declared innocent.”

Jang Hye Sung (Lee Bo Young) is a bold, sassy, thick-faced, comical female lawyer. She is a prickly edge, sharp tongue who doesn’t have a bit of concept or manners and finds it hard to be enthusiastic about what she does. Cha Kwan Woo (Yoon Sang Hyun) is a serious, passionate and macho former police officer who becomes a government lawyer. Meanwhile, Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) is a 19 years old boy who has the superpower to hear people’s thoughts. Together they will team up to solve the cases no one else wants, cases that only have a one percent chance of being found innocent.


Main Cast

Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Kim So Hyun as Jang Hye Sung (young)
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha
Goo Seung Hyun as Soo Ha (child)
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwan Woo
Lee Da Hee as Seo Do Yun
Jung Min Ah as Do Yun (young)

People in Legal Circles

Yoon Joo Sang as Shin Sang Duk
Kim Kwang Gyu as Kim Gong Sook
Choi Sung Joon as Choi Yoo Chang
Jung Dong Hwan as Seo Dae Suk
Choi Dae Sung as Yang (chief clerk)
Lee Dong Jin as judge

Other People

Kim Hae Sook as Eo Choon Shim
Jung Woong In as Min Joon Gook
Kim Ga Eun as Go Sung Bin
Kim Byung Ok as Hwang Dal Joong
Park Doo Shik as Choong Ki
Jang Hee Soo as Do Yun’s mother
Kim Hye Yoon as Do Yeon’s high school friend
Jo Duk Hyun as Park Joo Hyuk (Soo Ha’s father)
Kim Soo Yun as Moon Dong Hee
Kim Mi Kyung as Dal Joong’s wife
Lee Jung Hyuk as Soo Ha’s classmate
Yeo Ho Min as Woon Seung
Jang Hee Woong as prosecutor
Lee Sul Goo as detective
Jung Geun as Kang Seung Goo
Lee Shi Hoo as student


Han Ki Won as Jung Pil Jae (ep. 4-6)
Han Ki Woong as Jung Pil Seung (ep. 4-6)
Park Chul Hyun as Basketball boy (ep. 1-2)
Lee Byung Joon as the head of free newspaper company (ep 7)
Kim Kyung Jin as supermarket owner’s son (cameo)
So Yi Hyun as Min Joon Gook’s lawyer (ep. 1, 12)
Kim Hwan (김환) as announcer (ep 8)
Kim Hak Rae (김학래) as sauna constumer (ep. 10)
Kim Ki Chun as a crook disguised as a blind person (ep 9)
Kim Sung Kyun as detective at the hospital (ep 1)
Jun Soo Kyung as Dental pad lady (ep. 1)
Ahn Moon Sook as representative of orphanage (ep 13)
Kim Min Jong as Lawyer Choi Yoon – Cha Kwan Woo’s senior (ep 14)
Uhm Ki Joon as new public defender (ep 14)
Pyun Sang Wook (편상욱) as news anchor (ep 15)
Kim Mi Ryeo as sales clerk of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Ahn Young Mi as customer of the necklace shop (ep 16)
Kang Nam as thief (ep 17)
Jung Man Shik as interviewer of police academy (ep 18)

Production Credits

Production Company: DRM Media and Kim Jong Hak Production
Chief Producer: Son Jung Hyun
Producers: Shin Bong Chul, Lee Sung Hoon, Kim Jung Mi, Park Bo Kyung
Director: Jo Soo Won
Screenwriter: Park Hye Ryun


Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-05 1 7.8 (15th) 8.9 (13th) 7.7 (17th) 9.0 (12th)
2013-06-06 2 11.6 (4th) 13.6 (3rd) 12.7 (5th) 14.0 (4th)
2013-06-12 3 14.0 (4th) 16.5 (1st) 15.0 (4th) 16.5 (4th)
2013-06-13 4 17.3 (2nd) 20.1 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.5 (2nd)
2013-06-19 5 16.6 (2nd) 19.3 (1st) 16.1 (4th) 17.7 (2nd)
2013-06-20 6 16.6 (2nd) 19.9 (1st) 17.8 (2nd) 19.9 (1st)
2013-06-26 7 15.1 (3rd) 17.0 (1st) 16.1 (3rd) 18.4 (1st)
2013-06-27 8 18.1 (2nd) 20.7 (1st) 16.4 (3rd) 18.1 (2nd)
2013-07-03 9 17.3 (3rd) 20.5 (1st) 17.9 (2nd) 19.4 (1st)
2013-07-04 10 19.8 (2nd) 23.2 (1st) 19.7 (2nd) 20.9 (2nd)
2013-07-10 11 22.2 (1st) 26.0 (1st) 22.1 (1st) 24.6 (1st)
2013-07-11 12 22.2 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.8 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-17 13 22.6 (1st) 25.7 (1st) 21.6 (1st) 23.7 (1st)
2013-07-18 14 23.6 (1st) 27.9 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 26.2 (1st)
2013-07-24 15 24.2 (1st) 27.4 (1st) 23.0 (1st) 24.8 (1st)
2013-07-25 16 25.2 (1st) 28.1 (1st) 24.1 (1st) 26.7 (1st)
2013-07-31 17 23.7 (1st) 25.8 (1st) 22.3 (1st) 24.7 (1st)
2013-08-01 18 26.2 (1st) 29.0 (1st) 23.1 (1st) 24.8 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


This drama was originally scheduled as a 16-episode drama. Due to the high ratings, The Scriptwriter decided on a two-episode extension.


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7 Minutes Preview & 15 Minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : ance Says:

    looks good! i’ll look forward to this…

  2. 2 : iammee Says:

    I’ll skip this one for I don’t really like the lead actor.

  3. 3 : Micc Says:

    OMG! So looking forward to this one!

  4. 4 : Maine Says:

    Sounds good. Something to look forward to. Can’t wait !

  5. 5 : icegirl Says:

    ho hum…i’ll pass….

  6. 6 : Mercy Says:


  7. 7 : taraJJ Says:

    me too I dont like the the lead actor, but reading the storyline and just saw the trailer, it sound interesting. beside there’s Kim SoHyun,, love this girl, although she gonna played another younger version of the female lead again.. and Lee Jung Suk looks a little bit different from his “School 2013” more prettier, I guess hehe 😉

  8. 8 : ina Says:

    i saw them -lead man-both-on secret garden…

  9. 9 : chim Says:


  10. 10 : amie coloma Says:

    very excited

  11. 11 : pudji Says:

    it seems quite good…

  12. 12 : JV Says:

    Very excited!

  13. 13 : JR Says:

    Lee bo young <3 <3 <3

  14. 14 : dora Says:

    i like 3 of them, seems good

  15. 15 : mdsy Says:

    fighting… good luck for this drama. hopefully get good rating

  16. 16 : Kola Says:

    Been waitin for lee jun suk to show up in another drama after school 2013. Def gonna see it..

  17. 17 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    oh looks like familiar with Heroes in the part of Lee Jung Suk

  18. 18 : Olive Says:

    Only 16 episodes?

  19. 19 : Jazz Says:

    Am i the only one who thinks , LBY look too old to be paired with LJS? 🙂 they don’t look match at all.

  20. 20 : sandy Says:

    so what if she is older you never heard of the korean actress dating a guy 9 years younger or the korean singer dating a guy 10 years younger besides its a noona crush romance you havent seen it yet so you dont know whats a match

  21. 21 : mimi Says:

    good luck …. Sang Huon

  22. 22 : SJ Says:

    I am waiting for this

  23. 23 : Jazz Says:

    @Sandy, that’s just my personal opinion. LJS look like teens , and LBY look late 30’s , if i say not match, it is base on my standard … 🙂
    Anyway, im olny watching it because of LJS … as long as the story is nice , i don’t care about LBY.. 🙂

  24. 24 : Secret Garden OTP Says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG I was rewatching Secret Garden and I see this!!! Oska and Han Tae Sun are back together! YES! DAEBAK!

  25. 25 : KDadiktus Says:

    Sounds exciting!!! I like lee bo young!

  26. 26 : wynn 윈 Says:

    oh~ Lee Jong Suk is acting~!!! haha~~ sure i watch d~~!!! miss him so much, from other drama that finish d~~!!! and sure, now watch the trailer lo~! ^^Y

  27. 27 : jake Says:

    it seems enteresting…… i will watch it….. more power idol HSY….. i hope more k-drama’s to recieve from u!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28 : teresa loh Says:

    my favorite Yoon Sang Hyeon, charming, elegant n witty. miss his drama for so long, this time i’ll definitely stick to his latest HYV. he’s said to transform fr a macho policeman to a national defender who owns a lot of that kinda sense of justice, wow, luv to see his role with a combination of a solicitor’s charm blending with his righteousness ! ! ! sooooooooo much looking forward for that ! ^_^

  29. 29 : joseph Says:

    YSH. a brilliant actor n a superb singer. his taking on the role of a solicitor
    sure to bring a lot of color to Hear Your Voice. expect to see the romance between him n the female lead, both are public defenders as well…….!!!!!!
    fighting, hit it out !

  30. 30 : menchie Says:

    can’t wait to watch this!!!

  31. 31 : lovelorn Says:

    finally both Sang Hyun & Jong Suk together in a drama again!!! I love their bickering & the love-and-hate relationship in secret garden.. they were hilarious together in that drama >.< kikiki

  32. 32 : cio Says:

    hahaha lee jong suk!! a very funny person cant wait to watch this sure its really fun!!!lol

  33. 33 : cio Says:

    hahaha lee jong suk!! a very funny person cant wait to watch this sure its really fun!!!lol and also yong sang hyun great actor on my fair lady sorry i dont like lee bo yong hope its kim nam joo im prepared the most…

  34. 34 : K-Pop World Owner Says:

    LEE JONG SUK!!!! That’s all…..

  35. 35 : Vahdaneh Says:

    Yeah…we’r waiting…

  36. 36 : SJ Says:

    I can’t wait
    The 2nd trailer is awesome

  37. 37 : taraJJ Says:

    yes, I just saw the 2nd trailer, its really diff of what i imagine.. it looks good.. and this drama became my list to watch 🙂

  38. 38 : tera Says:

    i watch the trailer..seems interesting…but lately i got lots of lee bo young…seems like she take up too many role without much break like the other actors in these 2 years….i barely have time to forget about her other role….

  39. 39 : SJ Says:

    3rd teaser

  40. 40 : Jenny Says:

    Since this is only 16 ep. i will wait until it completed and make a marathon to save my self from getting bored looking at LBY…

  41. 41 : Ttuk Says:

    Bored looking Lee Bo Young?

    Ah Jenny you see differently. Lee Bo Young is a sweetheart from these male eyes..Hehe.

  42. 42 : cio Says:

    @ jenny
    you’re right!!
    bored to look at lee bo young

  43. 43 : Lilly Merlin Says:

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be great <3 <3 can't wait <3 <3

  44. 44 : cio Says:

    yeh YHS superb actor

  45. 45 : SJ Says:


    Episode 1 preview

  46. 46 : cio Says:

    tnx for the link
    cant wait to watch this!!!

  47. 47 : Joann Says:

    We miss you..Yoon sang hyun he is very good actor!!!

  48. 48 : SJ Says:

    You are welcome

    4 days left

  49. 49 : sandy Says:

    no wonder you find LBY boring if you like the cheesy male actors like those 2 lol

  50. 50 : agneschoi Says:

    Go Nam Soon oppaaaa huahahaha :p gonna make sure that i’ll watch this. a must. because of LJS oppaaa :3 kkkk

  51. 51 : Keito Says:

    Adding this on my watchlist 😀

  52. 52 : tera Says:


    It’s not that we’re really boring looking at LBY. But Lee Bo young takes up too many leading roles these past few years. Just last year she had 3 drama although usually other actress take up one or at most two drama per year….honestly she’s very popular that’s why…but her last drama about 50 ep just finished for barely few months. Honestly she’s amazing as she’s up to other drama so quickly…however, the viewers still hang up on the last drama….me myself have difficulty to finished up her 50 ep dramas….however i look forward for this drama…It looks interesting…I have high expectation with all the cast….

  53. 53 : SJ Says:

    Finally, just few hours left.
    I hope it becomes a hit.
    The story seems interesting. The cast is even more interesting.

  54. 54 : cio Says:

    today is the day…lol

  55. 55 : Joann Says:

    Yoon Sang Hyun you’re the best!!

  56. 56 : something Says:

    She proves to be Queen of Ratings that why she get so many offer and most sought lead actress last years

  57. 57 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama is interested n thank u and work hard

  58. 58 : KDadiktus Says:

    I love this drama its really good~!I realove Yoon Sang Hyun and I really love all the dramas of Lee bo young 🙂

  59. 59 : chim Says:

    leeboyoung is really the queen of ratings…
    i watched all of her drama and movie..she is really a good actress..also love yoon sang hyun,,he is also a good actor..and lee jong suk is so handsome…what a perfect cast>.<

  60. 60 : Aurelly Says:

    Just finished ep1 and I officialy like this Drama. Good story , good cast!
    Cant wait eng sub for ep2.

    I shipp LJS and LBY couple in this drama hahaha. Sorry Jingsung Oppa 😀

  61. 61 : Annalyn Says:

    Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk they have a good Chemistry on screen! i hope they end up together… 😀

  62. 62 : crystal_blue Says:

    Very interesting… must watch… 🙂

  63. 63 : Moly20 Says:

    I am hooked to this drama. It has interesting plot.. I’m looking forward
    For this drama. HopefullyLJS and LBY end together

  64. 64 : sandy Says:

    the drama is brilliant everybody is loving it and LBY is amazing as usual this time going for a very comic role the chemistry with LJS off and on the screen is perfect too even though I am sure they wont end up together

  65. 65 : Jyenie Says:

    Wow wow wow! just finished watching ep 1, i didn’t know it’s so nice! I like LBY’s character here which is so lifely and totally different from the one in MDISY, the latter is too gloomy for me. I hope she will pair up with Lee Jong suk even though he is a lot younger than her.

  66. 66 : Ttuk Says:

    This role suits LBY.

  67. 67 : SJ Says:

    Just finished watching the 2nd episode.
    Can’t express it in words.
    Just amazing.
    Waiting for next week episodes

  68. 68 : Ana Says:

    I like the way how the story goes.in Ep 1& 2…It’s uniquely funny, with some thrills and excitement..

  69. 69 : john Says:

    done watch ep 1 and 2…and i can say this is the best drama i’ve ever seen

  70. 70 : cindy Says:

    really really love it. i recommend you to watch it because it’s really good. One of the best ongoing drama so far. but, why this page haven’t been updated yet? the male character i think supposedly to be lee jong suk. dramawiki has updated it. i hope soo ha and hyesung end up together. sooha is just too cute and perfect in character

  71. 71 : Bebe Says:

    I like YSH. He is good ator and very funny..love him so much!!!!

  72. 72 : Joyce Says:

    this drama is daebak!great storyline it made me cry…as always Kim SO Hyun’s acting is excellent…the first 2 eps was great!

  73. 73 : mml Says:

    I’m looking to watch episode 3 and episode 4.

  74. 74 : annmasae Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama very much on dramafever. Lee Bo Young does a great job again. She was good in My Daughter Seo-young and is also great in this drama.
    As so many others have noted, the storyline is very interesting and different from the normal kdrama. Hopefully the ratings will increase in Korea.

  75. 75 : mashalim Says:

    You can’t imagine a hallyu star like Yoon Sang Hyun make a vast different of a fresh new look carry so much comical influence upon this drama. When the tight sequence of the whole plot play to take the breath of viewers at no time, there’s fun and entertainment scenes greeting our senses with great laughter. Oh, this drama has really made my day, thnx to all the good job done by all the casts, i love this drama especially YSH !

  76. 76 : Zie Says:

    Cute drama! SH an HS shipper! Please make both end up together 😀

  77. 77 : KDadiktus Says:

    i guess the culprit was the guy who bullied dong hee…or maybe theres no really culprit it’s like dong hee really commited suicide thats why she fell in the building…this drama is a suspense thriller!soon Min Joon Gook will be out of jail…sound scary…Jang Hye Sung shud be ready hihi

  78. 78 : Aurelly Says:

    @zie: Me too, I do hope they endup together. But its to early to predict 🙂

    @kdadiktus: me too, i’mlittle bit scary now, i hope Sooha will protect her , he have ability.

  79. 79 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow so nice thumb up

  80. 80 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I like this drama. ^^ It’s interesting. 🙂

  81. 81 : rosemoon Says:

    please make Hye Sung end up with Soo Ha

  82. 82 : Nina Says:

    anybody know the title song of this drama on ep 1( 1:02:6)?

  83. 83 : Aurelly Says:

    @Nina: They not yet release any ost titel.

  84. 84 : Celine Says:

    Last minute of ep 2 i can read HS though after denies DY’s statement “If you are go out from this courtroom, you will be die” and SH smiles 😀

  85. 85 : shihui Says:

    Where do you people watch ep 2? I can’t find it, anybody help me? please?

  86. 86 : Anna Says:

    @shihui you can watch on dramacrazy.net

  87. 87 : Sharon Says:

    First ep not bad!

  88. 88 : Rose Says:

    I watch this drama before you..Yoon Sang Hyun!

  89. 89 : mei hasibuan Says:

    Yoon Sang Hyun , yeeeayeee ….
    Really , cute drama … Put your hands up yeeeeeee (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

  90. 90 : shihui Says:

    thank you! @Anna

  91. 91 : cio Says:

    but what happen if dong hee even commit suicide but when shes awake she point out go seong bin to be the culprit even though its not?
    waa just like happen in lee bo young and lee da hee in their child hood!!

  92. 92 : cio Says:

    same to you scared of min joon gook.hahaha

  93. 93 : Sharon Says:

    Watched both ep and its quite entertaining. Hope it stays that way.

  94. 94 : sheerna Says:

    ep 1 and 2 is really great,,,i must accepted why this drama rating really shocking…12th in first episode and 4th at second…

    I hope jongsuk as lead man…i love sang yoon too, but as this drama i really love how soo ha admirer hye sung and wanna protect him..#faint

  95. 95 : Dora Lee Says:

    want to watch this drama

  96. 96 : KDadiktus Says:


    Yes I agree with you.It cud also be possible for dong hee to point GSB as the culprit…just like what happened in the past….its like a deja vu..cos lby saw herself thru GSB!so probably dong hee will be another Seo Do Yun in the making haha!

  97. 97 : KDadiktus Says:


    For sure Sooha will help her 🙂

  98. 98 : usa-mary Says:

    Just finished watching ep. 2, and I like it so far!

  99. 99 : Sharon Says:


    Good, I am glad you like so far!!
    I love Kim So Hyun who played the young HS. I think she is so talented, I remember her in I Miss You and Moon That Embrace The Sun. Her performance was spectacular, there is noway but up for her. Good job!!!!!

  100. 100 : Maine Says:

    Wow, incredible !

    The rating shoots from 17th to 5th place in just two episodes !

    Is this for real ?

  101. 101 : Mint Says:

    of course LJS lead man in this drama! Dramawiki said that 🙂

  102. 102 : chitchitlay17 Says:

    i can’t wait to watch the next ep.

  103. 103 : Aurelly Says:

    @Maine (100)
    Yes, that real!
    I read somewhere, many blogger/web not so interest with this drama, but after ep1 airing, much people likeit. That’s way the rating increase 🙂

    Ah, cant wait ep3, counting time… tik tok tik tok 😀

  104. 104 : sahel Says:

    please answer me witch korean drama is in your mind forever?

  105. 105 : Maine Says:

    Mint (101), Aurelly (103)

    Yes, I believe it ! The rating jump is so big that it was unbelievable, until both of you knocked it into my head that it is real. Hahaha !

    I’ve watched ep 1 and 2. I do agree they were good. Hope the drama will stay consistently good to the end.

    Have a nice day !

  106. 106 : SJ Says:

    The day finally came.
    So excited.

  107. 107 : Sharon Says:

    You are wanted on WAML thread!!!!!!!

  108. 108 : K_Holic Says:

    Wow, Awesome rating!!!!

  109. 109 : momO Says:

    the rating is really daebak!

  110. 110 : Flore Says:

    nice drama..i love it

  111. 111 : Aurelly Says:

    Yaay, finally they release the ost.
    Every Single day (Echo) and (Dolphins)

  112. 112 : shihui Says:

    Is ep 3 out yet? no right? Btw where you guys watch this drama at?

  113. 113 : Aurelly Says:

    @Shihui (112)
    ep3 already out but still raw.
    You can wacth at viki.com (they sub so fast, but only american region can see the video), gooddrama.net,or kshow.tv

  114. 114 : Jyenie Says:

    Oh dear, you have found me here!? Ha!

    Kim So Hyun also appears in Birth Secret, she is very busy nowadays.

    Once again, it has proved that LBY is the Queen of Rating. 😛

  115. 115 : Annalyn Says:

    can’t wait to watch episode 4..! this show is daebak! i love lee jong suk 🙂

  116. 116 : cynn Says:

    it would be nice if the story ends with Jang Hye Sung Park Soo Ha … be unique if the story ends with the ending ….
    do not be like the previous story that will only end up with an older … then it will not be unique this story ……fighting park soo ha…so cute

  117. 117 : cynn Says:

    lee jong suk is really cool

  118. 118 : Gold Says:

    The last part of ep 3: freaked me out!. Such a horror movie, hv you ever listening i’ll be there song like that way??:|
    .When PSH made 3 kids passed under his leg, what a hilarious part 😀
    .oh PSH your smile enough to kill me!

  119. 119 : Aurelly Says:

    ep4 is more exciting. The killer Ahjussi finaly recall PSH. And also HS remember SH.

    The funny scent, when SH first love imagination dstroy by the messy girl HS , LOL todamax. anywey so must funny momment in this ep4.

  120. 120 : cynn Says:

    I agree with aurelly … it would be great if Hye Sung love Soo Ha ,,,so good
    I do expect the end of the story is well
    lee jong suk…daebak

  121. 121 : Jyenie Says:

    The rating just proved that the Korean viewers do stay at home to watch TV on Wed and Thurs nights.

  122. 122 : Fullheart Says:

    He is twenty three, she is thirty four. Don’t you think that’s a bit much.

  123. 123 : Aurelly Says:

    @fullheart (122)
    For me, age just a number. In this role, HS and SH have a good chemistry to each other. I guess in ep5 they will more close, much funny and skinship scene :D. now its to early to guess, who will be with her. But as a shipper for SH/HS couple, I do hope she will endup with SH 😀

    The rating is Daebak!!! Fighting IHYV!

  124. 124 : Milleth Says:

    Love this drama so much.please it should be LBY and LJS in the end,fighting IHYV daebaaaaak,

  125. 125 : Mindy Says:

    Wait, Lee Jongsuk IS the male lead right ? or is it Yoon Sang Hyun ? I watched up to ep 4 and it seemed like Jongsuk’s the main character, and the title is suitable to his superpower, but the poster and the synopsis made it seemed like Yoon Sang Hyun is the male lead. I mean i like both actors and their characters in the drama, but i just think that i like the suha-hyesung couple more. i hope they’ll end up together <3 !

  126. 126 : eny Says:

    this drama is quite enjoyable,not really amazing but still fun to watch

  127. 127 : Bacon Says:

    Wow at the jump in ratings :O :O

  128. 128 : cynn Says:

    is really good if Jang Hye Sung love Park Soo Ha…..very ending good …..
    thanks so much ….lee jong suk daebak….

  129. 129 : Jyenie Says:

    IMO, ep 1 and 2 are superd but ep 3 and 4 are not bad. Lee Jong Suk should fire his make-up artist, the foundation cream on his face is too white and obvious! 🙁
    Uh-oh, bad news for those who like HS & SH team, HS & KW start to have some feeling for each other in ep 4!

  130. 130 : sung2906 Says:

    will LJS be ended with LBY?? oh, please, i love Soo Ha-Hye Seong couplee <3

  131. 131 : dinaz Says:

    Ep 1..quite promising!kim so hyun acts well.love her voice..
    i like the little kid too he looked so cute when he hugged her and promised to protect her.loved that scene..
    i cant get why is do yun against hye sung?just because she is arrogant?
    lee jong suk looks so cute.who is the male lead jong suk or yoon sang hyun?i m rooting for lee jong suk and lee bo young..
    soo ha and hye sung seems more fated to be with one another.lets c what happens..

  132. 132 : fannie Says:

    i like this drama so far,it’s funny and exciting to watch. even if park soo ha is younger than LBY, they still have a lot of chemistry when they are together.they seem to be destined together coz maybe in the coming episodes PSH will be helping HS with her cases just like the first one. he will play a big role in winning the cases because of his superpowers. Can’t wait for the next 12 episodes. Good job!

  133. 133 : cynn Says:

    i agree to FANNIE….are looking forward to the end of the story as good as my dreams…Good job..lee jong sok….

  134. 134 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m really enjoying this drama with its comical side notes which somehow catches me by surprise! There’s a hint of romance stirring between the two public defenders that should become interesting. With MJG out of prison, its really going to become more intriguing to watch!

  135. 135 : Ttuk Says:

    It seems more likely the romance will be between the student and the lawyer.

  136. 136 : Ttuk Says:

    I must say, the chemistry with Jong Suk and Bo Young isn’t so promising.

  137. 137 : Chaeki4ever Says:

    1. I like Soo Ha and Hye Sung but so far not much chemistry…
    2. OSKA! Like the bumbly character.
    3. Why is this drama so cute?
    4. ep 4 didn’t have much plot as the past 3… although the famous piggyback ride that occurs in almost all kdramas! XD

  138. 138 : Periwinkle Says:

    I thought I wouldn’t like this drama but when I started watching it, I actually found it to be pretty interesting and funny 🙂 Loving it!!! Hope this drama will stay consistent <3 Rooting for Soo Ha and Hye Sung! 🙂

  139. 139 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Wow! This series is daebak! And the ratings were just WOW!

  140. 140 : leesumi Says:

    no chemistry you must be blind everybody is saying the chemistry is off the charts

  141. 141 : dinaz Says:

    ep2:its funny to see hye sung not getting interested in anything..lol..her expressions are so good..i last saw her in ‘save the last dance for me’..
    ep3&ep4 : its getting more and more intersting..i like soo ha and hye sung’s chemistry..they look cute together even with their large age difference..i am rooting for these two 🙂
    i guess the man in the jail that lawyer shin talks to is hye sung’s father and do yun is her sister..it may be like that..
    seems like hye sung is starting to like lawyer cha 🙁
    its more interesting now that hye sung remembers soo ha..

  142. 142 : sonata 60 Says:

    In french : je pense que je vais aimer ce drama. J’aime ces trois acteurs et l’histoire commence à me plaire. Merci SBS de le diffuser et en France de le regarder

  143. 143 : Maine Says:

    Woooooo…… there is chemistry between Hye Sung and Soo Ha alright.

    Will a romance between them happen? Never mind the age gap. It is acceptable nowadays.

    Looks like Soo Ha will be there as a guiding force to help Hye Sung fight and win cases with his special power. Plus he will also be the stability that Hye Sung needs in her life.

  144. 144 : flore Says:

    who is the main actor here??:-/

  145. 145 : flore Says:

    it’s hard for me to choose one……since i sided both actors:the one who will end up at the end with the actress

  146. 146 : korah Says:

    does anyone know the title of the song in the last part of Episode 1 where Park Soo Ha was chasing around different girls who look like Hye Sung (noona)? It’s not part of the OST of the drama, but i just love it.

  147. 147 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice drama and intersted to watch

  148. 148 : kk Says:

    omg, after Brain, i get hooked to this drama now…addicted and luv it so much!

  149. 149 : kk Says:

    the OST in ending of ep1 is 鄭燁-為什麼現在才來

  150. 150 : mml Says:

    I’m looking forward to watch episode 5 and episode 6 .
    This drama sometimes got comedy effect, interesting and sometimes funny.

  151. 151 : SJ Says:

    The best Wednesday-Thursday drama in 2013 for me so far.
    I hope it remains till the end.
    “I Hear Your Voice”

  152. 152 : avocadooo Says:

    This drama rocks! I always look forward to Wed-Thur.

  153. 153 : [email protected] Says:

    this is definitely best drama. you can totally be hooked since first 10 minutes till the end of first vepisode. i hope this drawa wil get more popularity..

  154. 154 : Celine Says:

    SH-HS probably just a noona-dongsaeng relationship, even though SH was obviously that he would hv a crush w/ HS and she just need him to be her side. In preview of ep 5 HS starting ‘awkward’ toward KW. Perhaps the pd wanted to make a love story between KW and SH, but in the end SH like HS. Like Dream High season 1 may be..Haha-__-

  155. 155 : Celine Says:

    Typo-__- In correct: but in the end HS liked SH

  156. 156 : Celon Says:

    Preview here http://entasian.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-hear-your-voice-episode-5-preview.html

  157. 157 : sung2906 Says:

    @Celine : as long as in the end HS be coupled with SH, it’s ok.. 🙂

  158. 158 : violet88 Says:

    I’ve yet to watch this, but I’ve already convinced on SH-HS chemistry despite their age gap.. but on the other hand i find it funny on the fact that LBY is the same age as mine, but frankly speaking i can’t imagine myself having an 11yrs younger and hot bf just like SH.. 🙂 hahaha..
    Glad that the production team cast perfect actor/actress for the fole.. REALLY hope that SH – HS is the ultimate OTP in this show..

  159. 159 : zura Says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  160. 160 : Annalyn Says:

    i love this drama! every episode is getting better and better. i love the team up of Soo-ha and Hye Sung! i hope they end up together. XD

  161. 161 : cynn Says:

    i agree @annalyn……really is the best couple soo-ha and hye sung!!!!!!
    very very GOOD

  162. 162 : Mia Says:

    oh putain le ratings !! o_O

    le drama aura facile une extension de 4-6 épisodes !

  163. 163 : cynn Says:

    I really do not like it if eventually hye sung love kwan woo…..really no like….:(

  164. 164 : Anna Says:

    Hi! Just watching Ep 1… Hope I’m welcome here.. 🙂

  165. 165 : hny Says:

    episode 1…. not so attractive me…then it’s catch my eyes on last part of ep 2 ..hmmm interesting …I didn’t see a gap age between HS n SH …see them together as brother or lover …I’m ok with that ..just hope the writer have new ide to develop the story …hmmm not always makes ‘ chuck sarang or triangle love …hope not happen here ..:))
    ep 3 …wahh .Lee bo young si ..how u feel near flower boy ..dag dig dug or maybe u need CPR ;))
    …..so ha will u hear my voice too !!! ;))

  166. 166 : bigeye46 Says:

    so nice watch it n wonderful drama

  167. 167 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Will it be EXTENDED? this was a surprise BIG HIT!

  168. 168 : Sandy Says:

    Probably it’s too early to start guessing what’s going to happen. However, although there is an age gap I don’t think it’s more than 6 years…but they look good together, a good love story would be great such as in “Big”…For now it’s becoming my current favorite drama after Gu Family Book is wrapping up 🙂

  169. 169 : karan Says:

    i hope hyesung and soo ha will be together … i hope !!

    are you agree ?? 😀

  170. 170 : Periwinkle Says:

    Hye Sung and Soo Ha please!! <3 I don't care about the age gap!! 🙂 🙂

  171. 171 : Nina Says:

    my heart felt the same pain when sooha see kwanwoo drove Hyesung to home. He let go of his umbrella until she gets wet because of rain. so sad..hikshikshiks… :'(

  172. 172 : SeoYoung Says:

    I’m actually rooting for HS and Lawyer Cha. SH and HS have got amazing chemistry; the times they support each other and had fun are sweet moments I really enjoyed, but i thought that maybe they should just stay as noona and dongseng. Lawyer Cha is a dependable and honest person, and while he doesn’t share a painfully history with HS, he is more matured compared to the youthful SH who often acts on impulse. HS and Lawyer Cha have both seen to be willing to make personal sacrifices for our dear HS, but I;m more fond of Lawyer Cha because he likes the ugly side of HS. HS haven’t exactly did anything nice to him but already he’s fallen for her.

  173. 173 : cynn Says:

    I agree with karan…..:)
    reall hope ending hyesung love sooha ….daebak…fighting…..:).

  174. 174 : rory Says:

    totally fall in love with this drama..love the theme, love the story line, love their acting so much! that Min Joon Gook, damn it, he gives me chills & goosebumps by acting pure innocent..really hate him!
    I think this is my 1st time loving LBY’s acting not becoz she’s bad but maybe because of characters she roles before..this char really suits her well..I love her so much..
    Oh btw, is it Lee Da Hee is the same person who played as a doctor & DBSK’s vice president in Reply 1997?they look quite similar..
    hope this drama will be hit till the last eps..fighting!

  175. 175 : rory Says:

    oh, I totally couldn’t forget that “I’ll be there” ringtone..really give me goosebumps! euwww..

  176. 176 : Juliane04 Says:

    They have great chemistry bet.HS/SH- age gap doesn’t matter…ajaja….fighting!!!

  177. 177 : hny Says:

    I want to know what if HS n Sh being a lover ..what HS feel or do if his boy can hear everything abt his mind like when she miss him ..want kiss him ..mad of him ..want to lie …omg !! want to see the expressions …hope writer bring them together ..I’m at soo ha ship ;))

  178. 178 : japs Says:

    i prefer Soo Ha & Seung Bin together they look so cute 🙂

  179. 179 : taraJJ Says:

    just starting watching this drama and I agree with all comments in here.. didn’t see the age gap.. love chemistry between HS+SH… the story line is interesting… can’t wait for next eps

  180. 180 : taraJJ Says:

    hi sis.. I though you drop this drama but it seem that you still continue watching it 🙂 hv you starting watching will it snow at christmas?

  181. 181 : taraJJ Says:

    nice to see you in here too.. no, I don’t think lee da hae is the same person who played in Reply 1997.. yes the face is quite the same ya hehehe…
    haaah?? I’ll be there? which eps? I just starting wached this drama…

  182. 182 : rory Says:

    hehe..good to see u here too tara..yup, I do think so but they really looks quite similar right?
    that ringtone is on ep3..seriously, i can’t forget that song..it’s a nice song actually but I feel goosebumps everytime hear it..
    As usual I’m not going to ship HS with KW or SH yet coz the theme & storyline killed me 1st..I will think later after half of eps..but I agree LBY & LJS’s chemistry is really good^^

  183. 183 : Hanover Says:

    Where does the kid (supposedly in high school) get all this free time? It’s one thing to be a drama but shouldn’t deviate too far from norm.

  184. 184 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep5 and 6..aww i love soo ha and hyesung couple.but i too have doubts that they will end up together..i really hope the writer wont kill soo ha’s character in order to protect hyesung..i hope lawyer cha will end up with do yeon.the actress playing do yeon’s role looks pretty with short hair compared to long hair in birdie buddy..
    the villian too suits the role so well..decent from face but total animal like from within..loved all the episodes so far 🙂

  185. 185 : Periwinkle Says:

    Age doesn’t matter when it comes to love!!! SOO HA AND HYE SUNG FIGHTING <3

  186. 186 : violetrain Says:

    HS is better off with SH compared to KW.. HS as a character is really flawed despite her professional career.. and SH is the one who is always knock senses into her and push her to be a better person. KW is not doing this.. although SH character is much younger than HS, but i can see that their maturity is at par, if not for him to be more matured at certain time. so i can accept them as couple who need and going to rely to each other.. hope HS and SH will become the ultimate OTP for their great and dynamic chemistry.. i’m a bit worried by the ending of eps 6.. will they turn SH character to be darker?.. pls don’t.. i don’t want him to be separated from her long lost first love..

  187. 187 : hny Says:

    @tara ..yes I finished it already …good ending ;))
    td y mau give up watching this but can’t stand with LJS charm ;)) …so I decide to gave him my eyes !!hehe he ..

  188. 188 : usa-mary Says:

    So far so good! The legal stories are more interesting because of SH being called in to assist with the mind reading. SH is such a wonderful young man who deserves to be loved! By whom…we’ll find out.

  189. 189 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] Novel – Eun Hee (KBS2) The Queen’s Classroom (MBC) KBS Drama Special Season 4 (KBS2) I Hear Your Voice (SBS) Shark (KBS2) Dating Agency: Cyrano (tvN) Cruel City (jTBC) Princess Aurora (MBC) Ugly Alert (SBS) […]

  190. 190 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha!! Ep5 umbrella scene too funny!!!

  191. 191 : Diana Says:

    I am hoping the writers will be broad minded enough to let HS and SH see it through as a couple. I know it goes against the norm but I love the chemistry between them. I think I am going to be very disappointed if I watch this entire series and they don’t end up together. However, I must say this series is amazing. There are so many things about it that I like

  192. 192 : Sharon Says:

    Wow! Those darn twins !! The twin storyline is a good one. Very imaginative
    for the writer to come up with. I like !

  193. 193 : Sharon Says:

    Will Min Joon Gook have a soft heart because Hye Sung mom made him a B-day meal and forget his revenge????

  194. 194 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-190: She was ready wasn’t she! Well, if nothing else, hopefully Lawyer Cha learnt his lesson when it comes to sneaking up on women from behind! LOL

    Episode 6 was really good. Lawyer Cha aka Oska from Secret Garden is so fine! mmmwha! Thank you for getting rid of those white socks for your date with Lawyer Hye Sung, even if it is the norm for men to wear them with their business suits in S. Korea. GQ baby…GQ!

    That police officer that lost his gun reminded me of Deputy Barney (1 bullet-gun fumbler) Fife on the Andy Griffith show! LOL Wow…his testosterone was really pumping to forget that he retrieved his gun from the ground!

    Joon Gook is just plain diabolical and any other words associated with evil. Not only did he kill Soo Ha’s father, he was getting ready to kill Soo Ha if he wasn’t distracted by Hye Sung. I’d like to know who could honestly forget that when the man is out of prison and free to roam the streets with revenge on his mind! I see that in S. Korea, they don’t inform the victims of the prisoner’s date to be released or when he goes before the parole board before he’s released.

    Re JG’s birthday meal. Here’s another kdrama ingrate who after much thought, dumped the food right into the toilet! Like I wanted to see that! I detest seeing that like I detest seeing men standing at urinals in the bathroom. Are those visuals absolutely necessary? I believe some writers become too obssessed with the ‘shock’ factor. Geez!!! Okay…I feel better now that I’ve said that! LOL

    I believe that Hye Sung’s mother senses something unsual about him, but also feels sorry for him. I hope she doesn’t get mixed up in her emotions and let her guard down. Hye Sung’s mother, please use your female instincts when it comes to Joon Gook! With our young, pseudo detective Soo Ha on the scene, hopefully he’ll track JG down in time before he hurts Hye Sung’s mother!

  195. 195 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha! She went in! He almost lost his goodies hahaha!!
    He is a really good actor, saw him in a couple of drama!.
    The cops remind me of dumb and dumber!! Hehe!
    The thing is why did Joon Gook killed Soo Ha’s father????? Still trying to figure that out!
    I think he was a little bit touched by the B-day dinner, but threw

  196. 196 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry, my smart phone is too smart.
    Continue……. It in he toilet when remembered his mission.
    HS mom is no fool she will catch on!
    Is it that hot in Korea right now!! Lawyer Cha was soaking wet!!
    What’s up with the dog in the office??
    The Judge is too funny, trying to impress the kids in the courtroom.

  197. 197 : Sharon Says:

    To go through what SH went through must leave a Big scar on him. Not to mention he was not wanted by his uncle. He is searching for love and HS is the only one that showed him some Kindness when she testify at the trial. I think he is confusing love with gratitude.

  198. 198 : Taemin~ah Says:

    http://youtu.be/LRuXAYxhPWk Ep 7 preview

  199. 199 : haruhi28 Says:

    wow! impressive ratings…is this really a good drama???

  200. 200 : violetrain Says:

    Thanks @198 Taemin~ah for Ep 7 preview.. omo.. now i’m dreading to watch the full eps.. it’s tomorrow rite…. poor SH.. will he be heartbroken? show, can you pls not be cruel to this great & adorable boy..

  201. 201 : hunee Says:

    Oh wow, they make such a cute couple, love the main actress. Age gap
    what thats, Theyre just a couple years difference. Awwww would love
    to see them at the end to be together, rootin for ya!!!!

  202. 202 : miss Says:

    i always wait other episode and always interesting to watch , i hope this drama not bad on ending and all player not die
    I hear u voice daebakkkkkkkk!

  203. 203 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I Hear Your Voice is an awesome drama. I like Lee bo young a lot. The way she portrays Hye sung in this drama is superb.
    As well as both YSH n LJS, they make a good teamwork.
    Salute for them.

  204. 204 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-195: Almost lost his goodies for sure! LOL

    You pinned it! I couldn’t think of who the cops reminded me of, but you recalled it for me! LOL

    For some reason, I sense his uncle had something to do with it! Its obvious that SH’s father was a very wealthy man and willed his money to his son. I believe the uncle knew that, so he hired JG as a hitman to take out both of them. If JG had no witnesses, the uncle would receive all the money. What other reason would this man have for being so despicable and mean towards his nephew, an innocent child! Disgusting rascal! He’s the one that needs an umbrella jolt in a few places! LOL Plus, by JG getting caught, he didn’t get paid. Aside from the money, its clear that his man seems to have a taste for blood and harming people…no remorse at all!

    JG may have been touched by the birthday meal, but it was short lived! Henious creature!

    196: I hope the writer has HS’s mother catch on and use those meat cleavers in her kitchen on his behind. I have a few other suggestions, but won’t post them. LOL I believe she should protect herself by whatever means necessary! That man is crazy and looks strong, so the best way to deal with crazy people is to act crazy too and show no FEAR (even if it feels like your bones are rattling inside your body)! MD’s poker face will work in this situation!

    Re Lawyer Cha sweating: Since South Korea has 4 seasons, I’m positive they’re experiencing a hot summer right now, because where I live in the U.S., I’ve notice that we’re on the same 4 seasons time table.

    Re the dog in the office: Remember the twins that were involved in the murder case of the convenience store owner…the dog belongs to the younger twin. HS is taking care of it for him. I noticed that it is odd that the dog remains in the office. I wonder why his girlfriend, the one crying in court, didn’t keep the dog!

    197: I believe SH is mature enough to know the difference between love and gratitude (but we’ll find out from the writer). From my observation, since he’s emotionally mature, he feels that he matches the mature HS better, compared to the silly, immature prank-pulling games the teen girls play at his school. Which is why, at this point, he’s not interested in orange haired girl; even though she’s the only one he really talks to from their school. At this point, all indications point to Lawyer Cha. She most definitely has growing feelings for him! My Oska!

  205. 205 : usa-mary Says:

    The actors/actresses in this drama are superb! This drama keeps me watching…wondering what JG is going to do next and if HS will intercept his evil deeds before they happen!

    I hope HS goes into law enforcement because somebody needs to be able to do more than draw a paycheck and hit folks in the back of their head with a hand or with a binder!

  206. 206 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    Lawyer Cha personality will make anyone loves him… HA mother of course!
    I don’t know about SH feelings yet, I mean it’s hard to put the proper feelings in its place when ones traumatized by an event. We will see what will happen! Will Korea be broad minded enough to let a nineteen year old boy date/marry a woman older than himself? I don’t think so!
    The dog seems to have a permanent home in that office they even bought him a bed, plus Yoo Chang is quite attach to it.
    That uncle is a trip!
    I remember Gook was saying that the father did not mind his business, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the uncle and money!!!!
    No, no Mary, lawyer C was dripping wet

  207. 207 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary continues …………
    Like they turn on the fire hose on him!! Hehe!
    Mama will do fine!!
    I hope HA and DY will team up to get Gook!

  208. 208 : ann Says:

    despite differences in age … but it would be far better if Hyesung sooha also love … and a happy ending 🙂
    really expect ….daebakkkkkk

  209. 209 : Kdramaholic Says:

    Well, younger male and older female as main leads already happened in I Do I Do. They slept together by accident, then fell in love and the woman even got pregnant at the end. Sister-love seems like the trend in korean dramas lately. There are so many younger main male leads couple with veteran actresses, talking of which… Kim Tae Hee as Jang Ok Jung 😀

  210. 210 : leesumi Says:

    ep 7 is dark at least the ending is the cute is over for now we are getting into the serious stuff

  211. 211 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-206: I saw him. Its either high humidity there or he was sprayed with water to give the appearance that he ran all the way to her place.

    Re SH and Lawyer Cha: Actually, SH has been making comments to her self during a few times when she was sitting next to Lawyer Cha. Each time she asked herself what’s going on…because she was physically drawn to him. The last time was when she did the zzi zzi bbong, pinching his cheek! That was just an excuse. LOL

    ‘Re age difference: That’s why I said that SH believes he matches HS. Since I already am aware of how the viewers minds work in kdrama land, I won’t even go down that path. The writer has that worked out already, unless it becomes another WAML with voices screaming for change. If not, its Lawyer Cha all the way…my Oska! hehehehe

  212. 212 : Anggi2503 Says:

    still confused with feelings SH toward HS. I hope it’s not love. I don’t like stories about men who fall in love with a much older woman.

  213. 213 : dididiah Says:

    can’t wait episode 8 🙁

  214. 214 : bigeye46 Says:

    nice and thumb up

  215. 215 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up

  216. 216 : Sharon Says:

    I believe it’s Lawyer Cha to the end with HA. SH will end up with the orange blond in the end!!

  217. 217 : rory Says:

    desperately waiting for ep 8..what happened to HS’s mom then..dun tell me.. 🙁 damn dat Min Joon Gook…why he is sooo bad?and why he killed SH’s father ?there’s must be something behind that but still u should not killed humans!!!

    SH, he is really cool since he has sixth sense, that’s his advantage + so concerned about HS dat makes me feel so jealous..hehehe..but lawyer Cha also nice, he managed to solve problems in peace..he is a peacemaker..!the preview for ep8 shows dat he want lawyer Cha to be his lawyer..arghhh..headache! now I wonder how he will solve dat Joon Gook’s case..

    p/s : sometimes when seeing SH & lawyer Cha together reminds me their relationship in Secret Garden..oh memories…

  218. 218 : karan Says:

    haruhi28 :

    yess .. it’s a great drama … so , watch it !!

  219. 219 : Ogie Says:

    Salute for the drama which has best ratings in its time slot, it must be hardworking from all elements. For the actors, I’m sure It’ll be success, but the Director and Scriptwriter success for making me confuse how this drama will end, Will LBY with LJS or YSH (not to mention I’m too angry, but this is a good example for a good story, makes people want to watch more.) Actually, hoping for LBY will stay with YSH, but, I Don’t know what’s in scriptwriter’s head !!! 😀 🙂

  220. 220 : xxx Says:

    it’s sad to see her mom dead 🙁 MJG what’s going on with him ? crazy people. why he always killing innocent people?
    i don’t believe there are reason behind this. it’s too much. he kill Park Soo Ha’s Father and now he kill Lawyer Cha’s Mom.
    i cry a lot when her mom dead 🙁 it’s too sad. we don’t have any choice, being lawyer makes your live full with enemies.

    kya kyaaaa finally the first kissing scene PSH with JHS :* :* :*

  221. 221 : cynn Says:

    I was really disappointed if Hyesung love cha …:(
    so its not like watching ….

  222. 222 : Kdramaholic Says:

    @cynn 221, well I don’t really see why you’d be disappointed in a normal couple relationship rather than HS w/ a younger boy more than 10 years old. However after ep8 and that kiss… We can probably predict which direction the writer wants to lead us and to make the fangirls satisfy in their fantasies.

  223. 223 : usa-mary Says:

    Episode 7: The Public Defenders office…never a dull moment. The get some of the funniest and weirdest characters to defend. Lee Dae Sung alias free newspaper thief! Won’t get a hearing aid and won’t stop stealing free newspapers! LDS to HJS…I can’t hear you! HJS to LDS…Can You Hear Me NOW!

    HJS’s mother’s dream…premonition of what’s to come, but to whom?

    Laughter…the prelude before the episode of tears!!!

  224. 224 : usa-mary Says:

    JHS…don’t dehydrate yourself because of the hard of hearing, free newspaper thief ajusshi. Just write it on a tablet like the deaf woman did in Die Sterntaler. That would be a whole lot easier on your throat and everyone’s ears! LOL

  225. 225 : usa-mary Says:

    MJG is a crazed lunatic! He didn’t kill Lawyer Cha’s mother, it was Lawyer Jang’s mother.

  226. 226 : peach98 Says:

    This drama is so good!

  227. 227 : billy Says:

    Soo Ha and Hye Seong look really great together….who cares about the age difference? I dont! I wish they end up together in the end! I would love that so much! Lawyer Cha really pales in comparison! This will be one of the best if that happens….

  228. 228 : myungcherlyn Says:

    i really wish that sooha end up with hyesung !! sooha has sacrificed so much for her !! even tink of revenge on the bad fellow !! hope hyesung will accepts sooha’s heart !

  229. 229 : bigeye46 Says:

    i agree with billy and myungcherlyn and cant wait next esp..

  230. 230 : Celine Says:

    Someone, please tell me what the title of song played in ep 8? Give me the link(s) for downloaded. Thx before hehe

  231. 231 : Aurelly Says:

    I have just finish watch ep8. LBY act make me cry a lot, i can feel her sadness. Her acting is superb!

    I think, SH will revenge , to kill the ahjussi before hearing.
    Dear Writernim, pls pls dont make SH sacrifice his life, i dont want to see sad ending huhu

  232. 232 : violet Says:

    SH decided to leave HS because he is going to kill MJG when MJG is out from prison.. He also tell HS that he heard about MJG’s mind and she doesn’t have to worry about MJG.. But, we know that isnt true..that means she doesn’t have to worry because MJG won’t be alive anymore (killed by SH)..

    SH knows he will be imprisoned so that he bid farewell to HS in the aquarium..
    And then, HS probably will be his lawyer..
    But,still I can’t predict how HS true feeling to SH. Before, she loved Cha..but, in the epilog it seems she has some feelings too toward SH since she said SH comes first to their date..and after Cha didn’t trust her about MJG, and SH’s confession, who know what is going to happened..

    Well, this is just my prediction..hehehe

  233. 233 : Chris Says:

    pls pls pls pls. let hs and sh be together. he had sacrified to much!!! what kind of boyfriend is lawyer cha he doesn’t even listen to hs word, or is it just my assumption?
    For Park Soo Ha FIGHTING!!

  234. 234 : usa-mary Says:

    I just sensed the writer was going to have HS’s mother oblivious to MJG’s behavior and intentions. She was too trusting of him. Even though I commend the actor for acting so well. The character MJG is a beast, a cruel beast!

    I don’t know how the writer could make the medical examiner’s view HS’s mother’s head trauma as merely hitting her head during the fall. Is the medical examiner friends with the 2 laxidasical cops who brushed off following up on MJG, the rehabilitated wonder due to good behavior? Because there’s no way a person trained in that field could not know the difference between continual blows to different parts of the head from hitting ones head in just one place from a fall. Come on now! Its not like there was an earthquake and her head was moving like a ball in a pinball machine as she fell. Since MJG carried her out on his back, the flames didn’t get to her, so her skull traumas should stand out. Crazy!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the assailants in this drama go in/out so easily, just like the revolving door HS uses to make her decisions!

  235. 235 : ann Says:

    i really agree @chriss….
    let him with HS……:)

  236. 236 : tera Says:

    I agree with @234 usa-mary. The way the writer conclude about the medical examiner’s opinion really lowered the credibility of forensic doctors. The hand and legs were being tapes together it’s should be obvious the old woman was abducted and killed. But, still if the murderer is going to be caught easily, this won’t be a 20 episodes drama.
    As for lawyer cha, I’m very disappointed. I really hope she will end up with lawyer cha, but lawyer cha is damn too gullible. If I’m him, I’ll reject the case and stay with the person I love. I ship jang-cha couple but seems like lawyer Jang will end up with soo ha. Soo ha is more important for her than lawyer cha-this is what i conclude about the epilogue/last part-
    well we’ll see…

  237. 237 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I actually am speechless when su ha kissed hye sung in the aquarium. Wow, it’s jjang.

  238. 238 : malian Says:

    I really hope su ho and hye sung end up together,i think they look soooo………. cute 2gether!

  239. 239 : fannie Says:

    i just finished watching episode 7 and 8. wow, this drama is really good.i enjoyed watching SH and HS interact with each other. you won’t see the age difference. they have that kind of chemistry. or they are just such good actors that they could pull it off. I think SH said goodbye temporarily to SH to keep her safe from MJG. remember that he told her that she’ll be safe even if he reads MJG’s mind otherwise. I think he’ll will think of a way to frame MJG, to come up with the truth about HS mom death by making himself a target,and protecting HS at the same time.Am not so much with atty cha,although he is just doing his job but still, he could have think of a way to prove MJG guilty and being there for HS.

  240. 240 : Tira Says:

    This is really interesting drama.

  241. 241 : billy Says:

    I agree Soo Ha and Hye Seong have great chemistry! the interpretation of HS mom’s case was indeed too sloppy!

  242. 242 : dudunhunhu2012 Says:

    I think that Soo Ha will kill MJG then they will do 3 to 4 years later and Soo Ha become grown man. At that time lawyer Jang will still waiting for him and they end up together, perfect script, right!

  243. 243 : Sharon Says:

    Poor MJG thought he was doing something great, but mama burst his bubble!!! She looked him straight in the eye and said I am not afraid!!

    Burning the victim and there surrounding tends to rid the place of all evidence, but to be hit in the head with a blunt object several time should tell what type of object and the force being used.
    Unless, MJG tampered with the crime scene and the body was so badly burned that it difficult to collect such evidence.

  244. 244 : Periwinkle Says:

    Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young couple pleasee! 🙁 🙁

  245. 245 : Sharon Says:

    Can a person be assigned to the public defendant they request!
    Lawyer Cha is put in a difficult position to defend the man that’s a suspect in the girl he likes mothers death. Will she understand, or will she resent him? If she resents him SH might have a chance! Very small chance.

  246. 246 : Violet88 Says:

    Ep 7 & 8 were really great.. SH was really cute n adorable.. Love all the detail little things he did for HS.. He deserved to be loved back by his loved one. Hope HS can quickly notice his love n care for her n realize that SH is very important for her too especially after the kiss at end of ep 8. Though i can feel that SH character is going to be darker but i hope he will not get to kill MJG which will definitely ruin his future.. Ship SH/HS forever.. I think Park Soo Ha is a great character n really leaves deep impact to kdrama fans.. And LBY acting as JHS is really outstanding.. Love this drama so much..

  247. 247 : haruhi28 Says:

    thanks! i started watching it and i’m so happy i did…

  248. 248 : Sharon Says:

    Just finish ep 8. SH to me act so mature than many men much older than himself. The way he pulled HS to him to kiss her it showed strength and masculinity. Are we being prepared for younger male older female relationship?
    There are so many holes in this case like Swiss cheese! The prosecutor is not doing her job to convince the judge, or investigate the case properly.
    No wonder it’s a revolving door because each case revolves around emotions, status, career, politics, money and last but not least LAZY!! Some people are just too dam lazy to do their jobs.

    This is a great drama, looking forward to next ep.

  249. 249 : dramafreak Says:

    what can i say…i just started yesterday…and now i am at ep 8 already…. u can just imagine how interesting is this drama is….i just watched it without stopping….all i can say is…..( SUPER DUPER LOVE IT)!!! INTERESTING DRAMA! no wonder the rating is so high…..(NO DOUBT FOR IT)!!!!

  250. 250 : maz88 Says:

    Time is 2012..It isn’t 2013! (ex. calendar.SH’s report card and all document about law..Find well^^) Until now, the past was all..2013 is not yet!!
    It really is outrageous, is it not?

  251. 251 : RainbowFish Says:

    This drama is fantastic. I love how Soo Ha starts so innocent, but the more he deals with Min Joon Gook he gets continuously darker. Hye Sung isn’t so affected because her mother says she raised her better than that, but Soo Ha was raised by a crappy uncle who kept trying to get rid of him and is more vulnerable. So while Joon Gook’s target was Hye Sung, the one he’s turning into a monster in the process is poor Soo Ha. It’s super interesting, I just hope they figure it out and help him before he commits murder. 🙁

    btw, am I the only one who just wants to see a familial relationship between Hye Sung and Soo Ha? I think that would really be much more adorable. I can rally for a big-sister complex, though. 😉

  252. 252 : violet Says:

    @maz88 #250 wow..I didn’t see that..this drama is going to be more interesting because what we saw is all in the past

  253. 253 : maz88 Says:

    @violet #252 Right! 2013 is not yet.We are seeing at the past.But I don’t know the meaning.But one thing I’m sure that SH will be Univ. student in a year^^ Let’s wait and see^^

  254. 254 : violet Says:

    @maz88 i hope he is really planning to focus on his study, entering uni..maybe he is going to take law degree too..but please, SH, don’t be a criminal.. :'(

  255. 255 : usa-mary Says:

    I really want MJG to experience his overdue karma, but hopefully, not by the hands of my sweetie Soo Ha. With that retractable blade he kept hidden while staying with Hye Sung, leaving her home, and letting her know that he likes her is an indication that he doesn’t plan to return. It looks like he’s going to become a vigilante. Soo Ha needs to really keep a cool head when he goes after MJG. He already has an advantage over him, but MJG is using that to Soo Ha’s disadvantage by taunting him with thoughts only Soo Ha can hear. Making MJG look completely innocent in front of witnesses. I believe Soo Ha should meet with the judges, attorneys, and police captain to prove that his ability to read minds is true and demonstrate it on them. At the least, they’ll think he’s an oddity and dismiss him. I’d rather he attempt to show them his ability than to destroy his future or die at the hands of that heinous man. Because its going to be a battle for sure!

    No one would have ever thought that Lawyer Hye Sung had been hugged (Lawyer Cha) or even kissed (Soo Ha) by a man before from the way she zones out into a daze after each experience! Too funny!

  256. 256 : wdr Says:


  257. 257 : wdr Says:


  258. 258 : kimchilee Says:

    Sometimes, I wish the role could have been given to a younger lady so that I dont feel so squeamish about Soo Ha kissing Hye Sung.. no doubt they have screening chemistry together and both very good actors.. but arrgh.. when Soo Ha kissed HS, its like a young brother kissing an elder sister.. arrgh.. sorry.. so I think the ending will be that Soo Ha will be the losing end.. he wont get Hye Sung or he will die protecting her..

    sorry folks.. after watching Gu Family, my mind is still reeling from the shock of the ending that i felt they might end this drama the same way.. arrgh.. so scared to watch this but yet so drawn to it.. otokeh? ortokeh??

  259. 259 : Micc Says:

    Only randomly browsed a random episode of I Hear Your Voice (I’m marathoning Taiwanese drama lately, haven’t watched Kdrama for a long time now), Lee Bo Young is the best! Just wanna say I’m totally in love with her! lol!

  260. 260 : leesumi Says:

    Lee bo young is ageless just recently she was forbidden from entering the drama shooting location cause she was in a plain shirt and jeans the guard though she was a collage student no one can tell her age so stop the boring complaints besides its her drama she was cast first

  261. 261 : Micc Says:

    Am I the only one who wish Lee and Lee end up together? But with that age gap, not a chance, right?

  262. 262 : sspkoin Says:

    I recommend this video!! It’s very fun^^(I had difficulty finding this website..)Making film of I hear your voice [http://yourvoice.sbs.co.kr/scene/sketch_index.jsp

  263. 263 : Sua Says:

    This should have more episodes because i am in love welllllll deep crush with jong suk !!!! i wanna watch it because of him ;; someone tell me where this is broadcasted or filmed at? and where can i get his autograph :((((((

  264. 264 : Annisa_resty Says:

    oh no,, i want to see the next episode badly ^^ hopefully there will be happy ending for Soo Ha 🙂

  265. 265 : taraJJ Says:

    sometimes I wish this drama would be different from others, given the girl to the second male lead.. while watching this drama I hv to remain myself that the main lead is Yoo Sang Hyun not Lee Jong Suk.. arrg I want sooo badly seeing Soo Ha and Hye Sung together till end… but I think its impossible rite..

  266. 266 : taraJJ Says:

    no you not the only one.. me want HS+SH together too… its impossible not because from the age gap but because the main lead is Lawyer Cha not Soo Ha..

  267. 267 : FernandaErfin Says:

    The best drama that showing in 2013!

  268. 268 : violetrain Says:

    Omo.. Eps 9 preview –> Seems like SH determined to kill MJG.. oh nooo!…. HS, pls stop him.. i can’t bear to see the sweet boy become a murderer..

  269. 269 : vic Says:

    Bad News!! http://www.dramcrazy.net is shutting down 🙁
    can anyone recommend me a good site where I can watch latest Kdrama episodes with english sub??? Please..

  270. 270 : Aurelly Says:

    @vic yes so sad,p. you can try http://www.gooddrama.net

  271. 271 : miss Says:

    galau watch this drama -_______-
    i saw watch preview ep 10 i hope soo ha not imprisoned, and his attorney could believe hyun, I sure do not do it soo ha, poor soo ha =___=

  272. 272 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    http://www.dramacrazy.net is shutting down. Where else can I watch this drama?

  273. 273 : vic Says:

    thanks @Aurelly ..
    http://www.epdrama.com is good too

  274. 274 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Thank you Vic!

  275. 275 : Nina Says:

    try to download @ doramax264.com and Encoded by VioletWitch^^
    *Thanks VioletWitch

  276. 276 : annmasae Says:

    wow this series is getting exciting!!! can’t wait for next episode.
    viki had episode 9 already english subtitled by July 3 evening.
    dramafever normally has it subbed the day after it runs in Korea.
    sorry to hear that dramacrazy is closing down.

  277. 277 : violet Says:

    only in this drama, I dont mind noona-dongsaeng become lovers..because despite the age gap, I think Bo Young still suits Jong Suk..She still looks youthful..this is different when I watched kim hee sun- lee min ho..

  278. 278 : violet Says:

    [SPOILER] I read somewhere soo ha’s amnesia?! I hope he is just pretnding like that..I haven’t watched ep 9 yet

  279. 279 : Aurelly Says:

    @violet yes he got amnesia. duno, this is only tempirary or he fake the amnesia to fool the killer ahjussi. ep9 so much shocking scen , lets see tonight episode.

  280. 280 : fannie Says:

    am really excited to watch episode 10. I think there was a face off between MJG and Soo Ha, where MJG was killed and SH got amnesia.It’s just right that HS will be so ha’s lawyer. i hope the writers will let HS AND SOO HA end up together. I dont think the other lead is better than SH.I wonder if SH still can hear what other people is thinking, it seems gone, from ep 9.thanks for the early translation. good job.

  281. 281 : annmasae Says:

    I wonder if MJG is really dead or did he fake his death to implicate SH.
    Also I think SH really has amnesia or he is doing a really great job in faking it.
    Looking forward to episode 10 translation.
    Sorry to see HS being a lazy lawyer again.
    Hopefully she will go back to being a great lawyer now that SH is back.
    Also unlike many others posting comments, i hope HS ends up with Kwan Woo whom her mother was trying to fix her up with.

  282. 282 : cynn Says:

    but i am really HS ending with SH ,,because the sacrifice is too great…..so much….
    and look better if with SH…..fighting Shin Bong Chul, Lee Sung Hoon, Kim Jung Mi, Park Bo Kyung
    for a satisfying ending HS and SH …:)

  283. 283 : asd Says:

    lee jong suk handsome as always!!! <3

  284. 284 : usa-mary Says:

    I believe that MJG is razy enough to cut off his own hand just to implicate Soo Ha as his murderer. Because…

    1) Soo Ha promised Hye Sung that he wouldn’t kill MJG, and he is a man of his word.

    2) Even if he went back on his word…he’s smart enough to not leave a single, sloppy trace like a hand or even 1 hair of MJG’s existence for the police to find!

    3) MJG wants to get Soo Ha out of his way so he can carry out his revenge on Hye Sung.

    What a surprise…Soo Ha having amnesia! Is he faking? If he is, its a smart move on his part.

  285. 285 : usa-mary Says:

    @284: Oops…that should read that MJG is crazy enough, not razy enough.

  286. 286 : mae Says:

    For me i dont feel the romance between HS and SH.
    I loved to see HS and KW ended up together..

  287. 287 : Juliane04 Says:

    Like SH-HS end up together…I think majority is a winner

  288. 288 : agneschoi Says:

    really… fallin’ for this drama. interesting plot, chara, and actor. LJS esp~ haha.
    i hope SH will end up w/ HS, always.. they’re too cute together :3

  289. 289 : hny Jo Says:

    So ha n HS together will make this drama more ‘Blink Blink’ interesting.. ;))

    BTW , is it ok to start a murder cases without absolutely sure ..that victim dead already !! gosh.. it only found one hand not the body! and the victim is murder suspect althought he got away!!??! hmmm ..it’s suppose to be a ‘special case’ which require special investigation as well.

    Anyway… I’m still like this drama the plot is fast and bcoz So ha, a lonely boy ,huhuhu… can I see ur smile in next episode..plz ;))

  290. 290 : mia Says:

    OMG SH & HS better be the endgame
    they’re so cute together!!!!

  291. 291 : Celine Says:

    In ep 10, that’s right SH got amnesia. Not fake. Yup, and i think SH didn’t kill MJG bcos his promise and bcos of that too he almost killed by MJG. MJG maybe hit SH’s head and he think SH died

  292. 292 : mae Says:

    Cant wait to watch the ending part of diz drama.
    Who wil b w/ HS..

  293. 293 : Annabella Says:

    I hope and think that SH and HS will end up together! From the beginning the writer has made us fall in love with the relationship between these two by creating history, chemistry and attachments they have for each other (All the sweet scenes of them together). Even now, HS is placed in the same situation as SH before, with having losing her mother just like SH has lost his father and with HS searching for SH and calling out to strangers that looks like him just like SH did before in ep 1 when he searched for HS.

    They are both sharing the same experience, in the same situation and are there for each other. With these similarities their bond is becoming stronger. I think right now, HS in on the verge of realizing her feelings for SH and there will be a climax scene where she confesses it.

    HS & SH Forever!! <3

  294. 294 : Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Love, love,love Joon Sung Hyun. I almost didn’t recognize him! He sings so beautifully. It looks like a good drama.

  295. 295 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    no extension?

  296. 296 : cynn Says:

    I really agree with Juliane04……:)
    i am really hope ending is happy HS anda SH…
    fighting…oppa lee jong suk …:)

  297. 297 : bigeye46 Says:

    cant wait next esp..and hope soo ha not kill evil guy

  298. 298 : Jessie Arisa Says:

    Omg i really hope that SH will end up with HS it will be very very disappointing if they’re not!! SH’s sacrifices is too much… and he have been hurted too much when he was a kid 🙁

  299. 299 : leesumi Says:

    its HS who is doing the sacrificing if you havent noticed eh she saved his life when he was a kid then she got the criminal in court then she lost her mother because of him now she got stabbed to prevent him from being a killer and is protecting him now in court
    and what did SH do he hurt his shoulder and changed her lamps !! he did not do much for her he is the one in debt

  300. 300 : taraJJ Says:

    Soo Ha got amnesia??? wow..

    @hny Jo
    hey sis, the others day I said to you that I will wach this drama after finish first… but reading yours and all comments here make me soo curious what’s going to happen next.. haha so I can watch soo ha’s smile too 🙂

  301. 301 : Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Geez, Kim So Hyun again? She must be in about every current drama lately. I am not particularly favorable towards her. Why do they recycle all these actors??

  302. 302 : Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Wow, 16 episodes only? This is such a good drama, there should be 20 episodes at least!!!!! Cone on’ do add a few more!!! You are doing so well with the ratings.

  303. 303 : Micc Says:


    That’s too sad. Let’s just hope the writer does something non-traditional in this drama! Lee shines here and Yoon is just blur.

  304. 304 : Violet88 Says:

    Leesumi @ 299 – ya, i agree with u that HS did sacrifice for SH, but we can oversee that SH did protect HS just like he promised 10yrs ago.. That is what make this couple so special, they deserve each other despite the age gap premise we can buy them to be the OTP..

  305. 305 : Violet88 Says:

    Should be “we can’t oversee…”

  306. 306 : Kim Sang Lee Says:

    Jung Woong In is perfect for the part as he is disgusting looking.

  307. 307 : Periwinkle Says:

    Wow the plot just keeps getting better and better!!!!! AMAZING @-) My mind is blown..

  308. 308 : Periwinkle Says:

    I totally agree with usa-mary!!! @-)

  309. 309 : leesumi Says:

    what do you think the reason for the time jump it is so he can go in trial as an adult

  310. 310 : dramafreak Says:

    omggggg….this drama is addictive….super nice…nice plot…very interesting story line! DEABAK!

  311. 311 : melia Says:

    I really hope Soo Ha n Hye Sung can end up together.

  312. 312 : Susan 33 Says:

    Min Joon Guck is so effeminate. I noticed that he plucks his eyebrows. Must be gay….

  313. 313 : nixie Says:

    Love love this drama. Getting interesting in every episode can’t wait for ep11…. I’m so love how the story going. Fighting…..

  314. 314 : usa-mary Says:

    YAY…Lawyer Cha aka Oska is back!!! Yippee! I’m so glad they decided to have a jury trial because the judges are the pits! Aja..Aja…Lawyer Jang and Lawyer Cha…Fighting!

    So far, SH’s flashbacks aren’t giving us any good clues at this point, other than that he was at the fishery and struggled with MJG. I believe MJG baited SH there. Because if MJG didn’t want to get found by SH, he would have changed his cellphone number. The perfect bait and switch case!

    My observations about the case is…

    1) I believe MJG had help from someone(s) at the fishery, and the farming town.

    2) Someone hit SH on his head while his attention was diverted towards MJG, causing him to lose his memory. Even if the owner of the fishery is up in age, he can still hit someone on the head to impair them or even kill them, if need be. The object only has to be heavy, and the person doesn’t need to have much strength to knock someone out. Plus, I’m quite sure they know how to kill fish humanely…with a good head whack!

    3) I’m so ELATED that MJG, himself, was named a suspect in his own crime. Since he’s right-handed, he knew he could spare his left hand with his sicko self!

    4) The reward money was probably split between the ajumma, the 2 ajusshis’ at the fishery, and (possibly) the ajusshi who housed SH. That town is too small to not have open ears and eyes! Small town folks know about things that haven’t even happened, yet! LOL

    5) It would also be amazing to me if they don’t call the 2 ajusshi’s at the fishery to testify. Especially, the one who’s foot print was found along with SH’s and MJG’s. I wonder if that foot print was found behind SH’s or MJG’s foot prints?

    A Bit of Fun: The Hair Flip Trio! Can you tell me which one with the flip hairstyle is out of place…Lawyer Jang, Prosecutor Seo, or Lawyer Shin! Ting!

    What’s with Paralegal Choi mocking Lawyer Shin behind his back whenever Shin angers him. Gripping his upper teeth in retaliation by mimicking that Shin doesn’t have real uppers! I’ll forever recall the day he greeted the new Public Defense attorneys, HS and CKW when his false uppers fell out of his mouth onto the floor!

    I believe in being patriotic, yet I’m so glad paralegal Choi gave the camouflage tie a break from his wardrobe! For some reason, I kept noticing whenever he wore it! hmmmmm

  315. 315 : saraSJS Says:

    I don’t know if you can read this. It seems there’s something wrong with your email so I can’t send you anything. In case you might have lost my email address, please email to “[email protected]” so I can give you my main email again.


  316. 316 : Jessie Arisa Says:

    I think this is the best 2013 drama so faaar!!! I usually don’t like a relationship between woman with younger man but hye sung and soo ha are really cute togetherrr!!!

  317. 317 : Sharon Says:

    Question?? Shouldn’t the hand that was found in the water should be totally decompose after a year??

  318. 318 : leesumi Says:

    it wasnt found after a year they found it before the time jump when HS was telling us the story

  319. 319 : Sharon Says:

    @leesumi 318
    Thank you!! I watched that part over and you are correct, it was prior to the year.

  320. 320 : Sharon Says:

    You always seems to make me laugh!!!!!!
    About the flip issue, I think lawyer Shin’s is out!!!!!! Hahahaha!! He has that baby flip going on in the back. How the hell did you notice that!! Haha.
    MJG, psycho psycho!!!

  321. 321 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-320: Re the flip…suddenly, it was like ‘WHAM’ a continual distraction to me! RLOL Believe me, I don’t go looking for these differences, they just sneak up on me, begging me to take notice! I started to add the Sesame Street song…you know the one that goes something like…different yet the same! My take is…the same yet different! LOL

    I even noticed MJG’s ‘arched’ eyebrows, but for some reason didn’t speculate on that because, I don’t sense that’s for our entertainment. ~smile~

    I won’t even get started on the pencil-straight-legged pants some of the men are wearing. A little more fabric please, especially, for the businessmen’s attire! I already see their socks. Raise them up a few more inches and all they’ll need is a glittered left-hand glove!

  322. 322 : Sharon Says:

    That baby flip in the back of lawyer Shin’s head had become a distraction, I can never look at him the same way. His hair dresser need to reevaluate his hair style. Hahahahaha !!

  323. 323 : usa-mary Says:

    Whoever wrote the genre for this drama should have included the word…mystery. It truly is a case of who done it! I usually don’t care for government or law type dramas, but this one is really exceptional. The light romance is nice, too!

  324. 324 : Sharon Says:

    We already know who done it! It should be called how to catch a psycho!!!
    You are right, it’s quite entertaining.

  325. 325 : violetrain Says:

    oh gosh.. suddenly i am not able to download any video and the prompt came out as “there’s no downloadable video”.. when i try to check back the same video from former eps (ep 1-8), same msg came out whereas i was able to download them the past weeks.. can anyone help me how to/where can i download kdrama.. i wanna download IHYV ep 9 and 10 so badly..

  326. 326 : er Says:

    Just go to gooddrama.net
    A lot of korean dramas there 🙂

  327. 327 : hny Says:

    @taraJJ….yaps…dont watch it later…coz you’ll miss the evoria…hehe ;))

  328. 328 : Taemin~ah Says:

    http://youtu.be/p_RJ0_kfiQg Ep 11 Preview. Can’t wait for the next ep!!!

  329. 329 : Aurelly Says:

    @violetrain (325)

    I download from here http://www.dailymotion.com/playlists/user/zheekeez191/1

    gudluck 🙂

  330. 330 : Aurelly Says:

    OMG see the preview, at the cafe scene, SH smile to SB.
    pls SH dont fall to SB, your heart belong to HS , palli get yr memory!

  331. 331 : Mujib2810 Says:

    hello everyone i just wanna ask where do u guys download all the latests/current korean drama ?? gimme the link plz….~~~

  332. 332 : Mujib2810 Says:

    gimme the websites plz~~„

  333. 333 : rory Says:

    @325 violetrain & Mujib2810
    the only website I used to download KD is only Asiatorrents coz i can choose which one I prefer 450p, 720p or it’s even better if it’s 1080p but u need to seed after downloading to maintain ur ratios..but the quality is really good^^

  334. 334 : violet Says:

    don’t you all think do yeon actually is the daughter of min joon gook’s ex cellmate?
    1)her father (the judge) has said accidentally she isn’t their birth daughter..i forget in which episode
    2) her father was the min joon gook’s ex cellmate’s judge
    3) her father forbid her to interact with min joon gook’s ex cellmate

  335. 335 : Mujib2810 Says:

    @rory gomawo ~~

    @ Aurelly do u know how to download videos from dailymotion??

  336. 336 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-322: I’ve begun to notice that some kdrama screenwriters include a bit of unexpected humor into their serious/sad drama storylines. Whether its visual or verbal, I find it refreshing, funny, and a break from the intensity of certain scenes in the drama itself. Most people are so engrossed in the drama’s subtitles that they don’t even notice. I even notice different things about the interior designs sometimes because the décor tells a lot about the people that live in the various households. Even the music changes to fit the emotions and events about to take place during the scenes. I notice all that.

    This may be too analytical for some, but its fun for me!

  337. 337 : usa-mary Says:

    @Violet-334: That’s an excellent observation! I recall all the points you made, and I did also wonder why the judge was so obstinate about Do Yun interacting with him, but that didn’t come to my mind! There seems to be a secret for sure. What a very good point you made! Hopefully, the writer will include that into the storyline.

  338. 338 : Victoria Says:

    this is the best drama I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  339. 339 : violetrain Says:

    Hi guys (er @ 326, Aurelly @ 329, Rory @ 333).. thank you so much.. really appreciate your help.. BTW do you know whether there’s any limit to download from dailymotion? coz i’ve been downloading fine from the site (Aurelly, i download from exactly same channel as the one u recommended).. but suddenly i was not able to coz no downloadable link appear.. am very frustrated.. 🙁 miss soo ha n hye sung already..

  340. 340 : taraJJ Says:

    @rory #333
    me too… thanx for your info abt asiatorrent.. if i am not mistaken you ever mention it in IMY threads.. daang just remeber now 🙂

  341. 341 : Ana Says:

    Girls, download from freekordramas.blogspot.ro , is the best site to download korean dramas, Is really good, free , without registering and it has a lot of korean dramas.
    It is also very fast in uploading korean dramas like I hear your voice

  342. 342 : eve Says:

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  343. 343 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is AMAZING! I’m ready for ep. 10!

  344. 344 : violet Says:

    @usa-mary 337 I really curious about MJG ex cellmate because he has a child but he got amnesia..he must be had a special role in this drama besides only become MJG ex cellmate.

  345. 345 : Aurelly Says:

    @Mujib2810 (335)
    I usually use AVGO Free video downloader. I like this sofware coz I can donwload video from youtube, DM, FB, hulu, ect. And you also can choice video quality and format.
    Just gooling to donwload AVGO 🙂

  346. 346 : Aurelly Says:

    @Violetrain (339)
    You can try to http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/i-hear-your-voice

  347. 347 : Uppanen9525 Says:

    i also like this drama…and this guy “park soo [email protected] Jong Suk”..since school 2013 i like the way he act…cant wait till the next episod….. u guys also can watch korean drama at epdrama,com or dramacrazy.net…

  348. 348 : laraaasa Says:

    why doesnt park soo ha be the first guy whyyyyyyyy i mean seriously the title is about him 🙁 and why is it only 16 ep

  349. 349 : taraJJ Says:

    I heard that the network is repordly in talks with I Hear Your Voice producer about a 2-eps extention which would bring the total to 18 but dunno if its true or not..

  350. 350 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, Empire of Gold is really, really good!!! Check it out!!

  351. 351 : Kimchi Says:

    @350: empire of gold seems good, very good. But i don’t like the drama with very seriousssss problem. Too heavy to watch hehe..

  352. 352 : Sharon Says:

    I hope not!! No additional ep!!!! Don’t tamper with perfection!!

  353. 353 : Sharon Says:

    It’s not that heavy!! The story is good so far, but the main character acting is very good. Great casting!!

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  355. 355 : Aurelly Says:

    EP11 is Daebak! No wonder the rating hit number 1, Daebak!
    Kiyaa… finally HS admit her feeling to SH.

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    a must watch drama!!!

  359. 359 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

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    soooooooooooooooooo touching!

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  364. 364 : Periwinkle Says:

    Omgggg I’m sooo happy that they decided to extend it!!! 🙂

  365. 365 : celine Says:

    Ep 11 superb! Thnks to HS who finally admit her feeling to SH, and lawyer chaaaaa just come to me!!><
    About the true cast, i'm still blur. Based SH dream, why he run away? Where he got his amnesia?

  366. 366 : eny Says:

    even i like n enjoy this drama i hope there’s no extension, i think think drama doesn’t need extension

  367. 367 : rory Says:

    Two episode extension!


    so happy but I wish it won’t ruin this awesome drama coz it’s really daebakkk so far!

  368. 368 : Annisa_resty Says:

    fall in love with this drama again ^_^

  369. 369 : Annabella Says:

    I wish HS wouldn’t have tried to push SH away from her life when she found out her feelings for him. It was such a tear jerker when HS left SH at that cafe and SH was all ‘dont go!’ :'( :'( :'( Please hurry and be a couple already! Fight MJG together!

    And yaaay on the episode extension! ^^

  370. 370 : juliane04 Says:

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  371. 371 : wdr Says:

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    This drama is truly phenomenal and deserves the #1 rating! Screenwriter Park has a brilliant mystery writing mind! BRAVO…to everyone is this drama!!! For me to see a serious trial by jury in a kdrama elated me! I don’t recall ever seeing that before. It was so interesting as these extraordinary actors presented their arguments to the jury and the court, and…boy…did they deliver!

    Alright HS, the truth is finally revealed! I knew there was a reason for her trying so hard to avoid SH, she likes him. When HS told SH that he was trying to act like an adult, I knew she didn’t believe that. She was attracted to his maturity and manly desire to protect her. Even SH’s frenemie who returned his locker contents said HS is playing hard to get. I don’t know who the writer will have her choose in the end, yet I’m eager to find out, I’m thinking it will be lawyer Cha.

  375. 375 : cynn Says:

    Ep 11 ..rating so good because HS love SH….it would be nice if it ends HS and SH…please…kam tung nim…:)

  376. 376 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. That ahjumma who thought Soo Ha was a female must be related to MJG or a close family friend in order to lie for him.

    Hopefully, either the prosecutors or someone will find out who the person was sitting in the truck, helping that ahjumma probably with deliveries. My guess…MJG no doubt!

  377. 377 : Woylaa Says:


  378. 378 : Sandy Says:

    I’m really expecting SH ends up with Attorney Jang…I don’t see a big gap age difference, besides SH acts so mature for his age and due to his suffering of growing up alone…now, they have a lot of things in common between attorney Jang and SH. All the beautiful and intimate moments they have shared, have built in the audience the expectation for this couple to end together…so Im hoping the writer wraps it up smoothly and with a natural flow of a great ending 🙂

  379. 379 : celine Says:

    i don’t expect to much with HS end up with SH since Hwang Dal Jong (mjg’s cellmate) said he will get early free because he had serious illness in his head. I just wonder if SH end up like HDJ :((
    We already know that HS settled her feeling toward SH, the question comes: why she did it besides she knew SH still amnesia??
    For SH: what will he does about HS now while he doesnt remember does he loves HS how much he loves HS?

  380. 380 : Fannie Says:

    I love ep 11 and twelve. Can’t wait for next week. I love the hug scene. Inreally hope SH and HS end up together. Maybe the other lawyer can end up with the other one. Congrats to the writers and director, they really wrap up the story well and did’nt drag the plot of having annesia to the max and let the lead move on and make the plot simple and to the point.hats off to the staff. Great job.

  381. 381 : Aurelly Says:

    @Celine (376)
    You will find the answer on Ep 11 and 12 🙂
    Little bit spoiller:
    Ep11 – HS admit her felling that she like SH.
    Ep12 – SH get back his memories 🙂

    Two thump up for WriterNim, the story flow so smooth. I hope, the add 2 episode will not ruin the ending. I still ship Nuna donsaeng CP, fighting SH and HS. And i hope KW will endup with DY 🙂

    Next week, i think will be focus to MJG and SH Father story, SH and HS Lovey dovey story, arrghhh cant wait next ep!

    Fighting IHYV ^_*

  382. 382 : hny Jo Says:

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  385. 385 : dramaholic Says:

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  386. 386 : Taemin~ah Says:

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  387. 387 : bigeye46 Says:

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  388. 388 : leesumi Says:

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  389. 389 : taraJJ Says:

    yesterday episode was amazing.. really love hug from the back sooo ramantic.. I’m feeling soo ha will get sick from the car crashed, I hope is wrong..

  390. 390 : Mujib2810 Says:

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    @Ana Thank You So Much for u the helps i got from u both, really appreciate u guys kindness^^ jeongmal kamsa hamnida^^~

  391. 391 : agneschoi Says:

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    best dramaaa~

  392. 392 : cynn Says:

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  393. 393 : Kdramaholic Says:

    fanboys and fangirls should be enjoy, because noona-dongsaeng couple is happening, although you can’t really see this in your everyday life, in korean culture that is 😛

  394. 394 : usa-mary Says:

    At first, I thought P-Do Yun’s closing statement had knocked the legs out from under the defense when she used the elephant in the puzzle analogy. That is, until PB-Hye Sung came back with the missing pieces of the puzzle statement. What if…when the pieces are found, it shows the elephant kicking a ball and not killing someone. What will happen then? Can you restore the years taken away from that person? Excellent thought!

    @Kdramaholic-393: Its not seen because its done in secret or late at night! Just like anything else that would draw public disapproval.

  395. 395 : celine Says:

    ep 12 – oou my gaaah~~! SH more and more so vulnerable in this ep! Your crying act really made me wanna cry too..
    I more like DY in this ep! Ahaha..hey you tw, DY-HS can you just hug each other to make up all the everything misunderstanding? Please, i want a womance in this drama..
    And ya! Lawyer cha! Don’t make me hate you please..who do you think you are to told SH is a burden or not, leave or stay? HS is the one who brought SH back, so go to tell to her! But at least i can understand bcause that yourself beaware of being a rude..

  396. 396 : laraaasa Says:

    I hate lawyer cha !his so annoying!

  397. 397 : Juliane04 Says:

    I appreciate the writer for making this drama an awesome one however it will be too much appreciated if SH&HS end up together.

  398. 398 : mia Says:

    omg the rating is really daebak!!
    keep up the good work i seriously hope SH&HS for endgame 🙂

  399. 399 : zura Says:

    Awww… the episodes are getting more interesting… really love the chemistry between HS & SH.

  400. 400 : usa-mary Says:

    This is an excellent drama!

    I’m so glad that SH is getting his memory back, but does HS have to be so cold towards him, even if she’s fighting against having feelings for him. HS has no immediate family members. That of his uncle doesn’t even count for being human.

    I wonder what SH’s father did or said to MJG’s wife to deserve that type of retaliation? I hope SH investigates on his own to find out what happened and not keep it a secret from HS (that’s if she’ll listen). Still, regardless of what happened to MJG’s wife, it doesn’t warrant him going on a massive killing spree of innocent people! I just knew that ahjumma (who befriended him) didn’t realize what she was giving stubby permission to do when she told him to see it out to the end! Foolish greedy woman.

  401. 401 : Voice Says:

    Is SH real sick? Y bleeding? Brain cancer later? Pls…pls my dear writer, don’t try to do this ….boring man !

  402. 402 : Voice Says:

    Is SH sick? Y bleeding? Brain cancer later? Please …my dear writer, don’t try to do this ….we don’t buy it ok ? 18, 28, 38 episodes also no problem as long as HS+ SH= love ending …ok

  403. 403 : kimchilee Says:

    In the past, they like to make the nose bleed scenes due to stress.. so hopefully, its not some brain tumour .. rrrrright dear writer??? i’ll never ever watch your drama again if you have a lousy ending for this drama..or like Gu Family.. dont spoil the superb drama for the lousy ending.. please.. I read there will be extension.. hope it will not be draggy or hasty ending!

  404. 404 : Sharon Says:

    I love the songs in this drama!!!
    I hope no extension, just leave good enough alone.
    Story is great, good job.

  405. 405 : seprienna Says:

    I really love this drama.
    I would like to download all the episode.can anyone tell me where can I download this drama preferably MEGA or zippyshare file,please
    thanks in advance

  406. 406 : celine Says:

    @400 – don’t you remember that the power of SH was comeback too? So, no matter HS avoiding and cold to SH, he will know the sincerely feeling of HS. Ahaha..he can’t be fooled anyway 😀
    Oh, there is extended ep and i hope that’s for clearing all the problem like problem of SH’s father, DY’s biological father and the #1 wish of extended ep is don’t ever ever ever twist ending like example SH being sick, brain tumor blablabla!!

  407. 407 : Juliane04 Says:

    Have a good ending for everybody’s happiness& [email protected] forever…fighting!!!

  408. 408 : me Says:

    I hope the two extended episode will be good. Hyesung and sooha \^^/

  409. 409 : ddy Says:

    for screenwriter, produser, and director:
    I watch this drama just for -H Y E S U N G & S O O H A-
    so….please let them (HS&SH) being a couple in the end…!!!

  410. 410 : Clairerosean Says:

    Dear admin, I think the profile of Kim Ga Eun Should be updated… These actresses oseems to share the same name http://asianwiki.com/Kim_Ga-Eun thanks…

  411. 411 : miss Says:

    omg ??????????? 8 episode ??? I can’t wait this episode why ???? hiks hiks

  412. 412 : gold Says:

    Lee Jong Suk is the man lead in this drama, please change the number list between him and Yoon Sang Hyun. Thanks 🙂

  413. 413 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-404: Hi girlfriend!

    @celine-406: I would accept extensions for the very reasons you stated! Sometimes dramas that end way too soon, results in cramming the storyline…leaving us, the viewer sensing that something is missing.

  414. 414 : Annabella Says:

    I am also worried the writer will make SH sick 🙁 I just hope the cellmate of MJG had that illness just because he needed to be released or be admitted to the hospital where his (suppose to be dead?) wife is working. The fact that they met was planned by fate. and maybe important to the story.

    Just let SH be fine. He’s gone through enough. 🙁
    SH & HS together till the end please!!

  415. 415 : cynn Says:

    I really not like if SH sick….:(
    what this movies is so BAD….
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  416. 416 : cynn Says:

    I really not like if SH sick….:(
    what this movies is so BAD….

  417. 417 : Sharon Says:

    Hey, what’s up!!! I read all your comments.
    This story is quite different from the rest, it takes the viewers to a different level. The judicial system has been portrayed in a way that is easy to understand and the love triangle is as mysterious as MJG.
    Why I did not want the additional ep is because the writer, director team has already chosen 16 ep, that means the plot and ending has already been decided. Sometimes tampering with that can result in a disconnected ending!!
    However , I do hope that they keep the story tight to the end.

  418. 418 : riyanti Says:

    i can’t watch this drama online,,,,
    i wanna cry,,hiks,,,hiks,,,,
    good drama and drama crazy is not available,,,,
    can you let me know what kind of web that i can watch on line???
    please,,,,,,let me know dear,,,,,

  419. 419 : riyanti Says:

    thank you good,,,,
    i could’nt watch in chrome,,,
    n i watch in explore,,,
    hore,,,,,,thank dear….i’m still in 8,,,,fighting!!!

  420. 420 : agnesia Says:

    its still exist in gooddrama, or you can watch in EP drama.

    this is awesome two thumbs up!!! no wonder it ranks become number 1.
    I loveeeeee Lee jong suk !!!! muaaahhh muaahhh muahhhh…. LOL!!!
    perfect guy!!

  421. 421 : Clairerosean Says:

    Admin: Thanks for the update for my comment #410, although still some photos has to be sorted out accordingly. Thanks again.

    And about this drama, i totally object about the idea KW ending up with HS, why?

    Obviously he had chosen his ‘sort of’ obligation as a lawyer. If in case he really loved HS he could have pleaded guilty for that bastard instead of insisting for the not guilty plea, he is a lawyer he can tell his client (stick to his words that he is HS’s man), by that he did his job a Lawyer but at the same time, buy some time to investigate more (e.i the files he requested about the past incident) or something, and most importantly, relieved SH’s pain and worries. but unfortunately, he chose to be on that monster’s side rather than his mourning Girlfriend. Acting like a righteous lawyer with holding the mere reasonable doubt rule – which should be his least option cause the victim is HS. so i don’t pity him at all even though he act remorseful now, I don’t think it will suffice the pain he caused to HS. HS can definitely forgive (as a lawyer doing his job – because she is a lawyer herself) but she should not accept him as a lover again. Unlike SH, his 10 year old love to HS has been proven tooooooooo…. Just too many times. He is totally worth her love. He can protect her in any way, physically and mentally (like literally coz he read minds) so SH will be totally safe with him.

    Age is just a number after-all… she like him, he like her so what’s wrong with that? Just end up together already.

  422. 422 : celine Says:

    anyone watch the queen’s classroom? Hooollll~ i think that drama was crazy drama i ever watch! That drama teaching us that we can’t against the realistic. Such a unacceptable drama but that’s the realistic one-__-

  423. 423 : Clairerosean Says:

    Oh and btw, this drama is categorized as ‘romance, fantasy and COMEDY’ genre… not a melodrama so I am absolutely sure PSH will NEVER die…

    Besides, the writers should stick up with the title itself, ‘I Hear Your Voice’ – it is totally talking about SH, if he dies, who hears who or what? right? so till the end he will be there…

    (Wow… I think i sound so determined there.. its not a spoiler or something, It is just actually what I keep telling to myself so I won’t feel bad – I will definitely stick up till the very last episode either it is 16 or 18 or even more but of course, since it is a romance, I am hoping SH ends up with HS… )

    Peace to all!!! 🙂

  424. 424 : er Says:


    Go to that link.. there is a preview of ep 13 on the thread.. 🙂

  425. 425 : Taemin~ah Says:

    http://youtu.be/O0Dpm80dBTw Peview for Ep 13

  426. 426 : rory Says:

    thanx @Taemin~ah for the link of Ep13 preview…I just can’t wait ..Wednesday & Thursday, pls come faster…

    headache, nose bleed! I hope it’s only for his amnesia’s symptoms..poor sooha yahhh..as expected, that MJG must has his reason for killing SH’s father..but still we can’t believe him 100%..Yes, i will never ever believe or sympathize him..coz he is so damn cruel & evil for killing people so easily! damn MJG! PSH, please be strong okay!

  427. 427 : rory Says:

    *arghhh..I mean, amnesia’s effects..NOT his amnesia’s symptoms 😀
    it’s looks like me who’s getting headache here -____-

  428. 428 : tyarachunnie Says:

    love sooha soo much…happy ending please…

  429. 429 : Joyce Says:

    I was wondering what the father of Sooha did to MJG’s wife!cud she be Sooha’s mom? She got pregnant with SH’s dad and after she gave birth, Sooha was taken away from her…she beg but SH’s dad was so cruel with her and she committed suicide cos she can’t handle losing her son and MJG saw everything ,and that made him kill SH’s dad….it’s all bcoz he love his wife so much!

  430. 430 : Mini Says:

    Thanks for the preview link!
    From beginning the story passed so fast. Example: SH met HS at ep 2, SH faced to face with MJG at ep 3, HS remembered SH at ep 4, the best mom was die, etc. And now they’ll extending the episode? I just worried abt that

  431. 431 : maria Says:

    ep 13 preview

  432. 432 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-417: What’s up! I definitely understand what you’re saying about the extension.

    What are you watching now? I would like to join in on having a good dialogue with you.

  433. 433 : usa-mary Says:

    @maria-431: Thank you for the preview of ep. 13 Maria!

    Well…well…well…the psycho rat has finally migrated to the city! Who will spot or should I say, sense his existence first?

  434. 434 : cynthia Says:

    i hear your voice ep 13 preview


  435. 435 : violetrain Says:

    Anybody can help with the eng sub/translation for ep 13 preview? pls help us the desperate fans…. 🙂

  436. 436 : cynthia Says:

    click here to download ost i hear your voice part 5
    sweetly lalala- melody day

  437. 437 : Park Says:

    Omooo i think ost part 5 is for lovey dovey story between sh and hs 😀

  438. 438 : leesumi Says:

    HS: Soo Ha-yah, did you perhaps regain your memory?

    SH: Huh?

    HDJ: It was that person. That person that I was said to have killed 26 years ago.
    Thats why… let me be declared innocent please!

    Lawyer: I will be taking over the Hwang Dal Joong case.

    SDY: Why so suddenly?

    Lawyer: It seems your father called and asked to do so.

    SDY: My father?

    Cha: I now understand that immature idealism and faith can be like poison to a lawyer. Someone helped wake me up to that reality.

    SDY: When did you start behaving like Laywer Cha?

    HS: I learned a thing or two from Lawyer Cha. Why?

    MJK: Its been a long time, Lawyer Cha Kwan Woo.

    HS: Soo Ha-yah, did anything happen?

    SH: Min Joon Gook has been spotted.

    HS: …What


  439. 439 : Violet88 Says:

    So i guess SH did not come straight to HS about him recovering his memory n power.. Well, he better play it out well, else he’ll get kicked out from HS hse.. Hehehe

  440. 440 : ann Says:

    Oh my! I know why its number 1 in rating! Park So Ha!!!! I love you oppa! Fighting! Please happy ending to park So Ha and Jang!!!

  441. 441 : Jessie Arisa Says:

    Whaat it turns to have 18 episode?! That means i have to wait more longer to see sooha and hyezung end up together

  442. 442 : juliane04 Says:

    im so happy for 2 more extension and hoping HS-SH HAPPEEY ENDING

  443. 443 : Herie Says:

    I Love this drama..Please please gimme the happy ending too! Sooha <3 Hye Sung!!! What a sweet couple! Daebak!

  444. 444 : kem Says:

    episode 13..where is the preview

  445. 445 : Patty Says:

    i really hope this drama have a good and nice ending..its very interesting drama..i will suport this 100%~~~park soo ha and hye sung fighting~~~

  446. 446 : celine Says:

    is this article can be a signal that the drama have happy ending? Haha-__-


  447. 447 : DramaAddict Says:

    AHH this drama is amazing! i just love it! park soo ha is adorable and i cannot wait for the next episode to come out! >.<

  448. 448 : weareone Says:

    I hear your voice episode 13 PREVIEW : http://goo.gl/pZBrY

  449. 449 : Park Says:

    The reason of extended ep according to sbs: mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/article/40935

  450. 450 : wankheng Says:

    wa….the drama so good mah?

  451. 451 : Mujib2810 Says:

    hi everyone, just wanna ask , can we download the streaming links in gooddrama.net using AVGO Free
    Downloader?? is someone here had try download the videos from gooddrama.net streaming links???

  452. 452 : Ana Says:

    download it from freekordramas.blogspot.ro

  453. 453 : Ttuk Says:

    FYI, you can use a bittorrent client too and dl 720p versions from sites like d-addicts.com

  454. 454 : taraJJ Says:

    first I don’t like the extention eps from 16 to 18… but after I heard that Kim Min Jung will be appearing as a cameo in this drama.. I jump of joy, he’s my favorite oppa, a lawyer Choi Yoon from A Gentleman’s Dignity.. can’t wait seeing him again even in a short scene 🙂

  455. 455 : Mujib2810 Says:

    @Ana thank you again for recommending me that site, i want to know which host did u mostly choose to download the dramas?? is it the one that hosted in uploaded.net (with avi. format)?? because the other links are in rar. format ??can vlc plays rar. ?? sorry for asking too many questions…hope u can help me… 🙂

  456. 456 : cynthia Says:

    Watch episode 13
    click here

  457. 457 : Qwergreen Says:

    I HEAR YOUR VOICE EPISODE 13 ENG SUB : http://goo.gl/Oj6CV

    live recap,,,include in there ..don’t miss it guys…just go there now. Click the link now. thank you 🙂

  458. 458 : Kimchi Says:

    FYI, Kim min jong (gentlement dignity) and Eom Ki Jon (Kang ssaem, Kirin high school of dream high 1) will be appears in this drama as cameos

  459. 459 : Zeez22 Says:

    I love SH and love this drama!!! How can it be so good??

  460. 460 : fitachow Says:

    Watch it now, I hear your voice episode 14 preview : http://goo.gl/nFpD6

  461. 461 : ddy Says:

    uhm Ki Joon appear on ep.14… i see on ep.14 preview..

  462. 462 : mocha Says:

    ep 13 when soo ha brought a gift for lawyer oska “leave the price tag in the package, please” Lol

  463. 463 : Bhebz Says:

    This drama is getting more interesting!! Love it.

  464. 464 : cynthia Says:

    kiss scene JHS & PSH in episode 14


  465. 465 : cynthia Says:

    watch episode 14 but without english sub

  466. 466 : cynthia Says:

    or you can watch on youtube.

  467. 467 : Ana Says:

    [email protected] I usually download it on parts from YD (Yandex) OR 2S ( 2 shared), after I download the 2 parts , I click on the first and I chose to extract , then the both files are becoming one .
    And it’s an avi file.
    You can also download from FF ( File Factory ) .
    I like these hosts because you don’t need to wait.
    If it dosn’t appear when you click on the file , extact here, you may not have winrar instaled.
    I hope that I helped you..
    thank you for responding to my coment and tell me if you don;t understand something

  468. 468 : viandeenics Says:

    this is a cool episode 🙂

    I Hear Your Voice Episode 14 Eng Sub >>> http://ow.ly/n6mxE

    Enjoy ^_^

  469. 469 : usa-mary Says:

    What I like about this drama…

    -Everything! Bravo writer Park Hye Ryun, actors, director and PD crew!

    -I’m s-l-o-w-l-y being swayed into liking HS and SH as a couple! They have amazing chemistry and already act like a caring, comfortable, content married couple. Though I still favor lawyer Cha! What to do…what to do!

    -The head PD lawyer who tried HS’s revolving door trick to resolve his dilemma, but only became dizzy in the process! LOL

    -When Dal Joong was released from prison, though glad to be greeted by his friend, he questioned the reliability of his friend’s older model car. Everything was fine until the lawyer tried to open the seemingly jammed car door. When he finally got it open, the door panel fell out onto the ground! LOL

    -The robe flapping ‘Batman cape’ senior judge who looked more like Batman’s nemesis, the Penguin, when his robe puffed up as he tried to cool himself in the poorly ventilated courtroom with his mini floor fan. Interrupting prosecutor Seo as she presented her case was not a good thing as she gave him a cold look that made him forget about the fan! LOL

    -Dal Joong who want to plead innocent for stabbing a ghost who resurfaced after 26 years of playing dead! Hmmmm???

    It looks like Seo Do Yun is going to need a few shoulders to cry on after she finds out that she’s the natural daughter of Dal Joong and was adopted by the Seo’s. After putting the pieces together, everyone will want to know why Judge Seo purposely didn’t clear Dal Joong’s name for a murder he didn’t commit…while letting him rot in prison for 26 year! SH’s memory returned and he told HS, but no one else knows at this point. Judge Seo has lots and lots of explaining to do!!! Its obvious that the judge didn’t tell his wife about Do Yun’s real parents or how he came about adopting her after meeting with Do Yun’s real mother because he’s the only one tense and fearful of her knowing the truth.

    What did SH’s father do that sparked MJG’s madness for revenge and a killing spree? Inquiring minds want to know!

    How could lawyer Cha let his guard down by listening to that crazy man MJG? Cha should have knocked him out with the board while he straddled MJG’s back, tied him up with his necktie, then called the police. I know…I know…writer’s choice!

  470. 470 : clairerosean Says:

    wow, This is the episode we are all waiting for (Team SH & HS)… too much skinship…. too much sweetness… too much kisses!!! So cute…! Although i watched it raw (http://k24h.com/raw-i-hear-your-voice-ep-14/) just seeing them in action made me giggly this much! Check the link to know what i am talking about..

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  471. 471 : clairerosean Says:


    BIG LOL yeah, those scenes were quite funny I agree… loved the cape and the ghost killing scenes the most..

    EP 14 is packed with funny scenes too… but i love the most SH – Bus scene.. i won’t give more spoiler, just watch it!

  472. 472 : ann Says:

    gomawo….reallt amazing because SH with SH……
    tq so much …:)

  473. 473 : juliane04 Says:

    ep 14 was so amazing.it felts my heart trembling.more more happy scenes and sweet episode to come.GOD BLESS EVERYONE ‘TIL NEXT WK

  474. 474 : sheesa Says:

    How can i download it from freekordramas.blogspot.ro ?
    Which host should i choose ?.. Cause it seems everytime i choose one of them it appears that they say my player doesn’t compatible (need to upgrade it) . I’ve upgraded it, but it didn’t work..
    Help me please guys 🙁

    *sorry if my english was bad* *i’m indonesian* *coughing* 😐

  475. 475 : violet Says:

    @sheesa coba download idm (internet download manager aja)..ntar semua video (bahkan lagu) yg kamu tonton di internet bisa langsung didownload..jd bisa download dr situs manapun yg nyediain tontonan secara online

  476. 476 : violet Says:

    I love this episode (14)!!! I know hye sung will fall into soo ha..but who knows she will confess it directly ..lol..

    this drama totally hooked me watching it every weekend..hope the upcoming dramas (good doctor, who are you, etc) are also as good as this one..

  477. 477 : Annalyn Says:

    i hear your voice, you made my day!!! on episode 14 soo-ha and Hye-sung are officially dating!!! yeheeey!!! party! party! LOL XD

  478. 478 : riyanti Says:

    weating tor eng sub in good drama,,,,,,:(

  479. 479 : Mujib2810 Says:

    @Ana ouh, after finish downloaded the 2 parts, i just have to click on the downloaded file to extract the files ,so i just need to download & installed winrar to extract those files…ryte? did it took long to extract the files??

  480. 480 : herie Says:

    ayeee~~~ I love the episode 14 too really! SH-HS so good together! Keep up the good work dear director and scriptwriter!

  481. 481 : Sandy Says:

    I’m so loving this drama…SH & HS finally a couple…they look so good together…with her full of energy personality and his more serious type of personality I think they really blend as a great couple…I can’t wait till next week…I’m still hoping for them to be together in the end…so don’t you dare (Mr. writer) to give me a different type of ending…so loving this drama!! 🙂

  482. 482 : momO Says:

    l has addicted to Korean drama….Y Korean drama can be so touching??

  483. 483 : usa-mary Says:

    @clairerosean-471: Oooooooh! This drama is really making me happyeee! Thank you for not telling me about the scene in ep. 14 that I’ve played over and over countlessly! hehehe Wow! Not only is HS tall, but a strong youngin’ at that! Causing HS to blush and heart to flutter like that while we, the viewers act like we’re at a pep rally in the comfort of our homes! Also, I hope SH doesn’t continue to carry around the guilt of his father’s mistake, causing him to foolishly sacrifice himself for HS.

    Okay writer Park! There are some people who keep saying someone is going to die among our lead actors in this drama! I don’t know where they’re getting their insider’s info from and don’t want to know. Granted death is very much a part of life just like living is, but there’s been enough of that in this drama to last me for a good while! Plus, I hope its not either SH or HS….please!!! They both have experienced tremendous losses of both parents and not to have to deal with the horrid actions of MJG. Writer Park, I know your characters tell you what each one’s destiny will be as you penned their development when you wrote this script. Yet, with all due respect, have MERCY on us viewers and if anyone dies let it be that heinous MJG alone and not anyone else!!!

  484. 484 : violet Says:

    hope no one dies in the end..that’s enough..everyone in this drama has suffered..plase writer don’t make mjg die, he should feel his victims’ pain by being sentenced life year in prison

  485. 485 : cuity17 Says:

    Can’t hardly wait this drama end, so I can buy dvd n watch this continously… Tanpa brenti bow!! Lol 😀

  486. 486 : bigeye46 Says:

    yeah it so good drama and hs and sh so sweet couple..wonderful and thumb up

  487. 487 : bear Says:

    i really love to watch ep 14 yahooo…..yes ! very nice drama hope there will be happy ending..

  488. 488 : celine Says:

    My score to ihyv ep 13: 7/10
    The good things:
    -The funny scenes! SH brought a hiking shoes to lawyer oska and gave him the price tag too, and a fan accident in hot courtroom scene. I’m dying!!
    -and lawyer oska was attacked by MJK for what the hell, MJK trying to using oska again?
    -still curious abt father park’s case, the pd still keeping the story without giving any clue to us!
    The bad things:
    -i’m not suprised abt the fact of HDJ case such as DY is his daughter and flashback between Judge seo and HDJ’s wife because those are already spoiled at previous previous episode ago.
    -I’m glad SH back with his ability and memory but what? HS not notice that? whereas SH suddenly spoke banmal and his personality. isn’t she used to live with him?
    -a detergent comercial scene. HAHA

    Now i’m watching ep 14! 😀

    *i guess my english getting worst-__-

  489. 489 : usa-mary Says:

    Was the kissing scene between SH and HS the calm before the Hwang Dal Joong and MJG storms?

    What I grin and bear in this drama…

    -SH feeling like he’s some type of monstrous freak by his uncle and HS (who’s trying to deal with it) because he’s gifted to hear other people’s thoughts! He’s unique, not an oddity to be shunned.

    -SH’s feeling of guilt of what happened between his father and MJG’s wife. (It still isn’t clear to me). Makes me wonder if SH will eventually do something rash, like make an agreement with MJG to take his life just to spare HS’s life! I HOPE NOT!!!


    -Constantly seeing on websites that either HS or SH will die at the end! ssssssssss (the Korean sound of disapproval)!!!

    -The judges huddled bashing Lawyer Jang, again. At least, they’re not saying she’s lazy. Now, she’s making them ‘work too hard’ by wanting a trial by jury. Boy, laziness alternates between the cops and the judges. Earning a paycheck shouldn’t be this taxing!!!!

    What I like about this drama…

    -Judge Kim making a public place his boudoir by having a Biore’ type nose pore strip on his nose during lunch time. Wow! Nothing personal, but so many times men can get away with just about anything while the whole world is a woman’s mirror! The invention of camera cellphones heightened the exposure! LOL

    -HS’s confession to SH which helped ease the overall pressure both are experiencing individually and collectively. Even if it did cause her to question herself; both are happier, yet HS is not comfortable with the age difference.

    -The aftermath of SH’s kiss must have left a lasting impression or should I say sensation on HS’s lips!

    -Its one thing for a man to kiss a woman. But to be so strong as to pick her up and thank her repeatedly, then kiss her without buckling his knees or gasping for breathe is swooning! Thank you for the wonderful visualization!!! Its Mucho Caliente!!!

  490. 490 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. Someone posed a question in another website about Do Yun which made me wonder about the following. Is Seo Do Yun aka Hwang Ga In, the hidden love child of Judge Seo Dae Suk and Dal Joong’s wife? We’ll find out! Inquiring minds wants to know!

    @celine-488: You English is just fine!

  491. 491 : Sabrina_GG Says:

    Violin , me too .. I really want to watch Who Are You and Good Doctor .. I Hear Your Voice also a0is a great drama . LOVE IT !!

  492. 492 : celine Says:

    @usa-mary 490: That’s a non-sense i think. Instead, i more wonder what kind relationship among MJK, MJK’s wife and SH’s father? Triangle love? MJK’s wife has a love affair with SH’s father? It can bring me to a big estimate: MJK is SH’s step father. GAAAH~~ if it is true, uri SH will be hurt so much! 🙁

    My english is fine? Thankyou 😀

  493. 493 : Ana Says:

    [email protected] No, it dosn’t take long to extract, les than a minute

  494. 494 : ann Says:

    Sh togetherness will remain with HS …:)

  495. 495 : dark Says:

    i rmber something fr previous episode
    MJG says his wife was killed by the words of SH’s father..

  496. 496 : daryl Says:

    episode 14 made my day!!!! i love the way hye sung confessed to soo ha!!!! and the way soo ha reacted!!!! they really look good together! this drama is another addition to my long list of favorites korean drama. so touching…..

  497. 497 : celine Says:

    ep 14: is all abt the truth and the lies.
    i got a different value from sooha’s naration at the ending that sometimes the thing what makes a relationship between people become more paeceful is lies rather than truth. Lies is more comfortable than truth, so most people ignore the truth, sooha is same who can sees the truth. So, when he facing the truth he just close his eyes. But this is contrast with hyesung now who seeks out the truth even she knows it might be hurt. So, i hope sooha doesn’t hiding the truth from hyesung much longer even he knows now that his jjang d’arc already become more him who sees the truth, chasing the truth

  498. 498 : celine Says:

    p.s. rather than they charging more money for the guests appearence (i think they did it for elongate the episode) is better if they telling us more story abt young-sooha’s life, like early episodes and part 1 of ep 14! That was made my heart flutter! Oh…sooha-ya 🙁

  499. 499 : eny Says:

    When i start little bit boring they add another 2 ep, I don’t want this drama become draggy n predictable

  500. 500 : Periwinkle Says:

    Hello @Admin, I think you should also include the new public defender Uhm Ki Joon. Funny how they used his real name in the drama too LOL

  501. 501 : Periwinkle Says:

    Well said, celine 🙂 🙂 This drama is truly amazinggg <3

  502. 502 : Mujib2810 Says:

    @Ana ouh that pretty fast hehe, okay thank you..u do helped me a lot thanks ya^^

  503. 503 : Ana Says:

    [email protected] I’m really happy that it worked! ^^You’re welcome!

  504. 504 : usa-mary Says:

    @celine-492: Explain why its nonsense so I can understand your reasoning for making that statement? The question that person posed didn’t seem like nonsense to me, at all. In fact, its a valid, concrete observation that’s paramount to this drama because Judge Seo’s connection to the next case is the major trial we’re going to see in the next episode(s)! This trial, like all the others, will reveal the hidden truths that weren’t easily noticed, accepted or were maliciously ignored.

    Also, if SH is MJG’s stepson, that would be a shocker because of MJG’s retaliation. In other dramas, no one really cared about the 2nd or 3rd wives and their children when fathered by a chaebol businessmen. They just gossiped about it. But, psycho MJG changed all that in this drama…that is…if that’s the case! Even so, if it was the case , its not SH’s fault. At least, he’s not blood related to that psycho nut, MJG! Its so sad how the innocent children who have no voice in these matters always become the marked, harassed victims due to the actions of selfish adults.

  505. 505 : IHYV Says:

    love this drama very much!!!

  506. 506 : celine Says:

    It’s clear in the story that judge seo taken DY for repaying his fault toward HDJ. Like firework accident, judge seo gave HS’s mother money and HS asked why. She thinks judge seo was afraid what if she isn’t a culprit. From that, judge seo wonder if he will repeat his fault again.

    also, maybe i already manipulated. Why i though mjk has or hasn’t blood relation with sh. It naturally came since mjk confessed his reason to killed sh’s father. At first, i guessing the reason why mjk killed sh’s father because of business problem but after mjk’s confession in fishery and said that sh’s father killed mjk’s wife with his conned tounge, the question abt 3 relationship just came.

  507. 507 : usa-mary Says:

    @celine-506: We obviously didn’t get the same understanding from the scene when Judge Seo and HDJ’s wife met. HDJ’s wife clearly asked Judge Seo to take Tae In and provide a better life for her since he and his wife were childless. That doesn’t even make good sense for Judge Seo to adopt Tae In and raise her as a way to repay HJD for falsely imprisoning him. It didn’t state that in the drama. I believe there were other reasons the judge didn’t come forth to reveal HDJ’s wife not being dead. One was because he wanted to adopt Tae In because he and his wife were childless. DY’s DNA test results will tell us whether HDJ is her father or not. Hopefully, we’ll find out in the next episodes what the other reasons are.

    Of course, SH is not blood related to MJG! MJG is heinous, but not towards his own blood (I hope)!

  508. 508 : MoMo Says:

    i hope it will be happy ending….
    WriterNim, please~ i beg u….

  509. 509 : dinaz Says:

    phew!!it was hard resisting myself from reading the spoilers here before i watched the episodes myself..watched ep11 to 14 today..woww i am so glad that soo ha and hyesung are together now.. 🙂 🙂 for lawyer cha do yeon is there hope they get paired up later..but dosent seem like it!!
    i love to see the bratty hyesung..haha..she acts well..i saw her in save the last dance for me and now this drama.she has really done so well with this role..
    and lee jong suk is so cute specially his lips are so cute and kissable..hehe 🙂
    i dont know why but i dont seem to sympathy with min joon gook..he is a total psycho..coz if he wanted to kill little soo ha too..if soo ha’s dad was at fault it had to be something wrong with mjg that his wife was after soo ha’s dad..
    another thing that bothers me is soo ha..hope he wont be killed at the end..please writers you all cant do that..

  510. 510 : iamjerq Says:

    a really good drama! I so love it! ^^

  511. 511 : firda Says:

    i waitig the drama

  512. 512 : firda Says:

    drama fantasticcc

  513. 513 : jess Says:

    Episode 15 preview here guys 🙂


  514. 514 : RonelaAGarcia Says:

    Where can we watch episode 13 and 14 because epdrama.com is broken from Episode 13 part 3 to Episode 14. Anybody, please reply.

  515. 515 : dinaz Says:

    @RonelaAGarcia u can watch it in http://www.gooddrama.net

  516. 516 : cynthia Says:

    i hear your voice preview episode 15

  517. 517 : ks Says:

    waw amazing rating
    i am now watching this drama and really good story

  518. 518 : Zeez Says:

    I love this drama to bits… Still need to wait for 2 more days…

  519. 519 : sangjhoon Says:

    gud drama but am still wondering the relationship of hye sung with soo ha, i thought i was beginning to see it’s more of a platonic relation but hvng seen the latest epis i’m quite baffled now!

  520. 520 : leesumi Says:

    there is nothing confusing about their relationship they are predestined lovers its fated from the day they met as kids the reason why they couldnt stay platonic is that they are not actually brother and sister and to care so much for an unrelated person as they did it will turn into love sooner or later but its an innocent love though

  521. 521 : sunflower93239 Says:

    I like this drama, but I don’t love it. I think the chemistry between Hye Sung and Cha Kwan Woo was legit. They are opposites yet compliment each other. With Hye Sung and Soo Ha it was evident he had a big time crush on her from the get go. While they have a shared history I don’t see them as destined lovers. Who knows, the show might be able to pull off something with the remaining four episodes that would change that.

  522. 522 : Masfie Says:

    I hope it’ll be happy ending.. SH-HS and KW-DY

  523. 523 : violet88 Says:

    Is there anybody can help to enlighten me? i know SH spoke in banmal to HS.. but i always wonder how does he calling her as in the direct translation..

  524. 524 : leesumi Says:


    he doesnt call her anything he uses the word / you / instead of a name he doesnt call her noona and cant call her by her bare name

  525. 525 : cynthia Says:

    preview episode 16 i hear your voice


  526. 526 : Raneem Says:

    This drama is the best drama for 2013 , lee jong suk oppa fighting

  527. 527 : cynthia Says:

    watch online episode 15

  528. 528 : Tantree Says:


    WATCH HERE NOW : http://ow.ly/nhmVU

  529. 529 : cynthia Says:

    see on youtube

  530. 530 : cynthia Says:

    the ending i hear your voice (episode 18)

  531. 531 : juliane04 Says:

    this episode 15 is so heartbreaking

  532. 532 : cynn Says:

    what is ending the ep 18????whether is become happy or sad???

  533. 533 : ann Says:

    really so much ending SH with HS…please 🙂

  534. 534 : herie Says:

    phew..this drama is making me so nervous..lol.. i want them to be together Sooha <3 Hye Sung. Why so few the romantic scene of SH-HS? hehehe 😛 i want more! haha.. pleaseee..

  535. 535 : violet88 Says:

    @ leesumi

    Thanks dear.. so they talk to each other by using “you” and “me” is it.. very cute… hmm, how about when he had amnesia? how does he calls her in jondae?..

  536. 536 : momO Says:

    He juz called her as lawyer…..

  537. 537 : edel Says:

    Hai,can u tell me,where i can free download for this drama.thanks

  538. 538 : Aga Says:

    Hope HS and SH hv happy ending…:-)
    Fighting couple….

  539. 539 : celine Says:

    Poor DY 🙁

  540. 540 : usa-mary Says:

    Now what’s happening with viki.com?!!!

    Since I watched it in the raw…I look forward to seeing the subs!

    Granted this is fiction and even so, its understood that DY would be upset and emotional, but that face slapping even 1x wouldn’t be happening! She needs to vent her frustrations at one of those baseball cages…REALLY!

  541. 541 : celine Says:

    ep 15:
    -The DNA test shown that DY is HDJ’s daughter 99,999997% match. *i was lol’ing when hyesung said 99,999997% in courtroom with that mimicry*
    -DY is in difficult state. She should prosecuting her biological father *poor her:(*
    -Father park is a reporter *i don’t know what kind of reporter*
    -MJK sent articles to lawyer cha, sooha, n hyesung (which the writer is father park) about ‘The Myth of 100% Transpalant Success’. Lawyer cha and sooha invertigating it. Fortunately, hyesung has no idea and just abandon it *pheeeew*

  542. 542 : herie Says:

    ep 16..aaaaaa i cried..T_T.. I hope HS wont hate our SH..I think she wont..but what will happen to HS makes me worrying now..please save her. SH.;p overall..thumbs up director & writer nim!

  543. 543 : cynthia Says:

    watch i hear your voice episode 16 in koreanonair.in

  544. 544 : dElisah Says:

    Watch I Hear Your Voice Ep. 16 [Raw / Englis sub]

    Watch now : http://goo.gl/qCnRJN

  545. 545 : cynthia Says:

    watch on k24h.com, episode 16

  546. 546 : Sandy Says:

    At this point, all I can say if this couple dont end up together, that will be mess up. I have loved all the cute moments that writer has made us to enjoy up to now…so I would really hate that he ends such a great drama with a louzy ending by SH & HS being apart. Of course its only my opinion.

  547. 547 : rory Says:

    someone jebal, lend a shoulders for DY..poor this girl ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    everyone love to see HS & SH end up together but I might be the only one viewer who doesn’t really care about their loveliness..teehehe..don’t get me wrong I’m not a Lawyer Cha & Jang shipper or hating SH & HS shipper tho..I just watch this drama because of their amazing plot..So, I’m okay if suddenly she choose Lawyer Cha since both are kind..SH & HS looks sweet together but I dunno, perhaps I’m a bit weird, yes, i like this drama but not too crazy about their loves 😀
    But the most important is I can’t wait to know what is MJG’s next plans..

    *sobs..only 3 eps left..I’m gonna miss this drama 4 sure..ops, it’s only 2 eps left to be exact..

  548. 548 : cynthia Says:

    Lee Jong Suk Has a Nightmare about Lee Bo Young’s Death

  549. 549 : cynthia Says:

    Lee Bo Young & Lee Da Hee Join Hands to Save Kim Byung Ok

  550. 550 : cynthia Says:

    Lee Da Hee Accepts Kim Byung Ok as Her Father

  551. 551 : cynthia Says:

    Lee Bo Young Gets Kidnapped by Jung Woong In

  552. 552 : HyunSooWorshipper Says:

    @rory i couldn’t agree more, i’m with you… first of, i like this drama because of the plots… still i can’t catched their amazing chemistry as others told about ’em… but just as a sibling… *just my guessing… but still i love it!!!
    i wonder the end of this drama will be a happy ending…!!! i’m not surprise… still watching till the end….. ^o^

    actually this drama reminds me of drama “Partner”…

    Fightiing Happy Fams… !!! 😉

  553. 553 : Zeez22 Says:

    This is so much better than “Partner”… I’m so addicted to this drama!!!

  554. 554 : Elibi777 Says:

    I love this drama <3

  555. 555 : vanessa lam Says:

    OMO! i use koreandrama.org to see the air times. and days of the dramas i watch…. the last time i check there was only suppose to be 16 episodes… So after i watch ep 16 tonight i almost had heart failure… lol.. thank god for some reason i came back here to check! i love them for extending this drama!

  556. 556 : Annalyn Says:

    Su-ha: July 26, 2013, 3:10 in the afternoon. She was kidnapped by Min Joon-gook. And two hours and thirty minutes later, our story of eleven years came to an end.

    What’s the meaning of that?!? i have no idea what’s gonna happen to soo-ha and hye-sung, this drama is making me anxious. I hope soo-ha and hye-sung will have their “happy ending.” geez! i can’t wait to watch the last two episodes!

  557. 557 : bianca Says:

    Iam afraid sooha will die for rescue hyesung 🙁 🙁 🙁

  558. 558 : mia Says:

    omg i keep opening koreandrama.org to see the rating! daebakk!!!!!

  559. 559 : Meddyanka Says:

    Please.. Sooha..don’t die!!!!!

  560. 560 : hny Jo Says:

    sad ending…huhuuhu, but dunno ,writer nim should have a good idea for the ending…love the story,,and happy to do yun n his father,,,waiting for next…

  561. 561 : punkcha11 Says:

    hope Soo Ha, have happy ending with Hye sung. Can’t imagine if he died @[email protected]

  562. 562 : anna Says:

    waaahhhh.. i hate min joon gook a lot!!! if something bad happens to hye sung or soo ha, i will kill him… (as if, i can do that?!) LOL XD

  563. 563 : fannie Says:

    I just watched episode 16 and am worried about the last two episodes.am looking forward of enjoying a happy ending for SH and HS. I hope there will be no blood shed among the characters except maybe for Min joon -gook.am sure the writers will not turn a good drama into a bad one. I t will just explain why a reporter(SH dad) can actually be responsible for the grandmother and son death or whatever, that MJG had to make revenge to the reporter and his family. That’s what i would like to know.The bright side is the necklace bought by SH for HS.How can it be given if SH and HS will have a tragic end?Although, there’s a premonition about SH dream, with the blood and the wedding dress(?). I really hope not. please make it a happy ending. we did’nt follow this drama for 16 episodes just to see a tragic and sad ending for the additional two.good luck writers and give it your best shot.

  564. 564 : KN95 Says:

    I watched ep 16 this afternoon, and I am praying hard that this will not be a tragic end, pls don’t separate Soo Ha and Hye Sung, let them live happily ever after. Min Joong Guk can just rot in hell, i don’t mind….Please make this drama a happy ending that everyone can cherish for a life time.

  565. 565 : Annabella Says:

    Im soooo worried about the ending! 🙁 Since in the dream HS was bleeding and lifeless doesnt that mean she would at least be shedding blood while kept captive?? omg 🙁 i dont know what to think..

    the fact that HS was wearing a wedding dress (?)- i think, can we be hopeful that the ending might include SH and HS tying the knot??

    ohh dear writers, please end this great drama with a great ending! 🙁

  566. 566 : celine Says:

    I’m not watching ep 16 yet bcz i’m buzy today. So i just read the recap at dramabeans (i’m usually watching first then read the recap and discussion at there). What the f!! I feel crack out! Writer-nim, please save the good people in this drama! 🙁
    And at the discussion, they race each other, said that sooha isn’t mjk’s biological son with their reasonable and logically theories. Whatever their theories/reasons abt it i’ll definitely 100,9999999% supporting them!

  567. 567 : usa-mary Says:

    I just watched episode 15 and want to say….BRAVO!!!

    HS is too funny with that huge visor covering her face. What a surprising and wonderful scene when SH raised the visor only to hear clearly HS’s thoughts about her feelings for him.

    I hope that SH doesn’t base HS’s viewpoint of DY and her adopted father Judge Seo as how she’ll view him if she finds out about his father. He’s holding it together emotionally as best he can. Trying to persevere with MJG still after the both of them while continuing to try to protect HS. That’s a lot on any person’s plate.

    Side Note:

    The Hwang Dal Joong’s trial reminds me of an old movie called, People Will Talk, starring Cary Grant. Grant, plays a doctor, who saved the life of a convict who went to the gallows after being tried for the murder of his former business partner twice. A very, very good movie!

    I hope the ending is not sad. I frequently look at the poster on this thread and don’t like what I see!

  568. 568 : Taemin~ah Says:

    When Soo Ha said ‘our story of eleven years came to an end’ in ep 16, I wonder if that includes Min Joon Gook since the 3 of them(PSH,JHS,MJK) first encountered 11 yrs ago…

  569. 569 : sruthyjose Says:

    im really really sad that the story is coming to an end… i will miss this drama very much.. one of the best dramas ever

  570. 570 : taraJJ Says:

    ooh I want to fast forward time bcoz I wanna know soo badly the ending of this drama…
    yeah its so sad that this drama coming to an end.. but I want to see Master of the Sun soon too 😉

  571. 571 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow! Writer Park Hye Ryun…you’re GOOD! I give you a Korean bow for writing such an excellent storyline!

    As I was enjoying this wonderful drama, I noticed that I passed with emotional flying colors at the untimely, horrible situations of JH, his father and HJ’s mother. I was unscathed during the disappearance of JH, confident that he would be found unharmed. When DY was told that she was adopted, while struggling to decide whether to take the DNA test and even when she cried in the bathroom during the trial’s recess, I did just fine. Then, while my tear ducts were minding their own business, enjoying their hiatus of naturally lubricating my eyeballs, HDJ’s verdict was read. As he stood facing the court with lowered eyes filled with tears…that did it! To my surprise, my tear ducts had a will of their own! Then, when the the judges, like 3 synchronized water ballet performers bowed to him…that did it…my emotions joined in!

  572. 572 : usa-mary Says:

    Humor To the Rescue! Thank you writer Park and wonderful PD’s Shin and Cha for the food cart scene! It was hysterically funny when PD Cha confessed spraying poop (eewwww and gross) on his car 7 years ago after a case he tried. The chase around the very small table …food throwing…hug…then surprise pulling of the hair scene relieved my teary-eyed soul.


    Then…then…then…the motorcycle thief steals JH’s bag for his cellphone. It looks like the m-thief was paid by MJG to steal the bag for his cellphone so he could easily lure HJ away with a text message. I hope the police doesn’t forget about that m-thief scoundrel’s part in helping MJG and interrogate him to no end!

  573. 573 : [email protected] Says:

    beside the great storyline it has, i think lee jong suk and yoon sang hyun “couple” have a lucky charm and magic fortune. everytime both of them was paired, the drama become hit and get highest rating.

  574. 574 : [email protected] Says:

    everyone here.. c’mon make i hear ur voic one of most shared drama in koreandrama.org (top 30). that’s absurd, how the great drama like this can’t reach that title! i think this one should be at least listed on top 10.

  575. 575 : Periwinkle Says:

    Just finished episode 16 and omg I am so excited/scared for the last 2 episodes!! Hoping for a happy ending for everyone 🙁 🙁

    Can I just say how great this drama is?? This is the first time I cried sooo much while watching a drama. 🙁 Especially episode 15!!!


  576. 576 : Periwinkle Says:

    ^^Woops I meant episode 15 & 16 – really makes you cry… 🙁

  577. 577 : wdr Says:

    almost hit 30% come on!!!! it could happen they could hit 30% its just 2 ep left so sadd

  578. 578 : RAM Says:

    Hope the writer will not say that Soo Ha is the son of Min jon Gok eventhough in previous scene, writer gave some mystery to the viewer.

    Lawyer Jang should be discovered with minor bruises only and not experience the horrible thing like cutting the throat as I read in previous comments.

    We want to see lawyer Jang and Park Sooha together after 5 yrs and getting married. We want a happy ending that will last in our thoughts forever.

  579. 579 : billy Says:

    oh boy, this is one hell of a suspense!

  580. 580 : usa-mary Says:

    For some reason, I sense that our wonderful JH will sacrifice himself for HJ. sniff

    I must mentally prepare myself for the next 2 episodes!

  581. 581 : kimchilee Says:

    I love this drama simply bec of all its characters here.. the unusual way each of them developed.. there’s no usual bitchy jealousy fight among the 2 ladies but a mature yet humorous way of competing with each other, the 2 lead actors.. I so love the way the 2nd lead actor gave way to the main lead actor so graciously instead of the usual fight for the woman kind of drama we always get.. I love the 2nd lead actor’s humorous yet mature way of providing advice to our main lead in a brotherly sort, I just love the way the writers wrote in this drama.

    Kudos for a job well done.. well..almost, just hope you dont screw up the ending like Gu Family. Waiting anxiously for the last 2 episodes before I give you my full bow to a very well written drama!!

  582. 582 : Birddybuddy Says:

    This Drama is Dbaek ❤❤❤ can’ntwait for the last 2 ep and hopefully it a happy Ending One :)))

  583. 583 : dinaz Says:

    aww..i am all exited for the last to episodes..hmm seems like soo ha is the narrator..so in that case he won’t die..then what about hyesung??
    ah!i am having weird ideas about the ending and i just cant wait for next week..this waiting period refrains me from watching currently airing dramas..haha!
    all the 4 main leads are awesome..great actors!!do yeon really made me cry in ep16 when she said aboji to her dad while sketching him.. 🙁
    Lawyer Cha:hmm he is not bad but i am not fond of him..maybe i am too blinded by Soo Ha..hehe 🙂
    soo ha and hyesung please end up together..i dont sympathy with min joon gook till now he is horrible..even though he had a terrible past it didnt mean he could kill innocent people for that..i hate him!
    Please Director-nim dont dissapoint us fans..but be it whatever ending i hope it will be a clear one not left for the audience to interpret..
    Cmon director-nim let soo ha be a cop few years later so that he can propose her with that necklace and protect her forever.. 🙂

  584. 584 : agneschoi Says:

    i cry really hard when Do Yeon draws the sketch of Hwang Dal Joong :’)
    Oh God… i can’t forget Soo Ha narration’s line in the end of eps 16 “July 26, 2013. 3:10 p.m. She was kidnapped by Min Joon Gook. 2 hours and 30 minutes later, it will put an end to 11 years of our story.”
    writter-nim, happy ending juseyooo (˘ʃƪ˘) This drama really deserved best drama ><

  585. 585 : celine Says:

    @581-kimchilee well said! 🙂
    The writer-nim has a briliant and mysterious brain! I love her way to developing each characters, make the plot/story unpredicable and way she connecting both. She can organizing so well for extending episodes. Plus, her literally skill is so impressive! FYI, she was the writer of dream high season 1 and how i love suzi, soo hyun, eunjung, and taecyon’s character and i love them more in every episode, IHYV was the same! But, i wonder abt the ending of this drama will be like dh1 too. Fiuhh~

  586. 586 : celine Says:

    wait..writer-nim park hye ryun is man or women? I’m not found his/her picts in google-_-; anyhow, if this drama will has good ending i’ll add he/she in my fav list screenwriter and waiting his/her next project! 😀

  587. 587 : Hyuk Ga Says:

    Here is the writer’s picture => http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=mbc_drama1&no=1412370

    Yes, the writer Park Hye Ryun is a woman.

  588. 588 : hny Jo Says:

    @RAM…I hope not…MJG not SH fathers…I can’t imagine what so ha will do if that so.!!

    @ oppa hyuk..tq for the link…I always enjoy Park Hye Ryun story’s but never knows abt her.

  589. 589 : French viewer Says:

    It’s really a good drama with a good storyline that makes you want to watch.
    It may already be ranked among the best of the year.
    It’s hard to wait until the last two episodes. Mystery…

  590. 590 : Sandy Says:

    I agree with everyone…a great drama like this should have a great and happy ending…after all the high ratings it has experienced has been because it was a great plot and natural development of each of the characters…so now all I wish is to have a wonderful memory of this drama that ive enjoyed to the max….it reminds me the feeling I had when I was watching A Nice Guy…:-)

  591. 591 : J Says:

    Really best !!!!! Lee Jong suk !!u r the best actor 2013!

  592. 592 : cynthia Says:

    preview episode 17

    Joongook: Come immediately to the roof. The moment you bring anyone with you, she dies. Don’t tell anyone and come alone.
    Suha: Jang Hyesung! I’m going to protect you! Don’t worry and wait for me! Do you understand?
    Suha: Choongki, give me your cellphone.
    Choongki: Park Suha!!
    Suha: I said if I don’t go that person is going to die!
    Kwanwoo: This is a bad premonition, but Min Joongook…to Suha…
    Suha: Where is that person?
    Joongook: That b*** insisted that you’ll be different from me.
    Suha: So? You killed her?

  593. 593 : celine Says:

    Ok, thanks for the link preview ep 17..i’m going to vomit now (?) seems min jong gook provoke sooha with hyesung as a bait and a wrench smeared by hyesung fake blood (i hopeee!!). I’m sure she’s still alive so don’t eaten by jong gook, sooha-yaa!

  594. 594 : dinaz Says:

    Thanx for the translation cynthia..
    Aww..i have made atleast 10 different endings in my mind till now..haha!
    somehow i feel min joon gook wants soo ha to turn into a murderer..if he had to kill him he would have killed him when he lost his memories but he dint..if mjg is saying the truth about soo ha’s dad..then i think since soo ha’s dad turned him into a murderer,he too wants to turn his son into one..ah!i am all confused..
    my ending for this drama : Min joon gook rotting in jail,soo ha turn into a handsome cop and comes to propose hyesung,hyesung an accomplished lawyer..do yeon married to lawyer Cha..and yes soo ha losing his ability to hear people’s voice so that his world is not noisy and he can lead a normal life with hyesung.. 🙂 🙂
    Lets c how it ends..what are your fav endings everyone??

  595. 595 : Nia Says:

    Really love this drama, curious every episodes..the story also very good..different with other korean drama about love..two thumbs..

  596. 596 : rory Says:

    Min Joon Gook, u’re so bad!!! u don’t need to reveal that past history to let people around PSH knowing that his dad was the bad one too who starts that game..okay, now we knew that PSH’s dad did mistakes before and makes MJG angry and wants to take revenge but at the same time u killed innocent people too! I remembered he told to DH’s dad that he owed something from HS and starts to bother HS’s life, not PSH’s life instead..and suddenly now he reveals everything about PSH’s dad..so what’s the motive u killed HS’s mother & that fruits shop ahjumma? crazy enuff! I hope the one who will die in this drama is MJG..coz it’s never ending revenge from him…aigooo palli palli wednesday & thursday..can’t wait to know the ending already

  597. 597 : rory Says:

    BTW, that Min Joong Gook will be the guest on this upcoming Running Man..even the theme also quite similar with this drama maybe, likes the setting place was in court chambers…I dunno how will i react when seeing him on Running Man..geezzzzz…should erase this min joon gook’s char really soon after finale ep..

  598. 598 : Aga Says:

    watch ep 19 this tonight..:-)
    tomorrow last episode….
    Hope Min Joon Gook go to jail for life or death penalty…
    Hwaiting HS & SH!!! …..cute!!

  599. 599 : usa-mary Says:


  600. 600 : usa-mary Says:

    Sharon are you still watching?

  601. 601 : juliane04 Says:

    exciting much!

  602. 602 : zura Says:

    fINALLy wednesday has come!!!! Can’t wait to find out abt tonight’s episode.

  603. 603 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Nice? Any link provided?

  604. 604 : Ursulla Says:

    I like this drama! This drama must watched by everyone!

  605. 605 : Aurelly Says:

    ep17 is daebak!
    start with the scary scene and ending with bed scene *spoiler* 😀

  606. 606 : okey-dokey Says:

    wonder whats 18th episode gonna be about…

  607. 607 : Hyuk Ga Says:

    – Preview of Ep 18. (based on SBS IHYV website)

    MJG is arrested and SH & HS are relieved that everything is over.
    However, SH’s hidden crime is revealed in the process of investigation for MJK… Eventually, SH gets summons as a would-be murderer by prosecutor DY, and HS got shocked.

    Meanwhile, MJK says he would admit his whole crimes even what has been uncovered for 11 years, if KW would become his public lawer…

  608. 608 : okey-dokey Says:

    thanks for the info Hyuk Ga

  609. 609 : deborah Says:

    Hei, come on…watch this episode…I Hear Your Voice Episode 17 English sub

    Click this link to watch it : http://ow.ly/nvHBW

    Enjoy..thank you ..muachhh 🙂

  610. 610 : rm Says:

    Ommmggg I CRIEDDDD soooo muchhhhh. Sheesh lol thanks for the spoiler alert!!!!!!! I think soo ha is going to be a police officer . So i can’t wait to see park soo ha as a police officer (because he kept looking at the program) 🙂

  611. 611 : AnitaTienda Says:

    I love this drama so much. For it is the best Korean drama I had ever watch. The stry is unique . The writer knows how to use her character to portray the story in an enjoyable and suspensiful way . The drama have a lot of rollercoster moment make my heart race so much.

  612. 612 : juliane04 Says:

    thanks 100 percent satisfied …mwah mwah…

  613. 613 : anna Says:

    I Hear Your Voice, Episode 18 title: “Through the Light in the Darkness, You Remain with me”

  614. 614 : rory Says:

    OMG!!!! love ep.17 sooooooo much~!!!! daebak! daebak! daebak!

    I wonder what will happen for the finale tonight..wedding scene??hohoho…I hope so..I just can’t wait! seeing ep.17, there should be a happy ending then unless there’s something else we didn’t know yet..

    I love this Lawyer Cha’s words : MJG had no one..No one who trusted him..No one who listened to him..No one who loved him..AND HE HAD NO ONE TO PROTECT..But, if he’d had that one person..He might have lived differently, like Park Soo Ha…

    So, if u have no one special in ur life, go find more friends n making more friends..it’s ur life dude, u can choose what colors u want & how to make ur life more wonderful..

  615. 615 : Her-_lin Says:

    deabakk… can’t wait tonight,, the last episode.. what will happened wth this drama specially for SH and lawyer Jung..
    but, i’m a bit dissapointed cause the rating of this drama..it’s impossible to reach 30 %

  616. 616 : Hyuk Ga Says:

    It’s summer vacation season in Korea, so it is very hard for the ratings high.

  617. 617 : bear Says:

    this drama is awesome…thanks to the writers who wrote this wonderful drama that they never disappointed to the viewers..keep it up this the final episodes and we expect something more beautiful ending…

  618. 618 : Susan 33 Says:

    Lee Jong Suk had lips enlarged, right? They don’t look normal

  619. 619 : mena Says:

    Beautiful story. Congratulations to Mr. Park Hye Ryun! I also love how the very competent actors and actresses portrayed their roles. The age gap between Hye Sung and Soo Ha doesnt show…. they really looks VERY GOOD. I Love everything about this drama.

  620. 620 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and smile thank u and nice drama

  621. 621 : violet88 Says:

    rory @ 614

    Yeah, i kind of agree with Lawyer Cha that MJG had no one..No one who trusted him..No one who listened to him..No one who loved him..BUT he had mother and son to protect at that time right?.. (when he killed Soo Ha’s dad). The mother and son died when he was imprisoned after he was convicted murdering Soo Ha’s dad, and because HS testify against him in court make him hold grudge against HS until the end..

  622. 622 : norlelahwati Says:

    I love this drama. I am watching it on line every spare moment i have. Can’t wait to find out whether Lee Jong suk becomes a police officer and I felt so sad when he was told to leave as soon as he gain his memory..Great drama . Love them all…

  623. 623 : herie Says:

    Best drama 2013 I can say! Gonna miss them after this! Keep up the beautiful works and never disappoint your audiences!! Support IHYV. Thanks SBS

  624. 624 : winter11 Says:

    Finally this last episode is very” niceeee n HAPPY ENDINGGGGG… ^^
    TQ SO MUCHHHHHHHH to scriptwriter!!!!!!!
    i luv this drama a lotttttttttttttt!!!!
    Soo don’t miss is!!!!

    HS (Lee Bo Young) & SH (Lee Jong Suk) Sweet Cople ^^

  625. 625 : kyon lisca Says:

    how’s the ending? so curious!!!

  626. 626 : ash Says:

    what??!!through light in the darkness u remain with me? what does it mean?!
    i can’t wait to watch the end of HS & SH…. T_T
    this drama is awwwwsomeeee!!!!

  627. 627 : rory Says:

    @violet88 621
    Yeah right and what Lawyer Cha says is true but it’s just another excuse for me..I feel sad for MJG’s wife, his mother n son but then do u think u can killed those innocent people and living like that because there’s no one he can protect in his life anymore?Lawyer Cha can be his counselor coz he is so kind and very understandable person..hats off! hope he can find other nice girl too for him..DH maybe..hehehe..

    ahhhh..I saw spoiler!!! really can’t wait for tomorrow!

  628. 628 : dinaz Says:

    omg..my heart skipped a beat when mjg pulled soo ha with him..thankfully all went well..phew!!what an episode..
    min joon gook’s life is sad but he still dint need to kill hyesung’s mom and the fruit seller..and the bed scene was so cute as well as the end..
    hyesung and soo ha fighting!!now please no more disturbances between these two love birds..
    writer-nim 2years later please show soo ha proposing hyesung or more better get them married..hehe!!
    I hear your voice cast and crew FIGHTING!!give us a great ending please.. 🙂

  629. 629 : bebe7017 Says:

    It’s a happy ending for Suha and He Shung…what a good drama series…definitely will buy the DVD ASAP… Salute..

  630. 630 : usa-mary Says:



    This episode had me on the edge of the chair! BRAVO to everyone that put this drama together…its SUPERB!

  631. 631 : hapril Says:

    So Ha and He Sung so cute together

  632. 632 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! Everyone, just for fun, this is an open letter to Cha Kwan Woo re episode 17!

    To PD Cha: Why is there a brotherhood that understands men like MJG a little bit for the outcome of his heinous actions when you can’t even understand a woman a little bit for crying when she’s overwhelmed with taking care of you (when you’re cranky), your children (when they’re cranky) and a household (with no help)? RLOL I just couldn’t resist saying this! No offense to the wonderful men that watched this tremendous drama.

    I enjoyed watching SH leap out of the ambulance with an entourage of medical staff and police around trying to catch him and calm him down! RLOL Excuse me, but that was quite comical!

  633. 633 : violet88 Says:

    rory @ 627

    Yeah, it’s just an excuse for MJG to justify his evil action.. only Lawyer Cha can buy his excuse coz he is too kind of a person :).. end of the day it still depends on one’s integrity whether to remain ‘human’ or turn into beast under such scenario which was proven by SH.. he was challenged by MJG thrice; the first time he almost fell for it if not for HS to interrupt/sort-of ‘save’ him.. and the second and third time he’s very steadfast with his choice and promise he made with HS, which is not to become a murderer by killing the most hated person MJG..

    I like how the ending was not too rush since most of the mystery or plot was resolved in ep 17.. so we get prolonged of HS n SH sweet time.. but i kinda sad that the scene with SH in police uniform was way too short and furthermore it was only shown during ending credit rolled up.. not enough for me to savor the precious moment looking at him looked dashing in uniform.. 🙂

    IHYV is definitely a gem and the best kdrama in 2013 for me, and will sit in my all-time fav drama… can we make a petition to SBS or the producer to produce IHYV season 2 with same writer/director/cast?… is there any platform to channel our request?… 🙂

    omo, what do i do now.. there’s no more Soo Ha and Hye Sung to look forward to every week.. 🙁 very sad….

  634. 634 : celine Says:

    ep 17: Many repeat scenes. I think those made the rating was down. Until the last, the writer-nim still put a heart attack and a funny feel in 1 scene! Yeah, when mjk pull sh to jump together i was screamad loudly NOOO but when they had soft landing that make me just can say ‘huh?’ took a breath and lol’ing. pfft.. Sh was very impresive and cleaver when he asked to help to lawyer cha. He made 100% right decision! In my opinion, lawyer cha’s observation abt the different between sh and mjk is wrong! Oh lawyer cha, you know after mjk lost his wife, isn’t he still have his mother and son to take care of? Those 2 definitely can hearing mjk! So, after mjk lost his wife but not killing anyone i’ll sure feel pity for him, another than that is not, as hs always said: if you killing someone you’ll be not a victim again but a murderer!

  635. 635 : usa-mary Says:

    @632: Correction! After watching the scene a 3rd time (ESTATICALLY), I noticed it was the paramedics, along with the emergency room doctors, not the police that tried to calm SH down! SUPERB acting…simply SUPERB!

  636. 636 : ann Says:

    really GOOD drama…in 2013…THE BEST in 1st……amzing….ending SH and HS…..i am really like so much ……:) 🙂

  637. 637 : cynn Says:

    DRAMA is THE BEST 2013!!!!!!!:) 🙂

  638. 638 : French viewer Says:

    Super génial !
    It’s an unforgettable drama with good actors and actresses, and with a good script. Congratulations to all !

  639. 639 : AnitaTienda Says:

    Congratulations to all the actors and actresses, to all staff and above all I salute the writer for giving us the most enjoyable and gratifying ending. To the director your the best. To Suha and Hyesong I will surely miss you every week. How about giving us the part two as Suha the policeman and Hyesong a good Humanitarian Lawyer. Looking forward for it.

  640. 640 : angelamiles Says:

    wow thanks that i hear your voice has a good ending…

  641. 641 : Nina Says:

    Even though I know HS is in love with SH I still a littlle bit scared because of the poster!

  642. 642 : Zeez22 Says:

    I’m so sad that this drama has come to an end… Love this drama so much… Made me look forward to wed and thurs…

  643. 643 : memee Says:

    Me too! I’m stiil concern about the ending because of themovie poster! I …hope JHS always be with PSH……..

  644. 644 : usa-mary Says:

    Excellent DRAMA and the BEST DRAMA for 2013! It flowed well without any useless and confusing time lapses. Thank you for that Director Jo and editing team. Every scene fit together perfectly!

    HS and SH were the cutest and most down to earth couple that I’ve seen in a good while. Their subtle romance wasn’t silly, childish, nor had the cradle robbing feel to it. To portray that they genuinely cared deeply for each other was so remarkably beautiful! Thank you to everyone who created, nurtured, rehearsed, and produced such a fantastic visual work of literary art!

    P.S.: I may not get teary-eyed in some of the other scenes, but for some reason whenever I see Hwang Dal Joong and his daughter, Seo Do Yun together, like in the hospital scene of episode 18, I’m really moved by them!

    BRAVO…to 2013’s BEST DRAMA ever! APPLAUDING!

  645. 645 : Sandy Says:

    Well, this drama has finally come to an end….I am so pleased and content that the writer didn’t rush the ending as in other dramas…she gave a perfect ending to a great drama…this one is another that will be in my collection. A lot of ethical issues in regards to the law were raised but author gave it a perfect explanation to these issues that were raised. I like the one that even when you are not given a fair trial as in a murder case and you seek revenge in the same way, you are no longer a victim but a murderer. I so loved it and the performance to all the great actors and actresses and behind the scene crews go my appreciation for allowing me to live great moments through your hard work…Keep being hooked to Korean Dramas…till the next one…:-)

  646. 646 : ana Says:

    whoah…just finished watching the last ep.18…i like the story of this drama.the writer did well! actors are awesome! i think i gonna vote “i hear your voice” as the best kdrama for 2013..

  647. 647 : imhel Says:

    this drama is as all of you said AWESOME! this is why I watch K-dramas. it’s a breakout from the mediocre story lines that have plagued the recent k-dramas that were characterized with idiotic plots of deceits and collusions.
    the cast were great, the writers were amazing. this whole production is worthy of awards….hope they get many

  648. 648 : juliane04 Says:

    thank you so much !we are so much satisfied about the ending!!!

  649. 649 : winter11 Says:

    @kyon lisca: So Sweeettttttttttttt !!!!! must watching ^^
    n then i think the best drama of the year ^^V

  650. 650 : Aurelly Says:

    perfect ending! Yes, i will vote this drama for best drama in 2013!!
    Thanks writernim, PDnim for show us best scene till the end 🙂

  651. 651 : JL Says:

    Will watch the last 2 episode at 1 go. Thumbs UP for this drama.

  652. 652 : MH Says:

    Great drama, beautiful performance by the cast. I’m satisfied with all the drama from start to end.
    For me one of the best dramas of the year.

  653. 653 : rory Says:

    It’s hard to say Goodbye..really..I feel so emotion watching the last episode..Eventhough i’m not a HS & SH shipper but still I’m so so in love with this drama..I dunno why, my eyes got teary seeing how kind is Lawyer Cha, he has a power to make people love & respect him..DY has her cute side too that makes me happy seeing her now especially after she met her real father..so funny to see DY’s partner changes his hairstyle again probably because of HS called him “grass hair boy”..hooray for the happy ending even tho I wish there’s more romantic scenes for HS & SH..good job everyone, director-nim, writer-nim and all cast..This is one of my unforgettable drama for sure..thanx everyone for sharing all ur thoughts here too..till then..take care everyone 😉

  654. 654 : dinaz Says:

    I am so exited to watch the last episode.cant wait to go home..hehe..no i am not reading the spoilers i will watch it myself 🙂
    one good news lee bo young is getting married to ji sung on sept 27th..CONGRATULATIONS bo young unni 🙂

  655. 655 : celine Says:

    Last narration from sooha also his interview were a masterpiece, i’m so speechless! Deep bow and standing applause for all crews’s hardwork especially the writer, casts and director! and the writer officially in to my fav screenwriter. i’ll be waiting for her next project! Thanks for everyone here! Let’s move on to the next good drama, please 🙂

  656. 656 : Yeenira Says:

    Watch online, I Hear Your Voice Episode 18 [Final Episode] with English Sub

    Click this link to watch : http://ow.ly/nyOrr

    Enjoy … Thank’s 😀

  657. 657 : agnesia Says:

    AMAZIIINGGGGG!!!! last ep was soooo…. gorgeous, greatest drama ever!!!
    lee jong suk was a great great actor… so that i’m falling in love with SH coz his act as “Guardian Angel” for HS.

    keep fighting lee jong suk!!!

  658. 658 : Fannie Says:

    I love the ending. It really summed up all the loose ends via soo ha’s narrative when explaining why he wants to be a policeman. He gave credit to all the casts and the lessons he learned while dealing with all of them. This is the first time that i have no reservation in praising and giving credit to all the staff and crew of this great drama. You made us laugh, cry, scared, worry and anticipate every episode. So ha is great. The actors and actress and everyone did a good job. Kudos to alll of you. Thank you for making this drama.hope you’ll come up with a great drama next time.

  659. 659 : annisa Says:

    wow,, daebak.. this drama finally has happy ending 🙂 thanks for all the cast member and of course the writer’nim who lets this drama ended happily. i think this is the best drama of the year 2013 ^_^

  660. 660 : Summer Says:

    Thanks for the beautiful journey! Highly recommended drama! Worth to wacth! The best and unforgetable! Lee jong suk acting very impress me. I think he’ll be the popular actor of this year 😀

    And congrats for Lee bo young eonni who wants to get married with ji sung oppa in september!~ Btw, lee jong suk’s birthday in september too..haha

  661. 661 : Micc Says:

    Perfect ending! Cutest noona dongsaeng couple!

  662. 662 : hapril Says:

    Lee Bo Young n Lee Jong Suk

  663. 663 : mystisith Says:

    One of the best dramas I’ve seen and I’ve seen a lot. SeGa is still my first but this one is a close second. Writing and cast were stellar and we have a logical/meaningful/happy ending.

  664. 664 : Malaysia fan Says:

    Daebak!! Good job and well done. Very satisfied with the whole story. Especially SH n HS had a happy ending. It’s so perfect. Really 2 thumbs up. Love the romance mix comedy and suspense thriller, it’s just really really an interesting and meaningful drama to follows. All credits to staffs and crews for the BEST DRAMA EVER!!!! Hoping there is coming season 2, as SH n HS is such a good team pairing. They both so cute together..

  665. 665 : taraJJ Says:

    whoaa.. the ending was so good. no one died 😉 I’m glad that Soo Ha and Hye Sung finaly had finding their happiness at the end together, bcoz I really rooting for their coupling from the beggining. IHYV had good (even exellent) acting, directing and most of all from writing departement. the Ost also good too some songs make me connecting more with some scenes in this drama. good job to all who worked hard in IHYV!!

    oh yeah, I just read the news too about Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung will tied the knot.. after 6th year of dating since they first met in drama Save The Last Dance, finaly they married,, congratz for both of them!!

  666. 666 : ailen Says:

    done watching this drama.. PERFECT.. that’s the only word that i used to say.. hahaha.. Neweiz.. LEE JONG SUK was great there.. he looks so cute..

    And of course, it’s given that LEE BO YOUNG is Beautiful, But, in this DRAMA, she was more beautiful.. she looks young that’s why, She and Lee jong suk looks good together,..

    I’m gonna miss this korean series.. hopefully, they got many awards.. they’ll deserve it..


  667. 667 : Devin Says:

    Loved this drama. All heart.

  668. 668 : wdr Says:

    gonna miss this drama so so much!! congrats for ur wedding lee bo young onnie. wish u happily ever after.

  669. 669 : kimchilee Says:

    CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! WOWWW! WOWW! WOOOWEEEWOHHH!!! Kudos to the writer of this drama, standing ovation to the actors and director for making this drama the best from beginning till the ending! CLAP! CLAP!! CLAP!! I like! I like! 🙂

  670. 670 : dreamer Says:

    this drama is really DAEBAK!!! it has been a long time since i didn’t watch K-drama but i am starting to love this drama, watching it really drives me crazy. i always looked forward to watch the new episodes. Lee Jong Suk looks more handsome omoo it’s realy different when i watched him on Secret Garden. Areumdawo

  671. 671 : dreamer Says:

    whoaaa i got many new informations by reading all the above comments. thank you for sharing, even i just knew that Bo Young eonnie and Ji sung are couple, i remembered the screenwriter’s name, what links available to watch and many others. gamsahamnida

  672. 672 : maknaee Says:

    thanks for the happy ending, writer-nim :’)
    in the end, LJS oppa was really adorable with police uniform ><
    looking forward to your next project Park Hye Ryun eonni ~ to LJS oppa and LBY eonni 's new drama in the future haha
    this was the first drama that has smooth plot although there was some twist and conflict, sweet xD
    I'll miss Park Soo Ha, Jang Hye Sung character kkk

  673. 673 : Periwinkle Says:

    One of the best dramas out there 🙂 I really loved the ending especially the part when Soo Ha was telling the story of his life and how every cast member made him who he is now. Beautiful. The story is just beautiful.. Others would expect and want the bad guy to die a painful death but it wasn’t the case for this drama. The drama showed us that revenge will bring us nowhere and it would make us no different if we would do the same thing as what that bad person did to us. I learned soooo much from this drama. <3 I cannot fully explain why I love this drama because I just love it!!!!! The story is really amazing 🙂 🙂 The actors and actresses were great as well especially Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Da Hee, and Yoon Sang Hyun. 🙂 I am so happy that I was able to discover this drama <3


  674. 674 : violet88 Says:

    IHYV has done so much for me.. (1) Best kdrama 2013 and all-time favourite (2) Park Su-Ha – best hero character and favourite hero of all-time (3) Jang Hye-Sung – best heroine character and favourite heroin of all-time (4) Cha Kwan Woo and Seo Do Yeon – best second lead character ever

    Very sad to let this great drama go.. but otoke.. Bo Young needs to prepare for her wedding soon, and Jong Suk needs to be in his movie shooting set as well.. well i guess i will have to let them go with a great and fond memories of them.. Hye-Sung – Su-Ha best and cute OTP pairing ever.. both are strong and memorable characters.. will live in our mind for a very long time..

    Highly recommended to those who are yet to watch this gem.. 🙂

    Dear IHYV lovers.. friend, don’t forget to vote this drama as the best drama in 2013.. so, where are we heading now that IHVY has ended?…

  675. 675 : FernandaErfin Says:

    Terima kasih drama ini sangat berkesan buatku. Peringkat No.1 drama korea 2013. Setelah lama nggak lihat drama korea akhirnya ada jg yang top bgt.

  676. 676 : Taemin~ah Says:

    Thank you very much for making such a good drama to watch. The plot was something new and I enjoyed every episode. This was one of the best Korean dramas I’ve watched and I hope to see more. I thank all the production team, writer, director and of course, the cast. I look forward to seeing more of Lee Jong Suk’s dramas <3

  677. 677 : CUTIE Says:

    Nice and meaningful story … Thanks to the production team director and actor especially the writer .. excellence storyline .. looking forward for more this writer’s drama and drama from Lee Jong suk..:)

  678. 678 : reca Says:

    Oh this good drama,,i liket

  679. 679 : 王丽佳 Says:

    looooooveeee this!

  680. 680 : malou1010 Says:

    WOW….. i LOVED the perfect ending to this trully PERFECT drama!!!! The writer is simply AMAZING!! Each episode was such a rollercoaster of emotions that I got totally addicted to watching it.

    Of course, this great drama will not materialize without the director, casts, & crew who all did a tremendous great job!!

    2 THUMBS UP to Lee Bo Young!! She’s really an excellent actress & I love all her dramas. BEST WISHES on her forthcoming wedding in September!!!

    To those who are looking for the BEST drama, LOOK NO FURTHER!!! I Hear Your Voice is IT!!! Watch it NOW!!!

  681. 681 : Ahjamma2012 Says:

    Enjoyable & entertaining. Good job to all involved. Will join in requesting Season 2. Fighting!

  682. 682 : sunshinefate Says:

    the best drama I’ve ever seen for such a long time. I also loved That Winter the Wind Blows but my love for this drama is just beyond my imagination. I like almost every single characters in this drama. This is also the first drama that makes me create soompi account just to share my opinions about this drama. When I first encountered ‘I Hear Your Voice’ thread, it was just 10 pages. At first I wonder why this thread was just too quite while the other dramas I thought were not as good as this were flooded by posts.

    Luckily the drama quickly got popular. I do not like Lee Jong Suk but I love his way to portray Park Soo Ha’s character and make it so real that I love Soo Ha so much. I do not like noona-dongsaeng romance and have not liked before. However, this drama makes me crazy with noona-dongsaeng relationship.

    I don’t know how to express my love for this drama. I followed this drama every week and waited subs like crazy. I once giggled like a mad person at night while reading spoilers from soompi posters.

    The chemistry between Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Bo Young, and Lee Jong suk are really great, especially LJS-LBY. When I watched the first episodes, I already thought that Lee Jong Suk would end up with Lee Bo Young but some viewers thought otherwise. And it finally came true! Why did the writer have to do this with me, a korean drama addict? This drama makes my addiction to romantic dramas become stronger than ever.

    The ending is beautifully made. Really really satisfied.

    I like an adult backdrop drama. So, this drama suits my taste. It’s not too adult but not childish (not at all). I recommend you to watch this drama. One of my all time favorite (Stairway to Heaven, Save the Last Dance for Me, Mr.Goodbye, Boys Before Flowers, That Winter the Wind Blows, Full House, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Princess Hours, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, etc)

  683. 683 : SOSAD Says:

    I cant get over this drama yet , ( even though its already ended ) I still hope in real life Lee Jung Suk and Lee Bo Young will stay together , but I guess that will only happen in my dream..!!! , so anyway I will continue to watch this Drama over over over and, over again until I cant watch it any more !!!!

  684. 684 : merry merry merry Says:

    wowwwww….. this is a good drama. guys… u must watch this drama… worth to spend ur time…

  685. 685 : rory Says:

    Hehehe…I really love Parody IHYV in Running man!!!one of an awesome episode! Yoo Jae Suk is just brilliant for being an attorney..MJG’s char is still lingers in my mind + the ending of that parody giving me goosebumps a little..euwww!!! but I prefer the judges in RM compare in this drama..LOL! thanx Running Man team 😉

  686. 686 : leesumi Says:

    I am suffering from withdrawels

  687. 687 : myeon Says:

    BEST BEST BEST BEST KOREAN DRAMA OF THE YEAR ! Why it have to be ended so quickly? :'( give me more episode pleeeaseee…

    soo ha, hyeseong, i want to see both of you together again .. *sad*

  688. 688 : ingrid7844 Says:

    Thank you for making this drama!! Don’t you know that i like watching it over and over again I kept logging on to dramaload.com or dramaheaven.com as well. I hope I could download this one! An intellectual approach is good. This one are for adults really. I like Lee Jong Suk here, the he act, facial expression and smiles!!! I am not an addict of any korean drama but this one caught me. I don’t know if this makes sense? But could you add another episode for this PLEASE?????

    Thank you!! All glory to God for this.

  689. 689 : hny Jo Says:

    will miss this drama…cute cute So ha :))

  690. 690 : taraJJ Says:

    @rory #685
    I just dload that running man eps but not being able to watch it.. reading your comment make me so curious about their version, esp yoo jae suk part.. abt kwang so he become who… soo ha? and how abt ji hyo, is she become hye sung? hehehe 🙂

    @hny Jo
    yes sista, we will miss this drama for sure..
    don’t worry lee jong suk has new movie called “no breathing” he become a swimmer or something.. many shirtless scenes I guess 😉

    yes yes we gonna miss this drama but I’m ready for new one, now I’m watching good doctor.. I hear your voice is a must watched drama! very recommended!!!

  691. 691 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary @ Jyenie @ Ajaajafighting @fan
    You will love Good Doctor!! The medical cases is like the law cases in this drama. I am watching it right now!! It’s really good!!

  692. 692 : jiigii Says:

    since the beginning of this year this is the best drama I have watched. At first I don’t like the plot and I think the main actor is look so young, much younger than the main actress like mother and son. But the story line, and music enchance the actor and actress and make those kind of negative thoughts disappeared.
    I watched the main actor in high kick3 and school 2013 he did not shine much + I don’t like Yoon Sang Hyun appreance and acting So I ignored this drama and watched others but they are not goo . there is nothing to watch + so many good comment => I ended up watching this drama repeately and I absolutely agreed with all good comments. Particularly I love the songs Echo and Echo Arp..

  693. 693 : tigerb Says:

    this is the first time i made sure that the ratings of the drama count before i’d watch it, therefore, i feel satisfied that i made that decision. i agree with everyone else in this thread who liked the drama. the cast was good, and specially liked the actors that played lawyers spunky jang and unsure cha, changed my first impression on both. the story is different and there are lessons to be learned in this series, and extending it to two more episodes made them redundant, and the ending no longer had the impact that should have been. first time i’ve watched the actor who played soo haa, he’s good too, guess i should be watching his previous work. i have not read all the comments in this thread and i’m wondering if anyone mentioned anything about the age difference of both actors, in this story and in real life, like why it was a discussion issue in ‘faith’. one thing that annoys me is the pearly shine make up, specially on the men, that’s a production mishap. matte finish would have been better as most of the actors are already fair skinned. Anyway, this is a very good series to watch.

  694. 694 : malou1010 Says:

    A BIG resounding YES to the clamor for IHYV Season 2!!!!! PLEASE writer Park Hye Ryun, make our day!!! Go back to your writing boardroom & give us a MAGICAL drama once more!!! Aja, aja! Fighting!

    Meanwhile, I’ll go back to watching 2 of my favorite dramas, Lee Soon Shin Is The Best & I Summon You,Gold. Take note that I gave up watching these coz I got totally hooked on IHYV!!

    To those still at a loss on what to watch after IHYV, i highly recommend this new romantic/comedy drama, All About My Romance, starring Lee Min Jung & Shin Ha Kyun. It is sooooo FUNNY & ROMANTIC!!!!! Ignore the misleading low ratings. Believe me, you will adore & love it to death!!!

  695. 695 : Pe Evanie Says:

    love this forever, i learned a lot from this drama…love Lee Jung Suk and Lee Bo Young —-Noona Dongsaeng Couple…ehehehehe

  696. 696 : Sharon Says:

    This drama had a message, other than the love story between the two lead actors Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk. The question it ask is, is the law that made up by man really equal. The camera zoomed in several time on the statue of a woman that’s blind folded and having a scale in one hand. This is remind is that the law is blind and balance.

    This drama make us if not anything else wonder is the justice system really blind and balance for all citizen??

    I think it was establish in good fate for all citizen, though it may have it’s quirks that need to be ironed out.However, due to the fact that we are human and are fallible creatures, some use the justice system for there owne gain. Most of all, We are not to forget the human essence when dealing with justice, because everyone has a story.

  697. 697 : myeon Says:

    someone please tell me how to move on from this drama?

    i watch all of new kdrama, but i always compare it to IHYV oh my god..

  698. 698 : erafi Says:

    very highly recommended k-drama
    love it….love it….love it 🙂

  699. 699 : linda Says:

    this drama deserve to be no. 1 in rating…all in one, comedy, romance and moral lessons in life, this is a feel good drama…

  700. 700 : menchie Says:

    i really love this drama… the plot are different from the other dramas…. its really a great drama 2 enjoy… all in one drama!!! two thumbs up!!!

  701. 701 : usa-mary Says:

    What I came away with, once this drama ended was that it is pivotal for everyone’s voice to be heard and not ignored.

  702. 702 : rindaman Says:

    i really loves this drama..i’ve learned many things from this drama..

  703. 703 : bitbit Says:

    is it really a good drama?

  704. 704 : Doof Says:

    🙂 ofcourse, rating says it all.
    i finish this drama yesterday and i miss park so ha already.

  705. 705 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Jong Suk is so charming. He is the leading man in this drama.
    Now at ep6.
    I watch bcoz I peep a little – Lee Jong Suk ends up with Lee Bo Young 🙂

  706. 706 : myeon Says:

    @bitbit #703 really good ! One of best korean drama ever ♥ sometimes have mangas feelings, sometimes really realistic. It’s also give so many lessons to life.

  707. 707 : Pe Evanie Says:

    omo can’t sleep still thinking about this drama :)… can’t get over, i think im going crazy ;).. Love you both Jong Suk and Bo Young!!!!

    and to cast GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbs up 🙂

    aza aza aza FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  708. 708 : celine Says:

    anyone here realize that this drama has similarity with kbs drama spesial “white christmas”? Both drama have same topic about ‘The person who become a monstar’

    For you who not watching White Christmas yet. Watch! The freaking amazing drama!

  709. 709 : herie Says:

    Ty Sbs.
    Totally amazwd..and I will always support u guys. Congrates all actors and actresses. I hope u guys can win alot of awards this year..yay!!!

  710. 710 : rm018 Says:

    Definitely gonna watch this. =)
    Just reading the comments make me excite to watch this already =)

  711. 711 : bitbit Says:

    thank you #706 myeon now i know which drama to watch.

  712. 712 : oliv_angela Says:

    DAEBAK,, i just finished this drama yesterday,, what a great drama with great actor and actress,,
    I love Lee Jong Suk the most,, i fall in love with him since i watch prosecuter princess and secret garden,,

  713. 713 : putri Says:

    I like this drama, I love Park Soo Ha/ Lee Jong Suk 🙂
    Saranghae 🙂

  714. 714 : Poohbear Says:

    After watching the show again, I just feel that Park SooHa is not just a great person. He was so childish and immatured. He was so rude to Hye Sung, always grabbing her hands whenever he forced her to listen to him. During the twin case, if he had not send the sms to DY, HS would not have had trouble with Lawyer Shin. She could have been better to discuss the matter with Lawyer Shin as to how to handle the case. He is quite a dick head. He sounded so upright whenever he wanted HS to live by his standards, but he was so coward when he couldn’t admit what his dad did to MJK and just wanted to hide it from HS. He even blame Lawyer Cha for disclosing the truth to HS. If he didn’t act so stupidly as to appear in front of MJK and also to confront him and let him know that he could fight MJK and read his mind, HS’s mother would not die. He would not change his target to the mother. Just because SH appeared to protect HS so openingly, that’s why his target change. Stupid SH could have protect HS in secret since he already knew about MJK whereabout.
    But what I didn’t understand was other than he kept his promise to protect HS, and his obsession over her, I don’t see maturity in the character that HS would fall for him. I always think it was because of the young viewers that changed the ending of the drama. Otherwise, why would HS still feel so insecured towards the end of the drama. I like it they have the chemistry on the set as in the first half of the show. In the 2nd half, but I dont see the chemistry on the 2nd half. He was always lying on the 2nd half. Also he was always taking advantage of HS. Always stealing into her thoughts to give himself an advantage over her. Always grabbing the opportunity to hug or hold her and kissing her. I hate it when he kissed her hands when she was asleep. In fact, I don’t see him showing her any respect at all. In contrast, at least Lawyer Cha shown HS much more respect and love. He respect her choices, whereas the immature SH only bosses HS around to make her live up to his expectation. If I am any woman, definitely I will not fall for such a creepy guy whose always stealing into my thoughts, but selfish enough not to share his own with her, and also making use of all those thoughts to his fullest advantage to win her hearts. Like HS told him, it is so unfair that you are always reading my thoughts, but not disclosing yours. Yes, it is such an unfair relationship, so to me, I would still much prefer Hye Sung to go with the mature Lawyer Cha, who treats her with most respect and love. In fact, if Cha would have persisted, Hye Sung might have change her mind, as she was learning a lot from Cha, and in fact, treated him like a mentor. HS should have just treated SH as a little brother instead.

  715. 715 : Atreyu Says:

    MIN JOON GOOK ftw!!! eye for eye, tooth for tooth! he sought justice in his own way after everybody ignored him & hye sung’s mom & others were just casualties of war of his justice

  716. 716 : YoRoseberry Says:

    Halo, any1 know the links?
    So that I m able to watch it.. Tq

  717. 717 : franzes Says:

    great drama so inlove with park so ha and hye sung..

  718. 718 : usa-mary Says:

    A Season II PLEASE! I would like to see Soo Ha graduating from the police academy as a rookie cop who excels at catching criminals while helping Hye Sung with her cases. A brand new dynamic duo sleuth team! Of course, including the ongoing romance between the two!!!

  719. 719 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! I went to the official website of this drama and at the end, there’s a video of Soo Ha in his police academy graduation uniform at her work place; both standing in front of the Justice statue. He’s saluting Hye Sung who in turn salutes him back then opens her arms to him. I want this to be another season PLEASE!

    Does anyone agree with me?

  720. 720 : Poohbear Says:

    It will be a very boring 2nd season because there will not be much to work on for the writer. If they still show Soo Ha using his ability to solve crimes, then I think it will be boring because Soo Ha is still the immature boy!!! who could not work using his own ability. And hopefully, Hye Sung should be intelligent too, and not to rely on Soo Ha to help her be a better lawyer. She is better off with Kwan Woo being her mentor than Soo Ha. She knew it and that is why she wanted to break away from Soo Ha’s help. A sore thumb to Soo Ha’s ego because he thought that was his only way to be with Hye Sung and be helpful to her, still very immature.
    Maybe the 2nd season would be better off with Hye Sung waking up from her dream with Soo Ha and then understand the true sacrifice of Kwan Woo. Who respected her for her choice, did not persist, but still always be there for her whenever she needed him. Otherwise, Hye Sung wouldn’t have kissed his hand at the end…. I am sure she still has feelings for Kwan Woo, but because of her confusion and touched by Soo Ha’s diary, she had temporary fell for Soo Ha… But how much longer can she ignore all the problems with their relationship, maybe for a while, but they will not go away.. I would not want to have a boy friend who is very demanding and also acts cute or pout his mouth… for a while yes, but not for life. For a younger brother yes, but not for a husband… You won’t want your eldest son to be your husband, especially when there’s a 10 years gap. Also, Soo Ha mentioned he wont change… but he’s not expose to the real world… so who can guarantee… lots of men make such promises throughout their lives, but yet they very often breaks them and with the statement ” there’s no more feelings”… so can you imagine what will happen to Hye Sung…. if it is a couple of years different is alright, but 10 years gap…. to big and too much risk. I once asked a friend who was in such relationship whether he could stick his promise to the woman he was marrying.. the girl about 10 years older, real life… his answer…. he cant guarantee… and he was much more exposed than Soo Ha.

  721. 721 : kimchilee Says:

    I guess you are really too down to earth to watch this.. I did feel he was a tad young for Hye Sung in the beginning but the way they each acted out and maybe the good writer wrote such good dialogues for both of them that we dont feel much age gap between them .. besides, she looks so pretty and young with him. They are compatible couple compared to the couple from Faith.

    My only griped about Soo Ha is his heavy foundation face.. too much of it does not make a man out of him.. uurggh..too slicky smooth and clean. I hope in his next drama, they dont put too much of that BB cream on him!!

  722. 722 : dian haerani Says:

    I’m currently watching this drama because my friend was recommended it n i saw the preview on utube. At first i dont believe that LJS will be the main character of this drama, bcoz he is too cute to be LBY’s lover. I thought YSH will be hers. The ratings did affect me. Now, I’m still watching ep 10… so curious bout what will happen to Soo Ha… Fighting~


  723. 723 : dian haerani Says:

    sorry for the bad english ^^

  724. 724 : Poohbear Says:

    @kimchilee: hahahaha…. I think the couple from Faith is more compatible in that he was a lot more matured in his role than Soo Ha. What I did not accept was his childishness, his selfishness and rudeness. I do not think he will make the best boyfriend, in that, he’s always secretive with Hye Sung about his own background, but always intruding into hers…. really hate it when he steals into her thoughts so often… don’t tell me its for helping her, he did it often just to know her inner thoughts for his own selfish needs, and that is so yucky and not admirable at all. Hate it whenever he steals into her thought and then with that grin, childish and creepy. Whenever, he made her angry, he just thought that he could get away with his cute face, and that after a while, got sic of it.
    Actually Lee Min Ho although was much younger than Kim Hee Sun, but at least, it gives a good impression of him being a lot more mature and trying to protect her. He gives the impression that you can trust him despite the age difference, but Lee Jongsuk, just an immature little brother.
    Of late, there are 2 dramas with noona-donseang issue, but non of the guys look so childish as in IHYV. Joo Woon looks good as an autistic young person, the male lead in “Who are you” too looks good with the female lead, although childish at times, but just his actions, not just showing the childish face like LJS. They are alot more convincing.
    LBY and LJS are convincing as siblings……. still can’t understand why most still think it is ok for Soo Ha to be so rude to Hye Sung, and Kwan Woo. Especially Hye Sung, the way he grabbed her hands, the way he boss over her and try to change her to fit into his image of her…. always touching her in every possible chance he gets, his childish behaviour….. how did the love grow? After the aquarium, the kiss confused her, or because of her mom’s death, he was the one she could rely on, and of course with his disappearance, she missed him… but does that account for love or just a state of confusion. Yes she does care for him and worries about him for 1 full year, but I still can’t see the love…. she was still on guard until she read the diary…. but yes I will be touched, but ….. still can’t accept….. He’s acted so childish and also behaved so childishly, so makes it difficult to put them together.
    I guess why the ratings didn’t go into higher than ep 16 because, I think those older audience who likes LBY just couldn’t force themselves to look at their romantic relationship, much more the kiss….. its so painful to watch. Anyway they too make up quite a lot of the audience for the ratings.

  725. 725 : SOSAD Says:

    @Poohbear , sound like you dislike this drama so much why bother watch it to the end , and make a negative comment about it ?, I personaly like this drama sooo much , I cant get SH and HS out of my head so please say something nice instead of negative comment .thank you !

  726. 726 : Poohbear Says:

    @SOSAD: I watch it because of Lee Bo Young. Was disappointed with how the drama ended though. Like as you please, one one stopping you, just as I am put off with Hye Sung relationship with the kid. So you say yours and I say what I feel about the drama.
    Why is it that it is negative when one comments about the flaws of the drama, although I should say Lee Bo Young did a very good job to keep the drama going. More than what I would expect from her. That is why I watched the drama. Without her, I would have dropped the drama long ago after Soo Ha lost his memory.I struggled to finish the drama just because I want to watch LBY’s fantastic acting. I like the chemistry between Hye Sung and Soo Ha as siblings that’s all. So let’s just have our say, if you don’t like mine comment, ignore it and just go ahead with your own.

  727. 727 : kimchilee Says:


    i think you are not understanding Soo Ha at all.. you have misread and misinterpreted his actions towards HS .. he is not childish .. HS was also childish and also pouts equally, so they are matching.. sometimes childish.. sometimes adult.. they balanced out their noona relationship this way. anyway, you are right.. that is your own opinion and can say what you like.. no hard feelings.. you just dont like noona relationships.. or Soo Ha in this case.

  728. 728 : Poohbear Says:

    I don’t mind noona-donseang relationship as long as the donseang looks and behaviour maturely. Yes, HS is childish in her actions, but she is matured in her thinking. She may act childish when her pride is being threaten, but she reflects and makes changes.
    I think SH lacked that. If he is matured enough, he will not keep using his special ability to read into HS’s thinking. He promised HS he will not read into her thoughts anymore when he knew she was angry after he told her about getting back his ability and memory. But then, just after HS accepted him, he broke his promise and continued to read into her thoughts. That is quite immoral. I think for those who like him will think he is wonderful and great for him to use his ability on her. But really, asked yourself, if your boyfriend/girlfriend keeps reading into your thinking and then use that to his/her advantage, would you really like it. It will be very tiring for you because, you have to try very hard to keep him/her from reading all your thoughts. Afterall, there are many secrets that we only do not want anyone to find out. That is why I am against the relationship. I also don’t like the way he bosses her around, telling her what to do, not politely, but in a commanding manner. Afterall he is just a boy and should at least the basic manners…. he is always rude to HS and also KW. Think about how you hate your parents nagging at you, so do you really feel comfortable with your boyfriend/girlfriend nagging you to act according to his/her standard. Initially when you are in love or infatuation with the other person, yes, because you would like to please the person, but not for a life time. I am sure that is why HS is still feeling very insecure about their relationship right up to the end.
    Ten years gap is too wide.. too risky for any woman….. especially the guy is still so immature, its like having to raise an eldest son rather than a husband. BTW quite a lot of husbands ended up being the wife’s eldest son. 🙂 We we can agree to disagree because of our age, experiences and looking at things from a different perspective.

  729. 729 : usa-mary Says:

    @kimchilee-727: I totally agree with you about Soo Ha and this is coming from a person who was 100% in favor of the Kwan Woo and Hye Sung relationship! From my observation, Soo Ha is very mature and responsible for his age. He had to be strong emotionally in order to endure his personal loss and rejection from his greedy uncle. I, personally, am thankful that the writer didn’t make him bitter, revengeful, and childish. He’s the exception. Plus, my reasons for not having a problem with him matching HS is partly due to his maturity and partly due to him having no family…which includes not having anyone to interfere with their relationship.


  730. 730 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. I, personally, know some real age difference couples where the young man is ‘not’ treated like the eldest son (thankfully, I’ve never seen that). The few I met have been together either 10+ to 20+ years and they’re still going strong. They may be the exception, yet I’ve found them to have a stronger marital bond and better understanding of each other than some married couples of the same age or men a few years older than their wives. Their real life stories have blessed me more than fiction could ever do! In each case, the young man pursued the woman, and each woman rejected the young man more than once. Yet, each young man knew he had to bring more than his A game to be convincing, and each one proved to be more than capable of making the effort to have a lasting marital relationship.

  731. 731 : Idess Says:

    After i watching this drama, i need have boyfriend like Park Soo Ha 😀 very nice personality

  732. 732 : kimchilee Says:

    That’s right.. SH is matured.. we dont see him taking advantage of HS.. we see him as a loving guy who only wants to be loved back.. who wouldnt! he cannot help reading her mind.. it’s what he has! I never see him taking advantage of her.. just caring and loving openly..i LOVE the way he kissed her and she back to him.. they are both so passionate! Love it!

    @Poohbear.. maybe you are right.. those who love Soo Ha are blind towards his faults.. but open your heart and mind and look at him again.. he is not childish.. he certainly does not pout.. he just happened to have pouty lips..and every little expression he made looks like sulking..he’s NOT! just that .. ooo.. that kissable lips! haha! actually.. ya he does but he’s just a KID!! haha!

  733. 733 : Poohbear Says:

    @kimchilee: 🙂

  734. 734 : Poohbear Says:

    @USA-Mary: yes, there will be some successful marriage. Also, what is the actual age difference. If it is less than 5 years, its probably OK… but 10 years, there maybe, but not many succeeded.

  735. 735 : malian Says:

    Yey!!!!! I just got the complete season 4 this show……….am so exicited

  736. 736 : usa-mary Says:

    @Poohbear-734: All I know is that the few couples who I crossed paths with were mature and content. Prior to meeting them, I never gave a thought about younger men/older women relationships and still don’t to date. Nor do I care about the statistics. I just hope for people to experience happiness and joy in their lives because 100 years really isn’t that long. Hmmm…now I understand why those couples didn’t hesitate sharing their lovely stories with me (a stranger); its because I don’t emit a judgmental spirit!

  737. 737 : usa-mary Says:

    Writer Park Hye Ryun…I want to see, I Hear Your Voice-Part II!

  738. 738 : malou1010 Says:

    @ usa-mary

    My goodness, you really made my day!!! Absolutely YES…. count me in!!! I want to see I Hear Your Voice Season 2.

    So please…. writer Park Hye Ryun amaze us once more. Give us another heartwarming story…. the kind that tugs at your heartstrings… the exact same feeling we had before that made IHYV soooooo endearing to us!!!!

    What do you say guys? Let’s all buckle up & join the IHYV Season 2 bandwagon. Follow my lead & cheer on…… I Want I Hear Your Voice Season 2!!!!…… I Want I Hear Your Voice Season 2!!!!….. I Want I Hear Your Voice Season 2!!!!….. I Want I Hear Your Voice Season 2!!!!

  739. 739 : Poohbear Says:

    I would discourage LBY from acting again. It will be a very boring show if there’s a sequel. Babysitting a baby husband? goosh…. what is that to see..an immature boy trying to act cute and act like an adult. Wont bother as long as not LBY, don’t want her to waste her talent.

  740. 740 : sai Says:

    one of the best kdrama in 2013.

  741. 741 : usa-mary Says:

    @malou1010-738: I AGREE! A Season 2!

  742. 742 : Diane Says:

    I love this drama. i found it’s very interesting. i usually don’t like a relationship a woman with a younger man, but this time is different. the story line is great and their acting are perfect. so i wouldn’t mind this time. even tough some may think soo ha is immature, i still think that he’s a good match for hye sung….he’s very loyal to her for 10 years already. this is definitely one of the best this year

  743. 743 : Ayu Says:

    Park so ha and jang hye sung ..the best couple in drama 2013. I love them very much

  744. 744 : usa-mary Says:

    Though I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism or contrasting views, I don’t go around trying to sway folks to agree with my views about a fictional piece of work or get upset if they don’t.

    So, for anyone who has a problem with watching a Season II of I Hear Your Voice with the original casts (that’s if it happens), there’s a very simple remedy to you being irked or annoyed by it. JUST WATCH SOMETHING ELSE AND LEAVE US WELL WISHERS BE! LOL

  745. 745 : JYP Says:

    I loves the 3 of them! Great actors and actress. Definitely is one of the best drama in 2013! Great story line & great combi! Beat flat to when a man loves drama….

  746. 746 : Yozora Says:

    Good drama.. ^^ i will watch it happily, don’t care the negative comment in here though~ 🙂

  747. 747 : temmy Says:

    I’m watchn IHYV ryt now…..n I’m s00000000 luvn it…. :)xx

  748. 748 : dramamama Says:

    Interesting drama! Didn’t watch it earlier b’coz of certain casts. I was wrong!Everyone did a fantastic job in this drama. I couln’t stop watching since i started on chapter 1 & it took me only 1 & a 1/2 day to finish the entire series. That was a marathon for me! Kim Kwang Gyu ssi is really a gem. He’s always so comical in every drama, even in Running Man, he was funny.

    Thank you ALL for providing us with such a wonderful entertaiment! Congratulations to ur success!

  749. 749 : linlin (chinese) Says:

    from Singapore. My view is: Can watch this show. 🙂
    I am on the last episode now.

  750. 750 : jade Says:

    i Loveeeee this drama very much….
    Yesssssss….i want season 2 😀

  751. 751 : melani Says:

    film ini bener2 kerennn …

    memberikan banyak pengetahuannn yg baru..

    dan lebih membuat qta lebih ber waspada lg thd org laen..

    bg yg belum nontonnn, nontonnn lahhh .. ini bs membuat qta sangat trharu dan marah thd ketidakadilan …

    tp jangan lupa !!! bhwa kebenarannn akan selalu menang pd akhirnya .. mungkin waktunya sj yg berbeda..

    nomu joaheyo… lee jeong seok oppa..


  752. 752 : Nii - Naa Says:

    one good drama have i ever seen…
    park soo ha… love you… 🙂

  753. 753 : sheena Says:

    still watching it, very interesting scenes & story. good acting for the cast. they make me cry and make me laugh. two thumbs up to all the cast.

  754. 754 : bblve07 Says:

    one of my favorite drama in ths year 2013, amazing st0ries, (public defender, lawyer, prosecutor, and judges) hmmf i learn a lot haha.. 4 me m0ral of the story is if u feel that law will n0t punished the pers0n who did sins, d0nt revenge b-c0z God give justices,,.

  755. 755 : Rose T Says:

    I totally love this drama!!! I enjoyed the romance of Soo Ha and Hye Sung – laughed and cried with them, and rejoiced when they ended up together.

    This only shows that LOVE transcends all barriers – age and custom because nothing is impossible if two people love and care for each other.

    Have to watch it again just to experience the undeniable spark of chemistry between the two lead actors.

  756. 756 : jardeus Says:

    The story is nice, but Lee Jung Sok(park Soha) acting is awful…… almost perfect, but ruin by Lee Jung Sok….

  757. 757 : any Says:

    super drama!!!

  758. 758 : Yozora Says:

    Sometimes i hate the drama when they pair up much older woman with a cute boy, their chemistry will never work.. surprisingly, this drama had the chemistry! between the older jang Hye Sun and Park So Ha.. 😀 i am so in love with this drama.. 🙂 and they already win so many awards.. 🙂 amazing! will rewatched it again soon.. 😉

  759. 759 : marge ponce Says:

    still watching…so exciting…i guess this movie is nice

  760. 760 : imhel Says:


  761. 761 : claucan08 Says:

    Actually….in first….I am addicted in this drama..actually I couldn’t sleep while thinking what will happen next…and also I’m a great fan of butler seo and park soo ha…but…..the ending is not memorable for me…they made it toooooooo long…. hmmm but still I like it

  762. 762 : malou1010 Says:

    I love coming back to IHYV thread to check if indeed more people would come to love & adore this truly amaaaaazinnnng drama. Aahhhh…. indeed the magic of IHYV is still spreading!!!!! I see lots of people loving it.

    I’m so glad this drama won so many awards in the 2013 Korea Drama Festival Awards last Oct.2. Well deserved!!!! Congratulations to Lee Bo Young & Lee Jong Suk!!!!

    I was a bit sad, though, for writer Park Hye Ryun. He’s an amazing writer & has my respect & admiration for giving us a ONE of a kind drama. Hopefullly, he will get an award from SBS soon.

  763. 763 : sk8 Says:

    i’ve to say this is really a good drama… right from ep. 1… hehee… was halfway watching the heirs now (till ep.4) with high expectations ending up a little disappointed thusfar, so coming here to commend on this drama… as it’s good starting from beginning till the end… …

  764. 764 : Lah Fang Says:

    When I saw Lee Jong Suk…OmG ..he reminds me to KIM JAE WON ! They both like twin !! I like this drama very…very…much.

  765. 765 : mango Says:

    Best drama everrrrr

  766. 766 : rm018 Says:

    I’m on episode 3 of this drama. The first two episodes was really nice and I got hooked already.

  767. 767 : rm018 Says:

    I’m obsessed with SOO HA! 🙂

  768. 768 : zhian Says:


    aku buat ulasan skenarionya nih…



  769. 769 : Efvefvefvetvet Says:

    Woooah. 1st?! WAH! Ofcourse it is!

  770. 770 : dexii_tsju Says:

    i really miss them !
    lee bo young n lee jong sok ! best couple ever

  771. 771 : 钟夏夜的星空 Says:


  772. 772 : anzu Says:

    plz vote for this drama as best drama of this year…….heirs doesn’t deserve to be in 1st place….

  773. 773 : garette Says:

    very much…the best!!!!!!!

  774. 774 : rm018 Says:

    Let’s vote this drama as best koreandrama for the year 2013. Keep voting guys. It’s on the third place now 🙂

  775. 775 : sk8 Says:

    i am voting for this drama as well 🙂

  776. 776 : missA Says:

    guys, im looking for another drama to watch, i mean something worth watching, I’ve watched master’s sun and just done watching i hear your voice, such a great entertainment..so this is giving me hard time cause IHYV was amazing so im looking for another amazing drama like that or else i gotta watch it again..huhu please help me.. fighting for IHYV the best drama ever!!next to it, is master’s sun 🙂

  777. 777 : Isabelle Says:

    Plz VOTE for IHYV as 2013 BEST DRAMA!!!! 🙂

  778. 778 : Isabelle Says:

    Everyone pls make an effort to vote for this drama!! It’s losing its third position to secret soon!

  779. 779 : yuyu Says:

    how to voted it?

  780. 780 : Isabelle Says:

    It’s at the main page 🙂

  781. 781 : sk8 Says:

    @776 missA i have also enjoyed The Master’s Sun and IHYV… so i recommend you to watch ‘Secret’ next 🙂 i am watching that now 🙂

  782. 782 : bel ami Says:

    admin please add this drama to TOP MOST SHARED DRAMA list…
    it win a lot award
    see the link => http://beatuscorner.com/winners-from-korea-drama-awards-2013/

    (@bel ami from admin: Please read FAQ here – http://www.koreandrama.org/?page_id=323)

  783. 783 : mor yang Says:

    i think “Master’s Sun” should be first place and “I Hear Your Voice” should be second because they both have better story line then “Heirs”, Heirs is just winning because of all the actress in there. I was so disappointed when i saw “I Hear Your Voice” third place when its such a good drama and was my favorite drama of the year:(

    SO PLEASE GO VOTE FOR “I Hear Your Voice” 🙂

  784. 784 : violet88 Says:

    Missing this drama so much.. how come it’s in 3rd place for Best KDrama yr 2013.. IHYV was such a great drama.. Heirs is not too bad, but the storyline is too cliche, advantage for them is because it’s still airing and LMH/PSH are starring.. i kind of love Heirs too, but IHYV is a much much better drama for me..

  785. 785 : Momo Yoon Says:

    One of the best drama I’ve ever seen

  786. 786 : Carmela Says:

    yeah, after this drama, it’s really hard to find the will to watch another one! xD i’m recently watching reply 1994 and that’s worth watching! other dramas?? yeah… it’s not like i wait for them so badly :/
    hope to find another drama as good as this soon! 😀

  787. 787 : 宋小知 Says:

    大赞啊!! 二硕赞!~\(≧▽≦)/~

  788. 788 : Hanako Says:

    It is a real good and touching drama for me regardless of age difference. I love the story and it was good, and i do think it should get an award for this drama, it is one of the best for this year after watching so many others.
    Park Soo Ha will be a great actor in future. TQ for the great drama shown for year 2013!! Ganbate!!

  789. 789 : violet88 Says:

    Come on guyss… let’s vote IHYV for Best Drama Yr 2013..

    it’s second from bottom now.. 🙁

  790. 790 : Cutebebet Says:

    want to Ask: Why KangChi The Beginning(mbc), is Not Listed in the best drama 2013? Its supposed to be in the list, because this drama end in 2013, rite? I Love This Drama Very Much 😉
    Thanks. 🙂

    (@Cutebebet from admin: Please check before you ask this question. This drama already been kicked out in the first/nomination round. Furthermore, you ask this question in wrong thread.)

  791. 791 : Dolphinee Says:

    It’s the final round of voting!!! IHYV lovers pls dont give up and continue to VOTE for IHYV…it is falling behind compared to others now! 🙁

  792. 792 : kiara Says:

    how can I vote??plz. can someone tell, please.

  793. 793 : violet88 Says:

    Dear Kiara @ 792..

    click below URL and pls vote for IHVY…


  794. 794 : angel Says:

    DAEBAK..This drama is really amazing.Finally I found another drama that can compared with The Moon That Embrace The Sun as my top of favorite drama ever.I really love this drama not just because of the story line that really great, LBY and LJS also give their perfect acting with full of chemestry.Let’s vote for IHYV guys.You’ll never regret it.

  795. 795 : Love Says:

    i think secret should be number one then master’s sun number two, and then others. Heirs should not be in the top 5, maybe number 7 or 8.

  796. 796 : Joy Says:

    @missA: watch Heirs and Faith

  797. 797 : naufal Says:

    i love this drama forever :3

  798. 798 : suzyfan Says:

    one of the best drama it was amazing and im in love with Lee Jong Suk i wish see him with miss a suzy

  799. 799 : shine Says:

    this drama shows that love has no boundaries…a very good drama to watch…outstanding performance esp lee joong suk and lee bo young…congrats to all the cast…i’ll describe this drama as superb/brilliant/awesome/amazing 🙂

  800. 800 : forever Says:

    my absolute FAVOURITE drama!!!! 😀 it is definitely worth watching and taught me so many things 🙂 i absolutely love this drama and i hope everyone does too!! please watch it if you haven’t !!!! it is extremely highly recommended! i guarantee you 😀

  801. 801 : Xyeheart Says:

    This should be the 2013 K-Drama of the Year…
    I sooooooooo LOVE this kdrama….
    Hope I can find another one like this one…

  802. 802 : forever Says:

    favourite drama ever!!!!! love the story and cast 😀 it deserves all the awards and high ratings 😀

  803. 803 : mail Says:

    best drama of 2013….I like the ost, script, casts and the flow of the story…

    I hear your voice- Best drama of 2013
    Rooftop prince-Best drama of 2012
    The Princess Man- Best drama of 2011
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho-Best drama of 2010
    You are Beautiful-Best drama of 2009
    Painter of the wind-Best drama of 2008
    Coffee Prince-Best drama of 2007
    Couple or Trouble-Best drama of 2006
    My Lovely Kim Sam Soon-Best drama of 2005
    Full House-Best drama of 2004
    My Love Patzzi-Best drama of 2003
    Winter Sonata-Best drama of 2002

  804. 804 : nwe lay Says:

    I love this drama so much .I like park soo hwa and his power

  805. 805 : annie golmei Says:

    I like dis drama soo much I luv u Lee Jong Suk

  806. 806 : Go Seul Neul Says:

    This is the best drama i’ve ever watched. The story is very amazing and interesting that I can’t stop myself from watching it until the end. I really love Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk!!! No wonder the casts and the drama itself have received plenty of awards.:)

  807. 807 : Go Seul Neul Says:

    We are expecting more from Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk. I hope wonderful stories like this will be broadcasted soon.:)

  808. 808 : Go Seul Neul Says:

    Saranghaeyo Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young. Ŏn-jen-ga-nŭn han-gu-ge ka-go shi-p’ŏ-yo. I’m sure I will. And I’ll make sure that I’ll be meeting korean celebrities and k-pop groups. Saranghaeyo guys!!! See you soon!

  809. 809 : sweeta_chocolatte Says:

    I’m deeply madly falling in love with Jong-Young Couple (Jong Suk-Bo Young)
    I can’t move on from this awesome drama eventhough i’ve been watched 10 times, maybe more than that.

    Seriously, I love the story, all the cast, chemistry between Jong Suk and Bo Young are amazing. very very amazing. I give 10/10 from this drama.

    So, Would you (SC-nim) mind to take Season 2? Cause I miss IHYV sooooo badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. Or Can you take them (JongSuk-Bo Young) to another new drama?????? It will be great..

    #sorry for my bad english

  810. 810 : bhidemy lee Says:

    I really really love jong suk. He has d charisma n nyc smile. I wld really love to see more movies of him

  811. 811 : Klover Says:

    I really appreciate the story and the lessons behind it. Hope there’d be more dramas like this to come. It just inspired me a lot. 👍

  812. 812 : koreanbaby Says:

    Love the drama & love the couple SH & HS. They complement each other. SH is so right for HS becoz HS has no problem whatsoever with his ability to read her mind. She is unlike the usual typical heroine. She just don’t play guessing mind games with her man. What you see is what you get. Plus she has no hesitation to speak her mind. That’s why to her there is no issue of violating her privacy with regard to SH ability to read her mind. She is comfortable with him. In fact I think she is enjoying SH tendency to pamper her i.e cooking, cleaning & taking care of her well being.

  813. 813 : lee hye ae Says:

    The first time I saw the poster for IHYV on this site, I was already intrigued by it. It is only now that it is shown here in the Philippines that I became fully interested in this drama. From all the Korean dramas that I have watched, this is one of the best. Every episode is worth-watching and the storyline is well-written. I also love the chemistry between Lee jong suk and Lee bo young, they seemed so natural despite their 10-year age gap that I didn’t mind at all. Lee jong suk is such a great actor. I think this is his best drama performance. I also loved Yoon sang hyun’s character here, so positive and cheerful. Not to mention the creepy killer who seems to be the worst antagonist that I have ever watched in Korean dramas. All in all, this drama is DAEBAK!!! Kudos to all IHYV cast and crew for a job well done. ^^

  814. 814 : racg Says:

    great drama! one of the best korean drama in 2013 🙂

  815. 815 : dw Says:

    Love the pairing of Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk! Definitely one of my favourite all time on-screen couple!

  816. 816 : Anthony Tay Says:

    LBY is so pretty! She doesn’t even look like a 35 year old… She definitely complement LJS well!

  817. 817 : LBY-LJS Says:

    i want another drama with LJS and LBY!!!!

  818. 818 : Kyle Monrae Says:

    This drama is very amazing. I appreciate that much. And can relate to anybody. This is the best drama of 2014 for me. Beautiful and has the true beauty <3 Lee bo Young.

  819. 819 : Korean Drama Review IHYV | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] I hear your voice (2013) 听见你的声音 […]

  820. 820 : CH Says:

    The lawyer, HS, is not fit to be a lawyer and has to rely on a 19 yr for advice!!!! The pairing is also sick….a woman in her 30s and a 19 yr old!!!!!

  821. 821 : Niga Gojai Says:

    Omo Omo Omo … i just yesterday finished watching this drama , it was amazing , everything about this drama was truly cool, after city hunter it is my 2nd favourite drama and both dramas’ songs are beautiful

  822. 822 : san Says:

    Love this drama. There are pretty touching beautiful scenes in this drama. 🙂

  823. 823 : hunhun Says:

    woah when first i watching this drama i think it’s just plain korean drama but when i once it gets to the conflict I felt like there was in the drama that was the best drama ever i watching it

  824. 824 : Lei Says:

    Another terrific,awesome korean drama ever!! I love this drama. Definitely i love this kdrama “i hear your voice” i love their OST “deulyo”
    I love everything about this!! Hailey Jang and Zack Park in the Philippines Heart Of Asia 😀

  825. 825 : Pinocchio 피노키오 | All About Korean Drama and Variety Show Says:

    […] – Director Jo Soo Won and Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun previously worked together in 2013 SBS drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice”. […]

  826. 826 : Random recommendations for law related dramas | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] I hear your voice (2013) 听见你的声音 […]

  827. 827 : Pinocchio (피노키오) | styrn Says:

    […] – Director Jo Soo Won and Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun previously worked together in 2013 SBS drama series “I Can Hear Your Voice”. […]

  828. 828 : png download Says:

    This drama is good. Although I have not finished it yet, cuz I have no time, I think it’s good, the actors in this drama is good, too. Lee Jong Suk also get better and better in his acting career.

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