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Hello, God

Title: 안녕하세요 하느님 / Hello, God
Chinese Title : 你好上帝
Also known as: How are you, God / Hello! Mr. God
Genre: Drama, romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2006-Jan-09 to 2006-Feb-28
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


The story is about a bright and innocent 27 years old guy (Yoo Gun) with an IQ of 65. Because of his issues he is neglected by society and frowned upon, but he tries to be optimistic and not let it bother him. Seo Eun-Hye (Kim Ok Bin), a fumbling swindler running from the cops and who only believes money can bring her happiness, and love will bring more sadness then it’s worth. One day she meets this boy and hey completly changes her outlook on life.


Yoo Gun as Haru (20)
Kim Ok Bin as Seo Eun Hye (20)
Lee Jong Hyuk as Park Dong Jae (34)
Shin Choong Shik as Principal Yeom (60)
Kang Shin Il as Jang Pil Goo (50)
Han Ye Rin as Soo Jung (10)
Kim Sung Soo as Padlock (31)
Song Ok Sook as Ko Shin Ja (40)
Na Young Hee as Huh Won Sook (50)
Choo So Young as Min Joo (20)
Lee Sung Min
Kim Sung Hoon
Park Jin Young

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Lee Sung Joo
Producer: Hong Suk Goo
Writer: Kang Eun Kyung
Director: Ji Young Soo
Production: Kim Jong Hak Productions

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  1. 1 : pandabear104 Says:

    love this drama so far. really funny and sad.

  2. 2 : pandabear104 Says:

    just finished it and gotta say loved it sososo much. the style of the series and its life lessons are something to treasure. the series was amazing and so sad. the acting was really good and the story line unique. the best part of the series is how much each character changed do to other characters. it was such an amazing series and everybody should watch it.

  3. 3 : tish Says:

    this drama made me cry so much…it is very different to all the dramas i’ve watched. it has lessons in which everyone can relate to…the value of living, loving and being happy and contented…it’s definitely worth-watching…

  4. 4 : casey Says:

    did not like it.. very boring. will not recommend

  5. 5 : panyangbear Says:

    How can there be few comments on Hello God? This drama is good, really good. Talks about TRUE love. Made me cry at the end. i like staring at Kim Ok Bin’s face, so pretty.

  6. 6 : secret :D Says:

    i kind of felt that this drama was very reminiscent of a book i read called “flowers for algernon” by daniel keyes. has anyone else read it? it’s about this a guy named charlie who is also mentally retarded and undergoes an operation very much like haru. eh, maybe it’s just me, but overall this was a good drama. it’s different from all the other k-dramas i usually watch and it definetely does have a valuable lesson to it 🙂

  7. 7 : pipi-* Says:

    I just finished it.
    it was NICEE!

  8. 8 : Elmer Says:

    I really really like this drama.

    This is the first time i see such a good one.

    I have to agree with panyangbear. This is must see drama.

    I nver thought i would cry on this one

  9. 9 : Elmer Says:

    By the way this is shown here in the Philippines in QTV.

    I just finish it a day since yesterday.

    Thank you for this drama. I like very very very much

  10. 10 : vhinah Says:

    this korean drama was the first time i cried a lot.,,
    this tv drama who touch my heart.,,
    i like it very very much.,,
    and the chemistry of the three leading roles is great.,,
    i wish that the three of the leading roles (lee jong hyuk, kim ok bin and yoo gun) try to visit Philippines.,,
    I always here to support korean drama.,,
    _”_ vhinah from phil.,, yaaaahhhhhoooooo.,,

  11. 11 : CS Says:

    Wah! the young actor really has a boyish and good looking.
    I think I am going to watch this drama soon after reading so many
    good comments about it.

  12. 12 : fezza Says:

    very good drama, i wish i could be Eun-hye..

  13. 13 : shirley marie Says:

    dis shOw is nice..kim ok bin is so pretty..

  14. 14 : Cm22 Says:

    Again, I have to finish this movie too! He’s so cute and she’s pretty too. I hate the doctor though!

  15. 15 : azizialhadi Says:

    love this story. congratulate to Yoo Gun and Kim Ok Bin made me cried.

    hopefully, can see more drama series from both of the.

  16. 16 : leiomark Says:

    Hello…God is a great series…it keeps me on the edge of my seat and made me even bought a dvd copy on my own..kim ok bin is really beautiful…like her smile alot…keep on doing great series……God bless….

  17. 17 : anita Says:

    Yoo gun is really talented actor

    Nice plot, I cry and smile like crazy all the time because of him

    give me the feeling that can’t explain by words if I’m in his shoes

    so painful to born like that.. Really Nice !!

  18. 18 : Lia Says:

    This movie was great. What is the name of her ringtone? it was in the beginning of the the first episode….

  19. 19 : onie Says:

    This drama is really a MUST-SEE! It has a unique story and real life lessons. It made me smile, laugh, cry and “kilig”.. One of the best korean dramas ever made! =)

  20. 20 : Moldir Says:

    I really love It!

  21. 21 : Zhibek Says:

    I just started to watch this drama! Really nice! Haru is very handsome! I hope that this drama will finish ok and not so sad like Mr. Goodbye!

  22. 22 : cal Says:

    since this drama so gud, where to download this drama for free? 😀

  23. 23 : NAZYM Says:

    espesial Hello, God
    i cried,i smile, my heard is empathize with actors
    EVERY NIGHT AT 22.30 I LEAVE ALL business AND really sent not to turn one’s eyes away /
    i download all YOO GUN*s photos.

    YOO GUN many happy returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    YOU Syn,wonderful actor, and I think you are buitiful inside as you are!!!

  24. 24 : ami Says:

    i want to watch it!!!

  25. 25 : rani Says:

    Hey, I finished watching this series but I’m very confused. Is Haru still alive after the surgery? and why did he had the surgery? He can be a smart boy and go to college with Eun hye too.

  26. 26 : joelle Says:

    I’ve completed both the drama and the novel but still can’t figure out if the ending’s happy or sad…Maybe the director of the Korean drama can tell us?

  27. 27 : lyda Says:

    I just crushed into this drama this morning! I can say that it is not bad! at first i don’t like Day, but after he finish his surgery, he does look handsome!!! if you don’t believe, you can check it! I fell for him now hahahha, will wait and see the next epsidoe next week lol!

  28. 28 : raditya Says:

    one of d best i’ve ever seen.nice

  29. 29 : umei Says:

    this is a very nice drama, first i dun like this drama but now i really like this drama…..=]
    haru is smart , thinkful n handsome now..^^

  30. 30 : myra Says:

    i’m watching tis drama tru KBS rite now, u know wat, tis drama is so lovely and hv touch my heart so many times. The story is unique and nice.

    Every person play their charac very good including Dr. Park mother and the janitor ( i dun know their name).

    i strongly says tis drama is really a MUST-SEE

  31. 31 : Lee Ching, Chin Says:

    I am a Chinese staying in Malaysia. This is the first time in my life, where, although I have finished watched this drama but now I still watching it for second time. It is so meaningful, touching & lovely drama which i have ever watch. hope you all must watch this drama.

  32. 32 : Jack Lim Says:

    hi,can anyone tell me how can i download all the song from this drama?
    i really love all the song play in this drama. thank you.

  33. 33 : arnie Says:

    yoo gun is talented actor, handsome too.

  34. 34 : Sara Says:

    Wow.The most diffrent k.Drama with great acting.A must-see.Really really wonderful.Love from a new perspective.I love Day.Wow he is really innocent.Everybody falls for him as Eunhye does.Love it.Tnx to all people who have made it.

  35. 35 : lucyinthesky Says:

    The last episode was such a mixture of feelings for me..But the ending made me cry! but at least they’re still able to be tgt in the end..I loved this drama and I especially fell in love with Haru, super smart or not, he still had that smile. 🙂 One of those rare touching kdramas..

  36. 36 : cutemochi Says:

    I really love this drama! Im still watching it. i love haru, hes so cute and pure, this is going to defffinitely be one of my favorite dramas. he is so handsome, i just became a huge fan of him becus of this drama, i will recomend this drama to anyone, please support yoo gun

  37. 37 : cutemochi Says:

    i really love this drama, i really like haru. i also think he a great actor, hes really hansome. haha i also think hes really cute. this drama made me a huge fan of gun yoo (haru). i reccomend this drama to anyone. i love this drama!

  38. 38 : Chiqui Says:

    Hi to everyone here! Please answer my question.

    I love this show from beginning to end. There’s not one tiny moment that I didn’t like.

    The ending though was blurry. I couldn’t properly see the images. Can you guys tell me who the lady in the picture with Park Dong-Jae. Was that his mom? Or were they implying that he has a new girl? I really want to know.

    Thank you.

  39. 39 : honey b Says:

    One of the best korean drama

  40. 40 : udin Says:

    wow… i cannot forget the character of Haru………. so sad! but why does it ends like that???

  41. 41 : ziena Says:

    looks nice

  42. 42 : mel Says:

    i like this movie…

  43. 43 : nining Says:

    it’s a nice drama

  44. 44 : pillsburydo Says:

    Besides the romance, the drama is very heartwarming, touching, and it defines what happiness truly is. Basically, that’s the drama’s tagline.

    And if you’re girl, you can’t help yourself but fall in love with Haru. Keke.

    This is a highly recommended drama. It’s different from the usual dramas I’ve seen. And in my opinion, it is by far one of my favorites. I am very surprised and sad to see that the drama isn’t renown and popular. So please watch it, you will not regret it.

  45. 45 : via Says:

    I am so touch watching this drama, I couldnt stop crying.. Its one of the Best drama I have ever seen beside “Thank You” this drama also very touching and heartwarming. Haru character is very well played by Yoo Gun, and Seo Eunhye also played very well by Kim Ok bin, and also the doctor Park Jong Dae who think that he is God because he can create Genius man, I am very happy that I can watch this kind of drama.. LOVE IT!!!

  46. 46 : pandora Says:

    Wonder where can I watch the whole serials? As on youtube its in korean version but its not complete. Anyone care to share the link here. Thank you.

  47. 47 : via Says:

    hello pandora, you can watch the whole series of this drama in :


    you can try find it by searching from the google first, you can find also other korean drama, japanese or even Taiwanese from this site.

  48. 48 : gucci outlet Says:

    Wow.The most diffrent k.Drama with great acting.A must-see.Really really wonderful.Love from a new perspective.I love Day.Wow he is really innocent.Everybody falls for him as Eunhye does.Love it.Tnx to all people who have made it.

  49. 49 : gucci outlet Says:

    he does look handsome!!! if you don’t believe, you can check it! I fell for him now hahahha, will wait and see the next epsidoe next week lol!

  50. 50 : me Says:

    Good drama, good acting, good story line
    he is damn HOOOOOOOT

  51. 51 : thankyou Says:

    i really like the drama, also i like the songs too. especially one of the songs sound like moonlight sonata. does anyone know the artist name or the title of the song?

  52. 52 : Alexey Says:

    It likes me to. I’m listening OST from the film every day.

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