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Heaven’s Garden

Title: 천상의 화원-곰배령 / Heaven’s Garden
Chinese Title: 天上的花园
Genre: Family
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-03 or 2012-March-11
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:50


A drama that shines an optimistic light on resentment, pain and reconciliation within a family on a beautiful but isolated mountainside in Kangwon Province.

Jung Jae In and her husband separated after her husband’s business went bankrupt. She have no other options and then moves back to her hometown in the countryside with her two daughters and lives with her father.


Choi Bool Am as Jung Boo Sik
Yoo Ho Jung as Jung Jae In
Kim Ho Jin as Kang Tae Sub
Hyun Woo Sung as Shin Woo Gyoon
Kim Sae Ron as Eun Soo
Ahn Seo Hyun as Hyun Soo
Sa Kang as Jin Joo Hong
Kang Chan Hee as Shin Seung Woo
Yang Ohn Yoo as Shin Seung Woo (child)
Lee Joo Shil as So Pal Bok
Kim Myung Gook as Oh Chul Joo
Shin Ki Joon as Gong Byung Do
Jung Min Sung as Na Jae Seung
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Kim Myung Ok
Jun Won Joo as Nam Gil Mo
Ahn Jung Hoon as Lee Nam Gil
Jung Kyung Soon as Goo Bon Sook
Lee Ji Eun as Oh Monica
Song Ye Dam as Oh Joon
Kang Chan Yang as teacher
Oh Hee Joon as Hyun Nam Sub

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jong Han
Screenwriter: Ko Eun Nim, Park Jeong Hwa

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  1. 1 : Ivy Says:

    Kim Sae Ron growing up so fast!!!

  2. 2 : KDaddict Says:

    The show starts on Dec 3. And they don’t know how many eps it will be 3 days b4? That doesn’t show much planning or confidence fr the PD team, does it? Just a divorced woman with 2 kids and her father in the countryside. There is no mention of a man, no romance, no eye-candy, no pretty clothes, no fancy apartment. Tough sell lo!

  3. 3 : Kbnhkr Says:

    I really like to watch this, but I can’t find it nowhere. 🙁 No fansub?

  4. 4 : ijea Says:

    u can download from here http://mediumquality.blogspot.com/2011/12/heavens-garden.html

  5. 5 : LUJANE Says:


  6. 6 : soring raman Says:

    it’ll be a nice emotional drama for sure… curiosity will make you watch. its not mandatory to depict the entire story nor to display fancy clothes fans!!

  7. 7 : Mingming Says:

    I love this drama very much.It make me cry with sympathy when I think of the relationship between father and daughter and other characters .It’s also teach me many things to understand other people and the hospitality is very important in small society. It’s very good indeed. Beautiful scenery and warm at heart.

  8. 8 : sangjhoon Says:

    i hv to search this one online coz of hyun woo sung whom i liked in yellow boots!

  9. 9 : sangjhoon Says:

    i finally found where to watch this, i’m liking it already! very entertaining n it made me cry buckets! i highly recommend tho i’m only on first few episodes!

  10. 10 : Dramaluvr Says:

    Yes this is an excellent drama. Cried buckets too
    Full of interest and common wisdom
    Love the grandpa He reminds me of my father Silent aggravating type but
    A decent man on the inside. The two girls are lovely. Love the older ones
    personality. The mom kind of aggravates me. In the long run she is good
    but why does she still defend her creep if a husband at ep 13. There is
    Nothing worse than a blind person who doesn’t want to see. He abandoned
    them, she caught him with a woman, tried to cheat her father & she still
    feels sorry for him? What’s wrong with women like her? They deserve
    what they get but they drag the rest of their family in their quest to
    rehabilitate a man. WAKE UP!

  11. 11 : Dramaluvr Says:

    I watched the complete story & enjoyed it

    There were still some unresolved issues. Like if the mom would marry the cop and the actress/mom seemed to have feelings for the children’s dad

    The wedding at the end cracked me up. What a silly jealous woman getting rewarded with a rich husband. Haaa

  12. 12 : Worren Says:

    The silver SUV has something on the window. Looks like a satellite or gps. Anybody know what it is?

  13. 13 : R Merrick Says:

    Watched it on Netflix and loved it. Divorced mom hopefully married the cop and her hopeless ex got back together with his first wife. The two displaced kids probably got a great education and set up a school in the mountains together after the old folks died. That womaniser rich guy needed a jealous woman to shake him up and let him know someone actually cared about him and not just his money. I loved the scenery and the way nature reflected what was happening in their lives. I would love to see what happens when the kids are grown.

  14. 14 : Harish Says:

    I want this title song

  15. 15 : Marian Lawrie Says:

    I loved loved loved this series but i.m really sad its finished .rhe characters were all superb everuone but the Mother did annoy me .why would she treat the cafe owner like she did he was a lovely man and so was his “son ” ..the ex husband was a creep yet she still stuck up for him ..i loved the scenery and the moral lessons behind the storys ..i really dont know what i.m going to do now it.s finished i could watch it again but one day Netflix will remove it and then what will i do .i dont want to lose it ..i want to watch it again and again.no other series has affected me in this way .

  16. 16 : Lynn Najaka Says:

    I’m in USA. North Carolina. This drama touched me so much. It was hard to turn it off at night to sleep. It showed how people are able to change, some easier than others. The ability of Grandpa to forgive made me feel calm and reassured. I melted every time I looked at Eun-Soo. An old soul in a little child. Jae-In remained conflicted throughout. Her children were the most important thing in her life. Everything she thought and did was for them, even at the expense of her father due to her husband’s greed and selfishness. I wish she would have married Woo-Gyun but it would not have been in keeping with her character to put her family before herself. I wonder if Seung-Woo did not want his father to marry Jae-In because deep down he loved Eun-Soo and wanted to marry her when they grew up? In America the story would most likely have ended with everyone doing whatever they wanted without regard to the effects on anyone else. Divorce, remarriage, children out of marriage is more common than one marriage and children. I loved the devotion of family and friends in this series. Blessings to South Korea.

  17. 17 : SILVIA Says:

    They were so natural that made this Drama one of my favorites 👏👏👏👏👏 older father, young mother and chikdren on destress … Just like anyone else’s life, but with widom and great lessons for.rwal life. Great job! Wonderful Korwan country site, green, flowers, autumn ans a lot of snow 👏👏👏👏 I loved all (cooking out side made me remember my dearest mon and aunts, on our old days visiting grampa at his farm job.. Long conversations by the fire and walking.on the woods without be afraid of people, because all the neighbours would only help us, if needed. Great food and a lot of fun time with our dearest cousins. Hreat.memoriea for life ( thanks Heaven’s Garden crew… For bring us such great memories, smiles and even for the tears. * Hopping that you all are health&hapoy

  18. 18 : Mrs Sue Pulvirenti Says:

    when will new episodes of this be released I love it

  19. 19 : Terri Says:

    Amazing Drama! I loved it and can’t wait for more episodes. Great acting!! It’s Oscar worthy!

  20. 20 : Anne Says:

    So many good actors in one series! So many interesting situations, and characters speaking from their hearts and emotions as they face and work through their challenges. It was refreshing to learn about how people think, feel, and work on things in the S. Korean culture. My husband and I are so hoping there will be another season.

  21. 21 : Adelberto Areola Says:

    For me, Heaven’s Garden is the best thing that ever happened not just to Netflix, but to the whole Internet. And I’m thankful that I am able to watch it only now, in October 2020, rather than earlier. For now, the eyes of my spirit are already opened to perceive the undercurrents of life lessons that it has to offer, Had I watched it before I was ready, it would be as if I have only enjoyed the snow covering the whole pristine countryside while missing the pure, refreshing streams of living waters flowing underneath.

    So many lessons to learn from this drama series that you cannot see them with just one viewing. Seemingly negative situations are depicted as just springboards for deeper relationships and greater enjoyment of togetherness, if only we choose ‘us’ over ‘me’ every time.

    This Korean drama portrays how our life is supposed to be lived. It shows that we only find meaning and significance in our life when we live it, not in isolation and self-centeredness, but in community; that is, in living life together with other persons with whom we share loving and caring relationships.

    This drama is filled with deep spirituality, emphasizing that life is all about finding wholeness in relationships: with self, with others, with nature and with God (this one only subliminal, possibly to not alienate those who are not yet ready to believe in God). It is also filled with hope, showing that despite our individual brokenness and all the brokenness in the world, it is possible for us to be healed and experience wholeness when we begin to see each other as persons, with dignity, worthy to be valued, and always possible to change for the better; when we don’t give up on ourselves and on one another; when we open up ourselves to receive help and care from others as we open up ourselves to always be ready to care and give help to others; when we devote ourselves to one another and commit to always be there for each other.

    The scriptwriters, directors, all the cast and everyone involved in this drama series have all done a great job.

    May you enjoy and savor Heaven’s Garden much more than I do.

  22. 22 : Mary Berridge Says:

    I absolutely loved this show !! I didnt know till now it was made in 2011 !! So I dont think there will be more episodes unfortunately…
    I cried n cried through this show !! It has been the best series I have ever watched .!!! I would love for it to be more but after all this time I doubt it .
    Everyone is really great In their role .
    Superb acting !!!
    MARIAN LAWRIE you can buy it on amazon ..
    I hope she sees this .
    I’m only watching 2 episodes a night now and I’m on
    Chapter 14 and theres only 30 episodes. So I’m trying to spare it ..
    Well worth the wait . It’s just a really great movie and it’s so great to see people coming together to help each other .. we all should be kind to each other ..why cant we all get along in this sad world ? I would love to see human beings be kind to each other…wouldn’t you ?

  23. 23 : Ana Borzha Says:

    This is about the most beautiful show I have ever seen in my whole
    life of 78 years. I want to see more from this extraordinary writer, director, cast.

  24. 24 : DIANA R PERRY Says:

    I’m in Arizona. I have watched this 4 times already. I just love the show and yes Hyun Woo Sung. I love the children’s part in this. All the characters. I better downloaded before they get rid of it on Netflix so I can watch it when ever I want to. I have always wanted to go to South Korea. If I do I will definitely go to that place where they filmed it.

  25. 25 : Rethy Says:

    I just finished watching this drama and its the best one I’ve seen. May I know when the season 2 will be released? Please someone tell me where I can watch the Heaven’s Garden season 2. Thanks

  26. 26 : David Markferding Says:

    Amazing!!! It grabbed my heart and would not let go.
    Cried like baby and was addicted to watched 24/7 till 30 episodes concluded. Genius storyline, beautiful simple artistic, I NEED MORE! Gives great perspective on life.
    It is like looking in a mirror of reality. Excellent Work.
    More! Jae In is like Holy Cow Man! All the actors did heavy lifting.

  27. 27 : Kimberly Patterson Says:

    We need more episodes. So many lessons can be learned with this drama series across all cultures. I really loved it and hope that it can continue. This was refreshing and very different from the negative garbage we see today. Thanks for sharing.

  28. 28 : Kathleen C. Neely Says:

    Can we purchase the series on DVD??? I will PAY to be able to watch this movie series over and over. My favorite movie series EVER!! NETFLIX has dropped it! BOO!!!

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