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Hong Gil Dong

Title: 쾌도 홍길동 / Hong Gil Dong
Also known as: Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong
Chinese title : 快刀洪吉童
Genre: Comedy, romance, action, drama
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2008-Jan-02 to 2008-Mar-26
Air time: Wednesday & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Based on a fictional book about a Robin Hood in Korea,Hong Gil Dong, this drama is very loosely based off of that book and the time it was set in.

Hong Gil Dong is the bastard son of a minister. He spends most of his time lazing the day away and taking goods from the various merchants. However, a local monk think he’s destined to be more. Hong Gil Dong, for his part, really dislikes the injustices in this ranked world.

Heo Yi Nok has returned to Korea, fresh from China. She’s an upbeat, naive and carefree girl. She’s been living with her grandfather for the last few years. They both are merchants looking to make a fortune back in Korea.

Lee Chang Hwi, however, has been told since he was young that he’s the rightful king of Korea. He bumps into Heo Yi Nok. This initially causes misunderstanding between them, but over time his heart is softening towards her.

Meanwhile Heo Yi Nok and Hong Gil Dong are developing a friendship that feels like (at least to Yi Nok) that it could be more.

As the question of rightful succession comes into play, Hong Gil Dong and Yi Nok are forced to take sides.


Kang Ji Hwan as Hong Gil Dong
Sung Yu Ri as Heo Lee Nok
Jang Geun Suk as Lee Chang Hwui
Kim Ri Na as Seo Eun Hyo

Extended Cast

Kim Jae Seung as Hong In Hyung (Gil Dong’s brother)
Cha Hyun Jung as Jung Mal Nyeo
Park Sang Wook as Shim Soo Geun
Choi Ran as Court Lady Noh / Noh Sang Koong
Ahn Suk Hwan as Seo Yoon Sup / Minister Seo (Eun Hye’s father)
Jung Eun Pyo as the monk / Gil Dong’s master
Son Hyun Sul (손현술)
Moon Se Yun as Mr. Yeon
Kil Yong Woo as Hong Pan Seo (Gil Dong’s father)
In Sung as Chi Soo (Chang Hwi’s right hand)
Lee Duk Hee as Mr. Kim
Jo Hee Bong as Lee Kwang Whe (Chang Hwui’s brother)
Maeng Ho Rim as Choi Seung Ji
Kim Jong Suk as Eunuch Go
Park Yong Jin as Eunuch Jang
Choi Seung Kyung as Mr. Wang
Byun Shin Ho as Hal Meom
Jung Kyu Soo as Huh No Im
Maeng Se Chang Kom Yi
Choi Soo Hwan (최수한) as young Chang Hwui
Lee In Sung as young Gil Dong
Heo In Young as Poong San’s wife

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Jung Sub
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun (Hong Sisters)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2008-01-02 1 16.2 (6th) 15.9 (6th)
2008-01-03 2 15.3 (7th) 15.0 (7th)
2008-01-09 3 14.9 (6th) 14.8 (7th)
2008-01-10 4 16.2 (7th) 15.7 (7th)
2008-01-16 5 14.5 (8th) 14.2 (8th)
2008-01-17 6 15.8 (8th) 16.1 (9th)
2008-01-23 7 13.9 (9th) 13.1 (10th)
2008-01-24 8 17.0 (8th) 16.8 (8th)
2008-01-30 9 15.7 (7th) 15.3 (8th)
2008-01-31 10 15.6 (8th) 15.1 (8th)
2008-02-06 11 14.8 (6th) 14.3 (6th)
2008-02-07 12 8.5 (15th) 8.5 (15th)
2008-02-13 13 14.0 (9th) 14.2 (9th)
2008-02-14 14 14.8 (9th) 14.9 (9th)
2008-02-20 15 13.4 (10th) 13.2 (11th)
2008-02-21 16 13.2 (9th) 13.3 (9th)
2008-02-27 17 13.6 (8th) 13.1 (8th)
2008-02-28 18 14.3 (9th) 14.0 (10th)
2008-03-05 19 15.4 (6th) 15.3 (6th)
2008-03-06 20 16.0 (7th) 16.0 (8th)
2008-03-12 21 14.5 (6th) 14.6 (6th)
2008-03-19 22 14.5 (6th) 14.4 (6th)
2008-03-20 23 14.2 (8th) 14.4 (7th)
2008-03-26 24 13.8 (8th) 14.5 (8th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : candy Says:

    Wow this drama is finally out, hv waited for so long.

    Sung yuri fighting, love her beauty and acting.

  2. 2 : haikah Says:

    weeeehh.. my long wait has come to an end.. finally sung yuri’s new kdrama will have its opening next year.. i cant wait to see this!!.. hope its gonna be big!..;)

    i love you sung yuri!!!.. good luck!..

  3. 3 : shoo Says:

    Hi does anyone know where to find hgd ost?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. 4 : kate Says:

    Where can i find more information abt this drama? Sung yuri fighting.

  5. 5 : xtina Says:

    i like all the casts. sooo excited to watch this!

  6. 6 : alan Says:

    cant wait for this drama, looks very funny.

  7. 7 : wendy Says:

    hong gil dong drama fighting. sung yuri fighting and all the best.

  8. 8 : sweety Says:

    sung yuri hv a very interesting and funny character in this drama. yuri all the best.

  9. 9 : pandabear104 Says:

    cool another new drama to watch…^_^
    can’t wait and i hope it is really good and hilarious…>.

  10. 10 : griffin Says:

    from the previews, this is definitely gonna be a popular 2008 drama. The main guy is hilarious and the girl is so cute.

  11. 11 : _ica_ Says:

    yehay!!.. finally sung yuri’s new kdrama will premiere this wednesday..

    aja aja fighting sung yuri..

    we are always here to support you..


  12. 12 : sweety Says:

    another 2 more days to go, hong gil dong.

  13. 13 : griffin Says:

    I kind of wish this drama was made last year and I just found out about it right now.. so I could have a HGD marathon! ahhh korean drama marathons. good times..unhealthy.. but fun.

  14. 14 : lirna Says:

    Sung Yu Ri i luv u so much….i hope i can c u soon…dats is my wish.i hope u will hepi owez…u look so great with dat costume..luv u so much!

  15. 15 : cori Says:

    really excited to watch this drama.. lu ya SYR…. Fighting!!!

  16. 16 : sonylea Says:

    very funny, love it. yuri is so cute.

  17. 17 : natalie Says:

    looks good saw the first ep on youtube. it’s kind of demo but funny. and it has a hip hop twist. cool….!

  18. 18 : sonia Says:

    today is the second episode of hgd, hope that they have great rating.

  19. 19 : tena Says:

    Sung Yu Ri play Heo Yi Nok very well, nobody can fit into heo yi nok character but only yuri.

  20. 20 : tena Says:

    HGD drama is very funny and interesting.

  21. 21 : tena Says:

    I personally prefer HGD more than robber

  22. 22 : hekllo Says:

    me too, i agree with tena, i love hgd more too.

  23. 23 : snowwhite Says:

    wow sung yuri in hgd, i must watch, my favourite actress.

  24. 24 : snowwhite Says:

    where can i watch for eng sub pls?

  25. 25 : coolbaby Says:

    my favourit actress sung yuri, she is so…..cute in here, fighting yuri, you are cool baby.

  26. 26 : coolbaby Says:

    can i know where can i watch eng sub too?

  27. 27 : hye76le Says:

    HGD fighting, an interesting and funny drama. Sung yuri rocks, she is so cute and beautiful.

  28. 28 : skyblue Says:

    hgd is a good drama, i prefer hgd than robber. sincerely hope that people can accept sung yuri in hgd as i find her acting skill is very fine here. she is a talented actress as she has protrays very well in different dramas, such as one fine day, snow queen and hgd.

  29. 29 : bobobora Says:

    yuri see you in HGD now, i give you my full support.

  30. 30 : pandabear104 Says:

    question…why are so many people comparing robber with this series? they’re completely differant….kinda confused. have you guys gotten to see both series? if so where?

  31. 31 : nas Says:

    I have been trying to get hold of “Hong Gil Dong” for ages. If you happen to know where and how I can buy it, please let me know – I would be most grateful!

  32. 32 : elaine Says:

    i was wondering is there any ngs for hong gil dong, as i like to watch ngs.

  33. 33 : niesa Says:

    I can’t give any comment 4 this series..
    I did’nt watch this series yet..

  34. 34 : pony67 Says:

    i like this drama, very funny and interesting. all my favourite casts in here. cant wait for epi 3.

  35. 35 : Hollywood Says:

    Took a peek at the 1st ep. KJH is very funny, so is Sung Yuri. KJH kinda of reminded me of the HK actor Stephen Chow Seng Chi. KJH, Keep it up, U will be one of the best comedian in Korea & Asia.

  36. 36 : kdramafanatic Says:

    If anyone wants to read a detailed synopsis of each of the characters go to this site:



  37. 37 : arawa Says:

    very good drama…i like it very much..
    funny , exciting..thanks…

  38. 38 : hachiko Says:

    OMG!!! This drama is so good. I am enjoying every episode. I believe this will become the best drama this year ^^
    I just regret for one thing, this drama just started so I have to wait to watch full episode 😛

  39. 39 : Mapenzi01 Says:

    trop contente de voir sung yuri de nouveau!!! en plus dans une comedie!!!!!!!
    i’m so happy to see sung yuri again!!!! plus it is a comedy!!!!!

  40. 40 : faza Says:

    I need english subtitles!!!

  41. 41 : belle kim bo ra Says:

    i watch this drama till episode 1 only
    hope to see more with eng sub!!

  42. 42 : natalie Says:

    i can always go for a drama where woman get to kick some ass!

  43. 43 : mustang Says:

    people who live in the phil can watch it on kbsworld… it starts on jan 24 9pm.. it airs every wed & thurs… it has english subs so those who can’t understand korean can follow the story..
    watch it! kang ji hwan is awesome!!!

  44. 44 : noname Says:

    does anyone know the romance storry in this story ~!?!?!

  45. 45 : Talissa Says:

    Too bad I didn’t catch the pilot ep last Wed. I really like Kang Ji Hwan, he’s good in romantic comedies. I think Yung Su Ri’s acting is a little better here. I didn’t like her so much in The Snow Queen. Looking forward to finishing the whole series.

  46. 46 : xtina Says:

    i love Jang Geun Suk in this drama. he’s so hot. LOL.

  47. 47 : KOOKies Says:



  48. 48 : :) Says:

    i have watch a few episodes of hong gil dong and i am loving the story plot. i love all the cast in this drama!

  49. 49 : lemaria Says:

    I cant believe that I am now looking forward every week for new episodes of HGD. At first I am a bit hesitant to watch this drama but now I LOVE LOVE HGD. He is so lovable and so is Enok. I love her in Snow Queen. Tonight is the 10th ep. can’t wait.
    BTW, thank you Javabeans (www.dramabeans.com) for the wonderful summary. If not for your summaries I wouldn’t be able to understand the video.

  50. 50 : Ji-hyun Lee Says:

    I really love this drama^^ I watching this drama every wednseday and thursday in korea. I didn’t know that so many foreigner freinds waited it until enter here~ HGD fighting^^a

  51. 51 : easy Says:

    I hope someone could work out the english subtitles for this great drama!

  52. 52 : Tee tee Says:

    I’ve watched up to Ep 14. I LOVE HGD! The last time I was engaged in a drama was Coffee Prince. Sung Yuri has talent and portrays her abilities in this drama. Really…to go from a frigid character in Snow Queen to a goofy/cute character in HGD. I was hesitant at first but as the episodes picked up…I was hooked, line and sinker. Highly recommended. Oh yeah! Check out Javabeans (www.dramabeans.com). They do a spectactular job of recapping the episodes even when the english subs are not out yet.

    for EASY: WITH S2 has released eng subs up to Ep12.

  53. 53 : vivi Says:

    i really love this drama
    i think this drama is the best for this year
    the story is very uniqe

  54. 54 : kitty Says:

    This drama is getting better and better, is very unique, funny and interesting.

    Wow Sung Yuri did a wonderful job here, she is so adorable and kind.

    Keep up the good job HGD.

  55. 55 : chabe Says:

    Funny & unique kdrama. I love Kang Ji Hwan!!!, a very sensitive, versatile & flexible actor. Keep it up!!!

  56. 56 : mimi Says:

    i love this drama
    it so funny
    but here it not w/ english sub
    and it my tv it is

    i cant wait for the rest
    and it just started u can watch it on
    kbs la
    it there

  57. 57 : Maxxi Says:

    Jang Geun Suk rules. He’s so cute. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he plays as Chang Hwui!!!

  58. 58 : lol Says:

    one of the best drama i have ever seen. it is getting more intresting as it goes on and i love all the cast

  59. 59 : Mi-rae Says:

    yea yea…. anybody can help on the english subtitles???

  60. 60 : ooika Says:

    hey there!!
    this show has just been aired at kbsworld recently
    and i gotta say that i simply like it
    but why the rating is disappointingly low?
    it has great plot,super funny and great cast
    yuri’s performance is amazing-actually she’s the funny one-very different from her previous drama
    love it!!

  61. 61 : LeCiel Says:

    Great drama! Really really love it.. Definitely a great way to start off my 2008 with HGD 🙂

  62. 62 : kitty Says:

    Wow i really like the way ooika describe her feeling for HGD drama.

    I do find Sung Yuri extremely adorable in HGD, she has protray her character well, very different each time she participate in all her dramas. But honestly I love her acting most in Snow Queen and HGD.

  63. 63 : hwaimin Says:

    Seems that HGD is going to end soon. I totally fall in love with this drama, very interesting and funny.

    Sung Yuri is really awesome in this drama, so cute and pretty.

  64. 64 : krissyang Says:

    Yup, this show is surprisingly good. The first few episodes were a bit frivolous & OTT but as the story develops, it became better & better… In fact, I would say it’s the best show so far this year!

    There are a number of memorable characters to look out for, even those in supporting roles. There’s the teacher of HGD & the grandpa of Yi Nok who are really a hoot! There’s also the maniacal king played with much relish by the actor (don’t know his name). It’s also fun to see that particular minister who likes to boast & plays ‘golf’ – totally hilarious!

    Of course KJH is great in his role as HGD but I feel he was more memorable in Capital Scandal…

    The character I love the most is the naive & happy-go-lucky Yi Nok played with such aplomb by SYR. It is such a delight to watch her! Watch her thinking that the prince was interested in her when he wasn’t initially, watch her when she thought she’s a frail & delicate lady who faints (when actually she was poisoned), watch her with her grandpa, watch her banter with HGD… and you’ll know what I mean.

  65. 65 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    I don’t usually like period pieces (historical), however, I’m really enjoying this drama. Perhaps it’s the writing, this drama seems to have so much; comedy, romance, sorrow and intrigue. Characters are complex and well acted. SYR could not be more adorable, KJH is terrific and very believable as a hero, as well, in his various comedic characters, Bravo. The “Young Master” is very sullen and sexy… who does the heroine end up with??? Can’t wait to find out!

  66. 66 : kdrama fan Says:

    I really like this TV series…. It’s a fussion of comedy, drama, history,romance , action and the colors plays a great deal in making the movie lively. The modern approach and the musical scoring is also great. I’am still waiting for the next episodes. I really can’t wait until the show finishes. I also hope that the subs will be out soon.

    I love kang ji hwan … mhuaahh… I like his acting style. Of the many drama I have watch . HONG GIL DONG IS THE COMPLETE STUFF.

  67. 67 : kitty Says:

    Wow this drama is getting more and more exciting. Sung yuri performance is excellent especially in episode 19, gave her 100 percent in her acting skill.

    She deserves to be call a professional actress.

    Hong Gil Dong drama rocks, the storyline is so well written and the casts are really awesome.

  68. 68 : Jay Lo Says:

    I am now in Episode 20 waiting for 21… just cannot wait to see it
    Yi Nok just simply adorable, I love her gullible character, she plays it very well
    Gil Dong I must say I love him in this movie, so does Chang Whui
    I really love this movie….
    I am not much of a drama series person as I could never follow them daily but for youtube.com or mysoju.com…. you just blest me with this series that I could follow anytime….

  69. 69 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    Also waiting for episode 21, don’t understand Korean, but I’m watching everything that comes out when it comes out, english subtitles are no… addicted to this drama!!!

    SYR is absolutely adorable!!!! She’s my new favorite, move over Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince fame…) I’m diggin both KJH & JGS as leading men, they are equally sexy, dark and brooding. Again, I cannot wait to see who she ends up with?????? The drama is well scripted as well as played.

  70. 70 : citi Says:

    There are certainly many great characters in this show. But the star of this show is undeniably Sung Yuri!!!

    Her acting has either improved tremendously since the days of her roles in Prince’s First Love & Snow Queen or this is the right type of role for her… Yi Nok is really her defining role. When I first saw her name in this show, I was a bit worried. Would she be able to do it? But she has more than shine in this show. In fact, I think she has managed to even steal the limelight from Kang Ji Hwan who is a fine actor & has done pretty well in this show too…

    Way to go, Yuri!!!

  71. 71 : mustang Says:

    i love hong gil dong!!!!
    i can’t believe there are 3 ep left… what am i going to watch after that???*sobs*
    i love kang ji hwan!! he’a a terrific actor!! can’t wait what he’ll do next.. anybody has any idea?
    oh well, hope everybody’s enjoying this drama!
    what a great way to start the year!!

  72. 72 : ppp Says:

    yeah i’m kinda in love with this series right now (may sound a bit odd but drama “lovers” should understand. the leading characters all have great chemistry and their acting is superb. i’m starting to understand why people insisted on me watchin this. you seriously grow attach to all the characters especially sung yu ri’s role (favorit character by the way).
    can’t wait to finish it..and to korean people..START VIEWING IT MORE AND MAKE IT NUMBER ONE!

  73. 73 : anonymous Says:

    one of the bestttt

    mysoju only has it up to ep 18 subs
    does anyone know where i can get the followiing eps hardsubs?

  74. 74 : anonymous Says:

    bestttt dramaaaa

    mysoju only has it up to ep 18 subs
    does anyone know where i can get the followiing eps hardsubs?

  75. 75 : anonymous Says:

    bestttt dramaaaa

    mysoju only has it up to ep 18 subs
    does anyone know where i can get the eps hardsubs? i can’t download softsubs

  76. 76 : Ann Hash Says:

    Hong Gil Dong is THE BEST!!!
    Never thought I would love this kind of drama. But surprisingly I totally fell in love with it from the first episode. I’ve been watching it in mysoju. Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!!!
    The storyline is just awesome and the leading characters do have such a great chemistry. I love Kang Ji Hwan the most. He’s such a natural actor. I enjoy his acting a lot!

  77. 77 : krissyang Says:

    The last few episodes were a disappointment. Instead of sticking to comedy, the story started to become too melodramatic & serious & it went quickly down the slippery slope thereafter… Such a pity!!! It was so enjoyable prior to that.

    Nonetheless, it is still the best show in 2008 so far. But it’s early days as there are still many more months to go.

  78. 78 : Kimberly Sarreal Says:

    I must agree that the last couple of episodes are a little strange, they seem to have been hastily thrown together. Even the chemistry which was so wonderful was off the last few episodes. But it is definitely worth watching if for nothing else little miss Sung Yu Ri, she is marvelous!!

  79. 79 : viva Says:

    I simply love the young prince. He protrays his role well. The ending was lousy. Yik Nok should have ended as the queen.

  80. 80 : Lulia Says:


  81. 81 : music-ooika Says:

    aww it’s already ended
    but here in malaysia there’s still 3 eps to go yay!!
    i love,love,love this drama
    but yeah,it’s getting a little complicated towards d end,wat’s wit chang hwi’s decision and all
    but kang ji hwan is a very experienced actr and oh-so-good-looking
    he was made for hgd’s role,and komawo to joo ji hoon for not taking the role..and sang yu ri’s prformance is splendid and promising?it’s a bit hard when u’ve been compared 2 yoon eun-hye,but i tink she’s improved.Jang Geun Suk is anothr kingka!love him
    and love the ‘if’ song btw

  82. 82 : dovejewel101 Says:

    i loved this episode from the beginning to the end. when i watch kdramas i never start it when it is in the process of being made because i will be on the computer and watch episode after episode until the drama is finished (it bugs me when i have to wait for the next episodes). this was the first drama i started when the first 12 episodes came out and waited for the rest. THIS DRAMA WAS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. 83 : paraliiska Says:

    i love Jang Geun Suk !!!!!
    аз съм от България това ми е първият корейски сериал но съм категорична че вече ще гледам само такива а за Jang Geun Suk
    просто нямям думи страхотен.БРАВО

  84. 84 : nana Says:

    the last episode really really disappointing me!
    but so far HGD make me cant stop watching it…

  85. 85 : gomi Says:

    I realy like them.
    especially the master of hong gil dong
    he is really funny when he is laughing

  86. 86 : eujin27 Says:

    hong gil dong shouldn’t have ended like that, seriously i didn’t like how it ended because there’s no such hong gil dong in modern korea, dunno perhaps…. it should have ended continuing the very first scene of theft on the first episode… “a few years before this” blah blah blah.. but anyhow the drama was delivered very nice and i like it so much.


  87. 87 : aning Says:

    Really..really goooooooood drama… and I like Kang ji hwan smile…… wait for your future drama….

  88. 88 : TOP Says:

    man i luv diz series!!!!!

  89. 89 : arina Says:

    HGD is one of the best Kdrama ever!!! just love the chemistry btwn yinok and Gildong..sang yu ri gave her best best performance..just love her and KJW….love the dialogue especially from yinok..hehehe…but don’t get the ending coz in its first ep…it showed that the gang still alive???anyway i really enjoyed the show.

  90. 90 : kittylee Says:

    The stars of this show are undeniably Sung Yuri, Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Geun Suk, but I hv to say I love Sung Yuri the BEST as her performance here is outstanding, very versatile.

    Miss Sung is so ……. adorable, kind, sweet , beautiful and funny here. She has awesome chemistry with both KJH and JGS, therefore I can’t choose which guy do I like Yuri to be with but the ending has already shown that Yuri and KJH ended up together.

    Hong Gil Dong is the most entertaining and worth watching drama for the first half of 2008. HGD fighting.

    All the best to SY, KJH and JGS and sincerely hope that they can co-operate in another drama.

  91. 91 : [email protected] Says:

    this drama seem not like a past legend
    there are mix between modern and traditional things

  92. 92 : joei Says:

    cant wait for the dvd to come out in singapore.

  93. 93 : =) Says:

    when will it be out in Singapore? i cant wait!!

  94. 94 : doris p LOVE kangJIhwan Says:

    love this series coz of Kang Ji Hwan….you’ll never be called a k-drama addict if you’ll miss this one….simply the best among the best….

  95. 95 : aznblonde Says:

    love the movie, hate the ending.

  96. 96 : addict Says:

    Love this drama… Kang Ji Hwan is the best

  97. 97 : annie Says:

    Really love this drama with very great actors i ladore like Kang Ji Hwang and Sung Yuri….!!!!!

  98. 98 : darkhealer Says:

    i like this drama. both main characters here did their good job. the acting is superb. the series can be funny, romantic, drama, action etc. but the ending crack me up.. but all in all it’s good.. the best line here was ” I LOVE YOU” hehehe… how i wish there would be another season of this..

  99. 99 : kath Says:

    this is one of the best k-dramas ever!!!!!
    and KJH and SYR , they look nice 2gether

  100. 100 : angeleyes Says:

    I luv the price, he is cute and acted well in this drama…

  101. 101 : hana yoori Says:

    One of my favorite movies except for the ending was sad and disappointing.

  102. 102 : PiNeAppLe Says:

    This Drama Movie is so adorable. They said that the ending was sad & disappointing, but i don’t think so. Ending must follow the storyline & I think it was good for an ending, just like what will we face in the real life.
    SEVEN THUMB’s UP for the casts..!!
    JIA YOU…!!!!!!

  103. 103 : eren Says:

    I want to ask where i can watch hong gil dong beside in mysoju.com?
    because i can’t open mysoju.com
    thanks for you help

  104. 104 : venus Says:

    i think you can watch here http://www.xiaoli.cc/video/detail/1287
    but it is in chinese sub
    or you can watch in youtube..
    crunchyroll can be watch till episode10 only.

  105. 105 : joei Says:

    This is a very funny drama, thumb up.

    I totally fall in love with Sung Yuri and Kang Ji Hwan. They look very lovely in here, but the ending is a bit not to my expectation, but anyway love it.

    Hope to see both the casts again as they look great together.

  106. 106 : cathydrama Says:

    some end of drama should be sad : story begin more strong! it was one of my A-list kdrama (enjoy also wih bad couple! so fun and reallistic!)
    hope u could watch its these drama !

  107. 107 : Claudette Faye Says:

    woahhh………i have watched it several times and it really gives me the satisfaction that i received when i first watched it……for now, i stop watching it because i really really want to miss it……i want to watch it 3 years from now so that when i’ll watch it, i’ll have that EXCITING feeling that i had!!!!!!!!! Thank you Kang Ji-hwan for playing the character of Gil Dong…..You gave us OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!!! I miss Gil Dong and Yi Nok, but I don’t want to watch them now, i’ll wait until I forgot the story and start all over again…..Woahhh….I want to feel that FEELING AGAIN……..That exciting feeling when there’s a cliffhanger!!! those tears whenever Gil Dong and Yi Nok struggles and that romantic feeling!!! I miss you HONG GIL DONG!!! Hope you’ll visit us here in PHILIPPINES!!! Mahal na mahal ko talaga ang HONG GIL DONG. Walang makakatalo nito sa puso ko……To all the members who created Hong Gil Dong, I wished you luck and good health…….Thank you for giving us OUTSTANDING STORY…

  108. 108 : Celestial Says:

    I love this drama~~ Both the main actors reli did a good job in this drama..the chemistry between them are so romantic n touching~ i still hav three episodes to finish…From the comments written here, it seems like the ending not very satisfying…that’s kinda disappoint, anyway, it make me more eager to watch the ending~ Thumbs up for this drama!

  109. 109 : Meeky_Girl Says:

    The ending reli not up to my expectation…kinda disappoint with the ending…But overall, the drama is good~

  110. 110 : Dmingz Says:

    there was a post drama show where the producers mentioned that they like to reflect on some social issues in the show eg. conscription, learning the language of the stronger nation etc. Hence this is not a pure, brainless comedy.

    At that point in time, it is not possible for HGD to set up the kind of political system that he wanted, even though we may take this system for granted nowadays. Hence it is logical that he would be killed for his dream. Or would the audience rather see that he gives up the dream and live in china instead, like what many political exiles do?

    The final section tries to link the whole drama back to the modern society as a closing. but i admit the execution is kind of cheesy and could have been done better.

  111. 111 : Faye Says:

    I am still on episode 20 of this drama. The story is very interesting, not a moment of feeling bored. The soundtrack is really lovely – “if” it sounded so sad, feeling like crying each time I listen to it

  112. 112 : ishda Says:

    thinks.but can i dawnloud the drama

  113. 113 : jarenz Says:

    honestly, i don’t like the ending. well, for the fact that i like most the character of sung yuri and jang geun seok. I like them both a lot. they have better chemistry rather than kang jiwan. Sadly, this drama series is much focus on the love between hong gildong and yinok. hoping that sung yuri and jang geun seok be team up together in a drama series in the near future.

    but in fairness, the show is good. all the characters acted superbly.

  114. 114 : Mohammad Says:

    This is the one of best movie that ive been see , very thanks to director and writer and casts specialy Hong gil dong and Sung Yu Ri .

  115. 115 : Atsirk Says:

    I just watched the last episode…

    They died, but it was all good.

    KJH and SYR did an awesome job!!!

    One of my most favorite dramas ever!!!

  116. 116 : Daisy Says:

    It is a much better drama than what I had expected it to be. There is a lot of slapstick comedy and I did not want it to end with a bloddy battle.

    Thanks to the director we did not see the carnage and left it to our imagination. I liked the ending. Very good drama overall.

    It was nice to see Sung Yuri play, for a change, a cheerful girl, in contrast to the pitiful roles she has played in her previous dramas. Kang Ji Hwan is charming (and a good actor) and was perfectly cast as Hong Gil Dong. Jang Geun Suk has a beautiful childlike face, and can act very well. He is six years younger than Yuri, but he plays a lot older character than her. Same in Beethoven Virus (another good drama).

  117. 117 : cutie Says:

    my favorite first &best kdrama

  118. 118 : ana Says:

    loved acting of kjh & cute syr but drama has the worst possible ending

  119. 119 : NANCY Says:

    greatest music ever . loved the voice of taeyeon & ost if. ost when it begins by kim yeon woo is also one of my favorite track although it didn’t get much attention if anyone knows english lyrics please let me know
    thanks in advance

  120. 120 : ladygreen Says:

    I really loved this drama especially Prince Chang Hui….

  121. 121 : lindaMelvyne Keningau Says:

    i like this drama very much but i’m very disponted cannot down load or watch through internet!

  122. 122 : Irene Says:

    Some said the ending is not good, i guest their wrong. Maybe if you have time try to watch agian and think what it means to us..

  123. 123 : lirna Says:

    hope i can see this drama..huhu..im really want to see sung yu ri act in this drama style..

  124. 124 : twin Says:

    my most favorite k drama

  125. 125 : Tracy Lim Says:

    i started to like this drama..but it’s too late because i didn’t see this drama from the beginning..first i thought it going to be boring…but in the end…i was wrong.. i regret it so much…..i’m such a stupid girl

  126. 126 : hong sing Says:

    I really like this drama. It has a good story. Handsome and beautiful actors, and great acting too (except the mad King who was a bit overboard, and the monk whose voice I couldn’t stand). Poor Jang Keun-suk though, he had to have a sad face all the time. Kudos also for the costume designer(s). The costumes were beautiful!!

  127. 127 : maLay Girl Says:

    Much to the contrary, the King and the monk are among the best actors in this K-Drama. Anybody can act as the cool Hong Gil Dong and the Prince, Chang Hwi. But if one can act crazy and brings out the hatred from the audience, tat is the best kind of acting.

    The storyline is great even with the unexpected ending. It challenges the viewers mind unlike other K-drama whereby they always have a sweet and lovely ending. Kudos!

  128. 128 : Sarang :) Says:

    JGS is my boyfriend forever. I saw his face while I was browsing through the channels – when I saw his drama moment in KBSWorld, the Ep2 (as in the close up part when he was reminiscing abt his mother), I really was hooked up on the series and never stopped to watch it. EXCEPT when it ended. Though I wanted it to never end, it did. 🙁

    ANYWAY, JGS and KJH and SYR are so cute. All of them. But I’m no bisexual or anything, I just like them together in one screen. I hope I see more of them!! Woohoo to them! 😀

    JGS I still love you. I’ll meet with you in our future, ok? Woohoo! :))

  129. 129 : moba Says:

    really luv kang jihwan, sung yuri and jang geunsuk.hope to see kang jihwan and yuri paired in other dramas.

  130. 130 : Miss A. Says:

    this is one of the best k movie i have watch so far.. RECOMMENDED! 🙂

  131. 131 : Alex Says:

    this series is great series ..love it..can’t say its happy or sad ending..it depend on the way you think…good chemistry between the lead actor & actress..I was just so sad & disappointed that it ended..I wish it never end…

  132. 132 : fil4 Says:

    this drama is really something
    it do leave a sad, nice.. (i just can’t put it into words) fellings in my heart
    and how its end… its hard to bear it…
    but that’s life, we can never expect full of roses everytime
    it conveys that love is not something that can easily come and go, and sometimes we do have hardship in order to rotect someone we love… it’s too painful… but… what more can i say? you should feel it by yourself by now

    do watch this

  133. 133 : jerome Says:

    thats a good story but sad ending…… i wanna thank all the casts…. once again thank you!!!

  134. 134 : Jung Yong-Kyo Says:

    This was the first korean drama i’ve seen!

    The best!

    I liked gom-i!

    He was adorable!

    The end really disappointed me. Poor gom-i! I want more!!

  135. 135 : Sony Says:

    ya it’s the funny drama.

    Sung Yuri is realy funny.

    I like it!

  136. 136 : Sony Says:

    Ji Hwan’s realy good too.

    It’s too funny.

  137. 137 : Sony Says:

    it’s so so amazing.
    I have fun all day.

  138. 138 : Sony Says:

    Lee Nok, Chayo!!!

  139. 139 : Sony Says:

    really really like this drama!
    really really love Yuri!

  140. 140 : Sony Says:

    Yuri is really good in her role.
    Compared to her role in Snow Queen, I cannot say witch one is better.
    I think both are the best.

  141. 141 : Sony Says:

    I think the OST “If” touches my heart.
    I feel it’s lovable.

  142. 142 : cut throat Says:

    I don’t agree with u guys saying the ending was disappointing….it might be disappointing but thats how the series supposed to end…the decision that hongildong took at the end of the episode is what made him a hero…he stuck to his motive till the end…AND chang hwui as a king did his role…to destroy hong gil dong’s world which cannot co-exist with his. I GIVE 10/10 TO THE ENDING PART.

  143. 143 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  144. 144 : Leoniflor Says:

    Aneyong haeseyo? Chonun lee rahgo hamnida, cho-un pepkaysumnida. Nae namjachinguuga doeojullae? saranghamnida kang ji hwan! Saranghaeyo oppa. Tsup..Tsup..Tsup.

  145. 145 : ninja9 Says:

    lucky i didn’t see yi nok died….if not it will spoiled everything…thanks for producing such a good drama…

  146. 146 : quann Says:

    i love iljimae!!! is this anywhere good too?

    i seemed to think that korea has a lot of dramas off robin hood. iljimae. the return of iljimae. hong gil dong. and what else?

  147. 147 : Goong Ju Says:

    Nice and enjoyable drama. Kang Ji Hwan always gives his best in every drama that he acted in. A great chemisrty between Kang Ji Hwan and Song Yu Ri, they are quite matching after all.

  148. 148 : lou8 Says:

    korean drama mostly thier ending has a question, like the ending of emperor of the sea,
    terms of endearment
    summer scent {endless love 3}
    stained glass
    this drama all thier ending has a question?
    try to watch

  149. 149 : deanaz Says:

    love this drama and hate the ending….why they must attacked by the king and why they must died….i wish Hong Gil Dong and friends can move to another place and start build their own kingdom.

  150. 150 : mus Says:

    keseluruhan cerita memang bagus,saya suka lihat sung yuri melakonkan pelbagai watak dengan berkesan sekali.. akhirnya m…ereka dapat bersama hingga akhir hayat..

  151. 151 : mus Says:

    the overall story is good, I like to see sung yuri portray various roles effectively once .. ultimately be m. .. ereka together until the end of life ..

  152. 152 : victoria Says:

    this drama is good!! Jang Geun Suk is so handsome in this

  153. 153 : Mrs.Han Kyung Says:

    I love the young prince most. He portrayed his role very well and also so good looking guy. love his eyes!!

  154. 154 : Ayu Says:

    I agrees with Victoria and Mrs.Han Kyung . Jang Geun Seok is so handsome … I cried before watching this show lots of time …

  155. 155 : Luk Says:

    Hong Gil Dong was awesome. Unluckily I never got to see it with eng subs from ep 8 – ep 24. Kang Ji Hwan was really good in this even though it is my first drama with him in it. He made Hong Gil Dong my favorite character. Sung Yuri was so different in this from her previous roles and I just loved it. Lee Neok was an enjoyable character to watch. Jang Geun Seok’s Chang Hui could’ve been better IMO, but he was okay. The high minister guy was funny for his “core of all power” phrase and the King Kang Hui was really good too. Ending was not satisfying in general, but it made sense for the story. I just wished they emphasized HGD and HLN’s relationship more, as in not just ending up together, but what happens afterwards. Still good though. For people asking about whether to watch it, just watch it and you’ll come to a decision.

  156. 156 : Sava Says:

    Hi Ladies,

    What’s the ending? I just finished eps. 20 and going to 21 but from what i have read previously the ending is not that good, they both died…oh so sad, it;s quiet disapointing if they’re both dead.

    the 1st episode said a few years earlier, that should be the ending, they got together and do what they love the most, help poor people

    Overall, this drama is awesome especially Kang Ji Hwan and Sung Yu Ri, best couple on screen and they make the drama very entertaining.

    Too bad with the ending, anyone can tell me what’s the ending really is

  157. 157 : saaya Says:

    I fell in love with JGS in this drama…soo freakingly handsome and excellent potrayal of his role…
    I first watched him in YAB though…but his prince character in this drama got me hooked with him…

  158. 158 : Mohammad Says:



  159. 159 : dya Says:

    hate this drama.. sad for jang geun seok.. i watch this drama only want see jang geun seok.. saranghae JGS.. wait for u’r new drama..

  160. 160 : amelia Says:

    I Love the character Prince Chang Hui…..JGS is a very good actor!!!
    Love his eyes and his rare smile in this drama…..

  161. 161 : ramces Says:

    It’s so FRUSTRATING that everytime I wanted to watch this drama,more than 90% of the episodes are B R O K E N..yaiiks!

  162. 162 : jeanpyo ",) Says:

    I SUPER LOVE THIS DRAMA! IT HAS A VERY SATISFYING ENDING even though it ended with the two leads death, i so love it, the chemistry between the actors, the story line, PERFECT!!i just love how hong sisters(writers) satisfy there fans with there stories… SARANGHE KANG JI HWAN!!

  163. 163 : girly valiente Says:

    i really love this movie but i wasn’t able to watch it until its end due to unfixed video, I’m begging you to fix it to be able for me to watch it!, thank you and more power!

  164. 164 : melani Says:

    Jang Geun Suk was my favorite..Intense eyes..If I were Yi Nok, I would have chosen him and be queen, that way, We can both help rebuild the nation.we’d still be friends with Hong Gil Dong ofcourse and work together with him..Hong Gil Dong’s character was also fascinating.I really didnt like the ending but its strange how Ive come to be attached with the characters.I would miss the characters so I would watch a few episodes again..I really like the love story between the three..Jang Geun Suk though was who I remember most..He is etched in my memory..remarkable performance..

  165. 165 : Naga Says:

    I think the insane emporer acted very well in this show.

  166. 166 : joon t,uk Says:

    it made me laughed & cried from kang ji hwan sang yuri. JGS’s done well too.

  167. 167 : diana Says:

    one of THE BEST my fav serial…
    maybe … the best of the best… after watch this im just say..
    i must have the original disc!

    this drama so complate.. make me up & dawn…smile n cry..!!

    thank to make it…”all in one”


  168. 168 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  169. 169 : mel Says:

    looks like interesting… i wanna watch this…

  170. 170 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  171. 171 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    The start of my KANG JI HWAN addiction…..
    well casted acting wise and very interesting sageuk fusion drama with a twist. Love the drama and the comedy. Another 5 star from the HONG SISTERS writing duo. more more more (“,)

  172. 172 : anna Says:

    This is my 1ST Sageuk/Historical Drama. I’m not into this type of story but since I’m a huge fan of the Hong Sisters’ writing duo…I have to watch it plus bonus of seeing my KANG JI HWAN (“,) again after Capital Scandal is a MUST! I’m surprise that I really feel -“hook, line and sinker” -in love with Hong Gil Dong….I cried and laugh with this drama like crazy, the acting were ALL great! I got carried away…so much so that I’ve watch all-24 episode in 4 days! All the characters are memorable, they’ve owned it. Now I got the CD collection so that I can re-watch the episode I like. It is now on my top 10 BEST KDRAMA EVER. This drama reinvigorate my K-drama addiction after so long.

  173. 173 : eugene Says:

    I really love KJH. This is the 1st drama about Joseon Dynasty that i have finished beside Dae Jang Kum. I really hope that KJH and SYR are a real couple in real life.

  174. 174 : kcomments Says:

    Great drama. Love KJH, SYR and JGS, these three portrayed their characters so well. The prince is so charming, Hong Gil Dong is so manly and funny. I feel they love each other in a way but born differently. The ending is appropriate to the storyline. Re-watched it many times.

    All in all, highly recommended, a must see from Hong Sisters!
    Love you KJH.

  175. 175 : yasaman Says:

    i love this move!i think it is different move!!&i love kang ji howan.i am iranian girl!!!

  176. 176 : dryasaman2021 Says:

    i loooooooooooooveeeeeee hong gil don move!!i am crazzy for this move!!
    i am iranian girl!!

  177. 177 : calLypSoo Says:

    I love this drama! I love the connection between Sung Yu-ri and Kang Ji-hwan. I laugh when KJW act childish. Kang Ji-hwan and Sung Yu-ri are fit for each role. I love the perforamance! Though I haven’t finish watching it yet(I’m now in episode 19), I can say the drama is indeed extravagant!

  178. 178 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  179. 179 : calLypSoo Says:

    Theres a scene in the drama that I like. It in episode 19. It’s when Sung Yu-ri caresses the chest of Kang Ji-hwan. Yu-ri thought that Ji-hwan was asleep but he’s not actually sleeping. I really laugh at this scene. It looks funny yet embarassing.

  180. 180 : queeniefly Says:

    Hong Gil Dong is the best korean tv series i’ve watched yet…a combination of comedy, romance, action, and drama that got me sooo hooked ! even if i had to watch it in the internet and load the whole day, i don’t mind coz this series never failed to make me laugh, cry, get worried, excited, and anticipate ! whenever sung yu ri cries, i cry. aww ;’c

  181. 181 : Irene Says:

    The first drama of Kang Ji Hwan i watched is hong Gil Dong.. This is the drama introducing to me to like Kang so much.. He like very well whether action,drama,comedy or horror.

  182. 182 : marlyn Says:

    I love JGS in this drama.

  183. 183 : Heidi Says:

    I love the prince Lee Chang Hwui ( JKS) .I love all his drama or movie he on the lead .He’s act so great and good looking too !

  184. 184 : devora Says:

    i really like this drama.

  185. 185 : Zeal Says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has bgrihetend my day!

  186. 186 : Satchel Says:

    You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it bteetr.

  187. 187 : luna Says:

    I like this drama,very good……,funy and romance…..

  188. 188 : ren121 Says:

    yeah, that lonely prince chang hwi make me fall in love to JKS!!, your very sweet smile in ep 12 confused me bcz you can hide your playful face to a very different innocent prince! n u hooked me to watch until the prince die..sad..huhu

  189. 189 : ren121 Says:

    But OMG, JKS was totally not fit with that wig in HGD! so weird n his pretty young face looked ugly humm, but in Marry me Mary, wah!so damn pretty n suit n sweet, n rock u man!

  190. 190 : TH Says:

    i’m a huge fan of Kang ji hwan since save the last dance followed by his numerous projects but i hv yet to see this one! it looks interesting & he never ceased to amaze us anyway! he’s multi-talented & can do drama & comedy very well! luv you kang ji hwan!

  191. 191 : TH Says:

    i’m no on epi 13 & liking this drama to the max! i nvr thought Hong gil dong drama was this good…sung yu ri made me cry with her in epi 12 part 4 when she found out gil dong was still alive! this drama is a must-see if anyone hasn’t seen it yet! my only regret is i didn’t watch it while it was airing! i can hardly wait to see the rest! luv kang ji hwan & jang geum sook here as well as the acting of sung yu ri! she was good in her role & so are kang & jang!

  192. 192 : Lorem Says:

    woops posted to the wrong page. Please remove to remedy my mistake O gracious and most munificient moderator. Tanx.

  193. 193 : danielle Says:

    Chang Hwi (JGS) looks very handsome in this drama. It was when I first saw him in this drama that I was attacted to him…. Sad then, I didn’t know he was the same person in Beethoven Virus so I missed watching until I saw him again in You’re beautiful. When I came to this site, I was wonderting why You’re beautiful is at the toplist. When I bought the VCD and watched, then I know why it is because of JGS. His super acting skill!!! So amazing, he looks soooo dashing and stunning.

  194. 194 : lieya Says:

    i watch this drama cos i like jang geun suk so much… but when i adapted to it , i actually fall in love with kang ji hwan more! this is a much watch drama … sung yu ri is my favourite too.. i shed tears in a few episode . all i could say this is one of my favourite drama ever

  195. 195 : Dominic Says:

    definitely d best drama in year 2008…:-)

  196. 196 : The most popular korean site in Iran » Blog Archive » Sung Yuri_ Biography Says:

    […] Town (KBS2, 2011) Swallow the Sun (SBS, 2009) Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) One Fine Day (MBC, 2006) Prince’s First Love (MBC, 2004) Thousand […]

  197. 197 : asiandaddict Says:

    wow!!! I cant believe that JGS and KJH have a series together. I cant wait to see this since both of them are now my most favorite korean actor….. This only shows that though I am one of those who have seen hundreds of korean drama, still, I’ve got lots to see.

  198. 198 : KDFan Says:

    What a combination! KJH, JGS and SYR are the three actors who I have loved for quite sometimes appearing together in one drama. Will never be a dull moment indeed!

  199. 199 : Matt Says:

    This drama will be on VTV (a free Korean channel); Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at 8:00PM, with English subtitles, starting March 1.

  200. 200 : delia Says:

    i love this drama so much

  201. 201 : dini Says:

    i love kang ji hwan <3

  202. 202 : marilyn Says:

    i love the story. and i love the characters, most especially kang ji hwan and jang jeun sook

  203. 203 : koreagirls » بیوگرافی جانگ گیون سوک Says:

    […] Beautiful (SBS, 2009)Beethoven Virus (MBC, 2008)Hong Gil Dong (KBS2, 2008)Hwang Jin Yi (KBS2, 2006) Alien Sam (2006) Lovers in Prague (SBS, 2005) Nonstop 4 […]

  204. 204 : danzfil Says:

    im happy to watch this

    all the emotions are satisfies

  205. 205 : [email protected] Says:

    menangis dan tertatwa..some like yu..cho ran..

  206. 206 : deedeq Says:

    download filmnya dimana yach

  207. 207 : fransiska Says:

    @deedeq : di gooddrama…lengkap di situ..:)

  208. 208 : dar In Indonesia Says:

    I know N become Like KJH coz saw in Lie To me..I like this drama N coz this drama I want know more n more about KJH..

  209. 209 : Kikay Says:

    Just finish watching this drama. I like all the main actors
    Kang Ji Hwan as Hong Gil Dong
    Sung Yu Ri as Heo Lee Nok
    Jang Geun Suk as Lee Chang Hwui

    But my heart broke for Jang Geun Suk the most. And the theme song “IF” makes me cry as soon as I hear the 1st word..

  210. 210 : icegirl Says:

    great drama! there was never a dull moment!

  211. 211 : Hanako Says:

    It was a real good drama but very unexpected ending. Why should one broke the heart of Jang Geun Suk, because of his looks? In a drama one must not choose the looks if he is going to be a person who wants power to become a King. For that position it is greed and power. Hong Gil Dong and his men helped Chang Hwui in many ways even risking his own life so why did Chang Hui destroyed Hong Gil Dong’s People and their territory? No security? Afraid someone steal his throne? All of them had their sufferings. Hong Gil Dong, Yi Nok also had their bad past and sufferings not only Chang Hwui. He changed because Yi Nok prefers Hong Gil Dong? So I do not liek the ending as it is not as logic as the whole story was good till the last episode spoiled the whole drama..Pity!!Honto ni Kawaiso ne! But all the actors and actresses were fantastic in this drama …Especially all those main characters

  212. 212 : hasti Says:

    I don’t like the ending of this Drama 🙁

  213. 213 : Es Says:

    love this drama… 🙂

  214. 214 : tigerb Says:

    i watched this drama because the first episode was well done. i got hooked, although the story is loose, but the actors were good, the portrayal of the monk was weird, and a mixture of action, romance, comedy, etc. the depiction of two narrow worlds, one with a king and peasants, the other when everyone is equal, was imperfect, as no world is perfect. i feel sad for a young king, could not win his love and found he was a victim of manipulating people, but his resolve to be king, rightful as it was, made him stronger and proved that he can be king in the end, so too bad for HGD and HYN and the resurgent gang. the leading actor and actress were good in their roles, and JKS had a restrained acting being a king. he was better in ‘hwang jin yi’, comparing his roles in a period drama. i’ve watched many of his work, and the guy can really act. it’s a good watch!

  215. 215 : lette Says:

    the story was nice. i like the story at the first episode. it was fun but the ending is quite sad.

  216. 216 : funke racheal Says:

    i really love the flim but the ending was annoying.

  217. 217 : iin Says:

    boring sung yu ri. flat. firstly very interest,after watch it, boring me look SYR. her acting in very project is similiar.

  218. 218 : debby Says:

    I hate de ending I couldn’t stop crying even when I was sleeping I had it as a night mare

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