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Believe in Love

Title: 사랑을 믿어요 / Sarangeul Mideoyo / Believe in Love
Chinese Title : 相信愛情
Also known as: My Love, My Family
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2011-Jan-01 to 2011-July-31
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Two strangers meet, fall in love and get married. After they have settled into married life, however, they face numerous marriage problems. Couples start to wonder why they even get married at the first place and think about divorce lamenting “I didn’t get married to live like this!’ But, shortly, you think of your parents who have managed to save their marriage for 40, 50 years. Why are the marital relationships of young generation more likely to break down easily? Are we too smart? Are we impatient? Or is it the way it should be in modern society? Tons of married couples visit family courts to break their vows, while numerous young people go on a date to find Mr. Right. . People do divorce at a huge rate nowadays and some think marriage is dead. However, lots of people still get married because they believe in this traditional institution. In this drama, high school vice president Kim and his 4 children struggle to resolve their marriage problems and towards the end they learn how to save their marriage.


Song Jae Ho as Vice-Principal Kim Young Ho
Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Lee Mi Kyung
Lee Jae Ryong as Kim Dong Hoon
Park Joo Mi as Seo Hye Jin
Moon Jung Hee as Kim Young Hee
Lee Sang Woo as Han Seung Woo
Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Choi Yoon Hee
Han Chae Ah as Kim Myung Hee
Kwon Hae Hyo as Kwon Ki Chang
Lee Pil Mo as Kim Woo Jin
Jo Jin Woong as Kim Chul Soo
Park In Hwan as Kim Soo Bong
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Hwa Young
Na Moon Hee as Cha Kwi Nam
Ha Jae Sook as Kim Chul Sook
Kim Hwan Hee as Kim Ran Yi
Yoon Hong Bin as Kwon Jae Hyun
Oh Jae Moo as Kwon Doo Hyun
Kim Dan Yool as Kwon Doo Hee
Lee Il Min as Young Soo
Sung Yong (성용) as Jo Young Woo
Young Hoon (영훈) as Kang Hyun Soo
Jang Joon Hak (장준학) as Min Soo
Kim Min Ha as Yun Soo
Baek Il Sub as Baek Il Sub (cameo)
Park Mi Young (박미영)
Kang Hyun Jung (강현정)
Kim Yoo Ri
Go Kyung Pyo
Kim Hyun Sook
Sun Woong
Yoo Jang Young

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jae Sang
Screenwriter: Jo Jung Sun


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Best Child Acting Awards, Actress: Kim Hwan Hee

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  1. 1 : Lia101 Says:

    ? i Don’t know this drama?

  2. 2 : Hind Says:

    iam .waiting for it.

  3. 3 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

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  5. 5 : yayas Says:

    kenapa pemainnya tua2?
    emang film nya bagus?

  6. 6 : via Says:

    Really really love lee sang woo, I wish he had a great role here..

  7. 7 : kuutie Says:

    this drama is good.. and fun <3

  8. 8 : minah Says:

    b4 my motivation watched this drama bcuz of Lee Sang Woo but then the story n the characters were ashtonished n the story lines is very us – human being in build relationship.. very reccomended!!!

  9. 9 : Ashley Says:

    Please show the rating !

    I love Lee Sang WOo

  10. 10 : drama freak Says:

    this drama is nice…. getting better and better =)

  11. 11 : Lovemoon Says:

    Want Kim Dong Hoon agreed to divorce Seo Hye Jin so she can be with Han Seung Woo. Hope my wish comes true. Reading the synopsis it didn’t seem like that will happen. The couple will work out and will save their marriage. If that is the case, Han Seung Woo character won’t be the lead actor in this drama. Not sure why he signed up for being the second lead in this drama. I want to see him more in this drama.

  12. 12 : Elle Says:

    Love this drama..already addicted to it. Love the grandma character in this drama..very funny..everyone played their role well.. great family drama..

  13. 13 : wongel Says:

    I really love this drama. sometimes it just makes me sad and as the same time it makes me laugh. so I really wanna say great job for everybody in this movie. Thank you!!

  14. 14 : missphang Says:

    love the plot of how each sibling encountering own personal problems admist living together in one roof

  15. 15 : enri Says:

    Lee Sang Woo the best more drama for him please darn it. Oh gosh he’s very handsome and attractive actor.

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  17. 17 : MP Says:

    Really touching drama.. Good plot.. good relationship development stories.. Great actors/actresses.. Overall! Really awesome drama.. On par to Dong Yi / Secret Garden / City Hall..

  18. 18 : Keisha Says:

    is yoo seung ho played on this drama?

  19. 19 : MoMo Says:

    Lee Sang Woo zZang!!!

  20. 20 : fennie Says:

    Love Lee Sang woo, but not his role, anyway the girl really likes his attention, and when you marry for the wrong reason its easy to fall for any guy who’s as charming and Rich as LSW. The wife is only focused on her self, she seems to have little affection for her husband and child. It’s sad when couples grow apart. Love Lee Pil Mo and Hwang Woo Seul Hye characters, it was a joy to watch how their story develops.

  21. 21 : htayapril Says:

    love Lee Sang Woo but not handsome in this drama

  22. 22 : CH Says:

    Seo Hye Jin only thinks for herself.

  23. 23 : 2011 Korean Drama — Drama Cafe Says:

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  24. 24 : Susan 33 Says:

    I’ll tell you why they divorce. I look at the fact that the wife has to live with the in- laws and be a servant to them. Why is that? I call that slavery? Why should the son’s parents be treated like gods? If the father or mother are mean and selfish, if I were the daughter in law, I’d rather be single for the rest of my life!!!

  25. 25 : kyoungsun sun baek Says:

    I want to watch this so bad.

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