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Here Comes Mr. Oh

Title: 오자룡이 간다 / Here Comes Mr. Oh
Chinese Title: 吳子龍來了
Also Known as: Oh Ja Ryong is Coming
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-Nov-19 to 2013-May-17
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


This drama tell the story of an unemployed second son-in-law, Oh Ja Ryong (Lee Jang Woo) with a good heart as he attempts to save his in-laws from the greedy of first son-in-law.


Main Cast

Lee Jang Woo as Oh Ja Ryong
Oh Yeon Seo as Na Gong Joo
Jin Tae Hyun as Jin Yong Suk
Seo Hyun Jin as Na Jin Joo

Jang Baek Ro’s family

Jang Mi Hee as Jang Baek Ro
Dok Go Young Jae as Na Sang Ho

Go Sung Sil’s family

Kim Hye Ok as Go Sung Sil
Kim Young Ok as Chun Geum Soon
Han Jin Hee as Oh Man Soo
Ryu Dam as Oh Jae Ryong

Lee Ki Ja’s family

Lee Hwi Hyang as Lee Ki Ja
Jo Mi Ryung as Lee Ki Young


Jung Chan as Kang In Gook
Yoo Ho Rin as Kim Marie
Kim Min Soo as Jang Min Woo
Jang Joon Yoo as Se Ra
Kim Choo Wol as Soo Yeon
Jung Da Hye as Mi Rim
Park Hyun Sook as Homeless Director
Park Sun Hee as Gamjatang vice manager
Choi Min as Kang Sung Shik
Kim Jung Do as Gwang Soo
Choi Hyun Seo as Yoo Mi
Lee Moon Jung as Hye Mi
Lee Re as Byul (In Gook’s daughter)
Kim Min Hyung
Pyo Ye Jin

Production Credits

Producer: Cho Kyung Duk
Director: Choi Won Suk, Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Kim Sa Kyung


2013 Apan Star Awards – Popular Star Award: Oh Yeon Seo (Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming)
2013 Korea Drama Festival Award 2013 – Excellence Actress: Seo Hyun Jin (Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming)
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actor Award: Lee Jang Woo
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress Awards (Soap Opera): Seo Hyun Jin
2012 MBC Drama Awards: Rookie Actress Award: Oh Yeon Seo (Oh Ja Ryong is Coming)


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Watch Online with English, Chinese and Other Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Jang Woo as Oh Ja Ryong. We loved Lee as the perfect guy in I do I do. But no one seems to care that he is appearing as Oh Ja Ryong. Maybe a series that is 100+ eps is difficult to get too excited about!
    Don’t know the actress. Haven’t seen any of her works.

  2. 2 : freedomdemon Says:

    gonna watch~ (-. ^)
    jst finish watch the trailer, attracted my attention~ (=o *)
    so, watch first~ (-v -)
    i will watch this drama~ (*. -)
    n also saw some actors that i know~ (^. ^)
    thanks! (~v ~)

  3. 3 : GHSforever Says:

    The actress played in the hit drama Unexpected You, and is getting alot of love from netizen due to her appearance in “We got married”. The story is not appealing to me so I am gonna pass this drama.
    Also I am currently watching “Geuraedo Dangshin” which has also 100+ episodes so my drama list is full right now.

  4. 4 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi there, Long time no see. Thx for the info.
    I’m only watching Rascal Sons, n tentatively, Missing You. Only 2! Will drop by to check out Childless Comfort. Not sure abt this one yet.

  5. 5 : GHSforever Says:

    Yes long time no see. Forgot to mention that I am watching Nice Guy too.
    I am currently busy in real life so I think two dramas is really enough.
    And both dramas are nearing its end. So I am really excited:)

  6. 6 : nzul Says:

    i’ll watch, but i think 100+ episodes are too serious to be considered, haha, but i love Lee Jang Woo, i’ll watch then.

  7. 7 : ohohlalayoyo Says:

    How can i find this drama in English subtitle. Anyone know please tell me, Thanks!

  8. 8 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    Is this show getting canceled also? Since MBC chose to cancel all sitcoms.

  9. 9 : Drama Korea 2012 | godellavawynne Says:

    […] Oh Ja Ryong is Coming […]

  10. 10 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Jin Yong Suk in the drama is a scumbag. His mother, Lee Ki Ja is also bad in the drama and acts badly, too. I wonder how and why the scriptwriter creates such unrealistic characters to make the story to be told. It is very difficult to be immersed in the story because of these stupid setups.

  11. 11 : Denny Says:

    nice…like it so much~~~

  12. 12 : ptsh836 Says:

    @ohohlalayoyo: you can find this drama at gooddrama.net…now up to epi 3 with english subs.

  13. 13 : geron Says:

    These really long dramas are hard for me to stay interested in

  14. 14 : mini Says:

    woho… scandal that 2 leader actress and actor are dating…

  15. 15 : sayuri Says:

    they are dating yay!!!!1

  16. 16 : Ippy Says:

    @mini #17 Or is that “scandalah” 😉

    I wanna watch but no subs.

  17. 17 : AandK Mom Says:

    It is a very easy to watch series. You won’t miss much even if you skip an episode. I like LJW a lot. He’s very good-looking and can act well. But I most enjoy watching the interacting scenes of the three moms. Ridiculous but fun to watch. They are all very good actresses. 🙂

  18. 18 : gloria Says:

    hey guys, could u help me to look for site that show Oh Ja Ryon is coming in english sub!! i really wanna watch but i can’t because no subtitle 🙁 plz reply soon

  19. 19 : ptsh836 Says:

    @gloria: u can try:


  20. 20 : nina Says:

    Now that the father died, I can’t believe he never told anyone about Marie’s pregnancy !!
    And now that creep is going to marry the oldest daughter ?
    How can that be ?….
    All I can hope is that Marie comes before the wedding. with her baby, and expose the creep in front of everybody!!

  21. 21 : Julie Says:

    I agree the bad people are unrealistic but i am staying in tuned to watch them get ruined!! AHAHAHAH!

  22. 22 : Oh Ja Ryong is Coming (MBC)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  23. 23 : Jay1950 Says:

    The series is very long. It needs to end since the story becomes unrealistic and will lose interest from viewers.

  24. 24 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Facial expressions of Jin Tae Hyun are not appealing at all. How come is this guy starring in this daily drama?

  25. 25 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    Jin Tae Hyun and Lee Hwi Hyang may act well in this drama. But I do not like Jin Tae Hyun’s face and facial expressions and Lee Hwi Hyang’s voice at all. They play scary characters. Simply their roles are mean, ugly, and vicious.

  26. 26 : Kai20039 Says:

    Whoo hoo. Having satelite rocks. I get to watch all these great dramas the same day as Korea. So, i suggest getting it if you want to watch them as they come out rather than have to wait.

  27. 27 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    What a stupid plot this drama tries to tell. Jin Yong Suk and his mother are evil people. I am confused with these characters and actors themselves. No matter what Jin Tae Hyun is not appealing at all. Hope the actors are better than the characters.

  28. 28 : imhel Says:

    Here they go again!!!!! Here’s another drama of the same storyline as is all of the dramas coming out these days…..Full of lies, deceit, plotting, connivery. The airwaves are full of these dramas like Queen of Ambition, Hundred Year Inheritance (still ongoing), An Angel’s choice….all the same storyline. I thought at first that this drama, Here comes Oh Jaryong, was going to be different. BUT the connivery of Yongsuk and his mother never stops….AND THEY NEVER GET CAUGHT!!!!DOES THE K-DRAMA WRITERS HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO WRITE ABOUT BUT TO PLAY ON THESE KIND OF STORYLINES????? WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO HAVE GIVEN US GREAT STORIES AS SUMMER SCENT, OJAKYO BROTHERS, LOVERS IN PARIS, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, and the like. WHERE ARE THOSE WRITERS WHO ENTICED ME TO WATCH K-DRAMAS AND MADE ME WAIT WITH BATED BREATH FOR THE NEXT EPISODES???….K-DRAMA WRITERS ARE DRYING UP ON FRESH IDEAS..I THINK UNLESS THE K-DRAMA WRITERS OF NOW LEARN THE TECHNIQUES OF THOSE GREAT WRITERS, K-DRAMA WILL SOON FIZZLE OUT AND LOOSE IT’S APPEAL TO THE MASSES…..I’M LOOSING INTEREST ON THESE DRAMAS NOW…..SO ARE MY FRIENDS

  29. 29 : D PRICE Says:


  30. 30 : BeKay Says:

    Totally agree with Imhel and others about these Korean Dramas becoming repetitious and much less interesting. Why is that? Because the same writers are churning out unoriginal plots and characters that we have ten times before. The problem is that popularity of Korean dramas all over Asia and in the U.S. So the writers and producers have to keep feeding the public, and as a resilt the quality and story-lines become redundant and thus boring. Please cutback on quantity and add to quality. OK?
    I’m a concerned fan.

  31. 31 : BeKay Says:

    Totally agree with Imhel and others about these Korean Dramas becoming repetitious and much less interesting. Why is that? Because the same writers are churning out unoriginal plots and characters that we have seen ten times before. The problem is the popularity of Korean dramas all over Asia and in the U.S. So the writers and producers have to keep feeding the public, and as a result the quality and story-lines become redundant and thus boring. Please cutback on quantity and add to quality. OK?
    I’m a concerned fan.

  32. 32 : PHIL Radcliffe Says:

    Though there is a repetitiousness in these dramas, I find that once you figure out the story line and the cast, it’s like taking a trip. My first experience was Oh Jaryong. I thought the acting was superb, the characters were loved or hated as they should be and I looked forward to the upcoming episodes. Understanding that we’re not watching ‘high drama’, you can enjoy these stories and they’re certainly better than some of the high price stuff running on American TV.
    Besides all this , I bought a set of pots from one of the sponsors of the shows. MBC.

  33. 33 : johndoe Says:

    All Korean dramas have basically the same plots. Two men in love with one woman or to women in love with one man, One greedy mother, stupid fathers, heart attacks, accidents, comas, only a few people in Korea, everybody runs into every body, one rich family, one poor and greedy family. No imagination!

  34. 34 : Danny Says:

    Korean dramas suck. Japanese & Chinese Drama are heaps better

  35. 35 : lanie Says:

    Im a fun too of k drama.i like time between fog and wolf,jumong,gooong,coffeprince.and new drama not so interesting.

  36. 36 : lanie Says:

    I mean dog and wolf.im watchng mr oh i just find it interesting only at the near end.

  37. 37 : Garren Says:

    So nice

  38. 38 : moonlight Says:

    I agree with imhel. this k-drama I DON’T WATCH IT AT ALL. some are very smart, cunning. some are very STUPID that no IDEA at all.

  39. 39 : moonlight Says:

    I Agree with imhel. I wathced the first 2 weeks but not interested anymore. its so irritating. there are very smart and cunning. while there are very STUPID DUMB that no IDEA at all like a blind and deaf.

  40. 40 : Sue Says:

    The show is interesting for some people but not all. Sit back and relax and enjoy the show. If you think the show suck I think it time for you to become a director and you are able to c how stupid dumb the korean directors are

  41. 41 : t__t Says:

    I think Korean Drama producers really understand how to put you thru a emotional roller coaster.. they depict the evil character plotting right under the hero’s nose, with them none the wiser.. and the hero’s plans always gets thwarted, exposed, discovered. Director portrays a plausible scene and shove it down the viewers throat, that’s how plays out, accept it, story needs to last a 100 episodes!!..
    haha.. actors are good and professional in acting out the scenes.Seo Hyun-jin is good..

  42. 42 : pearl Says:

    No matter what you say I still love k dramas there stories are very interesting unlike to other countries… I really like the two main characters here especially all the funny parts.

  43. 43 : OK OK OK Says:

    Very nice and interesting drama. I enjoyed it very much especially the male and female leads 🙂
    My country tv repeated few times already and its still very refreshing…. ha ha

  44. 44 : zaf zapatos Says:

    pls i want to watch this drama, where i can i watch it with english subtittle,.._

  45. 45 : RLM Says:

    Please Upload the complete episodes with english sub of Here Comes Mr Oh

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