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Her Legend

Her Legend 04

Title: 그녀의 신화 / Her Legend
Chinese Title: 她的神話
Also known as: Her Myth / Bag Story
Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-05 to 2013-Oct-08
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


A drama about two women with switched fates and a man who has everything finding the truth and preciousness of life.

It will follow the love and success story of Eun Jung Soo (Choi Jung Won) who works her way up in luxury handbag industry, Do Jin Hoo (Kim Jeong Hoon) who is a smart and handsome heir of the greatest fashion group, and Eun Kyung Hee (Son Eun Seo) who has to hide her true identity for her dreams.


Main Cast

Kim Jeong Hoon as Do Jin Hoo
Yoon Hong Bin as Do Jin Hoo (teen)
Choi Jung Won as Eun Jung Soo
Kim Bo Ra as Jung Soo (teen)
Kim Soo Hyun as Jung Soo (child)
Son Eun Seo as Kim Seo Hyun / Eun Kyung Hee
Park Shi Woo as Kyung Hee (teen)
Shin Soo Yun as Kyung Hee (child)
Park Yoon Jae as Kang Min Ki

Jung Soo’s family

Choi Soo Rin as Eun Hye Jung (Jung Soo’s mother)
Maeng Sang Hoon as Eun Ki Jung (Kyung Hee’s father)
Jun Soo Kyung as Kim Mi Yun (Kyung Hee’s mother)
Jang Tae Sung as Eun Kyung Ho (Kyung Hee’s older brother)
Jung Yoon Suk as Kyung Ho (child)
Byun Jung Hye (변정혜) as Yeo Sook Kyung

Jin Hoo’s family

Kim Sung Kyum as Do Kyung Chul (Jin Hoo’s grand father)

Seo Hyun’s family

Kim Byung Se as Kim Jong Wook (Seo Hyun’s adoptive father)
Kim Hye Sun as Woo Do Young (Seo Hyun’s adoptive mother)

People of Shin Hwa Group

Jun No Min as Choi Soo Ho
Lee Yun Kyung as Jang Yun Sook
Shim Eun Jin as Goo So Yeong
Jin Ye Sol as Yoo Ah Ra
Jin Sung as Je Gal Yong Sam
Na Hyun Joo as Go Eun Joo
Yoon Chae Yi as Song Jin Kyung
Kang Da Bin as Park Jong Min


Lee Hee Do as Kim Dae Poong
Choi Jung Hwa as employee

Production Credits

Production Company: Logos Film
Chief Producer: Jo Joon Hyung
Producer: Go Jung Ho
Director: Lee Seung Ryul
Screenwriter: Kim Jung Ah

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2013-08-05 1 0.70
2013-08-06 2 1.40
2013-08-12 3 1.20
2013-08-13 4 1.30
2013-08-19 5 1.30
2013-08-20 6 1.30
2013-08-26 7 1.60
2013-08-27 8 1.70
2013-09-02 9 1.60
2013-09-03 10 1.50
2013-09-09 11 2.00
2013-09-10 12 2.50
2013-09-16 13 1.90
2013-09-17 14 2.00
2013-09-23 15 2.10
2013-09-24 16 2.30
2013-09-30 17 2.40
2013-10-01 18 2.80
2013-10-07 19 2.50
2013-10-08 20 3.30

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Ana Says:

    The story seems to be really nice .

  2. 2 : kikk Says:

    how can the story seems nice when there isn’t much to the synopsis

  3. 3 : Aryani Says:

    The story line look line Just lucky movie which is released in America but I forget when it released.

  4. 4 : agasshiseben Says:

    i luv CJW. must watch this drama hope it is good!

  5. 5 : Mail Says:

    nice poster…

  6. 6 : something Says:

    Kim Sung Kyum as Do Kyung Chul (Jin Hoo’s grandson)

    lol so weird Jin Hoo has a grandson?, doesn’t that should be his granpa

  7. 7 : mml Says:

    I will watch this drama when it is filmed on 05 Aug 13 , if, it is nice to watch drama, i will continue to watch.
    After all, it is only 20 episodes, if it is nice, no harm spending my time to watch this drama .
    I hope, it is a sweet romance drama.

  8. 8 : Joss Says:

    I going to watch this drama because Choi Jung Won is one of my favorite actresses :DDD

  9. 9 : Rein Says:

    Looks good but what does it mean switched?are the two girls exchange when they’re babies or else?

  10. 10 : kel Says:

    Kim Jeong Hoon!!!!

  11. 11 : juliane04 Says:


  12. 12 : Nudge Says:

    A good opening. Quick with setting-up the characters. Easy to follow and exciting.

    I like the pace and I like the editing. It keeps me interested.

  13. 13 : ccarxoxo Says:

    Okay so far !

  14. 14 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 and episode 2, i felt very sad for the little girl Jung Soo , i hope, the lady who adopted her who met an accident will recover over a period of time .

    And I really hope that Jung Soo, her real father will discover the truth that Jung Soo is actually her daughter and will give her the recognitions and prevent the wicked person Eun Kyung Hee to further her wicked plans and mislead Jung Soo’s real father.

    I will continue to watch episode 3 .

  15. 15 : Nudge Says:

    This kinda went south for me.

    The car accident and then the evil girl conveniently becomes the beneficiary was too contrived. The writer need not go over the top to make the story work. This abuse of plot devise strains credulity.

    Not sure how much I can take, but I wish the writers would engage the audience without being clinical.

  16. 16 : fishy Says:

    i think ep 1&2 interesting. cant wait to see prince Yul!

  17. 17 : truth Says:

    I hope Eun Jung Soo does not continue to take abuse when she grows up from the evil so call uncle daughter and her mother, because they will stop at nothing to get what they want ,also hope whimp uncle stop calling himself uncle to Eun Jung Soo when he cannot act as uncle to protect a child from abuse wife.last hope the writer changes a course of so call Korean drama where the evil continue to win and the good ones continue to lose just like the over the top writing when that beautiful woman who took pity on Eun Jung Soo on her way to the airport met an accident that was too much of a reward to the uncle wife and her jealous daughter.

  18. 18 : charmy Says:

    very good drama! highly recommend it.

  19. 19 : truth Says:

    people who are giving a thumbs up to this drama wait until it is finish, a lot of drama has started with few good episodes and ended up disappointing, writers tend to lost ideas after two or three episodes.

  20. 20 : Niw Re Dah Says:

    It’s a nice start so far so good …can’t wait for the upcoming episodes!

  21. 21 : truth Says:

    this is what they call heartless, how can the uncle accompanying his wife to say thank you to a family who they clearly deceive by giving them the wrong child,how he call himself a brother to his late sister after taking a child blessing away from her,this is unbelievable,how human sometime live or do things without a second thought of what they have done is wrong.I hope the writer punish the whimp uncle very well.

  22. 22 : Nudge Says:

    I’m wondering why with the radical and obviously contrived plot twists they don’t bring in body snatching aliens. I’m done with this drama. Disappointing.

    To the writer: whatever you learned at writing school, throw it away. It’s garbage. Instead just learn to tell a great yarn without having to resort to plot devises.

  23. 23 : sima Says:

    I think this drama is also good!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24 : kel Says:

    Seriously, I wanna see the main character but till ep 03 there is no sight of them. How many episode is there? I just wanna see them. Might as well put those child actress as main character.

  25. 25 : lulubelle gonzaga Says:

    when can i watch episode 5?i really love d drama omg!!!!!

  26. 26 : Carmen Says:

    the whimp uncle, I do like this this actor is soooooooo whimp on each drama he acted that I really hate to listen to his lines he is in Crazy Love, and it is so stupit and anoying….every time he talks I fo fastforward….what a bad bad actor he is whimp, whimp, whimp..

  27. 27 : haruhi28 Says:

    where can i watch episode 5??? really really wanna watch it…been looking for it the whole day…

  28. 28 : coria83 Says:

    you can watch it here

  29. 29 : geneive rivera Says:

    where can i watch the 20 full episode of this korean drama HER LEGEND

  30. 30 : coria83 Says:

    it is still ongoing, up until now 5 episodes are out you can watch them on gooddrama

  31. 31 : katy Says:

    After episode 4 it becomes much better.

  32. 32 : tintinRELOS Says:


  33. 33 : meilani Says:

    or at here : http://shunkjd.blogspot.com/2013/08/her-legend.html

  34. 34 : Fatima Says:

    nice drama

  35. 35 : EDILIA Says:


  36. 36 : torri Says:

    its a great show so far its very emotional all the lies and the need for this girl to meet the adopted mum is so emotional , love the show

  37. 37 : Hanover Says:

    Suddenly the uncle is so “righteous”. Hard to believe. He was complicit in his daughter’s impersonation of the “adopted” child. Anyway, it’s just drama to suit the plot. Never analize critically or you’ll find too many “holes”.

  38. 38 : Babs Sheppard Says:

    Hard to believe that there is positive feedback for this drama. The lead character is written to be a very weak person. It’s one thing to give her a touch life, but to make her pathetic is too ridiculous. OMG, I thought surely something positive for the lead actress would happen in episode 8. This drama had potential, but it’s no good when the lead character is constantly the underdog. I might watch the last episode to see how it turned out, but watching one more episode filled with the same problems and no answers is just too ridiculous.

  39. 39 : Babs Sheppard Says:

    *I meant to say tough life.

  40. 40 : billy Says:

    Another one good drama to watch. So true, the storyline aint one of the most original, but who cares when the choice of artists and delivery of this drama works well…the pacing is good, the chemistry among characters is great! Cant wait for more…

  41. 41 : swift Says:

    Hi everyone
    I have not been on this website for soooo long.
    Not many romcom on the korean channel, mostly action and melodrama.
    Hope there will be something similar like Arang and Magistrate, Alice Cheongdamdong…… etc

  42. 42 : esty Says:

    for me, this drama so entertaining,,

  43. 43 : bear Says:

    hello, at first u felt like not to watch this drama coz its so irritating but as u go on for another episodes it will getting more nicer the story. now i cant wait to watch for another episodes. i love the kim jeong hoon…hapeee to see him again doing a drama..

  44. 44 : truth Says:

    The men in this drama out shine the women,I am still watching because of the lead actor,he carry the drama.as for Jung Soo,the writer, write her so weak,playing too righteous,somebody give you a gift,you act childish ungrateful,if the writing continue to be like this, how is she going to battle the greed uncle’s wife and her daughter?is she going to play this righteous act continuously ,before you know the end of the drama.Everything that suppose to make this drama every interesting went out like a smoke ,the love story bored you out,and the writer shows again that the wicked always win.

  45. 45 : me Says:

    i think jung soo is either pabo or too nice, she seemingly helpless in defending herself to that cousin of hers who took her identity! i feel like stopping to watch also but i like the actress choi jung that’s why i kinda go on watching otherwise her role here is too weak! i can’t stand her cousin, her aunt even the uncle, they’re all mean to her & she just doesnt seem to have a clue, poor thing! i like chae rim’s brod he’s cute & handsome!

  46. 46 : billy Says:

    What i noticed in most korean dramas are the emphasis placed on the martyr-like personalities of the main characters…which is good in itself because these are supposed to encourage us watchers to put importance to humanity first and foremost. I understand the need to return to basic qualities and norms which are slowly fading in the fast changing societies…be it in Korea, the Phils or anywhere else in the world. I agree that we must stop and rethink how we are leading our lives nowadays unencumbered by moralities and what have you…I love the way how korean dramas are trying to inculcate these old values in their stories to inspire us people that the good always win in the end…and that evil doesnt last long. Indeed, there is always a narrow and difficult road ahead for these principled, sincere people, but it will always be well worth taking in the end. Kudos to the korean dramas, but I also wish to watch movies where the mean people gets stomped right there and then and arent allowed to flourished and enjoy the fruit of their evilness…i say, no to underdogs too! Let’s all fight for a better world!

  47. 47 : Sonya Says:

    Much better than “The Gu Family Book” which I have just finished watching. Have seen a lot of korean dramas of same genre… and I find some improvement in this one. For one, if you try hard, it’s more believable though improbable than other k-dramas. What I don’t like about most k-dramas is they take the viewers as fools who will take in anything they put. They exaggerate too much that they lose their believability, making the drama comical and far from reality… sometimes dragging to the point of making viewer give up and sleep. What is good about them???? The emotions of characters assuming they acted well…. the ability to create suspense… cinematography… lessons learned. What is bad? when the lead character is too good to be real – flawless, and when the villain is almost like the devil himself. In true lives, they do not exist or if they do exist, the situation made them so (not born that way). Anyway, this is the challenge of korean dramas… not to rely on extremism to catch the audience because the effect is the opposite. We pull back.

  48. 48 : truth Says:

    Sonya Say,I think you read my mind,everything I wanted to say, you said it all,@billy Says,I don’t mean to upset you but people see things difference way I will take that.Korean writers has not always write in their dramas that evil doesn’t last long,most of the time they even write the wrong doers to last longer than the drama itself,They exaggerate things, that make you start asking yourself question,or want to start to help them to the write the drama again,before you know it they give open ending,leaving you tasteless,and disappointed. When is Jung Soo going to find happiness,it is after 18 episode is aired?when is she going to start been lucky again,all what the writer has shown is that she is a very unlucky girl,whenever anything good comes to her, she is ban to lose it to her uncles wife’s and her daughter.

  49. 49 : billy Says:

    yes truth, i know what you mean…its too painful to watch those moments that make you helpless and in despair, yet couldnt do anything about it…why do they have to prolong our agony over these useless and aggravating triumph of the baddies? I for one would like to watch the main lead showing grit and carries a no nonsense attitude over silly meanies who are out to no good…one shouldnt really allow self to be stepped on without giving a good fight too you know…

  50. 50 : truth Says:

    @billy,i understand,it just too painful to watch the uncle daughter keep wining,the house Jung Soo lives in is an abusive house,the uncle uses his whimp face to keep deceiving her,and she keep falling for it,where I can never take the uncle’s righteous act is when not only agreeing to his wife and daughter greed but went to thank Mrs woo, as a person who have conscience will not go with his wife to thank Mrs woo because they clearly deceiving her by giving her the wrong child and after her wealth.is about time Jung Soo park and leave because is not health for her to continue living that way so that she can find truth meaningful of life again.I love Jung Soo as a child when she was so eager to leave his uncles house especially the seen,she was crying after Mrs woo car driving away.So what happen to that child strong and determined to fight?the writer is writing her as whimp just like her uncle,the only difference is she is too righteous.

  51. 51 : windsun33 Says:

    Kdramas are famous for making the lead girl a jellyfish doormat, but this is worse than usual. She is just so freeking clueless and won’t stand up for herself at all. So many totally obvious clues yet she never catches on.

  52. 52 : Nudge Says:

    Yea. I’m wondering about the mentality of the drama writer(s) themselves — not well.

    The method of garnering empathy from the audience towards the protagonist is not working IMHO. I’m not feeling it for any of the characters, good guys or bad guys.

    Insofar as the story goes, it appears that even “fate” and “providence” are uncharacteristically compliant co-conspirators in the cruelty dished out at our young heroine, it stretches credulity too far.

    Similar plot devises were used in dramas like “Innocent Man” and “I Miss You”, yet here, in this drama they are useless or worse they serve to detract and weaken the story.

  53. 53 : Nudge Says:

    I gave up on this drama but came back because I like the cast. Then I realised why I gave up on it… LoL.

  54. 54 : Nudge Says:


    The “jellyfish doormat” syndrome ..Lol. That’s pretty good and pretty accurate description which kind of provided the answer I was looking for.

    When the writer is mindful and provides adequate reason to the audience as to why the hero/heroine is taking the abuse, we are forgiving and accepting. The story works and moves along.

  55. 55 : Windsun33 Says:

    @ Nudge: I think the key is what you said – “when they provide adequate reasons”. And in this drama they do not – there is no reason to even plug in some of these worn out clichés. Her life already sucks big time with that totally wimpy uncle and abusive aunt, and being broke all the time – yet she never seems to wonder why and just accepts it. There is nothing that could get worse if she pushes back at all her tormenters, yet she keeps groveling. My only hope for this series now is that she finally starts to get a clue in the next couple of episodes, but I think it will drag on until almost the end.

  56. 56 : Nudge Says:


    Reason and common sense have fled writer-nims world. For example, Jin Hoo gives Jung Soo the part-time job because he is drawn to her, though he didn’t quite know it at the time.

    That’s a “I like you” kinda thing, and one is willing to put up with the dudes quirky personality to keep the job. It isn’t like he is sexually harassing her. Yet Jung Soo, believes her boss has enmity towards her and tells her family so, even after he pays her a home visit with some lame excuse.

    She does not answer his calls even though he’s the director of the project. What employee would refuse to answer the bosses calls during working hours? And when he calls her after-hours, he’s interested in her work or he’s interested in her.

    I’m thinking this girl is thick as a brick. Not only is she incapable of picking up clues, she can’t tell when someone likes her.

    So our writer-nim must a man, men tend not to pickup on the subtleties in male female interactions. But if the writer is a woman she is either a drunkard or is dead.

  57. 57 : billy Says:

    How nice this drama could have been if the female lead is a bit more stronger and braver and wouldnt take bullshit from everyone!

  58. 58 : Haaay Says:

    It was really annoyed the main actress is so good she doesnt even think herself or does she know nothing at all about life. Hey writer let her a little smart and not always a looser.

  59. 59 : Nudge Says:

    @Haaay, @Billy

    Yea it’s a travesty. It’s hard to like the main character whom the writer had made into an utter irredeemable nincompoop.

    I like the actress, she’s doing her job well but the friggin writer is out there in la-la land. Someone please pour ice-water down his/her pants.

    For a country that has pioneered molecular transistors, who’d expect better from her writers.

  60. 60 : Nudge Says:

    A few minutes into episode 11 and I decided to give up on this drama.

    I do hope my criticisms are taken as useful should they find their way amidst the production people.

  61. 61 : truth Says:

    I was thinking that writers will be using their writing to correct wrongs,not to encourage wrong things.my bad thinking,I said this earlier,Korean writers tend to reward malevolent deeds,so what is the purpose of writing if you are using your writing to rewarding evil doers,and punishing the good upright person. I haven’t yet watch 11 and 12 but the comments is already giving me a hint of what I am about see,other disappointment episode,what a shame a very good story the writer turn it into empathic useless.

  62. 62 : billy Says:

    Ata girl Jung Soo….she is waking up!!! Being a good girl is one thing, but we have a duty to right wrongs and not to tolerate wrongdoings!

  63. 63 : Myr Says:

    Episodes 11 & 12 had me seating on the edge (literally). Whew!! That was awesome gurl, Jung Soo! Can’t wait more episodes to come…

  64. 64 : Hanover Says:

    The “smart heir” – according to the synopsis – is supposed to be smart and educated but yet act and dress like the biggest idiot around. Dressing trendy or “stalking” junior staff is not what a senior staff does. Neither does scribling stuff on the board at home makes him smarter. Come on you writers, put some effort into this character. No way do I see him as someone high up in the company. Make him start from the bottom rank. I wouldn’t leave him at the helm of my company.

  65. 65 : Hanover Says:

    Half way into ep 12, it includes “kidnapping”. Does it really help the story? Is that love? I wonder. If the girl ends up with him, it’s an insult to the girl. Imagine someone falling for a guy like this.

  66. 66 : truth Says:

    please writer,stop making Jung Soo behave childishly ,I just can’t stand her behave over the handsome pro, who goes out off his way to make food for her,only to feel so distasteful about the food,common,I think,if only 13year old are watching this drama they will be bored to death in watching it,or will not be more than 20, I believe people who are watching this drama are matured,please give us matured behave in our female lead. don’t make Jung Soo, and Jin Hoo relationship like a child’s play,why will Jin Hoo be lying about his house,can’t she live there with him,is there only one room in that big house,please bring him back to the house to live with her,so when is the romance going to take place if he is living far away from her,when are they going to have their first kiss,is it’s in episode 20?

    I have seen so many designer bags already in the department store,I am not watching this drama because of designer bags alone,I am more interested in her love life,her been successful in the career flied as a designer is a big plus, but that should not take over all the drama that will be sad, a bad writing,please writer give us more of the two lead’s love life,not only career offices we should be seeing,we all work.

  67. 67 : Resalynne Says:

    I have no problem with this drama! It’s fun and I hope the writers do not disappoint in the revenge. Revenge is sweet and satisfying for the viewer!

  68. 68 : fannie Says:

    same here, i’m enjoying the drama. it’s light and fun. the main lead is scribbling on the glass board because he is trying to solve the unjust accusation of the fake bag design, to help the girl.it is mentioned by the grandpa, that when jin hoo. has something in his mind, he tries to solve it by solving difficult math problem.also on ep 12, the girl finally fights back.besides it is fun to watch a drama wherein the guy is the first one to like the girl and not the other way around.at first, i was confused of who is the main male lead, because the other guy is always the one on the girls side whenever she has a problem but with the on line leakage of the fake scandal, we can see that the main lead actor is also doing something to clear the girls name.let’s just enjoy the show and don’t be too serious about every little details.

  69. 69 : Windsun33 Says:

    Looks like in ep12 the doormat finally got a clue – a whole ton of clues in fact. Her saying that “I will slowly destroy you” and her promise to make the witches life a living hell, gives me hope that things will take a turn for the better now.

  70. 70 : ann Says:

    i am agree wuth [email protected]…..IS GIRL really dumb…:(

  71. 71 : ann Says:

    i hope jung soo and jin hoo…can together…
    so is not bore… 🙁

    that i can watch until the end……fighting writer..i hope you can be better…no bore…

  72. 72 : emmanuel Says:

    I really love this drama but not closer to master sun and 2 weeks.

  73. 73 : agasshiseben Says:

    i seriously want jung soo to end up with min ki. period ^^

  74. 74 : say Says:

    This is indeed a child play drama,how can a lead actress hid under the sink afraid of Kyung Hee who took away her blessing,it is not Kyung Hee who supposes to be afraid of Jung Soo ?why the opposite? today i don’t know what to call it, Jung Soo left a beautiful house where she could have rested and breath in fresh air after living that horrible home.instead she went to a public place to lie down,what a dummy writing.cartoon is better than this one.wow I can’t believe that the writer turn her to be puppet who can act,keep doing foolish things,even the lead actor goes around trying to take care of her,she pay no interest.can this Korean writers stop exaggerating things.My interest in Korean drama is dying already.

  75. 75 : mml Says:

    @74 Say,
    yes, i agree, cartoon is better than some dramas. Korea cartoon is nice to watch. I always watch Korea cartoon and i think it is better than adult dramas. Korea cartoons are good and interesting and it also depends on the right korea cartoons i choose.
    Luckily, this drama is only about 20 episodes, so, therefore , i have less to complain.

  76. 76 : say Says:

    @mml,I don’t think I can dear to watch other episode again,my interest is gone,no romance,the lead actress running around don’t know what she want to do with her life,other exaggeration of over night success,you are the best in this company, without you this company will fall down,the lead actor going out of ordinary to make that happen, she will continue to reject to him,and he will continue his over exaggerating love for her,before you know it award is given,she make an eye contact with the lead actor,everybody is forgiven for ruining Jung Soo life,the end of episode 20,we now say this is the best Korean drama of the year.A fairytale in planet mars.

  77. 77 : katy Says:

    I scaped most of the uncle’s and aunt’s scenes in order not to loose my time and i noticed I did not got lost atl all cuz I knew all their scenes were about the same thing, shitting Jung So’s life.

  78. 78 : Sandy Says:

    From the comments I’m glad I started watching on episode 11. The good thing is I got the whole gist of the story in that one episode. That is also a bad thing, because it means not much progress. For me I’m enjoying this drama because I don’t have the frustration of basing the progress on the previous episodes. I like that she has a backbone.

  79. 79 : Hanover Says:

    Just got around to ep 14. Can someone explain to me this JH character. I really can’t understand what he’s doing in the office – being up there at the top. I guess “enjoying” K-dramas – with subtitles – has its deficiencies. I’m trying hard to like this guy but it’s difficult. The girls – JS, SH – I like. Still I think JS forces herself to confront SH in every scene. I wonder if that’s necessary in order to make good her promise. BTW, are socks really that expensive in Korea? that as someone high in management has to dress like that in the office. Do these male actors have to be “special” and not “down to earth” people? Looking after little details certainly makes the story more convincing. My 2 cent comment.

  80. 80 : bear Says:

    looking forward the goodness of this drama.. hope the writer will not disappoint the viewers.. i like kim jeong hoon even in his bit dummy here..

  81. 81 : sonya Says:

    I am enjoying this drama very much. The lead actor SAVED whatever flaws there are in the story. He is funny, acts well, and quite interesting although at the start he didn’t seem to fit the part. Later in the drama he became my main focus

  82. 82 : lour Says:

    i love this drama…entertaining…funny..interesting…I like the actors/actress..they acts well…the lead actress/actor they are both cute pair..

  83. 83 : Dramaluvr Says:

    Unusual drama for sure the villains are as nasty as they come I can’t stand the aunt the cousin seems demented. Why would she drop the handsome Min Ki? I’m waiting for Jung Soo revenge but right now she’s pathetic

    Can someone put socks and longer pants on JH. He looks like a hick

  84. 84 : Tira Says:

    I love this drama. It will better if E Jung Soo is truthful about what happened to D Jin Ho. At least look like the adopted parent find out about Kyung Hee, the lying bitch.

    I think Min Ki is a cool guy too.

  85. 85 : Carmen Says:

    Yes, Yes Yes I saw the previous for episode 16 I think and it looks that they will find out about the dgtr-switch….I have been waiting for this finally now she needs to find out about here real DAD, that will be really awsome too!!

  86. 86 : Hanover Says:

    I know this is drama but how can someone like JS who is trying to get ahead in the handbag industry not be careful in getting into the same kind of trouble in ep 15 when she was accused of something similar before. Unbelievable. If I didn’t like Choi JW that much I would quit watching right away. Keep the storyline reasonable, please. Who should I blame, the writers or the director?

  87. 87 : Hanover Says:

    In ep 16, JH will again show himself as a dumb*** character – yeah, hand over the company just like that. He simply can’t handle his emotions, period.

  88. 88 : zehnee Says:

    this is one of the very best dramas for 2013. I just love watching this’. thank you very much everybody for the hard work you, guys are just exceptional. congrats and God bless to all.

  89. 89 : Kay Says:

    I think the writer(s) enjoy the controversy stirred up by their inane character portrayals and story line. There is not much we, as an audience, can do but turn off the drama, ride it through to the end just to prove to ourselves we figured the whole story out ahead of time (that way we can pat ourselves on the back), or hope that we will be happily surprised by the episodes and final outcome. In the case of this particular story, maybe some audience members can identify with a particular character’s flawed personality. If that’s the case, straighten yourself out people! It’s a tough life out there and you need a backbone! Step out of your personal, pitiful life drama and step into success!

  90. 90 : riz Says:

    when is the next epeisode 17? i

  91. 91 : Thang Lee Says:

    i have found a new source where you can watch Her legend episode 20 at http://hddrama.blogspot.com/2013/10/her-legend-episode-20-eng-sub.html

  92. 92 : Fyusuku Says:

    Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…………..kind of boring to watch the next episode, we can guess the plot and the ending.

  93. 93 : Tira Says:

    I enjoy this drama. Love to watch more drama from Eun Jung Soo. Kim Seo Hyun is a greedy bitch and only want rich parent. I am sure that she only want to be their daughter because they are rich.

    Do Jun Hoo and Kang Min Ki are both good guys. Hard to decide.

    Wonder how the ending going to be?

  94. 94 : Kay Says:

    Here’s my biggest wish for this drama—-and it doesn’t involve the major young actors—-UNCLE, LEAVE THAT B—H OF A WIFE!!! But before you do, take that new fangled sewing machine of yours and sew her mouth shut!!

  95. 95 : mamamia Says:

    i love seo hyun character…i really love to hate her.

  96. 96 : mamamia Says:

    i love seo hyun character…i really love to hate her..and also the aunt, it makes me wanna slap the bitch and pull her hair..hahaha

  97. 97 : Kay Says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” KH and her real mother (a disgrace to even use that word for that piece of human trash), anyway, those two continue to spin their lies. Are we more interested in seeing Jin Hoo or Jung Soo living happily ever after or seeing all the conniving, rotten scoundrels live unhappily ever after? I feel sorry for MK at this point. He deserves a sweet, little girl to scoop him up.

  98. 98 : Greta Says:

    Unfortunately/fortunately??….. the fast forward button becomes your friend with this tiresome drama.

  99. 99 : Ttuk Says:

    She’s like refusing a fresh piece of gum for the one someone spat on to the ground. The character makes little sense, so much so I started disliking the actress. And that hasn’t happened to me till now.

  100. 100 : Kay Says:

    I think they based their choice of some of these actors and actresses on how fast they could run the 50 yard dash! (They chose Choi Jung Won for the lead because she could run the fastest in a pair of high heels. They chose John Hoon because he was the only actor to show up and run with no socks—the casting director thought that was cool).

  101. 101 : Ttuk Says:

    @Kay. ROFL!

  102. 102 : Nudge Says:

    People around me say: “Why do you watch that drama? You don’t even like it.”

    A thousand reasons go through my mind, none of which impressed me. So I keep watching in hope one will surface.

    I feel the proverbial intellectual slap at the end of every episode as if saying: “You idiot!”

  103. 103 : puterililin Says:

    There is only so much of crying one can take. The lead actress EJS cries at every occasion. Be Real! No woman who have such a determination to succeed could have been such a a cry baby .

  104. 104 : lour Says:

    I like this drama because it is simple..the lead actor/actress are popular here in the philippines..when I watched the first episode seems interesting and much more the main characters , the actor/actress , they are cute and beautifully paired…I am a fan…

  105. 105 : Carmen Says:

    Mee too I am a fan for this actress, and by the way ia much better than other dramas in the week!I live in Costa Rica, can you please tell me how is the End? please please…

  106. 106 : ren Says:

    I have just finished watching episode 20…it is worth watching…one of the best korean love story..they acted well although not perfect performance thou…but the whole drama…one of best story ever…you can learned something…greed and lies are bad…

  107. 107 : Hanover Says:

    Can someone please attend to the details when making the drama. The writer and director are more to blame than the characters, though none of them really does a good job anyway. I knew from the beginning I can’t like that Do character – a true sissy – at least up to ep 17. What’s laughable is that when the doctors try to resussitate the grandpa with the defribillator the Do guy is still holding the old man. That is such a “shock” – no common sense. And he wants to compete for the post of CEO. Luckily for the viewers it’s only 20 eps. My 2-cent observation.

  108. 108 : Kay Says:

    All ye who see the need for better quality KDrama, rise up! Unless we revolt, they will continue to churn out this rubbish!

  109. 109 : zarima Says:

    just a matter of taste.. im gonna watch this one and if ever the story is not that good maybe ill endure it thoug coz ive already uploaded this one and i have to watch it coz my time was already eaten up by uploading it.. hehehe.. ready to watch it.. GO GO Go

  110. 110 : Free Download KDrama Her Legend (그녀의 신화) – 16 Episode + Indonesian Subtitle | Khaeroni.Net :: Tiny Says:

    […] fashion group, and Eun Kyung Hee (Son Eun Seo) who has to hide her true identity for her dreams. ~ koreandrama […]

  111. 111 : Hanover Says:

    Happy ending for everyone – the good, the bad and the ugly. What crap! and what message does it send? Wake up to the real world. Mr Director, try to do better with your next script.

  112. 112 : cheonsa007 Says:

    KimJeongHoon ssi, i like you much better on ‘I Need Romance 2011’ with JoYeoJung. I love you Kim Sung Soo… ♥♥♥

  113. 113 : Dev Says:

    It’s a good drama, not so much special attention but deserve to watch, most I like Kim joeng hoen, I remember when he lead as a prince yu in princess hours drama, so cute

  114. 114 : yeaon Says:

    The drama was very excited and great I really love it..please can someone tell me where it end ..the season 2 did not complete so I don’t know where it end .

  115. 115 : cantigie Says:

    Honestly, I watch this drama just for killing my time, but episode by epsd, make me intrest ang I don’t hv problem with this drama. If I rate for this drama, I give ‘8’. I love Happy Ending 🙂

  116. 116 : TERESA de ARGENTINA Says:



  117. 117 : yujene Says:

    I love it.
    Jeong Hoon’character is so cute and lovely.

  118. 118 : noemi Says:

    soy de argentina,es el mejor dorama porque para mi no hay otro como jeong hoon,es el mejor lo amo.asi que todo lo que el hace para mi es bellisimo y eso que soy una persona grande.fihting

  119. 119 : zarima Says:

    love the story,, more kdrama for my fave actress choi jung woon

  120. 120 : kathy Says:

    I have not started watching yet but I will not be put off by the negative comments here. I will be watching because of Jeong Hoon. I first saw him in Goong and he has become one of my favourite actors.

  121. 121 : platinum Says:

    Honestly ive watched so many dramas in my life ,, this one kinda lose realism, i mean she stayed with the little girl for couple of weeks and made memories and flashbacks more than the 8 years with the other girl ? i haven’t finish yet and i hope it will be great

  122. 122 : mail Says:

    i like dis drama very much…but i dont like the ending…Son Eun Seo treated En Jung Soo so bad here….why in the end she just crying and regretting?? She should be punished instead…

  123. 123 : kaybee Says:

    Still on it thou

  124. 124 : bola Says:

    I love it so much

  125. 125 : shoshlev1 Says:

    The writer and director are blame ,
    I like the player and I think he’s talented, just a shame that he chooses bad Script, along with actress not particularly talented.

  126. 126 : hapZ Says:

    I like it Thumbs up! I like you all u did ur best keep up.Fighting Fighting!!!

  127. 127 : theworstme Says:

    One of my favorite drama. Nice acting. both the lead star is gOod. i really like the story. Daebak

  128. 128 : theworstme Says:

    One of my favorite drama. Nice acting. both the lead star is gOod. i really like the story. Daebak. Nice drama

  129. 129 : mimey Says:

    oh my god this film is verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy veeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy interesting any body who watch this will ask if their is part 10000000000000000000nice drama and I fell for it

  130. 130 : mimey Says:

    I love choi jung wan ask her to marrrry my brother

  131. 131 : Shellsbells Says:

    This wasn’t really good, lagging in many spots but had a few good points hard to get all the way thru it

  132. 132 : Angel Says:

    really love dis movie. kyung hee sure got less dan she deserves but all d same it was awesome. and Kim jeong hoon ur acting was beta here dan in princess hours keep up d good work…KUDOS 2 ALL D ACTORS & ACTRESSES OF THIS MOVIE

  133. 133 : cynthia Says:

    Well..am not done watching d movie but so far it has not been funny…dat Eun kyung hee z nafin but a witch …what dah hell…after takin her place she wants her to stop working in the company and even tells her to stop…to think she is exercising power over sumfin dahz not hers…well I hope the truth is revealed soon I can’t wait to see d downfall of kyung hee nd her mother.

  134. 134 : silverswan Says:

    In fact the drama wasn’t that bad except for certain area. At least I complete watching unlike those I watched few episodes and stopped. Eun Kyung Hee in this drama such an irritating and terrible brat , all about her unpleasant and wicked mind since very young. No one can changed if they are that wicked and ill mannered. And in this drama seems like everyone is so forgiving and like Saints..LOL
    I do like the story about how they design the bags and so forth but I get irritated watching Eun Kyung Hee and the bitchy mother ..LOL . I guess they are all good actresses . Am not so satisfied with the ending though, nothing great in fact

  135. 135 : Apu Esports Says:

    Haha where is the drama with any happy ending? 😉
    But nice story

  136. 136 : susan Says:

    Ok, for a start let’s say the drama was average. Jun soo is a very weak physical personality but, she knows how to make the best choices from an open view_ that is majority. Jin hoo on the other hand is a wimp, grandpa’s baby who cannot take care of himself. How does he even want to take care of a woman. He cries at every little thing and it upsets me, a lot!
    Now let’s talk about kang mi ki. This guy is just the perfect kind of guy any lady would want,why? He’s mature ,takes decisions from an open view and he’s always there for Jung soo, I mean emotional, and the like not like jerk face that is a showoff with his money (even if it were genuine). What am trying to say is min ki is far more preferable to jerk face. Do you notice she can be herself when she’s around him like that scene where they were both screaming in the parking lot because they won. Their connection is really deep. Talk of how min ki has to hide his feelings for his friend’s sake_ it is only a selfless character that makes such sacrifice.
    He is true, genuine and enterprising. Observe when he resigned, jerk face was totally useless and helpless at work. That’s to show the level of his importance. Honestly, I rooted for min ki and Jung soo right from the start and even though she openly accepted jerk face, I know that she’ll never feel that deep connection with him (all she does is cry and cry when she’s around him. Not helpful)! If you analysed this drama thoroughly, you’d notice what I’m talking about.

    Anyways, fighting mida! 🙋🙋🙋

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