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Glass Mask

Title: 유리가면 / Glass Mask
Chinese Title: 玻璃假面
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 122
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2012-Sep-03 to 2013-April-04
Air time: Monday to Thursday 09:45


This drama tell the story of a woman who her father is a murderer (fake accusation). She have to survive in difficult life and also plan her revenge.


Main Cast

Seo Woo as Kang Yi Kyung / Seo Jung Ha
Jung Da Bin as Yi Kyung (teen)
Lee Do Yun as Jung Ha (child)
Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Sun Jae
Kim Yoon Seo as Kang Seo Yun
Ahn Eun Jung as Seo Yun (Child)
Park Jin Woo as Kim Ha Joon

Supporting Cast

Yang Geum Suk as Jung Hye Ran
Jung Ae Ri as Shim Hae Soon
Kang Shin Il as Kang In Chul
Ki Joo Bong as Shin Ki Tae
Park Gun Rak as Seo Jung Pal
Yoon Park as Kang Gun
Lee Tae Woo as Kang Gun (child)
Han In Soo as Seo Yong Bok / President Director Seo
Ga Won as Kim Ha Ra / Seo Jung Ha
Park Ji So as Ji Ni
Jang Joon Yoo as Yoo Nan
Kim Kwang Young as Cha Hyun Tae / Secretary Cha
Kim Mi Rye (김미려) as Ahn Mi Young
Kim Hee Jung as Kim Young Hee
Lee Shin Ae (이신애) as Han Na
Jo Jae Ryong (조재룡) as Goo Bong Seo
Jung Min Sung as Do Ji Wook
Yoon Seo Hyun as So Dae Yong
Maeng Bong Hak (맹봉학) as Yoo Min Ki
4th Floor (포스 플로어) as Bad Boys (cameo)
Kim Jung Hak as Kim Joon Ho
Kim Kwang In as Fidelli Director
Jun Jin Gi as Kim Do Shik
Min Joon Hyun as Seoul Regional Tax Office’s investigator
Lee Jong Goo as Oh Il Hwan
Choo Ye Jin
Park Shi Jin as In Ho

Production Credits

Director: Shin Seung Woo, Sung Do Joon
Screenwriter: Choi Young In, Kim Suk Gon


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Trailer I & Trailer II & Trailer III

Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : larvin Says:

    its a good story….. cant wait waching it

  2. 2 : Arisha Icha Says:

    woww…. another drama from japanese manga 🙂
    can’t wait .. XD

  3. 3 : Tonberry Says:

    Aww… when I saw the title I thought it was a remake of the Japanese Manga by the same name. I was so excited. Turned out it’s just a another murder/revenge drama.

  4. 4 : RD Says:

    @Tonberry I thought the same thing

  5. 5 : QueenV Says:

    Wait… her father is the murderer? Not the one who is murdered? Then who is she taking revenge on? O_o

  6. 6 : swift Says:

    Probably another one of those dramas that has many twists and long winded plots that will take forever to reach its conclusion, similarly like Yellow Boots.

  7. 7 : Arie Says:

    Is this the Korean version of revenge?? Or did I read the plot wrong???

  8. 8 : GHSforever Says:

    Yellow Boots is a hige success for tvN. The ratings are 4%+ and that’s fantastic for a Pay-TV channel. No wonder they made a similar one.
    The acting of the cast of Yellow Boots is very strong so I hope this drama will show similar acting skills.

  9. 9 : Gaby HN Says:

    hello.. !! does anyone knows the name of 1 drama about several murders on a place.. like the white house.. on the beggining never appear the killer.. some like that.. I started to watch it .. but the network cancel the channel…i dont know how to get it .. please… somebody help me.. Thanks a lot.. 🙂

  10. 10 : Lorem Says:

    I think writers at times name their work the same way they name their children. So kdrama titles is often misleading for the non-korean speaking viewers. By that I mean the title do not necessarily reflect a descriptive or inferred key attribute of the story.

    In the case of the drama “May Queen”, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest the title is merely a namesake of the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem of the same name. Perhaps the writer is infatuated with Tennyson and wanted to name his own offspring as it were, after one of Tennyson’s works, hoping some of that mojo would rub off.

    “Glass Mask” is an intriguing metaphor. For invoking it, I expect the writer to live up to the promise. I guess we will see in the weeks to come.

    Here’s looking at you writer-nim!

  11. 11 : susan Says:

    @ Tonberry and RD
    i thaugt the same thing too
    hmm little dissapointed
    glass mask manga by suzue miuchi is a great one

  12. 12 : pame97 Says:

    i also thought that this drama is the remake of japanese manga glass mask, because the title is the same that j-manga is one of my fave manga ever, i’m a little frustrated cause it hasn’t a proper ending

  13. 13 : pame97 Says:

    but good thing is Seo Woo has a new drama i like her in CS with MG keep up the good work

  14. 14 : ieien Says:

    i love it. cAn’t wait to watch. this is a good story

  15. 15 : aaaaaaaaa Says:

    very pretty girl

  16. 16 : lea Says:

    cant wait to watch this serial…i think this is maybe like REvenge serial from America b’cause the sinopsis is the same

  17. 17 : rob Says:

    seo woo is hot !

  18. 18 : Patty Says:

    So excited to watch it… It will be a number 1 drama again because Jung Ae Ri is in the cast plus Yang Geum Suk and Lee Ji Hoon.

  19. 19 : PY Says:

    I like Seo Woo, she is so pretty. Pity this drama is over 100 episodes, rather too long. Can’t wait to see Seo Woo in another drama!

  20. 20 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  21. 21 : tudoucc Says:

    Watch Online with Chinese

  22. 22 : Brittney Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this. Not a big fan of Seo Woo because of “Cinderella’s Sister” but I am always really to give her another chance can’t wait to see!

  23. 23 : Pat Says:

    Where is episode 5.. English sub please……….

  24. 24 : getawayfrom Says:

    I’m at episode 2….I don’t get it. Isn’t she’s the baby that got kidnapped by the wife who has a stillborn? Or is the really the one that got adopted by her father’s accuser (the detective that shot her mom)?
    So seem like the description is confusing because her birth father wasn’t a murderer unless you’re referring to her adopted father who is actually a murder. Soo confusing.

  25. 25 : koorihime Says:

    Is it just me or does it say that there is 100+ episode? This is a great drama but I don’t think they could drag it out that long lol..

  26. 26 : lovely Says:

    matter how great a drama is it it’s too long no body wouldn’t want to watch it unless they have all the time in their hands. i’ll try to look for this one during summer or when i don’t have school. i’m also a big fan of seo woo

  27. 27 : duckie Says:

    so far good on epi 12. the first two episodes were laggy and boring..but by epi four i liked it marathoned it in one night til epi 11 🙂 ha joon x kyung pairing

  28. 28 : Romantic87 Says:

    This is a great show… yeah the first 2 episodes was boring than it got so much better I watch pretty much all the episodes so far in one night… I hope viki subs it faster… Cuz that’s my new obsession… I love it… I hope it gets better n better…. I love park jin woo’s character… i hope they stay together…ahh will see….

  29. 29 : Bebe Says:

    I like the drama, but why it have to be 100 eps long. Good turns to bad when it’s too long.

  30. 30 : mango Says:

    i really like this drama, but why does it have to be so damn long for?! I really want to see her plot her revenge already!

  31. 31 : songhakyung Says:

    Lee Ji Hoon…..is back ye..ye..

  32. 32 : jami Says:

    100 episodes???? thats just to long. i dont think i can put up with it that long even if it was a good drama

  33. 33 : Yan Yan Says:

    im watching this n its a bit dry right now but hopefully itll get good like all revenge dramas 🙂

    but one thing im wondering (don’t know yet) about is whether yi kyung (seo woo) is the missing granddaughter or is it that bitch 🙁 seo yun (Kim Yoon Seo) or just someone totally different

  34. 34 : juliajung Says:

    I don’t agree with the few people that said that the first two episodes were boring, personally I don’t think it was the right age group for those people probably you needed to read in between the lines because the start was fantasticc.

    \\I don’t think that 100+ episodes is too much, it’s like reading a book with 300 chapters. (;

  35. 35 : ISSA Says:

    why I cannot watch the Glass mask all are not available

  36. 36 : angry Says:

    it not the matter of the length of the episodes , it really poor and stupid drama !!! 超蠢的男主角…!!!! better don’t watch ! wasting time and will make you angry 🙁

  37. 37 : torri333 Says:

    i love this drama , i am at ep 47 now ,watching at viki .com i cant wait to see how she plans out her revenge and all , i guess the real fun starts now, because all the main lead had done so far is cry , cry ,cry and i think it will be fun to see her mess with is bunch of losers

  38. 38 : nweisha Says:

    I have been an avid Kdrama viewer for more than 7yrs. now and still going strong. I’ve even crossed over to Tdrama, Japdrama, and Indonesian; I’ve seen many creative different plots. You name it! I’ve been in all emotional rollercoaster rides; so it’s safe to say my opinion merits some credibility. This Drama sucks! The first few episode was okay and in fact i even seriously followed through with the plot even to the point of pausing and rewinding just to reread the dialogues. By the 9th episode i was literally skipping and fast forwarding. It was continuously the same damn plot of the main actress being constantly blamed, being framed, being misunderstood, too much crying, and all the while the antagonist sister gets away with murder. I mean….come on!!! how long is the writer gonna drag this??? It’s so nauseating and majority of the time I was totally angry. And to think that it’s gonna be a loooong haul of episodes of this cat and mouse game? The main actress is a joke! No one can be that stupid and forgiving. I decided to just completely stop watching and just for curiosity i’ll wait till the very end to see the result. It’s not worth watching for my health. It’s seem like the writer tries to put in so much of the elements of the usual kdrama where the heroine suffers much like a martyr and thinks that to drag this same o’ same o’ common plot for tooooo long that it will be more bitter sweet in the end for a grand finale of revenge? Pfffst! Ya right. I really don’t care if it has a hundred episode provided it’s a good script writing, nor am i bashing the actress because I know they work hard. It’s the stupid plot of the writer that is stupid.

  39. 39 : heh Says:

    the writer should please put little bit of romance b/w Kang Yi Kyung and Kim Sun Jae so that the drama will look more interesting, not only about revenge thank you.

  40. 40 : bidam Says:

    i can’t get it, but for my opinion the longer dramas are the best. wife returns, temptation of wife, loving you a thousand times, queen seon deok, giants, east of eden and and and… i love to watch 1 good long drama better than 3 short boring dramas.

  41. 41 : Prinna Says:

    This is really good drama! Thanks to the writer and producer! Wow! this kind of woman look pretty and liar bitch! I like all the actress and actors and they are great. I don’t think that I like the liar bitch even she is pretty. You know who. This story is like of weird because if they are twin, how come one is so evil than the other. I like the part where the bad got purnished one by one. Can not wait to watch the end. So far every episode is very exciting until now. I don’t get that part when the Yi Kyung passed away, the step mom missed her. When she want to live in her house, she do not like her to live there. The story is a bit not make sense.

  42. 42 : NutsSo Says:

    @Prinna The mother may not like Yi Kyung but it doesnt change the fact that she did raised her from young wholeheartedly until she knew that she is the daughter of the person who “killed” her husband. So it is not weird that she missed Yi Kyung when she knew she “died”.

  43. 43 : yurieeee Says:

    i love this drama! fighting :DD

  44. 44 : kirbycute77 Says:

    can you please someone tell me where can i watch glass mask episode 43 with english subtittle?

  45. 45 : kcrazy Says:

    welll i started watching this drama i was hooked but once i found out bout it being 100 epis i could not continue!!!!!
    i have watched amazing short kdramas which swayed my emotions but this one drama i am going to fast forward to the end because i want to know who she ends up with lol !!!! i cant wait to continue my jouney with kdramas!!!
    it really helps me learn lessons and have fantascies

  46. 46 : ggggggg Says:

    ain’t nobody got time fo dat

  47. 47 : myeon Says:

    at first, i thought this is “glass mask” manga live action :p but unfortunetely it’s not..

    ah, i wish there’ll korean live action for manga “glass mask” someday

  48. 48 : mml Says:

    I don’t like Kim Yun Seo, now i stop watching Glass Mask this drama, is really waste of me time watching this drama,
    Now i like to watch Hundred Year’s Inheritance 백년의유산, the wicked mother in law, the pitiful daughter in law can attracts me to watch and the interesting noodle business……

  49. 49 : Edna merino Says:

    Love this drama! Started out a Little slow but it is definitely worth sticking around for all 100 episodes, I’m on episode 81. Lots of twists!

  50. 50 : jeannie Says:

    just cannot understand why the rich and powerful and kind hearted are all so stupid and the wicked ones have the luck and brains. just too long and tedious to wait while the wicked ones just keeps getting things their way. i like korean dramas when the good people have things their way and the wicked ones suffer and pay for their crimes. i am losing interest in this long and stupid drama…

  51. 51 : torri Says:

    wait a sec they have moved the drama to 120 ep now whoa!!!!! well i guess i can understand why the two sister have to make up , the main leads have to find love and all that bla bla bla ,

  52. 52 : Py Says:

    I really hope in the end, Kang Yi Kyung will never make up or forgive that bitch sister. She did so much evil, she must NEVER NEVER be forgiven!!! Such a bitch!
    Poor Yi Kyung, she has 2 useless fathers! Even that shortie father (from jail) was totally of no use to her!

  53. 53 : Glass Mask (TvN)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  54. 54 : Glass Mask (Korean)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  55. 55 : melanie Says:

    after watching this Drama i was so disappointed because Ki Kyung and Han joon were not back together and the bad Sister always win in everything…she was forgiven inspite of what she has done, always favor in everything, i think the korean drama are still old fashion in cultural, in thier series they dont divorce in the story, inetead they make them reconcile, nowadays theres a few martyrs now in this world….Divorce is common in every corner in this wide word….no more Tears , Pain and martyrs!!!! most of the korean writers in thier storeis, they dont pair the original cast couplke in the end they dont pair them…i like the Boys over Flowers because in the end its a happy Ending….

  56. 56 : melanie Says:

    its like ill stop watching korean Drama for a while because i was again disappointed with the ending of this story…Glass Mask,,

  57. 57 : melanie Says:

    it was a long story but not a really happy ending

  58. 58 : tikkyk Says:

    i agree with melanie. with all these comments i have lost hope in seeing the movie.i dont like the fact that the ending did not suit the viewers.Maybe the director wanted something different but every love and pityful story should give viewers a reason to laugh at last.

  59. 59 : Meina diggi Says:

    This drama is some what like “yellow boot” but of course the end of “yellow boot” better………!

  60. 60 : lonie Says:

    anybody pls help me where i can watch all ep., with english., pls share to me im begging you i reall wanted to see the end of this drama…

  61. 61 : lonie Says:

    pls share to me where i can watch all ep., of this drama i beg you

  62. 62 : dermmy4u Says:

    plz,,,guys,,hw many episodes ave been released

  63. 63 : Tobi Says:

    Dis film is so annoying infact am realy dissapointed in those who did it?

  64. 64 : Tobi Says:

    D ending is jst too annoying

  65. 65 : Beee Zeee Says:

    I hate Kang Seo Yun

  66. 66 : blessing Says:

    Thanx for this preview,I was getting tired of the movie already,since the end is not encouraging”I AM NOT WATCHING AGAIN”.it’s kind of disappointing,a movie with this long episodes.

  67. 67 : blessing Says:

    This is really crazy.watching a movie with 122 episodes .this movie is whack pls don’t let anyone deceive you

  68. 68 : Nesslee Says:

    Melanie, u were totally readin my mind about this movie.. At d begining i totally wanted to watch it, but after each episode the whole film became bunch of rubbish

  69. 69 : rachel tonsing Says:

    i havn’t watch yet bt stil im waiting here in shillong

  70. 70 : Anointed Says:

    So u guys did nt no dat d two gal is d duaghters of shin ge tee

  71. 71 : sarah Says:

    oh nooooo am not going to watch it again,since it wasnt ended well

  72. 72 : dare Says:

    Seriously, dis film is realy annyin ful of betrayals, re they tryin to tel us nt to trust our blud, wel i m hopin to see d revenge of her.

  73. 73 : mike Says:

    Dnt you know dat tragic ending is what is on point nw. It should nt always be happily ever after, so dat d movie will be unpredictable nd more interesting, than know b4 hand that things may get beta or nt.

  74. 74 : Funmi Says:

    Can someone tel me hw i can watch dis drama frm episod 46 upward?

  75. 75 : victor Says:

    D 1st season of dis film ended wel, i ges d15th episode whr d oppa slap kang seon(wench either), I rili lyk dat part… Buh am a bit discouraged about d coments dat da film didnt end wel… Dats aint a relief at al, buh i wil try nd watch it sha..4 fun buh it wil be of disapointment. Ma humble advice 4 da script writer(s) is dat they shld write wot wuld suite there viewer.. Like a movie like dat of glass mask shldnt end as tragedy.. Give the film freaks the Best..

  76. 76 : Yetunde Says:

    I hate dis movie ,it just lk yellow boot,hv nt finishing watching it but kang ki kyung is just like a fool nd a follower of her enemy ! So annoying

  77. 77 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    am so so much dissapointed in watching this drama that i have to stop in the middle and take another film to watch even thorn bird is far far better than dis msheeeew

  78. 78 : abiola Says:

    I find this movie very interesting,captivating but when are releasing d rest….

  79. 79 : tosin Says:

    it an interesting film. I hope to see d end or seo yon

  80. 80 : Omolara Says:

    This is an interesting and suspense film. Can’t wait for d season 4 to come out. Pls release d season 4 soon

  81. 81 : Emmanuel Says:

    Geez this god forsaken drama sucks,life is a bitch for crying out loud were in the world in this 21st century that you can trample on someone that long…..this drama is so unreal well i stopped were she agreed to be the grand daughter of chairman

  82. 82 : Emmanuel Says:

    I am begining to fall in love with kdrama but this one is so dissappionting……i wanna know over there in korea have they concluded the drama so i can download it…..i hate that i watch this wreck,hopeless,silly,unrealistic god forsaken drama

  83. 83 : Love Says:

    I highly recommend this movie though it got annoying at some stage but still it is AWESOME.I must say that I Love It.”The more it gets tougher the better it becomes nd everyone will be happy again.”
    Please,why the wait in releasing the SEASON FOUR…Can’t wait much longer…

  84. 84 : MEYA TAIWO NUVENAZE Says:

    Why cant you people not have the concluded part all this while. it doesn’t speak well of this movie. Put more effort to do the conclusion part or the next seasons.

  85. 85 : boytool18 Says:

    go to doramax264.com and see the comment section. you can find there the remaining subs (46 to 120)

  86. 86 : Vince Says:

    I don’t knw why you people will release from season 1 to season 3 and still won’t finish it and instead to release the last part, until one forgets it before it will be released and some won’t be released e.g Kamchi family book, The heirs, Her legend,Glass mask it’s self. And frankly speaking, buying ur film I would say, it’s a waste of money!

  87. 87 : floxzy Says:

    Interesting film. But make SEO yum shaper in season four. Can’t wait to see four.

  88. 88 : floxzy Says:

    Interesting film.cant wait to see the season four.

  89. 89 : Priscilla Says:

    Dis movie is great nd interestin bt plsss T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ season 4 is needed..I rili want to see ow kang yi gyung is turned into seo jung ah…wen is d last season comin out

  90. 90 : Citra Ratnawati Says:

    Soooo annoying very dissapointed, waste my money, just a suck n fool girl

  91. 91 : Razaq Says:

    just finished watching season3 today. please when is season4 coming out. I can’t wait. reply as soon as possible. best Korean movie I have watch so far.

  92. 92 : Olubisi Says:

    It somehow anoyin still yet find intrestin waitin for season four

  93. 93 : ige kayode Says:

    Pls release season 4 if you don’t want promble

  94. 94 : Ayomide Says:

    it is a interested film which i lyk very much, u guys jst fuck up by nt releasing its season 4. Plz plz nd plz release season 4

  95. 95 : Odunayo Says:

    Season is already out.watchout 4 season 5.

  96. 96 : Opeyemi Says:

    I stoped @ episode 75 cant wait for d rest,i rilli enjoy the movie

  97. 97 : Opeyemi Says:

    I stoped @ episode 75 cant wait for the rest i rilli enjoy the movie

  98. 98 : kaybee Says:

    Intresting bt wen is yellow boot 5 gonna comes out pls

  99. 99 : layo Says:

    Lik seriously I really lik korean filmz… Buh 4 real dis film aint workin @ll… Kang yi kyung cud b so annoyin… Aishh… Cnt wait 2 see d end of devlish Seon yon

  100. 100 : timmy Says:

    I really find this film interesting and at also a point, it was really heart breaking. .the movie is nice. .The writer came up with something good… really happy about that…Those of you complaining that the film is dissapointing should come up with theirs also and make it realy interesting…i don’t think you know anything about writing stories and what the writer has passed through. .think before you write some things

  101. 101 : aderonke Says:

    Wen re u guys releasin d season four pls

  102. 102 : sanni ibrahim (SAN) Says:

    Hello Guys,

    We really enjoy the story line… Of this film called (Glass Mask) is definitely interesting… To we as a family and with this film story we understand that we should be truthful to our friends and family, I really love the girl that Hajoon propose to she is brave and cleaver than any one else… Please help me to tell the girl that I love her soo much and we can’t wait to watch the season… 4,5,6, and more please be fast about this for us to grab our Copy.
    Am (SAN) from Nigeria,

    My Regards to the Koreans Films
    Sanni Ibrahim

  103. 103 : hardewarlee Says:

    Pls when are you releasing season four of this film, I just love it …… It intresting anyway

  104. 104 : ududk Says:

    please we really need season four please when will it be out

  105. 105 : Outshine Tunmise Says:

    We Korean fans, really need the release of the concluding parts of this movie please!
    It started making some interest at the final episodes, though the former were childish, and…..it’s foolishness, so to say.
    That’s why we need to know the end of the twisted and coherent connection of the perpetrators.


  106. 106 : morenike felix Says:

    Really can’t wait 2 watch d season 4 of this drama…my dad who hates korean drama ,is in love with GLASS MASK!!!!!…pls be fast wit d season 4

  107. 107 : Tola seyi Says:

    the story line is one d best i av watch in korean films. pls am waiting for final episode i.e episode 6

  108. 108 : lily Says:

    Wad is d last season of glass mask

  109. 109 : Fatima bello Says:

    The season four is already out. Just finished watching it. Its so interesting………… Good work done by d Korean . Though you should have have made d season four d last episode, but all d same, hoping to to watch d season 5 on time before it it goes off ma mind. Lot of loves.

  110. 110 : Really enjoyed the drama but when is the season 6 coming out? saranghae k-drama's Says:

    Really love this drama but still waiting for season 6 saranghae k-drama’s

  111. 111 : tocy Says:

    pls when is the season six coming out……………………..cnt wait

  112. 112 : blesssing john Says:

    Please wen will de season 6 be out we really enjoy de drama nd we need de 6…………

  113. 113 : femi Says:

    i love d movie nd am wetin 4 d season 6

  114. 114 : Charlesmaria Says:

    please when is the season 6 coming out?

  115. 115 : vivian Says:

    I love the movie I’m watching season 7 now

  116. 116 : AMBITIOUS Says:

    SEASON 4,5,6,7 has out

  117. 117 : afeez adekunle Says:

    When is season Six coming out cuz i cnt wait i realy enjoy the movie…… Afeez frm Nigeria
    love Korean movie.

  118. 118 : afeez adekunle Says:

    When is season Six coming out cuz i cnt wait i realy enjoy the movie…… Afeez frm Nigeria
    love Korean movie.

  119. 119 : Celina Says:

    Wow i realy love dis movie(glass mask)am abt to watch season 2 saranghae noona seo woo

  120. 120 : Ezinne Says:

    I love this movie…but I can’t stand kang seo yeon… Please when are you releasing season 8?
    Also the subtitles are not complete….please do something about that too..Thanks

  121. 121 : skippo79 Says:

    When is the season 8 coming out,if it is out holat me through my mail

  122. 122 : Grace Says:

    Really love the movie…so interesting, cant really stand kang seo yeon and and kang In chul, pls wen is season 8 coming out, can’t wait. Aah! The subtitles too, pls fix dis ASAP..fighthing!

  123. 123 : bimbola Says:

    Pls wen Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ d season 8 comin out cant wait for it to b out

  124. 124 : bimbola Says:

    Pls wen wil d season 8 b out

  125. 125 : bencruzy Says:

    When are u guyz releasing the season 8 can’t wait to see kaung yi kung and anttonery kim revenge $!!!!fighting

  126. 126 : young nick Says:

    Season8??……still searching

  127. 127 : Kay Says:

    Plz we are waiting for season 8

  128. 128 : andrew Says:

    The film is so annoying,how will someone not be able to stAnd up for herself. Its annoying.

  129. 129 : cherish Says:

    Awesome drama😃 i almost broke my tv watching it tho’

  130. 130 : cherish Says:

    Its just a remake of yellow boots

  131. 131 : wack0 Says:

    where can i view the complete episode?? any1? . thx

  132. 132 : Rofiatgbanky Says:

    its still managable ,pls don’t blame d Actors its not dia fault oooo

  133. 133 : kleo Says:

    Ahhh seriously,to some xtend,d film is fake.theres no place in d world u wud find som1 with that kinda patience.i xpected to watch real story not fairy tale.we r humans n we hav feelins.most times,our reactions relieve us of our burdens.

  134. 134 : Folashade Says:

    y is Glass mask season eight so scarce to the extent dat am so impatient to watch it

  135. 135 : Folashade Says:

    we wanna watch season 8

  136. 136 : Shirley Says:

    I really love this film

  137. 137 : GALLEGOS Says:


  138. 138 : GALLEGOS Says:



  139. 139 : Ggan Says:

    No sense of fashion.

  140. 140 : temmy Says:

    plz i want to watch season 7 and plz u guys shld work on d subtitle and shld create where we can download the movies for easy assess

  141. 141 : Joseph Says:

    Please how can I download the season 4

  142. 142 : Joseph Says:

    I was unable to buy it, it’s sad because I’m just watching it please how can I get it downloaded I can’t wait more please someone help me out…. The admin please, the directors please help me out

  143. 143 : Witness filbert Says:

    Duuuu this movie can’t play on ma phone I need our help ma fellow coz I like this season much much ñ much am just ended in65 episode other can’t play

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