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Title: 건빵선생과 별사탕 / Geon-bbang-seon-saeng-kwa Byeol-sa-tang / Hello My Teacher
Chinese Title : 饼干老师星星糖 / 馒头老师和棒棒糖
Also known as: Hardtack Teacher and Star Candy (YesAsia) / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy / Hello My Teacher
Genre: Drama, School, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-04-13 to 2005-06-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Na Bori (Gong Hyo Jin) is a 25 year old woman who desperately wants to be a teacher at the high school she was kicked out of due misunderstanding with her teachers over injuring a group of male classmates. After getting her GED, she rejects job offers from other high schools and works on becoming a teacher at her old high school so she could work side by side with her high school love interest, the art teacher Ji Hyun Woo (Kim Da Hyun). However, the only thing that enables her to get the coveted job is by signing a contract to essentially babysit Park Tae In (Gong Yoo), a troublemaker who attends the same high school. Tae In, a lonely youth, quickly becomes the “jjang”, or “king” of the high school, and enjoys playing mean tricks on Bori whose easygoing personality attracts the majority of her students. Noh Jemma (Choi Yeo Jin) is jealous of the relationship between Bori and Tae In, and goes out of her way to get Bori kicked out but she’s not the only one against them…


Gong Hyo Jin as Na Bo Ri
Gong Yoo as Park Tae In
Kim Da Hyun as Ji Hyun Woo
Choi Yeo Jin as Noh Jem Ma

Extended Cast

Lee Hyo Jung as Park Joong Seop (Tae In’s father)
Yang Geum Suk as Ji Young He (Tae In’s adoptive mother)
Jo Hyung Ki as Dong Chil Hwan (The principal)
Park In Hwan as Hwang Gap Soo (Homeroom teacher)
Geum Bo Ra as Bae Yi Da (Bo Ri’s mother)
Lee Yoon Ji as Na Sun-jae (Bo Ri’s younger sister)
Jo Sang Ki as Nam Sung Ki (Biology teacher)
Kim Yoon Kyung as Oh Joo Yeon (English teacher)
Hyun Young as Jo Ji Ah (PE teacher)
Park Hyo Joon as Oh Sang Tae
Suh Joon Young as Park Jae In (Tae In’s half brother)
Jang Hee Jin as Oh Eun Byul
Cha Seo Rin (차서린) as Lee Hye Bin
Shin Ah as Kang Ri Ping
Kim Eun Joo as Kim Sun Ah
Oh Yoon Ah as Chae Eun Song
Park Ki Young (박기영) as Pang Soo Hyun
Jung Ui Chul as Choi Chang Il
Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Ho Joon
Do Han as Lee Yoo Jin
Shin Hyun Tak (신현탁) as Park Man Chang
Ki Moo (기무) as Choi Hoon
Jang Ji Woo (장지우) as Lee Jang Baek
Joo Ho as Kim Young Song
Nam Chang Hee (남창희) as Kim Baek Joon
Lee Eun as Yeo Se Ra
Yoo Da In as Honor student
Jo Han Na as Bae Pil Soon
Song Jin Yung (송진영) as Jo Pil
Jun Jae Hyung

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Jung Ah
Chief Producer: Moon Jung Soo
Producer: Kim Yang, No Jun Kyu (노전규)
Production: Jung Hoon Tak (정훈탁), Jang Jin Wook (장진욱 )
Director: Oh Jong Rok, Kim Hyung Sik

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  1. 51
    Iam Jessy Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! DAebak!!! I know i’m a little too late, but, YAY!! I really love this one…..

  2. 52
    Riya Says:

    This drama is currently airing on arirang channel

  3. 53
    endah w Says:

    banyak bintang top yg main disini….

  4. 54
    hana Says:


  5. 55
    praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I am watching this drama at tje moment and yes i have to agree that its very good as it comes with some lessons for parents, teachers, and well, everybody…

  6. 56
    GongYoo4Lyfe Says:

    in love with this drama! been watched it a few times and one word “daebak” ! im deeply in love with gongyoo! #GongYoo4Lyfe

  7. 57
    Rohaalong Says:

    The best high school drama… ..

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