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Title: 홀리랜드 / Holy Land
Chinese Title: 圣地
Genre: Action
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2012-Apr-28 to 2012-May-19
Air time: Saturday 23:00


A TV movie about a homeless teen who wanders the streets and skips school but is able to redeem himself through the beauty of boxing.

Ordinary teen Kang Yoo (Dong Ho), who can’t get along with people at home or school, begins to learn the basics of boxing from a book. One day, he goes out on the street and defends himself with his new learned boxing skills from a group of thugs. Since that time, he is called the hunter of thugs. By chance, Kang Yoo meets Sang Ho (Sung Woong), who becomes his mentor. Kang Yoo pushes himself to find out who he really is …


Dong Ho as Kang Yoo
Sung Woong as Sang Ho
Hoon as Tae Sik
Joo Da Young as Sang Mi
Yoon Bong Kil as Park Chul Woong
Min Woo Hyuk as Hwang Suk Go
Lee Jae Won as Kwang Soo
Park Joo Hyung as Choi Dae Han
Jung Yoo Min as Mi Kyung

Production Credits

Director: Park Ki Hyung


“Holyland” is based on Mori Koji/森恒二‘s Holyland Manga which is published from 2001-June-29 to 2008-July-29.

– Japanese Drama ホーリーランド/Holyland which is Broadcast on 2005-April-01 also based on this Manga.


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Official Site

Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : hunnie Says:

    dong ho so hotie cutie

  2. 2 : Eyshanyx Says:

    Dongho luking so hot and cute on the poster… cnt wait to watch it… =D

  3. 3 : Penelope Says:

    Omo Dongho acts? hes sooo cute and hot at same time!!!!

  4. 4 : wynn Says:

    oh~!!! still left few days, then it gonna appear~!!! (>v

  5. 5 : Ratna Says:

    wah, gk sabar mau liat Dongho .. :))

  6. 6 : nisa Says:

    huwaaa daebak donghooo! can’t wait so much!! 😀

  7. 7 : Charlie Says:

    I love UKiss, can’t wait to see them act.

  8. 8 : tsoom Says:

    good luck.can’t wait so much

  9. 9 : [UPCOMING K-DRAMA] Holy Land Says:

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  10. 10 : lestari Says:

    haduuhhhh biasa na nyanyi ckrg maen film asik asik

  11. 11 : muabuonkst1 Says:

    You can download this drama here

  12. 12 : Khamira Says:

    I´m really curious about this adaptation. I love the Japanese drama and the manga.
    But is it really only 4 episodes long? O_O
    Am looking forward to it.

  13. 13 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:



    Episodes are probably RAW. RAW – No English Subtitle. Check back later.

  14. 14 : Zeke Says:

    wow. thnx……..

  15. 15 : mis yoseob... Says:

    oppa nan jeonmal juaeyeo…

  16. 16 : mis yoseob... Says:

    oppa dong ho ,,,
    neomu gyeopta….

  17. 17 : 김 혁 분 Says:

    놀라운 드라마 …!
    필자는 이것을 무척 좋아합니다 ^ _ ^
    동 호 잘생긴 내가 당신을 사랑

  18. 18 : lingli Says:

    where can i watch this?

  19. 19 : zarima USA Says:

    i really love it too!!!!! 🙂

  20. 20 : han ha ri Says:

    cant wait to watch ths movie… I want to see hoon oppa..you the best 😀

  21. 21 : choi hye sun Says:

    aduch….dongho q,,,hahaii..

  22. 22 : kaka Says:

    dongho obba saranghae……………

  23. 23 : kaka Says:

    dongho oppa saranghae……………

  24. 24 : Jesa Mae V. Dinoy Says:

    dongho oppa… you’re so hot and cute…

    Please make more dramas in the future….


  25. 25 : d14h Says:

    Why Holyland are not on the list ?

  26. 26 : Ying Says:


    may be this drama have only 4 episode.

  27. 27 : mizore1999 Says:

    I love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dongho >w<

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