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Happiness in the Wind

Title: 바람 불어 좋은날 / Happiness in the Wind
Chinese Title : 风吹好日子
Also known as: Windy But Pleasant Day, A Good Day For The Wind To Blow
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 173
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-01 to 2010-Oct-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Kwon Oh Bok (Kim So Eun) is a a 19-year-old young woman/orphan who refuses to give up her dream of becoming a top illustrator. Because she grew up poor (and is still struggling), she is extremely frugal, and maintains an optimistic outlook on things. Kwon Oh Bok has nothing that she can call her own in her life-time, not even the little room that she stays in. However, her hot temper will flares whenever she witness any injustice.


Kim So Eun as Kwon Oh Bok
Jung Seung Ho as Kwon Yi Moon (Oh Bok’s father)

Jang family

Jin Yi Han as Jang Dae Han
Lee Hyun Jin as Jang Min Guk
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Man Se
Kang In Duk as Jang Jung Nam (father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Sun Hee (mother)
Na Moon Hee as Na Kkeut Soon (grandmother)
Kang Han Byul as Jang Dok Rip (Dae Han’s son)

Kang family

Kang Ji Sub as Kang Sang Jun
Kim Sung Hwan as Kang In Soo (father)
Na Young Hee as Cha Yeon Shil (mother)

Lee family

Kim Mi Sook as Lee Kang Hee
Kwon Oh Hyun as Seo Dong Shik (brother-in-law)
Ahn Hye Kyung as Kim Nam Suk (Dong Shik’s wife)
Joo Hye Rin as Seo Hyo Ri (Dong Shik’s daughter)

Choi family

Lee Sung Min as Choi Mi Ran (Jang Dok Rip’s biological mother)
Yeon Kyu Jin as Mr Choi (father)
Won Jong Rye as Mi Ran’s mother

Other people

Kang Eun Tak as Choi Ki Chul (Oh Bok’s friend)
Jung Da Young as Ha Sol Ji
Min Young Won as Hwa Young
Maeng Sang Hoon as Doctor Park
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as a creditor

Production Credits

Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriter: Lee Duk Jae

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  1. 1 : Jess Says:

    i like family drama

  2. 2 : gap Says:

    why there is no picture of kim so eun when she is a lead actress in this drama .i really wanted her picture not them .i m really anticipating towards this drama.i m sure going to catch up with every episode.goog luck every body.

  3. 3 : dee Says:

    kim so eun looks so cute with a new hairstyle..
    i will watch this drama, it looks interesting..
    huaaa can’t wait >.

  4. 4 : taka Says:

    i m glade that they changed the cover picture .i like that thank you so much for changing this picture.good luck every body.

  5. 5 : Jan Rey Says:

    Gonna watch it.. Its Kim So Eun 1st drama that she will be the leading actress.. Its gonna worth it!!

  6. 6 : dee Says:

    I found that there is a better poster in http://bumsso.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/a-good-day-for-the-wind-to-blow/

  7. 7 : ehra Says:

    Do you where we can watch it online with english sub? Seems like a nice drama to watch at

  8. 8 : قرنيطه Says:

    شكرا على الافلام

  9. 9 : sora Says:

    is the male leading role rich in this drama? because i like a cinderella’s story.. can anyone answer my question? i need it very much.. =3

  10. 10 : tyler swift Says:

    i like kim so eun,i am watching this because of kim so eun it is becoming more and more interesting.i love it everybody good luck.

  11. 11 : taka Says:

    wow! i like the new tittle as “HAPPINESS IN THE WIND”.

  12. 12 : Debbie Says:

    Does anyone know if this is the drama that replaced “Jolly Widows”? I watch the dramas on a small local station that features KBS dramas.

  13. 13 : sara Says:

    hi my name is sara i like drama korean
    can you send me picture kim so eun thank you

  14. 14 : shuk Says:

    i will love this drama exp went kim so eun play the roll…

  15. 15 : marina Says:

    i love the drama and is really good but it hart to read in sub so if they make in english i love to see but i love

  16. 16 : mdamian Says:

    can thry make in to manga plz

  17. 17 : kit Says:

    Anyone know where we can watch this online for free; I missed an episode. And to Debbie, yes this is the program that replaced Jolly Widows.

  18. 18 : April Says:

    Really love this drama! Can’t wait to watch for the next episode. You can also watch it on dramastyle but sad to say there’s no subtitles!

  19. 19 : shar Says:

    any website that i can watch all the episode for free?

  20. 20 : ramlan Says:

    Luv Kpop drama especially familyies stories..Luv the caste n culture of Korean people… I was memerise n captivated by the complexion of all the actors n actresses in this dramas….well kinda of visiting Korea this winter..he..he…if u r in Singapore this drama now running on Starhub Cable Channel 173.

  21. 21 : Dian Says:

    Haha I’m a Mexican girl and I started watching this een tho I don’t speak a word of Korean(: really good drama

  22. 22 : juzzz Says:

    i love this drama very much!!! can’t wait to watch it every day. i watch this drama because of kim so eun. she is very cute n beautiful!!! jin yi han also such a handsome guy!!!

  23. 23 : doris kho Says:

    i also like this very much but i don’t like the part why they made the 2nd son fall in love with the old woman ?? this is madness !! he is handsome, young and well educated, how would this happen ? pls la, if the woman is like few years old or below 10 years older, i can accept it but not when she can even be his mother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 absurb !!!!!!!

  24. 24 : Timov Says:

    Anyone know where I can watch it online? I’ve been watching this on KBS World, but I started late and I wanna catch up on the previous episodes. It’s a good show!

  25. 25 : LEE SAERA Says:


  26. 26 : vera Says:

    OH !!!!man where can watch this series ,,,I would like to watch it …is there anybody pls help me ,,,I would like to watch with eng sub…..

  27. 27 : Murali Says:

    Dear KBS

    Iam a indian working in Qatar and iam a very big fan of Obuk and i dont miss this serial make sure watch it daily all the characteractis are very real and very touching…..

    thanks for a such a good drama


  28. 28 : Marta Says:

    I love this dram, All the member of this drama is so good. But I have a question for the Author (Writer) of this script Lee Duk jae, please don’t say that the x-girlfriend of Jang Dae Han Will be the winner, I know Oh Bok is not that much matchurs to understand others intentions but that beautiful devil (Choi Mi Ran) is taking advantage of Oh book, I know she is suffering in different way I can understand (I can imagine losing a son and brake up with loving boyfriend will be difficult but no matter what she live her life somehow good with her x-husband) but for the last 7years Dae Han was suffering more than her, he was alone but finally he get what he deserve (please don’t make him that much confuse about this relationship b/n him and Ohbook for the sake of both) I know you can do something good for Dae han x- girlfriend but not with him. Other thing I know for Oh Bok will difficult to raise a kid but she is a women she can do.

    From East Afrika , Ethiopia

  29. 29 : reem Says:

    think you

    ilove the drama so much



    from: reem

  30. 30 : Marta Says:

    Yesterday show makes me so angry, what is going on, Choi Min Ran is she ok? I don’t think so, coz the more I see it she fight with Oh Bok not her x-boyfriend, if you want to get her boyfriend this is not the right way to do it, I know heaven (God) will punish her for what she did in her good friend (Oh Bok).
    I know it is a TV drama but I know some people are like her (most of KBS TV dramas (Script writer) try to shows us that every day life of peoples. So if somebody like Choi Min Ran watch yourself?
    Thanks KBS World for this Drma.
    Your Best viewer From East Africa, Ethiopia
    Marta M.

  31. 31 : mutiara Says:

    it seems nice drama, i think i’m gonna watch this… 🙂

  32. 32 : Monique Says:

    I love this show, I’m afro american and I watch the show twice. Once wiith my eyes and second with my ears. The first time I am reading the subtitles and when it comes on the second time I close my eyes and just listen to the language.

    This show is a breath of fresh air. Thank you ever so much for sharing your vision and creativity.

  33. 33 : AprilRain Says:

    i just love this show and obok and dahan makes a great couple.
    cant wait to see them kiss passionately. 😀

  34. 34 : Nina Says:

    I just love this show ! Can’t wait til DaeHan and OhBok get some spine and tell MiRan to stay away from their lives. MiRan is a very hateful woman. If she was really a friend of sweet OhBok, she should step aside….or better leave the country.

  35. 35 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  36. 36 : melanie Says:

    I love this show very much,very good story it’s about Family, Bonding Love and happiness…..very nice cast all of them esp. Minguk.I love his role also Daehan and Obok. I never get tired watching this Drama……wish they will have more episodes…….Minguk, Congratulations!!!! Fighting….

  37. 37 : melanie Says:

    Thank you KBS for having a very good Drama and Cast……All of your Drama are so Good…..you also have a lot of very Talented Actors and Actress…..Thanks for giving us Happiness in life…..It add life to us….Making our Day with your Wonderful Drama nice Stories, very good Actors and Actress and makes our Day Complete…..Thank YOu so very Much!!!! KBS….

  38. 38 : melanie Says:

    Also Thank You Writer for this wonderful story……You’re the BEST!!!! Congratulations!

  39. 39 : melanie Says:

    More Episodes Please……

  40. 40 : ardhan Says:

    thanks for a such a good drama ^^

  41. 41 : mel Says:

    i like family drama..

  42. 42 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  43. 43 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama.. it’s so good drama,, lovely family..

  44. 44 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  45. 45 : Nina Says:

    What’s wrong with MiRan? Does she have mental problems? How is that she cannot understand that DaeHan and family don’t like her? And now OhBok don’t like her either.
    DaeHan’s mother told Miran to never show up at her house and the next day she came, again, uninvited, to interrupt mother’s birthday !!
    Miran is a cruel , insensitive, hateful and full of malice woman !!

  46. 46 : Murali Says:

    its so sad for me that iam not getting the satatelite telacast i miss this serial now ,, hope i have the telecast again in qatar.


  47. 47 : Gene Endres Says:

    I just saw today’s episode, and was shocked at what Miran suggested to Daehan about cheating on Obok. She is so bent on having Daehan, that she is willing to stab her freind Obok in the back like that, who really likes Miran, and looks up to her in a way. But, Daehan, is partly responsible for this, because he lied to Miran and told her that he cheated on her, when they were together. So she figures, if Daehan cheated on her, he can cheat on Obok. Anyway, I’m Korean, but I’ really enjoying this show, as well as Three Brothers. And I’m in Newyork, so I’m able to follow along because it’s subtitled in English. I worked for an Advertisement agency, and there were a couple of very Pretty and very sweet Korean girls that worked there for a brief period of time, and that’s how I got into watching these Korean drama’s. And I’m glad I did. Because now I am hooked. I have not missed an episode since I started watching these shows. Although, I missed some of them from the beginning of the show. So, I came in late.

  48. 48 : Gene Endres Says:

    Please forgive me. I’m correcting a typo on comments I just made about today’s episode. I wrote that I was Korean. But actually, I’m not Korean. I’m American. Which of course is why I mentioned the subtitled English. Sometimes I wish I were though. I’ve always liked Korean people. I’ve liked how polite they are. Again, my apologies. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  49. 49 : nona Says:

    This drama is great, really like the storyline, the actors and actress
    r doin a wonderful job

  50. 50 : Gene Endres Says:

    Wow, so Miran is really so devious ! I saw last nights episode where she sets up Daehan, and calls Obok to come and meet her, and then throws her arms around Daehan, just as Obok enters the Club. I really love Miran. Obok is so cute, and almost very innocent in this Drama. But, Miran is more my type. That’s why it pains me to see her acting this way. Anyway, just an hour away from tonight’s episode. I can’t wait to see what Obok’s reaction is going to be ! Gosh, I am getting so into this Drama now. It’s really going to get interesting now.

  51. 51 : Marta.M Says:

    Wow, I think this show come more complicated hello DaeHan now it is the time to tell for Obook about your kid mother, otherwise your will loss our lovely Obook, she accept him as he is, so I hope the script writer will do something.
    By the way what is the problem of Cha Yeon Shil, did she want a son or company manager, I think she don’t know the difference between son and work. She tries to make a robot (her son), so Kang Sang Jun you have to fight, not because of your love life, but you have to show her (for your mother) what human being live in this world (after all we live 70-80 maximum 100years) so why being rude and un happy …. so show her the meaning of love, respectful.
    Love for all the crew of this TV Serious
    Marta. M
    From East Africa, Ethiopia

  52. 52 : Alaá Says:

    Hello … first thing I will start by myself, I love you so much Hey folks Korioya artists Korea Loya channel Koeriaa You are the best ^ ^My name is Alaa and I’m from the United Arab Emirates and I am in my life I did not think that all Koreans will love this because of this amazing product with all of the meaning of the word … DaeHan You are the best soft-hearted man I love you so and I wish you good luck.Obook Guetap You are polite and wonderful I love you too …. I hope to come to the UAE.AndI hope everyone in the series that Iraslani to my email and the first of whom a brother DaeHanChannel Korea love to death

    Alaa (love for Korea)

  53. 53 : Alaá Says:

    ______########## I Love You ###########__

  54. 54 : maria Says:

    The drama is interesting : ) and I love Minguk’s smile SOOO MUUUUCH, he’s cute indeed but not the fact that he has fallen for his teacher!!!

  55. 55 : oceanqueen Says:

    I agree with Maria, Jang Min Guk is so cute but I don’t like his teacher….hahaha. I guess she enjoy Min Guk attention…argh I don’t like her SO MUCH!!

  56. 56 : melanie Says:

    I love this Drama so much!very nice entertaining story it’a about families Too!I like this story and I salute to the Writer of this Drama.i really like this kind of story.very interesting and I now I miss my family.most of all. the Three guys. Daehan.Minguk and Sanguin made this drama more interesting and lively, esp. Minguk!Hope this will stay more Popular and High in Rating! I’m very proud to recommend this Drama to everyone……MOre episodes please….if possible no ending…he.he.he…..I Love it!!!!! Congratulations on your Hard Work very good in acting all of them…….they can act good in thier Role….They deserve the best …..all of the Actors…..

  57. 57 : melanie Says:

    Thank You KBS for giving us very nice,very entertaining Drama!!!! so many nice Drama……..THANK YOU KBS!!!

  58. 58 : melanie Says:

    minguk,Daehan,sangui makes the drama interesting…..i love this Drama so much…..more Power and Success!!! Congratulations!!!

  59. 59 : melanie Says:

    I would like to Congratulate the Writer of this Wonderful Drama! also all the actors are very good in acting…….Thay are all very Good…..KBS THANK YOU FOR GIVING US NICE DRAMA!!!!! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!!!!

  60. 60 : Mai Says:

    I love KSB & Minguk’s smile SOOO MUUUUCH man you are amizzzzing”
    plzz email me =)
    [email protected] , anyone from korea email my because I LOOOOOOVE YOU korea ,but i’m not korean i’m from UAE =)

  61. 61 : Bea Says:

    Does anyone have Time Warner cable and do they offer the channel to watch the Korean Drama.

  62. 62 : melanie Says:

    I hope more than 100 episodes please!!!!!! Thank You KBS!

  63. 63 : melanie Says:

    This is one of my Favorite Drama like the Happiness in the wind.Thank You KBS for giving us wonderful Drama!!!!

  64. 64 : kaydawg Says:

    can anyone yell me why miran doesnt know she has a kid,i think i’d remember if i had one

  65. 65 : anketse Says:

    first of all i whan’t to say hay for all happiness in the wind drama crue
    i relly like this drama it is unblivebull hey Jung Seung Ho stope what you doing taiking mony from your doughter this is inberassing don’tyou know she is a lot of pain right now.and Nah Young Hee you are a bad mother and wife i whan’t to see your last i just can’t waite what is gone happen to you you are in big truble right now who is bad know and at last Jang Min Guk what are you tinking are you out of your mind man you follin in love with your former teacher and your mother school fraind wow what about Han Sol Ji she have feeling for you she even care about you plece i know “love is blind” but think twice before you heart people who loved you that’s it and Kwon Oh Bok don’t worre you going to be fine your man loves you and you are sweet heart ok good job every body!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66 : Marta M Says:

    Hello everybody,
    First I want to thank the KBS TV program; you give us lots of fun and education from your broadcasting. Now a day’s even in my country your program viewers become more and more …..
    Well I wish DaeHan told her before Oobok found out about Dok Rip from Miran. Well now DaeHan work will be hard to save his company and his family …. Waw good luck.
    The writer of this script = you are so good to complicate things ……… this is the only thing I can say because I admire your work … please write ……… write …………… I wish you all the best In your future.
    Love for all of the Crew of this Drama
    Marta M
    From East Africa, Lovely Ethiopia

  67. 67 : Marta M. Says:

    It’s me again,
    Just for suggestion, Oobok go back your home, you have to know what you have is more that enough so because of thinking a lot you will loss all you have. As long as we live in this world there is no perfection we just compromise things and try to be happy with what you have and fight for it for not too loss it.
    I know when I write this not Oobok, because she is the creation of someone mind but I believe there is a lot of Ooboks in this world to think like her. So deal with it.

    Thank you Lee Duk Jae, when I see this drama every day you make me write some think that I dream the hole my live thank you again.
    I wish you Long live with love and Health and Wealth.

    Marta. M
    From Lovely Cold Ethiopia

  68. 68 : Marta M. Says:

    It’s me again,
    Just for suggestion, Oobok go back your home, you have to know what you have is more that enough so because of thinking a lot you will loss all you have. As long as we live in this world there is no perfection we just compromise things and try to be happy with what you have and fight for it for not too loss it.
    I know when I write this not Oobok, because she is the creation of someone mind but I believe there is a lot of Ooboks in this world to think like her. So deal with it.

    Thank you Lee Duk Jae, when I see this drama every day you make me write some thing that I dream the whole my live thank you again.
    I wish you Long live with love, Health and Wealth.
    Marta. M
    From Lovely Cold Ethiopia

  69. 69 : Nano Says:

    yeah.. don’t lose your family… I loves watching every drama you’re in…

  70. 70 : Rosemary Says:

    I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve this drama!
    But sadly, school is starting up soon, and work…
    and I will no longer be able to partake in the joy of Happiness In the Wind…
    Thank goodness for the internet.
    This drama makes me laugh out loud…very, very loudly.
    Thanks to the creators, and to everybody else.

  71. 71 : lilmizdaiz Says:

    OMGEE, im currently watching this n i hav to say tht this drama is one of the best drama i hav ever watch!!! love kim so eun, she’s so pretty 🙂 hope tht there will be more drama lik this !!! btw, does anyone know how many ep to this drama?

  72. 72 : Hazel Says:

    An African American grandmother, I never watch USA Soap Operas, but discovered Korean Drama last year and has been hooked ever since. They are clean and believable and most of all fast moving. Writing is great/creative.
    “Happiness “has all the ingredients for great dama and good relationship strategies.
    Miran is not the real culprit here as she has been totally deceived by everyone. As much a I love Daehan he needs to put aside his hatred of Miran and come clean about his sons bio mother. I dislike MinGuks infatuation with his teacher. As cute as he is, he is emotionally unstable and needs help not encouragement from her.

  73. 73 : Marta M Says:

    What is going on, Mi Ran what are you planning to do are you sure if Jang Dae Han divorce do you marry him do you thing the gilt will leave you alone, please don’t to snaking out other family. How come the whole family becomes the same they create a problem for them then they will disturb others (I hate this kinds of people because they are the one who make this world like a hell). MR Lee Duk Jae please don’t make her that much evil.

    Kwon Yi Moon (Oobok father) get out their house if you want your daughter become strong and live happily get a job, and make Oobok to proud of you. If she divorces her husband imagine where you will be so you have to prepare for the worse it came. You suppose to take care of her not to take care of you.

    Mr. Lee Duk Jae = because of this Drama I admire you I wish you all the best in your writing future.

    From Ethiopia.

  74. 74 : melanie Says:

    the only thing i don’t really like is Manse.why does she always go to Sangui’s house? doesn’t she work or go to school? or even help in the households chores.this is not a good example to the girls to watch…she should at least have Pride and dignity…

  75. 75 : سریال های در حال÷خش در کره Says:

    […] 바람 불어 좋은날 / Happiness in the Wind / 风吹好日子 Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-01 Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25 […]

  76. 76 : Marta M Says:

    Somebody do something, when I see this Drama the only way that Dahan not live Oobok is if she is pregnant because when I see him he start to think his past relation with Miran and care for her bla…bla. That make Oobok to suffer so please don’t do that……….
    Miran Father, now I understand why Miran be like this way, they are the same they see only their side, they are not concern about other people, I hate this kinds of personality, at list somehow they have to respect her now they use her to get Dahan, they talk like nothing will not happen, but deep inside they know their Goal.
    I wish they become like friend or family after all Miran and her family is related to Dok Rip but trying to split Dahan family. Did she think she will be happy after all this? I don’t think so
    Please the Autour of this Script don’t try to split this family.
    Lee Kang Hee – what are you try to do, if you want to kill yourself why don’t u take something instead of hurting other people. The more you doing this you will hurt your friend Dr…. and Min Guk also Solji (if you are Ok, there will be a good opportunity for Solji spend more time with Min Guk and ….. and also for you who knows you will be so happy in the future, so go to hospital take your chance.
    Miss Man Se, respect your mother (your family), I thought you are a Korean why you want be like Amerians or European don’t think about it start by respect who you are and then you will get what you want, try to convince your mother, show her how can you will be happy. Not try to escape from your family. By doing this you are the only person will suffer, even your husband will respect you if your family is there for you ….try to fix it somehow ………….

    Marta M.
    From Lovely East Africa, Ethiopia

  77. 77 : maricar a. Says:

    i love to watch happiness in the wind however its too late that sometimes i missed few episodes.. i love obok but its getting too stressful seing daehan with miran which i even dreamed about it and decided not to watch the next episode because i dont want to see obok in pain.

    i still love it..love it… love it

  78. 78 : melanie Says:

    the only scene that i don’t like to watch is Manse.the way she is always want to be with sanguin.it’s like she has nothing to do she can’t even stay in the house or even help in the house…she is so obsessed with Sanguin,hardheaded,spoiled and no respect to her Mom.this is not a good example to shown to the teens….I do hope the teens will not think that this is right just because she is very crazy in love to sanguin!!!! is she graduate to her studies in this story or Drama? I notice also that there were too many Popsingers in the entertainment industry in Korean I hope they have time to continue with thier studies and have a college Diploma not just highschool diploma cuz education is very Important in life and its lifetime achievements.being in the entertainment is not a lasting career.It’s just my opinion and it’s the truth….really, Education is very important!

  79. 79 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  80. 80 : Nina Says:

    What is Dae Han thinking ? Is he so naive? How can he trust Miran’s father ? This man had nothing but hate forDae Han !

    I hope Dae Han doesn’t divorce Obok and marry Miran. A manipulative, hateful woman who only think of herself !

  81. 81 : Marta M Says:

    What is wrong with you Dae Han, are you planning to divorce her or what, you can convince to Oh Bok about Mi Ran situation and Mi Ran can see her son that will solve everything or you want to be star with Mi Ran if you do, you will be the one hurtful person I ever known, and you will be the one who have to loss everything.
    Mi Ran, don’t be like this we know Dae Han is your past but who cares now, do you want if someone do this to you?. I agree with you in one thing you have a right to see your son no matter what his family think or say. If you do it in right way it will be good for all of the family because you will not erase them from your life because they are Dok Rip (your son family). But thanking him from other women especially from his wife and your past good friend. I don’t think it is a good decision.
    Dae Han be a man that he can do things in right way, if you want to brook up with Oh Bok do It without pain, you don’t have to lie to her, don’t forget last time when you lie about Mi Ran you almost lose your wife and you hurt her so much, so don’t do it again. Take action you if love her don’t lie to her just try to convince her …..
    Mi Ran’s parents, especially her father what is wrong with you? Do you think you are doing the right thing? Ha … First you mixed up your daughter life now you do it again on other person daughter. When did you change? ………. I hate you so much I wish your daughter not forgive you because you are doing it again and again, I wish your kind of person not exist in this world. Do you think you will proud by what you are doing now, what you will tell for your grandson, I’m the one who missed up your parents life first and I do it again by splitting your first mom you know, the one who sacrifice her dream for you and for your father. You have to punish for that, if I’m the script writer you will not see the ending I will kill you with a big accident or heart attack with your sin before everything became perfect.
    Thank you KBS TV you give me the chance to write something what I believe to share with others. If anyone wants to chat with me this is my email address [email protected] or we can share by this website.
    Love you all.
    Marta M, from East (Horn of Africa), Ethiopia

  82. 82 : DUNG Says:

    REALLLY REALLY GOOD drama, sometime i wake up AT 1:30am to see this drama instead of 6:00pm then next day i have to be late in the office. i don’t know how many episodes for this drama.

  83. 83 : melanie Says:

    if i’m Obok I will file a divorce right the minute i learned about Daehan and Miran.cuz this is not the first time they lied.it will not stop and it’s a chain…..You can’ t trust a men like this!!!besides, they have a child.Obok is still Young and Pretty,she has many chances to have a better life! She doesn’t deserve this kind of stress…..Obok it’s not the end of the world yet so Better Be smart and brave!!!! You can do it!!!!!

  84. 84 : Nina Says:

    Truth revealed ! Dae Han is a real jerk ! He lies and lies to Obok, is just a matter time until she finds out what her husband is doing.

    I cannot stand Miran and the hideous smile when she gets DaeHan to do what she wants ….she is really sickening !

    I feel bad for Obok, she doesn’t deserve this. She is so sweet and caring and she is so good to Dok Rip.

  85. 85 : Marta M Says:

    Miran you need a pry, I think you are a sico, idiot, .. a lot of thing, back off from Oobok life. The whole family of miran I wish you all the best hell to you.

    Pleas …………..pleas………. Mr. Lee Duk Jae , can you Miran families Company become bankrupt with family miserable.

    Miran you are the mother of Evil!!!

    Miran (Lee Sung Min)You did it, your act is best!! Good luck in ur future Career!!

    Marta M.
    From East/Horn of Africa

  86. 86 : nee-ann Says:

    since miran gets what she want (obok and dae han fight) i stop watch this drama….. it’s like telenovela the evil gets victory and the hero is loser!!!!!!

  87. 87 : Hilda Says:

    I stopped watching this drama after episode 161 or so, just can’t stand it anymore. The storyline goes back and forth, too slow. Also, I hate to look at the face and the evil smile of Miran, and her entire family.

    The story could have stopped many episodes ago, why drag on and on? The actors must be tired of playing the same thing over and over again.

    So far this is the most boring K drama I’ve ever watched.

  88. 88 : Nina Says:

    What is wrong with Miran’s father? Telling her snaky daugther that he will make sure Daehan come back to her?

    I hope he is involved in a scandal, like embezzling and his business go to hell !! If not that, maybe a heart attack !

    Daehan has to leave that company, otherwise, as naive as he is, is putting his marriage in jeopardy.
    I hate Miran. the nerve !…. hugging him and telling him she still has feelings for him.

    Obok already knows her husband is a liar and she doesn’t trust him !

    Daehan… do the right thing ! Your wife should be always NUMBER 1 !! Don’t make her cry.

  89. 89 : melanie Says:

    Miss Author of this story, Please let kimchul and obok be partner in the end cuz i don’t trust Daehan anymore for Obok! My Favorite is also Minguk.I can’t believe Sofi has a big mouth!!!!very immature and why is it that korean drama has always a tomboy hairdo for an actress? mostly thier hairdo are like Boyish cut!!!!like Baker Kim Drama etc…wish no more boyish cut hairdo for a korean actress in the coming drama…Thanks….

  90. 90 : Gene Endres Says:

    I am not Koraen, but I have gotten so into this Drama. Now, Miran’s father is scheming with Miran to get her son Doklip back, and possibly reunite Miran with Daehan. Although, I really like Miran – partly because she’s so gorgeous – but also because, I really felt sorry for her losing her son, Daehan, and her happiness – all because her father didn’t want them together. But, I missed many of the earlier episodes, so I am not sure why Miran’s father wouldn’t have wanted her to be with Daehan. Anyway, the thing that bothers me at this point, is that no matter how much Miran loved Daehan, and probably still does – and also the fact that Doklip is after all her son, and was robbed of that joy, by her father – I can’t help thinking what’s going to happen to Obok, if Miran and Daehan do get back together. She is Daehan’s wife now. And we all know what a sweetheart Obok is. If I were in Daehan’s shoes, how could I break Obok’s heart like that. After she stuck by him, with all of his problems. I couldn’t do it.

  91. 91 : becky Says:

    Mr.Director, can you please shorten your script? prolonging the drama by adding more troubles to the characters in the show…..sooner or later, audiences are going to get bored by it….and we don’t want to because this is a nice show…..so please, Mr. Director, do not lengthen the feud between Obok and Daehan….it’s so tiring to watch only the 2 of the fighting all the time

  92. 92 : Nina Says:

    Miran is evil ! Why is Daehan so gulible ! He is an intelligent guy…but he never question anything that demonic woman says !

    She is such liar and her father helps her… and Daehan falls for it every time !!!

    Will he ever find the truth about the company illustrator and her car crash, the lie that Miran invented ? All to keep Obok occupied while she enjoyed the day with Daehan and his son …I hated when Daehan told Obok not to come to join them !

    Miran has no soul !

    Is time for Daehan to wise up !

  93. 93 : melanie Says:

    I really wish this drama will have no ending…..Please….

  94. 94 : Marta M Says:

    Now Im happy because Miran start digging her grave but I wish she dig only her own grave why she include Oh Bok.

    Mr. Director of this drama, I don’t understand what you are doing? in the whole of Seoul is there one place that Oh Bok and her friend meet. And always Miran knows or Dahan will meet accidentally, always, Come on you can make better than this.

    i don\’t understand your logic? because Oh Bok was sick all of the family didn\’t know (realize it)but her friend know when the moment they meet … and finally she collapse and she has a high fever the whole night and her friend didn\’t call to her husband … in what case .. what if she died in his hand so still i don\’t get it… and also again she was sick the whole night but in the morning and the whole day she become fine. Try something believable as you see in this Drama just because of the headache the sleep the whole day and even the next day they fill ill (Dahan Mother and his Grand Mother) but when in Oh Bok case it is not. So please…

    And lastly, i believe a lots of viewers love this show but now it became Boring (Mozaza in Amharik) so do something, because I don’t think you have plan for this drama like the bold and beautiful.

    Have a nice day.
    Marta M.
    From East/Horn of Africa, Ethiopia

  95. 95 : Nina Says:

    Last episode was good…everything is coming into place.

    Daehan got a taste of his own medicine….he got awfully jealous seeing Obok with her childhood friend.

    Ms Lee telling MinGuk that she is marrying the doctor, was a
    good strategy !

    I’m glad when this drama will come to an end October 1st, and Obok and Daehan will stay together. They love each other !

    Miran and her lies will finally get unraveled ! Specially the one about the illustrator.

  96. 96 : kittu Says:

    Hi, I am also a big fan of this drama, Eagerly waiting for each episode,
    I want daehan and obaok talk to each other and resolve . they love each other , they deserve each other, i wan to see Miran and her father fail in their Crooked plans .
    Miran\’s father is responsible for mirans life.
    Ooboak desrves doklip and deahan, as she is honest and responsible, and dedicated to her family.

    Please Director / writer give a nice ending, don\’t let Miran get daehan.

  97. 97 : melanie Says:

    Hi Mr. Scriptwriter!
    I think Daehan and Obok deserve each other in the end,PLEASE!!!!! make a Happy Ending but make it more episodes Please…… Thanks KBS and to all who contribute to this Beautiful Drama!!!!!
    KBS you’re the BEST!!!!!!

  98. 98 : melanie Says:


  99. 99 : mega_t Says:

    Obok needs to take her deadbeat father and GTFO. Miran and Daehan need to raise their son together. Anything else would be a travesty.

    Also, enough with the Minguk nonsense. the guy is an emotion driven loser and I imgagine few have any emphathy for the character at all. Lame.

  100. 100 : Eden B. Says:

    I like korean drama’s and “Happines in the wind is my favorite”. It’s getting interestting every day.It’s like i can’t afford to miss the next ep.Why i made it my favorite is the message behind every ones story. I advise not only to keep waitting for what happens but also what did the writer want to translate
    and how he did that. Really admire the producer too for giving it a life.

    From Ethiopia

  101. 101 : Pickett Says:

    I love this drama but is can be too stressful. I hate Miran, her dad and Obok father….Obok is listening to Miran lies. Daehan is lying to her..I don’t know if h’s confused or trying to protect her. The only one who know who he wants as his mother is the little boy…I want Obok to start fighting and stop crying.

  102. 102 : Nina Says:

    Miran is toxic ! Rotten to the core !

    Daehan has to leave that company. If he continues working there, with the diabolic Miran and her insane father, his marriage will not survive!

    Daehan can work anywhere else. He could work at the restaurant that Manse’s in-laws own.

  103. 103 : becky Says:

    omg, Miran twists all the facts toher own benefit!!!!! evil!!!! when can Obok and Daehan make up???? this is so frustrating!!!!

  104. 104 : Hilda Says:

    I agree with what Becky said. Mr. Director & Script-writer: you’re really dragging the story too long. The lies repeat and repeat, has become so boring. I stopped on episode 161, skipped a couple and still seeing the same old tricks played by Miran again and again. You are torturing the audience and undermining our intelligence.

    In the beginning the drama was very good and each character has his or her unique personality. Somehow something is wrong, did you change the writer? I just want to see a reasonable and decent ending. YOu have waisted the talents of all the actors.

  105. 105 : Gene Endres Says:

    I’ve had problems with my cable, and have missed the last three episodes. I feel so lost right now

  106. 106 : Nina Says:

    This drama is going to end Friday, October 1st, 2010.

    I just hope that all the malice Miran is doing, the lies … trying to break Daehan marriage, is going to backfire on her.

    Daehan and Obok are married and have to stay that way.

    Daehan has to start telling the truth and ask for forgiveness. It will take time, but Obok loves him and things will get better between them.

  107. 107 : taryn Says:

    well it should have been Obok and Kicheol.. I like them way more better…

  108. 108 : taryn Says:

    by the way.. kicheol looks like donghae of super junior.. they’re both goodlooking..

  109. 109 : melanie Says:

    Mr scriptwriter,
    PLEASE don’t let MINGUK partner with SOJI in the end!!!!Can you find more BETTER for MINGUK? not Soji, they are not very good to each other!!! MINGUK is Goodlooking and very nice guy can you please give Minguk a much better pleasant looking girl for minguk? at least Pretty Lady !!!! Thanks….a feminine looking lady for him…can you write a better for minguk???

  110. 110 : becky Says:

    omg, I agree with Taryn…kicheol really looks like Donghae!!!

  111. 111 : nerissa Says:

    i really love this drama, but i really hate miran… all the lies she made up just to break obok and daehan…. i hope obok and daehan strengthen things out

  112. 112 : Nina Says:

    Obok fainted and feel sick, I hope is because she is pregnant !

    That will make Daehan finally dedicate his time to her…and snaky Miran will die of envy !!

    I hope also, that Daehan learns of all the hurtful lies that Miran told Obok.

    This would be a good ending !

  113. 113 : becky Says:

    @Nina, which episode is it that Obok fainted? wow, this is so unexpected…I just hope Daehan and Obok will make up soon….

  114. 114 : Nina Says:

    The episode in which Obok fainted was the one aired Tuesday, Sep 28, 2 days ago.
    She went to meet her childhood friend, and when she was leaving she fainted. Her friend took her to his hotel room.

    I’m in Los Angeles, California, USA.
    Happiness in the Wind airs at 8:30 PM

  115. 115 : becky Says:

    @ Nina, oooohhh…that one, ok….I’ve seen that scene….I felt so irritated that Daehan actually believed every word that Miran says…..even though it was wrong of her to go to a hotel with another man, Daehan should have listened her out on what caused her to meet Kicheol (Miran=.=) anyway, thanks for telling…:)

  116. 116 : melanie Says:

    OMG, I can’t stand SOJI! She’s not ashamed to herself being with MINGUK! Mr. WRITER Please Have Minguk a Pretty,smart lady for her in the end! PLS!!!!! MINGUK DESERVE A BETTER PRETTY LADY!!!!!OMIT SOJI PLS for MINGUK!!!! HUH!

  117. 117 : melanie Says:

    Everytime Soji is in the Drama I really want to turn off my TV! I can’t stand her esp.if she is with MINGUK!!!!I don’t like her for MINGUK. Why can’t minguk have a Beautiful Girl Too Like Daehan and Kang ? it’s not fair for minguk….

  118. 118 : Marta M Says:

    Waw I never seen in my entire life parent especially fathers buy a husband for his daughter thanks to this drama we see. Well if some one do that I believe he must be a sick, Miran father is sic person, I think the whole family is sick.

    Oh Book, divorce is not the solution, why the whole family of Dahan gives permission for Miran to see her son and after that if she crosses the line it will be a problem then you can go to court. I know Dolipke is kid but he can hand it.

    Miran don’t boost that I go to court or something because why don’t you do it then you will see what will come. the one who blame for this is your parents they are the one told you that he is Dade. So Mr. script writer please finish this Drama some how we want other drama from you.


    Marta M
    East/Horn of Africa, Ethiopia

  119. 119 : kittu Says:

    I thought , this is going to end today , but i am not seeing anything happening that, Things going more woresen between daehan and oboak ,
    I don’t understand , why don’t they talk to each other openly ,
    I think Miran should stop her play, daehan and oboak should work out things,

    Writer .. pls stop dragging or miran’s lies, till now we enjoyed, but if you continue this we all will be bored, The TRUTH should come out, The culprit should come out, How long you are thinking to continue this like this.
    We are desperate to see Miran’s Lies Come out infront of everybody.

  120. 120 : reci Says:

    well on the very last ep dae han and oh bok got back together and mi ran left the country: you do know that manse and her mother in law are having babies and at the very last end we find out that oh bok and dae han is having a baby too aww

  121. 121 : Nina Says:

    I thougt this drama was going to end Oct 1st. , as it shows on this page.

    I just checked KBS World and this drama is going to be on the whole next week, untill episode 142 !!

    I wonder how much longer.

    I’m getting a little sick of everyone’s lies…especially Miran’s ! I hate her more now, if that is possible !

  122. 122 : melanie Says:

    Well,as for me i don’t want to end this Drama,if possible no ending.HOW? from Generation to generation of the 3 Families….. This is a very nice drama.It’s a story about some families which really happened in real life….i enjoy watching it,and i love this Drama!!!

  123. 123 : reci Says:

    it’s a total of 173 ep in korea there are done with the drama on kbs world it’s still it wont be done for about 7 more weeks so you just have to wait till then

  124. 124 : Marta M Says:

    We wish we don’t know the ending but thanks to one of KBS world viewers and this site follower i don’t know Miss or Mr Reci in 2nd of October,2010, she told as the ending. so now it is not that much interested. so please the viewers why don’t we just give our comment not to tell each other about what will be the next episode of the drama, this is the comment i have.

    well may be i will come after some episode left if i need to give some comment other wise i’m determinately sure i will come when this drama finish.

    Thanks KBS World stuffs you give us a wonderful program/Drama.

    Marta M.
    From East/Horn of Africa, Ethiopia

  125. 125 : Nina Says:

    What’s with Daehan ?…Is he a jerk or an idiot ? Why get drunk instead of finding the truth?

    Obok also, why leave, intead of telling Daehan what the DEVIL, I meant Miran, told her , about Daehan continue working, being part of the company…etc..etc…and that she (Obok) was in the way of her husband success !

    I hate Ms Lee’s in-laws! what a pair of moochers …and so mean spirited !

  126. 126 : reynap Says:

    love this drama. Watch it even in RAW, everyday till the end.

  127. 127 : sara Says:

    Reynap says “Watch it even in RAW, everyday till the end”. How do you
    watch it. Could I get the link to the website. Thanks.

  128. 128 : sara Says:

    Reynap says \”Watch it even in RAW, everyday till the end\”. How do you
    watch it. Could I get the link to the website. Thanks.

  129. 129 : Marta M Says:

    For the first time in this Dram i see the best action in Obook did and also Dahan,
    Sorry Miran you are a looser!!

    Minguk for the first time i like you, we know you are a litle beat late but be the men and go out with solji,

    Solji i don’t like your drees why don’t you try another close becouse the black dress it wont fit you well change another and also your hair.

    Thanks KBS, Love you all the KBS crues, you are the best.

    From East/Horn of Africa, Ethiopia

  130. 130 : Nina Says:

    What kind of business did Obok’s father ever had?
    He is a liar, a thief and a moocher ! And according to Obok a drunk !
    A good for nothing man.

    I think he should take the check Miran’s father is offering him… and that everybody learns about it…he is selling his own daughter, Obok !

  131. 131 : becky Says:

    in the end, did Miran get Doklip?? or did Daehan get to keep Doklip?? sometimes, I feel so sorry for Doklip for being involved in the mess between Daehan-Obok-Miran….he’s just a young kid, but have to witness the ugly affairs of his parents…

  132. 132 : melanie Says:

    mr. Writer
    Can’t you find a Better and Pretty for Minguk? Soji is not suited for Minguk!!! everytime i see Soji i like to turn off my TV…..or i just switch to onother Drama…Sorry i just don’t like Soji for Minguk!!!!

  133. 133 : melanie Says:

    It’s not fair for Minguk!!!!

  134. 134 : aiko Says:

    hi i realy like this drama thank’s kbs ,it is so Good!! but i don’t understand this Miran ! How she could do that to Obok she’s a devil she don’t deserve rise Doklip !! is she crasy?? she should blame her father for not letting her marring Dehan earlier not trying to break up Dehan Mariage !!! sorry but i hate her and i hope that Obok keep Dehan and Doklip toghether with her she so lovely!!! and i Hate her Father to doing that to her for money!!!
    I realy cryed when Obok left home at night !! But Dehan Does a good job when he slap Miran!! she’s deserve it and more !!!
    can any one tel what’s the end of this beautiful drama ?

  135. 135 : Yuuki Says:

    I love Happiness in the Wind, but Miran drives me nuts. She should be allowed to see her son, I guess, but she shouldn’t try breaking Obok and Daehan up! Why does everyone believe her even though they know she is bad, either? Well, that is why it’s Korean drama.

  136. 136 : mega_t Says:

    Miran is great. She is coniving, but she has evrey right to be, as she was lied to and kept in the dark for so long. Obok is nothing but a selfish child…trying to keep her “son” and his birth mother apart.

  137. 137 : becky Says:

    @ mega_T, I beg to differ….Obok is not selfish, she just tries to keep Doklip’s interest at heart….she does plans to tell Doklip about his birth mother, but now is not the time as this will confuse him….
    I think Miran is the one who is selfish, and maybe a little too obssesive over Daehan…she wants everything for herself, including Daehan…..I mean, when his family made the deal to give Doklip to her, can’t she just be satisfied with that??? she even wants to get Daehan back!!! how selfish is that?? imagine how broken hearted Obok is when she leave his family 🙁

  138. 138 : Nina Says:

    Miran is not a mother ! She is the biological mother…but she never nurtured her son. How many diapers did she change? Did she hold him when he was sick? Did she hold him in her arms when the baby could not sleep?
    She did none of that ! She knew where Daehan lived. Why didn’t she go his house, before moving to the U.S. ?
    I now her insane father wants to undo all his actions of 7 years ago, and ruin the present ?
    Sorry…but this should not happen!

    Miran is a selfish, spoiled rotten witch ! She is mean spirited, demonic, heartless, liar and the worst person on earth.

    She does not have the right to ruin good people lives !

    To Miran and her family: back off !

  139. 139 : Passerby Says:

    Anyone who roots for Miran and her disgusting, treacherous ways is no better than or different from her.

  140. 140 : Chris Says:

    Two story lines in this drama do not make much sense… one with Ms Lee and Minguk- Spring/Fall romance – and the bankruptcy of Well Being Dairy and Mrs.Jang finding herself in the poor house. The drastic change is unfathomable in this day and age of greed.

  141. 141 : Marta M Says:

    Cheers Mira (mother of Devil), you did it. Thanks to lord it is not in real life. if i where Oh book i will slap her so many times then i admit and i use the same system what Miran do. then i will do my best to make her life more misreable.

    For the first time i see a good person in Mirans life, her Mother. i don’t know what will Miran fill if she get Dahan back, because after all this ugly things did she think she fill loved by Him. no way….

    Thanks KBS any way.
    Marta M. form Ethiopia

  142. 142 : Marta M Says:

    Cheers Mira (mother of Devil), you did it. Thanks to lord it is not in real life. if i where Oh book i will slap her so many times then i admit and i use the same system what Miran do. then i will do my best to make her life more miserable.

    For the first time i see a good person in Mirans life, her Mother. i don\’t know what will Miran fill if she get Dahan back, because after all this ugly things did she think she fill loved by Him. no way….

    Thanks KBS any way.
    Marta M. form Ethiopia

  143. 143 : Nina Says:

    Miran is a poisonous snake in human form !
    And so is her father !
    He showed his fangs… telling Daehan he’ll take him to court to get the child.
    I hope he does…he will lose.

    Daehan and his family raised DokRip without any help from this despicable “man”, Miran’s father.

    Obok should not divorce, why does she have to cave-in ?

    To Daehan: get some spine and fight for your marriage, tell Obok you LOVE her !

  144. 144 : paulbg Says:

    I’ve only seen up to episode 120, but some things are already clear.

    장대한 does not deserve 권오복, he’s a chronic liar and cheat and it’s only a matter of time before he betrays her (again). 권오복’s wonderful except that she’s too trusting (some would say gullible). Every time 대한 lies to her, she believes him, and then discovers his treachery and calls him out. He apologizes and she forgives him and starts believing him again, and then he betrays her again.

    If she dumps him, it will be mostly his loss, she will only lose 독립. Even if 장대한 had a complete change of character (maybe grew a set), he could spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her and still fall short.

    Sometimes I wonder whether she “married her father,” that worthless scoundrel.

  145. 145 : Cherise U.S.A. Says:

    For those of you who have Dishnetwork sat. You can watch it on 9580 or 9850. Check for KBS World in the guide. I have been too busy to watch it daily but I love the show. Korean drama is great is there any other Asian country that have such good dramas?

  146. 146 : adiam Says:

    i like this drama very much but miran i hate her why did she do this to obok if dehane dont want her to be with her why dont she leave him i think ehe is jealous and selfish i hope that obok return to her family and lead happy life and thanks kbs KEEP IT UP ADIAM FROM ERITREA

  147. 147 : senait (ja) Says:

    i hate miran, she is so stupid. i hope obok will go back to her family. and i love her mother in law so much. she is so sweet. minguk i wish will be is Lee Kang Hee for at least 6 month till she die.
    the director is nice but why is always the women of korea are so mean. i don’t understand it. annyo. from ERITREA

  148. 148 : senait (ja) Says:

    i hate solij. she doesn’t deserve to be with minguk. ewwwwwwwwwww

  149. 149 : Jamie Says:

    Of late, we are seeing too many comments like ” I hate” him or her
    without contributing any substance to the discussion of the drama. It shows
    either your immaturity, lack of education or anything worthwhile in between.

  150. 150 : zim Says:

    i dont think minguk will end up with solji..he still has feelings for Miss lee and towards the end (even tho i watched it raw).. i didnt feel/see any chemistry/emotion between them..

  151. 151 : melanie Says:

    Wether it’s Love,Hate,Dislikes,or Likes,This feelings are Human Nature.if you feel this way,if it’s negative, it doesn’t mean you are lacking in education and being immature….Nobody’s Perfect!!!

  152. 152 : Tazy-3 Says:

    I live in Mozambique and I have to tell you KBS that you do a good job with your dramas. Happiness in the Wind is one of many that are excellent but I have to say Miran is driving me carrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaazzzzzyyyy!

  153. 153 : Nina Says:

    Now that Obok is gone. the VULTURES (Miran and her mother) descend to claim their prey !

    What is the OLD vulture going to say to Doklip ? That she is his grandmother ?

    Unbelievable … they have no shame !

  154. 154 : chyinje Says:

    Urgh..everybody’s driving me up the wall! When are those two ever going to reconcile? I hope that with Doklip running away tonight will make Obok n partner come to their senses and reconcile!

  155. 155 : Jamie Says:

    Miran- the femme fatale- is doing her best to separate Obok and Daehan
    and almost succeeding. No do gooders Obok’s dad and Ms Lee’s brother-in-law always scheming and scamming others. And they have chutzpah to say the things. They have transformed a cheerful Ms.Lee into a dead woman walking.

  156. 156 : Nina of California Says:

    I don’t understand why Ms. Lee is so nice to her brother-in-law …the crook stole her house deed and her stamp, borrowed money on it, spent it all and he comebacks to her like nothing had happened !!

    The freeloader never apologized to her for making her lose her house, and now live in Ms. Lee new place for free….and the doctor offers him a job !

    I would have thrown the bum (and his family) in the street !!

  157. 157 : melanie Says:

    I just wish minguk will meet a Pretty and Better Partner for Him…..I hope it’s not too late for him on this Drama….He Deserve a Goodlooking and and Better one than Solji!!!

  158. 158 : Jessie Says:

    Minguk does not need a good looking doll.. in fact, Solji if she removes her glasses is very good looking .. what Minguk needs a strong woman who can channel his untapped creativity to put to the better use.. which Solji is very capable of doing.. all looks go in no time but a strong personality will always be there… this guy Minguk needs that woman who guides in the right direction..

    All said and Minguk and Ms Lee liaison nothing but distraction and was given an unnecessary footage…

  159. 159 : Nina of California Says:

    I don’t think MinGuk and SolJi will becoming a couple. But, maybe, at the end of this drama, they will be.

    MinGuk sees SolJi as a coworker, just like another “guy”…every time she shows a more glamorous side, MinGuk laughs, he thinks she is just joking, being “funny”.

    I hope Ms Lee made a will and leave the Kindergarten to MinGuk, he can run the place and we won’t see the con-man (Ms Lee’s brother-in-law)and her family benefiting by owning it.

  160. 160 : mega_t Says:

    With only 20 episodes left, hopefully the divorce papers will be signed soon, and Obok will find success as an illustrater (lol @ her giving up her dream and being a slave to Daehan’s family and raising hsi kid – not happening). Maybe she and Kichael (sp?) will end up together.

    Doklip will accept Miran as his mother. Will Daehan and Miran reconcile? At this point, I don’t really care. They both leave a lot to be desired.

    Minguk – who cares? I can see him starting to view Solji in a different light, and them getting together perhaps. That way his mother will have another slave daugter in law to take Obok’s place.

  161. 161 : Jessie Says:

    Having seen too many korean dramas in the end it has to be hero(Daehan)
    and heroine(Obok) together- remember the title “Happiness in the wind” or is it “Happiness in the end”… before that we will go thru divorces and/or some illness in the family.. in the end we will get a big family picture to substantiate the title of the drama..

  162. 162 : Marta M Says:

    Well I don’t understand about the writer of this drama coz every time when Oh Bok do something good the only person see is Miran or not seen, but if she did something not good Dahan or his family see it. Why? When she spend time with kitchen, Dahan or her mother in low see her, when she try to find Doklip all the day no one see her(her pain too) but when she say no to see him everybody question about her. Even they didn’t reason out why she says no.
    Do you think this kind of cituration will be like this in the real life? I don’t thinks so at list one time Dahans family must to see how much she is hurt.
    Aymoniye (Na Kkeut Soon/GranMa) – I think you have a problem of see things in clearly, you have to be modernize somehow, some time you take side with Oh Bok, sometime Mirans … , So please back off or don’t say things without thinking twice coz because of your word people will disappointed/hurt. I wish your kind of Aymoniye must be put on ….. not with …. Sorry to say this. But this is what I fee.
    By the way I admire Na Moon Hee as an actors. I just hate the character she play. The same with Miran.
    Love you All
    Marta. M
    From Ethiopia.

  163. 163 : Wilma37 Says:

    I can never understand the reversal of fortune in the case of Kang family..
    literally from penthouse to poor house.. may be it happens only in the dramas… also why Ms.Lee does not reveal her cancer to one and all
    and can not understand why she can not throw the bum also known as the
    leech brother-in-law…

    May be Obok, the talented illustrator should go back to work and all the problems will be solved.. and new problems will creep up.. and they can extend the drama longer..

  164. 164 : Wellbeing Says:

    come on guys you seem to take these dramas rather seriously.. have fun..
    look at them as a diversion from your daily humdrum existence.. they take you in their own world … obviously, the writers have succeeded a step further to have us talking about various characters as if they are real .. the very fact I am commenting on this forum shows that I also got embroiled with all ups and downs of the drama.. good watching to you all !!!

  165. 165 : Ny Says:

    I’m getting angry & bored watching this drama. The episode keep dragging on and on and on….It seems that the script writer ‘cycle’ the same problem. It could be ended in less that 100 episode.

    In fact now, towards the end of the episode, it should focus more on daehan & obok problem & not others.

    Things that made me stay tune to this drama is because of Obok….she is my favourite actress.

  166. 166 : Yahoo Says:

    I agree that most of these Korean dramas become very monotonous and silly. In these dramas every one talks in circles without being direct – that is the hallmark of most of the Asian cultures when they say ‘yes’ they really mean ‘no’. Again, most of it gets lost in translation. Any day these dramas are much better than the sleaze they present on day time soaps.

  167. 167 : Nina of California Says:

    I guess Daehan and Obok are going to finally divorce. They are both to blame.

    Daehan lies constantly, even to his mother…nobody can trust a man like him.

    Obok never confronts him when she sees him with Miran and Daehan does the same when he sees Obok with her childhood friend…WHY?

    They are both stubborn, they don’t want to discuss their feelings about each other.

  168. 168 : Ena Says:

    I really don’t know how much I love Obok.I don’t want her to get hurt by Miran’s fault.she is the best actress in the world. I hope she will be happy for the future with Daehan.

  169. 169 : Anonymous Says:

    I don’t really like how this drama is going. Basically the episodes are just people talking about other people’s lives (or known as gossiping) and everything seems to be going all around in circles. Everything’s just so unrealistic, too. I hope this drama ends soon, I’m getting so sick of it going no where. One may just tell me to stop watching it then, but the reason why I still do is because I’m dying for it to end!

    I honestly don’t give a shit about the Kang family or Minguk’s story anymore. Especially the Kang family. Manse was my favorite character. I always looked forward to watching her side but then everything went downhill when she and Sangjun got married. Suddenly everything was boring. I liked Manse because she was extremely imperfect and disliked, which was realistic and made me pity her. All of a sudden she’s praised by that family like some kinda goddess. It leaves me utterly bored. I think there was a lot of potential in the Kang family’s story, but nope, I guess the writers decided to give us something half-assed. I’m really disappointed.

    For Minguk he hasn’t been bothering me lately. I don’t like him with Solji. Solji has a very insensitive, annoying personality. That doesn’t mean I like him with Ms. Lee either, but I’d even prefer that than him being with Solji. -___-

    Last but not least, Daehand and Obok. As much as I hate them and the couple itself, it’s actually the most interesting story so far. What I hate though is how everyone’s dialogue is so cyptic. And why do people even listen to Miran? Everyone should know by now she’s a liar. That doesn’t mean I hate Miran, I’m actually pro-Miran, but sometimes I just wanna slap her across the face. Daehan treated her like shit and yelled at her, like dude, the guy you follow around like a sad little puppy sucks balls, MOVE ON!!!! I think she should just take Doklip with her and stop chasing after a married dude.

    Ok, felt like expressing my opinion, but whatever. I just hope this drama will get better soon. T.T

  170. 170 : janna Says:

    well…i just can’t wait to see the ending of this drama…i don’t hate nor like the characters in this drama. I just watch it to kill boredom…well..everybody have the right to their opinions…

  171. 171 : Marta M Says:

    I like Anonyous comment in this page. Mr. Writer Please end this drama
    Every day it became more and more boring, all the characters are the same, did Oh book do something worng in this drama? Why the character what her to be fill down in front of all those ideate people. When I see it she is the only one doing right in this Drama. Look Friday Episode, how can Miran have a right to tell to Oh book to disappeared from the country ………………….. I don’t understand, after all who is she… and how can Oh Book not saying noting, why? Mr. Writer what if she is your daughter or sister … do you think you agree on it.
    I never saw a Grandmother like Dahans, She is so annoying people. If she in Europe or US no one will live with her. There is no old people care center in Korea. Otherwise she will messed up the whole family.
    Solji, because of Mingugs family likes, it doesn’t mean that Mingug love you so. So wake up and be a girl act like one of them and be smart. Think How Mingug like Ms Lee then be a smart and leave your life then you will see. He will be your shadow.
    Dahan, I don’t think you were a good father and by this character you will never be the one. Be honest for yourself. And fight for your want. When I see it you love what people said and you love money (because you continue your work with the enemy of your wife) so be the men. Don’t afraid that how can I get a good job or not. If you are smart everybody needs you after all we live in the real world.
    This drama become to end almost two weeks but there is no change.
    I will come back with other comment next time

  172. 172 : Vampish Says:

    Agree that the drama gets very draggy towards the end. I actually missed parts here and there but don’t feel that I miss anything at all. Things are moving at a snail ‘s pace. Boring is the word.

  173. 173 : Nina of California Says:

    I wish Daehan’s mother takes Dolkip to Obok’s place.

    If Obok rejects him or lie about not getting a divorce, then “sweet” Obok is really a cruel woman.

    The kid will never accept Miran, the evil witch, as his “real” mother, she is the biological mother, nothing else !

  174. 174 : Samira Says:

    This drama has been prolonged by adding some scenes that are irrelevant. Miran cannot continue lying without been discovered. One or two lies wouldn’t harm but keeping on lying without being discovered is something like a sciencefiction to me. If this drama imitates Korean women then it is very disappointing. I know Korean women are very sophisticated and respectful but not naive. Who are the main actors of the drama here? Sometime I get confused. But in any case 10 more episodes to go and I hope things will be solved between Obok and Daehan and come back together.

  175. 175 : lynnette Says:

    that damn fvcking miran i so damn annoying!! stupid bastard!! stop spoiling their family u stupid female lowlife with no shame!! n how dare u once slap obok in the face?! actually i consider obok quite silly to no hv fight back all the while through all those episodes! she didn’t even like, back herself up or something. if i were obok, miran would hv kept her mouth shut n b somewhere out of the country… but obok is meant 2 be like that in the movie, which is………. quite a pity TT^TT argh obok hit her in the face or something ><

  176. 176 : mega_t Says:

    At least things are sort of moving forward. The divorce is finally done. Let’s now hope that Miran can claim what is rightfully hers.

  177. 177 : Nina of California Says:

    Now that the divorce is finally filed, let’s see if Obok’s father gets the money that the insane Miran’s father promised to give him.

    If so, I hope him and Obok move as far as possible from all those crazy people, specially that nasty old woman, Daehan grandmother !

  178. 178 : Jamie Says:

    This show is full of free loaders like any Korean drama. The prime suspects are Obok’s father and Ms.Lee’s in laws. What is worst is that they talk of family values like the right wing nut politicians do. Do as I say but do not do as I do. These drifters do not have a single redeeming character to their name. They are perpetual leeches to the society in general.

    You do not have to be a genius to figure out how the story will end… It has to be “Happiness in the wind” at the end with Obok and Daehan reconciling and Miran getting a peek of her son once in a while.

    At the end of a tiring day most of Korean dramas relax you and if you do not like whatever you are watching we always have a remote in our hand and know how to use it.

  179. 179 : Anonymous Says:

    Came back here to see so many people commenting. A lot of them actually agreeing with me which is a nice thing. But there are still things I disagree with, too, though I know I can not change people’s opinion.

    However I’d like to ask why everyone hates Miran. She’s suffered a lot and lost her life. I know what she’s doing to Obok, Daehan, and Doklip is wrong, but they haven’t been doing the right things either. I think everyone is just bias towards Obok.

    I would also like to respond to what Jamie said. I agree with you on how Obok’s dad and Ms. Lee’s in-laws are freeloaders. They are my most hated characters since they have done nothing but act like they know everything. But I have to point out that Daehan and Obok’s story isn’t the only one that’s important. It’s obvious they’re probably gonna stay together, but we want to know how, and what will happen to Minguk or Manse?

    Obok and Daehan aren’t the only characters in this freaking drama. Yes, TV shows are supposedly ‘relaxing,’ but people are entitled to their own opinion. Does that mean we hate the show? No, but we are merely criticizing.

  180. 180 : Chrissy Says:

    I also like the vampish character Miran in the drama. We all know she is
    lying and making up the stories but something about her keeps one pulling for her. But then she goes overboard. In all this her dad is the real villain- if only he did not destroy the relationship between Daehan and Miran 7 years ago. But then we will not have a story to talk about.

    The Kang family storyline has become lame since Well Being Dairy went into bankruptcy. It is all goody goody singing do re me…all the time.

  181. 181 : jean Says:

    The main lesson here is, “It is not wise to deny the child to recognize it’s own mother. A child has every right to know, especially in an early age, who their real parents are (in this case the real mother – Miran) .
    It is sad that the writer of this drama got lost from the character’s traits (they weren’t consistent). The writer doesn’t seem to know how to put them back in place. The main characters (Obok and Daehan) got selfish, deceptive and even a little greedy. Obok and Daehan started as reasonable and understanding people. But their emotion overtook them.
    In reality, you would think that, people who suffered abandonment wouldn’t want others (especially their kid) to go thru the same hardship. But in this drama they knowingly repeating the same thing to the kid.
    There is no such thing as secrets (which the Jang family has been keen on doing). Secrets are bound to be exposed and once it is spilled, it’ll only cause pain, heartache then it’ll lead to anger.

  182. 182 : Liz Says:

    Well said, Jean. Daehan whose parentage was revealed accidentally
    should know better than not to reveal the identity of Doklip’s mom to his
    child. Having revealed the truth the story could have gone somewhere else.
    Also what irritates me Ms Lee’s insistence not to reveal her disease to others. May be Solji should play tough to get with Minguk then he will see
    some value in her.

  183. 183 : Nina of California Says:

    I just can’t see Obok reconciling with Daehan. For this to happen Miran-the-witch has to disappear, but I doubt this can be. Miran will continue to butt-in and try to break them up for eternity !

    I would rather see Obok and KiChul together. And move the city where they came from. The only way for not seeing Daehan and Miran ever again.

    Miran is a liar and so is Daehan…they sure deserve each other !

  184. 184 : Liz Says:

    Well- you can say both Daehan and Miran are liars but there is a BIG difference- Miran is a compulsive and calculative where is Daehan is a circumstantial liar. In case of Miran it is malice where as Daehan was trying to avoid unpleasantness between the spouses.

    At this rate may be I should be awarded a Ph.D for the nonsense I just wrote up ! LOL LOL LOL

  185. 185 : Marta M Says:

    Aymoniye, please can you do us a fever, shut the f… your mouth at list for one day. Yesterday Episode 166 end when Dahan went to Obhook house and Miran follow him, can I guess today’s episode…. Miran will interrupt when they talk and it will be the same sheet last week. Please do something.
    Minguk be with Ms Lee, but you don’t have to hurt Solji or your mother, explain the situation you have and what you fill at this time and ask them to give you a time. Otherwise what you’re doing now will hurt Ms Lee more than you know… you can see what your mother do again to her.
    Obhook being a strong women is not a bad thing so be the one and fight for your own thing specially for your right, no women will accept what you are doing, being polite and decent is good but you have to draw a line for others.
    Miran let me give you advise, you know why ur son don’t like you because the only thing what he see from you is ur selfishness, kids don’t like this kind of personality, if you really want to be his Mam give him a chance for (your son) then he will show you how to be a Mam he likes.
    I don’t know the culture of Korans but I want to tell you something this is 21st century, the only thing parents do for their kids is give a suggestion how marriage is difficult and teach him how can he choose. But do this and do that like Dahans’ grandmother ……. I don’t think it is not in real life even the parents are not educated they will not do without the person like it or not.
    After 2hours the Episode 167 will start so we will see what will happen. Until then have a nice night … now in Ethiopia is a Night time that is why I said …
    From East Africa Ethiopia

  186. 186 : reci Says:

    I really can’t stand mi rain she a bit$$ she may be doklip birthmother but she not a real mom a real mom will do ANYTHING for their child all she want is for him to live with her if she really care about him she would let doklip she oh bok once in while two mom are better than one and dea han NEED to grow some BALLS he never told oh bok how he really feels because if he really wanted to save his marriage he could have and he should have never lied in the first place if nothing was going on between him and mi ran he should have told oh bok the truth all of this could have have been avoided

  187. 187 : Nina Says:

    Daehan is a jerk. He clings to Miran-the -witch, even though he always said there was nothing between them. It’s really sickening !

    I cannot stand the sight of Miran and also of Daehan grandmother, I never saw and old woman nastier than her.

    Why is it that nobody tell the grandmother to mind her own business…the damn woman can keep her mouth shut.

  188. 188 : mega_t Says:

    The Minguk/Ms Lee story line is so incredibly lame. I can’t believe how much time has been wasted on that nonsense.

    Perhaps Obok will take her friend’s advice, and study abroad. Then, unencumbered by this distraction, Miran and Daehan can really rekindle their relationship (he did carry her ring around for seven years afterall), and provide a good, stable home for their son.

  189. 189 : Riya Says:

    I agree with Mega that there was wastage of so much TV time on nonsensical non relationship between Ms.Lee and Minguk.

    As for the grand mother I have seen worse in K dramas. Unfortunately, I am not able to recollect the name of the drama where in rich grand ma does not even recognize her own grandson till the end.

    It will not be a K drama unless the main characters- Obok and Daehan-
    reconcile in the end and live happily ever after.

  190. 190 : Jim Says:

    Looks like everybody is “Happy” .. I am not seeing any corny observations
    of the drama… come on guys (gals) post them to your heart’s content.. we
    all enjoy reading them..

  191. 191 : Nina Says:

    Why is Obok so meek? Where’s her fighting spirit? She didn’t do anything wrong, still, she put her head down and says she is sorry !
    It really pains me !

    Miran is so hateful ! The nerve of her to tell Obok she better leave the country… the hate on her face for Obok really shows.

    Are Miran’s lies will ever be known?

    Difficult to believe that Obok and Daehan will live “happily ever after” … not while Miran-the bad witch- comes to Daehan house like it’s her own

  192. 192 : lovely Says:

    do u have episode 170? o.o

  193. 193 : Nina Says:

    I’m in Southern California, USA Tonight episode #164 at 20:25 (in two hours)

  194. 194 : utahaha Says:

    waaw, love this drama 😀

  195. 195 : Reci Says:

    Am from north ca(the bay area) and we on ep 166 and I must say I really hate mi ran so mucshahs do oh bok so wrong in this drama in the beganing she was so nice to oh bok and now she a total bi$$h to oh bok that why what goes around come around and nobody going to like her and she ugly.

  196. 196 : Jim Says:

    Come on Reci, how can you say Miran is the ugly one… She is the prettiest
    woman on the show… may be she is an ugly person inside.. nothing wrong going after her son but not Daehan..

    Creeps are Miran’s dad, Obok’s dad and Ms.Lee’s in laws.

    Non entities at this stage of the drama are Kang family.

  197. 197 : paulbg Says:

    People here keep asking why Obok doesn’t fight to keep Daehan. The answer is very simple — he’s no prize, he’s not worth it. Over and over again, he lies to her, betrays her, stabs her in the back. She definitely has the gumption to fight, but not for this piece of trash. He and Miran (and Mr. Choi) deserve each other, but Doklip doesn’t deserve to grow up with those two sleazes. I hate to think what he’ll learn from them.
    If Daehan had the courage to stand up to Miran and trust Obok, then she could fight with him at her side to save the marriage. But he doesn’t. So the good girl (떡복기누나) gets screwed, and the innocent little boy gets screwed.
    BTW, Riya, I think you’re remembering Likable or Not (미우나 고우나), where the grandmother doesn’t realize Kang Baekho (강백호) is her grandson until the next-to-last episode.

  198. 198 : Riya Says:

    Thanks – Paulbg. The drama was Likeable or Not …what a grand ma..
    The same lady was a great grand ma in “Jolly Widows”. Her character
    was exactly opposite to Likeable or Not drama.

  199. 199 : reci Says:

    ok jim your right mi ran in not ugly and but i don’t like the way she act in this drama but I still want dae han and oh bok should get back together

  200. 200 : Jim Says:

    Reci- Your wish is your command… may be you will have to wait
    till the final episode 173 for Obok and Daehan to be together for good.

  201. 201 : maricar Says:

    Guys, can anyone send me a link where i can watch the final episode with English sub. I missed it and i didnt know that it will be the final episode today. Please please….:(

  202. 202 : angelgirl Says:

    Hi can anyone tell me hear can I watch all the episodes for free, if there’s any at all. Thanks, Angelgirl 🙂

  203. 203 : Marta M. Says:

    I wish the final became more than this one. becouse now it look like kids playing not as normal drama finishing. we see almost a year for this. … sorry to say this but we don\’t have to wait antil this becouse Miran change her mind in one conversation instade of when Obhook save her kid. and every thing. i don\’t know but i wish it became more real thing.

    Thank You KBS to give us a wonder full time i hope the next drama will be good too.

    I wish all the best for all of the crue in their feture.
    Love you all, specialy Dahan smile and his mother kindness and Obhook being calm and polite when she talk

    Marta M
    From East Africa, Suny Ethiopia

  204. 204 : reci Says:

    hey do anyone what happen in ep 167 n 168 can someone please tell me what going on

  205. 205 : aron Says:

    wow beautiful drama
    hope gwon obok and daehan made another drama

    aron ERITREA

  206. 206 : aron Says:


  207. 207 : Yuyu arie Says:

    It’s true the final episode is on 13 11 2010? it’s saturday right? It’s monday – friday drama! How it could be? KBS didn’t give us the info about that. . .oh i’m really dissapointed!!:'(:'(:'(

  208. 208 : selam Says:

    Obok, what a patient, kind and polite girl you are?
    If in real situation women of her age have such courage it is wonderful. but never

    I wish you all the best and went to see you soon in other drama

    God bless you

  209. 209 : reci Says:

    what happen in ep 167?

  210. 210 : Liz Says:

    I can tell you what happens between episodes 168 and 172. That will be a spoiler. Lot of people may not like it here on this forum..

  211. 211 : Anonymous Says:

    Despite how cliche and unrealistic the part with Obok getting almost running over a car was, I’m still so happy the drama is getting somewhere! 8D

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I kinda like the Ms. Lee/Minguk parts. Maybe it’s because their plot isn’t cliche and I can somehow relate to it (don’t worry people, I’m not a pedo). That’s just my personal preference though. For the Manse parts, I lol at them, but yeah, sometimes I think it’s annoying.

    I wish the script writing wasn’t so Obok bias, you know, like painting Obok like this amazing, wonderful person while making Miran the evil bitch. But I guess that’s Korean dramas for you. But man, Miran’s personality has been increasingly more annoying than usual! I wish she had a better personality, because she’s just so incredibly air-headed! I hope she’ll come to her senses at the end of the drama and that Doklip will start loving her. I somewhat still feel sorry for her. :/

  212. 212 : reci Says:

    I just watch ep 170 I can’t believe that mi ran try to kill oh bok AGAIN OMG
    am so glad that dae han slap the hell out of her I wish doklip didn’t see that and hear what mi ran said to dae han about oh bok might die that was too sad a little boy should not be hearing thing am just saying

  213. 213 : aja Says:

    on ep 171 obok going to wake up from the coma yay am happy and reci I was glad too when deahan slap miran LMAO

  214. 214 : RECI Says:

    that what mi ran get

  215. 215 : Anonymous Says:

    The drama is almost ending! Yes!!!! Oh man, I’m probably like the only one who feels sorry for Miran. Doklip is such a bleep bleep bleepity bleep, I honestly wish he was run over by Miran. He always annoyed the heck out of me, and what makes it worse is I already despise children. xD Miran needs to move on already!!!! Forget Daehan and Doklip and get the love you really deserve from someone else!

    And also, I like Obok with her hair down. Man, her hair used to bug me but now she actually looks pretty. Kinda random, lolz.

  216. 216 : Pam Says:

    I used to sympathize Miran.. not anymore.. yes, she was duped by her father not Daehan.. knowing she lost Daehan to Obok she could have concentrated on cultivating her son Doklip but with her actions she alienated him.. again this kid has gone overboard with his crying for Obok..
    Now the story looks like it is revolving around the kid.. It is high time Miran
    looks for love some other place.. certainly not Daehan.

    Where is Ms.Lee ..

  217. 217 : Pam Says:

    Miran look for love some other place.. certainly not Daehan. He is taken…

  218. 218 : Anonymous Says:


    Wow, finally finished. That was incredibly sad. I felt bad for Miran, but she made the right choice. I wanted to slap Doklip for telling her to move back to the states, but whatever, he’s still a stupid kid.

    Overall, this drama was half entertaining half annoying. I think anyone who enjoys incredibly cliche korean dramas will enjoy it. Me? I’m more into in depth, intricate, interesting plot lines, but I decided to give this one a chance because of characters like Manse and Miran. I was surprised at the end though, well, not Miran’s ending or Daehan and Obok’s, but I was a little surprised Manse didn’t get her baby, though it had only been like a little more than a month, but still. I wish the days in the drama took longer, like instead of Daehan working in Green Dairy for a month, have it for like a year or something! I thought it was a bit rushed on their part.

    And I noticed the last episode was incredibly rushed in a way. I didn’t like how Miran suddenly just realized how selfish she was being through Obok’s little speech and Doklip’s demand. I think she should have maybe realized it a bit earlier.

    In a way, the drama feels almost incomplete. I thought Ms. Lee would’ve like died or something. Then again, that’d be too sad for that poor lady. xD And where’d Kicheol go in the end? Poor guy didn’t much screentime. Oh well. I’m very picky with my dramas.

    If I had to rate this drama, I’d give it a 4/10. Poor script writing, poor soundtrack, some actors weren’t very good, shallow characters (as in not in depth), and dragged on pointlessly. BUT, I’ll still say something positive about the drama and say it was touching at some parts (ex. definitely Miran, Ms. Lee/Minguk, and Sangjun/Manse parts), and even made me tear up a bit. Also it still entertained me, I mean, sometimes I rolled on the floor laughing at some scenes.

  219. 219 : Nina of California Says:

    Miran is still “THE WITCH” ! She got off too easy ! The heartless woman was nothing but a liar and a trouble maker. Full of hate for Obok, remember that the witch tried to kill her at he hospital ?

    I was glad she left. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Daehan will not leave Obok, now she is pregnant…I was happy and relieved that this drama ended well !

  220. 220 : reci Says:

    so sad it’s over but am glad obok and daehan got back together and she having a baby

  221. 221 : Nina Says:

    I hope Miran finds her evil counterpart and they live evilly ever after….far ….far away from Korea.

  222. 222 : Jim Says:

    Hi Nina, I heard Miran found her counterpart,not the evil one, in a far away land called U.S.A… now you can be at peace .. she will not bother Obok and Daehan any more..

  223. 223 : paulbg Says:

    Why is this show so Obok-centric? Because she’s the star, of course, didn’t you see the opening jingle?
    Anyway, the biggest difference between her and Miran is that no matter what happens to Obok, she keeps popping back up and finding a way to be happy, but no matter what happens to Miran, she keeps finding a way to be spiteful and miserable. When the Jangs were thinking about buying her off with Doklip, was that enough? Nooooo, she had to be greedy and try to force Daehan, who has hated her for seven years, to come live with her. Obok’s a glass-half-full girl, Miran’s a glass-half-empty girl.
    Miran could learn a lesson from Kim Subin (김수빈) on You Are My Destiny (너는 내 운명), who used to obsess endlessly over her lost love Kang Hose (강호세) but eventually got over him, opened her eyes, and realized she had a pretty special guy standing right in front of her in Dr. Nam Gyeongu (남경우). No idea how he spotted her potential, much less drew it out….

  224. 224 : Jessie Says:

    What an analogy,Paulbg…..Obok’s a glass-half-full girl, Miran’s a glass-half-empty girl. That sums up the whole drama…

  225. 225 : Carmen Says:

    OMG… lot of things are happening in the drama in just about a month..
    Daehan and Obok divorce, successful launching of ice cream, Manse
    getting pregnant, Obok publishing a best seller book, Ms.Lee’s health getting worse..I see Solji more at Minguk’s house than at work.

    Is our world coming to an end.. Did you see North Korea attack South Korea.

    Too many things happened all in a short span of 1 month.

  226. 226 : larraine branch Says:

    this a beautiful drama,
    if a guy is much older than a female it seems to be okay, but it’s not okay for the female to be older than the guy… now that;s abeurd

  227. 227 : Linda Says:

    This is my first Korean drama and love it.. and it is coming to an end..
    great culture.. what is the next drama …

  228. 228 : Libby Says:

    I do not know … this drama is getting stupider by the day… Manse’s mother-in-law who is 50+ is pregnant and Minguk insisting on taking care
    of terminally ill Ms.Lee.. she should be in a hospital getting treatment instead of unnecessary assaults by this 25 year old who should concentrating on his work….

    I did not mention the idiocy displayed by Miran… her train left
    7 years ago when her tricky dad misplayed his hand and lost a gem of
    guy in Daehan as his son-in-law.. well, then we will not a have story to tell..

  229. 229 : paulbg Says:

    Can anyone here refer me to a translation of “Obok’s Theme” (사랑한다는 그 말) as played on the show? (or provide one?) I can get some of it, but my Korean’s not good enough for a complete understanding.

    Lyrics here:
    Or here:

    Many thanks in advance/
    사전에 많은 감사합니다

  230. 230 : kittu Says:

    Now i am missing this drama,
    though i started watching this drama recently, i really enjoyed a lot,
    missing it now.

  231. 231 : Precious149 Says:

    I love this drama. Miram has some nerves. I hope that she be found out and her parents too. How low can someone stoop to get what they want. I want to see her and her parents and Abok’s dad get exposed. Kiechol, he needs to back off. He is redundant. Mintuk, he needs a life. The 50 year old who is pregnant it is not her fault but it can be embarassing. I am wondering if she was still rich how would she have felt. Also, last night’s drama with Abok being hit down by Miriam. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out. I think that Daehan is not manning up to himself. His character is sickening, he should go for what he wants and not be swayed by anyone. His grandmother needs to shut up. she is too manipulative and needs to stop.

  232. 232 : Liz Says:

    I agree with you Precious149.. Minguk needs to get a life and they should zip the grandma for good.. she has opinion on everything under the sun..
    God save Miran, her dad and Obok’s dad for their devious ways..

    Mercifully the drama is coming to an end..

  233. 233 : Clarise Says:

    Does anyone know what’s happening with this : okay so I’m watching Happiness in the wind w/ eng sub on some website linking to wat.tv ep 86 or ep 87 i both tried watching those but every time i play it a minute or two it just stops as if the video has finished but it hasn’t because it says the video is longer than that and i tried it again and again and sometimes it takes more than 2 minutes of video playing but then suddenly stops again..ugh!! its so annoying i want to watch it!..

  234. 234 : Nancy Says:

    What bothers me is the loose ends, even in the best of these dramas. The opening episodes centered on Mr. Jang taking out a mortgage on their house in order to help out an old friend. His wife runs out of the house. That whole issue was dumped. We still do not know if he gets repaid.
    They conveniently dumped that storyline. No problem but they made such a big deal and Mrs.Jang was thrown out of her own house by the mother-in-law.

    Yo writers , we are not dumb…

  235. 235 : Precious149 Says:

    I have a sense that this drama is coming to an end. The accident that caused Abok to be in a coma and the kid saved, why was the cops not called in. This is a matter for the cops, it is a traffic accident. Miran should have been taken into custody and answer some sort of charges. Who is she? Is it because of her devious dad? Get a grip in real life drama some sort of investigation would have been conducted. Daeshan, he is too family controlled. He needs to tell the Kisheol, the father of Abok, his grandma and especially Miran and her parents to take a hike and he should take control of his life. He is too influenced by his parents and he is taking too much nonsence from Miran and her parents. Get the story real Mr. director.

  236. 236 : Pam Says:

    Precious149- This is Korea and not USA… the cultural differences play..
    people in most Asian cultures are not on 911 speed dial. .. if you noticed not many cops in korean dramas or ambulances taking the injured to hospitals..

    Daehan deference to his family and Asian mentality of taking the self blame are all on display in this drama…

    In Asian cultures “I” “MY” gets replaced by “OURS”. Unfortunately, some of the bad American influences are permeating the Asian cultures.

  237. 237 : Byron Mundy Says:

    This was the first Korean drama that I watched from beginning to end. I really enjoyed it, especially as the tension built between Obok, Daehan. and Miran. Great story lines and great actors. Now that it’s over, I feel a void in my daily routine. I will miss seeing the next twist and turn in the lives of these people.

  238. 238 : Byron Mundy Says:

    One additional comment: The music during the drama was sensational. The various themes used in different situations really enhanced the mood the directors were trying to create.

  239. 239 : Carol Says:

    Finally, we are done.. a lot of happiness in the end along with the wind. ..

    Miran is back in the States.. Obok,Daehan and Doklip are a family once more… Ms.Lee is getting better… everybody is happy except may be Miran’s family..

  240. 240 : Johnny Says:

    I enjoyed this Drama, though at the start it took some getting used to. I’ll miss it. I was really dissapointed not to see anymore of Daehan’s Coworkers from Well Being Dairy who sung at his wedding…only Jesu was there…

  241. 241 : Alice Says:

    All izz well !!!!!!

  242. 242 : tina Says:

    I really like this drama. Please, tell me Minguk didn’t end up with Ms Lee!!! Also, did Obok’s father (he took money for getting Obok divorced) ever get found out???Even though we in the eastern US didn’t see the end yet I’m glad Miran will finally get out of Obok, Daehan and Doklip’s lives and I cannot wait to see how this happens. That Miran really boils my blood and it seems like no one will ever see through her dirty tricks. Kichul (Obok’s friend) see through Miran but still comes around Obok like he hopes he’ll win her himself. Even seeing through Miran’s trick he still fall for Miran hugging Daehan when Miran call him to the office. Truly cannot wait to see how this drama plays out.

  243. 243 : Carol Says:

    Yes, Tina … Minguk did not end up with Ms.Lee and Obok found out her dad taking the money…

    However….. a lot of happiness in the end along with the wind. ..lot of hot air.

    Miran is back in the States.. Obok,Daehan and Doklip are a family once more… Ms.Lee is getting better… everybody is happy except may be Miran’s family..my 2 cents..

  244. 244 : Richard Says:

    This is the most frustrating of all the dramas I’ve watched. It goes around in circles and keeps repeating itself with nothing ever being resolved. Miran keeps doing her dirty thing to Obok and Dahan and no one ever finds her out or confronts her. Obok is a wuse who instead of decking Miran just walks away from her family and lets Miran take over.
    Obok’s father is another one. For a guy who has no money and no prospects and sleeping in his in laws house he’s got an awful big mouth .
    He even owes his son-in-law $20,000 which he’ll never pay back yet no one tells him to shut up. What kinds of people are these anyway?

  245. 245 : paulbg Says:

    Weird error at the beginning of episode 170: What does Daehan forget when he storms out? Hint: it’s yellow, and very valuable…

  246. 246 : bilzi Says:

    i never thought that it will end like that i love the hole story but the ending it mak me sad i want deahan to get back together with choi miran but why……

  247. 247 : Carol Says:

    Miran missed the train 7 years ago.. thanks to her dad !!!

  248. 248 : Carol Says:

    Paulbg.. are you playing riddles here.. are we supposed to answer…
    here you go.. a binder containing Obok’s drawings etc.. I am just recollecting from memory…

  249. 249 : paulbg Says:

    Yes, Carol, I meant Obok’s portfolio (그린파일), but you need not have answered. It’s kind of a spoiler for those who haven’t gotten that far.

  250. 250 : Gene Endres Says:

    I really liked this show. I miss all of the characters. This show got me interested in Korean Drama’s. I used to browse the KBS Channel just to see the Korean girls. I thought they were so pretty. But, the more I watched the more I really began to become interested in the drama’s themselves, and all of the many different characters and personalities. Will KBS be showing anything of this quality again in the near future. The new show they have on just plain stinks. It seems like some Korean comedy with a laugh track to go with it. I was disappointed, because KBS still has Happiness in the wind listed for that programming time-slot.

  251. 251 : norma Says:

    i like this film couze its really so nice and so exciting and i really enjiyed when i was watching it i love happiness in the wind

  252. 252 : Doris Tumitit Says:

    i want to wacth this drama coz its very nice and entertaining

  253. 253 : gust Says:

    I like this drama very much especally the ending wow!!!It was so cool and I want say I `m so proud of all the actors

    korean lover gust

  254. 254 : Smile Says:

    Well done to all! I thought it was a perfect heart-warming family show! Like the Oh Bok & Dae Han … all the best to both of you!!!! Cheers!

  255. 255 : filagot Says:

    this drama is so nice. it is so capturing.

  256. 256 : Carol Says:


    I absolutely love the show! The production and screen play Actors/Actresses are wonderful. Dae Han & Obok, beautiful! I would love to star as a guest on the show as obok’s friend from the states or school. I speak a little korean and learn fast.

  257. 257 : ashley Says:

    I wanted Miran and Daehan together in the end!!! They were the cutest couple ever and I’m so mad that her dad interfered with her life, or else she would be with Daehan.

  258. 258 : Katherine Chavis Says:

    Even though I am an African American I have found that I love the Korean Drama shows. They are very entertaining and educational. Since Happiness in the Wind has gone off when are they going to place another show in it place. I also love To Be With You. I am so glad that Obok and Daehan got back together in the end. His family loved her dearly. The young boy that played Daehan’s son was excellent. He made it seem so real. The grandmother was comical. Please e-mail and let me know if you are going to put another show soon since Happiness in the Wind has gone off. Thank you for sharing your programs with us. I actually enjoyed these shows better than I do my American soaps. Thank you again.

  259. 259 : Ujay Weiah Says:

    Hi, Im a huge fan of Korean drama…Love it like crazy, I saw Happiness in the wind, Smile Again, and I’m now seeing To BE WITH YOU…I cant miss one eposide….I enjoyed watching Korean drama…I watched from Monday to Friday on Mindtv…Even when I’m at work, I watch it…They are reshowing Smile AGain and im watching it again…lol….I’m so crazy about it…I also saw Thousand Kisses…Beautiful Show….

  260. 260 : Ujay Weiah Says:

    You won’t believe how I felt for watching Korean Drama…One night i was home bored and nothing interesting was on tv, so i decided to go through the channels, and as i was going through the channels, i came accross this drama that was on and it was in English subtitle and i paused for a second and started to see what was going on….As I saw it for about ten minutes, i put down the Tv remote and started to watched it…Smile Again was the drama that was on that night….that’s how I started watching Korean drama…

  261. 261 : jnt Says:

    this drama is too long but the interesting parts are the scenes between ms Lee and Min Guk. also, Lee Sung Min (Miran) is such a great actress. (she doesn’t look ugly even when she cries). if we’d really think of what happened, Miran is actually the victim here. and of course, Kim Mi Suk is a great veteran actress.

  262. 262 : Anna Kim Says:

    I enjoy this drama, A good day for the wind to blow. I am unable to watch the last three episodes, 171, 172, and 173. I would like to know how the show ended. Please let me know, because it is sad to let someone left in suspense.

  263. 263 : Anna Kim Says:

    I enjoy watching Korean dramas. But I can not watch them because KBS s tation is not showing in our area anymore. Watching online, I can not watch all of the episodes, especially the last few episodes/endings. There are several dramas I am missing because of the station not here in our area. I am trying to catch it online, but unable to do so.

  264. 264 : Yetzy Says:

    Porfa que alguien me diga donde verlo en español

  265. 265 : htayapril Says:

    I watch this drama because of Jin Yi Han but the interesting parts are the scenes Ms Lee and Min Guk.I agree #261

  266. 266 : JY Says:

    I am so disgusted to those who hate the love story between Minguk and Ms. Lee.

    I’m same age as Minguk and I have seen all types of loves… some love stories started as sweet and cute and seem perfect but in the end it turned sour, because the parties involved are both immature due to lack of experience in life…

    I don’t believe that love between older woman and young guy is absurd, sometimes that kind of love, when they able to surpass all the hindrances, is the greatest love of all…. Do you know why? because older woman understands our immaturity and always there to boost our morale… Attraction from the inside personality of someone is what matter. This what happens between Minguk and Ms. Lee… he fall for her because of her warmth personalty…. I really cried when they have to leave each other… but I felt happy seeing Minguk taking good care of her despite not asking something in returns of her…. How sweet… that’s the most pure and unconditional love…. That’s why I am forever Minguk and Ms. Lee’s supporter….

  267. 267 : rosie Says:

    where can i watch this drama with english sub?

  268. 268 : gabriella Says:

    I agree with the guy obove about Minguk and Miss Lee. I am also an older woman and like to date younger guys. I watched this drama because of them.

  269. 269 : Sussy Says:

    Por favor quiero ver este dorama, pero solo encuentro hasta el capitulo 7 subtitulado en español.
    Alguien me puede decir donde encuentro todos los capítulos en HD y subtitulados en español?
    Si me mandan la pag. les voy agradecer muchísimo.
    Dios les bendiga =)

  270. 270 : emi Says:

    I really like this drama…. Everyday I watch on youtube…
    But I can’t find ep 173 (end), maybe somebody can help me… tq… 🙂

  271. 271 : Snow Says:

    Well JY @ 266, be disgusted on because I found the relationship between Minguk and Ms. Lee very disgusting. She looked old enough to be his mother and there was something very off putting about the two of them together.

    In this drama she was supposed to be about 19 years older than him. In reality she is 26 years older than him. When this drama aired, he was 25 years old and she was 51—it showed. Maybe if they had selected an actress who was truly 19 years older than him it would have been better, but in this drama that relationship didn’t work. When I watched this drama the second time around, I skipped threw their scenes. It was not beautiful love to me. It made me think something was wrong with him and I won’t get started on her. A person in reality whose about the age of Minguk usually think people in their 30s is very old. Here is a woman almost the same age as his mother.


  272. 272 : P. Quinones Says:


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