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Title: 글로리아 / Gloria
Chinese Title : 荣耀之歌
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-July-31 to 2011-Jan-30
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Gloria is an intense tale of people who are fiercely devoted to surviving their rough lives, focusing in particular on the life of a nightclub singer, Na Jin Jin, who braves the difficulties of her work to provide for her mentally handicapped younger sister, Jin Joo. She finds an unwavering source of strength and support from her loyal childhood friend, Ha Dong Ah, a talented fighter and gangster. Jin Jin also meets a potential love interest in Lee Kang Suk, the illegitimate son of an entrepreneur.


Bae Doo Na as Na Jin Jin
Lee Ji Eun as Jin Jin (child)
Oh Hyun Kyung as Na Jin Joo (Jin Jin’s older sister)
Lee Chun Hee as Ha Dong Ah

Lee family

Suh Ji Suk as Lee Kang Suk
Lee Jong Won as Lee Ji Suk (half brother)
Yeon Kyu Jin as Lee Joon Ho (father)
Sung Byung Sook as Ms. Song (Ji Suk’s mother)

Jung family

So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Seo
Kim Ki Hyun as President Jung (father)
Jung So Nyu as Yoon Seo’s mother

Nightclub people

Na Young Hee as Yeo Jung Nan (Kang Suk’s mother, singer)
Lee Young Ha as Jung Woo Hyun (nightclub owner)
Choi Jae Hwan as Park Dong Chul (waiter)
Ha Yun Joo as Yoo Mi Na (female backup singer)
Jo Hyang Ki as Tae Soon (female backup singer)

Double Sharp Entertainment people

Park Hyun Sook as Choi Ji Young (talent agency director)
Lee Sang Woo (1963) as vocal coach

Other people

Kim Young Ok as Oh Soon Nyeo
Chun Bo Geun as Ha Eo Jin (Dong Ah’s nephew)
Han Jin Hee as Ha Man Soo (Dong Ah’s father)
Lee Sung Min as Son Jong Bum
Kim Byung Choon as Lee Yoon Bae
Lee Jong Bak as Dae Bak
ZE:A as singer trainees
Min Joon Hyun
Ham Jin Sung as Dong Ah’s friend
Samuel Kang as band member
Park Sin Woo as Young Tae

Production Credits

Producer: Lee Dae Young
Director: Kim Min Shik, Kim Kyung Hee (김경희)
Scriptwriter: Jung Ji Woo

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  1. 1 : wazabi Says:

    ouhg…i will love to watching this drama ,i think..can’t wait…..

  2. 2 : 리사 Says:

    hey, suh ji suk happy to see ur new drama. After watching the God of Study like Bae Do Na oso…힘내요.

  3. 3 : HanKook Says:

    Oh wow, Bae Doo Na as a nightclub singer!!! wonder if she can pull this off. aja fighting! (hope she’s better than her Lord of Study role. which I felt was somewhat lackluster).

  4. 4 : KPOP7.com Says:

    Can’t wait to see Bae Doo Na again!

    Download Korean Songs & Albums

  5. 5 : i will looking for this drama Says:

    i will love to watching this drama’
    korean entertainment news

  6. 6 : lovlyndar Says:

    omo… omo…. omo……
    i like so much this drama..
    from sypnosis and all of the casting makes me more curious bout this drama…..
    can’t waittttttttttttttttttt……………….. ^^
    wah…. 50 eps will make me to watch this drama for 6 months later…
    must be patiently…………………….
    hwaittinggggg for waitiiinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 : ikram Says:

    jamil jidaa waw lave yue

  8. 8 : Only the best will do | Get Your Ex Back Forever Says:

    […] Gloria […]

  9. 9 : Pure19fan Says:

    Suh Ji Suk is a good actor, I watched ‘Pure in Hearts. He was a very good leading actor there. I loved Pure in Hearts aka Pure 19.’ Everyone should watch “Pure 19′ its very funny and great storyline. its soooo Awesome kdrama.

  10. 10 : 크리스티 Says:

    HEHE…….. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ……………… <3

  11. 11 : ok250682 Says:

    Besides this drama Gloria is interesting. Another nice drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^

  12. 12 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Another pop related weekend drama! First two episode were just beginning. Can’t wait until next one. It’s on http://www.dramabang.com/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Korean_drama79

  13. 13 : Moonlight Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama series especially for Suh Ji Suk. According to synopsis and trailer, it is interesting and Jisuk’s character is really compatible with him.

  14. 14 : Ray Says:

    SUH JI SUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 : Jay Says:

    Oh Hyun Kyung is playing the lead’s YOUNGER sister? No offense, but isn’t she almost forty?

  16. 16 : hollywood Says:

    No.15, Jay.
    The synopsis is incorrect. Hyun Kyung is the older sister. Did you miss the scene where Bae Do Na recalls her past, the bus scene.
    Her mentally handicapped sister is older?

    This is a very interesting drama which I am watching. So far so good.
    Recommend to watch.

  17. 17 : 리사 Says:

    is really nice N touching drama…made me tears…

  18. 18 : 리사 Says:

    pls, anyone knows where to get the song & korean lyrics of ‘Gloria’? the song tat bae do na sing in the night club, is a very nice song…thank you 🙂

  19. 19 : oystercafe 오이스터카페 Says:

    오이스터카페에서는 학생들을 최우선으로 생각합니다. 저희의 원어민 개발 팀들은 수업을 디자인하고 새로운 자료로 지속적으로 사이트를 업데이트하기 위하여 한국학생들과 함께 work합니다. 그리고 도움이 필요할 때에 강사들과 다른 동료 학생들에게 한번 클릭만으로 피드백을 받고 또한 쉽게 대화를 나눌 수 있습니다.

  20. 20 : eugene Says:

    I want Dong Ah and Yoon Suh together

  21. 21 : ok250682 Says:

    Hi Bae Doo Na I am yr fans becoz you got the x-factor to attract. U look so sexy when u dance & sings in Ep 10 from 38 mins onwards. Hope that this drama is a success all the best to you.

  22. 22 : grace Says:

    i love this drama so much…all the actors and actress are great.Especially lee chun hee…i love your acting so much…sarang-he..fighting!!!

  23. 23 : Secret Says:

    I’m interesting in this drama. I like all main charaters. I like Dong ah and Yoon Shu together but I like Dong Ah and Jin Jin together. How Jin Jin and Dong Ah fall in love with each other? When Kang Suk fall in love with Jin jin ?………..I like Jin Joo. I want to know much about Jin joo. Great drama……………

  24. 24 : Lise Says:

    In the beggining it was so full of myseries but am glad they didnt keep them for long and started unravelling them slowly but surely…love that they didnt drag them till the ending episodes. Chunhee oppa u soo belong with miss ‘i wanna kill myself’ and u know it! As for ji suk, after changing roles in OBGYN hes back to what he does best…acting the jerk who tortures the girl then falls for her eventually…typical role for him(pure 19 anyone?!!) not that am complainin btw!plus i also love the waiter friend whos also appearing in ‘Giant’..funny guy. Highly recommended drama!

  25. 25 : grace Says:

    great drama….must watch..i love all the actors and actress…wish it’s a good ending..!!

  26. 26 : kdrama_fan Says:

    The story of the drama seems absurd. Gloria is determined to succeed as a singer. But I wonder she has any talents to play such role as a singer. She is not like Seol Hee in “I am legend”. So many people in a house living together is stifling. But this is a drama. The writers can make any story whatever they like. The love between Dong Ah and Yoon Suh is not very convincing. But in recent episodes, Yoon Suh looks becoming more engaged in the love plot. The story develops too slowly. At least it is supposed to be an uplifting story. Need more patience to see more.

  27. 27 : ok Says:

    i hope its a good happy ending for Bae Doo Na & Suh Ji Suk. I don’t like Lee Chun Hee when he acted in ONLY YOU starring Jo Hyun Jae & Han Chae Young bc he always like to break them up. LCH is better looking now bc he put on weight (last time he was so skinny)

    Bae Doo Na can sing quite well. Her dance move also look natural & sexy

  28. 28 : Mon Says:

    What is this “embedding disabled by the request of the owner”? Is this mean we cannot watch this drama anymore??? Sad, i’m looking forward to watch this drama.

  29. 29 : diefan Says:

    5o episodes?! woooaaa.
    so far i’m in ep3.. convincing…and i’m liking it. the the mentally challenge sister has great role in this drama.. hope to see her more

  30. 30 : diefan Says:

    to Mon:
    you can watch this drama in viikii.net just type Gloria

  31. 31 : diefan Says:

    yey! I have been waiting for…mysoju is working up to 24epis.. I don’t know if all 28epis all working..through viikii.. awwwe.
    I’m now in epi 24.. waiting till I finished it… anxiously waiting.

  32. 32 : kdramalover Says:

    http://kimchidrama.blogspot.com/ this one up to ep. 28 now… Just wonder who’s going to be the main guy for Gloria?

  33. 33 : Jinny Says:

    omg then NEED to show episode 32!!!! i cant believe that they actually changed the broadcast date to Sunday instead of Saturday and Sunday! well i am totally loving Lee Kang Suk! He’s getting hotter and hotter everytime i see himmm….. well i guess this is all i have to say n pple 글로리아 gets better every episode! just for the heads up!!!!! BYEEE

  34. 34 : Jinny Says:

    Im pissed because the broadcasting station didnt broadcast 글로리아 for 2 fricking weeks! and o lemme tell u this they also changed the airing date to only Sundays instead of Saturdays AND Sunday!!! o well but on the good side…. Lee Kang Suk is getting hotter and hotter every time i see him!! wooohhh! o well i guess ill see if they will air tomorrow.. episode 32 here i come bee-ouch!

  35. 35 : Lori Says:

    Why did they change it to only airing on Sundays?! Boo. Is it b/c over half of the drama is over? (Boo, again.) They already delayed ep 32 for two weeks b/c of some gov broadcast and the Asian games! Going through withdrawal here.. This drama’s two eps are what I look forward to every week (50 eps seems just too short!)- so here’s hoping that they air just the one ep on 11/29, and are back to the standard two next weekend. (*fingers crossed*)

    I’m so glad that Jinny’s rant gave me an update at least ^^, b/c I live Stateside and have to hear it through the grapevine.

  36. 36 : ni Says:

    I like this drama very much. And also I like Bae doo na and Suh ji suk
    I like when they are together . Bae is cute and looking natural.Ji suk is charming and warm .They are perfect match for lover.
    I’m looking forward for next episode.

  37. 37 : diefan Says:

    vote for ‘gloria’

  38. 38 : 리사 Says:

    OMG!!! please kill the stupid, idiot brother!!! really hate to see his stupid urgly FAT face!!! please the writter of the story, faster let him dissapear in the drama, can’t stand to see his idiot FAT face anymore!!! please!!!let him DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. 39 : kdrama_fan Says:

    @ 리사

    I feel the same. This evil guy is a real turn-off.

  40. 40 : Tweets that mention not gonna lie, just got a little teary from my mom's soap opera. what can i say? i'm korean! -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by heather park, heather park. heather park said: not gonna lie, just got a little teary from my mom's soap opera. what can i say? i'm korean! http://bit.ly/gBAOFt […]

  41. 41 : denger Says:

    Sooooo good drama!
    Love OST SO MUCH!!!!!^^

  42. 42 : Jayu Says:

    i love watching this drama. the love story between the couples is intriguing and also the other actors in the drama play their roles superably. i like watching korean dramas a lot though i am an indian by birth.

  43. 43 : chubong Says:

    is somebody know the title of all gloria ost?and the singer?

  44. 44 : meetzy Says:

    I love this drama! The story line, the casts and also the soundtrack 😉
    I really surprise about how lee kang suk change since he met na jin jin.
    They’re my fave couple! 😀

  45. 45 : jh Says:

    oh my.. im @ ep 16 and im alr loving it…. more sleepness nights for me… have to admit its a little boring at the start.. but its getting more n more interesting…

  46. 46 : jh Says:

    it gets super draggy after 20+ episodes… keep repeating the same thing over and over again.. zzzzz

  47. 47 : ptsh836 Says:

    things only started to get interesting after jin jin’s 1st time performing da song ‘gloria’ n captivated kang suk’s attention….thereon da ‘iceberg’ begins da process of thawing n bcoming more humane!!

    i especially enjoy watching jin jin spinning kang suk ard her fingers!! n waiting for da 1st glimpse of a smile to break out fr his cold demeanour… but da parts where he engages in boxing to let off steam is a bit too cheezy… he might as well punch a sandbag instead!! n wen dong ah fights it out in da ring with him…boy, tat was even harder to swallow!! cut all these acts out n da drama wud hv been tops!!!

  48. 48 : ptsh836 Says:

    it was pretty interesting so far till after reaching epi 35…..things hv taken on a different course…..rite fr da start….it was more abt gloria realising her dreams as a recording artiste….then her sis recovered fr her memory loss but she meets headon with her ex-bf, ji suk (kang suk’s half-bro) who had caused her to hv da accident yrs ago…cuz she witnessed him committing a crime…..then da plot swayed its focus on da tiring luv trials of dong ah n yoon seo who had it difficult fr da word go….da story is getting a bit draggy…..with parents of both wealthy families match making their children against their will (a common trait occuring within da upper society) making it more n more miserable for da couples genuinely in luv here….n i had my interest distracted here by dis unending tug of war bet parents n c’dren….i had to stop n view something more interesting n more optimistic!!

  49. 49 : ptsh836 Says:

    n i almost forgot to mention da character of ji suk…da most hated man in dis drama….da evil half-bro of kang suk who killed his first wife n now hv his eyes on yoon seo eventho she hates da vry sight of him….he stubbornly intrudes into her luv life with dong ah, threatening to ruin everything for her….indeed there is sure bound to be a super hateful character who is da source of all da trouble he brews everywhere he goes n in dis drama it is him, lee ji suk!!

  50. 50 : ptsh836 Says:

    actually, oh hyun kyung (na jin joo)…dis is da 1st time ive seen her altho ive watched tons n tons of kdrama! i like her after she recovered….tho not an outstanding beauty…can see some cosmetic surgery done on her eyes…but her height, figure n speaking voice is especially sexy n alluring!!! she’s vry tall, she almost stole da show fr bae doo na who happens to be my fav actress…so yi hyun (jung yoon seo) is another artiste who has altered da structure of her nose!…its now so precariously high, exposing enormous nostrils…its a little bit unbecoming!! i did not like her passive acting….alwayz crying….n vry passive!!

    lee chun hee (ha dong ah) is a head taller than suh ji suk (lee kang suk)….hes indeed vry, vry tall for a korean…i thought suh ji suk was alrdy vry tall…but he towers ovr every1 here!! however, his acting is a little stiff for my liking…needs more practice, hahaha!!

    suh ji suk shud smile more…he even has a dimple when he smiles…when not smiling….he appears vry cold n unemotional!! hes playing da exact same role as in da other vry long series….’pure 19′, in 2006…still giving da same kind of performance tho’

  51. 51 : wilma Says:

    The whole story is great,episode 34-36 was the most painful to watch his brother is just so evil,very irritating but it made the whole thing more interesting and worthy to watch for…

    The cast is just superb,since ‘how to meet a perfect neighbor’ that’s when i liked Bae doo na…she cries sincerely and pretty hahah…and the others did justice to their own role…great couple indeed..

    I like the part were all of them are living in a small apartment by the grandmother its very familial,thou not blood related but they share about everything,the pain ,the smiles and just everything under the sun..good idea there…

    all thou my critic only, there are some parts that are unnecessary like going the same idea,if i would to air it,it could only be atleast 40 episodes…and the singing aspect of it is limited, i hope that it could have been more musi-cal!…

    But all in all its a joy to watch,two thumbs-up,my fave so far for a long drama series…Job well done…i ♥ it

    aja aja fighting c:

  52. 52 : d14h Says:

    I really enjoy watch this drama, even this drama is 50 Episodes, but not boring at all… really really like watching it 🙂

  53. 53 : oak Says:

    This such a great long drama…it’s makes me laugh & cry at the same
    Really enjoyed this drama…

  54. 54 : hirmah Says:

    this is good drama i just finish 25 epi and hold til nex weekend to finish all epi…i watch this drama because of Bae Doo Na..i love her in ”how to meet perfect neigbour” and ”someday”

  55. 55 : littlejustiz Says:

    omg so good! i’m on episode 34 and theres a song that plays while kang suk talks to yoon seo on the phone while hes at a bar and theres this english song thats plays in the background. can song one tell me whats its called please!

  56. 56 : Jamie King Says:

    Lee Kyu Jin is too old and not good looking to play the lover of Kang Suk’s mother. What isbit with Asian men? They do ‘t look so good after they reach a certain age

  57. 57 : Jamie King Says:

    Lee Ji Suknis a fat, insidious character with no morals. He is the epitome of disgusting. His mother is equally vile and desperate having no looks nor personality. No wonder her son is such a disgusting human being, he has her genes.

  58. 58 : Jamie King Says:

    I sort of Like Bar Doo na but her stubby nose needs to go. That is what looks bad on her face. Her acting is good. Just saw her in an American film where they dubbed her voice

  59. 59 : Rosemary Smart Chan Says:

    I am on episode 47 and if I hear one more Jin Jin this and Jin Jon that, I am going to puke. First of all, that girl seems entitled as if the whole world has to revolve around her. She keeps singing the same two songs and I guess is because the actress that plays Gloria can’t really sing. Second of all, ever since episode 40 these two sisters keep coming and going on the same places with nicer and nicer vlothes but they never show them in any real concerts. That means that there was a buget issue and since there were so many episodes, they were trying to stretch the story out.
    I do not feel any compassion for Jin Jin. I do feel compassion for Lee Jin Kang who does everything in his power to make amends for his evil and heartless good for nothing brother. I cannot believe his family did not disown him already and send him to jail. I am glad that the story stops at 50 since all the people in the story have turned into nothing but supporting actors for the main character who I have no empathy for at all.

  60. 60 : kml123e Says:


  61. 61 : Joseph Mark Says:

    Lee Ji suk is too evil and Lee Kang Suk is too sympathetic but all in all the drama is good. I like that song Gloria although I don’t understand the language very wel

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