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High School – Love On

High School - Love On 03

Title: 하이스쿨 – 러브온 / High School – Love On
Also Known as: Hi! School: Love On
Chinese Title: 爱在高中
Genre: Romance, Youth, School, fantasy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2014-July-11 to 2014-Dec-19
Air time: Fridays 20:55


Lee Seul Bi (Kim Sae Ron) is an angel who is sent to Earth to look after Shin Woo Hyun (Nam Woo Hyun), who lives with his grandmother and carries emotional scars from being abandoned by his parents. Despite his cold demeanor, Woo Hyun is popular in school because of his good looks and singing ability. When his best friend, Hwang Sung Yeol (Lee Sung Yeol), finds out a secret that ties them together and also develops feelings for Seul Bi, who is posing as a fellow student at their school, the best friends turn into rivals. Can Seul Bi survive first love and other the perils of life as a teenager and properly do her job to protect Woo Hyun?


Main Cast

Nam Woo Hyun as Shin Woo Hyun
Kim Sae Ron as Lee Seul Bi
Lee Sung Yeol as Hwang Sung Yeol
Choi Soo Rin as Ahn Ji Hye
Jung Jae Soon as Gong Mal Sook
Jo Yun Woo as Hwang Woo Jin

Grade 2 Class 3 Students

Shin Hyun Tak as Kang Ki Soo
Kim Young Jae as Choi Jae Suk
Kim Min Young as Na Young Eun
Na Hae Ryung as Lee Ye Na
Kim Ji Ah as Lee Da Yool
Kim Min Suk as Park Byung Wook
Baek Seung Hun as Yang Tae Ho
Jung Yoo Min as Kim Joo Ah
Lee Shi Hoo as Ko Chun Sik

High School Teachers

Kim Kwang Sik as Kim Kwang Shik
Lee Chang Joo as Jun Byung Chul
Choi Sung Gook as human angel
Fabian as Phillip
Han Soo Yun asChoi So Jin


Lee Yoo Jung as Lee Yoo Jung
Kim Yoon Hee as Kim Yoon Hee
Lee Joo Shil as Kong Mal Sook
Song Ji Ho as Seo Hyo Han

Production Credits

Production Company: High School Co.,Ltd
Producer: Sung Joon Hae
Director: Sung Joon Hae, Lee Eun Mi
Screenwriter: Lee Jae Yun

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Title Nationwide
2014-07-11 1 Destiny? Irresistible trouble! 3.6
2014-07-18 2 Encounter? Mysterious coincidence! 3.2
2014-08-01 3 Excitement? The unstoppable flutter! 3.1
2014-08-08 4 Baby steps? First step when learning to love! 3.1
2014-08-15 5 Draw a line? It means to come over to this side! 3.4
2014-08-22 6 Confession? Always the wrong timing! 2.5
2014-08-29 7 Doubts? When you want to believe it otherwise! 3.0
2014-09-12 8 Regrets? When you can only remember your wrong doings! 3.3
2014-09-26 9 Comfort? A wish to take your sadness away 3.6
2014-10-03 10 One-sided love? When you force yourself to look away 2.9
2014-10-10 11 Secret? The heavier the truth the better it floats 3.7
2014-10-17 12 Favor? It breaks my heart when I can't do it 2.9
2014-10-24 13 Choice? The pain of losing all for you! 3.6
2014-10-31 14 Missing? I would like to see you in anyplace at anytime 3.2
2014-11-07 15 Wounds? I give you wounds but it hurts me more! 3.5
2014-11-14 16 Sincerity? Something I want to hide for your sake! 3.0
2014-11-28 17 "Love? I wish I had said, "I love you! 3.0
2014-12-05 18 Friendship? You're just another me! 2.5
2014-12-12 19 Goodbye? Only to be back again! 2.3
2014-12-19 20 Fate? The distance between your heart and mine: 3 inches! 3.0

Sources: AGB Nielsen Korea


– According to KBS, this drama was originally schedule to be aired on 27/June/2014. However, due to the reformatting of their latter half of the year programming, This drama has been delayed to 11/July/2014.

– Episode 3 has been delayed to 2014-Aug-01 due to the K League All star game.

– Episode 8 has been delayed to 2014-Sep-12 due to the chuseok’s day.

– Episode 9 has been delayed to 2014-Sep-26 due to the opening ceremony of 2014 Asian Games.

– Episode 17 has been delayed to 2014-Nov-28 due to the Grand Bell Awards.


High School - Love On Poster1 High School - Love On Poster2

Official Site


OST – 정기고 – 아까워

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  1. 1 : Yeoruszama Says:

    it 20 episode an only airing one episode per week.
    it gonna take long time to wait until this drama finish 🙁

  2. 2 : Yeoruszama Says:

    it’s 20 episode an only airing one episode per week.
    it gonna take long time to wait until this drama finish 🙁

  3. 3 : 니 않은 사람 Says:

    Is that Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol from Infinite?

  4. 4 : Alice Says:

    I honestly find it disturbing that the main lead Kim Sae Ron was born in 2000, making her 14 and the guys are 22. (Korean age she is 15 and they are/will be 23). She seems a little young. ;/ I understand its going to be high school love, but its just kinda disturbing thought. But I love Infinite so I can’t wait!

  5. 5 : melinalee99 Says:

    why the main actress so young, -___- i think the main actress at least same age with sungyeol or woohyun

  6. 6 : freedomdemon Says:

    still left a week!!!!!
    sure continue wait till all the actors and this drama appearance~!!!!!
    the first episode, quick appear, waiting in a exciting mood~!!! (*v ^)Y

  7. 7 : Iris Says:

    oh… finally this drama is on this site…Thank you, KoreanDrama.org

    I believe it is going to air on Friday and Saturday. That is twice a week.

  8. 8 : anna Says:

    High School’ premiere date pushed back to July 11

    source: http://www.allkpop.com

  9. 9 : Hyemi Says:

    The main actress is too young omg she should be in school not filming drama.

  10. 10 : alex Says:

    wow i can,t wait to such love story is it by replacing drama special

  11. 11 : merci Says:

    hello everyone! would you like to study in Korea? our school is offering Korean language course and other college courses. if you are interested please feel free to email me at [email protected]. thank you.

  12. 12 : me2t Says:

    oh… finally this drama is on this site…Thank you, KoreanDrama.org
    i love this drama

  13. 13 : jangmi Says:

    i’m a fan with noona-dongsaeng pairings, but when the female lead is too young for the male leads, it’s a bit disturbing.

  14. 14 : jangmi Says:

    i’m a fan of noona-dongsaeng pairings, but when the female lead is too young for the male leads, it’s a bit disturbing.

  15. 15 : Natchos Says:

    INFINITE HWAITING!! Woohyun oppa saranghae!! all the best for filming! cant wait for this drama to air! Though its goanna take really long to finish this whole drama with only 1 ep aired per week…

  16. 16 : Nana Says:

    I find it horrifying! 13 and 22? I was excited but when I discovered the age difference, I do not want to watch it! We will still be entitled to a kiss on the cheek and it’s end.

    And if it is the opposite, we have the right to more than a kiss on the cheek, I’d be even more shocked! Should not be abused.

  17. 17 : lee sihyun_xoxo091214 Says:

    woahh infinite it’s here too… ^o^

  18. 18 : swag_girl_gone Says:

    how annoyin when the female lead is 13 and and male leads r 22 !! itss sooo disturbing >_< wat if there was a kiss scene XP *yeww

  19. 19 : icegirl Says:

    its quite disturbing that the female lead is a 14 and the male lead is like, 22…the producers should have gotten the male and female lead at least of the same age(or close)….their 8 year age gap in real life isnt creepy if not for the fact that one is a minor…barely into her teens…

  20. 20 : ene Says:

    KYAAA💗💗💕 I LOVE INFINITE but its sorta weird of the fact that a middle school girl (kim sae ron) is gonna be acting as a highschool student .____. I agree with others that her age is abit too young compared to other actors and it might not be as romantic as other highschool dramas??! If you know wht i mean.. I guess i will watch it for the sake of infinite but i am not happy about the fact that a 14 year old is starring in the drama =,=

  21. 21 : girlygirl Says:

    Am I the only one that finds it disturbing that a 14 year old plays the female lead? This is wrong on so many levels. not gonna watch/support a drama like this.

  22. 22 : Lol Says:

    you guys should know shes an actress just shut up and watch.

  23. 23 : eyah Says:

    is this korean drama should able to watch for??? I’ll wait for it.yeahhh OPPA.

  24. 24 : kcie peday dolma Says:

    why is the female lead so young.m jealous of her.all the best.this unnie will be supporting you

  25. 25 : xffraygst Says:

    Gonna watch this drama for Woohyun and Sungyeol. In my opinion the lead girl is too young for the role.. they should have used someone whose age gap is not too far to Woohyun.

  26. 26 : أصالة بدر Says:

    لقد أحببت الدراما كثيرا و أتمنى لها النجاح و أن تصل للمركز الأول

  27. 27 : ASALA BADER Says:


  28. 28 : INSPIRIT A Says:



    I Watch the first ep and I love it
    Nam And yeol the are a good actor = Fighting
    all Arab INSPIRIT sport you – INFINITE FIGHTING

  30. 30 : abbbdddcc Says:

    You guys are complaining about the age difference, but acting isn’t about age, so calm down. I’m only here for Kim Sae Ron, she’s such a good actress. Looking forward to this drama a lot!!

  31. 31 : Oreo Says:

    Let’s hope that this drama is good! I’m still waiting for the english subs

  32. 32 : Cyn Says:

    Watched the first episode on Viki and I really like it.

  33. 33 : Yc Says:

    I really enjoy this drama,,,, i love lee seun bi acting :d

  34. 34 : YLP Says:

    woo hyun fighting

  35. 35 : anne Says:

    Firstly, I’m thinking is it good? and when I’ve done watching the first episode, yesss… it so gooood..!!! I never know the actors, but kim sae ron, is she the girl in the Can You Hear My Heart? She looks so cute and she’s growing up now. But why does it only play once a week? can’t waiiiitttt…

  36. 36 : meee Says:

    I can not watch this drama no matter how good the actors are… the age difference between the lead actor is not even legal. The producer should either find a lead actor that is the same age as the lead actress or vice versa smh

  37. 37 : Hoa Nguyen Says:

    i watched online at http://dramanice.com/drama/high-school-love-on-detail
    this kdrama is cool . i love it

  38. 38 : pyong Says:

    will try….
    sumthin different!

  39. 39 : maknaee Says:

    Really… can’t we have two episodes per week? I’m really enjoying the first episode. This is gonna be freakin’ fun and good drama.
    Woo-hyun, Seung-yeol, and especiallyyy superb Kim Sae-ron were doing well. I feel their chemistry~~

  40. 40 : ... Says:

    最後再來看字幕的 ^_^

  41. 41 : Chingyus Says:

    INFINITE FIGHTING! <3 <3 much love 🙂

  42. 42 : maknaee Says:

    Done watching eps 2. It keeps getting better, and I love it more!
    I gotta feeling that Sung-yeol’s step mother, the Ethic teacher, was Seul-bi’s mom. If that was true, then Sung-yeol can’t be with Seul-bi ’cause she was his step sister. Poor Seung-yeol </3 Honestly, I ship Seul-bi with both Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol kkk. Both men have good chemistry with her :3

    Can't wait for eps 3. Seul-bi's high school life is starting! ~~

    P.S. : KBS needs to move this drama to prime time airing time, two eps per week, the ratings could be higher. I recommended this drama for those who want to see a cutie-fresh drama, with some mystery and supranatural in its plot ^^

  43. 43 : Amna Masood Says:

    I love this drama and I am insprit also , I can’t wait for other episode and best of luck for be back. Woohyun fighting

  44. 44 : Michelleb Says:

    I watched the first episode and I loved it

  45. 45 : tyarachunnie Says:

    luv this drama…but why only one ep per week??cant wait ep 3…

  46. 46 : Hannah Says:

    Can someone please tell me is this drama worth to watch? worth the wait (1 ep per week) ?

  47. 47 : taraJJ Says:

    like this drama .. kim sae ron so cute .. and so do the male lead ^^

  48. 48 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I love this drama,,, cant wait for next eps. Woo hyun very cute

  49. 49 : Heaven Says:

    so loooove the first two episodes… the waiting period for the next ep is killing me!!!!! can’t they hurry it up… T.T i wanna watch it now!!!!

  50. 50 : Jen Says:

    Are you kidding? Is she 13…..?

  51. 51 : shamsa Says:

    jen……no shes not 13 shes 14 or 15

  52. 52 : maknaee Says:

    @Hannah 46

    worth it~~~ so bad, eps 3 didn’t air this Friday pft

  53. 53 : N-mi Says:

    Yah the girl is pretty and she is good actress but I don’t like the story between her and woohyun

  54. 54 : Jana47 Says:

    When the 3 episode will be on internet i didn’t see it please tell me !!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
    I searched on Daylimotion and on YouTube please tell me when it will be on YouTube

  55. 55 : Ninipoo Says:

    Okay people who says age difference is bothering them should know something. In America there is a movie called Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff she was only 16 years old while Chad Michael Murry was in his 20s. Also had big time kiss scene. Just saying I don’t think this drama is going to have deep kiss scene or anything I think its just going to end at cute!

  56. 56 : Bobby Says:

    When will be the ep.3? So sad:( still waiting….

  57. 57 : taraJJ Says:

    @Jana47, @Bobby
    KBS didn’t broadcast eps 3 this week because their relay one of soccer games on k-league .. so we must waiting for next week then -_-

  58. 58 : Jana47 Says:

    Thank you for telling me 🙂

  59. 59 : weslley alessandro Says:

    muito bom adorei .BR.Sao Paulo. sou brasileiro amo koreandrama

  60. 60 : anne Says:

    @taraJJ 57: thanks for the info… so that’s why I couldn’t fine it every where cuz it even didn’t air. too bad gonna wait for next Friday… too long!!!

  61. 61 : brenda Says:

    One week just one EP…saddd !! =(

  62. 62 : Jana47 Says:

    From the ep 3 there are only 15 min 30 that is online but it didn’t come out full …… So Saddddddd 🙁 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  63. 63 : jennifer31 Says:

    Does anyone know if we ill get to see epi. 3 this friday at least since we couldn’t last week. CAuse i cant wait.

  64. 64 : sandra Says:

    quiero ver el tercer capitulo cuando lo van a pasar ya va una semana aishhhhhhhh

  65. 65 : Hafsah Says:

    Daebak!!! That cute girl has the same birthday as meeee… And it’s tomorrow 💃💖💁🎉 she’s gonna turn 14… So Happy Early Birthday to her 😊😘💋 July 31st here we come.. 💃😃

  66. 66 : ChYo Says:

    All Actor And Actress In Here All Do Best Acting

  67. 67 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I hope, friday this week for 2 episode. Because friday last week this drama didnt broadcast

  68. 68 : Ron Says:

    Kim Sea Ron remind me of Jang Nara and Yoon Eun Hye…

  69. 69 : anne Says:

    where is ep 3 anyway? Does KBS postpone it again??? It’s no where to be found! wae wae…. oh I hate waiting!!

  70. 70 : Lennyiah18 Says:

    Staahp ! Where is episode 3 ?

  71. 71 : Hafsah Says:

    Is ep 3 out yet??? I’m actually gettin impatient this dramas too cute and cool👌

  72. 72 : Hafsah Says:

    Llooll, I just checked and the next ep is out.. Woohoo, yay yh 😊🎉🎉 I’m off to go see it

  73. 73 : anne Says:

    done watching!! all I can say I want next eoisode rght now!! xixixi… really love this drama a lot!! Even it’s gonna be a triangle, no, it’s already started… ya ya … friday quickly come!!!!

  74. 74 : hanna Says:

    Lee seulbi 14 years old. She just too young >< she so lucky can meet with sungyeol and woohyun and acting with them :3 kim seo ran! Fighting"!!

  75. 75 : Kiyoshi Kohaku Says:

    so i love this more……..Producer: Sung Joon Hae – Really thanks for make this………..im sooooooooooo loving with this………im really wait to see other epi’s too………..please do it soon as you can………..<3 😀 :*

  76. 76 : Nou-Nou Says:

    Each ep. Only come once a week!

  77. 77 : ㅇㅇㅇㅇ Says:

    정신! 나는이 드라마를 사랑 해요!♡♡♡

  78. 78 : ulsha Says:

    i love this drama

  79. 79 : hny Jo Says:

    I’m here watching this teenage acting…story abt angel remain me to 49 day of jung il woo role…cute kids n story are interesting so far, keep fighting!!!!

  80. 80 : bethsaoirse Says:

    im not usually watch a korean drama but this one!! MAGAD im in love w this drama.. plus i wish my sch had something like those uniform LOL muoh keep FIGHTINGGGGG! aihk ~(‘0’)~

  81. 81 : cupcake Says:

    love this drama….simple story but great..

  82. 82 : dramafreak Says:

    this drama is actually nice!!! I love the story line and it is getting more and more interesting! but too bad every week only an episode….. 🙁

  83. 83 : Sadrach (@Sadrach_Dwi) Says:

    this drama is very amazing…i like kim sae ron
    and act wo hyun and sung yeol nice


  84. 84 : iris Says:

    i love this drama 🙂 but why, one episode only for the whole week 🙁 pls kbs make 2 eps 🙂

  85. 85 : anton Says:

    how can i watched and review past episdes?

  86. 86 : Ebru Says:

    Omg, i see all this comments and i think i should really watch it! 🙂

  87. 87 : clover Says:

    If this started on july 11 it’s supposed to have 6 eps by now how come there’s only four??huhu really want to watch this…. its already bad that there’s only one ep per week

  88. 88 : Sam Says:

    this is one of my favorite. run more often please 😣😣😣
    Sung Yeol looks like Jung Yong Hwa 😻
    Seul bi looks so cute 😻
    Woo Hyun, he’s nice and warm 😻
    I love it ❤️❤️❤️

  89. 89 : aurora Says:

    Reaaaaaaaaaally love this drama!!!! such a desperate waiting for 1 episode/week TT TT

  90. 90 : kelzang Says:

    damn crazy abt infinite so guys keep it up n yup seul bi ua so cute dea
    jst d way u act….

  91. 91 : nette Says:

    Very interesting,,,story is amazing,,,the plot i like it,,,and i really love korean dramas,,fighting!!!

  92. 92 : rowan Says:

    i love this drama i can’t wait what will happen am looking forward it so go go drama we love it ◡‿◡✿

  93. 93 : vic Says:

    at first, I was like: “Oh, let me try this one while waiting for some good dramas” then after watching the first 6 episodes.. “Wow, It is good! a what unique storyline, I am hooked already”.

  94. 94 : Hope Says:

    one of my favourite dramas <3 . love it !!!

  95. 95 : catcat Says:

    can anybody tell me what’s the title song in part 3? the singer is mad clown and yozoh. I don’t know the title cause korean write hehe^^

  96. 96 : koko usui Says:

    I jst love this youth romance drama…
    Love it….

  97. 97 : koko usui Says:

    Waiting waiting…….
    Every weeek….
    Is triedsome…
    Wish this drama 2 episodes per weeek…
    Kim sae ron… u have become sooo cute..
    I adore u sooo much…
    Wish u for a bright future ahead…

  98. 98 : winda Says:

    i really like this drama… i hope there’ll be two eps in a week:( btw i also really like this ost especially lel- 내 맘이 그게 아닌데 (Feat. 린지 of 피에스타) [What My Heart Wants to Say (feat. Linzy of Fiestar) ^^ neomu joah…
    high school love on fighting!!^^

  99. 99 : xunako Says:

    nice drama

  100. 100 : lacus Says:

    I want to request from kbs to make it 2 episodes per week, please! It’s such an agony to wait for another week for another episode. I think I’m not the only who feels like this. I’ve read many good comments, so they must think about it.

  101. 101 : $£A Says:

    add more episodes plz…
    thiz is very interesting & we cant wait
    plzzzzz add more quikly

  102. 102 : angeliesanfernando Says:

    High school – love on ep 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 send

  103. 103 : angeliesanfernando Says:

    Two BOYS INFINITE so cute….

  104. 104 : Mary Ann Says:

    omo.. this is so grand… Saranghae Lee Seul Bi, Shin Woo Hyun, Hwang Sung Yeol… love this..kamsahamnida KBS for giving us the pevilege to watch this wonderful korean drama…. chu-kamnida..^_^

  105. 105 : koko usui Says:

    Cant wait to watch the next part…

  106. 106 : sungbicouple Says:

    I hope seul bi will end up with sungyeol i hate shipping the wrong couple but i like sungyeol more than the other lead he’s actually a cold character but he smiles only with seul bi he deserves to be love really i wish he had a chance with seul bi

  107. 107 : koko usui Says:

    Can anyone pls tell me what happen to episode 8 in viki.com its not there…???

  108. 108 : jesisca Says:

    Episode 8 will not be aired because chuseok’s day..OMG can’t wait episode 8 next friday,,,:(

  109. 109 : Nelly Pacarat Says:

    No episode8 so sad no wonder I can’t find it!

  110. 110 : NovieAgassi Says:

    I’m so sad eps 8 not aired. I love this drama so much….

  111. 111 : AnCe Says:

    ahhh so that’s what happened…been wondering why i can’t find even a raw episode 8…but they scheduled it 9/5/14…can’t they just air it tonight? waaahhhh i’ve been waiting for this…so disappointing this week… 🙁

  112. 112 : shoosha Says:

    Also me I love this drama it is so cute.
    OMG ep 8 I cant wait again

  113. 113 : Devina Verina Says:

    Why there’s no ep 8 yet in youtube?
    Upload please… this drama is very interesting

  114. 114 : anne Says:

    so it’s not airing… ep 8 is airing next week… okay…

  115. 115 : patti Says:

    🙁 can’t wait to watch it.. huhu I’m going crazy

  116. 116 : koko usui Says:

    This teenage drama is sooo cute to watch and then also delaying so sad…
    But… never mind i will keep on wating and fall in love all over again with this cute drama.. <3

  117. 117 : Viv Says:

    OMG I can’t wait any longer for ep 8 :'( This drama is too interesting! I ship YeolBi but I dont understand why second male leads always get friendzoned? But anyway,i hope ep 8 airs soon!

  118. 118 : calden Says:

    m confused on which day it is aired???

  119. 119 : Jana47 Says:

    It air on 12 september at 23h

  120. 120 : Jana47 Says:

    Why the 8th episode didin’t aired ??!!!! 😭

  121. 121 : LeoNiel Says:

    I love this Drama !
    Nam Woo Hyun as Shin Woo Hyun
    Kim Sae Ron as Lee Seul Bi
    Lee Sung Yeol as Hwang Sung Yeol
    Choi Soo Rin as Ahn Ji Hye
    Jung Jae Soon as Gong Mal Sook
    Jo Yun Woo as Hwang Woo Jin

    Grade 2 Class 3 Students

    Shin Hyun Tak as Kang Ki Soo
    Kim Young Jae as Choi Jae Suk
    Kim Min Young as Na Young Eun
    Na Hae Ryung as Lee Ye Na (19)
    Kim Soo Yun as Lee Da Yool
    Kim Min Suk as Park Byung Wook
    Jung Yoo Min as Kim Joo Ah
    Lee Shi Hoo as Ko Chun Sik

    High School Teachers

    Kim Kwang Sik as Kim Kwang Shik
    Lee Chang Joo as Jun Byung Chul
    Choi Sung Gook as human angel
    Fabian (파비앙) as Phillip

    I Want More !

  122. 122 : g14 Says:

    Hi..everyone..i just wanna know..
    how long does this drama run??
    An hour or just 53 minutes??

  123. 123 : Amy Says:

    I love hi school love on drama .cant wait for episode 9 .please release as soon as possible .i love u guys KIM SAE RON AND NAM WOO HYUN AND LEE SUNG YEOL OOMMMGGGG

  124. 124 : NovieAgassi Says:

    This so sad for watch this drama eps 8,,,,
    Cant wait watch next eps^^

  125. 125 : reefa k Says:

    so far so good…. oh no!☺
    looking forward for the next ep… 9

  126. 126 : feng Says:

    good drama !!! love all cast… i hope happy ending 🙂

  127. 127 : QC Says:

    wahh.. good drama.. i love this ihihi but i cant watch it on time because of work.. i really love this,, hehehe,, daebak..

  128. 128 : Ruffa Caidic Says:

    I really like it……woohyun saranghae…<3<3…I hope seulbi will become a real woman..:-)I really love them,,I wish there's episode 9 already..I am waiting for episode 9….!!!!!

  129. 129 : Jana47 Says:

    They didn’t aired the 9th episode
    I’m so upset right now 😠😠😠

  130. 130 : NovieAgassi Says:

    i’am so disappointed for this drama so much

  131. 131 : AnCe Says:

    why does it always have to be delayed? it’s 1 episode only per week! I’m starting to forget what happened in the last episode…arghhh! come on!

  132. 132 : bubble Says:

    uurggh,,, i hate waiting,, delayed again??

  133. 133 : Bobby Says:

    So disappointed:(((…. Hahai:(

  134. 134 : vic Says:

    I am so dissapointed!!! why there is always a delay? I’ve waited a whole week for the episode then again, they delayed it? arggg!!!! why does this drama airing is always sacrificed to give way to other t.v. airings?!!! I hate you KBS2!

  135. 135 : anne Says:

    yes… me too!! Too many delays for this drama.. each episodes is already too long to wait and plus more delays… ohhh… kbs so cruelllllllllll…!! I know there’s another events behind that delay… but please can they keep airing it in a certain time or what? ohh…. disappointing!!!

  136. 136 : anggeline Says:

    I like it


    this is the worst ever drama i have ever watched in my entire life. and i can TELL U that i have watched a lot of dramas this is LITERALLY THE WORST IN MY WHOLE 52 YEARS OF LIFE.

  138. 138 : _fazliey Says:

    The delay is so long,that make me forgot what the previous ep !!wth KBS

  139. 139 : Unnie Vannie Says:

    what’s wrong with the rating of this drama? … this drama is nice and funny, very entertaining once, what this drama airing on cable tv?

  140. 140 : neea Says:

    once a week, skipped episode, lost interest.

  141. 141 : merci Says:

    Hello Everyone~~~ would you like to come to Korea to study? why not try our school, Vision University College of Jeonju! We are offering Korean Language class and other major courses. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  142. 142 : Suin Says:

    I am fond of this drama because this drama is literally and practically different from other Korean drama. When other Korean dramas exhibit extreme skinship love, this drama shows us how love can be simple. Love can be friendship love, family love, and couple love. This drama portray that love is possible without too many kissing scenes or bed scenes. Honestly, I have been feeling sick watching those extreme kissing scenes or skinship scene until I have almost vomited. What kind of values these drama want to show their audiences from those scenes? Honestly, this is the best Korean drama ever in 2014 because it is the ‘cleanest’ and ‘purest’ drama ever. :-p

  143. 143 : jesisca Says:

    Love seul bi,, she is so cute although she’s young lady,, Love the chemistry both of them,,, thanks KBS2 you make me crazy to wait so long 🙁 please don’t make the drama delay again to air.

  144. 144 : Nanda Yusliawati Says:

    Why Episode 9 Still didn’t Aired. .??
    What The Reason..??
    How Long should I Wait..??
    Answer Please !!
    Thank You ^^

  145. 145 : Vanilla Says:

    What is Angel Sunbae’s real name? I want to know? Does everybody know his name???

  146. 146 : Jana47 Says:

    Episode 6 isin’t aired yet !!!!!

  147. 147 : Rose Says:

    Hi –

    I am from the Midwest in United States. Does anyone know when this show is being aired? I used to watch it on Sunday at 11:45 A.M., but Sunday, Sept. 28 there was another program on at that time.

    The last Episode I saw was No. 6 was on September 14.

  148. 148 : jesisca Says:

    Episode 9&10’re so cute and sweet..love seul bi … sweet couple and nice story..

  149. 149 : no reply @my comment Says:

    eewwww i hate da commenter here..soo annoying..f u dont willing to wait..kust act it by ur self dear…fuck off!

  150. 150 : vipula Says:

    only one word for this serial ” awesome” :*

  151. 151 : vipula Says:

    i luv korean dramas. actors in all the serials are so cute. i am big fan of korean dramas :* :* saranghe 😉

  152. 152 : Rose Says:

    Did someone ask who the Angel was? His name is Lee Chang Joo.

    He is nice looking. I like the 3 main actors in this show. I feel bad the grandmother passed away. She was a nice lady.

  153. 153 : Callan Says:

    This drama keeps getting worse and the characters are weird. And did sth Korea import this kind of schoolyard angst from US high-school dramas? It seems incongruous with their culture.

  154. 154 : Rose Says:

    It wasn’t on again tonight. It airs on Sunday night by me in the U.S. They had a Drama Special. What is the problem that they other shows in the place of this one???????

  155. 155 : Rodolpho Says:

    Olá, gosto muito desse drama e adoro as músicas também. Mais não conheço as músicas… alguém sabe o nome das músicas que tocam nesse drama?

  156. 156 : sandar Says:

    All Korea drama indeed excellence choice ( High school – love on ).actor and actress very much perfect and so cute. This drama very likely.

  157. 157 : DimsumGirl Says:

    I so love this drama. I wish it will extend. And make it twice a week because I can’t really wait till the next episode comes. I just love this drama especially Woo Hyun. Oppa! FIGHTING!!

  158. 158 : julie Says:

    I just know they are Infinite boyband…soo daebakkk…
    I can’t wait until the next episode soo.quick quick want watch till the end..Lee sung yeol oppa cool.lovv

  159. 159 : julie Says:

    I just know they are infinite boyband…daebakkk…
    Can’t wait until the end…quick quick…
    Love Lee sung yeol oppa.so awesome drama..good luck

  160. 160 : Pyae Says:

    This Drama ending don’t be sadness. Please. . .
    Drama Ending contain actress Kim saeron.I don’t looking another actress.

  161. 161 : poor Says:

    this is the best drama i have ever seen.

  162. 162 : poor Says:

    i love this drama soo much. i love woo hyun , lee seulbi

  163. 163 : riya Says:

    Its a good drama

  164. 164 : Thiri Says:

    This years best korea Drama High School – Love On. All perfect and so Good. Actor and actress Very Cute .

  165. 165 : Rose Says:

    When Seul Bi and Sung Yeol were locked in that store room or whatever it is in the school with the green doors by that nasty Jae Suk, and when woo Hyun got in, he punches Sung Yeol in the face. What for. It wasn’t Sung Yeol’s fault they got locked in there, and Seul Bi doesn’t say one word to Woo Hyun. When the 3 of them are hanging out together, they always leave Sung Yeol behind like he is a piece of garbage and just walk away from him.

    I feel sorry for Sung Yeol, he just wants to be loved by someone. His father doesn’t seem to have much inter-action with him, but the step mother was at least trying to make Sung Yeol feel comfortable when she married his father.

  166. 166 : fatihah Says:

    woah!!! it’s a good story.., i love it!!!

  167. 167 : fatihah Says:

    hey!! i love the actors sooo much… lee seul bi is cute and adorable.. i like woo hyun,,

  168. 168 : kez Says:

    Go INFINITE! Oh how i cant wait for the next episode….! I love it, you know what will happen yet somehow you don’t. Great work guys…FIGHTING!

  169. 169 : Jonalyn Bendicio Says:

    i like this romantic drama so much! 🙂
    and a big fan of korean drama.. 🙂
    #KPOP <3 i love to be being KPOP! 🙂

  170. 170 : smile:) Says:

    **CONTAINS SPOILERS (for those who have not watched the drama yet)

    I can empathize with Sung Yeol’s character because most of his behaviour actually makes sense when you look at the situation from an objective point of view (excluding making crab soup for Woo Hyun). I hope that Sung Yeol also gets a happy ending (I’m assuming that Woo Hyun does), or at least is able to make up with Woo Hyun.

    I am also looking forward to the potential relationship between Ki Soo and Young Eun.

    Overall, I am really enjoying this drama and I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future.

  171. 171 : sandar Says:

    why small voting. please vote for this drama. This movie is so attraction and talent, it give pleasures to our heart other than drama movie’s in the year of the 2014. I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future.

  172. 172 : tootoo Says:

    I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future.
    Actor and Actress so cute and very matches. I like this drama

  173. 173 : Nisha Says:

    Can you add on the actor that acts as the older angel? The one that tries to complicate Seul Bi’s teenage life??????
    Please, i really want to find out. >.<

  174. 174 : Evana Says:

    I really fall in love with this drama…
    I love Woohyun oppa.. :*

  175. 175 : crisi hom Says:

    love this DRAMA

  176. 176 : Choi Seon Woo Says:

    This drama is very excellent but i’m very sad every week always delayed for biggest movement. so, makes me annyoing to wait the fourth final episode. I hopes this script of drama scene its happy ending.

  177. 177 : lalala Says:

    Im also felt the same. hope the last will happy ending . I hate when Sungyeol get angry or be bad boy . hate his character

  178. 178 : shamili Says:

    i couldnt see last four episodes from 18th episode in youtube and i have tried many websites.. if anybody has pls send me

  179. 179 : shamili Says:

    when will u upload climax episodes i mean from 18th episode

  180. 180 : Thiri Says:

    I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future. I hope this drama’s ending is happy. I really like this drama. This drama is the best in 2014.

  181. 181 : dramacrazy Says:

    anyone can tell me who is the actor who play as sunbae angles? i am so curious…..

  182. 182 : high shool Says:

    I really really love this drama, i watch this drama like 10x already, I just cant stop watching it…

  183. 183 : ce Says:

    I liked this drama in the beginning but now this drama turned into trash…
    It had so much potential for it be really good but the writers destroyed it 🙁

  184. 184 : ysma Says:

    I liked this drama in the beginning but now this drama turned into trash…
    It had so much potential for it be really good but the writers destroyed it 🙁

  185. 185 : suel bi Says:

    I love this drama :*

  186. 186 : es Says:

    @181 dramacrazy
    His name is Lee Chang Joo…
    thanks to comment 152 Rose for the information:-)

  187. 187 : kim myung soo Says:

    i loved this drama so much and i hope see this actor in other dramas in the future

  188. 188 : semar Says:

    how is it, that it wasnt shortened with those episodes ratings, i have no idea

  189. 189 : dramacrazy Says:

    @186 es says : thank you 🙂

  190. 190 : Addicts Says:

    Woo Hyun is surely a great actor! I hope he’ll continue as an actor & a fab idol. This drama is the best of 2014!!!!

  191. 191 : Addicts Says:

    Woo Hyun is surely a great actor! I hope he’ll continue as an actor & a fab idol. Sae Ron is only 14 & she looks so damn pretty. She surely killed my self-esteem as a 14 y/o. This drama is the best of 2014 without doubt!!!!

  192. 192 : High school love on Says:

    Why is the rating not that high?! This drama deserves a high rating!

  193. 193 : ooo Says:

    I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future. I hope this drama’s ending is happy. I really like this drama. This drama is the best in 2014.

  194. 194 : ooo Says:

    this drama actor, actress, screenwriter and director are excellent perfect in 2014. I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future. I hope this drama’s ending is happy. I really like this drama.

  195. 195 : Hanako Says:

    To me it is a ok drama. The actress too young and she acts as real angel as she wanted peace everywhere. I wonder if we as human should be like her…the story is no doubt good and perfect, but actually it is quite childish in many ways..I do not think this is the best drama. Birth of a Beauty is one of the best to me i 2014…Ganbate!!!

  196. 196 : lalala Says:

    I think the best website and never make me dissapointed is http://dramafire.com . @shamilli you should try this one.
    another website also same and very good..

  197. 197 : sann Says:

    this drama in actor, actress, screenwriter and director are so excellent in 2014. I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future. I really like this drama.

  198. 198 : Korean Drama Review HSLO | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] High School Love On (2014) 爱在高中 […]

  199. 199 : minma Says:

    My favourite drama is High School Love On in 2014. New actor and young actress in the fancy movie but they should be accepted the prizes in High School – Love On (KBS2) because they are so clever and they can act with mesh and harmonic in that movie. I hope to see this actors and actresses in new dramas in the future.

  200. 200 : potato Says:

    arroqurr, please come out new album.. u r the best..

  201. 201 : minnin Says:

    This drama is best in 2014. Actor ,Actress, Screenwriter and Director are excellent. I hope to see this actor woohyun and actress sae ron in new drama in the future. I really like this drama.

  202. 202 : Ezza Says:

    Nice Story
    I Like It

  203. 203 : thinz Says:

    i really like this drama, actor nam woohyun, actress kim sae ron and screenwriter are best in 2014. I hope to see this actor and actress in new drama in the future.

  204. 204 : nn Says:

    Nice drama. Love nam woo hyun so much. I wish next time woo hyun will be main actor in the next drama with kim sae ron.

  205. 205 : malki Says:

    this drama is so beatiful

  206. 206 : malki Says:

    this drama is my favoourite drama . kim sae rin and woo huyn are so cute

  207. 207 : chale Says:

    This drama is so attraction and talent, it give pleasures to our heart other than movie’s in the year of the 2014. Others movies are so disappointed to me. When I start watched this movie I feel so pleasures and its make me happy. This drama is best in 2014. Actor ,Actress, Screenwriter and Director are excellent. I hope to see this actor woohyun and actress sae ron in new drama in the future. I like so much this drama.

  208. 208 : dinda Says:

    Why the rate is so bad? This drama is the best one. With good acting good soundtrack. I think is because the line story about high school lovers. perhaps the watchers basicly is about 30+ old years. And then why the rate isn’t good while the drama actually really good. I think

  209. 209 : Willy Says:

    Choi so rin, Seorang ibu yang benar2 kejam.. Wanita bajingan, bahkan ga tepat dibilang seorang ibu. Bisa2nya meninggalkan anak nya. WANITA TERKUTUK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ga pantes dia berperan jd guru ETIKA… MATI SANA Ada wanita kayak gitu!

  210. 210 : CW Says:

    KBS, you hit the jackpot with this drama. Nothing but good things to say, actors, script
    etc. Can we have more….Thank you

  211. 211 : shakya Says:

    When I started this drama I didn’t had high expectations but to my surprise it was such a great drama and not only the main leads but the supporting cast(I mean even the ones in negative roles) were so good looking.
    The flow of story, acting, OST everything was great and I recommend this drama to every kdrama lover.

  212. 212 : Rose Says:

    This was a great show and fun to watch. The cast were all good and the kids were all nice lookings. Different story line which was really nice for a change. Will miss seeing the cast of actors every week.

    Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol were on The Human Condition Program Wednesday night and the re-run was on tonight. One of the guys from the show, Kim JunHo was cleaning the KBS office area when the two boys came in and they spoke for a few minutes. The two boys came in with an entourage of people. They both are so cute and friendly. JunHo asked where Saeron was and Woo Hyun pointed and said “she is over there.” He walked over to where she was and she gave him some bread and talked bit. She had her school uniform on.

  213. 213 : CW Says:

    I think part of the reason ratings so low is that they kept changing day and time of airing. Once I found it on youtube I could go back and catch up to some I had missed. One thing though, some of the translation were different, and some scenes were deleted from network airing. I would like to buy the “uncut” version and watch the entire drama in one day (or two).

  214. 214 : meemee Says:

    I Like So Much High School Love On movie in 2014. I hope to see this actor and actress in new drama in the future. Many Actress in Korea, Kim Sae Ron is one of the most attractive young actress in South Korea. I don’t see another dramas.

  215. 215 : Exotic Says:

    The beginning was good, but the middle got kind of boring… the ending seemed so unrealistic so I didnt really like this drama

  216. 216 : sawsandar Says:

    High school love on is consist of many item like pleasure ,action, & funny and so on. So I like that movie .That movie is special & interesting. Actor & Actress are not only young but also they can suitably act with movie. That movie is so attractive since the CH-1 to the end .OST song in that movie are good .I think many people are not interesting with that young people in that movie .People in KOREANS are not seen that movie because of they are not famous pop Star &Actress .Many people are like their own famous STAR with the movie. If good new Actor & Actress are good talent they should give sb heart .I have seen others movie but this movie so good than others .Therefore I like this movie .Thanks you for your movie .

  217. 217 : koreandramalover Says:

    awesome.loved to watch it. cute kim sae rom cute acting.love the cast.

  218. 218 : menchie reolalas Says:

    nice drama!!! new genre… new cast… luv it!!!

  219. 219 : Maranda Wryals Says:

    I would suggest, to go here.

  220. 220 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    @ Rose…i do hope you get to read my comments eventually…you are feeling bad for Yeol sung who grew up with a dad and has two mums, especially his step-mum who chose him over her real son? And you say he is being treated unfairly? he just plain spoit and always wants to have things to always go his way…he has never shown any sympathy to Woon Hyun who grew up without his parents…and why in the name of God would a so called friend want to steal a friend’s woman? I am just waiting to see how it all ends…woo hyun has only shown him care and consideration…but he is too blinded with jealousy, anger and spite…if he doesnt change,then it will surely end badly for yeol sung…

  221. 221 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    so many life’s lesson to be learnt from this lovely drama…i am still watching it…i am still trying to understand the actions of Woo Hyun mum…is she for real? She so annoying! I am so proud of Woo Hyun…so mature unlike his step brother who is so childish…

  222. 222 : amzirac Says:

    ::: seul bi.. is cutest .. whoa .. i literally fell for u soo much …. ur smile is cutest … hope to c u in many more dramas … sarange seul bi .. <3 :::

  223. 223 : fitria Says:

    i really like hi school love on drama. i still watch this drama until now.i love woohyun chracters & i hope i can see him in another dramas. he so cute&cool…

  224. 224 : cancergirl Says:

    it’s my favorite drama…why this drama have low ratings??? i think its about aired time. nam woohyun…i hope u can be main actor again in another dramas. KBS ,,,nam woohyun please!

  225. 225 : memeyra Says:

    chaego!!! this drama really brings out high school love relationship.. hope to see those freshiee especially (nam woo hyun n kim sae ron) once again ,in new drama . soon..

  226. 226 : Ella Says:

    wow….this drama is wonderful…i love it..nice [email protected] bi

  227. 227 : veeksha m Says:

    I love dis drama cry much all f den hve done a GD job nice imagination,I love woo Hyun and lee seul bi dey r sooo cute together ,and lee seul bi is cry cute….😃

  228. 228 : Veeksha m Says:

    Sry vry

  229. 229 : peoplehateme Says:

    i wish there is another drama with actor and acteress kim sae ron and lee sungyeol ……. i think both of them are great couple……

  230. 230 : Park Eun Bin face abuz de putere pentru razbunare in “Nothing to Lose” - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] 2004), “Nine: Time Travel Nine Times” (tvN, 2013), “Oh Man Bok is Pretty” (KBS2, 2014), “High School – Love On” (KBS2, 2014), “She’s So Lovable” (SBS, 2014), “Producer” (KBS2, 2015) si “TV Novel – My Mind’s […]

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