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I Hate You, But It’s Fine

Title: 미우나 고우나 / I Hate You, But It’s Fine
Chinese title : 爱也好恨也好
Also known as: Likeable or Not
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 172
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept-03 to 2008-May-02
Air time: Mondays to Fridays 20:25


This drama is a story about love, family, and the realism of people’s dreams! Each character will experience their joy, frustration, and pain at times as they live out their daily lives. Na Dan Poong is a company marketing team leader. Jang Hyun Woo is a plastic surgeon and Baek Ho’s friend. Sun Jae is good looking, smart, and makes very good decisions. He has a girlfriend, Ji Young, who he met while they were in college. But to farther his ambitions, he breaks up with Ji Young to marry Bong Soo Ah whose father is the owner of Bonjour Foods.


Han Ji Hye as Na Dan Poong
Kim Ji Suk as Kang Baek Ho
Lee Joong Moon as Jang Hyun Woo
Jo Dong Hyuk as Na Sun Jae (Dan Poong’s brother)
Yoo In Young as Bong Soo Ah
Lee Young Eun as Hwang Ji Young
Lee Sang Yoon as Seo Woo Jin
Kim Hye Ok as Lee Jong Soon (Dan Poong’s mother)
Kang In Duk as Na Ki Tae (Dan Poong’s father)
Kim Young Ok as Ms. Choi (Soo Ah’s grandmother)
Kim Hae Sook as Oh Dong Ji (Baek Ho’s mother)
Lee Jung Gil as Bong Man Soo (Soo Ah’s father)
Lee Ja Young as Hwang Mi Ae (Ji Young’s aunt)
Kim Chan Woo as Oh Dal Hyun
Eva Popeil as Sonia
Park Joon Mok as Oh Chan (Mi Ae’s son)
Kim Sung Hwan as Hwang Jae Bok
Suh Seung Hyun as Hwang Dal Lae

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Kim Sa Jung (김사경), Baek Young Suk (백영숙)
Producer: Lee Dook Joon (이덕건)

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  1. 1 : Lyda Says:

    Is it a new drama? y it has alot of espisodes like this???

  2. 2 : Ivy Says:


    some korean drama have more than 100 episode with broadcasted for more than 1 years, Dae Jo Yeong in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=319 is a good example.

  3. 3 : Ayu Says:

    Looks like it has interesting story but omigod it has alot of episodes.

  4. 4 : Elisa Says:

    please tell me the website to watch series movie….
    with English sub please…
    Thuanx a lot…

    Hav a nice day!!!

  5. 5 : lamaria Says:

    elisa, http://www.veoh.com or http://www.crunchyroll.com they have a lot of korean dramas & movies with english sub.

  6. 6 : griffin Says:

    damn… 100 episodes is alot, especially for a Romance drama, but 100 episodes of Han Ji Hye is fine with me 😀

  7. 7 : Arya pars Says:

    Attention please


    Is it right way or right time? Ummm…, I don’t know!!! but about actress Yoon Eun Hye I should say that her height is 168 cm, her blood type is A or B !!! , and finally, Yoon Eun Hye has graduated from Kyung Hee Cyber University on 24th February 2007. Her degree is BBA [Bachelor of Business Ministration, speciality in Tourism and Hospitality Management].

    thank you

  8. 8 : Elisa Says:

    I’ve ever tried with VEOH, but it seems… we need to download something now….

    But…Let me try again..

  9. 9 : cori Says:

    hmmm 100 episode… i think its too much, although i like han ji hye

  10. 10 : Rowena Says:

    Han Ji Hye is one of my fave korean actresses. Actually a series of 100 episodes has many sub-plots, like the “love in heaven” series. However, the main plot should be something to look forward too, something that makes it exciting as the story progresses. Or else even if it is HJH, I will give it up even am already halfway through.

  11. 11 : WallPaper Says:


  12. 12 : marlon Says:

    la lang

  13. 13 : marlon Says:


  14. 14 : Elaine Says:

    omg…100 episodes…. *sighs*

  15. 15 : plllisa Says:

    woweee, now that malaysia has kbs world…we get to watch it with eng. sub. starting today. gosh this must be one the most exciting day of my life.

  16. 16 : kim Says:

    i love all the korean movies and serials,, ;D they’re all so good but unfortunately i dont speak korean, i can only understand the stories if it has english subtitles in it :D:D

  17. 17 : widya Says:

    It has so much episodes. Eventhough Han Ji Hye is 1 of my favourite actress, I think I will be boring to watch it…

  18. 18 : haruhi Says:

    wow i think they shot for about year ago before they make it aired on tv.. damn it’s 100 episodes.. so many

  19. 19 : Hollywood Says:

    Elisa, U hv to download the VeohTV to watch. It only take a little while.

  20. 20 : ST Says:

    Each episode is about 30 minutes only while the regular ones are about an hour.

  21. 21 : ST Says:

    On Veoh, Jinny has uploaded up to episode 20, however, it has no English subtitles.

  22. 22 : grace paranis Says:

    seems an interesting drama again, i’m looking forward to watch it soon here in japan, it doesn’t matter even if it takes hundred episodes!thanks and GODBLESS U OL……..hi to dad…jhr…love u。 mwahh…

  23. 23 : ky0k0 Says:

    omoshiro so…. o tanoshi mi

  24. 24 : klaire jheyze Says:

    most korean dramas are diff. from any other drama in diff.countries,it made sense to the televiewers! keep up ur good work guys….

  25. 25 : reneza Says:

    interesting title isn’t?

  26. 26 : klaire jheyze Says:

    check only

  27. 27 : chiquee Says:

    it is aired in KBS world now.
    i’m watching it.
    it’s nice.
    the story is good.

  28. 28 : Hollywood Says:

    Those who are interested in this K-drama can subscribe to xraymind who is uploading with eng. sub.

  29. 29 : ST Says:

    I already requested my cable service provider but it doesn’t carry KBSWorld yet 🙁 and xraymind has only uploaded up to episode 2 on Veoh. Oh well, patience is a virtue 🙂

  30. 30 : fantasy Says:

    i like the main actress and actor becoz the so cute..
    but i must be bored to watch it bcoz it has t0o much episode..huh

  31. 31 : fantasy Says:

    i like the opening s0ng of this drama,,
    but i do not find it..
    can someone share wif me the ost..
    s0 cute..lol

  32. 32 : mankind Says:

    Up to eps 50 now in spore on kbs world as of today, hate the guy who chose money over love. Oh and is that gal really pregnant ????

  33. 33 : Grayson Says:

    Is she really pregnant? Did he marry that brat, did he really choose money over love.

  34. 34 : bea Says:

    omg I hate this show. Can someone tell me what is going on. Did he marry spoiled brat. Is someone pregnant????

  35. 35 : bea Says:

    Can someone fill me in. Who is getting married and who is pregnant?

  36. 36 : SP Says:

    The guy still wants 2 marry that brat n the other girl fainted becoz her stomach started 2 hurt becoz of da stress da guy gave her i know!

  37. 37 : zoom Says:

    it is intersting serise i am everyday watching it,and i am big fan of kim ji suk(bekho),he is very cute and handsome is not it

  38. 38 : anomaka Says:

    I just watched Episode 80. It is in Korean with Chinese subtitle.
    I don’t speak or read any of them but I’ve been following the series.
    And yes he did marry the rich brat. She doesn’t do anything but shop. She doesn’t help with the work around the house. The guy’s sister and father are dissappointed in her.

  39. 39 : bea Says:

    thank you! does anyone know how to watch online?

  40. 40 : nidiooo Says:

    100 episodes ? oh my god !
    nidia – indonesia

  41. 41 : lys Says:

    i’ve watch this drama…
    since it been aired in kbs…
    it’s cool…
    also known as likable or not..

  42. 42 : bea Says:

    Okay how do I see episode 80. I do not know which episode I am on but, Baeko is about to find out Seonjae is Ji-young ex. Are the going to fight?

  43. 43 : guchik Says:

    i watch this on kbs world. great movie. han ji hye is cute as usual.
    danpung n baekho cute as a couple.

  44. 44 : guchik Says:

    guys, u can go to d-addicts. here u can find the latest k-dramas for dwld. they also have j-doramas, taiwan, hong kong and chinese series too with subs.

  45. 45 : ejall Says:

    i love this drama…very tickle & emotional…..i hate sua & sonjae….poor baekho….

  46. 46 : mankind Says:

    KBS Word just showed eps 73 2day. Show getting a bit draggy.

    So many unknowns to find out.

    1) baekho 2 know danpung is seonjae sister

    2) dp to know bh is step bro of sua

    3) chan’s mother to know her ex hus is with the foreigner gal wo stays w her family

    4) the rest of the off to know bh is the president’s son

    5) dp finally realise she loves bh ad reject the marriage proposal

    A lot more to go and so draggy

    Are they going to wait until seonjae and sua’s wedding to expose all

    27 more to final eps knwoing they might add more eps on….

  47. 47 : ejall Says:

    arrgghh…about last night episode…i hate hyenu…..so poor baekho..so irritating when sua dont know how to open the rice cooker…..hopefully danpung break up with hyenu…

  48. 48 : zurin Says:

    Thank God now Malaysia has KBS World and we have astro max. We can be more selective of what we want to buy. As it is we have too many already. I started watching this drama from ep 60+ onwards, and missed very few episodes. I kinda like it. Cute story. Like BK & DP- they have integrity. Hate seonja & sua (but i guess both of them deserve each otr). A bit dragging. Kinda like a journal, 1 episode for 1-day event. From morning till night. Imagine that! As much I like this drama and DP & BH, it is definitely too long for romance drama. Not a drama that I would watch over and over again. Jumong is the only 80+ episodes drama that I can tolerate and even then I feel that it is necessary to make it that long.

  49. 49 : zurin Says:

    I recommend Hong Gil Dong. Super funny! The whole family family watch it. Even my bro is who is x a fan of K-drama watch HGD. KBS World just started showing; now showing ep 7 or 8 (replacing My Pretty Insun). I think they have 24 episodes. I intend to buy the DVD once they are on the shelves.

  50. 50 : flipcity Says:

    you can watch it in crunchyroll.com up to the ep 20, i think…check it out.x

  51. 51 : ejal Says:

    yes…..danpung wanna postpone her engagement…..howcome sua so immature…..

  52. 52 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    wow…it has alots of episodes to watch hence this drama is very interesting and recommended to watch:)

  53. 53 : manubagus Says:

    This show is getting draggy !

  54. 54 : Rionaldo Says:

    where i can get this soundtrack… great drama…

  55. 55 : Ying Says:

    Hi…..i like this movie so much…..I look the wensite to order this drama movie but i can’t find the dvd with english subtitle….can you help me please……

  56. 56 : nc00t Says:


  57. 57 : hexli Says:

    hi! can anyone of you tell me what site should i go for me to be able to watch this series? our cable provider removed kbs channel to regular subscriber’s list and kbs is only available if you upgraded your cable. i started watching this series last october when i went on leave from my work…. thank you!

  58. 58 : melanie Says:


  59. 59 : *** DVD Cover Label *** Says:

    DVD Cover Image

  60. 60 : Helen Says:

    Me and my daughter watch this drama every day. Love it! But can anyone tell me where we can buy the dvd’s we watch on wmbctv?

  61. 61 : Helen Says:

    Me and my daughter watch this drama every day. Love it! But can anyone tell me where we can buy the dvd’s we watch on wmbctv? Also, when is it going to be available in English sub titles on the web.

  62. 62 : JDGLEGRA Says:

    this is a great drama
    it’s too long but it’s worth to watch…
    kind of sad.ji young is so pity
    though jo dong hyuk’s character is not really great in this movie… i still like him

  63. 63 : ejal Says:

    arrgghhh…i hate sonjea…..so arrogant & selfish….

  64. 64 : ejal Says:

    today is final episode of this drama….happy ending to all of them…so touching…..

  65. 65 : ina Says:

    diz movie is so great…i love to see danpung and baekho being together…they r so lovely couple…hihihi…

  66. 66 : elaine Says:

    ahhhh so many episodesss

  67. 67 : stephai Says:

    this drama is so long
    i don’t see last episode
    are you tell me please….

  68. 68 : Hope Says:

    Looks great to watch!But I do not have cable tv.So I hope the DVD will come to Singapore by this September or as fast as possible!I hope that it can be broadcast on ChannelU on 11 October 2008.Please God!Help Please!

  69. 69 : meirav Says:

    i am wacthing it now it is long this drama is good

  70. 70 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  71. 71 : mel Says:

    wooowww.. this movie have so many episodes…

  72. 72 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama..

  73. 73 : KocHi Says:

    this is my favourite drama ever..

  74. 74 : mealea Says:

    I really like enjoy this movie much. I hope DVD is coming soon to Cambodia.

  75. 75 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Yi I I am Happy I am Legend I am Sam I Believe in Men I Came in Search of a Flower I Can’t Stop I Hate You, But It’s Fine I Live Without Incident I Love You, Don’t Cry I Really Really Like You I’ll Give You […]

  76. 76 : harish Says:

    i hate you but i need wine… 😉

  77. 77 : pearl Says:

    I really love this drama,it made me laugh and cry..,
    HanjiHye and Kim ji Suk have a very good chemistry..,
    Kim ji Suk was a very good comediene..

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