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I Came in Search of a Flower


Title: 꽃 찾으러 왔단다 / Kkot Chat eu reo Wat dan da / I Came in Search of a Flower
Chinese title : 为寻花而来
Also known as: I Came to Find Flowers / Flowers for My Life
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-May-14 to 2007-Jul-03
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
Insert songs: 74/75 by The Connells


Na Hana loves money more than anything. she left her home town for Seoul. She decided that the only way she could be with money is to marry a rich man who will die soon. She soon meets Yoon Ho Sang, a young man who is a poor, troublemaker, and also loves money, but is in diguise of a very rich man who died. these two meet and soon love sparks but Ho Sang has a serious cancer problem which he first lied to a man who he owes money to.


Cha Tae Hyun as Yoon Ho Sang
Kang Hye Jung as Na Ha Na
Kim Ji Hoon as Go Eun Tak
Gong Hyun Joo as Oh Nam Kyung

Extended Cast

Kim Hye Ok as Park Cho Sun (Ha Na’s mother)
Lee Jung Gil as Na Jung Do (Ha Na’s father)
Jung Ae Ri as Gong Ma Dam
Kang Shin Il as Choi Pil Goo
Song Yul Gyu
Lee Jong Hyuk
Ha Hwang Haiyen
Song Yul Gyu

Production Credits

Director: Ji Young Soo
Screenwriter: Yoon Sung Hee

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  1. 1 : chiqueeismyname Says:

    looking forward to see this drama.
    hope to see this soon!
    oOps. 1st to comment. ^_O

  2. 2 : -=-=Wallpaper-=-= Says:

    For KBS wallpaper for this drama

  3. 3 : putlie Says:

    i love cha tae hyun’s drama

  4. 4 : Kfan Says:

    I am currently watching this. It’s a fantastic show. Found an interesting blog which gives reviews. Check it out. http://www.hellohallyu.blogspot.com

  5. 5 : ika Says:

    i am currently watching this drama. It is really good. People should watch it. It is not your typical kind of story. All the characters are likable. WATCH IT!!!!! you won’t be disappointed.

  6. 6 : jezreel Says:

    i love korean drama i hope thihs novel will come over here in the philippines or will broadcast in the number tv station in the philippines no othr than GMA kapusp!

  7. 7 : Lyda Says:

    After Hello Miss is this drama. I feel that I don’t like it. But maybe I don’t try so that I say like this.

  8. 8 : calamba_slayer Says:

    mi currently watching this i really like the story some times its funny…..i recommend that you watched this… im sure that you like it

  9. 9 : Jenny Says:

    Hay! I’m also watching this drama. I love the songs but I don’t know the titles. Hope someone can give me the titles of the songs. Thanks ^_^

  10. 10 : ettevy Says:

    i’ve watch this drama!two tumbs up!very nice drama,very touching..all of the characters role are awesome!they have unconditional love for each other specially the main casts,,Na Hana and Hosang.I highly recommend this drama to be seen and u’ll realize that life is so short to waste..u

  11. 11 : jnara Says:

    Kang Hye Jung looks like cecilia cheung here

  12. 12 : lirna Says:

    i hope i can c this drama a.s.a.p…i like its actor and actress!

  13. 13 : vel_sanchez Says:

    hello! i’m a filipino, i’ve seen it and it’s really great!!! it changed my perception about life…very heartwarming, certified tear-jerker, it can touch your life the way it did to me!lol, life is too short…use it wisely! loved this film, im sure you will too!

  14. 14 : HannyBae Says:

    Love Cha Tae Hyun! I think he is the most humorist korean! His face is so unique! I’ll enjoy this series! Can anyone tell me, has Cha Tae Hyun already had kid now? I heard that he’s recently married with his girl from high school.

  15. 15 : Elmer Says:

    This is a great drama! 😉

    I highly recommend this!

    It shows a lesson to everyone that death is not the end of everything.

    I really like this drama. It has a different kind of story.

    Believe me it is woth watching this drama. Though it is drama, I find it very funny 🙂

    I hope they can show it here in the Philippines

    Thank you so much for the people behind this drama!


  16. 16 : Teddy Says:

    Good news! A Singaporean company, Bluemax, has bought the rights for the drama series. There should be a dvd release for this drama for Singaporean fans soon!

    Check out KBS’ reply to my query on this drama here:


  17. 17 : donna Says:

    i’m a big fan of “Cha Tae Hyun”…. your a funny guy!!! i love you…

  18. 18 : Faye Says:

    Have just finished watching this drama. It is a very nice, funny, sad and touching drama although the ending is sad but I think its a good drama. I will watch it again for the 2nd time.

  19. 19 : Hilda Says:

    Love this drama,, has a good story line and touching too.
    Love the old songs, someone asked the names of the songs. I know one is called “Daydream Believer” by the Monkees, but the other one sounded so familiar, mabye by Crosby, Stills, Nash and YOung, but don’t remember its name, the melody is so familiar. Hope someone can tell me the name.

  20. 20 : Maggy Says:

    I just finished this serie and OMG, my tears are falling down down down. The end was so sad. I really loved it.

  21. 21 : Zanax Says:

    @ Hilda

    Yes, it was a CSNY song called “Wasted on the Way”

  22. 22 : daone Says:

    i love to watch Cha Tae Hyun he very good actor, either as a annoying person in first love royal prince or acting in sad drama. oh..i cry for this drama b.cov of cha tae hyun. but it dissapointed for heroin in this drama his acting not good no felling or expression at their face its really bad for me, for Kang Hye Jung please acting better for next time.

    i love you cha tae hyun and good luck for your job, be good father yeah!! really happy to hear you have son. 🙂

  23. 23 : June Says:

    This show currently airing on KBS World started last night on 19.15 to 20-25….

  24. 24 : Big Bang Says:

    this drama is good. I finished it last year

  25. 25 : mel Says:

    looks like so romantic…

  26. 26 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  27. 27 : Manager Careers Says:

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