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Hello! Miss

Title: 헬로 애기씨 / Hello! Miss
Chinese title : HELLO! 小姐 / 嗨,小姐
Also known as: Hello! Baby
Previously known as: 프라이드 / Pride
Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-19 to 2007-May-08
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


Lee Soo Ha, 38th granddaughter of the Jae Ahn Lee clan and owner of the clan manor Hwa Ahn Dang, is trying to save the place from going bankrupt. Hwang Dong Gyu, oldest grandson of the president of TOP Group, is trying to buy Hwa Ahn Dang because his grandfather, who was once a servant at the manor, cannot rest in peace unless he spends his last days in Hwa Ahn Dang’s master suite. Hwang Chan Min, Dong Gyu’s playboy cousin, is his rival in business and love. Enter Seo Hwa Ran, a model who has a secret history with and a secret plan for Hwa Ahn Dang (and Chan Min), and Lee Joon Yong, Soo Ha’s brother and Chan Min’s friend who can’t forget a girl from Hwa Ahn Dang he knew when he was a kid…

This drama is adapted from the novel, “Kimchi Mandu.”


Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu
Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha
Ha Suk Jin as Hwang Chan Min
Yun Mi Joo as Suh Hwa Ran

Extended Cast

Ryan as Lee Joon Yong
Moon Chun Sik as Jang Dae Ri
Jang Young Ran as Oh Jung Sook
Park In Hwan as Hwang Man Bok
Lee Min as Lee Joon Hee
Park Chan Hwan as Lee Don Kyu (Soo Ha’s father)
Choi Soo Rin as Hwang Yoo Il (Dong Gyu’s aunt)
Kim Hee Jin as Han Soo Jung (Soo Ha’s stepmother)
Kim Hyun Joo as Lee Myung Sook (Chan Min’s mother)
Kim Kwang Gyu as Kwak Boo Jang
Jo Eun Duk as Ahn Sang Daek
Park Soon Chun as Hwa Ran’s mom
Yeo Woon Kye
Yeo Eun Gi
Kim Joo Young
Han Young Kwang
Heo Hyun Ho
Jung Jae Jin

Production Credits

Director: Lee Min Hong
Screenwriter: Park Young Sook

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2007-03-19 1 14.8 (8th) 15.5 (7th)
2007-03-20 2 14.6 (9th) 14.9 (9th)
2007-03-26 3 13.3 (9th) 13.8 (8th)
2007-03-27 4 14.7 (9th) 14.5 (9th)
2007-04-02 5 18.0 (4th) 18.0 (4th)
2007-04-03 6 14.0 (10th) 13.7 (11th)
2007-04-09 7 12.3 (11th) 12.4 (10th)
2007-04-10 8 13.0 (13th) 13.0 (13th)
2007-04-16 9 10.2 (13th) 9.9 (16th)
2007-04-17 10 9.8 (17th) 10.0 (17th)
2007-04-23 11 8.7 (18th) (<8.2)
2007-04-24 12 (<8.3) (<8.0)
2007-04-30 13 (<8.8) (<8.3)
2007-05-01 14 9.1 (18th) 8.9 (17th)
2007-05-07 15 - -
2007-05-08 16 9.7 (13th) 9.7 (14th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : Stacey Says:

    hey! isn’t Lee Da-Hae from Green Rose and My Girl???

  2. 2 : kristine Says:

    yap… you are correct..
    lee da hae is the one who acted in green rose and also my girl…..
    i’m waiting for this drama coz this drama look like a comedy drama!!!

  3. 3 : mandy Says:

    wow Lee Ha Hae!!!!!!!
    She is my favor actress. Cann’t waite to see it. I see both of her drama

  4. 4 : soybean Says:

    I like the leading male actor….he is so cute…I like him very much in the wonderful life…..i like his singing too….

  5. 5 : FAN OF LEE DA HAE Says:

    Can someone please tell me when is this drama is coming out for sale in th enternet.

  6. 6 : BAO Says:


  7. 7 : HotStuff Says:

    ha suk jin. omg. he’s hotttt. haha. i love lee da hae shes so cute

  8. 8 : jas, the goong fan Says:

    this drama is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!! i watched the first ep already in chinese sub!! Now waiting for the second ep! =)

  9. 9 : c Says:

    Think this show has lots of potential. Good looking actors and actresses. Light and funny.

  10. 10 : Lacy Says:

    Gosh cann’t wait to see this drama!!!!!!

  11. 11 : Nacy M Says:

    This drama look soooo good!!!!!!!

  12. 12 : Lu S Says:

    Lee da hae cann’t wait to see u in this drama.

  13. 13 : Rowena Ruiz Says:

    Me too, am really looking forward to seeing Lee Dae Hee in another series. And, this “Hello Miss” looks promising. Can’t wait to have a copy of this one.

  14. 14 : Mandy Says:

    Hey the guy in the left look sooo fine. Hopefully his is the main actor with lee da hae.

  15. 15 : lara2173 Says:

    i am looking forward to see this new series of my lovely lee da hae, hey guys! did you know that LJH is the ex-bf of eugene from ses group for 5 yrs. i hope abs-cbn will air this series.

  16. 16 : Soo-Eun Says:

    oo LEE DA HAE!! I will be watching your new drama!#[email protected]

  17. 17 : zulhaky Says:

    where can i download this drama….
    im malaysian…so u know….

  18. 18 : Nora Says:

    I’m so happy to know that Lee Dae Hae is back in TV drama. I love her in My Girl & Green Rose. She’s so beautiful & a great actress. She already won about 4 or 5
    awards inspite of her young age. I hope to see her new drama here in California. The other drama I’m very eager to find is “Heaven’s Fate” aka Lotus Flower Fairy. Very
    difficulty to find this one. Does anybody know where I can get one? She won best actress award on this (I think her first).

  19. 19 : Imuyachan Says:

    waw. many positive comments towards the drama … i haven’t watch My Girl..but i watched Ji hoon oppa drama b4.. n he acted quite ok.. n yes he did sing well since he is a singer .. u guys should hear his album (solo or with the group S together with Hyesung oppa of shinhwa n Kang Ta ) it’s awesome ^^

    so i think it will b a great drama.. can’t wait 2 c this ^^

  20. 20 : Nora Says:

    I saw the first episode of Hello Miss tonight in google under Lee Dae Hae (On line video). As usual Lee Dae Hae is very good. I love her acting. I’m looking forward in seeing the rest of the episodes real soon. The storyline is great.

  21. 21 : Nora Says:

    I saw episodes 2, 3 & 4, but there’s no English subtitles. Does anyone know where in the internet I could find these episodes with English subtitles. Episode 1 is the only one
    with English subtitle. I enjoyed episodes 2,3 & 4 eventhough there were no English subtitles. Lee Dae Hae & Lee Ji Hoon look so go together. Both did great acting, but Lee Dae Hae was superb (her acting talent once again was outstanding). She was beautiful in My Girl, but she stunningly beautiful on this drama. I rate this drama 5 out of 5/5. Love it. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

  22. 22 : unni Says:

    i love this drama…i watched episodes 1 & 2, and it’s really great…now i’m waiting for episodes 3 & 4(no eng subtitles)….arrrghhhh..can’t wait to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23 : tulip Says:

    im lookin forward to see this movie,,, i like LDH 🙂

  24. 24 : Vee Says:

    Just finished the second epi, and can’t wait for the third.
    it’s cute, and lee da hee still has that cute charm to her in her, and there are pretty good looking actresses/actors too. :]

    lovin’ it so far

  25. 25 : lyn Says:

    it’s good eventhough haven’t seen the rest of it.. looking forward to see the rest ^_’

  26. 26 : wiwi Says:

    waaa this series is very good. it makes me always smile and laugh and laugh. just finished watching ep4.can’t wait eps 5! 🙂

    LDH and LJH are v.cute together 😛

  27. 27 : madeline Says:

    i love this drama ! it’s hilarious!

  28. 28 : soccergirl Says:

    i like this show…. so funny… i

  29. 29 : moonshadow_lc Says:

    I’ve seen episode2 in KBS, it’s funny. I like this series. I find Lee Ji Hoon adorable. 🙂 Lee Da-Hae’s pretty as well.

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this series.

  30. 30 : Nora Says:

    I saw episodes 1,2,3, & 4 with English subtitles (I was so excited) in http://www.youtube.com). I saw episodes 5, 6 & 7 also, but no English subtitles. I’m eagerly waiting for the rest of the episodes preferably with English subtitles. By the way, I’m talking about Hello Miss. I love this drama, another winner for Lee Dae Hae in my opinion. Lee Ji Hoon is a good partner for Lee Dae Hae also.

  31. 31 : Jade Says:

    I saw one episode on KBS two nights ago and it looks like it’s a good drama. Lee Ji-hoon is cute as usual and Lee Da-Hae is really good. It kind of reminds me of her role in My Girl, wherein her acting was superb. ^^

  32. 32 : LDW-LDH fan forevah! Says:

    OMG! I’m a die-hard fan of Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook. uhm… I’ve waiting so badly for another project to come out, for over a year now. And finally, the wait is over… she has another drama! yay! And oh! his leading man is Lee Ji Hoon!! Oh my… he’s also one of my korean guy crushes. He’s so cute with Eugene.

    Anyway, back to the topic… I’m so glad that there is a new drama of LDH. I can’t wait to see this drama. Sadly, we don’t have KBS here, so I guess… I have to wait til someone upload the episode in d-addicts or in youtube. *sighs*

    I bet this is a real good drama. Imagine… there is a Lee Da Hae in it!!

  33. 33 : iamchiquee Says:

    i really really luc this drama.
    it’s so funny it makes me laugh. ^__^
    Lee Da-hae is such a funny girl.
    i like her. ^__^

  34. 34 : lee kim yeon Says:

    I love Lee Da Hae’s movies!
    She’s so pretty and funny.
    She is my favorite actress!

  35. 35 : lee kim yeon Says:

    I love Lee Da Hae’s Movies!
    She is so pretty and funny!
    She is my favorite actress!

  36. 36 : cheena Says:

    yes., hello, miss or hello, my lady is currently airing in KBS!!! ckeckout sky cable ! =p

  37. 37 : fullhouse Says:


  38. 38 : Nora Says:

    I think Lee Dae Hae looks good with all her partners. I think she also has good chemistry with Lee Ji Hoon. A lot of chemistry with Lee Dong Wook because there were lots of kissing & hugging scenes in My Girl than in Hello Miss. I’m hoping they will have some later in the series of Hello Miss. They really look so good together. Both can sing also. I love Lee Dae Hae in Hanbok costumes & her traditional Korean dancing. Wow, what a lovely lady. LDH took ballet & traditional Korean dancing in real life. Another actor I like in the Hello Miss is Ryan (Soo Ha’s stepbrother).
    I think he’s one of the singer in the group Saran. He’s very nice looking also. I can’t wait to see more episodes.

  39. 39 : StarKeeper Says:

    does’nt Lee Ji-hoon and Joo Ji-hoon from princess hours looks alike? I love Lee Da Hae in My Girl and as a ex-girlfriend who is trying to win her guy back in Sweet 18.

  40. 40 : hyacinth Says:

    I love this korean series.. its so funny and has a nice love story. I think Lee Ji Hoon is cute! He reminds me of my friend Harold! hahaha! who is also so cute! I think this will be a hit if shown in local television in the Philippines!

  41. 41 : gie Says:

    i just watch the 4th episode from the cable tittled my lady lee dae hae is very good with her acting specially the timing in her deliver in her comedy squel.

  42. 42 : hyacinth Says:

    I thank KBS for showing such a beautiful series. Are there any DVDs for sale for this in the Philippines? I want to get one. This is worth buying for. Lee Da Hae is so pretty! Will they ever come to the Philippines? hehe.. =)

  43. 43 : hyacinth Says:

    I just cant wait for next week.. the next episode is on april 23, 2007 right? its episode 11 in KBS. Lee Ji Hoon and Lee Da Hae look good together. Lee Ji Hoon is so cute! and Soo Ha is so funny! nice acting!

  44. 44 : leng_lui16 Says:

    does anyone know where to download the english subtitles for episodes 7 and onwards please please pretty please

  45. 45 : hyacinth Says:

    can we really download these episodes? where? and it must have english subtitles.. with correct grammar of course.. hehe.. 😉

  46. 46 : Nora Says:

    I watched Episode 9 & I love it. I’m eagerly waiting for Episode 10. The story is getting better & better. I just love this drama so much I can watch it over & over again.
    I could not stand the 3 irritating women on this drama (Suh Hwa Ran, Junee-Soo Ha’s half sister & Director Lee-
    Chan Min’s mother). They make Soo Ha unhappy. I hope they get punish for their conniving schemes at the end of the story. I love LDH & LJH’s acting. Good looking couple.

  47. 47 : Karen Says:

    Lee Da Hae is so gorgeous…

    i really keep on repeating the episode when Lee Da Hae is modeling..

    it’s nice…


    add me up ( in Friendster ) [email protected]

    and also my friend




  48. 48 : Jummy Says:

    I have watched the first six series and i am addicted, i can’t wait to watch the next one. it has been so great especially the chemistry between lee ji hoon and lee da hee. also the cousin ans sung hwa ran (Kkbot) are great. all the characters are so appealing and they made this into a fin show.

  49. 49 : wilsonz Says:

    lee da hae~u rocks!!u looks nice general beautiful pretty AND ALWAYS HAPPY i wil alwiz support u~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  50. 50 : Bless Says:

    Hello ladies,
    If you want to download this drama, try to visit this website:
    This link should direct you (hopefully) to Hello Miss drama. Just
    browse and see what you think. It’s up to you what you want to
    do after. Good luck…………For me, I have not seen this drama yet
    but reading from the comments written her, this will definitely be
    in my watch list,

    Cheers to all……………..Bless

  51. 51 : Nora Says:

    There’s another irritating woman on this drama. Soo Ha’s stepmother who wanted her son, Ryan, to take the offer of the elders to take over Soo Ha’s place in the clan. How could she urged her son when he doesn’t have any blood relation to the clan? Shame on her. I’m eager to see Episode 11. This drama is getting exciting although I don’t like what’s happening. I feel bad for Dong Gyu broken hearted & even got drunk for the first time. Please upload episode 10 7/7 (it’s not in the computer) & the forthcoming episodes as soon as you can. Thanks a lot.

  52. 52 : ShineCanada Says:

    hello, everyone!

    like all of you i am a BIG fan of Korean dramas, and real BIG fan of Lee DaHae. eversince “Greenrose”, i have followed her tv dramas like “My Girl” and now “Hello! Miss” she really is one great actress who is comfortable in any genre: drama, comedy, etc. her latest HM is really good! i also like her leading man Lee Ji Hoon, they look good together! more power to both their careers and their personal lives. au revoir!

  53. 53 : ShineCanada Says:

    Lee Da Hae has done once again! i love “Hello! Miss” more power!

  54. 54 : sharon Says:

    yes, i know all the lee dae hae fans are very excited over her new series. well, i love lee dae hae eversince My Girl when i realised that she has really good acting talent at such young age. LJH and LDH has really good chemistry. cant wait for episode 11.

  55. 55 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:


    Lee ji-Hoon is so handsome,,gwabe!Joo Ji-hoon n him were so look a like for me..bcuz they are both handsome!

    So to ol Pinoy Koreanovela Fans out there..i am inviting u to watched the lst 5 episodes of Hello miss at KBS World at sky Cable every 9:00 pm Monday and Tuesday…Channel 75!

    REmember the main girl character lady suha was the girl in the koreanovela My girl!

  56. 56 : [x][a][n][n][e] Says:

    annyong hashimnigga!!!

    yeah its cool, she’s cute Lady Yi Shin even Donggyu is cute.. I love when

    he smiles… yeAh eVeryone pLease wAtch Hello, My Lady… and,

    kamsa hamnida!! LiL PrinxeZ i wOnt miss it this timE…. byebye

  57. 57 : Miss Lie Says:

    love this movie!!! Lee Ji Hoon and Ha Suk Jin so funny and handsome, Lee Da Hae… u are the best!!

  58. 58 : Caroline Says:

    oh God, i LOVE Lee Ji Hoon huhuww >.

  59. 59 : hyacinth Says:

    such a cute pair!!!! funny series!!!

  60. 60 : Tina Says:

    OMFG I

  61. 61 : Francis Says:

    you can watch it in Kbsworld cable channel “Hello’My Lady” around 8-10 pm ,I watch every night its nice korean drama .

  62. 62 : Nora Says:

    I watched 14 episodes already, unfortunately only 9 episodes have English subtitles. I’m eagerly waiting for them to put English subtitles on episodes 10, 11. 12, 13, & 14 (please, please, please & thanks). Dong Gyu (Lee Ji Hoon) was very sad at the end of Episode 14 talking to Su Ha (Lee Dae Hae) on the phone saying goodbye or something & wished her happiness (I wish I understand Korean). I’m learning some words from watching some Korean dramas. Lee Dae Hae & Choi Ji Woo are my most favorite. They are both great actresses proven by the numbers of awards they received. I’m hoping for a happy ending. The ending episodes will be aired on 5/7 & 5/8 (Please upload as soon as possible.) Thanks again.

  63. 63 : chicco Says:

    i love this drama i love it, dong yu i love you! R.E. too

  64. 64 : chicco Says:

    hello? where should find this in online??

  65. 65 : faithy Says:

    happy ending, feels good to see it end this way.

  66. 66 : OrochiRubiX Says:

    Can anyone verify the genre for this series? I’m just curious and I love Lee Da Hae’s acting especially in My Girl.

  67. 67 : Hulala one Says:

    Yup, currently watching this series, its totally a good one to watch! already in ep 11 currently in you tube1 cant wait for the series to be avail in video to watch full screen! both LDH and LJH are great, totally lovable couple

  68. 68 : FOR SALE Says:

    FOR SALE ~ I have the complete Hello! Miss series (16 episodes) on DVD with English & Simplified Chinese subtitles. The English subtitles are decent but not perfect (there are some spelling errors, i.e. grandma spelled gramdma). Korean & Mandarin language. Contact me at [email protected] if interested.

  69. 69 : vannlyda Says:

    Yeach~~ Hello! my lady! my lady my lady. I love Dong Gyn and Chang Min very very very much. Both of them looks so much handsome la la la. I just finished watching it last nite. It was a sad sad charpter:(. I am really pity Dong Gyn. He does everthings to Yi Suha(My lady) but she still never know about his good heart. And she is even hate him. M so pity him. If I were is the story, I would love Dong Gyn not Chang Min. Oh! and the next charpter next week, Dong Gyn will get fired from the company!! (hoho I wanna cry) His grand pa fire him…..I wish at the end My lady and him will get well with each other!!!

    My lady!! My lady!!! Lee Da Hae&Lee Ji Hoon.
    From a fan from Cambodia!!!

  70. 70 : vannlyda Says:

    Hey! do anyone have de photos gerllery of this drama(my lady)?If so pls feel free to send to me at [email protected]. Thanks before head. This drama is perfect. I do love it. And I nearly get crazy of it. lalalal

  71. 71 : Tini Says:

    i had already known from the first time i saw hello miss!’s picture in a magazine that this is a funny story… and it is true!!! i really love Lee Ji Hoon, he is so cute and as i know he is a singer also, but he can act very well and also Lee Da Hee, she is so photo genic (if im not mistaken in write it…:'() and she acts very well too, great i think!!! and proud watching a great movie from a brilian scrip writer also!!! i love it very much… Bisa jadian beneran ga ya di kehidupan sebenarnya…? hope so!

  72. 72 : Syanti Says:

    Ho….Hello !!!!

    I like this film…it’s funny ..i Love Lee dae hee and Lee Jo Hoo….

  73. 73 : vann lyda Says:

    I love Korea dramas very much. Yeach~ and m waiting for de next Lee Di Hae and Lee Ji Hoon new drama as well. Yayayay~~ my lady my lady, Yi suha~~~

  74. 74 : vann lyda Says:

    How about Full house played by Rain??? yes! I also love it!! I didn’t watch it from de begining. Wanna watch it again. That drama is quiet funny. I bought de music dishes of this soaps. Most of the songs are great!!!! especially Sha la la , I think I,….~~

  75. 75 : Imuyachan Says:

    I’ve watched the drama after I saw Lee Dahae ssi in My Girl.. I love My Girl so much .. so i bought this drama coz of her^^ i already watched it until 8th episodes ^^ n it’s good.. well yeah, i haven’t got the strong vibe like when i watched My Girl.. but this drama is good.. funny, great costumes ^^ Lee Dahae n Lee Jihoon oppa are great together ^^ hope they will be 2gether in the end ^^ but, one thing that catch my attention is.. the Hwa Ahn Dang issues looks so complicated while i think they can develop the issue into a better 1.. i mean not to complicated …. but despite that, the storyline is ok.. i recommend u guys to watch this ^^ Lee Dahae ssi and Lee Jihoon oppa hwaiting ^^

  76. 76 : jheyne10 Says:

    I’ve watched it already.. very funny and so romantic at times.. good casting.. love it!

  77. 77 : HanJiEun Says:

    can somebody tell me where to get the ring tone of Su Ha’s cellphone? I really like the sound of it, so funny ^_^

  78. 78 : -=-=Wallpaper-=-= Says:

    For KBS wallpaper for this drama

  79. 79 : Lyda Says:

    Ya~~ I also think that her ring tone is funny!!! I recorded when Chamin called to her. He often call to her. hahah ya it sounds pretty much funny!! ho la aiya aiya~~~~lalalal

  80. 80 : anneGarE Says:

    to all who were VERY interested in watching this just go to http://www.veoh.com
    and just search there Hello!Miss and you’ll see the complete series with ENGLISH SUBS… =) the ENDING is VERY AWESOME!!!! =) and Lee Ji-Hoon is very HOT!!! =)

  81. 81 : Lyda Says:

    Ya thanks anneGart for telling us about this.

  82. 82 : Roger Says:

    I have Hello Miss dvd (and so with Green Rose and My Girl). I enjoyed watching it. Lee Da Hae was just great, so pretty, so talented and so adorable. Seems like I will continue buying her dvd’s because she is so enjoyable to watch. The drama was very good but I wonder what happened to KBS. English sub title was really bad and I did not expect it from KBS. Winter Sonata’s sub title was excellent. I can’t watch Korean dramas without English sub title. Would I be able buy another version with good English sub title of Hello Miss? Please advise.

  83. 83 : Betty Says:

    at first this series was really good, then it started to piss me off a lot. It is a typical korean drama, and so many characters get cut off when they are trying to talk to explain themsevles. I am on episode 12 and I am so stress watching this drama.. lol.

  84. 84 : Dores Says:

    hello to all !!!

    I just want to say that I really enjoyed watching Hello Miss! Im on my 7th episode….Lee da hee is really a good actress plus she has the most gorgeous leading man in here tv series from green rose,my girl and now Hello Miss.Keep it up!!!

    And to Roger, are you sure you bought the original DVD? Because in my own opinion, if it is original, before they released it they undergo a series of critics.

  85. 85 : Roger Says:

    Thanks Dores, I guess I bought a pirated DVD (my apology to KBS). I live in Toronto, Canada and bought this from a Chinese store in Pacific Mall. Can anyone tell me where to buy the original? I was able to watch again Hello Miss thru http://www.veoh.com (thanks to annegarE) and English subtitle was excellent but I still want to buy the DVD for my collection particularly with Lee Da Hae the leading lady. She is just a talented beautiful girl.

  86. 86 : Lyda Says:

    hahah Hello! My lady!! ended last night on KBS!! It was not so good at the end!!! I want My lady to give up her mother’s home, and marry Donguy and live with him in the beautiful city, Seoul. Bt anyways, the drama is ended like that so I have no idea.

    I love the charpter when Donguy kissed My lady on the road on the nite he drunk. Hhahah really sweet and good watching. I love seeing people kissing each other. 🙂

    I love this drama very much. I was keeping to watch that since the begaining. Now it is ended. I am waiting for Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji hoon together with a new soap as well.

    Ok, bye bye.

  87. 87 : Lyda Says:

    This drama is really funny. Especially at the begaining.

  88. 88 : squal Says:

    I am very happy that I watched the ending of this beautiful korean drama made by my favorite korean actress Yi Dahae before the start of our class here in the philippines.. the ending of this drama reflects the culture of korea, I hope yi dahae will make again a new soap. I really love to watch her because she acts natural, just like in My girl. yi dahae, thanks for making us fully satisfied with your acting, I know you’re doing well for us. Goodluck yi dahae..anneyeoung!

  89. 89 : siopz Says:

    where can i get lady soo ha’s ring tone..?can anyone please tell me where?

  90. 90 : Lyda Says:

    Yes! Most of the time this drama shows about the culture of Korea. I agree.

    About the ringtone of Yi Suha I really have no idea where to get it Siopz?If you guys no, please tell me too.

  91. 91 : LEE VAA-RA Says:


  92. 92 : susie huang Says:

    I have watched “HELLO!MISS”,one of the popular Korean Drama and i think that is great!!it’s so funny,romantic,and i think yaht is the funniest drama that i ever see.maybe its story have many event that we can find them in our daily life so I think it is great.ha5.so.how about you?

  93. 93 : susie huang Says:

    I like to the point!!Hello!miss is really really great,yeah!!Hwang Dong Gyu and Lee So Ha have a good love story.Ilike it so much

  94. 94 : Shaire Says:

    i just finish watching this series a definately must see it. the actors is great. its funny and cute. you will laugh and fell in love with them lee ji-hoon is very handsome and le da-hee is so pretty.

  95. 95 : sarah Says:

    hii,well…i started watching this drama just a few days ago,and i find it so cooooooooooooool and the actors +the actresses are soo hot….^^
    watch itt noooooooooooow,it’s hilarious

  96. 96 : Lyda Says:

    Ya~~ I saw the DVDs of this drama selling in my country too. Two dishes cost 6$. And mostly the store in that super mall sells famous korea dramas. Two dishes 6$ are they cheaper or more expensive than your country?

    I would dare to say that everythings in my country(Cambodia) are cheap!!! if you don’t believe, please come and buy. American movies DVDs costs only 2$ and or sometimes1.5$.

  97. 97 : nhea Says:

    i feel inlove with donggyu hope there will b part two.i miss u lee jihun make more dramas we like ur love team wd dahae.take care

  98. 98 : Thay Says:

    Soooo nice this serie 🙂 I love it 🙂
    I’m looking for the ringtone of Lee Su Ha’s cellphone, and I’m not alone :p
    Does anybody know how to get it ?

  99. 99 : Thay Says:

    Hello everybody,

    I finally found after a long research the ringtone of Lee Su Ha cellphone. Here is the link http://yznw.imeem.com/music/6JN6xOsW/my_ringtone/

    The title seems to be “My ringtone” by Kid

    Enjoy it, me it’ll be soon my own ringtone :p

  100. 100 : miles Says:

    this drama is soooooo good!!!i’ll assure you that when you watch this, you’ll get hooked!!! 😛

    —->miLes fr0m the philippines


  101. 101 : adhe Says:

    L.O.V.E IT !
    Love the whole stories, love the casts, and most importantly LOVE THE ENDING!!!!

    Ps. Anyone of you know where can i find Hello Miss’ soundtrack ? I really like the songs played throughout the whole drama.

  102. 102 : Thay Says:

    Hello Adhe, go to this link http://r0ckerchiq.multiply.com/music/item/18 and you’ll be able to download the whole OST 🙂

  103. 103 : Trang Says:

    i haven’t watch dis film but i heard dat it is good so i’m gonna watch it i also luv lee da hae she’s eva so funny as i hve watch my girl and i love the funny moment i also watch green rose and i think it was brilliant too. cud any one tell me all the other fil dat she’s in
    thx a lot

  104. 104 : Lyda Says:

    Thanks so much Tay!!! for telling us about Yi Suha’s ring tone. Hahhahaha M going to set that tone into my phone too. It sounds so interesting!!!!

    I will remember this>forever. I love this drama very very much. It is the second korea soap that I love. I love Full House the first.

  105. 105 : Fe Says:

    Hello….any idea where I can find Bille Jean look at me by Lee Ji hoon..on-line or real copy..pleaseeeeeee!!!! thanks in advance…

  106. 106 : alin Says:

    buagus buanget………

  107. 107 : [email protected] Says:

    hey… gud day!ü anyone who can help me where i can find dvd for this brilliant korean drama, Hello! My Lady! in very cheap price?!?

    I’m lovin’ it when I first saw it on Skycable Phils. ch.75 KBS world.. I got hooked from this drama and I love those guys,Ha Seokhin and Yi Jihun!

    I wanna have a dvd copy from this drama.. help me where i can buy this stuff!

    on the last episode, i used my celfone to record it so i won’t be missing it.. and converted it into vcd.. hahaha

    these men are sooooo hoooot! and I’m so starstruck to Yi Dahae on the way she dresses.. she’s pretty.. any dress that she wears makes her look lovelier!

    i hope any local tv network here in phils. would air this drama… how i wish..ü

    i would appreciate it if someone who can help me to find this thing..

  108. 108 : mei Says:

    I know there is a site selling it but they only offer free shipping in USA… I guess it will not be cheap to Philippines cuz of the expensive s/h. The s/h kills the deal if you are not in USA.


    I am gonna use that ringtone too! It’s so so so so so funny and remind me about this drama. I love this drama too. Very funny and lovely.

  109. 109 : wEnG Says:

    hey [email protected]!!!!! taga-pilipinas din ako…Wats the time slot of hello miss in kbs world???????????expensive kasi if i’ll be always tuning in sa youtube, eh 15/hour……

  110. 110 : sorayume Says:

    hallo…..anyong hassimnika, ni hao ma, wat’s up broooo. My name is sorayume(yume). I want to find some dvd rc vcd korean drama.
    I also want to get any friend, so visit me at http://[email protected]
    And the last i just say tank you.

  111. 111 : vina Says:

    i have finished watching this drama and i really enjoyed it. Lee da Hae is really interesting in comedy role. The cast are all great including Lee ji Hoon. And i love the ringtone of Lee da Hae in this drama. Thanks for the info on how i can download it. Me and my sister are going crazy over this tone.


  112. 112 : Anto Says:

    i have finished watching this drama and i really enjoyed it. funny and interesting.
    oh ya !, i love the ringtone li su ha phone ( hula hulala ), how can i download?

  113. 113 : candle in the wind Says:

    love it!!! very much

  114. 114 : Doms Says:

    pls Lee Da Hea Iam really a fan of you, and I love the way u act.. Pls don’t wear such revealing dress like the photo above… wala lng.. Take care! Godbless!

  115. 115 : gemini Says:

    ..this series sucks! can’t take the fashion statements used for the leading lady. The crying scenes lacked emotions.

  116. 116 : meaw Says:

    just love lee da hee and lee ji hoon……. the story…..really don’t like it…..

  117. 117 : cheese Says:

    if anyone knows how i can download that ringtone (hula whatever) can u email me [email protected]

  118. 118 : Xishu06 Says:

    Hi Weng and Joymarivic:

    I got a copy of the dvd. I got it from a friend who claimed to have it from a local dvd player.. you know what I mean 😉 There are quite a few stalls which sells a lot of korean drama dvds. Some are even dubbed chinese but has English subs. Wala ngang Tagalog eh. You may find those from 2004 pa! 🙂 Try asking those who are selling dvds if they have Hello Baby!

  119. 119 : MaRiZ_20 Says:

    hayyyyy grabe! nakakaloka at nakaka adik tong panoorin ang drama na to…i love it!

  120. 120 : rs3y Says:

    i finish this already….one of the best drama…..very nice and cute..but for its less romantic, its all about the house and competetion…but reall cute couple though,,lee da hae and lee ji hoonn,rocks…

  121. 121 : vannlyda Says:

    Next drama after Hello miss is flower for my life. It is not interesting like Hello Miss te. I love only Hello my lady drama. I got de Yi Su Ha ringtone already. I also set it into my phone. Anyone want it??I can send it to you guys.

  122. 122 : Tynice Says:

    i love this drama but i dont think its one of the best dramas i’ve watched.
    Lee Su Ha’s ringtone is so cute.=)

  123. 123 : kristine17 Says:

    yes!!!!!!i want yi su ha ringtone..just send it to [email protected]..thank you so much..i’ll wait

  124. 124 : vannlyda Says:

    here is the link to download na friends who want my lady ringtone!!! Pls enjoin!!!

  125. 125 : kristies Says:

    i really really really really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love yi suha ringtone so if anyone of u guy know please send it to me thank you ^^ here is my e-mail [email protected]

  126. 126 : kristies Says:

    oh! did anyone of u FRIENDS know who sing the song hulala???

  127. 127 : Fe Says:

    Can anyone tell me what does the Korean sentence in the very last scene mean??!!…I love this drama so much i watched it 5 times now…I wish there is a sequel…wonder if the book is the same as the series…btw…anyone know where I can get a copy or full series of Billie Jean look at me?!..thanks in advance!..

  128. 128 : fidel daniel Says:

    ldh, lee ji hoon i love you both in hello miss,GOD BLESS!

  129. 129 : fidel daniel Says:


  130. 130 : Zsa Says:

    Oh… su ha step brother is so cute.. I guess he’s a newcomer. Anyone know about him ? I only know his name is Ryan and no further info. Please let me know more about Ryan.. he is so cute.

  131. 131 : ria Says:

    i realy realy 10000000*like drama korea hallo miss!

  132. 132 : vannlyda Says:

    Just like me too, I m really like this drama, Hello Miss. Who said Yi suha’s brother so cute?!! Many people says he is no interesting!!! His face is the same. By this I mean the expression on his face is always the same. Hhahahah very funny!! Yes I am waiting to watch this drama again too. I have never watched Korea drama before. Just Full house and this drama, Hello Miss. And Lee Da Hae series I also never watched like My Girl, Sweet 18, Green Rose….but m looking to watching those in the future…..

    I love Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji Hoon very much!!!!

  133. 133 : [email protected] Says:

    i got hooked!

    i got hooked!

    i already have a copy!!!

    kung di ko sila kinulit… di sila magbebenta!

    hahaha!!! i always watch it everyday!

    even though i watched it 5x!!!

    hehehe.. i love ’em…

    and also, i have MARS VCD! (Barbie Xu & Vic Zhou) hehehe… fresh from Macau! hahaha…ü with soundtrack pa! u wanna have one? let’s make negotiation so u can have one too! i love ’em too…ü

  134. 134 : [email protected] Says:

    to weng

    hey gurl! matagal na siyang tapos sa KBS nung May 30 pa.. buti na lang I’ve recorded it through my phone… ang mas matindi non,, may dvd na koh non! yehey!!!!!ü

  135. 135 : [email protected] Says:

    wow! i’ve downloaded yi suha’s ring tone… it reminds me how “changmin” (ha seokjin) sang it.. because in episode 2 or 3 (i dunno which of these) he said to donggyu (yi jihun) that “HE CHANGED THE RINGTONE OF YI SUHA’s PHONE then HE SINGS IT….”hulala lala…” very cute..ü

    hey! QTV or ABS-CBN or GMA… paki-air naman toh sa station niyo! hehehe… matagal ko ng inaabangan toh! coz…

    I’m LOVIN’ IT! ü

  136. 136 : [email protected] Says:

    there’s a site where you can download all episodes for free..

    it’s http://www.—————————————– hehehe…=P

    you better search for it.. it starts with a letter “V”

    it has similarities with youtube but in youtube, you can’t download the video but in this site.. whoa! it’s for free! download all the way!! yey!!!ü

    it’s better if you have some skills using Nero Media tools so you will be able to convert it into dvd or vcd just like what i did to the last episode of this drama…

    fantasticool isn’t it?

  137. 137 : shinji Says:

    Awww, I Really liked this show and now i like Lee Ji Hoon. I WISH I HAD THIER RING TONES!!!

  138. 138 : Cece Says:

    Hahas. Ha Suk Jin was really cute in this drama….he looks better then Lee Ji Hoon but my opinion only…b/c in Save The Last Dance For Me he was all serious and just OMG…i dunno what to say…but yeah I liked him better in htis drama he will be my main character in my new story Yay!! 😀

  139. 139 : suhafan Says:

    to anyone, please give me the link or send the ringtone of yi suha to this e-mal: [email protected] — tnx very much

  140. 140 : Jay Says:

    OMFG! its on the AZN channel FINALLY!

  141. 141 : [email protected] Says:

    han mamana daeyo…. hulalala.. (am i right?) hehehe..

    i wish i heard right words… sorry for my mistakes.. =P

    han mamana daeyo…hulalala
    qi mei nou lei daeyo…hulalala
    chang ka nang ka nie da lou
    xi gah lou jah mei daeyo…

    han madana daeyo…hulalala
    qi mei nou lei daeyo…hulalala
    tou qou doung kung dang xi man
    qi gah lou kou li daeyo….

    (hehehe.. correct my words and spelling if im wrong? ü)

    here’s the ost list
    1. funky dance (opening) – crying nut
    2. stay by my side – miya
    3. mae il nan…(love theme) (everyday i…) – brian ftts
    4. she – ryan yoochang (who played Yi Suha’s Brother..)
    5. round n round – the recipes
    6. hello beautiful girl – shin hyung
    7. moon sounds – kim jong ik
    8. cuty baby – ji pyung kwon
    9. she (guitar version)
    10. fake motion – ji pyung kwon
    11. funky dance (orchestral version) – yoo hae joon
    12. sunny day – ji pyung kwon
    13. mae il nan… (everyday i…) (orchestral version) – jo kyu man
    14. romance – ji pyung kwon
    15. stay by my side (orchestral version) – han jae ho
    16. winds – ji pyung kwon

    I THINK THERE’S SOMEONE WHO POSTED A LINK HERE.. SEARCH FOR IT SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE OST… (but there’s a problem regarding track 3.. it’s incomplete! you to listen it..)


    Question: Where you can download for the ringtone?
    Answer: You search for it.. coz i already wasted my time just to look for it and i even succeed searching for that tone… be patient on searching! i know you can find it… =)

    Question: where you can download for the episodes?
    Answer: as i said, you search for it… =)

    i wanna share this: i’m currently watching silence in tv channel (qtv) (but already finished it on dvd copy) and i was surprised when that girl, carol or zhao shen shen is also the girl who portrays jang geum’s friend in jewel in the palace… she’s the one who played “yeon-sang” who employed as a chef then becomes a queen in the palace…

    that’s all..ü have a nice day ahead!

  142. 142 : kristell Says:

    hai.. i hav all d songs and everyfin alredy.. but i dnt noe wat dey’re sayin o.O’ so does anyone happen 2 noe wer i can find any translations 4 d lyrics especially d ringtone.. i wanna noe wat d song iz sayin b4 i make it mii ringtone.. tnx in advance


  143. 143 : akita_lonely Says:

    Loke Li ji hoon much. Where I can find his film biliie Jean,look at me?

  144. 144 : akita_lonely Says:

    I love drama “Hello Miiss”and I like both LDH, LJH they;re very pretty

  145. 145 : smeLLiebum Says:

    heeeeey vannlyda could u send the ringtone to me please ?? i have both a yahoo and a hotmail account .. wateva floats ur boat

    [email protected]

    [email protected]


  146. 146 : IlubLdancVy Says:

    it was a good series not as great as MY gIRL …I love Lee Ji Hoon..he is so fin…

  147. 147 : Lyda Says:

    Ok friends who wants yi suha ringtone, I have already put d link to download and for a long time as well. WHy still asking for it??!! Like joymarivic05 said too that if you want u have to search. I did a searching too so that I get it. But one thing that I haven’t succeed is downloading this drama. I have tried several times already but I still cannot download it. You mean veho.com. I haven’t checked it yet because this website always get struck whenever I open it. Now m very busy with my final exam. I will come back for a next few month and I will ask some clues or ways to download it. Friends I Hope you can help me with this.

    M looking to hearing from you.

  148. 148 : Lyda Says:

    In my country also sell DVDs of this drama but m afraid that I cannot accept it because it doesn’t has English subtitle but chinese. N i m not very good at Chinese. So M waiting to find another way to get it.

  149. 149 : Lyda Says:

    Oh n one more thing which is very very funny. is that last time I checked the coollady(friend in youtube.com)I saw she put some links to download…I thought that they are Hello Miss and I try try to download. I spend alot of time doing it(each esp is 150MB) but finally when I got them on my hands, guest what???!!! They are not Hello Miss But Thank YOu for instead!! My my god~~~That is very crazy~~ñ the drama cannot see at all it got only the sounds of characters talking!! Oh my god!!!

  150. 150 : A1 Says:

    Hello.. anyone.. Lee Su Ha’s ringtone is so cute, how can i download? please send it to my email : [email protected] THANKS..

  151. 151 : Lyda Says:

    N I love all the songs in this drama, Franky Dance, two songs that the girl sing but I don’t what the titles of it te. I remember she sing like this….I believe…….you give all ….it is very difficult to follow this song because it is sang in Korea n I don’t know any korea….

    Ok bye bye!! I will come back soon.

  152. 152 : derxiong Says:

    omG..i love this movie…and dat gut ish hecka hott!!!!1

  153. 153 : derxiong Says:


  154. 154 : derxiong Says:

    also i love de guy Chan Min he ish so freakin cute!!!!1…butaa he a player…ahahah…lol..i love ya

  155. 155 : derxiong Says:

    #########111111111111111111111 fan…omGGGGG

  156. 156 : derxiong Says:

    i love donggyu evil plan…ahahah..hjecka cute..awww..im in love with donggyu

  157. 157 : derxiong Says:

    i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!imma de numba one fan!!yes..lol..lateslates

  158. 158 : vip pro Says:

    i love you lee da-hea

  159. 159 : jie eun Says:

    love you dae hae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. 160 : heather Says:

    Can’t wait until this comes on AZN!
    Does any1 know what the drama’s name is where there are two guys and they are brothers but they don’t know, and they fall in love with the same girl, and the girl goes to Tahitti? plz. HELP

  161. 161 : Cindy Says:

    Reply to heather:

    2 brothers fall in love with the same girl and the girl eventually went to Tahaiti. It’s call “Prince’s First Love”

  162. 162 : Thu Says:

    Hello all, I see that a lot of you are having trouble downloading HELLO MISS and I have a fantastic web for you. http://chinkymovies.blogspot.com/2006/04/index-dramas-movies.html This site has everything, from dramas, movies, OST…LOTS!!!

    If you don’t mind, can you post up the web where I can download the “HULALA” song? Please?? Love it so much I want for my ring tone too…it’s soooo cuteeee!!!

  163. 163 : fidel daniel Says:

    ldh, how r u ? i can’t help it i have to watched hello miss over and over again coz’ ur so good and so beautiful not only watcing your drama it relieves my depression.hope u can come here in d usa. i l like all ur leading men esp. ko soo, oh he is so handsome, reminds me of james dean of usa. i like lee ji hoon esp. when he singsa. hope u all can come herewin the usa. GOD BLESS!

  164. 164 : fidel daniel Says:

    wow! this is my 3rd time don’t know what happened but anyway, ldh want you are so beautiful and watching any of ur dramas makesme feel gooid and relieves my depression. right now i’m watching hello miss, iulost count of it of how many times i’ve been watching already. i like all ur leading men esp. ko soo, wow! he looks like james dean of usa. i like lee ji hoon, he is cute and nice voice. hope u all can come here in the usa. GOD BLESS!

  165. 165 : fidel daniel Says:

    ldh, ican’t help it but to watch hello miss over and over again. you do really relieve my depression what can i say. right now i’mn watching again you so beautiful and a very good kaorean actress.one thing i noticed you canhave any leading man and still you can beliewve that it’s your love ones. and that is good u don’t havew to linked to any of your leadinf

  166. 166 : cherry_chups Says:

    lee da hae!! you are sooo pretty!! sometimes u look like song hye gyo! take care

  167. 167 : elijah Says:

    an ok drama..sometimes, i felt frustrating watching lee da hae overact

  168. 168 : ningqi_88 Says:

    Can anyone tell me if I can see these episodes on YouTube as I just went to search for it but unsuccessful. I really can’t wait for the disks to be on sale.

  169. 169 : [email protected] Says:

    for those who wants hulalala tone.. someone posted the link here…

    browse all the links posted here and you can download it for free..

    don’t worry.. adware spyware viruses are NOT INCLUDED in download… SO,IT’S SAFE TO DOWNLOAD..

    so, click all the links from page 1 up to latest where you can download the tone…

    that’s why i have the tone because i browse All Links Posted HERE..

    then follow the instructions on how to download it.. got it?!


  170. 170 : [email protected] Says:

    hey ningqi_88… hello!

    try to search these keywords in youtube for episodes:
    hello baby
    hello miss
    hello aegishi
    hello lady
    hello my lady

    so you can browse the drama episode..ü

    the DISCS or what you mean is VCD/DVD copy for this great great great great drama! is already available (in Philippines)…

    -i’m from Phils.. =)

  171. 171 : [email protected] Says:

    i’m an avid fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i love these songs from the soundtrack of this drama

    1.She by: Ryan / Yoochang (played Junyeong,a brother of Yi Suha in this drama)

    2. Mae Il Nan (Everyday I) by: Brian FTTS -this is the love song theme of Huang Donggyu & Yi Suha

    3. Round N Round by: The Recipes -this is played in Modeling Competition Episode

    love it!ü

  172. 172 : [email protected] Says:

    last time, when i was in a computer shop at school, uhm, i tried to browse some lee ji hoons video in youtube…

    whoa! i keep on giggling everytime i hear him singing… OMG!
    i’m amazed! i love him! (mwaaah! hehehe…)

    i like the video where he sang “buo go ship dah” (am i right?) the stairway to heaven ost…

    i wish i was the girl involved in that video… hahahahaha!

    i admire lee ji hoon whenever he sings…. i love him!ü

    he even singed in “Sang sang plus” (i dont know if it is a KBS program..) =P

    but he’s really really cute in that video!!!!!!!!!!

  173. 173 : ali Says:

    this was such a funny drama…the only thing is i didn’t like the ending…it seemed rushed…all the same i still liked it, lee ji hoon is so cute in this film.i saw hak suk jin in an sg wannabe mv….not only was the song great but he was great too

  174. 174 : Luna Says:

    This drama made me a fan of Lee Ji Hoon who was wonderful in it. I then saw “Wonderful Life”, he is a few years younger in it but just as adorable, eventhough he played a kind of sarcastic and cool character.

  175. 175 : Annie Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon Fast Facts:

    -he’s a singer
    -there’s an interesting video in youtube where he posed as a girl and he sang for her boyfriends (taken from the TV show X-Men (or Man?) at SBS)
    -he’s ex-gf is Eugene Kim (!)
    -many say that he resembles Joo Ji Hoon (Goong, The Devil)…I don’t think so. ü

  176. 176 : mich Says:

    hi! lee ji hoon is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hello my lady is a beautiful drama…….

  177. 177 : CiCi Says:

    This Drama is funny, I think that they had some chemistry and I enjoyed this one. Yep LJH is CUTE!

  178. 178 : dini Says:

    da hee is very talented and lee ji hoon is very cute

  179. 179 : tina Says:

    hello my miss lee da hae,your a wondreful actress and hope to see you or hope you also visit the Philippines.IM ONE OF YOUR MILLION FAN here in the Philippines.hope you have many projects in the future

  180. 180 : tina Says:

    hi lee da hae,hope you also read this,do you have new projects?we want to see more of your projects

  181. 181 : tina Says:

    lee da hae do you have a movie that we can see here in the Philippines?Philippine people loves you…………….take care always

  182. 182 : tina Says:

    lee da hae you are so pretty and a good actress…..

  183. 183 : rafa Says:

    ji hoon…he looks different in this drama…
    lee dae hee…u look beautiful with korean traditional clothes

  184. 184 : Lyda Says:

    I have found two songs in this drama again. They are Stay by my silde and another one is I don’t no the title. But anyways, I still looking for three more songs from this drama one is Frucky dance, two is the song that yi suha’s brother sing and three is the girl song….

    I also like Lee Ji Hoon in this drama. He looks so handsome.

  185. 185 : [email protected] Says:

    hey lyda..

    I think you were trying to search these songs, right?

    FUNKY DANCE by Crying Nut
    SHE by Yoochang (who played SuHa’s Brother)
    Round N Round by The Recipes

    I recommend you to search this songs via YAHOO website and check if the site is from MULTIPLY.COM because there are many users from MULTIPLY who posted the OST for this drama (including also the ringtone)..
    but, some of the songs were cutted into exactly 3 mins. (Mae Il Nan, She, & Round N Round)

    Mae Il Nan must have a capacity up to 4:01 mins.
    She – 3:20 mins
    Round N Round – 3:10

    so if you downloaded one, check if the song is COMPLETED..

  186. 186 : [email protected] Says:

    someone here sent a message to me and says if HE could get one copy of the ringtone..

    well,, BROWSE ALL THE LINKS POSTED HERE FROM PAGE 1 UP TO LATEST PAGE which has a direct link for the ringtone..


  187. 187 : [email protected] Says:

    one thing more lyda..

    the song ROUND N ROUND by The Recipes..
    the lead vocalist is a girl so i thought it was one of the songs you were trying to get.. am i right? =)

  188. 188 : [email protected] Says:

    these are the song for OFFICIAL SOUND TRACK of this DRAMA (OST)

    01. Funky Dance – Crying Nut
    02. Stay By My Side – Miya
    03. mae il nan.. (Love Theme) – Brian FTTS
    04. She – Yoo Chang (who played SuHa’s brother)
    05. Round N Around – The Recipes
    06. Hello Beautiful Girl – Shin Hyung
    07. Moon Sounds Kim Jong Ik
    08. Cuty Baby – Ji Pyung Kwon
    09. She (Guitar Ver.)
    10. Fake Motion – Ji Pyung Kwon
    11. Funky Dance (Orch Ver.) – Yoo Hae Joon
    12. Sunny Day – Ji Pyung Kwon
    13. mae il nan.. (Orch Ver.) – Jo Kyu Man
    14. Romance – Ji Pyung Kwon
    15. Stay By My Side (Orch Ver.) – Han Jae Ho
    16. Winds – Ji Pyung Kwon

    HAN BUN MAN NA JWUH YO – 7 Princess

    (this is the title for SuHa’s ringtone..”hulalala”..)

  189. 189 : vonnie Says:

    BAD BAD and……BAD. Very disappoint after watching this series, it’s over act, over dress, bad script witter, bad director, and bad editor.

    Don’t recommend this series at all. “My Girl” is far more better.

  190. 190 : Lyda Says:

    Hey joymarivic05! thank you so much for telling about it. I will try. But one more thing is that I want to download this whole drama. But maybe I cannot do that, each esps are very big 273MB. It is quite hard for me to do that as I don’t have internet at home. ANd when I got to net shop, I also cannot do that because when the downloading reach 40-50MB, it started to run slow and make the internet speed in the shop get struck and the owner also blamding about this as well. I want you to give me some ideas what can I do?I want to download MY Girl, Sweet18…Green Rose to watch at home cos now it is my holiday. I am free all day, very boring cos have nothing to do. If there I can copy some dramas from internet, there would be perfect. I could find the website which allow to download already but the problem is like this.

    Oh! and one more thing, I just watch one more drama, THe sandal in Seoul. Hey this drama is also good. I just watch it last nite. In fact, KBS plays it for along time, but I was ignore at it. Last nite I have try, not bad ha. have you seen it yet? Ok, we would better discuss about this later.

    And vonnie! why you said this drama is bad!! you should not say like this. This is the bext drama of my heart!! you know.

  191. 191 : Lyda Says:

    Yes joymarivic05 the song that I am trying to find maybe like you said because I don’t korea. After I watched Hello Miss I know few words like Hello!!in korea and yes in korea. Hahhah very funny. Ok I start to searching for the songs.

  192. 192 : Lyda Says:

    Hey!!!joymarivic05 I got it, the songs. Wow!!! great thank you again for telling. The song that I said is round and round and another one is SHe. Hhahaha fantastic!!!! Million thanks!!!

  193. 193 : bigfan Says:


  194. 194 : aivi Says:

    can someone send me the hula ringtone pleaseeeee i cant download off that site u_u

    [email protected]

  195. 195 : Angel Says:

    i’ve just finished watching hello!miss and it was awesome! one of the most enlightening movies that can cheer you up and make you sad. the acting by Lee Dae Hae was superb….by the way, can anyone send me the hula ringtone plizzzz

  196. 196 : lirna Says:


  197. 197 : Beau Says:

    can anybody send me the “hulalala mp3 ringtone” ([email protected]) for me please!! I really like it. It would be appreciated. Thanks..^v^..

  198. 198 : lyda Says:


    Everybody here say My Girl is the best right? Yes, it makes me really want to watch it. So I bought this drama yesterday. 2dishes costs6$. They are for the rise of the story.

    I also see Hello baby is available,6$ too. And it is original(come from KBS). For me, I think my dishes are not original. I mean it is just a copy. Chinese do it. The view is not clear. Ha, I have just watched it for a bit two yesterday. If I compare My Girl with Hello Miss, I think my girl is better. Lee Da Hae is very celver in My Girl while she is so stupic in Hello My Lady. However, I still love it. In the begaining of my girl, she can do things already. One is delaying the plane to take off. This point is very funny hahahahha because she is lying. She said she want to find her lover,hahhaha. And second, when a group of gangster come to find her to pay back the money, and they manage to caught her, she shout Daddy run!!! Daddy run!!then they discare on her and she run away ….finally meet the main actor….the group of gangster follow her to the hospital ….to be continous. I catch at this point. I wonder what she will do next to escape this suitation?hahhaha~~~

  199. 199 : susan_indonesia Says:

    HaNyOnG HaSeYo ???????
    i lIkE ThIs fiLm… and i HoPe ThIs fIlM WiLl bE ShOW iN INDONESIA…… cOz I aLrEaDy wAtCh aNd i lIkE ThE StOrY tElL AbOuT KoReAn CuLtUrE AnD ShOw aBoUt hWa AnDang vIlLaGe, Hwa andang so excellent
    i wiSh InDoNeSiaN People can watch this film… and i Love u LEE JI HOON………….. aNd I Hope Hello Miss’s star can invite indonesia, i sure u will be like indonesia…. especially Bali ….. (heaven of tourism)

  200. 200 : JM Says:

    Boragu? (Am I right?) Where can I download FREE Hello! Miss’ s songs?

  201. 201 : naimah Says:

    i love lee da hae ever since in my girl… and so as lee ji-hoon in wonderful though he was not the leading actor there but he’s gorgeous in wonderful life… when a friend suggested me hello miss.. i can’t stop watching it… ahihi.. it’s all over me… “addict”…. tsk..tsk.. but really… i love this show … it’s the best korean series that i have ever watched along with my girl… eiz…. lee ji-hoon is sooo adorable, gorgeous, handsome, hot… and lee da hae is beautiful than ever… this series really is funny hilarious…

    what can i say… i love it!!!

  202. 202 : naimah Says:

    believe me guys… this show is so funny hilarious … lee da hae and lee ji-hoon has good chemistry…

    believe me… this show is sooo beautiful… n____n

  203. 203 : arlyn Says:

    sana mapalabas to sa abs cbn…….gusto kong mapanood para kasing ang ganda ehhh.tsaka my favorites lee da hai at lee ji hoon pa ang bida ….sana wag sa gma ipalabas. i hate gma so much…kyA Abs cbn ipalabas nyo na to

  204. 204 : Jessa Says:

    try nyo to watch, ganda promise!!! sana nga palabas to sa abs cbn, galing kc nila magpromote ng shows… talagang nakakahook!!!!!! para tong my girl, funny sya

  205. 205 : Jessa Says:

    try nyo to watch, ganda promise!!!! parang my girl din, ganda kc ng story, funny sya!!!!!!!! sana plabas to ng abs ksi mas magaling sila magpromote!!!

  206. 206 : Lilprinxez...Philippines Says:

    hello everyone…wow i can’t belive this i thought im the only person in the phils. who watched Hello!my Lady!
    well i watched this at KBS world last summer…yah it was sa cute!
    especially Lee Ji-Hoon I love him…the two of them Lady Suha and Donggyu are so compatible!

  207. 207 : maby Says:

    it’s so beautiful!!!
    Ha Suk Jin is so cute!!!
    even Lee Ji Hoon!!!
    love it!!!
    the whole story is so cool!!!
    it’s different from other ordinary koreanovelas!!!

  208. 208 : maby Says:

    can somebody give me the lyrics of the song “stay by my side”

  209. 209 : pekto Says:

    kantutan na lang tayo! malaki titi ko kayang isubo ng bidang babae

  210. 210 : pekto Says:

    kantot ko yang si lee dahae eh…anakan ko yan at pakainin ng mainit na tamod from my titing galit…narinig ko masarap kantutin ang mga koreana.|.. lee da hae, susunod ka hehehe

  211. 211 : carmina Says:

    i luv this drama. lee ji hoon and lee da hae are perfect match

  212. 212 : carmina Says:

    lee ji hoon has million dollar smile

  213. 213 : pam_cute Says:

    great drama second to princess hours

  214. 214 : HannyBae Says:

    Is Lee ji-hoon related to Joo ji-hoon (Princess Hours). His face is very similar, aren’t they?

  215. 215 : yeoreum Says:

    in reply to HannyBae:

    in korea, we write our surname first. Lee or Joo is a surname or last name. Ji-hoon is the first name.. they are not related.

  216. 216 : Lyda Says:

    I have found the link to download the whole OST of this drama. Here it is


    Enjoy download!!!

  217. 217 : ah dee Says:

    please help me cause i don’t know how to download this drama!

  218. 218 : joymarivic05 Says:

    i finally back! hahaha…

    you couldn’t get a copy of the drama? better visit phils. so you could have one.. (joke! =P) the dvd is available everywhere here!! even it’s not original.. it’s clear,has english , korean, and chinese subtitles and the voices were adapted to korean language as the cast speaks..

    i’m not a korean and i can’t even speak Korean language too! i’m a Filipino Lyda.. I only know Sarang, Annyeongsaeyo, Hansameda, Neh, Dweh, Abou ssshi, Aegi Sshi, Apa Bum, Uma Gom.. Hab Beun yi..

    Hey, I’m a Filipino.. yeah, sana nga ABSCBN na lang mag-air nito kasi sila naman yung nag introduce sa Phils ng mga drama ni LDH mula My Girl tsaaka Green Rose.. so dapat pati Hello My Lady,, air na din nila! di ba?! maikli rin naman yung episodes na toh eh..
    and i even watched this on KBS ch. 75 (skycable gold) every MON and TUES 9:00 pm tapos replays every TUE and WED 2:00am.. kahit replay,pinapanood ko yun.. Napanood ko pa nga yung first episode nito nung late MARCH 2007 and ended MAY 30 2007.. ni-record ko pa nga yung last episode nito sa phone ko tapos kinonvert ko sa VCD para di ko ma-miss.. tapos by JUNE 2007, nag lipana yung DVD COPIES nito kahit saan.. (you know what I mean) hehehe..=P

  219. 219 : [email protected] Says:

    mas gusto ko ito kaysa sa My girl at Green Rose xe, di ko type yung mga partner ni LDH don!… si Lee Jun Ki, type ko xa kahit na medyo na upset ako nung napanood ko yung movie niya na the beast and the clown.. mukha xang babae don! tapos yung hari, tinireat xa na parang babae at hinalikan pa sa lips! yuck! man to man! hehehe..

    im an avid fan of korean artists like RAIN!, song hye kyo, kim rae won, moon geum young, Lee dahae, lee jihoon, ha seokjin, jeong ryeo won, lee min ki, yoon eun hye, seo minwoo, joo jihoon, kim heechul, kim kibum, choi shiwo, choi jiwoo, park shin hye, park eun hye…

    i only know 3 person namely JIHOON which are Korean Artists..
    1. Jung Ji Hoon – this is RAIN or Bi’s real name..
    2. Lee Ji Hoon – who else?! Hwang Donggyu of this drama..
    3. Joo Ji Hoon – Prince Hoo..


  220. 220 : [email protected] Says:

    when you try to save a music from multiply, right click to the title music and click save target as.. so you can download from multiply.. much better if you were using a broadband connection becoz you can download 3 mins or less per song rather than dial up connection..

  221. 221 : [email protected] Says:

    i love lee ji hoon in LOVE RIVALS the movie..

  222. 222 : Lyda Says:

    Hi joymarivic05 in my country, Cambodia here also got the DVD of this drama too. Many stores in super malls sells korea drama, music, movies,….And it costs only6$. If you bargain, the price will go down. It is orginal too, clear sound and color. I don’t know korea just no abit when watching this drama.

    Now I can find the link to download the songs from this drama. I have downloaded them all and set them into my Ipod already. Now I am watcing 18vs19on my channel. In fact, that drama is finished since2005right. I check in this site. And yes I also have watched Rain new movie, I am a cybory but it is ok. It is funny, but I don’t so much understand y the girl is robot. She eats metal things like,…..

    Ok see u bye.

  223. 223 : Dewi Turker Says:


    Funny and romatic stories make me falled in love with this story…..
    And the funniest thing is i also fall in love with Lee Ji Hoon…………
    So cute, charming….

    I want to have his personal email. I want to send an email to him…
    Could you help me?

  224. 224 : [email protected] Says:

    I’m currently watching Endless Love 1 Autumn in my Heart at KBS World (ch. 75, Skycable gold/platinum) starred by Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Heun.. it plays every wednesday and thursday night at 11:30pm..

    hey gurl.. have you tried also to watch any Taiwanese drama such as Meteor Garden etc….? because I’ll share you one thing…

    you’ve said that you were watching 18 vs. 29 right? and the other girl included in the cast was named PARK EUN HYE.. don’t you know she was a lead actress in TAIWANESE drama, SILENCE which her partner was VIC ZHOU of JVKV or also known as F4? Park Eun Hye’s role was a childhood friend of Vic Zhou which she suffered from losing her voice after an accident she had experienced (that’s why the title is SILENCE). then they make a promise to each other that they will open their letters after 10 years on xmas day which they kept it on a secret place beyond the hospital.. after 10 years they met each other without knowing that they were childhood friends.. PARK EUN HYE introduce herself to Vic as ZHAO SHEN SHEN.. she intends to write it on a paper in KOREAN LETTERS but Vic doesn’t know how to read it then shen shen draws a thing which is related to her name so vic would know her name.. They used to communicate through SIGN LANGUAGES, CELLPHONE TEXTS and WRITINGS…

    I’m sure you’ll love it how a KOREAN ACTRESS acted on TAIWANESE DRAMA…

    and by the way LYDA… is BAN OHL LIM 1, BAN OHL LIM 2 and BAN OHL LIM 3 available in your country?! I’m badly need it! because I love that Korean Series so much! they maybe termed as TEEN SOLILOQUY… it was a school drama.. if you know SUPER JUNIOR or KIM HEECHUL, or KIM KI BUM uhm,, they were casted in BAN OHL LIM 2 or TEEN SOLILOQUY 2…

    i’m looking forward for your urgent response LYDA.. and try to find those stuffs in your country because they weren’t available in PHILS.. =(

  225. 225 : [email protected] Says:

    availability for LJH’s mail.. uhm.. ME, MYSELF don’t know his e-mail.. and i don’t know how i could get through with him… but korean artists have a privacy for themselves so they don’t actually expose their private lives to the public even us.. so let’s respect their own privacy.. =)

  226. 226 : [email protected] Says:

    sino FILIPINO dito?

    well,, ano ba.. hmm… KALAMPAGIN NATIN yung ABSCBN para MA-AIR NILA tong drama na toh! dapat makuha natin yung attention nila sa atin so they would listen to us for our request to air this show in their network!!!!

    ABSCBN! would you please air this show in your station! I’m sure,i it would be a great hit to your network like PRINCESS HOURS PHENOMENON… and since you already played other LEE DA HAE’s drama like MY GIRL and GREEN ROSE, why don’t you air also the newest comeback drama of DA HAE?! it would be greatful to us and also to all viewers of your station if you try to air this… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! I’m begging you guys.. =( and surely, you could have high ratings for this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. 227 : [email protected] Says:

    GMA’s re-adaptation for M.G.1 weren’t good (except for ENDLESS LOVE SERIES AND FULL HOUSE) so I would not agree if they were the ones who would try to air HELLO! MY LADY!.. >=)

    so I would refer ABSCBN to play this drama rather than other station because they already adapted other LEE DAHAE’s DRAMA. so why not the newest drama of her?? am i right guys!!?

  228. 228 : NanaShigeru Says:

    To whoever with no idea who Lee Ji Hoon is: he is the supporting actor in Wonderful Life.

  229. 229 : joymarivic05 Says:

    yeah right… Nana.. =)

  230. 230 : Lyda Says:

    Hi! joymarivic05 m so happy that you always reply my comment. Don’t just say this drama is good but we should talk sth else which interest us like a new dramas or new movies…. or yes of course; the stars.

    Referring to your comment, I dare to repy that Taiwanese dramas is my first flavourite too. I have watched many many series until I can’t remember them well. I have watched like er Farbidden city which has 5566group, and 7flower. But those groups are not so famous in taiwan. There are many famous groups like S.H.E, Energy, …F4now is out of date. They broken for a long time. Hey I have seen Sun Chang’s newest drama. She plays with taiwan male singer called er Law Jer young. I don’t really like that drama but Sun Chang in this drama is very beautify. It is different in Meteor Garden.. yes and alot more of taiwanese dramas that I watch….

    Talk about Korean drama, I just start to interested in it but I also know alot. Now I am watching the drama on KBS too. The title is I am your teacher. It is a funny and strange. I wonder y the girl who is a student love that teacher(I mean the actor, he is the actor right??)yes. and the woman, she is going to marry him. She is a bit stupid….I don’t really understand abt it cos I don’t watch it very often. What I keep in touch with are the singapore drama which play on channel 8. Do you watch it or not? the title is Like father Like daughter. It is very very interesting. I watch it since the start and now maybe neary end too. It plays from M-F at 8pm. Hurry up lor if you haven’t watch it??but maybe you don’t understnd the story too. Ok last, I want to talk about 18-29 I wonder what it going to be end?I don’t understand them two; Hang Chan and her husband. I can’t blamd Hang Chan because she lost her memory and her husband ….that is difficult if it in real stiuation.

    Ok, finally, I know super Junior but other I don’t know. I want to say I don’t know so much about korean music and the group that you want to find maybe avalible but I don’t have time to go and find it for you. It sounds like difficult for me. Sorry maybe I can’t help you.

  231. 231 : yatani Says:

    plot sucks i barely finished this drama. only lee da hae is worth watching!! and hey, there’s a scene where she resemble the lead actress in gong!

  232. 232 : Liesel Says:

    this is a really good series and i wouldn’t want a tagalized version of it where donggyu will be named ricky and aegisshi like mica or whatever!!

  233. 233 : [email protected] Says:

    they may be translate it into Tagalog but they must remain the original names.. (hwang donggyu as hwang donggyu… lee suha as lee suha.. the word aegi-sshi must retain the same as Aegishii) you know what i mean liesel?!

    LYDA, thanks for the reply anyway.. I can’t find those stuffs here.. (BAN OHL LIM 1, BAN OHL LIM 2, BAN OHL LIM 3 and RAINBOW CONNECTION) the only option is to get an order from KBS Corporation Network but it won’t be easier for me coz, I’m only student and can’t afford luxurious things like original dvds from them.. Mayber if I get an order from them, those dramas will be cost for about 3000 pesos each.. (or $67) and how about the shifting?! you know what I mean Lyda.. =(

    and speaking of KBS.. uhm,, we have different time zones so we have different channel programs from KBS.. so what you’re talking about “I am your teacher” is well, uhm,, I don’t know that drama or seris because it didn’t air here.. who’s the lead actor/actress? ü

    if KBS would show HELLO MY LADY again,, I would definitely watch it without skipping any episodes.. =) I,just certified HOOKED for this drama.. =)

    in what episode does DA HAE resembled EUN HYE’s Goong Series? I was just curious if you don’t mind.. =)

  234. 234 : lizzie Says:

    the drama just begun in indonesia, and i’m still curious about the story. would it be spectaculer as the other korean drama or consists of boredom,,,

    the first watched of me and myfriends here was so incredible,

  235. 235 : HannyBae Says:

    not my favourite. The story’s too simple. But Lee dae Hae’s good.

  236. 236 : micaela Says:

    for those who live in the philippines i wanna know if hello miss is already showed in the philippines.and for who are fanatic do you have any info about lee Ji Hoon and Lee Da Hae, about their real life love life coz they do look good together! pls answer me.

  237. 237 : Lyda Says:

    Hi!joymarivic05 M so sorry that I cannot help u. But it is opposible to search on internet. I think internet can help u. Yes I know it costs alot like u said. Oh! and u said v have different time zone of KBS right? ah~~ so that I am wonder that y it has KBS HK, KBS2… that’s it. About d Hello Miss u said you want to watch it again, me too. I want to watch it from the start. In my country, many channels have not played it yet. They always takes old old dramas to play such as Wonderful life, 18vs19…in fact those dramas is finished 2 or 3years ago and it reverse it…oh my god. So I think Hello Miss maybe played in two years more, probably 2009or 2010.

    micaela: Ah~~ u want to know about them!? it is good to keep in touch with them, try to search their information on internet…that time u will know. Let’s try to type a key word: Lee Ji Hoon everyday life, Lee Da Hae love life….

    Ok thanks everybody. I am so happy to have u guy replying me. This keep me in company too because I am a lonely person. No one to talk with. Bye bye see u.

  238. 238 : nizz Says:


  239. 239 : intz Says:

    i luv this drama..
    hehe.. 🙂

  240. 240 : dajun Says:

    I want give to my comment about Korean drama HELLO MISS
    I like the story, especially Lee ji hoon.He’s so gorgeous and he has a cute smile…
    Our my family likes Lee ji hoon.Ok
    To Lee Ji Hoon Fighting…! and Godbless you….

  241. 241 : lawliet Says:

    about the love life of lee da hae…
    I’ve a seen a picture of her and lee dong wook (her leading man in the Korean drama my girl) holding their hands together i think they have a relationship… that picture was got from the music festival held in Korea….. lee dong wook and lee da hae look good together i love them!!!!! i’m a fan of my girl!!!!

    but i also love this Korean drama!!!!!

  242. 242 : claire Says:

    hi there! i really love lee da hae! i hope it will be aired in the philippines!!!! please!!!!!!! i was really sad that i missed hello miss when aired last may2007 in kbs. thanks….

  243. 243 : vina Says:

    oh my gosh…!!!!
    lee ji hoon is sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!
    he’s very charming and handsome!!!!
    wish i have a boyfriend like him!
    i hope lee ji hoon act in all of korean movies so i can watch his act everyday…
    love lee ji hoon so much!!

  244. 244 : Ria Says:

    bgus bgt deh filmny….. aku pengen bgt personilny main ke jkt…..

  245. 245 : Lyda Says:

    lawliet: Really that you have seen their relationship?!! Oh my god! I can’t believe it because I do hate the man leading in My girl very very much.

  246. 246 : NeeZaR Says:

    I reaLLLLLLLLLLyyyyyyyyyy Like tHis fiLM!!!!!
    Lee ji hoon i LovE yoU so MucH and Lee Dae Hee you’re so cute wiTh HaNbok.
    Ji HooN yoU’re PrinCe oF mY sOuL!!!!!!!!!

  247. 247 : lawliet Says:

    Lyda: hehehe!!!! to see the picture just visit asianfanatics.net hehehe….
    i dont care if you dont like lee dong wook… hehehe…. they look good together and i hope that their relationship will last forever hehehe….
    Go Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae!!!!!!! wohohoho……. ^_^

  248. 248 : Feu Says:


  249. 249 : tin08 Says:

    LAWLIET: hey! =) are u sure that lee dong wook and lee da hae are together now??? lol. i just wanna make sure coz i like them together.. lol. reply to me.. hehe

  250. 250 : michelle Says:

    hello, i’m michelle from indonesia..
    i think this drama is good..
    but, i think hwang chan min (ha suk jin) is more handsome than hwang dong gyu (lee ji hoon)..
    hhe.. 🙂
    no offense for ji hoon fans..
    but, su ha’s older brother is sooo handsome!

  251. 251 : x jha x Says:

    i love the ringtone…
    it’s funny and it’s good..
    i like the actors they were very very very cute…
    ha suk jin is the most handsome…..
    and the half brother jeong yong
    love it..

  252. 252 : Luna Says:

    I saw this drama twice on AZN. Its a romantic comedy and is supposed to be low brow (so please lighten up). I enjoyed it very much and became a fan of Lee Ji Hoon, whom I first learned of through this drama. Hee is cute, charming and a wonderful singer. Later saw him in Wonderful Life. I liked him better than the lead actor. Purchased his album TRINITY and loved it. I know he released an album in September ’07. Anyone know where I can find it?

  253. 253 : pandabear104 Says:

    although it did make me laugh quite a bit, i stopped watching around episode 8. her acting ( still good compared to a lot of typical korean actresses) in this drama was not nearly as good as my girl acting. i don’t really intend to criticize the drama but honestly the story line seem a bit simply and nothing really speical. if you like a good romantic comedy then watch it.

  254. 254 : Irene Says:

    I learn something from this story & i like the cast too.. too value our life is to have a principle.. as well treasure the thing what were given to you, because it means you are deserving to have it.

  255. 255 : cyn Says:

    i agree to all of you that the drama is good. i have already watch it. but the end of drama is so-so
    i love both of the main actor and actress.

  256. 256 : cyn Says:

    i agree to all of you about this drama is good, but the end of drama is so-so like the other korean drama. I LOVE BOTH OF THE MAIN ACTOR AND ACTRESS.

  257. 257 : leon Says:

    i also love hello! miss

    it made me realize that love is more of sacrificing. it has lots of comic scenes. episode 15 made me cry!

  258. 258 : Manjubz Says:

    i’ve already watched this film..can anyone please tell me the ringtone used in this film…???? anyone??? please ^_^

  259. 259 : Manjubz Says:

    joymarivic…you know what iam starting to like you.. ^_^ thanks for all the info, specially about the songs…. =]

  260. 260 : Lyda Says:

    Hi! everybody I just want to tell you about my blog address, http://www.vann-lyda.blogspot.com. Got time don’t forget to visit and give some comments. Thanks in advance. Good luck.

  261. 261 : Ryan Says:

    Minta mp3nya hello my lady donk!

  262. 262 : corics26 Says:

    i’ve watched this drama along time ago and i loved it. especially the early episodes. though it has a not so strong ending, the fact that the 2 main lead act were among my favorites, it made the whole drama worth watching.

  263. 263 : puspa Says:

    i agree that the end of the hello my lady is so so,,,,
    but i love the film very much!!!!
    I like both the actor and the actrees,,,,
    Lee jee hoon is the most handsome actor in that film…^ ^

  264. 264 : mea Says:

    does anyone know where i can download the ringtone of lee su ha? what is the title of that rigtone?

  265. 265 : jen Says:


  266. 266 : nhu2 Says:

    funnY DrAmA,,,,,,,,, i very like it, Is different………..
    luv u chan min

  267. 267 : fiona Says:

    When I saw this drama at the first time I don”t too like the stars, but after this gw smpe bolos kuliah trus buat nonton tuh drama . . . .
    Lee Ji Hoon n Lee Dae Hee perfect couple

  268. 268 : orlygirl Says:

    i like it so much,may i have more photos of lee de hae and lee jun kee, i think by add their photos in your posting,yours’ll be more interesting

  269. 269 : sylvia Says:

    i fall in love with LJH in H!M….his acting was good. i have watched wonderful life years ago, i forgot what he looks like there. his chemistry w/ LDH is so good as well but yes LJH act is better than LDH here. i don’t like some characters here which are unnecessary to the plot. anyway, this drama is still good. a good one to watch and entertaining…

  270. 270 : seley Says:

    i like LDH and LJH chemistry. the plot is quite simple but its the naivity of dong gyu (when it comes to love) that captured my attention plus the charisma of LDH. though her acting seems lacking, this is a feel good series for those LDH fans (like me hehe). i really like her hands (sumtyms cant help comparing her fingers to the other korean stars)

    dont know LJH can sing, such a revelation! yep the half bro ‘joon yong’ is cute (he reminds me of shin goong’s serious face hehe) and i like his rendition of ‘she’

    there are many good scenes and family values too so i guess its worth watching

  271. 271 : Pouwz Says:

    it’s funny drama…hmm…tapi nothing special di drama ini. 2 stengah deh buat film ini 🙂

  272. 272 : mieyda Says:

    this movie is soooo interesting…
    i like the ending..
    both acor and actress act so well in this drama ..
    good job!! (^_^)

  273. 273 : honeyluv Says:

    this is a very nice drama. i really liked it. the lead stars are so cute. it’s funny and heart-warming.

  274. 274 : annie Says:

    Funny Drama.. lee da hae and lee ji hoon acted very well:)

  275. 275 : dolly Says:

    A very good story…. Lee Da hae is one of my favorite korean actress she’s very cute specially when i’ve watched My Girl.

  276. 276 : bonz147 Says:

    this is so cute…….. super…… Lee Da Hae she is so cute… with anykinds of facial expression

  277. 277 : lala Says:

    i love this drama but i couldn’t find it any where, but then a friend recommanded to this site to me. i love the twomain charectars specally Lee Ji Hoon, i saw him in wonderfull life, he was soooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee. does anyone know if he has a girlfriend?

    this drama rocks

  278. 278 : soso Says:

    this drama is really funny 🙂 lee da hae acted well

  279. 279 : lol Says:

    funny drama 🙂

  280. 280 : fahmi Says:

    i agree with panda bear…
    i just stop watching this drama after 5 episod because nothing special….
    it is quite boring and lee da hae is such a waste in this drama….
    she can do better than that if she had a good script like ‘My Girl’….
    one credit…..lee da hae looks ver gorgeous wearing hanbok!

  281. 281 : Lee Ann Says:

    Well, it’s one of the first Korean drama, and I like it very very much … !!!

  282. 282 : leI Says:

    intresting plot!

  283. 283 : p0a_l Says:

    one of my fav drama with good endings!

  284. 284 : purp0 Says:

    Funny Drama!!

  285. 285 : solar Says:

    a humour drama..

  286. 286 : hwang man bok Says:

    buat jang teddy bagi pangsit hwa an dang dong.
    buat man boookkkkkkk………,jgn so keren,deh
    kebonya,satu berapa dollarr ?
    dong gyu ,gimana jadi tukang sapu..? asyik g ?
    chan min, jgn ganggu soo ha,nanti dipukul pake sapu.

  287. 287 : mem Says:

    Funny drama.

  288. 288 : LynnLT Says:

    Wow…this drama is so funny…I just finished it today!! It took 5 days to download all the 16 episodes… coz my internet speed isn’t that fast now!! It was a pleasure to watch it!! Tears came out… It was my 41th korean drama I’ve watch since I was 8 yrs old!! I loved the OST too… Lee Ji Hoon n Lee Da Hye should date in real life too… they r so cute together!!~
    P.S: Can someone tell me where can I get the ringtone Hulala!! It’s so cute n funny!! I love it!!~ N also you can download the drama on VEOH.com!!


  289. 289 : fantasy Says:

    i njoy watching the beginning of this drama but in the middle of this drama it seem to be so bored.nothing special..i don’t like it..
    lee da hee alwayz pretty 😛

  290. 290 : [email protected] Says:

    hi guys! it’s been 2 months since I posted my last message here.. (October62007) it’s nice to have a new Internet card! hehehe..

    hi Lyda… do you miss me?? hehehe.. in KBS, they currently airing Likable or Not and Lee Minki’s Drama (I forgot the TITLE sorry) and also Park Chae Rim’s old K-Drama.. (waaah! I don’t even know that title too!) well I think, in 2-3 years, maybe KBS will air it again..

    MANJUBZ: you starting to like me huh! hehehe.. (peace!) well, i’m very avid to this drama that’s why I often visit this site just to share my thoughts to all fans like me..

    MICAELA: you’re from phils. that’s why you were asking if this drama was already airing today… I’ll answer you… nope.. but if you are a cable subscriber such as Skycable, destiny or what so ever,, try to scan their channels and check if they have korean or chinese cable channel (KBS, SBS, MBS,CCTV) because most dramas aired in those channels…
    like in CCTV (ch. 63 skycable gold), they always play MY LOVELY KIM SAM SOON (Kim Sun-ah).. In KBS (ch.75,skycable gold), AUTUMN IN MY HEART or ENDLESS LOVE 1 just finished 2 weeks ago… so Micz,, try to scan those channels if you have cable.. ü (how I wish I have MBS channel because I wonder if GOONG S is playing right now…. sad for me..=\ )

    Joo Ji Hoon and Lee Ji Hoon have some facial similarities but they were not related… they have the same name.. in Korean, they say their Family name first before their given name… =) and also,, they’re both Korean Actors… (as usual!!! hehehehe…=) )

    for those people who wants to download the ringtone,, search for people who has an account in MULTIPLY and search for the KEYWORDS related to this drama (like LEE JIHOON, LEE DA HAE, HELLO BABY, HELLO MISS, HELLO MY LADY, HELLO AEGI-SSHI) and check if they posted for the ringtone popularized by 7 PRINCESS…

  291. 291 : [email protected] Says:

    it’s been 1 month and 21 days..sorry! hehehe.. (^_^)

    there’s a DOWNLOAD LINK after the picture above.. you can check that link if there’s the ringtone and ost… I don’t know if that link still works.. =\ but I hope it’s still working just for you guys..

  292. 292 : [email protected] Says:

    han mamana daeyo…. hulalala… (^_^)

    i’ll check this site again tomorrow… bye!

    ——–> 10:10 PM, NOV.30,2007 Friday (^_^)

  293. 293 : nno Says:

    this drama is defitnely worth watching!

  294. 294 : jacki Says:

    love this show, it’s so good. lee ji hoon is so sweet and charming in the show, i love his character!

  295. 295 : +_ Says:

    this series is really full of humour. lee da hae and lee ji hoon acted well:)

  296. 296 : :)) Says:

    for those who wants lee soo ha (lee da hae) ringtone, the link is http://www.sendspace.com/file/1awvff 🙂

  297. 297 : Dark Angel Says:

    This is one of the best dramas I have ever watched ..It`s funny and the story is new ..and of course it`s enough that Lee Ji Hoon is the main character..

  298. 298 : qef Says:

    the ringtone use by lee su ha is so funny. this drama do makes me laugh.:)

  299. 299 : 8u8 Says:

    thx for the link for the ringtone. i am using it now.

  300. 300 : abner Says:

    The ringtone is so cute,
    the ending is so good and this movie is worth to watch.
    i love lee da hae in ‘My Girl’ and also in this movie..

  301. 301 : micaela Says:

    ah tanx joymarivic! noh i use to live in the phil but now i live here in california i always watch hello miss in veoh tv nd wedding! have u watch meteor garden and meteor rain coz if u do can u tell me wer to find the complete episode of meteor rain because the ep. of ximen is not complete i youtube! tanx

  302. 302 : pal Says:

    this drama is humourous. i too like lee da hae in this drama as well as my girl

  303. 303 : gigi Says:

    @ :)) Says:
    tanx for the link.. i really luv that ringtone..

  304. 304 : joymarivic05 Says:

    hi micz… (micaela) how’s cali? anyway, i used to watched M.G. 1 & 2 and even Meteor Rain.. I went to Astrovision (Robinson’s Metro East) and Odyssey (Robisson’s Metro East) last time and they were selling Meteor Rain VCD for only P800-P1200 (I don’t know the exactly amount.. but I’m sure it’s less than P1.5k because it is a VCD copy only). They sell it originally copied. if you don’t want to buy, then try to search in Metacafe.. if the episodes are not available in veoh.. ok? ^_^ merry christmas and happy new year gurl!

    PS: you used to live here.. where?! =)

  305. 305 : joymarivic05 Says:

    to ADMIN:

    sir/madam, i searched the names of these actors/actresses on your list but they are not found on this website. they are the casts from BAN OHL LIM 3 or SHARP 3, a KBS Drama. the sharp 1 & 2 are casted by Go Ara and SuJu appeared in Sharp 2.. Well in SHARP 3, the cast were Seo Minwoo, Seo Junyoung (High as the Sky, Wide as Earth), Jang SunMi and Jang Ahyoung and others (I don’t know their names but I remember some of the character names like Ilkwon and Hyemi). It’s a school romance drama just like in Sharp 2.. and I even saw some images of the episodes from crunchyroll.com this drama have 100+ episodes.
    so, Admin, i’m looking forward to see the casts on your lists and also the other people involved in this drama. Thank you.

  306. 306 : pq Says:

    i like this drama as it is full of humour. lee da hae is really cute in this drama and my girl. i like the ringtone used.

  307. 307 : Starz Says:

    this drama could not beat LDH’s acting in My Girl but nevertheless the drama is hillarious, sad with a happy ending!!! LJH is cute 🙂

  308. 308 : min Says:

    yeah, lee da hae is better in my girl

  309. 309 : aswad Says:

    huhu..i wait for the cd to arrive..
    hope the drama is as cool as my fren said..

  310. 310 : hui Says:

    lee da hae is very cute in this drama

  311. 311 : JULIAN Says:

    lee da hae is the best in my girl than hello miss….
    sorry if i tell the truth..but you are the best actress

  312. 312 : mark Says:

    This movie is a little less serious than My Girl but nevertheless, Da Hae excels in this new movie as well. She looks a bit more mature and her acting keeps improving..keep it up love…Sarangheyo!

  313. 313 : jaguar8 Says:

    wow!!!!!…wat a great movie!!..luv it!!..
    can u help me to where can i download the ringback tune of “hulalala”?….
    tke cre alwayz!!..:)
    [email protected]

  314. 314 : JANNICE Says:


  315. 315 : :)) Says:

    link for hulalala ringtone http://www.sendspace.com/file/1awvff 🙂

  316. 316 : guRlLzz 3137 Says:

    i like this drama very much……………but i like her more in my girl..she so cute and lovely…pupashikuwaiyyo

  317. 317 : seo Says:

    i like lee da hae more in my girl than hello miss.

  318. 318 : mnd Says:

    the ringtone rocks

  319. 319 : ms. iraz Says:

    oh mY God!! it’s fabulous…and touched my heart a lot! (hihihi) I like Dong Gyu, Soo Ha and Dong Gyu’s Aunty. When do you guys come to Indonesia??

  320. 320 : myraz Says:

    i love lee da hea more in my girl than this movie.

  321. 321 : myraz Says:

    can u all tell me where i can download this movie except utube plz?

  322. 322 : mikansakura Says:

    i hope i can watch the drama from the beginning coz i just watch the last 3 episodes..anyway,nice and neat ending!!

  323. 323 : Chasey Says:


  324. 324 : mnd Says:

    funni drama

  325. 325 : =cHaRiSsE♥ Says:

    .`hi guyz! especially 2 lee ji hoon..(hehehe)
    im ur no. 1 fan..(hahaha)i really lyk u…
    hope u visit us here at philippines…its a nice place…
    and im hoping 4 ur second part of ur korean drama with lee da hae….
    take care always….




  326. 326 : ;) Says:

    i watch this drama because of lee da hae, but latter find it intresting

  327. 327 : com Says:

    yeah, i too watch becos of lee da hae.

  328. 328 : com Says:

    the story line is quite intresting in the beginning

  329. 329 : krissyang Says:

    Simply hilarious!!! I’ve watched it twice & thoroughly enjoyed it both times…

  330. 330 : stellar Says:

    Must watch! You won’t regret it. There are so many great & fun characters in it. There’s not a dull moment.

  331. 331 : p093 Says:

    this drama is funny

  332. 332 : lynux Says:

    i luv lee da hae 4eva

  333. 333 : zha Says:

    i really enjoy watching this drama. lee ji hoon and lee da hae are great in this.
    lee ji hoon is super cute and it’s funny to watch him trying to win the heart of aegissi.
    i like lee da hae here better than in my girl, the role as aegissi really suits her well. she’s very pretty wearing hanbok.
    overall, this drama is very entertaining. i can’t wait to buy the cd and watch it all over again.

  334. 334 : tutuym Says:

    me too. recommend this drama. the couple looking good together both r unique. seoul x countryside. that’s shows the modern and ancient beautiful korea

  335. 335 : leee Says:

    i laugh a lot when watching this drama

  336. 336 : ayz_ Says:

    i hope that i could watch
    this soon in abs-cbn…….

  337. 337 : pin ki Says:

    this is s very funni drama

  338. 338 : joymarivic05 Says:

    you can download drama episodes from veoh.. (it’s more applicable if your internet connection capacity is over 100mbps so you can download per episodes in 15-30minutes only)

    for hulala ringtone, someone posted a link here :))

  339. 339 : lil_sis Says:

    hey guys and gals.. well.. i luv this drama and i was wondering how can i get the “hulala” ringtone.. i’ve been trying opening all(not really, but a few) of the links but i get stuck in some ways.. can anyone send me the ringtone? pls… preety2 pls~~ luV this drama!! muah3… thx!! [email protected]

  340. 340 : dra Says:

    Dong gyu or lee ji hoon is so handsome…
    love the series..

  341. 341 : fionajb Says:

    this drama is the best i’ve ever seen..love le ji-hoon n lee da-hae so much..lee da-hae is so pretty in this drama….

  342. 342 : micaela Says:

    hi joymarivic ang tagal na ngaun ko lng nakita ung message mo! ang dami ko kaseng pnapanuod na korean novela eh ung fav ko nga ngaun eh ung princess hours and coffee prince! anywayz taga olongapo ako jan sa pinas! nagpapabili nga ako sa mom ko ng DVD ng princess hours at coffee prince inaantay ko nlng na ipadala nya! belated merry xmas nd hapi new yr. anyways advance kong hei fat choi chinese new yr. nd hapi valentines day! alam mo ba kung san mabibili tong hello miss na dvd wla kase sa yesasia or bka iba ang name na nka lagay di ko lng alam.pnapalabas na ba ang hello miss sa pinas! anu na bng bagong mga asian novela jan sa abs at gma? cge ha ciao!

  343. 343 : mina Says:


  344. 344 : Dann C Says:

    This has to be the most enjoyable,entertaining,funny drama I have seen so far and i have seen a quite a few and am a critical person on what I have viewed.Lee Ji Hoon as Dong Gyu and Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha make a absolute perfect couple Lee Da Hae is so funny,so dumb at times & just so georgeous,she is personality plus. This is better than My girl which was a very good drama with her in it. I say to you readers out there go for it as you will not regret it. I have never done this before but i am gonna watch it again next week.

  345. 345 : [email protected] Says:

    Micaela, wow, it’s been a long time huh? anyways, advance happy hearts day.. (may date ka ba? hehhehe).. wala kang mabibiling orig dito sa pinas.. alam mo naman.. tsaka madalas ang RAID sa iba’t ibang lugar.. (you know what I mean girl) pero nung June 2007, I was able to bought a dvd of this drama.. (beh! inggit ka! hahaha.. joke lang..) madalas kong makita sa cover HELLO BABY! or HELLO MISS! minsan HELLO! MY LADY!..
    kaya lang naman naging aegissi yan kasi aegi means baby..

    palabas sa dos?
    Marrying a millionaire (soon to be aired)
    Spring Waltz (KBS 2006) like ko lang don yung isang member ng SuJu
    Princess Hours (nanaman! every sunday morning)

    Coffee Prince (naunahan ko na nga tapusin eh, because I already had a dvd)
    Tae wang shin… (kay Bae So Young ba un? basta yung si Jun Kang sa Winter Sonata) soon to be aired..

    qtv (channel 11)
    Tree of Heaven (SBS) sila yung lumabas na young tristan and jodi sa stairway to heaven
    Love story in harvard (weekend)
    Stairway to Heaven (weekend)

  346. 346 : [email protected] Says:

    you know what guys, I’ve noticed LDH’s way she dress..

    she just look like an ASIAN VERSION of BARBIE.. very STYLISH!

  347. 347 : Bless Says:

    I did enjoy watching this drama the fact that I liked Lee Da Hae and Lee Ji Hoon……

  348. 348 : micaela Says:

    oh my gosh! tlgang inggit ako kse its alot better to watch in tagalog rather than reading the subtitles nbabawasan nga kilig kya buti kpa nsa pinas ka pa easy easy klng jan. ikaw may kadate kba ako wla nagtratrabaho kase ako d2 un lng ang iniintindi ko kaya nakukuntento nlng ako sa kapapanuod ng koreanovela,yan na kase ang lovelife ko,mga boyfren ko ang lahat ng nagwawapohang korean actor.syanga pala may korean channel d2 parang TFC nakita ko na nasa pilipinas sna Eugene,at ung pinsan nung bidang lalaki sa coffee prince at may dalawa pa clng kasamag artista na lalaki at babae sa boracay nag pipictorial yata cla.cge pla kung may friendster ka add mo nman ako!

  349. 349 : miarae Says:

    can anyone tell me if this is a happy ending story.. hehe juz e-mail me at miyu_03_sakura @yahoo.com so as not to spoil others… would really appreciate it thanx..

  350. 350 : miarae Says:

    hello! is this a happy ending story?… hehe please e-mail me at [email protected] .. i wouldn’t want to spoil the other so plz could anybody e-mail me thanx a lot

  351. 351 : joymarivic05 Says:


    hi gurl.. ngayon ko lang nabalitaan yun! kung hindi mo pa sinabi, di ko pa malalaman..

    anyway, yes, it is confirmed! EUGENE (korean actress) together with LEE MIN KI are fliming here for their new series entitled, “FEEL SO GOOD” which will start airing on Feb.23.. most of the scenes where taken from the beautiful island of BORACAY (Phils.)..

    i don’t know the other cast who were also here in Phils for filiming of that new series..

    –wel, that’s OUT OF THE TOPIC– we’re here at HELLO MY LADY thread and we’re talking about EUGENE so what’s the relationship between her and this drama? LOL! .. hahaha.. sorry admins..

  352. 352 : micaela Says:

    korak ka jan. sna ipalabas na 2 sa pinas at ipalabas d2 sa tfc mas nakakilig pag tagalog,kesa basa ng basa.how old r u na ba nag skool kpa ba?

  353. 353 : sheila Says:

    your so cute

  354. 354 : Marina Says:

    i want the ring tone and i just cant find it!haiz…:(

  355. 355 : arni roswani Says:

    that was a great movie..
    the best performance from the actor and actres..
    i really enjoy the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  356. 356 : hotmamacrish Says:

    m a filipina….im addicted in korean drama…hope from people from korea will upload @ youtube the best korean drama for times…mabuhay korean drama.god speed love

  357. 357 : hotmamacrish Says:

    m a filipina….im addicted in korean drama’s…hope from people from korea will upload @ youtube the best korean drama for all times..ahoo!ahoo!….korean drama’s fanatic’s mabuhay korean drama’s.god speed love.iloveit!!!

  358. 358 : darwin Says:

    guyz….help me na i-e-mail ang abs-cbn na bilhin nila 2ng sh0w n 2!!!

  359. 359 : is Says:

    this was one of the horriable dramas i’ve seen. and i didn’t watch it and it was rating quite low in kora

  360. 360 : baida Says:

    this korean series is so fun! i’ve watched it from episode 1 to 8… Lee Ji Hoon and Lee Da Hae look so cute together! i love their tandem! both of them are handsome and beautiful! ^_^
    (my mom has a dvd of this series and it has english subtitles, though its grammar are incorrect…) i’m excited for the next episodes! in the end, i know it would be Dong Gyu and Lee Soo Ha, coz in the beginning, both of them met first than the other guy.

  361. 361 : yana Says:

    please send me the “hulaalaa” ringtone to [email protected]

  362. 362 : ni Says:

    please send me the “hulaalaa” ringtone to

    [email protected]

  363. 363 : joymarivic05 Says:

    hey! people in the philippines, have you watched tv commercials on GMA 7? actually, GMA 7 already received their copyright from KBS to air HELLO MY LADY in that tv station and it will start airing by the month of MAY or JUNE (I think).. and also, WITCH YOU HEE starred by Jae Hee (sassy girl choon hyang) will also be air in that station..

  364. 364 : yuunie Says:

    i just finish watching this when airing in korea! hahaha

    LEE JI HOON so hot!!!

  365. 365 : melody Says:

    I dont like this show…the first few episodes are fine..but i cant bring myself to watch the entire show. i’m still left with 2 episodes. storyline not good. if not for lee da hae, i dont think i’ll ever watch after the first few episodes.

  366. 366 : monica Says:

    hello miss is such a nice show, i finish watching till the end.

  367. 367 : Sweetgothic Says:

    I agree wit melody..

  368. 368 : ain Says:

    Hello everyone…i like both hero and heroin in this story..i just feel that this story is cute especially when it comes to lee daa hee..i really like to see her starting from my girl korean drama…i watched lee ji hoon in wonderful life drama..he is tall and handsome…hehe…

  369. 369 : yuyutz Says:

    not interesting enough except cute lee dae he n handsome lee ji hoon… hehe

  370. 370 : chie Says:

    u can download it here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/ringtone-mp3-6nw.html

    enjoy the ringtone.. i already have one.. love the sound.. so cute.. 😛

  371. 371 : hazelnutz24 Says:

    the drama is cute!!its like another version of my gal except that lee dae hae is more responsibl unlike in my girl bcoz she is a leader of the clan.The ending could be better and gd cast of main actor n actress.its not often we get a handsome actor together wit a cute actress in a romantic comedy..

  372. 372 : dillon_mav Says:

    thanks for the ringtone.
    I’m gonna make this as my message tone.

  373. 373 : siti Says:

    please send to me the huallala ringtoe at my [email protected]…….k
    i need it…pleze…………

  374. 374 : Luna Says:

    I really enjoyed this comedy. The leads are so cute. I hadn’t seen either Lee Dan Hae nor Lee Ji hoon before. I then watched Wonderful Life for LJH. I also bought his music cd Trinity. I love it and listen to it almost everyday. Too bad that Billie Jean Look at Me hasn’t been English subtitled. I would like to see more with LJH.

  375. 375 : iluvit Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon is soooo LOVED.
    i SUPER.LOVE him!

  376. 376 : shalalalakuku Says:

    Hello! I love this korean drama.I love Lee Ji Hoon n lee Da Hae.

  377. 377 : jane delima Says:

    I’d just watched the show. loved it. love the two leading guy and gal.

  378. 378 : kjlim Says:

    Anyone can send the hualala ringtone for me, email is [email protected]..
    thank you very much.

  379. 379 : sinting Says:

    lee ji hoon n lee da hae luk so good together…wish to c more of u guys!

  380. 380 : love you too!! Says:

    i love da hae brothers in this drama!!

  381. 381 : cryst2ll Says:

    anybody know what’s the title of Hwang man bok’s ringtone…haha..its kinda funny …”tempo – tempo”

  382. 382 : Shan Says:

    Hi! Anyone can send the hualala tone to me too? (:

    [email protected]

  383. 383 : rinnie Says:

    Anyone can send the hualala tone to me too? (:
    [email protected]

  384. 384 : khae-shi Says:

    this kdrama comedy is really da best…I have watched lee ji hoon at wonderful life first… he’s such a good actor….I didn’t know he is a singer too….I think that his acting is so unique and so pure…..i just wish i could meet him some day….lee da hae is also a great actress…hope there will be soon more kdramas for the both!!!

  385. 385 : kakashi Says:

    those who are still looking for the hulala ringtone can download here.

  386. 386 : alry tyc Says:

    i feel good

  387. 387 : wien Says:

    very2 good drama
    enjoy with hualala ringtone

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  389. 389 : staci Says:

    i don’t like this drama

    my girl is better

  390. 390 : Cm22 Says:

    Lee Da Hae is hilarious!

  391. 391 : PhuongThanh Says:


  392. 392 : karen Says:

    enjoyed it. really like Lee Ji Hoon.

  393. 393 : dorayaki Says:

    Who know the song’s title that Dong Gyu sang when the karaoke competition?

  394. 394 : Flo Says:

    LOVE this series, so cute and funny. LOVE Lee Ji Hoon, so hot and adorable!!!!! it’s been a while since I watch such an entertaining korean drama, not easy to find them in my country…

  395. 395 : pinkika Says:

    My question as same as Dorayaki said
    ” Somebody know the song’s title that Dong Gyu sang when the karaoke competition?”
    Pliz …
    Sent to my email at [email protected]

  396. 396 : potpot Says:

    love this drama… i like the guy, lee jee hoon.. but i was turned off when i saw monjunggi.. (monjunggi is like a korean version of american pie)

  397. 397 : Irene Says:

    it’s fun & great drama, LOVE Lee Ji Hoon cute, so hot and adorable!!!!!
    I really enjoyed the movie !!!!

  398. 398 : Goong Ju Says:

    It was a funny drama given the storyline was simple. Good to watch when you feel boring

  399. 399 : leslie Says:

    my girl is better though..

  400. 400 : leslie Says:

    I love lee da hae,but the chemistry between lee dong wook and lee da hae is better than lee da hae and lee ji hoon,my girl rocks…

  401. 401 : trixie Says:

    lee da hae….u really likke u

  402. 402 : trixie Says:

    i mean i really like u…ur so beautiful and funny in the episode 2.where your doing a fashion show….its the best episode i really love to watch…
    …….i hope you have many shows to come…(more on comedy)

  403. 403 : khae-shi Says:

    I just watched it for the second time—a really must see drama!!!

  404. 404 : hana yoori Says:

    This drama was one of my favorites. I love her as an actress. I have tried to watch all the movies she’s been in. She has some real talent. All her other movies are good and funny.

  405. 405 : jojo Says:

    could someone please tell me the name of the ringtone from lee da hae’s mobile phone??its so nice..please

  406. 406 : marites gerona Says:

    there is a lot of shouting and blood pressure rising.its not good to the ears. and the lead actress seems to copycat song hye kyo in full house with the hair, childish manners.shes too oveacting, not natural. only the soundtrack, SHE from Notting Hill is the only good thing here.

  407. 407 : geles Says:

    i haven watch this drama yet.
    What is the story about?
    I want to watch this drama because of lee da hae!
    I’ve watch her drama-my girl,she so cute:)
    Hope she’s also had a cute character in this drama!


  408. 408 : Tina Says:

    Watch and Don’t miss it. This is a really good drama.

  409. 409 : moon Says:

    HA SUK JIN YOU SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. 410 : sky Says:

    Hello.. anyone.. Lee Su Ha’s ringtone is so cute, how can i download? please send it to my email [email protected]….thankz

  411. 411 : dRamaMaMA Says:

    I think the ringtone is called Hanbon Mannajwoyo, or Hulala; sung by a Korean pop group called 7 Princess.

    Download it at http://kreah-craze.com/han-bun-man-na-jwuh-yo-olala-lyrics/

  412. 412 : grace Says:

    im a fan of leeeeeeeeeee ddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………….iiiiiiiiiiiiiii hopeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu willllllllllllll comeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooooo theeeeeeeeeeeee philippinessssssssssssss

  413. 413 : amyzieaaaa Says:

    i luv lee ji hoon……..
    he plays vry well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i luv u so much my dear……..muahhhhhxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!

  414. 414 : len b. m. Says:

    lee dae hae’s (dubbed)voice is very familiar (in gma 7-phils.) it’s the voice of Andy Go (yoon eun hae) in coffee prince!! actually there’s no difference :

  415. 415 : len b. m. Says:

    lee ji hoon looks like damdeok of the legend…:) the younger version..hehehe

  416. 416 : Kellyvara Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon is awesome! He’s totally cute! But to be honest, Lee Da Hae seem not a good couple with Lee Ji Hoon. He’s such a handsome little princess, while Lee Da Hae look much mature.

  417. 417 : siLLy mybeLLe Says:

    ahn neong ha se yo!..

    this show is very cute..
    i love the every screen of this show..
    i love ha suk jin..!

    sarang hae yo!

  418. 418 : hana yoori Says:

    One of the cutest korean drama I’ve watched thus far. It was funny and cute how they fell for each other after all they went through.

  419. 419 : k8 Says:

    lee da hae is sooo COOL AND PRETTY!! i like the way she acts….Lee Ji Hoon
    is also great , they are a great love team….hope there would be a part 2 of this….

  420. 420 : zel Says:

    actors and actresses were great!
    thumbs up!^^,

  421. 421 : retsnom_Adedekutsu Says:

    I prefer to watch this on YouTube than in GMA. It’s just I hate how they dub and edit it in GMA.

  422. 422 : zeL Says:

    it’s indeed the house in ‘fuLl house’
    it was very funny.. the scenes there.. hahaha

  423. 423 : emi Says:

    where can i watch this? my soju is not working!

  424. 424 : dom Says:

    links are not working at mysoju…
    can anyone help as to why it doesnt work?
    i prefer to watch stream online than to download..

    please provide alternate links if possible….

    cant wait to watch the next episode…
    million thanks….

  425. 425 : kothant Says:

    lee da hae is over in this series,

  426. 426 : melody Says:

    I dont like this show. boring….

  427. 427 : vivien Says:

    omg. how come mysoju is not working? anw, is there anymore website that i can watch hello mylady with english subtitles?!!! pls tell meee!

  428. 428 : bettyful11 Says:

    I really like this drama so much, I was so overjoyed and hooked with this!!! I like Lee Da-hae and Lee Ji-hoon’s chemistry so much. The story is like a hilarious comic version of Romeo and Juliet, with their love-hate relationships. It’s totally laughing out loud!!… Lee Da-hae is absolutely beautiful and cute too, while Lee Ji-hoon is totally good-looking guy but outrageously funny. I love this drama defintely!!!… 😛

  429. 429 : mexy Says:

    wow!!!!!it is a funny and beautiful show for me but the the end is bored….

  430. 430 : Endah puspitasari Says:

    This Film is cool.
    lee ji hoon , would you like to come to Indonesia ? come to my beautiful east java . Its named Kertosono ?
    Im just an ordinary woman, but I hope some day there will be a super star will came to my small house, It will be song hye kyo or may be you, … who knows ?

  431. 431 : Daisy Says:

    I liked this comedy better than Full House. Nevertheless, both Rain and Lee Ji Hoon are now two of my favorite singers/actors.

    I wouldn’t mind watching it again. LJH is just too cute.

  432. 432 : lord of galaxy Says:

    retards. travelling from huang an tan to office and back and forth and back and forth. get a life, scriptwriter and producer! duh.

  433. 433 : kate Says:

    this is very nise!!

  434. 434 : kate Says:

    this is very nice!

  435. 435 : Lady Says:

    This drama is great! one of my fav! …

  436. 436 : asya Says:

    Lee da hae you’are wonderful very very funny ı like you…

  437. 437 : nathan Says:

    can i know what is the song that lee ji hoon sang in the competetion? PLEASE 100x

  438. 438 : nuonsims Says:


  439. 439 : nadz Says:

    how can i downlod this story..
    pleace somebody tell me!!

  440. 440 : Mich Says:

    This drama is very crap! The end for Lee Da Hae – I prefer her in My Girl way better. Definitely don’t watch this drama – it goes in circles and has NO plot. Just plain boring

  441. 441 : super.karnii Says:

    omg i LOVE this drama !
    its sooo good ! like dead serious its SOOO GOOD !
    i LOVE Lee Ji Hoon ! hes sooo cute
    and Lee Da Hae ? shes just awesome (:
    this drama is recommended for everyone !

  442. 442 : nattharlay Says:

    Somebody pls give me the web link to download stay by my side song?…….. plssssssssssssssssssssss.

    [email protected]

  443. 443 : lunecita Says:

    I like this comedy better than Full House (I love Rain). Lee Ji Hoon’s voice is beautiful. I love to hear him sing and don’t ever get tired.

  444. 444 : sarah Says:

    lee hi hoon and lee de hae are so great… can’t wait to see them together again

  445. 445 : anony Says:

    anyone know the song title which lee ji hoon sang in the karaoke competition??pleassee if anyone know..
    thanks in advance

  446. 446 : anony Says:

    i got the title of the song already but i cant find any site can download that song.
    according to mysoju subs.that song title is “despicable person”.
    i seem cant find any site that provide that song.anyone know where to download that song.
    thanks in advance again

  447. 447 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I find that ” Hello Miss ” is very nice, interesting and good to watch.

  448. 448 : Vaincilla dsouza Says:

    lee ji hoon n lee da hae r d best!!!!!!!!!!!! i just luv their drama! 🙂

  449. 449 : hazel Says:


  450. 450 : bina Says:

    lee da hae u r so beautiful

  451. 451 : mimi_cute007 Says:

    love the song that lee ji hoon sang in the competition, wearing the old lady dress….who know the title of the song????? really love that song

  452. 452 : kenn Says:

    this is a very funny korean drama. i love lee da hae, the way she portray her role her. lee ji hoon and Ha Suk Jin, they were good actors. a very good story, a watchable drama.

    hope you do all watch it, k.

  453. 453 : Linda Says:

    I really liked Lee su ho;s ringtone and i really want to have it too so where can i get it or download it???????????????????????????

  454. 454 : Leyzell Says:

    @ 452, AGREE…!! *nods*

    Love this drama

  455. 455 : myatpwintaye Says:

    I very like this Korean drama in actor & actress. The movie writer & film script good praise.

  456. 456 : Andrea Says:

    One of the best korean drama I have ever watched.
    The casts are excellent. LJH and LDH are really good actors. I hope they do more projects together.

  457. 457 : Korean DVDs Says:

    If you’re looking for this DVD set with Excellent English subtitles, click on my nick – Korean DVDs.


    Thank you!

  458. 458 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  459. 459 : Andrea Says:

    I made my brother watched it too and he got addicted to it. lol

  460. 460 : ghynz Says:

    could it be possible that all episode of Hello Miss will have English subtitle..? it happen that after episode 12 in youtube..no more subtitle..please..thanks

  461. 461 : akira Says:

    a nice story combined with great actors,what more we can say. they made a good job in presenting their own culture which one of the reason why i like to watch their dramas.
    for making that their still as gentleman as the lead actor now a days, and charming act of the lead actress which will make it one of the best drama that you should watch and you should not missed.good job to all and thank you!

  462. 462 : bench_toronto Says:

    im not korean but i am a korean movies and teleseries fanatic…
    wish i can find a korean friends male/female it doesnt matter…
    saranghe korea…

  463. 463 : mona Says:

    Hi. Does anyone here have the link to the song which they sang in the singing contest? Thanks

  464. 464 : toronoto swingers Says:

    im not korean but i am a korean movies and teleseries fanatic…
    wish i can find a korean friends male/female it doesnt matter…
    saranghe korea…

  465. 465 : lily Says:

    hi . i love korea so much

  466. 466 : lily Says:

    i love korea so much

  467. 467 : samar Says:

    it is good

  468. 468 : Irene Martha Says:

    Love hello miss … especially Lee Ji Hoon n Lee Da Hae … Love to watch again …

  469. 469 : Watch anime online Says:

    Thanks for the great episode 🙂 i love animee..

  470. 470 : sara Says:

    this drama is so lovely.i really love lee da hae in such roles with that lovely face n eyes.but i don know why her face freezes when playing serious roles like in chuno s,as if she is a snow queen without any feeling.like a dole.but here she n lee ji hoon are really really lovely n funny.good drama.hey miss lee please dont play sreious roles.they really doent fit you

  471. 471 : Kimchee43 Says:

    I like this drama.. so funny and entertaining..but I don’t know but I don’t like the ending.. btw, the drama is so cute 😀

  472. 472 : nia Says:

    I very like drama korea Princess Hours. Princess Hours Number 1. Yoo Eun Hye very beautiful and very cute. Cayo.

  473. 473 : janis Says:

    i super love this drama! 🙂 i love lee ji hoon! I hope he have a new drama. Ive been searching in the net about ji hoon’s new project but there is none. Lee da hae’s slave hunter drama is also good, she cry there A LOT! 🙂 i am so addicted to this drama when i watched its encore in KBS two weeks ago, i watched it immediately in the net and i started from ep.1 i finished all episodes in just 2 days. Hahaha! I want to go to hwaandaang. I wonder where is the exact location they filmed this!ü

  474. 474 : kay Says:


    i really lova Yi Suha’s ringtone.
    could somebody please e-mail to me the ringtone to my e-mail:

    [email protected]

  475. 475 : rhoda Says:


  476. 476 : yana Says:

    dearest all, could u plz tell me the theme song mae il nan, is it available in english version and what title for that???

  477. 477 : love drama Says:

    you can try it here


  478. 478 : aja Says:

    This series is sooo funny from beginning to end, no dull moment! lee da hae you’re the best

  479. 479 : diefan Says:

    I just watched this and I’m very impressed. Loved it!

  480. 480 : mj_112772 Says:

    this my second time I watch this drama..luv this story…also the actor & actress

    I luv Lee Da Hae character, very sweet, so innocent, cute face

    ahah! the song also best, I use as my ring tone..don’t get jealous

    Lee Da Hae & Lee Ji Hoon…saranghee


  481. 481 : fetty arisandi Says:

    I luv Lee Da Hae character, very sweet, so innocent,

  482. 482 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice, i think i’m gonna watch this… 🙂

  483. 483 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  484. 484 : nining Says:

    wanna to watch it,, it’s seems a good drama,,

  485. 485 : mel Says:

    sound like so interesting…i wanna watch this..

  486. 486 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much,,

  487. 487 : shidah Says:

    i like to watch this drama,sounds interesting…

  488. 488 : elliptical machine Says:

    I’ve watched this drama along time ago and I loved it. especially at the first episode. Though it has a sad ending, the fact that the 2 main lead act were among my favorites, it made the whole drama worth to watch

  489. 489 : htetyattiwin Says:

    i love it so much,i watch many time+++++++

  490. 490 : KPOP7.com Says:

    look this drama! love the cast

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  491. 491 : uthe Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon u are awesome!!!!!!
    really like u!!!!

  492. 492 : uthe Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon u are awesome!!!!
    really llike u!!!

  493. 493 : iPhone repair Says:

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  494. 494 : angela Says:

    lee ji hoon, u are awesome, we wanna see more of you…… u’r smile is perfect and ur lips are really nice… hehe

  495. 495 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  496. 496 : lkao Says:


  497. 497 : billydkid Says:

    this is quite OK but “take care of the young lady” is way way enjoyable than this! the topic is quite a novelty in that it explores the heritage-houses(old historical houses/mansions) and makes this as a background for the love story. as any love story should go, it has a very happy ending( i really hate to see a sad ending to a love story)that’s why i am quite satisfied with this series.
    i don’t like the male lead star. his character here is so WIMPY but he has a good heart compared to the younger brother. not that the younger brother is bad, in fact, he is not “BAD” but only has some minor flaws.( i hate stories where ordinary characters are portrayed as quite sinister). final comment: quite OK, not boring!

  498. 498 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like this korean drama because they act very well.

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  502. 502 : chy ayumi Says:

    i like hello miss.. ak suka banget sama lee da he

  503. 503 : Psychic a.k.a Haunters | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Dah check. Tajuk cerita dia Hello! Miss. Mean aku tak tengok lagi My Fair Lady. Posted in drama/movie | Tags: drama and […]

  504. 504 : Jessi Says:

    I love this drama! So funny! Actors are one better from another.Watched 2 times and will watch more in future

  505. 505 : funny jerry Says:

    lol, can’t stop watching it

  506. 506 : tusheto Says:

    seriala e super nado mam-e deune

  507. 507 : Psychic a.k.a Hunters | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] Dah check. Tajuk cerita dia Hello! Miss. Mean aku tak tengok lagi My Fair Lady. This entry was posted in drama/movie and tagged […]

  508. 508 : kay Says:

    cute story i love lee da hae here. she so pretty and cute! 🙂

  509. 509 : kay Says:

    cute story! i love lee da hae here, pretty and cute girl! 🙂

  510. 510 : One Tec Solutions Says:

    wow it is very nice pic i like so much Korean drama all the artist is working so well in this drama i m enjoing to watch this drama on televion.

  511. 511 : love joy Says:

    in fairness..maganda..

  512. 512 : hello i am your wallpaper | Wallpaper Says:

    […] Hello! Miss […]

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