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Goddess of Marriage

Goddess of Marriage 03

Title: 결혼의 여신 / Goddess of Marriage
Chinese Title: 結婚的女神
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama, Comedy
Episodes: 36
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2013-June-29 to 2013-Oct-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


A drama about four women in different stages of marriage with different values ​​and philosophies of love and conflicts finding the true meaning and the importance of marriage through the story.

Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi), a assertive radio writer, dreams of an ideal love but finds herself embroiled in a love triangle between two good men, architect Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) and prosecutor Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon).

Hong Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran) is a mother of two who used to work as a television announcer and is married to Tae Wook’s older brother (Kim Jung Tae) and must always maintain the refined appearances expected of a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law.

Song Ji Sun (Jo Min Soo) 
is Ji Hye’s older sister and is a supermom to three kids who rules over her meek husband, No Jang Soo (Kwon Hae Hyo).

Kwon Eun Hee (Jang Young Nam) also is a wife and mother who suddenly discovers that her husband, No Seung Soo (Jang Hyun Sung) is cheating on her.

How will these women behave in their respective predicaments?


Main Cast

Nam Sang Mi as Song Ji Hye
Kim Ji Hoon as Kang Tae Wook
Lee Sang Woo as Kim Hyun Woo
Lee Tae Ran as Hong Hye Jung
Kim Jung Tae as Kang Tae Jin
Jo Min Soo as Song Ji Sun
Kwon Hae Hyo as No Jang Soo
Jang Young Nam as Kwon Eun Hee
Jang Hyun Sung as No Seung Soo


Jun Gook Hwan as Kang Man Ho (Tae Wook’s father)
Yoon So Jung as Lee Jung Sook (Tae Wook’s mother)
Baek Il Sub as Song Nam Gil (Ji Hye and Ji Sun’s father)
Kim Ki Chun as Noh Hee Bong (Ji Sun’s father in-law)
Sung Byung Sook as Byun Ae Ja (Ji Sun’s mother in-law)
Kim Mi Kyung as Hyun Woo’s mother
Yun Woon Kyung as Hye Jung’s mother


Lee Se Young as No Min Jung (Ji Sun’s daughter)
Yang Han Yeol as Noh Chang Ho (Eun Hee’s son)
Kim Joon Goo as Kim Ye Sol
Shim Yi Young as Nam Mi Ra
Park Wan Kyu as Jung Dae Hyun (Yun Soo’s husband)
Lee Seol Hee as Kim Yeon Soo (Ji Hye’s friend)
Lee Sung Min as Cynthia Jung
Yum Dong Hun as Manager Hwang
Go Na Eun as Han Se Kyung
Park Joon Geum as Se Kyung’s mother
Hwang Chae Won as Yoo Ri
Goo Gun Min as Da In
Jo Woo Jin as Hye Jung’s younger sister’s husband
Kwak Hee Sung as Pil Ho
Park Tam Hee as Jang Hee Kyung
Lee Joo Hyun as Nam Sang Hoon (Hye Jung’s ex boyfriend)
Ban Hyo Jung as Jin Hee (Kim Ye Sol’s grandmother)
Joo Young Ho as announcer
Heo Jung Kyu as Jang Kyung Min
Choi Da In as Noh Min Ji
Park So Hyun as radio DJ (cameo)
Kim Ha Rin

Production Credits

Production Company: Samhwa Networks
Chief Producer: Han Jung Hwan
Producer: Park Young Soo, Lee Hee Soo
Director: Oh Jin Suk
ScriptWriter: Jo Jung Sun


2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars – Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actress (Long-Length Series) – Jang Yeong Nam (Goddess of Marriage)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Special Acting Actor (Long-Length Series) – Jang Hyun Sung (Goddess of Marriage)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Long-Length Series) – Kim Ji Hoon (Goddess of Marriage)
2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Long-Length Series) – Nam Sang Mi (Goddess of Marriage)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-06-29 1 9.2 (8th) 11.5 (6th) 9.1 (8th) 9.6 (7th)
2013-06-30 2 7.8 (14th) 9.6 (11th) 8.0 (15th) 8.7 (14th)
2013-07-06 3 8.7 (9th) 10.0 (8th) 8.4 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
2013-07-07 4 7.6 (18th) 9.4 (13th) 8.7 (15th) 9.1 (14th)
2013-07-13 5 9.0 (10th) 10.8 (8th) 9.1 (14th) 9.6 (13th)
2013-07-14 6 8.5 (16th) 11.1 (11th) 9.2 (14th) 10.7 (12th)
2013-07-20 7 9.2 (10th) 10.6 (7th) 8.8 (12th) 10.1 (10th)
2013-07-21 8 8.6 (14th) 10.5 (10th) 9.1 (14th) 9.5 (16th)
2013-07-27 9 9.4 (7th) 11.2 (5th) 9.7 (8th) 11.0 (8th)
2013-07-28 10 8.4 (16th) 9.7 (13th) 8.5 (14th) 9.0 (13th)
2013-08-03 11 9.2 (10th) 11.0 (6th) 8.6 (11th) 8.9 (10th)
2013-08-04 12 7.7 (19th) 9.0 (13th) 8.2 (15th) 9.4 (9th)
2013-08-10 13 9.9 (8th) 10.2 (9th) 11.0 (6th) 12.5 (5th)
2013-08-11 14 8.6 (12th) 10.2 (11th) 9.6 (9th) 10.3 (7th)
2013-08-17 15 10.8 (8th) 11.9 (5th) 10.0 (7th) 10.6 (7th)
2013-08-18 16 9.3 (11th) 11.1 (9th) 9.1 (11th) 10.0 (11th)
2013-08-24 17 9.3 (12th) 10.8 (7th) 9.4 (10th) 10.0 (7th)
2013-08-25 18 9.1 (13th) 10.4 (10th) 9.7 (9th) 10.5 (7th)
2013-08-31 19 10.2 (8th) 11.3 (7th) 11.1 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2013-09-01 20 9.4 (11th) 11.3 (7th) 9.7 (8th) 10.3 (7th)
2013-09-07 21 10.3 (7th) 12.1 (5th) 9.3 (8th) 10.6 (7th)
2013-09-08 22 9.7 (9th) 11.7 (8th) 9.2 (10th) 9.5 (11th)
2013-09-14 23 10.1 (11th) 11.7 (8th) 11.2 (7th) 11.8 (6th)
2013-09-15 24 10.6 (8th) 13.5 (6th) 10.5 (9th) 11.1 (8th)
2013-09-21 25 10.4 (8th) 13.1 (4th) 11.2 (8th) 11.9 (7th)
2013-09-22 26 9.8 (11th) 11.4 (9th) 11.0 (9th) 11.3 (7th)
2013-09-28 27 10.7 (8th) 12.9 (6th) 11.4 (5th) 12.1 (5th)
2013-09-29 28 11.6 (9th) 13.5 (8th) 12.3 (8th) 13.2 (7th)
2013-10-05 29 8.8 (10th) 10.4 (6th) 12.7 (4th) 13.3 (5th)
2013-10-06 30 9.9 (9th) 12.2 (7th) 11.2 (6th) 12.2 (7th)
2013-10-12 31 14.2 (3rd) 17.9 (3rd) 13.9 (4th) 14.9 (4th)
2013-10-13 32 10.4 (7th) 12.6 (5th) 12.0 (6th) 12.7 (6th)
2013-10-19 33 11.3 (6th) 14.6 (4th) 11.5 (5th) 12.3 (5th)
2013-10-20 34 10.7 (7th) 13.0 (6th) 10.4 (8th) 11.2 (8th)
2013-10-26 35 11.7 (6th) 14.5 (4th) 12.7 (5th) 13.8 (4th)
2013-10-27 36 11.3 (7th) 13.4 (5th) 11.7 (6th) 12.2 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : ance Says:

    nice…LSW & KJH!

  2. 2 : Lia Says:

    Finally…LSW Oppa is back ^^ Oppa hwaitiiinngg \^^/

  3. 3 : Ayu Says:

    Oh my God ,my lee sang woo finaly! miss you so much

  4. 4 : agasshiseben Says:

    i luv all the leads. looking forward to a great drama *hopefully

  5. 5 : phoo Says:

    Lee Sung Woo is the best.

  6. 6 : MoMo Says:

    i miss LSW so much….so excited!!!!

  7. 7 : Vinodshetty Says:

    Hi Guys….which is the best love movie…plz respond

  8. 8 : Vinodshetty Says:

    Hi Guys….which is the best love movie….plz respond

  9. 9 : Vinodshetty Says:

    I would like to watch the korean love movies…..plz Guys say something

  10. 10 : Yanie Says:

    Can’t wait.. love Nam Sang Mi <3 <3

  11. 11 : Yujin Says:

    my favourite actors! LSW&KJH…again love triangle,i’m already interested whom she will choose?? waiting for this drama…

  12. 12 : avocadooo Says:

    Lee Sang Woo! hope he gets the girl this time. He had a sizzling chemistry with Sung Yuri in Feast of Gods.<3

  13. 13 : sahel Says:

    Nam Sang Mi you are best in sweet spy i hope you will be better in this drama

  14. 14 : violet88 Says:

    Yes @13 Sahel, NMS was great in Sweet Spy.. she’s pretty and lovable, and her OTP pairing with Dennis Oh was perfect.. Fall in love with her since then and watched almost all her drama except those with very long eps (Light & Shadow, Life Is Beautiful).. And noticed this latest Goddess of Marriage is also having long eps (32).. urghh.. i never commit to kdrama with > 24eps so far.. but for her sake maybe i’ll give this an exception if the storyline is really compelling..

  15. 15 : sojilove Says:

    kim ji hoon is handsome i love you

  16. 16 : momo Says:

    kim ji hoon only

  17. 17 : jjone Says:

    kim ji hoon i love you

  18. 18 : itaeonni Says:

    Looking forward for this one..And @7,8,9 Vinodshetty…please be more specific, do you want to watch Korean love movie or Korean love series/drama? It’s 2 different things. I love rom-com series, so I like Rooftop Prince, Wild Romance, A Gentleman’s Dignity, You’re Beautiful, Haeundae Lovers, etc. I’m not a melodrama lover and I really don’t know about Korean movies..I’m really sorry.

  19. 19 : hny Says:

    my eyes to Kim Jim hoon here …waiting :))

  20. 20 : sahar Says:

    i finished sweet spy now that is so good Nam Sang Mi and dennis oh are very good couple i wish to see them in another drama again very soooon

  21. 21 : raha Says:

    yes sahar i watched sweet spy that is very good i wish dennis oh be in this drama with nam sang mi

  22. 22 : MoMo Says:

    i miss LSW so much…

  23. 23 : Medy Says:

    Hoping for Nam Sang Mi showing some difference in her acting, because it seems same in her acting gesture. I quite like her. She’s beautiful face. Hoping for the best results for this drama. LSW is come back !! I’ll certainly buy this drama if this drama excellent. Fighting !!!

  24. 24 : peach98 Says:

    First ep tomorrow! Can’t wait

  25. 25 : say Says:

    I hate when two men fight over one woman even when she is not married to any of them, it does not make any scene at all, if this writer is going that way, i foresee a bad writing, also a woman should not continue to lure a man that she clearly cheat on and also she doesn’t love that is bad. I hope this writer will learn from [when a man fall in love] and do not repeat same tasteless drama .

  26. 26 : Ttuk Says:

    Wonderful to see Jo Min Soo back.

  27. 27 : Ttuk Says:

    Wonderful first two episodes.

  28. 28 : Ttuk Says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said @say

    We can hope the writer has the right sensitivity.

  29. 29 : say Says:

    Ttuk Says, At this time I don’t think anybody want to enjoy love triangle with two handsome men for no apparent good reason for that to happen,the way I see it for now,I like the setting of the drama,but after I finish washing {when a man fall in love ] I just can bear to dear watch any drama that have love triangle again,again others may love it but if that is the way the writer is going, I will have to pass.

  30. 30 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is crazy and hilarous! The husband’s are worse than awful, the wives are subservient, and the sons are spoilt bratty jerks! For the first time, I’m witnessing a chaebol family that admits that they prefer daughters-in-law who come from moderate income families. Why??? Because they can ‘manipulate’ and control her life even more! One from a moderate income family would be more appreciative and dutiful while suffering through the humiliation! Yeah…RIGHT! I sense that some volcanoes that have been smoldering for a while are about to erupt!

    Well, personally, I’m going to really enjoy this drama. I’ve already found my niches to poke fun at, and I really, really want to see the mistreated, misused, and abused housewives become the ‘She Devils’ like the movie starring Rosanne Barr and Meryl Steep. I will be waiting to seeing the Bobs’ and Mary Fishers’ get their payback. It should really be funny! CHEERS!

  31. 31 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ve seen some bad kdrama husbands in my day, but the ones here are battling neck and neck for the lead ‘Honorary Horrible Husband of the Century’ position with the lead Oh La La couple husband, Go Soo Nam and a supporting actor in Bad Couple, Kim Yoon Suk. Cheating on their wives was one thing, but how their wives found out broke every dromedary humps back that ever existed!

    Arise She Devils…Arise! Actually, they won’t be She Devils, but smart women…taking back their self-esteem and right to a much better life!

  32. 32 : Torri Says:

    I love this show or rather let me say I love the attraction between ji hye and sang woo ,can’t stand the rich boy the girl will choke of unhappiness if she marries the rich guy , am glad the preview shows she tell sang woo about the rich guy at least now I have more respect for her she is being honest with sang woo laying all the card on the table and I am sure my boy sang woo will grap her no matter what , hahhahah love them both can’t wait to see how this plays out

  33. 33 : iammee Says:

    I am so happy to see Lee Sang Woo again but I’m quite disappointed to know that he’s a part of a love triangle again. I just hope that he wins the love of the lead in the end. I also wish that he has more parts in this drama compared to the other guy.

  34. 34 : usa-mary Says:

    Tae Wook promises to protect JH once they’re married! RRLOL When his mommy gives him permission…then and only then will he protect JH from his mommy!

    Why pay the ‘help’ extra to get up before the sun rises in the east to drive for miles and miles to another province in order to buy the ‘BEST’ fish for TW and TJ’s mommy’s breakfast when you have a daughter-in-law who’s ears are open to your every request! TJ’s wife not only bought the fish, while looking immaculate I might add, but she prepped and presented it with all the culinary award winning skills of the head chef in the Blue House! But…but…mommy dearest, the ungrateful broom rider that she is, just had to find something wrong somewhere. The cost…it cost too much! Now, Tae Jin’s wife is supposed to find another quality fish purveyor somewhere else for less money. With the children, running the household, trying to keep her cheating snake of a husband on point, while tending to her mother-in-law’s whims, being obedient to her in-laws ‘laws’ as a filial daughter-in-law, plus looking better than a Stepford Wife all throughout the day, now she will find the time to get this annoying woman a cheaper, but astounding quality tasting fish! JH…PLEASE RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION…PLEASE DON’T END UP IN THAT HOUSE…PLEASE! I like the actor Kim Ji Hoon, but don’t care for his character Tae Wook! He can coerce and strong arm you emotionally, but he’s like a little newborn puppy in his mother’s presence…so RUN GIRL RUN!

  35. 35 : Ttuk Says:

    @29 say. Yea, I know what you mean about the love triangle thing, but I think its a case of the writer overusing the devise to the extent that it becomes nauseating to an audience. However this drama appear to borrow much from American writers down to the bowl of Corn Flakes for breakfast. If so, perhaps they already know how to avoid such pitfalls and spare us. We can only hope.

    I love the pairing of the two main cast members. It’s working very well, so well I keep wanting to skip forward to their scenes. Actually it is Sang Mi who pulls me in. She’s pretty but her talent is even better.

  36. 36 : usa-mary Says:

    OHHHH…no Seung Soo didn’t tell his wife that its none of her business where he’s going…then does that typical Korean sssssss sound, showing his displeasure! Where’s the goddess of love and the matchmaker of fate when we need them to zap Seung Soo’s cheatin’ stone-faced, broadcasting behind! They need to pull a switcheroo with him and Michael. Only do it when Michael is leaving his young, pretty anchor wife, while kissing her goodbye at the airport! YESSSS! Send his behind to another country!

    The lightening is synonymous with the ‘She Devil’ movie! So get ready everyone! Because when the She Devils’ emerge, its really going to be FUN!

    This drama may be boring to some, but not to me!

    A commenter from another website said: Since JH got a boost of vitamin HW (at Jejudo), she can’t go back! Too funny, but hopefully its true!

    I’m officially a member of the Hyun Woo’s fan club! Well, so much for the village idiot. Move over because there’s a new one in town! I seriously don’t blame HW for not wanting to kowtow over dinner with a Gangnam chaebol idot like TJ! The political arena is screwed up enough as it is throughout the world…why…why add another one to torture your constituents!

    Song Ji Sun is the coolest woman in this drama so far! Not that the 3 aren’t…they just need her guidance and coaching on how to not take bull! Manager Hwang had better watch out before a big gust of wind comes his way! Hold on to your hats and toupee! hehehe

  37. 37 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t know the real stats, but I believe that 5% of mothers-in-law who exist on this earth are wonderful, kind, understanding, and the most beautiful Gems ever to be discovered. Then, there’s the other 95%…:-( Yes…be they rich, middle-class, or poor one, they’re complete nightmares!

    My Point: With in-laws like them, even enemies will begin to look good!

    TJ’s mother had his wife take him a change of clothes at a posh hotel where he stayed overnight with another woman. When I first saw this scene, I must admit that the thought crossed my mind that he was her husband, but didn’t believe it. First of all, she was too calm, and secondly, I tossed out the thought because I didn’t want to blow up this thread! I thought, well maybe he’s her dad like the subber stated or something like that. After the drama progressed, it was revealed by the mother-in-law from hell (while talking to her husband) that she experienced the same thing with him and felt her daughter-in-law should do the same as she did years ago by taking clothes to her husband at a hotel. WT! All I could think of when I saw TJ’s behind in the air was that he’s in the perfect position for a blow torch flame!

    Then, later TJ told his wife not to be concerned about those women because they meant nothing to him…WHYYYY…he thinks of them as only exercise! What…ONLY EXERCISE! What happened to the stair master, rowing machine, treadmill or the like? The only part that’s getting exercise is his libido! then, he forces his wife when she tells him ‘no’ after he’s been with another woman! I’d like to see his wife trying to get herself some exercise like that! Hmmmm…that reminds me of the widowed chairman’s wife who’s living it up in Palm Springs with a younger man! All I can say is…you go ahjumma!

  38. 38 : thanhtran Says:

    Hi all,
    I really like the ending ost in ep 4. Does Anyone know the title or where I can download it? thank you

  39. 39 : usa-mary Says:

    Seung Soo oooo….oooop…for some reason I can’t call this man oppa, so I’ll call him the name that suits him best..weasel! A horrid weasel! LOL

  40. 40 : Ttuk Says:

    #38 Really? I didn’t think it captured the mood of that scene. It was like a “going about their daily business” music.

    If going for a pop-rock flavour I would have used a bit of of the verse and the refrain from “Fall at Your Feet” by Crowded House. Perfect for that scene.

  41. 41 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m looking forward to Episode 5!

  42. 42 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think JH is a cheat – just as much as the husbands are cheaters. I hope the writer will treat her the same as she’ll treat the husbands for their cheating.

  43. 43 : mml Says:

    Actually, there is room for improvement for this drama and i also hope that Lee Sang Woo will win this triangle love relationships with Nam Sang Mi and be together and achieved happiness.

  44. 44 : usa-mary Says:

    Episode 5 is HILARIOUS! I so adore this writer!

    Before I made comments about JH, I waited to find out what happened. Though it took 5 ep. for the truth to come out, not I can elaborate.

    JH is not a cheater! She called off the wedding and TW mutually agreed. She went to Jeju to clear her mind while visiting her friend and met her soul mate HW. She’s totally surprised that she’s so drawn to him after knowing him for only 3 days. She feels at ease with him…a connection that she didn’t feel with TW. JH met TW 3 years ago. Didn’t appear before her until 3 years later wanting to date her. Then proposed to her with in that 3rd year, not disclosing his background. That’s deceptive people!!! No matter how fine TW is, that’s not how one begins a relationship headed for marriage. He wants his ‘mommie’ to make a fuss over his future wife like she does his brother’s wife!??? JH…RUN GIRL RUN

  45. 45 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is HILARIOUS! I so adore this writer’s thinking!

    Before I made a comment about JH and TW, I wanted to find out everything that happened between them up to the point when the wedding was called off. Episode 5 clarifies it all. Therefore, my findings resulted in the following…

    JH IS NOT A CHEATER, PEOPLE! Everything finally came out, 5 episodes later, as to why she and TW ‘mutually’ called the wedding off. They met 3 years ago at a colleague’s gathering. Only met…that was all! After that, for 1 year, TW was completely involved with his new position as a prosecutor, therefore didn’t pursue her. In the 3rd year, he purposely meets JH who doesn’t ‘remember’ him until he reminded her of their meeting 2 years prior. He then asks if he could date her. Less than a year of dating each other, he asks her to marry him, while not disclosing his full background to her. JH feels slighted and rightfully so! If he wants to marry her, then he should have told her about his family. That’s called trust folks! In my opinion, TW is spoiled and selfishly vying for his ‘mommy’s’ praise of his future wife, just like his older brother receives re his wife. JH won’t be protected by him and he confirmed that during their last meeting with his mommy! TW reminds me of the Miranda Rights…in his mommy’s presence, he reserves the right to remain silent and be clueless about JH feelings. But, when he’s alone with JH, the forever promising things he doesn’t deliver aggressive macho man appears! Even telling her that they don’t have to be in love in order to get married. Wow…such words every woman wants to hear before she gets married! Then, proceeds to provide her with one of the ‘lamest’ examples as to why they don’t need it and why he won’t change (like he’s a good catch with that attitude). He may not grow anymore in height, but, my God, everyone needs to change to better oneself foolish man! Its called growth. TW truly lives in his own self-concocted privileged world! Its all to his advantage and all to JH’s disadvantage. Hmmmmm….I hear the sound of another Stepford Wife’s mold being prepared! Just bring your body. Forgo the wedding and gift exchange. Have babies back-to-back by this man, then you’re really STUCK! I don’t care how ‘fine’ he is or how much money, prestige, and clout he and that CRAZY family of his has, TW will breakdown amidst a family like that one. TW sways JH with his words like he sways a judge or jury in the courtroom. In that lunacy of a household, JH will be the convict with no chance of parole. KTW’s wife=chattel, property…the Kang family’s intellectual property. If she does marry him, I’ll look for a prison break soon after.

  46. 46 : usa-mary Says:

    @45: Oops! Correction to the 4th sentence before the end of my comment that reads, TW will breakdown amidst a family like that one. It should be, JH will breakdown amidst a family like that one.

    So far, my favorite people are JH’s unnie, Ji Sun and her husband! This woman really knows how to portray a ‘real’ mother! Ji Sun went to her son’s school to find out what was really behind that mask when the thought came to her while at work…LOL! She drrives upon the school grounds (not a parking lot), then tosses her keys to the frantic school security guard as if he’s standing there for valet parking. Then tells the man that she will only be 5 minutes. Ooooohhh…do I like this woman’s spunk! RLOL! Pins her son against the wall, and shaves his van dyke beard right in front of his classmates! Of course, this happened right after she chased him around the classroom, throwing other classmates books and things at him…while turning over chairs. After the son arrived at home…his father, after hearing what happened chased him around the house with an electric shaver in his hand telling him to drop his pants…to shave the other end! RRLOL! A hairless he will be…a hairless he will be. Hi Ho the merry-ouch! A hairless he will beee! LOL This family is the BEST!

    Another funny incident with JH’s college age niece was when she began to criticize her emoo (JH) on how she acknowledged the presence of her fiance’ (TW) when she arrived home. Since she refused to shut up, her mother placed the lid from the heated pot on her head while the father just look and continued to eat! RLOL! Don’t mess with this mother. She truly means business!

  47. 47 : Susan 33 Says:

    I am watching a scene where the family is eating around a bob bowl of rice. They are all huddled together sticking their spoons and and stuffing themselves.
    This reminds me of at least two things that I do not like about Koreans:
    1. Moist of them throw the food in their mouths and stuff themselves like a bunch of monkeys. It is so unseemly and in attractive
    2. They are all too loud. They yell instead of talk and that is a big turn of.
    3. They are hue all the time and they yell some more. So uncivilized!
    4. Most of the Korean women have had plastic surgery in order to compete for beauty.
    5. Which brings me to this one:,These people are so superficial, worrying about material things and not caring about love and honor. Way too materialistic. It shows up in every single drama so it must be an example of how they are.

  48. 48 : tuingtuingaaa Says:


  49. 49 : twicenice Says:

    Watch Goddes of Marriage episode 5 with english subtitle here : http://goo.gl/L408u

  50. 50 : twicenice Says:

    Watch Goddes of Marriage episode 6 with english subtitle here : http://goo.gl/L408u

  51. 51 : xxxzxxx Says:


    It may not be cheating per se but it’s still some form of cheating. It’s true they might have broken off the wedding but JH went away without any means of TW to contact her or talk to her. Then she sleeps with another guy and right after she gets back she hooks up with TW again. It’s considered some form of cheating because she got back together with TW right away again – if she didn’t then I’d not call her a cheat. If I have a fight with my girlfriend and I tell her let’s end it and she in the heat of the moment agrees without actually meaning it. Then I go away so she can’t contact me when she tries to tell me she didn’t mean the ‘let’s end it’ thing and while I’m away I sleeps with another girl. When I finally return back and she can contacts me I get right back together with her. How is that not considered some form of cheating. It does not matter if TW kept his wealth a secret or not. That is a totally different matter and was also wrong of him but at this point JH has found out about his wealth and still decided to get back together with TW when he finally was able to contact her again. Now after they are together again she keeps meeting up with HW and falls in love with him while jumping into his arms whenever she gets the chance and you still don’t consider her a cheat??. TW has just told her to end the marriage since she does not want it but now she does not want to end it but want more time insteaad… This girl is just as fucked up as TW if not more.

  52. 52 : Ttuk Says:

    #47 Hi Susan 33

    I am not Korean but almost all the things you listed as dislikes about the Korean people are the very things I myself like about them.

    Let’s be more precise; in their culture as in any western culture, there are the “hoity toity” rich bunch and the down-to-earth ordinary folks. By hoity-toity we mean they look down at everyone and anyone who have less fortune/power. For the most part these are the folks whom you’ve described as shallow. They can afford expensive plastic enhancements to their appearance. And you will find this class of people in almost any society.

    Not all enhancements to appearance are fostered by vanity. Those who are in the entertainment business have justifiable cause for such modifications to appearance. They are in the business of creating illusions for the edification of the general public. So we can’t lump all those who get plastic surgery in the one basket.

    If a person’s dharma as it were, an entertainer, enhancements to physical appearance cannot be deemed as “vanity”. So it isn’t plastic surgery itself which makes one shallow, rather the mentality.

    Civilised vs Uncivilised: There is a term I have often heard describing our western civilised society as nothing more than “polished animal life”. It is a descriptor I find difficult to repudiate.

    Crude behaviour don’t always reflect the inner aspirations of the individual. Social behaviour for the most part is shaped by ones environment. Thus an uncultured individual may have internally cultivated the heart of a civilised man, while the refined so-called civilised person may be steeped in hedonistic pursuit.

    For this reason, we are careful passing judgements.

    To me the most wonderful thing about South Korean society, is they have managed to preserve much of their traditional confucian values while so many countries have lost their way.

  53. 53 : Ttuk Says:

    #51 xxxzxxx What JH was doing is “cheating”. It’s not a form of cheating. It’s just cheating. But the drama is emulating the values of progressives in American, who are somewhat utterly loose on moral issues. And we are used to explaining away our amoral behaviour by inventing terms which obfuscate the truth.

    My take on this; when a man and a woman who are attracted to each other, choose to bed in a room, they are at the mercy of a force much stronger than either one of them. Whatever the circumstances, the romantic side in me wants to believe that fate or providence alone dealt the hand. But the truth is there was alternate sleeping options which would have prevented the intimacy that ensued. So I think we can conclude she wanted to “cheat” on her fiance. Her reasons for doing so can’t change that fact.

    That said, I think the erosion of “societal code of conduct” can’t be ruled out as co-conspirator. But how does one indict such a thing which is overly protected by political correctness.

  54. 54 : mml Says:

    There is a way to end this triangle love, that is Nam Sang Mi must accept and love Lee Sang Woo wholeheartedly.
    Kim Ji Hoon’s character in this drama is really not suitable to cling on his relationships wih Nam Sang Mi.
    Viewers like me will feel very frustrated to see Kim Ji Hoon force Nam Sang Mi to accept and does things and control her.
    Since, Nam Sang Mi does not love Kim Ji Hoon, what’s the point of meeting him and wasting their time.

  55. 55 : usa-mary Says:

    I hope that JH makes up her mind quickly (by the next episode) because I’m not in the mood to see her flip flop back and forth like a dead fish from man to man like Mi Do in WAML did because she can’t settle her mind or emotions. I’ll gladly watch the other characters and fast forward her scenes if she does that! I like WH, whose already suffering from her indecisiveness.

    @xxxzxxxx-51: Since that’s the way you choose to think, then so be it. You can’t persuade me otherwise. From my experience, when 2 consenting adults or even 2 consenting rational minded children end a relationship, its ended…so move on!!! For people who like to play the break up and get back together game 3x or more a month…that’s immature child’s play and should remain among children who have the energy to deal with that foolishness! Either mean what you say, say what you mean, or don’t say it at all!

    P.S.: Now, a stalker or psycho wouldn’t understand that its ended! Why, because of warped thinking!

    To WHOMEVER! Wow!!! I smell American values bashing in the air on this thread! That’s so petty and immature!!! Let’s be civil shall we! If you want to play that game, at least play fair (if you understand what that means) and share the real country you’re from so I can elaborate on it! If not, don’t waste my time because I’m watching this drama, not your drama! ~smile~

  56. 56 : usa-mary Says:

    @mml-54: I totally agree with you!

  57. 57 : xxxzxxx Says:

    If you are ref. to TW when calling him a stalker and psycho then just remember he did tell her to end the marriage in episode 6 but this time JH did not accept it and wanted more time…

    I also do not really understand where your whole break-up make-up thing came from – my post had nothing to do with that. I was explaining why JH was cheating and why it’s considered cheating.

    I think Ttuk was responding to someone who was criticising koreans.
    I also do not understand why it matters where Ttuk exactly is from since he/she did state: “our western civilised” meaning he/she was writing about the place he/she lives too. I think he/she is right though when writing: “But the drama is emulating the values of progressives in American, who are somewhat utterly loose on moral issues. And we are used to explaining away our amoral behaviour by inventing terms which obfuscate the truth.”
    It only requires a fast glance on a ‘Goddess of Marriage’ thread to see this as people has no problem defending JH’s cheating which you are a great example of also.
    I just find it very hypocritical how these very same people has no problem cursing the cheating husbands to death. I’m not saying the husbands are not doing anything wrong but JH is not cheating any less than them.

  58. 58 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Kim Ji Hoon’s character in this drama is really not suitable to cling on his relationships wih Nam Sang Mi.
    Viewers like me will feel very frustrated to see Kim Ji Hoon force Nam Sang Mi to accept and does things and control her.”

    In episode 6 it’s JH not accepting the cancellation of wedding. The truth is also that TW can’t force JH to do anything if JH does not allow him to. It’s not TW fault that JH can’t be firm and make a decision but gets pulled along instead. This is JH’s own fault. JH is not a child and a victim but an adult who has responsibility over her own actions.

  59. 59 : usa-mary Says:

    Eun Hee was so devastated over the discovery of her husband’s affair with Cynthia that she still had the fish she purchased earlier that day as she was rushed to the hospital’s emergency room. The fish, in my opinion symbolizes her husband’s views toward his marriage to Eun Hee and his family values. So disrespectful. Well, as the She Devil emerges from the ashes of what seems like hopeless despair, I wonder what the writer has in mind for Seung Soo’s punishment?!

  60. 60 : Ttuk Says:

    @67 Thanks xxxzxxx. You understood my post well. Thank you.

  61. 61 : Ttuk Says:

    woopsie. I mean @57 not @67

  62. 62 : dobzrueger Says:

    the worst movie i ever seen..the line story very usual and nothing surprise, not like another korean movies, they have surprise or point where we really interesting about one scene.

  63. 63 : 리사 Says:

    Anyone know where can download the OST? Especially the piano cover in this drama, its really nice and makes me feel calm and peaceful…appreciate if someone can tell me where to get the piano music sheet.

  64. 64 : sylvia Says:

    i was just wondering why there are so many episodes when the story was just very simple. just hanging on because of lee sang woo. i hope that my patience would pay off if the lead girl will end up marrying him

  65. 65 : Tiara Says:

    Watch Goddes of Marriage Episode 7 English sub

    Watch here : http://ow.ly/nad9R

  66. 66 : Ttuk Says:

    @64 I think it is fairly obvious the real thing is between Hyun Woo & Ji Hye.

    Up until Ep#7 I had been struggling with why I’m forgiving towards Ji Hye. I now know why. It was the phone conversation between Tae Wook & Ji Hye that clearly and positively affirmed the true nature of their relationship.

    Tae Wook’s concerns centre around Tae Wook. As far as Tae Wook is concerned Ji Hye is an object of necessity to complete the complex tapestry of his life. Something akin to a trophy.

    He’s been for long time carefully managing his role as the dutiful son to reap future benefits from his wealthy parents. I would argue such a materialistic ambition shaped his personality. Attaining his goal is more important to him than Ji Hye.

    Which brings us to Ji Hye, who during their phone conversation wept as Tae Wook manipulated her in a manner fitting that of a prosecutor. She must have felt violated. And I’m guessing she had hoped her father might be more understanding, no-one else seem to want to understand her. She is somewhat trapped.

    Ji Hye’s position is understandable under the circumstances. To follow her heart and reject Tae Wook will meaning disappointing her family and friends. We saw how easily she gives in to pressure.

    The writer must have gone through similar experience as he/she captured many subtle nuances in Ji Hye’s personality.

  67. 67 : usa-mary Says:

    @Ttuk-66: I couldn’t have said it any better!

    I, personally, don’t believe that Ji Hye will survive emotionally as well in the Kang family like Tae Jin’s wife (for 1 year nonetheless 7 years) even if it does mean living in separate homes. Tae Wook’s idea of love alone is suffocating, manipulative and overbearing (to Ji Hye) just like his mother’s controlling presence is to her. But, the writer may surprise us all! Ji Hye’s father tells her to marry him, bear children and work. Is he kidding! After she marries Tae Wook, that’s the last she’ll see of her dreams to write or do anything else. She’ll be like a stringed marionette…being told when to produce the next Kang lineage, unless Tae Wook ‘permits’ otherwise…secretly, that is…which wouldn’t remain a secret for long! Geez…this whole family is outrageously messed up!

    Tae Wook’s father acts akin to Henry the VIII when he told Tae Jin’s wife to bear him a grandson to groom as heir of his company in place of his foolish son. What if she has another girl…is the deal off?! Will she return to being their glorified maid, or will she be told to try and try again until 8 children later, bears them a son? Doesn’t this man, with all his astute business acumen and education realize that the male seed bearer determines the species and not the female soil (that nurtures the seed) its placed into? Without a doubt, once women marry into this household, the wives become a fixture to be displayed admiringly (by the less fortunate), used, and enjoyed by the owners pleasure, just like the other furnishings!

    I hope that Ji Hye and Hyun Woo’s relationship going forward will not be similar to the book, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Because for some reason, its standing out more than the book about Peter Pan and Tinker Bell! Please…NO!!! So far, no one’s impotent that we know of and I couldn’t bear to watch that faux pas happening in anyone’s relationship, period! Plus, Hyun Woo deserves much, much better than that! If Ji Hye is going to be confused, let her do it alone! Yet, with 24 episodes to go, I’ll say…so much for wishful thinking!

  68. 68 : usa-mary Says:

    Song Ji Sun, the feisty, smart, level-headed, yet sometimes hot-headed noona seems to be caring the weight of her sister and sister-in-law’s problems while trying to balance her own family and job issues that continually arise. I like that her husband is there to help somewhat as a buffer when she’s emotionally distraught. Manager Hwang still reminds me of the sneaky Mayor Go in City Hall. Wouldn’t promote Ji Sun if his life depended upon it! That karaoke/business meeting scene was so funny!

    Uh-ooh…Seung Soo and Cynthia’s punishment will begin soon! The She-Devil’s collaboration has already begun! Heads will roll!

  69. 69 : usa-mary Says:

    Just saw ep. 8 in the raw! It appears that we’re going to see Tae Wook as a man scorned!

  70. 70 : truth Says:

    I am appall when a human alive can use their energy to want and explain what is totally wrong to convince others,Ji Hye is a grown woman, she was not born today, supporting her actions is like seeing black and say it is white, common people, this is not a story,this drama is BS,it is simple Ji Hye can tell Tae Wook I don’t want to marry you, if he try to persuade her,because a man will always try to convince a woman that he loves, that is common with life, she should discourage him,because it will not benefit any of them and your father or your parent can’t make a grown woman who is educated to marry a man she clearly don’t love. she should tell her father simple, this marriage is not going to work, I am in love with other man I know that you want me to marry him because he good but love matters in marriage,that is simple enough to have him back up, not making sad faces or crying like as if you don’t know what is good for,and I see some post here trying to make Tae Wook’ a bad person, people should not condemn a person simply because he is not the lead actor in the drama, that is selling your heart to what is wrong. I know some people will be angry because of my post but be assured I careless of what you might say,If I should judge Ji Hye is the one manipulating the two men staging for both of them to fight.I agree with @64 Sylvia why is this drama have so many episode when there is no story to tell.

  71. 71 : truth Says:

    I am appall when a human alive can use their energy to want and explain what is totally wrong to convince others,Ji Hye is a grown woman, she was not born today, supporting her actions is like seeing black and say it is white, common people, this is not a story,this drama is BS,it is simple Ji Hye can tell Tae Wook I don’t want to marry you, if he try to persuade her,because a man will always try to convince a woman that he loves, that is common with life, she should discourage him,because it will not benefit any of them and your father or your parent can’t make a grown woman who is educated to marry a man she clearly don’t love. she should tell her father simple, this marriage is not going to work, I am in love with other man I know that you want me to marry him because he good but love matters in marriage,that is simple enough to have him back off, not making sad faces or crying like as if you don’t know what is good for you,and I see some post here trying to make Tae Wook’ a bad person, people should not condemn a person simply because he is not the lead actor in the drama, that is selling your heart to what is wrong. I know some people will be angry because of my post but be assured I careless of what you might say,If I should judge Ji Hye is the one manipulating the two men staging for both of them to fight.I agree with @64 Sylvia why is this drama have so many episode when there is no story to tell.

  72. 72 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I agree with people criticising TW because he is not perfect but JH is – as @truth is also saying – a grown up woman who has to take the blame for cheating – she’s not a victim.
    The following is what I wrote on another forum to someone who was blaming TW for JH’s mistakes and I still believe it to be true.

    “This is getting more and more ridiculous. I love how you paint TW out to be some kind of predator while JH is just a little sheep. JH is an adult and has the responsibility of her own life. JH loves to act like the victim and a lot of you loves to give it to her but JH is not a victim she’s an adult who has to take responsibility for her own actions. JH going with the flow and half-heartedly accepting TW is still HER fault and HER choice and pinning it on TW is just ridiculous.”

    “I think TW bluffing about the cancellation of the marriage is your wishful thinking and your way of keeping JH clean. I think TW actually meant it when he told her to break off the marriage but JH is just so self-victimizing that she can’t accept the cancellation of the marriage to happen like this. It has to be her to tell TW let’s break up the marriage and it has to be TW to say yes to her because if it’s not like this then JH will not become the victim who has to get out of the marriage. This is also why she goes on about everything bad TW has done even though she said she was not going to find fault with him – she needs to be the victim.
    JH not accepting the cancellation is probably also because of JH’s own ego – if TW is the one to say ‘let’s end the marriage’ then he will be the one to decide that too which is why she goes on whining about how he decided everything in the relationship. I’m not saying TW is clean or anything but I think it’s ridiculous how you try to turn every bad decisions JH make into TW being at fault. I might not have considered JH a cheat while she was still on her ‘vacation’ but now she’s nothing more than a self-victimizing cheat.”

  73. 73 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I also think people who are criticising TW for not standing up against his mother while at the same time defending JH for cheating on TW by excusing it as her not wanting to disappoint her father are being hypocritical. In other words – the way JH is acting is just cowardly and is not any better than TW not able to stand up against his own mother.

    In the end then I think it’s impossible to excuse JH behavior (cheating) in any way. It’s impossible to excuse cheating because any excuse you might have will be reasons for a break-up/divorce – never cheating…

  74. 74 : Ninacute Says:

    Goddes of Marriage ep.8 english sub

    Watch : http://goo.gl/rBdDp

  75. 75 : truth Says:

    I like to give my little thought to this drama, in other life what TW is doing is common,when a man or a woman is in-love they will never break up even when they see the other partner is not in-love with them. most of the time the man will start acting up to please the woman,doing things in her back to see if the surprise will please her why the woman will continue to hate him using this as an excuse to blame him,also apply to most women, they will say if I change something in me, he will like me, to the cheating husband he will come back home,she will lose control of herself on how to please the man in her life, it takes the grace of God to stop and realize that he is never coming back home,also goes to men like TW if he find out that there is other man as interested in her, he will play dirty to get the other man to back up, that is why JH should be honesty to herself and stop this uncalled behavior and tell the truth to TW before she make things worst for both men,because this is the time to end this relationship now before she make TW more miserable and despicable person and leave TW alone, because this relationship of TW,JH and Kim Hyun Woo is not a story at all,my advise to the writer of this drama give TW other woman to marry, it is OK to see other bad mother in-law in other Korean drama, we are use to it but TW father seems to be a good man that will help.

  76. 76 : Ttuk Says:

    There’s obviously a different set of values which govern the behaviour of South Korean people. It is made more confusing I’m sure due to the mingling of western values and traditional Korean values.

    The criticisms towards Ji Hye is primarily predicated on western values. In my country a girl in Ji Hye’s predicament would bail out of the relationship and no-one would care less. Western women tend to be more assertive than their Korean counterpart I guess.

    Ji Hye is a country girl with a traditional upbringing. I think she is a conflicted individual. I’m guessing she is the writer of this drama, a person who is attempting to integrate western values into her life. It won’t actually work. It’s one or the other.

    Ji Hye is rather soft hearted. Too soft. As a result she messed up bad with Tae Wook getting hurt as we will see in ep#8.

    Ahh… melos.

    The story arc with Hong Hye Jung is starting to hot up. Tae Ran is perfect for that role. Certainly no dead moments in this drama and no resorting to plot devises to drive the story.

  77. 77 : Ttuk Says:

    I think some women will be happy with what Tae Wook brings to the relationship. Certainly for a country girl with traditional values, possibly she would know happiness comes from within oneself and not from ones partner.

    Most of us have been conditioned to believe that without romance the marriage would fail. Therefore we frown at the idea of arranged marriage, without even checking to see if the evidence supports the belief.

    Ji Hye is an example of someone who wants more. In many cases the “more” that we are after may actually prevent us from seeking happiness within ourselves. And if we maintain this fallacy throughout our relationships we actually create an unhappy state for ourselves and those we are with.

    I side with traditional values over modern western values because it addresses this point, among others.

    But I’m willing to give Ji Hye the benefit of the doubt that she knows well her own requirements towards a happy outcome. So far her philosophy on life has failed her miserable…Haha.

  78. 78 : Colora Says:

    Ok good morning to all today is 7/22/2013, I did watch some episode and let me tell you that that poor woman-Kwon Eun Hee- OMG she caried with her those fish and it did stink all arownd her poor poor lady, she was so blind with her husband, finally she did see him….it is bad she got sick but she need to go on with her live…she needs to fix hersel a makeover, learn english, and demostrate to the chiting husband how preaty and ad smart she is…….and by the way I love the one that went to school and shave her son’s face that was hilareus…love is I did LOL…this Drama has a lot of good things to keep watching…good drama

  79. 79 : usa-mary Says:

    Since Ji Hye had a problem with Tae Wook before she met Hyun Woo, their mental and emotional struggle didn’t begin with him. But, after meeting HW, JH surprisingly discovered a connection…a soul mate. Now, seemingly caught between filial obedience for her father’s adamant views of wanting TW for a son-in-law and her family’s elation of their upcoming nuptials, she’s constantly seeking solace to settle her mind and emotions. That is if TW will leave her alone to do so.

    Whatever feelings she has for HW is unfortunate for the both of them and each time she calls for a final split to not see each other again, for some reason its never finite (writer Park). Especially, now since TW, acting like a man scorned after over hearing JH on the cell phone. He accessed JH’s telephone records, found out it was HW she was talking to, how often she’s talked to him (when they 1st started talking), and getting a periodical with a featured article about the architect HW to read. It looks like he’ll probably continue to find ways to make both JH and HW uncomfortable with surprise dinner meetings, etc. Given TW’s continued actions…he may just be the catalyst that drives those two together.

  80. 80 : usa-mary Says:

    From what I ascertained, JH is undertaking everyone else’s philosophy about life, while not devising her own. Therefore, she’s experiencing internal chaos. Everyone on this earth at some point in time, no matter who they are, where they live or what culture they’re born into innately desires to embrace their own individuality without forgoing their ancestry’s past and present contributions.

    Love and romance are two separate entities! Love is an innate characteristic which foundation creates harmony, balance, growth and everlasting memories of security. While romance is an outward gesture which creates a temporary fulfillment which many associates to love. Everyone and every living thing needs and thrives off love. While romance is the allured precursor for many peoples relationship to thrive!

    STRAIGHT TALK: Nothing against anyone…just the true facts!

    So called western values or influence has nothing to do with the choices made by people in other countries, Asian or otherwise who for centuries (over 500) have sought out love and/or romantic relationships from other people outside of their arranged marriages. Many men (I didn’t say all men) have done this and still do this to date (women have been included), even more so among those with the financial means to keep and cohabitate with another while the 1st wives knowingly suppress the truth by pretending that their home life and relationship is just fine! Using western influence as the ‘hallmark’ for the decadence of mankind which has been prevalent since man’s existence can not be validated!

  81. 81 : usa-mary Says:

    My Light Bulb Moment:

    Tae Wook calling Ji Hye from the bedroom of their future home and quickly taking Ji Hye there before meeting with his family. Telling the servants to bring champagne so he can ‘christen’ Ji Hye in their new home! Always talking about (horizontally) hugging her when she’s obstinate towards him. Now its clear. Tae Wook told Ji Hye that she captivates him when she’s difficult and acting badly! Wow…isn’t it kind of kinky to be turned on by obstinance? He without a doubt has a ‘Taming of the Shrew’ mentality!

    Besides that…Tae Wook…who wants to go to your parents home in a wrinkled dress, all sweaty after frolicking with you in the bed! NOT!!! Plus, there are no drapes on the window! People and their eye witness exhibitionism!

  82. 82 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t understand why you bring up arranged marriages and so on because at the end of the day then no one beside JH herself is forcing her to marry TW. I don’t see anyone putting a gun to her head forcing her to marry him. Her not wanting to disappoint other people is no excuse to cheat and betray another person – if she’s not strong enough to go against the one expecting her to marry TW then she should just marry TW without cheating. If she’s strong enough to follow her heart then good for her. The cheating can’t be excused in any way and when I say follow her heart I’m refering to JH breaking up with TW and getting together with HW.

    I don’t think anyone here were blaming western values for the way JH was acting but the defending of her behavior in the forums and the way the writer is trying to make us sympathize with JH is what Ttuk was refering to when he/she said that it was western values influencing.
    It’s no secret that the western world is more open and defending towards behavior like the one JH is showing no matter how you try to deny it. I’m not saying everyone living in a western country are like this but they are more prone to defend cheating.

  83. 83 : Ttuk Says:

    I agree @xxxzxxx. I myself am guilty of sometimes unwittingly defending the very values I disdain. I am glad to hear you champion such a thing as there are very few who do.

    It’s stimulating to read the comments here from yourself and usa-mary. You’re both not as one shady character once said: “useful idiots”. You are thinking people who scrutinize contents/art knowing that it shapes minds/societies.

  84. 84 : Ttuk Says:

    The ratings are low. I’m curious if it is a tough time-slot or audiences in South Korea are just not into this type of melodrama. Anyone know? Admin?

  85. 85 : truth Says:

    If JH is holding on to TW because she doesn’t want to hurt her love ones, she should go ahead and marry TW, and stop seeing Kim Hyun Woo because she want to sacrifice herself for her family,Hong Hye Jung sacrifice herself for her family by taking every thing her cheating husband and her mother inlaw throwll at her, JH stop deceiving two men and stop wasting air time and go for it so that Kim Hyun Woo will move on with his life.

  86. 86 : Susan 33 Says:

    Kim Ji goon plays such a jerk. Even if he’s rich, why would anyone be interested in that asshole!

  87. 87 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzzxxx-82: Re arranged marriages. I wasn’t referring to anything you commented on. My point being…in this drama, even if it ‘was not’ an arranged marriage…the writer has JH’s filial obligation being parallel to that of an unwanted arranged marriage and the fear of what would happen if she objects to it.

  88. 88 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzzzxxxx-82: Continued..

    Re blaming western influences: Yes, I’m aware on both fronts…of what Ttuk stated and about the writer. I agree that the writer is trying to get us to sympathize with JH, which I don’t, nor do I understand her state of confusion, yet everyone’s sheltered family life experience is different! Some enjoy its continual, traditional security while others want to break free of its mold and hold, yet writer’s choice!

    Re…It’s no secret the western world is more open and defending towards JH’s behavior…but, they are more prone to defend cheating”…

    I won’t try to change your viewpoint nor fuel your broad generalizations. Actually, there’s nothing to deny or keep secret. Yet, I will point out what’s true and not speculation…

    Only the ‘zippers’ defend cheating…not the skirts! The majority of the skirts here are vocal and expressive when it comes to showing their disapproval of adultery! Have you heard of Lorena Bobbitt? Well, she wasn’t the first who let her husband know that she disapproved of him cheating. There are many stories which have gone untold. Its neither accepted nor passively look the other way by the majority of women here in the U.S. How do I know…1) from women’s dialogue; 2) from family and close friends who worked in hospitals’ emergency rooms where the ‘men’ were the incoming patients! The truth is most men, not all men, but most…the majority of MEN, PERIOD…are PRONE to cheat regardless of what country they live in! I, personally, know expats who currently live in certain (still closed societies, except for trade/business ventures) Asian countries for at least 5 years. Some are even married to the locals of said countries and have shared info that’s not found in one’s tour guided travelers’ manual. For instance, its part of the culture for men to cheat on their wives though they don’t see it as cheating (that’s a western influenced word, mind you)! While the women hate it, have no say about it, and turn a blind eye to it. They can have 2nd, 3rd or even 4th wives (if they can afford them-that’s if they want to keep them). Most just want to ‘play’ around…forgoing the wine/dine foreplay. My view is that cheating, breaking ones marriage vows is wrong…and has nothing to do with influence or location. The denial is that its prevalent worldwide, and I’m not in denial about that truth!

    @Ttuk-83: Thank you for the compliment. I enjoy good discourse between fellow commenters.

  89. 89 : usa-mary Says:

    Now, that’s said and done! I’m going to comment according to the journey of this interesting, dramatic fictional work. Hopefully, when it ends, I can come away with something that’s positive and constructive. Not just the obvious overbearing, narcissistic, controlling, insecure, smothering, chaebol feudalism, subservient, confused, and adamant-braggadocious driven family members whose main purpose to celebrate JH’s marriage to TW is to say…look who accepted my daughter, niece, aunt, or sister into their family! She can’t express her complaints now and better not think about expressing them, later. When they’re not the ones who have to live and walk around as the undead!

  90. 90 : turth Says:

    I don’t why anyone will blame JH family, for her bad behavior not deciding on what she really want,JH family are not begging on the street,yes they may want her to marry into a rich family but no one is beating her up or any of her family is debt or sick that they need so much money to a get a cure for the sick person.As I can see, almost all her family members are working, even her father have orchard farm managing his business,her family is more well off than Hong Hye Jung family as any one can see.one thing I hate about JH character is her crying as if she doesn’t have a choice to choose.even though her family are forcing her, still she is not a baby that is born today.in this case, the person that i really feel sorry for is TW because he is been used because he is in love,the worse thing that can happen to any one in life, is when somebody is giving you false hope before you realize it the damage have been done.no one should give excuses for JH or else he or she deceive or lie to people in real life because there is a choice here for her to choose there is no need for her to continue giving TW false hope when she clearly hate every thing about him.

  91. 91 : usa-mary Says:

    At birth no one understands how relationships work. Its a continual learning and growing experience on every relationship level. Yet, when understanding is sought out and discovered. Its presence in relationships is as valuable as pure gold!

    I look forward to seeing who grows emotionally and who chooses to remain stagnant and complacent in writer Jo’s literary work of art!

  92. 92 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 9, there is a way to prevent Nam Sang Mi for having more and more sufferings that is, not to get married to Kim Ji Hoon.
    She should run away on the wedding day itself, buy an air ticket and escape with Lee Sang Woo to another country.
    Viewers like me, is expecting this to quickly happen. This is a by force marriage, Nam Sang Mi is not happy to marry to Kim Ji Hoon, then in the first place, should not get married to him.

    I’m expecting interesting thing to happen, that is Lee Sang Woo will be the hero to help Nam Sang Mi to escape and run away on the wedding day. I hope, this is the writer’s arrangement.

  93. 93 : Nudge Says:

    But why on a wedding day? So cliché.

  94. 94 : Torri Says:

    I was hoping this drama would improve as time went by but after today’s ep i i have completely lost interest . I can’t sit here and write all my reasonsand it won’t change a thing well I was kind of reluctant to start watching scandal but I think I would have to give it a try because am dropping this drama , good luck to the writer and viewers

  95. 95 : John k Says:

    I don’t understand why two good looking guys who are successful would want a girl like her? She does nothing but complain and she keeps on whining about her pride. They picked the wrong actress to play this role. Every time I see her and her future mother in law annoys the hell out of me. That mother in law needs to go away because she gives korean mother in laws a bad name. She is one of those old ladies who needs to shut the fuck up. They need to shorten this drama to 20 episodes because there is no story,that’s why it has the lowest rating compared to all other dramas.

  96. 96 : usa-mary Says:


    She-Devil #1: After giving a 30 day notice, Ji Sun was BLEEPED so many times as she told Manager Hwang off that its a wonder his hair stayed on his head. Then, for the finale, she whipped out an Italian arm gesture with a (blurred out-of course we all know) hand sign that would have even impressed Federico Fellini himself.

    She-Devil #2: Cool…calm…and collected Hye Jung didn’t even break a sweat when her mother-in-law, enraged over her friends membership cards being denied, thought that her controlling influence would work on her like it does at home. After calmly agreed to reinstate the cards…NOT! Director Hye Jung launches an attack to clean up accounts of business friends and chaebol leechers, by making them pay their outstanding bills (which includes her mother-in-law-for the full year)! Yippee! Then, tops it off by making sure there will be no further company leaks to her mother-in-law from the insider spy. This woman is so professional and did her homework to ensure it will be upheld. Show them how its done She-Devil #2!!!

    Now, I’m still waiting for She-Devils #3 and #4 to realize their potential. Looking at clock…tapping foot on the floor! ~smile~

  97. 97 : Nudge Says:

    A politician in my country vowed she would do away with “carbon tax” when she takes leadership. A few months in as leader, she changed the term “carbon tax” to “carbon pricing” and pushed the bill through. When asked why she lied, she responded: “I didn’t. We are dealing with ‘carbon pricing’ now”.

    The scene with the anchorman explaining away his infidelity to his wife, reminded me we live in a time where euphamism can be traded for the truth.

    Anchorman attempts to pacify his wife: “She’s just office spouse..there’s no real feelings”.

  98. 98 : usa-mary Says:

    The genre of this drama lists, comedy, romance and family. In my opinion, its a straight up melodrama! There’s comedy…definitely, family…for sure, and romance…I’m still waiting!

    In episodes 9 & 10 (raw): There were more red flags waving in JH’s face re her relationship with TW that even a Spanish bull was waving some!

    I usually get excited when it comes to seeing a beautiful bride in her lovely gown on her wedding day, but not this time. I was more numb than excited. She should have been measured for a straight-jacket during the time she was measured for her wedding gown, because that’s where she’s headed. TW’s obsession for her is dangerous. He said that he would be her dog, do whatever she wants him to do, and will even lick her shoes. Well, contrary to what he said, JH is more like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to TW. So, after 7 years of marriage to this clown, will she be the one that the father-in-law gives his gallery to?! That’s if she’s still sane by this time.

  99. 99 : DEB Says:

    A divorce will be a really predictable plot device from the writer to actually break them up. Looking back at the story it looks like TW has more of a background or history than HW’s character. I think what can actually turn the drama around and i mean drama would they two married couples actually falling in love with each other.

  100. 100 : DEB Says:

    A divorce will be a really predictable plot device from the writer to actually break them up. Looking back at the story it looks like TW has more of a background or history than HW’s character. I think what can actually turn the drama around and i mean drama would be having the two married couples actually falling in love with each other.

  101. 101 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll watch this drama up until a certain point because I seriously refuse to partake of the emotional, aggravating rollercoaster ride of emotions that I battled against while watching WAMFL! No way Jose’! I’m going to stand my ground when it comes to this drama! RLOL

  102. 102 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @82. USA-Marry.
    The first thing in your post that strikes me is the fact that you are only talking about ‘men’ doing the cheating but let me enlighten you a bit. In this world the truth is probably that women cheat just as much as men (PERIOD?.)
    I also notice how you write about women being against adultery and you might be right but it only counts when the man is doing the cheating or if the husband is an angel and the wife is cheating on her angel husband. If those factors are present then sure women have no problem condemning cheating.
    If on the other hand the husband is not an angel who is getting cheated on or if the husband is doing the cheating then women tend to make a 180 degree turn around.
    I’ve seen time and time again women defend cheating – especially when discussion cheating women in movies or dramas.
    The truth is women has no problem defending cheating as long as it’s the woman doing it while it’s portrayed as ‘TRUE LOVE’ between the woman and the other man – just like this drama (just look at how a lot of people on this thread are condemning the cheating husband (and rightly so) but are still hypocritical enough to defend JH’s cheating just because it’s portrayed as a woman finding ‘true love’).
    The thing is women has no problem finding excuses for cheating if the husband is not an angel. This drama is a pretty good proof – heck even when the boyfriend/husband is good some women has no problem defending cheating if it’s because of so called ‘true love’ (just look at “When a Man Loves threads”).

    “the writer has JH’s filial obligation being parallel to that of an unwanted arranged marriage and the fear of what would happen if she objects to it.”

    The writer might be trying to do this but it’s not working because no one is forcing JH to get married and as I’ve said if she’s not strong enough to go against the marriage then she should get married without cheating – it’s pretty simple.
    If she’s willing to take the chance of cheating and getting found out which would hurt her family just as much – if not more – than her not going through with the marriage then I find it as a weak excuse for her to use obligations towards her family as a reason to go through with the marriage while cheating. If she was really that concerned about not letting her family down then she should not have cheated in the first place.
    The writer might want to portray JH as a victim but if you are not easily manipulated then it’s pretty easy to see through JH’s self-victimizing personality and that she’s responsible for her own situation and actions which includes cheating.

  103. 103 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I know I wrote women (which might come off as all women) a lot in my post before so I just want to clarify that I don’t think all women are hypocritical or cheaters just as not all men are that. I think there are probably as many good women as there are good men and vice versa and even though my post comes out as I think all women are as described in my post then that’s not the case.

  104. 104 : Nudge Says:

    I think Tae Wook might not be as honest as he appears. He’s treating the marriage like a business project. He pitches rather than laying out his heart. When it comes to maters of the heart such a manner in his dealings suggests an agenda to me.

    I have seen couples like these two who after marriage, a baby comes and things change. They suddenly are living happily.

    The baby? Yup. Caring for another soul has a way of elevating ones consciousness is one conclusion.

    But I don’t expect viewers would want this drama to go that route.

    So the marriage between JH & TW went ahead and I guess things will get predictably tough for JH at the castle Transylvania in South Korea. She lacks the spartan-like disposition of her predecessor.

    Aigoo. What did she get herself into? (It’s like a 60’s Dracula flick.) How will she escape? The longer she remains the greater the chance she will be turned…hahaha. Will she then reach out to her paramour in the wee hours texting as wolves howl in the cold distance. Hehehe. Sorry couldn’t help it folks.

  105. 105 : Fran Says:

    who is the Lead male actor in this drama? Kim Ji Hoon or Lee Sang Woo? I’m confused. Probably as confused as the female lead! LOL

  106. 106 : Nudge Says:

    @Fran, I think writer’s confused too. Hehe.

  107. 107 : Nudge Says:

    @Fran, She’ll end up with Lee Sang Woo in the end is my guess. So that I think is the answer to your question. LSW is the lead actor.

  108. 108 : Tira Says:

    I am sorry to say that this marriage will not survive! What is Ji Hye thinking? Just watch how her mother in law treat the daughter in law as housemaid.
    I don’t believe JH should continue this marriage after her affair. Marriage is base on trust! If Tae Wook do not know about the affair than it may work.
    Yes, Tae Wook is very rich and he use his power to check JH’ phone record. Which is very bad!
    Hyu Woo is a better choice as a husband and his mom is more easy going. He is a better person, handsome, charming, good job and a decent family.
    Poor Hyun Woo! We think that you can find a better partner than JH.
    JH is going to make a big mistake! I foward to see how JH is go
    survive her new mother in law!

  109. 109 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-104: RLOL! Great analogy…castle Transylvania in Korea! When you look at where they live, their house does have an eerie castle-like structure to it. Cold and stoic feel!

    JH thought she was exhausted before by TW’s relentless need to keep her near him like Thumbelina when she feels like she’s on trial for having an opinion not parallel to his. Well, she just boarded the RMS Titanic.

    Firstly, her friends…whose that! Her friends from Jeju definitely won’t have a presence at her new abode. Especially, since TW kept them and her co-workers from attending their wedding…then why send out invitations?!!!

    Secondly, tranquility…what’s that! No more escaping from him, period, to ease her frustrated soul. As if sharing the same bed with that octopus with hands rascal won’t be enough. It wouldn’t matter how many rooms they have in their house when she feels the need to get away from him, she’ll be glued to his side…master TW’s orders! Yoga, girl…kripalu yoga!

    Thirdly, sex…the thrill of victory (him)…the agony of defeat (her). Mr. kinky gets his jolly’s off when she’s obstinate. So, he’ll enjoy the challenge of keeping her in a tiff while honing his conquesting skills akin to his profession. Oh, JH, better not even think about withholding sex from him when she’s ticked off. He’ll be just like his brother and take it!! To him, her NO’s are already YES’s.

    I wonder…will she experience the same soul-mate connection that she did with HW (obviously, the euphoric O_o)? hmmm I dare say that TW surely and truly has his work cut out for him! Knowing him, being in his own world of delusion, he’ll believe that he rocked her world! LOL Honeymoon night, will TW be her judge, jury and prosecuting attorney. He seems like the type to remind her by throwing her past in her face.

    Lastly, the mother-in-law! The welcome wagon of deception. The broom riding queen of malcontent for daughters-in-law of substandard, economic backgrounds. The puppeteer who uses her daughter-in-law like a wooden (soulless) marionette; manipulating her with in the household to her liking.

    How will HJ respond when that woman makes sure that HJ hears her true thoughts about her presence in their family. Will she, as usual, do it under the guise of whispering comments to herself loud enough to be heard by HJ or will she be direct, using her usual soft-spoken, firm words that’s more piercing than Jumong’s arrowheads. Happy sailing RMS Titanic (HJ) as you find a warm-blooded refuge in that goth minded household.

    SHE-DEVILS arise!

  110. 110 : garette Says:

    I watch this drama coz of lee sang woo…….its because of him!!!!!!

  111. 111 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay. Now I know why JH’s friends and coworkers were late for the wedding and couldn’t get in, but still….

    What kind of dad does JH have?! I’m not saying he’s a bad man or father, he’s not listening to his own daughter’s heart because everything he told her doesn’t necessarily apply to her and TW’s relationship. He wants TW as his son-in-law and that’s finale. Just because a man is not the warm and fuzzy type doesn’t mean you have to kick him to the side. I say kick him to another planet where he will find someone compatible to him. Seriously though, since people usually choose the opposite of their personality, I don’t know if they’re going to be interesting to watch or not. I sense that HW is not going to go away. JH, good luck with that needing 5 hours of time to yourself a day. With the type of mother-in-law that she has, she’ll learn quickly how to do the things she’s not good at after she gets criticized on every hand by that vicious woman. We’ll see if JH is allowed to continue working or will become the house daughter-in-law!!!

    The Marriage 🙁

    Since JH is so innocent and naïve…we’ll see if TW keeps his word by not reminding her of her brief affair with HW. She would have been better off if she hadn’t gotten back with TW, then there wouldn’t be any feelings of guilt towards him. At the most, she would have to work through her foolish, compulsive behavior re HW…but, writer’s decision.

  112. 112 : Nudge Says:

    I think Tae Wook is spiteful enough to sleep around and not give a hoot how JH feels. Speculating.

  113. 113 : Nudge Says:

    Yes and JH’s father can’t love his daughter enough to have developed stronger protective instincts. He’s a selfish old fart.

  114. 114 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t – as bad as TW might be – think this will happen since it makes no sense to have another JH clone in this drama ;).

  115. 115 : Sho Says:

    It seems as if the audience missed the point in the story. To remind you, when Song Ji Hye slept with Kim Hyun Woo she was single and also broke up the relationship with Kang Tae Wook.
    The problem started when Kang Tae Wook gave here sister Mill dollars and here family practically refuses to return the money, everyone who understands the eastern culture will understand and sympathies with Song Ji forcing herself into this marriage.
    Another reason from the last episode: Kang Tae Wook made it very clear that if she is to brake up and cancel the marriage he will make sure that her and Kim Hyun Woo will regret it. He practically promises to use his power to harm her, Song Ji and here family.
    I have a feeling that after the marriage he will find out that she is not virgin, and used it to humiliate and abuse here (He mad it very clear in a previous episode that he liked her because of here innocent and pure personality). Not to mention the abuse she will get from here mother in law.
    I also think that she will find out that she is pregnant with Kim Hyun Woo baby (I may be wrong).
    The point this drama tried to make: One who used his power for his own selfish greed will never get his greed fulfilled and never be happy. Abuse of power will bring misery to everyone involved.

  116. 116 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “It seems as if the audience missed the point in the story. To remind you, when Song Ji Hye slept with Kim Hyun Woo she was single and also broke up the relationship with Kang Tae Wook.”

    I think you also missed a point – she went back to TW pretty easy and fast right after she thought HW had stood her up at her vacation.
    The point is if I had a fight with my GF and I yelled let us end it and she in her anger also yelled back yes let us end it. Then the day after she regrets our fight but I have gone away without any means for her to contact me and while I’m away I get it on with another girl. Then this other girl “stand me up” and I come back home and the first time my GF is able to make contact with me again I get back together with her. I don’t know about you but in my book it’s the same as cheating.

  117. 117 : truth Says:

    I know some may like TW to become a bad person,well I for one don’t see any reason why he will become a bad person when he is the one in love here or else the writer want to satisfied those who hate him TW.Everything JH has been through, it is her decision,no one force her into it.I have seen countless of women that their husband cheated on both in real life or in a drama like this,they did not run away or got a divorce because of it,people are different, before you as a person leave a marriage, you must have gone through so much or you are not in love with the other partner, as for JH,she can’t wait to get out of that marriage the way I see.men cheating on their wife’s is not uncommon, it is like every day thing, no woman likes it,weather the woman is poor or rich, they still stay been married ,so I hope before JH leaves, the writer better give a good reason for that or they shouldn’t have been any marriage to beginning with between TW and JH

  118. 118 : usa-mary Says:

    I had to step back in order to take a really good look at TW! TW is not a bad guy, per se. He’s a man with high testosterone where apart from his job and JH, there doesn’t seem like there’s anything else to get him quite stirred up. I don’t find fault with him being competitive in and for love because its a characteristic that’s true for the majority of men. I don’t dislike TW, I disliked his approach of courting JH, his one-sided mandates, and manipulation of JH’s father to get her to marry him to fulfill her filial duty. I’m still trying see if there’s a glimmer of excitement towards his love for JH, but still can’t find any. In his ‘honeymoon’ excitement mode, making her say that she belongs to him now, he’s doing everything to he possibly can to please her. We’ll see…

    Okay, writer Jo! Who ordered Annie of the Alps…Campfire girl Carol…Hiking Hilda into this drama as Hyun (fine hunk) Woo’s love interest???!!! It’s like throwing a wrench into a running motor…jamming my flow of this drama!!! I know its writer’s choice, yet my thought was…you could have brought someone in that’s similar to Cynthia to create jealousy and get everybody on here smoldering with anger! I, by no means, am trying to put this young woman down, nor am I saying she’s unattractive, BUT come on now!!! Even though she has the drive that’s equal to TW’s pursuit of JH, a classy hussy with some curvy umph, with the mindset that she ‘always gets her man’ would have been a better choice. Maybe we just caught the new love interest on her off day! LOL I’m still trying to wrap her appearance around my conscious mind!

  119. 119 : usa-mary Says:

    There’s never a dull moment in the NJS and SJS household! If its not the children or JH, its the job or the in-laws.

    I must say this, Song Ji Sun is the classiest dressing woman in this drama. I like her jewelry, clothes, shoes and even her handbags! Even more than that, I like her attitude! Well, except for the tire puncturing idea…that was so stupid, yet funny!!! Ji Sun is firm when she needs to be in order to keep everyone and everything she’s responsible for in order. Yet, very same responsibilities become overwhelming to her, she knows how to run to NJS, her hubby, for comfort and support. That, I like. No Jang Soo knows how to give it to her (the answers) straight without being domineering or making her feel as if its a bother to him! She acknowledges his emotional strength and leans on him without thinking twice about doing so. That’s my kind of man!

    As for Jang Soo’s slithering brother, No Seung Soo. He needs to stop lying and go crawl under a rock. Going wolverine on his behind wasn’t enough! Grow longer fingernails Eun Hee! I can tell that his momma spoiled his rotten behind!

  120. 120 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t like Ji Sun – I know it was played for laughs but I found it so wrong when she humiliated her son in front of his entire class. I know the son did wrong by lying but I have this opinion that you do not humiliate – especially – your own children in public. I also think that Ji Sun is just as – if not more – controlling than TW.

  121. 121 : Sandy Says:

    I was hesitant about watching this drama because I don’t want to see any cheating spouses, shallow storyline and foolish women. In reading some of the comments, this appears to be the theme. After trying to watch Crazy Love–I thought I disliked MS in When a Man Loves, it’s nothing compared to my complete dislike of all the lead characters in Crazy Love. I need a break from crazy dramas. I need another Dong Yi, Salaryman, Family Honor, Greatest Love, Stars Falling, Lovers, Mars–a good story.

  122. 122 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @121 Sandy.
    I love that you just listed some of my favorite dramas – I think you should try ‘Brain’ since it’s the only drama I would rate above Family’s Honor.

  123. 123 : Nudge Says:

    “Annie of the Alps…Campfire girl Carol…Hiking Hilda ” LOL. That’s pretty funny @usa-mary.

    Go Na Eun who plays Han Se Kyung (Hiking Hilda) could pass as a sister to Eugene if any casting people are out there; take note.

    Ahh.. my eyes are teary from laughing.

  124. 124 : Nudge Says:

    #120 @xxxzxxx Some children take it like water on a ducks back, as if somehow born into a family fully prepared for the worst.

    But I agree, some children never recover from a public humiliation even late in their adult life.

    What I think of Ji Sun is that she knows her children well, and my guess is they know she’d take a bullet for them with no hesitation. That bond, secure in the knowledge they are loved is strength for a child. (sounding like a friggin’ social worker eh)

  125. 125 : Nudge Says:

    Episode #12. JH is frowning more already. I think her place with the family is going to deteriorate rapidly, though she’ll probably try to hold it together.

  126. 126 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I agree some children can take it and some can’t but in all honesty whether your child can take it or not is not the main point – you just don’t humiliate your own children in public…
    This is just my opinion though.

  127. 127 : Randy Rowe Says:

    No Seung So is such an ugly guy, who would be married to that ass.i guess the director chose him because he is such an ugly actor and can play a despicable rogue. Why I don’t understand is why this Cynthia would have anything tro do with him. Bet his wife comes back changed.

  128. 128 : usa-mary Says:

    RLOL! I just have to laugh about this! The infamous mother-in-law’s wheels are already turning or should I say, her eyes were really roving down and up JH. The mandate for changes in JH’s wardrobe towards being a Kang chaebol Stepford wife has been set into motion. Here comes wearing slightly, baggy, expensive conservative clothes to hide her curves. That’s right, JH…you shouldn’t have listened to TW. You should have just went ahead and wore a beautiful, traditional hanbok like your wise sister suggested. Besides, it wouldn’t make TW a bit of difference what she wears since he prefers her without anything on, anyway! LOL

  129. 129 : usa-mary Says:

    Writer Jo are most of the characters in your drama BIPOLAR?

    Writer Jo and Director Oh! Here are my thoughts when I see this exceptional character, Suzy of the Swiss Alps….

    1) Oh…she’s wealthy! For a minute there, I thought her mother sent her private nurse and (sanitarium) attendant to the restaurant to take her home in time to take her meds.

    2) During the 5 years SY told herself that she wasn’t going to contact HW, she should have told herself to get a makeover! If she really wants a man like TW or any man for that matter, she has to lose the, I’m still on the hiking trail/mountain climbing look! Keep on taking that Viagra for altitude sickness, and girlfriend in the long run it may result in his and hers shaving razors with respective, matching mugs for soap lathering! Ginger girl…raw ginger for tea or just chew a piece!

    3) Can I tweeze SY’s eyebrows just a little bit…please?

    4) SY, most of the Italian men you met weren’t gay. The male members of your hiking/mountain climbing team each received a fax that you were joining their expedition and made a pact to either say they were married or gay! Wow…what brotherhood!

    5) Table manners and etiquette just didn’t connect with this chaebol miss! Wait a minute! There’s still some more room to shove more food into her mouth so she can really tell you how she feels about you TW!

    6) My fashion critique of SY’s one shoulder, one piece print ensemble. So, that’s where my bed sheets went to O_o!

    7) Now SY wants a (horizontal) hug from TW. I suppose that’s the polite way to ask for sex?! Hmmmm, after listening to the radio and having JH’s honeymoon glow mentioned, that was about all my sweetie TW could take. I hope when he told the driver to turn the car around wasn’t to go back to Suzy of the Swiss Alps! Maybe he was going to drink some more. Resulting in SY getting called because he’s drunk…ending up in a lubba-lubba motel, dancing the Italian mambo until…! OH NOOOO! Bad joo…very bad joo! That thought is forbidden…perish it…perish it…perish it now and go home TW!!!

    Eun Hee…sweetie. I know that many see you as needy and idiotic for wanting to keep your marriage together with that vile skunk of a man called your husband. Even calling you stupid for leaving your son with him. You’re in emotional pain even more now since he’s the only one who can provide for your son. Plus…you need some time away to get yourself together. So, the only thing I can say to you is…FIGHTING! When you return home. Return looking just as good as the wife in the Taiwanese drama, The Fierce Wife. Give that Cynthia chick a run for her plastic surgery! She-Devil arise!

  130. 130 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. No Seung Soo did well in English and not in the other areas of study while at the u.???!!! Whenever I he and Cynthia speak English…it makes me want to perform the Heimlich maneuver on them!

  131. 131 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary SY? You mean SK (Se Kyung) don’t you?

    Or as some English subbies has it: Han Sae Gyeong.

  132. 132 : Nudge Says:

    @Randy Rowe. I agree. Cynthia’s a social climber. She didn’t bite when Seung So hinted on a deeper commitment between them. She’ll easily abandon him if/when something or someone better comes her way.

  133. 133 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-131: Oops! I meant SK…how did that Y get there? hehehe

  134. 134 : kimnic Says:

    can anyone tell me is this worth watching?

  135. 135 : ccarxoxo Says:

    This show annoys me Ji hye married tae wook just be happy with him cause you decided to marry him !

  136. 136 : iammee Says:

    I was just thinking how they would drag it up to 32 episodes. I get disappointed after the lead girl got married, I was wondering what will happen to my fave guy lee sang woo? Would he still end up with her in the end, I just hope so.

  137. 137 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @Iammee (136):

    I think it’s pretty clear the writer’s intention is for JH to end up with TW which is the reason why the writer made JH have her affair while on a trip after having “allegedly” broken up with TW. I think the writer did this to manipulate the viewers into thinking that it’s okay for JH to end up with TW since she didn’t “technically” cheat on him (which I don’t buy one bit though). It’s her way of leaving the door open for JH to end up in a happy marriage with TW.

  138. 138 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t understand all this hate on SK? What has she done so wrong?
    The thing is HW is free for the taking right now and SK is not bad – your bad points about SK are all shallow. I actually think it’s pretty amazing how SK is not afraid to show her bad sides – even in front of the person she loves. It’s not like she’s totally without manners – at their ‘late’ date she was not bad.
    I think the main reason people get divorced nowadays (besides one of the partners cheating) is that once people has been married for some years they get tired of pretending. They pretend to be perfect before marriage and only show their good sides and once they have been married for some time they can’t keep up the pretence anymore and all their bad habits show – at least SK is real and not faking herself.

  139. 139 : usa-mary Says:

    I so look forward to the next episodes to see what the writer and director has in store for the many satirical characters in this drama. It should be fun!

  140. 140 : Tira Says:

    OMG! Look at the nasty mother in law call JH a bitch! Nobody can stand being call bitch or treated as a maid or slave? JH is in for real good. Poor HW, he is so heartbroken. Very rich does always mean happiness.

    Let see how JH going to survive the nasty mother-in-law. I noticed rich family always use the daughter-in-law as servant or housemaid. Kind of scary to marry to korean culture!

  141. 141 : John Withmeyer Says:

    Joon So Youn, the ugly woman who is playing the tyrant mother in law is so mean and unfair that I am going to call her the Bitch from Hell or the Mother in Law from hell. If I were the daughter in law, I would never come out to the house for breakfast. I would just stay in the other house or be so unruly that the family would have to get rid of me. Tae Wook’s wife is so weak, no wonder she is having problems, she needs to be strong like the other daughter in law who is also having a bad te.

  142. 142 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t feel sorry for any of the DIL they both – especially JH – knew what they were going into and still accepted getting married into these families which is why they – in my opinion – don’t deserve any pity.

  143. 143 : Nudge Says:

    There’s truth in them words @xxxzxxx

    I like how the drama doesn’t freakout and make up unrealistic plot twists. Perhaps that will come later when they run out of material.

  144. 144 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, SK’s attire improved compared to the initial intro. She’s a clueless, continual pricking thorn to HW and me. Okay…enough of that. What’s with these chaebol people who go around forcing their intentions on innocent folks? When they set their sights on whomever as their object of desire, they become a pit bull that won’t let go. SK’s obsession for HW reminds me of people who have a secret, dim lite cubby-holed room filled with an altar and photos of their intended love….creepy!

    Hmmmm…it appears that TW’s dad may think he has the last word when it comes to his household, but the madam of mean will prove him wrong. She belittles and harasses her victims with venomous words until they relinquish all their human rights to her. This is some crazy stuff! Pinocchio doesn’t have anything on that old broad. She’s a horror show just like those two supposedly works of art that she purchased by money laundering funds for her 2nd (momma-boy) son’s campaign. Just like the morbid paintings which are apropos to that household. Old madam mean is starving the very essence of life out of her daughters-in-law while admiringly, sneering at the lifeless shells she’s creating, just like the father and daughter did, respectively, in the paintings. Son #1 was smart…move to another country!

  145. 145 : Eugene Says:

    Demeaning drama. I you are a character of this drama, regardless social class, you are either submissive or spinless or abusive or ignorant. Is it really how the writers see korean society and the institution of marriage and family? Two big families connected with each other and all of the members have serious personality issues, failed marriages etc. Insulting for the viewers and koreans.

  146. 146 : usa-mary Says:

    @Eugene-145: Great comment! As all writers use the ‘freedom of expression’ to various degrees by mixing satire with truth, it can really cause conflict with us viewers from time to time. As I observe the various writer’s works, I’m glad that I can decipher the truth from the visual fallacies of this and other dramas, even if its depiction does raise questions about the writer’s viewpoint of the Korean society, the institution of marriage, and the family. The same thing happens with the media’s extreme twisted portrayal of western society and values…like everyone in the U.S. is viewed as either obese or overweight except the actresses in Hollywood or fashion models, or their on drugs, divorcees, and/or easy lay nympho maniacs which is far from the truth!

  147. 147 : Jyenie Says:

    I have watched this drama up to ep 7, it is quite refreshing. I like TWook more than HWoo, so I hope JHye will fall in love with him. Their triangle love reminds me of When The Man Love but JHye and KHW are not so annoying like MD and JH.

  148. 148 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-147: Hi there…how are you?

  149. 149 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi usa-mary, still kicking and enjoying my life in cyber world 😀
    Are we having a date to meet again for The Heir in October with Sharon and Fan? You and Sharon are still very active on this site, I drop a few lines here and there occasionally but I don’t see Fan anywhere at all, she is probably busy watching Chinese or Japanese dramas 😉

  150. 150 : Nudge Says:

    #146 Nice post @usa-mary. Not sure where you stand in the great social divide, but your sincerity is felt here.

    I’ll probably get flack for saying it: The writer has a distinct gender bias and I think a contempt for hierarchical social order. Her work seeks not to highlight what is virtuous in society, rather what is bad.

    At least so far, that is what I’m seeing. I’m used to it as a westerner but I question the purpose and value.

    As I watch this drama and my preference for Korean dramas, I expect to be moved by the vision of its creator. It’s what underpins the romance which makes all the difference. But it’s early still, let’s see how things play out.

  151. 151 : Jyenie Says:

    One thing I notice from the KD is the people always share the same utensils and cups, isn’t it revolting? They were sharing a huge platter of bibimbap in this drama, they were talking and eating with their saliva splashing all over the dish but they seem to enjoy it very much 😮

  152. 152 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-149: Hee-yyy! RSVP-The Heir…yes! Like Fan, I too, have been perusing for other Asian dramas, especially Jdoramas for a really good plot. I do this while waiting for the next episodes of the kdramas to post.

    With glee, I must announce that finally, I’ve found a drama with a concept that satisfies my visual thirst to see an emotional stable, strong, decisive female who stands for truth in the face of all odds against her without compromising her values and femininity. Yippeee! It’s a jdorama entitled, Answer-Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan…check it out. Its gooood and I’ve only watched Ep. 1.

  153. 153 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-150: My social points are very clear, in my opinion. I totally agree with you that the writer’s work seems biased, yet, that’s why I mentioned satire.

    Re this drama:

    From my perspective, some fiction writers, like Writer Jo in this case, uses strong, aggressive (if I may) satire when it comes to expressing their viewpoints towards distasteful societal or cultural norms. For example, extreme filialism, male favoritism, honeymoon marriage phase vs many years of marriage phase, chaebols vs moderate income family views, obsessive (stalking) unrequited love pursuits, oppressive (subjective/controlling) mothers-in-law, and detrimentally, obedient to a fault, submissive wives/women. Though I dislike seeing the unpleasant extreme behavior among these characters, I don’t go around thinking that all S. Korean families conduct themselves that way. I, too, enjoy prolific, well-written dramas that contains (hopefully) balanced protagonists and antagonists, but that’s not always the case. So, I try to stay open…with the thought that the writer is trying to make a point and until that point is revealed, we’ll continue to see the emotional frustration and agonizing the characters are experiencing. I’m looking forward to their day of reckoning, their victory, and light at the end of the dark tunnel moment for those who are caught up in their family woes and social dilemmas. So, I’ll try to wait patiently to see if Writer Jo has a good outcome in mind for all involved. When I think about it in depth about reality, everyone’s daily life is not made up of or is all about romance and heart fluttering…yet, it would be nice if it was that way.

  154. 154 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-150: P.S. You’ll get no flack from me, I understand the points you made and do prefer the warm fuzzy feeling I receive from the more romanticized dramas as compared to the tumultuous ones. Yet, romance is not achieved without effort and effort doesn’t come without overcoming some challenges whether with oneself or with others. You know what I mean…like to love oneself or someone else despite the mistakes that’s made. So, I try to base my viewpoint (about this drama) from an open, literary perspective. Think about it…even Shakespeare’s writings (sonnets and plays) had their undue amount of tragedies, yet civilization continued to go forward.

  155. 155 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie 151 hahaha ! I was looking for you guys ! good you’re here
    I tried to watch Lee sun shin the best, but it’s too long I feel like the writers are dragging the story, now I can’t stand to watch a drama with episodes more than 20 like this one.

    @usa-mary right now I’m watching “Thank you” a previous work of Gong Hyo Jin. Even though the theme is serious but the characters are attaching and there is funny moments too.

  156. 156 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi fan!(wave, wave)Are you watching Goddess of Marriage too? There are a lot of annoying characters in this drama! Who wants to live with their in laws nowadays!?
    I dropped Lee Sun Shin ages ago, not my cup of tea especially that Song Mi Ryung.
    “Thank you” is not bad. There are some good current showing KD , are you not watching any of them? The Master’s Sun is entertaining.

  157. 157 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-155: Hi fan…its a reunion, now!!! I had been looking for you guys, too. It’s good to have you and Jyenie here. Now, to top it off, we need Sharon to appear. The last time I saw her comment was in the I Hear Your Voice drama thread. I’ll check out Thank You.

    @Jyenie-156: I agree with you re annoying people in this drama. Though Lee Sang Woo as Hyun Woo is nice to look at shirtless, wet, sweaty, dry or just standing…he needs to be like that more often to appease me in order to make up for the menagerie of lunatics in this drama. I tell you, they seem to be competing for the most unlikeable character award category.

    I agree, The Master’s Sun is very entertaining and very well written!

  158. 158 : Jyenie Says:

    You can find Sharon in Empire of Gold, she likes this drama very much!

  159. 159 : Nudge Says:

    #153 @usa-mary

    Love reading your comments. Lively! 🙂

    I just watched the raw of episode 40. I meant to only give it a quick peek but ended up watching the whole thing. Haha!

    The story is maintaining an even pace. Anyway its obvious things aren’t going so well for Ji Hye. Which predictably will push her towards pining for you know who.

  160. 160 : Nudge Says:

    Correction: I meant episode:16

  161. 161 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-159: I thought the exact same thing re Ji Hye! Looks like its already started from the looks of the ending of episode 15. Without a doubt, that man, Hyun Woo, is so whooped from their first and only hugging encounter that he can’t get her out of his mind! I hope Writer Jo doesn’t have her and Hyun Woo become skanky like her whoring brother-in-law Tae Jin who currently has an exercise membership at the art gallery owner’s bedroom. Does that fool believe if he wins the election that his shenanigans will be kept hidden? Idiot! I really tried not to focus any comments on that fool and his momma, but when he was so enraged over being found out about a stupid, illegal act that could jeopardize their entire family’s assets, then walked in and hit Hye Jung, telling her they share one comforter…so how could SHE! That did it! How could HE enjoy being so shallow! They may share one comforter, but he doesn’t honor that fact. Talking about loyalty while abusing her all in the same breath. With all his dipping and wadding in other pools (with his nasty self), there’s a whole lot of other females that’s under that one comforter besides her that he’s brought home, no matter how he bathes.

    Hmmmm…I wonder how the She-Devil in Hye Jung will awaken. Because currently, she’s still not there, like I thought she was. From my perspective, spousal abuse calls for a Louisville slugger with Tae Jin’s name engraved in hangul on it. Hye Jung needs to scare Tae Jin straight like yesterday when he first raised his hand to her!

  162. 162 : Jyenie Says:

    I think There is room for improvement for Nam Sang Mi’s acting. Her facial expressions are quite standard i.e frown, surprised, smile and uneasy.

  163. 163 : fan Says:

    @Jyenie and usa-mary


    No, I’m not watching this drama, I’m here because I was looking for you girls ! Sharon is in “Empire of Gold” thread. Seeing that you’re not loving this one too much, I won’t watch it I don’t have too much time. I’m watching “Who are you” and enjoying “Master’s sun” a lot ! see you there !

  164. 164 : usa-mary Says:

    @fan-163: Okay! See you in The Master’s Sun!

    Wow, there is some crazy mess going on in this drama! I’ve been trying to patiently wait for justice to emerge, but the lingering negativity is a bit much!
    Ji Hyie and Hye Jung…girlfriends…you teach people how to treat you!

    I so like the female CEO who told Eun Hee not to marry trifling, opportunist Seung Soo. There’s a lot of wisdom and truth this woman imparts. I believe she will be the catalyst for EH’s transformation. EH knows about real estate, how to manage money, and has keen business acumen. All huge pluses for her to move forward. Thank God she’s not ditzy! We’ll see her transform into a butterfly, I believe soon.

  165. 165 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmmmm! That art gallery owner is trying to act like a 9 tailed fox. Well, since fall is coming soon…I could go for a nice sweater coat adorned with fox tails!

    As for Tae Jin…the jurors of my mind are still deliberating, yet I guarantee you, my karma idea should be real good.

  166. 166 : Nudge Says:

    #161 @usa-mary

    “..spousal abuse calls for a Louisville slugger with Tae Jin’s name engraved in hangul on it..” LOL!

    I’m sure almost all viewers would agree the bad guys needs an ass woopin’. Writer-nim is looking the wet blanket.

    Babe Ruth probably chuckled at that reference aye usa-mary. 🙂

  167. 167 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-166: I’m glad you liked my comment! If you don’t teach people how to treat you, they’ll walk all over you.

  168. 168 : usa-mary Says:

    Song Ji Sun so far is my favorite heroine in this drama! She’s decisive, level-headed, clear about her goals for her family and a straight shooter. I so got a good laugh from the expression on her face while listening to her ungrateful mother-in-law (Lord, these ungrateful people are ridiculously running ramped in kdramas) upset and ranting, while dishing Eun Hee about the apartment she bought them; then sold it without notice (bravo to you Eun Hee, bad for Ji Sun). LOL Ji Sun’s expression looked as if she was thinking…”Don’t even think about coming here!” So, what did the husband do…moved them in without consulting with her! Ouch!!! LOL It looks like there won’t be any additional peace in the No household…the teenagers are enough as it is! Hmmmm…I wonder where skanky in-law SS is going since Cynthia finally put that sniffing hound out! His son is welcome in Ji Sun’s household at any time…but SS (self-centered snake)….

    My Observation:

    Okay, folks! I get and do understand about honoring ones parents, because I honored mine. I was never made to feel that I owed them anything outside of love and respect! Not so in these kdramas. The Asian parents (including in-laws) are the PITS!!! They believe that their children owe them everything, and they should be recompensed since they gave birth to them. In the chaebol Kang household (the wealthiest) its far worse…dream deflating worse! Their adult children and spouses are mere chattel whose souls are zapped daily by their succubus mentality! Is this what they call love…family???

  169. 169 : usa-mary Says:

    I realize that some storylines can be hit or miss, but this one (sadly) has more misses than hits. It could be much, much better than this because there are really very good actors in it.

    I don’t recall seeing a chaebol daughter so desparate for a man, pathetic and unrequited love forlorn as SK! Calling HW on the phone to hear his voice, then begins to sob so he can hear it!!! Sending her dog James away overnight so she could stage that scene with her ex to get pity from HW. HW is too good hearted and sympathetic. By his mother being a nurse in the hospital, I’m quite sure she knows a psychiatric case when she sees one.

  170. 170 : Leila Hutchins Says:

    Hate Se Keung… She has manipulated a way to get into Kim Hyundai Woo’s life. Cannot stand her. She is relentless. So happy that the ugly husband who was a TV personality lost his job thanks to the Chairwoman while his wife is still acting stupid. She will change eventually. Now that the younger daughter in law quit her job, she will start working at her father in law’s company and probably end up having to work on a project with Hunday Woo.then they can finally get together.

  171. 171 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay…Jyenie! Come join us (fan and Sharon) in The Master’s Sun!

  172. 172 : usa-mary Says:

    I just heard a song today by 5th Harmony, a teen girl group, here in the U.S.; very nice lyrics. So, without further ado, I want to dedicate the song titled, Miss Moving On to Se Kyung. PLEASE…MOVE ON SK out of the picture…out of HW’s life with James!

    Has anyone noticed the opening montage of this televised drama when it shows the happy couples? Well, Ji Hye and Tae Wook are one of those ‘happy’ couples, not Ji Hye and Hyun Woo. Why, why did the writer have them get married? I really don’t think Ji Hye is going to leave Tae Wook. Today the job, tomorrow getting pressured to have a baby. Big daddy Kang-cutter has already mentioned it to her. Really writer…where is this drama headed?! Well, it looks like Ji Hye is really going to become another Kang family trained seal. She’ll get thrown more expensive designer bags, engraved designer golf clubs, 10% company shares of stock…personal chauffeur…all the while involuntarily becoming a well trained lady-in-waiting to her in-laws and their chaebol friends wives who will grade her abilities on serving them. What a sorry life!

  173. 173 : jewles Says:

    The best normal Korean life style and family drama was “Pure Love” which just finished. Although it is a daily drama, it was well worth the 120+ episodes. After watching all the back-stabbing, scheming and switched at birth and greed, etc, etc, this is the last show I would watch to calm myself down.

    Simply the bet show I’ve watched in a long time. Well written and expresses high school romance to mom and dad’s relationships; everyday life. I think this is most normal Korean life drama there is. Haven’t seen any eng. sub sites yet, but do check it out.

  174. 174 : Nudge Says:

    Nee-Hahaha. Well, well.. looks like the romance between the soul-mates is about to reignite. More of the same ..cheating husbands, cheating wives.

  175. 175 : usa-mary Says:

    Song Ji Sun is my favorite of all the women here. Oh…HW’s mother, too, but we don’t see her that often. After that…(cricket sounds)!

    I really hate seeing cheating spouses. I’d rather see Ji Hye leave that household on her own than to have Hyun Woo be part of her reason for leaving, but I’m not the writer sooooo…. Wow…when those two lock eyes, the passion and longing for each other really takes over!

    The upcoming parents meeting of SK and HW! 🙁 James I and James II, SK’s loving pets!

    I like Tae Woo now even though he was so overbearing and desperate to have Ji Hye be a part of that hideous family. I can somewhat see why he wanted to marry JH and not some stuffy chaebol daughter. The man desperately wanted and needs normalcy, and he found that in Ji Hye. He was ready to stand and fight with his crazy momma for 3 years if need be, so that Ji Hye could continue to work as a writer, but she couldn’t take the pressure anymore. That skunky FIL didn’t keep his lousy word! Those two old, selfish Kang IL’s are enough to make people have digestion problems. Everything is viciously aired at meal time! Old gal coos at old guy like a barmaid wanting a big tip when he lets her get her way with their so called children. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! I, personally, would rather have the 1% uber rich money, than to have their character. At least, indentured servants had a contract…7 years. With the Kang IL’s its until someone divorces or dies!

    The dress that Se Kyung was wearing when she surprised Hyun Woo with lunch in front of his company is the exact cotton linear fabric designs (minus the khaki) that I bought as a birthday gift for a male family member. The only difference is that it was a short kimono summer bath robe. It’s the truth!

    No Seung So…NOOOOO! REALLY…do we need visuals of him in his undershorts?! His legs need some sun rays! By the way…when he selfishly and greedily started eating the jabchae with the noodles going back in the plate from his mouth…ewwww…that would have been the end of THAT! Keep it and eat the rest of it by yourself…ewwwwww!

  176. 176 : Nudge Says:

    I wonder if TW will do another audit of JH’s calls to discover the one made to JH car by HW? Poor guy. It would break his heart a second time.

    And if more than a casual exchange on the freeway had followed, that IMO is time to call call it quits for the married couple.

    Phew! Seeing HW, Ji Hye went from the fleeing scared rabbit to a arguably horny rabbit, after hearing his calming voice. Hah! Adultery in motion. I’m ashamed to say, I’m enjoying it. 🙂

  177. 177 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-176: You are too funny!

    My mind immediately started going in many (predictable) directions after watching the end of ep. 18. JH looks like she’s still engulfed in the ‘chaebol’ DIL boot camp of hell. I want JH to be with TW, but in the right way. I don’t want to see TW hurt and turn crazy because it can get really ugly. Come on Writer Jo…not Lady Chatterley’s Lover! TW is far from being impotent and HW looks like a baby maker when he and JH lock eyes. Ohhhh…Writer Jo…are you really going to go there?

  178. 178 : Jyenie Says:

    If Ji Hye doesn’t want to adapt herself with the lifestyle of the chaebol family, she won’t last long just like what HJ warned her.

  179. 179 : kriss Says:

    Seeing Ji Hye’s and Hyun Woo’s reaction upon their chance encounter, their mutual attraction is deinitely very strong. Remember this is more than a year after they went their separate ways. Me think Tae Wook and Se Kyung have plenty of reasons to be worried; very, very worried!

  180. 180 : Jyenie Says:

    If you are given two options only as below, which will you take?
    1) To be the daughter in law of the chaebol family like Ji Hye/HJung? As long as you manage to tolerate the fastidious MIL, get up at 4.30am to prepare elaborate breakfast for the whole family, help your in laws to pick up their coffee powder and sandals from the stores, quit your job, then you get to enjoy all the best things money can buy.
    2) To be the daughter in law of the ordinary family like Ji Sun? She also has to get up early(at a decent time)to prepare breakfast and dinner (after working all day long) all by herself for the whole family, calling everybody to get up, has a good for nothing MIL who acts like the royal highness, never ending pathetic family problems…..

    However, if there is option 3
    3) I think most would love to be DIL of KHW’s family- a simple, rational and loving family with professional careers, no fuss at all, have plenty of time to read and write(watch and make comments on KD), get to keep the job you love.

  181. 181 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-180: From the beginning, I was for and still am in favor of Hyun Woo all the way! I know Ji Hye would have transitioned well into HW’s family…his mother is a jewel! That Writer Jo had to go and mess it up by having her marry TW! I want her to be happy and with HW because she’s definitely not in love with TW, though she’s making the effort. Yet, I don’t want JH and HW to have a physical affair which makes me wonder if she’ll have an emotional one with him (which is just as dangerous). The writer has something laid out that will be the cause of her breakup with TW which will be a melodrama MESS! I’d rather it not be a cheap, shoddy, sexual affair, though. It’s distasteful…plus JH and HW (as characters) deserve better than that.

    Sometimes writers need to have a powwow with the characters they’re writing about…LOL! One may not be able to change the personalities of the evolved characters, yet one can write numerous approaches and scenes until arriving at the one that is more suited for the characters. If I were the writer, I would have continued the pursuit of the 2 men, vying for her affection with a sneak peak into each one’s family life. I wouldn’t have had her marry TW, at all. I most definitely didn’t care for Tae Wook in the beginning and still don’t care for his superficial, hypocritical (to humanity) family. Even though, I now have empathy for him (Writer Jo’s ploy) because the writer took us into his stressful, twisted chaebol family’s world and revealed how frustrated and sad it makes him. He’s a good guy who truly loves Ji Hye deeply and doesn’t want to lose her; she’s sanity for him. On the other hand, his family’s mentality is a cesspool regardless of them being in the upper crust 1% bracket financially, status wise, power wise or otherwise. They are uber-crazy!

  182. 182 : Jyenie Says:

    O.K, you will pick option 3 but you are only given option 1 and 2. Which one then?

  183. 183 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-182: #3 and that’s my final answer Alex!

  184. 184 : Jyenie Says:

    LOL, probably you don’t understand my question.

  185. 185 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-184: Actually, I do understand very well what you’ve asked me. I just choose to not narrow my selection process down to only those 2 and get stuck with crazy IL’s either way! I’ll look for an orphan to marry before I do that!

  186. 186 : kdfan Says:

    I been so looking forward to watch LSW’s next drama but why does he end up in one with NSM and worse, with this kind of plot. I m waiting to know the ending before I decide to watch. i checked out stills n LSW looks so hot in the drama, sigh .. can’t wait for the show to end.

  187. 187 : Jyenie Says:

    Ha, you are definitely a smart one. 🙂 Well, marriage doesn’t seem enticing at all in this drama.

  188. 188 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary The song attributed to Hyun Woo and Carol Hiking-Hilda (LoL ..still can’t get over that one without bursting into laughter) suggests their relationship could deepen. I’m hoping that is not to be.

  189. 189 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-188: I make myself laugh when these funny things come to mind, too. You don’t say…LOL! I hope that’s not the case, as well. You know, Writer Jo seems to be full of ways to surprise us. I dare say, once Mountain ‘Climbing’ Mavis gets a hold of and climbs Hyun ‘tree’ Woo like he did with JH that one night while in Jeju…it’s over for real! She’ll literally become a layer of skin to him.

    You know…the writer must have observed some very emotionally, weak people in order to come up with a storyline like this one. These characters give in so easily to the stalker-like pressure of this so called ‘romantic’ pursuit. I suppose using the word ‘no’ and meaning it is unacceptable in this drama. Okay Writer Jo, what debacle are you going to pull out next from your magic hat?

  190. 190 : usa-mary Says:

    Even though I saw episode 19 in the raw, there’s only a smidgen of excitement in it. Unfortunately, after that bit of excitement, it resorts back to the same old, same old boring chaebol craziness. Alas, there’s a new broom rider in town, SK’s mother whose upfront and center with her outspoken rudeness, right in front of HW’s mother. This woman is rude to the bone or is she? Actually, she has the best mother-wit, instinct, whatever you want to call it out of all the IL’s on here (with the exception of HW’s mother, of course). This woman’s instincts are so correct regarding HW being kind outwardly towards SK, but distant in his heart and SK is so lustfully blind that she can’t see it. SK’s mother is angry because she sees her daughter following in path and doesn’t want her to end up like her, lonely due to a workaholic husband who has a woman in France which he doesn’t deny, but clears his throat instead.

    If episode 20 is as boring as its former, I’m out of here! And that little duking it out scene with HJ and the art gallery ho isn’t enough to keep me here either. I’ve begun to fast forward those scenes with that sleazy Tae Jin and his ho of the month or calendar quarter. Writer Jo, please make your point soon or get off the pot!

  191. 191 : truth Says:

    At least,The writer shows how a marriage can survives, not how a marriage can be destroyed, am proud of you writer,hope you continue this way.

  192. 192 : usa-mary Says:

    I suppose some women are groomed for and would rather cry in a Maserati in all their designer finery.

  193. 193 : Nudge Says:

    #191 Hiya Truth. I suppose you could frame it as “surviving” mahwige ..err, I meant “marriage”.

    But I wouldn’t heap accolades on the writer just yet. All she has given us is an iteration of situations that might arise in marriage.

    IMHO, what makes for great works, is the writer provides a glimpse into something transcendent to the mundanity of life we’re already immersed in.

    I am doubtful our writer has what it takes, but I’m enjoying the ride. 🙂

  194. 194 : usa-mary Says:

    When TW announced to JH and the fam that they were leaving the country, she started packing immediately…see ya…adious…hasta la vista baby! I so enjoy when the writer adds humor to break the monotony of manipulation with in the Kang family. Its amazing how Writer Jo takes TW’s mother’s lunacy to still another level. She’s like computer malware that corrupts and won’t stop until she’s completed her mission to take completely over.

    Next, we have NSS. Entering the room, scratching in places he should reserve for his privacy only, as if Ji Sun wanted to see that! I didn’t want to see it either! She’s not your wife, yucky man! As if, your wife would want to see that too. To top it off, you go touching things in the kitchen after pulling your hands out of your pants…nasty creature! Touche’ Ji Sun for tripping him. I’d like to virtually trip his behind, too. LOL

  195. 195 : Nudge Says:

    Nothing resolves. There’s no respite for us the audience. The story, like a ship with no navigator keeps heading out to sea for JH & HW. And there’s no hope of ever returning to port. I mean, how will they end up together now they’re to live in different countries?

    Or will they? Or will they both marry, have children then put the poor children through domestic hell? Oh dear, please not that.

    TW’s mother is one for image without substance and must have her way to keep her own hormones in check, I suppose. I imagine she was raised in opulance by parents who probably mistook the appearance of having virtues with actually having them.

    Now I’m pouting. Going to watch the raw of episode 20, in the hope of allaying my concerns.

  196. 196 : Nudge Says:

    Humans in sensory-overload mode is how many of the characters are in this tale.

    @usa-mary, I agree with you about HW’s mum. Actually they — mother and son — both appear more grounded than all the other characters.

    Though I like Carol Hiking Hilda’s mum, even though she is over the top bitchy her motivations are not selfish. She cares for her daughter’s happiness and her intuition is right of course.

    In contrast TW’s mum is machiavellian, every drop of her.

  197. 197 : Anita Says:

    Why is it that Koreans always drink too much and get drunk in every single drama? Is the country full of alcoholics?
    The other pet peeve I have is that they are always stuffing their faces and talking with full mouths. That is such a bad table manner.
    And third which is annoying is the way they talk.. Loud and they drag their words… It’s so base and low class.

  198. 198 : Anita Says:

    I really do not like the main actress. Why? Because she is so stupid. How can she pass up a kind, good looking and honorable man like Lee Sang Woo. Of all the actors, I like him the most. Whatever her name is, she can’t decide what she wants and she always goes towards the fire. She is not a fighter, but a fearful person who does not fight for herself. She lets other people run her life. So stupid so I have no respect for her. Hope that she changes, like her sister in law who left her scuzzy ugly husband.

  199. 199 : Yoli Says:

    In episode 20 TW cancels his trip to New York due to his brother being investigated and a loyal son to his family.

    But Ji Hye is so unhappy that she decides to go drinking alone only to be found by Hyun Woo and she spills the beans on how unhappy her life has been in her marriage.

    I can’t wait until episode 21 to she how things turn out, but she is getting closer to Hyun Woo, I wonder if he’ll cancel his wedding plans for Ji Hye..

    On a positive note I love the changes in Eun Hee and the possibility of a new love for her. Since her ex-husband was such a worthless ass that he never valued her. I’m cheering for her to become a business woman and have a new man in her life.

  200. 200 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-195: Exactly! I’ve been waiting for a resolution for some time now. Since there’s no moral compass insight, it appears that its going to take this writer 31 episodes to finally reach a climax, then in the 32nd episode have an abrupt cliff hanger ending. Oh what fun!

    TW’s mother….(birds won’t even chirp to fill in the absence of space for that woman). She’s the wretched…Les Miserables characters all rolled into her unflattering, designer clothing!

    I just watched episode 20 in the raw and its not any better! The writer waits to have JH and TW run into each right before the episode ends. I’d rather had seen them than the anonymously sent photo of the ‘Perils of Pauline’ Hye Jung on the net. We all know who dug into her past and sent it…even Cheongdam-dong has hood rat heffas!

    SK’s mother is crass, but right on.

    RLOL…Machiavelli, The Prince…or in TW’s mother’s case, The Queen!

  201. 201 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-199: I don’t believe HW will cancel his wedding plans. He may try to his encouragement to JH more so that anything else once he gets her to calm down. We’ll find out. This writer is liable to do anything off the wall and on the wall for that matter of fact! LOL

    Plus, I totally agree with you about Eun Hee’s possibilities for love. Even though its quite early for that since she’s still in her emotional restructuring and healing mode. Its good to at least have a male friend to talk to and enjoy his company, occasionally. Madame President will run his behind off if he’s not legit. In the mean time, that man was dressed so well and looked so good (probably smelled good, too) that he got my attention. He was even nice looking in his jogging suit, too. Yet the first time he touched her shoulder to get her attention during class, as she recalled, was too funny. As if she could brush his touch off her shoulder…LOL!

  202. 202 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli: Please pardon my writing. I obviously didn’t realize how sleepy I was when I typed that. LOL

    The second sentence should have read…He may try encouraging JH even more so than anything else, that is, once he gets her to calm down.

  203. 203 : gom Says:

    Tried as I may, I find it very hard to like the character, Se Kyung. Even though she seems to act really sweet with Hyun Woo, it just look so fake…

  204. 204 : faith Says:

    wow it’s really nice that kim ji hoon have a new drama..but i wish the girl here is choi jeong won. i really like them both..they have a 100% chemistry..wish make you have a drama with here.Godbless

  205. 205 : usa-mary Says:

    Ji Hye told Hyun Woo to not make the same mistake she did! FINALLY…she has admitted that she’s miserable. Actually, she told her money grubbing niece that she wasn’t happy, first. I hope episode 21 begins where episode 20 left off with JH and HW together talking in front of the restaurant. Hmmm…I just remembered that HW is waiting for SK. I wonder if the writer will have SK see HW talking to JH who’s emotionally frantic in that scene. It should be interesting to say the least!

  206. 206 : usa-mary Says:

    I believe this writer is going to continue this merry-go-round of emotional tag between JH and HW for a while. That is until TW quickly wakes up seeing his wife is emotionally slipping away from him and realizes that he has to decide whose more important to him…the Kang conglomerate or his wife. JH will remain married to TW. HW and SK…hmmmm…we’ll see.

  207. 207 : Yoli Says:

    Episode 21 is full of bad news all the way around, Jin Hye is drunk, the sister in law is catching holy hell because of her husband lover. The mother in law thinks that daughters in law are her and her son personal slave. Because of their money they must put up with mistreatment, loneliness, and unhappiness.

    Espisode 21 ends Jin Hye telling her husband that she can’t take it any longer. He is just not getting the big picture his wife is about to leave him and he is worried about his older brother problems. HW is having second thoughts you can see how distant his mind is from his girlfriend. The words JH said I hope you don’t make my same mistake. I hope the last 10 episodes show these people putting their happiness and well being first.

    I’m sorry for JH husband this man deserved to have a good ending since he’s a nice guy but sadly sometimes good guys end last.

  208. 208 : Nudge Says:

    @Yoli, “personal slave” is probably the perfect description since the right to free-speech is suppressed in mother-in-laws domain, what to speak of other rights.

    The concept of a family with these elders is bereft of what makes a real family — love. Their’s it seems is about possessions for mere amusements. At times they’re like two children bartering for additional hours of access to the new recruit.

    How a elderly couple existed all these years without committing suicide is what I’m left wondering. Such emptiness must be unbearable. But of course it is fiction 🙂

  209. 209 : usa-mary Says:

    Sometimes I wonder who the real lead actor and actress is because Ji Sun, Tae Jin, and the Kang family have way more drama scenes in comparison to the two leads characters, JH and HW.

  210. 210 : Yoli Says:

    Just saw episode 22, more bad news and how cruel theses daughter in laws lives are, I really pity them.

    Jin Hye got a job back at the radio station as a writer however, under another name to save her peace of mind. But to my surprise HW, was listening to the radio and knew that it was JH how wrote the script. On a bad note HW business partner is up to no good the material being used is substanded and his girlfriends words of warning are coming back to bit him. I hope he leaves this association soon, before there is nothing left but to go work for the future father in law:( firm.

    I can’t wait for episode 22 because they set up the Presidents brother to take the fall for the money laundering, her husband fall guy. This women can’t catch a break, now I understand why the husband and wife get alone so well they come from the same snake pit.

    There are 10 episodes to go, lets see what the writers have instore for us I can only hope they end this drama well.??

  211. 211 : truth Says:

    How can a decent man,be lingering around a married woman,what a shameful thing to see HW become obsess,stalker to JH.And JH try and be a stable woman,when your husband is going through a difficult time,shameful situation in his family,it is not the right time to ask him when are you guys leaving to aboard? or start complaining,as a woman you suppose to have a little bit be compassionate toward your husband,and stay by his side,and comfort him, it is not always about me JH.that is not right, the way to treat your husband even though the home you marry into is awful bad,have a little respect for your husband and stop flirting with other man,I was thinking she is going to be the one to be called Goddess of Marriage,the way I see she does not or should earn the tittle.

    The only person who should earn the tittle of Goddess of Marriage is Hye Jung,she delicate her life to that ungrateful family,if I where her,I slap that mother-law back,her husband sleep around with different women,did not care about his wife or his family reputation,but a relationship that your wife have years before marrying you,you are condemning her for it,wow what a difficult thing to swallow,If I where her I will not cry because,it is a blessing to leave that family.but again it is hard for her not to cry,because she does not deserve the condemnation that was given to her.well life goes on that is what they say.I hope the writer punish her husband very well.

  212. 212 : Nudge Says:

    I’m a big, big fan of Jo Min Soo.

  213. 213 : gom Says:

    This show is about making choices. The choices we made will determine the kind of life we have. To a certain extent, I think the show has been quite realistic. Life is not so straightforward with only black and white contrasts. Very often there are grey areas. So in making choices, we may weigh all the pros and cons but still come out short. That’s why more and more marriages are ending in divorce…

    This is definitely the case for JH. She contemplated, she pondered, she considered, she deliberated, yet she seems to have made the wrong choice. If she stays on and endures grudgingly and unhappily, she will end up like her sis-in-law, HJ – mechanical, robotic, unfeeling, harsh…

  214. 214 : truth Says:

    many people marry without the woman knowing the kind of husband or family she is marrying into,only know the name of family.marriage is trust,when there is trust,there is marriage,and that marriage can last.there is no family that is problem free,it is how one manage it,in the case of JH,TW has shown to be supportive of his wife,stood up for her,challenge his mother, good, that shows he loves her.so far tw has not be shown flirting with any woman,he comes back home to meet a wife with unhappy face,no welcome, no how is your day at work,always flawing,the marriage no one force you into,even though you did it for your family than why not try to make your husband happy, why abhorring feelings for other man when you have the chance to marry him you did not but choose other one therefore you continue to complain,what is that for,are you the only with bad mother-law?what a sad case JH has been.

    as HW,it is shame for a man who call himself decent to long for other man wife, wishing for a divorce,you let yourself down by doing so.

    hope the writer shows how marriage can be endurance,love,trust,lesson and resolving problems,not how marriage can be destroyed.

  215. 215 : torri Says:

    ok guys i really don’t get it with some of the blames that you trough around , some of y seem to blame Ji Hye that she complains and that she does not support her husband and that she is holding on to her past but that is not true , i have a lot of respect for Ji Hye why?because she is making the effort , i mean with a mean mother in law and a sister in law who treats like u nothing this girl is trying her very best , to @ TRUTH SAYS, lets be honest here u say there is no marriage that is problem free that i agree but would you be happy if your mother in law and sister in law treated you they way they treat Ji Hye and your husband never stand up for you to protect you instead stand behind doors and listen to his sister in law treat his wife like nothing , please guys be realistic , and more so Ji Hye has not seen her period as a woman in six months why? because of a lot the stress and like the doc say if that keeps up she might end up not having kids , this is not about her holding on to the past she decided to make her marriage work , she wakes up at 4 am to make breakfast like they asked her to the poor girl lost her job and her stupid husband knew very well what that job meant to her but what did he do to protect her nothing all the guy does is say i understand but not once this whole time they have been married has he stood up for the girl and you expect her to do great him with a smile hug him when he gets home , for what? what has he done for her to deserve all the nice treatment , i mean they treat her like they did her a favor marrying her in to the family , like she said this last ep she can only take as much as she can

  216. 216 : truth Says:

    @torri,TW stood up for her, when his mother was asking JH to resign,he complain to father, first,than ask his mother to back up his wife that he wants his wife to work,Jh decided to resign on her own,making the mother-law overjoy herself.the problem about the stress she is going though is undeniable,but JH is an in-depended woman,she can also talk back to them if she wants,she is not a dummy to stand and take any kind ill treatment from mother-law or sister [email protected] it is how you manage your problem,if you allow it to over come you, it will be so,you don’t,it wouldn’t be so.so playing too nice is not going to be welcome in that house,so what do you do, you use your husband to teach them a lesson, if your husband is by your side you will always win,you will only lose if your husband is not by your side,TW as man has shown that he loves his wife and clearly chose his wife side when he stood up against his [email protected] go rewatch from episode10 to 16you will get to see when he stood up against his mother, maybe you misses the episodes that is why,

    about JH getting pregnant,TW went to the hospital to get the test result,there the doctor advises him to take his wife and leave his work and home for vacation to study abroad,he did prepare,but as things didn’t go well with life how can you ask him to leave again and go abroad when his family is in a mess because of his brother,no good conscience man will abandon his family in the time of trouble,and at this time JH suppose to understand and stay by her husband side and stop flirting with other man,she already knew him before she got married to Tw so, JH stay with your husband and make him happy than you too will be happy.by way @torri JH got her radio job back,so she is still working.

  217. 217 : jjt007 Says:

    Please take your moral lecturing to another place. This is a drama for entertainment purpose. You see bad people, good people, poor people rich people, all sort of situations, etc, etc. This is an escape to a made up world and some situations are drastic and some are realistic.

    Just follow the story and enjoy for god sakes or if it disturbs you so much, STOP WATCHING IT!!!!

  218. 218 : Nudge Says:

    Which moral code did you find offensive in their comment? Or is it just the general judging? 🙂

    I have to say this drama challenges our social codes of conduct, and judging by the comments, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who will not make a moral judgement whenever they post something about the characters.

  219. 219 : xxxzxxx Says:


    I think people should have the right to express their opinions about this drama however they like. If you don’t like the comments then don’t read them or just express your opposition without telling other people what they can or cannot write.

  220. 220 : jjt007 Says:

    Yes, please be expressive. I have no problem with people expressing their opinion until it becomes lecturing.

    Why watch something offensive to yourself and complain about it? I guess I don’t get it. If I did offend some of you, I apologize.

    Regardless, Happy thoughts everyone!

  221. 221 : truth Says:

    @jjt007,nobody is lecturing anyone,you are the one that is lecturing someone not to watch if they don’t like the drama, no one said they hate the drama that they are commenting on,that was your guess,but that guess is wrong,if one hate a drama, that person will not bother to comment on it,they will not even watch it,in which you don’t need to bother to ask anyone not to watch what they don’t like,so my hope is, you take this comments as entertainment purpose as you have said it yourself earlier,not to attack somebody just because they have different thought from yours.

  222. 222 : Nudge Says:

    I guess we are watching the table turn for Eun Hee and Seung Soo with the former about to shine as business executive, while her husband is grovelling in the stench of vomit to earn a mere 20 bucks.

    And the possible demise of our statuesque anchor-woman-come-VP, who only a day earlier lectured Ji Hye on the cheobol imperative of maintaining a respectable public image.

    Then there’s our poor Ji Hye who made her decision and determined to make good by them, though her heart (or her lust), is playing havoc with her mind. Aigoo.

  223. 223 : kriss Says:

    @222 Nudge

    You’ve summed it up really well!

  224. 224 : Carmen Says:

    I do agree with this “-If she stays on and endures grudgingly and unhappily, she will end up like her sis-in-law, HJ – mechanical, robotic, unfeeling, harsh…”and agree with the entire coment from “215 torri Says:…. “OK PEOPLE AFTER READING YOUR COMMENTS ALL I HAVE TO SAID IS THAT, WHEN YOU MARRIED A PERSON THEY NEED TO FORGET ABOUT THE OTHER FAMILY, AND WORK WITH YOUR MARIAGE BECAUSE IF NOT THEN WILL NOT END GOOD, IF YOU NEED TO HELP YOUR FAMILY HELP THEM BUT TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOME 1ST….CAN YOU IMAGINE WITH KIDS HOW IT WILL BE?…

  225. 225 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “I guess we are watching the table turn for Eun Hee and Seung Soo with the former about to shine as business executive”

    This is one thing I hate about dramas – they make everything seem so easy. In the real world people do not suddenly become successful business people just overnight (I know a year passed). It takes a lot of years studying and working to get to be a smart business executive. I get a bit sad every time I see stuff like this because I think it neglects the real life effort and work people do to become successful. I know it’s done to “teach” us that we all can change and become successful but I always end up seeing this as ridiculing the people who actually has worked and studied for years.

  226. 226 : truth Says:

    @xxxzxxx,Indeed,the writers don’t think before they write,if it is possible to be successful just like that,over night, this writer including many us who are struggling day by day to break though,i think no one could have been poor again,at least the writer will have become well known millionaire in south Korean.what a magic way most of them write this ridiculous make over, change over night success.they forget that the people who are watching this drama are human beings too.

  227. 227 : Nudge Says:

    @xxxzxxx #225 I see what you’re saying but with regards to this writers ethos, what you’ve implied would have been unwittingly done. I say that because I think she prides herself in reflecting the reality/truth, rather than impose her view or judgement on to the audience.

    As noble as that sounds, the question whether or not such transparency is even possible is a whole other discussion.

    For myself I think I prefer a openness where I am made aware of the writer’s leanings — ideological/political/philosophical — prior to my committing the hours of viewing, because I simply don’t accept that a writer can separate their creation from his/her beliefs. 🙂

  228. 228 : Nudge Says:

    I’m looking forward to the next episode, airs tonight. 🙂

    This is the only drama that isn’t making me what to choke the writer or throw something at the neighbours dog while yelling profanities.

  229. 229 : John k Says:

    Enough is enough. Everyone is this drama complains about everything.there is no storyline. It’s always about complaints,please stop it.

  230. 230 : truth Says:

    there is no story line at all,the writer keep making people show us sad face every week,today episode I just keep skipping the episode the whole seen even when I finished the episode didn’t know.the sad thing about this drama is that JH marry a man, she did not love,HW have the chance to fight for the woman he say he loves but did not fight and let her go and marry other man,if HW is so in love with JH why didn’t he than tell her how he feel, try harder to persuade her not to go ahead with the marriage,now he is making a sad face like JH yelling for a married woman, Se Kyung just walk away now before is too late for you,can’t you see, it is written in his face he is in love with married woman,why in the world you keep pursuing a person who is obviously not in love with you? do you want to live a miserable life”you lack nothing my dear, let go.

  231. 231 : Yoli Says:

    Today’s episode made me mad, sad and happy.

    Hye Jung, finds out how low her father in law will go to save his son, using her brother as the fall guy. She learns the truth about her ex-boyfriend, why he is living in a wheel chair. Now comes her revenage on her husband and inlaws. Remember guys she was paid in stocks in exchange for a salary. The companies valued tripled once she took over management. I can’t wait to see how she works against her inlaws and their enterprise.

    Ji Hye, has had enough with the mother in law, she can’t have a friend over her home. She tells her husband she wants a divorce, I will admit that I feel bad for this guy he’s not a bad man but wow how much abuse are going to allow your spouse to receive because she married into your family. And she is last on his list to protect.

    Ji Sun is getting back at her brother in law for all the work and free loading the man has done throughout the year. I loved seeing him cooking for the family and looking for employment he is such a jerk.

    Eun Hee is looking more confident each time we see her, and her younger class mate seems very interested in her. I hope she dose not look back at her husband and moves forward with her future and education. How knew she was such a smart women. Since her husband made her look and feel like a dish rage with his actions.

    These four women although very different will make us smile at the end of this drama on how they over come life issues.

  232. 232 : usa-mary Says:

    The Kang family is a subculture with in a culture. They have an unwritten, verbal manifesto for their daughter-in-laws (that they find out about after marriage), but not for their sons. I know that older brother is happy!

    Now Tae Jin is going to create a domino affect of catastrophe in Hyun Woo’s business as he sees that his stupid partner is foolishly cutting corners when it comes to the construction project. Who is this genius of a senator to change building specs and materials when he can’t even keep control of his venus fly trap! Stupid partner! Who does he think will be libel once that building collapses…not that fool Tae Jin for sure! Obviously the extra money either went towards his campaign and/or the nine-tail, wily, gummiHO gallery chick! My motto…get it in writing and notarized!

  233. 233 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t get how the in-laws believe that they have the right to hit their daughters-in-law. Now this old hag is raising her hand, striking somebody else’s adult child?!!

    My motto after watching this drama. Respect your elders, but protect thyself! Especially, from hormonally imbalanced folks!

  234. 234 : annmasae Says:

    @yoli #231 said “These four women although very different will make us smile at the end of this drama on how they over come life issues.”

    I sure hope this is how the writer ends this drama. This happy ending will ease a lot of the current frustations of the viewers as we watch the women endure so much pain and sorrow (although some of their own making).

    Thanks for the thought!!!

  235. 235 : Yoli Says:

    @annmasae said she hopes that their is a happy ending, I hope for that as well. But sometimes a good ending is just learning from your pass mistakes and moving forward.

  236. 236 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary I think it’s too late for the old hag. She needed to be straighten out in her childhood in order to mitigate her tendency to “lord over” those who are not her betters.

    It’s really a bullying mentality her parents didn’t address for whatever reason. That’s my analysis anyway.

    Now in her twilight, the trait became an addiction. All who are beneath her and in her path, suffer.

  237. 237 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-236: You know, when the parents ideology is warped it often becomes ingrained and embedded in a household; the child or children tends to follow suit. Yet, with a stroke of a pen, this woman can be brought to her knees, doing penance and charity work. It makes me wonder if Tae Wook is actually her son from birth or a paid off mistress’s son because she doesn’t treat him like she does Tae Jin who gets emotionally stroked by her even when he’s unethical in every aspect of his business and his own personal household’s dealings. She looks for a way to bail him out when he goes crying to his mommy (PUKE)! On the other hand, Tae Wook works hard, not coming home for days due to work (not women) and still doesn’t receive the warped motherly love that she gives Tae Jin. Unlike his siblings, he couldn’t sleep with his parents and was pushed harder to be independently dependent upon their hellish subculture. Old hag chooses to be oblivious to the business world and its legal system to the point that she doesn’t want to realize that as a prosecutor, by law he’s not supposed to get involved with his family’s legal problems. He can advise, but not get hands on. Poor Tae Wook worked his job, then went to his father’s company to help them with their problems. That’s why his manager said such harsh words to him. Now he’s feeling the pressure all around because of that foolish, stupid hag of a woman, her idiot son and unfair father who’s promise he made to him re Ji Hye’s job isn’t worth the pants he puts on one leg at a time!

    There was one chaebol daughter in the kdrama I Do I Do, who once said that she went from the lap of her grandfather to the lap of her father to her husband’s lap, and her feet never touched the ground. Her privileged upbringing made her feel she should be canonized every waking moment of her life. The word ‘No’ wasn’t something she should be told. She didn’t have any children of her own. Her husband’s mistress provided him with a daughter which he groomed for the business, but was aloof towards her emotionally as a father (because of this woman).

    Normal, mentally balanced people try hard to live right and long enough to enjoy their children and grand-children during their twilight years. Then, unregretably there are the others…

  238. 238 : usa-mary Says:

    OMG! Chasing away a pregnant woman who needs refuge temporarily leaves me speechless! Not to mention throwing a hissy fit rage, trying to destroy Ji Hye’s laptop, etc.

    I’ve concluded that SK’s mother (aka bitter broom rider) looks like she should be in the drama The Master’s Sun. That shroud type white outfit she wore in episode 12 looks like she’s in the process of haunting! BOO! LOL

  239. 239 : Nudge Says:

    Haha.. yea the old hag is heartless chasing away Ji Hye’s best friend. As a result I believe inch by inch, in her heart Ji Hye is dislodging from this family.

    You touched on a point with respect to the character in “I Do, I Do”, who had a “privileged upbringing”. To that end, I think the casting in this drama is brilliant. Having an actress with collagen lips play the hag. Her countenance suggests having lived with lots of time on her hands — a privileged life perhaps or middle-class upbringing at the very least.

    Whether that is really the case or not is for another discussion. There are several Korean actresses who could have played this role, but the part sits well with Yoon So Jung, IMHO.

  240. 240 : Nudge Says:

    The talk between the mothers regarding Hyun Woo’s and Se Kyung’s living and child rearing is classic. Hyun Woo’s mum, a working class woman is no interested in meddling in her son’s life, but Se Kyung’s mother won’t have it any other way. In her mind the couple are children and the adults know best.

    She’s in for a shock and I fear Se Kyung will not forgive her.

  241. 241 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-239/240: I agree! But…is this writer trying to have a ‘take advantage’ fest among characters or something?

    Point being…its obvious that Eun Hee hasn’t learnt anything from her adulterous husband after telling her selfish, vain, immature, vain (did I say vain) niece, Min Jung that Kim Ye Seul is from a rich family, owns the shop he’s working in and another one. She’s basically telling her to accept him for all the wrong reasons! That’s plain STUPID and inconsiderate to that decent, unsuspecting young man. Well, since this young woman wants to play grown folks games, she’ll need to get taught a lesson like grown folks do because, there’s a granny who will oblige her, Chairwoman of Seogwang. She will not spare her feelings for one second. I’ll buy snacks and have a glee fest just to watch this snooty, selfish brat’s rude awakening because everyone works in chairwoman’s household. Min Jung is complaining about having to make coffee, she’ll miss those coffee making days after granny gets through with her! If she thinks that marrying into that rich family will be all about munching on chocolate at her leisure, driving a spanking, brand new custom car, vainly having unnecessary plastic surgery, freely buying outrageously expensive high-end handbags and designer clothes on a whim, then I’ll be waiting for her light bulb moment when granny shows her the way of their world by offering her a job in her company. I hope its in the mailroom! LOL

  242. 242 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-240: When its all said and done. I believe that Ji Hye and Hyun Woo will get together and console one another after being emotionally spent by those rich crazy people. I can see them living in a small, but quaint home designed and built by HW; reminiscing about the writer and his wife whose home they visited on Jeju do. Hyun Woo may even give Ji Hye’s toes a name! But until that happens…they’ll go through the fire.

    I totally agree with you re SK who may return to mountain climbing to escape the pain her mother caused.

  243. 243 : Rachel Bennington Says:

    They should call this drama.. The reign of the super bitch Mother In Laws. My god, these women remind me of venomous vipers ready to strike with their horrible words. The writer must hate those pompous Korean rich people. They probably act that way in real life. Nothing more than materialistic bats are those rich women.

  244. 244 : Yoli Says:

    @usa-mary Says: The chairwomen will put her in order, I can’t agree more with your comments. But maybe she needs the chairwomen to turn her into a women to be with her grandson.

    But then again she has the Veto power of just saying NO!!!!, to her grandson and telling him she dosen’t love him its just about the money. He really is a great young man and hardworking I hope she values him before she gets the boot from granny…

  245. 245 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-244: Chairwoman is no joke. She’ll give you the truth straight up. I’m not sure if she’ll give her the boot right away since her grandson really likes Min Jung, yet we’ll see.

    OMG! In episode 25, Guess Who’s Coming To Teach English in Eun Hee’s classroom? Ugh mush mouth…sneering like a hyena who missed out on his prey. I wish it was the actor Sidney Poitier, at least we would understand what he’s saying!

  246. 246 : wink Says:

    @242 usa-mary – I like the ending you’ve painted! Hopefully it’ll happen that way…

  247. 247 : gom Says:

    I still can’t get myself to like SK. The way she uses death to threaten HW and her mum is indicative of a a dysfunctional mental psychosis. I think HW will be in deep trouble if he goes ahead with their marriage, not just from her mum but from SK herself too.

  248. 248 : gom Says:

    Come to think of it, TW is like the male version of SK. Yes, he may love JH but it’s in a very possessive way. He made promises he can’t keep, he failed to protect her time and again, he has no time for her… It was all about her giving up, giving in, enduring… And now that she’s a spent force, ready to throw in the towel, all he could do is shout, holler and threaten her with death!

  249. 249 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t know if JH is pregnant (please…NO) or if the stress is causing another problem, but I hope its not life threatening. Even so, its time for her family to step in PRONTO! I don’t care how rich those people are! Vineyard papa…GO and GET your daughter STAT before she gives up! If you don’t, I know Ji Sun WILL…she’s BOLD enough and doesn’t PLAY when it comes to Ji Hye’s well being!

    TW…TW…TW…I know you’re upset, yet you’re acting the exact same way now as you did when she didn’t want to marry you. You’re NOT protecting or shielding her…that’s why her womb is shutting down. Didn’t you hear anything Ji Sun said to you about Ji Hye?

    It looks like Hye Jung and Secy Kim are ready to debunk Mi Ra, the gallery owner and the Kang family. I’m looking forward to the shake up! After its all said and done, I look forward to seeing Hye Jung getting her precious babies and leaving that hell hole house!

    Well, if Hyun Won jumps from the pot of boiling hot water into the flames that’s causing it to boil, I refuse to comment! I like him, but…he’s a man that’s not paying attention to his intuition right now. All I can say is…IT PAYS TO LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!

    In all honesty, I commend the actors in this drama because though I detest melodramas (not listed in genre) and watching crazy people, its only captivation for me is to see truth and love prevail.

    P.S. I still don’t see what Eun Hee saw in No Seung Soo. There aint enough romance novels to read or dark chocolate to eat that would create enough euphoric attraction to cause his pheromones to alert mine! LOL

  250. 250 : kriss Says:

    Poor Ji Hye! How much more must she endure for Tae Wook to take action? It’s not as if he doesn’t know what she has been going through, emotionally, mentally and physically. Sheesh!!!

  251. 251 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary I think you’d be right about the Chairwoman’s involvement once she meets Min Jung. Min Jung’s idea of the ideal mentor or role model is her cheating, selfish uncle. That says it all about Min Jung.

    @kriss #250
    I think Tae Wook’s promises to Ji Hye is wishful thinking. I don’t think he has the power to make them happen, unless he abandons his place in the Kang family. That isn’t likely to happen.

    No doubt we will get to see the expression on the warden’s ..err I mean old hag’s face when she learns the daughter inmates ..err I mean, inlaws are escaping.

    Ahjumma! Sound the alarm!

    Will the old hag concede and admit that she has driven away her daughter inlaws? I doubt it.

  252. 252 : torri Says:

    Kang Tae Wook this guy is a joke for a man , i cant stand his sorry ass, i mean his wife friend is driven from his home by his mum the wife is bullied by his mum for returning to work the wife gets upset and cry’s and all the idiot says is he understand and make excuses for his mum that his mum is more sensitive now because of his brothers issues and that the wife should understand and when the wife talks about getting a divorce the fool says his pride will not let him divorce her just after a years marriage and that they should keep trying not once did the guy say a loving word to his wife and then he tells her to go see his mum and make an excuses for not showing up, seriously is this guy for real!!!! , or joke, how can he let his wife feel so lonely in their marriage like this , and as every ep comes he does nothing to make his marriage better ,i mean see how happy and all the smiles she had when her friend came over is like the guy does not even notice things like that ,and his mum not even caring to see how she her daughter in-law look she asked her to go make food for her guest and am pretty sure when Ji Hye will tell her husband how his mum made her cook even when she said she was to feeling well he will make and excuse because that all this guy is good at
    i only pray she is not pregnant but the again even if she was by the time she gets back home from the doc and her mother in-law bullies her again she would be losing the baby just saying but Ji Hye please girl get you a divorce ASAP AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE

  253. 253 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-251: …”warden ..daughter inmates …escaping.” RLOL! Thank you for that Nudge…that was right on time! The Kang estate actually looks like a prison for white collar criminals!

    “Will the old hag concede!” She can’t even spell the word or comprehend it. That old bat will do anything to ‘save face’ in front of her Cheongdam-dong click to the point where she will soon need to get nipped and tucked! She’s a sadistic old hag who wants her DIL’s to be masochistic! The Stepford wives lives and household pale in comparison to the Kangs.

    I look forward to seeing how she’s going to handle Ji Hye’s fainting. Will she lean over her and yell telling her to get up because her guest will arrive soon or will she have her rushed to the hospital in an ambulance like any decent human being would. Hmmm…since she doesn’t act decent or human, I’m clueless. I thought about her calling a doctor who makes house calls, but that’s too humane for her character!

  254. 254 : usa-mary Says:

    Men are from Mars and women are from Venus!

    “When a man can listen to a woman’s feelings without getting angry and frustrated, he gives her a wonderful gift. He makes it safe for her to express herself. The more she is able to express herself, the more she feels heard and understood, and the more she is able to give a man the loving trust, acceptance, appreciation, admiration, approval, and encouragement that he needs.”
    ― John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    It’s obvious that TW, TJ, and NSS came from another planet in our galaxy that’s yet to be named…so I’ll oblige them…El Stupido Jackass!
    TJ and NSS’s came from the southern region close to their equator called…Dog in Heat. TW from the northern, colder region called Brain Freeze. He’s a pain in Ji Hye’s temple, forehead and gluteus maximus!

    “Because she is afraid of not being supported, she unknowingly pushes away the support she needs.”
    ― John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    How about no support! All talk and no back up makes TW a liar. Yelling and failure to understand what his wife Ji Hye needs as a/his woman makes TW a selfish liar.

    “If we are to feel the positive feelings of love, happiness, trust, and gratitude, we periodically also have to feel anger, sadness, fear, and sorrow.”
    ― John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

    For the Kang DIL’s its the reverse. The positive feelings of acceptance and belonging never came for Hye Jung after 8 years or for Ji Hye after 1 year, nor will it ever come.

  255. 255 : usa-mary Says:

    @torri-252: I don’t believe she’s pregnant, but we’ll find out. I agree with you about TW. That man may be good at his job, but he couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag if it was to save Ji Hye’s life. If it wasn’t for the doctor, he wouldn’t have even known anything about the prosecutor’s program abroad because its all about him. She even told him about the serious prolonged affect it would have on Ji Hye. Its been maybe a few months now since her reported 6 months of no cycle and no trip abroad. He has no excuse! His priorities are screwed up. Ji Hye was so excited and proud of him because for the first time, he took initiative and made it stick with old yeller’s approval! Well, so much for that burst balloon. All she got was a somewhat apology from her husband…”he feels sorry towards her, but”…what the heck was that! She received no flowers, card, hug or kiss…no consolation, nothing to cheer her up! All thanks to his filial preoccupation with the ignoramuses he calls family! What’s even more interesting is not once since they’ve been married, with all the hell she’s been experiencing on a daily basis, has she neglected her wifely duties. I’ve never heard TW complain to her about always having a headache ever…get my drift, but he can’t indulge her! The following is my remedy for TW.

    The 411:

    Ji Hye…girl…if TW wants to play crazy by trying to plant fear in your heart about jumping with you from a building. Meaning, if he can’t have you, nobody can stupidity, here’s what you do. Just set the appointment to meet him at the highest building in your city, then leave the country! But, before you do…plan girl plan! Have different friends buy you colored wigs from different stores and buy clothes from the thrift store all in cash. The more bizarre you look the better. You know…like the mix ‘n don’t match ahjummas with sun visors on their heads! If you can’t get money from your account without a red flag being raised…then borrow the cash and get out of there! Ssssssh…its bi mil!

  256. 256 : Torri Says:

    @usa-Mary say
    Hhahahahahhaah I love you exist plan for ji hye , you plan crack me up ,but I love it will make sense for her to follow u plan if not her grabbing ,forceful ,stupid husband won’t let her out so u plan makes complete sense for her run away , well I hope when she wakes up in the hospital she will be more determined about getting the hell out of that house

  257. 257 : Torri Says:

    Did they just add 4 more ep to this drama mennnnnn!!!!!!!! Are they kidding me .well I hope payback time for the daughter inlaws starts soon

  258. 258 : usa-mary Says:

    @Torri-256/257: It appears that they did! Hopefully it will be…SHOWTIME for the DIL’s! I’m going to change TW’s dad’s name to old sellout and his mother’s name is now old yeller because that’s all she does is yell at her DIL’s. Her DIL’s have daggers in their eyes. If that were true, I’d wish they could shoot them out at her.

    You know, I love the intuitive connection that Ji Sun has with Ji Hye (more like a mother than a sister). She knows that Ji Hye is hiding from her what’s really going on. Ji Sun and her husband have such a good understanding of each other. Ji Sun doesn’t play, she got all her in-laws in line for her peace of mind and for their home. NSS had better help with the housework. He’d rather receive ridicule from his brother than Ji Sun’s wrath! LOL Also, Ji Sun knows her daughter, telling Eun Hee about her introducing that nice young man to her Min Jung…”Don’t spill something good on someone who doesn’t care” thank you for that Writer Jo.

    I hope the hospital she gets taken to is where Hyun Woo’s mother works. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she was Ji Hye’s nurse who quickly bonded with her? I hope Ji Hye’s gyne doctor tells the family that she needs to remain in the hospital for more tests and needs complete bed rest, then tells the nurse (Hyun Woo’s mother) to make sure she is not disturbed. Doctors do have that authority. Then, Hyun Woo would go to see his mother and run into Ji Hye who is up, walking slowly with the IV in the hallway with his mother’s assistance. Yay…she’s considered a VVIP patient, unlike the other poor patient’s whose family has to assist them. I would thoroughly enjoy the look on Hyun Woo’s face when he sees the state Ji Hye is in (you know he’ll be concerned and hopefully wake up)!

    The Spice Rack:

    I have a new name for SK and her mother…the SPICE GIRLS! Scary spice (mom) and SKrazy (borrowed from a Viki commenter) spice. You know, with all the complaining she’s doing and the money that scary spice has, she’s so bitter towards her husband that even her hairstyle looks bitter. At least old yeller goes to the salon and wears new styles! I could see if they were poor, and she couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go see her husband. Scary spice had better wise up, shut up and make some booty calls to her husband. She’s so short, yapping like a Chihuahua! Thankfully, here in the U.S., older people who take good care of themselves have a saying…there may be snow on the roof, but there’s still fire in the furnace. Being older in age is nothing but a number.

  259. 259 : Nudge Says:

    #254 @usa-mary

    “The positive feelings of acceptance and belonging never came for Hye Jung after 8 years or for Ji Hye after 1 year, nor will it ever come.”

    So true Mary. The despair those ladies must feel. The Kang’s have no sense of a real family really. And I might add the Kang House of horros bring new meaning to the phrase: “You can check-in (anytime you like) but you can never leave.”

    People are objectified and parsed according to rules of risk assessments. It is one thing that the old guy is focused in business, but to run a home, and lives according to the same principles is bizzare IMHO.

    So anyway the episodes are no coming fast enough.:)

    I’m seeing the writer tighten the script which I like very much. Starting to see the characters’ motivations a lot better as a result. And it makes me stand up and cheer-on my favourites.


  260. 260 : Nudge Says:


    Hahahaha.. “…she’s so bitter towards her husband that even her hairstyle looks bitter.”


  261. 261 : thruth Says:

    @torri ,sorry to say this, do you want TW to go and fight his mother,why can’t JH suggest that they park and leave their family home before asking for a divorce,as a wife do have to give in to your mother in law for you to keep your husband with you?,I feel no sympathy for her because she a woman who can control her mind know what she want and how to get it,if she really want the divorce, let park and leave the house ask her husband to follow her,if not ask your husband to give you a divorce that you are not coming back.there are many ways she can get out of her mother in law control,if many people has to be divorcing just because of their mother in law, no marriage will be standing again,in Korean dramas we has watch, I can list most of them, it seem in Korean culture husband brings their wife’s to their family home to live with them, they don’t live apart,I have watch many Korean dramas where daughter in law get up daily in the morning to do house work even though some mother in laws are good their daughter in law still get up early in morning to do house work this is not first drama that it has been shown, let us judge fairly not harsh.We all have conscience.

  262. 262 : Nudge Says:

    I think it is a given that TW isn’t going to do that since their chance to escape (to America) was easily thwarted due to his commitment to family. He isn’t the only prosecutor in South Korea. He could have stood his ground: get someone else, I’m outta here with my darling wife. I need to do this for the sake of our marriage. Stop me at your peril.

    But I agree with you wholeheartedly in principle. However where one cannot execute normal wifely duties due to environmental factors, and where it is established that the partner (husband) isn’t going to take the necessary steps to mitigate the cause when it is in his power to do so, it is probably grounds for breaking the matrimonial contract.

    After-all, marriage is a partnership to promote the material and spiritual well-being of both individuals. And even if one were to put spiritual first: where is the spiritual benefit if one can’t render service to ones partner due to an artificially imposed constrained state.

    I think divorce should never be taken as the way out. That would be pandering to a materialists value:

    “I’m not getting any more enjoyment from this marriage, so lets end it.”

    One will never develop and grow into a better human being if he/she submit to such puerile thinking IMHO. But I believe there are certain conditions where divorce is a necessary option. Quite possibly in Ji Hye’s case, she may have arrived at that point in her marriage. It appears that way to me anyway.

    My apologies to those who might have felt moralised or “lectured”. 🙂

  263. 263 : usa-mary Says:

    Here in the U.S. there are two classifications of rich people. New money and old money. New money folk has some clout and is still somewhat learning the ropes of manipulation. Old money families wrote the book on clout and manipulation. So, JH had better be fearless with backup because those rich folks, old money rich folks can pull some strings and create such heinous situations, that you better believe in a God who can deliver you and have multiple plans of escape. Ditch the cellphone because they can track you like a Labrador retriever during duck hunting season! Satellites are everywhere! Even her clothing may have chips in them. One never knows with this writer’s mind.

    Re TW’s shattered pride:

    I say, what about Ji Hye’s pride and now weak constitution! She is beating up and blaming herself for the choice she made which adds to her environmental destruction. Unlike Hye Jung who married for money and endured that house of horror for that purpose, Ji Hye’s mindset is different. IMHO (borrowed from Nudge), if a relationship becomes poison to an individual…that’s enough reason for me to say get out of it! TW wants her to endure by continuing to secretly write, secretly do this, secretly do that. Hye Jung’s 2 daughters have more freedom and get more respect than the DIL’s, including her mother. Ji Hye is living under a physical and emotional curfew evoked by her IL’s which equals that of an underage child in his/her parents home. I say…DIVORCE his behind and live!

  264. 264 : torri Says:

    @thruth Says
    y seem to not to get my point about Kang Tae Wook, i dont give a rat ass about his mother and am not saying he should go fight his mum or scream at his mum am saying he should pay more attention to his freaking marriage the guys makes his wife feel lonely in their marriage , he does not notice the little things about his own damn wife i mean the girl is not happy and the guy with or without his mother is doing nothing to make his wife feel loved and cared for , he works all the time comes home 3 days a week like Nudge Says :Said he is not the only prosecutor in South Korea, the doc had to suggest to him to take wife away for while the fool did not even know or realize how the new environment and situation at his home was affecting his wife, and the fact that he has not kept a single promise he made to his wife before the got married makes the guy in my books a loser ,i mean as a married couple shouldn’t your husband be able to read you facial expressions to able to tell without his wife talking if his wife is happy , sad , worried and all that shit but this fool seems not to notice any of that , Ji Hye is not not a perfect wife but she making the effort and my point (truth Says) is that her stupid husband is not making any effort to make his marriage a happy one and this has nothing do with his mum , like y said every mother in law can have issues unfortunately for Ji Hye she has one of those crazy mother in laws but when you have a husband like Kang Tae Wook and a mother in law to make things worst , i would say Ji Hye get you a divorce and be happy like you say if y are happy you husband will be happy and your marriage will be happy too but you are not happy so walk away sweetheart

  265. 265 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I honestly think your post is made up of a whole lot of wrongs..
    I don’t blame TW for cancelling his move to New York – it’s true that he’s not the only prosecutor in South Korea but it’s still his family. He has grown up in that family and you expect him to run off with his wife to New York when his family is in a crisis?.

    The drama I’ve seen is TW constantly trying to cheer his wife up but JH always walks around the house with a sad face screaming ‘I’m a victim please feel sorry for me’. TW tries time and time again to cheer his wife up but JH keeps responding coldly to him. JH knew before she got married that his family was like this – don’t try to deny it.
    It’s funny how you keep writing that it’s TW’s fault that JH feels lonely but what I’ve seen is TW trying to make her feel loved by him all the time but all JH does is respond coldly.
    I think you are so wrong when you write that JH is making an effort – waking up early to make breakfast does not equal making an effort. JH never made an honest effort to be happy in this marriage and from the start she kept walking around with that sour face on her all the freaking time – that’s not making an effort. TW on the other hand is trying to make an effort – he tries to cheer his wife up when she’s sad but JH never really tried accepting that effort.

  266. 266 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I just want to add that JH couldn’t go against her own father when he expected her to marry TW and you are whining about TW not being able to go against his mother and leaving his family while they are in a crisis….

    I do agree that they should get a divorce and TW should let go of her. They can never be happy like this. JH does not fit in his family – especially not with another man in the back of her head. Heck I don’t even think they’d be happy living away from his family since JH would still have HW in the back of her head. JH got into this marriage with the wrong offset – she got married while being in love with another man so it was bound to fail.
    The fault is not only TW’s – it’s just as much JH’s fault (refer. @265).

  267. 267 : truth Says:

    @xxxzxxx, I thought I was the one who see the truth about this so call marriage,I have question about Korean writers,do they write to encourage things that we human beings see as bad or they write to promote good things also encourage good way of life.When one get married is life long commitment,is not thing you throw yourself into and throw yourself out just because other man is waiting on the wind.I read a spoiler somewhere that HW text JH why she is not writing for the radio station again,for goodness sake what kind of a character is the writer trying to establish in the main lead,that it is ok for him to be so concern about a married woman, who have a husband that can take care of her,he,HW is just engage to a woman and yet he is interested in other man wife love life.So this is ok,for the writer to write that a man can be in love with other man wife.

    sometime one started watching a drama,it is very hard to let go,especially, when the drama become worse than you ever expected it to be.as for me TW has never be at fault at all,his only fault is that he married with love thinking he is going to be a happy man but the woman he marry is going to teach him a lesson,never to marry again be inlove. that is the lesson the writer is teaching here.

  268. 268 : Nudge Says:

    Hello xxxzxxx ! As we say it here in my neck of the woods: How the bloody hell are ya! (good to see you again)

    In your #265 post: “..it’s true that he’s not the only prosecutor in South Korea but it’s still his family.”

    I think when a man marries his first order obligation is to his newly formed family — his wife and (future) children. His parents come second is how I understand it to be.

    I believe TW’s defending his brother was a preferential decision by TW’s father. It means TW could have opted out because the qualifier for the task is a competent prosecutor, not a family member who happens to be a prosecutor. The marriage TW undertook is the caveat which over-rules any of his father’s orders where it places his own family in harms way — and it did just that as we saw.

    Note JH was elated. Their marriage appeared on the up when they were to leave for America. Not to take away from your theory about JH’s mental infidelity. I think that has merit too, but what was actually shown was different. We saw a happy JH.

    With all her short-comings in the marriage she seemed willing to relinquish the past, but fate it seems has something else in store. 🙂

  269. 269 : Nudge Says:

    To be clear TW’s decision to stay in Seoul damaged his own family irrevocably.

    No marriage begins without some baggage but what chances he had to nurture and grow his family was dashed. His own father threw him and JH and their future children under the bus to save his kingdom and the house of horrors on the hill that he’s attached to.

    TW’s is NOT a man in my book. He didn’t possess the courage, the conviction to protect those whom he had taken under his wing. All his posturing amounted to zilch, is what we are seeing. It is probably why JH was always apprehensive, and insecure in their marriage.

  270. 270 : usa-mary Says:

    I reread what I wrote @258 and want to reiterate that my intent for Hyun Woo seeing Ji Hye in that state is solely for the purpose of a wake up call for him to ‘NOT’ enter into a loveless marriage. Hoping that he’ll seriously consider his own heart and future IL’s attitude towards him.

    Reality Check:

    If you haven’t been there, can you truthfully elaborate on either? Its easy to speculate and assume if you never walked in those shoes, IMHO.

    The Kang family’s own Freudian slip! Now, I’m not a fan of Sigmund Freud, yet I did study him. This one excerpt, I do agree with:

    Where id is, there shall ego be.

    -SIGMUND FREUD, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis

    The Kang household unfortunately is overflowing with both. So, I say to the Kang family: Anyone who believes in belittling, degrading, being verbally and physically abusive towards another human being in the name of commitment and duty needs to pay homage to it. Share it openly with your Cheongdam-dong neighbors. Don’t hid the dark, morbidity of your souls. Revere your sadomasochist behavior to the media if you really believe its acceptable and should be practiced. Write course material on it, hold lectures. Better yet, franchise it across S.K. What about including it in your wedding vows before everyone who witnesses your union. Happily announce to everyone you and your IL’s intent towards your new bride, publicly. Tell her beforehand to stand in front of the mirror, practicing the legendary poker face while listening to a CD filled with abusive, demeaning statements towards DIL’s. Have her practice the 50 yard dash each morning in heels, timing her on her arrival, without breaking a sweat, preparing her to be at her IL’s beck and call with said poker face and no daggers in her eyes. Her eyes, the window to her soul must be blank…no happy glints allowed!

    If that sounds absurd, its even more absurd to practice that type of behavior in secret, then become appalled and angry when their inner sanctum, subcultural rites are exposed.

  271. 271 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. When TW was in his manager’s office inquiring about his brother’s case, his manager told him that as a family member, he couldn’t get involved. Then, later after finding out that TW helped his father on his brother’s behalf, his manager in passing said to him that his family was dirty and so was he. Dirty in one’s manager’s eyes does not equal a favorable job evaluation. According to JH, TW was going directly from work to his father’s legal department, assisting them re his brother. Again, JH was left alone. When she was writing she could endure, she didn’t feel hemmed in, she could breathe. Without that release, she began to suffocate and it affected her physically. TW, as a husband, wasn’t there as a buffer for her to talk to because he was overwhelmed with the illegal family matters his immature mother and brother created. His own job alone keeps him away.

    Everyone needs to know, if they don’t know that the first five years of all marriage are critical. Especially, the first year. Its equivalent to the first five years of a child’s life. Marriage is a never ending effort of security, keeping the promises one has made, trust, respect, compromise and forgiveness. That responsibility is for both, not for one person to bear it alone. If the writer hadn’t shown us that Jeju encounter, we wouldn’t have thought twice about JH’s struggle to endure, then decision to divorce TW. I dare say, in reality, no one knows if the person they’re going to marry had someone else in mind before choosing them. Why…because everyone isn’t mature enough to accept the fact that they weren’t necessarily their first love!

  272. 272 : gom Says:

    I concur with [email protected] and [email protected] regarding TW.

    What TW has done by choosing to stay – instead of taking JH to America knowing how dire her situation is – is not only damaging to his career but to his marriage.

    This is not just about him not being the only prosecutor available. As a family member, he’s not supposed to be involved in his brother’s case! And more importantly, what his brother has done and what his father is asking him to do is illegal, downhanded and immoral!!! To try to counter, cover up and find another scape goat is downright low and wrong!!!

  273. 273 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @Nudge 269.
    “Note JH was elated. Their marriage appeared on the up when they were to leave for America. Not to take away from your theory about JH’s mental infidelity. I think that has merit too, but what was actually shown was different. We saw a happy JH.
    With all her short-comings in the marriage she seemed willing to relinquish the past, but fate it seems has something else in store.”

    JH is only willing to try when things are going good for her – which is shown by her total change of attitude when she’s expecting to go to New York. The entire time before that and after that she has been walking around with a cold face. JH has been ignoring every attempt TW has made to cheer her up with a cold face not willing to accept his effort. My point is that JH only tries when things are going good for her – when they are not going good for her then she does not even try. It’s easy to be on top when things are going good – it’s harder when things are tough and in that department JH has failed big time.
    It seems to me that a lot of people in this thread think that TW has it easy but going to work for so many hours is not easy – it’s hard. TW also has his entire family in crisis and also has to constantly try to cheer his wife up. The man never catches a break either. JH is not there for TW when his entire family is in crisis but you people expect him to be there for JH all the time. TW tries even when his family is in a crisis – JH does not.

    @Nudge 269.
    “I think when a man marries his first order obligation is to his newly formed family — his wife and (future) children. His parents come second is how I understand it to be.”

    This might be true but it works BOTH ways. TW actually tries to cheer up JH and make her happy while not abandoning his family – JH on the other only cares about her own happiness. JH does not give a rat ass about TW and his problems.


    “TW, as a husband, wasn’t there as a buffer for her to talk to because he was overwhelmed with the illegal family matters his immature mother and brother created. His own job alone keeps him away.”

    JH, as a wife, wasn’t there as a buffer to give TW support when he was overwhelmed with the illegal family matters his immature mother and brother created. – Do you see what I did there?
    The point is that you even write yourself that TW is overwhelmed yet you expect him to also be the only one in this marriage to do the ‘cheering’ up even when he’s overwhelmed.

    “Marriage is a never ending effort of security, keeping the promises one has made, trust, respect, compromise and forgiveness. That responsibility is for both, not for one person to bear it alone.”

    I agree and if you would actually follow your own words when viewing this drama then it would be perfect because according to you these words clearly does not apply to JH.

  274. 274 : gom Says:

    As for his marriage, TW knew what JH was going through. Granted he did try to do something, standing up to his botoxed-and-collagened mum regarding JH’s job (he has no choice, he promised her), but the moment the father stepped in, it’s game over! Now, TW must have an inkling what his father is like. He is his father, for goodness sake! He has been living with him all his life! And to leave his wife at this father’s hand…

    As for going abroad wtih JH to further his professional study, it was only upon his doctor friend’s advice and in no uncertain terms of how bad his wife’s situation is. I’m sure he must have known of this avenue prior to that but did he do anything about it?

    He knew what it meant to JH. It was not just about her physical well-being, it was her mental, emotional and social well-being too. And to think that he just dropped it for the sake of his family so-called ‘crisis’…

  275. 275 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “He knew what it meant to JH. It was not just about her physical well-being, it was her mental, emotional and social well-being too. And to think that he just dropped it for the sake of his family so-called ‘crisis’…”

    I honestly can’t take JH collapsing seriously. If people collapse from this then TW should have collapsed ages ago himself. This is k-drama world though and in here the world is about to go under if someone catches a cold.
    I’m not saying JH does not have it hard because she does but she does not make it any better herself. TW has it hard too but he tries to make it better for both JH and his family. I honestly don’t understand why anyone would keep an all-time whining girl like JH around anyway – TW should just grant her that divorce and get a load of his back. This would also save JH.
    I’m also pretty tired about people blaming TW for not ditching his family since it’s not that easy to ditch a family you have grown up with all your life – no matter how fucked up that family might be. Heck JH couldn’t even go against her own father when he expected her to marry TW…..
    TW is just a man but it seems to me that people expect him to be some kind of superman who never gets tired or never needs a break himself.
    TW’s mistake is him not letting JH get the hell out of his life. This mistake does not only damage JH but also himself since he is forcing himself to live with this kind of woman.
    I also find it funny how nearly everyone agreed that if JH married TW then she would have no one else beside herself to blame since she knew how TW’s family was before she got married but now after she has married him these same people suddenly comes to the defends of JH once again.

    This is ‘When a Man Loves’ all over again – JH is a total Mido clone. HW is Jae Hee and TW is Tae Sang.

  276. 276 : usa-mary Says:

    Part I: What I Do Like About TW’s!

    1) He didn’t remind JH about her 1 time encounter with HW when she was in Jeju (which she didn’t hide from him). He FORGAVE her.

    2) He trusted in her love for him, despite what she experienced in his family’s house. She shielded him from the burdens she was experiencing from her IL’S until it became too much for her and did talk to him when she could. By the way, she wasn’t only prickly with TW when she was frustrated, she was prickly with Ji Sun at times, too. That’s why Ji Sun asked TW, what will he do and how will he handle those times when she’s like that because it will happen! He assured her that he would handle it well.

    3) He sincerely, wants to be married to JH (in his own desperate, coercing way-of which I don’t care for).

    4) He’s faithful to JH and doesn’t fool around with other women, unlike his brother and father does/did, respectively.

    5) He wants her to continue writing (even though secretly…hmmmm) Bi mil…HAVE MERCY!!!! LOL

    From a woman’s point of view: This is reality in my neck of the woods!

    When a woman chooses to marry a man, she innately looks to him to be a protector, provider (with him if that’s what ‘THEY’ decide), friend, lover, emotional security, buffer, trustworthy, committed, and keeper of his word. They need their intimacy which does not necessarily mean they have to be face to face to share those moments with each other. That’s what the wonderful invention the phone is for.

    What I dislike about TW’s character:

    Because of his demanding job, and his parents mandates on JH, they weren’t even able to discuss their future plans like most newlyweds. HECK…the plans were made by HIS PARENTS, not THEIR OWN…and JH should have known this before marriage?! IMHO…that’s a farce just like this drama’s depiction! JH mentioned that she told TW his parents didn’t share her views, but TW assured her that he would take care of it. Honestly, he tried, but his father reneged and overruled his decision in favor of his sadomasochistic wife’s views to ‘teach’ JH how to be the DIL in their subcultural home; more like train her like a seal, IMHO. They were treated like children, actually which is what old hag called them in the interview with her DIL’s. JH’s views of TW’s ability to keep his word and bringing it to fruition is continually shattered. JH’s frame of reference is one of her own father being the head of his household and keeping his word to his family; why should she expect and experience less than that from TW.

  277. 277 : usa-mary Says:


    I dare say, that no one will ever know everything about the person one chooses to marry, whether before or even after marriage, regardless of how many years they’ve been together. That most definitely includes the IL’s. You don’t get to know and learn about a person (or their family) until you’re married. That’s why married people sometimes argue, trying to establish, work out and adjust to their differences that they didn’t know about each other, which includes the IL’s. TW thinks his family is normal, especially his mother; so what could he tell JH to prepare to live with them with that type of thinking.


    TW relinquished his authority as head of his ‘own’ household to his parents discretion. In actuality, he has ‘NO’ voice in any matter concerning his wife, her body, his own body or their marital future. For JH, its equivalent to being on death row…no reprieve. That’s why, Ji Hye, unlike Hye Jung, the gold digging wench couldn’t tolerated that crap.

  278. 278 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-273: You agree, but tell me to follow my own words…hmmmm? As I reread what I wrote, I didn’t nor ever leave out JH’s responsibilities towards TW in their marriage. Both their characters are overtaxed by Writer Jo. What’s with being so pshaw and adamant? I’m not JH nor Writer Jo, sweetie, okay! We can agree to disagree, and if not…they’re my view towards this drama in a nutshell! So don’t try subjugating me to the character roles in this drama! RLOL It’s fiction, so try to stay mindful of that, shall you! Thank you (lyrically). LOL

    Again, if you’re not married nor have been married, how can you speculate on its pushing and pulling, giving and taking, IL’s or outlaws, truthfully. You have ‘NO’ experience, you only ass-u-me; making an ass out of u, not out of me. Comments like that are nothing but diddly-squat to my eyes!

  279. 279 : truth Says:

    What is the writer saying, it is ok for JH to divorce her husband all because she is suffering from her mother in law, she woke up everyday 5am to prepare breakfast for the family, even if she is not the only the only person in that kitchen table preparing breakfast,her husband did not take her and run way,therefore go and sake for other man that will make you not to get up mourning again, your mother in law will be making the breakfast for you,when you have children, mother in law will take care of the children for you while you go to work and come back everything the work is done for you.

    as I can see JH sisters has been joggling both work and her household without any help, she cook, clean, go to work, the writer did not show that her husband even lift up a finger to help her,she do all this things by herself for years now, so in JH case, she is difference, she is not allow to do house work, while HJ has been in there, cooking everyday, taking care of her children included abuse from her husband.give me brake,what a nonsenses excuse to destroy a marriage,first of all the writer did not give any reason why he or she put those two together, all I can see every episode is her long sad face dog like.TW my dear, if I were you,I will throw that long sad face away to the lover boy who is waiting for her,I guess the mother of the lover boy will be very proud of her son marrying a person who just divorce her husband for no reason,all the reason he can’t live without her.

  280. 280 : usa-mary Says:

    @gom-272/274: I want to ‘Thank You’ for your intelligent depiction of this drama.

  281. 281 : xxxzxxx Says:

    My comments (against/disagreeing with you) are not based on whether you are the writer or JH – it’s based on what you write on this site.

    “RLOL It’s fiction, so try to stay mindful of that, shall you! Thank you (lyrically).”

    This is the dumbest and weakest argument anyone can ever give – the show might be fiction but you are not ‘fiction’. When I disagree with you I base my comments on what ‘YOU’ write about what’s happening in the drama. If I think you are writing bullshit and being hypocritical about this drama then I’m basing it not only on the drama but also your comments about this drama – and as I said you are not fiction.

    “Again, if you’re not married nor have been married, how can you speculate on its pushing and pulling, giving and taking, IL’s or outlaws, truthfully. You have ‘NO’ experience, you only ass-u-me; making an ass out of u, not out of me. Comments like that are nothing but diddly-squat to my eyes!”

    I don’t have to have done something to know whether people are acting wrong (in my standards) or not. I don’t have to have been married to see what’s happening in this drama. I don’t have to have marriage experience to know JH is walking around complaining 24/7. This is just a weak excuse for you to neglect my opinions – it ain’t working.

    If you are telling me that you and basically everyone else in this thread didn’t agree before she got married to TW that she would be the only one to blame for her misfortune after marriage then you are flat out lying. The proof are on the earlier pages – you can’t run from it.
    JH knew to a large extent how bad TW’s family was before she got married. JH let her own weakness force her into marrying TW – since she didn’t dare to go against her father. It was also because TW decided to forgive her even after finding out she had cheated on him. It wasn’t because she didn’t know how bad TW’s parents were.

    “When a woman chooses to marry a man, she innately looks to him to be a protector, provider (with him if that’s what ‘THEY’ decide), friend, lover, emotional security, buffer, trustworthy, committed, and keeper of his word. They need their intimacy which does not necessarily mean they have to be face to face to share those moments with each other. That’s what the wonderful invention the phone is for.”

    In this marriage the only one who tries to innitiate any form of intimacy is TW – but he get’s rejected every time by JH’s coldness towards him (as he said “It’s like I’m none-existent”). It’s not only women who needs all those nice words you just listed up. TW actually tries to be those things for JH but JH never really tried to be any of those towards TW and as I said waking up early to make breakfast does not equal trying. It’s the attitude that matters the most and JH has had a shitty attitude the entire drama. When things are not going good for TW and JH – TW still tries to keep a good attitude towards her and cheer her up. That’s the difference between TW and JH – JH does not even do that. It’s true TW works a lot but as I said working a lot is not easy and when TW is actually home – then JH does not accept his intimacy and efforts to cheer her up anyway.

    The only thing you care about is what a woman needs – that’s what all your posts are about. What JH needs. The thing is though for a man to be all those things for a woman he needs to feel loved too and I’m pretty sure JH does not make TW feel loved. Heck even when JH does not make TW feel loved he still tries to be all those things for her but she’s too caught up being a victim that she does not give herself a chance to actually accept his efforts.

    I love how you keep going on and on about how TW has not kept any of his promises but JH had one promise she had to fulfill and that was to try to be a good wife towards TW since she ‘herself’ (because she dared not go against her father) decided to get married to TW. JH didn’t even try to fulfill that promise. JH might have tried physically by waking up early in the morning to make breakfast and such but she never emotionally tried to be a good wife for TW – not once.
    TW has only himself to blame for feeling none-existent though by him not granting JH her divorce and get rid of her and JH has only herself to blame for her own misery by marrying TW knowing what she did and not being strong enough to follow through with anything. When she decided not to marry TW she was not strong enough to follow through and when she decided to actually give the marriage a chance she was not strong enough to do that. JH is probably not strong enough to follow through with getting a divorce now either. The only thing she’s actually good at is playing the victim and complaining none-stop.

    I actually think TW is very pathetic but it’s not because he’s not a good husband towards JH. I think he’s pathetic because he clings to a woman who clearly does not love him (exactly how TS clung to MD in WAML). He should have realized by now that JH does not love him and he should let her go. I don’t understand how anyone would cling to such a wife but as I said I guess this is ‘WAML’ all over again.

  282. 282 : usa-mary Says:

    Ji Sun doesn’t handle everything alone. No Jang Soo buffers his wife and makes efforts showing her that he cares.

  283. 283 : Truth Says:

    what does TW do? I guess he too should also join the two maid in the kitchen to cook breakfast,so that poor victim JH will not die.What a sad case for dog face to be all about me, me,no one else because lover boy stalker is waiting,can’t you see he is still stalking me even when JH left him , he still can’t move on. JH is victim,my laws want to kill me by making me wake up to prepare breakfast in the mourning,there is no such thing in the world,I am working too hard.can’t you see my lover boy is waiting for me.

  284. 284 : Truth Says:

    Plus let me quickly divorce him.

  285. 285 : Nudge Says:

    #283 If the writer did base JH’s character on a real life artist-writer — I believe she has –, then criticisms towards JH should allow for her creative conciousness.

    We are all made different, different abilities, physical prowess etc. I speak from experience when I say that artist-musicians wither away and would die if denied the ability to work their craft.

    That’s just the nature of things. In vedanta or buddhist vernacular the term that comes to mind is “dharma”.

    For JH, it isn’t the early morning call to make breakfast for the demon household, not at all, rather the denied access to her creative sphere. For her as it is for most like her, the creative work gives life. It balances the hormones and the five airs of the body. In turn they affect the mind and one is able to give back.

    We do well to include “dharma” (or whatever that is called in your neck of the woods) into the equation, if we are to avoid misjudgements. 🙂

  286. 286 : Yoli Says:

    Wow the last 10 opinions I read were quiet strong. But here the gist of Ji Hye she was having problems with Tae Wook before getting married and wanted out of the relationship. But Tae Wook refused and told her she had cold feet and not to worry.

    When she went away to Jajue Island she meet Hyun Woo whom she slept with and fell in love with. Trying not to hurt Tae Wook she married him, simply put it was a mistake on her behalf to marry someone she did not love. That is why her life with him is so bad but the in laws treatment toward her is too cruel for her to find a little happiness with her choice.

    What is sad about this marriage is that Tea Wook will never keep his word to his wife, because his parents have final say on what happens within his marriage. So yes divorce is the best thing for this couple, but from episode 24 I think JH maybe expecting a baby. So lets see what happens in episode 25 to see how thing will play out.

    One last comment I do agree that JH sad face is nothing worth coming home to every day, nor is TW lack of protection toward his wife is anything worth being happy about either.

  287. 287 : truth Says:

    @Nudge, if than JH can’t get up in the mourning because she will be sick,than let her speak up, and tell her inlaws that she can’t wake up in the mourning to do breakfast instead of making those long faces everyday, killing your own spirit of happiness, let mother inlaw come and shout and go back, there you are, you now have plans to make your husband happy but what about when you have children who is going to wake up to take care of your child for you, because any one who have children will know what I am talking about, baby’s awake you up almost every night, who is going to do that for you, your husband off course, than when he get to work he will be sleeping because he was awake all night taking care of the baby for you.there is never ending excuses for Jh behavior,TW is always going to be blame,even when real couples in real life see worse than, one can ever imagine,yet they still live a happy life, long marriage, use their experience to advise young couples how they too live their life.

    Where there is trust, there is love,there are people who say they love each other but cheat on each other, Tw has love no other than this woman JH,if you marry a man you have no plans on how you are going to make him happy than why marry him, only to marry the man and make him miserable by seeing your sad face everyday.

  288. 288 : truth Says:

    @Yoli, there is one good truth you said about this marriage,JH sad face is nothing worth coming home to every day.I do respect other people opinions how they see things, that is one good thing watching this awful drama, makes the drama more interesting.

  289. 289 : Nudge Says:

    All points made have merit I think. Who wants to come home to a wife with a sour face. But a sour face begs the question: What brought it on?

    Then it poses yet another question: Is it justified? Or is it just a prima donna attitude.

    That is where the opinions branch off. Is Ji Hye sour face justified? Hehe!!

    One camp believes she has no cause to whinge when she has a perfectly good husband who loves.
    The other believes she has reason to be because the husband is allowing overbearing inlaw to micro-manage JH’s life.

    My personal opinion on TW’s love: It is not love and may never grow into love.
    As for Ji Hye’s love: She doesn’t love TW, though she wants to.

    My conclusion. It’s not meant to be for those two. 🙂

  290. 290 : Nudge Says:

    Well said @Yoli.

  291. 291 : Nudge Says:

    @truth Yea. But I don’t think a democracy exists in that household. The rules are laid down and there is not defying or questioning it.

    The daughter ILs may speak only when spoken too. In other words they are only slightly above the staff in status.

  292. 292 : truth Says:

    That is why you make your own rules too,they make their rules to make themselves happy without thinking about others that may not like the rules,all the reason why you make your own rule too, it is about the old lady and her husband so you should make your own rules about you and your husband.you don’t like their own,they don’t like yours,equal I say.

  293. 293 : Nudge Says:

    @truth Yea right. But I guess what you propose would mean they have to move out, because the house they are living in belongs to the Maw & Paw Kang.

    But there must be some cultural thing in play that is blocking that particular option. Anyone know what that is? Filial duty perhaps?

  294. 294 : truth Says:

    @Nudge,there you go,your guess is right,just as the old woman want to keep her self happy by making you unhappy,you have to find the way to make yourself happy.since that rule in that house hurt you,almost all Korean drama I have watch this cultural thing plays in it,you must live with your husband parent is very common,only those strong heads that are able to escape it before going in,before there will be no way out again,I think it is the rule in Korean culture you must bring your wife to live with your parent if not, you have no respect for your parent I guess.

  295. 295 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-286: I agree.

    @Nudge-289: For whatever reason Writer Jo had them to marry. It was the writer’s intent that TW and JH weren’t meant to be together from the beginning.

  296. 296 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “Then it poses yet another question: Is it justified? Or is it just a prima donna attitude.

    That is where the opinions branch off. Is Ji Hye sour face justified? Hehe!!

    One camp believes she has no cause to whinge when she has a perfectly good husband who loves.”

    This is not the only reason why I’m not sympathizing with JH. It’s also because I think she brought it upon herself when she decided to marry a guy she didn’t love while being in love with another guy. When she didn’t have the will to go against her father and marry the guy she actually loved – she brought her own misfortune upon herself which is why she is not receiving any sympathy from me. JH decided to marry a guy she didn’t love so she should stop whining and take responsibility for her own decisions. JH does not show any love towards her husband and she does not have any will to better her own life and yet people have the audacity to blame TW when JH is not willing to do anything herself – besides complaining.
    I only have a problem when people starts to blame TW for JH’s misfortune when it’s really JH’s own fault for going into a marriage based on wrong merits. JH because of her weakness and indecisiveness has made this a bigger problem than it actually is.

    It’s pretty simple actually – either JH stops complaining and accepts her in-laws treatment of her or she can go against her in-laws. If the in-laws are not willing to accept her then they can just throw her out of the house. If TW is not willing to follow her then she can file for divorce. It doesn’t matter whether TW is willing to get a divorce or not because at the end of the day then he can’t force her to stay in that house. I just want to add – since I’ve touched on the subject of divorce – that I don’t think JH qualifies for alimony. I actually don’t think any man or woman who divorces deserves alimony in this century where it’s not that hard to get a divorce and where women have the option to work.

    I’m not blaming TW’s misfortune on JH either. TW’s feelings of non-existence is his own fault for tenaciously trying to and marrying a woman who does not love him. JH never really showed any real love towards him and she even slept with another guy right before she married him. TW’s misfortune became his own fault once he knew of JH’s cheating and reluctance of marrying him. The fact that he tried to pursue her even while knowing those facts makes him pathetic.
    I’ve said it before and I still believe TW is pathetic but he is not any worse than JH in that department and he def. is not the cause of JH misfortune – she brought that upon herself with her own attitude and weakness.

    I guess this is my opinion on your question: “But a sour face begs the question: What brought it on?”

  297. 297 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “It’s not meant to be for those two.”

    I guess we all can agree on that one. 😀

  298. 298 : Truth Says:

    @xxxzxxx ,when you said, TW is pathetic, that word move my heart, because indeed he is pitiful, he is begged for love from a woman who is not qualified to receive it. and yet basic on what happen before marrying her,he did not let JH sleeping with other man bother him,or get in the way of marrying her, unconditional love,a pitiful one indeed.How many men will move on to marry you after learning that the woman they suppose to marry slept with other man,despite knowing what she did will still went on and marry her?very few if any.

    Now that they are married,all he comes back home to is a sour face, how can one know how to please somebody always with a long sad face.that did not express any joy in seeing you or let you in to know what he can do for you, whenever he comes close to you, you fawning, there is no welcome love, or use your joyful face to ask for what you want,the only way out of your problem is to think of other man how you miss being with him.TW is a victim of love if the writer end up divorcing them and join JH and HW together,it is other WAML’s copyright other victim of love from other heartless woman.

  299. 299 : Yoli Says:

    Here’s a thought why don’t you put Tea Wook with Se Kyung together since both mother in laws would be hell on wheels and can battle it out. Believe me SK mom would never allow anyone to treat her daughter ill, she would slap down TW mother in a heart beat. I’

    They both come from Chebal families, maybe this would be a good match, because Hyun Woo loves Jyr Hye.

    Because these two people are caught between JH and HW love, they deserve a happy ending too..

  300. 300 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-299: RLOL! SK and TW together. Now, that’s a great concept!

    “Believe me SK mom would never allow anyone to treat her daughter ill, she would slap down TW mother in a heart beat.”

    @Yoli…and you know it! LOL That would really be a sight to behold.

    By the 1st DIL being a chaebol. if anyone should have understood the way of life in the Kang’s household and come to grips with is subculture, it should have been her. But she couldn’t handle it after having 2 children by the 1st son. She got out of that house, taking her children and money with her, and didn’t look back! She doesn’t even allow her children (the Kang’s 1st grandchildren) to talk to or see those crazy people. She barely greeted her former MIL when they crossed paths earlier in this drama, she wanted to run the other way. But decided to endure the brief face to face encounter and didn’t even tell the children it was their grandmother! LOL Heck, their eldest (strong head son) doesn’t even keep in contact with them. Now, that is a red flag above all red flags!

  301. 301 : Nudge Says:

    “Now, that is a red flag above all red flags!”. So true @usa-mary.

    The writer obviously put that in earlier, to inform on the kind of family the Kangs are.

    Let me draw your attention to yet another red flag which has to do with TW’s take on love.

    In an early episode Ji Hye turned down Tae Woo’s marriage proposal stating her reason — she didn’t love him. TW dismissed her and went on to argue his case citing a real-life example of a couple who was madly in love, then their relationship ended one year later. TW said “love” is “insanity”, that it is less dangerous when only one person not both, was afflicted by it.

    Hearing that JH was horrified. She let TW know she really did not like him, that he was controlling and thinks nothing of others. Those brutal words didn’t phase TW. He went on to state his intent in spite of her protestations and all the opposing factors.

    What followed of course was TW campaigned to secure his trophy wife by wooing and winning over everyone important to JH. The whole thing played out like a business acquisition, in the manner that old man Kang himself handled things — calculated to win with minimal losses.

  302. 302 : Nudge Says:

    correction: I don’t think he had said love was insanity rather implied it.

  303. 303 : Truth Says:

    love is blind, you never see any wrong on the person you are inlove with,even when your friends advises you, you will make them your enemies,can anyone give up on the person they love?I don’t think so,all reason why TW is pitiful here,he knows the truth that the woman he is about to marry don’t love him,he couldn’t give up because he love her,now JH say all this to him,but she follow him to see his patients,she took advantage of him,knowing fully that she don’t love him,by still welcoming him whenever he comes around,when you don’t love somebody, you don’t only say it by words alone, you also put it in actions,if she has stand by her words,tell both her sister and her father how she feels and follow through on her words not loving him, by now TW could have moved on with his life.I don’t think we will be preaching all this by now.she took advantage of him who is blind with love to punish him more by marry him. there is no single reason, whatever why she went ahead with this marriage.

    love is insanity indeed, if TW wasn’t inlove,sleeping with other man alone could have done the job not marrying the long sad face.

    The writer did not tell any story about Kangs first son,yes the first son ex wife came out not wanting to greet the old woman,there most be a lot of reasons why their marriage ended,TW mother is not the most worst mother in law we have seen in Korean dramas,there are far worst in other Korean dramas,some lock their daughter in law in psychic ward,some bring their ideal daughter in law to slap the one at home, some pay to have their daughter in law to be killed,list of them,all this are love stories the writers portray for us to see how this couples over come their problems,some of course did not,why because their sons supported the actions of their mother plus abuse their wife also.if TW brother was really in love with his wife when she left him,he could have follow her and live with her also with the children,there could have been no need for a divorce because they will be living apart from his parent if there is no much to it.we can’t use the story obviously the writer did not tell us what happen to judge what we are seeing now. As TW stated that both will hold hands and die together,that phrase also means that wherever JH goes he will go with her.Is so sad to see her always complaining, without making any effort to help her marriage to work.

  304. 304 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-301/302: So true! That was also a huge red flag re TW’s concept of love. What a brilliant analogy of him handling it like a business acquisition. In chaebol business deals, the stakes are high, and emotions are nil. TW is his father’s son.

  305. 305 : usa-mary Says:

    @300: Oops! Correction time. For some reason I thought the children were with their mother when she crossed paths with her former, crazy IL while at Mi Ra’s gallery. After re-watching that episode, according to the mother, the children were actually at camp in America. Of course, old hag had to spew out venomous orders re the grandchildren. The former DIL reminded her, that she doesn’t have to take her orders anymore. Oh, I like her! Its a pity that she only had that cameo appearance.

  306. 306 : Nudge Says:

    The Saga of Sour Face:

    Something else. When JH turned down TW’s marriage proposal, and TW refused to honour her response, we saw the birth of the progenitor, the mother of all sour faces, “Horrified-Face”.

    TW’s closing arguments at the time were words to the effect: “You look beautiful against the blossoms”.

    Those creepy words etched a pattern somewhere in the cosmic friggin akashic records that forever characterises their relationship.

    Several Horrified-Face offsprings later the notorious Sour Face was born in the province of Seoul, not in a humble manger, but in a mansion with all manner of wealth. And with him came the doctrine of stoning adulterers, fornicators, whingers, ingrates and those who will not engage in pleasantries however banal.

    It is decreed that men shall have dominion over women (“Your wife is as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will”). The wife may not refuse the husbands advances for wot-u-ma-call-it gratification however weird.

    And from The Book of Kang; “Treat daughter inlaws well, for they are [like] domestic animals with you and do not possess anything for themselves.” (..shudder)

  307. 307 : Nudge Says:

    @Mary, I should add the last two items were somewhat sourced from religious text, and I think you can guess. In your country and some European countries it is forbidden by law to even mention the word (source) in the context that I presented. Sad.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to tonight’s installment. I have not watched a drama where the discussions was this engaging. Loving it. 🙂

  308. 308 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-306: I was watching a minister on TV when he actually coined this phrase some years ago…”If momma ain’t happy (in their home), ain’t nobody happy!” He stated how he makes the effort to ensure that momma (his wife and the mother of his children), is happy (and he’s mid 40ish)! He does special things that he knows will remove pressures from her life. One was shielding her from their children’s smart mouths, when they think he wasn’t around or in earshot. The story he told was hilarious! He reinforces respect in his children towards their mother. Happy wife=nil sour face!

    I, also, know of a young woman while sharing a non-verbal, intimate moment with her hubby while watching TV was asked by him to go and get him a Q-Tip. She thought…a Q-Tip! She quickly checked her attitude and went into the bathroom to get one. Guess what! On the counter was a bouquet of red roses with a card that said, “Just Because!” That young woman’s face was lit up like the sun, and she recalled, in an instance (when checking her attitude) that he’s good to her, is a great father to their children and loves her unconditionally. So getting him a Q-Tip is nothing.

    When I mentioned that No Jang Soo buffers his wife Ji Sun, I deleted my long list of things that he does. So, I’ll try to keep it short.

    Here’s why Ji Sun doesn’t have a sour face at home!

    1) NJS oversees the children with their homework. I recall when he had a rattan or stick in hand to swat anyone who became distracted, while JS was cooking dinner.

    2) When the children and JS’s boss overwhelmed her. She called NJS in tears, asking for a divorce. He was on an outing with the guys, dropped everything and ran home quickly to her (she’s his priority). He took her out on a date (away from the children). Giving her insider tips on men’s mentality in business and how to handle it. She took his advice, handling it in her own descriptive, unethical way and got the promotion.

    3) They allowed their marital relationship to develop and foundation to become solid by spending quality time together, alone. Her MIL mentioned that though they have lived in the same building (for years), yet they hardly see each other.

    4) He cooks on camping outings while JS plays with the children. Gosh! Is it a crime for a man to clean and do housework? I think it makes him more appealing by being considerate of his wife.

    5) They spend quality time together either on dates or just watching TV while eating fruit. I recall one scene with them sitting close to each other, her head resting on his shoulder.

    To Whomever:

    No one has to agree with me on this and that’s okay. I mesh with people who have an acumen for understanding or empathy. If you don’t, I’m just glad that I only encounter this type of thinking on a cyber basis because I wouldn’t tolerate it around me on a personal basis, and that’s a given!

  309. 309 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-307: You mean the Bible? The media sure does know how to come up with misinformation! Forbidden?!!! Believe me, that’s a lie, and I should know. On the internet, Facebook and other social media there are Christians, mentioning of the Bible, and a whole lot of religious folks all over the place. I don’t know where you reside, but your media resource is pumping false information.

  310. 310 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-306: That’s awesome! Interesting prose.

    TW’s closing arguments at the time were words to the effect: “You look beautiful against the blossoms”.

    Those creepy words etched a pattern somewhere in the cosmic friggin akashic records that forever characterises their relationship.

    I, too, recall that scene. TW even told JH that he rather liked her (more) when she was upset, and at least, there wouldn’t be a dull moment being married to her. I was like…WT?!! This man gets excited when she’s angry and upset with him! To make matters worse, he begins to coerce her more into getting hugged (Korean term for sex). My thoughts went from, he’s got to be kidding…to…he’s being weird (mildly sadistic in nature-a genetic tidbit from her hagestry) to…maybe he sensed that he was losing her, so conquest was his assured way of keeping her. That’s a man for you (IMHCO-clichéd opinion)! LOL Well…little did he know…

  311. 311 : gom Says:

    @ Nudge

    I must once again say that I concur with what you’ve written regarding JH and TW and their relationship.

    In fact, sometimes it seems like you’re putting my thoughts into words. Just a few days ago, I was thinking about JH’s character and the way she views things and my thoughts were she’s very sensitive emotionally being the artistic soul that she is. The next thing I know is I saw your post expressing something to that effect! For someone like her, the fainting is understandable. She must have agonizes over her decision to divorce TW… so much that it has totally zapped and sapped off her very soul!

    I’ve doubt too about TW’s love for JH. The way he pursued and courted her, the way he pushed and rushed her through the marriage – all smack of calculated moves, not unlike a corporate takeover. And there it is, your post on just that @301!

  312. 312 : gom Says:

    @ Nudge

    I too am enjoying this drama a lot because of all these discussions we have here. Truly a testament of how thought provoking the themes of this drama are!

  313. 313 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I have to agree with TW’s love for JH is very possessive but it’s still not TW’s fault JH is miserable. TW knew what he wanted and he went for it without stopping but at the end of the day then it’s JH’s own fault for not being strong enough to reject it. It’s her own fault for not being strong enough to go against her father. It’s her own decision of marrying TW that has brought on her sour face. JH was not forced to marry TW – sure he did all he could to ensure it happen but she still could have said no if she had been stronger but she wasn’t. JH is very wishy-washy. The girl has no power to go against her in-laws or actually get a divorce but she has will to follow her in-laws way either. JH complains but never follow through with any of her decisions. If she could actually follow through with her decisions instead of getting swayed then she might not have been so miserable. I mean who run away right before their own marriage sleep with another guy and then gets married to the guy she ran away from in the first place and expect to be happy?. It’s bound to fail with that kind of personality.

  314. 314 : truth Says:

    Korean writers like killing babies, there is not drama the lead actress carry a baby to full terms, either she fell down, there most be some thing the writer will on to kill the baby what a shame,no change at all.

  315. 315 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I think people are responsible for creating their own happiness (surely sometimes outer forces are at play but that’s not the case here) but JH’s decision making has been poor the entire drama – it’s no wonder she’s miserable. The same goes for TW. TW’s decision making has been poor also but at least he’s not wishy-washy. They are both responsible for their own unhappiness.

  316. 316 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “but she has will to follow her in-laws way either.” –> “but she has no will to follow….” ***

  317. 317 : TRUTH Says:


  318. 318 : flora Says:

    @317 TRUTH – PLEASE do alert us if you are posting a spoiler!

  319. 319 : truth Says:

    @flora, i didn’t know that I have to alert you, I was mainly posting a comment,the episode has already been aired,I don’t think it is a spoiler because there is a link here to the web site that can directly take you to watch the very episode I am talking about,I consider some thing a spoiler if it has not been aired,so i don’t what the big deed is for you to directly attack me or do you have something else your mind to say ? I found it ridiculous for that comment.

  320. 320 : xxxzxxx Says:


    I saw you had written a comment on ‘I Summon You Gold’ thread and I thought about it but does Yoona not remind you of a female version of TW?.
    I have not seen everything of I Summon You Gold but I’m watching the part where Yoona has just returned (episode 36) and I thought she’s a lot like TW. The difference is just that TW tries to cheer up JH but Yoona only provokes HS. They are quite similar on their love being possessive though.

  321. 321 : Nudge Says:


    “..does Yoona not remind you of a female version of TW?”

    IMHO, Yoona is not remotely close to TW as a person. The only thing similar between them are that they are both from wealthy families.

    But I would be interested to hear why you believe they are similar. Perhaps we can pickup the discussion in the ISYG forum, if you’re willing.

  322. 322 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary No, not the Bible. I’ve said enough on that though. Don’t want to spoil the mood. 🙂

    Love your posts.. “..a genetic tidbit from her hagestry”. How do you come up with these perls? Daebak!

    #311 Hey @gom, great minds eh? LOL.

    #312 @gom Yes. I think something about the drama itself. I’m slowly waking up to the talent of the writer. I haven’t given it much thought but she has managed to remain somewhat transparent, something many k-drama writers fail in miserably.

  323. 323 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I don’t got that much time to be discussing on both that and this page sorry :(. I know myself good enough to know that if I actually starts reading every post on that page then I’ll spend way to much time discussing on that page also :).

    I just thought they were alike in the way they react about their divorce. How they won’t let the other go.
    In episode 36 Yoona didn’t want to let HS have a divorce exactly like TW won’t let JH have one. The way they speak is so similar.
    In episode 39 (the one I’m watching right now) when HS is about to leave for Italy Yoona yells at him “what do you think you are doing?” just like TW yells at JH when she left the home for a day. I just think they are very much alike in that department.

  324. 324 : usa-mary Says:

    Old hank was too busy prepping for her tea party and didn’t want anything to interfere with her or it. After watching the maid accompany Ji Hye in the ambulance, I didn’t need confirmation to know how much lower that old hag would go. Unfortunately, that’s not a new low for her.

    Okay, TW…are you finally going to let your mother have it for being so inconsiderate and neglectful towards your wife’s condition? Or are you that docile? You were angry with the maid and allowed your mother to talk down to you. I’m waiting…even if you’re going to let her go. Please, be a man for once and let your thoughts be heard by your horrible family about how your wife was treated! Then, I may have some respect for you.

    I so love noona Ji Sun…you are the best! Even though most of episode 25 is in the raw, I encouraged you to let it RIP after hearing what TW had to say about Ji Hye’s condition. You didn’t raise her to be mistreated or sent her off to suffer and be in agony in her marriage. Nor did you let her slide for remaining in that home until she became physically ill. Though I’m not into arson, you were joking Ji Sun, I know…somebody should burn TW’s house down and the Kang’s right along with it! LOL Or at least light a fire under his behind!

    Both DIL left the ‘citadel’ as one commenter on Viki termed it. Yippee! Let the table turning begin!!! (DOING THE SNOOPY HAPPY DANCE)! She-Devil’s ARISE!

    I see that it really takes a cheater to know, understand, and sympathize with a cheater. Stoning Ji Hye and everyone else with words for not agreeing that she cheated with HW. Yet, there’s silence on this thread, as if paying homage, when it comes to that seed planter Tae Jin who’s planting his sperm across the Republic of South Korea as if he’s in competition with a botanical garden. Just plain uncouth and nasty; then wants to touch his wife. There aint enough lye soap or antibiotics. His hypocritical mother has been paying off the women her nympho maniac son has been reproducing with. Calling Hye Jung nasty. At, least Hye Jung wasn’t married at the time. Well, Hye Jung didn’t leave a note or anything…LOL. The emptiness of her walk-in closet was symbolic enough!

  325. 325 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-322: I reread your comment a number of times and thought that’s what you meant. Awwww….I know now (light bulb moment)! Okay…its all good.

    How do I come up with these pearls? When I find something funny…the thoughts begin to come. It, also, helps take the edge off some of the negative scenes when I’m annoyed by them.

  326. 326 : Nudge Says:

    #313 @xxxzxxx
    “..who run away right before their own marriage sleep with another guy”

    You know, that is a good point you’re making. And one that’s all about the tipping of the bucket labelled “moral turpitude”.

    There two angles I’m looking at.

    1 – The perceived effect the drama and what it condones may have on viewers/societal values with regards to JH’s promiscuity (not ‘infidelity’ because they were not married ).

    2 – Within the drama universe itself: Was JH’s actions blameworthy?

    I won’t address the first, it will be too long. Here goes my arguments for the latter:

    From my own upbringing the man is almost always the responsible party. If something happens to the women under his care, he is to take the rap. If she’s unhappy or hurt in any way, he takes the blame.

    So as I see it, the problem with TW’s relationship with JH was that he secured the object, but not the heart. Thus he was not able to protect her from herself. Her anger got the better of her. Anger leads to loss of intelligence. That in turn leads to the tipping of the bucket of moral turpitude. 🙂 (I promise that is about as corny as I’m prepared to go)

    So I’m not able to assign blame onto JH in so far as how things played out. That doesn’t mean JH should adopt the attitude she did nothing wrong.

  327. 327 : joy Says:

    Portrayal of mother in laws in Korean drama is really the worst mother in law you could have.

  328. 328 : Nudge Says:

    @xxxzxxx I see what you mean. Makes sense.
    About no discussions at ISYG… No worries 🙂

  329. 329 : usa-mary Says:

    No Seung Soo is turning out to be one of the funniest actor’s in this drama. From the whiteboard to the one-sided, raised lip sneering at Eun Hee is so hilarious. Now, he’s even including the hottie who’s interested in her. NSS is all up in their mock English conversation. That drunk scene is too funny. NSS, go to the neighborhood sauna, there’s always room.

    Oh-ooooh! Watch out for that soju Eun Hee. I see that boilermakers are called somac in S.K. Girl…that ju will make you wind up somewhere you didn’t expect, and its not at home in your own bed either! I’ve seen enough kdramas to know personally how bad ju is! LOL

    I hope Madame President teaches Ming Jung a lesson she will never forget! aja aja fighting!

  330. 330 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “1 – The perceived effect the drama and what it condones may have on viewers/societal values with regards to JH’s promiscuity (not ‘infidelity’ because they were not married ).”

    I don’t see what being married have to do with this honestly. I don’t think only married couples can be cheated on. JH cheated on TW regardless of whether they were married or not. The fact that she was in a relationship with him before she ran away and slept with HW and then married him shortly after seals the deal for me.

    I wrote the following.
    “I mean who run away right before their own marriage sleep with another guy and then gets married to the guy she ran away from in the first place and expect to be happy?. It’s bound to fail with that kind of personality.”

    I wrote this not because I wanted to highlight the cheating per se but mostly because I wanted to highlight that walking into a marriage with that kind of attitude made this marriage doomed from the beginning.

    “From my own upbringing the man is almost always the responsible party. If something happens to the women under his care, he is to take the rap. If she’s unhappy or hurt in any way, he takes the blame.

    So as I see it, the problem with TW’s relationship with JH was that he secured the object, but not the heart. Thus he was not able to protect her from herself. Her anger got the better of her. Anger leads to loss of intelligence. That in turn leads to the tipping of the bucket of moral turpitude. 🙂 (I promise that is about as corny as I’m prepared to go)

    So I’m not able to assign blame onto JH in so far as how things played out. That doesn’t mean JH should adopt the attitude she did nothing wrong.”

    I’ve seen you as a very intelligent person until now but this is honestly bullshit. What you are writing is basically that women has no responsibility for their own actions which is bullshit. JH is responsible for her own actions – not TW. JH is responsibile for accepting to marry TW and JH is responsible for not bringing her heart into the marriage. JH is responsible for her own lack of morals and JH is def. just as responsible for this marriage as TW.

    If you actually believes in the following.
    “From my own upbringing the man is almost always the responsible party. If something happens to the women under his care, he is to take the rap. If she’s unhappy or hurt in any way, he takes the blame.”

    If you believe what you wrote above then you also have to accept that women will never be independant. If the above is the truth then women should always have to listen to their husbands and men in general. If women are not ready to be responsible for their own actions then they are not ready to be independent either. The ones who make decisions are the ones responsible and the decisions JH made – only she is responsible for those.

  331. 331 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “I see that it really takes a cheater to know, understand, and sympathize with a cheater. Stoning Ji Hye and everyone else with words for not agreeing that she cheated with HW. Yet, there’s silence on this thread, as if paying homage, when it comes to that seed planter Tae Jin who’s planting his sperm across the Republic of South Korea as if he’s in competition with a botanical garden.”

    The ones being hypocritical are the ones defending JH while blaming everyone else (men) for their cheating. It’s not like me or anyone else who were blaming JH for cheating has been defending the men concerning their cheating. The reason we are not going crazy about it on this thread are that for some reason you and the people defending JH’s cheating has no problem throwing stones at the cheating men.
    The reason I’m not writing anything is not because I don’t think they are cheaters and wrong – it’s because no one is defending them in the first place so why should I start debating it?
    The reason I wrote about JH’s cheating was because people on this thread had no problem defending it.

  332. 332 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I’m just gonna apologize beforehand about my harsh post above (@330) – but I really think your description about how women are never responsible for their own action applies to very young children and not women.

  333. 333 : Nudge Says:


    Not at all. I hear you. Your position on this issue is all too common.

    It is true, we as individuals are responsible for our own actions is a position I too, hold to. That is the meaning of “sin” I believe — transgression against another, be they a person or the Supreme Person.

    I’ll present my short rebuttal from a mostly philosophical platform to minimise emotional argumentation.

    In so far as your statement: “If you believe what you wrote above..women will never be independant”.

    First of all, you must know by now the assertion is a ruse based on a faulty premise. What is that? That a sentient can necessarily be independent of others. There is no such thing in any society. We as sentients are “dependent” on one another as well as in nature/God.

    That isn’t to say we can’t or shouldn’t protest within our own community when there is inequality or injustice. On the contrary, it is righteous to do so. And to find and implement solutions. But we do these things mindful of the wisdom in the natural order of things. Making changes in the social order/structure when we are sure of the outcome.

    The evidence reveals that the ideology you ascribe to in your statement have done more harm to those it professes to help than good. It has made claims to its success that has been proven false. And it has destroyed families and alienated individuals in societies foolish enough to heed to the contrived standards it offers.

    The outcome has been somewhat similar to that of the black minority of the US, who were better off before the government implemented a number of community assistance programs that effectively pushed them into poverty.

    Prominent US economist writers have presented the case with much empirical data to back it up.

    Any ideology that will impact the lives of people must stand up to the rigors of serious scrutiny before we take it on board. It is unfortunate that political correctness, among other things have forced us to reject them only after the damage is done.

    That has to change.

  334. 334 : Nudge Says:

    My previous post was disjointed. I apologize. I have no excuse save that I’m just your average bloke. 🙂

  335. 335 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-331: What I wrote was an open-letter, so regardless whether anyone takes it or leaves it, I will continue my stance of it! Since you decided to ‘take it’ be thou as it may. Now…I clearly understood what you said in the beginning, and will reiterate that I mentioned early on, as well (if not verbatim, it is in the same context) was the following…I didn’t agree with what JH did by re-entering her relationship with TW after her encounter at Jejudo with HW. I hoped she would have gone to HW directly after that, but I’m not the writer. Whether I use the word ‘cheat’ that you want to see or not…its the same and not any different from that one (only ) thought you expressed re her encounter. You’ve ridden that horse until its dead, yet you still beat it to get up and ride some more when it comes to views re JH, but not to NSS or KTJ. I’ve already read you, and I’m done with the same old same old thought process! Unless, medical (which needs help)…mental stagnation annoys me! Moving on…

    As a creative person myself, I’ve observed Writer Jo’s continual juxtaposition of the characters’ relationships in this drama. It leads to a constant conundrum of who’s right and who’s wrong on many societal and cultural (including subcultural) levels which is expected. So, without further ado, I’ll sum it up this way. Its Writer Jo’s creative intellectual property and will end however her characters lead her to end it during her writing process.

  336. 336 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-331: P.S. I don’t know you and have nothing against you or your comments. Negative energy is a going no where fast wasteland to me. So, we agree to disagree. Moving on…

  337. 337 : xxxzxxx Says:

    “You’ve ridden that horse until its dead, yet you still beat it to get up and ride some more when it comes to views re JH, but not to NSS or KTJ.”

    I just gave you the reason.
    It’s because I’ve not written any posts about either NSS or KTJ in the first place. If someone starts defending their cheating and wrongs – then surely I will let it be known that I disagree but until then there are no reasons to attack characters who have already been attacked without being defended. If I thought they weren’t idiots or cheaters then I’d surely be defending them when you were writing about both of them.
    The reason I have to bring JH’s cheating up is because we were debating why their marriage failed. There are many reasons and surely it’s not only JH’s fault but one reason was because JH went into the marriage with wrong merits. Her running off meeting HW is evidence as to with what attitude JH went into the marriage. That’s why it was brought up.

    @Nudge 333.
    I hear what you write now – I really do. I agree my statement does not always equal happiness and might do more wrong than good but as long as women wants to be independant and treated equally – they will have to take equal responsibility also. That’s the rules of the game – you can’t only have the good (being independant/equality) without the bad (responsibilities). I know the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ part is very subjective. I write good and bad not based on my own views but on the views of feminism. I know some people prefer to not be ‘equal’ or ‘independant’ and prefers to live in security under someone elses direction (in which they don’t have to take responsibility for so many things) and I think they should have the right to live like that without people telling them they are wrong or doing something bad because they are not being independant.

    In JH’s case then she has to take responsibility for her own actions though – you can’t blame TW for not protecting JH from herself and you can’t blame TW for the decisions JH made herself.

    I had actually thought you were a woman but based on your last post it seems you are a guy?

  338. 338 : usa-mary Says:

    I see now that TW’s filial duty towards his family is no different from JH’s filial duty towards hers. Both made decisions to please their family in different instances. JH, before marriage; TW, during the marriage. The only difference is that TW had the advantage because it was his family pulling the strings. Old hag even had the nerve to make an indirect comparison of the two DIL’s while in the hospital. Her soul is just plain ugly! JH’s creative soul was no match for the evil she encountered in that household of doom. HJ went in mentally prepared because she didn’t want to struggle financially any longer…aka…gold digger. Everyone’s tolerance level is different. It depends upon their intent for entering a marital union in the first place. Especially, a chaebol union.

    Well, happy DIL hunting going forward Kang family. The Cheongdam-dong chaebols won’t even allow your sons to get close enough to sniff their daughters’ perfume. So, it looks like your next step is the unsuspecting, overseas mail-order brides or money hungry karaoke barmaids.

  339. 339 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-337: Thank you for that clarification.

  340. 340 : Yoli Says:

    I liked today’s episode on several levels let me explain. When Hye Jung filed for divoce she openning the flood gates on the Kang family secrets. How her husband’s cheating, physical and verbal abuse were exceptable by his parents.
    And asking for 500 million was just down right amusing to see how the husband and his parents were taken aback.

    At the end when the father in law acted just like his son did in an earlier visit, made me want to laugh. His level of intimidation is amazing but he went to far by going after her brother for her husband crimes. That’s the straw that broke the camels back, using her brother and family financial inability against her. The Kang family is going to see red for the rest of their days after she is finished with this family. I can’t wait for next episodes..

    As for Tea Wook calling Hyun Woo to meet not a good idea, he is exposing the weekness in his marriage and his insecurity. Hyun Woo is aware that JH is ill and even more concern for her well being.

    I don’t know if this will be a wake up call for Tae Wook to take care of his wife or file for divorce. I can’t really tell were the writer is going with this story line. HJ is recovering at her sister home and looks happier, I wish she could have had that kind of happiness with TW since he loves her. His mother telling him to bring her back as soon as possible…, really.. I will leave this for next week episodes.

    I really enjoy Eun Hee reply to her soon to be ex-husband and the younger man taking interest in her. I hope she will open herself up to this relationship but the chairwomen will have final say on this matter..

    And one last note JH sister in law coming to visit and telling her she was sorry, to acknowledged her wrong doing against JH and wished her well.

  341. 341 : misT47 Says:

    Who is the actor in the role of Pil Ho?

  342. 342 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-340: I agree. This episode was totally amazing!

    True…TW’s (jealousy) meeting with HW will reveal a lot about him.

    Also, even though SK’s mother is correct and has been correct about SK’s relationship with HW. I doubt that in this life time, if there will ever be a man who comes close to her mother’s acceptance of a good match for SK. The woman’s soul is intermingled with too much bitterness towards her own marriage, along with life’s experiences. Actually, what she said about men is very true. They may show emotions, can be intimate, yet are masters of not opening up their emotions when it comes to love. While different for women and sadly clueless due to love; the ugly truth eventually reveals itself later on down the road (if I may) in the relationship.

  343. 343 : usa-mary Says:

    I wanted to add that I’ve met one honest man some years ago who shared that he wasn’t ‘in love’ with his wife when they married, but that changed. He’s good for her and good to her.

  344. 344 : truth Says:

    SK mom is a hypocrisy, if her marriage is that bad that is coursing her to want to ruin her daughter’s future,why didn’t her divorce her husband, and leave? did they tie her down? that she can’t leave her marriage,what is up with her nonsense all about,she is the only woman in this drama that abuses her husband,she can’t even let her husband speak before interfering,shout down her husband,she is not useful in the drama yet the writer introduce her,what hypocrisy.

    as for me,TW father went too far,this drama remind me of One Hundred Year’s Legacy,when Eugene mother in law went after Eugene father that ends that marriage.HJ is a true woman,she gave her life to that family not because she was a fool or she want money, others may this as not true that is ok, but money sometimes can be thrown away when it is too much to bear,which she has under gone in that house,Fil took her to be a fool that is why his son committed a crime,and he want to blame it on JH brother, which is totally wrong,I don’t blame HJ if she call it quit this time is long over due.

    other problem is she has children for that family, if she is asking for money, how is she going to destroy a family that she want money from plus her children,i don’t know how she can succeeds with that kind of plan when your family is very poor,she will either want one,destroy the family without asking for a penny or take the money and leave with your family,either one, it is impossible for both.again what was her brother doing with HJ husband when they obviously show how much he despises that family,what is up with this writer,did he or she easily forget what has been written down already.

    TW is right to call HW because they were not just friends before he married her,HW was a man JH slept with, repeatedly show in interest in HW before marrying other,what is up with HW asking other man wife if there is something going on? that he is worried about her ever since she left the other day. any concern husband will want to know what is going on between the two of them again,or else you don’t care about that person, and you even want to get raid of that person, no interest any more. one thing I understand is that love triangle is useless in this drama.

  345. 345 : torri Says:

    for once i felt really bad for TW when he read the msgs from Hw, i wish he had not gone trough her phone but i had suspected the writer will do this the moment Hw sent that text i remember scream NO! because i knew Ji Hye was at the hospital and TW might just get his hands on her phone , and @truth , you are right when you said what is up with HW asking other man wife if there is something going on? that he is worried about her ever since she left the other day. any concern husband will want to know what is going , i just hope the writer would have saved TW all this drama , but on the bright side am glad everything is on the open now , when he was walking home and having a flash back to the conversation he had with Ji hye before their marriage when he told that her , her fling with HW was a mistake and her response at that time was that to her it was not a mistake was never a mistake , i think that flash back is the reason he decided to call Hw, , when i saw that flash back too i ask why would any man marry some one whom you suspected cheated on you just before your wedding and you don’t take the time to evulate if your decision to marry that person is the right thing to do, I mean all the signs were there for Tw not to marry ji hye , so why did he let him self in this mess,well i hope he puts Hw in his place and when done with him he should take his time to ask him self if staying married to a woman who is ln love with another man is good for him Tw FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

  346. 346 : Yoli Says:

    344 @ truth Says: To answer your question as to how Hye Jung plans on winning her divorce case. Here are the finer points to this women.

    She is very smart more so then her husband she proven that point in taking over his roll at the hotel and surpassing everyone expectation on her abilities.

    One she has a lawyer that is enabling her to find out about all her husbands affairs and contacting each and every women he as slept with during their marriage. He also has a child with one of the women, his record of being unfaithful is well know among the cheabol families and they talk.

    She is holding stocks in her name in exchange for a salary while running the hotel, her father in law using her brother and the abuse she lived through, she’ll come out a winner. There is no way she is going to loss this WAR with this family, all their abuse that she put with will be paid back to her a 1000 times in $$$$$

    In my book Hye Jung is well armed to win this war, besides her stupid husband left a trail so long that its going to be a funny watching him and his parents shame published all via TV and the newspapers.

  347. 347 : Truth Says:

    @torri,you said the magic words,why will any one marry a person who just slept with other man,that is why they say the power of love, love make people do foolish things. love make one turn blind eye to the truth that is steering at them,that is why he went ahead and marry her without thinking,now he is thinking,O I never thought about this before my JH not loving me,his love than was denial,I don’t even think he ever believe JH when she told him that she slept with other man, he was thinking she was joking,now that the reality kick in, he now start to think,love always blind people. no one can denial that,also in the movies you see actor acting so funny to win the woman they love.only when things start falling apart,that is when people will start think where they went wrong.TW love for JH is pitiful because he was blinded by love for her.

    What I also see JH not able to conceive is mostly her fault,look the first son wife have children, before the divorce,HJ also have hers too, JH is not natural barren or infertile, it is because she is not happy, she did not allow herself to be happy,she imprison herself kept her thinking of other man what it could have been like to be with him,that reason keep putting more stress to her,all the reason why the doctor advises them to leave so that, they will be less stress.I don’t know the lesson the writer is trying to teach here,if it is that people should think before they marry to the person who doesn’t love them,that means the writer is not making any scene at all, because love is a natural force that comes into us without knowing it,it only takes some time before one start realizing how or come they fall in love with this person.

  348. 348 : Truth Says:

    @Yoli, no doubt that HJ is intelligent,she can out smart her husband,even her husband is not smart at all, he hid himself under his father wind,you are very correct,as you say, she is holding some stocks, remember any bad news in TW father company or in the family will ultimately affect stocks market,and also on her own stocks too.Fil has all the cards,because the money belong to him not HJ husband,that is why Fil is trying to bring her back because bad news effects company stocks market, that is why I said she can’t have both,she have to choose one, kill the company stock market with her husband affairs and bad deeds, without a penny, or keep her stocks in the company make more money for herself,remember also her husband is not the only stocks holder in that company, father in law has other children like TW and his brother,so she is only going to damage no one but herself,Fil is protecting his son, he can also chooses to cut loose his son by letting him pay for his sins,guess who is going to effect too HJ and her kids, HJ husband punishment could have come from outsider,from someone probably one of the women who he has slept with,than when the damage is done his parent will have no choice but cut him loose,different lesson entirely,different kind of punishment,that will be so sweet HJ herself will be toasting wine,laughing at them.copy cat from this writer,but in actual scene HJ can’t win.

  349. 349 : Chocolover Says:

    I hope the writer will make the plot smoother than what’s already shown up until episode 26. With LSW and KJH, I expected a strong acting drama, sadly, the writer got so busy with so many characters who popped in the episodes, I can’t even tell who are the lead actors and who are the supporters anymore.
    JH, TW, HW and SK’s relationship got too complicated and not entertaining as it supposed to be.
    If the writer want JH to end up with HW, what so great in making us waiting until episode 32 or 34 to see it happens. Phew it really burns my guts. I’ve never been this patient watching dramas with vague plots.
    Too bad. (Still feeling meh).

  350. 350 : Yoli Says:

    @ Truth I agree with a few of your comments however, there are valid points that you are over looking, adultary is an instant divorce in Korea once proven.

    Once its proven the adultor has everything to loss, even though the father in law holds the most shares, they are divided up by the family. So JH will win her war with this family, maybe you don’t veiw her as strong as I see her but none the less she is determained to move forward and not look back. The father in law is not only concern because of the lost of money but the public view of his family and companies. His son is still under investigation for his crimes. And if he goes to jail that is yet another positive thing for HJ to prove her case.

    You may feel that she will back down from the father in law demands, and threats and he is looking for a way to reel her back into the family. Why he’s affraid of her since she holds some strong cards in her hand and he knows it…

  351. 351 : truth Says:

    @Yoli,I don’t disagree on HJ not holding all the good cards to bring down her husband,you know that her husband is an adult, grown man who will pay for his own crime,the basic truth is that Fil is not the adultery, it is HJ own husband,she has a very valid truth about her life with her inlaws, but the problem is she can only destroyed her husband not the rest of the family,because a father does not pay for his son crime, or else Fil start playing dirty that is when he will bring himself down,as I know it, do you think if the company went down the hill HJ will still have the money she want?or the control of the company no, because the company stock will ultimately go down, she herself will lose own her stocks and money because the money comes from the company that she want to destroy,and her and her husband doesn’t own a company,she and her husband are mainly share holders,the rest goes to rest of the family.and writer can’t make her take over the company, because she will lose her stocks, we all can see,she comes from a very poor family, where is she going to find money to buy the company and own it to her self, Fil can easy sign his right to his wife and other sons if he is found guilt of any misconduct with his son.so HJ will still lose my dear, she has no back up,no whatever,the only back up she has is her husband,and if she destroyed her husband, she will ultimately destroy herself,

    Now the court can award her all her husband stocks or shares, that will ultimately give her assess, to always have a say in the company.that is the best revenge she can get out of her husband. the way I see,if it were to be in real life, the court will not give her all,so let be honesty,she will punished herself more if she goes to the public and broadcast all the things she knows. There is no way she can have both of things she wants,The punishment for HJ husband should have come from outside, not HJ herself,than she will have a sweet revenge, I don’t know what the writer is up to but in real life,HJ has no strength to fight that family.because Fil was not born today, he live his life making that money before HJ herself came into the picture, also give HJ position in that company.Rich people are users,they play dirty,HJ herself can also be implicated because she also chair position in that company.The best advise is leave quietly with stocks and money.that will also bring shame to the family as they are losing their daughters inlaws. at least there will be so many gossip about them,they will lose face in the company of others.

  352. 352 : Yoli Says:

    @ Truth, at the end we agree to disagree on our points. I agree rich people do use others, but somewhere down the line they can’t out smart everyone.

    You go for HJ losing and I go for her being a winner, the father in law used her brother to pay for her husbands crimes. I don’t where in anyone book this would be remotely ok, with a loving sibling not protecting of her baby brother.

    The writer has the final say on this point.

  353. 353 : truth Says:

    well, I think the writer was sleeping when he or she wrote how much HJ brother despises his sister husband family,as it was shown,why in the world he end mixing up with them,obviously he is shown to hate them,for that he has himself to be blame,if he was to be shown that he has a good relationship with them or like them, he was blame for this crime, that will be a different case.There is no way I am supporting what they did to him,but the writer shows that he is not an intelligent man,he let his sister down by mixing up with them. he would have stay away from that family,obviously none of the things the writer is writing make any reality scene, the writer is desperate for rating,he or she copy catting any where he or she can get hands on,HJ will only win because this is a fantasy drama,we just watch for entertainment,that it is,not things else that matters.

    as you say @Yoli,that the writer have the final say,I believe you,because this is fantasy drama not real world that we live in.

  354. 354 : Yoli Says:

    @ Truth You must have missed the part, were HJ husband lover used her brother on purpose. This young man has or had a relationship with the Kang family. He was only looking for employment not to disapoint his mother and sister, that’s how he ended up in this miss he was used…..

    The lover used him to back at HJ for her brother the man in the wheel chair the now professor, HJ old boyfriend.

    I can’t wait to see the ending of this drama, sadly I have an impression that Korean mother in laws are not good people. Its not only this drama but few others that I have seen.

  355. 355 : usa-mary Says:

    “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
    while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

    ― Lao Tzu

    To love oneself takes faith, courage, strength and forgiveness. The embracing of those components leads to truly loving another.

  356. 356 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! I know where Nam Mi Ra ran off too! It may have been Paris, but I found her in a new kdrama, The Suspicious Housekeeper. She plays a quirky, well-meaning, but irritating SIL. LOL

  357. 357 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-352/354: I totally agree with you. HJ’s brother is innocent. Mi Ra, the gallery owner’s hidden agenda was to destroy HJ and make her suffer however she could for her brother’s failed suicide attempt. HJ’s brother knew nothing of the Kang family, other than delivering artwork since he was a worker at the gallery for a very short period of time. Its never been mentioned whether HJ discussed her INL’s with her family or not. I don’t recall seeing that at all.

    Unlike, HW’s architect partner who knows about the Kang family and deliberately appeased that fool Tae Jin by cutting building material quality during the construction of their hotel. He’s now acting like a frustrated, drunken idiot since the investigation halted the project.

  358. 358 : Larry Lanier Says:

    I don’t understand why the viewer percentages are so low. I love this drama and it’s getting better and better! I love to hate those mother-in -law witches and get mad at both the main characters are acting against their feelings. It is well written

  359. 359 : usa-mary Says:

    Though each character’s portrayal in this drama has flaws that’s seemingly taken to the extreme; whether its overly filial, overly sexed, overly greedy, overly mean, well…evil or just over the top revenge. Sadly, there are people in this earth, who in their own little world behave and think like this.

    For the immediate Kang family members, there’s no noblesse oblige. The only exception was the DIL, HJ who helped one housekeeper (that we know of) with gratitude, along with helping her family.

    I’d like to see a Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams) or Madea (Tyler Perry) in that Kang household as the head housekeeper. Is South Korea ready for that???? LOL

  360. 360 : usa-mary Says:

    Some folks think that HW is a wuss because he doesn’t rant, rave emotional obscenities and act profanely like his counterparts who confronts him. He definitely knows how to hold his own. He’s a man who listens well and controls his temper. Me like that. He’s trying to move forward. At least, he’s not acting on his feelings like the other loose male canons in this drama who pee and _____ on other peoples property, then happily wag their tails homeward. TW is nothing short of TJ’s pooper scooper.

    TW’s mother told him that once his wife returns, DIL’s shouldn’t be let out. Goodness! Even four legged pets are allowed outside to get fresh air, to run and frolic about. Living with the Kang family is what I imagine being on the ‘front lines’ of a military war zone is like. Amidst the gun fire you have to keep low, dodging bullets. Bombs dropping constantly without warning. Daily wounded from their (demeaning) shrapnel; while still mustering bits of hope to endure for another day. Their demands are like endless latrine duty. At least, during wartime, the government ensures medics to help the wounded. In that family, there’s no medic (love) in sight. That house is nothing short of the living damned.

    Ugh! Now we get to see what HJ had to endure during the early years of her marriage with that…that…(there’s no words to describe that 2 legged walking nympho tragedy, TJ). It’s hard to watch spousal abuse, even if its fiction. Yet, she was smart enough to report it privately and not hide the nose bleed so the doctor could take pictures. BRAVO!!! Since I’m watching without subs. It appears that she lost a baby. I hope HJ takes her ex-husband to the cleaners, laundry mat, and to the car wash! LOL He needs more than to be brought down a peg or two. Take it to the level of a gnat’s ankles girl!

  361. 361 : usa-mary Says:

    Evidence…Evidence…what does your life say no TJ! That weasel has 3 daughter out of wedlock, including the other surmounting allegations filed against him.

    There’s nothing hidden that won’t come unto the light:

    Apparently, after watching the news update about HJ and TJ’s pending divorce, dad Kang is angry because he didn’t know that TJ fathered a child out of wedlock by the actress. Her hagestry is fumbling over her words now because she hid it from him to protect TJ. Just wait until he finds out about the other 2 girls. I’m going to really do the Snoppy happy dance!

    She-Devil #2 has arisen!!! HJ cold-cocked TW when he grabbed her arm in anger after he saw the evidence his attorney showed him that she presented when she filed for divorce. Who says you can’t hit a person wearing glasses! LOL Knocked his clean off his face! Touche’!

  362. 362 : usa-mary Says:

    Well…well…well…TW! Looking and hoping you can snag HW into saying he wants your woman. Oops! That’s right. HW doesn’t think that a person can possess another like you think. TW, HW is not you and JH’s problem, like some folks want you to be. You and mainly, your crazy parents are her problem. She tried hard to love you, but you allowed too many interferences in your marriage. You were hoping that HW could be one that you use against her. Tsk tsk tsk I’m looking, but don’t see guilt hanging around anywhere on Hw. Oh, there it is…its on you TW. TW, you…Foiled Again!

    HJ…don’t take no mess! Her stance shakes up controlling folks who can’t have their way, the most. Remember dad Kang when you said that you almost forgot that she wasn’t a man (because she’s hurt by your son’s philandering). You were amazed to how she professionally wheeled and dealt in your business with all odds against her at home from MIL and your crappy son. Working with all exec chauvinist men as colleagues and that’s not an easy feat even if she is your DIL, and you knew that. Especially, when you work with men who think you should be at home with your babies or making more babies, and she out shines them all in profit margin making time and time, again! Now, you’re angry because you can’t control her. Shin Young Group dad, per HJ, you have 2 choices. “Either give me what I ask for or I’ll get it through litigation.” Euphoria!!!

    I see now. The only way TJ stopped beating HJ was to allow him to roam the streets like a dog in heat. Men like that are very insecure. Make him pay through the nose that you bloodied girl!

    Now, its time for JH to stand up and not take that mess from possessive TW and his looney bin family. She-Devil Arise!

  363. 363 : usa-mary Says:

    Yay! HJ will decide her own demise dad Kang, so you don’t have to worry! Dad Kang is livid! RLOL Bring it, HJ!

    Her hagestry thinks she’s going to step on HJ. Bring it HJ! I look forward to the day when old hag dons a white (headache) cloth around her head.

  364. 364 : usa-mary Says:

    Finally, a strong woman in a kdrama! Go HJ!

    People can say what they will about some of us emotionally, strong U.S. women. But, let me tell you this…when we are treated with respect, kindness, and love…you’ll find no other lover as an ally who will have your back with strength and courage! Yet, on the other side of that coin…mess over us and you’ll be looking for another planet to live on! RLOL

  365. 365 : Yoli Says:

    I am cheering on Hye Jung for documenting her abuse but it was hard to watch.

    Now her husband and father in law know that there is no way they will win in count, her father in law came over to yell and belittle her again because he wants control over her. She is holding her ground and coming out a winner.

    HJ husband thinks showing pictures from her pass trumps his affairs, spousal abuse and worse yet making her lose a child after hiting her until she was bleeding out. That was unbelievable and her in laws permited their son to treat her with such abuse, but then again the son only behaved like his parents taught him to.

    Tae Wook meeting Hyun Woo back fired on TW because HW spoke his mind, Ji Hye is not property but a women with rights and freedom to choose. Now TW is demanding his wife return and JH was going back to that hell hole until her mother in law called her and reminded her why she was stressed out.

    I’ve come to the sad opinion that Tae Wook dosen’t get that his family is destructive and full of abuse because he is different from them. He has subjected his wife to a boat load of physical, emontional, and verbal abuse from his mother, father, and sister in law. The picture is clear but somehow he is not understanding that normal people live to love their family, care for them with great devotion. Their happiness and well being matter and their wives aren’t property either. All his mother missed telling him that he had to chain his wife to the bed and kitchen. Well JH is not returning unless he changes or move to another country.

    So this is the end of their marriage, a third Kang son divorcing they will soon become outcast. Oh I like that she is warming up to DA that he is searching for her husband lover in order to clear her (HJ) brother.

    I feel that Hyun Woo will stay with SK although he admitted to her that JH is still in his heart. I’ll have to wait to see what the writer decides at the end.

    And here is the best ending of episode 28 the Kang, mom and dad are losing a great part of their fortune to Hye Jung and she is holding even more stock from her salary as VP, I think she’ll soon have controlling stock in the company and kick her father in law out of his own company, victory is so sweet.

  366. 366 : gom Says:

    @356 usa-mary

    Not only is Nam Mi Ra busy, our Hye Jung is even more busy. She’s just flee from the frying pan (Kang family) to the boiling kettle (King’s Family)!

  367. 367 : truth Says:

    shame on this writer for justifying JH and HW character,no true person will write this kind of unjustified behavior and reward it,what a shame to see there are people who live using their writing to write unconscionable immoral conduct to the viewers to watch, any good woman will pray to have a man like TW who obviously, is a victim of love,yet he is punished by the writer.No good man should pray to have a woman like JH, because he will continue watching his back if the woman who supposedly be his wife is still sleeping with her ex boyfriend.

    The worse seen I have seen in a drama is when your husband walk in your auntie house, you sat down there continue playing a game,shows uninterested to notice that he came in,leave him for your auntie to serve him tea, wow,Applause writer if that is way you shows JH to be very happy person by disrespecting her husband presents.This is how a marriage works and you blame it on the husband fault, you must have come from other plant Hi writer.continue I am not too surprise either you must have been an alien to marriage.

  368. 368 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-365: Since I only watched episode 28 with 42% English subs, I noticed that Kang woman, her hagestry actually warned Mi Ra to leave that apartment…am I right? It appears that her hagestry and her husband are protecting her. It’s really going to get ugly in the Kang hell hole. I’m expecting that to happen soon.

    Yoli, I agree with you re TW’s views towards his family. Since its not him being ABUSED, he’s completely emotionally removed and has no coherent reasoning when it comes to his parents. Especially, after he commanded JH to return home and pretend like she’s dead. So, he’s into that now! I just knew he had a kinky side somewhere hidden in him, other than getting turned on when JH is angry. I, even, noticed his eyes while watching JH playing Go Stop with her family. It was as if he didn’t want to see her that way…happy! Other than being called a dimwitted slow moving bear, that’s as low as you can put a person, telling them to act as if they’re dead. I’m not usually like this, but I look forward to the Kang family losing face. They’re seriously out of control.

    I hope this writer will show more of the fab 4…JH, SK, TW, and HW. I’ve had enough of the tantrum throwing, vase, plate and glass breaking Kang family.

    What a way to haphazardly bring everybody together Writer Jo. During the planning of Ming Jo’s nuptials. Can we progress forward with more of the 2 leads in this drama?

    @gom-366: Really! Is HJ as stoic in this drama as in the one you mentioned? Well, after this drama…no more hidden melodramas for me.

    After watching this drama, I need some comic relief. Too many crazies! RLOL

  369. 369 : Yoli Says:

    @usa-mary Here’s what happening dad Kang is not aware of what his wife is doing behind his back. She knows all about the children her son had out of wedlock and she is providing money to Mi Ra while she is in hiding and was paying for the apartment that she fled from. The DA is on her trail with the help of HJ lets see how long this women can remain in hiding.

    And I agree that TW was not pleased to see his wife smiling even his sister mentioned that she had not seen her smile like that in a long time. Even when JH told her sister that she was staying with them her sister simpathized with her. REALLY being called a slow witted bear by your mother in law is ok with her husband.

    I hope HJ never returns to that house and best yet I hope Mi Ra has some proof that his mother lover was involved in his crimes. It would be so nice to see the women behind bars with her son.

    I don’t know what else HJ has in her deck of cards but keep on roling them out, when you have your father in law affaid of you that is a winning sign he’s aware he has lost total control over HJ 🙂

  370. 370 : usa-mary Says:

    Eun Hee…I like you so much girl. Make it plain and clear to that jackarse of a man who misunderstood you all your married life, and women period, as a matter of fact. Chocolate abs…wide chest hug…yes and yes. Go find your Hyun Bin type, girl!

    Now, JH (the known felon) has to turn herself in with in week. What! Was she released on a prison work furlow program? After being at her sister’s home taking it easy, its now time for her to return to her cell and wait on her MIL, the warden!!! Girl…JH…can we talk? Just make it official and go on the lam. Free yourself from Deputy TW and the Kang prison. Better yet, all they should be able to see is the smoke from your airplane that’s taken off. Writer Jo…JH needs a pardon! The only crime she committed was as an accomplice by marrying TW. Living with the Kang family is like receiving a life sentence without parole.

  371. 371 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-369: Thank you! The tiger cub has grown into a full fledged Tigress! She-Devil Arise!

    All TW knows how to say is the warden is…mother!. Why have kdramas turned out to be like this lack of communication? Responding with a single word when the person should state how they really feel about what was said to them. These writers really get strange at times or is it actually that way in the Korean culture?! Any who (I know it should be any how)…its so annoying, and I don’t get annoyed easily!

    Min Jung is probably wondering what’s up with the adults when it comes to the planning of her nuptials. In some way or another, they’re either throwing a fit or the atmosphere is so thick, you can slice it with a knife. Poor baby. She’d better enjoy this hoopla while she can because after that its really…hi ho…hi ho…its off to work she goes! Her dreams of leisurely grandeur will deflate after her honeymoon. She was pre-warned at the meeting of the family’s dinner. Shopping for designer apparel as a profession will not be included. I can tell Ye Sol may be infatuated with her, but he’s frugal…very frugal. I wonder where she’ll work. For GIL or with hubby at his fast food business.

  372. 372 : usa-mary Says:

    I wonder. When Eun Hee was talking to Seung Soo about dreams and desires women (housewives), but don’t act on. Did she actually say ‘chocolate abs’ or was it translated incorrectly?

  373. 373 : Carmen Says:


  374. 374 : sam Says:

    I think this drama is trying to tell us marriage is indeed more than the union of 2 people.?Do you guys think TW (without the family )and JH marriage will stand a chance ?even with all those issues ! anyway I really hope the ending will be TW and JH together,may be with some time jump, They clearly not only in love with each other but also are soul mates .

  375. 375 : Nadegep1 Says:

    I guess

  376. 376 : Nadegep1 Says:

    I guess I am the only one who is not enjoy Hye Jung’s revenge against her philandering disgusting abusive husband. Don’t get me wrong, I want her & Jye Hi to divorce from their husband so they get escape their disputable mother & father in law but I think she is asking for too much especially since we found out she is not that innocent after all. She abandoned love & treated her ex horribly (I don’t blame her for his suicide because that was his choice) but I blame her for trading love for money. I see her as a gold digger who unfortunately had to dig thru stinky scary [email protected] to find that gold. She is calculating & only thinks of herself–she uses people to her end. She is calculating & reminds me somewhat of her evil mother in law. Look how she treated Hye Ji & some of her employees (physically slapping & hitting one) before her so call scandale (that was not a scandale especially since it was prior her marriage). I believe if she had not had that scandal she would have ended up like her mother on law who also is abused by her husband which I believe is one of the reason she treated her daughter in laws the way she did.
    I hope Hye Jung husband who I still want punish does a DNA test on the oldest child. I just thing Hye Jang is not all that innocent and should not get all she is after because she also erred– she intentionally choose this family & despite their treatment of get, she turns around & does the same to sister in law & employees!!!

    In the end I want her to get revenge but I would to see some of that revenge reduce due to her own behavior & choices!!!!

  377. 377 : kriss Says:

    This show is getting better and better! I’m watching a few current dramas but this is the one I’m looking forward to every week!

  378. 378 : truth Says:

    @Nadegep1,we may not agree in some points but I found most of your comment very valid, because I also think that HJ is very calculating, first of all, when she receive those beating from her husband and went to the doctor to take those pictures, the questions I have is why didn’t she want the doctor to submit it to the police?why did she keep on living in that kind of abusive relationship with husband? about the doctor, as I know it when a client comes to you like that with bruises, what do you do as a doctor?the fact that you took a picture of the bruises, you have to submit it to the police, even though your client refuses, it is your duty to submit it to police, you don’t keep it on file because your client ask you to, if that same patient end up dead you will be responsible for not preventing it, one of doctors duty is to prevent bad things from recurring and find a cure to it.Why in the world did she kept those picture on file until HJ now has to use it.Is that how Korean law works over there? A good defends lawyer will also use same picture against JH, that she provoke the fight so that her husband can abuse her and she did not want to go the police because she want to use it against her husband family to enrich herself when the time comes,and the husband can even denial it that it wasn’t him,because there is no DNA that link him to the bruises or else she kept one in lab, but till there is a good argument against her motive. Why now.

  379. 379 : usa-mary Says:

    This comment is for those who think humanely.

    If anyone knows anything about the law and how it views women (like that would matter to some of you). You would know that even with witnesses, it can get hushed quickly, swept under the rug and considered a frivolous complaint. Especially, when the complaint is against those in the upper 1% income bracket of wealth who can pay off a range of people from the judicial system to a homeless person to do their bidding and keep it hidden.

    HJ clearly stated to the private doctor, that at that time she was powerless when it came to standing against that family. In the private medical sector, she has more clout to have it kept hidden, compared to if she had gone to the public (larger hospital emergency room) medical sector, who must report it, regardless. So, she obviously waited it out in that family for whatever reason. She remained faithful and consistent in the eyes of her philandering husband and IL’s come hell and high water, until she had had enough.

  380. 380 : Yoli Says:

    For those viewers that find HJ behavior unexceptable so be it, when it comes to domestic abuse that is a whole different story.

    Domestic abuse crosses all social economic lines, while in some families it is the norm to abuse of your spouse and children. None the less it is a sad one that destoys families and person soul that is being abused. I don’t care if HJ was a witch a to ex boyfriend NO ONE SHOULD STAND FOR PHYSICAL, VERBAL, AND EMONTIONAL ABUSE IT IS WRONG. An abuser does not need an excuse to hurt others they just do it.

    Sad to see that others that write on this page really don’t see the social injustice or simply lack empathy for others, be it a drama a real life.

  381. 381 : French viewer Says:

    I just started to watch this drama a few days ago. The life of the daughter-in-law is very horrible ! This is unbearable.
    The writer described very well what really happens in a family.
    Unfortunately this is no exaggeration, and it does not only happen to daughter-in-law of rich family.
    I’ve met many women who have suffered greatly because of their mother-in-law, husband … and it was impossible to divorce. They are under a lot of psychological and physical aggression.
    The writer has emerged this problem in this drama, I congratulate the actors and actresses for their very prominent role.
    In this film, the daughter-in-law herself chose their husbands weighing the pros and cons. But this is not always the case in reality, because marriage is often imposed by the family.
    It is unfortunate that their choices were completely wrong. Money does not buy happiness, and all the rich people do not necessarily have a good character even if they receive a good education.
    This is the hard truth.

  382. 382 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I agree with you and would actually go so far as to say that she does not deserve a revenge. If anything then her being mistreated during marriage was karma for abandoning her lover and marrying for money. The mistreatment has already been ‘paid’ because of that. This woman is and has always been a very manipulative and calculating gold-digger and is not the least bit innocent herself.

    @Truth – 378.
    I also agree with you – it could easily be used against HJ herself by asking why now.

    @Yoli – 380.
    “Sad to see that others that write on this page really don’t see the social injustice or simply lack empathy for others, be it a drama a real life.”

    We see it alright but you on the other hand chose to look past HJ own shitty choices in life which led her to this situation. This woman could have divorced that family LONG ago and no one forced her to marry this family and abandon her lover in the first place – no one besides her own hunger for money that is. Why should I feel empathy for people who has brought upon their own shitty situation because of their own shitty choices and greed. I have no problem feeling empathy for people who are actually worth my empathy and gold-diggers are not included on that list. HJ does not deserve my empathy because they themselves brought their situation upon themselves by doing stupid/bad things themselves. HJ wants revenge now? – this woman should instead wake up, look deep into herself and accept that her hunger for money brought this upon herself.

    I love SK and I felt her pain in the latest episode (so I do have some empathy) – that girl deserves empathy if anyone in this drama actually deserves any. I’m cheering for SK to have a happy ending. I’d have chosen SK over JH anyday-everyday that’s for sure.

    “If anyone knows anything about the law and how it views women (like that would matter to some of you).”

    I don’t know where you are getting all this but the law does not view women any worse than men – at least not in america or the west. It actually favours women in more cases. I can’t speak 100% for korea since I don’t live there and only have my knowledge from articles and dramas but neither do you I think. In these days women actually are better off than men in court. If you don’t agree then just have a look at child custody cases – even when both parents are equally fit most of the time it’s the woman who gets the children for the longer time (if they share custody) or the woman simply gets full custody. If you look at which gender pays more allimony then it’s easy to see the law favour women in this day – I think men pays more than 80% of all alimonies which is kinda ridiculous considering the fact that women can work and provide for themselves in this day and age. In addition there are rules that only protects women – which is a clear indication that the law does not favour men but on the contrary sometimes takes special care for women. Heck I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that the law is biased against women….


    I thought JH was kind of weird in the last conversation between her and TW. JH kept urging TW to say what was on his mind – while actually knowing what was on his mind (at least that’s what I thought) – and at first I thought it was a good idea so that they could finally get it out in the open but then when he actually did say what was on his mind – she gets the ‘huh’ face. I thought it was very weird how it played out.

    JH: “say what you are wondering about – ask me”
    JH: “I too am bewildered”
    TW: “so? – are you wavering?”
    JH: “huh”.

    It didn’t require much to know that this was what TW would ask. Heck JH’s own words came out as if she knew this was what he would ask but she still managed to get a ‘huh?’ face – pretty amazing…
    I’m glad TW finally said it though since it has been stated some times here that JH never once fully commited to the marriage herself and always ignored his attempts at creating intimacy between them – her mind was always somewhere else.

    I just love the score of this drama. The songs are the best thing in the entire drama – they fit so well in most of the scenes.

  383. 383 : truth Says:

    no one is above a law of a country,no matter how rich you are,though a lot of rich people have gotten away with their crimes,but they are not above God. I empathize with others,especially when it comes to women we suffer greatly,but unfortunate most of us are not good,we can do anything to get what we want regardless how it comes about.In HJ case I found it impossible to believe her story not wanting to fight for her freedom from abusive husband,some people off course,tend to stay in abusive relationship because they don’t have any choice or how they can escape from their abuser, they don’t go the doctors,even when they went the doctors, they don’t admit that anyone is responsible for the bruises in their body,they lie to cover it up about the person who is responsible for it,also know that they can die,they till protect that person out off fear or believe that the husband or the person will change,also fear of reprisal if the person know that they report it to anyone, but HJ allow the doctor to take pictures also let the doctor know who the responsible party is, to be place in the file.

    That is were the doctor comes in,HJ did not only came once but twice to the doctor, including losing her baby in the process,what kind of a doctor will not go and report the incident to the police of a suspected abuse.Abuse is one of the most important thing that teachers thought nurses and doctors in their college how to report it or prevent it from continuously, not reporting it means she is not a doctor that intent to save life.Maybe untill the person die,there is no way Kang and his money he will be able to strip the doctor her license because she report that a client life is in danger or lose her job.Even now if they should take it to court she will lose her license or suspended for keeping such incident secret not reporting it.I do think humanely, that is why I will not support anything that seem not right, out of ordinary to me or hidden motive behind it.

  384. 384 : truth Says:

    @xxxzxxx,Thank you for your comments,you said it all.even though we love someone,but we do not love them to turn blind eye to the truth,loving somebody means telling the person the truth when it comes to wrong or right.that is how a humanely person lives.

  385. 385 : torri Says:

    hey guys i was just wondering i have watch the scene in the car between HW and his fiancee after the sudden meeting at her shop a few times but i still don’t get the last part of the conversation when she tries to explain to him the conversation she had with ji hye , what was that last comment about that she made before she got of his car can anyone make it more clear to me thanks

  386. 386 : usa-mary Says:

    @torri-385: Basically, what SK told HW was that she had a nice conversation with JH. She seems really nice and doesn’t fit in Cheongdam-dong; just like he doesn’t fit in there either. She finally admitted to herself that she had to let him go.

    @Yoli-380: I concur. That’s why, I decided to stop reading the negative comments on this thread. I already could tell that a woman couldn’t even have a decent one on one, constructive disagreement with one of them without feeling like she’s on a train going through an endless, dark tunnel. I refuse to have my mind thrown under the bus along with theirs.

    So, I’ve concluded that the views from such minds mean nothing to me just like mine mean nothing to them. So, they can say and think however they choose. Neither the twain shall meet!

  387. 387 : Nadegep1 Says:

    @******, I agree with you!!! I have empathy for those who have difficulties they no fault of their owns & those who recognize & take responsibility for the situation they CHOOSE to create!!! It is hard to empathize with Hye Jang because she does not appear to recognize her culpability in this mess she finds herself in!!!

    @truth, agreed

  388. 388 : Nudge Says:

    @xxxzxxx isn’t everything karma anyway? It’s karma which defines the type of body, intellect, mind, looks, social-status and family we get. All are the effect from an accumulation of choices we made on the journey of life, be it this life or previous lives.

    I’m finding your point of view challenging. I’m not able to see things the way you’re seeing it. The logic of it fails me I’m afraid. But perhaps it will come to me later.

    Correct me if I am mistaken; one of your judgements of HJ rests on the notion that she is “manipulative” (implication is immoral behaviour).

    We are to varying degrees “manipulative”, it’s how we survive and in and of itself manipulation is neutral. It is not immoral. Animals manipulate conditions to secure their prey. Parents and teachers manipulate conditions to enable their children to learn and adopt better standards. It’s the nature of things.

    In these forums we are manipulating peoples thoughts as we sometimes attempt to thwart those ideas presented we deem wrong or harmful. 🙂

    Where we draw the boundary, where “manipulation” becomes immoral is different for individuals it seems, certainly for you it is different to mine and few others here.

    There is still the potential that HJ may cross that line, but she hasn’t yet — for me at least. Almost all her actions to date is justified, and sits well within the scope of surviving in a seemingly hostile environment.

    She didn’t wilfully incur suffering towards others except towards Ji Hye, to whom she has sought to make amends. She kept medical records of the domestic abuse, something most women are advised to do these days. Again well within societal norms.

    Since you mentioned “karma”, I wondered if you perhaps are mixing philosophical ideas with social values. Which would explain your stance with some of these issues.

    Please forgive me if my speculations prove intrusive or offensive.

  389. 389 : truth Says:

    @Nudge,it is good that you have your own thoughts about this ,I agree about humans being manipulative,there are good ones, there are also bad ones,parents indeed uses manipulation to encourage their children read or other good things in life,wife’s also uses it on their husband to get what they want in a way good.I was even thinking in the environment where JH is, she is going to use it for her to work also with her mother inlaw so that her mother inlaw will than know, when it comes to her”JH” and her husband she is powerless.Good way of surviving and keeping your marriage intact,but off course JH is not thinking about her marriage surviving or husband, her mind is some where else,which is very sad.

    In HJ case her manipulation is a calculated one, the one to destroy and accumulate a every thing,greedy, even though losing her life in the process worth it.That is the kind of manipulation that is dangerous, a very bad one.HJ is not nice, she only bring nice to JH because she is out of the house, her aim is to recruit JH seeing through her that she is not happy with her husband or love her husband in way of encouraging her that it is ok for JH to leave the family too.same manipulation of her intent to destroy her husband family.others may not see it that way,but that is the way I see her all been sudden too caring and nice toward JH.What a calculated one.

    @Nudge, in my medical experience, and in all my teachings,I have never heard that abusive women should kept their medical record in the file, well as you say,maybe within societal norms, but it dangerous because one can keep those medical records as much as they want, in end not able to use it,they already end up dead,so there is no justification of any society that is asking abusive women to keep their medical record in the file while they may end up dead before using it to break free from their abusers,no common scene that could advise that.That society most be in a dark ages.

  390. 390 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-388: Though you were addressing xxxzxxx, I find your response/dialogue considerate, humbling, and never offensive.

    Since this is fiction, the writer reveals HJ’s rationale for publicly withholding her medical info about her ongoing abuse. Whether some agree with it or disagree with it; its the writer’s kdramaland decision.

  391. 391 : Nudge Says:

    Hey @truth, in my neck of the woods, records of domestic violence are kept for the purpose of aiding the relevant social services provide what help is needed to victims. It is mandated, both the police and medical profession assist in such matters and keep record which often include photographs.

    Women with disabilities are especially vulnerable and is the reason that it became law in one of the states, where disputes are unresolved the police and medical service are to keep records. And where children are involved these records provide the courts the data they need to determine what actions to take.

    In HJ’s case, she had taken the matter in her own hands to minimise interference from the very rich and powerful Kang family. I don’t think we can indict her for having foresight, nor can we punish her for her motives, until and unless they prove to be malicious i.e: bring harm or undue suffering to others.

    The amount of $500mil she sought to settle with the Kangs may be seen as exorbitant, but it is the norm in most western countries with respect to divorce, that assets be divided. Usually if it goes to court, the court shall decide what is a fair allocation of the assets.

    Whether the matter of dividing the assets is right (morally), is a different discussion altogether I believe. It is a discussion where we probably have to examine the basis of our moral codes of conduct, which is our Judeo-Christian values, the basis of our (western) constitutional law.

    Hehe.. In contrast, under sharia law, it is decided by the arbitrator, but generally all assets shall remain with the man, even what the woman had brought into the marriage. Under a socialist regime the state gets all of it. LOL.

    Hiya @usa-Mary. Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

  392. 392 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-391: I believe HJ asked for an outrageous amount of money just to shake up the Kang fortress and prove that she’s not a force to be reckoned with. By filing everything publicly, she not only incited controversy; she made it harder for them to try to do anything to her without them becoming suspect. With her FIL’s former legal counsel on her side who knows everything about Shin Young’s business dealings. Coupled with her telling her FIL that she doesn’t have anything to lose and him not knowing what else she has on them…his hands are tied.

    My last mention of spousal abuse:

    Whether women reported their abuse early or later, it wouldn’t have made any difference if they had to remain in that environment because they had no financial means of taking care of themselves after escaping their abusers. Before the U.S. government became involved due to communities across the country’s urging; many women tried staying secretly with family members or friends which only caused the perpetrators to hunt them down even more so with infused anger…endangering more innocent people. If it wasn’t for the assistance of safe houses today for women and/or their children to escape to from their abusers, there would be more of them dead than alive.

  393. 393 : Nudge Says:

    “..asking abusive women to keep their medical record in the file while they may end up dead before using it to break free..”

    No, no. I don’t mean they keep the records themselves. No, there would be no point in that as carries no legal weight. But I hear you. It is sad state of affairs.

    Actually the police can’t act unless the abused spouse steps forward and files a charge. In many cases as you may well know, the abused spouse will either not file a charge or file then drop the whole thing after reconciliation. It’s unfortunate however that in some of these abuse cases where it is habitual, an incident can lead to a fatality.

  394. 394 : Nudge Says:

    @mary “Whether women reported their abuse early or later, it wouldn’t have made any difference if they had to remain in that environment”

    Agreed. But, I too am done with the topic.. 🙂

  395. 395 : xxxzxxxx Says:


    I’m sorry I thought I was pretty clear but I guess I’ll try to explain better.
    It’s pretty much as @Nadegep1. wrote.

    I empathise with people who are in difficult situations because of circumstances out of their fault. I can also sympathise with those who have done something bad but deeply regrets it and actually takes responsibility for their actions and are truthful about it. I however have no empathy for people who use other people for their own greed or satisfaction. I have no empathy for people who make shitty choices and are not man/woman enough to take responsibility for those shitty choices. I hate self-victimizing people and have no sympathy for people like that.

    The reason I have no empathy for HJ is because she brought her own situation down on herself. I wrote it before. This woman decided to leave her boyfriend so that she could marry for money and status. HJ was not starving – she could have had a perfectly fine – not rich surely but fine – life with her boyfriend but she threw him aside and married for money. I’m not blaming her for him trying to commit suicide – that was his choice but I’m blaming her for hurting another person because of her own greed. I’m blaming her for not accepting that she chose this life herself and that she herself accepted mistreatment for exchange of money and status.

    I hate gold-diggers and especially those who marry for money and then whine about having a shitty marriage. I have no sympathy for these kinds of people because they marry for money and then they end up divorcing and think they deserve compensation? What compensation? They deserve compensation for marrying a person – for money – they chose to marry themselves? It’s not like anyone tied HJ up and told her to stay in that marriage but she chose to do it because of status and money and now she thinks she deserve compensation and revenge for something she HERSELF chose to do. It’s out of my understanding how anybody can find that reasonable. I know her husband was a shitty husband but HJ did not marry him because she was in love with him or because she expected a good husband – she married him for the status and money and that’s what she got. HJ has not been cheated out of anything and therefore she deserves neither compensation or revenge. The time HJ spend in that household was for something she wanted herself! The Kang family did not take anything away from HJ – they gave her what she wanted. They used her and she used them.
    If HJ just wanted out of that household she could have filed for a divorce as soon as her husband hit her – but she didn’t. Why didn’t she file for a divorce? HJ didn’t file for a divorce because she accepted the mistreatment for money and status.

    “Correct me if I am mistaken; one of your judgements of HJ rests on the notion that she is “manipulative” (implication is immoral behaviour).
    We are to varying degrees “manipulative”, it’s how we survive and in and of itself manipulation is neutral. It is not immoral. Animals manipulate conditions to secure their prey. Parents and teachers manipulate conditions to enable their children to learn and adopt better standards. It’s the nature of things.”


    I agree ‘one’ of my judgements of HJ rests on the fact that she’s manipulative. I also agree that manipulation is not always bad per se but in HJ case then it’s not about surviving – it’s about greed!.
    The fact that HJ decided not to turn in evidence for spousal abuse right away was not for survival – it was so that she could use it on the right time for higher gain. This had nothing to do with surviving. If she just wanted out of the marriage then she could have filed for a divorce right away but she didn’t. This is not about spousal abuse. HJ is not using this evidence because she was abused – she’s using it because she wants money and revenge. HJ basically wants revenge for something she decided to do herself. HJ decided to trade mistreatment for money and now she thinks she deserves revenge – not accepting the fact that she herself used the Kang family for her own gain just as much as they used her. They both used each other which is why HJ does not deserve any compensation.


    “She kept medical records of the domestic abuse, something most women are advised to do these days. Again well within societal norms.”

    I don’t know where you live but in my country no doctor would advise a victim of spousal abuse to keep records of the domestic abuse without reporting it to the police. It makes no sense to keep records without reporting it to the police. In HJ’s case then any decent lawyer would use this against her. The fact that HJ kept the records while going back to the house and waited for the right moment to demand a huge amounts of money is a clear indication of her being manipulative and with ulterior motives. If a person is sane/smart enough to keep records of abuse on their own accord – then surely that person must know that she/he’s being abused. If she/he still decides to walk back into the house while keeping the evidence of abuse hidden then no sane jury would actually believe that this woman did not have any ulterior motives – because then it’s no longer about her being abused but instead about her getting as much money out of this marriage as possible. The lawyer would also claim that the evidence of abuse is not from her husband but something she herself has fabricated (to get more money out of a divorce) because if it was really from her husband then she would not – since she’s smart enough to keep evidence of abuse – have walked back into the house while not reporting it to the police.

  396. 396 : truth Says:

    @xxxzxxxx,bless your heart my dear,I don’t know how we can see the truth and turn it to be a lie,I don’t understand,HJ is educated woman,she knows what to do when it comes to making a decision between life and death,why in the would will you go back to a man who beat you up every time if not motive of money and you refuse to turn yourself to the police for protection,and you keep the evident for what reason if you don’t have any hidden agenda for it.Even the doctor is a dummy,for the fear of your license you can never keep such a thing a secret no matter who that family are,especially in the process where a client was beating up, bleeding upon losing her baby,you don’t report the incident to the authorities
    , because your client ask you not to.wow I don’t know if this writer research anything before writing even though is fiction,you can not write something that relate to life,every day living and you fabricate it.believe me if Fil where to be ruthless like most rich people,he will let HJ go to the court to make fun of herself there with those photos, she has in her hands.HJ has more to lose than any one else, because if that family go down, she too will go down with them, all the money she want will be gone also. without them she has nothing.

    I don’t know why Fil is not acting like businessman,who has work all his life,only to act like chicken before a daughter inlaw,who obviously intent was money,what a shame that he lost talent of a businessman.

  397. 397 : Nadegep1 Says:

    @xxxxxxxx, I we mental twins? 🙂 because I could not say it better myself. I totally agree.

    I had to opine about JH because the timed comment were rooting for her revenge withou acknowledging her calpability in her situation.

    If you don’t mind my answering. Where are from?

  398. 398 : Nadegep1 Says:

    @xxxxxxxx, I we mental twins? because I could not say it better myself. I totally agree with your analysis of JH.

    I had to opine about JH because the timed comments were mostly rooting for her revenge without acknowledging her calpability in her situation.

    If you don’t mind answering. Where are from?

  399. 399 : Nudge Says:


    Mmm… Thank you. I’m seeing a little more of your point of view.

    I do see what you mean about HJ. However I do not think anyone in this drama meets the criterion of having spiritual vision thereby able to avoid hurting people. They (the adults) are like most people in the real world pursuing their material desires in one form or another be it wealth, marriage, love, job, home, family etc. So within the scope of such materialistic activities some people are bound to get hurt. It is the reality of the material world.

    So let me address your first argument. I think the crux of it is that HJ’s abandoning “love” for “money” is a violation of a moral code of conduct.

    One problem with passing judgement like that over another person is; who decided that abandoning one material pursuit for another is wrong? It is only the pain and suffering one brings to another that becomes the determinant for violation of moral code.

    So with regards to your first argument, we can only really judge HJ for the pain and suffering she unwittingly brought upon her former love, not for her choice of leaving him in pursuit of yet another material goal (as if material pursuits ever made anyone truly happy).

    The danger in pandering to the logic of your argument is that it is not different from bigotry or prejudice. It is not based on object truth rather subjective.

  400. 400 : Nudge Says:

    correction: “object truth rather subjective.” should read “objective truth rather subjective.”

  401. 401 : Nudge Says:

    I realise some people may not be able to extrapolate the point I’ve made so let me demonstrate.

    If we applied the standard which @xxxzxxxx adheres to in judgement HJ to every adult in the drama, they would all be guilty because they all have conceivably material goals.

    But if the standard was based on our moral codes and nothing else, then only those who caused suffering to others maybe judged as immoral. Simple.

    I believe the origin of that ethic can be found in the statement: “Let he among you, free of sin, cast the first stone”.

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong about that.

  402. 402 : truth Says:

    @Nudge,You are right,he who is without sin let he or she cast the first stone,that we are asking HJ not to cast the first stone on her husband family when she is as bad as them.asking for a reasonable amount of money is good,but asking for outrageous amount of money and sought out to destroy same family is tasteless.

  403. 403 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-401: No correction needed.

    Just commenting ‘philosophically’ out loud!

    It takes being in an intimate relationship to find out things about one’s ‘real’ self. Everyone doesn’t have the fortitude to face their real selves.

    From my ongoing observation, many of the characters in this kdrama are either temporarily void of understanding who they are and/or void of how to treat others in a close encountered, intimate relationship. Or, they just have their own ideology; refusing to understand anything outside their (chaebol) enclave, unless it suits or profits them. It took a few (love-if I may) crisis’ for some, to shake them at the very core of their being to force them to decide…choose…and/or rid themselves of anything that’s an unhealthy hindrance to their lives. Now, due to the lack of empathy and refusal to put in the effort to understand, divorce seems to be an additional, unwelcoming ‘right to passage’ for some soon.

    Since the word understanding is open-ended. I chose the definition that leans more towards empathy. Here are some interesting quotes:

    Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.

    -Dale Carnegie (American lecturer, author, 1888-1955)

    Life is the first gift, love is the second gift, and understanding is the third gift.

    -Marge Piercy (American novelist, essayist, and poet, b 1936)

    Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

    -Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist, 1879-1955)

    Looking forward to episode 29!

  404. 404 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I felt the same when I read your post :). I’m from Denmark – what about you?.


    “I do see what you mean about HJ. However I do not think anyone in this drama meets the criterion of having spiritual vision thereby able to avoid hurting people. They (the adults) are like most people in the real world pursuing their material desires in one form or another be it wealth, marriage, love, job, home, family etc. So within the scope of such materialistic activities some people are bound to get hurt. It is the reality of the material world.”

    I’m not saying having materialistic goals is bad per se since we all have some form of greed in us. I agree each time someone gets a new job or new loved one then someone else might have lost that job and have had an unrequited love for the person we’ve just got together with – but all this ‘hurt’ is not happening because someone purposely tried to hurt another person. The person did not ‘use’ another person to get what he wanted and he def. never had it in his mind that he was hurting someone else by getting this job.

    It’s when someone purposely go out to hurt another person because of their own greed and mistakes – that’s when I’ve got a problem. It’s when people act self-victimizing not realizing their own mistakes.
    This is the way HJ goes about it and that’s why I find it wrong.
    I’ve already explained in some long posts why I find it wrong but HJ basically goes for her goals by purposely using other people and not accepting that she herself used the Kang family just as much as they used her – which is why her desire of revenge and taking their money is wrong. I’m not blaming her for getting a divorce – I’m blaming her for justifying her getting revenge by blaming the Kang family when she herself used them just as much as they used her. If she just ended it with a fair divorce and got on with her life accepting her own mistakes then I would not criticize her as I do. I still wouldn’t condone her actions of marrying for money and leaving her boyfriend but at least I’d respect her more for getting on with her life and ACCEPTING her own – mistakes (mistake is my own subjective judgement of her choices) – CHOICES.
    If you read some of my earlier posts regarding HJ before she decided to get revenge on Kang family then I actually defended her by saying that she might have married for money but at least she was doing what was expected of her in exchange – but as soon as she forgot her own role of marrying for money that’s when I was not able to defend her anymore.
    It’s funny because now that I think about it then I’m basically criticising HJ for the same reason I was criticising JH. HJ has become just like JH – a self-victimizing person not able to take responsibility for her own actions and mistakes.

    “If we applied the standard which @xxxzxxxx adheres to in judgement HJ to every adult in the drama, they would all be guilty because they all have conceivably material goals.”

    This is not true because I never criticised HJ while she was doing her job in exchange for the status and money. I know she can’t do her “job” anymore since she was kicked out but her getting “kicked” out is basically one part of the “dealers” telling the other that they do not want to continue their “business relationship”. The other part (HJ) now act like she was unreasonably used and mistreated which is not true since she got status and money in exchange for the mistreatment. I also want to say that I don’t think HJ was kicked out unreasonably. This was never a ‘love’ relationship to begin with. HJ got kicked out because she brought shame on the family by having those pictures around. I’m not saying HJ did anything wrong per se in regards to this since it happened before they got married but no matter how you look at it then this surely did not bring anything good for the Kang family and since their relationship to begin with was about what good they could bring to each other then it made sense that the Kang family might not want to continue their “symbiose” anymore.

    I also don’t – when applying my standards of judgement – have any problem with SK. I like SK she’s very honest and she just trying to win her love over. I love how SK actually spoke nicely of JH when sitting in the car with HW – the girl has heart.

    I feel like you think I’m only criticising HJ because she has materialistic goals but this is not really about HJ having materialistic goals per se – it’s about her not accepting fault and responsibility for the actions she has taken because of her materialistic goals.
    It’s not having materialistic goals per se that’s bad – it’s how they go about achieving them that’s important.

  405. 405 : Nudge Says:

    @xxxzxxx I think the main reason we frown upon people who go from one partner to another is that in any relationship there can form attachment. And we all know, severing the connection can hurt. The pain appears to be proportionate to the depth of the attachment. The pejorative term “gold-digger” describes HJ in this context, I won’t dispute that. Similarly, Ji Hye’s indiscretion on Je-ju island invites criticism.

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket and you have been gracious in your responses.

    There is no hard and fast rule when liking or disliking a person. It is entirely subjective. It only becomes a problem when it appears to establish itself as a new standard. Which is not what you were doing, so I apologise.

    I think where we actually differ in our views is in how we forgive. Mary and I seem to share similar understanding (I think) and I was struggling a bit to understand your particular angle of vision. But I see it now. 🙂

    Let’s have fun arguing our different points of view.. LOL!

    #402 @truth You crack me up. You’re an urchin, a deviant (meant as terms of endearment) when you keep twisting my words to serve your own point of view. Funny 🙂

    FWIW, I was saying to a friend, if Mary hosted an event it’d be a load of fun. And if xxxzxxx hosted an event everything would be perfect and she’d never let on how hard she worked to make it happen. 🙂

  406. 406 : truth Says:

    @Nudge, I don’t know what to say but thank you.with our comments I understand that we all have good experience about life,whether good or not,all our comment shows how the drama we are watching relate to every day life.all well makes the drama more entertaining.i hope drama writers will put more energy to write a good story line.

  407. 407 : Nudge Says:

    I wonder if Her Royal Hagestry (Old Lady Kang) has a twitter account. How many daughter-in-laws are required to maintain that? LOL!

  408. 408 : Nudge Says:

    And what would be a appropriate hash tag — #HRH or did the Queen of England take that one already? LOL!

  409. 409 : Nudge Says:

    @truth You are most welcome.

    I thought about it and came to the conclusion; life would be so dull without people like you in it. I know, I know it’s mushy, but rest assured that is about as much corn as I’m able to dish out.

  410. 410 : Nadegep1 Says:

    @xxxxxx cool!!! I am from the US but was born in Ivory Coast!!

  411. 411 : gom Says:

    Oh, Show, Show! How I love thee! Let me count the ways.

    First off, the sensitive, controversial and thought provoking themes. Just look at the convergent and divergent views presented here by viewers! And how extensive and articulate the views are. You have definitely attracted a different level of viewers.

    I love the cast too! I may not love some of the characters, but I think most of the actors and actresses put up more than decent performances. I love how they breathe life into the characters, displaying both delicate nuances and strong emotions so convincingly.

    Looking forward to tonight’s episode…

  412. 412 : Yoli Says:

    Today I watch episode 29 without english translation, but for what I understood. HJ ripped TW apart for his daughter health problems and his lack of responsibility.

    SK mom went as far as to checked Hyun Woo cell phone, and he terminated his work relationship with his partner.

    HJ father in law came to visit yet again with more demands, her brother was let out of prison because someone else was charged.

    And worse yet JH return to the house of hell with her husband and the mother in law could not wait to start the verbal abuse again. My hope is that JH father will decide to visit his daughter to check things out.

  413. 413 : usa-mary Says:

    By the way, I haven’t seen the infamous 9-iron, putter, or other golf clubs usually used to beat unruly adults in this drama like I have in some kdramas in the past. Pop Kang wears his own self out with the exertion used to hit TJ with pillows! LOL

  414. 414 : usa-mary Says:

    Can anyone ever have a meal in peace in the Kangdom?

    Her hagestry started in on TW and…and… Is it really happening! Are my eyes and ears seeing and hearing correctly? Without subs its kind of hard to tell, but is TW finally standing up to his mummy dearest re her treatment of JH? We’ll find out soon.

    @Yoli-412: What a bummer! Well, if JH does end up at that hell hole again, I know its because of her dad. GRrrrrrrr! When he entered the household, he looked at JH with a questioning/condemning look. Rrrrrrrr! He’s the e(pit)ome of disappointment not matter how one sees it.

  415. 415 : usa-mary Says:

    @414. Oops! The last sentence should read…no matter how one sees it.

  416. 416 : Yoli Says:

    I saw the drama with subs, still very disappointed after TW tells his mother why his wife won’t return. He tells his mom he is sorry, and she goes on to tell him he is cold therefore she treats his wife poorly because of his behavior and she is lacking. It took allot for him to say she was wicked, but apologized to her shortly after.

    Give me a break this man will never protect his wife from this Wicked women, JH divorce this man and tell your dad that he can go live in the Kang household for a week with that mother in law, within an hour he’ll understand his daughter heart break.

    On a side note she still has feeling for Hyun Woo and admits to her husband, JH explains its not that TW is not devoted to her its understood. Its the way he treats her, the mother in law, not being able to be herself and she went one step further to say she is doll in his house. I really have compassion for this man he will never be happy with JH or any other women unless he lets go of his family. To tell your son I treat your wife bad because you have always been cold and never shown affection to me. This mother doesn’t give a damn about TW just that sorry excuse of her other son.

    And here comes the worst part HJ father in law is giving her wish of being the Vice President of the company. She is now afraid of his words, HJ a piece of advice be careful for what you may ask for in the long run it will cost you dearly. And from your expression you just understood that…

    I applaud Hyun Woo for terminating his business relationship, but wow he has an explosive temperament and I see these last episodes getting better as we see what direction he takes in his personal and work life. I can’t wait!

    Here is the funny part of today’s episode Grandmother told her grandson and wife to be that this is all she plans on giving them. Somehow the grand daughter in law missed the part this all she will give them, meaning from now on they will have to earn there way in life there’s no money without work.

  417. 417 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay Writer Jo…as a viewer, I already get how vicious, mean, rude, intrusive, conniving, confused, manipulative, and sometimes stupid human behavior can be. So what’s the point you’re trying to make in this drama with only 6 episodes to go? Please make it soon because the crazies are really old, already.

    HJ…girlfriend can we talk! Listen clearly and very carefully…

    1) You shouldn’t take that VP position and you know why…its a TRAP!!! You should know that better than anyone how cunning and twisted your FIL can be. Your legal advisor, and former SYG employee is a witness!

    2) Please don’t let your guard down with your FIL, because he didn’t forget and most definitely won’t forgive you for what you’ve taken him through, and will never understand your plight no matter how many life times you believe you will have. Plus, you know the investigation is ongoing. So, you’d better consult with your legal advisor. If you give your FIL the book, make multiple copies first and send them to designated people, just in case something happens to you. Remember, a chaebol scorned is no joke.

    3) Girlfriend, I suggest you start your own business as a consultant somewhere else with SYG’s staunch and fierce competitors. Like, as far away from Cheongdam-dong as you can get. You have the proven track record.

    Even then, watch your back because, chaebols (businessmen) and their networking connections are strange bed fellows. FIL is waiting for that open door when he sees you’ve relaxed. Remember, anyone will accept an under the table payoff to snag you, if the price is right. Keep your allies on guard.

    Ji Sun and hubby Jang Soo are too funny. I’m quite sure he learnt his lesson well after he pushed her, which was a definite no no. NJS and NSS’s mother (JS’s MIL)…no comment. Their dad (FIL) is a sweetheart.

    Eun Hee’s handsome (Hyun Bin type) friend and that weasel of an ex-husband, NSS, are too funny! NSS, you’re going to do what and to whom? Yeah right…after he walked away from you, you got antics! LOL Man, that tall drink of chamomile tea will make you really feel your age after he uses you like a mop for the floor. LOL If Writer Jo pulls an Ooh La La couple ending with EH and NSS…:-( I already feel like my interest towards the crazies in this drama is comparative to hanging by a thin piece of thread as it is.

    SK and her scary-spice, Morticia Addams designer chic wearing mother…no comment. HW being fed up…finally, but to what extent? Calling off the wedding? Hopefully, he’ll return to Jeju-do soon…alone!

    Episode 30 preview:

    JH’s dad pleading with his daughter to try for 2 more years in hell…no comment. JH returning to the Kangdom Hell House upon Skull hill…no comment. TW having his wife’s back…no comment. JH’s warm ‘Welcome Home’ from MIL after her fun filled, over indulging month at her sister’s home…no comment. Her hagestry just couldn’t wait to extend the olive leaf branch to JH. What you looking at! That woman is the 3 monkey’s opposite proverb…She thinks evil, She speaks evil, She acts evil. I look forward to JH say, “Frazier, has left the building!” Hopefully, before she loses her sanity, and MIL has her committed. She may just personally accompany JH for that event!

  418. 418 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I dont understand what you’ve got against SK? I know her mother is a bit too much but you’ve been calling them both names the entire drama so I’m just curious as to why you don’t like SK? I think she’s the person in this drama who been most honest until now..

  419. 419 : Yoli Says:

    I’m disappointed HJ and JH return to hell of the Kang household, HJ sold herself for the VP job, and JH returned due to her fathers request to try to work on her marriage.

    Wow now Hyun Woo is being detained due to the Kang corruption case which was completely his business partner doing. This is awful but SK and her family connection will hopefully get him out of this problem. My impression is that he was going to break it off with her. The cheabol way of living is a lifestyle he doesn’t care to partake in.

    EH husband is having second thoughts about his wife, and getting a divorce I hope she holds her ground and gets the paper finalized.

  420. 420 : usa-mary Says:

    Seriously, Writer Jo…you’re trying to play with our minds…right! I thought WAMFL was outrageous…but this!

    SK and her screaming mimi mother never ceases to entertain me with their contralto arias. No wonder Cheongdam-dong structures have very good acoustics. Throw in her hagestry and we’ve got the 3 divas!

    @Yoli-419: I know…a lot of twists and turns in this drama. When I heard that distinct sound of the knife on the chopping block, I knew it was HJ.

  421. 421 : usa-mary Says:

    @418: Child…lighten up will you, for your own sake!

  422. 422 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I’m pretty ‘lightened up’ – I’m just wondering why you don’t like SK so much. It’s not like she’s done anything really bad or anything like almost every one in the drama.

  423. 423 : xxxzxxx Says:

    It’s seems you ain’t that ‘lightened up’ though considering your ‘innocent’ attempt to belittle me.

  424. 424 : Earnie Sanchez Says:

    I honk that the writer has jumped the shark… And for the Asians, that means that the story went South and lost it’s course. That means that the writer, who is most probably a divorced middle aged homely woman ( they all are) has run out of ideas and is at the point where she will write anything and keep it going as she is probably tired of it already.
    These characters are all exasperating. The mothers in law are all ” bitches from hell” and the only one I like even tough she is stern is the grandmother in law.
    The men are all weak and act stupid,

  425. 425 : gom Says:

    Oh no! What are you doing, writer-nim? JH and HJ have just barely crawled out of the hell hole and you made them go back in?

    HJ may be able to survive (as she has her own agenda) but not JH! As it is, she is mentally and emotionally drained, her womb has shut down, she has fainted, so what’s next? Does she need to die? TW won’t be of much help. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that divorce is the only solution. But TW should take JH abroad, far far away from his parents, far away from their evil clutches… Then and only then, will their marriage have a chance…

  426. 426 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-423: I have no desire to belittle you. You state your thoughts and it removes all doubt. Honestly, I could tell from the tone of your comment when you asked why I disliked SK where your maturity level lies and where this question was headed.

    So, I’m going to state this once to you, and then, I’m done with it. If you really wanted to know why I comment about whomever in this drama…ask me nicely; even add a smiley face or 2 to it or seriously, don’t ask me at all. Its clear that you need to be educated on decorum and word selection when trying to create any kind of dialogue with me. I could stroke your ego, but I don’t want to. So, if my comments are not your cup of tea…skip them!

    Lastly, and please note…that this kdramaland, high school silliness attitude needs to stays with you and not bring it to me. Not once have I commented about the way you question other folks comments on this thread when they don’t agree with your view point of this drama. Why…because I don’t care.

  427. 427 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t know if this writer plans on showing us HJ and JH forming an alliance together from this point on or not…but, I did take note how HJ greeted JH pleasantly and warmly, compared to how she coldly talked to her in the past. Most likely, they will definitely depend upon each other for support to get through the chaos they’ll face upon returning to that craziness. Now, I want to see if TW will step up to protect his wife.

    Also, will SK aide HW once she finds out about his arrest? I believe she will with a quickness, despite her scary-spice, screaming mimi mom’s disapproval. I believe she’ll also inform the police of HW’s partner’s shady dealings in the past and how HW dealt with it. Anyhow, I still don’t believe this writer’s concept of these characters! Did this person or someone very close to this person have a bad IL and spousal experience or what?


    My question is will HJ and JH be able to reform the Kang IL’s? My own answer…does a chicken have lips! Go ahead and imagine a chicken with lips…I know you want to! LOL


    Hmmmm…under the Main Cast header on this tread, I noticed that TW is now the 2nd lead and HW is now 3rd. Whereas before, HW was the 2nd lead and TW was 3rd. Well, I know where this is headed. Though not written in stone…my guess is that TW and JH will most likely be together in the end and SK will be with HW. Just like this drama’s opening window scenes show TW and JH smiling happily together and she’s holding a bouquet of flowers. Oh well, surprise me Writer Jo!

  428. 428 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @USA-mary 426.
    “If you really wanted to know why I comment about whomever in this drama…ask me nicely; even add a smiley face or 2 to it or seriously, don’t ask me at all.”

    This is what I wrote. “:)”
    “I dont understand what you’ve got against SK? I know her mother is a bit too much but you’ve been calling them both names the entire drama so I’m just curious as to why you don’t like SK? I think she’s the person in this drama who been most honest until now..”

    I can ask you all I want – if you don’t want to give an answer then just don’t. “:)”
    I asked you pretty nicely – what was I supposed to do? It seems to me it’s you who has a problem with me not stroking your ego but instead questioning your hate for a character. “:)”

    “Honestly, I could tell from the tone of your comment when you asked why I disliked SK where your maturity level lies and where this question was headed.”

    I’ll just take it as you not having any reasonable explanation as to why you are hating on SK – well it’s what I had thought from the beginning anyway which is why I asked. “:)”
    It seems it’s easier for you to divert the attention instead of actually answering a question you probably have no real answer for anyway. “:)”

    “high school silliness attitude needs to stays with you and not bring it to me.”
    “Not once have I commented about the way you question other folks comments on this thread when they don’t agree with your view point of this drama. Why…because I don’t care.”

    If you can’t handle other people questioning your comments then you should seriously consider whether you – since you’ve already touched on the subject of being mature – are mature enough to actually comment on a ‘forum’. “:)”
    If anyone of us are being ‘high school silly’ then just remember it’s not me doing the name calling here. “:)”

  429. 429 : torri Says:

    one thing am very sure is after watching last ep is that this writer will piss -off many viewers with how it will end i can smell a silly ,annoying ending for this drama and i don’t think there will be anymore surprises in the next coming ep ,last ep made it very clear how things will end the only character i feel so sorry for is HW the guy needs a very long vacation away from the crap the writer is making him go trough i hope he gets away i hope he ends up alone with none of the lady because none of them deserves him , the poor thing looked like he needed a warm big hug from last ep

  430. 430 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary “…my guess is that TW and JH will most likely be together in the end”

    Really? I’m leaning the other way Mary. I think you’re hoping for it too. 🙂

    Some of my reasons: The writer I think intentionally made JH and HW fit as a couple. HW is a contented individual for the most part save for the love of a woman whose guarded and vulnerable heart only he somehow, by fate or providence got to see. Not even her own family see JH in quite the same way as HW.

    I think the writer intended to bring those two together in the end.

    I’m sure you will agree that the heart will go where it goes. As much as HW will try and have tried, the pebble rattles still, in his heart (or his left ventricle) :).

  431. 431 : Nudge Says:

    I’m wondering if TW played a part in HW’s arrest. He is involved in the case on his brother’s behalf. If he is and JH finds out… Mmmm.

  432. 432 : Yoli Says:

    @Nudge, I know that TW had nothing to do with HW arrest, remember he is not allowed to be apart of his brother case.

    HJ was giving the DA leads until her father in law offer her the VP and met her conditions to drop the divorce. There was a part in last episode where one of the lawyers tells the head DA he found another slush fund. Also HW partner had been helping Jung Tae with his misdealing. He was cutting corners on the material to provide Kim Jung Tae money for his political career. HW is a victim of his business partner and he was not aware that he was being used in this crime.

    I think once Mi Ra is arrested she will not go down alone and provide names with evidence as to how was involved in the Kang dealing. She has forewarned Jung Tae mother not once but twice she would not pay for her son’s crimes alone. I hope the DA finds Mi Ra soon then the Kang clan will be in trouble.

    As for HJ she should know this old saying beware of the wolf in sheep clothing, she fell for her father in law BS lets see how long his olive branch last.

    As for the ending I’m thinking couple of things, that JH will leave TW because of his mother’s verbal abuse the women was not alone with her for two minutes before she started to belittle her and tell her she plans on working her twice as hard since her vacation. TW can not keep his word to protect her because he is never around to see what his mother is doing just empty promises on his behalf although I feel he is being sincere.

    Unless TW takes his wife to live in another country I don’t see this marriage lasting. He holds a great loyalty to his family and much as he loves his wife she comes in last when it comes to his parents.

    I don’t see HW with SK at the end, he has had his fill with the cheabol
    families and after his arrest. He will only want to be further away from these people, he simply doesn’t share their value system, he’s another JH in that sense.

    And I’m looking forward to the wake up call from grandmother, once the new bride is told she must work because her money is not her grandson’s money. They have to earn their way in life she will have to be wife and help provide for her household just like her mom. I bet she wished she had that office job back over working at the coffee shop.

    Writer Jo please have EH sign the divorce papers and stay with that good looking man that has been courting her. He wants to date EH and you can tell he’s made his mind to have a relationship with her.

  433. 433 : Nudge Says:

    Thanks @Yoli. Thanks for pointing out the things I had missed.

  434. 434 : Carmen Says:

    ok I finally saw episode 29-30, now I understand why all people are not happy…..it is because this writer make us feel uphight, with the revenge….and maybe with the main character in this drama to finally going back to her relly love, but OMG, this is crazy, the DIL went back to the castle….can not believe this, and the guy get arrected for something his friend did………I know that with only 1-episode they can go ahead 2years, but OMG not good for the change……..esto es una cojida de pendejo a todos los televidentes…..

  435. 435 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-430: It’s true! I sooo want them to be together. Actually, I’m hoping for JH and HW to get together before the end. Yet, with this writer…with the continual stuck 180 degree turns. A 360 would return her to HW, IMHO.

    …(or his left ventricle). You’re too funny! LOL Yes…the heart will most definitely go where it goes. Thank you…I’m back on track now. I got a little off and momentarily irritated due to this writer’s constant reversals. It’s like trying to prepare myself for Writer Jo’s tricky, mickey slip in my visual drink. ~smile~ I recall now that their heart string pulls are very strong. JH and HW can hardly look into each others eyes without being magnetically drawn…amazing! It’s not lust…its pure true love. JH, more so than HW has been fighting against that pull. Hopefully, her return to the castle and HW’s arrest will be a pivotal turning point for both of them…with the help of providence, of course.

  436. 436 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoli-432: Here’s a ‘Thank You’ from me, and I’ve been watching the drama!

    I, too, concur re EH. Please, Writer Jo! Have her sign the divorce papers soon and go with the younger man who cares for her and cares about her. Have her get her son and have NSS go away to another country or even to just away would be good enough for me!

  437. 437 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-428: Take a deep breath and exhale, slowly. If you did…feel better. If you didn’t…feel better, anyway. It’s not that serious to get your non-thong undies in a knot!

    RLOL! Dear one…I come on this thread for mature (age doesn’t matter), constructive dialogue about the drama, not to have my comments dissected for superficial reasons. That’s what the drama is for…analyze, dissect, discuss, or even criticize ‘it’ superficially, however one chooses to do. So, if you misconstrued what I stated to you, I’ll reiterate it again. You’re welcome to ask me about my comments with loads of smiley faces or even hearts if it moves you. Daggers or sharp pointy arrowed words about the commenters are not allowed.

    P.S. Neither is (|) kissing allowed either. smooches!

  438. 438 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-428: Sweetie…I know we are all made up of hormones and some, for whatever reason, have hormones raging through the roof, just like TW and TJ’s mom in this drama. So, grab yourself a cup of chamomile or valerian tea and relax. I’ll then be more than happy to answer your question after you do. Have a wonderful day!

  439. 439 : hunee Says:

    The two main guys are soooo cute, but it sooooo boring. Why do they have to stay with his inlaws. Couldn’t they get their own place. So what if theyre rich. The main girl is soooooo weak. I don’t like her character. I luv her husband but he is soooo stiff and mean. I luv the other guy, very very sweet low key, humble. All in all very very boring.

  440. 440 : truth Says:

    this writer get some ideal right with some characters,some are boring so as one ask self question,what is this writer trying to prove to the audience,with HJ, her character,I guess, her character,at least,is clear, one can say she is a gold digger,she proven even though she is greed, she is a force not to reckon with,she made it clear that she HJ” is not fool after all.
    HJ shows example that no force can stop her getting what she want,she prove this to her in laws,who throw her out,now beg her to come back, also the other woman that want a revenge for her brother, guess what she is hiding,my other guess is she will turn against those people that was supporting her actions,cheering up for her dirty deeds,with this HJ has proven to be a true woman even though her intent to marry was not for love but love for money.

    With JH character,is so boring,her character is out of this planet Earth,as a wife, experience what it takes to live with husband and in laws, HJ is an example of that,she lives in that house all by herself for many years, doing all the works in that household plus her children,plus her abusive husband who sleep with all the women Korean,she is there still moving forward with her life,the writer did not show us that she is tired of her life,or her life is coming to an end,now what is this awful writing about JH life?that she is going to die,she is not happy all because she wake up 4’30am to cook breakfast, her mother in law order her around,but the writer fail to show us that she is scrubbing the floor in that household,she is the only one in that kitchen, she is doing all laundry in that house,there is no maid that is helping out , many thing to list that every day woman do,I didn’t see her doing,yet the writer lost ideals to write what every day women do to care for their household, all this about Jh suffering is BS,she is suffering nothing,nothing at all,JH is there cheating on her husband by having a feeling for other man when she is married,many women pray to have a cute husband like TW,who does not look at any woman out side his home and wife, who shows concern and can support you in the face of his mother,I don’t know how this writer is describing JH suffering,if every woman life on this Earth is as good as JH marriage life,I don’t think ,there will be many divorce,as it is nowadays,it is a shame that this writer exaggerating things even though it is a fiction,what a poor taste to write about marriage on how things really works in really life.

  441. 441 : Yoli Says:

    @ Truth I read your comments on writer Jo and JH and being married, along with the mother in law problem.

    I don’t think we are watching the same drama because you have missed some very important parts. The mother in law from Hell calls her by demeaning names, hits the daughter in laws too. I’m sure if you were to read back on several other people comments there one thing that stands out the mother in law is abusive. I don’t know what country you are from but, I’m American and here and other parts of the world she is considered an abusive women.

    And as for marriage I hold a strong belief in it its hard work, and it takes commitment to keep a marriage strong. In order to provide your children with a stable home but not model physical, verbal abuse as the norm for the next generation. This is perhaps the saddest thing one can image.

    And as for many would pray to have a man like TW I guess if you are seeking financial security I would agree on this point. He is unable to protect his wife from his mother’s abuse he’s not home three to four days out of the week, so he really has no idea of how this is destroying her soul.

    I feel that most women and men that comment on this drama will agree with me a man needs to protect his wife, give her security, moral support, and treat her well. I don’t know if you have heard this expression – A happy wife makes for a happy HOME! Simply put she treats her husband well because he values her.

  442. 442 : Nudge Says:

    Heh.. I agree. Indeed with each challenge that came her way Ji Hye showed determination to make things work in her marriage. She shunned HW’s advances to provide even comforting words. She was adamnt and in my view an admirable quality in a person.

    In her commitment to her marriage she suffered much more than her husband whose sacrifice IMHO, amounts to nothing more than rhetoric. Ji Hye didn’t need the financial support TW provides, she was already financially independent and content in that regard.

    There is the question of “cheating” to which JH it seems is forever indicted. In a broader context, cheating is betrayal which can take many forms — not just adultry.

    As we are imperfect beings, when we betray the trust of another and we sincerely repent, we are usually forgiven. The depth of our sincerity manifests in deed and sometimes in the pain/suffering we endure.

    The character of JH in this drama has earned my respect. She suffered for her marriage, for her hearth.

    Her husband on the other hand should submit to the truth about himself and his trophy-wife obsession. He should know such a thing brings misery to those he forms conjugal relations with. He should know that not acknowledging and correcting such an attitude constitutes a betrayal of the trust between partners; to help one another in pursuit of happiness.

  443. 443 : gom Says:

    @441 Yoli & 442 Nudge

    Well said, well said! You’ve both articulated what’s in my mind. I couldn’t have put it any better!

  444. 444 : usa-mary Says:

    @Yoii-441 and Nudge-442: I concur with @gom-443.

  445. 445 : usa-mary Says:

    Even though JH’s father pleaded for her to return to TW, I noticed that he looked concerned after she left with TW. JS, lovingly coaxed him to go into the house as he turned from watching the car leave. As a widower, who raised his daughters alone, knowing about the challenges they may face in a marriage and especially with IL’s, one would think that he would be more comforting and understanding, going beyond ‘saving face’ when it comes to his daughter’s well being. In my humble opinion, he comes across as caring more about what others will say about her and is protective of that belief more so than his own daughter’s well being.

    When I recall the scenes after dad Song’s arrival, he didn’t even listen to the reason why JH had returned home. I suppose it was to not take sides. He just took it as JH and TW’s general marital hurdle problems without even knowing or considering 3rd parties involvement. The only conclusion to the advice he was willing to give was to stay married for 3 years, then decide from there. That’s so sad.

  446. 446 : truth Says:

    @Yoli, you make laugh,I too in a American,I did not see any woman who divorce their husband because of their mother in law,as you guys are gearing that JH should divorce her husband,

    [The mother in law from Hell calls her by demeaning names, hits the daughter in laws too. I’m sure if you were to read back on several other people comments there one thing that stands out the mother in law is abusive]

    @Yoli, you talk about mother in law, does any law in America say that you cannot defend yourself from your mother in law abuse,calling you names,hitting you,for goodness sake is JH a baby for a mother law to hit she can not defend herself,did any law in America say one can not talk back to her mother law?does she need to stand for her mother hit her? I don’t understand,I call this comments about mother in law abuse a baby excuse,you talk about marriage,are you married? if you are tell your experience with your husband,because your comment all of it is saying that husband should take care of all the household affairs,as for my own experience also see so many woman around me most of them take of the affairs of house,husband help is a plus but not many that helps.

  447. 447 : Nudge Says:

    “…I call this comments about mother in law abuse a baby excuse..”

    @truth you have to allow for the cultural difference actually. JH’s behaviour towards elders in this drama is pretty much the standard in South Korean culture. Their social protocols is rooted in confucian ethics. And while that is a beautiful thing, in this drama it’s used by mother-in-law Kang to leverage cruel subjugation under the pretext of instilling superior values (her wacky idea of schooling the lower class additions to the Kang household).

    Heh.. In other words @truth, much as we would like these ladies to dish it back and stand-up for themselves, it simply is not the done thing in their culture. They are to grin and bear it. 🙁

  448. 448 : Nudge Says:

    Sorry @truth, they don’t have to “grin and bear it”, but it seems they made the choice to adhere to the cultural standard. As to their motive, we can only speculate.

  449. 449 : Yoli Says:

    @ Nudge Thanks for pointing out the cultural aspect of this drama.

  450. 450 : truth Says:

    @Nudge, Yoli is the one that said she live in America, that is why was asking if stand by, your mother in law hit or talk back is against the law in America,no matter where you are around the world, elders are respected, even though they hit you you don’t hit back or talk back to them.there are ways you can make your marriage work if your mother in law are your problem or you really interested in making your marriage work not putting one leg in and shove the other out like the way Jh is acting,a lot of comment about TW not been there to defend his wife,I for one don’t know what those comments means,is your husband always going to there for you? so this comment that JH is an independent woman what it is all about? if you can’t function well without your husband or take of your affairs when the call gets tough, with all her education and her work experience why is she not making use of it, to take of her marriage, so one can always expected that husband will aways come to the recuse,he will run back home all the time from work to see how his mother is treating his wife,if she is happy or not.that is called educated independent woman. in the beginning he supported his wife to work but Jh back out to say she want peace,and resign on her own accord,there is other mention the way one live show how one believed in culture,oh ye,a strong truthful woman who is committed to her her marriage will know that mother laws is there to stay,or resign,because you already shows you are weak if you do resign , or you are not interested in your marriage , you just want out, that is the attitude JH is putting on in front of her mother in law,we all know that JH does not love her husband so why are we blaming TW for not going to slap his mother,or having this discussion? TW told his mother the way it is, he question his mother attitude to her daughter in laws and the way she treat them what else can he do?pack and leave with his wife problem solve, I guess so,there will be no more problems in the future, JH now will love her husband, she will not think of any other man,what it could have been like live with him.As long as you are marriage there is always going to be a problem,no matter where you live, you don’t run away from your problems you solve them.The other hard truth is that all problems you can not be solve but you don’t give up without trying, JH had already given up before trying.

    ”[And as for many would pray to have a man like TW I guess if you are seeking financial security I would agree on this point. He is unable to protect his wife from his mother’s abuse he’s not home three to four days out of the week, so he really has no idea of how this is destroying her soul.]

    @Yoli, both of us are watch same drama,off course, if both of us are watching same drama,is there any episode that you watch that TW is boosting to his collegians at work about his riches or his father wealth,TW has no single hand in his father company, he work for his government, I did not see or watch at any time him raising his stander above others,he might have talk about his family riches but not in any abusing form to others or part take in any of his father company affairs not until his brother problems but till he was not allow to associate with it at work which you, yourself said,he comes back home whenever he is done with his jobs,he dose not go with friends and get drunk or flirting with other women but only to come back home to a sour face [email protected] it is not about money, any woman could pray to have a man like TW but self disciple, respectful,plus faithfulness, that is the keys to a good man,especial faithfulness without faithfulness to a commitment, that relationship is ban to fail or play out to public eye,can you,yourself truthfully say that JH is faithful to her husband no, obviously she carries other man in her heart.that is what is destroying her marriage not her mother in law.mother in law has always be mother in law from one culture to another, mother in law problem can never be a problem if your husband truly love you, as TW love JH and support her.

  451. 451 : xxxzxxx Says:

    @USA-Mary-437: I will dissect comments however I like – if you can’t handle it then don’t post something you can’t stand by. If you can’t handle other people questioning your name calling of the characters – then why do it in the first place?. It’s pretty simple – if you post something on a public forum for the whole world to read then you have no right to expect other people to not questioning your comments. If I don’t agree with your analysis of the characters then I’ll post it whether you like it or not.
    I never personally insults the commenters themselves but I will comment on their comments if I don’t agree with what they write. It’s also ironic how you write about maturity when you are the one doing the name calling.


    @Truth-450: I like that your name fits your comment – it’s speaks the truth. It’s contradicting how it’s expected of TW to protect his wife 24/7 and even blaming him for working while at the same time considering JH as an independant woman. If JH is really independant she should at least be able to protect herself when her husband is at work. It’s weak to blame TW for not protecting JH when she can’t even protect herself either. TW is not to blame for JH’s “suffering” – JH’s own decisions are the reason for that.


    “I feel that most women and men that comment on this drama will agree with me a man needs to protect his wife, give her security, moral support, and treat her well. I don’t know if you have heard this expression – A happy wife makes for a happy HOME! Simply put she treats her husband well because he values her.”

    I don’t agree – I’d rather say that a wife treats her husband well because she loves him… I agree a husband needs to protect his wife but he’s not supposed to babysit her. It goes the other way around also though – a wife needs to protect her husband. It’s not only the husbands responsibility to give moral support – it’s also the wife’s responsibility. They have to support each other.


  452. 452 : truth Says:

    @xxxxxx thanks again,even though I do not agree with most of hj ways but that woman show how you take of business and solve problems,you don’t need to.whine and whine all the time and expect your problem to go away all this is became she is not interested l a

  453. 453 : truth Says:

    In her.marriage,what I mean to say

  454. 454 : Yoli Says:

    @xxxzxxx Says 451, I do agree, a wife needs to protect her husband and
    the rest of your comment I’m incline to agreement with.

    I look forward to this weekend episodes and read what other viewers have to say. This drama has been enticing, thought provoking its been a cultural experience for me as well.

  455. 455 : Nadegep1 Says:

    @xxxxxxx, agree!!!

  456. 456 : Yoli Says:

    454 Error @xxxzxxx Says 451, I do agree, a wife needs to protect her husband and the rest of your comment I’m NOT incline to agreement with.

  457. 457 : Nudge Says:

    Interesting how the paid staff are better treated than the DILs. Could it be because the hired help can file a report of workplace mistreatment to the relevant labour bureau where the DILs cannot?

  458. 458 : usa-mary Says:

    @xxxzxxx-451: Disputing over my views v.s. your views is a waste of both our time. I apologize if I offended you in anyway because that’s the mature thing to do. I’ll stick to my guns and you’ll stick to yours. Anyway…moving on…

  459. 459 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-457: I noticed that, too, about the paid staff treatment. Well, with the exception of that one scene when her hagestry was told by a staff member how she helped HJ’s daughter when she moved. That woman became livid. Spewing venomous words like you can’t help people who are beneath you. Even blamed that staff person for the tea being too hot when it scorched her mouth and literally knocked the tray on the floor. Then, after that same staff person gave her 1 day notice. Her hagestry, revoked her retirement pay. But, in the end, HJ took care of her so she wouldn’t have to work for the rest of her life. HJ has a very giving heart. Most women who don the position as a chaebol DIL usually aren’t that generous or kind towards the staff. At least, I haven’t seen it in any other kdramas that I watched.

  460. 460 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, I saw episode 31 in the raw. WHAT! Are my eyes and ears hearing laughter from Kangdom? It really is… It’s the first time seeing laughter and happiness in the Kangdom, especially during breakfast time. Those sweet little granddaughters would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

    Looks like EH’s cutie is going to San Francisco (sniff sniff) and wants her to join him. Why writer…WHY! Not him…send NSS instead! PLEASE! Wow, that passionate kiss from that tall drink of sweet tea made EH run away from him. Girl, brings back memories or does it? I don’t think NSS was ever that passionate for her to sing, The Way We Were! More like…Something New!

    No Jang Soo on strike? Must be because of his crazy, stubborn mother. Now, he’s really trying to embarrass Ji Sun. Oh well, I’d pay for his renter’s insurance just to stay outside, if he wants to act like that.

    Looks like Mi Ra turned herself in.

  461. 461 : Nudge Says:

    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother:

    I watched the raw too Mary. It looks like TW is pissed after learning the details of HW’s arrest and Sin-Young Group’s involvement. The guy can’t get a break what with a brother who’s constantly screwing-up. And TW’s boss is a bulldog just aching to be unleashed.

    I have no idea what the hag was so elated about but judging from Ji Hye’s expressions, it looked like the woman’s rejoicing the revelation of yet another insane scheme.

  462. 462 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-461: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother…very nice…and so apropos!

    LOL…That’s so true about TW’s boss! That man is literally about to snap that leash! He wants to snag KYdom so badly that he glares at TW every time he sees him.

    Ha…whatever haggy said almost made shocked JH jump out of her skin when she sat next to her, then held her hand. After that, JH went to see the doctor again (check up maybe or set up by MIL?), and I heard the doc mention pregnancy 3x. Then, upon leaving the doc’s office, she talked to TW on the phone, mentioning MIL to him. He wasn’t too pleased about what she said and seems like he told her ‘not’ to do whatever it was she was there for…we’ll find out soon.

    Also, in the next episode, HJ is crying in her bedroom?

  463. 463 : gom Says:

    Ooooo! Did you all see the ratings? It’s shot up a lot! I love this show but due to its sensitive and controversial subject matter, I never thought it can do well in the rating business… Any idea what happened?

  464. 464 : usa-mary Says:

    @gom-463: Shot up indeed! That’s a huge jump!

  465. 465 : xxxzxxx Says:

    I’m watching episode 31 and HJ coming back because of her children is pure bullshit… This woman comes back for the money and nothing else. If it was for the children she should have moved even farther away from that family. It’s not like her children will starve if they ain’t living in that house.

  466. 466 : Nudge Says:

    Yea I don’t know what she is up to, but lets hope she has her bases covered because old man Kang has it in for her.

    Mi Ra’s coming out of hiding may put the damper on old man Kang’s plan or add to HJ’s woes. Without knowing what she will reveal, it is difficult to predict where the story will go.

    Analysis: (for the technically inclined)
    There’s a natural flow in the story that I like about “Goddess of Marriage”. The story is driven by the characters themselves, and that is not a method used in the creation of the typical Korean drama. Most follow a template in much the same way cars are built on assembly lines. And that makes it so the story becomes predictable and the characters contrived. Yet the drama writers hold firmly to their cookie-cutters.

  467. 467 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-466: Very nice observation! This drama is definitely outside of the cookie cutter box concept where the ending is predictable. Though challenging, I like when the writer allows the characters to develop on their own accord, without any coercion or interference from the writer.

    Now, after calling JH a slow bear 3x to her face, she wants her to join forces with her against HJ, as she’s fearful of being abused. Ha…really! So, by having a son, the hidden trump card, to be heir of their company will now ensure her a good spot with FIL. This MIL so oblivious to reality and biology with her so called bright idea that I now know where the extinct Dodo bird went. Looks like she’ll join Henry the 8th in this biological conundrum.

  468. 468 : usa-mary Says:

    Pil Ho is an orphan! Woo-hoo! Sweetie, if Eun Hee goes back to NSS, come to me! Finally, an orphan for me! Woot-Woot! LOL

  469. 469 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, sort of an orphan. His dad is living…that’ll work.

  470. 470 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! Having too much fun doing this and got ahead of myself. Correction, Pil Ho is an orphan! He’s alone in this land and needs comforting.

  471. 471 : usa-mary Says:

    What’s with this writer? Pil Ho wants a ‘mother figure’ and not Eun Hee as a wife or girlfriend. What…and will accept Eun Hee’s son as a brother? WT…

    This writer obviously likes to see the women in the drama emotionally tortured and that includes us, the viewers! Pil Ho was doing fine, until he kept mentioning the word…mother. So, this man wants Eun Hee as his housekeeper, mommy, and ? (I’m baffled). ewwwww Why does everyone in this drama have issues?!

    Well, there goes my orphan! Next….

  472. 472 : gom Says:

    @ usa-mary

    I’m baffled too! What’s our writer-nim doing? We have enough of couples marrying on the wrong premise, we definitely don’t need another one.

    Eun Hee, don’t you accept the proposal! Based on his reasons given, Pil Ho is all wrong for you!

  473. 473 : usa-mary Says:

    I just had to do a re-watch of the scene with Eun Hee and Pil Ho to make sure I was reading the subs correctly. Its one thing to be told by a younger man that he likes you (flattering). Its another to be told that he likes you because you’re much, much (please stop with the word much) older than he is (sounds more like a borderline granny). The look on Eun Hee’s face is sheer unbelief and rightfully so (mine, too). As if she’s thinking…she left one jackass to wind up with 2 sons!!! Which would be what she’s getting. Sleeping with the enemy was bad enough, but sleeping with one who views you as his mother…God forbid! She needs to buy herself an ‘evil eye’ pendant. Have mercy! Okay…say if she goes with him and one day he decides to leave ma-dear…she’s already stabilized and prepped him for a cute, hotsy totsy who doesn’t have to work hard like she did (raising him). No way! I must admit, my mind is thinking all sorts of crazy childlike scenarios this guy could create for her to deal with while in SF. Honestly, Writer Jo, this is like going from a blackout, power outage street, down a dark, dead end alley. Who wants to sleep with their mother? That’s okay…don’t answer that! ewwwww-3x Can a woman get a break in this drama at all! More than that…can I as a female viewer get a break! Really!

    I’m with a commenter on Viki who said this drama’s name should be the Sadness of Marriage instead of the Goddess of Marriage. With only 4 more episodes to go…where are the Goddesses emergence?!!

  474. 474 : usa-mary Says:

    After re-watching episode 32 with subs, did No Jang Soo just come from doing some business in the bushes behind his tent? \(#.#)/ Then, showing his ‘old teeth’ like a rabid dog foaming at the mouth…(WW)!

    I’ve concluded that soju and takju didn’t do this alone to the writer. It’s got to be them funny cigarettes that’s being smoked to produce this kind of drama! No offense.

  475. 475 : sam Says:

    Just finished watching ep 32,with the trend it goes I think all couples going to stay married. Disappointed . I am confused with the message of this drama

  476. 476 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmm. Even though SK’s mother may have meant well by being concerned about the state of mind HW’s mother is in when she tried to visit him anyway after being told she couldn’t. That’s a mother’s prerogative. And whether she feels like taking the bus instead of riding in the car listening to SK’s mother’s mouth, is also her prerogative. But, to use that demeaning tone while saying…like mother like son…don’t want to listen. That stops a mother’s prerogative cold in her tracks! Oh ohhhhh! SK’s mother just may wind up looking like a deer caught in the headlights messing with HW’s mother in her state of mind…all without laying a finger on her. Touche’

  477. 477 : usa-mary Says:

    Seriously Writer Jo, after a kiss from Pil Ho which EH didn’t initiate, but enjoyed. Yay! The woman’s not dead! She’s thinking she committed adultery and places herself equal to her husband’s philandering. What???

    Also, with the exception of the crazy IL’s, the main women in this drama are giving their all to keep their relationship and family together, while the men are either cheating, being controlling and/or being temperamental over their mommies! I need some comic relief pronto…plus dancing!

  478. 478 : Nudge Says:

    TW is coming to terms with his wife’s incompatibility with cheobols in general. As TW aptly described it; “..She can’t acclimate to my family, and other cheabols, she thinks of them as bugs.”

    His bold confession to HW was moving. It showed he is seeing clearly the cost to another human being that his obsession and reckless disregard for the feelings of others had brought about.

    It would appear TW has become a man. Will he be man enough to let his caged wife free from the toxic world he belongs to? We shall see.

  479. 479 : Nudge Says:

    It looks like 5 years for Tae Jin unless old Kang can pull a fast one. And a devastating blow for the Jin-Young Group seems is imminent.

    But I don’t see that these developments will fix TW and JH’s marriage. JH is basically alergic to cheabols. I believe that explains the cause of her insomnia and anxiety.

  480. 480 : usa-mary Says:

    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings! Or should it be…I Know Why the Caged Bird Has Anxiety Attacks (in JH’s case)!

    Well, dad Kang and Chancellor Park’s insider’s conversation was very interesing. Instead of asking in depth what he could expect from the downfall when it hits, dad Kang asked will it hurt a lot. Obviously, its going to be pretty painful from the chancellor’s non-verbal response. IMHO, that rascal TJ should serve time, along with his mother for aiding and abetting Mi Ra. What a piece of work!

    Bravo HJ for telling MIL to face what she’s created since she didn’t properly raise her sons and by over indulging them and herself with every whim, even if it wasn’t good for them.

    Bravo JS for driving your car into the unapproved, illegal, erected structure that your hubby’s been living in outside your condo building. LOL

  481. 481 : gom Says:

    @ 478 Nudge

    I must agree with you that TW is finally coming to terms with the consequences of his actions. However, I’m not sure what’s his reason or reasons for telling HW all these. What is he hoping to achieve?

  482. 482 : Nudge Says:

    @gom True, we can’t rule out an agenda with TW. But I think he said his piece because he felt regret for somewhat forcing JH into marriage.

    I’m speculating that TW’s confession to HW is the writer’s monologue expressing her feelings about the three characters. I say that because those aren’t words normally uttered by a man to another man, 🙂 even with the heavy use of euphemisms. It is likely to invoke a disapproving groan and if persists, a smack in the mouth.

    Nevertheless, TW’s seeing how he and his family took everything away from JH. He said: “I don’t think I’m even protecting my wife’s reminiscence” — her cherished memories, such things that defines her as a person. He went on to say that his family “has even removed all the fallen leaves in her mind” — wiped away memories of past love.

    It is unclear what he meant when next he said: “I must do this”. What is clear, he indicated that doing so is the only way he can come to look at that woman (JH) in the face while he’s still alive.

    Those are words which speaks to a deeper love than when he married JH. It’s selfless, the kind of love which would allow TW to release JH if it meant her happiness.

    It will be interesting to see if the above pans out, disappointing if not. 🙂

  483. 483 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-482: I totally agree re TW and HW’s talk.

    I believe that TW is at the point where there won’t be a hidden agenda when it comes to letting JH go. With the seriousness of his family’s surmounting problems and her accidental overdose in the next episode due to trying to adjust since she returned, I believe this will be the catalyst that pushes him to make that decision. It will be his way of finally speaking up for her and giving her the protecting she deserves. At least, I hope it turns out that way.

    The only people that’s carrying the weight of the Kang family is the dad, HJ and TW. TJ and his mother, the troublemakers are oblivious, don’t care and won’t care until they are made to scale down from their exuberant lifestyle. I want to see how much ‘face’ they’re going to try to save then.

  484. 484 : truth Says:

    even a dummy man will not go to his wife ex lover and tell him that their marriage is not working out well that his wife hate his family,the question is,is TW asking HW to come and help him sleep with his wife again? what kind a dummy writing is this?even a stupid person feel jealous of their things when you try to take it away from them,how much more a normal living human being,what a ridiculous writing,not only the writer is stupid the whole bunch of the producers of this drama is also stupid to put this kind of script to air for viewers to watch.I am just speechless when i watch ep32,I couldn’t even believe my eyes for what i am watching,this is more than ridiculous no wonder the rating took a dive down after a very good rating in the previous day.

    other BS is the dog face taking too much of a pill because mother in law said get pregnant and have a son,this is why a person will want to over does herself,i think this writer is insulting good hardworking women who strive every day to keep home with children also husband good.Dear script writer instead of writing BS why not take my advise to have TW let the dog face go instead of having him to go to a man who supposedly slept with his wife less than a month before marring her,who also repeatedly told her husband that she does not love him,again if you forgot Mrs writer that TW is not suppose to associate with any investigation concerning his family so why than did you have him to go the jail to visit his wife ex lover per say if not current love?I am grateful that this drama is coming to an end,that is all.

  485. 485 : Nudge Says:

    “TW asking HW to come and help him sleep with his wife again..”

    Hey @truth, you’d only think like that if sex is on your mind. 🙂

    And besides nothing like that was said or implied in what TW said. The tone of his monologue was “regret”.

    The only reference he made to future actions was about himself, that he could actually face JH before he dies. That implies he lives with her now in shame.

  486. 486 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-485: I really like your comprehension of their conversation.

  487. 487 : Nudge Says:

    Thank you @usa-mary. Well, no surprise there, your values are similar to mine I believe. 🙂

    I didn’t like TW in the beginning for the things that he now sees in himself. But it takes courage to see ones own failings when dealing with a partner or family. For this viewer, the transformation TW went through is commendable. He’s earned my respect.

    (Warning: waxing lyrical & preachy)
    Compassion is that we forgive when an individual makes amends no matter what they might have done. That maybe difficult at times and certainly for some nigh impossible. But forgiveness is dependent on ones own level of spiritual development. The more advanced, the easier it is to know when to forgive.

    We judge people by their actions as well as how they deal with the fallout — if any — from their actions. Moral code is not an absolute thing, it is merely a guide.

  488. 488 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-487: Yes, I sense we do share similar values re TW.

    Re compassion and forgiveness: Beautiful! I agree.

  489. 489 : truth Says:

    @Nudge,ha,ha,ha you twist my words☺,where did you hear that word (s)I guess you didn’t read my mine right well that I was never thinking of that when I wrote if (TW was asking HW to come and sleep with his wife) is a phrase question because I don’t understand,what kind of message the writer is presenting,@Nudge can you be a love rivalry to with someone?you than went to visit your rivalry tell him or her that the person both of you are in love with that you are having a problems with that person,what does that mean? does it mean you have given up on the relationship that make you to visit him or her to share your problems with your rivalry?how can you do that when a few weeks ago you call same person and warn him to stay away from your wife.If TW is tired of seeing his wife suffering per say simple divorce her and let her go instead of fooling around with words,believe me the writer make TW look more than stupid i have never seem such an awkward writing like this before.I am equally surprise that @Nudge that you are cheering up the writer up for this☺☺.

  490. 490 : truth Says:


  491. 491 : Nudge Says:

    Dear @truth’s #484 comment raised the question: Why did TW feel he had to go and speak with HW. TW himself answered that question when asked.

    As I understand it, it was something HW had said during their last meeting, that had left a profound impression on TW. The meaning was kinda vague in the translation, but TW stated that initially he thought the words were just lame talk. But as time went he saw the wisdom in HW’s words and it had changed him.

    So TW felt indebted to HW. And he feels bad that a good man was entangled with the mess his family created. He wished they had met in different circumstances. HW wasn’t too sure about what he was hearing at first, but accepted it and they shook on it.

    That is as far as I can tell, the real reason TW visited HW in lockup.

    Our @truth raised another important point which challenges the writer’s and production people’s moral obligation. I quote @truth: “..not only the writer is stupid the whole bunch of the producers of this drama is also stupid to put this kind of script to air”.

    The purpose of art, be it drama, movie, theater, music, painting, sculpture etc., is to elevate consciousness. This drama so far didn’t do that for our @truth and probably others. But it is more notable that the criticism is directed at the decision makers, those who decide on funding a production and airing it. Which means the apparent failure to communicate a consciousness raising or uplifting message cuts deep with dear @truth and others.

    The failure of the audience to see the good in a piece of art, do not absolve the artist from the responsibility of ensuring to the best of his/her ability, that the work is understood by their target audience.

    However that said, I believe the production/actors/writer did make it known at their first press conference that, their drama is different from other Korean dramas in that it will draw largely from real life. Whether that was enough is a matter for another discussion.

  492. 492 : Nudge Says:

    “..you twist my words..” Sorry @truth. My bad. 🙁

    I think the rest of your post is about the writer making excessive demands on the viewer’s credulity with regards to TW’s conversation with HW.

    I can’t agree with you there and if you would allow me to make my case.

    (R-18+ blood & gore)
    Human beings are diverse with respect to behavioural boundaries. We have humans who will gleefully shout praise to a deity as they slowly hack at a person’s throat with a blunt kitchen knife as others watch. They celebrate such achievements by uploading the videos of the gruesome act to YouTube for everyone to see. These aren’t isolated incidents. These are sanctioned acts by select nations underpinned by their cultural values and so-called religion. Arguably, such behaviour is at the lower spectrum of human kind.

    At the other end of the human spectrum what should we expect to find? Well, let me tell you what attracted me to Korean drama’s..Ha-ha! It was the period dramas. Ahh.. but that would take too long. 🙂

    An example of what I call exemplary human behaviour is a person who would put aside their interest, their own happiness, so those under their care may achieve happiness. If TW became such a person, then his lower animal propensities of jealousy, lust and greed would be in check. They don’t dominate his conciousness. It is said that; the true strength of a man lies in his ability to control his senses.

  493. 493 : truth Says:

    Dear Nudge,(” comment raised the question: Why did TW feel he had to go and speak with HW. TW himself answered that question when asked.

    As I understand it, it was something HW had said during their last meeting, that had left a profound impression on TW. The meaning was kinda vague in the translation, but TW stated that initially he thought the words were just lame talk. But as time went he saw the wisdom in HW’s words and it had changed him. comment raised the question: Why did TW feel he had to go and speak with HW. TW himself answered that question when asked.

    As I understand it, it was something HW had said during their last meeting, that had left a profound impression on TW. The meaning was kinda vague in the translation, but TW stated that initially he thought the words were just lame talk. But as time went he saw the wisdom in HW’s words and it had changed him.”)

    If TW found wisdom in HW words why than was he so angry when he saw his wife sitting in same room with HW and took offense at what he saw went to the river side started arguing with her,at least someone who trusted, found wisdom in a man like him could not have been so furious like the way he was when he saw both them in one room.perhaps he could have gone to meet him and shake hands with him and ask what the business is all about and what brought him there,that is how you approach somebody whom you trusted, found to be a good and honesty man as the way you explained,why he went to jail to visit him.You remember Dear Nudge,both have already met to discuss about the text massage before meeting accidental in the bridle shop. Dear Nudge,I take this as a drama off course,I know that writing can not be 100% perfect but don’t make too ridiculous for the viewers to watch, if the production crew has real gone back to note what they have already put to air,I don’t think you could have seem this drama as a really good piece of art,the you described it. you could have noted that the message they are putting to the audience is not compatible with the one that had already been aired 🙂

  494. 494 : Nudge Says:

    @truth-493 “..If TW found wisdom in HW words why than was he so angry when he saw his wife sitting..”

    But my dear @truth, (how quaint we are 🙂 ) are you not presuming said transformation took place prior to the event you’ve described? We have no evidence to suggest that is the so. The only evidence we have of a transformation in TW is when he visited HW in jail.

    Haha! I think we’ve started a trend dear @truth. Oh the Jane Austin of it all!
    Thanks for indulging. 🙂

  495. 495 : truth Says:

    @Nudge, well one thing that attracted me watching Korean dramas was Cinderella aspect of the story’s it talks about ,because rich people hardly goes out to marry poor people nowadays they all goes for equalities of their type,that was what brought my attentions to start watching Korean dramas.I understand were your point of view is coming from,indeed i have also watch a lot of Jane Austin TV series some are good, some are not so good but it is all for entertainment purposes which makes it wonderful,thanks again for putting story in a good point of view 🙂

  496. 496 : Yoli Says:

    To answer the question from one of the commentator as to why TW went to see HW in jail.

    In episode 27, he met with HW and did not agree with his words however, after reflecting on his wife and what has been taken away from her, he now understood HW words.

    That one dose not poses/own another person completely in a marriage. This is why he made the comments when he visited him in jail and to apologize for his family involving him in their issues.

    @Nudge 482-491 I agree with your comments so eloquently written and sharing you understanding with others on this page.

  497. 497 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m looking forward to episodes 33 and 34! Today’s the day!

  498. 498 : gom Says:

    @497 usa-mary

    Me too! Hope there’s more plot development and we can see the way forward for our unhappy couples…

  499. 499 : usa-mary Says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but JH’s emil doesn’t irritate me anymore. When I see her going through her antics and being mouthy, all I can do now is laugh hysterically. That actress is too funny.

    Well, since Ming Jung didn’t listen to Missy ahjumma’s instructions, she’s getting her wake up call from GIL. Now, she sees that the days of having her own bratty way, like she did at home with her parents are OVER! She may just want to look up Sandara Park, the imitation bag selling lady in the Secret drama for designer knockoffs, because paying $1MM won for a handbag is not even a thought in that household.

  500. 500 : usa-mary Says:

    This is ridiculous. I hope TW is not going to suggest doing something stupid like he mentioned before to JH. I’m sensing something not quite right. If its not to run away together… JH, like I told you…girl, let them see the smoke from the airplane you’re on.

    Come on Writer Jo, give us a good ending. This drama has been hell from beginning to almost the end and still no signs of letting up.

  501. 501 : Francisco Lawson Says:

    This drama is so disappointing I cannot believe that it has turned out so bad. I find it totally boring and the characters are not true to
    Themselves. Seems like the writer does not not what to write anymore so she makes up whatever comes into her mind just to fill up the page since we are getting to the end. One word to summarize this drama: BORING!

  502. 502 : Nudge Says:

    The story is winding up.

    HW told SK not come and see him any more. I guess they are breaking up.

    TW is heart-broken seeing his wife a ghost of her former self, barely staying conscious in the cheabol household.

    At the end of episode 33, TW was about to tell her something serious — “I.. with you..”.

    Since he can’t take her away, his father forbids it, there are two options left to him. Abandon his family and his very large inheritance and run away to America or, divorce Ji Hye and give her a huge alimony cheque. I think he will go for the separation, it’s the logical choice for him.

    I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever about the 10~20 richest families in South Korea, (Kangs are in the top 10) to know if TW’s obedience to his father is how it really is or drama writer is taking liberties. If any of our readers can shed light on the subject, I think we’d all appreciate it.

  503. 503 : usa-mary Says:

    If it wasn’t for the Viki commenters who without knowing, helped me get through this drama, I would have dropped it after JH married TW. Their humorous comments brought hilarity and soothed my soul.

    @Nudge: …I believe the production/actors/writer did make it known at their first press conference that, their drama is different from other Korean dramas in that it will draw largely from real life.

    Real life! Have MERCY! Now don’t get me wrong. I’m aware that every country, cultural wise has some folks with more eccentricities and idiosyncrasies (subcultural wise) that would make one’s hair stand on end, including the one I live in. But to passively endure and/or die while passively enduring… If I was JH, my dad would just have to disown me. I’d send my immediate family a postcard from another continent halfway around the earth from S. Korea.

    P.S. The men may be handsome, but they’re not looking that good to me now. shivers…

  504. 504 : Nudge Says:

    The atmosphere and nuance of this drama is pretty amazing. It’s too subtle for many people. And the directing is so sensitive I’m blown away at the boldness of the choices he makes to present the scenes.

    The framing of the scene where TW was just starting on the steps to the restaurant is poignant. We see, and we feel the opulence confront patrons from the restaurant’s exterior. And through the window, TW notices a barely awake Ji Hye, like the proverbial bird in the polished cage, neglected, consigned to remain in a diminished state of awareness to escape. And the will to live is on the ebb.

  505. 505 : Nudge Says:

    @usa-mary LOL!
    I’m hanging in to the end Mary. The writer is smart I believe and won’t disappoint. I hope. 🙂

  506. 506 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge-504: I must say, that’s deep, and I admire your profound perceptiveness. I, even have enjoyed in depth, profound dialogue with you on this thread. Yet, at this point, though we are on the same page in many aspects, I’m literally hanging onto the page numbers when it comes to TW, JH, and his family. Maybe I’m too emotionally involved with JH’s debilitative state, at this point. Which is why those subtle, poignant nuances momentarily escape me. Though I try to remain grounded and level-headed when watching these dramas, there are some, like this one that tries to capitalize on my female emotions big time. So, continue to enlighten me more, ye wise one. ~smile~

  507. 507 : chocolatelover Says:

    Three out of women “happy” to be back with their own husband no matter “bizarre” what they did to their wives. On the contrary, the writer made the “good man” divorce his wife to make her “happy”. Well, still better than to see JH trapped in the misery. Too bad, the divorce did not come out from herself or her struggle. So, it is showed as a charity from TW’s side. The only reason to see the two last episode just to see whether the writer really make JH reunite with HW or not as the prediction. Next time the writer need to reverse his/her approach. Too much vague and unfocused plots. The actors are all good actors with strong acting, the drama itself has good technique and beautiful sets. Too, bad, it’s spoiled with unfocused plots and scripts.

  508. 508 : usa-mary Says:

    When TW asked JH about the 2 things she’s passionate about, reading books and writing which she no longer does, he knew the tough decision he had to make. Divorcing her is his way of protecting her from becoming a shell of her former self right before his eyes. I could tell it was very painful for him while stroking her hair as she slept. When he cried, I couldn’t help getting teary eyed myself. What can I say, he truly loves her and that moves me. He’s not a bad guy. But given his filial nature to a fault, he won’t leave his family for her well-being and that alone makes me cringe.

    I don’t know what type of ending this writer has in mind, but, hopefully, its a good one.

  509. 509 : truth Says:

    if you ask anyone who have experience about marriage what he or she think about script writing of this drama,best answer to this will be tasteless,the rating of this drama shows the viewers displeasure of this drama should ultimately presented the two best Korean actors and even end of most dramas the rating usually improves but till did not help the viewership of the drama but sink it more.the best thing that the writer did was to allow TW to divorce the dog face which my made my dream come true because no good man should pray have an empty shell wife around with him.

  510. 510 : usa-mary Says:

    @Nudge: What are you watching now?

  511. 511 : Carmen Says:

    I am so happy that this drama is comming to the end…..I have never been happy for the end of a drama, but this one I want it to end ASAP….I bet you that in 5minuts they will moved to 2-5 years, then maybe JH and HW will find eachother but will be too late for their love, she is now a new person, so thoes him…..so really I do not know what will happend with them,,this is the end I want it, but let see,,,I witch they find eachothers love, get married, love eachother, have kids and live like she want it to be he goes to his work and she goes to hers, have kids and take care of the home and kids like we do actually in out life

  512. 512 : usa-mary Says:

    The FINALE!!!

  513. 513 : elaine Says:

    I can’t believe I’ve gone this far watching this drama just to see Lee Sang Woo and I still have hopes that he will end up with the lead girl. I thought it was only32 episodes but they added4 more episodes, a terrible thing to drag the story more. Anyway, I hope that it will end well. Hoping to see Lee Sang Woo again in another drama where he will be the main lead

  514. 514 : usa-mary Says:

    Well…well..well! Look who FINALLY got arrested! I’ve been waiting for this.

    I don’t have any poster boards or markers to makes signs to free those 2 scuzzy folks!

    I don’t know if there are white collar prisons or exclusive white collared prison sections in South Korean prisons or not, but where ever they send her hagestry, she’s going to have a hard time mingling. That’s a separate drama show in itself.

  515. 515 : usa-mary Says:

    Personally, I’m going to remember this writer’s name and not ever, ever , EVER watch another drama written by her!

  516. 516 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. That includes the writer that wrote WAMFL. Those 2 writers are on my newly created ‘skip’ list!

  517. 517 : usa-mary Says:

    Who says a leopard can’t change his spots! TJ went from a womanizing leopard to a de-clawed house cat.

    Her hagestry… Well, even if she’s de-clawed and toothless, she’ll gum you into hysteria!

  518. 518 : msmelchidec Says:

    Im still watching this drama, from ep 1-8 my choice is TW specially in ep7 when he col JH and begging to say I love you, im so touch. I hope that they will end up together, and eventually she will love TW.

    I hope TW will leave his inheritance for the sake of JH, and for that JH will starting to love him. Iwant that kind of ending, for 3 years he only love JH and he is faithful to her, but look what JH did to to him, she even slept to the the man that she knew for abt 3days.

  519. 519 : sam Says:

    i hope someone will tell me the ending,please

  520. 520 : usa-mary Says:

    This is what I’d like to see happen in episode 36 (finale).

    Song Ji Hye: In car…living happily…phone rings.

    Lee Jung Sook: This is your ex-mil…did you ever think I’d leave you alone?

    Song Ji Hye: Press end call button.

    Lee Jung Sook: Hears dial tone.

    Song Ji Hye: The sound of her voice talking to a sales rep, choosing a new phone with a new private, unlisted number.

    The actors in this drama were excellent. The storyline sucks, but in the real world, all these accounts do happen to some degree or another. Yet, it still was a waste of talent.

    Madame President granny is my favorite. Making NSS include the removal of a body part if he reneges on his contract by mistreating Eun Hee and their child(ren-future). While the ajusshi who came to notarize it was trying not to laugh. I say, why wait. Do it now! Make him a Joeson dynasty era eunuch!

  521. 521 : usa-mary Says:

    Watching episode 36 in the raw. Well, I was right on the money about JH, ex-mil and her phone. At first, I thought about her throwing her phone away, but what a waste of a perfectly good phone. But, to each his own…Yea…Yea!

  522. 522 : usa-mary Says:

    Thanks writer Jo. To see JH with TW together meant her being with his crazy momma. I actually grew to like TW, but couldn’t fully admire his qualities as a man and love for JH without cringing because of his filialness toward his family and crazy momma. JH was his true real, first love. The loss of a person like that never goes away. Just gets tucked away in the person’s heart.

    Kim Ji Hoon is an excellent actor. His eyes and facial expressions fully expressed every heartfelt facet of emotional love for JH and pain when he, for his conscious sake and for her well-being, had to let her go. He took the blame. Even in the last episode when he got into the car, sat back and couldn’t see her, though she was standing outside the car. He closed his eyes, as if trying to bear with not trying to get her back (at least, that’s how I saw it).

    I’m so glad Min Jung is working with her husband at one of his businesses. I had a feeling she was going to end up there, to her dismay. Ungrateful brat! She should be so fortunate.

  523. 523 : Yoli Says:

    The ending was nice had some parts that were funny, painful, and happy to see.

    I’m sorry that TW chose to gave up JH for her own good, he loved her so much it sadden me to see his pain.

    On the other hand to see the Mother in law from hell and her son in jail was so sweet.

    To see Ji Sun leave to improve her work skills was nice this women was so hard working a great mom, sister, wife and daughter.

    Eun Hee husband having to sign the contract at the President demand, made me laugh he was holding his family jewels. But once a jerk always a jerk, but I understood why she went back with him.

    Hye Jung is visiting her husband in jail was sad to see, shes lonely and running the family company. The only endearing part of this drama she took her daughters to be with her mother and family. It was a lovely to see the girls sleeping with her sibling. Nothing like family love to keep you strong.

    And writer Jo I hope your next work outshines this drama because you provoked your viewers with anger, heartache and disappointment.

    Seeing JH follow her dreams of writing a book and being successful was great. The ending for JH and HW was nice although I felt it could have been a little bit more romantic.

  524. 524 : gom Says:

    I’ve enjoyed this show. I like the ending too. I think it’s a mixed ending for our 4 couples. It’s all about the choices they make.

    I think I’ve mentioned this before – that this show is about making choices and how our choices affect us and others around us. We may think, ponder, consider, weigh the pros and cons but it doesn’t mean we can make a perfect decision. Yes, we should and must always choose love but even then circumstances may change and people sometimes change to. Otherwise why are there so many divorces, given that we all marry for love?

    Of course we can choose to make the best out of things. Sometimes this can turn out well. But it often means living a ‘make do’ life. That you’re not truly happy but neither are you unhappy. That was what Ji Hye tried to do but fortunately for her, Tae Wook realised what it was doing to her and decided to step in. I was really touched by his gesture of love. He has stepped up. It was so painful for him yet he did the right thing to let her go. Given the circumstances of his family at that time, Ji Hye will not leave him, not on her own.

    The similarity of the characters to people I know or have come across is undeniable. I have an aunt who lives somewhat like Hye Jung – she’s not in love with her husband but neither does she want to leave her husband. I believe it’s a combination of factors that made her stick to her marriage despite her unhappiness with it – her children, our social norm where divorce is something strongly frown upon, the comfortable life that her wealthy husband can give her. My aunt is also a very capable lady with strong character, like Hye Jung. But I can see that she’s not truly happy.

    In many ways, I feel this show is realistic. I come from the east and I see many things that is a reflection of how life is here. The decisions that Ji Hye made, why she had to make those decisions, etc. Likewise for Hye Jung and Min Soo and Eun Hee,

    I’m going to miss them all!

  525. 525 : usa-mary Says:

    I understand why the ending wasn’t romantic like some would have wanted it to be when JH and HW met once again in Jeju. They haven’t seen each other in what…about 2 years. JH is just now fully returning to being herself after her marriage to TW, and jumping into any relationship with a man is not that easy to do for some women. Even if it is with HW. Its a slow process after everything she went through and HW knows it and will approach her with gentleness and care. (I so like his character.) Yet, this time, he won’t let her get away. Telling his momma he felt he sinned against kindhearted SK because he craved another woman! Alright, I’ll be good and won’t add to that!

    Really Writer Jo! A white guy! SK’s mom is so livid! LOL Telling HW’s mother that she even introduced him to sunbae to get his approval. Now that’s maturity, SK. I really like SK’s transformation after she gained her bridal shop and became interested in HW. In each episode, she became prettier.

    Actually, SK and TW weren’t bad people. They had a lot of love they wanted to give to the individual’s they respectively liked, but…well we know the reason it didn’t work out. Besides, the writer wasn’t going to have it end that way. I miss you fine TW, but not yo crazed momma!

    The real life truth is that on this earth, there are many women, not just Asian women, who are enduring everyday in their marriage because of their children and obligation to keep their home together for their security and appearances. For infidelity, they forgive…for physical abuse…they forgive, just so they can continue to uphold their traditional family values.

  526. 526 : msmelchidec Says:

    Im so eager to finish this drama, the way you talk about the ending. . . i really like it that is the kind of ending i really like. JH and TW are meant to each other, although its sad for HY, but i really like JH and TW to end up together.

    Ep 1-10 i repeat it again, i like JH and TW making arguments every time thet see each other.I hope i had this kind of romance in my life, the kind of guy who will love me deeply.

  527. 527 : Nudge Says:

    Ahh, a slice of life with a k-drama ending. It was nice, very nice. But I thought it was a mistake for JH and TW’s goodbyes to have the two or three encores. It made it so we the audience, didn’t get a satisfactory sense of JH having moved on enough before re-uniting with HW.

    LoL! I loved Ji Sun’s husband’s method of conning everyone to agree to let his wife go to New York. He says to his not so bright son: “Imagine a world without your mother’s nagging”. Then he gets his eomeoni drunk and manages to get her to agree to take care of the children while his wife is away. LoL!.

    Old hag Kang remained true to form. Hurling abuse at ex-daughter-in-law while barely out of prison. I think the level of vitriol towards daughter-in-laws is unique to that culture. It is all beyond me.

    @Mary, @gom and @Yoli, I very much enjoyed reading your comments. 🙂

    Hey @truth (#509) 🙂 I am fascinated by your strong dislike for the character JH. You feel her infidelity should not be forgiven. We could consume pages in this thread going over that single topic I’m sure, but we shall not 🙂

    Almost everyone in the drama made choices which brought suffering onto themselves and those around them. As it is in life, how the characters dealt with the tests life sent their way — supposedly so they could learn from them — is what this drama attempted to show us. And because it draws much from real life, cheating spouses was a necessary aspect to the story which has conjugal relations as its main theme.

    Kudos to the writer, director and production crew for a job well done. The cast did a superb job also.

  528. 528 : Nudge Says:

    Hey @admin. It might be a good idea to have a short list in the right column, just after “Now Showing” for the most recently aired dramas.

    People who want to comment on completion of a drama as well as those who have not yet watched a drama but looking to the comments, can easily get to the drama’s page.

    I leave it you.

  529. 529 : Carmen Says:

    Ok now that this drama has end I just learn that mayyybbbeeee, this is how those rich people in Korea Lived their live, like all those drama that the poor girl end up with the rich guy thay will maybe end up having a life like the actors here….how the choebol people live….and then the end just go back to the begining of the drama and start all over…but this time pick better….

  530. 530 : kriss Says:

    Amazing drama! I’ve been following it and the comments here avidly. Love the cast, thought their acting were superb! Enjoyed the storyline too – very true to life!

  531. 531 : truth Says:

    @Nudge,bless you,thanks your comments I hope we all find true love that we dream of,we will still be meeting with each other maybe in other interesting drama :):)

  532. 532 : usa-mary Says:

    I would be nice to see a 4 years later sequel with more of JH and TW and less of the other characters. This includes much, much less of her hagestry (TW and TJ’s mom) and scary spice (sweet SK’s mom), the 2 annoying screaming mimi’s in this drama. Oh, I didn’t leave out JS’s overbearing mil.

  533. 533 : usa-mary Says:

    @532: Correction! sequel with more of JH and HW, not TW.

  534. 534 : Ttuk Says:

    @531 #truth Thank you for your kind words. Hope we can meet up on other threads.

    Hey @Mary I love reading your comments in Secret and Heirs. You’re entertaining as always.

    A sequel sounds like a wonderful idea. The only problem though, I don’t feel Lee Sang Woo as HW can pull it off. He isn’t a strong enough actor.

    There are a few male South Korean actors I call “catwalk” actors. They started their careers modelling mens clothing and don’t transition well to acting until age threatens their livelihood…or something like that. They can’t forget the catwalk gait and poses. When they appear in period dramas they look even more ridiculous. Sang Woo is tolerable but be needs to shape up with his acting.

    The South Korean actresses, not all, but many seem to work harder than their male counterparts. Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Park Shin Hee, Hwang Jung Eum and others show notable improvements in their acting from drama to drama. At least until they decide to marry and do the housewife thing or they reach their pinnacle.

    My observation.

  535. 535 : Nudge Says:

    Sorry guys. Ttuk is Nudge.

    I was once Ttuk in a past life. I reincarnated and am now Nudge.

  536. 536 : dramatic Says:

    Hey guys. I’m trying to start a blog out of pure love for korean dramas. Bear with it as it’s in the beginning stages and it’s being improved as days go by but please do visit this page for Goddess of Marriage and vote for your OTP in this drama! Thank you 🙂


  537. 537 : remy dadula Says:

    i really like this drama.i congratulate not only the cast but also the director.the locations chosen are superb.the views are so amazing.the one in which ji hye stroll during nighttime wow!the reflection of the moon so romantic

  538. 538 : rahma Says:

    Love kang tae wook…
    Wanna have someone who loves me deeply. Like kang tae wook…:)

  539. 539 : leilani Says:

    I love the main cast and the plot of the story. There were some disappointments but as a whole it was worth watching. I’ll definitely watch it again!

  540. 540 : ina Says:

    yes sequel of hw n jh. its toooooo lesss. ep 36 not happy ending.

  541. 541 : Yuni Says:

    Really hate the ending. SJH should end up with KTW and not KHW.
    KTW already do the best for SJH. and why SJH is soo sensitive woman always should understand about her and never understand about KTW.
    Just pitty with KTW do everything for her. still accept and deep love although he know that SJH betrayed him with KHW. And the end SJH end up with KHW.
    Too bad…

  542. 542 : kdrama freak Says:

    i like both KJH and LSW, difficult choice indeed for this casting. Anyway I hope LSW will be first male lead in the coming drama, always #rd party or second role, he deserved and about time to be upgraded to first lead, LSW fighting!!!!!

  543. 543 : lovejdg Says:

    poor KTW. I cried so hard when KTW and SJH separated and hugged each other for the last time. I just confused why KTW didn’t take his wife away from his family and they will live happily ever after. the cruel mother inlaw is the only reason they divorced..too bad i love to see them both together until the end but KHW character is so warm and loving too.. so I still called this happy ending. I miss this drama already… even there’s many scene of eun hee and jang soo I’ve skipped

  544. 544 : kdrama freak Says:

    Difficult choice between KJH and LSW, why cast such cool guys opposite each other????? KJH looks so cooool and good looking in the last eps with slight different hairstyle. More of KJH and LSW drama please but not falling for the same girl.

  545. 545 : Semangat Pemimpi Says:

    there should be no divorce between Tae wook and Ji Hye, but how they both struggle to maintain the household and both parents tae wook accept decisions that sodium absorption ratio imbalance because it felt there was only one who sacrificed Tae wook and Ji Hye are happy with the affair,I was dissappointed because there is no positive value of the story is to emphasize the divorce is not the struggle to maintain

  546. 546 : winnie Says:

    Tae wook protrayed a very strong character and yet so weak that he was not able to live away from his parents. Maybe this is the Korean customs which is different from ours (Philippines) .although he claimed deep love for Ji hye, there are rare instances that he showed caring for her and he is so arrogant. I don;t understand why his character has to shout always. in contrast to Hyun Woo who is soft spoken and very caring even to Se kyung whom he doenn’t really love at all which brings sometimes to the point that he looks pathetic

  547. 547 : han ji won Says:

    the ending very bad…….jh such a bad evil,how can she turn to just one night stand man

  548. 548 : Roxette Shofian Says:

    i love this drama so much because of eun hee and ji sun character. i think it’s the only reason why i watch this drama. i hope every woman outhere will be strong like eun hee n ji sun.. i love them so much..

  549. 549 : Nori Says:

    This drama started off very good. I love it since watching ep.1. However, as it progressed, I don’t really understand Ji Hye character. What’s so wrong wiht the writer? Actually, I don’t know what was Ji Hye thinking? I mean, you’re going to spend a lifetime with the person whom you’re married to. It’s not a game or any obligation. It’s a major lifetime decision. Why the hell, she thought that she was obliged to marry Tae Wook for some stupid reasons (to please her family, to keep her promise, and b/c TW wants it)? Heck! If she doesn’t love that person, she shouldn’t marry him in the first place. She made her life miserable after marriage. Sometimes I felt she didn’t her own opinions. Tae Wook planned everything and all she did was to go along with him. The ending is too ambiguous. Will she end up with Hyun Woo? Maybe Yes! Anyway, I don’t think I will watch it again.

  550. 550 : Jin Says:

    I hate the ending. The writer sucks. Either let Ji Hye live happily with Tae Wook or let her and Hyun get back together. I so hate open ending. Even though I don’t like the ending, I think Nam Sang Mi looks good with Lee Sang Woo (based on the their looks).

  551. 551 : Marriage Stocks | Best Stock Market Futures Says:

    […] Goddess of Marriage » Korean Drama – » Goddess of Marriage » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series […]

  552. 552 : Jae Says:

    The relationship of Ji Sun and Jang Soo is sweet and hilarious. They are a typical couple who does well to work out the stressors of their marriage.
    Her sister, Ji Hye, is a terrible person who likes to portray herself to everyone as a victim when she is the true perpetrator. Ji Hye tricks the innocent and forgiving Tae Wook into marrying her while stringing along the man she had an affair with, Hyun Woo. Tae Wook mistakenly trusts Ji Hye and it costs him everything. Hyun Woo is equally terrible as he pretends to love and promises to marry another woman.
    Jang Soo’s brother and his wife are another hilarious but frustrating couple. Seung Soo causes many problems with his immature personality which drives Eun Hee away. But her young suitor is wary when he learns that what she truly wants in the relationship are parents due to her orphan status.
    Hye Jung is the elder daughter-in-law of the family and is married to Tae Wook’s trouble making older brother. She has the courage to admit she married for money and undergoes the trials and tribulations with silent steel, unlike Ji Hye who incessantly whines to everyone. She undergoes much abuse in attempt to maintain her status in order to protect her children in this cutthroat family.

  553. 553 : Claudia Says:

    The drama was too long but there were memorable moment, situations and relations worth mention.

    First the OST “Stay” by BADA adds a layer of grace over the entire drama; the characters and their struggles to fit in or their struggle to make others fit into their reality.

    Secondly; the relationship between Hyun Woo and his mother is truly amazing. I have not seen it in any drama. Such deep respect for one another is something you rarely ever see. I was so moved.

    Thirdly; Ji Hye’s a delicate flower. She reminds me of one of my daughters who is similarly talented but emotionally frail.

    Excellent drama!

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