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Title: Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea
Chinese Title : 一天 / 炫动一天.韩国之旅
Episodes: 1
Broadcast via : website
Released date : 2010-Sep-24


The story happens in 1 day time, center around scenario writer ( Lee Dae Hae) who will perform love triangle with Kim Bum and U-Know Yunho.

Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo play the couple in Lee Dae Hae’s scenario, and Big Bang is a group that finds a school that is being shut down and holds a mini-concert for the students.

Main cast

BIGBANG as energetic idol stars
U-Know Yunho as romantic tough action actor
Han Chae Young as sexy stylist
Park Shi Hoo as cute mischievous cafe manager
Lee Dae Hae as a beautiful scenario writer
Kim Bum as photographer with gentle heart


This web drama is produced by Korean National Tourism Organization to honor 2010 as Korean Visiting Year

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Official Website


Watch Online with English Subtitle – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Watch Online with English, Chinese and Other Subtitle


  1. 1 : chichaloca Says:

    wow..big stars!!looking forward for this..

  2. 2 : chyin Says:

    OMG, look at all the big names! Am a big fan of LeeDae Hee. Really looking forward to this!

  3. 3 : Kyu'sgf Says:

    what is its rating? This is the shortest drama I have ever heard off… = =’

  4. 4 : nanioo chan Says:

    “OMO”…I really love this movie. but when the next episod. I’am waiting for iT.^0^.gomawo

  5. 5 : chichaloca Says:


    regarding to my info that i got..this is a short drama basically to promote korean interesting place :)the made it into drama by combined big actors and actress.

  6. 6 : lovejoo Says:

    omo omo omo TOP ,, oooh i love you oppa, iam soooo locking forward this

  7. 7 : lovejoo Says:

    what i got in this drama hwo actully is more like a short movie is if you take the train in korea you will maybe have the chance to meet the charmy kim bum and do strange things with stranger, things that you never have done before, i was actully dispointed how could she do that to U-Know Yunho . but i cant blame her no one can say no to kim bum, but still U-Know Yunho oppa is so hot.
    dont you agrre?

  8. 8 : theDork09 Says:

    HARU is so FUNNY & CUTE. love the cast, especially KIM BUM <3!! here's a link to watch it in english subs, there's 3 parts and also the making on it! xD

  9. 9 : theDork09 Says:

    “HARU” is so FUNNY & CUTE!! LOVE the cast…especially KIM BUM <3 here's it in english subs (3parts and also the making of it) xD

  10. 10 : theDork09 Says:

    HARU….LOVE IT!!<3 you can watch it on youtube in english subs!! xD

  11. 11 : dehae shi Says:

    waiting to watch Lee da hae on her next major project. Hopefully it is not
    a sageuk genre, but modern light romantic comedic role. Waiting, waiting.

  12. 12 : jore Says:

    i can’t wait for the english sub on this.. i been waiting for this movie.. it has such a great cast i mean the hottest guys ever in one screen oh god lol… anyways hopefully is a good movie and doesn’t dissapoint me

  13. 13 : hmm Says:

    what was that? how can lee da hae do that to u-know? oh i used to like her but iam changing my mind now sorry to all her fans

  14. 14 : snowflakes Says:

    woow another u-know drama, looking forward for this 🙂
    i wonder about the first episode rating,it supposed to be published right?

  15. 15 : snowflakes Says:

    ternyata cuma 1 episode (baru nyadar hhe ^^)

  16. 16 : Liz Says:

    This is a very interesting drama. It’s funny and the effects was great. Honestly, I don’t get the story at all! What’s the connection of the Big Bang between them. Or they just make the story funny.But I LOVE IT! I love all the casts! Lee Dae Hae in her usual childish act, Kim Bum with his charming smile he’s so cool and charming, U-Know Yun Hoo in his cute loving performance, Han Chae Young in her mysterious ,sexy style, Park Shi Hoo in his elegant ways.and the BIG BANG with their crazy performance.

    I wih they could make a real drama about thi. Specially Lee Dae Hae and Kim Bum with love triangle with U-Know Yunho. Park Shi Hoo and Han Chae Young also looked good together. Plus add the Big Bang for OSt..

    LOVE IT!!!

  17. 17 : Mitha apt. Says:

    very short movie…
    and Oh my Gods, really love this movie.
    Yunho (DBSK) i miss you so much.
    Le Dae Hee, oh sincha yepputha, agak gemukan mkin cantik, so pretty!
    Kim Bum, always cute
    AND for BigBang, stay cool..

    Love you all

  18. 18 : hye ri Says:

    oh my god…big bang!!!
    gonna love this movie…

  19. 19 : marvinchan Says:

    park shi hoo comes back..
    even in a short film 🙁

    park shi hoo..saranghae ^^

  20. 20 : KDrama Lover Says:

    I don’t like it !
    The story is too short, so I can’t understand the story line…

  21. 21 : zanufa Says:

    why this film just one episode?

  22. 22 : zanufa Says:

    why just one episode…..?

  23. 23 : vanilla Says:

    kim bum….

  24. 24 : kyufishnao Says:

    waaa pengen cepet cepet liat, kapan kira kira di puter di indonesia?

  25. 25 : rien cute Says:


    HAN CHAE YOUNG…..WIE OK….pegang senjata… pluz cantix bner…..^_^

    kim buum saranghae….

    w ud liat tp koq bntar bner….. 1 dvd…doang….. sambung dung 🙂

  26. 26 : Ashley Says:

    What is this?

    is it drama?

  27. 27 : LEONKEN Says:


  28. 28 : haru Says:

    Park Shi Hoo,you are so charming and elegant..

  29. 29 : UnniE nenY Says:

    Kim Beom Uppa…

  30. 30 : sabrina Says:


  31. 31 : Lina Says:

    sorry…wanted to ask…is there 1 episode?!?

  32. 32 : miseu Says:

    why 1 epd only..drama is delayed..how the story..best???

  33. 33 : pooh Says:

    It’s only 30 minutes. Oh so short!

  34. 34 : shebee Says:

    what?? it’s only 30 minutes???

  35. 35 : hARUk0 sAys Says:

    tSk- tSK…
    Better wATCH in youtbe guYS…

  36. 36 : Hebei~ Says:

    You should listen to Haru by SHINee (Its an OST.)~

  37. 37 : Hebei~ Says:

    (>^^)> The OST Is Pretty Good~ <(^^<)

  38. 38 : Haythi Says:

    Shi Hoo oppa is so handsome in that drama.. I love BIG BANG too. They are really cute in that drama.

  39. 39 : devi Says:

    What a short movie, I wish it can be a great drama and I love all the cast, so perfect, waiting to kim boem, Lee da hae, younha love triangle, and park shi hoo so handsome,

  40. 40 : kpop Says:

    So Lee Da Hae didn’t actually end up with Kim Sang Bum…They are much more compatible with each other….but the story is really lovely for a short drama…wish for part 2….

    I’ll share a link of the short film of toyota camry starring the Korean ActorLee Min Ho….

  41. 41 : kpop Says:


    this link is the part 4….the 3 other parts can be searched in youtube…enjoy

  42. 42 : norzom Says:

    actually the ost angel is sang by super junior it’s soooo good.

  43. 43 : linda yuliana Says:

    so good,i love in it

  44. 44 : nono_07 Says:

    i have heard its OST by shinee… it is really gooood…!!! like 8 so much!! ^_^

  45. 45 : Jenny Says:

    Oppa Park Shi hoo.. i love it

  46. 46 : devidlion Says:

    i want to watching korean drama

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