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Title: 바람 불어 좋은날 / Happiness in the Wind
Chinese Title : 风吹好日子
Also known as: Windy But Pleasant Day, A Good Day For The Wind To Blow
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 173
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2010-Feb-01 to 2010-Oct-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


Kwon Oh Bok (Kim So Eun) is a a 19-year-old young woman/orphan who refuses to give up her dream of becoming a top illustrator. Because she grew up poor (and is still struggling), she is extremely frugal, and maintains an optimistic outlook on things. Kwon Oh Bok has nothing that she can call her own in her life-time, not even the little room that she stays in. However, her hot temper will flares whenever she witness any injustice.


Kim So Eun as Kwon Oh Bok
Jung Seung Ho as Kwon Yi Moon (Oh Bok’s father)

Jang family

Jin Yi Han as Jang Dae Han
Lee Hyun Jin as Jang Min Guk
Seo Hyo Rim as Jang Man Se
Kang In Duk as Jang Jung Nam (father)
Yoon Mi Ra as Yoon Sun Hee (mother)
Na Moon Hee as Na Kkeut Soon (grandmother)
Kang Han Byul as Jang Dok Rip (Dae Han’s son)

Kang family

Kang Ji Sub as Kang Sang Jun
Kim Sung Hwan as Kang In Soo (father)
Na Young Hee as Cha Yeon Shil (mother)

Lee family

Kim Mi Sook as Lee Kang Hee
Kwon Oh Hyun as Seo Dong Shik (brother-in-law)
Ahn Hye Kyung as Kim Nam Suk (Dong Shik’s wife)
Joo Hye Rin as Seo Hyo Ri (Dong Shik’s daughter)

Choi family

Lee Sung Min as Choi Mi Ran (Jang Dok Rip’s biological mother)
Yeon Kyu Jin as Mr Choi (father)
Won Jong Rye as Mi Ran’s mother

Other people

Kang Eun Tak as Choi Ki Chul (Oh Bok’s friend)
Jung Da Young as Ha Sol Ji
Min Young Won as Hwa Young
Maeng Sang Hoon as Doctor Park
Choi Eun Suk (최은석) as a creditor

Production Credits

Producer: Moon Bo Hyun
Director: Lee Duk Gun
Screenwriter: Lee Duk Jae

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272 Responses to “Happiness in the Wind”

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  1. 251
    norma Says:

    i like this film couze its really so nice and so exciting and i really enjiyed when i was watching it i love happiness in the wind

  2. 252
    Doris Tumitit Says:

    i want to wacth this drama coz its very nice and entertaining

  3. 253
    gust Says:

    I like this drama very much especally the ending wow!!!It was so cool and I want say I `m so proud of all the actors

    korean lover gust

  4. 254
    Smile Says:

    Well done to all! I thought it was a perfect heart-warming family show! Like the Oh Bok & Dae Han … all the best to both of you!!!! Cheers!

  5. 255
    filagot Says:

    this drama is so nice. it is so capturing.

  6. 256
    Carol Says:


    I absolutely love the show! The production and screen play Actors/Actresses are wonderful. Dae Han & Obok, beautiful! I would love to star as a guest on the show as obok’s friend from the states or school. I speak a little korean and learn fast.

  7. 257
    ashley Says:

    I wanted Miran and Daehan together in the end!!! They were the cutest couple ever and I’m so mad that her dad interfered with her life, or else she would be with Daehan.

  8. 258
    Katherine Chavis Says:

    Even though I am an African American I have found that I love the Korean Drama shows. They are very entertaining and educational. Since Happiness in the Wind has gone off when are they going to place another show in it place. I also love To Be With You. I am so glad that Obok and Daehan got back together in the end. His family loved her dearly. The young boy that played Daehan’s son was excellent. He made it seem so real. The grandmother was comical. Please e-mail and let me know if you are going to put another show soon since Happiness in the Wind has gone off. Thank you for sharing your programs with us. I actually enjoyed these shows better than I do my American soaps. Thank you again.

  9. 259
    Ujay Weiah Says:

    Hi, Im a huge fan of Korean drama…Love it like crazy, I saw Happiness in the wind, Smile Again, and I’m now seeing To BE WITH YOU…I cant miss one eposide….I enjoyed watching Korean drama…I watched from Monday to Friday on Mindtv…Even when I’m at work, I watch it…They are reshowing Smile AGain and im watching it again…lol….I’m so crazy about it…I also saw Thousand Kisses…Beautiful Show….

  10. 260
    Ujay Weiah Says:

    You won’t believe how I felt for watching Korean Drama…One night i was home bored and nothing interesting was on tv, so i decided to go through the channels, and as i was going through the channels, i came accross this drama that was on and it was in English subtitle and i paused for a second and started to see what was going on….As I saw it for about ten minutes, i put down the Tv remote and started to watched it…Smile Again was the drama that was on that night….that’s how I started watching Korean drama…

  11. 261
    jnt Says:

    this drama is too long but the interesting parts are the scenes between ms Lee and Min Guk. also, Lee Sung Min (Miran) is such a great actress. (she doesn’t look ugly even when she cries). if we’d really think of what happened, Miran is actually the victim here. and of course, Kim Mi Suk is a great veteran actress.

  12. 262
    Anna Kim Says:

    I enjoy this drama, A good day for the wind to blow. I am unable to watch the last three episodes, 171, 172, and 173. I would like to know how the show ended. Please let me know, because it is sad to let someone left in suspense.

  13. 263
    Anna Kim Says:

    I enjoy watching Korean dramas. But I can not watch them because KBS s tation is not showing in our area anymore. Watching online, I can not watch all of the episodes, especially the last few episodes/endings. There are several dramas I am missing because of the station not here in our area. I am trying to catch it online, but unable to do so.

  14. 264
    Yetzy Says:

    Porfa que alguien me diga donde verlo en español

  15. 265
    htayapril Says:

    I watch this drama because of Jin Yi Han but the interesting parts are the scenes Ms Lee and Min Guk.I agree #261

  16. 266
    JY Says:

    I am so disgusted to those who hate the love story between Minguk and Ms. Lee.

    I’m same age as Minguk and I have seen all types of loves… some love stories started as sweet and cute and seem perfect but in the end it turned sour, because the parties involved are both immature due to lack of experience in life…

    I don’t believe that love between older woman and young guy is absurd, sometimes that kind of love, when they able to surpass all the hindrances, is the greatest love of all…. Do you know why? because older woman understands our immaturity and always there to boost our morale… Attraction from the inside personality of someone is what matter. This what happens between Minguk and Ms. Lee… he fall for her because of her warmth personalty…. I really cried when they have to leave each other… but I felt happy seeing Minguk taking good care of her despite not asking something in returns of her…. How sweet… that’s the most pure and unconditional love…. That’s why I am forever Minguk and Ms. Lee’s supporter….

  17. 267
    rosie Says:

    where can i watch this drama with english sub?

  18. 268
    gabriella Says:

    I agree with the guy obove about Minguk and Miss Lee. I am also an older woman and like to date younger guys. I watched this drama because of them.

  19. 269
    Sussy Says:

    Por favor quiero ver este dorama, pero solo encuentro hasta el capitulo 7 subtitulado en español.
    Alguien me puede decir donde encuentro todos los capítulos en HD y subtitulados en español?
    Si me mandan la pag. les voy agradecer muchísimo.
    Dios les bendiga =)

  20. 270
    emi Says:

    I really like this drama…. Everyday I watch on youtube…
    But I can’t find ep 173 (end), maybe somebody can help me… tq… 🙂

  21. 271
    Snow Says:

    Well JY @ 266, be disgusted on because I found the relationship between Minguk and Ms. Lee very disgusting. She looked old enough to be his mother and there was something very off putting about the two of them together.

    In this drama she was supposed to be about 19 years older than him. In reality she is 26 years older than him. When this drama aired, he was 25 years old and she was 51—it showed. Maybe if they had selected an actress who was truly 19 years older than him it would have been better, but in this drama that relationship didn’t work. When I watched this drama the second time around, I skipped threw their scenes. It was not beautiful love to me. It made me think something was wrong with him and I won’t get started on her. A person in reality whose about the age of Minguk usually think people in their 30s is very old. Here is a woman almost the same age as his mother.


  22. 272
    P. Quinones Says:


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