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Hate You But Like You


Title: 미워도 좋아 / Miwondo Joha
chinese title : 讨厌也喜欢
Also known as: Cannot Hate You / Hate You But Like You
Genre: Family
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-01 to 2008-Mar-01
Air time: Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM


After a bitter betrayal by her longtime boyfriend, Yang Dong Hee (Kim Yoon Kyung) is determined to work hard and live only for her son.


Yang family

Kim Yoon Kyung as Yang Dong Hee
Lee Joon as Yang Dong Woo (brother)
Yoon Mi Ra as Jung Soon Im (mother)
Kang Soo Hwan as Yang Chan (Dong Hee’s son)

Yoon family

Choi Phillip as Yoon Hyun Soo
Park Ha Young (박하영) as So Mang (Hyun Soo & Young Sun’s daughter)

Hwang family

Yoo Tae Woong as Hwang Joon Hyuk
Yun Woon Kyung as Oh Mal Bok (mother)
Lee Hye Mi as Baek Jae Hee (sister)

Kang family

Lee Seo Yun as Kang Yoon Jin
Kim Dong Hyun as Kang Dae Soo (Chairman Taeyong Group, Yoon Jin’s father)

Other people

Lee Hye Eun as Kkeut Soon (Dong Hee’s friend, business pardner)
Choi Eun Joo as Maen Soon Ok
Min Ji Young as Huh Young Sun (Hyun Soo’s ex-wife)
Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁) as Soo Chul (Hyun Soo’s friend)

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Screenwriter: Lee Do Young
Director: Kim Jung Min

Offical Site


  1. 1 : Ivy Says:

    129 episode? wow!!!

  2. 2 : Sharmane Says:

    Is there a website where I can go to buy Cannot hate you/Hate But Like You/Miwodo Joha? I tried everything like YesAsia, DSDVDS, etc. I would like to buy the whole series.

  3. 3 : koryka Says:

    I want the site to watch the series, Hate You But Like You
    I use the name, but you do not find it
    Thank you

  4. 4 : simon Says:

    it is a wonder drama cannote hate you showing now in korea tv sat-thu at 9gmt

  5. 5 : algerian princesse Says:

    how i can download the mp3 my email is [email protected]

  6. 6 : sam Says:

    hi ,

    you can watch this series in korea tv .

  7. 7 : eskac2007 Says:

    esque je peu voir les video de cette serie j ai chercher mais malheureusement je n est pas trouver

  8. 8 : fatehia Says:

    Iwant to wach the drama hate you but like you I use the name but I cannot find it

  9. 9 : weal Says:

    thank you

  10. 10 : ziena Says:

    poor girl loves poor guy the poor guy wants to be rich so he goes after the rich girl leaving the poor girl with a baby
    8 years later we see the poor guy very rich and he encounters his poor ex who now has fallen for the good guy played by Choi Phillip who btw put too much lipstick

    in the end they all become good and forgiving and live happily ever after some 100 episods that could have been easily much less

  11. 11 : diefan Says:

    where can I watch it??

  12. 12 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  13. 13 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this..

  14. 14 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  15. 15 : louis vuitton wallet Says:

    I want the site to watch the series, Hate You But Like You
    I use the name, but you do not find it
    Thank you

  16. 16 : sojuu girl Says:

    I wanna know the episode .. i think it is 130 episodes .. …

  17. 17 : ks Says:

    Hi there
    well i saw the majority of the drama, but didn t see the ending untill the last week. It was a long drama and the the korean channel in ny only showed half hour of the drama. And it made it longer. Well to make a long story short. I looked in countless websites in every name i even had my korean friends to write the name correctly. I even went to a korean video store. I found it on vhs not dvd and only in korean and not in english subtitles. And if u want to see all the episodes on there official website you have to pay for video on demand.
    But if u want to see all kinds of dramas u can go mysoju.com or dailymotion.com. There s more but cant think of them right now. Welk hope this was helpful.

  18. 18 : sheen Says:

    I think it quite longer for me to watch it. But it okay. Fighting B-)

  19. 19 : sheen Says:

    It’s a good story i think. So, you guys must watch it

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