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Golden Mask

Title: 황금 가면 / Golden Mask
Genre: Melodrama, Revenge, Family
Episodes: 100
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2022-May-23 to 2022-Oct-07
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:50


The drama tells the story of finding the answer to life in a mad fight between three women due to a tragedy caused by false desires and greed.


Main Cast

Cha Ye Ryun as Yoo Soo Yeon
Na Young Hee as Cha Hwa Young
Lee Hwi Hyang as Go Mi Sook
Lee Joong Moon as Hong Jin Woo
Lee Hyun Jin as Kang Dong Ha
Yeon Min Ji (연민지) as Seo Yoo Ra

Supporting Cast

Sunwoo Eun Sook as Kim Hye Kyung
Gong Da Im as Hong Jin Ah
Lee Joo Eun as Noh Young Ji
Hwang Dong Joo as Ko Dae Chul

Production Credits

Director: Eo Soo Sun
ScriptWriter: Kim Min Joo


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  1. 1 : Kaleem Ullah Says:

    Watch Golden Mask Episode 1 Eng Sub here

  2. 2 : CAC Says:

    The drama is not available on Viki. But it is regionally licensed to KOCOWA.

  3. 3 : Judypie Says:

    #2 CAC

    I dont know who you are … but wish to thank you for your kind announcements re the broadcasting stations for some of the dramas here. Much appreciate your thoughtfulness. The info would be useful for some viewers.

    Please keep up the good work whenever you are able to. Thanks again. 🥰

  4. 4 : mml Says:

    This is a melodrama drama and i seldom like melodrama . Now, am hoping that , romance for Yoo Soo Yeon will eventually switch to pairing a sweet romance with Kang Dong Ha .

    If, melodrama that is throughout the drama also melodrama and does not consist of romance , am afraid i will give up in watching after watching some episodes .

    If, melodrama consist of romance then usually i will finish watching the whole drama ………..

  5. 5 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode one to episode ten . I don’t understand how this drama can become a revenge drama ? Yoo Soo Yeon already being kicked out from the house and already signed the divorce document .

    Looks like Kang Dong Ha has a very rich mother . Maybe , the only way is Yoo Soo Yeon can work for Kang Dong Ha . Or the backup person can help Yoo Soo Yeon maybe ,is Go Mi Sook .

    Or the backup two persons who supported Yoo Soo Yeon to take up a strong revenge will be Kang Dong Ha and Go Mi Sook .

    Or Yoo Soo Yeon becomes the daughter in law of Go Mi Sook instead .

    The real problem now is , this is not a drama with romance and therefore , i don’t know what i guess can be correct or totally wrong ???

  6. 6 : mml Says:

    Episode 16 and episode 17 will reflect the answer that, it will soon become a revenge drama .

    Episode 18 preview shows viewers that , Kang Dong Ha is a caring person and the face looked like he’s in special attention towards Yoo Soon Yeon and maybe, starts to fall in love .And maybe , it will soon team up with Yoo Soon Yeon to attack their common enemy for their revenge project..

  7. 7 : CAC Says:

    #3 @Judypie

    You’re welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. 8 : mml Says:

    Episode 21 preview , how did Yoo Soo Yeon trying to be able to convince Gi Mi Sook into supporting her and to employ her ?

    Gi Mi Sook’s son Kang Dong Ha does not like his mother to employ Yoo Soo Yeon .

    Then how to convince Kang Dong Ha is another very difficult problem ?

    Kang Dong Ha has a stalker girlfriend Hong Jin Ah .Kang Dong Ha is a very boring person . Never go shopping , never watch television at home . Then , how about Manner Consultant Yoo Soo Yeon will teach Kang Dong Ha cooking ?

    Kang Dong Ha should find his own happiness in life . Go Mi Sook is a clever business woman and will Go Mi Sook can accept Hong Jin Ah as her daughter in law or to convince his son to employ Yoo Soo Yeon as Manner Consultant or Manage Business Consultant or some more other desires .

    I will continue to watch some more subsequent episodes to find out more about this drama .

  9. 9 : mml Says:

    Episode 18 , i have noticed that Kang Dong Ha keyed in his phone number at Yoo Soo Yeon’s handphone . Telling Yoo Soo Yeon if ,she needs help , she can call to contact him .

    In episode 20 , Yoo Soo Yeon did not think of calling Kang Dong Ha to get help .

    n episode 21 preview , Yoo Soo Yeon approached Go Mi Sook for help .

    What is the actual revenge project that, Yoo Soo Yeon can convince Go Mi Sook ?

    Kang Dong Ha looks like starting to fall in love with Yoo Soo Yeon .

    And at the same time , Seo Yoo Ra killed her ex-lover by pushing him and drowned him into the lover . Is he dead or alive ?

    This drama is getting interesting in some ways …….

  10. 10 : Kdrama Says:

    thank you this is very exciting don’t forget to visit my site

  11. 11 : mml Says:

    I like the character of Go Mi Sook . Go Mi Sook is clever , cute and also very rich .

    This drama sometime quite sad , at least with Go Mi Sook cute and fun person , i can enjoy watching it.

  12. 12 : mml Says:

    Episode 25 preview , oh no Yoo Soo Yeon got bitten up by Go Mi Sook . Go Mi Sook is a very fierce person .

    Yoo Soo Yeon needs to faster design some clothes for Go Mi Sook to wear and let Go Mi Sook be the model of the catwalk for Yoo Soo Yeon’s design clothes so that, Go Mi Sook gets lighten by some stress .

    Yoo Soo Yeon needs to let Go Mi Sook wears the clothes so that , Go Mi Sook will be the witness to prove that, clothes are designed by Yoo Soo Yeon otherwise Seo Yoo Ra will copy the design .

    Go Mi Sook wants to be the chairman is a strong desire . And therefore , Yoo Soo Yeon needs to design and make the clothes inside Go Mi Sook’s house to convince Go Mi Sook otherwise Go Mi Sook will bit Yoo Soo Yeon again …….

  13. 13 : Amor Jipos Says:

    hi good day..may i know where can i watch episode 21 & 22??

  14. 14 : britt Says:

    Cha Ye Ryun has no expression what so ever!!! omg! too much botox!!!!

  15. 15 : mml Says:

    #13 : You can find this drama at youtube

  16. 16 : mml Says:

    Episode 28 , Kang Dong Ha can get along very well with cute boy Seo Jun . Kang Dong Ha looks like having very keen interest to have his own family .

    The character of Yoo Soo Yeon has no expression is correct . Yoo Soo Yeon’s father passed away and she suffered from miscarriage and also divorce . Under this kind of sad circumstances , she suffered and therefore her face becomes numb with no expression.

    Go Mi Sook can create very funny and very interesting mad crazy fight as ,she is now working at SA group as non-executive director .

    I think Go Mi Sook can create her own fantastic branding products to charm consumers ………

  17. 17 : mml Says:

    Episode 28 , Kang Dong Ha had taken photo together with cute boy Seo Jun using his handphone .

    A mad fight will appears if, Kang Dong Ha puts this photograph inside his office , as this photo really looks like father and son relationships ………

  18. 18 : mml Says:

    Episode 30 , cute boy Hong Seo Joon wants to stay with his mother Yoo Soo Yeon . Am getting very worried that , the cute boy Seo Joon is everyday mentally tortured by evil witch Seo Yoo Ra .

    Actually, cute boy Seo Joon can be the model to promote the product for new branding style of footwear .

    Happy family footwear that means, Kang Dong Ha will be the model as the father of the footwear , Yoo Soo Yeon will be the model as a mother of the footwear , Seo Joon will be kid model son of the footwear . While Kim Mi Sook will be the model as a grandmother of the footwear that, forms the branding of happy family footwear.

    That means, totally no need crazy girl Hong Jin Ah to be the company model ,as she will bit Yoo Soo Yeon in the office again .

  19. 19 : mml Says:

    Go Mi Sook is the non executive gossip director , i think she can get along very well with cute boy Seo Joon and with this , Mi Sook will be able to find out a lot of family matters from this cute boy Seo Joon . And from there , their revenge project will be better well prepared…….

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    I have been trying very hard to understand the character of Kang Dong Ha . Kang Dong Ha is a very sharp and fierce man .

    The strange thing is , the cute boy Seo Joon is able to trust and communicate with joy to Kang Dong Ha .

    Maybe , it is the right way to quickly let Seo Joon stays with his own mother Yoo Soo Yeon instead .

    Cute Boy Seo Joon , when he is at home and never enjoy watching cartoon , reading story books, never go picnic , no outing activities , really does not look like healthy kid living lifestyle.

    Kang Dong Ha maybe ,can be a good father towards giving the love and good care to cute boy Seo Joon .

  21. 21 : mml Says:

    Episode 32 , i noticed that Go Mi Sook’s brother that is Ko Dae Chul with a presentable look . I think Yoo Soo Yeon’s cousin Noh Young Ji is suitable for Ko Dae Chul .

    I am getting very worried about the cute boy Seo Jun . Actually, Noh Young Ji or Yoo Soo Yeon’s mother can look after cute boy Seo Joon. This cute boy is able to get along well and is a very obedient child.

  22. 22 : mml Says:

    Episode 33 . really very nice to watch . Seo Joon’s sickness can be recovered and it takes some months to heal .

    And at the same time , Seo Joon needs to live in a very kind and very caring environment , then his sickness can be fully recovered .

    I think , maybe Kang Dong Ha can help Seo Joon .

    Looking forward to watch subsequent episodes.

  23. 23 : Judiepie Says:

    I did watch episode 1, as a trial. Yeah, among so many dailies, I found the vibes given off in this one were warm and homie even among the hostilities and bitchiness that pervades.

    However, I wont continue to watch. Its cuz I find 100 episodes too long for me to follow. I do not have a fixed “me” time.

    @ mml – I see you’re doing a good job and enjoying yourself too. Fighting !

  24. 24 : mml Says:

    This drama every episode is only about half an hour to watch . Any nice drama , i do not count by how many episodes, even if, it is more than 120 episodes i will still watch .

    I always get some fun when watching the character of Ko Mi Sook .

    Yoo Soo Yeon is very pitiful to marry into a family of bullies . Her ex-mother in law always tortured her . Her ex-sister in law also always very childish and quarrelsome . Her ex-husband also bullied her . The only nice person is her ex-father in law.

    Kang Dong Ha is a fierce person . At least, he is a reasonable person to understand certain complicated matters with a good thinking .

    This drama is better than bravo my life drama.

    Now, am still hoping that, Kang Dong Ha and Yoo Soo Yeon will become the romance couple in order to attract me to continue watching this drama .

  25. 25 : Stardust Says:

    Jung Min-Joon who plays Hong Seo-Joon is such a cute adorable little boy. I saw him in The Second Husband and he did such a great job in his role. I just want to hug him – he is so darn cute

  26. 26 : Success Says:

    Please the episodes are too much .Let it end soon .Thank you

  27. 27 : mml Says:

    #26 , if you don’t like to watch this drama then don’t watch . Don’t come here to comment and makes me very angry.

    Yoo Soo Yeon should punish Hong Jin Ah more and more often . And must think of a way to prevent Kang Dong Ha to allow Hong Jin Ah to enter to Kang Dong Ha’s office .

    Hong Jin Ah is a bad person who always bully Yoo Soo Yeon ,,,,,,,,,,

  28. 28 : mml Says:

    From the website i have found out that, golden mask drama has season one . Golden mask drama also has season two series .

    I like to watch this drama . I think Yoo Soo Yeon should deserve to find her real love .

    Those who do not like to watch this drama . Please don’t come to this website to comment bad thing . Because i am hoping that , golden mask drama will have season two series .

    The true source of happiness is , one should not think that, Yoo Soo Yeon is divorce with a child . If, Yoo Soo Yeon can find her real love with Kang Dong Ha and get married with Kang Dong Ha , she can give birth to a child that belongs to Kang Dong Ha.

    Ko Mi Sook never say she does not like to have grandchildren . As long as Kang Dong Ha can accept the fact that, Yoo Soo Yeon divorce due to some kind of misfortune . Maybe, Kang Dong Ha and Yoo Soo Yeon both of them can find the real meaning of happiness with sincere true love .

  29. 29 : Success Says:

    Is whole drama is nice 😊 but the episodes is too much .The director doesn’t want the movie to end .This same movie is already having almost 40 episodes.Why is too much .Even with the latest Korean series all the episodes takes at least 16 episodes.Please end it why are we watching a telenovela😂😂😂

  30. 30 : mml Says:

    Watching at episode 39 , am very against Yoo Soo Yeon lets his son to meet up Hong Jin Woo . The marriage for Yoo Soo Yeon and Hong Jin Woo totally cannot work to be re-united . The real problem for this marriage is , Yoo Soo Yeon’s ex-mother in law Cha Hwa Young .

    The character of Hong Jin Woo he’s totally not suitable for Yoo Soo Yeon .

    In a revenge family drama , what i am expecting is , Kang Dong Ha and Yoo Soo Yeon must have the common goal . Kang Dong Ha’s father passed away due to heart attack and Yoo Soo Yeon’s father passed away due to being murdered .

    I suspect that , Cha Hwa Young is the person with some kind of wicked motive that leading to two death cases .

    Inside the safe box belonging to Cha Hwa Young , i suspect that there are some important documents that can be traced to find out that, there are some more hidden motives . Gold bars inside the safe box are surface items inside the safe box . What about those documents inside the safe box ? It is not just so simple having fraud accounting documents inside the safe box .

    I think inside the safe box , there will be some more documents that leading to the death of Kang Dong Ha’s father .

    Yoo Soo Yeon cannot be such a simple minded person thinking that Hong Jin Woo will love her again. Another problem is Seo Yoo Ra is very rich and always has alot of money . Where does her money comes from ? Is it cheating of company’s funds ?

    Seo Yoo Ra has fake parents in United States . Could it be that, her wealth is also fake one . I really suspect that , Seo Yoo Ra is using money that, cheated somewhere………..

  31. 31 : mml Says:

    Episode 41 , oh no the safe box that Yoo Soo Yeon has managed to open it’s empty . No gold bar , no fraud accounting documents and inside the safe box totally empty.

    This cunning fox Cha Hwa Young not so easy for Yoo Soo Yeon to revenge .

    Am getting quite worried about Yoo Soo Yeon’ . Yoo Soo Yeon’s cousin Noh Young Ji is it a trusted cousin of Yoo Soo Yeon ? Noh Young Ji looks like a person that cannot be trusted .

    I think Yoo Soo Yeon better don’t tell too much things to her cousin Noh Young Ji ……….

  32. 32 : Ulitapepe Says:

    Cool drama for everyone who likes long daily dramas. I like this drama more than “Second husband ”

  33. 33 : mml Says:

    Episode 44 , it’s very obvious that Kang Dong Ha already fell in love with Yoo Soo Yeon .

    My mind is still not clear on why Seo Yoo Ra has so much money to hire fake parents and how come she has a lot of money to invest in SA group ?

    Yoo Soo Yeon will be in danger as she has already offended and made her ex-mother in law Cha Hwa Young very angry.

    This is really a mad fight drama and awaken the thoughts of to treasure happiness , that cannot be measured by material luxury wealth ……….

  34. 34 : Nwonu Leonard Says:

    How can I download Korean drama

  35. 35 : Lizzy berry Says:

    I really want to know who killed Yoo Soo Yeon’s father. I don’t really understand, Can it be Cha Hwa Young, or Seo Yoo Ra, I bet it must be either of the two ..

    In episode 66,Cha Hwa Young and Seo Yoo Ra are dening about Yoo Soo Yeon father’s death, I will be sad if it’s Hong Jin Woon, because of her mother, he kicked and ruined his 7 years marriage and destroy his own family with lack of patience 😥😥 Hong Jin Woon really love his wife and son even though they’re divorced……
    I really wants them to get back together because Cha Hwa Young and Seo Yoo Ra brainwashed Hong Jin Woon. It’s not really it’s fault but his mother and Seo Yoo Ra.

    I’m unable to read how the drama end but it’s seems like Hong Jin Woon and Cha Hwa Young are behind this strategies, if it’s that I will really be sad for Hong Jin Woon… And I don’t think I will continue watching it.

    I don’t think Yoo Soo Yeon will fall in love again….

    I really want this drama to end quickly, I can wait to watch episode 100, I really want it to end the way I thought…..

  36. 36 : Xerolez Says:

    I really don’t understand what will now happen to Yoo Soo Yeon, since Kang Dong Ha legally got him self married to Hong Jin Ah due to a blackmail…
    Really can’t wait for release of episode 76 till 78 if no positivity of Yoo Soo Yeon and Kang Dong Ha romance is seen I will drop this drama… 🙄🙄🙄

  37. 37 : mml Says:

    Episode 76 , i have realised that Seo Jun he’s still in a very good friendship relationship with Kang Dong Ha . Seo Jun will call Kang Dong Ha to chat with him . I guess there’s still hope for Kang Dong Ha to be with Yoo Soo Yeon again .

    Maybe, after sometime Yoo Soo Yeon will find out the death of her father actually it’s related to her ex-mother in law and that is the time when Yoo Soo Yeon wanted to revenge and wanting to be with Kang Dong Ha again .

    Well, if there is real love between Kang Dong Ha and Yoo Soo Yeon then it means they will be together after overcoming all obstacles..

    Hopefully , the drama director will arrange Kang Dong Ha and Yoo Soo Yeon to be together instead of allowing Kang Dong Ha to suffer in misery with a marriage that , he does not love Hong Jin Ah .

  38. 38 : Maria Says:

    i must admit that i really enjoy this drama. In the end, I want Kang Dong Ha to end up with Yoo Soo because they have something in common when it comes to their fathers. Second, I do not understand why Kang Dong Ha’s mother is opposed to her son falling in love with Yoo Soo Yeom just because she has a son. I thougnt she would be more kind-hearted and open-minded than that, instead she was ok for Kang Dong Ha to marry Jina who is so cunning and half psycho. 😩

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