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Gap Dong

Gap Dong 03

Title: 갑동이 / Gap Dong
Also known as: Memories Of Murder – Gap Dong
Chinese Title: 岬童夷
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Melodrama, Action, Thriller
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2014-April-11 to 2014-June-21
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:40
Related Series: Signal (tvN, 2016)


This drama is about the criminal investigations that based on the real “Hwaseong serial murder case“.

20 years ago, Father of Ha Moo Yum (Yoon Sang Hyun) was a suspect in the “Gap Dong” serial murder case. Because of the detective’s oppressive investigation, Moo Yum’s father killed himself.

After 20 years, Moo Yum become a detective and works to find the real killer. The statue of limitations has expired for this serial murder case and Moo Yum decided to resign because he believe that the killer already dead. However, New clues appears…


Main Cast

Yoon Sang Hyun as Ha Moo Yum
Jung Jae Min as Moo Yum (young)
Sung Dong Il as Yang Chul Gon
Kim Min Jung as Oh Maria
Jung Chan Bi as Maria (young)
Lee Joon as Ryu Tae Oh
Yoon Chan Young as Tae Oh (child)
Kim Ji Won as Ma Ji Wool

People around Ha Moo Yum

Jung In Ki as Cha Do Hyeok
Hyun Woo as Do Hyuk (young)
Kang Nam Gil as Han Sang Hoon
Jang Kwang as Monk Jinjo
Jo Ji Hwan as Lee Hyung Nyeon
Choo Soo Hyun as Oh Young Ae

People around Yang Chul Gon

Min Sung Wook as Nam Gi Rri
Jung Won Joong as Park Joong Goo

People around Oh Maria

Jang Hee Soo as Kim Young Mi
Hong In Young as Hong Sung Hee

People around Ma Ji Wool

Seo Joo Hee as Ji Hwa Ja


Choi Sung Jae as detective
Yoo Eun Ho (유은호) as Yang Sun Joo
Gil Byul Eun (길별은) as Ha Il Shik
Kim Min Sang as Choi Tae Shik
Lee Young Eun as Lee Soon Shim
Park Dong Bin as Bae Sang Ki
Sa Hee as Jung Ma Ri
Woo Jung Kook as Mr. Jo
Jung Geun as Park Ho Suk
Song Ha Joon (송하준) as Na Do Hyung
Jo Seung Yun as Ryu Tae Oh’s lawyer
Choi Min as Peter Park
Jang Hee Woong as Seo Ji Hoon
Park Jung Woo as Team Leader Yoon
Kim Ga Eun as female student (cameo)
Yoon Kyun Sang as detective
Lee Dong Jin as alienist
Park Seo Yun
Kim Kyung Nam

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Bae Jong Byung
Producers: Kang Hee Joon, Lee Young Ok
Director: Jo Soo Won
Screenwriter: Kwon Eun Mi


– Drama series is inspired by the “Hwaseong serial murder case” which occurred from 1986 to 1991 in the rural city of Hwaseong in Gyeonggi Province. Ten women were raped and murdered during that time period. The real life case also inspired 2003 movie “Memories of Murder“.

– Episode 3 & 4 has been postponed to 2014-April-25 & 26 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-04-11 1 1.514
2014-04-12 2 1.984
2014-04-25 3 1.369
2014-04-26 4 1.638
2014-05-02 5 1.77
2014-05-03 6 1.76
2014-05-09 7 1.81
2014-05-10 8 2.32
2014-05-16 9 1.72
2014-05-17 10 2.00
2014-05-23 11 1.89
2014-05-24 12 2.08
2014-05-30 13 1.68
2014-05-31 14 1.91
2014-06-06 15 2.32
2014-06-07 16 2.23
2014-06-13 17 1.80
2014-06-14 18 2.20
2014-06-20 19 2.00
2014-06-21 20 2.10

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Gap Dong Poster 1 Gap Dong Poster 2

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Official Site


Trailer I & Trailer II
Yoon Sang Hyun
Kim Min Jung
Sung Dong Il
Lee Joon
Kim Ji Won

Watch Online in Viki.com (Coming Soon)


  1. 1 : maknaee Says:

    i’ve been waiting for this dramaaaa

  2. 2 : taraJJ Says:

    kim ji won a.k.a yoo rachel from the heirs

    lee joon..? after rough play i don’t know if i can see him in the same way again, i mean the cute guy from mblaq..

    but the trailers just make me curious enough to watch this 🙁

  3. 3 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Can’t wait for this.

  4. 4 : tigerb Says:

    another drama with the murder statute of limitations. since this is supposedly based on real happenings, i wonder if the writing is true to form, but i suspect not. there would be a deviation to inject romance, etc. to make the drama worth watching, from what is already known.

  5. 5 : Lysha Says:

    Storyline is intersting… i’ll be wit…^_^

  6. 6 : tabitha Says:

    wow… TVN always bring great drama

  7. 7 : Hotta Ao Says:

    8 more days

  8. 8 : Fullheart Says:

    Really like Yoon Sang Hyun since saw him in Secret Garden, would pretty much watch anything he is in and who can resist Le Joon, swoon. Like both actors a lot,lot, lot. Hoping drama is good

  9. 9 : Fullheart Says:

    Really like Yoon Sang Hyun since saw him in Secret Garden, would pretty much watch anything he is in and who can resist Lee Joon, swoon. Like both actors a lot,lot, lot. Hoping drama is good. Sounds intriguing.

  10. 10 : Alex Says:

    i cant wait lee joon oppa

  11. 11 : Hotta Ao Says:

    2 more days

  12. 12 : Hotta Ao Says:

    Finally ^_^
    Waiting for subs

  13. 13 : Gun Says:

    Lee Joon oppa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  14. 14 : maknaee Says:

    @Hotta Ao
    me too~

  15. 15 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Is ths going to be another one of the dramas that can not be found anywhere to watch. The only place that Ghost Seeing Detective could be found is Dailymotion. Not happy since was looking forward to this drama.

  16. 16 : Maya Says:

    Very interesting drama.. I’ll be waiting..

  17. 17 : Hotta Ao Says:

    It is just awesome.
    Can’t wait for next Friday

  18. 18 : KTm Says:

    720p, 450p & XViD

  19. 19 : Bebebisous Says:

    You can watch it on dramacool.com or dramabay.com. Episode 1 and 2 are already subtitled!

  20. 20 : Rose Says:

    I can’t waiting for Yoon Sang Hyun

  21. 21 : anton Says:

    watch gap dong ep 1 eng sub


    watch gap dong ep 2 eng sub


  22. 22 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Thanks for info on where to watch. Appreciated.

  23. 23 : Fullheart5 Says:

    So far I am sticking to this drama.

  24. 24 : Frenie Says:

    Two words: SUPER COOL!

  25. 25 : lysocline Says:

    Do you know if it has been postponed due to the ferry incident? Because I can’t find ep 3 anywhere (even in raw version) which is strange considering it should have aired 3 days ago…

  26. 26 : coffeenlucia Says:

    ^Yes. It has been postponed due to the ferry incident.

    Episode 3 will come out today 🙂

  27. 27 : Muri Says:

    The drama makes a really dumb detective, who can’t detect his on fart lead a homicide investigation. How is that possible?

    I’m enjoying it so far, but most of this appears to me as fiction built around the actual event(s).

  28. 28 : Krista Says:

    Where can we watch it? Can someone help me… Thank you.

  29. 29 : lara Says:

    Really loves this drama can’t wait to watch ep 5!!

  30. 30 : lara Says:

    you can watch it on http://www.gooddrama.net/korean-drama/gap-dong-episode-3

  31. 31 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Have tried Good drama and the site won t load any dramas, at least on my IPad. Hard to understand why cable dramas are not covered on drama fever or viki

  32. 32 : fullheart5 Says:

    For interested parites, I watched it on http://www.kdrama.com on my computer, but http://www.kdrama.com on my ipad has no sound.

  33. 33 : Zazi Says:

    nice drama it is interesting i just like it i can’t wait to watch episode 7

  34. 34 : Mukhabbat Says:

    where is rating? rating please

  35. 35 : yohan Says:

    fuck this rating……. coz the drama was soo fucking amazing…………..

  36. 36 : raz Says:

    ♥I can not breathe until the next chapter. Wow, what a nerve-wracking series♥

  37. 37 : terazhang Says:

    the story is interesting…..but for each scene i can’t help wondering if the real murderer is watching.
    I get the feeling he’ll laugh his heart out of his cruel accomplishment…..
    not everyday crime make it to a movie or even tv series……..

    he may watch and laugh at the stupidity of each scene or maybe frown at extra things that he didn’t do and can’t help wondering he should do that before…….

    well, i don’t know….it’s just my wild imagination……
    i do not he burns in hell and died the worst possible death ever as he inflicted upon his victim……

  38. 38 : terazhang Says:

    * hope

  39. 39 : Muri Says:

    The real Gap Dong is in the psych ward for criminals it seems. Someone on the outside, possibly the evil-looking rich kid is master-minding the copy-cat Gap Dong murders.

    But this is all fucked up by a writer who is messing with our heads. Which is usually a sign there’s not a whole lot of story there and in the end the thing will fall flat.

  40. 40 : Fullheart5 Says:

    I think the rating system does not truly reflect who is watching, but the ratters have to make a living. There is so much politics involved in ratings. What I place more importance on is the viewers comments and not just comments from one site. Really am intrigued by this drama.

  41. 41 : Nina Says:

    This drama is incredible! I don’t know what will be later, but now I could’t stop myself from wathing until it was morning

  42. 42 : Langit Says:

    Waa…. It’s really thriling! Up to 12th episode and when we know who the real Gap dong is…. Can’t wait for next episodes…. Daebak!!!!

  43. 43 : bigeye46 Says:

    wow that good

  44. 44 : B2st Says:

    To krista 28.
    U can watched this drama in u’re smartphone
    With download app dramania

  45. 45 : Fullheart5 Says:

    One of the difficulties for this drama is trying to find a place that is subbing it. I finally did and of course this makes me a fan of the website that takes the time to sub the non high profile dramas. Obviously everybody and their brother will race to sub a Lee Min Ho drama even if its not up to par, but there’re a lot of us who love these dramas. Anyway, this is excellent as far as my opinion goes.

  46. 46 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Not liking Ma Ji Wool. I guess in every drama you have to have someone you don t like and in this case she is it for me. I haven t seen the actress in anything else, but I am thinking I probably wouldn’t t like her in those either.

  47. 47 : shoshlev1 Says:

    I hope it was not really like that in real life if so I understand why the non-guilty defendant committed suicide because with such a fucking detective and failed, that should be sitting in prison he himself, about how he ruined the child live.

  48. 48 : Choopatiu Says:

    It was good,especially the gap dong copycat character,very convincing acting.a breath of fresh yet chilling air.

  49. 49 : ryeongbin Says:

    Good drama
    Good actor,,especially uri Lee Joon
    Really good his acting,완전 최고 !!!
    Ryu tae oh really cool ♥ ♥ ♥

  50. 50 : Elijah Faith Geñorga Respicio Says:

    Am I too late to watch it? Oh well,Im very excited to watch Kim Ji won and Lee Joon together…………

  51. 51 : ada Says:

    I love this drama ever. it is very different to the other dramas I have watched.

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