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Hello My Teacher

Title: 건빵선생과 별사탕 / Geon-bbang-seon-saeng-kwa Byeol-sa-tang / Hello My Teacher
Chinese Title : 饼干老师星星糖 / 馒头老师和棒棒糖
Also known as: Hardtack Teacher and Star Candy (YesAsia) / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy / Hello My Teacher
Genre: Drama, School, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-04-13 to 2005-06-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Na Bori (Gong Hyo Jin) is a 25 year old woman who desperately wants to be a teacher at the high school she was kicked out of due misunderstanding with her teachers over injuring a group of male classmates. After getting her GED, she rejects job offers from other high schools and works on becoming a teacher at her old high school so she could work side by side with her high school love interest, the art teacher Ji Hyun Woo (Kim Da Hyun). However, the only thing that enables her to get the coveted job is by signing a contract to essentially babysit Park Tae In (Gong Yoo), a troublemaker who attends the same high school. Tae In, a lonely youth, quickly becomes the “jjang”, or “king” of the high school, and enjoys playing mean tricks on Bori whose easygoing personality attracts the majority of her students. Noh Jemma (Choi Yeo Jin) is jealous of the relationship between Bori and Tae In, and goes out of her way to get Bori kicked out but she’s not the only one against them…


Gong Hyo Jin as Na Bo Ri
Gong Yoo as Park Tae In
Kim Da Hyun as Ji Hyun Woo
Choi Yeo Jin as Noh Jem Ma

Extended Cast

Lee Hyo Jung as Park Joong Seop (Tae In’s father)
Yang Geum Suk as Ji Young He (Tae In’s adoptive mother)
Jo Hyung Ki as Dong Chil Hwan (The principal)
Park In Hwan as Hwang Gap Soo (Homeroom teacher)
Geum Bo Ra as Bae Yi Da (Bo Ri’s mother)
Lee Yoon Ji as Na Sun-jae (Bo Ri’s younger sister)
Jo Sang Ki as Nam Sung Ki (Biology teacher)
Kim Yoon Kyung as Oh Joo Yeon (English teacher)
Hyun Young as Jo Ji Ah (PE teacher)
Park Hyo Joon as Oh Sang Tae
Suh Joon Young as Park Jae In (Tae In’s half brother)
Jang Hee Jin as Oh Eun Byul
Cha Seo Rin (차서린) as Lee Hye Bin
Shin Ah as Kang Ri Ping
Kim Eun Joo as Kim Sun Ah
Oh Yoon Ah as Chae Eun Song
Park Ki Young (박기영) as Pang Soo Hyun
Jung Ui Chul as Choi Chang Il
Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Ho Joon
Do Han as Lee Yoo Jin
Shin Hyun Tak (신현탁) as Park Man Chang
Ki Moo (기무) as Choi Hoon
Jang Ji Woo (장지우) as Lee Jang Baek
Joo Ho as Kim Young Song
Nam Chang Hee (남창희) as Kim Baek Joon
Lee Eun as Yeo Se Ra
Yoo Da In as Honor student
Jo Han Na as Bae Pil Soon
Song Jin Yung (송진영) as Jo Pil
Jun Jae Hyung

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Jung Ah
Chief Producer: Moon Jung Soo
Producer: Kim Yang, No Jun Kyu (노전규)
Production: Jung Hoon Tak (정훈탁), Jang Jin Wook (장진욱 )
Director: Oh Jong Rok, Kim Hyung Sik

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  1. 1 : sweetJJ Says:

    Was interesting with the first 2-3 episodes but downhill from there….

  2. 2 : Bunk Says:

    I adored this series. It’s hard to be objective about it though, because I’m so crazy about Gong Yoo. I am kinda star struck whenever he’s on screen. I liked the writing, too. I think they could have waited a little longer before he fell in love with her. He fell for her too fast, but I was still hooked because, well, what girl wouldn’t want Gong Yoo drooling after them? Truth is though, we don’t watch Korean dramas to see the two leads get along. We want to see them fight. We want to see tensions rise. Hence the word “drama”

    Her character seemed ambitionless, which bugged me a little. But she also had some growing up to do, and if one looks at it in that light, it’s not so bothersome. And she really respected the teacher/student boundaries, which I was grateful for. It showed that she had integrity. Her background cracked me up. I wish they had used a little more of that super hero image of hers throughout the story.

    But I’ve watched this a couple times. I really really like this one.

  3. 3 : Starz Says:

    watched it & like it!!! gong yoo is fabulous! highly recommended!!!

  4. 4 : thooru Says:

    funny and lovely…every episode have stunning presentation…

  5. 5 : debbie Says:

    I love Gong Yoo so much that’s why I watched it but then after the show goes on, it’s become more interesting especially the stories of Na Bori’s students..Real life drama among high school students..very good drama!

  6. 6 : panyangbear Says:

    i have just finished watching this on a dvd. it was good.. because Gong Yoo is there! so crazy about him! He acted well on this drama, and he’s so damn funny!! if not for him, maybe i would find this drama boring.

  7. 7 : lylolu Says:

    loved this drama especially gong yoo. he’s the best.. see how he cried when Na bOri will marry Ji Hyun Woo, my, it’s so kilig…. that made me loved gong yoo among korean actors.

  8. 8 : ikabu Says:

    I have watched this series for a couple times now. At first i thought that it was a bore but it got better every minute. It was written very well and this is now my favorite.

  9. 9 : enodemrahc Says:

    Gong Yoo is versatile noh? He can even perform as a villain well sa walang kwentang movie na My Tutor Friend. Anyhoo, he’s character here is much like Han Kyul on Coffee Prince. Carefree and stubborn, yet loveable. He plays a Highschool student so well kasi nga he’s appearance is so boy next door. The series is so nice & worth watching. Pero di sila bagay ni Gong Hyo Jin, she looks old kase. Ü

  10. 10 : Rowena Says:

    Indeed Gong Yoo is a versatile actor. I’ve watched him in Coffee Prince, hence I got curious. So, I found another series that features him, and got this one. After watching it, I was even more impressed. He’s a natural. With good looks and everything, he’ll definitely become of the better actors in Korean cinema industry.

  11. 11 : Rowena Says:

    Sorry, about the last line…it should be “….become one of the better actors in….”

  12. 12 : scarlett Says:

    hey, guys, sana we can request GMA to show this one. filipinos will surely fall for this as they do with coffee prince. personally, it made me evaluate my performance when i was given the chance to teach high school kids a year ago. i did poorly compared to teacher na bo ri. sigh…

  13. 13 : shiela Says:

    the story was good and not really bad but keep going

  14. 14 : Kylie Q Says:

    Love ya Gong Yoo!
    Great TV drama, a must watch!

  15. 15 : bhabiez19 Says:

    hi.i watch this drama coz goong yoo was the lead cast.i wish that GMA will put this drama soon as possible in thier teleserye.i beliv many pipol will support this drama and will become the hottest…hehehe..luv u goong yoo.gwapo mo talaga..keep up the good work.mwwwaahhhh..

  16. 16 : bhabiez19 Says:

    i wish i can meet a guy lyk Goong Yoo.perfect hunk body.its so verry yummy..hehehe..and so perfect as in.luv yah….

  17. 17 : mulan Says:

    Not bad, just a little bit boring. I’m still an avid fan of Goong Yoo. I’ve watched Gong Hyo Jin in Sang Doo “let’s go to school, it’s almost similar. It’s 5/10

  18. 18 : aning Says:

    In Indonesia What’s the title???

  19. 19 : idril Says:

    stupid drama ever… i hate it!!!!

  20. 20 : ShiShi^^ Says:

    arrgghh! t the bestest drama ever! My favourite as well.
    My favourite character was Gong Yoo he was so sweet to the teacher! =D

  21. 21 : riNn aka E_en Says:

    i couldn’t wait to know the story end between that 2 people.. actually, did they get married? i’m still at epis 6.. please tell me..

  22. 22 : riNn aka E_en Says:

    oh i know now

  23. 23 : sasha Says:

    I”m watching this now… Pretty good so far!

  24. 24 : LuoXiaoLing Says:

    I love this drama! I’m glad it had a happy ending! Gong Yoo is too cute..

  25. 25 : sahorat Says:

    oh my god that drama is really great I’ve watched & I really like it sooo much

  26. 26 : samar Says:

    I wached just becuse Gong Yoo

  27. 27 : nor Says:


  28. 28 : janee Says:

    i just finished watching this drama. i know its waaaaay too late…hahaha… but i lurve it anyway. the story line was great, its funny, hillarious, romantic but also brought you into a deep sad feeling. even its a bit strange about this love triangle. but once again, this drama is goooooood….lol… worth to watch guarantee…^_~

  29. 29 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  30. 30 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this.. looks like so interesting..

  31. 31 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  32. 32 : Jaja Says:

    I just watch it yesterday. I like Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin. But I’d prefer Gong Hyo Jin in Thank You and Pasta. The way they make her hair was not that suitable. Maybe they tried to get her look older than Gong Yoo. Anyway, I’d enjoy this drama.

  33. 33 : diefan Says:

    I haven’t watch this series yet… probably later on I will post my personal view about this series.
    I know Gong Hyo Jin is one of great actress in koreaa. I watched both ‘Thank You and ‘Pasta.’ `Loved it. Loved her acting and the way her performances…very real.

  34. 34 : Wen Says:

    Not really fantastic unless you are Gong Yoo’s fan.

  35. 35 : tanti Says:

    I love this drama, since I watched Thank you and Coffee Prince I love Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin Performance, they are my favorite actor and actress so this drama also one of my favorite Korean Drama.
    And I like Jang Hyuk also, his performance is awesome.

  36. 36 : tanti Says:

    Why I can’t download this drama’s OST ? Can somebody help me so I can download the song ? Thank you.

  37. 37 : nsp Says:

    nice drama with alot of funny part

  38. 38 : shila Says:

    Oh my favorite drama!
    This is something different from other dramas… anyone who says it is boring, don’t listen to!
    It was one of the best dramas I’d ever seen…Thanks to Gong hyo jin and Gong yoo for their fantastic acting.

  39. 39 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] the Ground Hello Franceska Hello, God شاهدته حللو   Hello! Miss كم حلقة بس    Hello My Teacher شاهدت الى 8   Hero HIT (Homicide Investigation Team) Hometown Legends (2008) Hometown […]

  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    Greatest Love just finished its run. If you miss Gong HJ, watch Hello, My Teacher. (It’s Korean name is: Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star). It features Gong Yoo, a year b4 Coffee Prince. He plays a lonely, rebellious youth, who is a repeat final year high school student in love w his temp teacher (GHJ). Her students nickname her Biscuit. She calls him Candy Star. It (he) is cute, funny, romantic n moving. He is not goofy like Dokko Jin in GL, but since he is 20, he is naturally childish in some ways. As a man-child, he is more mature than Dokko Jin in some ways. Gong Yoo has such lovely child-like expressions. 16 eps. Great story n acting. One of my favs.

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Tae In is the cutest high school student boy in the world!
    Between the wishy-washy art teacher and the determined and 100% devoted Tae In, I’d choose Tae In too! Not to mention that he is both cute and sexy! 🙂

  42. 42 : KDaddict Says:

    At first, it seems like the art teacher is quite attractive. He is gentle, kind and good looking. He is more suitable for her age, has a stable job and income. However, we see soon that he is a rather “useless” man. In ep 8, it is Tae In’s former girlfriend who gets restless and worried, who urges him to take action before something serious happens between Tae In and Biscuit Teacher. You’d think that a grown man would know that, without being tole by an 18 year old.
    And then when he decides to take action, what does he do? He takes her home to dinner without even preparing his snobbish family for it! She is bound to be insulted cos of her backgd! Even Tae In knows that at 19! That’s why he rushes in to rescue her! Who is the more trustworthy of the 2 men? Tae In, for sure!

  43. 43 : KDaddict Says:

    Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star
    That’s the Korean name of this series. I love its Korean title cos it has so much character and is so interesting. UNlike its English title, Hello My Teacher, which is so bland. Hello Miss. Hello Girl. Hello This. Hello That. The Students nickname her Biscuit Teacher cos she is sweet and so unlike a regular teacher. She calls him Candy Star, cos she once told him a story abt a boy looking at the stars, and cos he is sweet like candy, of course. That title says so much abt their relationship.

  44. 44 : KDaddict Says:

    I did not come to watch this as a fan of Gong Yoo. I had seen him in Coffee Prince. I liked him fine in CP, but did not fall in love. But he is really fantastic in this show. He is at turns funny, cute, dreamy, sweet, silly, romantic, downright irresistible, and sexy too. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely as always.
    This is a high school drama abt young love that for once lasts for a lifetime. He doesn’t have a mother, so falls in love with a teacher who is 6 years older. He is sooo caring and expressive of his feelings towards her that she falls in love with him without being aware of it. Their courtship is a heartwarming story. How he needs her and only her, how she comes to appreciate it and reciprocate those feelings.
    I began to watch this again after Greatest Love ended its run, and fall in love with it again.

  45. 45 : Yuta Says:

    biscuit teacher… The legend teacher Na Bo Ri…. huhuhu… 😀
    Luv u teacher…. :))

  46. 46 : Kembar? | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Yoo berlakon drama Coffee Prince dan Hello My Teacher a.k.a Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy. Dia jugak berlakon dalam drama One Fine […]

  47. 47 : vimbai Says:

    would love to watch this drama not just because i love gong yoo but love the sound of the story too

  48. 48 : vimbai Says:

    hi kaddict you write the coolest comments on this drama any idea where i can get am from outside asia

  49. 49 : SeGa_Fan Says:

    I became a fan of Gong Yoo after watching “Big”. He really has great acting skills. I’m now catching up on his previous projects. Just finished Coffee Prince and just finished Ep 1 of “Hello, My Teacher” and it sure looks promising 🙂

    Having caught GY’s shows retrospectively, it can really be seen that his acting skills has matured over time.

    Hope GY will have new project coming up soon.

  50. 50 : meri Says:

    ada yg masih punya kaset hello my teacher ga…

  51. 51 : Iam Jessy Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! DAebak!!! I know i’m a little too late, but, YAY!! I really love this one…..

  52. 52 : Riya Says:

    This drama is currently airing on arirang channel

  53. 53 : endah w Says:

    banyak bintang top yg main disini….

  54. 54 : hana Says:


  55. 55 : praize...from Nigeria Says:

    I am watching this drama at tje moment and yes i have to agree that its very good as it comes with some lessons for parents, teachers, and well, everybody…

  56. 56 : GongYoo4Lyfe Says:

    in love with this drama! been watched it a few times and one word “daebak” ! im deeply in love with gongyoo! #GongYoo4Lyfe

  57. 57 : Rohaalong Says:

    The best high school drama… ..

  58. 58 : Leah Says:

    Where can I watch this?

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