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Good Job, Good Job

Title: 잘했군 잘했어 / Good Job, Good Job
Chinese Title : 做得好做得妙
Also known as: Job Well Done / Well Done / Thumbs Up For A Job Well Done
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Mar-14 to 2009-Aug-02
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Lee Kang Joo is a single mother who was abandoned by her previous boyfriend, Yoo Ho Nam. Ho Nam did not know that Kang Joo was pregnant with his child and went abroad to study. When Ho Nam returns to Korea, Kang Joo tries to cover up the fact that Byul is their daughter. Choi Seung Hun is the son of Jung Soo Hee who is Kang Joo’s mentor and boss. He has been pursuing Kang Joo since he was in high school but she has always been unresponsive to his advances. Will he finally convince her that his love for her is real? How will he respond to finding out that she has a daughter and who her father is?


Uhm Ki Joon as Choi Seung Hun
Chae Rim as Lee Kang Joo
Kim Seung Soo as Yoo Ho Nam
Kim Jung Hwa as Na Mi Ra
Seo Hyo Rim as Ha Eun Bi
Choi Daniel as Lee Eun Hyuk

Extended Cast

Jung Ae Ri as Jung Soo Hee (Seung Hun’s mother)
Joo Hyun as Lee Jung Jae (Kang Joo’s father)
Kim Hae Sook as Wang Young Soon (Kang Joo’s mother)
Kang Boo Ja as Yoon Ok Rae (Soo Hee’s mother)
Yoon So Jung as Bae Jung Ja (Sung Hoon’s mother)
Jun Min Seo as Lee Byul (Kang Joo’s daughter)
Lee Han Wie as Min Shi
Kim Joo Hyuk as Lee Ho
Kim Sun Hyuk as Yoo Ho Joon
Chun Ho Jin as Han Sung Hoon
Yoon So Jung as Bae Jung Ja (Sung Hoon’s mother)
Kim Ji Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Kim Nam Won (김남원), Son Hyung Suk (손형석)
Screenwriter: Park Ji Hyun
Producer: Lee Dae Young


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  1. 1 : Christina Says:

    where will this air and on what website and when will it come out

  2. 2 : meirav Says:

    sometimes it comes from viiki or google or myspace u have to keep
    on checking u ask mysoju to bring the drama i donot when it air
    but it looks good. chae kim i like her

  3. 3 : jobelle Says:

    i like chae rim so much so i support her dramas

  4. 4 : chickengay Says:

    it looks interesting hope i can watch this on mysoju soon…………
    more power chae rim……………

  5. 5 : chickengay Says:

    thanks mysoju you already uploaded 2 episodes thanks a lot i am a fan of chae rim so i really appreciate your site more power

  6. 6 : anon Says:

    So far so good. I like the acting of Chae Rim and the one who’s playing as her mom. They’re the superb actors here altho the other actors are great too, but those two really stands out. *handsdown* And the material is really good. Good Job!

  7. 7 : Flame Says:

    I would like to watch all of the dramas of Chaerim. Special in this ” Good job good job”, i thought that she’s done well on her character tobe a single mother with those situations on the drama. Realy good job. Anyway, i’m still waiting for more new Ep. of “Good job good job” with English sub.

  8. 8 : munichreynoso Says:

    nice drama!

  9. 9 : cloclo Says:

    For a long time, i’m always watching every dramas of Chaerim. I like the way she has done on her role of all the dramas : It’s been gentlier and more lovely for people to watch those of her dramas. Although, i still have to wait for the continueing parts of ” Good job, good job” that is interesting me from the begining.

  10. 10 : Bella Says:

    It is so good!!! I cant wait for the next episodes to come out!^^ Love Chae Rim!!x*

  11. 11 : eve Says:

    I love to watch Chae Rin. But after watching episode 20 I stop. Why? Coz Kang Ju is leaning towards Seong Hyun. She should end up with Ho Nam.

  12. 12 : J. Fairbank Says:

    This is one of the few well-written and well-directed K-dramas. Most are so pathetically long and drawn-out. The story line here is interesting enough, but the dialogs are terrific. Props to the writers.

  13. 13 : Angelique Says:

    I also love watching this drama especially that of Jun Min Seo who played the part of that little girl, daughter of Lee Kang Joo. She is so cute and loveable. She has such an expressive face I had to stop reading the subs just to watch her features when she talks. What a good actress. She sometimes steals the show from everybody.

  14. 14 : sdddd Says:

    hai…. it is a reatudaysgbdiashbdi ahdvagvsdyt

  15. 15 : Mizuki Says:

    I find this drama quite interesting, but im getting annoyed why does it take so long for Ho Nam to realise that the kid is his? and how stubborn does Kang Joo have to be? if I were Seung Hun I would have given up ages ago. And how come when they eventually get married it seems like he is more on his sister side?! If I were married to him I would really give him a piece of my mind. Oh and the mother in law is SUCH A COW!! acting however is brilliant! and doesn’t it feel like KJ may get back with HN in the end? I hope not 🙁

  16. 16 : kiki Says:

    I am watching up to eps 32 and I hate KJ mother in laws. She is evil. I don’t know whether it is a typical mother in law in Korea or not but she is definitely go to hell. She drives me nut. Yes, KJ got a daughter before got married so what! She made a mistake early in her life so that mean she doesn’t have a right to have happiness. It is weird

  17. 17 : Nim Says:

    Could you please tell me which website that I can download this series (job well done).?

    Thanks lot.


  18. 18 : Ogara Says:

    I came across this while taking a break from facebook. I think you’re on to some good info here.

  19. 19 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  20. 20 : ardhan Says:

    Love it…

  21. 21 : mel Says:

    looks like so interesting.. i wanna watch this…

  22. 22 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. it’s a nice story,,

  23. 23 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  24. 24 : joracel Says:

    i finished already to watch this series. and i learned that this is one of the best drama ive seen coz the story is so beautiful. until the end i cried. i can’t forget all the sacrifices of chae rim in this drama.
    she is a great actress…

  25. 25 : joracel Says:

    the girl who played as her daughter is really cute and adorable. she’s a good actress. they look like a real mother and daughter.

  26. 26 : wilma Says:

    For me this is the best series of chaerim to date; her acting skills here are just perfect and remarkable,her struggles through life and love gets the best of her…
    Thou i still like her on a lighter roles and funny…but i guess that shows her versatility as an actress because she can carry all sorts of characters….
    The story is good but the progression of the story is a bit slow regardless of having a 40 episodes….but all in all it was almost a perfect drama…
    Well its a job well done aja aja fighting c:

  27. 27 : Rae Ji Says:

    what is the ending …good / meaningful ??

  28. 28 : Shirl Wong Says:

    I love this drama. Is there an OST for this drama? Can you please upload? Really appreciate a reply. Thanks.

  29. 29 : ernest Says:

    please could anyone post the official site or where can i found the FIX episode 39 and 40 for this drama? i really like this..

  30. 30 : Shellsbells Says:

    I’ve just started this Drama and into the first episode I felt like I would stop watching, but I’m only on the 7th and I’m hooked. It’s really good and even though there are A LOT of episodes I’m enjoying it enough to stay tuned in.

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