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I Do, I Do

Title: 아이두 아이두 / I Do, I Do
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-May-30 to 2012-July-19
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A drama based on an original comic.

Hwang Ji An (Kim Sun Ah) is a successful mid-30’s career woman (Director in shoe company) with a bright future ahead until she gets into an “accident” one night with the company new employed young male co-worker, Park Tae Kang (Lee Jang Woo) who used to be a fake shoe maker and always ready to run away whenever police raids. Her life and career gets thrown in chaos upon learning that she has became pregnant with his child.

Her strongest rival, Yeom Na Ri (Im Soo Hyang) takes the chance of that moment to overthrow her company position while she meets again with her old love, Jo Eun Sung (Park Gun Hyung) who has became her Gynecologist.


Main Cast

Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji An
Kim Soo Hyun as Ji An (child)
Lee Jang Woo as Park Tae Kang
Park Gun Hyung as Jo Eun Sung
Im Soo Hyang as Yeom Na Ri

Supporting Cast

Yoon Joo Sang as Ji An’s father
Oh Mi Yun as Ji An’s mother
Kim Hye Eun as Bong Joon Hee
Park Young Kyu as Park Kwang Suk
Shin Seung Hwan as Lee Choong Baek
Oh Mi Hee as Lady Park
Lee Dae Yun as President Yeom
Jo Hee Bong as Seol Bong Soo
Kim Bum Yong as Song Ha Yoon
Han Ji Wan as Yoo Da In
Baek Seung Hee as Uhm Yoo Jin
Kim Min Hee as Ma Sung Mi
Oh Min Suk as Jake Han
Kim Seo Jung as Mi Sook
Choi Ji Won as Ji An’s daughter
Hong Kyung Min as Ji An’s ex-boyfriend (cameo)
Kim Jung Min as woman at blind date (cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Kang Dae Sun
Writer: Jo Jung Hwa

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-05-30 1 8.2 (18th) 9.5 (11th) 10.5 (8th) 12.4 (4th)
2012-05-31 2 8.0 (20th) 9.6 (16th) 9.8 (9th) 12.0 (6th)
2012-06-06 3 9.2 (13th) 10.7 (8th) 9.0 (11th) 10.3 (9th)
2012-06-07 4 8.1 (19th) 9.5 (12th) 9.0 (12th) 10.3(11th)
2012-06-13 5 10.0 (9th) 12.1 (6th) 10.0 (9th) 12.0 (5th)
2012-06-14 6 9.0 (17th) 11.3 (7th) 9.2 (13th) 10.6 (9th)
2012-06-20 7 8.2 (16th) 9.4 (14th) 9.6 (9th) 10.4 (6th)
2012-06-21 8 8.6 (17th) 10.2 (10th) 8.9 (15th) 10.6 (10th)
2012-06-27 9 8.2 (17th) 11.1 (7th) 9.2 (12th) 10.4 (9th)
2012-06-28 10 7.8 (20th) 9.3 (17th) 9.3 (13th) 10.5 (8th)
2012-07-04 11 8.1 (19th) 10.1 (10th) 8.7 (18th) 9.8 (11th)
2012-07-05 12 8.5 10.4 (17th) 9.1 (20th) 10.5 (17th)
2012-07-11 13 9.3 (19th) 11.3 (11th) 9.7 (15th) 11.0 (9th)
2012-07-12 14 9.2 (19th) 11.0 (13th) 8.9 (18th) 9.5 (16th)
2012-07-18 15 8.3 (19th) 10.6 (12th) 9.0 (16th) 9.9 (13th)
2012-07-19 16 8.1 9.9 (16th) 9.1 (20th) 10.0 (15th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Lee Jang Woo (I Do, I Do)


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  1. 1 : kirana Says:

    Wahhhh…….i think this drama so funy…….can’t wait……..::>_<::

  2. 2 : suba Says:

    i’m lookin forward to it..ya me too thnk tht it’s goin to be fun…watchin it!!
    ((>@[email protected]<))

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  4. 4 : grace Says:

    cant wait for this drama..

  5. 5 : Jennie Says:

    Sounds like a fun drama and Lee Jang Woo is cute as a button. Finally gets a lead role! And KSA looks good!

  6. 6 : kdfan Says:

    the flood of dramas continue .. will we ever get rid of our panda eyes??
    I love KSA, her comedy timing is fantastic. I hope this will be fun.

  7. 7 : jangerr Says:

    KSA!!! Count me in!!!

  8. 8 : aeennn Says:

    lets wait ….

  9. 9 : nabil Says:

    waaaaah Sun-Ah~ cant waiiiiiitt >_<
    this year's dramas are just so marvelous

  10. 10 : kriss Says:

    Oolala! My all time favourite actress, Suna! Love her to bits! I do, I do, I do!!!

  11. 11 : mona Says:

    i cant wait to see kim suna in her new role. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee her so much. she is perfect . lee jang woo is handsome and cool .kim suna is so popular in iran . we love you sunwoo couple ido i do fightinggggggggggggggg

  12. 12 : Ruth Says:

    My fav Korean actress KSA is back!! Can’t wait to see her performance!!!

  13. 13 : dinaz Says:

    wow sun ah unni i m sure its gonna be good..will wait 4 the dvd.. 🙂

  14. 14 : Maria Says:

    I love all Kim sunah dramas and can’t wait. Love the fact that she picks unique dramas and she is such great actress!

  15. 15 : GHSforever Says:

    OMG love the cast.
    I have to admit 2012 is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
    Almost all dramas are really good.

  16. 16 : dymaldini Says:

    Lee Jang Wo perannya jd badboy terus ya … tp coba deh nanti lihat drama ini …. kelihatan OK atau gak …

  17. 17 : Arie Says:

    I might watch this.

  18. 18 : urnchai Says:

    i love city hall but i think the leading lady is too old for the role.

  19. 19 : Kingtez64 Says:

    If its kim suh na it must be good! Cant wait too see this…so excited!

  20. 20 : admin Says:

    Trailer is Available Now

  21. 21 : gelay801 Says:

    OMG!!!! can’t wait to see this!!! 🙂 Lee Jang Woo looks hot in this series! 🙂

  22. 22 : Aya Says:

    @urnchai 18: the role fits Kim Sun Ah perfectly.
    and if you talk about age, Hwang Ji An, the main character in this drama is in her middle-30, that what exactly Kim Sun Ah is. She is 30 something.
    And I think she can still look like a sweet couple with Lee Jang Woo despite there’s 11 years gap between them. But anyway this drama’s plot is about shoes’ designer in her middle 30 gets knock up by her hoobae.

    Totally can’t wait Sun Ah unni’s latest drama ^^

  23. 23 : sulyn Says:

    Saw the teaser and it’s real funny.
    KSA looks absolutely lovely and she
    is still so adorable. Is 30th here yet?

  24. 24 : yping Says:

    KSA’s role here is not for the 20s sweetie pies… This role will be perfect for KSA. Look forward to 30 may!!!

  25. 25 : sie_sunny Says:

    can’t wait….can’t wait…can’t wait….><
    love u…love u…love u sun a eonnie 🙂

  26. 26 : sie_sunny Says:

    sunwoo couple aja-aja fighting!!!!!!! ><

  27. 27 : kanha Says:

    Will definitely watch this drama 🙂 KSA is beautiful becos of her acting skill. Love her ♥♡

  28. 28 : GHSforever Says:

    Dramabeans does have the long awaited teaser<3
    Omo I think my screen will explode of so much hotness**

  29. 29 : Kitty Says:

    Yeah….me to waiting for new drama of KSA, happy to see her new project soon. 30 May please come quickly and I’m sure we aren’t disappoint with her work . I do I do FIGHTING, KSA and LJW FIGHTING………..

  30. 30 : ViKa Says:

    i’m looking forward into this drama.the thriller looks so funny

  31. 31 : Micc Says:

    Very funny trailer, and KSA looks gorgeous! Look forward to it.

  32. 32 : Aya Says:

    what a cute new poster!

  33. 33 : KDaddict Says:

    Can I ask a really ignorant Qn?
    What is “<3"?

    @GHSforever, anyone?

  34. 34 : Aya Says:

    @KDaddicts: <3 form 'heart' / 'love' sign.

  35. 35 : KDaddict Says:

    @Aya, thanks. I even googled it, without success! TQ sweetie.

  36. 36 : KDaddict Says:

    With MNIKSS, KSA cornered the mkt on funny n goofy.
    With City Hall, she created a new category of KD heroine: the funny exec.
    With SOAW, she proved that she could be funny while dying.
    Now with IDID, she’ll corner the mkt on funny n sexy.
    This girl knows no limits, Has no limits.
    More power to her!

  37. 37 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wow, KSA & LJW – the age gap is getting bigger and bigger – I love it. hee hee 🙂

  38. 38 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, the new poster is lovely.

  39. 39 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i’m not fan of kim sun ah.. but the story line sounds funny and interesting.. maybe i’ll check this one out, if i have time..

  40. 40 : admin Says:


  41. 41 : luvyluna Says:

    I always love, Kim Sun Ah-sshi both personal and her acting.. And LJW-sshi.. I’m Curious how he’ll kiss her this time after he do that at Jane.. 😀 his acting skill will be expand too and getting rich through this drama.. 🙂

  42. 42 : Yandra Says:

    Funny drama.. Interesting story..

  43. 43 : sara Says:

    wow. My KSN is back. So happyyyyyy

  44. 44 : banTai Says:

    i think all of 3 new drama at Wed-Thu time slot will be concuer by Bridal Mask..Bcoz it’s blockbuster drama .,it look really promissing..and i dont think Ghost & I do I do can attract korean viewers attention..But I wish all 3rd round drama in this year will do well and fierce like K2H,TEM & RP..

  45. 45 : Eddie loverboy Says:

    Hyang you are so sexy and keep on Fighting!

  46. 46 : hny Says:

    wowww…KSA ..you are powerful actress when young emerging artists come ,she can survive !!! And KSA is the lucky woman she always accompanied by a handsome young man in her new dramas…I think she’s the one old korean actress who want to be “young n sexy 4ever”!!..love her act..

    nice to see u here after RTP…N you right KSA has no limits!!

  47. 47 : marilyn Says:

    after watching park gun hyung at syndrome… i guess i will watch this one. hope this will be as good as his character at syndrome

  48. 48 : I Do, I Do « The Hyper Group Says:

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  49. 49 : Happy Says:

    I’m gonna watch this drama because of Kim Seu Ah, she’s a great actress

  50. 50 : Happy Says:


  51. 51 : kdfan Says:

    Love love love KSA…

  52. 52 : andi Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is soooo UGLYYY…i don’t like her since “SCENT OF WOMEN”..

    Why she is become the famale lead in this drama?

    is there no other beautiful women in korea other than her?

  53. 53 : Kitty Says:

    Sunny you are the most beautiful Korean actress for me. Love you since MNIKSS till SOAW and will love you Forever.Don’t worry about the anti it’s a little bit. You have a lot of good fans all over the world. We are proud of your personal and your acting. Please take good care of yourself .We will waiting for your new drama I do I do and count down to 30 May. PS: I think you are more and more beautiful and sexy that I have never seen in the other actress . Sunny Fighting I do I do Fighting…………..

  54. 54 : Aya Says:

    @Kitty: You’re so right. Actually it’s too useless to bother those who doesn’t even know the meaning of ‘great actress’.

    So enjoy yourself #52 for seeing KSA only as an ugly actress *laughing out loud*
    while i’m going to wait for 30 May to come so I can see my most talented and beautiful unnie xD

  55. 55 : sulyn Says:

    I’m waiting to see the lovely and sexy KSA
    in action soon. She is such a superb actress.
    Have you all seen the latest posters? She’s
    absolutely gorgeous.

  56. 56 : Nitha Says:

    I love uni KSA,,,I’m waiting you acting this drama(I do I do),,,,,,you are the best,,,,

  57. 57 : yping Says:

    Really miss KSA… Really looking forward…

  58. 58 : karen Says:

    Pls support this drama everybody!!!!

  59. 59 : ladygagagirl Says:

    how old is Sun ah? can you say cougar???

  60. 60 : KIM HYUNA Says:

    hope the drama can become the biggest drama in 2012!!!
    You’re are very telented person,Kim Sun Ah unni!!!

  61. 61 : Nitha Says:

    I’m agree miss Kim sun ah actres very talented,,,I hope this drama can be rating no 1,,,,,fighting,,,,uni KSA love u,,,,,,

  62. 62 : sie_sunny Says:

    i love KSA and i like her so much coz she is great actres n she is gorgeous,,,,for 52#…59# if you don’t like her please don’t insult her n don’t say anything about her, you should not watch her drama…

  63. 63 : sie_sunny Says:

    please support this drama, i hope this drama can be rating no.1
    aja-aja figthing sun a eonnie, love u so much 😀

  64. 64 : May 2012 KDramas wrap-up: Sweet and bitter. « mystisith Says:

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  65. 65 : urnchai Says:

    peope just dont know that harsh words can break the hearts of others, they just dont think before they would make a mistake. just think, if i insult urs, would u be mad? yessss huh? so don’t destroy the amophere here.

  66. 66 : Tikky Says:

    Andi you are so ugly since you was born especially your mind.

  67. 67 : Kitty Says:

    Ha Ha Ha @ Tikky love your comment I’ll press Like 1,000,000 times. Let’s count down to May 30 . Cheer up to our favor actress for I do I do .Wish this summer will full of happiness, smiles and laughter from I do I do.PS : Love All The Nice Fans of Sunny that You always protect her and support her ,I’m so proud instead of her that she has lots of good Fans like All of you.

  68. 68 : iss Says:

    cant wait to watch
    sun ah is best actriss, always succeed perform every of her drama and im her biggest fan, dont mind people who dont like her
    fighthing unniee!! 🙂

  69. 69 : kanha Says:

    Calling someone Ugly is too much…..there is no one Ugly in this world…Everyone is beautiful in their own way ^^

  70. 70 : kanha Says:

    i have notice that KSA has a very nice and long legs….it is good to choose her for this drama…4 days to go…

  71. 71 : Mystisith Says:

    If only i could be as ugly as KSA… It would make my day.
    I will be happy to have her back on my screen in some light stuff. She’s an adorable and talented woman. Let’s see how Lee Jang-woo will make her fall head over heels. 🙂

  72. 72 : ethel mae phil. Says:

    Who said kim sun ah ugly? maybe ur uly. She so pretty. I wonder who among her leading men date her?! 😉 so pretty… kim sun ah fighting…

  73. 73 : hongey Says:

    this show has some comments here like in korean drama Big. both leading actress in here and there alos been looked down by some fans. but please know this, more people like them more than those who don’t.

  74. 74 : Nitha Says:

    Aja Aja fighting uni KSA n LJW,,,,,,,

  75. 75 : ksjheo Says:

    I just have to put it out there to all the haters that have commented on this post(If that’s not you, it doesn’t apply). KSA is ugly??hahaXD… don’t make me laugh. You are probably just extremely jealous of her good looks… take time to look in the mirror and compare her face with yours. I can understand if she just isn’t your type of girl but no need to take time and comment about how ugly she is?? really your just wasting your time.. and you don’t know how shallow you sound saying that looks is the only thing that matters. BTW I most highly doubt there is that any other actress who has so much potential, great acting skills, well rounded, and an amazing personality..so i would shut your trap

  76. 76 : yuyunzzz Says:

    if KSA is ugly, then what can I describe for myself? super ugly? hahaha… maybe #52 is too beautiful to judge other people. for me, even she is the ugliest person in the world, she still the most beautiful in my mind. i adore her since MNIKSS and will be until forever. so, plz stop judging other person by her look. whatever she is, I’ll support her forever. KSA fighting.

  77. 77 : KK Says:

    Miss KSA is pretty woman n his long legs,,,I wait you perform this drama,,,

  78. 78 : Aisu Says:

    Kyaaa…the days getting closer \^^/. D-3 “I do I do” come to me!!!!!
    #52 : on screen she has unique look and that’s beautiful, and not so beauty your wanted look. But I’m one million sure when you see her in real person, you’ll made speechless and swallow your thoughts. Many times I saw very beautiful actress on screen and when I see the real person, they were just too common, just like they were on screen. KSA has everything in her beside her pretty looks to compliment, her talents, her way to communicate with her fans and her costars and staffs, and her smartness that just the beautiful things of her, and she has so much friends in showbiz not just in acting area but also much idol.

  79. 79 : jastinel Says:

    I`m happy to find this blog and join you people. Starting next week I do, I do fun begins!
    lets just ignore those anti-fans, who is obviously jealous with our dear KSA. Who wont be envious of her? She got the looks that other ordinary women doesn`t have, plus a personality that so lovable and adorable and if you have a mind smaller than the grain of rice. You would say awful things just to make yourself feel better or look better. Sad to say reality speaks for yourself haters….hahaha!

    Anyway, lets go back to the topic that is more interesting…I do, I do, is a drama that will be added to KSA masterpiece, this actress knows how to choose the best drama project for her and mind you, most of her drama was tailored for her…Isn`t that amazing! A writer would wrote a story just for KSA.
    Lets continue share our thoughts about this drama here….see you guys next week!

    Love u KSA….fighting!

  80. 80 : non canty Says:

    I can’t wait this drama,,,love u KSA

  81. 81 : sie_sunny Says:

    anti fans….you are all garbage stench so go away from here :/

  82. 82 : jangerr Says:

    KSA rocks! Get ready, guys, to be rock off your socks in I Do, I Do!!!

  83. 83 : Young Says:

    Love love love KSA,,I’m wait you drama I do I do,,,,

  84. 84 : donnapie Says:

    People c’mon!

    What’s all this about?

    Why not we all just give a round of applause for #52 andi’s breathtaking, amazing, jaw dropping good looks.

    Obviously she is wayyyyyyyyyyy prettier than Sunny for her to be able to say that she is ugly because Kim Sun Ah is JUST A TOP ACTRESS who gets cream of the crop roles in amazing dramas while she is the normal citizen sitting behind the computer spending her time critquing people on websites.



    Obviously you would win because you have such impeccable judgment and class!

  85. 85 : gia Says:

    i would love to see the real face of #52 that judge people…

  86. 86 : Cur_Lee Says:

    @donnapie: now that’s hilarious! hahaha

    @gia: Don’t! You might be cry in jealousy because how pretty #52 is, judging by how confident enough he/she said Sun Ah is ugly lol.

    C’mon guys let’s stop it, it’s not like he/she’s going to show his/her ‘pretty’ face here (or he/she might?) after seeing how he/she is just one in a million who seeing Sun Ah as an ugly person.

  87. 87 : mtoenlob Says:

    @jastinel – Share me a link (preferably with English sub) where I can watch this, please. I hope to watch this as it airs like City Hall, which I watched thru viki. The fun was in the spontaneous interaction with kindred spirits who share the same passion for KSA. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for SOAW. Due to “rights”, viki cannot air it in this region. By the time I was able to get a link with sub, I had already missed several episodes. 🙁 I hope viki airs it here. Anyway, if you happen to know a good site with English sub, please alert me. Thanking you in advance.

    @donnapie – Go, girl!

    To echo what @jangerr said let’s get ready to be rock off our socks come May 30. All who share the same passion…say…”I Do, I Do”!!

  88. 88 : kriss Says:

    I Do, I Do!

    Let the countdown begins!!!

  89. 89 : eksha Says:

    kim sun ah
    i like it

  90. 90 : derra Says:

    lee jang woo
    i love you

  91. 91 : jangerr Says:

    @ mtoenlob

    Hi dear! Great to see you here! We had a great time following City Hall, didn’t we? Yes, let’s come here and share, and yak, and chat as we follow I Do, I Do. I have the same problem here as viki is not available in my country. But a good and fast site to watch this drama as it airs is epdrama.com.

  92. 92 : Marchioness Says:

    NO. 52… before you get all too judgmental basing on the looks department, get your titles right first.. it is not ‘Scent of Women’ but ‘Scent of a Woman’. You cannot even get your facts straight and you go and give irresponsible comments… This is not the forum for bashers, go follow somebody at Twitter or take a good long look at yourself. You might need a few surgeries here and there and still would not be able to hold a candle to KSA. Get a life!

  93. 93 : Pupuk Organik Jual Manfaat Pupuk Organik Kompos di Indonesia By Bioplanmate.com Says:

    i like this film cause ther is many girl pretty women you can give my pleasure to watch this cinema drama korea n i need this movies couse this is popular in my country

  94. 94 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve never seen Kim Sun Ah look as sexy, as beautiful as she does in the stills for this KD. This haircut suits her so well, as it frames her face n shows it off to great advantage. She was born in 1975, which makes her 37 this year. Women can only hope to look that desirable at her age. Plenty of women who are 10 years, 20 years younger don’t look that good.
    But Looks isn’t even her strongest point. It is her acting, her versatility, her being able to be goofy (as in MNIKSS), smart (as in City Hall), funny even when dying (SOAW), always making us love her characters that set her apart from other actresses.
    The show starts tonight. We can look forward to a ball!

  95. 95 : stellar Says:

    Here’s something HOT from a press!

    Quote “[Kim Sun Ah opened up on her bed scene with Lee Jang Woo at the press conference for the MBC drama I Do I Do held in Seoul.

    She said, “It’s an important scene in our drama and I wanted it to feel as real as possible, so I took off some of my clothes. I think it came out erotic.”

    Lee Jang Woo also added, “It’s a bed scene that’s very rare, so you can look forward to it. You can say it’s become artsy.”]” Unquote.

  96. 96 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s why KSA is such a stellar actress. She always puts the need of the show b4 all else. When she took on MNIKSS, she put on 20 or was it 25 lbs for the role, so as to make KSS look plump n a bit goofy. She had a great deal of trouble taking it off in the following years, until she finally had her jaw rewired last year. Not many actresses would do that for a role. You’ve got to respect that kind of professionalism and dedication.

    I sure look fwd to her artsy, sexy, erotic bed scene w our noona killer!

  97. 97 : shoshlev Says:

    There is not one actress in Korea in that level of KIM SUN AH
    No talent
    No beauty
    No wisdom
    And not in everything.
    Even in Korea called her the Queen.

  98. 98 : sue Says:

    I’m so excited! Tonight’s the night!

  99. 99 : GHSforever Says:

    Watched it live and it was pretty funny and cute.
    Moreover Lee Jang Woo and Kim Sun ah look pretty good together.

  100. 100 : lili Says:

    wooow i like ksa she is good ecters
    i like olso this drama !!!!!

  101. 101 : Nadia Says:

    i like KSA , she’s a very good actress , i see all her dramas

  102. 102 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:



    Episodes are probably RAW. RAW – No English Subtitle. Check back later.

  103. 103 : Wesley Says:

    KSA may be no Hyori Lee or Kim Tae Hee or Kim So Yeon, but she is pretty and is one of the best Korean Actresses in the industry.

    She gain weight for Sam Soon, Lost weight for Scent of a Woman…. serious and pure awesome funny woman who should be appreciated.

    She does have nice legs. Being a leg man, I have study the arts of beautiful Legs and her legs are nicely proportioned. Her Calves does not appear to suffer from what most will suffer when they get gain weight. Not as toned as it could be, but beautiful legs.

    I love her facial expressions… it’s her trademark… and hearing her say Are you Crazy? in Korean puts a smile on my face.

    I think out of all the couple chemistry… her role in City Hall had the best couple chemistry

  104. 104 : Micc Says:

    I am a little disappointed at episode one. Other than KSA looking absolutely gorgeous, the story was kinda boring. But of course it could get better as it progress. I hope so!

  105. 105 : Indah Says:

    I like KSA I have already watch all the drama she play it, She always totally into the character she play it. Daebak I always like when she said fast in korean

  106. 106 : hny Says:

    aigooo…so long…try to watch this….!!!

    HJA ..be careful when you run with high heels !..you not scare if something happen with your beautiful body *_*

    LJW… he’s like a biker gangs wearing that jacket!!…he loves his motorcycle like his girl….,ok lets continue watch !_!

  107. 107 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    Lee Jang Woo, Why soooo cute? He looks all of 20 years old. Is he legal?
    KSA! I love the new hair style n hair color on her. I love her smoky eyes. Not many women can carry that look. But she carries it w aplomb! I love her legs, n I’m not a leg man. I’m even even a man!
    Ji An! Oh Ji An! The way she handles that fashion show where her products almost got canceled! My kind of woman! My kind of dragon lady! My kind of drama heroine!
    OMG, just look at those shoes. Can’t believe that she out ran him in her high heels. What a girl! And the way the clothes look on her, or off her.
    I fell in love today, with a woman. I’m not sure if it is KSA or Hwang Ji An I’m in love with. But I think I want to go to bed w her too! Heeheeheeheehee. Just kidding!
    I love every min. of this ep. Never loved a 1st ep so much, nor a show so much by only its 1st ep. I love this show already. Thank you MBC, writer nim, PD nim, et al!

  108. 108 : KDaddict Says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  109. 109 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, agree that the pace is too slow. Hope that it will pick up
    in tonight’s episode. KSA looks gorgeous and her image is
    different from her other dramas. Do hope that the ratings for
    this drama will be higher. I DO I DO , FIGHTING!

  110. 110 : jangerr Says:

    Ok, it’s not quite a flying start but it doesn’t beat around the bush either. The show jumps right into action with the leads bumping into one another and leaping under the sheets in their very first meet! There are definitely enough cutes, pretties and sparks for the first episode, so I’m happy! 😉

  111. 111 : hny Says:

    yes yes yes……….u guys right…1st episode it’s yummmyyy…but KSA..that red shoes already good..I didn’t agree with u’r idea to change that shoes become like that..red n soft pink=not match..U’r initiative are good,but you got wrong combination 4 that shoes…too bad ..I like that shoes..preety.

  112. 112 : kdfan Says:

    ohmy ohmy ohmy .. i love ep 1! love Jian’s clothes and needless to say her gorgeous shoes!! where can i get that black top..i teared when i saw those purple heels at the end! oh why why why do they hv to make Eunsung so irresistible. it will be tough to root for Taekang. looking fwd to ep 2!

  113. 113 : sie_sunny Says:

    no matter what they said about you…really love you and all of your drama, movie, nothing can change my mind…i don’t care about the rating too 🙂 aja-aja fighting eonnie 😀

  114. 114 : Emberlast Says:

    Just watched it! Love it! It gets me excited for next episode!!! :)))

  115. 115 : Kitty Says:

    @sie_sunny yes I agree too don’t care about the rating if the drama hook us up that’s OKAY . Love the 1 Eps it’s smoothly , funny, cutie and lovely AH and sexy My Sunny and Jang Woo You are the best I do I do fighting.

  116. 116 : roxyalso Says:

    Just my opinion, Kim Sun Ah had to come back to romantic comedies after her other attempts at darker dramas. Anyone can do a dark drama but romantic comedies aren’t easy and only a few leading ladies are actually successful. There are about 10, in my opinion that do it well.

  117. 117 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Oo, you’re my kind of girl. We really should go shopping together. I love her black top and the purple shoes at the end too. First thing that came to my head was I want them too when I saw them! I’m a shoes and bag person and I simply love shopping for them. Good start, I like the setting of the drama, trendy and fashionable (drama Fashion King should have been like this). In fact I love everything about KSA, from the top of her head to the tip of her toe. She is gorgeous and her legs, wow! And I like Tae Kang too, baby faced hunk. He’s so cute in a comedy and so different from the ever sulking guy in Glory Jane! Looking forward to seeing more of this drama- for the comedy and the fashion 😀

  118. 118 : Nitha Says:

    I like this drama episode 1, oeuni KSA you beautiful with new hair N I like u clothes n shoes, I’m wait Next episode,,,,love KSA n LJW,,,fighting,,,fighting

  119. 119 : Micc Says:

    Awww….he is just too perfect, I am drooling all over! Hate it! Might need to fast forward his scenes…:-)

  120. 120 : pogrog Says:

    too bad the leading actress is too old for the hero. hope they wouldn’t pick her as the leading heroine next time. there are lot of pretty actresses out there.

  121. 121 : sie_sunny Says:


  122. 122 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    Wow, ep 2 takes a U-turn and becomes serious and sad. Lee Jang Woo is really too cute, n a good actor!
    Love KSA’s hot pink jacket w whites and her black outfit w shorts too. Ultimately, it’s not the clothes themselves, but the way they look on HER.
    Love the opposing polarity between KSA and LJW’s chars.
    I liked Im SH in New Tales of Gisaeng, but here she plays a princess, a chaebol daughter, who is out to outshine KSA. Nobody can outshine our KSA.
    Curious how this story will play out. KSA’s char is pregnant. Her father will kill her if she becomes an unwed mother. So she’ll have to marry the doctor for cover. Princess n hottie will make a connection. So how will things go between noona n hottie?

  123. 123 : Micc Says:

    Just to clarify, I was actually talking about Park Gun Hyung! ;-p :-p

  124. 124 : sulyn Says:

    The relationship between LJW and his father
    is touching. They are just so adorable. Poor KSA!
    She has gained success but is so lonely. Wish to
    see scenes of LJW trying to woo her. Ohhhh, I love
    to see KSA in hot pants. What lovely legs!

  125. 125 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie did u see her handbag? it looked like a paperbag .. haha that was cute but not something i will carry. btw we r taking the kids to kdland for holidays this fall. i hope i hv time to shop, shop, shop … myeongdong here i come!

    oh dear only ep 2 and it’s turning serious n sad already? m going to watch now n was hoping for more laughs. i m not a big fan of noona dongsaeng relationship, esp one that has so many years difference. it was the first time for Taekang too. he still has so many things to experience, it’s not realistic for him end up happily ever after with the first woman he slept with. Jian is so accomplished and successful, to fall in love with Taekang, maybe yes but to spend a lifetime with him .. will have to see what growth Taekang will go through. Right now Eunsung seems to be the right match for Jian but we know many a times in KD what is set up upfront is never meant to be in the end. love the dialogues so far, just please throw in more funnies .. love KSA!

  126. 126 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Ooo..lucky you. Best time to go then. Myeondong will make you dizzy with the number of things they have! The first time I was there, I ended up with nothing cos I couldn’t make up my mind which to choose! If you have time, head to Gangnam. Love the shops there and atmosphere! 〷◠‿◠〷
    Her bag? I’d probably use it when I go to flea markets, so I don’t have to worry about purse snatchers 😉 Agree with you re Taekang and after Ep 2, I kind of prefer her to be with the Doc. I think they’re more compatible but at this stage, I don’t particular mind who she ends up with cos I like both of them. Taekang is cute and I like the father/son relationship – really heartwarming to watch and boy, this guy really knows how to cry and he does it so naturally – great acting! The only person I see who’s not so great is Dan Sa Ran..oops I mean Im Soo Hyang (she was in New Tales of G). Pretty stiff and overly self conscious and she’s too soft to be a b****. Yes, I too want more funnies, love the chemistry of KSA with the guys (◡‿◡✿)

  127. 127 : hny Says:

    ahhh…woman!!!…can’t see good stuff…hurried to the shops….4 shopping n shopping…. jeung @Jennie I ikutan dong (U‿U)

  128. 128 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie thx for the shopping tip! just finished ep 2 .. very little funnies but i agree it’s heartwarming to see Taekang getting emotional. actually it’s somewhat unbelievable a 50-yr old uterus can get pregnant so easily. Jian will need lots of de-stressing to hv a healthy pregnancy. the gynae is just too cute. can’t wait to see him freaking out when he knows about the pregnancy.

  129. 129 : Micc Says:

    Are we talking about her Balenciaga? Love that bag!

  130. 130 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie love yr smileys. thx for the shopping tip! just finished ep 2 .. very little funnies but i agree it’s heartwarming to see Taekang getting emotional. actually it’s somewhat unbelievable a 50-yr old uterus can get pregnant so easily. Jian will need lots of de-stressing to hv a healthy pregnancy. the gynae is just too cute. can’t wait to see him freaking out when he knows about the pregnancy.

  131. 131 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie pls excuse the duplicate posting. machine is acting weird. too much multitasking, or more like multitabbing the different screens for the many diff dramas ..

  132. 132 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Nice drama, love it… All the high heels are so pretty!!

  133. 133 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Do you mean Balenciaga’s Papier bag? Doesn’t look like it. Not sure though 😀

  134. 134 : Micc Says:


    I kinda remembered her carrying a Papier and an Envelope. Maybe those weren’t what you guys were talking about. They do carry a lot of knockoffs in the drama. It’s very funny to watch. 🙂

  135. 135 : shoshlev Says:

    i love her and I love him, he is relatively young but talented player
    and she’s the only one like no other in Korea,
    and I’m sorry that all the time makes her a haircut.

  136. 136 : Omo Says:

    Honestly I think KSA is pretty in the face… And such long legs for real well what do you expect she was a model love Kim sun ah!!!! Fighting unni!!! Ur new drama is sooooo much fun I have to wait another week just for a new ep I can’t wait !! And to all the haters at least she’s not a fake like youuu!!!!!!!

  137. 137 : sara Says:

    I love this drama. I missed KSN so much and i’ m so happy to see her in a RC again. The first episode is light, funny and easy to watch with sweet moments. KSN is great as always and LJW is so cute and pretty. I also love his dad. He was so cute in PTB and it seems the same here. BTW, her shoe closet is sooo beautiful.

  138. 138 : usa-mary Says:

    Ohhhh…how I love Kim Sun Ah in this drama! She is so cute and funny. Especially at the police station when she held up the stiletto and asked if he wanted his death announced today! That made the officer handling tbeir complaint stop laughing at what PTK was saying about HJA and take her seriously.

    The gynnie guy is so good looking and funny, too. Especially, on their date when they compared tactics on how fo discourage potential mates set up by their family. Pulling out his own eye mascara would make any woman run in the opposite direction! hehehe

  139. 139 : KDaddict Says:

    Shopping in Seoul takes much learning, in that you’ve to learn which stores sell things that suit your taste and build. For me, it’s frustrating bc I grow up on dairy products in the U.S. n am bigger n taller than the ave petite Asian girl. So I spend lots of time searching in Myeong Dong n Gangnam, only to be told that they don’t have this style or that style or whichever style I want in my size. I’m not a giant, just a US size 8 to 10. But then if u r smaller, you can make out like a bandit!

  140. 140 : jangerr Says:

    Truth be told, I really love the male characters. TK is babyish cute, ES is wickedly adorable, even TK’s dad is such a hoot. JA, JA, you’re gonna have a tough time! With such an onslaught, resistance is futile! But I’m sure you’ll put up hellava fight!

    So far, the only weak link in this show is the second female lead, NR… I find her character neither here nor there! Either she’s not a good actress or the character she plays doesn’t suit her…

  141. 141 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i agree shops in asia generally cater to petite sizes. I hv a relatively smaller problem than u. I m US 2 to 4 but my height is above average asian. I hate it whenever i try on dresses they r always too short.

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Long time no see, since New Tales of Gisaeng! Welcome back! Here is Dan Sa Ran again. 🙂
    Abt the 2nd actress: did u watch New T of G? She was a newbie but got the leading role in it. She did OK there, but here, next to KSA, her weaknesses will become all too obvious, I’m afraid.

    What chaebol uncle or father would let their princess kick the main designer out of her office to take it over? And why let sb who has been away fr Korea for 15 years be the 2nd or 3rd in command? She should take the time to acclimate to the local business culture, MBA or not. That girl is going to be so unpopular w the employees, and w the viewers, for crossing our KSA.

  143. 143 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Oh wow, haven’t really met anyone who wears a size 2! But I see ur length problem with the smaller sizes, must be a real headache for u especially if u are shopping for pants 🙂 I am a size 8 and 167cm tall, so I don’t have any such problems, but do visit Gangnam for the fun. Shops are more trendy and don’t forget to buy some Citron honey tea mix too. I love this drink! And while you’re in Dongdaemun, don’t forget to buy souvenirs of your favorite stars, you’ll be spoilt for choice 😀
    @Micc Yeah I enjoy looking out on her accessories too. Looks like the people who are sponsoring her outfits for this drama will make lots of money. I’m just itching to hit the shops this weekend and there are sales everywhere now!
    @ usa-mary Hi I remember you from the City Hall thread I think. Are you the same person? I used to enjoy reading your comments in that thread 😀

  144. 144 : KDaddict Says:

    A mother of twins and a size 2! What a feat! And tall to boot! That’s many women’s dream, u know.

  145. 145 : Micc Says:

    How can you not love this site? From dramas to guys to fashion to shopping! What more can I girl ask for? Now if it could also cook and supervise my son’s homework….

  146. 146 : KDaddict Says:

    Hey, I’m a size 8 and I’m 167 cm (5’6″)!

  147. 147 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie n KDaddict what do u know.. we three hv the same height! Ok i m more 4 now, although i can still wear my older 2s. I did end up taking down hems for skirts n pants i really liked before. But now cant help putting on as i get older. Yup my friends ‘hate’ me bec i dont put on weight. I was 56kg after giving birth. Ahh so many nice things to check out in seoul. I love korean food too! Been there once years ago. I didnt like the chaos at dongdaemun. My kids might get lost there!

  148. 148 : jangerr Says:

    @142 KDaddict

    Yes, I watched New T of G. I kind of like her there. Maybe the role was more suitable for her. It didn’t require too much range. And I think it could also be her co-stars were all newbies, so her lack of experience wasn’t so obvious. I agree with you that besides KSA, her lack is very telling…

  149. 149 : kriss Says:

    Love, love, love the 1st two episodes so far!!! Suna is just superb! Once again, she shows us why she’s in a league of her own.

  150. 150 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan, KDaddict That’s really nice to know, we all have the same height n KDaddict, the same size too! kdfan, depending on cut, I too can squeeze into a size 6 too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all can shop and watch kd together! kdfan, if your man is going along, get him to bring the kids to a theme park or a big toy shop like Toys r us and do your shopping in peace! Or get your 6 year olds to bring along their favorite game to play while u shop 😀
    @Micc Was just telling my hubby the other day how wonderful it would be if instead of cooking, we can just swallow all the goodness of food in tablet form instead of cracking my head what to cook everyday. The existing supplements in the market are obviously not enough 😀
    @jangerr Yep, have to agree with you that Im wasn’t too obviously bad next to the newbies in New Tales and I was actually quite surprised that she even won an award for that drama. But next to KSA she’ll have a tough job convincing viewers of her ability/talent if she doesn’t improve fast. What’s more is she won’t be getting any sympathy votes playing the bad guy here.

  151. 151 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie no chance leaving kids alone w hubby. he is not a multitasker, i will end up worrying sick thinking one or both kids go missing. angry birds will keep them occupied for sure! seoul is definitely a girl group tour thingy, shop, eat, watch kd, watch variety shows live, crash a kd filming location to check out some hotties, catch a Bigbang concert .. seoul-lites r so lucky!

    yes Im is not packing enough oomph against KSA, poor gal must be so stressed out.

  152. 152 : Micc Says:


    That would be very nice! Do you know there is “green” supplements for kids who don’t eat enough veggies? I don’t see how anybody would eat that supplements though! 🙂

  153. 153 : yoon Says:

    every day chasing for Korea drama holy cow!!!!addicted.
    abundance Hong Kong,Taiwan & china drama totally

  154. 154 : KDaddict Says:

    If I was a new actress, I’d not want to take on a job acting next to KSA. Her effortless excellence will only make my acting look stiff n amateurish. I’d certainly not act as her nemesis. Double whammy! The audience will see the flaws in acting, And hate sb who wants to cause KSA harm.
    Yes, Korean drama rules! Welcome to KD-land!

  155. 155 : ViKa Says:

    i wanna watch the first two episodes tonight,kyaaa….

  156. 156 : Mystisith Says:

    Wow, something must be wrong with the ratings! I know there is a difference between tnms & nielsen but here??

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    Congrats on your new blog! I thought of doing it for yrs, but chickened out cos I knew it’d take a gt deal of commitment. Hats off! Good luck n have fun!

  158. 158 : Mystisith Says:

    KDaddict: Thanks! It’s a lot of work but at the same time it’s very gratifying. There is before and there is after. My way of watching dramas has also changed and i learn a lot of things. If someone had told me 3 years ago i would have a blog about “Korean stuff” , i would have laughed my head off: You never now what life has in store for you. And i like it. ^^

  159. 159 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie, kdfan, KDaddict: I read page 6,7 and couldn’t help but lol… U gals are so funny talking about height n weight. Am a size 0 and 5’2″ (unlike kdfan I hv no children yet 🙂 ), always having diff time buying clothes that fit me, always needed alteration. However I was told many times and realized that I am bigger than most of my friends in Asia so each year I must be on a strict diet before heading there. Yes, shopping in Asia for an average Anerican size would be diff.

    @Jennie: thanks for your recommendation; I was planning to wait for a few weeks but couldn’t resist so I decided to check this drama out and enjoyed the first 2 eps. I like the male lead but had never seen his drama before and of course I always enjoyed watching KSA.

    @kdfan: have a safe trip; see you again when you get back.

  160. 160 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL how can u be big with size 0? I think many asians r yr size. Post pregnancy bodies r not very flattering to most but just some exercise n u can hv body like hajiwon, dont worry about it! My seoul trip is not til fall. This trip is just a short getaway nearby. I thought i wont get to watch KD but luckily there is free wifi here n kids r in bed. Gonna catch up with the shows now.

  161. 161 : drama freak Says:

    it’s interesting! i am going to follow for sure XD

  162. 162 : KDaddict Says:

    Ya, really. How can u be bigger than anyone at Size 0?
    I walk into stores/boutiques in Asia, n they carry only 0, 2, 4! I give up, n shop online. It’s a hit n miss affair. Everything is online, KD, music, shopping!

  163. 163 : sara Says:

    It’s funny but more serious that the first ep. The characters are lovable expect for that stiff girl. KSN shines like always. Strong, pretty, excellent. She can make every actor shines so LJW seem so good here too. The subject matter is daring and interesting.

  164. 164 : Mystisith Says:

    For those interested, i recap the show. Episodes 1 and 2:


  165. 165 : jangerr Says:

    @163 sara and all

    How true! KSA never fails to deliver. Like you, I’m always amazed by her ability to bring out the best in her co-lead. LJW never look so good!

    I love her role here in I Do, I Do – an alpha female who’s confident, hard, brash, rash, driven, a task master. But what truly makes her shine is one can see that beneath this hard exterior of steel and strength is a load of vulnerability, frailty and insecurities.

    Talking about LJW, I was initially worried about her pairing with him, what with the big age gap. But she put paid to my worries within the first few miniutes, no seconds, of her appearance with him in the first episode. Not only does it not look ridiculous, she ups it and makes the pairing look so logical, so comfortable, so compatible, so adorable!

    Having said that, at the moment, I think ES is better for and with her – character, emotional, wit and maturity wise… Unfortunately, there’s this curse of the second lead… Sigh…

  166. 166 : stellar Says:

    Yes, Sunah really shines! Every time she appears on a scene, she just seems to fill up the whole screen!!! What a megawatt star!!!

  167. 167 : KDaddict Says:

    Age-wise and profession-wise, it makes sense for Ji An to be paired w the OB-GYN. They can both continue on their workaholic ways n meet for dinner fr time to time. The baby can be passed off as the doc’s, to be raised by JA’s mother. Life will continue as b4.
    But w the young man, who is the polar opposite of JA, they can influence each other, take on new views and new values. They don’t have to marry each other, I don’t believe at all that the writer will go that far, but they can still be mighty good for each other.

  168. 168 : Mystisith Says:

    I’m really curious to see what the writer has in store. My gut feeling is that the writer will not pair the Alpha female and the “kid” together at the end. But i could be wrong. I would like to be surprised with something unexpected and unusual. Maybe keeping the child and raising him all by herself?

  169. 169 : Kitty Says:

    Why do I love you so much Kim Sun Ah ? Love this drama don’t disappoint with your role ,already watch the first two episodes and I must say I love this drama so much . Sunny , Jang woo,the doctor, Tae Kang’s father and JI Ah’s father are really good for their role especially the three main leads. I can’t choose between a doctor and Tae Kang they are all cute and handsome when they pair up with Ji Ah. Love how the doctor smile and like to josh with Ji Ah .Sunny in this drama is pretty ,elegant and sexy ,love all her outfit especially pink suit and whitepaints and the black shorts with black suit at the end of episode 2 that make her so sexy with lovely long legs. Want to know What happen in the next episode.Wednesday and Thursday please come quickly.

  170. 170 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan, CVL, KDaddict Hi am on another long weekend trip, like Kdfan, this time am in Club Med Cherating . It’s a paradise here! As for shopping for Size6/8 for myself, I’ve never had any problems looking for this sizes anywhere, so I can’t complain- must be going to the correct shops 🙂
    I wouldnt be surprised if Ji Ah ends up with doc. The current trend with KD is the second guy gets the girl in the end, no? They’re more compatible anyway 😀

  171. 171 : jangerr Says:

    @167 KDaddict

    I do see your point. Being so similar, it’ll be difficult for the doc to influence or cause a change in JA. But it’s still early days, doc may not be the workaholic maniac or alpha male type. He may turn out to be the sweetest guy or he may have some ‘tricks up his sleeves’… What we can be sure of is the writer will definitely make him a worthy opponent of TK!

  172. 172 : Lovemoon Says:

    Kim Sun Ah I hardly recognized her on Scent of Woman last year drama but now she got prettier on this drama than on Scent of a Woman, isn’t she? not sure about this drama yet. Will keep watching for a few more ep.
    Not sure how his pair of shoes got selected. I expected being creative like the one she designed on spot at the beginnning of the fashion show to fix the problem of the wrong shoe size for the model.

  173. 173 : Mystisith Says:

    @jangerr: “he may have some ‘tricks up his sleeves”. Eh, he already has mascara in his pocket… I think we can trust the guy for having funny ideas. And i’m sure he won’t let pass an occasion to take advantage of the potentially romantic situations.

  174. 174 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i do feel realistically the age gap is too big to have JA ending up with TK but then it’s still too soon to tell. The chemistry btwn JA n the doc is also stronger although i hope it will grow i think its hard to imagine how sparks can fly when they find out about the pregnancy. It may no longer be focused on romance but about priorities n responsibilties.

  175. 175 : Mystisith Says:

    I will be a bit ahead here but I have a feeling the pregnancy will be temporary the core of the story. We will have an accident or miscarriage. (I don’t see KSA wearing a fake fat stomach). At this point JA will have to choose freely the man she wants: The friend, the one that makes her feel comfortable and is husband material. Or the young stud who attracts her physically.

  176. 176 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan Like Mystisith above, I too see the pregnancy as something temporary. Can’t imagine KSA will want to be in maternity clothes with the fantastic figure and beautiful fashions we’ve seen her in so far, unless there’s a time jump, where she will have the baby, come back from somewhere to deal with the two men, while baby remains hidden but then, we’ll have an entirely different story then 😀 Honestly speaking, I was a bit disappointed to learn that the story is going that direction- having a baby after a one night stand, finding that the gynae is her intended etc-it reminds me very much of SoaW.

  177. 177 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s the downside of having watched too many KDs. They all resemble each other in some way after a while. 😉

    I’ve been to Club Med Bintang. It was relaxing n low-key.

  178. 178 : jangerr Says:

    @173 Mystisith

    And there I was wondering where I’ve got the idea that he has something up his sleeves… Lol!

    Anyway, congrats on your blog! I’ve read your recaps of this drama – love it! Oh, the amount of time and effort you must have put in! Really appreciate your labour of love.

  179. 179 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie & Mistisith I would prefer JA to have a baby, otherwise there will be no life turning point for her to change from being a ‘loser’ as Taekang put it. In SoaW it was cancer, in here has to be the bb. Is this what they call same shit different stink .. yeah they r the same difference after a while. but i m still a sucker for it haha

  180. 180 : kdfan Says:

    sorry for the typo Mystisith

  181. 181 : Mystisith Says:

    @kdfan: No problem!
    Maybe the first accidental pregnancy will make her seat and think. And maybe a second one could be the choice of her life. I also remember she talked about adoption to her friend… Yes, i know… A lot of “and if”. I love to speculate.
    @janger: Thanks! I guess i’m getting older: I need to be more active in my viewing experience. A time to receive and a time to give. So fun!

  182. 182 : 土豆网 Says:

    I’m watching this drama. BEST =)


  183. 183 : mia Says:

    Soooo excited for episode 3! Now that Ji An knows that she’s pregnant, what’s she gonna do?

  184. 184 : kdfan Says:

    @Mystisith that’s a superwoman feat for a 50 y old uterus! no .. she talked about adoption but immediately ruled it out bec she knows thats just not her thing. Part of the fun with watching KDs is the speculation part. It’s interesting some of the speculations here are far more creative and interesting than the writer’s!

  185. 185 : shoshlev Says:

    KSA the most beautiful actress in korea

  186. 186 : otilia Says:

    such a nice drama…i love it!!!

  187. 187 : aya Says:

    This drama is crazy GOOD….. i did not want to get hooked to a drama where i can’t wait for it to air, but just like city hall, scent of a woman I’m now HOOKED to I Do I Do…. KSA really is the best, its no surprise she is my most favorite actress not only in Korean but in the WORLD………

  188. 188 : Tikky Says:

    This drama getting funny, lovely. I really enjoy.

  189. 189 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    I was worried that Lee Jang Woo wouldn’t be able to act very well when compared to KSA, like Da Sa Ran. Surprise surprise! Not only is he super cute, he is really able to hold up his end while acting w KSA.

    But there is sth I don’t understand:
    If the princess has just returned from overseas after a 15 yr absence, if she has step-mother who is in control, if she wants to do well in the company, WHY is it that the 1st thing she does is to aggravate and alienate its premier designer? Wouldn’t it make more sense to ingratiate herself w the company’s most valuable employee instead?
    Becos of this puzzle, I’m finding it hard for me to follow w my heart where this drama is going. It keeps nagging at me every step of the way, whenever Princess appears.

  190. 190 : kdfan Says:

    thats the tiniest shortest mini skirt i hv ever seen. who else in the world her age could wear that n look so hot. none, definitely no one else.

  191. 191 : stellar Says:

    I know epi 3 is out but where can I watch it with eng subs?

  192. 192 : kdfan Says:

    @stellar viki.com with subs is out. If u cant access viki, dramacrazy.net should be out in a few hours

  193. 193 : Mystisith Says:

    You can also watch it here (raw):

  194. 194 : usa-mary Says:

    I knew this drama was a winner! KSA and LJW are so funny. It seems that HJA can’t get rid of PTK. If they aren’t running into each other in tbe city, she selects his shoe design from the reject pile to get replaced among the other contestants and he wins (I wonder what her thoughts were about that). Next, the scene at the award ceremony is hilarious! She couldn’t believe his tears as he was dragging his leg while holding his pants…WOAH…CRAZY!

    Like I’ve said before…every leading man that has worked with KSA becomes like a beacon of light in his acting abilities. They become accomplices in complementing each other in their roles.

    Personally, I would like to see HJA with a baby. Now it’s a toss up of who I think the father should be. She can work part-time as a designer. Oops, that may be wishful thinking, right! Working part-time from home as a new mom can happen in the U.S., but maybe not such much in S.K.

  195. 195 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    I love the last 25 mins. of the show, when KSA is the center of attn. The 1st 39 mins I thought were not so interesting or eventful. But the min the wedding planner calls up, KSA n PGH get together, the sparks fly. I didn’t see that coming, stupid of me!
    Love the chemistry KSA has with both guys. Now I don’t know who to root for at all! The young one is cute n unpredictable. The doctor is ALSO cute n unpredictable. Who’d have thought? Oh, Lovely!

  196. 196 : stellar Says:

    @kdfan & Mystisith – 10Q! 10Q! 10Q!

  197. 197 : zashee Says:

    wow,i have finished the first episode,it was really good start for me to continue the next episode
    its hilarious,and remind me about previous korean drama in 2005 titled “wonderful life”.

  198. 198 : vbs Says:

    ep 4 ending is “nice”

  199. 199 : kriss Says:

    @195 KDaddict – Me too! Ji An’s chemistry with both guys are so gooood! When I see her with Tae Kang, I want her to be with him. BUT when I see her with Eun Sung, I want her to be with Eun Sung!!! Why? Oh why do they make it so tough for us to choose???

  200. 200 : [email protected] Says:

    What’s happening in the ratings? I find this drama a good one… really makes me laugh. i want to know the reaction of PTK after he find out about HJA’s pregnancy hehehe… so excited for the next episodes. KSA & LJW fighting!

  201. 201 : yuyunzzz Says:

    I love this drama. although the synopsis is similar with other kdrama with one night stand incident (what’s up fox, wonderful life), but the leads handle the problem in matured way. they didnt curse or blamed each other after the accident just like other drama. and seriously, I wanna take a bow to kim sun ah for her acting. at first, I worried she just acted as sam soon in glamorous looks but now I really love KSA as Ji An. she can be the devil and angel at the same episode. I really dont care whoever she end up with since I feel this drama is not just like other stereotype kdrama where the heroine depends on the hero too much. this drama remind me me2 flower, whether the rating is good or not, I really enjoy this drama too much.

  202. 202 : jangerr Says:

    @190 kdfan

    Totally agree with you. Look at those micro minis and hot pants! On anyone else her age they would have look ridiculous but on her they are something else! Oh noes! My screen is on fire!!!

  203. 203 : KDaddict Says:

    And that hat too! On anyone else it’d be pretentious and ridiculous. But on her, it is becoming and completes a certain look!

  204. 204 : hny Says:

    oh yappe.. this is my 1st time in KD not choose which one more good as couple in drama story..here between TK n ES for me they are equal I love them both.. ‘OKElah’ to be with JA, so which one she choose then..I support her by enjoyed this drama till end 🙂

  205. 205 : hny Says:

    oh that necklace on ES’s hand…I like that…where i can find a same like that??!! oh geez ..so many gorgeous thing in this drama…makes my eyes gets ‘Blink Blink’ 🙂

  206. 206 : jangerr Says:

    @ hny, kriss and KDaddict

    So true! Both guys look so adorable with her. But above all, I love that both of them have lots of heart.

    First, the kid. Though he is poor and lacking in education, he has this big heart that more than makes up for it. Look at his relationship with his dad! How they look out, protect and support one another. Look at how he protected JA when the ‘on-way-street’ Asst Seol was badmouthing JA. Though he may be a wee bit wet behind the ears, he’s also very perceptive where JA is concerned. In some ways, he seems to know her better than she knows herself! The way he’s able to say things that unsettle and rattle her shows that he’s certainly no pushover and JA will not be able to walk all over him.

    The doc too is simply amazing. The way he matches her wit for wit, stroke for stroke, scheme for scheme is pure joy to watch! In fact, I love that he’s able to outwit and outmaneuver her, clever that she may be. I still chuckle aloud when I think about the way he turned the tables around her and how he ‘wormed’ himself into her parents’ hearts. Oh, how he makes her parents so happy, makes her dad laugh. But most importantly, I love that he’s able to help her ‘settle’ her mind and be at peace with herself.

    Argghhh!!! Can’t she have both?

  207. 207 : hny Says:

    of course not…because who’s dumped by JA..is mine 🙂 ,horeee i got the cake 🙂

  208. 208 : kdfan Says:

    JA is probably more attracted to ES if she is bothered to get new undies for him. She will be torn between the father of her baby and the attraction she has for ES.

  209. 209 : kdfan Says:

    @hny you are right, i went back to look at the necklace and the pendant is very unique. it is filled by different sized little diamonds and the stones make up the outline of the stiletto. i hope it’s all over myeongdong when i m there. i just want one with fake stones for fun 🙂

  210. 210 : jangerr Says:

    I’ll be making a trip to the land of a thousand smiles soon. Any one here can give some insider tips on what are the things, places, food, etc, that shouldn’t be missed?

  211. 211 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t understand 3 things:
    1. How can KSA look so drop-dead gorgeous in every style, every outfit? Most of us have one or two styles that we can call our own, cos that’s what we look best in.
    2. If the doctor is bent on not getting married, but is now eyeing JA for a marriage of convenience, then why is he trying so hard to woe her?
    3. His moves r those of a player. I thought he was a workaholic?

  212. 212 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t know how many days u have in Seoul or if you’ve been there b4, but here is the gist of it–in no particular order:
    1. Dongdaimum wholesale market for cheap clothes, if not to buy then to look; Recall Cindarella Man, that’s where Kang Sang Woo’s char works;
    2 Hangang Park, take a walk along the Hangang R, where so many KD couples to go smooch, cry, think;
    3. Lotte World, amusement park where we’ve seen so many of them go on a fun date;
    4. Namsan Park, a good vantage pt of the city, n again a hot date location in KDs;
    5. Seoul Tower, if u want to look down on the city;
    6. Myeong Dong–for endless shopping n eating; Myeong Dong Nanta Theatre;
    7. Insadong, artsy neighborhood for arts & crafts;
    8. Gwangjang Market–an Asian market, good for 1st time visitors;
    9. Area around Hongik Univ–good nightlife;
    10. Gyeongbokgung Palace–the location of so many palace-centered sageuks, including RTP;
    11. Cultural Village–location of so many sageuks;
    12. Samcheong don Bukchon–old town area w old buildings converted into shops n cafes;
    13. National Museum–v interesting;
    14. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art in Itaewon;
    15. Gangnam for a change of pace, more upscale, more comfy.
    I don’t know what you r looking for, so I just type whatever comes to mind. Have a gt trip, and let us know how it goes when u return. Bon Voyage!

  213. 213 : kdfan Says:

    @KDAddict 211
    1. I’m sure KSA dieted or worked her ass off to hv a body like that. After 30+ no woman can have that body by doing nothing even if they haven’t been pregnant, even if they are 6 ft tall. with a body like that, she can look good with anything or nothing.
    2. marriage of convenience? nah, right now, he wants her, he wants her bad ..
    3. nothing like the right gal to wake up those testosterones that put brain cells immediately to sleep

    thanks for the list of seoul to-dos! i hope to cover aboout 10 of them in my coming trip

  214. 214 : kdfan Says:

    @jangerr when will u be going? i am only going end Aug. let us know how it goes and share more info. hv a good trip!

  215. 215 : CVL Says:

    I don’t understand why TK’s father doesn’t look for a job but spending all day at the bathhouse? Yes he did work very hard for the past 30 years but he’s not that old and still healthy to work even if it’s a low pay job. In addition they want to buy the old house back; just TK working isn’t enough. Isn’t it illegal to LIVE in a bathhouse???

  216. 216 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL i was wondering the same about the dad too. probably its just convenient for the writer to make it tougher for TK’s character. my korean friend told me its common for people to stay over in jimjilbang. though probably not that long as though they are living there but it may not be surprising they are some people doing that. its much cheaper than hotels and hotels in korea are crazy expensive. the only limitation is probably locker space. it’s small. so big luggage is a problem.

  217. 217 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict hv u been to sokcho by bus? i am wondering if the buses allow big luggages to know if i should bring just hand carry ones.

  218. 218 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    i love KSA that’s why watching this and so far,i like it…

  219. 219 : PYing Says:

    I have watched up to Ep 4 and so far it has been extremely boring and slap stick… all about a bad tempered female director in the shoe company. Yawn!
    I only watch this to support Im Soo Hyang… I think Soo Hyang is pretty and has great potential as an actress. I will definitely support Soo Hyang even if I have to yawn through 16 episodes! :((

  220. 220 : KDaddict Says:

    @kdfan, CVL,
    I was lying in bed, thinking abt this drama; many things I don’t understand:
    1. Why is Dad not working now? What happened to his shoe workshop?
    2. How much was his bail? How come it cost as much as a house? Esp one that is due for redevelopment–those cost an arm n a leg!
    3. How can Cutie pie be such a snazzy dresser when all he has for storage space is a locker?
    4. What is Doc up to? Has he really fallen for JA? Or is he playing a game?

    I love this show whenever KSA is on; she n doc, she n Cutie, she all by herself! I eat it all up w relish! The min she is off screen, I lose interest; I get up n go get water, snacks, etc.

  221. 221 : KDaddict Says:

    I haven’t been to sokcho by bus, but judging by other bus rides, I’d only bring cabin size luggage if I can help it. Korean drivers r not among the most understanding or patient ppl I’ve come across.

  222. 222 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: yes I was thinking the same about the writer purposely doing it… Btw: did you contact your Korean friend about the bathhouse lol…

    @KDaddict: hahahaa unlike you lying in bed; I am watching Euro 2012 but checking this thread at the same time. Yes I was wondering about TK’s outfits with that small locker. Did you notice he has changed to another backpack? I like the first one better :-). Regrading to the doctor, I like him at first but now I am not; something about him that I just can’t figured out; maybe like you said he isn’t sincere and only playing with JA’s feelings or maybe I am wrong.

    It’s funny how the end of the last ep; JA just started being soft to TK for just a sec then he’s in trouble with her again.

  223. 223 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: regarding to the dad, kdfan and I were talking about it to. Pls read kdfan #216. Yes, losing the house and the bike didn’t make sense as we saw TK’s old neighbor told TK and his father that the new owner wants to sell the house now. With their $30k available, they can finance the rest, it must cost a fortune bailing him out. Also I just don’t think the dad wants to get back in making shoes again; one time in jail is enough.

  224. 224 : sara Says:

    I think he is using that 30000 $ reward, isn’t he? So he can get some clothes. His father was poisoned and lost everything coz he made fake shoes and as this is the only job he can do and can’t do anymore, he is jobless. I don’t like the doc at all. He is like a player and i specially hated him when he kissed her. It was very fake. I feel bad just by looking at his face. But i like this drama coz KSA can do something other actresses even can’t dream about. She is wonderful and “cutie pie” is so enjoyable to watch.

  225. 225 : aya Says:

    it’s now the # 1 drama on Mysoju…YAY!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for next week episodes….

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    The difference betwn KSA and Im is in the range of expressions, n the depth those expressions convey. Anyone who can’t see that has to be v young n inexperienced in watching drama of any kind.

    I knew kdfan and you were talking abt Dad w no job. Qn 1 in my post just echoes it.
    He made counterfeit shoes for 30 years. Caught once and he gives up? Hmmm.

    I didn’t mean Where does he get $ to buy those clothes. I meant Where does he keep all those clothes when he is sleeping in a jimjibang w all the storage space of a locket. 🙂

  227. 227 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL haha no, wouldnt purposely ask my friend that. I was having a meal with friends n we were talking about hotels. One of them said he arrived just past midnight in seoul once n decided to stay at the bathhouse instead of checking into his hotel n pay an extra night. Thats when my korean friend said its quite common for ppl to do that.

  228. 228 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict thanks for the info on the drivers!

  229. 229 : hny Says:

    I envy to you guys…already visited so many country especially korea..the land that we saw in KD…I never to visit other country because can’t leave my jobs. the place I work is “crazy company” sometimes make’s me work even holiday time 😉 I just traveling in town or sleep if I got day of. after 10 year I worked there now I already resign 7 month ago….so freedom now for watch KD online and I’m glad to have you guys.. as my friend here..we can share alot here beside KD..I hope I can trip to korea too ,someday..:)
    @kdfan @jangger..are you going alone or accompanied by r hubby for this trip?

  230. 230 : kdfan Says:

    @hny some companies r slave drivers. You must be having the time of yr life now. Watch all the KDs u missed. Hope yr next job is a much better one. I will be going kdland with my hubby n kids. It’s gonna be crazy but looking fwd to it.

  231. 231 : Kitty Says:

    Love this drama so much. Love KSA and LJW the most in this . For me I think LJW can work well in his portray,he is so immature, adorable and lovable and sometimes he can show his serious side. the different of our OTP( KSA and LJW) status, education, position and ages . These things will complement and complete each other. I also love the doctor with Ji Ah but I prefer Tae Kang with Ji Ah cause they have Chemistry and Electricity together.

  232. 232 : hny Says:

    @kdfan it’s lovely going together w family..how old u’r kids ?!

    maybe ..they only have 2/3 clothes for change also one the best clothes for work and towel for stored in jimjibang locker.. and for other clothes..perhaps he leave that in his friend house.. Lee Choong Baek .

  233. 233 : shoshlev Says:

    I can not wait for the next episodes!
    I am so enjoy that I wanted not reach the end [two chapters] i love the actors and the characters they play, I love love love the drama and the actors I’m counting seconds and minutes to the next chapter, hurry !!!.

  234. 234 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict, hny

    Alas! I’m not heading for kdland but Thailand which is also known as the land of smiles. (Not ‘land of a thousand smiles’ as in my earlier post… My apologies. Must be a result of watching too many kdramas – Loving You a Thousand Times, A Thousand Days’ Promises, A Thousand Kisses, etc… hehehe!) But KDaddict, thanks so much for your suggestions. Can always count on you for help. I must try and make a trip to kdland soon to try out your suggestions! Nonetheless, I’m excited about my upcoming trip and hope some of us here can give me some travel tips.

  235. 235 : kdfan Says:

    @hny my twins r 6. Very noisy v active hardly leave me alone. I hv to catch my kds after they sleep. I hv perpetual eyebags 🙁

    @jangerr thats another fun city to visit. You will love the food. If you dont mind the price go to Hyatt hotel’s erawan teahouse for a meal. Its sooooooo good. Must try the dessert.

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    Oh sure, Land of (1000) Smiles is Thailand! (Really, it’s Land of Smiles, not 1000 Smiles? I could have sworn!) But then you know we r Always watching KDs, so Korea is always on our minds. Another thing, I think all those KDs r rotting my brain. 😛

    Where r you going in Thailand, n how many days? Is it only BKK, or r you including some other stops?
    I like Phuket, hate Pattaya. I like Hua Hin, Ching Mai, Ching Rai. I’ve been to Thailand, various parts, abt 10 times. You’ve to be more specific, then I can give u a more meaningful ans.

  237. 237 : kdfan Says:

    @jangerr sorry i was assuming u going bangkok. I was talking about hyatt in bkk.

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    Fav hotels:
    1. Princess Pathuwan Hotel; I like its gt location in the middle of everything; it is connected to malls like MBK, Siam Sq, etc. You don’t have to venture outside in 40C, for days if u don’t want to. One time I went w a friend for 4 Ds. We just roamed the malls connected to the hotel. We came back n ppl asked us how come we got no tan in BKK!
    2. Nai Lak Park Hotel, behind the British Embassy, formerly the Hilton. It has a park inside the hotel, v green, relaxing. There r 2 wings, I like the thai wing, much more atmospheric. Gt breakfast buffet.
    Must eat:
    1. Curry crab! So lovely.
    2. Shark’s fin soup. Cheaper than any place on earth. Not banned here at all. But that depends on your eco-friendliness.
    Must do:
    Get an oil rub! Everyone has their own fav’s. Mine are close to the Grand Hyatt Sukumvit. Also love their Sunday brunch w live piano music, champagne n roast suckling pig. I swear I saw the smallest pig there! Seems too cute to eat, but Boy, was it good!
    Fav malls:
    Central World n Emporium. Loved CW b4 it was burnt down. Haven’t been since it reopened. But friends say it is even better than b4. Also the flea market at the end of the subway line. Plus 2 Night mkts, which r abt the same.
    Must buy:
    Love their household goods, furniture esp that made of cane n bamboo, clothes, thai silk, great tailoring if u r in the mkt for bespoke tailoring, n pirated DVDs of American films. Hee hee.
    Dont know if u r going outside BKK. Will save it till u say so.

  239. 239 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict and kdfan

    Wow! You are amazing! Thanks once again. I’ll be going to Bangkok for about a week. Actually I’ve been there but it’s like more than 10 years ago… KDaddict, besides kdramas, are you also a travel addict? You seem to have everything at your finger tips!!!

    I’m sure I’ll have time to try out some of your suggestions. Hyatt Hotel erawan teahouse sounds tempting! I love Thai food and deserts so am looking forward to some serious feasting!

    Yes, I’ve heard about Central World, so will definitely go check it out. Is the flea market you mentioned above Chaktuchak weekend market? It’s supposed to be this humongous flea market that sells just about everything but it’s open only during the weekend. Another place which some friends recommended is Pratunam wholesale market. Have you been there?

  240. 240 : KDaddict Says:

    You got it exactly right. I’m very much a travel addict. Love of my life. Been to over 60 countries. I know more abt places than my travel agents. But since becoming a KD addict, I’ve been less eager to travel, bc I can’t get enough of a fix for KD while traveling.
    No, I haven’t been to Pratunam wholesale mkt. I know it is for clothes n accessories. I’m more into bespoke tailoring. I’ve been to the Chatuchak weekend flea market several times for the fun of it. It does go on and on, but after abt an hour, you’ll see many repeats.
    Have fun on your trip!

  241. 241 : CVL Says:

    @sara #224: no they still have the $30k as they were discussing about using that money as the down payment to buy their old house back.

    @KDaddict: lol I think getting caught once is enough especially spending everything that they had to bail him out; it’s time for TK to be a responsible person.

    It’s funny how you gals talking about shopping in Asia; being an Asian myself I would never shop while traveling in Asia cuz most of them are counterfeits unless you know where to shop. For me traveling is to learn/experience about the culture and to see how they live their lives daily; high-rise buildings are the same everywhere (this is just my opinion)

  242. 242 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: since you’re a fan of KD, while in Korea maybe you should go to those street venders to drink soju and getting drunk and have your hubby piggy-back u lol… Btw: I was teasing you about contacting your friend but it was a good guess right 🙂

  243. 243 : sunahforever Says:

    Hello all,I’m back!!! Hello to all City Hallers!Our darling is back, yay! I love.
    this new one, omg!!!! KSA once again working her magic but now in style! She’s all glam up and gorgeous for once and wat a delight to watch! Drop dead beautiful… and serves #52 right for getting all the hate notes for ever using d four letter word on our darling…. it is amazing how a mid 30 women can look so hot and sexy…and acting wise, wat to say! Magnificent! I was crying at epi 2 when she was eating the ramyun alone….this is wat acting is all about…to make the viewers feel the hurt and pain! Male leads are great too .. can’t wait for more….

  244. 244 : Jennie Says:

    @CVL, kdfan Hi gals. Gotta agree that there are plenty of counterfeits out there. my advice, kdfan, buy local brands in Korea esp clothing and accessories – they’re good enough for everyday wear. Only up to date with this drama this time round, too busy with Euro 2012, French Open, my painting and finally finished watching Vampire Diaries Season 3 (love love this series and yay, also finally finished reading Pillars of the Earth (took me three whole months because of the previous batch of great KDs!)

  245. 245 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Kamsahmida! Yup, I know bespoke tailoring is a real deal there but need to know which tailor/s to go to.

    @243 sunahforever

    Finally, you’re here! You are one person I expected to see here from the beginning. What happened? What took you so long? Anyway better late than never. Wonder where’s other fellow City Hallers such as etee, mtoenlob, indri, jastinel, tety, etc… If you ‘bump’ into them elsewhere, please get them to come here too!

  246. 246 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie: I was thinking of shouting out loud to find out your whereabout. Wow you and I have so many similar interests; French open, Euro and KD lol… Woke up at 6am to watch the women’s final, now is day 2 of the Euro. It’s going to be a very busy summer with the Olympic in July…

  247. 247 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie: wish you can share a pic of your painting here 🙂

  248. 248 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i thought it was just euro2012 keeping u busy, where in the world u hv the time to do all that n manage the family!!

    @CVL i do hope to try some street food but i don’t quite like the taste of soju. may be i should try the soju bomb (soju+beer). u tickled my ribs with the piggyback idea. that should be reserved for the younger ones. i think my hubby won’t make it more than 20 metres haha! The KDs make it look easy but m sure they had to do many takes.

    It’s true knockoffs are widely available in asia n i heard korea has the best ones. i don’t go for those. i m more into style n comfort than brand. i buy most of my branded stuff from outlets esp when i travel to the states. i’ll be going soon, it’s timely to stock up some clothes for my kids too.

    @KDaddict u r a human encyclopedia 🙂

  249. 249 : kdfan Says:

    @jangerr must try the mango sticky rice n coconut ice cream at erawan. even my thai friend said that’s the best in town. i almost wanted to pack them back .. have a good trip!

  250. 250 : KDaddict Says:

    The std of tailoring is really hi in Thailand, esp BKK. I’ve walked into many a tailoring shop where they speak no English, I draw a style on a piece of paper, n it came out really well. If nervous, u can try out a top or a pair of pants. I always get some thai silk n have some outfits made for work. Inevitably, I get many compliments out of them.
    The Weekend flea mkt is really a lot of fun. They do sell everything, n of pretty good quality too. That’s they thing abt these thai markets. Just that I can never last more than 2 hours out there in the heat!
    I agree w you. When I travel, I like to go to out of the way places, to see nature, the country-side, n how ppl live. However, that’s more for in-depth independent travelers. Most ppl only have a few days to spend in the primate city, in which case, it is mostly shopping, eating and visiting some near-by sights. Eating in thailand is fantastic; mango sticky rice w coconut juice or icecream is a treat to any palate; shopping there yields products of good design too; n like I said coming back w some loot that reminds you of the visit is satisfying for a long time after!

    Back to the show: Dad has been in the business for 30 yrs. Can’t imagine that he hasn’t ever been caught b4. If he gives up after 1 encounter w the police, how did he stay in that business for so long? A leopard supposedly doesn’t change it spots. 😉

    But what really bothers me is Da Sa Ran: Why is she so hell-bent on crossing their premier designer?

  251. 251 : KDaddict Says:

    Besides being a KD addict n travel bug, I also love sci-fi n opera, mainly Beijing opera n Kunqu. My colleague, our in-house lawyer fr the NYC office, tells me that I’m the only person he has come across who loves sci-fi n opera equally much. (He knows nothing of the KD part). I can talk circles around most ppl on those subjts. A human En? Anea, a brain full of junk, of unrelated details. 😉

  252. 252 : zashee Says:

    i’m curious with the next episode
    i cant wait for Wednesday

  253. 253 : KDaddict Says:

    Can JA have both the doc and Cutie? I hope she does. I hope she marries Doc to give legitimacy to her baby, and have Cutie around for ….. her morale? I like her to have both and Dan Sa Ran to have none!

  254. 254 : rona Says:

    look forward to see this drama!!

  255. 255 : 28Minhyun1008Mujib9 Says:

    Will watch this drama once released all of the episodes…The plot catch sounds interesting.. Good luck to this drama 😉

  256. 256 : 28Minhyun1008Mujib9 Says:

    Will watch this drama once released all of the episodes…The plot sounds interesting.. Good luck to this drama 😉

  257. 257 : jessie lou bullecer Says:

    I want episode5!!!!! LOL
    I’m addicted to this already……………

  258. 258 : sunahforever Says:

    Am I late?? we are only at Epi 4 right? plenty to talk abt! just am amaze at KSA for looking so good and acting so good…sigh, am so in love! Jastinel is very active but she’s on facebook, I saw her in I Do I Do Korean Drama. pls search this FB site and she is one of the commenters!

  259. 259 : Gudaeman Saranghae Lee Junki Says:

    I’m so excited to have a copy of this drama!KSA rock!:)

  260. 260 : Jennie Says:

    @CVL & kdfan CVL- soo happy with French Open but first weekend of Euro was disappointing for me cos my teams (Czech Rep & Holland) lost 🙁 kdfan- Yep, I hardly have any time to spare this summer. Luckily my kids are independent and do not need my supervision 24/7. I’ve a live-in help to do the meals and house keeping. More or less, I breeze in and out of home and office (am actually in trading/retail business, helping to keep an eye on a couple of outlets to make sure all’s well) (>‿♥)
    Anyway, just thought I’ll let you gals know that I won’t be visiting here so often. Haven’t really watched any KDs this week. Guess I’m all burned out after so many KDs last couple of months, so I’m going to take a break. But I know I’ll miss you guys, so maybe we can exchange emails and chat about other things other than KDs instead, if you like. Sure some people are upset with me talking about other things other than this drama (sorry guys). Email me at [email protected] _(._.)_ (sign for kowtow/apology :-D)

  261. 261 : CVL Says:

    @Jennie: ohhhh we are going to miss you; hope to see you here again soon…. Maybe after this busy summer :-). Yes I was stunned when Holland lost but I am sure they will pull it off; they have always been my top fav team at all time… Will def save your email and stay in contact.

  262. 262 : jangerr Says:

    @258 sunahforever

    Well, for an average fan, to come here and wax lyrical about KSA after 4 episodes is considered okay… but for an ardent fan like yours truly, it is kind of late-ish… 😉 I, too, am so in awe of KSA and her acting.

    @260 Jennie

    No wonder you seemed quieter lately. It’s good to take a break now and then. Too much kds is bad for our eyes… So take a good break, smell the roses, recharge and then come back with a vengeance! Hahaha!

  263. 263 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie sad to hear and will def miss u! i feel some KD fatigue too. will take a short break when i start doing some travelling end July til early Sep. will save yr email and stay in touch. yes yes we deviated too much from talking about dramas here but was so fun. take care!

  264. 264 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan #248: hahaha I can smell all types of alcohol :-); am sure if you want to your hubby can piggyback u for just a feet lol

    @KDaddict: have you ever been to Vietnam? It’s a great country to visit despite being poor but they live their lives to the fullest; always a happy smile on their faces 🙂

  265. 265 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Thanks and hope you have fun in Thailand. Been there a long long time ago. Love at first sight with Bangkok esp with the architecture and hike to Chiangmai in the remote areas was just as magical. An exchange student from Uni Chulalongkorn had a crush on me back in Uni days, had a whole lotta fun when we visited him and so, Thailand brings back many many smiles long forgotten haha!
    @kdfan Kinda early I know but hope you have a super happy trip to Korea. Eat lots of kimchi and ddukpokki and get drunk on Soju so that hubby will have no choice but to give you that piggyback ride along the Han river 😀
    @CVL Yay, another Holland supporter!

  266. 266 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, I’ve been to Vietnam. Halong Bay’s 3N4D cruise on a Chinese style junk called Jasimine was the highlight of that trip. Hanoi and Hochimin City were scary with scooters going in all directions. Once was enough where those cities are concerned; Danang was alright–nothing to write home abt; the beach area is undergoing development; it’ll be a diff place in a few years. BUT I really enjoyed Hue and Hoi An. Hoi On in particular felt like a travel back in time, but was completely commercial. Bought 3 dozen silk lanterns to ship home for my garden/yard. Sth beautiful to remember the country by. 😉

  267. 267 : KDaddict Says:

    Is that the sign for kowtow/apology? I thought it was the sign for drooping breasts. 😉

    Over the years, u n I see eye to eye on many more shows than we differ. Even when we do, there is often some misunderstanding involved in wording. I hope you READ (past tense) my post on K2Hs addressed to you that: I did not say ppl on this site were not able to appreciate that show; Rather that: they were not as used to such a kind of show. I wouldn’t want u to go away thinking that I insulted everyone.
    When u r gone, who will answer my Qn of: Such n such happened in a KD, which one? I know #260 is addressed to CVL n kdfan, but might I email you if I ever have such a Qn?
    See u around, kiddo/ajjumma. Take your pick.

  268. 268 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Haha, or you can take it to mean dimples on my cheeks further down south 😀 Of course you’re welcome to send me mail anytime. I’ll be glad to hear from you and everyone else. Although I’ll visit this site every now and then but don’t think it’s fair if I use the space to write about my sob/happy stories and things which are totally unrelated to KDs. I think my break from KD is timely cos my other favourite pastimes are in full swing this summer. Days are too short for me these days. Don’t forget to enjoy the sun and take a break from KDs 😀

  269. 269 : jangerr Says:

    @ Jennie

    You know something? ! Your Thailand experience has an uncanny similarity with mine. Many years ago, I went for a-month long trip to Thailand with a group of uni friends where we traverse the length of Thailand including climbing the moutains in Chiang Mai! That’s when I fell in love with Thailand and appreciate why it’s called the land of smiles. Oh! Those were the glorious days where we had long vacations and can really explore and learn about others culture during our sojourns… Nowadays with career and family, it’s always a rushed trip… Anyway, we also visited some Thai exchange students from Chulalongkorn uni too. And to make things more strange, there were a couple of them who had a crush on my friend and I when they were in our uni!!!

    Wait a minute… Are you…? You can’t be, right? Nay, no, I don’t think so. My friend is not in trading/retail business, so you can’t be her…

  270. 270 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Haha, oh that’s interesting. Was there in the 90’s with uni friends and we did exactly as you described but we were only there for about 3 weeks. The guy who had a crush on me was tall, dark and with a crew cut and with very small eyes. Same guy?

  271. 271 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: yes Hoi An is def one of my fav, Sapa would be the town I would visit next. Saigon (HCMC) and Hanoi are to crowded due to high populations; trust be I can’t even cross the street by myself there 🙂

  272. 272 : jangerr Says:

    @ Jennie

    Just as I thought, you’re not the friend who went with me to Thailand. We were there for a month, not just 3 weeks. The guy interested in my friend was was quite tall but fair. In fact, he looked like a Chinese. As for the guy who had a crush on me, he’s medium in height, dark and had big eyes. So totally different guys! But I must say when I first read your posting, it sounded really like my experience!

  273. 273 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr, Jennie,
    So, jangerr, you fr SQ too?
    I didn’t have a Thai boy in tow, but did run around Ching Rai Hu n the Golden Triangle for 3 weeks. Remember Mae Sa Long to be quite exotic, w ppl hawking tiger penis on the street. For all we know, it could be cow’s penis. Scorpion n centipede wine abound. In those days, it was possible to hire a car to go into the hills n see poppy fields go on n on. I saw the poppies in bloom. That was b4 digital cameras. That picture is itched in my memory.

    I take it that u r Vietnamese-Am?
    Sapa is very famous for its hills of rice terraces that go on for miles. I didn’t go cos of the long bumpy car ride, n have seen it on the other side, in China. If u love SE Asian rural landscapes, Yunnan is a must see place. I took the little train fr Yunnan to Vietnam. Good adventure!

  274. 274 : mia Says:

    wednesday, pls come quickly

  275. 275 : kdfan Says:

    hmm..looks like thai men likes foreign ladies huh .. i miss travelling with friends. now we only do family trips n i hv to be selective with the places bec of the kids. thats what i envy about u CVL! luckily i get to travel a bit for work. I wish i could do more of vietnam. i’ve only been to hanoi last yr. the trip was esp memorable bec i had my portrait drawn by a group of art students and the artist guessed i was 12 yrs younger 😀 😀

  276. 276 : shoshlev Says:

    First I do not believe the survey,
    Second, if this is true then there is an impact on what day the series was broadcast on the weekend and on Sunday a higher percentage of Viewing
    Third and perhaps surveys examine only the viewing in Korea
    But by the responses in a world i do ido first place.

  277. 277 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan, KDaddict: yes whenever you feel like traveling to VN am ur tourguide… I’d be there in just a second.

    @KDaddict: what a great guess… Yes am Viet…and froud to be Viet 🙂

  278. 278 : CVL Says:

    but I’ve been growing up here in the US all my life… Still proud that am Viet lol. .. Thank u all!!

  279. 279 : kdfan Says:

    @CVL great! i definitely hv plans to go again with my family, n will get all the travelling tips fr u!

  280. 280 : KDaddict Says:

    On Vietnamese food:
    If I can only eat one dish for the rest of my life, it’d be Beef Pho.
    If I can only eat one drink for the rest of my life, it’d be ginger tea w honey. Have u had it?
    I had it in Vietnam. The hotel placed them in the room, in individually wrapped packets. The beauty of it was that it was sugar free. U add your own honey. Hmm hmm good. I’ve been search hi n lo for it since. But didn’t manage to find the kind that is sugar free! Miss it so much.

  281. 281 : EBK Says:

    E04 subs available http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/search/label/Drama%20English%20Subtitles

  282. 282 : jangerr Says:

    @ KDaddict and Jennie

    What makes you think I’m from SQ? Jennie, are you from SQ? KDaddict, you are indeed an intrepid traveller. Even the poppy fields!!! I remembered during my trip then, we rented bicyles in Chiang Rai and cycled all the way to the Golden Triangle where we passed by poppy fields too. Oh, those carefree days where we had boundless energy and seemingly endless time!

  283. 283 : CVL Says:

    @kdfan: definitely… I do go to VN once a year 🙂

    @KDaddict: yes Pho is my fav too… Cuz of the bf so I learned how to make it (actually it’s very easily) but my mom’s Pho is the best. I’d prefer homemade pho cuz I don’t use MSG like restaurants do. My friend in Korea told me there are many Pho restaurants in Seoul opened recently and the Koreans love Pho as well. And the Ginger tea too; it’s great during the hot weather…

  284. 284 : KDaddict Says:

    Next time you go to VN, will you pls get me some Ginger Tea w/out sugar? Or is it available in Vietnamese grocery stores where you live? I still have a sample of what I got fr the hotel. If you r willing, I’ll try to find it to show you.
    I understand that the beef stock for Pho requires many cuts of beef and bones to make. If one can find all the nece herbs and seasonings, I can see that it’d be easy to make.

  285. 285 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: absolutely…btw: is the sample written in Viet or Chinese cuz the ginger tea or most tea originated from China. Vietnamese drinks more coffee than tea. Once I hv the sample I will look for it at my local store, if not I’ll try to find it on my next trip which will be in 2013; hope you can wait that long lol….

  286. 286 : CVL Says:

    Just realized will others get upset that we are talking about stuffs that unrelated to KDs????

  287. 287 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for agreeing to buy it for me. I’ll try to find the sample n What’s App or email to you, if you let me know where to send it. My email is: [email protected]

    The writing on the individual envelop is in English letters spelling out sth in Vietnamese that means Ginger Tea. Whenever is fine.

    Will others get upset? Some will. But then we r quite careful to address those comments to specific persons, which means: Read at your own Risk! 😉

  288. 288 : hny Says:

    @CVL-256…not me :D… I read n love u all share talking other stuff here although i’m not involved w ..it increase a lot information 4 me.So u from Viet, it mean almost all of you are ASIAN ppl…@KDaddict- you too, right?

    @Jennie..I’m gonna miss u too..I save u’r email maybe I can order savety pin someday 😉

    I hope someday I can meet u all so we can watch KD,shopping or else n also Lol together… 😉 just my dream!!

  289. 289 : sunahforever Says:

    uhm back to d show please ???

  290. 290 : KDaddict Says:

    Go ahead, say sth abt the show as u pls, n sb will likely respond.
    But what’s the pt in preventing ppl making friends on the site? Notice that most of those comments r addressed to specific ppl, so others need not read them at all.

  291. 291 : KDaddict Says:

    We normally talk abt the show after a new ep airs. This is the darkest time before dawn. Show airs tmr!

  292. 292 : jangerr Says:

    I’m looking forward to the next few episodes. How cutie and doc react to news of JA’s pregnancy will reveal the kind of person they are and how they really feel about JA (after the initial shock, of course)…

  293. 293 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict: emailed you my personal email address not long ago 🙂

  294. 294 : Charlie Says:

    I only watched the first two eps and couldn’t continue. I am not as enthusiastic as you gals. I liked KSA in Kim Samsun and City Hall, but i didnt finish her Scent of Woman, too depressing and painful, and this shoe character is not as cool and lovable as her previous characters. I don’t know. Maybe I need to watch more to see if I’d change my view.

  295. 295 : sulyn Says:

    KSA actually wanted to play a different role and I think she’s just

    awesome in I Do I Do. She delivers. The drama is picking up and

    we will now see how she is going to react to the fact that she is

    pregnant. Looking forward to episode 5 tonight. KSA fighting!

  296. 296 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for email. Got it. Will send u images of the Ginger tea when I find the empty packet. Cheers.

  297. 297 : KDaddict Says:

    What do you mean”KSA actually wanted to play a different role”?
    This script was written with her in mind to play the lead.

  298. 298 : jangerr Says:

    @ sulyn

    Hi, sulyn! Great to see you here! Please do come in here and chat regularly like our City Hall days. Have you come across etee anywhere lately?

  299. 299 : mia Says:

    today is the day! sooooo excited!!! 🙂

  300. 300 : KDaddict Says:

    Preview Ep 5:
    Have you guys seen the preview?
    JA finds out she is pregnant.
    Her parents come to see her at the company. Tae K shows them around. Scares the wits out off JA. Other employees see her all nervous.
    Mdm Chairman favors JA; Na Ri seems to be in poor condition for competition.

    There is Speculation on the net that Mdam Chairman Might be TaeK’s mother??? If so, then TK n Nari won’t be a love connection???
    Show starts in 1 hour. Better finish dinner n go wait in front of tv.

  301. 301 : sulyn Says:


    KSA did mention that she would like to play other roles – even playing the role of an evil woman but fortunately, this role came along. Again, it’s tailored made for her. KSA is indeed lucky! And I do love her charismatic figure in this drama. She’s now barking the orders and not receiving orders
    meekly like her previous roles. This is indeed great for KSA, right?


    Hi, how are you? Will definitely pop in whenver I’m free. Guess etee is at soompi’s I Do I Do thread. Do join us there.

    Enjoy the drama tonight, everyone. Half an hour to airing time…… hurray.

  302. 302 : Redqueen Says:

    I really love this drama! 🙂 kim sun ah looks younger and prettier here.

  303. 303 : KDaddict Says:

    Of all her roles, this is the one I love most. A career woman, workaholic n arrogant, dealt a sudden blow by nature, which brings her back down to earth! It’ll necessitate a life style change n major adjustments. I trust it will make her a better person n give her a fuller life. All the best to Sunny, n to the show! Aja!

  304. 304 : yuyunzzz Says:

    i read the spoiler for ep 6 and said that ji an told to ES bout the pregnancy. if it true,seem jian didnt follow her friend’s advise at all and i totally love it coz unlike other dramas, the lead always keep the secret to the end. can’t wait for next ep.

  305. 305 : KDaddict Says:

    @Ep 5:
    is an ep that differs in the tone fr the previous ones, bc in it JA finds out she is pregnant, n is going thru shock n turmoil.
    At 17:30, Im SH walks down the corridor w curls bouncing like bedsprings. Pretty. It is called Hair-styling.
    At 49:30, JA takes out her frustration by pounding her fists on TK. Blood vessels on her neck r all puffed up. It is called excellent acting.
    We see that TK is a decent n sweet human being. The Doc is hard to figure, but this ep seems to want to tell us that he has really fallen for JA. What is most puzzling is Nari:
    She abandons her own birth-mother to come to Korea w the ambition to take over his father’s company. What kind of a person chooses to abandon her own birth mother over gain? Even animals know better.
    MBAs r a dim a dozen in the U.S. Surely many of them return to Korea, plus Korea has its own univs n MBAs. It is no big deal. What make her n the writer think that a newly minted MBA is enough to take over a company? Such nonsense.
    Near the end of ep, TK finds out that JA is pregnant. It won’t be easy for him either. Poor boy!

  306. 306 : derra Says:

    kerenn bngettt

  307. 307 : hny Says:

    ohh..cold situation…next ep more warm …I guess!!

  308. 308 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict i couldn’t understand Nari’s poorly written character. it is unrealistic as you said it. who in the working world would take her seriously as a boss. she puts on a brave front but when she’s by herself she is so weak. when she is with TK she is like a little girl. she is a mental wreck whenever she is with the witch of a stepmother.

    I think it’s quite obvious doc is very attracted to JA. If he asks JA to abort the baby, i would be very disappointed. i expect TK would be all for having the baby. Since TK knows, ES will probably know tomorrow, I hope the parents will know soon too.

  309. 309 : KDaddict Says:

    Nari’s very poorly written char is driving me bonkers! I can’t stand chars that make no sense. This is worse than most.
    When I was abt 12 yrs old, I had a classmate I played w whose mother was a “kept woman”, a teller at a bank, who was “kept” by one of their VIP clients. Her father’s wife came by their home to ransack it, as we’ve seen on so many bad Asian dramas. My classmate, was later taken to the Big House where her father lived w his wife. From then on, she decided to kiss ass w her “step-mom”, n turned her back on her own mother, much like Nari. Even at 12, I despised her enough to stop playing w her.
    Nari waltzed into the company as if she had strong backing. In fact, her father doesn’t seem keen to even see her. Her step-mom wants her gone. AND the 1st thing she does is Kick JA out of her office???? Maybe on Mars this would make sense!!!!
    It hurts my confidence in the rest of the show.

  310. 310 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict goodness! i guess as fictional as the dramas make it, such characters exist in real life. Perhaps at 12 y o, the kid was too immature to realise how much that broke the mom’s heart. If a child disown their parents for no extremely good reasons, they will be struck by lightning!

  311. 311 : putrilovesksa Says:

    I DO I DO watch this drama till end….cz i love it……..^^

  312. 312 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    TK finds out that JA is pregnant. They only had a one night stand, but immediately he thinks the baby is his, with no hesitation! What a gem!
    Not only does he not run in the opposite direction for 300 miles, he comes to check on her, buys her food, carries her to bed, shines ALL her shines, cleans her apt, and makes her breakfast. I say that is a keeper! Not to mention that cute face, n well toned body. Did we see his body? Has there been a shower scene or sth similar? Well, he manages to impregnate a near-menopausal woman. Wo, I vote for her to keep him! Not to put oo fine a pt on it, but there is the hot sex to consider too! Am I being too risque? 😉

    “I do” means sb is getting married.
    “I do, I do” means she is getting married twice, to Both these guys, right? I’m all for it!

  313. 313 : KDaddict Says:

    You asked us to bring the talk back to the show. We have. But then, where is your input? 😉

  314. 314 : Tikky Says:

    I really love this drama:)

  315. 315 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, indeed. This drama is getting better and better.
    TK is such a sweet guy. And it just shows that he really
    has feelings for JA. Look at the way he lovingly looks at
    her after tucking her in bed.

  316. 316 : mommy angel Says:

    Like this drama. Fun. KSA is awesome as always. LJW is really good-looking. Whenever he’s in a scene with ISH, his good-look totally outshines ISH that it makes his admiration for her beauty unbelievable.

  317. 317 : sara Says:

    Not as funny and light as previous episodes but we can see more emotional progress and new side of the characters. TK is so cute and innocent and sometimes so cutely stupid that i can’t help but love him. Doctor is in love with JA but i can’t relate to him. I hate when he is with JA and JA’s parents call him their son-in-law and he just enjoys the misunderstanding like a selfish, hypocrite, stupid man.

    My favorite scene is where JA says she is a human too so she can make mistakes. As if she is going to faint any moment but she tries hard to hold herself. KSN is great. Then the one i hate the most: Nari. I wonder why they chose ISH as the second lead and when KSN is the lead role. I normally hate devil step-mothers but here i enjoy when she tortures NR. How she, just a little ignorant girl wants to be the president of a big company? Is running a company a joke to you writernim?

  318. 318 : sara Says:

    @mommy angel
    Totally agree with you about LJW. I don’t know why Korea doesn’t have that many pretty actresses but has so much flower boy and handsome actors.

  319. 319 : EBK Says:

    E05 sub http://the-legend-1.blogspot.com/2012/02/10-my-latest-translations.html

  320. 320 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    TaeK comes out the winner in this ep becos he has every reason to shy away fr JA, but he doesn’t. He is prepared to step up to the plate and take responsibility!
    Doc is an obstetrician. How can he stand idly by and let JA get an abortion. It is against everything that he knows and believes in.
    But then it is not easy to decide to marry a woman who is carrying sb else’s baby. His feeling r in even more turmoil becos he is in love with her. But I trust he’ll over come.
    Therefore, she’ll have two men falling over each other to marry her?!
    The loser in this n every ep is Nari. When she confronts JA calling her a hypocrite, n saying that she’ll destroy JA so that she can’t ever work in the industry, I want to slap her face, as she did w TK. What is wrong w this despicable woman?

  321. 321 : true2u Says:

    @ sara “I hate when he is with JA and JA’s parents call him their son-in-law and he just enjoys the misunderstanding like a selfish, hypocrite, stupid man.”

    I HATE it sooooo much, ep 6 he just PISSED me off with what he told her, she blatantly told him, she was not interest from the beginning but he ignored that and now he’s acting all hurt. Honestly i have not one ounce of pity for him.

  322. 322 : yuyunzzz Says:

    I don’t get why nari want to be the president too much. it doesnt matter if she has MBA or what. she even drop her waterface just to fulfill her dream. its good enough to be a vice president at her age while jian struggling to be a director for 15 years. I think she not smart to be a villain and her part annoyed me too much.

  323. 323 : hny Says:

    ep.6…lol and lol…I hope one of TK’s imaginations should be happen if JA marry him…wait for that 😉

  324. 324 : hny Says:

    that’s happiness part from having kids…sometimes make us happy or mad even makes us arguing with husband cuz the kids likes to imitate our good or bad attitudes…JA’s must be happy if the kid look like her but what about if the kid like TK 😉 …???!!!!

  325. 325 : sunahforever Says:

    Hello, reason for silence is becos’ I have no time to watch Episode 5 & 6 due to WORK!!! ARRRGHHHHH…..killing me, let me tell you…am like dreaming of dashing home now to snuggle up and watch my favourite person in action…will contribute after watching!!! I am loving the show…very trendy and current…love all the actors/actress except Na Ri…dunno why she’s selected…poor acting…but then again to be fair, how to stand up to KSA….no comparison!

  326. 326 : kdfan Says:

    TK claimed responsibility with the spontaneity of youths. sure, he has a sense of maturity but he has less at stake. what’s another beating from dad. Of course JA has the most dilemmas. Just when she has just met a successful guy that will make dad happy, just when she’s about to get the top job. she seems to have decided to sacrifice all if necessary. yet will she be able to handle motherhood. but her seemingly flighty girlfriend shared some wisdom. motherhood comes naturally. as a mom, i wanted to be able to reassure JA too that indeed it will. ES is just hugely disappointed. under normal circumstances, any man in his position would walk away. But this is a drama, so I would love to see events that will soften his heart, make him capable of loving her. KSA, LJW n PGH delivered a fantastic ep 6. Esp LJW, his expressions delivered sincerity, innocence, confusion, frustration n fear n still so darn good looking. aigoo .. he is a dream one night stand, n more ..

  327. 327 : shoshlev Says:

    Hey you are wrong on other websites that write 12 percent rating and you write 10 percent have someone with you who does not like Kim Sun Ah?

  328. 328 : finia Says:

    is it worth a try? i mean…………after watching qim i just cant seem to find another drama which as fun as qim 🙁

  329. 329 : sunahforever Says:

    of course it is worth watching!!! Am so excited to watch this drama and wish don’t have to wait every week. Epi 6 ‘s cliff hanger is unbearable!!! now hv to patiently wait another week, aigoooooooo…..

  330. 330 : ptsh836 Says:

    after viewing mostly disjointed epis of this drama i may be wrong but im not enjoying ksa’s character here very much…i know she’s supposed to be cool, successful, arrogant, smart n wat not…but she lacks warmth n i cant quite relate to her…tho she’s the current rom-com queen; here…lee sang woo as park tae kang is getting all my laughs n squeals…he’s too cute! naive! lovable! unpretentious! funny! he’s grabbing all the attention from her! if only i can get past those rippling muscles hidden underneath the stylish suit n tight tight jeans! those sweet lips n expressive eyes takes my breath away everytime! i think lsw is in his element here…after ‘smile, donghae’ where he was a papa’s boy n spoilt mama’s boy too…how viewers wanted to shake him up there….sigh!

    here…its something else! he’s proven to be versatile in his acting n its truly a delight to see him acting young n carefree n hassled in his first real job! but he’s character is real….very sincere, warm n lovable!!

    as for the doc, eun sung…at first he appeared under control, super suave, a player maybe….but as things progressed…we’re seeing another side to him….a more serious, matured individual whos gone too deep….to love or not to love…dats his dilemma! for once…he’s met his match n is going to have his heart broken…but i only cared about hwang ji an n park tae kang!

    i believe tae kang will be able to balance out ji an’s insufficiency n give her lots of care n happiness!

  331. 331 : sara Says:

    So cute and lovely. More JA-TK scenes and TK is so so adorable. He cleans her house as if he is cleaning the dust of her heart. Even the sun is shining in her house, the warm food is ready for her and now it looks like a home. This is what TK can give her. I love this concept. But i hope nothing happens between doc and JA. I really don’t like him and NR.

  332. 332 : true2u Says:

    @Sara. love the analogy of cleaning the dust of her heart, because of the ending ep 6 he has got to put her shattered heart back together, which i know he will do an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job at.. ^^….. as one commentator said that when Doc said ” you the worst to Ji-An” (which I was PISSED off) was he went from being the leading man to being the second lead and quite frankly I’m ECSTATIC about it. Now it’s TK turn and i can’t wait to see how/or what he will do to win her heart and of course make us love him more >.<…

  333. 333 : sunahforever Says:

    ok ok we can see where the writers are heading to…. TK all the way…Woot!!! Sorry but beginning to dislike doc! Can someone explain his behaviour?? When ur so called date tell u such a secret means she has some level of trust in you and the reaction??? What??? Walking away?? This is a clever play by d writers to make TK appear such an angel…. surely can melt anyone’s heart!! More conflict to come!!

  334. 334 : sunahforever Says:

    ok ok we can see where the writers are heading to…. TK all the way…Woot!!! Sorry but beginning to dislike doc! Can someone explain his behaviour?? When ur so called date tell u such a secret means she has some level of trust in you and the reaction??? What??? Walking away?? This is a clever play by d writers to make TK appear such an angel…. surely can melt anyone’s heart!! More conflict to come!! can’t wait!

  335. 335 : sara Says:

    I hate the doc too and i’m so happy he is going to lose the love game. I don’t get why he acts like a victim. Really, did he want to make her pregnant himself? His behavior just doesn’t make sense. But i don’t want TK to love her because of the baby. I want him to fal in love with her as a woman not as mother of his baby.

  336. 336 : usa-mary Says:

    I personally like the versatility of ksa’s character(s) that she portray’s! She’s an EXCELLENT actress and ‘yes’ I am being partial! SMILE!

  337. 337 : Maimuna Says:

    I watched the first episode but wasn’t that interested but that has happened many time soo…. if you think i should watch it then please tell me cause i’m confused 🙁

    Thank You

  338. 338 : yuyunzzz Says:

    you should try it. this drama start with slow path, but it introduce the antagonist and protagonist as well. it not everything about pregnancy, but how the leads develop their feeling to each other.

  339. 339 : Gudaeman Saranghae Lee Junki Says:

    Im excited to have a copy of this drama!Kim Sun Ah my#1 fave actress!actually got all her series!ur simply the best KSA!fighting!

  340. 340 : true2u Says:

    @Sara, my thoughts exactly, I hope he doesn’t fall for her because she is his baby mother, from the the preview I’m guessing she told him he’s not the baby’s father to see his reaction, and i think he’s going to accept her and the baby even if he’s not the dad. I have faith that he won’t abandon her, and stay beside her. But the doc rubbed me the wrong with how manipulative he was when courting her, he was so pushy and he scratch me the wrong why when he kept call her parent “mother/father in law”.

  341. 341 : zashee Says:

    i always feel curious for each the next episode
    Tk is great guy,adorable

  342. 342 : sunahforever Says:

    @336 usa-mary
    Helo helo Mary, how are you? Great to see u back here. We can share more thots abt our favourite actress here! Hey when have you seen her so beautiful? This is a break through role for her as she has always played d country bumpkin or the poor everyday girl Proven her acting versatality!

  343. 343 : ptsh836 Says:

    @337 maimuna: i posted some remarks as a response to your post but everything was lost when i pressed ‘submit comment’!

    anyway…to reiterate…Never ever give up on KSA! this is a command!! WHY???? coz you’ll be losing out on the best quality dramas you can find rite now if u do so! KSA delivers everytime be it a comedy, a melodrama or a sob, sob story like ‘scent of a woman’….you’re 100% guaranteed to be viewing d best where KSA is concerned!

    KSA as ji an is so, so lovely, pretty altho a bit cold….im missing out on her famous comedic moments coz tae kang had eaten up all her best lines!!!

    but hey! tae kang is d best here too! he’s simply too cute…innocent, naive, warm, sincere n funny!! if only his amazing hot bod did not get in d way….too much distractions there, kkk!

    however i reserve my judgements on eun sung, d doc! i simply cannot read his real intentions towards ji an! what does he want anyway?? he was supposed to be suave, wordly, open minded, modern n then he delivered his ‘cuss’ towards ji an…saying she’s d worst??? i truly have no sympathy towards a character who harbours ill intentions towards my fav leading lady n im surely not liking d doc one tiny bit!!!

  344. 344 : swift Says:

    Normally, when I have doubts about whether the drama will be interesting or not, I would wait for the drama to be at 5th or 6th episode, then I will watch from there. On the 5th or 6th episode that I watch is entertaining then I will watch from the start or from the 3rd episode. I have done this a few times and it works. Preference of every individual on the dramas they watch to be entertaining differs very much. For example I watched Love Rain and found it to be boring and slow in the storyline, but then there are many other viewers who find the drama to be very entertaining. I did not watch I do I do earlier as I noticed the synopsis was not interesting, I only started watching the drama this week and surprisingly the emotional dilemma by the lead actresses with the comedic behaviour of the lead actor is rather entertaining. Big is also another drama that have similar premise as this drama except the alpha role is led by the actor (Gong Yo).

  345. 345 : swift Says:

    In trying to understand in the ‘Doctor’s’ perspective, I believe the writer is trying to show that any adult man’s girl friend is being inpregnated by another person is a definite shock and the doctor was trying to figure out whether to support or abandon her. We saw earlier how much the doctor is in love with JI but she gave him the cold shoulder. So when JI confesses that she is pregnant and had want to abort but did not do so, the doctor was in dilemma of what would be the best answer/ advice to her, but the situation was not in favour of the doctor as the baby was not his and his relationship with JI was not stable (JI has never given any firm indication of wanting to marry the doctor).
    I think in preview for ep 7, showed that the doctor tells to his and JI parents that the wedding is cancelled.

  346. 346 : mitch Says:

    ..mnnnn, hopefully Dr. Jo Eun Sung will still marry HJA bcoz they are soooo fit together though it will be unfair to him but i he loves her now.. looking forward for a better scene this week. keep it up!

  347. 347 : mitch Says:

    ..wow! all new kdramas are worth watching! now i don’t have my #1 in my list coz i can’t decide which is my favorite among them! all are entertaining and hilarious especially A Gentlemans’ Dignity.. if you are in your early thirties or mid forties, you will enjoy this kdrama. you will feel that there’s still life after forties or life goes on for those whose in love,hahaha.. love it.. and for those who just want to sit back and enjoy, watch BIG and I DO I DO.. i like the story of BIG coz it will give you a satisfying feeling of a love for granted but then corrected by another person whose not at first with a geniune character bcoz he’s still young. i love what’s happening now to the so called “couple”. hehe.. I DO I DO is also funny. you’ll find it simple but it makes sense! a career woman who is willing to give up everything but suddenly something happened to her.. haha, like it! Ghost is like you’re riding a roller coaster. you’ll go up and down, turn around then slide! whoa!! everything is mysterious and it’s like you’re solving a puzzle.. goose bombs everywhere!! Time slip Dr Jin is also intriguing. all medicinal and science but they are showing all kinds of scenes which will catch your attention.. and now, you will wonder who is doctor Jins’ fiance on the Joseon era..

  348. 348 : yaya Says:

    I love this drama more than Bridal Mask & Ghost ( Wed & Thursday drama ) . It’s really Fun & entertaining. Can’t wait ep 7. I don’t know why the rating is below … Bridal Mask & Ghost. But if you watch this drama via dramacrazy.net or vikii & dramabean. You can see… I do I Do has more viewers compare to Gaksital ( bridal Mask) + GHost. So I think … outside Korea … this drama is more acceptable.

  349. 349 : TheSeoulover Says:

    Haven’t watched this am not yet finish in watching LoveRain.
    I like the hairstyle now of Kim Sun Ah =)

  350. 350 : KDaddict Says:

    About the Doc:
    Some ppl were upset with him in the last ep.
    The Doc has been a workaholic who dated no one. His parents have been nagging him to get married. Lo n behold, he meets JA, a workaholic like him. He feels safe w her, becos she won’t be clingy or demand his time n attn.
    At first, he has this idea of a fake dating relationship to appease their parents. Then, her parents escalate matters n talk of marriage surface. He goes w the flow bc by then he finds himself attracted to her, more n more.
    JA becomes the woman he is in love w n plans to marry for real. At his juncture, she blurts out that she is pregnant! How is he supposed to feel?
    If he is human, he initial reaction would is hurt n disappointment. He has no right to be angry, but you can’t blame a guy for feeling hurt now, can you?
    Being an OB/GYN, his job is to bring BBs into the world. Now he either stands idly by to let JA get the abortion she talks abt, which is against everything that he knows, Or he can convince her to keep the BB n stay by her side. You think it’s an easy decision?
    So he is going thru a period of agony. I find it perfectly reasonable that he behaves that way.
    If he can console her like he consoles one of his patients, it’d mean that he has no feelings twd her.

  351. 351 : hamsi Says:

    it is a good drama. i am so enjoyed. waiting the next drama which is seventh episode. why this drama is 16 episode. it must be 40 or 50 episode minimum.

    Türkiye’den selamlar.

    ya dostlar madem bir dizi çekeceksiniz bari 30, 40 bölüm olsun da cişimizin kovuğunu doldursun. 16 bölümde biz ancak ısınıyoruz diziye ki siz de orada bitiriyonuz.

  352. 352 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddic I m totally with u about the doc. I just don’t hv the flair to explain n express it the way u did so well. I think his anger was towards the situation not to Jian.

  353. 353 : mtoenlob Says:

    While the previous episode showed us Jian’s reaction to the situation on hand, episode 6 showed how the men in her life are coping with the situation.

    Tae Kang, in spite of his age, has shown more depth in terms of handling the knowledge of Jian’s pregnancy. Even before Jian has to verbally confirm that the baby in her womb is his, Tae Kang convincingly had in mind that the baby is his “99%”. Cue word, responsibility. He has no qualms into saying that he will take responsibility though he still has, at this point, a very vague picture of what it entails and even if his best friend, Choong-beak, admonished him not to say anything until he is DNA-sure that the baby is his. Tae Kang has the sensitivity to silently allow Jian to choose to reveal her condition or not to him even though he was restlessly longing for her to tell him. With the brashness of youth, he could easily confront Jian about it. But no, he allowed her the dignity and freedom to tell it to him. And so he waits. Without consciously knowing it, it seems that Tae Kang understand Jian more than the doctor, or even Jian herself. Hadn’t he correctly pointed out to Jian upfront that she is more of a loser compared to him because she has no one on her side but her beloved shoes to which Jian dejectedly acknowledged to herself in that scene where she was to eat her dinner of ramen…”how am I to eat this without kimchi”? alluding to the idea that man do not live alone, in its very simplest and most prosaic sense it means we all depend on one another. Contrary to Jian’s existence, she who has preferred to live alone, whether by choice or by circumstance. At this point, we still haven’t seen a clear cut idea if Tae Kang is already falling for Jian, although there are moments when he would shoot caring glances at her. In the future, I would like to see him validate those moments beyond his eagerness to clean up her place and cook her food or carry her things.

    On the other hand, I feel Eun-sung right off the bat would fall for Jian in spite of his declaration of no interest in marriage. May be it’s true that for the past 30 or so years of his life, no one has stirred his world and it would take a missile to do so. But, when the time did come he willingly relented and eagerly pursued ways and means. He was in control and unwittingly, Jian’s parents further fueled his pursuit. Understandably, when Jian dropped the bomb he burst into anger. I think Eun-sung’s ire was not so much directed on Jian’s pregnancy but the thought that Jian contemplated on having her pregnancy aborted. Take into consideration that Eun-sung is a doctor and an OB-Gyne at that who has made a Hippocratic oath to preserve life. I would even consider the idea that Eun-sung would have wished that the baby was his. Or would even accept Jian in spite of her pregnant condition. That moment at the nursery reflects Eun-sung’s tender side and gave us a glimpse of his paternal tendency. Base from his outbursts during the medical forum and when they met at the restaurant, it is more of the issue of having a life aborted. When we experience anger towards another person it is because our own expectations have not been satisfied or we have failed to gain control over a situation. In this instance Eun-sung felt he is not in control of the situation, thus, the anger. It is not about Jian at all…it is all about himself and his acceptance of the matter at hand.

    I am excitedly anticipating where the story-teller will lead us…and so I wait for the next episode.

  354. 354 : mtoenlob Says:

    And yet, between the two men, Jian chose to reveal her plight to Eun-sung but had second thoughts with Tae Kang. What gives? Is it because she sees Tae Kang as not mature enough to handle nor understand the gravity of the situation? Or because being the father of the baby, it is imminently possible for emotion and feeling to come in? With Eun-sung, is she confident that she could discuss the pregnancy issue no holds barred? And since there is no emotional attachment, it would be just like a business consultation?

  355. 355 : kdfan Says:

    @mtoenlob 354 i think Jian is just still totally pissed off with Taekang for ruining her life at the moment. without an Eunsung character around, she would probably still hv asked Taekang to get lost. and then it could be a little bit of all those reasons you said.

  356. 356 : kbnhkr Says:

    Have you seen the preview of ep7? 🙂
    http : // tvpot. daum . net / v / 42680682?lu=flvPlayer_out (delete all spaces)

    At the end of the video did he say:

    “I don’t know, Father.”

    witch can mean:

    “Father? I don’t know (who is it).”

    didn’t he? 😀
    It’ll be really funny. 🙂

  357. 357 : KDaddict Says:

    Eun Sung is jealous n frustrated as hell:
    Jealous becos JA slept w sb else!
    Frustrated bc:
    1. He can’t really be angry at her since it happened BEFORE they met!
    2. He doesn’t believe in abortions, yet has no right to stop her unless he is prepared to help her w the BB.

    Why does JA Not tell TK?
    Telling the man who made you pregnant has implications n repercussions:

    1. If he is a jerk:
    it’ll mean ugly arguments of whether the BB is his;
    it’ll necessitate him running away fr u, in this case, it’ll destroy TK’s job n life in Seoul as he knows it;

    2. If he is not a jerk:
    It may mean the woman wants him to take responsibility in some way–
    give some $ compensation or for use in the abortion;
    be roped into marrying her to make the BB legitimate;
    If he can’t do the above, at least he’d be on a guilty trip, maybe for the rest of his life.
    JA doesn’t want to argue, or to destroy TK’s life, or get any $ fr him, or make him feel guilty, or for him to marry her. She thinks he is in no position to take responsibility at all. So what is to be gained by telling him? It’ll only make things extremely awkwd btw then; then JA won’t even have sb to buy take outs for her in the middle of the night!
    She told him to get lost bc she needs to sort out her feelings abt the BB/abortion on her own.

  358. 358 : KDaddict Says:

    I really love JA n TK’s chars. At 1st I was dubious twds Doc. Now I’m warming up to him fast!
    It’d be lovely to see the two of them falling over each other to help her w the BB, n try to marry her!

  359. 359 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict all 3 characters are very interesting n has enough depth for us to understand or rationalize their intentions and actions. if at this point Jian has the option to choose between them, I hv to go with doc. i just can’t imagine having to support a penniless husband at such critical point no matter how great a house husband he can be.

  360. 360 : ptsh836 Says:

    @mtoenlob #353: you described TK to a teee! he’s all dat n more! i simply luv TK’s character here…so sincere, pure, innocent despite his young age…he does not seem to have a single crooked idea in his head not unlike d doc….

    i do not like d way eun sung manouvred his way around JA’s parents, despite both their earlier plans to play along with d oldies…he went ahead with his own agenda (marrying JA) n made JA look like a fool! he is toying with her feelings n he has no rite to be angry with her (for getting pregnant)….a lil’ disillusioned perhaps!

    one thing for sure is he did not forsee himself falling for JA; thus disrupting whatever his original plans were n now JA being saddled with TK’s child….he would have to be a very big man to accept JA now than ever!

  361. 361 : KDaddict Says:

    I understand the rationality of choosing Doc for JA. It makes sense w the parents, n who better to take care of your pregnancy n BB than an OB-GYN?
    I Might Want to vote for TK, cos he is so cute, so sexy, so sweet, so much fun; it’d be an unconventional marriage. He is young but has lots of potential. Like Gong Yoo’s char said in Biscuit Teacher Candy Star: Support me for 5 years, and I’ll support you for the rest of my life! Ha ha ha ha ha. JA has always worked so hard, n is so worked up, I want the poor girl to have some fun! Of course fun always comes w risks: the young man might one day wake up n not want to be burdened w older wife n surprise BB, n decide to run off w sb else, or worst of all, w Da Sa Ran, I mean Nari!

  362. 362 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict actually i made that choice only if the situation calls for it. but actually the situation doesn’t. The current choice is obviously whether or not Jian wants to have the baby. If she does, I think she will make a great single mom with one young guy to be her beck-n-call n another one as her personal ob-gyn. no … how boring if TK ends up with Nari, totally dislike her character.

  363. 363 : >> no boddy Says:

    not gooooooooooood !!

    its so baaaaaaaaad !!


    really !!
    its baaaaaaaad !!
    not good job itd (( bad jooooob )) !!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU ALLLLLL !! !! !! !! !!

  364. 364 : CVL Says:

    well I do not like the doc’s attitude toward JA and please correct me if I am wrong: has JA accepted the doc’s feelings; NO. Did JA agree to be his gf; NO. It’s the agreement between them to meet for the sake of both parents then what the fuss is all about? why got upset over JA’s pregnancy news? He’s just a selfish person and full of himself. I guess he hasn’t met his match yet til now; til he’s met JA who doesn’t give a damn about his status; a doctor….a good looking doctor who spent all his life at med school and the hospital where patients, patients’ family and especially the nurses those have been admiring him so much therefore he thinks he owns the world and everyone must follow his leads. Guess what there’ll be someone who doesn’t, in this situation is JA. He’s upsetting because the baby isn’t his, its someone else, he isn’t in control of the game anymore…. the end. Yes maybe his feeling for JA is real therefore he’s upsetting but his attitude toward JA was unacceptable. Despite being young, TK has all qualities: caring, genuine, smart, considerate and of course a handsome person. If opportunity comes he’ll become a very successful person. In my opinion; not being stereotype and not to take their credits away for spending many years in med school, doctors are just lucky to have all the supportive from family, if throwing them out in real life, most of them can’t survive; most of them have no social skills at all :-). (haters pls stay away).

  365. 365 : CVL Says:

    Yet to mention TK is a very hardworking and enduring person; looking at the way he’s being treated by his colleagues but never lost a smile on his face.

  366. 366 : CVL Says:

    I believe JA has feelings for TK’s as she went to TK friend’s shop to drink soju after he took her there (in the first few eps) Right now she’s upsetting because she thinks he’s ruining her life/career but hey she can’t blame him though; it takes two to tango; he didn’t take advantage of her, they both were drunk…. Alcohol can ruins one’s life….

  367. 367 : KDaddict Says:

    This comment is R-rated:
    Hey guys, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. I vote for the one who is better in the sack. The end.

  368. 368 : Tikky Says:

    I really enjoy this episode.

  369. 369 : true2u Says:

    @ KDaddict, your a trip, lol. I can’t wait for episode 7

  370. 370 : CVL Says:

    @KDaddict #367: too bad JA doesn’t remember TK’s nor will ever see ES’s lol….

  371. 371 : Tikky Says:

    How funny this episode Oh I really love its.

  372. 372 : shoshlev Says:

    This drama is a story that could happen in real life and has added value to life, is very interesting and not disappointing those who disappointing that the Korean audience who can appreciate what is good drama and evaluate players that they have every day in large fans, so where the fans then? And why they don’t watch the drama with funny and interesting and beautiful talented players?.
    This is the only drama I watch and I’m counting minutes and minutes to the next chapter.

  373. 373 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    I love it that:
    Doc can’t stay away even After knowing abt her pregnancy.
    I LOVE it that:
    The guys r falling over each other, literally, to get near her!
    I love it that:
    Cutie pie is more invested in JA than in pretty young thing aka vice-pres!
    But Nari seems pretty interested in TK. She is all smiles when looking at him. So I hope when they find out that TK n Nari r (half or step) siblings, n can’t be in love, it breaks her heart into small pieces. 😉

    When in doubt as to who is better (in the sack), she can go do some comparative shopping. Ke ke.

  374. 374 : yuyunzzz Says:

    I love this ep. ES surely has can’t stand away from JA. but, now I’m rooting for TK and I can’t stand looking his puppy eye. I don’t think Nari and TK are half-blood sis/bro from the same mom since there born in the same year and only few months apart.

  375. 375 : vodka Says:

    I cant any website to watch!! any suggestion?

  376. 376 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the bunch of us who r watching this show will continue to be divided as who which guy to suppose!
    One waits for her w ring in hand.
    The other buys her stars for the ceiling, n sounds of nature to help her sleep well.
    One goes sniff her perfume.
    The other makes sure she gets good pre-natal care.
    One has butterflies in the tummy all for her.
    The other kneels in front of parents to take bullets for her.
    One takes it upon himself to be her black rider, to spare her fr drinking.
    The other lets her hear the heartbeats of her BB.
    One goes completely ballistic when he thinks she has sb else.
    The other is depressed the BB isn’t his.
    Both wait for her for hours. Both pine for her. Both worry abt her.
    How to choose???

    Cutiepie is completely adorable in the way he wears his heart on his sleeve, in how he loves her without himself realizing, in how hi he gets when she calls, n how low he gets when he is kicked out. So, JA is his first love n he is a virgin! Hahaha.
    Lee Jang Woo may be a relatively new star, but I love all his expressions.

    Siblings or not?
    Mdm Chairman hates Nari becos she is her husband’s illegitimate child. That makes her a “stepmother”. IF Mdm C is TK’s mother, which I’m pretty sure she is, then TK n Nari do have diff mothers n fathers. However, your mother’s step-daughter is still your sibling, or more precisely step-sister, i.e. your step-mother’s son is still your step-brother. There is no blood relation, but marriage btw such step-siblings is certainly forbidden in Korea, n indeed most Asian countries, esp for families w some social standing. It’d be scandalous. Totally.

  377. 377 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the bunch of us who r watching this show will continue to be divided as “to” which guy to “support”!

  378. 378 : hny Says:

    eps.7….I don’t know what to say…I do I do is great…I love Tae kang sing…so cute and I like Eun song w flower in his mouth 😀 they both have their own charm when their waiting at JA house they talk like friend …and JA like flying on the wind with two man concern for her.
    JA’s father are strange…why he want erase his grandchild..i thought his been lonely since JA grown up n busy w her career so grandchild should be the answer for his lonelyness..but it is not !! he just want great son in law for family dignity.
    which one to support?!….not yet to decide 😉

  379. 379 : luka Says:

    I Do I Do Ep 8 LIVE recaps here guys! http://www.vingle.net/posts/25923-Live-Recaps-I-Do-I-Do-Korean-Drama-EP-8

  380. 380 : ptsh836 Says:

    epi 7 is hilarious!! TK getting drunk n rowdy at d police station is simply too funny n his confession abt JA being his first woman really brought down d roof! LJW’s acting is simply superb n fun to watch…he delivers d most laughs compared to d staid n laid back doc!

    even now…i still dun get d doc! he gave up JA as his marriage partner n both of them even shook hands to end their brief relationship….but he’s caring for her more than ever….its confusing….dun know wat he wants….is he acting the part of a caring doc or is he still harboring hopes of a future with JA???

  381. 381 : KDaddict Says:

    The Doc in Eps 6-7:
    I was wondering why so many ppl react negatively to the doc. Is it bc they find his behavior confusing? Is it bc they expect or prefer that he steadfastly loves JA when he finds out that she is pregnant?
    He was just beginning to fall in love w her. The parents say get married already. Just then she says she is pregnant! How is he supposed to feel? His extremely short-lived dream of a happy future w her is dashed!
    He still cares, so he comes by to check on her, to make sure she is ok. JA is embarrassed abt the whole mess, n wants to bow out gracefully. So she wishes him well w a good woman, n extends her hand for him to shake. Being polite, he shakes it.
    Then she doesn’t show up for her next check up, n blows his colleague off. As a doc, as a friend, as a man who Could have married her, he has to twist her arm into coming for the check up. So he goes to her office to tell her abt the dangers of the 1st trimester, cos she is obviously clueless. Isn’t that decency betwn human beings?
    Does he think at this pt that they’ll get married? Probably not.
    Does he want to wash his hands of her? Doesn’t look like it.
    Does he know what he wants to do abt her? Absolutely not. It shows he is human.
    Now, it all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

  382. 382 : KDaddict Says:

    #381 should be: The Doc in Eps 6, 7, “and 8”.
    Cos much of it happens in Ep 8.

  383. 383 : Tikky Says:

    I dont know how to say how much i love ep 8.

  384. 384 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    When TK sees JA w Doc, he is angry n just miserable.
    When Doc can’t find JA, he is worried sick.
    JA obviously is feeling, showing jealousy.
    Doc is showing concern.
    I wouldn’t know how to pick based on how they feel abt her.
    But I know how I feel abt who to have children with.
    TK is a happy, fun, caring, sweet human being. Oh, n let’s not forget cute. It’d be wonderful to have his children, one after another, a whole half dozen of them. It wouldn’t be so bad to have him around either, would it? 😉

  385. 385 : Dee Says:

    what is the manga book the Korean drama I do, I do is based on

  386. 386 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    Cutiepie is too embarrassed to go into the office after he wakes up fr his drunken stupor n was told that he confessed feelings to JA. Ahhhh! He wanders around for a day until he finally goes to the office at night, n runs into JA there. She is quite cruel in telling him not to bother w his hurt feelings, bc no matter how much that night means to him, it means nothing to her, as she has never seen him as a man. Ough! That’s really cruel! Must u be like that, JA ssi?
    Despite her cruelty, he continues to care. He goes to her team when no one else will; he is on needles when Doc drops by, n stills makes sure she gets fed after her having been too stressed out to eat all day. I think he is the sweetest guy! Don’t care abt his IQ, as his EQ is off the charts! What a guy!
    And that hand-cart ride to carry her to the toilet n back, under the starry night sky, isn’t that romantic?

    Abt the Doc’s feelings:
    Sometimes you don’t know how much you love a person until sth bad is happening to them; then you find that u can’t stand by n just watch; u r compelled to worry, to help, to make things better for them; in short you want to be part of their life, even if it isn’t what you planned. At least in dramaland that’s often the case. That’s what’s happening w Doc.

  387. 387 : yuyunzzz Says:

    ep 8 made me think that the doc is not bad at all. I think he trying to treat JA as other patient but he cant stop worrying about her since he fall in love with her. he even bought the pills after has been chased by JA and running to her house to find whether she’s OK or not.
    and our TK,
    how I love his attitude. he get hurt when JA said she didnt look at him as man. but he still followed her everywhere. he choose to be in JA’s team even he know he will treat better if he in nari’s team. I think, he will ask his father’s help to make the shoes for JA in next ep since his father already know bout JA’s existence. can’t wait to see what happened in next ep.

  388. 388 : mtoenlob Says:

    Episode 7

    The cat is out of the bag…this is the moment of revelation. We see our main characters doing the great reveal.
    – Jian, to prevent her father from humiliation if he does proceed to beg for forgiveness on her behalf from Eun-Sung’s family, finally spilled out that she is pregnant much to her parents’ dismay.
    – Eun-sung, admitting to being harsh when he let loose unpleasant remarks to Jian at the restaurant, when over her place. Trying to restrain his emotions, he confessed to Jian that for the first time in his entire life he had looked forward to sharing a life with someone. But for now that remains uncertain.
    – Tae Kang, in drunken fit, blurted out how Jian had stirred his being and ever since that day he was never the same…it’s all because she was his first woman!

    It’s a treat seeing the two men waiting and exchanging description of the woman they were after not knowing that they were talking of one and the same person – Jian. While waiting, we see Tae Kang, full of exuberance of youth, cannot sit still. He restlessly kept himself mobile – walking around, exercising, doing kung fu moves, etc. With exhilarated anticipation he waited, armed with a ring that he was prepared to give. The fact that the ring belonged to his grandmother and was told by his father to give it to the woman he’s to marry made it more poignant. In contrast, Eun-sung waited in anxious expectation, knowing fully well that the parting at the restaurant was an unpleasant one. Both men obviously felt something for Jian but were expressing that concern in their own distinct ways. One was oblivious to what he felt saying that it was just curiosity. The other was certain of his feelings but was stymied to pursue. Both played hero to their lady in distress. One took the shot of liquor to the point of drunkenness. The other took the bullet of humiliation and disgrace in front of their parents’ eyes. Really, there is no point of comparison. Both have their charms.

    This episode has a couple of heartwarming moments:
    – Jian hearing for the first time the heartbeat made her to resolve in keeping the baby
    – Jian reminiscing her younger days and dreaming that all is well with her and her parents. In spite of her empowered woman persona, Jian was a child inside longing for her parents’ love.
    – Eun-sung, a professional doctor that he was, trying to show a brave front but deep inside was having difficulties. His pain was written all over his face.
    – Tae Kang seeing and realizing that the woman he and Eun-sung were talking about was one and the same person. His eyes showcased a gamut of emotions from surprise to confusion to realization to hurt to relief to resentment to denial and back to confusion. Even his best friend pointed it out if he is free and happy why the look on that face.

    Our main characters are going through rough times…let see how they will handle these…on to the next episode.

  389. 389 : jangerr Says:

    Wow! Lots of things seem to be happening! Thought I’ve just missed out only on 4 episodes, I feel so left behind… Need to do some serious catching up!!!

  390. 390 : shoshlev Says:

    When will it be possible to see the Chapter 8.

  391. 391 : Melda Says:

    @ KDaddict

    Thank you for your comment on drama page of Dr.Jin (I totally agree with you about JGS fans and few other actor or actress fan. They are really mad when we have bad comments on their idols). I better move here because I see you are more active in few sites rather than Dr. Jin if you decided not to watch it.

    Nowadays, I mostly wait until the drama almost reach the ending only I start watching it. But in a meanwhile I will be following the prospect dramas comments before deciding on watching it. From your comment, I think GD is quite good so far. But, I still don;t know about I Do, I do and BIG. How about those dramas?

  392. 392 : KDaddict Says:

    1st off let me say that I have nothing against JGS. Everyone gets upset if their idol is criticized. That’s to be expected. I was talking abt them being upset even when their idol is NOT criticized, but sth in their drama is.
    If u still don’t know abt I do, I do and Big, u can take a look at those threads. I left many comments there too.

  393. 393 : KDaddict Says:

    Wouldn’t it be neat if JA, TK and his father make shoes together? While JA and TK make more babies?
    Then Mdm C can reclaim TK, and pass the company to TK and JA to run together? And Nari and Jay can go back to the U.S. together, or wherever they came from?

    Oh, but what to do with Doc? He’s a nice guy too.

  394. 394 : kbnhkr Says:

    And what would be if JA&TK make a shoe witch will be wearable for a pregnant woman too? Maybe a styleish kitten heel sandal? 🙂 It would be cute.

  395. 395 : true2u Says:

    @KDaddict Says:

    “Wouldn’t it be neat if JA, TK and his father make shoes together? While JA and TK make more babies?”

    i would LOVE that. lol

    Then Mdm C can reclaim TK, and pass the company to TK and JA to run together? And Nari and Jay can go back to the U.S. together, or wherever they came from?

    Nari and Jerk face Jake needs to go back wherever the cam from.

    Oh, but what to do with Doc? He’s a nice guy too.

    as for Doc, he is a cock-block at the moment so i could care less, what happen to him. (-.-) “still love the actor tho….

  396. 396 : true2u Says:

    @ KDaddict, yes, people so crazy when you criticize their idol. They call you a hater for given your honest opinion. I have seen some Fans go crazy just because some one criticized how their idol acting skills needs more work, so i just don’t bother with them, i just leave my comments and stand for what i see/ feel. I LOVE KSA, but i have came across many comments that i didn’t like, but i don’t go jumping don’t their throat.

  397. 397 : KDaddict Says:

    I think the writer is doing a very good job in giving us chars w believable actions, except for Nari, whom I don’t get at all. She is too much of a light wt to take on JA. It’s just a plot device to give TK a chance to team up w JA. So…., OK, I’ll force myself to swallow it for what it is. As I wrote in previously, I don’t get why many ppl hate Doc; he seems reasonable to me. 🙂

    Ppl not only get mad when u criticize their idol, but when u criticize some aspect of the drama in which the idol appears. We r supposed to sing praises of ALL aspects of their drama, EVERYTHING abt it, or else u r labeled a basher. That’s a bit much.

    As for the few ppl who say they don’t like KSA, bc she is old, etc., it is obvious that they r not watching the acting. Some ppl only love their idols, all else be damned.

  398. 398 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, Doc is definitely blocking TK’s way to JA, but in the nicest of ways, plus we need one for a while yet, cos this KD still has another 8 eps to go. 🙂

  399. 399 : Melia Says:

    I wonder what’s gonna happen in the next episode. I really can’t wait to see TK and JA get together. I’d be fun to watch. 🙂

  400. 400 : true2u Says:

    @ KDaddict the writer are doing a good job at developing each character as you said except Nari.. She has yet to put her ALL in her work, but she wants to be CEO? but i also have a problem with the staff that works for Ji-An, that one girl BLEW me away when she went to Nari room, and that Jake guy is so full of himself that i think he’s not all what he is said to be.

    “As for the few ppl who say they don’t like KSA, bc she is old, etc., it is obvious that they r not watching the acting. Some ppl only love their idols, all else be damned.”

    indeed all else is DAMNED! but the age thing PISS me off. If the guy is older, NO ONE has a problem but if its the girl, everyone say its disgusting and etc., I realized most of those who say its disgusting are those would are caught up in the idol “acting” stars. I’m 21 and i can’t put up with grown women who is suppose to be 20 years old and up, and act like “pre k” kids bounce of walls, I tried “BIG” because of Gong Yoo but dropped 10 mins in because of the lead girl… P.s ” whats your take on this, should i give it another chance”

    And YES, Doc is definitely blocking, and its not the nicest way at all. I wanted her to tell him but he just had to appear, huh? (-.-)
    i hope he’s not trying to let Ji-an hide it from TK.

  401. 401 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, I wrote abt Nari’s ambition to be CEO: If there is 1 thing that is unbelievable in this drama, it is that.
    That 1 girl who is normally loyal to JA goes to N’s room, bc then TK will feel he has to stick by JA. The payoff will come when JA trains him, n the 2 of them have an additional dimension to their relationship.
    Of course Doc has to block TK. If JA tells TK now, it’d be end of show! Fini!
    Some comments can’t be taken seriously. Those who bash KSA e.g. 😉
    I enjoy BIG a great deal. GY is doing a bang up job playing several chars in 1. Suzy is sweet n comical. I dont have a problem w the lead actress, Lee Min Jung. I dont see her acting like a pre-teen kid.

  402. 402 : kriss Says:

    This show is getting more and more interesting! Love how the 2 guys are ‘vying’ for Ji An in their own ways. Both lead guys are playing their part very convincingly. Most of all, I love their chemistry with Suna!

  403. 403 : true2u Says:

    @ KDaddict, with that said, i guess i’ll jump back onto “BIG” 😉
    Hopes its good, only I Do I Do and Ghost has me Hooked “more I do i do tho.”

  404. 404 : sara Says:

    They are satisfying. Less NR and doctor= more cute and lovely scenes in the drama. I just hate NR and as if she wasn’t enough, they added Jake who is as annoying as her. But TK makes up for that annoying moments. I love how he shows JA the real sky comparing to doc’s fake sky. He can melt her ice.

  405. 405 : sara Says:

    Satisfying. Less NR and doctor= more cute and lovely scenes in the drama. I just hate NR and as if she wasn’t enough, they added Jake who is as annoying as her. But TK makes up for that annoying moments. I love how he shows JA the real sky comparing to doc’s fake sky. He can melt her ice.

  406. 406 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s a really good pt: Doc gives her a fake sky; but TK shows her the real one!
    Continuing our discussion on our hatred for villains:
    I hate Nari bc it makes no sense that she wants to be sth (CEO) that she has no business being, compared to our heroine. Partly that’s the fault of the writer, but that renders the char unsympathetic. The writer has given us nothing to pity her for.

  407. 407 : shoshlev Says:

    If it was me I would say I do I do to a relationship with Lee Jang Woo warm eyes, warm smile and warm heart endless talent

  408. 408 : dhez of Makati Says:

    I hate the ratings. Compared to Gentleman’s Dignity, I do I do is far more better story and with a story I guess than a series w/out any relevance at all. Sometimes I really dont believe in Ratings. Well I just have to continue watching I do I do & enjoy every episode of it. Go go Kim Sun Ah. Fighting!

  409. 409 : ptsh836 Says:

    @shoshlev #407: same here….TK’s character is like a breath of fresh air….epi 8 had me giggling to myself ovr all d cute moments between icy cold JA n warm sunshiney TK. i think TK has all d best lines written for him coz he’s winning hearts hands down!!

    only spoiler here is d doc; again! concern as a doctor friend to JA…yes but anything other than that…no!! i hate seeing him blow hot n cold…when he rejected marriage to JA he shud have put his foot down already to any other display of emotions towards JA; caring or otherwise. he’s gonna get himself hurt if he continues to care emotionally for JA coz d way i see it…he cant help developing special feelings towards her.

    as for nari…she landed d job as vice-president by way of ‘nakasan’ not by virtue of merits so thats why many of us do not sympathise with her character…she had it all made for her n by abandoning her own mother to get close to lady chairman n vying for d top post is a hypocrite by name! if she’s that good at her job why the need to rope in jake han or whatever!!

    as for the jumping ship by the entire office staff except TK…its d worst betrayal of trust for JA! its unbelievable that JA does not have anyone standing by her side after so many years of working together…its pathetic!

  410. 410 : Kitty Says:

    This drama is the best drama for me now. I’m not interesting about the rating . A lot of good dramas that I have watched in the past , they got low rating . I don’t know Why? But for sure I enjoy with it every episodes that enough for me. I love this drama the actors and actress especially KSA LJW and PGH .They can work very well in their role. This drama is a rom-com but insert a lot of substance in this .

  411. 411 : sara Says:

    Yes. She is an empty shell too. Being a illegitimate child is the only reason for her to be a stupid and selfish character but it’s not enough. Sometimes i don’t believe the writer. The lead is KSN who shines in every role she plays. JA is a wonderful woman. If we compare them, JA is like the anaconda and NR is a little worm. How they can fight when they are not in the same category? So the other factor for being a believable villain is being in the same category with the lead.

  412. 412 : mia Says:

    @sara & KDaddict

    agree with both of you re NR. don’t understand her behaviour at all. why is she against JA? if she wants to take over the company, shouldn’t she get JA on her side?

  413. 413 : sulyn Says:

    sara Says:
    Satisfying. Less NR and doctor= more cute and lovely scenes in the drama. I just hate NR and as if she wasn’t enough, they added Jake who is as annoying as her. But TK makes up for that annoying moments. I love how he shows JA the real sky comparing to doc’s fake sky. He can melt her ice.

    Very good point, sara.
    You are sharp. Didn’t think of the fake and real sky. Brilliant!
    That scene was sure cute, right? And guess KSA was so touched that she offered to tutor LJW. We’ll get to see some intimate scenes soon as they will be working closely together now.

  414. 414 : Kitty Says:

    Yo my love KSA, Please take good care of your body and your health. Please eat useful food and sleep well.Be careful when you walk up the stair or driving a car . You should drink milk every day don’t drink alcohol and coffee. Because you have pregnant now OK. Always love you.

  415. 415 : kriss Says:

    @407 shoshlev – You’re so cute! How can anyone not be taken in by his warm eyes, warm smile & warm heart? So I do, I do too!!! ^____^

  416. 416 : sara Says:

    It was so cute. He can’t give her luxury things, can’t take care of her like the doc does but he can show her the world she has been missing for ages. That’s why she accepts to tutor him. She wants to bring him into her world too. Now they are getting familiar with each others’ worlds. They seem to be very different but if you look carefully, are very similar.

  417. 417 : mtoenlob Says:

    Episode 8

    What to do Eun-sung? He’s in a turmoil. He is struggling to keep a balance between being a man of medical profession and being a man in love. Others may find him overbearing but understand that he had obviously fallen hard for Jian. As a doctor and as a man who loves her, he was concerned about her. Knowing that Jian will not trade her work for anything, he was distraught when she failed to show up for her appointment with her OB-Gyne. Compounding the matter, his doctor-friend gave up on her when she told the doctor to just email her everything he wants to tell her. Realizing that Jian was one who will not be easily persuaded, he personally went to see her at work and told her the dangers if she persisted in refusing to see her doctor. He rattled off several don’ts with regards to pregnancy and Jian balked at the things presented to her. What finally nailed the coffin and made her burst into rage and tears was the idea that she should refrain from wearing high heels. But heels were her life, her passion and she couldn’t accept the idea. Much as he want to spare Jian from the pain he had to tell her up front or risk the possibility of loosing her baby. Knowing that this pregnancy might just be the only chance of Jian into motherhood he had to tell her as it is. He had likewise cross the line when he told Jian’s father about it when the latter sought him out for help. In his desire to safeguard her, his actions seemed domineering for he had the tendency to take matters into his hands. It rubbed others the wrong way. His well meaning and good intentions were mistaken for arrogance by some.

    It’s good that the writer put in a good measure of humor in between moments of woes. I find the part where Tae Kang unintentionally walked in and found Jian in a state of bliss upon removing her brassiere, hilarious. Imagine yourself in such an awkward situation. I would have died of embarrassment. Give it to Kim Sun Ah to put in the chutzpah! And what a darling Tae Kang is. Of course, to save Jian the discomfiture he pretended it was nothing. He stole my heart away when he persistently but lovingly cajoled Jian to join him for dinner. Surprise, surprise dinner was with the ‘family’. He was constantly conscious of her condition – gently reminding her to eat, saving her from alcoholic drinks, not letting her walk but instead giving her the ride in her “carriage”. Unwittingly, this kid surely knows how to win your heart.

  418. 418 : KDaddict Says:

    Of the 3 v popular dramas that I’m watching right now, Gentleman’s Dignity, Big, n I do, I do, and of all the leading male chars in these show, including the 4 men–Kim Do Jin, Yoon, Tae San, Jung Rok, Gong Yoo’s Yoon Jae, Kang Kyung Joon, and Tae Kang, my favorite character is Tae Kang. He really is a very nice, warm, loving, sweet, considerate, thoughtful, and lovely human being. We won’t even mention cute, handsome, gorgeous, etc. As long as he doesn’t fall for that apprentice witch, what’s her name, Nari, I love him all the way!

  419. 419 : Carla Says:

    I can’t understand the low ratings.

  420. 420 : ptsh836 Says:

    @418 KDaddict: same here. after so many years of kdrama viewing n having gone thru hundreds (or could it be thousands?) of perfect male leads…this is the first time a character as sweet as TK is created! he is absolutely the most perfect male lead with so many desirable characters not counting his boyish good looks n great body!

    so in a way, im super excited to see such perfection on screen who’s gonna be paired with another super perfect leading lady aka KSA! she’s too beautiful here…perfect complexion, super svelte figure, sexy shoes, great hairstyle, beautiful clothes n thawing icy demeanour in d company of mr sunshine!

    these are d reasons why i love this show!

  421. 421 : jangerr Says:

    @419 Carla

    Don’t let the ratings affect you, dear. Just enjoy the show. Ratings don’t tell us everything. Often times, high ratings are because of the presence of a popular pop idol in the show and we know how huge some of these pop idols’ fanbase can be! So for me, I’ll watch a show if I enjoy it, ratings notwithstanding. In fact, I’ve dropped shows with top ratings because they didn’t appeal to me!

  422. 422 : sunahforever Says:

    yes yes echo wat jangerr said!!! wat a good drama! pity some dunno how to appreciate. I watched with glee and anticipation every week!!! oh last week was agonising when kimchidrama only release epi 8 pn Sat??? wat??

  423. 423 : KDaddict Says:

    There is JA the kickass alpha female char, and then there is KSA! This is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen her. I don’t care abt the years or the age. It’s just a no. in her case I’m female, and I admire her beauty and sexiness as much as I admire any male Korean actor hunk! That body that makes the clothes look better than any model on any Paris runway! That person who can act with every muscle in her! Thank Goodness for KSA n I do I do!

  424. 424 : jastinel Says:

    Hi I do, I do followers, i`m missing the fun here. Thanks to sunaforever for reminding me about this blog. So here I`am same as u, loving I do, I do to pieces. I adore KSA in this drama she is awesome in every sense of the word. She`s a goddess. Her transformation was brilliant, she gets even better. i know she can portray any role and she never failed to amuse me!
    Lets keep supporting this drama!

  425. 425 : jastinel Says:

    Looking for me? I`m still very active as KSA fan, there is no way I will not support her on this drama. I`m loving Jian, i just wish the writer will make the best out of this show.

    My I do, i do page…


  426. 426 : ecarr32 Says:

    Hello, I just want to say that I enjoy this page a lot. Im new to korean dramas. I remember watching them in Puerto Rico when I was younger with my aunt. I really like this one in particular. It is very addicting and enjoy reading all of your discussions here. 🙂

  427. 427 : kbnhkr Says:

    The 9ep’s trailer is hilarious! Why is it only Monday? 😀
    I can’t wait.
    I love this series in pieces. KSA is brilliant and LJW’s acting is also really convincing. I haven’t got a chance to watch his acting before it, but now i really like him. I root for JA&TK. 🙂

  428. 428 : cruzy korean lover Says:

    i adore kim sun ah and i liked this drama and waiting for the next episode …. fighting

  429. 429 : sulyn Says:

    I adore KSA too and hope that the rating will go right up tomorrow.
    KSA fighting …… I Do I Do ,,,,,, fighting!

  430. 430 : mtoenlob Says:

    Putting aside the romantic angle for the time being, at this point in Jian’s life, I think she needs the presence of both men – Tae Kang and Eun-sung.

    Knowing fully well that Jian has a mind of her own, unmoving to the point of being obstinate, you just can’t order her around. Especially not Tae Kang. It takes someone like the doctor to tell her pointblank what she has to do and not do now that she is in a condition that is entirely new to her. Work, she can accomplish that even with eyes shut but pregnancy is different thing altogether. As she terms it, it is a new path that presented itself and she is curious what it brings and she is willing to try. But she hasn’t fully absorb the idea that it takes a lot of different discipline to tackle it and changes have to be in order i.e. no more all nighter, eating on time, even the type of shoes she can wear. The mention of shoes was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Shoes are her passion, her life and telling her she cannot wear heels is something incomprehensible to her. His intentions are well-meaning and appreciated but if only he puts aside his overbearing manners, Eun-sung is one who can guide her through the physical rudiments of her pregnancy.

    Since Tae Kang shows more sensitivity in dealing with Jian,on the other hand, he is one who can provide emotional anchor for Jian. Tae Kang, in spite of his youth seems to be more consciously aware and acutely perceptive of what Jian is going through both in her career and personal life. It maybe because he has seen her in her most vulnerable state that he can be more compassionate and extend appropriate responses to her needs. Tae Kang might have been through several hardships but these difficulties haven’t dampen his exuberant spirit which is reinforced by the affectionate relationship he has with his father.

    Now, if only she can have both.

  431. 431 : kbnhkr Says:


    I wish my written English be enough good and I could write like you.
    Your every words are true. I sense the same: at the moment she needs both of men.

  432. 432 : diah Says:

    love kim sun ah…. always waiting for her new drama since kim sam soon…

  433. 433 : jangerr Says:

    @ jastinel

    Finally, your’re here! Was wondering how can such an ardent fan of KSA not in this thread. Of course, miss ‘talking’ to you too like in our City Hall days… Anyway, I’ve just made a quick pop into your I Do, I Do facebook page and my goodness, you have some awesome pictures there!!!

  434. 434 : JJ Says:

    i just started watching this & liking it already! it’s funny & interesting! woah Kim sun ah looks gorgeous in her weight loss! she looks a lot better here than in scent of a woman where she was kinda skinny & sick because of her role i guess.

  435. 435 : wdr Says:

    should watch this drama! daebak

  436. 436 : Ally Says:

    Up to ep 8… The doctor is really a nice & caring guy!

  437. 437 : mia Says:

    i think doctor is a good man too. he is probably very anxious & frustrated. anxious because he’s worried for jian. frustrated because she won’t listen to him.

  438. 438 : rabitlovecarrot Says:

    phim nj hay we ah! phim neo co ss sun ah cug hay hit

  439. 439 : mayanggraini Says:

    it’s just amazing drama.
    it’s funny and really makes me addicted. it’s really good to watch it ! can’t wait for the next episode
    two thumbs up ! 😀

  440. 440 : shoshlev Says:

    Sorry!! but I don’t believe to this survey.
    This drama is so interesting and client from life just hard to believe that the Number of viewers not larger.

  441. 441 : stellar Says:

    Where can I watch ep9?

  442. 442 : mtoenlob Says:

    Tae Kang undoubtedly is loving Jian. Maybe his initial encounter with her must have only pique his interest. Then he becomes curious. He finds himself crossing her paths not one nor twice but several times. Coincidence? Fate must be having fun. What started as a mere curiosity has grown into something much deeper. He finds himself getting involved more than what he thinks he should. We find that from day 1 that fateful night has meant a lot to him. To him it is more than a heat of carnal passion. He felt something but can’t yet figure it out what it is. He may not be cognizant about it but he is clearly exhibiting all the signs of one. He’s concern about her whether she has taken her meals or carrying heavy stuffs or stressing herself with work. His mind is full of her. He always thinks of her, sometimes with fondness, sometimes with sadness, constantly worrying of her present state. He has Jian’s well-being at the top of his list to the extend that he is all too willing to patch things up between Jian and Eun-sung when he mistakenly thinks that the two are lovers bickering over some misunderstanding that he tells them to make it up for the sake of the baby. He is overly protective just when he thinks Eun-sung is two-timing Jian he doesn’t hesitate to physically confront him. Jealous? Perhaps. And hasn’t he attempted to kiss Jian? The feeling must be overflowing that he can’t resist. But timing is everything. The time is not ripe for it and so we did not see what we were all hoping for to happen. Ahhh, the things you do when you’re in love whether you’re aware of it or not. I’m looking forward to the day when Tae Kang will have his eureka moment and shouts…”I’m in love!”

    I’m glad that between Jian and Tae Kang, it is Tae Kana who is the first to feel something. Then Tae Kang’s desire to be with Jian is out of love and not out of responsibility.

    Talking about the things you do when you’re in love, Eun-sung surely is driving everyone crazy. Honestly, I’m amuse and sadden at the same time with the things he does. I love the doctor as much as I love Tae Kang. I’m pretty sure he is having a hard time drawing the line between being a professional doctor and a man in love. He clearly loves Jian. Unlike Tae Kang who is still clueless of his feelings, Eun-sung is definitely sure of what he feels for Jian. Thus, we see him trying all means to be with her in the guise of professional help. Since this is the first time for Jian and knowing that it might just be her first and last shot to having a baby couple that with Jian’s ‘never-say-die’ attitude towards work, she needs all the help she can get and Eun-sung is determinedly all out to provide the support to his detriment.

    Kim Sun Ah never fails to deliver. In fact, she delivers much more than what is expected. From MNIKSS to City Hall to Scent of a Woman (even the less popular WIAN) she essays her character with depth and conviction. No question with regards to her flair for comedy. She tops that category. More than her funny bone it is her dramatic prowess that awes me. I love her best in dramatic moments where only her eyes do the talking. No words are necessary. Her eyes say it all. And yet, you as viewer, feel what she is going through. You become her character.

  443. 443 : hny Says:

    I DO, I DO EP 9….Daebak !!!! wakakakaka…..who is the director!!!! make my cute Tae Kang….wearing woman stuff n high heel walking on the street…haha…it seem “taman lawang” move to korea 😉 wakakaaaa…I can’t stop lol…

  444. 444 : sulyn Says:

    There’s something interesting to look forward to in tonight’s episode.
    Saw these exciting pics from nate.


  445. 445 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    TK definitely loves JA. He is miserable when she is w Doc. He smiles like a fool when he is w her.
    It’s sweet to see them sit on the grass together. N the near kiss!
    The hi light is when Doc tries to teach her to massage her breasts! He really gives it a go, n looks like he does have breasts worthy of the maneuver!
    TK in drag doesn’t do anything for me tho.
    Will she pls tell him the BB is his? When? In the final ep?

  446. 446 : hny Says:

    I have to lift a thumb to’ I do, I do’ team especially team selection of actors and actresses. KSA n LJW is perfect pairing as lead actor. They both very fit and have a unik chemestry. Very different while KSA paired with Lee Dong Wook in the SOW, I saw LDW act like has a distance even seen them play as a couple who fall in love …it’s still strange ,body language who come out from LDW can’t describe his love to KSA in SOW.
    but KSA with LJW they chemistry soo uniq…I can read from Their body language when they both interact….good job guys!!

    for Doc….I don’t know how to decide…he still doing well by take care KSA also a good n funny doc 😀 available to KSA either…hope he can be friend of KSA n TK…for our sake 😉 😀

  447. 447 : wdr Says:

    should be 20 eps not 16 eps

  448. 448 : true2u Says:

    @wdr, IKR? they need to extend this drama to at least 20 episodes. It’s too good for only a 16 episode drama.

    @KDaddict that NEAR kiss almost KILLED me , i was waiting and screaming FINALLY, then just had to wake up. I think Ji-An will be the one to kiss him, this drama is a role reversal having Ji-An acting the male role and TK has the regular female lead roles in k-drama land. I have to admit TK in drag had me LMAO!!!!!!!!!! and the KISS was the high light for this episodes, i like that she didn’t push him away, and for some reasons i have the feeling that she knew he was trying to steal a kiss, but didn’t do anything…hahahahaha

  449. 449 : Ally Says:

    Ep 10..

    After the kiss, TK still didn’t realise or suspect that’s his bb? He is too excited and forgotten to ask about the bb! Unbelievable!

    When TK is offered to go abroad… I am really speechless! I guess JA is giving up her dream and hoping to be with him!! OMG!

  450. 450 : sara Says:

    Ep 9
    Good episode. More emotional development but i don’t remember any scene but two. The almost kiss which was more breathtaking and passionate than a deep, passionate kiss and Miss Pretty TK. He is unbelievably pretty for a boy. I would marry this Miss Pretty, if i was a man.

  451. 451 : KDaddict Says:

    You don’t remember Doc massaging his breasts for his life’s worth? His breasts were moving in tandem w the movement of his hands. That had me roaring! N JA’s look of utter embarrassment just adds to it. Imagine yourself out w him at the moment…….
    If u were a man, TK would be more big-boned n broad-shouldered than u r; he’d have thicker calves n bigger feet too. A very masculine wife he’d make for u. 😛
    Ha ha ha.

  452. 452 : KDaddict Says:

    I keep noticing, or being distracted by 2 things:
    1. Doc’s nose–how hi n how straight the bridge of his nose. It stands out like the Rocky Mtns. That’s why KDland had so many deadly handsome men n women. It’s cosmetic surgery industry is 2nd to none in the world.
    2. After 4 weeks of gwaking at the shoes, I now move pass them to gwak at the handbags. I think half the budget for this shoe goes to the handbags n shoes! 😉

  453. 453 : KDaddict Says:

    Jian is so rough, so hard on TK. She looks down on him cos he is young, has no money, no accomplishment, n as she sees it, no prospects. She thinks that if she fires him, he’ll end up as a homeless person at Seoul Stn, as she tells her BB, Ankle. That’s why she keeps pushing him away by insulting him. One of these days, she’ll learn that she loves him, like Yi Soo loves Kim Do Jin in GD, n will have to chase after him seriously for a change, like YS. That should be fun.

  454. 454 : jangerr Says:

    @ mtoenlob

    So glad to see you here regularly. I’ve always enjoyed your comments and sharings – you’ve one of the most balanced comments! Yet it’s not without humour and insights. Though the past couple of weeks have been crazy, I’ve been coming in here to take sneak peaks at this thread and yours is the first I’ll zoom in to read.

  455. 455 : ptsh836 Says:

    epi 9: im getting a lil’ pissed off by d doc’s behaviour! he volunteered himself to be JA’s personal gynae….yet, he cant keep his emotions in check like most professional docs do….yes, i know….he’s showing signs of falling in love but why get himself all hot n bothered ovr JA Now?? at epi 1, he was fiddling with d idea of getting married…then JA’s pregnancy threw his plans apart….now he’s thinking of adoption n becoming a dad to JA’s unborn child?? with so many heartstrings pulling him in all directions….he still thinks he can perform his role well as her personal doc? to me, he’s a very mixed-up doc; emotionally n professionally.

    anyway…he did drew d most laughter fr me for d near obscene ‘breast massaging’ scene; gawd! he was so into it poor JA was so embarrassed by this display she had to leave! kkk!

    while TK’s near kiss was sweet as honey….his experiment in wearing heels was hilarious! not mentioning his female garb….soooo pretty! hahaha!

    though TK maybe young but its pleasing to know he’s a very responsible albeit traditional guy….morally upright n a very sweet guy thanks to his loving dad’s upbringing!

    @Stellar #441: u can watch this drama at kimchidrama.com….not live though but with english subs….

  456. 456 : sara Says:

    Haha, yeah, i remember but it was very embarrassing. I would dig a hole and hide if i was there. The behind the scene must be very interesting and funny. Hope they release it.

    He is very girly pretty but has a nice and manly body. I love his baby fat cheeks very much. I badly crave to kiss them, every time i see him. He never must lose the baby fat in his face. I think i had to work out and produce some abs to have him/her as my wife.

  457. 457 : hny Says:

    ep 10

    Bravo, Park Tae Kang..CONGRATULATION !!! did u relize…You finally date with her…caring her so gently when walk at market…I’m so jealous, then u ending it with sweet kiss…good job boy !!*_*!! You’ve given a good feed, now you just wait until the feed was eaten .. she’ll chase you!.

    JA.. sometimes I don’t like when u act so selfish and pretend like a strong women related to your BB when ppl around concern to u’r pregnancy. .and when u will tell the BB’s father? I think when TK more closer to Na Ri (*_*) that would thrilling all.

  458. 458 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict 453 my interpretation is JA being harsh on TK represents her harshness on her own ego. Altho she was upset with her friend for suggesting her to choose doc bec he is well off, she is not yet prepared to accept a guy who does not live up to her lifestyle n career as well. So she berates TK for what he lacks n pushes him hard to proof his worth. TK has the most innocent, sincere, lovable way of caring for JA n her bb. (Sigh .. too extremely stretched even for KD standard) But he knows what he lacks. I think we r going to see separation for him to go fix that. I hope so bec when he comes back an all-rounder, then it will be really fun to see JA going after TK. Esp if she is going to be kicked out by mdm president, she n TK’s position will be reversed!

  459. 459 : KDaddict Says:

    In Ep 9:
    While talking abt Doc being her Gyne, JA said to Doc: I’m a tough woman, but I’m not so tough as to be able to open my legs in front of you.
    He he he. Maybe that’s why he wants to be her gyne! Just teasing.

    I’d really hate it if Jay/Jake really takes TK to the U.S. as he proposes in Ep 10. Then JA has to toil on her own to raise the toddler. Worse, we won’t get to see TK during the interim, unless it is one of those cases where 3 years have passed by in one Shot!

  460. 460 : KDaddict Says:

    Of all KD fathers, TK’s has got to be the sweetest.
    The same actor playing the father in Protect the Boss was pretty sweet too.
    Lee Jang Woo is really doing a fantastic job here. I haven’t seen his work b4. Has anyone seen Glory Jane? Was he good in it?

  461. 461 : ptsh836 Says:

    @KDaddict #459:

    re: JA’s condition/request for another doc during cervical examination….n ES agreeing to her request….can this happen in d real world?? how is a doc going to monitor her progress if not personally involved in d exam n what about during labour n delivery?? what can he do if he is off limits to her nether regions?? getting another doc on standby sounds excessive to me while ES would have to depend on observations undertaken by d other doc….is this even allowed in d medical world??

    n ES knowing all these limitations agrees to JA’s conditions?? mind boggling!!

  462. 462 : ptsh836 Says:

    @KDaddict #460: if you have seen LJW in ‘smile, donghae’….you would also want to strangle him n hang him to dry on d laundry line!!

    why?? coz he was spoilt rotten, childish, hot tempered, stupidly jealous, n a real pain in d neck!! his character did not improve nor progress one single bit from start to finish n it was 159 epis long!

    i have not started on ‘glory jane’ yet but LJW looks charming n handsome with longish hair n looks good in his baseball uniform!

  463. 463 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict LJW was good in Glory Jane. It’s a pretty good show. I enjoyed it.

  464. 464 : sulyn Says:

    @ptsh836 Says

    Yes, I wanted to strangle him too. He was a real spoilt kid in Smile Donghae and I was quite apprehensive when I read that he would be KSA’s costar.

    But I’m getting to adore him now. He’s so sweet to Jian though she’s mean to him – perhaps Jian was trying to make him work harder. I have a feeling Jian could see the potential in TK. He’s real creative when it comes to reforming shoes. They would be great working as a team.

  465. 465 : KDaddict Says:

    @ptsh836-461, 462,
    Abt Doc wanting, indeed insisting, to be JA’s gyne, it’s ridiculous. Many things that happen in KDs r impossible in the real world. Sometimes it riles me; sometimes I laugh it off.
    Maybe he’ll have a lady doc or nurse stand in front of JA when she gives birth, to give him “play by play” report:
    It’s open to 10 cm now. What do we do, doc? N so it goes….
    My ex-bf, a surgeon, convinced me to let him operate on the fibroid cysts in my breast, n succeeded. That’s not a birth, but still weird things happen.
    U watched a 160 ep drama? Hats off to u! Sounds like that scriptwriter should be hung on a laundry line, not necessarily LJW.

    Ah, so he was already good then. No wonder he doesn’t have that newbie feel here. Nari still does in that u can see her acting.
    I’ll only watch Park MY if she is paired w an actor that I Must watch. So I skipped GJane.

  466. 466 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Sulyn #464: yes, i also wanted to slap him silly everytime he whines to his dad n mom like a lovestruck kid…but what do u know?? he’s completely tamed his tantrums here n his acting is so so believable!! such innocent round eyes like marbles…n those super white straight teeth! he’s to die for, for sure!

    @KDaddict #465: yes, i watch many long daily dramas coz i like to see character build-ups more than plots of revenge or intrigue or worse ….those super hi-tech, suspense dramas like iris, athena, cityhunter etc i hate them! i cant bear to be on tenterhooks coz i cant sleep after those adrenaline charged dramas while super long dramas are relaxing n soothing except for a few which eats at ur heartstrings n make u ache with pain while crying buckets ovr d fate of poor damsels in distress (usually female leads r subjected to loads of torture fr moms-in-laws fr hell n unfaithful hubbys before they can taste happiness!) somehow these dramas are not shallow n one can even multitask while watching coz d pace is real slow but steady!

  467. 467 : mona Says:

    waiting for this drama on dvd 🙂

  468. 468 : Carla Says:

    Just loved the kiss. There’s this element of hesitation though. Can’t wait for the next episode! KSA was superb!!

  469. 469 : KDaddict Says:

    In ep 10,
    JA imagined telling TK abt him being the father, n then saw in her mind’s eye TK n his dad moving in w her, w Dad taking over her shoe closet as BR, n wanting to sell her shoes for gain. It is insulting n condescending. She doesn’t trust them, n so doesn’t want to get her life mixed up w them. There is always this fear n rejection of the poor in the minds of those who have more.
    Ep 10:
    When Doc saw TK carrying JA in his arms in the garage, he was abt to open his car door to confront them. If he did, he’d be a jerk. But he didn’t, so he isn’t on my shit list, yet.
    Doc must be mighty unhappy after seeing that. Time to cool your head in the shower, buddy!

  470. 470 : Carla Says:

    I want more drama for KSA! She is absolutely versatile! The best Korean actress!!

  471. 471 : Carla Says:

    I DO I DO is one Kdrama that is so light, wholesome, and realistic! Compared to its contemporaries wherein the stories are unrealistic, the ones that could never happen in real life. This one is nice. I’ll go for this one. I’m actually hooked into it now!!

  472. 472 : sunahforever Says:

    Am glad someone has good taste in choosing dramas esp with KSA in it…. after seeing her in these dramas, can’t stand to watch many dramas as cannot relate to d actress… just no comparison… also good or else I’ll end up being a couch potato and dream of being in dramaland kissing all those gorgeous hunks!!!!

  473. 473 : hny Says:

    OMG..I can’t sleep !!!…. talking about LJW ,thanks God I didn’t watch smile,donghae…so i dont have to strangle him n hang him to dry on d laundry line 😉
    I just start know him in Gjane and fallen to his cute face n his act attracted me, but I stop watch Gjane in the middle eps coz get boring w story and then continue watch it coz miss LJW act..I love to watch his act rather then the lead actor in Gjane. I’m so excited when know he paired w KSA….No doubt 4 his act 😀

  474. 474 : sara Says:

    Not bad. To me this ep is devided into i-like and i-don’t like momemts.

    I like that they finally are aknowledging their love for each other. But i don’t like the Doc, NR,her relationsip with TK and that useless friend of JA.

    I love how TK takes care of her in his own way, although he doesn’t have anything but a kind heart. But i don’t like how she treats him, like a trash or as she says “dust”.

    I love those tiny beautiful baby shoes and the heart behind it so much but i don’t like how she makes him dissapoined.

    I like that she is a strong independent woman but i hate if she gives up her career because of the baby. I want her to keep the three of them. Her baby, her baby’s father and her statue as a sucessful woman.

    Also it’s time for her chase after Mr. Pretty, so send him to US writer-nim. She must realize how precious TK is.

  475. 475 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is at times intense, sweet, hilarious, and just plain ole malicious!

    Alright Dr. Jo, I know you were only teasing HJA when you demonstrated to her in public what expectant mothers should
    do when they develop lumps in their breasts due to hormonal changes. It’s one thing to be in a profession that just “looks under womens’ skirts all day” according to Mr. Hwang, but the way Dr. Jo massaged his pecs in public gives PDA a whole new meaning! hehehe

    I have never cared to see a man in the color ‘pink’ ever; probably due to the tradition of pink for girls, blue for boys…green and yellow are considered to be neutral. But D-o-c-t-o-r Jo looked so gooood in his light knit sweaters with his broad shoulders that I had no problems with it at all!

    PTK is hilarious! To me, he really portrays what people have to go through and deal with when they ‘need’ their job because of financial hardships. All in all, he is kind, strong and does an excellent job of suppressing his temper. Well kind of…hehehe!

    HJA, HJA, HJAAAA! Her tongue is so sharp and cuts so fine, that the person that received the tongue lashing thought they were unscathed until they walked away from her and began to fall into a hundred pieces…WHEW!

  476. 476 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow HJA! Even a piece of lint has a home on someone’s clothing and dandriff on someone’s head, but dust…that’s under your feet!

    I hope PTK takes the job in America and excels by becoming a well sought out after shoe designer on his on terms…returning to SK to become an excellent father, and supportive husband (I can dream can’t I-hehehe)! He will definitely have the drive and determination for this golden opportunity. But, I’m not so sure what his decision will be once he finds out that it’s his child that HJA is carrying because he may not want to leave her and miss seeing his child. Hmmmm…enter grandpa Park! I know HJA cares about him, I can see it in her eyes…especially when she’s trying to hide behind her sharp tongue. Because afterwards, I can somewhat read in her eyes what shes thinking….pondering what she said to him or how she treated him (KSA is excellent when it comes to her literary eyes). She’s really trying to do a good job of suppressing her feelings due to his youth and uncertain future. But as always, the baby is making her become drawn to the father, PTK.

    HJA, even though she
    appears to be complicated at times with her Medusa moments (shiver)! Is really a creative, gifted artist…full of passion like other artists who are inwardly driven to see the fruition of their visions/ideas. Touche’ writer! Hopefully, she and the Parks can open their own independent shoe salon and name it…ta da…ANKLES! BIG SMILE

  477. 477 : KDaddict Says:

    TK’s father is going to work in the company. It’ll create opportunities for him to run into Mdm Chairman. Uh oh!
    But that wig! That painted mole above his lips! If my first love turns out to look like that, I’d run in the other direction if I were her!

  478. 478 : usa-mary Says:

    I wonder if HJA’s parents relationship one of the reasons why she won’t marry. It definitely would be a factor for me…not knowing when Mr. H is going to yell so loudly at her almost causing his wife to jump out of her shoes! It’s definitely not a union that one would look forward to being a part of.

    Also, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that the 2nd wife is actually PTK’s runaway birth mother and he is YNR’s half brother!

    @477-KDaddict: Hilarious! I’d change my glasses if I wore some and I don’t! hehehe But who knows…poppa Park may become kind of suave under that wig and behind that mole when he sees Mdm Chairman. He may even opt to buy leather hide from a ‘real’ fabric store instead of scavenging through thrown out furniture on the street to make boots! Maybe he’ll surprise her with his creativity by having enough leather left over from the sofa to make her a nice pair of boots. With his artisan/craftsmanship, she wouldn’t know the difference! hehehe

  479. 479 : shoshlev Says:

    In Chapter 10, missing episode 4 why?
    Precisely in the most intriguing chapter
    Every expression of love between each other and all the world it’s warms the heart and especially to see a moment of love between two people that you really love Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jung Woo is thrilling your heart and you aspire to want the love between them will continue and will continue even beyond the drama. Now I’ll wait until the next chapter [is eternal] with trembling heart and hope that the love between them is no be over I “sounds” like i crazy right!? Yes I’m crazy about these two players.**^^**

  480. 480 : kdfan Says:

    With the kiss, is the show definitely going towards JA/TK ending? While i think its equally great for JA whether she ends up with either guy, i m still more of a Team Doc supporter. I got a little put off by TK impulsive behaviour n i feel more warmth with doc. Would JA still choose TK had she not been pregnant with his child?

  481. 481 : ptsh836 Says:

    epi 10:

    for me, there are many ‘likes’ in this episode….i like n enjoy watching JA ordering TK about like any honorable ‘dunna’ would n TK unhesitantly n gamely pandering to all her demands! whenever both of them are together you can somewhat experience an uplifting feeling of happiness n fun what with ‘medusa’ trying to keep a straight face n all. at times, you can see JA struggling to cling to her last shreds of reserve of wanting to reach out to TK but since TK is so disadvantaged in many aspects of d word….she always held back…

    i think its about time she warms up to TK being her baby’s father coz she had unwittingly talked about TK in that respect albeit to herself. in her mind’s eye…she can anticipate what kinda future will be waiting for her n her baby….yet that thought was not scary enuf to stop her fantasizing about her new family.

    i think d writer should make JA display more emotions from now on if not for d ratings sake its for viewers to keep watching…personally, 10 epis of KSA wearing that ‘medusa’ mask is slightly tiring…somehow, i miss her crazy antics which she is famous for n longs to see her shed that iciness quick!!

    n yes, before i forget….d kiss was too sweet n hopefully they will fall in love by d next epi!

  482. 482 : kdfan Says:

    @ptsh836 u must b a cityhall fan. Me too was thinking how nice if JA can be less uptight n try to hv more fun wt her staff n TK. Then i realize i must hv missed her cityhall character so much for wanting that.

  483. 483 : jangerr Says:

    @481 ptsh836 & 482 kdfan

    Here’s an ardent City Hall fan too!!! Love her character in CH to bits but I love her here too! I think she’s playing her role as the hard, driven and cold JA really well. And we can see her slowly letting down her guard and melting under the gentle persuasions of TK… So don’t worry, I think we can look forward to some crazy antics from her soon… 🙂

  484. 484 : mtoenlob Says:

    454 @jangerr

    Annyeong, jangerr! Thank you. I’m thrilled to find kindred spirits of City Hall days. I miss the banters as we exchanged ideas and insights back then. Viki and soompi and this site were burning with our exchanges. The fun was being able to response immediately after every episode aired and I love viki for that. Unfortunately, viki ceases to air this side of my world and I was really disappointed. I wasn’t able to follow thru with Scent of a Woman though. I lost momentum and wasn’t able to catch up with the viewing. I was able to watch it only after its run. Reactions then are way too late.

    So glad to pick up KSA’s latest. Thanks heavens for DramaCrazy and KimchiDrama! (“,)

  485. 485 : sunahforever Says:

    helo helo City Haller frens, missed u guys!!! glad to see all of u here again, jangerr, mtoenlob, jastnel, usa-mary (sorry if i missed any others)… am loving this show esp Epi 10. Wooooo woooo, JA is finally letting her heart talk instead of her head of snakes….And who wouldn’t… my heart literally melted when he gave her those adorable little rubber shoes… and then carrying her fm d car, *faint* and then d revelation of feelings and then to top it all, d wonderful and tender kiss…not d type our KSA is known for as she is the best kisser in d world. If someone else did this scene, I bet my last dollar it would not pulled any heart strings at all!!! gosh…I was holding my breath for at least 3 mins during tt scene in d shoe closet room…it was so intense… and thank God (more like to d writer) for not letting Doc Bad Timing to get in d way! Kamsahamida!!! Hey did u guts enjoy d pre-natal class? Did anyone catch d part where she thot of her day out in d park when doc ask her to think of a happiest moment in her life? So goood!

  486. 486 : shoshlev Says:

    Of Chapter 10 can be said to love has no limits and no barrier, she’s tried to strangle her feelings, because he’s younger than her
    But when love speaks
    When love shouts
    When love suffocates she bursts
    Is not controlled.
    She has no boundaries it has no barrier
    Because love has no color
    No religion
    No nationality
    There is no language
    There is only desire and ambition to realize the love.

  487. 487 : usa-mary Says:

    485-sunahforever! It’s good seeing you here as well as other ‘CityHaller’ fans. Ohhh how do I love KSA in this drama.

    Yessss! I got the park scene and was ecstatic. I can tell that she would like to yield to the thought of being with PTK. Yet no matter how hard she trys to cut him down as to convince herself that he’s too young, irresponsible and not useful…the drawings appears, the outing in the park to spark creativity, and don’t forget when she recalled the day they went to his friend’s place to eat when they got drunk. She did recall when he suddenly appeared with the patio umbrella to shield her from the rain…WHAT A MAN!

    When they all met accidentally at the restaurant for pig’s feet…she kept commenting under her breath about everything being said. The doctor heard her and wondered why, but I knew she was jealous. Especially, when she commented on the shoes YNR gave to PTK. Then PTK turned around and gave them to his dad.

    Let me be really honest about something. After watching so many and I mean many Korean dramas, I never connected with the excitement one experiences with the heart palpitations…that only the real one for you would make you feel. But, it finally happened when PTK gently kissed HJA in her shoe closet. I was so ecstatic, you would have thought that he had kissed me! hehehe Now that’s a true confession!

  488. 488 : usa-mary Says:

    @shoshlev. That’s beautiful and well said.!

  489. 489 : jangerr Says:

    @ mtoenlob, sunahforever, usa-mary & all City Hallers

    Yes, mtoenlob, I still remember the City Hall days where viki was our go-to site for the latest updates and we were each other constant companions! Oh, those were the days!!! And I lament the day when they made viki unavailable in our part of the world… It was and still is one of the fastest in terms of subbing and uploading.

    sunahforever and usa-mary, those were definitely my favourite moments too. I love the park scene in episode 9 too. Love how they fell asleep on one another’s head so naturally and how TK woke up and JA fell onto his shoulder. The delight and pleasure TK got from that simple action was so palpable! Of course, my heart started racing when I saw him looking so lovingly at her and closing in to steal a kiss… Oh, what a tease our writer-nim was! JA has to wake up that very crucial moment!

    @486 shoshlev

    Wow! That is so beautiful! Are you naturally poetic or is it the power of this show?

  490. 490 : ptsh836 Says:

    @usa-mary #487:

    yeah, d park scene was sweet n subtle as well…who would have known a simple outing like that could have held so much meaning for JA….actually i dun recall her sketching those drawings of TK n their pretty feet! in a way…JA herself was surprised by d outcome of that outing n yes…that must be d beginning of how she really felt for TK altho the doc seemed to be the natural choice of those around her; instinctively her heart is with TK! Sweet, innocent love, that is….<3<3

    we're also beginning to see tinges of jealousy fr JA n TK as well n im so loving it!

    n d kiss in JA's shoe closet…heavenly but since when did virgin boy learn to kiss so lovingly??? hahaha!

  491. 491 : ptsh836 Says:

    @shoshlev #486:

    that’s a beautiful poem u got there! looks like this drama is churning out would-be poets outta us all!

  492. 492 : ptsh836 Says:

    typo: wannabe poets!!

  493. 493 : barbie Says:

    that’s a beautiful poem u got there!

  494. 494 : tikky Says:

    Father and son have the same ideal girl becasue
    Tae Kang’s father used to interested in Kim sun ah he even gave her a flowers in 2003.

  495. 495 : shoshlev Says:

    Kim Sun Ah she’s the queen of Korean cinema, all the time I’m just waiting for dramas with her​​,
    All the drama with her not bored me.
    Now, i am waiting for the next chapter, the waiting is killing me. It comes slow and goes fast.

  496. 496 : usa-mary Says:

    I already have my preference for who I’d like to see HJA marry. Yet, I’ll switch for now to talk about Dr. Jo. Any doctor can don a white lab coat, but this man HAS IT and DOES IT for me when I see him in his scrubs with his slightly bow legged self! Aside from his competitive ‘he’s going to get that woman because he’s more manly and has all the credentials to make a successful liFe with HJA compared to PTK’ his humorous side is too hilarious! He comes up with creative ways to show HJA how rudely she’s behaving…so funny!

    HJA should get her purse back from her friend! I just sensed that Dr. Jo was the referral…hehehe! A genuine ostrich skin handbag at that…I WANT one!

    Now for the shoessss! I’ve already started rewatching the episodes to make up for what I’ve possibly missed, and I’ve retrieved a lot! The shoes in HJA’s closet, her office, and through out the company corridors are absolutely stunning! Me and the heel height won’t get along, but the style and decorations get my attention. Those shoe designers really took shoe decorations to another level. The outfits that HJA wears are soooo on point. With the exception of the mini skirt (which is acceptable over here), but the shorts length definitely would not fly in corporate America. Shorts in some job areas can be worn, but at a tasteful length, like very close to the knees or below, preferably. The lengths they’re wearing in this drama is distracting in the work place for men…especially when a woman forgets and bends forward revealing her sunrise and sunset to the entire office. Not trying to be a kiljoy…just my thoughts about it.

    Truth be told, I also rewatch the episode because I usually miss a lot the 1st time around due to reading the subs and quickly trying to read facial expressions. If nothing else, I have strong eye muscles! Another short scene I discovered was PTK’s father recording the number of bones in the foot, toe, the types of arches, etc. for his son, so he can memorize them…so sweet!

    Well, I’ll continue to re-explore until the next episode comes out!


  497. 497 : KDaddict Says:

    @usa-mary #478,
    Long time no see, since NToGisaeng! This drama is a gt one. It is my fav among all of KSA’s dramas. It is worth watching at least 3 X: once for the story, n once for their acting, n then a 3rd time for the wardrobe.
    Ya, I think that half the budget of this show goes to the shoes, bags n KSA’s outfits.
    The stylist must really like pink jackets on men. Doc wore one, n TK also wore one. I like pink shirts on good-looking guys, but not sure abt pink jackets or pants. 😉

  498. 498 : usa-mary Says:

    @497-KDaddict: That’s right…since NTof Gisaeng. I agree with you about this drama’s budget for KSA alone. Especially, the cute outfit she wore in the scene where she took off her red bra to let her girls breathe. When PTK walked in and called himself trying not to peek. Who on this green earth covers their eyes by making the vee sign with their eyes open, then says their not looking! hahaha

    I know what you mean about pink jackets and PANTS OH NO!!!!! That’s too much for me to handle! One good factor is that the pink in doc’s sweater and the shirt PTK wore wasn’t a distracting pink tone like some I’ve seen. I’m so thankful for that!

    Looks like I’m going to wear this drama out by rewatching it many times, just like I did with City Hall! hehehe

  499. 499 : usa-mary Says:

    @486-shoshlev: From one creative person to another…let your creativity flow! The only way to continually excel at what you do is to express it by doing it! I look forward to you gracing us more with your literary gift as you share your view of this drama along with the rest of us fans! smile

  500. 500 : KDaddict Says:

    I got curious abt Lee Jang Woo’s past works. Read comments on the thread of GJane. Many viewers liked him, the 2nd lead, better than the leading male actor/char. When things slow down in KD-land after the current 3 popular dramas, maybe it’d be a good time to check him out in it. Lee Jang Woo, Aja!

  501. 501 : Seanshine Says:

    Hey guys!

    KSA fan here in the Caribbean! I watched episode 8 and rewatched it and loved the part where HJA gave PTK a ride to the police station. And his outbursts after he got there had me cracking up! I think Doc needs to give it a rest and leave HJA alone. I agree with you guys on that Ji An is hiding her feelings because of Tae Kang’s immaturity. I also hope he can get it together to be there to really support his child an also his woman (Ji An). I haven’t watched episodes 9-10 as yet and staying current by reading recaps. The kiss looks very very romantic but I don’t like the fact that he ran out right after. But in all am rooting got Team Park Tae Kang! Also, for more loving romantic scenes between himself and his leading lady. 😉

  502. 502 : KDaddict Says:

    Would JA behave this way if TK n his father r affluent? That scene where JA imagines the two men taking over her apt n relieving her of her shoe collection for sale makes me wonder if she is showing classic signs of discrimination of the poor in marriage consideration that we’ve seen many times in KD before. As a matter of fact, it happens in KD Every time there is a class difference btwn the 2 sides, doesn’t it?
    I just hope Doc doesn’t purposefully n actively do anything to sabotage the chances btwn JA n TK. But if TK is really going to the U.S. w Jay/Jake, then……..

  503. 503 : Momo Says:

    I start watching this drama and like it especially KSA acting. She is so beautiful in this drama.

  504. 504 : jangerr Says:

    @501 Seanshine

    Welcome to this thread! So glad to have one more fan here to share about this drama. Anyway, I’m with you in hoping that TK will be there with JA during her pregnancy and childbirth and beyond. He’ll be such a sweet and supportive partner so it’ll be a shame without him around! Besides I’m sure he’ll want to be there for both JA and the baby, more so when he knows it’s his! As for the opportunity Jake is offering him by taking him to US, I believe he can be as great a designer without taking that route. I mean, with JA as his mentor he can achieve that and more!

    I was also disturbed by TK running off after that kiss, sweet that it may be. It seemed a rather strange thing to do… But after thinking about it, maybe that kiss was just for him to confirm his and her feelings for each other and having done so, he was happy and satisfied? Or does he think it’s a gentlemanly thing to do, not to expect more? Or is it he’s afraid he’ll want more? Hehe!

  505. 505 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi Jangerr….oh dear, the kiss scene is so sweet…I nearly fainted with emotions!! The part before the kiss, I could hear my heartbeat and I was like at the edge of my seat, in case the Doc Bad Timing rings the bell and…..I would have killed the writer….

    Ok, my 2 cents worth abt TK running away after the kiss. Yes, he has just confirmed her feelings for him…how not to..he gave her so much time to run away from him…his move was gentle and slow and he was too shocked that there were totally no resistance from this strong and “mean to him” woman whom he adores by the way, baby or no baby! After the lingering kiss…knowing TK who is so considerate and nice to JA, would not expect more, in her condition that is (ahem!!!). I guessed he also needs to get out of there before his raging hormones get the better of him, hahaha…it has happened before but with the excuse of alcohol but now there’s totally no excuse….both blinded by LOVE…bliss….and I am biting my nails for the next episodes!!!

  506. 506 : reca aquarius Says:

    Drama good i like

  507. 507 : Angel Says:

    i loved this drama sooooo much …the main actors are sooooo nice . i love it love it love it !!!!!!…..*_^ !!

  508. 508 : usa-mary Says:

    @KDaddict: You are so right on about class discrimination in KD dramas! I can see that HJA is biased like the other chaebol families in that regard. As a matter of fact, PTK is more mature and a GENTLEMAN compared to that narcisistic, snobish, non-gallant (I could go on) ready to do the humpty dance rascal mdm. chair set up her husband’s mistress’s daughter, YNR the vp to meet. That creature was so rude and was not trying to get to know her for the person that she is with even a gram of enthusiasm. Only was ready to spend her money which he mentioned up front!

    From my observation. I don’t quite see PTK lacking in responsibility so much as not being able to find his niche. It’s not like he hasn’t been working because he was working for his father. In the opening episode when he and his father went to have him removed from the family registry…all because he bought Beyonce…a motorcycle. Most guys like gadgets, especially the ones with wheels! And most guys name their wheeled gadgets and rub on them to keep them shiny and in excellent condition. A status symbol and object of convenience all in one. To me, that’s normal for guys to do. Also, I believe that given the right encouragement which he is now, finally getting from HJA who told him to show everyone that has looked down upon him, including her, what he can do, while working hard for her on the design team…FANTASTIC! I’ve been paying attention when he has the converstions with his friend, the salesman. PTK is constantly strategizing his moves with in the company as he goes along. I recall his mantra…pride in a pawn shop! hehehe In ep. 10, he has already proven in a short period of time that he is responsible, dedicated and mature. What HJA has a problem with now (in addition to hiding that he’s the baby’s father) is that he continually tries to protect and shield her hidden pregnancy at work by doing things to deter suspicions until HJA is ready to reveal it to them herself. Like covering up her retching, saying the food was spoiled (which wasn’t) knowing this would get him in trouble…he was ready to take the brunt of it all…what a gallant deterant! Personal note to HJA: immature guys don’t do things like that! I must add that the retching scene where he retched after she retched which caused others to retch…was HILARIOUS! To me, that was soooo sweet of him. Come to think of it, I don’t recall any KD dramas I’ve watched where the husband and soon to be father did anything that came close to that for his expecting spouse. Please share them if you know of any.

    I, too, hope the doc doesn’t try to sabotage PTK and HJA’s relationship. I could tell that more than his ego was bruised when he saw HJA let and I emphasize ‘let’ PTK carry him from the car to her condo. Well, we’ll just wait and see what type of creature or good standing, mature man doc turns out to be.


  509. 509 : ptsh836 Says:

    @usa-mary #508:

    my, i can see your dedication to TK by d length of your description of his character! as for me, i would like to sum up TK with just 2 words…. ‘sweet n responsible’!

    just rewind for a bit n you can see how many times TK was appalled by what he deemed as irresponsible behavior of ES…how he was forever reminding/cautioning ES about taking responsibility for d ‘good deed’ that he had done….how he should make JA happy n be a responsible father; all along not knowing that those lines should be directed to himself, of course!

    it is indeed quite rare in kdramaland for such a young character to be so mature in his thinking n actions coz its normally men of ES’s age n stature who would be so…n i guess it is this very rare quality of his that is most endearing n refreshing!

    remember d 2005 drama ‘wonderful life’ starring kim jae won n eugene? it was also a ‘one-nite stand n being held accountable’ kinda story but u see d hero balking n attempting to escape getting tied down to marriage coz of a child….n he was also young….but displayed such immaturity n irresponsibility towards d female lead…

    as for ES….somehow he comes across more as a very intense, over-confident, emotional n overbearing kinda character than humorous like what you described in your earlier post. i think he’s d type who will love deeply n will also hurt deeply should things dun turn out perfectly… it is a highly volatile combination n any thinking female (JA included) will up n bolt when approached ES’s way…(just my opinion).

    till now…no one here has directly answered my question: ‘what does ES want??’ in my previous posts. JA being pregnant with someone else’s child is not his ideal marriage partner n yet u keep seeing him getting more n more involved in her life….more than a doc friend would. so my question remains: ‘what does ES want??’

  510. 510 : KDaddict Says:

    “What does ES want??” you asked.
    ES wants JA! Preferably without child, but with child if he has to take the bb in order to get JA. 🙂

  511. 511 : ptsh836 Says:


    yes, i know this sounds simple but my brain is dying on me…

    didnt ES reject JA in d first epi?? this is d only thing that perplexes me till now…why reject JA to end up falling all ovr her??

    does this mean he is ready to accept JA with child, NOW??? has his ideals changed??

  512. 512 : KDaddict Says:

    I dont recall ES rejecting JA in 1st ep. They went on that arranged meeting, both with the INTENTION to reject the other. But during the meeting, Doc found JA so interesting, so different that at the end of that evening, he suggested that they meet fr time to time for dinner, as friends. So he already liked her after that 1st meeting.
    Over time, w each successive meeting, he liked her more, n wanted to have more contacts, more dealings w her, quite counter to his determination to stay single n unentangled.
    Then her father stepped in, to robe him in as their son-i-l. He willingly played along, becos that’d robe JA in some more, which was what he wanted.
    Then she told him she was pregnant, which threw him off. He took a bit of time to ponder this impossible situation, but seemed to be considering adopting the bb, since it is a required condition to marrying JA. That was in the last ep.
    All thru his coming to terms w his own emotions, he wants JA. No?

  513. 513 : ptsh836 Says:


    i was referring specifically to d meeting with their parents whereby ES went down on his knees n said he’s no longer considering marriage with JA…this took place after JA confessed about being pregnant.

    he had taken this preggie news badly at first…but now he’s not very affected by it anymore, i think!

  514. 514 : sulyn Says:

    The preview of episode 11.


  515. 515 : usa-mary Says:

    @510/512-KDaddict: I totally agree!

  516. 516 : usa-mary Says:

    One other thing I noticed about HJA since she became pregnant. She’s beginning to smile more than usual. Ha! She hardly smiled at all…more like a hint or barely there smile!

    Eppy 11….ANTICIPATION! hehehe


  517. 517 : mtoenlob Says:

    I Do I Do Episode 10

    The die is cast. Fate is sealed with a kiss. Three lives are forever changed.

    For Jian, accustomed to a life of aloneness and independence is now faced with a situation that would challenge both her personal life and her career. She is now stepping into a new path, strewn with uncertainties and anxieties. This is something she has not ventured into before and the newness of it overwhelms her. But because she is a woman who will not buckle down she has resolved to take on the challenge, armed with a steadfast determination, the same attitude that has brought her to the top of her game. And the kiss has brought a new dimension to her existence. The cold Medusa is melting her ice as far as Tae Kang is concerned. If she isn’t, do you think Tae Kang would have survived that kiss? But no resistance came from her. And so the kiss.

    For Tae Kang, this is a feat worth risking. And kiss he did. But he only did so when he saw the “signs” that he matters to her….the concrete indication that he has relevance in her life – the drawings she made – her feet next to his, his sleeping face. The drawings prompted him to move in for a kiss. But even then, he moved in with caution. Even when he held her face in his hands, he stalled for a moment, somehow waiting for her to stop him but she didn’t. And so the kiss.

    At last, love has settled in and his heart is bursting with bliss. Tae Kang is in love! Jian, however, remained uncertain. She clearly has feelings for Tae Kang but for some reasons is holding back.

    Many would have wished that the kiss could have been more passionate. Kim Sun Ah is known not to hold back when it comes to kisses. I can’t say the same for Lee Jang Woo for I haven’t seen any of his works. However, I think the kiss was just right…tender and sweet yet full of emotion. As I said before timing is everything. At this point, both are just at the verge of discovering and exploring the feeling that both have been restraining. Surely, this wouldn’t be the first and the last of it. By then, we hope to see a kiss (or kisses) worthy of Kim Sun Ah’s caliber. (“,)

    For Eun Sung, in spite of his good intentions and his love for Jian, he will forever mark the day he saw Tae Kang carrying Jian in his arms and will it to oblivion. Good thing he didn’t see the kiss otherwise it will mark his death.

  518. 518 : LAVIEENROSE Says:

    I Do I Do EP11 Live recaps here !


  519. 519 : usa-mary Says:

    @509ptsh836: I totally agree with you about ES. He seems nice and all, but it doesn’t mean he’s right for HJA. Men in his profession are well known for having their wives at home. Especially, when they become mothers. I see HJA as the type of woman who needs to work with baby in tow. If she gets married, it has to be to a man with like passions towards creativity.

    Not too many women would like to work with their husbands and some barely can stand them in the same house for a few hours. But HJA strikes me as a woman who could work with her husband; one who shares her like passion for design or some related area of it. She needs someone who can understand that side of her, as well as, reinforce when its time for her to rest.

  520. 520 : usa-mary Says:

    @517mtoenlob: It’s good to see you amongst the other CityHallers!

    Your depiction is so captivating that I was glued to every word and didn’t want to stop! Wow…everyone’s comments are so profound and on point!

    Just watched ep. 11 in the RAW! I’m so looking forward to the English subs because Mdm. Chair has created kaos…like most chaobol family matriarch’s do! I’ll wait for the subs before I go any further. But, I must add that ep. 12 is really going to be something. SHOW DOWN TIME for the shoe designs. HJA (her dress is GORGEOUS) and PTK (so suave and handsome) are walking in sync with complete confidence on their way to present their shoe design. Him carrying the exquisitely decorated box containing the shoes! I almost can’t wait!

    Until everyone…

  521. 521 : shoshlev Says:

    When I see a low rating in the polls is very hard to believe and accept it.

  522. 522 : sulyn Says:

    shoshlev Says:
    July 5th, 2012 at 11:31 am
    When I see a low rating in the polls is very hard to believe and accept it.

    I wonder why too. This drama is getting better. Koreans are wild about KSA’s hairstyle and fashion sense and they also praised her acting skills, so what went wrong? Why the low rating? Perhaps the elderly there do not like such plots of pregnancy before marriage or such a relationship. But I do enjoy it. Love the scene of Jian staring at TK when he was asleep and wished that “ankle” would be as good looking as his dad. Looking forward to tonight’s episode. Would Jian and TK’s team win?

  523. 523 : ptsh836 Says:

    @shoshlev n sulyn:

    the ratings: we, KSA lovers are waxing lyrical ovr her superb acting, looks n her gorgeous outfits not forgetting her sexy shoes but i read somewhere viewers are finding dis drama a lil’ too slow n lethargic to their liking…

    somehow it takes other viewers’ opinions to open our eyes to some of the defects of dis drama…slow build-up of characters, storyline etc is driving viewers away…its already epi 11 n not many major events have taken place ….even TK not knowing abt his child has been dragged thus far…

    anyway…d writer has to spice up a bit of d somewhat predictable storyline…add some kinda suspense or anything to get things going at full speed…we’ve only 4 epis to go after 2nite n TK has not gained much ground with JA as yet! save for d delicious, tender kiss they shared…(not counting d babe, of course!)

    ive not yet viewed epi 11 but from stills available on weibo….JA looks absolutely yummy in dat white strapless dress! cant wait for kimchidrama to upload epi 11 n 12!

  524. 524 : shoshlev Says:

    In Episode 11 I loved when she asked him from where suddenly the confidence he got, and he indicated the intention for a kiss on the lips was among them, I know it’s written in a script, but still it is sweet it comes out from “mouth \ lips” of his.

  525. 525 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Jang Woo is super CUTE in this drama. A great actor. Makes me laugh alot. ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

  526. 526 : KDaddict Says:

    What a beautiful neck and decolletage! Some women (including K actresses) have collar bones that stand out, w hollows beside them. KSA has such smooth, perfect decolletage!
    All the years that Choi Ji Won have been active, I’ve always thought she is the most beautiful Korean actress. In this KD, I come to appreciate anew KSA’s new look n beauty, which I think is on a par with CJW’s. That’s the highest degree of praise for a woman’s beauty that I can find.

  527. 527 : KDaddict Says:

    I appreciate deeply the writer’s decision to:
    1. not link TK romantically to Nari. I’d have to tear out my hair if he is interested in her even for a min.
    2. make Doc ES a genuine contender to take care of JA, when he thinks that she is pregnant without a man to marry her. She did say to him that she only treats TK as a sperm donor. He isn’t twisting her arm, he is hoping against hope that she’ll say yes to him.
    3. give the show the pace it has, thereby giving JA time to fall in love w TK n to give her the courage to accept him, who is 10 years younger. It takes time for love to grow strong n invincible.

  528. 528 : kriss Says:

    I love Suna’s look. It’s more than just skin-deep beauty… She has this luminousity that can lit up the whole screen!

  529. 529 : sulyn Says:

    Totally agree with you, kriss.

  530. 530 : kdfan Says:

    i like how the writer pitch both TK n ES equally, when one does something nice to JA, the other one always follow suit with another nice warm gesture. in one night, one carried her back home and another carried her back out to to hospital 🙂 ES looked most good looking this episode. i like how he has come around to realize his love for JA and it was TK who gave him the wake up call but it’s too late, JA’s affection for TK has grown. love JA’s dressing every episode. i went shopping today and i was thinking of how JA dressed all that while and got some really nice stuff.

  531. 531 : kbnhkr Says:


    Oh, I envy you. 🙂 It’s so hot here (38 celsius) that i can’t even rise my head without dizziness and the shopping center is so far away… (I’m not working at the moment)
    I adore JA’ clothes too. That chequered dress was ahhhhhh…
    KSA is simple perfect in this series. Both her acting and her looking. 🙂

  532. 532 : kdfan Says:

    @kbnhkr omy i would hv melted at 38C. i love how JA, or more like the stylist matches her clothes, love the colors. they are so practical i could imagine how they work for me except those mini skirts .. can’t pull those off no matter how much i exercise!

  533. 533 : sunahforever Says:

    just finished epi 11. Omg, swooned a couple of times ….KSA has grown so much prettier in these last few episodes… Is it d pregnancy?? Is it LOVE? You would notice she smiles more now… and d part she gave TK a little kick when he kept singing dat he wants a kiss…. LMAO…a glimpse of our crazy zany KSA is back… classic! Pls dun end yet, I want to see more of this great couple! 20 episodes pls??

  534. 534 : RedQueen Says:

    I have a feeling that park tae kang’s mother is the madam (president’s wife) lady park. Im 99% sure 🙂 i bet.

  535. 535 : jangerr Says:

    Yes, I echo sunahforever call for more episodes! We are already at ep 11 but I still do not feel that we are halfway through. It feels like there’s still so much more…

    1. JA is only starting to fall in love with TK. Want to see more of her letting down her guards and enjoying her time with TK. 2. TK hasn’t even know that the baby is his! Want to see him knowing and playing an active role in JA’a pregnancy including the hospital check-ups with JA.
    3. Want to see both TK and JA taking care of the newborn baby. It will be sooooo cute!
    4. Want to see TK and JA forming a formidable couple in designing shoes with their own brand and company.

    There are definitely more that I want to see but off the top of my head, these are some of them. Does anyone has anything to add to the list?

  536. 536 : ptsh836 Says:

    epi 11:

    in this epi we see how d chaebols rear their ugly heads; namely mdm chairman….when things are smooth going n going their way, it would be all rosy n nice but once something/someone gets in d way of their perfect plans to make it go awry….all hell breaks loose! no amount of loyalty or devotion to d company will be worth considering unless its staff toes d line!

    what i dun understand is JA holding such a revered position as director n who has been d driving force behind this successful shoe empire…does not have very much say over d direction d company is moving…she’s none other than any other employee/staff in d company. altho it was her talents that had seen her progressed thus far…for now…mdm chairman is literally slaying d golden goose by forcing JA to choose: her child or d company…is having a child such a huge deterrent to her future with d company??

    n when JA decides to give up d coveted position of president/successor …mdm chairman declares war on her! n why does she have to defame JA by spreading false info on her intended marriage to ES when she could just as easily sack JA….is she so vicious as to want to destroy JA completely just to nurse her injured ego??

  537. 537 : Tikky Says:

    I really love ep 12. Love in the air ah!! so much in love with this couple …….

  538. 538 : usa-mary Says:

    @ptsh836: I like how you actually answered your own question. smile

    Ahhh…those spoiled rotten chaebols!!! Mdm. Chair knows HJA’s tenacity for her passion to create beautiful shoes, yet she under estimated HJA’s tenacity to protect her unborn child which is much greater! HJA clearly understands where her focus should be and that she doesn’t have to choose. Also, how absurd of this woman (Mdm.) who does not recall that during those 15 years HJA with stood her many times in order to get her shoe designs accepted. So, it’s easy to fire ‘the likes of her’ quote Mdm. Chair. She has no clue how unfilial HJA is when it comes to being coerced into doing everything her parents want her to do, and that whether they understand, like it or not, she’s going to do things her own way. Mdm. Chair will find out soon that HJA is not going to allow anything to hurt her little unborn Ankle, beit hell or high water!

    Well, I knew I would have to get out my matches sooner or later, I just didn’t know for whom. It looks like Mdm. Chair’s broom will have to get burned!

    Ohhhh…now little miss vp looks like she wants to join in on the action by going after my sweetie PTK! That’s okay…there’s plenty of room in the bond fire for more brooms! hahaha

  539. 539 : usa-mary Says:

    I would like to see HJA sincerely apologize to PTK for saying malicious, hurtful words to him, and why she felt that she couldn’t tell him about the baby being his. Knowing him, he’ll forgive her.

    As for Jake or Fake as PTK coined him. I don’t sense that PTK is going to go to America. Granted, its a wonderful opportunity for him, yet Jake has started up again getting on PTK’s nerves. This time its his constant snide remarks about his beloved HJA. Hmmm its definitely not a good thing! PTK has really done well controlling his temper, but Fake Jake had better not push it!

  540. 540 : usa-mary Says:

    I love PTK…he’s so right for HJA! Although I like the doc…he’s just not right for HJA. HJA is not that filial towards her own parents and being aware of Korean culture…I know she doesn’t want the in-law demands beit from chaebols or otherwise.

    The doc would somewhere along the lines expect her to become a filial daughter-in-law and wife. Meaning…stay at home, attend charity and fundraisers, socialize with other doctor’s wives at quaint elite bistros,attend other functions related to doc’s profession, not to mention the demands his parents will make. I don’t see that for HJA…too stuffy!

    She needs someone flexible enough for her to enjoy motherhood and to fulfill her creative side of designing shoes.

  541. 541 : shoshlev Says:

    Ranking according to the polls is by the ratings of public Korean and this is what Is particularly important for television networks that advertisements of commercial Networks are intended for the Korean public the purchaser of their products Rather than foreign residents and probably the taste of the Korean public is very different from us foreign residents because otherwise I can not explain why the ranking relatively low drama of I dO I DO or does that fabrication of The polls, who knows?

  542. 542 : sunahforever Says:

    @ 535 – jangerr
    Yes yes jangerr…all of the stuff you wanna see, I wanna see too…they are soooo cute together…to add on other stuff I would like to see:

    1) Ji-An in the delivery room with TK…and I’m sure they can make this scene hilarious…full confidence in KSA & LJW
    2) closure on Na-Ri and the evil Madame…dun want to see them anymore and let out couple be!

    BUT, not enough time for all these if they are gonna end at epi 16…help help…writers, please add on more epis….

  543. 543 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    This series has reached a new high in ep 12. It is the very best ep so far. As a matter of fact, it reaches several heights in 60 mins.
    1. Not only does JA refuse Doc’s proposal w/o pause, she refuses it with so much class.
    “It’s not like I haven’t thought abt being w you. It’s difficult to rear a child alone. I’m petrified. It’d make things so much easier. It’d be sweet. But that’s not the right reason to get married. You said that ppl are basically despicable. When they want sth, they’d be more despicable. I’ve sth to protect now, I don’t want to be like that. I want to be able to tell Ankle that your mom is not like that.”
    I’ve rarely respected a female char in a KD so much.

    2. Nari went into JA’s office to ask her why she came clean in the article re her pregnancy n her non-wedding to Doc.
    N: “Are u angling for sympathy?”
    JA: “A pregnancy should be congratulated not pitied”. JA told her not to worry, cos she has already told Mdm Chairman she won’t be running for the position of CEO. Nari was dumb-founded.
    N: “Being an unwed mother won’t be a blessing. Why’d you throw away everything for a BB that was a mistake? How much does a baby-out-of-wedlock amount to? Why are you living your life by betting everything?”
    JA: “Betting everything? That’s a good way to put it. That’s the way life should be lived.”
    Nari was visibly moved, cos I think she was thinking of her own mother’s experience. I believe she’ll come around to respect JA for her courage n love for her BB.

    3. TK was begging his father to help redo the shoe sample that had been sabotaged.
    TK’s dad: “You are not in love w that woman. You are just feeling sorry for that woman becos she is pathetic.”
    TK blew up: “She is not pathetic! Were you pathetic cos you were a single parent? You should call her commendable. Just say that you don’t want me to take care of sb else’s BB. What I hate to hear the most is that sb is pathetic. Why call a perfectly fine woman pathetic?”
    He stormed out, n I was left crying tears of appreciation.

  544. 544 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    When TK admitted to Nari that he was in love w JA, Nari sworn she’d win over JA. She sabotaged JA’s competition design by changing the design material, n bribing the technician. Is that winning? Is that all that you amt to as a person?

    Mdm summoned Nari to tell her that she’ll be CEO. When Nari left the office, she had this look of regret on her face. I think she may be turning a corner in her relationship w JA.

    My fav ep. in a KD drama since SEGA!

  545. 545 : hny Says:

    haha … I finally have time to watch I do, Ido … WOOOHOOO! ep 11 .. I do not like Mdm Park here, his actions reminded me of my boss how he compares the child with the company, how the company is more valuable than a child .. how they take our life and spend it for the betterment of their company, by giving us an important post they are asking us to choose which is more essential in our lives! they are so crafty want to suck your blood until they run out 😉

    When JA get sick, I like they both take care of her alternately..makes TK n ES looks equal in this show…

  546. 546 : true2u Says:

    Everytime i say, “Can this show get any BETTER?” YES, IT DOES. IT DOES GET BETTER!! Ep 12 was PURE GOLD. I’m so addicted to this drama its not even funny, but to only have 2 weeks left SUCKS 🙁 I need an extension, to at least 20 episodes. I can’t get over TK and Ji-An couple, their just 2 CUTE!! Episode 13 is going to blow us away i can’t wait.

  547. 547 : mtoenlob Says:

    @520 usa-mary

    Annyeong! Indeed, it is a pleasure to see familiar names of CH days. We had a lot of fun exchanging opinions, insights and rants then. Shall we hop in the roller coaster once more and relish the fun as we ride through the journey this time with Jian and Tae Kang?

    Kim Sun Ah is really amazing, isn’t she? I just love the characters she portrays – from Kim Sam Soon to Shin Mi Rae to Lee Yeon Jae (even Heo Cho Hwi in the not-so-popular When It’s At Night with Lee Dong Gun). Even the heroines in her films – She’s on Duty and S Diary. No ladies in distress awaiting for her knight but all are empowered women, may be saddled with serious predicaments nonetheless never to buckle down but instead determined and resolute and yet never loosing her humor. And of course, not to forget the trademark Kim Sun Ah “kiss” . (“,)

  548. 548 : stellar Says:

    Agree with true2u (#546). This show is getting better & better! I can’t get enuf of it. 16 epis is NOT enough!!!

  549. 549 : shoshlev Says:

    When translated into English [or Hebrew Hhhh ] Quickly please I can not wait even a minute.

  550. 550 : wdr Says:

    episode 12 awesomw!!!!!!!!!!! hahaah can’t wait for next week!!

  551. 551 : hny Says:

    ep.12 ..unforgettable…nice kiss JA ! make TK feel in heaven…the three of them has good chemistry (JA.TK n ES) 2 good men for one mom. I love this drama so badly coz each eps get better n better…also bravo for granpa he looks like ‘Dora’ with that wig and U save your grandson mom !!! next ep will be more attractive…so wednesday come soon plz 🙂

  552. 552 : usa-mary Says:

    @551hny: It is a Dora type wig isn’t it! hahaha Hope he doesn’t forget by putting the mole in another area near his upper lip. That would really be funny if he had a move around upper lip mole…like if it changes sides! hahaha

    YIPPEEEEE….ep. 12 is OUT!


  553. 553 : usa-mary Says:

    @547mtoelob: LET’S DO IT! This drama is perfect for the dialogue we had in CH!

    Would you believe while waiting for the next episode, I’ve already watched it 2x and found plenty of what I missed the 1st time around!

  554. 554 : yoon Says:

    story is very interesting good drama like so much 2 ep per week !! to little
    increase 5 ep per week follow our 8tv korea drama 5 ep per week please

  555. 555 : kdfan Says:

    this is the best episode so far! I love Doc ES, he is sooo cool. If I a woman almost drooled when I saw JA in that white tube dress, how would a man feel. I just can’t get enough of her clothes. And how I gawked at her sandals. It’s ridiculous going to work dressed up in party outfits but who cares right. It’s so cute watching santa clause n the 2 elves working in the shoe shop hehe. JA is so loving TK’s dad now she can start her own shop with her new family.

  556. 556 : usa-mary Says:

    @555kdfan: I already liked everything HJA wore in previous episodes, but in this one ep 12…I was beyond being elated! It was sooo suave of the doc to put his hands up to shield his eyes when he saw HJA! Ohhhh I really like this man! I like the simplicity of her ensemble…no overkill of sparkle! The white form fitting strapless dress with just the right amount of crystal sequins in just the right places. Diamond earrings and no necklace, with beautifully decorated nails (hand/feet) balanced it out, perfectly! Nothing but clean lines from head to toe!

    I like the doc…he is truly humorous and a lot of fun. Not stuffy at all like most doctors are protrayed in their profession! I was so glad she and doc collaborated and beat Mdm at her own game! Then, when they sent the congratulatory floral arrangements. Not one but many…it was HILARIOUS! The expression on the wicked witch’s face was beyond priceless! The way they handled the situation was not mean or vindictive at all! It left them with a clear conscious which many people choose not to have today. There’s a saying, “Don’t get even, get BETTER!” Which they did!

    Also, I liked how PTK is trying hard to protect her and baby Ankle from stress! He calls the doc for back-up! LOVE IT! The doc comes, but she’s still stubborn…until! The unveiling of PKS to the rescue to help the damsel in distress! He removed every part of his disguies, including the mole…too funny! I could see how then and only then HJA realized that she was being protected by the men in that room! Unlike the ignorant, gossiping males in her company. She was moved…so moved that tears welled up in her eyes and for once, she was speechless!

    Well, it appears that NaRi not only learned from her mother, but from Mdm Chair, as well, on how to get what you want by unscrupulous ways! Sabotaging the shoe design and seeing to it that no one else in the company would help them. How tacky! NaRi is a product of an adulterous relationship between the Chairman and her mother a former shoe designer and she has no desire to be empathetic! She’ll learn the hard way that Mdm Chair really does care for her.

    PTK brought tears to my eyes when he gently placed the shoes on HJA’s feet! WHAT A MAN! And the protective hug so she wouldn’t go check on their shoe samples…I really, really like this guy!

    Well…baby Ankle won’t have foot fungus (her dad has beautiful feet), but we should be on the look out for finger snapping like her mom when she turns 2! hahaha

  557. 557 : usa-mary Says:



  558. 558 : Gai Says:

    Love this drama. Looking forward to see it online so badly. I don’t understand the rating is not so good but anyway I love it, Lee Jang Woo is so cute!!

  559. 559 : dara Says:

    the plot runs slowly!! why…

  560. 560 : shaun Says:

    where is nice kiss’s scene? haha

  561. 561 : true2u Says:

    @557 I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a season 2 ASAP!!!!! Gosh, it’s DAEBAK!!!!

  562. 562 : sara Says:

    I don’t like this episode. I’m getting tired of JA’s tough personality. There are lots of characters i don’t like in this drama but even JA is getting on my nerve. Come on, it’s episode 11 and she doesn’t even show him some affection, although he is super nice and trying his best. I neither have watched ep12 nor read the related comments to avoid spoiler. So don’t attack me coz it’s just my opinion based on ep 11. To me, KSA here is mostly showing her beauty rather than acting skills. I’m a fan but I’ve never seen her this pretty. But still i think City hall KSA was the best ever.

  563. 563 : sulyn Says:

    Jian did show her affection. She put a pillow under TK’s head
    and placed a blanket over him when she found him alseep in
    the room. And then she placed her head next to him and stared
    lovingly at his face – hoping that Ankle will have his dad’s good
    looks. That was a very beautiful scene – acted out so convincingly
    and affectionately by KSA.

  564. 564 : usa-mary Says:

    @563sulyn: If you rewatch the scene in ep 11, as HJA lie next to PTK while talking to Ankle…looking at him affectionately, she puckers her lips at him as if she wants a kiss. It could easily get missed, like I had overlooked it the 1st time until I did a rewatch.



    P.S. sulyn: It’s obvious that 562-sara has something else going on other than her comment. I checked other comments and couldn’t find anyone attacking her nor making a negative comment towards her opinion. Maybe that was said for future commentary. Well…anyway….

    All I can say is that anyone that comes on here, makes a controversial statement and then doesn’t expect to have dialogue about it is just plain fair game! No offense! smile

  565. 565 : KDaddict Says:

    JA was tough and tightly wound at first. When she learnt she was pregnant, her expression changed from one of hard determination to one of befuddlement and contemplation. As she decides to keep Ankle, her expression softens. After spending more time with TK, n being at the receiving end of his attn and affection, she softens more and more. We’ve begun to see her smiles, the warm look in her eyes and body language in the last few eps., since abt ep 9. At the same time, she’s been getting more beautiful, as someone said, lighting up the screen, with a radiance that comes thru from the inside! How KSA can mimic a pregnant woman’s radiance we’d never know! But that’s a part of the brilliance of her acting. It is true that KSA has never been more beautiful. Whereas I wouldn’t say that her acting has never been better, cos it has always been best, I’d say that this drama gives us a chance to appreciate her acting all over again.
    JA couldn’t have gotten where she is in her career w/o her tough personality; she couldn’t have dared think abt keeping Ankle as a single mom w/o it. The pt of this drama is that a tough career woman is turning into this warm tender person becos of a BB she wasn’t expecting to have, and the love of a man she wasn’t expecting to love.
    Look at the way she stares at him as he sleeps on her floor. The way she cooks breakfast for him–its the 1st time that she cooks brkft. The way she leans over to kiss him unexpectedly. A woman’s life is changing b4 our eyes. It is just so lovely to behold.

  566. 566 : sulyn Says:

    sara Says:
    July 7th, 2012 at 6:08 am
    ……….. Come on, it’s episode 11 and she doesn’t even show him some affection, although he is super nice and trying his best ………..

    Yes, no offence meant. Just stating a fact that Jian was affectionate
    towards TK. She even prepared his breakfast the next morning.

    Yes, smile, smile, smile. This is a very nice and friendly thread. Thank
    you everyone for all the lovely comments. I enjoyed reading them.

  567. 567 : jangerr Says:

    @565 KDaddict – You’ve really summed it up beautifully!!!

    @562 sara – Let me just add to the list of evidences that JA is letting down her walls. Remember the park outing in ep 9? How she looked at their 2 pairs of feet so affectionately? How she painted them and more than that, painted TK’s sleeping face so lovingly? And in ep 10, the way she responded to TK’s kiss? That kiss that has TK jumping for joy? That kiss that helped him to realise that she more than likes him? So don’t you worry, my dear, JA is definitely responding positively under TK’s TLC… 🙂 And go watch ep 12 where you can see her being more proactive! Yay!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    @557 usa-mary, 561 true2u & all other ‘I Doers’ who have been asking for extensions or sequels – Yes! Yes! Yes! I Do, I Do too!!!

  568. 568 : KDaddict Says:

    @jangerr-567, usa-mary, true2u, et al,
    Pls add me to the list of ‘I Doers’ who want extensions or sequels- Absolutely!

  569. 569 : kriss Says:

    @567 jangerr
    Me too! Want sequel if no extensions!!! Writer-nim, PD-nim, please, please, please!!!

  570. 570 : vega Says:

    if the ratings are poor there will be no sequel or extensions. Although the rating is not so bad but still needs a difficult consideration for it all.. Uh oh 🙁

  571. 571 : ptsh836 Says:

    epi 12:

    gosh, d way things move in dis epi…makes me breathless! i wan to salute all d men in JA’s life namely: TK, ES, TK’s dad, d sales assistant (whatzhisname)… they were all supporting JA n cheering her on in her moment of need in their own way…its so touching!

    however, i must say dis epi belongs entirely to TK (my opinion)…he displayed such a wide range of emotions ranking fr sweet, innocent smiles, adorable look in his eyes, desperate when he saw d samples, protective towards JA n her condition, calling d doc for backup (sweet!), pleading with dad to help out at d last minute when everyone else gives up….my, what a tiring day it was for TK. but all was well n rosy again when JA gratefully planted that lil’ kiss on his cheek…he was so happy he thought he could fly!

    well, at least things are beginning to move fast…now!! even JA’s facial expressions are getting warmer n warmer…i like d part when TK presented her with his creation n lovingly put it on for her…so very adorable! JA is obviously moved to tears! way to go, TK…keep it up n have JA falling all ovr you in return…looking forward to epi 13!

  572. 572 : shoshlev Says:

    This love, take it out from me LJG and KSH ** thank you all**I hope that love will be for all as a pillow and blanket that will warm everyone and the world , that love really will not have borders I hope she will enter the heart of all and not leave a place to hatred.

  573. 573 : iamlorean Says:

    i am so in love with this drama… i even watch it without english subs… lol..

    but i am craving for more from this drama… wednesday, please come soon… hehe

    but also wondering why it got low ratings?

  574. 574 : kdfan Says:

    @usa-mary i so agree-TK’s feet are one of the most beautiful i’ve seen. And TK’s dad’s dramatic entrance and taking off his disguises had me laughing so hard. he looked cool and hilarious at the same time, how was that possible. n i could see all of them trying to stay straightfaced bec their expressions were a little stifled. how they must hv cracked up filming that scene. worth a rewatch!

  575. 575 : sara Says:

    I didn’t said someone attacked me before here. It’s not the first time i’m commenting on this thread or other ones and when i said i didn’t want to dialogue about it? By don’t attack me, I exactly meant the ones like you who defends their favorite drama without using nice words and not directly talk to me but about me to anyone else. I’m also a KSA fan. She is the queen but as a fan i always have to praise her? Can’t i express my opinion on an episode? Look at KDaddict and jangerr and how they answered me without using any offensive word.

    Yes, there are lots of little affectionate things from a very though career woman but at least to me, they are not enough to feel she is slowly falling in love with TK. This is just my opinion not a fact. I have to watch ep12.

  576. 576 : usa-mary Says:

    Hey…I Do I Doers!

    I, also, loved how the doc purposely tacked the sign on his back ‘not getting married’ walking and greeting everyone in waiting room…HILARIOUS! I bet that little nurse at the nurse’s station is happy about that!

    It was also cute when doc told JiAn that he had a surprise for her, and enjoyed the fact that she would try to get it out of him! Teasing her…knowing that she would want to know! Too cute!

    Then when he went to drive her to work…told her how could she come out like that…so shiny, making peoples heart flutter so early in the morning! Ohhh I just love that man! He acted like she was so bright which was actually a metaphor that her confidence was high, ready for the competition! At least that’s what I got out of it.

    In the room when the men rallied around JiAn, I think for the very first time she felt that she was not alone in her fight for right! All the men were there to protect her and baby Ankle. I was truly moved like she was!

    Wait a minute…what about when she and PTK were watching that old movie…I LOVED THE ENTIRE SCENE! Scooting towards each other to get to the snacks. PTK handing her the snacks. His elbow resting on the chair, accidently turning the chair towards him..face to face during the love scenes….HA…too sweet! She first handed him a tissue, then they both had tissue, tearing up! Sooo sweet! I’ve watched it twice already and will watch it again. Yes…I’m hooked…for sure on this drama. Just like I was with City Hall!

    The chemistry in this drama is amazing, simply amazing! They make it hard almost to distinguish fiction from reality when their acting is superb like this!

    Well, until…I Do I Do fans!

  577. 577 : Carla Says:

    Why are ratings so low!!! Its unfair!!!

  578. 578 : usa-mary Says:

    @565KDaddict: I agree! Carrying baby Ankle is forcing her to come to terms with its existence. The baby is causing dramatic changes to her body and emotions as it grows. I like the way she’s softening up and becoming more pliable. She’s even greeting her staff better and catches herself as not to strike at PTK anymore. Go baby Ankle! That’s definitely PTK’s side! hehehe

    When she marries PTK (I’m being hopeful), I don’t think she’ll have the early menopause diagnosis anymore! The love he has for her will replace the hardships she had to endure at that company, reversing the stress it had on her body. So baby Ankle, make room for pretty baby Toes! hehehe

    Ladies…I just love her made up summer toes! Gives me ideas to bejewel mine, too! How about it girls?

    Everyone enjoy your weekend!


  579. 579 : tikky Says:

    I hope tomorrow is wednesday.

  580. 580 : shoshlev Says:

    Carla ! think like you that Its unfair and that’s why I think it is not objective and it is fabricated

  581. 581 : justQ Says:

    love the show………… !!!

  582. 582 : usa-mary Says:

    @572: Beautiful!

  583. 583 : vega Says:

    HJA’s boyfriend at Christmas (episode 11) is Hong Kyung Min. Looks like Jo Hyun Jae (49days as Han Kang). I got little confused!! Haha 😀

  584. 584 : mmlinma Says:

    Oh Hello! long time no see! I find this drama quite charming, too. didn’t like her last project as terminal patient. This one is fresh, and she is back in her element again. Hooray KSA!

  585. 585 : stellar Says:

    Oh dear, I love this show so much! There’s only 4 epis left… What am I going to do?

  586. 586 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi, did anyone notice that we’ve have 585 postings already to this drama when it is still running in Korea? and only at Epi 12? This proves that ratings can be thrown away…no matter wat it says, I Do I Do has been immensely popular…yay!!!

  587. 587 : mtoenlob Says:

    I Do I Do Episodes 11 & 12

    When greed and envy rear their ugly heads, trappings of gold, designers’ clothes and perfumes or birth to a chaebol lineage cannot conceal the true character of a person.

    Madame Jang failed to hide her true color. Behind her make-up perfect face and seemingly benevolent gestures her sly smile gives her away. There is always an air of evil around her. The stench of corruption seeps through her every pores even when she tried to mask her wickedness through subtle but deceptive concerns towards Jian. When her desire to manipulate Jian into submission to her malevolent urging – to get rid of her pregnancy – was met with rebuff from Jian, Madame Jang launched a warpath. She even engaged her nemesis, Nari, whom she has no love at all to join her in her hostility. Nari, burning with an all-consuming desire for the top position, unable to resist greed and corruption when it provides immediate gains, did so with no qualms. She must have thought why make it difficult when here it is being given to her in full access.

    The adage “you can never judge a person by looks alone” rings so true for these two women. Nari, for all her fragile demeanor, is full of deceit and pretense. In an act of desperation, she had no misgivings in sabotaging Jian’s design. So insecure and envious was she of Jian’s skills that even when she engaged the help of her friend, the award-winning designer (or so he claimed), Jake the Jerk, she resorted to drastic measures – deliberately and maliciously changing the design submitted by Jian. Only with the help of Tae Kang’s father, who noticed and realized that something was amiss, Jian’s pair of shoes was made according to her design. But not without a trade-off – – -Tae Kang has to go to the U.S.A.

    It is heart-warming to see that in the midst of setbacks and strifes there are people who willingly extend a hand to ease the burden – Tae Kang gladly shielded…literally… Jian from distress when her design was sabotage by Nari; Eun-Sung, the ever vigilant doctor that he is, stood firm in telling Jian to rest or risk the danger of putting her pregnancy on the line. Out of concern for Jian, the rivals even locked efforts to protect her. Tae Kang called Eun-Sung for help when Jian was adamant in doing an all-nighter just so to fix the “sabotage” shoes in time for the presentation the following day. Even Jian’s father had a change of heart towards his daughter. With Eun-sung ‘s intercession, telling the father how brave their daughter was for exposing herself to the world about her condition knowing fully well that society is harsh to single mothers like her (considering that this is Korean society where marriage is considered a filial obligation) and risking her career, Jian’s father decided to mend their broken relationship. He went to see his daughter and gave her words of encouragement to Jian’s relief.

    At the end of the day, we find that family matters…for this is where we find refuge and comfort when the heart is weary from the travails of life, where we regain strength in order to face the world again. And what the world thinks of you is not the be all and end all.

  588. 588 : sunahforever Says:

    Well said Mtoenlob!!! No one can say things better than you!!

  589. 589 : Kitty Says:

    Love all of your comments, love I do I do ,love Ji An and Tae Kang in this drama. Love Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo and all the casts. Waiting for Wed. and Thur. to watch this series . The crews of I do I do Fighting.

  590. 590 : mtoenlob Says:

    More than the promise of a thrill derived from the rom-com, I appreciate the efforts of the writer in presenting a social issue in a story form. In spite of the present-day liberal attitude of most, there are still societies that frown on the idea of a woman bearing a child out of wedlock more so in a society that views marriage as a filial obligation. I Do I Do tries to tackle the issue of single mother, the support and/or lack of support for someone in this situation by presenting a glimpse into a one woman’s struggle to stand on her own outside of the norm – how she is dealing with parental and societal pressure with regards to marriage while balancing a career, setting priorities, weighing options, making choices and how these affect her personal life and the lives of those around her. The writer, in the guise of a rom-com, poses a subject of concern that eventually society has to face and address.

  591. 591 : kriss Says:

    Alas! As mtoelob has so eloquently put above (#589), the social issues that the writer is trying to explore do not sit well with the korean sociey. Pregnancy out of wedlock, single mumhood, going against parents’ choice and advice in marriage (deem as unfilial), etc are issues that are almost taboo. That, I believe is one of the main reasons for the southwards rating of I Do, I Do.

  592. 592 : zarima USA Says:

    very well said 587mtoenlob///cheerz

  593. 593 : suzie Says:

    I really hope that the ratings improve..seriously, this drama is the only drama i watched for now..I think all the cast especially KSA the lead actress really done a good job!! I do I do Fighting !! Lets support them all the way!!

  594. 594 : tikky Says:

    tomorrow is D-day

  595. 595 : citi Says:

    Simply adore this show! I Do, I Do fighting!

  596. 596 : jangerr Says:

    Was rewatching ep 11 when I caught something interesting. JA’s friend, JH, made a suggestion when ES and TK were washing dishes side by side after a meal at JA’s place, “Can’t you live with both of them?” Love that idea!!!

  597. 597 : mtoenlob Says:

    @596 jangerr

    I agree…now, if only she can have both, she’ll have the best of both worlds. And both men are worth keeping. Both are maintaing the scale balance. Only one factor will determine if the balance will dip to one side – Jian’s love. And when she does, someone will thank the stars above…someone will cry for a lost love.

  598. 598 : jangerr Says:

    @ All I Doers

    Sorry about this, but I found something else in ep 11 that echo what some of us have been wishing for. TK was telling his goofy restaurant friend that he and JA can start a business together as a couple designer together with his dad and they can be the best shoes family! Another gem of an idea!!! ^________^

  599. 599 : sulyn Says:

    Anyone seen the preview for episode13?

    Looks sad – Jian probably rejected him.

    Poor TK.

  600. 600 : Tikky Says:

    Or maybe he knew the true about Madam Jang is his mother.

  601. 601 : stellar Says:

    @sulyn – Where did you see the preview for episode 13? Also did TK propose?

  602. 602 : kriss Says:

    So happy, today is Wednesday!

  603. 603 : sulyn Says:

    Stellar, try this link. Hope it works.

  604. 604 : true2u Says:

    Because of episode 13 preview, I’m so nervous of what’s going to happened.

  605. 605 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    is this show really good?

  606. 606 : true2u Says:

    @ awesomegirlrawks, Its TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD, it’s DAMN GOOOOOD!!! LOL!! XD but the waiting for the new episdoes are killing me, I guess i’m addicted to it. Its the only drama airing right now that i can’t wait to watch but i hate the idea of it finishing next week!!!

  607. 607 : usa-mary Says:

    @599sulyn: Watched the previews. I got the same response. TK looks very disappointed as he walks the street…while JiAn is still at the restaurant, seated at the table. But what about what happened in the preview before that…at the reception where TK and JiAn were talking to a gray-haired woman and fj (fake jake) ran up, barging in on their conversation, putting his arm around TK’s shoulder, saying something to them! I wonder if fj opened his big mouth about TK going to America with him. (At this point, TK hasn’t said anything to them, yet). If fake jake mentioned that, in JiAn’s mind…that’s a perfect opportunity she wouldn’t want him to miss so….voile’…she rejects his proposal and didn’t tell him that he’s the father so nothing would stop him from going abroad! What a bummer! That’s what I think!

  608. 608 : usa-mary Says:

    @584mmlinma: Hey, there!

  609. 609 : jangerr Says:

    @600 Tikky – Where did you get the notion that TK may be Madam Jang’s son? Have I miss out something?

  610. 610 : usa-mary Says:

    In the preview of ep. 13…JiAn is wearing a black fringed skirt. It’s really cute!

  611. 611 : stellar Says:

    @sulyn – Thank you! But after reading what some viewers has posted re epi 13, I’m afraid to watch the preview. Sounds heartbreaking!

  612. 612 : mmlinma Says:

    I am totally enjoying this, going back to rewatch parts that I hurried through before the subs were complete. Where ever this series is going, I am sure it won’t dissapoint.

  613. 613 : kriss Says:

    Silly me! I’m so eagerly anticipating the next episode that I thought yesterday was Wednesday… And I didn’t realize it until this morning after I’ve tried like quadzillion times to see episode 13 at various sites to no avail!

  614. 614 : sula Says:

    oh! this drama is SOOOOOO good! wish i’ve started watchin it earlier!

  615. 615 : jangerr Says:

    While we are waiting patiently or impatiently(for some of us) for the next episode, please allow me to wax lyrical about our leading lady’s superb acting.

    We know she can act, no doubt about it. But what she’s doing here in I Do, I Do is a different level altogether. To be able to act nasty, brusque, rigid and cold and yet win over the audience is no mean feat. And she accomplishes that with great aplomb!

  616. 616 : KDaddict Says:

    I talked about it a while back. TK’s mother left, abandoned father and son, presumably cos they were poor. TK’s father works in the shoe ind. Not a stretch to put those 2 together. I’d be surprised if Mdm Jang wasn’t TK’s mother.

  617. 617 : usa-mary Says:

    EP 13…WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU!!!! hehehehe

  618. 618 : jangerr Says:

    @616 KDaddict

    Hmmm… You have a point there. But I must say that I don’t like the idea as it means half of TK’s gene pool/stock came from the evil witch!

  619. 619 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched ep 13-RAW! I’m kind of speechless right now regarding TK and the beautiful proposal! My heart goes out to you TK! Whew!

    Everyone…fasten your seat belts and prepare for turbulence and a bumpy landing!

    Okay…the writer did redeem himself at the end of ep 13 with TK and JiAn…VERY, VERY BIG SMILE! All I’m going to say is…no TK…you didn’t get your wires crossed…but get ready…there’s still a lot of turbulence and air pockets present!

  620. 620 : usa-mary Says:

    There are very few female actresses that can move me to tears with their crying scene. KSA in City Hall, an actress in Bad Love and another actress in Fated To Love You caused me to sob uncontrollably (believe me, that’s not me-I’m a softy, but not usually that soft). My point being, hardly any men have been able to do the same, with the exception of Cha Seung Won in City Hall when he and KSA shared a crying scene…he standing outside her home…hearing her cry over him, while he listened quietly himself moved to tears. NOW enter Mr. Lee Jang Woo aka PTK. After the beautiful proposal set up…celebrating their competition win, blowing out candles on a lovely cake, happily toasting with milk in wine glasses so baby Ankle could safely participate (I love this writer), his beautiful song to her on bended knee, not to mention the lovely decorated cart in case she had to take a wee…she turned him down! I literally felt his pain (this young man is AMAZING), the pounding of his heart that not long ago fluttered after she welcomed his gentle kiss…is now trying to recover from the blow of rejection!

    I Doers…it took a while for me to unchoke my choked up feeling. Honestly, it’s just a drama, but their ACTING IS SO DOG GONE GOOD!

    Yet, there’s one thing that I noticed about JiAn. She wasn’t shook up after turning down the doc’s proposal. But, her rejecting TK shook the core of her being. She barely got through the door of her home before she broke down. Looks like baby Ankle is working overtime trying to get momma JiAn drawn to poppa PTK and for her to stop being so stubborn! Keep it up baby Ankle…its working! hehehe

  621. 621 : sunahforever Says:

    usa-mary, you are making me cry just reading your recap of Epi 13 and yes, you are really killing me softly….why? because can’t wait to go home to watch this epi and savour the greatness of the show…

    As I have always said and repeating again, there’s no other actress like KSA…she is the supremo…she made me bawled my heart out in CH and of course SoAW but heck, in I DO I DO??? This is supposed to be a rom-com gosh…but shows how good she is and yes, agree with you, LJW has pulled my heartstrings too many times and there is great potential in this young man….kudos to him but also to KSA for once again, making her leading man shine to the max so that they match up to her greatness!!!

  622. 622 : mmlinma Says:

    Nasty, rigid and cold? That is why a young, exuberant, impossibly optimistic dude is SO IRRESISTABLE!

  623. 623 : sulyn Says:

    @ usa-mary Says:

    Just love what you’ve written. Moved me to tears too.
    And KSA’s acting – she has never failed me in all
    her dramas since knowing her in My Lovely Samsoon.
    She certainly is the best!

    And as for LJW – oh, how I hated him in Smile, Donghae,
    but I’m loving him more and more now.

    This couple’s chemistry is real amazing!

  624. 624 : hny Says:

    hooray..JA’s team is the winner !! I thought mdm will bought the votes for Jake’s team (actually jake’ smile,, cutee 😀 )..N when the result come out TK looks more happy than JA but I’m happy for they both, me too clapping for them ..congratulations

  625. 625 : hny Says:

    and at the end the kiss unites them back…hot kiss.. perhaps they’ll have baby away ;-)…hihihiiiiii…itu sh doyan!!

  626. 626 : shoshlev Says:

    Kim Sun Ah every role she does she does it so well that it seemed genuine when she cries, I cry with her and when she’s happy I’m happy too but I think there in Korea is not enough to appreciate the respect and love she brings to Korea otherwise i don’t understand and know why percentage of the rating for drama is so exciting and high-level No more high ,
    Kim Sun Ah ! fighting !! we love you.

  627. 627 : kdfan Says:

    Thats the sweeetest proposal ever. I love how TK gently drew JA’s feelings out in the end. What a great ending. And loving ES more this episode too. Such a cool dude. KSA is da best!

  628. 628 : shoshlev Says:

    He’s so mature and romantic, they both, look young and cute
    and he’s a great kisser.what a grea moment in this episode, love it.

  629. 629 : kunyu Says:

    the most special this drama is.. this drama is definitely different from other korean drama.. the majority of korean drama genre ro-com.. hero: rich, handsome, hot tempered, work as a boss, hard to fall in love with heroin. heroin: naive, cute, trouble maker, fall in love with hero first, immatured then become matured. but this drama the character is opposite.. sun ah as hero character and jang woo as heroin charactor.. they is the best actor… it is hard to act the opposite character..

  630. 630 : Tikky Says:

    I really love ep.13 and I really love KSA acting.

  631. 631 : kriss Says:

    Oooo! What a beautiful kiss!!! So tender yet passionate!!!

  632. 632 : jangerr Says:

    @ sunahforever, Tikky, kdfan, usa-mary, shoshlev and all I Doers

    What can I say about our girl except she’s the best? With nary a move of her muscle, she can convey so much and with such intensity. I’m simply amazed! I read a post by someone who said that she will even watch KSA reading a book for 16 episodes. I do too! With KSA, she can make reading a book look exciting! Heck! She can even create chemistry with the book! 😉

  633. 633 : usa-mary Says:

    @632jangerr: I agree about KSA and whoever the person was that you quoted re the book!

    Now that I’ve watched ep 13 with English subs, I’m even more moved! This drama is sooo GOOOOD!

    I’ve watched kdramas that included single mothers in a supporing role, but to my knowledge, not in a lead acting role. KSA reveals everything a woman facing becoming a mother and single parent in society and the corporate ‘fashion’ world would feel. Coupled with all the responsibilities of taking care of herself and securing a life for her and the baby is overwhelming and intimidating even for an emotionally strong woman with a daunting drive! Her magnificent portrayal of walking this new, unknown path surpasses any portrayal that I’ve seen to date! All I can say is…


    Excellent screenplay, directing, acting, chemistry, wardrobe, interior design! EXCELLENT EVERYTHING!

  634. 634 : usa-mary Says:

    I so love the doctor! An adult is a child with wrinkles! Telling her to express her true feelings because baby Ankles needs that, as well! The doc can speak for himself about the wrinkle part! hehehe

    I so love my PTK! He’s my HONEY! No I’m not a cougar or a pole cat!!! There’s just something about him that’s magnetic and it’s not his youth either! I like everything about his character (period)!

    Now, about fake jake’s shoes! The color of the shoes he designed looked more like they were influenced by the Dark Ages era then the Baroque era! From my study of Art History…the aristocrats of the court and those who were invited to the court’s parties during this era were fashionable and their colors were rich, vibrant, and stylish! Not all dark, drab, unappealing and lifeless. Though the decorations were nice, the shoes look like they could be fashionablly worn by a wealthy, aristocrat widow whose in mourning!

    Now, Mdm Chair about that painting you gifted JiAn! PLEASE tell me…why is it that chaebol women who have nothing better to do, invest in art galleries, wedding halls, anything that deals with the elaborate and aesthetics! Thinking they’re connoisseur’s of everything they put their hands to! When it’s their workers who do all the work…creativity wise, etc. Still Mdm…there’s no accounting for taste…your gaudiness always peeks thru! Everyone is not like CoCo Chanel and can’t pull off the layering of various gold and pearl necklaces. Money alone may buy you taste, but can’t cultivate it when you don’t have its talent! My point Mdm Chair is…that portrait belongs in a museum, in an estate home, or over the fireplace mantel of the family home of the model who posed for it! The rich, dark, massiveness of the portrait clouded the office ambiance and would stifle anyone’s creativity! In other words…it wasn’t a good fit. Actually, it was literally provoking JiAn (and ME) by constantly reminding her of what was to come with menopause! hehehe

  635. 635 : kmbc Says:

    I dont understand why HJA does not want to get married? even in the future she doesnt…


  636. 636 : Yunju Says:

    aaaa ep 14 was out! really loove liiikeee it! in last scene, how happy TK is when he saw (with shine eyes) his Ankle in usg computer and said “This is your father, Ankle~ah… Annyeong!!”

    wanna skip all day except wed and thu!!

  637. 637 : kbnhkr Says:


    No, no. She just doesn’t know what brings the future. She doesn’t want to promise something that is not sure.

    And yes, ep 14’s a really strong episode. Again.

  638. 638 : mmlinma Says:

    only two more?

  639. 639 : sunahforever Says:

    Besides ranting abt KSA’s absolute genius and beauty, I must give credit to the writer…she’s brilliant…kept to her theme throughout and cleverly unveiled everything that was stuck in the earlier episodes in one clean sweep in Epi 13…wat a roller coaster ride of emotions…the proposal, the near heart break, the self realisation and then the HAPPY HAPPY closure…oh gosh…am I over the moon…the story line is sooo good and the acting as always superb…kudos to the writer and again I am hanging on a thread today so that I can watch the all important Epi 14 tonite…pls come tonite…dun make me wait again like last week…it was agonising!!

  640. 640 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13-14:
    I love how steadfast TK is in his love for JA. He never wavers, not when there is a rich young vice-pres who is interested in him, not when there is a chance to study in the U.S. dangled in front of him. All he wants to do is take care of her and be a good father to Ankle. I vote for LJW as the sweetest guy in KDland playing PTK.
    TK’s father’s dream to be a rich man got to be the shortest one in history!
    At the end of ep 14, when TK says hello to Ankle with his eyes all welled up, mine welled up with him too. That’s just soooo sweet.
    JA is the most courageous woman depicted in a KD. She insists on TK going for that scholarship to secure is future. And KSA brings her to life, with changing emotions and state of mind.
    Now JA is backed into a corner. She puts the contract from the rival company into a shredder. I think she is ready to start her own company. And the story is ready for Mdm Jang to meet TK’s father! Next week is the climax and finale!

    (BTW, it is revealed in ep 14, that TK’s parents had him out of wedlock.)

  641. 641 : stellar Says:

    Love this show soooo much! I don’t want it to end! Pls, pls, pls, can we have an extension?

  642. 642 : Novita Says:

    I very like This drama and interesting to watch…Two episode to clear this drama…Hwaiting 🙂

  643. 643 : usa-mary Says:

    I wonder who that granny was that TK was conducting his filial duties with while the restaurant owner was at doc’s place teaching him how to cook pig feet? I recall TK having his dead grandmother’s ring. There wasn’t any mention of another granny! hmmmmm

  644. 644 : SeGa Fan Says:

    @usa-mary 643#

    TK was very sweet here….he pleaded with the owner of JA’s favourite pig-knuckles shop to go to the doc’s house to cook the dish for JA and in return he takes care of the granny on her behalf…

  645. 645 : sunahforever Says:

    Ah I know, although I haven’t watched Epi 14, you must be talking abt the Jokbal shop owner who closed shop to take care of her sick mother-in-law….so TK must be babysitting her when the shop owner is busy cooking Jokbal for JA???

  646. 646 : SeGa Fan Says:

    @sunahforever #645


  647. 647 : Carla Says:

    I just hope there’s an extension. Pleaaaasssseeee….

  648. 648 : hny Says:

    two more eps left….it’s so soooo hard to say …I need more to see LJW n KSA also the doc…their friendship unbelievable !!! I want see they both married and raising Ankle…me too hope an extension .

  649. 649 : kdfan Says:

    awwww .. TK & JA’s cute scenes are just too adorable. and they didn’t make me cringe even a bit! the part when JA was being scouted, i was hoping she would give the man-idiot a retort to his unkind words but she just kept quiet. pregnancy must hv mellowed her. it’s nice to see JA’s dad all worked up over JA’s crying. its true no parents can stay angry with their children too long. I always love watching this actor. He made me laughed a lot in Babyfaced Beauty. this ep has so many funny moments! i almost screamed when TK’s dad n BS accidentally spilled the beans to NR, the commotion made by dad & TK when TK told him he is the dad, dad telling JA to dress up proper n smacking BS for thinking he was doing it out of fancying JA. I think ES is going a bit overboard with taking care of JA now. he needs to slowly step back n try to meet another kewl lady but .. we all know JA is one in a million, so no wonder he is keeping close, n with TK’s consent too. JA has indeed in KD’s expression saved 2 nations in her past life.

  650. 650 : sula Says:

    arghhh! how come this is juz a 16-eps drama? i need more!

  651. 651 : kunyu Says:

    Just 2 episodes left???? episode 14 is the best … special episode PLEASE!!!…. and want to watch NG.. im sure its funny.. HAHAHHAAH kim sun ah is an actress that always makes people around her laugh and happy..

  652. 652 : shoshlev Says:

    In chapter 14 episode 4 when Kim Sun Ah as telling him that he takes risks and he asks with such sweetness and = 또=DO or when he says why= 왜= whe, Makes you wanna eat him.

  653. 653 : usa-mary Says:

    In ep 14 when JiAn wanted to cook dinner for TK, I laughed so hard! I knew he was covering up the last time, acting like her food was sooo good! Shame on you TK. Well, he did mention that it was too salty, then almost chocked on the juice! Was that juice or a shake? smile But I do like that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, by telling her that it was really bad! He was elated because it was just for him, and she was confident with the results, too. Hmmm when they get married, I wonder how long the honeymoon period will last before he tells her how bad her cooking really is?

    Well…when TK does take that leap of faith, I hope he does it with sweet words and plenty of hugs….because…he thinks the objects in the storage room thrown by his dad was something! At least his dad missed on purpose…JiAn won’t miss AT ALL! Consider marriage seriously TK because JiAn is not a woman to be taken lightly, no matter how much in love she is with you…that’s my girl!!!! hehehe


  654. 654 : lyn Says:

    This site is one of my favorite nest, if only i could lay those eggs it’s already been hatched. anything pertaining to this drama lurking anytime, daily routine in life is not complete without visiting. love reading all everyone’s post. i don’t have the power to possess six sense but i felt strongly creeping in my heart body and soul, starting from episode 1 that this awesome and epic drama, 16 episodes is not enough for hungry viewers like me, it’s like addicting. Kim Sun Ah did it again, another brilliant performance of her acting carrier. and Lee Jang Woo, Park Tae Kang, never know this actor and never encounter him before in k-drama, yes he can act, cute and adorable. want to hug and kiss him only in my dreams. he is a very unique in his own way, sweet loving and so very consistent and never waver aside of an opportunity for him to get better. if it’s meant to be , it will be for LJW to be with Kim Sun Ah. LJW is the best boyfriend in k-drama history in the making. good choice of the PD for LJW to be the lead actor. if he happen to be a button, i will pin him in my heart, until my last breath. sorry for my nonsense blabber, just voicing out what i truly feel.

    I already mention so many times about the extension or part 2 and or sequel. Who knows, maybe? hear yea, hear yea our Plea, I do I do, i really do wanted more!!!

  655. 655 : usa-mary Says:

    @654lyn: Enjoyed your comment! There’s no such thing as blabber when expressing heart felt thoughts!

  656. 656 : lyn Says:

    Sorry, on carrier, i meant career. thanks!

    @ usa-mary. i also like your insightful and on the spot comments.

    back to re-watching!

  657. 657 : usa-mary Says:

    @644SeGa fan: Thank you for explaining that to me. Even though I rewatched it twice, it still didn’t click! That granny was cursing him, pulling his hair, and he still cared for her patiently. Even giving her a sponge bath and washing out her soiled pajama pants! So sweet and a very good hearted man!

    P.S. TK tickled me while at the doc’s home, he laid out what the doc could and couldn’t do with JiAn while he’s in America. No skinship…no secluded places…and no ferry boat rides! HA…what a smart, wise young man!

    Chow…I Doers!

  658. 658 : Tikky Says:

    KSA; You always do your best even I dont know you in person and u dont know me either but you became one in my family since 7 years ago. Everyone in my family including myfriend my co-worker know you because I talk about you everyday. I am so pround with u and really happy when I saw your smile in the news. Wish you and your family be happy and healthy. Love u the Most.

  659. 659 : swift Says:

    Best drama of the year!

  660. 660 : i love i do Says:

    This is an awesome series. i got hooked to it the moment i watched the first episode. I praise Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo for melting my heart, i seldom get moved by movies or series but this is the exception. Kim Sun Ah has a very good acting skills, she also looks alluring in this series. she’s someone who’s hot, steadfast, well driven with an attitude.. i like it.. TWO THUMBS UP!

    i’m just wondering what will be the characteristic of ankle (her attitude, mannerism etc). I love it when JiAn talks to baby ankle, and lee jang woo and Kim Sun Ah looks good when they hug and kiss.. 🙂

  661. 661 : jastinel Says:

    Hi IDO followers, i`m not good in writing down my thoughts about things that I like, so I will leave that part to u guys. All I can say is, IDO…DAEBAK!
    It`s the best drama of the year for me. though the story have flaws and sometimes I want to pull the hair of the writer….just kidding. I love IDO, I DO and I will watch it over and over again.
    U know guys, if only u can post all your comments here in KSA face book page, it will help a lot to cheer her up. We all know that the ratings are not that good. But who cares, KSA still have the chance to win best actress award if it will be base on her performance in this drama, same as LJW.
    So,I wanna ask a big FAVOR from people here, could u copy/paste your comments here and post in KSA FB page. Only few fans goes there to post a comment about IDO and I believe KSA was checking on her FB page once in a awhile. lets keep on supporting her and I love coming here to read all the comments. A home for IDO lovers like me.

  662. 662 : swift Says:

    Can you please provide us the link to KSA facebook?

  663. 663 : kbnhkr Says:


    I deleted my FB page last week, so I can’t go, but


  664. 664 : jastinel Says:

    TO All KIM SUN AH FANS, we need to show our support to KSA….please VOTE in this poll…lets make her win again!
    (click the box with the check mark, scroll down and click the box with the VOTE word at the bottom)


  665. 665 : usa-mary Says:

    @664jastinel: Voted…thank you for sharing this!

  666. 666 : shoshlev Says:

    I am very impatient to two last chapters I can’t wait and we want more episodes please, we wantת more, we wantת more, we want more, please, please.

  667. 667 : tinegrace Says:

    im a fan of sunny.. i dont really write comments but i always watch all her shows.. i like her so much.. shes really a good actress and ill always here to support her.. cant wait for the last episodes.. super like i do ido.. unnie fighting!!!! 🙂

  668. 668 : kriss Says:

    Like shoshlev and tinegrace, I’m excited about the last 2 episodes but I also dread it… Cause it’s the last 2 episodes!!! Boo hoo hoo!

  669. 669 : usa-mary Says:

    I Do I Do…Don’t Go…Don’t Go! hehehehe

  670. 670 : usa-mary Says:

    A noticed a few funny ways TK’s testosterone heightened around doc:

    When TK thought doc was was cheating on JiAn with a woman (Joon Hee), he walked over to the table in the restaurant, gave doc a tongue lashing and then cold-cocked him. My, my, my that mad chihuahua really can pack a punch! hehehe

    After doc prepared dishes that are the epitome of culinary delight in both appearance and taste. TK, seated next to doc hides his store bought fast food out of embarrassment after Joon Hee’s snide remark! Then, while washing dishes TK continually points out that the dishes doc washed weren’t clean! Ha

    Next, at doc’s home when TK sampled the pig’s feet to make sure doc learned from the restaurant owner to make them exactly the way JiAn likes them…his response was that something’s lacking! Ha…too funny!

    Third, he told doc that he trusted him and him only to look after JiAn while he’s in America. But, with the following stipulations…NO SKINSHIP, NO SECLUDED PLACES, NO FERRY BOAT RIDES! HA!

    Of course doc just had to mess with TK’s mind by saying that JiAn will decide that!

    I Doers…until!

  671. 671 : Tikky Says:

    Ankle: Father Tae kang pls stay longer until I can tell you that how I feel about your skinship and kisses that you always give to mom.

  672. 672 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    I’m so sad that “IDo IDo” is coming to an end this week. I really going to miss JA and TK and Doc. I hope KSA & LJW will win the best couple awards in this year’s MBC drama awards show.

  673. 673 : jangerr Says:

    Please help! I’m in a serious dilemma…

    On the one hand, I understand the US trip is crucial for TK’s development as a shoe designer. No matter how much JA can teach and show him the ropes, the exposure, experience and things he can learn in US will put him in a better stead, both in recognition and developing his potential.

    However, by going to US, he’s going to miss out a lot in his role as a dad-to-be, which I feel is something very important to him as he’s a very hands-on and involved person. Even though JA encourages him to go ahead with the trip, I’m sure deep down in her heart, she’ll love to have him around through her pregnancy. I want TK to have the opportunity to be there for JA as there is a very high possibility that this is the last pregnancy for JA…

    Also once TK takes up the company’s sponsorship to US, he’ll be tied down by the company! Noooos!!! The thought that NR and/or her evil stepmum will have over him is dreadfully unpleasant!

    How? What’s the best way forward for TK?

  674. 674 : jangerr Says:

    Sorry, should be ‘The thought that NR and/or her evil stepmum will have a hold over him is dreadfully unpleasant!’

  675. 675 : KDaddict Says:

    @usa-mary, 653,
    Jian never cooked in her life. Her 1st trail was a disaster. What counts is her willingness, indeed eagerness to cook for TK, the man of her life. Practice makes perfect. She is a smart girl after all!

    Many KDs like to give a 1 year or 2 year moratorium neat the end. So I won’t be surprised if TK really goes abroad. If he can make sth of himself n come back w credentials that’ll make him respectable, he, Jian, Ankle, his father, will all benefit from it, for life. So it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.
    Like u, I also hope that the drama doesn’t make Madam Chairman TK’s mom; it’d be too predictable, too melo. But in case they do, would you prefer that Mdm wipes out a magic wand to make TK’s position secure in the company? Or would you prefer that he goes abroad to get his training, and come back to make the position his own on the basis of his merit? 😉

    In the finale, I’d like to see Ankle, either as a super cute BB or toddler, with her parents, n grandfather, enjoying a syrupy family time together, maybe running around in the park!

  676. 676 : usa-mary Says:

    Another scene that I liked is earlier in the episodes when JiAn and doc went to her parents home. She without any enthusiasm participated in singing with doc, echoing the words he sang in a make-shift microphone seranading her father and guests. As JiAn later watched from inside the house how the doc interacted with her father so naturally, as if he was already his son-in-law, sparked her interest. I could almost read her mind, as if she was thinking…she could live comfortably with a man like this…he would be a strong refuge from the stress of her job…he would take good care of her and she in return would enjoy her life more. She and her father wouldn’t be estranged emotionally any longer, and she would then be a filal daughter to her parents. She hadn’t seen her father this happy in years; especially, when it involved her.

    @675KDaddict: I agree, yet…I’m elaborating from a view point of humor towards TK’s response to her wanting to cook for him again. Even though he was feeling low after dealing with NaRi’s shenanigans, he managed to perk up quickly after JiAn mentioned she would cook for him instead of him eating ramen noodles. She felt confident about cooking for him again, and believed she could whip anything up since he enjoyed her cooking the last time. In her naivity and willingness to please him, she didn’t notice that TK had a hard time getting the food down because he never told her it was bad. He told her it was fine (as the writer would have it, she was oblivious to what was happening; unlike us the viewers who noticed). TK basked in the fact that she was trying to ‘impress’ him and him alone, so he didn’t tell her the truth. In retrospect, if there’s a sequel, he’d better be prepared to tactfully tell her the truth! hehehe

  677. 677 : noctiz Says:

    since this’ll end soon? what’s the next drama next to this? i saw arang and the magistrate but it’s due on aug 15? but this drama is due on the 19th, so does it mean they’ll air a diff show, so it’s like a 2-3weeks vacant, it sucks…

  678. 678 : mea Says:

    If TK is really going to the US, I would like to see them keeping in touch online daily with pics of JA tummy getting bigger…and for TK to surprise her by arriving on her expected date of delivery..Ooh how i love this drama to pieces..

  679. 679 : usa-mary Says:

    I visited KSA’s fb and it stated that it’s monitored by her and King Kong Entertainment. She even sent cute photos from her iphone of her and LJW fooling around wearing animal ears! I so like the both of them…they’re some of the coolest people on this planet, and that says a lot coming from me because I’m not into being star struck and/or a groupie of any sort!

    Even when I lived in Chicago where a lot of filming takes place year round, I’ve seen many actors filming on location, one sitting in his trailer with the door open watching people pass by, or in the stores, but never approached them, just smiled, respecting their privacy! I like people for who they are, not only the position or responsibility they undertake in this walk of life! But, that’s the way I roll!

    Wednesday’s coming. I’m excited and kind of disappointed all at the same time!

    Well, untill….I Doers!

  680. 680 : stellar Says:

    I am looking forward to the last 2 epis. Hope it’ll be a happy ending for our OTP. I want to see BB too.

  681. 681 : SeGa_Fan Says:


    No…they’ll be doing the coverage of the Olympics.

  682. 682 : SeGa_Fan Says:


    Yes…I love those pics she had posted on her FB too. They are so cute but she didn’t have much photos taken with LJW actually. She had more photos taken with Lee Dong Wook when they were filiming “Scent of a Woman”.

    Ep. 15

    JiAn finally yielded and tender her resignation to Nari. What a big sacrifice she had to make. Though the ending should be a happy one, since the drama title is “Ido Ido”….:-)

  683. 683 : mtoenlob Says:

    I Do I Do Episodes 13 & 14


    … Change is inevitable

    As the story progresses, we find that this is more evident in Jian. From a cold and hard-driven character, we see how she has grown as a person – she now tries to better understand the people she works with. Whereas because she herself is work-driven, she used to push her staff to work their ass off which did not sit well with them, she now sees them as human who also get tired and exhausted with work. This is seen when she asked Team Leader Ma if there was ever a time when she (Jian) upsets her (Ma). Whereas, she used to treat Tae Kang as a mere mop, she now acknowledges his talent. When her design won, she did not take full credit for it but instead graciously shared it with Tae Kang. More importantly, we see her grew as a woman – from one who is career-driven, so focus with her work to the detriment of her social and personal life to a woman in love. But her opening up to her feelings did not come easy. For years, she has been used to putting aside her feelings or conveniently suppressing them, if any – for her family, for the opposite sex, even for herself – that when love unexpectedly announced itself she has a hard time coping with it. At the point when Tae Kang was asking her why in spite of everything that he was not, she still chose to tell him that he was the father of the child she’s carrying, the only words she could muster to utter was “I don’t know” and she might just be telling the truth. She really does not know how to express the feeling that is altogether so new to her. But her actions could not masked the fact that she is in love with this man-kid. Thank goodness for the likes of Dr. Eun-sung who could tell her pointblank to let go of what she truly feels, to let her feelings match her actions. Jian is a technical person who goes by logic and it takes an authority figure to shake her and let her know that as human it is not all mental. Feelings count in 100%. Remember at that time when she and Tae Kang were in the back room, when Tae Kang said he read in a book that skinship is good for the baby…only then did she welcomed the kiss. But when she has finally came to terms about her feelings, she doesn’t hesitate to initiate the move. Beyond the romantic notion, I believe that Jian’s acknowledgment and acceptance of her feelings is good for her as a person. Learning to love herself first, knowing that this is not the person that she is (Medusa) and this is not the life she wants to live, she resolves to change for herself, for the people she cares for and for the people around her. It does everyone good knowing that we are cared for and loved and to care and love in return. At her darkest moment, whom did she sought solace with but her parents, more specifically her mom. Just the sound of her mother’s voice provided her enough strength to forge on.

    While feeling is to Jian, it’s professional progress for Tae Kang. While Jian needs internal workings, Tae Kang needs external workings, work-wise that is. Tae Kang started out as a high school graduate, doing counterfeit shoes for a living. Being accepted in the company by accident and working with Jian opened a lot of possibilities and opportunities for him. He is a rough gem that needs to be polished. And so an opportunity to study in the USA is presented to him. Whether he will accept that or not is yet to be seen. However, in spite of his lack of education and social upbringing, Tae Kang has proven himself not wanting at all. He is street-smart tempered with the right attitude. He is a feeling kind of a person, easily open ups to emotions whether he understands or not. In fact, between him and Eun-sung, Tae Kang is more acutely sensitive to Jian’s needs. He has that uncanny sense to perceive what Jian is needing at the moment and therefore can precisely meet her needs.

    …. Skinship is a must

    When two people love it is a magnetic explosion. There is always a feeling of connectedness with that person whether physically, mentally or emotionally. That’s why the thought of that person lingers in your mind. The smallest gesture can make your heart soars with delight or sinks with pain. There’s the desire to wrap that person in your arms, back hugs and front hugs, whatever and ….yes, the kiss.

    There are various kisses in Koreandramaland. There’s the Barbie and Ken kiss or the wooden kiss. You know, when you put the two together to kiss…nothing moves! Just the camera that goes round and round trying to cast a spell on you but fails and instead just makes you dizzy with all that merry-go-round act. Or the erase your face kiss. Just as it implies, the guy kisses the girl brutishly in an effort to come out as manly as possible, rubbing and forcing his lips on her desperately trying to make it look it is done passionately but giving the opposite effect… short of erasing her face! Tae Kang took his kisses to a different level. If the first kiss was tentative and calculating, this time it is more expressive and meaningful. The first time Tae Kang kissed Jian, he did so with caution, testing how she would react. In that first kiss, we find that even when he held her face in his hands, he stalled for a moment, somehow waiting for her to stop him but she didn’t. And so the kiss. This time, it is steeped with subtle passion and tenderness. Tae Kang, hardly restraining the burning intensity of his feelings fueled by the thought that Jian loves him, too, kisses Jian with sensitivity. He starts off with a soft kiss on her lips, very gently. Quietly attuned to her responses, he moves in to meet her kisses this time deeper and more intense yet maintaining still a degree of sensitivity to her needs. The kiss is not all his or hers but theirs shared with the same passion and tenderness. This is the kind of kiss that would elicits the “ooohs” and the “aaahs” from the audience. The giggly feeling that only love can bring.

    …Every little things matters

    Because you care for that person, little details matter. Knowing fully well that he might not be around to take care of Jian’s needs, Tae Kang makes an extra effort to handle the little things – a place for her to take her nap, someone has to cook her favorite pig feet even to the extend of enlisting the assistance of his ‘rival’ Eun-sung. I’m so glad that Tae Kang finds Eun-sung as the capable person to look after Jian when he is gone. Contrary to others’ perception of him, I find Eun-sung the next person worthy of Jian.

    …Decisions have to be made

    Reality bites big time. When confronted with the fact that Tae Kang’s career move hangs by the thread and this thread is connected to her decision to stay or to resign, Jian finds herself in a quandary. When love is at stake, when does one draw the line between personal and work? Time is of the essence. Decision has to be made.

    Tae Kang is not spared either. The desire to go to improve himself or to stay with the people who matter most cut into him. But decision has to be made.

    The Tae Kang’s Dilemma

    Logic dictates that it is wise for Tae Kang to grab the opportunity to go to the USA and learn. There are many pluses to gain if he does. He will tremendously gain from the experience career-wise and personality-wise. We can go on with the list of pros if he does go. But there are things that cannot be postponed nor replaced. In my mind, what is of the utmost importance at the moment is being with Jian. Sharing the joys and pains of pregnancy with Jian is an experience that will come only once. More so being there at the moment of birth of the child that both took responsibility of. This being the first time for both of them makes it more poignant. I feel that Tae Kang has to experience this first time which may not be recaptured again even if there will come a time when a second baby comes. There is just something ‘magical’ (for the lack of term) about first time. So, I believe, Tae Kang has to stay at least for the time being. Now that Jian has accepted Tae Kang as a partner at work when she gave him credit for their winning design, perhaps, it would be sensible if she could also see him as a prospective partner in life deserving to share this significant moment of her life together.

  684. 684 : sunahforever Says:

    A little birdie told me that Jian will leave Jinny Kim therefore she’s free to go to US with our boy…hehehehehehe….can dream right? then they will be together and see Ankle grow up well and happy!!

  685. 685 : jangerr Says:

    @683 mtoenlob

    Love your analysis of ep 13 & 14, especially the part on the kisses! Hehe! Anyway TK’s dilemma is what is bugging me too. I know the importance and significance of the US trip for TK but like you, I think there are things that can’t be postponed or replaced, and JA’s pregnancy is one of them, a BIG one at that. Not only is it going to be first one, it has a high probability of being the last one too!

  686. 686 : sulyn Says:

    Mtoenlob, lovely analysis. Thanks for sharing.

    Here’s the link to see the preview of episode 15.
    It buffers a lot the first time round but if you click
    on the replay button, it won’t buffer.
    Our JA/TK couple is real cute and adorable – in their
    couple outfits.


  687. 687 : K.Dra Says:

    Doc is more suitable to Ji An. Doc loves and accepts her for who she is and for what she is unable to give him later… maybe a child. Doc even accepts her unborn child. truthfully i like both lead for Ji An. so whoever Ji An chooses i am at peace with it.

    why such poor ratings??? i luv the story. but i dont like Ms. VP though. she doesnt have the chemistry with the other characters and she is not fitting to her role. i blv she ruined the ratings. grrrr….

  688. 688 : kriss Says:

    My head says, “Go to America and learn from the best!” My heart says, “Stay in SK with JA. Be by her side in this most precious and beautiful moment of your lives!” Let’s see which one our writer-nim wants to reach…

  689. 689 : true2u Says:

    @ mtoenlob

    “There are various kisses in Koreandramaland. There’s the Barbie and Ken kiss or the wooden kiss. You know, when you put the two together to kiss…nothing moves! Just the camera that goes round and round trying to cast a spell on you but fails and instead just makes you dizzy with all that merry-go-round act.”

    LMBO You have summed up a kiss that i DESPISE in koreandramaland 2 well. ^^ Your analysis was wonderful especially about TK and Ji-An kiss. It’s kisses like this that really gets me going, that’s why i enjoy KSA dramas because i know she won’t fail me when it comes to kiss scenes, if your a City Haller like me , i would love to read your analysis on KSA nad CSW kiss scenes.

  690. 690 : usa-mary Says:

    Went to official site of MBC accessed in this forum. Was clicking on photos from drama scene and found a picture of grandpa Park holding a beautiful infant while JiAn looked on!

  691. 691 : jangerr Says:

    @ true2u & mtoenlob

    Yes, yes, yes! Please analyse KSA and CSW kisses in City Hall!

  692. 692 : sunahforever Says:

    Yes mtoenlob, do analyse KSA’s & CSW’s kisses in City Hall…althouth I think you may have done so in the CH forum. You are a regular there as well . Your analysis of PTK’s and JA’s kisses were so good that I shared it with my kdrama frenz…heheheehe…but I believe a repeat of CH’s kisses would “excite” a lot of KSA’s fans here…as that was the champion of all kisses known as THE KISS..hahahaha….I am not as eloquent as you but my 2 cents worth in comparison of the two kisses (IDID vs CH). IDID’s kisses are tender and sweet…with a bit of hesitation from both parties…like an exploratory kiss, you know what I mean…but for CH, it was between two consenting adults and the passion and fire were too evident in THE KISS..this is the one in the car for those who can’t remember…the rest of the show’s kisses were more casual and lovey dovey type of kisses between a couple (probably a married couple of many years)…hahahha…now you know why CH was so raved about. I still believe KSA and CSW pairing was the best ever in kdramaland….such natural chemistry that you can’t find easily…and it also says one thing…KSA flourishes in the presence of an older man…so she must and must try to find a suitable pairing in her next project (not to say she’s not good with LJW…they are so cute!!!). Hey, maybe another heart stopping great rom-com with CSW again (DREAMING……)

  693. 693 : Kitty Says:

    In my country ( Thailand ) Lots of people love watching I do I do much more than Ghost and Bridal Mask . There are a lot of comments and for sure I am the one who love to write comments to cheer up this drama. I love I do I do and I love Kim Sun Ah. Here the Website ซีรีส์เกาหลี I DO, I DO
    ซับไทย ดูออนไลน์ Kim Sun Ah /series8-FC

  694. 694 : mtoenlob Says:

    In another desperate move to get rid of Jian in compliance to the malicious manipulation of Madam Jang, Nari has targeted Jian where it will hurt the most, her achilles heel – – her work. Nari resorted to emotional blackmail…resign from work and save Tae Kang. Knowing fully well that Tae Kang’s career move hangs by the thread and this thread is connected to her decision to stay or to resign, Jian finds herself in a quandary. The company is rife with different reactions to her announcement of being a single mom. While others hailed her as the new heroine of a modern woman, others frown on her boldness and considered her act as dishonorable and shameful. Top management has made known their displeasure. How much more if the person who fathered her child is an employee of the company who is being groomed to become the next best designer by way of a study grant in the USA. It’s adding fuel to the fire. Will she take the path laid out to her by Nari or will she take the road less traveled?

    Hwang Jian is a woman of resolute character, iron-willed, decisive and strong-minded to the point of stubbornness. She will not buckle down at any adversary, real or imagined. Armed with skills and determination, she has successfully worked her way to the top of her game. She is a top notch designer. This being said, if ever she decides to go, I see Hwang Jian doing it with aplomb and chutzpah – call for a press release, with TV coverage, walk into the room, dressed to the nines, smiling her best, in-armed with Tae Kang…… with imaginary bubble – “This is me, Hwang Jian, beautiful, successful, single, pregnant, in love and loved by the most adorable man in town!” Delicious! Eat your heart out, Yeom Nari.

    On a serious note, with her skill and talent, Jian can make it outside of her present company. For sure there will be other companies who are interested to take her in. Even Madam Jang acknowledged the fact that Jian single-handedly swing the company to its present prestigious status. If she can make it there… she can make it anywhere. With Tae Kang and his father on board, it will be a dream team.

  695. 695 : shoshlev Says:

    Today is today

  696. 696 : mtoenlob Says:

    @true2u, jangerr and sunahforever

    Shall I take on this assignment? I’m a true blue CityHaller. You bet I would! (“,) Have to watch it again though, to get the feel of it. Wonder why I didn’t do that back then?

    Yes, sunahforever, CSW and KSA tandem is the best for me. Our dear KSA has that unique quality of making great chemistry with all her partners. More so with CSW. Her tandem with him stands out for me – electrifying chemistry, you could almost see sparks flying out of your computer. Watching them sizzle and setting the screen on fire with their magnetic presence leaves me breathless. Who would forget that car scene where the first kiss happened? I agree with you…that is THE KISS! I would love to see them collaborate on a new drama or movie.


    Thank you. (“,)

  697. 697 : K.Dra Says:

    in ep 13 a PRES. PARK was mentioned… maybe the major stockholder of the company is Tae Kang’s mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then she will threaten to pull out her stocks unless the CEO position will be given to Ji An!!!

  698. 698 : jangerr Says:

    @ sunahforever, mtoenlob

    That’s our gal, ain’t she? There are many good actresses around but rare are the ones who has this incredible ability to bring out the best in their co-star as our KSA. Look what she’s done for Binnie, Wookie, etc and now Woonie. But I have to agree with you her best co-star to date is CSW! They were, to say the least, explosive together! Their chemistry is off the charts, well in the stratospheric level!!! It may be age factor, CSW being older than her. But I think it’s more than that. I think CSW has this maturity and gravita about him which enabled him to be able to act so comfortably with KSA. The rest were probably either a little in awe of her or trying to level up to her in terms of their acting skills, imo. But that’s not to say that they’ve not done well. On the contrary, they did marvelously. It’s just that there’s still this perceptible difference.

  699. 699 : sunahforever Says:

    mtoenlob – the challenge is on…please watch CH again and tell us your views…think it is episode 13…hahahaha…or 14…can’t be wrong on either as have watched it countless time…

  700. 700 : usa-mary Says:

    @mtoelob: I like your style. Very well put!

  701. 701 : kriss Says:


    City Hall is my all-time favourite! So please rewatch & tell us more, esp ahem, about THE KISS!!!

  702. 702 : usa-mary Says:

    On MBC official website…there’s a large bedroom photo (yes, its tasteful) of JiAn and TK together. This time, JiAn is not drunk. Both are asleep while JiAn has TK in a sweet embrace lying comfortably behind him! Its pretty cool!

    Someone made a comment about the photo as being slightly risque! My thought is that I’d rather see this than men going thru the motions, preparing to use or using urinals and chatting any day! Granted both are natural courses of nature and private matters, yet one is more appealing than the other and its not the public or private toilet using scenes to me! hehehe

  703. 703 : Marie Says:


    Thank you for your analysis…. I enjoyed reading it and what you’ve said about the Kdrama kisses, you’re absolutely right!!! I’m very observant about the kisses in Kdrama…Here in I Do I Do, I like the way Taekang kisses Jian, it’s real and sweet… one of the kisses worth remembering in a Kdrama. Again, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  704. 704 : hny Says:

    watch the last episode this week…just lol and lol !!! I watch it without eng sub but this drama still amazing all character makes me lol especially JA’s parents…ooh if I can draw JA’s father ..like a cartoon character !!
    ^ ! ^
    \ – /

  705. 705 : hny Says:

    yammy ..yammy !! No prince at last..just love bring them together…funny drama ever after !! gonna miss U all…..I do I do ..love U 😀

  706. 706 : shoshlev Says:

    I love Kim Sun Ah, all the dramas of her good and fun to see them, I was very glad to see some more episodes at least 20 episodes, but probably because the ratings did not was high in Korea, probably will not do more episodes, we the audience outside of Korea is not considered Unfortunately, I’ll wait for the next drama with Kim Sun Ah and I’m hoping to see more cooperation between
    **LEE Jung Woo** and **Kim Sun Ah** I think they are beautiful and amazing couple together.

  707. 707 : Tikky Says:

    I need more Ksa unni drama. Please please:-o………………love this drama so much……….

  708. 708 : jangerr Says:

    @ hny – Is sp 16 out already? I thought it’s only airing later today?

    @ All I Doers

    After watching ep 15 without subs (will be watching again when the subs are out), I felt like punching my fist in the air and shout, ” Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!” I know, I know, I should have said it long ago like usa-mary but I’m a more restrained kind of person… 😉 But it’s better late than never, right?

    I shall not say more in case I can’t contain myself and start revealing too much, but if you haven’t watch ep 15, go watch it now! I’m sure you’ll want to do a victory dance too! 🙂

  709. 709 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    Yes!..it’s a happy ending. I’m so looking forward to tonite’s finale. Not sure how happy is the happy ending though…:-)

    Restraining myself from watching Ep. 15 with the subtitles, will watch all the 4 final episodes at one go over the weekend.

    Hope to see more of KSA and LJW again in other new dramas, but guess they are not likely to be paired together again.

  710. 710 : sula Says:

    i’m super excited! can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  711. 711 : stellar Says:

    Are the subs for epi 15 out? Where can I watch it?

  712. 712 : sulyn Says:

    You can try the link below but I think the sub
    for episode 15 might only be ready tomorrow.


  713. 713 : kdfan Says:

    You can watch subs at viki.com

  714. 714 : Carla Says:

    Luv it! Ep 15 so nice wanna watch it again with english subs. Want more…but this wont be granted im sure. I wonder why the ratings arent that good. Its unfair! Want more from KSA and LJW. Go guys!!!!!!

  715. 715 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16, Finale:
    What a wonderful series coming to a big satisfactory ending! It’s so good to see everything working out for them. It’s only sad that it ends. T_T

    I’m thankful that:
    they do not link Mdm Jang w TK’s dad;
    TK has never been interested in Nari for 1 min;
    there are no bad guys that we have to hate, besides Mdm Jang;
    TK n Doc become good friends;
    the parents all come around rather easily, instead of being blockers like other parents in so many KDs;
    they open a shoe store of their own, just like we all wanted;
    they’ve beautiful daughter, just like JA wanted!
    Thank you, PD team!
    Now we can re-watch from the beginning!

  716. 716 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m so estatic now that ep 15 is out with eng subs! I hung on every word, movement, hand gestures, and antics of each character.

    This episode leaves me smiling, laughing, swooning, and snarling…of course the snarling is at Lady Park. Applauding…who would have thought, NaRi for finally respecting JiAn’s capabilities instead of envying them…embracing JiAn and TK as they face many challenges…ROFL at doc Jo again with that enfamous, matchmaking deterent, the mascara wand…HA! Laughing eveb more at…TK coming to doc’s rescue pretending to be a devastated, cheated on lover, after doc wasn’t successful in scaring said prospect away. The brilliant, impulsive water throwing act caught doc off guard and caused this young woman (who probably knew more about doc’s father’s property ventures than doc himself) to leave the table so fast, you could still follow her dusty trail! Next, JiAn dusting her home…almost overcome by it…and two grandpas meet…kicking up verbal insults, like dust…unable to see the real purpose for their get ‘acquainted’ meeting!

    Then another kiss…and how TK can kiss! He really laid one on JiAn this time! Yippeee! Mtoelob…you really do know how to analyze…the kiss! hehehe As this one was monumental in affection and JiAn’s receptivity, I must say!

    Waiting for ep 16 eng subs! SIGH…then its officially over! :=(

    I’m doing a re-watch!

  717. 717 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16, Finale:
    More of what I love in this ep:
    I love it that:
    Nari knows she is not in any position to compete w JA, who is the better woman, n she says so in the press conference;
    JA hands over the company to Nari for now, while she takes it easy for 3 years to take care of Ankle; a collaborative relationship evolves betwn them;
    Doc is true to his friendship w JA n TK;
    when so many other stars look hagged twds the end of a series due to lack of sleep n overwork, KSA n LJW, ImSH, n Park all look fresh as daisies;
    KSA’s voice over at the very end sounds so refreshing n convincing.
    BUT, I miss them already. I’d like to know how they fare, what will become of Doc, etc.
    Ah, time to re-watch the whole series! And wait for KSA’s return in her next series!

  718. 718 : tikky Says:

    Love the way they see each other before they kiss I felt they show how much they love for real.

  719. 719 : jangerr Says:

    The 2 dads are such a hoot! Love their interaction with one another. One is such a stiff-necked, uppity-up and serious man while the other a brash, rash guy who shoots off his mouth faster than a rocket. When they meet, despite all the well intentions and meaning, they brush each other the wrong way! But one can see that they really love their respective child and are good-hearted people actually. Excellent acting by both!

  720. 720 : Lciel Says:

    just finish watching the drama the story was so good =) kim sun ah fighting!! ill be waiting again for your new drama =)

  721. 721 : kriss Says:

    Final 2 episodes all subbed and uploaded in kimchidrama! Yay!

  722. 722 : dhez of Makati Says:

    Not so stress full drama. The way you want it to end. No so much vicious character. You feel good inside after watching the drama unfold. Great! I guess because of Kim sun Ah. Any project you’ve made I just love it. More Power and May your personal life be as colorful just like the dramas you’ve played. God bless

  723. 723 : mmlinma Says:

    “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! from now on you will cook and clean and do laundry and take care of baby and stay by myside forever so I can take revenge” “are you proposing right now?” it is so hilarious I am still doubling over. This is the best proposal ever!

  724. 724 : true2u Says:

    @ mmlinma

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST EVER. She had me in stitches.

  725. 725 : usa-mary Says:


    @723 mmlinma…I AGREE! HILARIOUS!

    Also, when she grabbed TK’s surgery cap and hair, yanking on it, then when the cap came off, hitting him with it! Blaming him for putting her in that predicament! She was going to see that he repaid her for the rest of their lives together…become a slave to her and baby Ankle! HA!

  726. 726 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! I agree that Lady Park wasn’t as vicious as some broom riders in other kdramas. The first one I saw was in Boys Before Flowers…Joon Pyo’s mother! I had to commend the actress for her evil acting ability. That woman put the shiver in shivers from her dasturdly ways! To date, I haven’t seen a chaboel that low down and evil, yet some have come really close!

  727. 727 : true2u Says:


    I HATED Joon Pyo mother ssooo much that i came to LOVE her. She was FIRST and only evil female actress ever that i came to love, as for the male it has got to be Cha Seung Won father in “City Hall” and i came to LOVE him as well. Till this day i search the internet to see if Joon Pyo mother will do another evil role so i can sink my teeth into it and enjoy.

  728. 728 : mitch Says:

    ..bravo! i love the ending.. what a story! no stress at all and i have so much fun watching this kdrama..
    From beginning till end, Dr. JES was not selfish.. i love his character here and i even hope that he will marry Ji Ann.. hehe.. but i have nothing against PTK..
    2 thumbs up! watch this guysss!

  729. 729 : tinegrace Says:

    super love this drama… i like the ending too.. daebak!!!

  730. 730 : aya Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA!!!!!!!!!! one of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

  731. 731 : Lovely Says:

    it was DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  732. 732 : True2u Says:

    i VOTE for a sequel!!! oh! how i wish it was extended to 20 episodes 🙁 . I can’t wait for KSA next drama. I would LOVE if it was with Bi Rain < "i love their tango together, their chemistry is off the charts" Shin Ha Kyun, Won Bin or Cha Seung Won <City Hall isn't enough for me!!!! although its still my #1 drama.^^

  733. 733 : usa-mary Says:

    @727 tru2u: I’m glad that I’m not the only one that though that way about Joon Pyo’s mother. The actress that played that role dished out evil so well that I praised her for her acting ability…though I dreaded what she was conjuring up next! Ahhh yes…City Hall’s beloved BB! He put the ‘s’ in shudder, didn’t he?! But, Jo Gook knew how to handle him.

    I Doers re JiAn’s cooking skills: PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE keep all sharp knives away from her. Food…cooking…let someone else do it! Just let her concentrate on gu du! hehehe

    Re Doc Jo…I really think he was disappointed that TK didn’t go to the U.S. after he saw him in his clinic. The doc wanted to personally spend quality time preparing pigs feet for JiAn and to get close to her. Ummmhumph! Like he thought we didn’t know about his hidden agenda to get closer to JiAn!

    To doc: I know that you fell hard for JiAn, but please give some of the other eligible ladies a try. I’m quite sure there’s another woman out there who is not interested in getting married since that’s what peaked your interest in JiAn, and the chase began. Doc I really do feel for you! smile

    JiAn was so proud of her ring! She know full well what TK’s intent was when he gave it to her, eventhough, he mentioned business partner. Smart guy…brilliant writer!

    I like the fact the Sunny aka Kim Sun Ah takes on roles that are courageous and socially controversial. Truth be told, there are many, many unsung heroines among women in their everyday lives as mother, sisters, daughters, nieces, and friends. Heroines who help others to achieve their dreams, as well as, their own and have to fight to do it.

  734. 734 : KDaddict Says:

    Love it that TK doesn’t turn out to be a chaebol price. It’s good that a KD shows regular folks gooding well for a change. As usa-mary says, hope to see more KDs that feature unsung heroines and heros.
    Love JA as such a strong char!
    Love TK’s reaction when JA pulls at his hair, n yells at him to be a slave to her and Ankle for the rest of his life: Are you proposing to me! As you mentioned in #723, 724, 725. It is funny n unexpected!
    Love her fake tummy that looks exactly like a balloon: it is just hilarious!

  735. 735 : mommy angel Says:

    Good story flow and characters from beginning to end. Totally love the ending. Another Must-See these days! 🙂

  736. 736 : sula Says:

    i’m not happy 🙁 i don’t have enuf of jian and tae kang. i want more!!!!!!!

  737. 737 : usa-mary Says:

    Re 729/731: Translation please re the word Daebak!

    Does this word translate ‘The Bomb’ in Korean? Any other I Doers are welcome to answer the question, as well. Thank you.

    @734 Kdaddict: I too found her baby bump cute and amusing. JiAn felt quite heavy when she walked into that meeting. Her breathing was laboring because she was already going thru the stages of labor. By the time she reached TK’s shoe shop, it wasn’t long after her water broke.

    Bless her heart, she didn’t dialate enough like she should have, but to the rescue…ta daaaaa…Doc Jo, who personally took great care with her!

    Yay everyone! Come to think about it, Doc Jo didn’t have that prince complex as we know it. He had some very funny ways on how to get rid of chaebol or other well to do women obsessed with money and marriage. Like the fact that he visited the infant ward to destress! I like a man who has a good heart towards babies and children.

  738. 738 : kbnhkr Says:


    About DAEBAK watch this:

  739. 739 : Gai Says:

    LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH!! Really sad that it was ended with not good ratings…why??

  740. 740 : usa-mary Says:

    @736 kbnhkr: Thank you very much for the link! Actually, that’s what ‘The Bomb’ slang phrase means, too!

  741. 741 : Tikky Says:

    I love this drama. I enjoy reading your comment.

  742. 742 : kriss Says:

    So sad that such a great series has come to an end… I’ll miss Jian, TK, the doc, the parents, etc!

  743. 743 : stellar Says:

    Daebak drama! Time for a rewatch!

  744. 744 : memo Says:

    luv u kim sun ah <3 <3 <3 great work keep going ……. fighting

  745. 745 : TinaLov3 Says:

    This drama was real cute. They did an awesome job! Thank you!!

  746. 746 : Arvie Rex Says:

    Ok. i already finished it, and i must say WORTH TO WATCH!! Even the low ratings, i still find it nice and have well-approached story line even though it was just too simple. But the problem with this one is it started slow and remained slow.But the good thing is i en joy the drama.

    Kim Sun Ah is still a very good actress.
    Lee Jang Woo is far different from his dark character in Glory Jane to a very nice, funny, smart yet loving Park Tae Kang! hahahahahaha
    The doctor also delivers a spotlight for good chemistry with Sun Ah.

    RECOMMEND this!

  747. 747 : Ria Says:

    IDID jjang! It’s not a simple story, just a common one like most kdramas. What sets it apart is the superb acting by the main cast, especially Kim Sun Ah.

  748. 748 : jangerr Says:

    Love the show but alas, it’s come to an end! I know there’s no possibility of a sequel but maybe the producer can think about a spin-off? There’s just so much more potential and possibility to the story. It can be in the form of a sitcom about how JA and TK bring up Ankle? The parents also offer lots of possibility for comic relief ala Meet The Parents? Also the working together to build up their shoe empire, etc, etc. The possibilities are just endless!!!

  749. 749 : sulyn Says:

    @ jangerr

    Agree, agree, agree.

    Can’t imagine that there’s no more I Do I Do to watch
    this week. Looking forward to KSA’s next project. What
    will that be?

  750. 750 : mmlinma Says:

    I am just happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, KSH, keep it coming!

  751. 751 : kell Says:

    Such a gratifying drama! Thank you, Sunny! Love ya!

  752. 752 : swift Says:

    Very enjoyable watch! Little angst, lots of cutes, plenty of heart and love ^0^

  753. 753 : mtoenlob Says:

    I Do I Do Episodes 15 & 16 (Final)

    Life is …

    … a Choice

    It is said that there are only two emotions in the world that humans can express freely – LOVE and FEAR. All the other emotions we are so familiar with are but subgroups of these two. LOVE conveys peace, content, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, serenity; whereas FEAR carries with it anxiety, judgment, depression, guilt, hate. For so long, Jian has built a wall around her or as she rightfully admitted has dug a well so deep for fear of coming out of a place where she is familiar, her comfort zone. For 15 years this company is the only place where she feels she is totally in charge, her home, her world, her universe. It is therefore understandably justified that she feels apprehensive loosing the job she has nurtured through the years. Jian lives and breathes shoes and leaving this job is death to her. But only when she let go of her fear does she realized that there is more to life than the four walls of this company. Love for her unborn child, love for Tae Kang and love for herself set her free from the shackles of fear. To love or to fear, to be happy or to be miserable….it’s a choice and Jian has made hers. Now she is ready to face the world in a different perspective.

    Tae Kang at the very start has already made a choice – to be by Jian’s side always, figuratively and literally. Whether their first meeting is a fluke or not, it cannot be denied that he is there in all the crucial moments – from the time she needed a ride so she can attend to the problem that arose during the fashion show, to the train station so she can catch up with her parents, to the drunken spree to drown out her hurts when her parents or should I say her cranky father left in huff when she sneaked out of the birthday party, to the aftermath of one drunken night, to her tracking down the counterfeiters, to the making and submission of the collaboration design, to her announcement of her being a single mother, to her declaration of who is the father of her child, to her resignation and eventually reinstatement to work, to her giving birth. Throughout her difficult times, Tae Kang is there. Passing up a once-in-a-lifetime chance of study grant to develop himself into a respectable and a noteworthy designer in favor of being with Jian and together witness the birth and growing years of their child weighs more in the balance. To Tae Kang being physically present in the life of Jian and their child is much more important than the prospect of going to the USA. This man knows his priorities….family comes first and it is what matters most.

    … a Risk

    Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. For years, Jian has lived her life as “planned”…ran by schedule, ran by calendar. She is used to a life with definite tasks and things-to-do for the day, for the week or even for the month, so much so that when the unexpected pregnancy derails her routine it wreck havoc to her life. Suddenly, things aren’t the same as they are supposed to be and it upsets her even angered her. She has steered her life according to her plan but fate thinks otherwise. The chance encounter with Tae Kang and the one night happenstance turn her life upside down. And Jian isn’t a bit pleased about it. But love moves in a mysterious way. Unknowingly, Jian finds herself liking…no…loving the person who started the spark, gradually gaining momentum, spinning her world and allowing her to see it in a different light. Where before she is anxious with the ways things are, now with Ankle and Tae Kang in the horizon and in spite of the future being unsure, Jian is all too willing to go out on a limb. She embraces the risks – declaring to the world she is a single mother, coming out with the true identity of the child’s father, giving up a job that she holds so dearly. Little does she know that, once more, fate will play its part this time in the person of Nari. After all what has been said and done, Nari has a changed of heart. She who has undermined Jian’s falling in disgrace has smartly maneuvered Jian’s return to the company as its President to the consternation of Madame Jang who is powerless to do otherwise. And the moment she decided to take matters into her hands and to take responsibility of her feelings and thoughts, things start falling into places – her being back to the company which she has treated as her baby, her being the President, Tae Kang and his father putting up a decent business of their own…and the much anticipated arrival of Ankle.

    Most of us live our lives expecting for something wonderful to happen, constantly dreaming for something else not paying attention to what is at the moment and not realizing that “Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.” As Eun-sung wisely advised, “If a life goes as planned, where’s the fun? As long as you don’t know where life will take you, you can concentrate on living it to the fullest.” What is important is the now.

    … following your heart

    When everything else fails, listen and follow your heart. It is this little voice inside that will direct you to the path which is right for you. Tae Kang has followed his heart’s calling… to be with his family. To him it is more regretful to miss the opportunity of not seeing his daughter’s many firsts – first smile, first step, first word. The future may be uncertain for him and Jian, but he chose to be by her side…always.

    When her heart murmured the call of motherhood, Jian has answered to its calling. When her heart whispered the call of love, she responded to its bidding. Hesitantly at first. But when the gate of reservation broke and her fears were washed away by Tae Kang’s sincerity and honesty, there is no turning back for Jian. Never mind if this changed the whole set up of her life. For now, with Tae Kang and Ankle, she is no longer afraid of the future. As she earnestly sum it up “…life doesn’t always go as expected but it brings unexpected gifts. My love, my child…and the people I’m grateful to….what gifts will await me in the difficult future? I’m already curious about them. No, I’m definitely looking forward to them.”

  754. 754 : jangerr Says:

    @ mtoenlob

    As always, you summed it up so beautifully!

    By the way, what do you think of the ‘water-breaking kiss’ in our finale episode?

  755. 755 : True2u Says:

    @mtoenlob, I’ve been looking for you

    @Jangerr- LOL i was going to ask the same thing about the kiss.

    Mtoenlob- can’t wait for ur take on City Hall kiss. ^^

  756. 756 : kbnhkr Says:


    Thanks! Your analyses are always fascinating. 🙂

  757. 757 : kriss Says:

    @mtoenlob – Yes, please tell us more!

  758. 758 : Jennie Says:

    @mtoenlob Thank You. Enjoy reading your summaries that you write so lovingly very much 😀

  759. 759 : ria Says:

    tis wed feels empty….. why can’t they extend tis show? sigh…. tomorrow will also be empty….

  760. 760 : mtoenlob Says:

    I Do I Do Episode 16 (Final) – The Kiss

    @jangerr, True2u, kriss, kbnhkr, Jennie

    Here you go…. I still owe you the City Hall kiss. (“,)

    To complete the viewing satisfaction of the viewers, it is almost always essential but not mandatory to a drama the inclusion of a much-anticipated kiss between the lead stars. In fact, it is almost a crime not to include one. I Do I Do is categorized as a romantic comedy, hence, it is not surprising to see some skinship between the leads – Tae Kang and Jian. I shall limit the kiss to 3. The variation of the intensity of each kiss matches the length of the time spent on the locking of lips. The development of the kiss pan out slowly as the drama unfolds. Because timing is everything, it took us to episode 10 to witness the much awaited first kiss. I already made a description of the first two. For the sake of continuity, I shall repost it with slight revision.

    Tae Kang took his kisses to a different level. The first kiss was tentative almost calculating. Since it is the first time, Tae Kang kissed Jian with caution, testing how she would react. In that first kiss, we find that even when he held her face in his hands, he stalled for a moment, almost hesitating, like waiting for her to stop him…but she didn’t. And so he kissed, slightly like a lingering peck but savoring her lips. His lips could have stayed longer on hers but no, he didn’t. Since this is the first time, he didn’t dare push his luck. Short it might be but it was enough to tickle him to giddiness and exhilarating heights of happiness. And Jian was much too dumbfounded for the suddenness of it.

    The second kiss was decisive but steeped with subtle passion and tenderness. Tae Kang, hardly restraining the burning intensity of his feelings fueled by the thought that Jian loves him, too, kissed Jian ardently yet with sensitivity. While fervently aware of his desire he was fully conscious of her reactions. He started off with a soft kiss on her lips, very gently, lingering tenderly, relishing the sweetness. Quietly attuned to her responses, he moved in to meet her kisses this time deeper and more intense yet maintaining still a degree of sensitivity to her needs. The kiss is not all his or hers but theirs, shared with the same passion and tenderness.

    Perhaps because they haven’t seen and been together for quiet a time due to busyness with work, the third kiss was burning with seductive desire for each other. Eyes locked in adoration and heated longing,…with her heart increasingly thundering at her chest she gazed at him with ardent longing, her lips tingling with the anticipation of his kiss…he couldn’t take his eyes away from hers, trembling at the touch of her skin, he felt his muscles tightened with desire as he stared at her luscious lips begging to be kissed and with a slight hesitation, Tae Kang lunged forward hungry for Jian’s lips. As they locked lips, the longing dissolved to heightened desire, sending waves after waves of sensual current charging through their lips outward to their bodies. Fueled with the hot sensation rippling down their bodies, Jian, wrapped her arms around his neck, seductively caressing his hair met Tae Kang’s passionate kisses with equal intensity…chest pounding, arising higher and higher, panting breathe moving in rhythmic lilth….passion flares…the air sizzles…feel the heat…shattered ecstasy………………………the water broke loose drowning the sensual passion!

  761. 761 : Marie Says:


    you did it again!!! I enjoyed reading your summaries. Thank you! 2 tumbs up for you!!!!!

  762. 762 : Jennie Says:

    @mtoenlob Haha, I love your description of the third kiss the most – so much passion that it’s almost X-rated. For a while there, I thought I was reading one of those Harlequin historical romance 😀 Thanks.

  763. 763 : Tikky Says:

    I love you suna unnie. I will always waiting for your new project. Have a big rest and dont forget to take care of yourself.

  764. 764 : true2u Says:

    @ mtoenlob> LMBO!!!!! you analysis of the third kiss was WILD!!, i had to sit down and read it. >////<. LOL!!!

    @Jennie i thought i reading a x-rated story, hahhaha, it got serious here, " As they locked lips, the longing dissolved to heightened desire, sending waves after waves of sensual current charging through their lips outward to their bodies. Fueled with the hot sensation rippling down their bodies, Jian, wrapped her arms around his neck, seductively caressing his hair met Tae Kang’s passionate kisses with equal intensity…chest pounding, arising higher and higher, panting breathe moving in rhythmic lilth….passion flares…the air sizzles…feel the heat…shattered ecstasy………………………the water broke loose drowning the sensual passion!" LOL

    Hey mtoenlob, i would LOVE for to write a script for my kisses

  765. 765 : lyn Says:

    thanks to you mtoelob, i always look up to your analysis. actually the 3rd kiss, is saved on my pc and it’s on auto play, and you would not get tired seeing because the Tae Kang and Jian are so adorable and hot being together. what a good and perfect choice of Tae Kang as male lead it suits the drama PERFECTLY.

  766. 766 : KDaddict Says:

    I notice that KSA’s dramas always bring out a more mature, thoughtful group of viewers on this site, such that the comments take on a different char. No one comes to say, “The comments r too long” (like on METS), or “I only want to watch not read” (like on BIG). 😉 I suppose diff actors attract diff ppl.
    Last time, in SOAW, there were wonderful discussions on the ethics of Not revealing to a (potential) lover the fact that she was dying. The quality n depth of the discussion had not been reached then nor since. I was impressed w the fact that the difference of opinions was treated w respect n calm, and also w mtoelob’s contribution. Now I see that she only comes out to play when Sunny’s drama is playing.
    Good job. A round of applause to Sunny, LJW, the cast n staff, and to us viewers, who hang on her every expression, n await her return with fervor! Yeh!

  767. 767 : KDaddict Says:

    The quality of discussion had not been reached “before” nor since.

  768. 768 : jangerr Says:

    @ mtoenlob

    You did it again! Your analysis of the 3rd kiss is certainly leaving a lot of us ‘hot and bothered’! Hahaha!

    Now, we are waiting in eager anticipation for your take on THE KISS in City Hall!!! 😉

  769. 769 : True2u Says:

    @KDaddict i’ve been waiting to read ur review on the final episode and the whole series, or did u already post ur review? BIG was BIG let down, i’m glad i didn’t continue watching it!!

  770. 770 : kriss Says:


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You know, I was giggling and blushing like a teenager while reading your post @760! ^___^

  771. 771 : Kitty Says:

    I heard a good news today , Sunny open her new Me2Day tonight. After I do I do end I so sad but now when I hear this news I’m so happy . I love you so much Sunny……

  772. 772 : zarima USA Says:


    how about your analysis on kdrama BIG… can you make one please.. ive just read the post of @KDaddict and i find it good and am satisfied for what she post… but still i like your opinion…. could you make time for it?

  773. 773 : usa-mary Says:

    @760 mtoenlob: You’re making it sizzle on HERE! I enjoyed reading your mature descriptive approach to the kissing scenes! You absolutely convey with words what we saw visually in each kissing scene! The prelude to each kiss is full of unexpected, following his heart, risk taking TK who knew he didn’t misread the signs of JiAn’s actions…the drawings…her head resting securely on his shoulders…the baby shoes made from erasers…removed from trash can, now sharing space amongst her coveted collection of designer shoes. Though JiAn’s words were full of briers and thorns. Her unexpected, willing, receptive desire to allow TK to express his love to her in a simple kiss took her off guard and surprised her!

    Mtoenlob, as you expressed the gradation which each kiss made on her heart…I recalled the look in TK’s eyes each time. As an assured lover, full of boldness, yet not brazen or arrogant…concluding with an overwhelming gentle kiss that left JiAn’s heart speechless and her mind blank. It’s as if she’s now empty pages of an awaiting book…ready for TK, the writer and author of their love to pen his passion on every page.

    From your writings, I see now that his kisses were not immature, greedy, or self-indulging as one expects from youth! But from a ‘man’ who purely understands the woman he loves and is not ashamed to give of himself in order to please her.

  774. 774 : sunahforever Says:

    Oh dear, such wonderful exchange of thoughts and analyses of the drama, the actors/actresses and The Water Breaking Kiss… Woot woot…. I was really blushing when they were at it….I think this one KSA gave it her all. wow the kissing back was so passionate and full of desire…it was really burning hot, (shower please!). Compared to THE KISS in CH, hmmm there is some similarity but I believe KSA was more restrained and she let CSW lead the kissing all the way… but this. WBK, she kissed LJW back so fiercely as if she didn’t see him for ages…. maybe so as she mentioned he has not called for a while….but whatever itis mtoenlob, your description of the WBK strangely reminded me of the days of Mills & Boon novels…nah… those are too mild… maybe the more raunchy romance novels!!! But mtoenlob, kudos for entertaining us and bringing back some fond memories… you stilll owe us THE KISS….

  775. 775 : jangerr Says:

    @ All I Doers

    It has been an amazing ride! Thanks for your companionship and sharing.

    It is this healthy and fun exchanges of thoughts and sharings that made this ride all the more enjoyable. I believe like what KDaddict has mentioned, KSA’s dramas always attract a more matured, thoughtful group of viewers. I think it’s also the type of dramas she chooses to act in – on the surface most of them seem to be another rom-com, but dig a little deeper, all of them convey some thoughtprovoking, controversial and pertinent social issues. They may be light but they are never slight. Rather, there are depths to her dramas.

    Of course, another important trait of viewers of KSA’s dramas -a very good sense of humour! 🙂

  776. 776 : mtoenlob Says:

    Oh my, have I gone too far in describing the 3rd kiss? I hope I didn’t offend anyone out there. If I did, my apologies. I described it as I imagined what both would be thinking and feeling at the very moment they were kissing. I must have stretched my imagination too far.

    @jangerr, sunahforever, kriss, True2u, lyn, Jennie, Marie, kbnhkr, usa-mary

    Thank you for the appreciation of the summaries. I am both humbled and honored. It is a pleasure to be sharing and interacting with you. To quote jangerr, “It is this healthy and fun exchanges of thoughts and shadings that made this ride all the more enjoyable.” And this wouldn’t be possible at all if you were not around. Your being here doubles the fun in watching KSA’s dramas. Until then…I’m definitely looking forward to sharing another wonderful experience with you in the future…our dear KSA please don’t make us wait too long.

    P.S. I still owe you the THE KISS. 🙂

  777. 777 : mtoenlob Says:


    I so heartily agree with what you said on KSA’s dramas. That’s why I love her works! Aside from the emotional pull, there is always an intellectual pull to her dramas. “Thought provoking, controversial and pertinent social issues” are presented in the guise of a rom-com. And what better approach to pose these issues without jarring the sensibilities of the viewers. They have the option to just watch and breeze through the drama or sit back, reflect and mull over the issues presented. Her works may be light but are never shallow, which, sad to say is what is prevalent in the mainstream dramas and regrettable, these lamentable works are what make it to the top in the rating game.

    Watching KSA dramas is a total experience. With her innate talent for acting – be it drama or comedy -, her characteristic charm that makes all her leading men of whatever age look so gorgeously attractive, her distinct ability to strike a captivating chemistry with them, her facility to bring out the best in her partners, her brand of humor and, of course, her trademark ‘kiss’ make viewing her dramas exhilarating. Tell me then, how can we not love her! 🙂

  778. 778 : KDaddict Says:

    @Tru2u-769, zarima-772,
    I haven’t been posting seriously on this thread; just some haphazard reactions, becos I know there is a group of KSA lovers here, who know her work in depth, and are articulate and expressive. I love KSA v much, but I also love many others. Since this KSA group love her more than any other actor, I feel this is their ballgame, n humbly bow out to them.

    Just one thought evoked by jangerr’s 775:
    KSA is brave to tackle the issue of single motherhood in a drama. The ratings haven’t been as good as the drama deserves. I believe that that has to do w single motherhood being the theme of this show.
    KSA and the writer want to portray it in a brave, positive light. I take my hat off to them for venturing into that territory on Korean prime time tv, and for doing so in a fun, light hearted manner.
    Can’t wait to see what she brings us next time!

  779. 779 : KDaddict Says:

    I suspect that Big came abt this way:
    Someone asked the writers, “What excuse can you come up with to let GY act cute for 16 eps?” They knocked off a few bottles of soju together, n Voila, the script was born. On that criterion, it is an astounding success. 😀
    I’m now watching Chaser, Ghost, n Bridal Mask. Love the ahjussi’s acting in Chaser, n their totally organic faces.

  780. 780 : usa-mary Says:

    I Doers: I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Hope we can do it again soon, as well!

  781. 781 : True2u Says:


    “I suspect that Big came abt this way:
    Someone asked the writers, “What excuse can you come up with to let GY act cute for 16 eps?” They knocked off a few bottles of soju together, n Voila, the script was born. On that criterion, it is an astounding success.”


    I can sooo picture them doing this -_-. LOL!!!!

  782. 782 : mtoenlob Says:

    Sorry, I missed replying to you earlier.

    @zarima USA 772

    Thank you. I’ll try what I can do. 🙂 I am humbled that you find my attempt in expressing my insights matters.

    I watch Kdramas as much as I can but don’t have the luxury of time. It is only on KSA’s dramas that I dare write. I haven’t done it with any other dramas. Let’s see…again thank you.

    @Marie 761

    Thank you! 🙂

  783. 783 : lyn Says:

    my life is like and empty shell, now that I Do I Do is over, is like you devote your heart and soul into this drama and focus only on one thing, Tae Kang and Jian together is really fun, really enjoyed the drama. thanks for Sunny and Jang Woo, my love to be in this drama. it’s hard to let go!!!

  784. 784 : sula Says:

    miss, miss, miss the show… sequel please!

  785. 785 : KDaddict Says:

    I too paid u a compliment. You probably didn’t see it cos its inside a longer comment #766. 😉
    I liked your comments on SOAW, tho we had diff interpretations on certain pts in the plot. Around here, u r probably KSA’s no. 1 fan. Till next time then. Oh, that’s an interesting nickname u have.

  786. 786 : KDaddict Says:

    On this page, near the top, I get an ad of a shoe company. It has pictures of very pretty high heels in it. They are the kind of shoes that JA designed, esp. the pair that won the competition in the show. LOL. Do you guys get the same ad?

  787. 787 : usa-mary Says:

    @786 KDaddict: I’ve seen the ad while I Do I Do was airing, but its not there now. It may return because the ads do change often.

    Yay gang! May I interject that I like the way KSA portrays different personalities in each of the dramas/movies she’s acted in. As JiAn, she was very aloof, stoic, and distant from other people at work and with her parents. Much different from her other characters. This was her ‘survival of the fittest’ MOD in order to carry out her dream and not lose her mind or physically maim someone in the process. Her cool head in the midst of crisis situations beit the problem was created or accidental was a shield from her enemies and provided quick solutions to current problems which she thrived on! I had to make a few mental adjustments to be open a to watch this new KSA character.

    I know we’re used to the quirky, fiesty, fun-loving, go with the flow characters of KSA…yet, this one, in a way, caused me in the beginning to wonder if this drama was worth watching. I’ve worked with women in corporate (like most of us have) like her…and I had to ask myself if I was willing to invest the time and energy to see where this was headed. Then, just as I was thinking this, enter TK with his father to remove him from the family register for purchasing Beyonce’ and it took off from there!

    I’m glad I stayed for the entire run of the drama, and by the way. I’ve learned to look for clues as to guess the ending. That way I can stay open if the writer’s ending will not be what I perceived, therefore, I won’t be disappointed. So far, its been working. I knew she was going into business with someone from the opening credits, but didn’t know who at that time. The CLUE…the closed for business sign is turned by a woman’s hand…hers!


  788. 788 : mtoenlob Says:

    @KDaddict 785

    I’m sorry… hope it’s not too late to thank you. 🙂

    Thank you, too, for sharing your insights and views. I learned a lot from them. It’s good to have this kind of healthy exchanges, isn’t it? Until then…

    Thank you everyone! 🙂

  789. 789 : kriss Says:

    @I Doers
    Really enjoyed this show and the comments in this thread. Agree with KDaddict and jangerr that viewers here are more matured, not so much in age but in thoughts. Will certainly miss you all!

  790. 790 : Tikky Says:

    I miss jian so much. I have to rewatch again.

  791. 791 : jangerr Says:

    @779 KDaddict

    Lol! That must be the case! That’s what GY did the whole show through. Not that he’s not good at it but it’s such a waste, don’t you think so? GY has a much wider repertoire than what was used in Big. Anyway, let’s hope he’ll be more selective in his choices of drama. In fact, let’s hope he’ll do one again with KSA. They were smokin’ in S Diary and She’s On Duty.

  792. 792 : KDaddict Says:

    If for 16 eps: Hyun Bin plays sb too cool for his own good, or Park Shi Hoo walks around showing his torso, or GY acts heart-throbbingly cute, I may not need a story to back up those scenes. Hee hee. That’s my limbic brain speaking, the lizard brain that is pure basic emotions. When I’m looking at the monitor, I wear this silly grin fr ear to ear. It’s when I look up that I realize sth is amiss. Maybe I should just check my cerebrum at the door when I watch KDs, n just go: Oppa, I love you!
    Seriously tho, GY’s Silenced/The Crucible, while acclaimed, is only getting an art house run outside of Korea. He needs a BIG hit. We were sucked in by the Hong sisters’ reputation. Guess we Won’t make that mistake again.
    If GY makes a drama w KSA, it’d be like we win the KD lottery!!!

  793. 793 : renna Says:

    For a shoes lover this drama is more than fun. a lot beautiful shoes in here, KSA, I’ll wait your next project. Luv her acting much^^

  794. 794 : usa-mary Says:

    @776 mtoenlob: To me…personally…I didn’t get that you stretched your imagination too far about the 3rd kiss! You just added in your own words what I saw and what the writer and producer wanted to convey to us. That kiss sizzled because they hadn’t seen each other for a month and TK wasn’t a happy camper about it…in his own cute way! The poor baby was missing their skin-ship time. You know, I’ve never been a ‘romance novel reader or fan, so I don’t know how to grade one over the other for quality, yet I will say that you expressed maturely what I saw. I say this to encourage you to write more. Some of the kissing scenes in some of the dramas are so dry or cold, like kissing a cold mackeral…that there’s nothing in it. A romantic scene among lovers is supposed to sizzle or be emotionally moving. Not come across like a hand shake between acquaintances!

    I’m not trying to take anything away from the commentor who shared his/her view about what you wrote. On the contrary, I find it interesting, and I welcome the contrast because we all have different outtakes on what we see…the contrasts makes it more fun to converse about the drama…that is if the person is open and game to go for it! This earth would be DULL if we agreed on everything!

    Mtoenlob, I look forward to more of your analyses whether about kissing or anything else! 😀

  795. 795 : rose200251 Says:

    i love it. it is so romantic and i am so pleased to watch

  796. 796 : lyn Says:

    re-watching this awesome drama everyday. miss the couple/jian, tae kang tandem so so badly…

  797. 797 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m savoring this drama by re-watching it again! Usually some dramas interject funny scenes here and there. Yet, this one has the most hilarous antics in each episode from beginning to end! From that, I had some what if’s that crossed my mind while watching the 1st episode like…

    BEST JOB POSITION EVER-WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC! Wouldn’t you just love being the clerk in the city registrar’s office that waited on TK and his father…slamming I.D. cards on your desk. Telling you to take the son’s name off the family register while the son is telling you to take his name off the register! Then witness when PKS threatens to hit TK after he tells his father that with just a bit of rearranging of the family registry, they wouldn’t be related anyway! AIGOOO….! TK goes into a mock self-defense mode that is so funny!

    WHAM BAMM NO THANK YOU AHJUMMA! What if you were a passerby, witnessing this fisaco! TK’s beloved Beyonce’ is hurt and he’s more concerned about the condition of his brand new motorcycle than HJA. Appalled by his behavior, she askes if he’s an MRI and TK asks HJA if she’s a member of an insurance fraud group trying to collect insurance money! Well, TK may not be an MRI, yet he is a FAHWTB! hehehe

    PONY ‘BEYONCE’ EXPRESS! Wouldn’t you have loved being behind TK as he rode you to the fashion show. Taking side streets you didn’t know existed. While weaving and bobbing through narrow passage ways to the point that you couldn’t take it any more and just let it rip! Holding on for your dear life so tight that you didn’t even know he had stopped! Well, if nothing else, sitting behind TK and holding him at his waist would have been a big plus!

    FASHION COLLISION COURSE 101. Who would dare tell a designer of HJA’s caliber that a pair of her famed shoes will not grace the runway! Especially, when she said she would take responsibility. After all, going to prison would be like a retreat for her. She had no husband or children to concern herself with, so….! You leave her with no other alternative except….take all the shoes, even off the feet of the models. Even without teeth you need to eat; without shoes…walk barefoot! Oh, by the way, wouldn’t you find it fascinating to be one of her staff members when told that if you let them take the shoes back…you won’t have a job to go to tomorrw! I would have a grizzly bear grip and an elephant’s strength holding on to those shoes! By the way…they did! hehehe


  798. 798 : Kitty Says:

    [email protected] usa-mary Please continue write this drama till the end again. I now re-watching it every day miss it so much .Thinking of Tae kang and Jian .
    Miss Sunny and Jang Woo sooooo muchhhhhh. Thank you for re-writing it. I will follow your write and read all of your write till the end.

  799. 799 : Hadhie Putrha Says:

    I think this Drama very GOOD ….
    from story, cast, carracters very nice all…
    I like very much this Drama…

  800. 800 : fannie Says:

    i just finished watching it and enjoyed it a lot.KSA is really an amazing actress. she can shift from one character to another and do justice to the role. hope to see her again on her next dRAMA.

  801. 801 : shoshlev Says:

    I saw the drama over and over [by the way I have not found yet any drama that I’ll find it fascinating as I Do I Do
    If it was not clear that this drama
    If it was not clear that they are actors
    I would look fondly on a pair with a spark of love. Is that so? Or indeed a good game. Of talented actors? I probably will stay with the question.

  802. 802 : list.ch Says:

    love KSA
    unni satu ini paling bisa bawa suasana…mukanya emang biasa..tapi malah gak bikin eneg..kesannya gk banyak tembelan plastik sana sini…

  803. 803 : MissD Says:

    i’m watching the drama more than 15hours, and over all i like it . have good style from all of the cast . and recommended for all korean drama lovers. sweet love story between lee jang woo and Kim sun ah even they have different age 😀

  804. 804 : usa-mary Says:

    (Sports announcer voice). Hello and welcome to the 2012 Olympics! Its a pleasure to be your host for this game segment. I’m really very excited because we have a new category, the Stiletto-thon. Instead of taking you to the track, we’ll go to episode 1 where we have our participants. Hwang Ji An and Park Tae Kang, both of South Korea at the starting point. Both participants are in their places now. The destination is the train station where Ji An and Tae Kang are racing to catch Ji An’s parents before the train departs. This is really a challenging obstacle course. Not even the Iron Man’s Triatholon course is as rugged as this one. Wow, look at the crowd they’ve drawn. You can even see the intensity in Ji An and Tae Kang’s faces…both determined to win! Tae Kang his money for Beyonce’ and Ji An her father’s forgiveness! They’re getting ready…they’re at their mark, and now…they’re off! This is amazing! You would think that TK would have an advantage being 10 years her junior and running in tennis shoes, but this amazing woman surpassed him with such speed that you can tell she trained hard and is well prepared for this feat! As they head to the finish line, running pass what it seems like hundreds of people, Ji An doesn’t even break a sweat while TK has to get a second wind! Now they’re approaching the stairs! Yay…look at that woman go-go-gooooo! Ji An took to the stairs…taking each step with graceful precision! Her balance in those stiletto’s are unparalled to anything I’ve seen! Wow….each step she takes puts even the best NFL pro football player’s scrimage practice to shame! That was a very challenging course, but she made it. Wait a minute, where’s Tae Kang?!! Medics…we need medics over there! Can we get some medics over here STAT! As the medic staff quickly assists Tae Kang who’s panting heavily near a pole. Hwang Ji An is the WINNER and record holder for this catergory!

    (Gold Medal presentation). Ms. Hwang Ji An…it is my privilege to present you with 2 Gold Medals for winning the Stiletto-thon! You are truly a trail blazer and role model for all female stiletto wearers of today! We have some wonderful endorsements for you. There’s a contract for Dr. Scholl’s foot support pads, television spots for the Podiatrist Association, and a 5 year contract to promote chiropractic care!

    Enjoy…I Doers!

  805. 805 : usa-mary Says:

    Looking and ready for Part II! (refer to comment #807)

  806. 806 : lyn Says:

    absolutely agree with you @ #805 usa-mary!!!

  807. 807 : usa-mary Says:

    Moderator…I didn’t post @805. So please look into this. Thank you!

  808. 808 : sunahforever Says:

    usa-mary, as usual you are so entertaining…hahahaha, equating our two lovelies to Olympics…I had a good laugh…needed that on a Monday..thanks! I am taking a peek here after nearly 3 weeks but not many additional comments noted…do keep it coming…i love to read this forum…keeps my memory alive…am watching 2nd round to savour the pretty and hot scenes…and all the comedic antics of TK …

  809. 809 : sunahforever Says:

    BTW, to all my I Doer friends….am I right to say Jian did not once say she loves TK? Until the last episode when she was doing the commentary abt Ankle and she mentioned MY LOVE….hmmmm….the final conclusive evidence that she loves TK???

  810. 810 : usa-mary Says:

    Thank you moderator…I really appreciate you being on top of this!

  811. 811 : KDAddict Says:

    Just finished watching this drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it so much. It was so smooth sailing to watch. No angst, no love rivalries, no bitchiness etc. As usual Kim Sun Ah gave another outstanding performance. Have always enjoyed her acting! Good chemistry between KSA & LJW. The doc is so cute!

  812. 812 : tya Says:

    i watch this drama with skip and skip and skip…KSA had a different role with her earlier drama..i dont like her arrogant, she even smile with her role in i do..i lose KSA in this drama. i know as an actrees she have to try another role and character..but its look dosent work on her.

  813. 813 : lyn Says:

    How could you not forget this drama that makes our lives extra meaningful and be addicted, for to the portrayal of the 2 lead actors so realistic, that you wanted more for surely. will be my favorite and number one drama of 2012. thanks for Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang woo for your superior acting, and another year of glorified moments to remember both of you, Hwang Ji Ahn and Park Tae Kang forever!!!

  814. 814 : Kitty Says:

    Love this drama so much, watch it every day .Miss Park Tae Kang and Hwang Ji An a lot, and for sure Love and Miss Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo much more than anything. It’s the most beautiful drama of 2012 for me.Waiting for their new project , wish they will work together in new drama. LOVE THEM…….

  815. 815 : usa-mary Says:

    @sunahforever-808/809: You’re welcome. I will keep it coming. I believe if I can lift someone’s spirits at least on a Monday; it will help them make it through the rest of the week. Ditto, I noticed it too about JiAn’s commentary.

    I’m rewatching it and it is even funnier to me. I’ve found so many things that I could do acomedic spoof on. So…until!

  816. 816 : KDaddict Says:

    You are nuts, AND v funny. Hope to see you more often. Faith is coming along nicely. U seen it?

    That KDAddict in #811 is not this KDaddict who posts often.

  817. 817 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    I don’t get the part where a man took of his ring and left it on the table while Ji An went to look at some shoes. Was she married before?

  818. 818 : usa-mary Says:

    @awesomegirlrawks-817: The man took off his engagement ring aka couple’s ring. The couples rings show that they have reached the point in their relationship of serousness towards marriage. It’s obvious that this good guy was patient with Ji An to a fault, yet his fault ran out that day. He just couldn’t take anymore of her obsession with shoes when he was trying to plan a romantic get away with her!

    As I watched that scene, I thought….Girl…do you know how hard it is to get a guy to accept all your quirkiness and OFFER to ‘WANT’ to take you to a country of ‘YOUR’ choice on holiday and pay for it! Now a days, a female is doing good if she can get the guy to take her to the next city or province for a nice date! That is if you can pull him away from the video games!

    @KDaddict-816: Re Faith. I watched the first two episodes yesterday. I was a little sleepy when I watched it, so will do a re-watch of it again today. I really like the period costumes on men. I don’t know if they looked that way back in the 1300’s or not, but in the 21st century, Lee Min Ho and the others look jalapeno seed HOT to me! hehehe

  819. 819 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    @usa-mary: AAHH!! I see. So basically although the ring is on the fourth finger, they’re not married? PHEW! Thank God! Thank you. This is a really really great show. Kim Sun Ah’s acting is as mind-blowing as Natalie Portman’s in ‘Black Swan’ which is saying something. THIS DRAMA IS A MUST-WATCH!

  820. 820 : @emarosma Says:

    i’ve already watched this drama, i really like it, and like she shoes too :).. but i’m a bit confuse with the end of I do.. is Ji An die or what ? cos the subtitle said that she dont wanna come back? hmm,

  821. 821 : Preethi Says:

    awesom drama 🙂 🙂 luv u lee jang woo <3

  822. 822 : usa-mary Says:

    @emarosma-820: I watched this drama numerous of times and no where have I seen subtitles that stated she didn’t want to come back. After the C-Section surgery, Doc Jo said it went well and she had just fallen asleep when TK, his father and her parents entered her room. The remaining segment of this drama is in JiAn’s narrative voice that states….however rough her future will be, she’s not afraid to face it anymore. Now that she has her love, her child, and the people around her who support her.

    This is truly an awesome drama!

  823. 823 : chulz08 Says:

    is it a good drama with a good ending?

  824. 824 : charmaine61193 Says:

    done watching I do I do. 🙂 I really, really love this drama. 😀

  825. 825 : mtoenlob Says:

    @794 usa-mary

    Thank you for the encouragement. And thank you, too, for sharing your insights. It is this kind of healthy exchanges of ideas/insights/reactions/rants that make reading threads such as this more fun.

    See you in the next Kdrama adventure. (“,)

  826. 826 : mtoenlob Says:


    It is hard not to be charmed by this drama. What with the commendable performance of the lead stars – Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo – and ably supported by the side characters, one cannot help but be drawn to it. It might not be the best of Kim Sun Ah’s many dramas but it has an appeal of its own. It’s liberating to see a drama that doesn’t solely rely on melodrama nor excessive acting nor mind-blowing experience to push the story forward. It is not just a love story nor just a family drama. It may be labeled as a rom-com but it is not shallow. In fact, its underlying theme is an issue rarely openly discussed more so in a society that puts premium on filial piety. It is a story of a one woman’s struggle to keep her respect and dignity amidst the pressure of work and familial duties and the moralistic views of society.

    Hwang Ji An is a successful career-driven woman in her mid-30’s. Through sheer hard work, skill and determination she has effectively swung her company from nonentity to one of the top in the world of high-fashioned shoes. When it comes to work, she is ruthless. She does not compromise with copycats especially not in her type of work where originals matter. To Hwang Ji An the world is spelled S-H-O-E-S. She breathes shoes and nothing else. She is on top of her game and rightfully so is looking forward to a bright future ahead.

    Enter Park Tae Kang, a young man just barely into college, armed with youthful charisma and a kind heart. As fate destines it, the two collided, literally, when Tae Kang ran over Ji An as she was hurriedly running off to her next destination. That collision triggered the succeeding chain of events in the lives of our protagonists. On the same day they’ve met, the two bonded over one drinks too many which eventually led to an act that would forever change them. And that one fateful night altered the course of their lives.

    The Road Less Traveled

    “I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

    A salute is in order for the writer/director of this drama. To present a subject not commonly talk about takes a lot of guts. In spite of the liberal attitude of most nowadays, there are still societies that frown on the idea of a woman bearing child outside of marriage, more so in a society that views marriage as a filial obligation. The writer tries to tackle the issue of single motherhood, the support and/or lack of it for someone in this situation by presenting a glimpse into a one woman’s struggle to stand on her own outside of the norm – how she is dealing with parental and societal pressures with regards to marriage while balancing a career, setting priorities, weighing options, making choices and how these affect her personal life and the lives of those around her. The writer, in the guise of a rom-com, poses a subject of concern and, hopefully, that eventually society has to face and address.

    As a result of that spur-of-the-moment incident, Hwang Ji An finds herself pregnant. But marriage is not in her ‘to-do’ lists. Not just because the father of the child has no knowledge of it but because she has no time for it. To Hwang Ji An, she’s married to her job. And this is where her dilemma begins, not that of getting married but whether to let Park Tae Kang know. With the onset of her pregnancy looms the threat to her flourishing career.

    Life is Making Choices

    “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” – Albert Einstein

    The choice to tread the path least taken is big step for Hwang Ji An. For someone who, for the longest time, has been living on her own, accustomed to a life of aloneness and independence is now faced with a condition that would eventually test both her personal life and career. She is a woman who is in control of her world, decisive and precise. She knows what she wants and knows how to get them. This time she now finds herself stepping into a new path, strewn with uncertainties and anxieties, and the newness of it engulfs her but she never vacillates. Because she is a woman who is not easily cowed to submission, Hwang Ji An resolves to take on the challenge, armed with a resolute determination, the same attitude that has propelled her to the top of her game. And so, Hwang Ji An decides to walk alone.

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” – Winston Churchill

    Her decision to take on her pregnancy without the benefit of marriage is met with dismay and scorn. Understandably, her family was not happy of her decision. People at work mock her behind her back. And so, the obstinate Hwang Ji An realizes that one cannot control what other people think of her, that she simply cannot be liked by everybody no matter how much she tries. Whether she likes it or not, there will always be people who will continue talking about her and the “inappropriate” way she is behaving or living. But then, she decides it’s her life not theirs and so she chooses to dictate her own life… married or not, she’s keeping her child.

    Living Life Without Regrets…The Choices We Make

    “I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I’d just been myself.” – Brittany Renée

    Many times we just assumed that life should be lived according to what traditions say. Too often we live within the perimeter of our comfort zone not daring to go beyond the line, afraid of what lurks beyond. Knowing what is expected, we fall into the pit of ease and comfort thus pushing a majority of us to live a predictable life. We become so attached to the comfort that we fall trap to a routinary life. When realization hits us and we begin to ponder and contemplate how time flies, we then grasp in apprehension life has passed us by. By the time we figure out what happened we are already white-haired and wrinkled, looking back with regrets all the things we should have done.

    Rather than be trapped in a world of pretense, Hwang Ji An breaks the rules and chooses to follow her heart. By choosing to proceed with her pregnancy and keep her child, she acknowledges her femininity and embraces her womanhood. In the process of doing so, she eventually opens her self to love – love for self and love for life – loving herself, loving Tae Kang, loving her parents, loving her workers, loving the people around her, loving her child, loving her life. She has not allowed fear to take hold of her – fear of what people will say, fear of loosing her job, fear of taking a shot in love – and in the end she learns that in living life with love, she gets what she gives out and it returns to her ten folds. She knows that life isn’t a bed of roses but she has learned to enjoy its sweetness thorns included. No matter what life has to offer, be it roses or lemons, she has the power to choose.

  827. 827 : usa-mary Says:

    Chivalry is not dead…it has modern inclusions!

    We have Sir Park Tae Kang. A kind-hearted young man of 27 who would be considered a member of the medieval knighthood for his gallant and warrior code of conduct after colliding with Lady Ji An. Let’s see how many ways this handsome young warrior displayed or lived up to this standard of conduct towards this damsel in distress.

    Knights are chosen for their youth and keen eyesight! After Sir Tae Kang’s collision with Lady Ji An, he quickly looked her over with his eyes and assured her that she was okay. She snapped in response and asked if he was as an MRI!

    Knights are known to be mentally stable and level-headed during the time of distress! Sir Tae Kang accused Lady Ji An of being a member of the Insurance Fraud Gang thinking that she purposely cause the collision to collect insurance money from him!

    Knights are also known to be tremendous horseman; well we could consider Sir Tae Kang a horseman of sorts. We do know that he…

    Used Beyonce’ (though wounded in the line of duty) as his trusty steed. Moving with precision and the speed of light through the narrowest of passageways, steep-hilled streets, and shortcuts only a knight on a mission for a damsel in distress could handle.

    Knights are

    Knights are know for their gallant behavior towards the ladies. Like placing his coat down in a puddle of water for a damsel to safely cross the street. Why even Sir Tae Kang

  828. 828 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! Something happened I Doers! I will continue in the next frame.

  829. 829 : usa-mary Says:

    Chivalry is not dead…it just has modern inclusions! Part I

    We have Sir Park Tae Kang. A kind-hearted young man of 27 who would be considered a member of the medieval knighthood for his gallant and warrior code of conduct. After colliding with Lady Ji An, let’s see how many ways this handsome young warrior displayed or lived up to this standard of conduct towards the damsel in distress.

    Knights are chosen for their youth and keen eyesight! After Sir Tae Kang’s collision with Lady Ji An, he quickly looked her over with his eyes and assured her that she was okay. She snapped in response and asked if he was as an MRI!

    Knights are known to be mentally stable and level-headed during the time of distress! Sir Tae Kang accused Lady Ji An of being a member of the Insurance Fraud Gang thinking that she purposely caused the collision with his new motorcycle to collect insurance money from him!

    Knights are also known to be tremendous horseman and practice safety when carrying a passenger. Sir Tae Kang, a horseman of sorts used Beyonce’ (though wounded in the line of duty) as his trusty steed. Mastering Beyonce’ with great precision, and the speed of light through the narrowest of passageways, steep-hilled streets, and shortcuts to the point that Lady Ji An’s arms had to be pryed from around his waist!

  830. 830 : usa-mary Says:

    Chivalry is not dead…it just has modern inclusions! Part II

    Knights are known for their dexterity in arms. Sir Tae Kang extended his arms and hands in an after you gesture, so thought Lady Ji An. Actually, he was asking for payment for Beyonce’ and for gas money!

    Knights are known to be gallant and to use etiquette towards ladies of the court. Sir Tae Kang watched Lady Ji An from afar as she wept over her father’s disappointment towards her. Moved in his heart by her pretty, tear stained face, he presented her with his clean kerchief. Lady Ji An so graciously received his kind gesture, began delicately blotting her tears, until she saw the print. He had given her a bill for Beyonce’s repair and for the use of his time!

    Knights are mighty men of valor. Sir Tae Kang returned with a patio umbrella to shield Lady Ji An from the pouring rain after she thought she was all alone and no one cared!

    Well, compared to the beginning, Sir Tae Kang later proved to be a man of valor and a protector of his ladies love, Lady Ji An and baby Ankle!

    Until I Doers…enjoy!

  831. 831 : True2U Says:


    I visit daily and i see usa-mary has been keeping the page alive with some wonderful comments!! ^^ but was busy to comment. I just started school so I’ve been trying to balance everything, and to add to my luck, I managed catch a flu -_-

    I came on today wondering if mtoenlob came back and laughed when i saw ur back, lol. P.S I’ve not forgotten out promise ^^

    All I Doers can you recommend a drama, I’m VERY, VERY picky when it comes to watching dramas, This year i was only able to watch History Of A Salaryman (It was too good, Warning don’t eat and drinking while watching) and of course this one which was AMAZING. I need something light yet have a deep meaning, something so simple yet mind provoking at the same time. I’ve seen all of KSA work and I’m waiting impatiently for her new drama, Lets hope it’s soon.

  832. 832 : usa-mary Says:

    @True2U: I hope you’re feeling better. I miss everyone, too! 😀 For some reason, when I rewatch excellent dramas, the creativity with in me just won’t let them go until I birth out funny remarks or stories about what I’ve seen. I don’t plan it…it just comes to me. Maybe because I miss them; the characters that is. I’m glad you and others enjoy it!

    Here’s a few dramas that I’m watching and highly recommend:

    Panda and Hedgehog, Haeundae Lovers, and Faith (Lee Min Ho)..all kdramas. Also jdorama Rich Man Poor Woman is soooo good! All of them are currently airing which makes it easy to watch a little here, a little there, then on to the next dramas.

    Until I Doers!

  833. 833 : [email protected] Says:

    like this drama ….:)

  834. 834 : fennie Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

  835. 835 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay I Doers! Does anyone ever watch dramas on Mysoju? The website is down and if anyone knows why…could you please let me know.

    Mysoju was the very first website that I started watching kdramas on and for some reason they’re not online. Just wanted to see if anyone had any info about this. Thanks for sharing if you know the reason.


  836. 836 : lyn Says:

    #835 usa -mary, you are not the only one who is having problem, can not access and get through myself, the note i’m getting is that, please check back later! so glad that there are other sites to watch i do i do. oh boy, tried and forced my guts to start watching other dramas but my heart says i am still in love with I do I do that i can not let go!!!!!!

    This drama should have been extended, not enough for me but still thankful for Jang Woo and Kim Sun Ah for this perfect pairing and adorable couple i should say who light up my life and by not getting bored both of their presence on the screen once your start watching! i dig deep root for LJW for his awesome portrayal.

  837. 837 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    just finish watching this drama
    love it so much.. very recommended drama

  838. 838 : usa-mary Says:

    @lyn-836 and all I Doers who are interested.

    Mysoju can now be found at s-mysoju.com!


  839. 839 : dinaz Says:

    just finished watching this drama..oh my its soooooo….cute.i am actually sad that it ended i wanted to watch more.i am a fan of sun ah unni she is brilliant with what ever she does.whichever costar she works with she always have a great chemistry with them..here she has a strong role and its good to see a woman leading the male to follow his dreams and ambition coz in dramas i have watched the male leads the girl to follow her ambition..
    this is my first time watching a lee jang woo drama.i must say he is very cute..
    and yes the HEELS were too killing..i love hwang ji ahn’s room full with heels..i wish i had that many heels too..hehe 🙂
    really enjoyed watching this..superb drama..

  840. 840 : Kitty Says:

    It’s almost 2 months that I do I do end. I miss Ji An and Tae Kang so much. Every night I rewatch it before sleeping . Love this drama so much.Love Ankle’s Mom and Dad .Waiting for new project from Kim Sun Ah.This is the best drama for me in this year.Love you all I Doers.

  841. 841 : True2U Says:

    Hello ALL I Doers!!!

    @usa-mary Thanks for the recommendation, I’m VERY picky when it comes to watching drama. I did watch faith, but I’ve yet to be hooked. The story line is very weak for and historical drama and the acting is quite bad. Amazingly I LOVE the female lead and the Villain guy, hahahahah I find him soo cute!!! I find LMH character is little boring. Sometimes I feel like my standards are too high, but if you watch “Tree With Deep Roots” you will see why. THAT was a power house performance from ALL the cast especially the King played by non-other than Han Suk-Kyu. But I will stay and finish I really like the girl and the villain, I just can’t seem to hate a bone in his body XD, but I might try Rich Man Poor Woman.

  842. 842 : usa-mary Says:

    @841-True2U: I stopped watching Faith at ep. 2. I just couldn’t get with the dryness of LMH character portrayal or some of the others portrayals, as well. I agree with you about the doctor and the villian guy. They bring life to their characters. Even the queen is pretty good. I’ve watched some aloof role playing actors and actresses who really knew how to deliver that character to the audience even through their aloofness. Yet, I just couldn’t take it anymore…sorry to all Faith fans, but I really did try! I do like Asian period dramas. I watched Dong Yi, Jumong, and countless others and even raved about them when I could watch them all the way to the end. I tell you some subbing businesses out there seem to be contracted weirdly because some of them don’t complete a drama to the end. Leaving us interested viewers scouring the internet for the continuation of episodes by other subbing businesses. Well, I will look for Tree With Deep Roots and give it a go!

    Rich Man Poor Woman just ended last week with the last episode 9/17. OMG! Wait until you watch it. Now I must warn you about the way the writer continually weaves scenes and characters to the point that you begin to wonder what the person is thinking. Yet, I can assure you that the writer and director brings everything together in such a way that keeps you wanting more and more in the midst of their twists and turns. That’s all I’m going to say. Just watch it and see for yourself why I’m raving about it!

  843. 843 : True2U Says:

    @use-mary: I was hanging on a very thin tread with faith, but will stick with it. Don’t get me wrong it still bore me to tears, but i just skip to part i want to see. The king and queen romance is about to start heating up and looking forward to see how the writer will handle. I also can’t take anything in this drama seriously after seeing what Faith was originally supposed to be, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyMrcMdcT6E&feature=player_embedded, Oh the Epic-ness it could have been. I would love to see Kang Ji Hwan in LHM character, maybe just maybe he would have bring that character to life. LMH character still bores me -_- and yes I’m trying very hard. I’m the kind of person, If I not impressed with the first episode I will drop it. I did it with BIG, I only watched 10 minutes, but I just knew where the writers was heading just by looking at the lead female character. I can’t believe I’ve actually made it to episode 12 o.O.

    I haven’t have a chance to start Rich Man Poor Woman because of school, but i will definitely add it to my very short list, Which also include “Vampire Prosecutor 2” The drama is crazy good, I love stuff about investigation, because I also try to solve the case hehehehe. “The 3rd Hospital” amazing, I really don’t care if their is romance. These two brothers going against each out with different medical skill is breathe taking to watch, and I’m wait for a Rom-Com called “Ooh La La” I saw the preview and it made me laugh like crazy. FINALLY a body swapping drama that peaked my interest, BIG and Secret Garden didn’t do it for me. What I love must able the plot is that they are already married XD!!! Short huh? I know, but I’m actually glad I’m this picky. But I can’t be picky when it comes to KSA. If she is in it, Then I’m all over it.

  844. 844 : shoshlev Says:

    Oh God!!! how I miss this amazing couple this drama is the best drama of the year and don’t look at the percentage rating it does not reflect the truth in reality

  845. 845 : shoshlev Says:

    To all respondents on this page please go to the link and vote for Kim Sun Ah thanks.

  846. 846 : usa-mary Says:

    @True2U-843: I totally agree with you about Kim Sun Ah! If she’s in it…it is a done deal for me! I just know the acting is going to be exceptional and it always is. At least for me it is!

    @shoshlev-844: I miss the amazing couple too and I’m so ‘thankful’ that I don’t look at ratings. If I did, there would have been a lot of excellent acting I would have missed out on!

    Until…I Doers!

  847. 847 : Kitty Says:

    Happy birthday Hwang Jian ( Kim Sun Ah ) I’ll pray for you to have a wonderful day on your BD and every day. Be healthy , lovely, and successfully . Have a lot of good things that you want especially meet Mr. Right who love you and you love him forever like Mr. Park Tae Kang or Mr. Kang Ji Wook. Always love you Fan From Thailand.

  848. 848 : I Do, I Do | dramadic Says:

    […] Her strongest rival, Yeom Na Ri (Im Soo Hyang) takes the chance of that moment to overthrow her company position while she meets again with her old love, Jo Eun Sung (Park Gun Hyung) who has became her Gynecologist.” source […]

  849. 849 : charmaine61193 Says:

    for me I Do I Do is the best korean drama of 2012, <3 <3 … 🙂

  850. 850 : lovekimsuna Says:

    I love i do,i do because of Kim sun a!

  851. 851 : usa-mary Says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all I Doers who celebrate the holidays and to KD moderators! Best of the season to all!

  852. 852 : Kitty Says:

    Merry Christmas to my dearest Hwang Jian ( Kim Sun Ah) and to all fans of her. Best of wish to all of you.

  853. 853 : KimcheeKIM Says:

    Enjoying this drama 2nd time around…currently showing on our local TV :)) Happy New Year to the cast of I DO I DO!!

  854. 854 : Emily Dnghf Says:

    I ♥ this drama.

  855. 855 : shoshlev Says:

    This drama The Best *** I ♥ I ♥ I ♥ ***

  856. 856 : charmaine61193 Says:

    I do I do is airing here in the Philippines this coming May 6 at GMA Afternoon Prime. Whoah, i’m sooooo excited because i love this drama and the fact that i ♥♥♥ Kim Sun AH and Lee jang Woo :))

  857. 857 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this!
    Lee Jang Woo, can’t wait to see you again! Saranghae oppa!

  858. 858 : ivy luz Says:

    i love this drama…

    i really like kim sun ah the way she dress
    super sexy!!!!!!

  859. 859 : Dhaynhielle Says:

    What an amazing Kdrama!
    I like the way Hwang Ji An and Jo Eun Sung treat each other. I don’t like Hwang Ji An as well as Yeom Na Ri for Park Tae Kang! Hihihihi 🙂
    I only like Ham Eunjung for Lee Jang Woo.
    But I still supported this Kdrama since I am LJW’s big fan!
    It’s currently airing in Philippine TV but I already finished it because of excitement 🙂

  860. 860 : She Says:

    Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo are great..

    I feel the excitement, thrill and always looking forward for the next episodes.

    Kim Sun Ah`s fashion sense is something to be cherished!

    I love it!

  861. 861 : yoon eun hye me! Says:

    I love dz drama it so funny…

    Ilove their loveteam…lee jang woo…
    Ur so cute…

  862. 862 : charmaine61193 Says:

    I love this drama!! superrrr 🙂

  863. 863 : Sheryl Marie Venzon Says:

    Kim sun ah and lee jand woo has a cute chemistry…!!l
    I love them so much…!!!especially kim sun ah your the best…

  864. 864 : jenny Says:

    Ido Ido is the best korean drama ive ever watch in phillippine tv, u ol are such a great actress nd an actor, lee jang woo ur such a handsome guy, aswell kim sun, u have a verry lovely face 2,i love ur drama its verry romantic nd ol hope u 2 can be a partner in real lyf cos ur a perfect match<3

  865. 865 : jenny Says:

    Ido Ido is the best korean drama ive ever watch in philippine tv, u ol are such a great actress nd an actor, lee jang woo ur such a handsome guy, aswell kim sun, u have a verry lovely face 2,i love ur drama its verry romantic nd ol hope u 2 can be a partner in real lyf cos ur a perfect match>

  866. 866 : rizzelle marie Says:

    really love this drama..very romantic….

  867. 867 : imm vhea! Says:

    i like this korean drama!i have a copy of this drama!

  868. 868 : kitty Says:

    Happy Birthday to my only Korean actress Sunny Kim Sun Ah . Wishing you have a special day on this day with your family , your friends and your right man. I ‘ll pray for your new movie the five success . Please take good care of your health and take a rest if you have time . We so worry about your health . We ‘ll support you all the way we can.Lots of love . Your big fan from Thailand.

  869. 869 : Carmenita Says:

    love this!!! One of the best drama so far

  870. 870 : Hong Seung Hee Says:

    This drama is … make me feel bored. Better never watch this drama, theres NO something attractive in this drama. The good one is happy ending.. over all in my opinion just so so… very sorry, but very2 wasting time to watch

  871. 871 : Olajumoke Says:

    D movie is xo xo xo interesting!……….park tae kang u’re rili cute’;)’…….hwang ji an u’re too awful in season 1!!!

  872. 872 : kisha Says:

    ilove this movie super i hope it will create part 2 or season 2

  873. 873 : kisha Says:

    ilove the acting of kim sun ah that was great

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