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Full House

Title: 풀하우스 / Pool Ha-woo-seu / Full House
Chinese Title : 浪漫满屋
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Jul-14 to 2004-Sep-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00
Related Series: Full House Series


Han Ji Eun is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her best friends. Stranded in China, She managed to borrow money from an actor Lee Young Jae to return to Korea. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Lee Young Jae. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Young Jae for one year. In spite of losing all, Ji Eun manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other. Based on a popular manhwa of the same title.


Bi as Lee Young Jae
Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun
Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won
Kim Sung Soo as Yoo Min Hyuk
Jang Yong as Mr. Lee (Young-jae’s Father)
Sun Woo Eun Sook as Ms. Kim (Young-jae’s Mother)
Kim Ji Young as Young-jae’s Grandmother
Do Han as Dong Wook
Lee Young Eun as Hee Jin
Kang Do Han as Lee Dong Wook (Hee Jin boyfriend)
Im Ye Jin as Dae Pyo
Bae Seul Gi (ep. 1)

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kim Jong Sik
Producer: Jung Sung Hyo
Director: Pyo Min Su
Writer: Min Hyo Jeong


2004 KBS Drama Awards : Top Excellence Actress (Song Hye kyo)
2004 KBS Drama Awards : Excellence Actor (Rain)
2004 KBS Drama Awards : Popularity Actor (Rain)
2004 KBS Drama Awards : Popularity Actress (Song Hye kyo)
2004 KBS Drama Awards : Best Couple (Rain and Song Hye kyo)

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  1. 1 : Kin Says:

    This drama is great. It\’s fun and moving at the same time. You grow attached to the chracters and you root for Ji Eun (Song Hye Gyo) and Young Jae (Bi) the whole time. Great drama! 🙂

  2. 2 : lulu Says:

    I think you guys are wonderful and i enjory it a lot.

  3. 3 : Lea fr Msia Says:

    I love this drama very very much… Song Hye Gyo and BI really did well…

  4. 4 : apples110606 Says:

    i love full house!!..my mum brought home one day and i saw rain on the cover so i decided to watch it, how could i not he’s soo CUTE. anyways.. its soo fun to watch and you’ll get some laughs out of it too. you’ll sympathise for han ji eun alot and like ‘kin’ says you’ll get attached to the characters easily and feel what they feel!! its moving yet not completely serious.. its my first K drama and now im hungry for more =]

  5. 5 : geestin Says:

    i really love full house……i mean it’s the best…..the story is so interesting and i like that they will be paired again:Bi (Rain) and Song Hye Gyo …..it’s so funny……..

  6. 6 : jas Says:

    i love FULLHOUSE!!! It is one of the best dramas!!

  7. 7 : Soo-Eun Says:

    best of the best drama!!!

  8. 8 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    reaLly-ReLLy Love This MoVie…!!

    I Love U Rain….!!

    LoVe SonG hYe Kyo To…!!

    Best Drama I Ever Watch…!!

  9. 9 : Rin Hee Says:

    I like this drama….
    The story, starring, soundtrack, and the ‘FULLHOUSE’

  10. 10 : NewKviewer Says:

    Everyone said this drama is so great so I decided to watch it and it’s not great at all. It’s gear towards adolescents. All the bickerings were a turn off. I think RAIN must’ve been the “great” part, but since I don’t find him to be all that the movie didn’t do it for me. The story line was lame. How can you fall for someone who doesn’t even treat you with respect? Happens all the time…yeah, enough is enough. Opposite attract but not to the point of slavery. The wardrobe was laughable too. Maybe there was too much hype about this so I just expected something more. I didn’t find the drama funny. It was just okay on the annoying side.

  11. 11 : June T-malaysia Says:

    great chemistry together Song Hye Gyo and BI. a must to watch and you can watch it over and over again…..

  12. 12 : jith_cute Says:


  13. 13 : strawberry Says:

    the best series of kdrama!

    the chemistry of bi & song hye kyo are fantastic!

    i hope more kdrama they will be paired up.

  14. 14 : Clover Says:

    i LOvE FuLL HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) sO0o mUch…

    I rEaLLy LiKe tO wAtc Bi n Song Hye-Kyo in FullHOuSe..sO0o LoVey Dovey,cUte,fuNny!! n aLsO bRiNg tEars tO My eyEs…tHus,thE bEsT kOrEan dRama i evEr wAtc! i aLs0 LiKe wHeN tHey siNg ‘gOm sE Ma Ri’..sO cUte n tiCkLes mY bOnE!!! =) i’vE beEn rEpeAtiNg tHis dRama cOuNtLess tiMes..ovEr n Over aGain..

    Rain r sOo dAmn gOod LoOkiNg n chArMing..wHiLe HyE-KyO iS aBsoLuTeLy pReTTy gOrgE0us..wHat a gReat cOmbinATiOn..hOpE U gUys cAn mAke it tO b sWeEt cOuPLe iN rEaL LiFe…yEah..u bOth mEaNt tO b tOgAtHer……….

    ovErall..FullHouse iS a gReat jOb..nO mAttEr wAt oTheRs sAid..
    i wiLL aLwAys aDoRe n sUpP0rt bOth RAIN n SONG HYE-KYO.. fOrEver..sAraNgHaeYoOo….


    LOts LOvE,
    LiLCLoVer Bi

  15. 15 : han jie eun Says:

    i think song hye hyo do she really well to acting in this drama…because she really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16 : Ayla Farihah Says:

    No Comment!!!

  17. 17 : Stacey Says:

    i love this drama its sad,funny,and romantic i love it so much!especially
    Bi Rain

  18. 18 : Xee Says:

    this movie has gotta be one of the best by rain. although i was very disapointed in rain’s performance in ‘a love to kill’ i still think full house is one of his best. full house would be better if there was more romance.

  19. 19 : lyn Says:

    i love this K-drama.. so far this is one of the best… its funny and crancy..
    i love the setings of this drama it’s beautiful..
    aza!aza! FIGHTING!!

  20. 20 : kat Says:

    i love this drama….

  21. 21 : beth Says:

    haha.. love this drama, even though it was a long time ago released in the philippines my family still enjoy watching it. My mom is a big big fan of “poultry” and “royal jerk”. haha.. we hope this two people will be together…Ü

  22. 22 : celine Says:

    i loveeeee this movie.. i watched ths movie over and over again…. but i never get tired of it… this movie is just sooo koollll

  23. 23 : Lumi Says:

    When I first started seeing this drama I had never heard of Rain. I did some research, saw his videos and purchase a couple of his cds and I just love him as a singer/dancer/actor.

    The character he plays in this series his very annoying, which I feel is good acting since he is so charismatic and likeable.

  24. 24 : audioa Says:

    what can we comment… another korean classic that impact nations..

  25. 25 : Starz Says:

    gr8 drama. so much in love with rain & kyo!!! salute to the actors/actresses & fabulous production team. aja aja fighting!!!

  26. 26 : Akari Says:

    diz drama iz da bomb!! =) rain’s sooooooooooo cute.

  27. 27 : Sidney Says:

    woo….this drama is very very nice,i very like this drama.and want to see again every time.i like Han Ji Eun(Song Hye Gyo)very much……..

  28. 28 : tibetan girl Says:

    ohhhh gosh… rain you are such a cute chicks. even you call han ji eun a chicken, ricebowl or koko whatever. you guys look very beautiful in couple for real. i am jealouse of han ji eun even its not real its a drama. lol. actully i have never heard abt rain before so after watching this drama i just found out that bi or rain is even a singer, modler, dancer. everything wow rain i am proud of you. so hoping to see rain in real life. i love you rain. hope to see you soon in canada, toroto in june 2007. muah muah muah muah this is only for you.

  29. 29 : jenny Says:

    this is one of the BEST series anyone can ever watch. i highly recommend it. for me, it sits side by side with goong.

  30. 30 : angelic Says:

    this is one of the BEST drama i have ever watched!!! han ji-eun… she’s very cute n adorable.rain is so…..masculine dat tyme…i juz love dis drama.i’ve watched it for many times…

  31. 31 : rosy Says:

    Rain and Han Ji Eun look great you too like a real partner may god bless you and may be with you whatever u do. Han Ji Eun really matching with rain, hope to see u soon full house 2. i like to thanks Director: Pyo Min Su and Writer: Min Hyo Jeong for your beautifull and woderful drama. may god bless u all.

  32. 32 : something Says:

    i just loved full house!!! Bi and Song Hye Gyo where really good at acting in this drama!!!!!!!! I just wanted to watch it over and over again!!!! If you see it you’ll fall in love with it!!

  33. 33 : dinela Says:

    this is the berst thing i ever saw in my life i love all the actors and the performance was great

  34. 34 : Sumin Says:

    i really lik this drama.
    bi looks super sexxy in it. sssssssss.

  35. 35 : gemini Says:

    .. again, another of my favorites! Whenever I run out of new Korean dramas, i watch Full House. In fact, i have seen this sooooo many times and everytime i watch it, i still enjoy it. So do my other friends who watch this over and over. I don’t mind watching some repeated situations… i enjoy it anyway. The “three-bear” song has been a hit here in the Philippines when it was shown in the local television with Filipino subtitle. Rain and Jae Young were instant hit couples here. Because of this the local television has shown this thrice already and we never get tired watching it. In fact, whenever my friends and I would like to have some good time, we just watch FULL HOUSE! How’s that?

  36. 36 : joyce Says:

    I’m LOVE this drama very……..very……..very……..much! when i see this drama i fell happy & romantic………and i love Bi & Song Hye Gyo very much! this drama is the best drama in my life…….

  37. 37 : asianlove Says:

    This is my one of my favorite dramas!! Full House is just so good. The four characters do such a great job in their acting. Song Hye Kyo and Bi and have such good chemistry; it is soooo cute. It is funny, not too sad, and sooo cute. It is like a romantic comedy. At first, I watched it with a vietnamese narrator. and then I bought it on ebay and watched it with english subtitles. If you want to buy it, it osts about $25… however, the english subtitles have so many errors. You can also buy at yesasia.com. On AZN TV (if you are a comcast subscriber)m they showed it during their Korean Wave or Hallyu season. I love this drama– you will love the characters especially BI and Song Hye Kyo. It is 16 episodes long… you can watch on youtube.com, maybe dailymotion.com, onlinephim.net,.. and maybe o crunchyroll.com.. you haveto watch this drama–amazing… but that is just me. I love Full House just so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38 : Cathy Says:

    Great drama. I was so obsessed with it for awhile, constantly watching it over and over again. Rain was great and so was Song Hye Kyo. The chemistry was good, plot … good, most things good. 🙂

  39. 39 : melody Says:

    This is one of the best korean drama i watched.
    Its really nice. Both Rain and Song Hye kyo were great! They’re soooo cute. Love the soundtrack too.
    You wouldnt want to miss this drama!

  40. 40 : Lindsay Xiong Says:


    I Love this movie….Song Hae gyo is an actress very very beautiful with Be Rain….

  41. 41 : bbyron Says:

    “Full House” drama is so Great, Perfect, Wonderful, Marvelous, Fantastic hey name it is really hilarious too, This drama attempts to answer the question for two people no matter how different the personalities everyone finds happiness in the end. It also explores the meaning of the family and how hard the present may seem, the world is still a good place coz of those who bring hopes into our lives through their presence alone. The character of Bi and SHG are real and pure acting. What a brilliant director and producer so pls give them applause for making that real drama. I learned a lesson sticking to the lifes and basic values a very remarkable k-drama I’ve ever seen. fr california

  42. 42 : Bless Says:

    So far, only one negative comment, not bad at all. Forget about the bad critics and focus on the positive ones. Like most of you guys, I love this K-drama too… just finished watching and just not able to hold myself from not shedding tears while watching it especially towards the last two or three episodes (I think), very touching. I liked Bi’s role here compared to “A Love To Kill”, and of course, Song Hye Kyo is a very good actress, portrayed her role very well and they looked fantastic together. Hope to see you both again in another drama or movie. Cheers.

  43. 43 : kdrama Says:

    you have to see it! its soo good! bi’ part is funny and sung hye gyo is really pretty in this! watch it!!!!!!!

  44. 44 : envi.me Says:

    How can i put it, this is the best drama ive ever seen in my life. Perhaps the very few that made me cry consecutively throughout the series. Im crying as i write this post. :[

    Its so sad to see this drama finish so quickly.

  45. 45 : thooru Says:

    i became attach to k drama because of full house…very hillarious…

  46. 46 : kyi thwe Says:

    i love this movie:)

  47. 47 : mAe Says:

    i luv FULL HOUSE very much cauze rain bi is so Handsome and nakakakilig sila ni jessie (in phil.)

  48. 48 : 진 사 민 Says:

    this drama was great to watch 🙂
    never seen song hye gyo act such a part
    she’s a great actresss….

  49. 49 : libralady Says:

    i.ve noticed that noticed in korean culture that women are subjugated to their men..tho. at the end,respect finally wins..this is a welcome development for asian culture..proving thar women can stand o her own convictions,love the powerful factor that can overcome all barriers..
    the cast,bi or justine and jessie (given names in phil.drama) have chemistry that carried the plot at the end.Rain can sure acts.Jessie is a face to watch…

  50. 50 : joycem Says:

    me and my sister just love this drama so much! we kept laughing and crying…it warms the heart like no other series…we can’t wait for another drama with bi and song hye kyo! aja aja fighting!

  51. 51 : dawn Says:

    i love bikyo! they look so good together! hope there will be more project for these two! bi-kyo! bi-kyo! bi-kyo! love you!

  52. 52 : eilyn Says:

    my all time favorite korean drama! nobody beats bi-kyo chemistry! hope they would end up together! the best!

  53. 53 : aileen Says:

    can’t get enough of full house! i can’t spend a day without a peek of what’s new with these two- bi and song hye gyo! please give us more of these two! more! more! more bikyo!!!

  54. 54 : aileen Says:

    this series makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me laugh from start to finish! it will always be my favorite kdrama! and bi and kyo will always be my number one love team! hope its for real!

  55. 55 : elena Says:

    full house is no. 1 for me! always and forever!

  56. 56 : mich Says:

    i simply love full house!

  57. 57 : joyce Says:

    my all time fave kore novela- full house!

  58. 58 : let Says:

    i love full house! i love bi-kyo together!

  59. 59 : don Says:

    my first korea drama and i love it. full house is my no. 1 k-drama! bikyo is my no. love team!

  60. 60 : tess Says:

    my friend gave me this video of full house and i love it! bi and hye kyo are so good in this drama! wish they’d make movie together.

  61. 61 : rai Says:

    i got influenced by my friends in watching this korean drama and i love it, i would recommend it to everyone…full house is great!

  62. 62 : eilyn Says:

    i gave my friends a copy of full house and they all love it…we are all solid bikyo lovers!

  63. 63 : elena Says:

    i brought my full house video when my office went on a trip and we watched it at the bus, and guess what? my boss loved it! even the guys loved it! they think its cool…

  64. 64 : chelle_phil Says:

    hello!!!!!!!!! fullhouse is very cute n funny tv drama. at ang ganda ng casting…iloveu RAIN n’ SONG HYE KYO

  65. 65 : MyWildestDesires Says:

    Yup ! i agree they TOTALLY match as a couple ! LOL

    like “dawn ” says ;; BI-KYO !! ^___^”

  66. 66 : Angelina Says:

    Can someone tell me when Rain and Soon hwe-gyo went on their honeymoon in Full House episode, where exactly did they go?

  67. 67 : celine Says:

    one of the listed characters there is wrong!!! the real name of yu min hyuk is not kim sung soo, he’s kim ji suk. kim sung soo is Dae-soh in the TV series “JUMONG”.

  68. 68 : Toney Says:

    This is one my favorite dramas! Along with Dae Jang Geum!

  69. 69 : dini Says:

    ireally love rain and songhye kyo together….the best drama

  70. 70 : Bennethy Says:

    I love Full House It’s awesome!

  71. 71 : aKirA Says:

    Full House is very very overrated. If you are an avid drama series watcher and have high expectations then Full House is not worth the time. It’s the usual love triangle. Throughout the show, both leads just yells and argues. Bi’s yelling at the top of his lungs gets really irritating! Series would hav worked if they had more romance. Actors good looks don’t make a movie!

  72. 72 : cece Says:

    i love full house so much…i see it many times..no bored..
    bravo bi-kyo, bi-kyo

  73. 73 : shasha Says:

    i love FULL HOUSE! they look so cute 2gether.i hope it will be a FULL HOUSE 2.

  74. 74 : twin Says:

    i love this drama i think dis is 1 of the best drama i’ve seen. i hope der will be fullhouse2

  75. 75 : pauline Says:

    twin, fullhouse 2 is in the making, read here : http://www.fullhouse2.net/

  76. 76 : precious grace b. crystal Says:

    i want this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  77. 77 : Jessica Says:

    full house 2 is in the making, check here http://www.fullhouse2.net

  78. 78 : kenvee Says:

    this is the very best Romantic comedy ever made for me!
    from the charater, story, filming location, and even the wardrobe…it was so great! I find it really funny, very entertaining and not stressful to watch…I find it colorful too (Literal). There are few character yet the story made evry charcater significant. The story is simple yet interesting. I really really like the house…I wish to find my self someday living in that house…nice choice of filmin location.Oh I almost forgot anout the Soundtrack…i find it very light…and relaxing to hear again and again….I really recomend this series.

  79. 79 : Claude Daniel Says:

    I think its not a trangle love but a quadangle love.

  80. 80 : Wind Says:

    Hye… I like this movie… I love Song Hye Kyo…

  81. 81 : mAy Says:

    Song Hye Gyo is so cute in this series. Her outfit and make up are really gorgeous. I’ll be giving credits to Rain as well who has done his job perfectly. But I love Kim Sung Soo more than him. He really knows how to fashionably wear executive attires. I heard there will be a part 2 for this series, well I hope it will be consist of the same casts. Otherwise it will not be that interesting if they will cast somebody else.

  82. 82 : pandabear104 Says:

    Too much to say about this series. Owell I have some time. Ok to mysuprise rains acting was pretty darn impressive and hye kyo amazing as usual. This was a happy going series with great moments. Anyone who is a true Korean drama fan would probably agree with me. For people who has just started dramas watch this one. My highest regards.

  83. 83 : lunastar Says:

    full house is the best!! bi-kyo look really good together…i hope they’ll be recasted in full house 2!!

  84. 84 : yea eun Says:

    I LOVED full house! bi and hye gyo were both adorable in it! i think they should go out and i hope they get recasted in full house 2! aja aja fighting!!

  85. 85 : elle Says:

    i hope there is the second season of full house with song hye kyo and bi…!!!! full house is my favorite drama!!!! can’t wait.

  86. 86 : [email protected] Says:

    BI-KYO forever! hope they become real partners IN REALITY! they’re perfect!! i find RAIN very SWEEEEEEEETTTTTT to HyeKyo..

    the best episode is the LAST when both of them are enjoying singing in VIDEOKE…!

    if you have a copy.. may i tell you what’s the title of the song when Rain sings solo in a Videoke and the other one is they were in a DUET song?

    what is the title of that song!!!! aaarrggh! i wanna know it coz it’s very melodic! =)

  87. 87 : [email protected] Says:

    NOBODY CAN EVER REPLACED BI-KYO in FULL HOUSE 2!! We wanted them to be the Lead Cast AGAIN!!!!!

    KBS GROUP!!!!!!! RECAST RAIN and SONG HYE KYO again IN FULL HOUSE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  88. 88 : cassandra Says:

    i love bikyo~!bikyo forever:Di hope they get together in real life(my dream come true:D)

  89. 89 : sandhya Says:

    oh!!! my goodnessss, full house dramaaa wasaaaa suchaaa fantastic,,n rain n his han jae un , they Looks so much cute pair n fab,,,,,,,braboooooo, i never missed any korean moviez or dramaz. full house drama has containz Lotz of thing in wateverrrr happennnn nin in luv life, i missed u so much,,,,,, rain or han je un arrstooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!! muwaaaaa

  90. 90 : sakura Says:

    so beautiful

  91. 91 : jl55 Says:

    one of my favorite dramas. i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of watching this over and over. i’m hoping that they’ll re-cast rain/SHG for full house 2.

  92. 92 : Rebecca Says:

    You can download this series at http://xfobtroopers.net/tv-shows/korean-drama/full-house/

  93. 93 : violet Says:

    my favourite drama..I want to see it again, again and again.

  94. 94 : nizz Says:

    sumpa gwe suka bgd ma ni film!!!!!!!!!

    pgen trudz,trudz nton ge!!!!

    kocakk, romantiss, mpe nangiss….


  95. 95 : HannyBae Says:

    One of the best comedy drama! I watch everytime when I’m depresse about something. This drama always give me laughter and instanly making me fell good….! Love Bi-Kyo! Aza..aza fighting!

  96. 96 : cori Says:

    this is the best korean drama.. no doubt bout it.. i’ve already watch this drama like 6 time, and never get bored with it!!! hope to see bi and hye gyo in full house 2

  97. 97 : Irene Says:

    hello there, this is the first korean drama i watched and seens then i love watching korean telenovela.. i found out their story is funny and romantic.. this is my ever first best korean telenovela

  98. 98 : leon Says:

    I also love full house!

    This is the best korean drama! It made me laugh, cry, and feel love!

  99. 99 : Karma Says:

    so far 1 of the bst ever watched Korean drama. Really funny 1. I actully dint expect it to b that funny. Rain looks cute in this 1. He is really a gr8 actor i must say. Hes hot!

  100. 100 : shaishai Says:

    i’m one of the billons of people that really like korean…I luv there culture, the place, and most of all i like about showbiz there…among all the tv series that i’ve watch, fullhouse is the one i like most……..It is funny and the of course i am a fan of song hye kyo and Bi(rain)…For ,me , they are perfect match!!!!!!!yeah…I want a tv series again that the protagonist (bida) is bi and song hye kyo

  101. 101 : hayumie Says:

    I like Fullhouse most among all the korean tv series i’ve watched already.. I like the role of song hye kyo there…she’s very funny…..

    and I love rain …..

  102. 102 : aya Says:

    I love fullhouse………….it’s the best tv series I’ve watched ever…………..

  103. 103 : Jaque Says:

    i really love this… i enjoyed watching it.. 🙂

  104. 104 : jaya Says:

    i have only seen it recently, but to be honest!! i almost got crazy about it!!! i really love it!! my gosh!!! i really love the ost!!

  105. 105 : Kathyy. Says:

    OMG, this series is AWESOME 😀 😀
    I could watch it again and again .. 😀

  106. 106 : mejar Says:

    i love song hye kyo…………marry me…….okay….hoooooooooooo.do you watch hard gay..???????????????

  107. 107 : khrienuo Says:

    rain i love u sooooooooooooooooooooo much u r just so ultimate n u know u were perfect in full house i just love tat movie

  108. 108 : khrienuo Says:

    ‘RAIN’ sarange sarange sarange if u come to me tan ill do nething u say , i can die if u say

  109. 109 : myra Says:

    full house is the best korean dramas dat i
    ever seen…
    rain act very good…the best role in the drama is rain!!!
    oh rain!!!i love u soooo much

  110. 110 : Farah Says:

    i like full house

  111. 111 : amy Says:

    i like full house korean tv series……i love Rain so much!!he make me feel enjoy watching it…i like it ending-witg song hye gyo!!:-)

  112. 112 : amy Says:

    i like full house korean tv series……i love Rain so much!!he make me feel enjoy watching it…i like it ending-with song hye gyo!!:-)

  113. 113 : adda Says:

    i like full house so much..that story full with funny action..
    the actor and da actress were very match..
    bi rain and song hye gyo..lovely couple.
    congratulation 2 da director..

  114. 114 : sylvia Says:

    i’ve been watching this drama i think more than 10 times. i really love FH, esp with the leading role Bi and SHK. they are so adorable and the chemistry was very strong. i think FH has the best couple ever. I never seen in the other drama, a very strong chemistry as Bi-SHK had in FH. the story line is good, the view and music are excellent. this is the best drama ever…..at least for me.

  115. 115 : hanim,malaysia Says:

    i have been watching full house more than 10 times.i really enjoy this drama..when i feel so bored and so tension, i watch full house again and again. i always thinking same like han ji en think..always aza aza fighting when u find something difficult in your life..when i thinking like that, i want to be the best for my whole life. in every work that i do, i want to be the best..thank u full house team because make this interesting drama

  116. 116 : sweetheart Says:

    Hello everyone.. I just wanted to invite you all sa Forum site ng BIKYO

    Join us @


  117. 117 : Pouwz Says:

    salah satu favorit gw..gak bosan nonton berulang-ulang. lucu dan romantis.. 5 star untuk drama ini

  118. 118 : fsg Says:

    the best drama ever n also princess hours

  119. 119 : zana Says:

    superb korean drama….congratulation!

  120. 120 : honeyluv Says:

    I LOVE IT!!! very good chemistry between the lead stars. the storyline is also very good. i’ve watched 3 times already and i’m still crazy about it.

  121. 121 : rhy Says:

    so fun,,, you won’t get bored w/ it.
    I’ve watched it couple of times…. c”,

  122. 122 : shane Says:

    rain is so hot!!!!! i luv rain……………….his gf is meta,,,,

  123. 123 : sangmi Says:


    GO GO CHAYOK !!!!!!!!!!

  124. 124 : april joy Says:

    this show is really good

  125. 125 : LaNtIaN Says:

    god danm!!!!!!!!!!
    i luff it

  126. 126 : sharille Says:

    promise….hindi ka magsasawa

  127. 127 : syazana radzi Says:

    i like this drama.this is my favourite korean drama.rain and song hye gyo is the best couple.

  128. 128 : fantasy Says:

    good combination by rain and shk..
    love this series..

  129. 129 : tiffy Says:

    i love it soooooooo muchhhhh…..rain is sooo cute

  130. 130 : tiffy Says:

    i luv it… rain is soooo cute…..

  131. 131 : krishy Says:

    hm,…bgay cla jesse nd rain,..cute!

  132. 132 : danica Says:

    woohh..I rEaLLy LoVe THiS kOrEaN DrAmA..Bi(rAiN) LoOkS vErY HoT.I LiKe WeN He’S sMiLiNg.AnD SoNg hYe gYo Is VeRy PrETtY..BoTh Of YoU.kEeP It uP..yOu RoCk!?!..c”,)

  133. 133 : [email protected] Says:

    gom se mari ga
    han se ba histo
    apa bum
    omma gom
    aegi gom

    apa bum
    mung tung tu nyeh
    omma gom
    neh han sshi neh
    aegi gom
    na boie gei nah wa
    ul ssuk
    ul ssuk

    [it’s my ringtone, hye kyo’s voice]

  134. 134 : lala lilip0p Says:

    love full house..h0pe to see the sequel

  135. 135 : ida Says:


  136. 136 : luwi Says:

    i really love this korean drama…there’s no dull moment and rain and song has the best chemistry ever,they both acted so naturally and they are so lovely as a couple,harhar! i hope they will be recasted in the sequel of FH…JE-YO, JE-YO!!!

  137. 137 : ct Says:

    i luv this drama soooo much…. i’m waiting for this drama season 2… i really hope song hye kyo and rain will recast for it….

  138. 138 : amer Says:

    This drama iis so bored. I don’t like the actor and actress………For Full House 2 better find another actor and actress…..

  139. 139 : diehardfan Says:

    especially for amer, i’ve got an advice for you…. i think you didn’t know well about this drama…. this drama is very2 interesting…. you should think twice n don’t just simply leave bad comment here….

  140. 140 : shier Says:

    hey amer! ur so bad! i hate u! better go 2 hell! damn!!

  141. 141 : leive Says:

    whoah! i cnt belive 8! fulhouz season 2…!?? wow! i cnt w8 2 watch fulhouz 2.. yaahhhooooo…..

  142. 142 : puteri arina Says:

    i think this is the best drama in Asia..so sweet and romantic..song hye gyo very beautiful…best couple with won bin..i like bi too..:)

  143. 143 : siti khadijah Says:

    i agree with diehardfan. amer was soooooo …………… . i dont know what to say to you . but for me this drama was so good among all the korean tv series. i really like song hye kyo and rain. i hope they will get married

  144. 144 : alextech Says:

    I watch at least one episode of FULL HOUSE a day just to end my day right. I’m praying that BI and SHK be in FH 2. LOVE IT!!! ^_^

  145. 145 : Aysha Says:

    this is the most WONDERFUl drama i have ever seen … =)

  146. 146 : rein Says:

    I like Full House!!!! Especially Song Hye Kyo! She so cute. Just like me… Hehe.. Send my regards to Bae Yong Jun alias Kang Jun Sang and Choi Ji Woo alias Yoo Jin in drama Winter Sinata. I love them both!!!! So much

  147. 147 : Blessing Says:

    I love this drama!!! BEst drama eva!! The actors are really good, and the storyline is awesome! It never gets boring even when i watch it over and over again.

  148. 148 : lala Says:

    wooooow this is da best korean drama ever. song hye kyo is soooo cute and i think song and rain have great chemistry this k drama.

    i love rain is sooooooooooo handsome

  149. 149 : koreandramaluv Says:

    best this k-drama ever i love it…cant wait 4 full house 2 and i wish the cast still be rain and song hye kyo…^^hwaiting!!

  150. 150 : mikansakura Says:

    i never get tired watching full house!!!hope there’s full house 2

  151. 151 : ara Says:

    saya sangat suka crite ini….. saya rasa rain dan song hye kyo adalh pasangan yg secocok….rain sgt handsome dan sesuai dgn song hye kyo yg sgt cantik……untuk FH2 sya rasa patutlah dikekalkan pelakon2 ini…..
    i love this drama very much……………..muaaaaaaaahh

  152. 152 : sansky Says:

    I am sooo into full house! watched it 3x already and i cant wait to see full house 2

  153. 153 : Dee Says:

    i think i fall in love with This movie….

    veryyy funnyyy…

    cuteee story….

    must watch!!!

  154. 154 : diba Says:


  155. 155 : athena Says:


  156. 156 : emily Says:

    I love rain, he really acts well and naturally, I wish to see the full house2, I admire Song Hye-Gyo. could they be a couple?

  157. 157 : Holly Says:

    After watching Full House I liked Song Hye Kyo acting skills she’s really good!.. I liked this drama it was cute and a happy ending. It’s like really popular in the Phillipines i hear.

  158. 158 : marose Says:

    may part 2 po ang full house sana kunin po ng GMA un… Ayoko ng ABS CBN epal kc cla weh…. kainis…

  159. 159 : marose Says:

    may part 2 po ba ang full house? sana kunin po ng GMA un… Ayoko ng ABS CBN epal kc cla weh…. kainis…

  160. 160 : azngurl Says:

    no there is no part 2 of full house
    there was suppose to be but someone rejected it

  161. 161 : anies ksw Says:

    1 of my fav drama..

  162. 162 : amelia Says:

    nice and funny… lov it

  163. 163 : frozen_maiden Says:

    ….OMG!!!!! i really like this show… their casts are REALLY REALLY CUTE!!! Rain’s so cute & Song Hye Gyo’s so pretty… i wish i could watch full house 2… by the way, for those who knows if Rain & Hye Gyo are couple, pls. post a comment. i’m really interested about those two & i’ll be very happy if they’re really a couple…

  164. 164 : tinkerbell Says:

    Loved this series. My liking Korean dramas was due to my watching FULL HOUSE. Rain is a very talented actor and Korea must be so proud to have him.

    Han Ji Eun was equally mesmerizing. The role fitted her perfectly.

    Will there be a Full House Part 2? We are all wondering and waiting in anticipation.

  165. 165 : sangkari Says:

    last episod to replay

  166. 166 : joymarivic05 Says:



    it plays every WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS night at 11:30pm-12:30am
    channel 75..

    (today’s january 16,2008.. it’s already on its 4th episode)

  167. 167 : joel Says:

    when you will fix or repair the fullhouse with englih subtittle?i realy love to watch this movie i don’t understand the chinese subtitle which is available to watch this time please fix or repair it as soon as posible

  168. 168 : joymarivic05 Says:



    it plays every WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS night at 11:30pm-12:30am
    channel 75..

    (today’s january 16,2008.. it’s already on its 4th episode)

  169. 169 : vaz Says:

    udah g sabar nee nunggu poll houzze2…
    eh, sumpah rain co2k bgtz tucht ma song hye kyo
    mmmhhh……married aj lah….hehe…

  170. 170 : Maki Says:

    I love this show it is my 2th time watching it!
    Loved Rain he is always amazing in shows!
    And i REALLy hope both of the main characters will be in season 2, because then the show sucks without them!!

  171. 171 : donna Says:

    i love this series… esp. the love team in this series… Rain(Bi) and Song Hye Gyo.. i love their team ups… very cute… hope to see more of their shows in the Philippines… and hoping for your visit in the phil….

  172. 172 : gie Says:

    ang cute ng full house!.. favorite drama ko!! sana my part 2!.. Sana rin sa GMA ipalabas..

  173. 173 : colleen Says:

    it’s the first korean drama na nagpakilig sa kin..
    it has a sequel as far as i know
    i dont know if the cast is still the same!!
    i watched it over and over and i bought a dvd of it
    i’m addicted to this drama!!!
    hope t0 watch the sequel in gma7…..

  174. 174 : three_bears Says:

    one of my favorite kdrama!
    it has humor in it yet this drama will make you cry..
    i love SHG and Rain’s love team.

    i can’t wait for the sequel, and i hope the original leads will be recast..

    aja aja fighting!

  175. 175 : nina echizen Says:

    this story is very sad isk isk……. so sad and interesting… i love you rain

  176. 176 : justinlee Says:

    still the best funny drama i have ever scene…. hye kyo is just so hot and yet so good and funny. man, it makes you wanna own her!!! rain so rocks and he was so good in this drama…. it makes you smile when it need to make you smile and feel sad when the scene is cryable and no dull moment… the “three bear song” is one korean nursery rhyme that i cannot forget…. the photography was done very well and this drama will, i think, be the best in the heart of the filipinos for decades…. not like other dramas with a very tough conflict, this one doesn’t…. its more on a personal emotional struggle that make a lot of people, the young and the not-so-young, relate to it. oh man, its SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! rating: 11 stars (out of 10)

  177. 177 : joymarivic05 Says:

    today’s february 28th, it’s already on 15th episode (2nd to the last) in KBS Channel.. (aaww..) but i’m very much addicted to this drama..

    Bi-Kyo FOREVER!!

  178. 178 : [cute] Says:

    i love dis series very much!!
    hope more korean drama be like did series ever!!
    plz guys!!

  179. 179 : krissyang Says:

    Song Hye Kyo is definitely one of the best actress in Korea!

  180. 180 : thevy Says:

    it’s a funny drama etc…
    but,,,, i love it…
    Song Hye Gyo is the best actress….
    xie xie….

  181. 181 : heina Says:

    Hey, Im Heina and Im your # 1 Fan here in the Philippines, And I like you drama.The characters, the story…..It was good…..GodBless..

  182. 182 : Poppy Says:

    the best..rain-song hye kyo what a couple!!! wish they had a relationship exactly as in full house

  183. 183 : Gia Says:

    Hi… if i have to say a drama which has everything is Full House….. Interesting Dialogues…..i ve enjoyed a lot….

  184. 184 : Eka-Jkt Says:

    cool dramas. I really really love it!!! When will you guys come visit Jakarta? Looking froward to it:) All the best…Cheers,

  185. 185 : loveroftv Says:

    I really liked this drama… THis is one of the best dramas so far… I really really loved Ji Eun’s song about the 3 family bears and I laughed a lot upon hearing the American Version of Young Jae. ha ha! This drama is overly cute and funny and lovable.

  186. 186 : erma Says:

    tama kayo maganda na ang full haus kahit na abs-cbn ako
    nagandahan talaga ako sa storya niya
    sana sa abs ipalabas ang part 2 kung meron man…….

  187. 187 : eisya Says:

    romantic’s drama……..so lovely ……and funny too……..

  188. 188 : reza Says:

    rain & Hye Gyo..
    Benar.. Pasangan serasi
    Ditungguin film terbarunya yach..

  189. 189 : aina Says:

    bi and song hye kyo!!!!!!!!!saranghae

  190. 190 : Jackie Says:

    omg i luvv this drama watched like 50 tiimes lol aja aja fighting!!

  191. 191 : Trisha Says:

    Absolutely excellent drama!!! Bi & Hye Ngo made excellent couple – absolutely fabulous!! ajaaja fighting to both stars..

  192. 192 : ChRii$tiN3 Says:

    omg! I luved da drama it was soo………good funnii 2, saranghae all around!

  193. 193 : chance jewel Says:

    GMA7!!!!!!!!! I think it would be better if RICHARD GUTTIERREZ and MAXINE MAGALONA will be the characters for the full house gma remake……..
    cause ithink MARIANis too busy to make another show>>>>

    thanks alot!!!!!!

  194. 194 : chance jewel Says:

    pwede rin naman si CHRIS TIU kasi he’s cute naman kasi sa tv moreno cia baka inperson ganun din edi pareho sila ni JUSTIN LEE and si MAXINE MAGALONA naman maputi just likejessie han

    nice tandem cguro yun!!!

    go go go todo nyo nah!!!

  195. 195 : nix Says:

    this drama is so wonderful..i really love it..

  196. 196 : janice Says:

    who can forward me OST……
    I got it last time but my pcs all data gone!
    can who tells me where can upload…..
    Thank you.

  197. 197 : iluvit Says:

    Full House was great and everything
    really LOVED it soooo MUCH!
    I heard that there will be a sequel
    and got toooo excited about it
    can’t wait to see it
    BUT i don’t think it’s out yet.

    >>>two thumbs up!VERY GOOD series.super love it!i

  198. 198 : emir Says:

    guys… doesn’t anyone remember the jokes by jin an the birdbrain… the chicken.. poultry…?? i luv all the jokes by the at the dinig table..
    there r 3 jokes on the rabbit and the tortoise!!!!

  199. 199 : Andy Poe Says:

    hey to all the telecast of Fall House. its really great movie. hoping I have movie with Rain and Song Hye Gyo.

  200. 200 : sinting Says:

    saranghae yunjishi oppa…hope to c u rain n song hye kyo more!

  201. 201 : tenzin lhamo Says:

    hiiii! i had watch this drama in 2008……i like this drama alot it was very funny drama ……… the story was pretty good… rain and cutie gurl look gud together… she seems very immature in this movie specially when she sang three bears song…but in real life she isn’t like that… here im not korean im tibetan…. but my best actor and actress are them… i like the song three bears and i think i love you..

  202. 202 : Jaja Says:

    im watching the uploaded videos of full house in this site. i just finished until episode 12. im about to watch videos today, but the message says that video is no longer available. all the videos are no longer available and it made me feel really sad. whoever uploaded the video of Full House, please upload it again. I really miss that! I really wanted to watch it over and over again.


  203. 203 : Sheena Says:

    hi…im watching full house im mysoju.com but when I reach episode 11,suddenly it no longer run…and it has a message there that it is no longer available..I have tha same problem with the others…I hope it will be back again…I am really sad of what had happened…I really want to watch the next episode….I really Love this korean drama…I enjoy a lot…please….

  204. 204 : Jaja Says:

    i hope the problem will be fixed the soonest possible time. really wanted to watched this cause when it was shown here in philippines, by that time, im still studying. i believe i have skipped some episodes.

    so im really begging to please fix the problem.

    thanking you in advance..

  205. 205 : marites gerona Says:

    helo!i have watched several korean dramas already and still, for me, full house is still the best! i really wish there is a part two for rain and song hye kyo. Cant wait to watch speedracer, movie of rain nxt month.also i hope, fetish, the movie of song hye kyo wil be shown soon too

  206. 206 : han ji eun Says:

    i love you song hye kyo… im wishing dat im gonna see you one time… i ove you

  207. 207 : hakunamatata Says:

    this is the first korean drama that i watch…i wacth it last 2005..and after that i kept watching it over & over wif my family & frens…they really enjoy this romantic+comedy drama…good job to all crew & actors+actress…really make me happy+sad+angry+++….best drama for all genre..

  208. 208 : karen Says:

    my 1st korean drama. so good it got me addicted to korean dramas!

  209. 209 : Goong Ju Says:

    Love the acting of Rain and Song Hye Kyo. So much chemistry between them. Hope they are still the cast for FULL HOUSE 2.

  210. 210 : wien Says:

    my 1st korean drama
    and for me,
    it’s the best k-drama did i ever have seen
    storyline full of funny
    love rain and song
    very good job look forward for full house 2
    aja-aja fighting…

  211. 211 : shirley marie Says:

    dis show is rili excellent!..aylab da way dey act and fight!haha..

  212. 212 : marites gerona Says:

    watched so many K-dramas already and nothing beats full house!

    recently watched the movie speedracer and rain is so good in his first hollywood film! i look silly cheering him up in the cinema! his acting is so good that he is even better than the lead actor who to me, is unknown.

    rain and song hey kyo–when can we see both of u again in a project–movie, drama or full house 2 please……………….

  213. 213 : Cm22 Says:

    Song Hye Gyo and Rain are so funny in here! They were so childish and cute!

  214. 214 : krizzel Says:

    hello… full house is very very funny.. all of the cast is beautiful and wonderful….

  215. 215 : Nikki Says:

    The casts are all eye-catching. The chemistry between the two leads in Full House is simply the best. Young Jae’s onscreen presence amazingly shines through the whole story. Such a gorgeous smile he has! Ji Eun character is the best match for him in this rather simple, yet very entertaining story indeed. Full House Rules!!

  216. 216 : bdjnk Says:

    This drama is really good. Very fun most of the time. A bit sad occasionally. Nothing too heavy.

    I love the name of the company where Min Hyuk works. It’s called ‘YAH! inc.’ Reminds me of how Young Jae is always shouting that. Cracks me up.

  217. 217 : marites gerona Says:

    i just recently have been sick and while resting i decided to see FH again. its funny how i feel better just by laughing, smiling and even crying as i was watching FH for th nth time already. Thank you Rain and Song Hye Kyo for this wonderful series. I guess, until i get old, I will always remind myself to just see FH again and again if I feel down…the feeling is just amazing…

  218. 218 : Kryz Says:

    My brother loves this series that yesterday he told me (concerning the recently remade series “My Girl”) that they could remake all korean series for all they care but keep their hands off Full House.
    I cheered him 100%. Filipinos should not do remakes. We are talented in our own rights and could think of an original series of our own and not just riding some show’s popularity.
    Plus, i think this series rocks because the actors and actress were able to pull off their roles. I mean, Rain, in my eyes became this really chauvinistic male swine that my sister would like to punch in the head that he should be portraying. It looks so natural to him. And he is so endearing when he wanted to show affection but he could not because he doesn’t know how and it would be out of his character.
    Then Song Hye Gyo… yes, she really did had me shedding pails of tears in Autumn in My Heart but i love her in this series. She’s just so beautiful and yet so funny! How was she able to pull that off?
    Great work to the casts and crews!!!

  219. 219 : Divi Says:

    This was a fun and trendy drama that you don’t need to sweat to understand nor sneep without knowing reasons why you’re crying.. Yeah, I give 5 stars for this drama for not being the typical tear jerking Kdrama. It was really enjoyable to watch. I watched Rain as actor first then I noticed he’s the singer. I couldn’t picture it was the same person. I personally really dislike Hyekyo, but Rain and she had chemistry and it worked out very well.. Anyways, this drama will enlighten ur day.

  220. 220 : deegii Says:

    yes full house is very funny and interesting drama.is so interesting hehe.I LOVE KOREAN DRAMA VERY MUCH

  221. 221 : Eileen Buntua Says:

    I agree that we have our own talent and that we should not copy others but I would also have to disagree at one point regarding remakes. It’s actually good to make one in a positive point of view. Why? Here’s my answer. Artists act right? Acting is make believe. At one point it copies reality or what others do. Actually looking at it remakes are not bad at all. It can actually challenge the ability of one actor or actress to supersede ( I’m if this is the right word) what a previous actor or actress have done. So I don’t think it is all that bad.

  222. 222 : marites gerona Says:

    i agree with #218, u can make remakes but dont touch full house…it will loose its essence and value to the real fans of this drama series. full house 2….when will it happen?will it ever happen?

  223. 223 : chammpoy Says:

    I SOOO LOVE FULL HOUSE!!! i could watch this over and over 🙂 aza aza fighting!

  224. 224 : kim Says:

    this was such a good drama. I love it soo much!!

  225. 225 : krizzel Says:

    Full HOuse!!!! Ang ganda talaga… hindi talaga ako magsasawa sa panonood nito…!!! Sana si Jessie at justin na lang ang magkatuluyan sa tunay buhay no??!!!

  226. 226 : diana Says:

    I love you Rain…….

  227. 227 : iaaknl Says:

    my first favorite koreanovela!!! fun to watch:))

  228. 228 : marites gerona Says:

    as a big fan of full house, i wish to visit jeju island where the full house is located and i know, its a tourist spot.

    does anyone know any cheap tour package to this place? I have been looking through the internet but I cant find one. Even local travel agency in my place does not have it. I was thinking, maybe the rates could be cheaper if its a group tour so maybe the fans who logged in here maybe we can organize one…comments anyone?

  229. 229 : Hana Yoori Says:

    Such a cute Drama. It was cute how he didn’t really show her feelings for her and would always get jealous of her. Loved the OST and the movie. One of the better one’s because nobody dies.

  230. 230 : mawar Says:

    penulisan skrip yang baik.
    Gabungan cerita yang hebat dan pelakon yang comel- hasilnya amat membanggakan:-> TAHNIAH!!!

  231. 231 : Smilyface Says:

    i love this novela..one of my favorites..i think those two are really cute together…i didnt stop until i finished the episodes….one of those things i can keep watching…

  232. 232 : igoybi Says:

    KOREK!!!! remake everything BUT NOT FULLHOUSE!!!

  233. 233 : ruslanyana Says:

    i love this drama………wonderful story…..rain so cuit…i love it….rain is my dream youth. I craved to meet with rain…..or does anyone knows the rain block?

  234. 234 : Kisoon Says:

    I love this drama!!! i love song hye kyo, she is beautiful girl!!! Really!!!
    Rain and Song Hye Kyo – the BEST COUPLE!!! kkk

  235. 235 : emkay Says:

    hi marites gerona….

    i just came back from south korea…worth to visit there….nice place…
    oh just to know u..which country did you leave…

    pls come to Malaysia..there are too many tour package you can get…try explore internet go to website poto travel, or in September 2008 (normally end of Sept) MATA FAIR at Kuala LUmpur…don’t forget to come to KL…

  236. 236 : amyzieaaaa Says:

    romantic relationship like me and my hubby……..
    i like the house so much it just what i dream and wanted……
    even they always fight but they’re really ngam together…..
    i hope my hubby n i will hve strong commitment…….
    han ji eun is cute as me
    she really childish n baby face
    rain handsome like my hubby
    they’re just like pinang divide by 2

  237. 237 : jeena Says:

    does anyone know the title of the song dabi dabi da dum dum?

  238. 238 : rhoan Says:

    from what i see on others comments this drama is a “must” see drama,thats why im eagerly liked to watch the whole story of this drama.
    but it seems like in this site this drama is no longer available or something like under reapair,can anyone please help me where can i find this drama with english subtitle.i would really appreciate your help,thanks and god bless!

  239. 239 : lollipop Says:

    this drama on mysoju doesn’t work because video is taken from youtube and many youtube accounts are banned that’s why video is no longer avaible

  240. 240 : czarinah Says:

    fullhouse is one of the best and entertaining drama that ive watched. beautiful actors and beautiful story

  241. 241 : czarinah Says:

    fullhouse will always be one of my favorite korean dramas.

  242. 242 : czarinah Says:

    hope to see more dramas like fullhouse.fans would be glad to see fullhouse II with the same characters like the continuation of the first

  243. 243 : maui Says:

    Where can i watch this drama withh english subtitles?
    Dude, everywhere i go their is nothing >

  244. 244 : Crea Says:

    you can watch this @ koreandrama.com

  245. 245 : Crea Says:

    oops I think I typed the wrong website.

    It’s actually this site.


  246. 246 : blu Says:

    i have watched lots of korean tv dramas but i still go back to continue watching fullhouse over and over again.i never get tired of it

  247. 247 : blu Says:

    gorgeous lead stars blend in well with its beautiful story

  248. 248 : Rose Mellon, virginia USA Says:

    Like this drama a lot, something different. Four beautiful actors acted with great passion.
    Thanks you so very much for such a wonderful show

  249. 249 : Awesome Says:

    I love this Drama.. I really recomend it:)
    The main laeds make a cute Couple
    LOVE IT!:)

  250. 250 : Eunice Says:

    Hi I re-watch full house ..I think Rain and Song Hye Gyo can act in a Japanese Comics by Enjoji Maki the name is My boyfirend is a prince..
    should be very nice right right..
    who can i hightlight to ..help me help me

  251. 251 : Dimples Says:

    I watch dis drama 4 times and i will definitely watch it again and again.,.
    Hope son hye gyo and rain will still be d cast for the sequel,.,
    I love them both!

  252. 252 : marites gerona Says:

    full house 2, where r u? its been too long in waiting…never cease to dream as they say…rain and song hye kyo…full house forever….!

  253. 253 : mmlinma Says:

    in A Love to Kill, the leading lady is the same type as SHG.

  254. 254 : Farah Says:

    THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER .. !! I LOVE RAIN BI AND SONG HYE GYO IS SO SO SO CUTE !! LOVe Her .. nd i watched this drama 5 times !! Hope there is other season !!
    KIM Sung Soo Is So Handsome i love Him …
    Love the Cast !

  255. 255 : unknown Says:

    my mom loves this drama. so do i. we always watch it if kbs world review this drama. this drama so unboringable and unseasonable coz i believe everybody just love watcing it all the time.

  256. 256 : marsh Says:

    this drama is hilarious. i enjoyed watching bi and song hye gyo. theyre so cute together

  257. 257 : ai bing Says:

    my korean wave started by this series.
    Bi & SHG, u two are so cute together… can’t wait to see u in FH2.
    Aza-aza fighting!!! ^-^v

  258. 258 : michelle Says:

    Will the host of this site please let us faithful fans know whether Rain & Song Hye Gyo will be cast in Full House 2?? Or will they be using other actors?? Please let us know!!!!

  259. 259 : marites gerona Says:

    i agree with you michelle. i love this site very much and i hope the moderators of this site can update us on full house 2 if its stii in the making and will song hye kyo and rain stars on it! pls!pls!

  260. 260 : azn.dwama Says:

    Luv this drama 2 def!! SO funny ^-^*
    Luv Rain Bi in it 🙂
    Hope he and SHG are in anada drama 2gether! they make great couples &-&

  261. 261 : Balrain Says:

    This is best best best korean drama I love Bi Rain .Rian is sexy sexy man i love Rain please read this my heart I love you I love you thank you Rain

  262. 262 : Brianna Says:

    I love “Full House Korean Drama”.
    I love Rain, also.
    The main thing is I LOVE IT.

    I Encouage People To Watch it.:)

  263. 263 : ülkü Says:

    sizleri çok seviyorum I LOVE YOU FULL HOUSE

  264. 264 : Chae Kyung Says:

    wow…very nice korean drama…i really like it…it’s the BEST!!!!

  265. 265 : gina arinda Says:

    hope BIKYO comeback in screen together again

    aot of love from INDONESIA


  266. 266 : marites gerona Says:

    full house 2…pls make it again with rain and song hye kyo…pls!!

  267. 267 : jessieayeth Says:

    Im a fan of this drama, rain and song hye kyo is a perfect match for this comedy drama, i hope their will have a part 2 and rain and song hye kyo will be the main cast again because the two of them are good in the character of Han Jie-un and Lee Yung Jae.

  268. 268 : ShiShi^^ Says:

    aja aja fighting!~~ =D

  269. 269 : dramaqueen Says:

    fighting ~

  270. 270 : nhEza Says:

    i l0ve korean dRamas…i enj0y watcHing it!,. full house s d bEst!.. sHk s beautifuL and talEnted,.sAme as rain, he s my cRush..dey wer c0mpatible..

  271. 271 : mieyaka... Says:

    hye….han ji eun look so cute in this drama..its the best drama i think should the next episode..

  272. 272 : Ricky Seo Says:

    This is the most I like Korean Drama ever and it make me to explore more about Soth Korea

  273. 273 : aty Says:

    full house is my favourite korean drama,and I luv song hye gyo and bi rain,

  274. 274 : chelsea Says:

    I really love this drama series! This is my favorite EVER!
    Song Hye Kyo is the most beautiful Korean girl and Rain is the most astonishing actor ever! The best!

  275. 275 : glory Says:

    i really like the characters of the story……. rain and song hye kyo made a good couple even though their height has a very far gap….joke…..

  276. 276 : mony Says:

    I like full house Verey much .. think you korea

  277. 277 : jey_em10 Says:

    i like this drama ever since…. ^_^

  278. 278 : Erika Says:

    i love this show… i heard there’s going to be a part two.. as in full house two…

  279. 279 : MISA Says:

    It is interested very much.

    Please link to this site

  280. 280 : aty Says:

    my favorite korean drama

  281. 281 : kim Says:

    i really love FULLHOUSE . . . hoing that there is a part two!
    . . . and rain is really great!

  282. 282 : atm Says:

    wel gud

  283. 283 : love this series!!!mind to do a part 2... Says:

    love it,mind to do the part 2 of it..i missed dem so much..

  284. 284 : neeta Says:

    i love to watch this show.chang nd michael is so cute

  285. 285 : beyza Says:

    sizi çok seviyorum çok güzel bir dizi

  286. 286 : princess Says:

    i really love diz!!
    ive just check MUSOJU.COM..
    is it true that ders FULL HOUSE 2??
    im so excited!!who are the characters??i still want the same characers!!!

  287. 287 : shruti Says:

    i love this program mostly the hero rain

  288. 288 : zie Says:

    I lOVEEEEEE Fullll House Until this Minute….2009…..CZ RAIN,,,

  289. 289 : jenny Says:

    this s d best korean drama i”ve watched.i jst found out on mysoju that der s full house 2!!!!!!!cnt wait 2 watch it.i hope it’s d same cast.

  290. 290 : Katty Says:

    kim soo is so cute

  291. 291 : G-A-I-A Says:

    its on TOP of my list…
    over a hundred i’ve seen, so far this is the one i,m most satisfied of, it is simple yet helarious…RAIN + Song Hye-Gyo perfect combo…+ kim soo…
    mwah…mwah…LOVE yah!!!!

  292. 292 : G-A-I-A Says:

    I’M SERIOUS………..

  293. 293 : kaikasha Says:

    i’m da biggest fan of this serial
    i’m watching this serial frm a long time ago,
    i’m crazy abt “CHANK”
    chank “I LOVE YOU”.
    i wann a 2 meet;

  294. 294 : j.d Says:

    omg! love this series
    i hope rain and song hye kyo date in real life

  295. 295 : aty Says:

    I luv it

  296. 296 : claribelabel Says:

    Love them both! I really enjoyed watching it over and over again… i hope to see them in FULL HOUSE 2.

  297. 297 : marites gerona Says:

    i was here for the longest time….full house 2, pls come to us . rain and song hye kyo —come back for us please –aza! aza! fighting!

  298. 298 : Deepika Says:

    I m a big fan of Song & Bi(Rain)…
    I’v watched full house 5 times…
    Eagerly waiting for its sequel provided cast remains same!!!

  299. 299 : Elnaaaaaaaaaz ! Says:

    You should just know that………………… This is the best modern drama at allllllllllllllllll ! I love it ! !

  300. 300 : athieyn Says:

    I hav already watched this drama 4 hundreds times………..so good to be true if i was at that place………….: )haha……….

  301. 301 : Samra Says:

    Hi guys!
    I am SAMRA from Pakistan.and I saw this drama
    I love this drama very much
    Even i have seen it many times….

  302. 302 : RINNI Says:

    i have started watching this drama n its a delight to watch.but suddenly in the middle of the series the telecast has been stoped..its too bad..i am looking forward to watch it as soon as its back on air..hope the concerneds are reading..full house BACK..ON DEMAND..

  303. 303 : RINNI Says:

    hi why the telecast of this drama series has been stoped..wantto see it back..full house backk..on demand

  304. 304 : SMILING GURL Says:

    hi i’m done watching the full house is their a part 2 of it??

  305. 305 : asahina_69 Says:

    I love this drama very much
    Even i have seen it many times….

  306. 306 : Irita Says:

    hi everyone !
    l love this drama ..

  307. 307 : shree Says:

    I think this is the BEST program. Can this programme be telecasted once again on TV. I love watch this show .I am a big fan of BI(rain) & SONG HYE GYO….

  308. 308 : shreya Says:

    Hello friends !
    I am SHREYA from India. I have the whole series of Full House but I couldn’t watch the ending. Can this program be telecasted again on TV in India????????

  309. 309 : Apaiteina Says:

    i loved this movie…its hilarious!!!i loved all the characters!!!!….keep up the awesome work….im from australia..and i love korean dramas…..

  310. 310 : khan Says:

    the best drama ever made and cant be made again i supposed,
    both the leading actors are fantastic,their acting were so natural that i think that they are really perfectionist of their job.and the songs used added stars to the drama and ufcoss the other actors hav done a great job.i thanks the producers for giving us such a beautiful and natural entertainment and i am eager for the next series to launch in india.

  311. 311 : koreanprincess Says:

    can`t wait to see the part 2
    lov this show

  312. 312 : qish Says:

    i like 2 watch full house drama coz it’s funny, rommance, n sometime show us what happen in daily live…….. diz is really auwsume

  313. 313 : qish Says:

    dun forget to see full house no2……… wakakak n i from malaysia………. lurf malaysia ….

  314. 314 : ganga ghale Says:

    i simply love rain every much the drama is just awesome i cant stop myself

  315. 315 : Samir manzanilla Says:

    full house..
    It was indeed a source of fun and entertainment..
    it gives me strenght to chase life as simple as it could be!
    no more wailling!

    it’s fabulous and yet Amazing!

    samir manzanilla

  316. 316 : Mary Says:

    LOVED IT!!!! Again, Excellent acting! It is crazy, warm and hilarious all wrapped up into one extraordinarily written drama. I must confess. I’ve watched it 3x already. What can I say…I have my favorite scenes. Enjoyed the story line…Excellent! Thank you so very much for this site.

  317. 317 : marites gerona Says:

    full house 2, will this ever become a reality????please make this one….

  318. 318 : momomiko10 Says:

    when did fullhouse 2 will out!!
    i cant wait!!

  319. 319 : cookie58 Says:

    Rain acted very well in this serial. Saw him in Sangdoo, lets go to school and A love to kill but was quite disappointed with the later. Think its the plot that was bad. Pairing of him with Song Hye Gyo is great. Hope to see both of them back in Full House 2.

  320. 320 : Gaby J Says:

    I love this drama soooo much! It was so fun to watch. Bi (Rain) is as cute as a little boy can be. Song Hye Gyo was so cute and lovely. I just love all the actors, especially Kim Sung Soo. I fell in love with his character. It was so funny and endearing. I recommend this to anyone.

  321. 321 : denise Says:

    hello, does anyone know how will be playing in the fullhouse 2 series? i hope they both will be back i enjoyed fullhouse so much

  322. 322 : Ishu Says:

    i just saw few episodes of this serial and fell in love with the chatacters. i wanna watch the whole series. can anyone tell me how many eposodes are theri in series 1??

  323. 323 : Ishu Says:

    i just saw few episodes of this serial and fell in love with the chatacters. i wanna watch the whole series. can anyone tell me how many episodes are theri in series 1??

  324. 324 : Amiiee Says:

    OMG!! ..
    i love this movie/ film its the best of all korean movies i have watched but not all of the movies ..
    love the songs they have put in the movie!!

  325. 325 : ully Says:

    I love this is drama Full House.film is the good and funny

  326. 326 : ully Says:

    I am Ully from indonesia.and I saw this drama
    I love this drama

  327. 327 : kal Says:

    I love this drama.
    so funny.
    I think I watched this drama almost 7 times.

  328. 328 : maldita Says:

    my fellow filipinos can relate to this song “si papa bear ay napaka lakas… si mama bear ay napaka ganda… si baby bear ay napaka kulit” (tama pa ba ang lyrics ko?) hahah! this drama was so full of life indeed and funny! rain became so popular in the philippines because of this show that was aired couple of years ago.. 🙂

  329. 329 : Naomi Says:

    i’m very liek fool house when i sad i musht be watching becose make me happy.. n insfiration for me..

    fool house i like…..

  330. 330 : Naomi Says:

    im very like fool house, n when i sad i must be watching. my insfiration too… fool house is the best

  331. 331 : fairy Says:

    I’m so really miss U my Full house

  332. 332 : reena Says:

    i just love this drama its lots of fun and “RAIN” i love u

  333. 333 : Viecal_nad Says:

    I think i love full house… VeRy-vErY interested..great story idea,nice & sweat actor/artress combine with good performs in action. So WonderFullHouse…. I will be waiting the next generation of the Full House..
    5starate to F.H.
    I mizz u ji eun and i’m not hate u yon jae.. Hee :-P.. Thank’s

  334. 334 : natasha Says:

    truly missin full house!!!

  335. 335 : luiminah Says:

    The drama was currently aired for the fourth times in Indonesia.. I love this drama at all.. It made me cried and laugh like a crazy person.. I love Song Hye Gyo and Rain, they are one of the great couple of Korean Drama.. Boys Before Flowers will be aired in Indonesia on 1st June 2009.. ^^

  336. 336 : latifah Says:

    i love this drama,when will the sequel come???????………i’m waiting for it.so desprately…..

  337. 337 : Anita Says:

    I really like this series, although it’s aired long time ago, I still fond of to watch it over and over again. This is my favorite drama all the time. The story is funny, romantic and emotion evolved. I laughed, i cried…..it’s a very good formula of entertaining drama. The story, the actor and actress, the songs…..thanks to everybody who had a distribution in making this drama……kamsa hamnida……:)

  338. 338 : prema Says:

    woooo the best korean drama ever watched n best korean couple .it has everything what it takes for da best drama story everything made so perfectly dying 2 c dem in season 2 aza aza fighting!!!

  339. 339 : bikyoz crazy fan Says:

    woooo fullhouse no 1 korean drama n dun tink dat i will watch better korean drama dan dis so perfect casting song hye kyo the most beautiful women in de world n rain off course very manly n grt body height perfect match hye kyoz short rain tall dats y dey luk badly gud togeda wanna c dem more in another drama n moviez plz hav dem in more drama n movie n in fullhouse bikro foreva aza aza fighting!!!

  340. 340 : anonymous Says:


    The Korean installment, Boys Over Flowers, marketed an irrevocably bedazzling charm into the hearts of the young Filipinos. Spiritedly thrusting our persistent effort into expressing the fondness of our fanaticism, the extremeness of embracing our incessant adoration for this even heightened a demanding duplicity of the renzied individuals. The immensely drastic proliferation of the unnumbered Filipino youths into this obsession only evidenced the strong manifestation of these tunning foursome,yet the exceeding charisma of an attractive Yi Jeong captivated the very gleaminess of our unbiased eyes. As Ga Eul was incessantly suppressing her affection over him , the anticipation of this small plot unfolding between them heated into a surmounting loyalty for the tandem, into a purely tender passion which appetized the feeling in genuine exaltation. Yi Jeong and Ga Eul possessed the exceptional rapport which caught the tickle of the zealous persons who were excessively addicted into their chemistry. We nanimously called the couple as soeul. As to the soeul couple having opened a potentiality for effective harmony, we realized the mushrooming of the persuaded fans who were delighted into seeing Kim Bum (Yi Jeong) and Kim So Eun (Ga Eul) be partnered for romantic proposition in Korean drama. Filipinos as us were constantly crusading a probability, which chiefly appeared Bum and So Eun as leading man and lady, for the promising project. We eagerly plead the Korean company into escorting the pair for tv plans. The assurance of sincerely extending our gratitude for this kindness is unfailingly promised.

  341. 341 : kim jae eun Says:

    if Kim So Eun and Kim Bum will play the role of Rain(Bi) and So Hye Gyo it would be great and very nice as Rain(Bi) and So Hye Gyo(Kyo) did the FULL HOUSE 2

  342. 342 : kim jae eun Says:

    i mean FULL HOUSE 1

  343. 343 : ying Says:

    I love this drama and really don’t mind Kim So Eun and Kim Bum will play the role for Full House 2. I think it would give viewers a brand new experience if both of them would to act in Full House 2.

  344. 344 : jlink27 Says:

    this is my number one favorite in all korean dramas….im addicted to it thats why i bought the dvd and then a friend borrow it from me and i though she will never bring it back to me and so i bought another dvd….and after how many months my friend and i see each other and bring back the dvd so now i have two copies of it hahaha…….

  345. 345 : Rainbi&songhyeFOREVER Says:

    Hey anonymous dont use the cast of Boys over flowers on the next big hit FULL HOUSE 2 the original cast are much better than ever, many fans would be upset if Rain bi and Song Hye Kyo will not reunite again on FULL HOUSE 2 so please stop demanding and crusiding kim bum and the other one,. OMG.. your thoughts are useless. You are the only one who is saying that. I am a filipino too even me doesn’t know what you are talking about. So please please BIKYO for FULL HOUSE 2! WE DEMAND IT EXTREMELY!

  346. 346 : marissa Says:

    i have watched full house for the nth time. Love shkyo and rain so much, been dying to watch fullhouse2. I wish they will have the original cast, feel it wont be the same seeing either just rain or hye kyo. I learned several Korean words and phrases already, sometimes don’t need to look at the subtitle.

  347. 347 : lani Says:

    it cArEfuL“““

  348. 348 : lani Says:

    i am lani fromk indonesia
    i love watch film FULL HOUSE its romance n careful…

  349. 349 : lani Says:

    im lani its from indonesia
    i like watch film FULL HOUSE
    thiz careful and romance n comedi

  350. 350 : shandy Says:

    FULL HOUSE is greaaatttt…
    two thumbs up for rain and song hye gyo…

  351. 351 : nanethvisca Says:

    hi rain,,ur movie is very beautiful,,,ur so cute,,,i hope theres a second movie,,,i love u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  352. 352 : stellar Says:

    Go watch City Hall!!! Superb drama by Kim Sun Ah & Cha Seung Won. Amazing chemistry between the 2 leads!!! Definitely a must watch!!!

  353. 353 : Leyzell Says:

    My TOP favorite of all my favorites!
    Hye Kyo and Rain had a GREAT chemistry in this drama!

  354. 354 : des Says:

    The best Korean drama i’ve seen. Nobody can beat Bikyo tandem. I have seen it for the nth time and i still can’t get over it. My days wont be complete if can’t see an episode a day. If im feeling down, i just watch full house again and I’ll feel great afterwards! Super!

  355. 355 : shebah Says:

    i like this drama so much.the plots was very interesthing

  356. 356 : quidachy Says:

    aaaaaaaaaa ==”
    I really, really love this drama although it’s an old drama!! :))

    rain ,, luv u !!!!!! MUACCCHHHHHHHHH !!!!

  357. 357 : nanamz Says:

    ive watch these series over and over again…
    its so touching

  358. 358 : jan rey Says:

    NO COMMENT!!!!!

  359. 359 : tahrai Says:

    i love this koreanovela..i’ve been watching it several times yet im still looking forward on what will happen next..im excited for part 2 of this koreanovela..AJA!! AJA!! FIGHTING

  360. 360 : queeni Says:

    it’s realy touchin n i really enjoyed da drama…
    feeled sad wen loved ones departed….

  361. 361 : Stream Anime Online Says:

    Watched this ages ago, rewatching it again now.
    Rain and Song Hye Gyos chemistry is just unmatched.


  362. 362 : ntxhais Says:

    enjoyed the drama. wardrobe is unique, however, it was kind of (can’t find the word) for the antagonist, han eun jung, to always wear her wardrobe with the bra showing (her wardrobe was always predictable– no matter what her bra would be showing in some manner) not sure what the producers were trying to say when they created the fashion for the cast about the men and or women, but it didn’t fit—my opinion

  363. 363 : Korean DVDs Says:

    If you’re looking for this DVD set with Excellent English subtitles, click on my nick – Korean DVDs.


    Thank you!

  364. 364 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  365. 365 : asiandramaAddict Says:

    One thing that bothers me is that her “Friends” are swindlers identity thieves blackmailers, burglars, and all this they do to her and so far she is still friends with them. My friends who did that, would have to communicate with me via their prison stationary.

  366. 366 : minozer Says:

    It’s very funny movie ever… I love hye gyo n rain in this drama… Ur very match couple…two tomb 4 u guyz…

  367. 367 : ria Says:

    hey its a quite cute story i love it every character i liked especially zian she suppose 2 b very cute

  368. 368 : marites gerona Says:

    still dreaming to this day….a sequel or part 2 of full house with same casts….when will this come true?

  369. 369 : jhay-jhay Says:

    lee hyung jae….gwapo au kah,,ahahaha,,,,cute au kah msuko

    song hye gyu…….ur beautiful

  370. 370 : mimo Says:

    i love SONG HYE KYO!! d MOST Beautiful girl in the world!!! Hope to see her more in movies n drama.

  371. 371 : Kasil Says:

    this series was the first korean drama that I saw and since then I am a big fan of these programas.

  372. 372 : Asmaroc Says:

    full houde 2 is becoming soon with song hye kyo again
    but the hero im not sure about it aja aja fighting

  373. 373 : Elaine Says:

    this is really nice…..

    coz’ the lead star is my oppa. (bi rain)… haha… and i love the lovestory of the two…

    i know there is a part two….. i’m looking forward to it

  374. 374 : ㅡㅑㅜㅁ Says:

    i recomend to watch this #1 drame in america!!! best best better than others!! EVEN THOUGH IS OLD ITS FUN AND THEY DRESS OK BETTER THAN OTHERS

  375. 375 : SassySal Says:

    Oh..i really love full although just recently watched it..so funny at the romantic..bikyo tandem is superb..very cute couple..hope same cast for the full house 2..godbless y’all

  376. 376 : Olga Says:

    This drama is pretty old but I’d watched
    it like three times already.

    Song Hye Kyo is soooo cute, I love Bi (Rain)

  377. 377 : latish Says:

    love this full house have watched at least on a monthly basis and still not sickof it really didnt understand such a successful tandem that they did not work together agian god bless both of you be successful where ever you are god bless

  378. 378 : FullHouseFan?? Says:

    Is there a part two?? As in Full House 2???!!

  379. 379 : fathe Says:

    this drama is the best it old but it perfect sweet and comdey i love rain bi saw mutch he is the best

  380. 380 : fathe Says:

    i really love this drama it is spesial and fany

  381. 381 : glaphs Says:

    best drama of all time ^_^

  382. 382 : hazel Says:

    superb drama i like it hoping to see more

  383. 383 : Anna Tran Says:

    this movie is so funny i have it at home they should make full house number 2 cause it will be more funnier

  384. 384 : nizam Says:

    i really n trully like korean people but i love my homeland

  385. 385 : honey b Says:

    my fav drama …..

  386. 386 : 큐티 Says:

    asgasgasggqw wteg taew wtqwfsf ew

  387. 387 : mr Ibers Says:

    OMG bi is soooooooooo hototototototototot i hate every1

  388. 388 : googoo Says:

    yeah lets gooooo rain ur hot i watched this drama like 40 times alreadyy!! im obsessed!!! i cant wait till #2!!! and #3 and #4 and #5 im a biiig fan and a stalker i know where he lives!

  389. 389 : never never ever Says:

    goood job yea ur the best rain!!

  390. 390 : irene Says:

    Wonderful wonderful drama. Great work!

  391. 391 : Heba Says:

    well,here is the story of my own three of my friends recommended this series to me in order to watch and I was a little bit hesitated,but started to download one ep after another and I was laughing loudly ,this series id really incredible.Rain u made me laugh almost in every scene u appered in >good job
    well done;)

  392. 392 : TUN Says:


  393. 393 : MICKEY Says:

    i think this should be been rank #1 here but not many ppl comment now coz its kinda old but who cares!! they wear the same as this time period!! every1 watched it

  394. 394 : 2nd Says:

    if u dun know this drama ur a complete loser and dun hav a life!! rhis drAMA IS LIKE the best!! n fun and best ost and stuff

  395. 395 : jaju Says:

    one of the best korean drama i’ve ever seen well the plot was so simple but the fact that the writer made it so addictive to watch… two thumbs up for this drama… and i love song hye kyo…

  396. 396 : JIEEJANN Says:

    I’m sorry guys but full house 2 not going to recast Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain again as they don”t want it…..What is confirm is There are Full House 2 but the actress is eun yoon hye and actor is still don’t know….. …….
    I am sure the story won’t great without bikyo..

  397. 397 : she Says:

    Hope it’s still rain and song hye kyo for full house 2

  398. 398 : nnesey Says:

    ooh! i lurv FULL HOUSE xoo much!
    i didnt know dat there is FULL HOUSE 2 ??
    oh by da way!
    i buy a cd of full house
    (hmm-just sharing 🙂

  399. 399 : wow gold Says:

    Wonderful article. I been looking for one on a similar note. I guess you always have something up your sleeve.

  400. 400 : Botox Says:

    What’s with the overuse of make-up and botox in this drama, especially on the male leads? Maybe they could have chosen a naturally better looking male lead.

  401. 401 : norki yolmo Says:


  402. 402 : toty Says:

    ilove korea drama so much

    and ineed watch iam sorry i love you

  403. 403 : nIkKi Says:

    hi i love korean drama a lot
    is there a part two of full house?

  404. 404 : syahirah Says:

    hello… i like this drama so much..
    i love you rain..

  405. 405 : fenny Says:

    hai.. i like so much this drama. hello rain? welcome to indonesia.

  406. 406 : megan cullen Says:

    this is the first korean drama that im watched and made me to love korean film…i like it !….aja..aja..fightin!

  407. 407 : C U Manamendra Says:

    This is the first Korean drama I watched…. Oh I like it & I love it so ooooooo much. Full House is the best drama I have ever seen.
    Now I’m a fan of Song Hye Kyo, Kim Sung Soo & Bi Rains.
    Aja Aja fightin!!!!!!

  408. 408 : kali Says:

    out of imagination
    i fell in love wit dius drama
    i cant found any bad part of dis series
    i was so so so so so happy while i was watching dis all episode

  409. 409 : bee Says:

    best drama .. can’t wait to see season 2 .. !! ji eun + yong jae !!

  410. 410 : Dil Says:

    Full House is da 1st korean drama I’ve ever watched n I loved it.
    I’m looking for a website to download korean dramas for free. If someone know a free website please comment on this drama as a reply…
    thanx 🙂

  411. 411 : iceqi Says:

    The best drama ever!

  412. 412 : Camille :)) Says:

    1. ……..♥#########♥

  413. 413 : syaza Says:

    you seemed to really love full house…
    me too..

  414. 414 : NINABELL CONDEZ Says:

    hi”’…….im ninabell from philippine,.olongapo ciTy

    i Like fULL HOUse”’…

    i likE RAIN promiZe………..

  415. 415 : Hayle Says:

    Yesss there is a part 2 coming out !! But I don’t know when.
    It will upload it on mysoju.com watch it there people.

  416. 416 : Tomal Says:

    It really sounds of my life . . Hehe . .

  417. 417 : Poornima Says:

    I’m a sri-lankan, bt My favourite drama is FULL HOUSE……………… I LOVE VERY MUCH……………………….

  418. 418 : wow gold Says:

    Good post,This was exactly what I needed to read today! I am sure this has relevance to many of us out there.

  419. 419 : mheanne Says:

    i love full house too..

    philippines version a little bit cute but korean version is great

  420. 420 : bathrooms Says:

    The way you have described this is very thorough. I will link your blog page to mine.

  421. 421 : sterndal Says:

    this is my all time favorite korean tele series!

  422. 422 : lorraine colegado Says:

    i superr duper love this korean sh0w.. i just never get to0 bored and tired with it.. 😀 the best!

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    i like sooooooo much this drama

  424. 424 : Sachini Dilrukshi Says:

    Hi!I love this tele drama very much.I like the casts,songs,scenery and everything.The plot of the drama is very nice and wish all de best!Go on FULL HOUSE!!!!

  425. 425 : yaya Says:

    hello ….. ilike to meet rain .can i?

  426. 426 : rebica rai Says:

    FULL HOUSE is 1 of the best korean drama i ‘ve come across……. i luv Song-hye-gyo n Rain……… tey ar couples made in heaven…….

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    i really like Full House.it’s amzng.this is the frst time tht i watched aKorean Drama.but aftr iwatched tht i used to like koean dramas and Korea.its amazng.i am frm Sri Lanka.but nw i am reakky intrested about korea.i really like Rain,Song Hye Gyo and othr cast 2.hope 2 c Full House part 2.with the same cast.specially Rain and Shk.luv u lot Korea…

  429. 429 : Keo Says:

    Hello…….FULL HOUSE……
    I’m one of ur fans from Cambodia.

    i really love dis drama.
    It’s such a sweet drama….
    so so sweet…..:)
    Best Drama……

  430. 430 : edilyn Says:

    i really like korean drama coz ders no kontra bida.my number 1 list of my favorite korean drama is full house i really like the story was really unique the combination of drama and comedy.im fan of song hye kyo i like the way she acts.my favorite scene were song hye kyo danced and sung may tatlong bear sa loob ng isang bahay it was so funny and cool and the scene that they realized that they love each other and also the kiss scene in the tent i love it . i really amazed the house it was so wonderful and place was so cool.

  431. 431 : olive Says:

    i like fullhouse

  432. 432 : saumya Says:

    it’s a very nice drama
    i like it very much

  433. 433 : kala Says:

    im crazy about rain and song hye kyo-theyre so lovely togethar.hope 2 see them in more dramas together.both of them sweet and lovely

  434. 434 : tyler swift Says:

    full house is my fav korean dramas of all time, other than YAB & BOF..hope to see the 2nd season soon .

  435. 435 : Bhagya Heshani Says:

    Actually I really like this drama FULL HOUSE.I Love it very much and I Love Lee young jae & Han Ji eun very much. It’s songs also very nice I love all of them. very interesting drama I love it toooo.

  436. 436 : Bhagya Heshani Says:

    FULL HOUSE is my favorite Drama. I Love it very much. I Love Lee Young Jae & Han Ji Eun also. I like it’s songs also. It is a very sensitive, amazing, lovely, funny & sweet drama.I Love It Tooooooooooo.

    Thanks 4 all of u!!!!!!! 4 giving this valuable sweet drama…

  437. 437 : lannie Says:

    i fairly enjoyed this drama but i find the plot somewhat draggy. nevertheless, song-hye was absolutely astonishing and lovely

  438. 438 : kasha Says:

    love this drama. all time fav.

  439. 439 : Aileen Says:

    Full House is the BEST! No wonder why it reaches as high as 50% audience share in the Philippines during its airing time in 2005. I think Song Hye KYo is the most loved korean actress in the Philippines.

    Full House remake is currently airing in GMA7, just like the original the remake is really cute! Hope those who supported the original will also support the remake. Trust me.. its really good.

    Can’t wait for Full House 2!

  440. 440 : mak Says:

    i love u rain

  441. 441 : ladiigodiva Says:

    FULL HOUSE IS LOVE! a long-lasting drama where hye kyo and bi were so matched to each other, i really wish they were together at that time, haha~

  442. 442 : Fibi Says:

    Hi guys.Korean movies are the best but Full house was not one of best ones .we had already watched other soap operas with the the subject of contract marriage ..so it wasn’t a new idea .I think My lovely Kim Somson was much better than this one.

  443. 443 : aimee lagahit Says:

    hi there, happy new year, i really really loced to watch full house tv series over & over kasi di sya nakasawa panoorin bawat episode laging maganda specially d characters sana may part 2 pa ^_^

  444. 444 : che mondonedo Says:

    i just happen to watch full house..the contract marriage may not be a new scenerio but with the acting of the leading stars it becomes AWESOME!!!..i fell in love with it the way i fell in love with boys over flower..

  445. 445 : che mondonedo Says:

    i can’t wait for the full house 2..hope the lead stars will be the same..i love RAIN!!

  446. 446 : Maya Aizel Says:

    OMG,,,,,All that i can say I Love so so Much this drama 🙂 🙂
    By Algerian

  447. 447 : sunny Says:

    i didnt like this drama very much to be honest. i’ve seen much better romances…and this one dragged like frriiickkinnn hell. not even stairway to heaven dragged so badly. at many points, i just wanted the show to be over with so i could say i finished it and give a review on it. the girl is alright, the guy is annoying. the relationship can sometimes be cute if the two would just calm the frick down.

    i feel like the only thing this drama has going for it is top hot stars as its main protagonists and a good history in the drama department. face it – all these 6 years that the dramas been out; it seems like theres some biased reviews out there

  448. 448 : Deepika Says:

    i really like that tele drama,most interesting and it gives more smiles and happy
    Actually my best character is Hun ji yen int that drama

  449. 449 : nichi Says:

    this is the BEST foreign drama i ever watched and I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. it is the happiest hour in my every week and I m dying for that…
    me & my all friends are counting seconds till it telecast on every sat’day
    thanks full house for brings me soooooooo much joy & pleasure…….we all sri lankans luv u………..

  450. 450 : flora Says:

    i love so much this dramaaaa is a very goodddd and his actor rain bi i love youuuuuuuuuu

  451. 451 : marisshe Says:

    oh mah god basta ang msasbi ko lng best of ol d best no.1

  452. 452 : marisshe Says:

    no more reactions people full house is always be the # 1

  453. 453 : marisshe Says:

    no more reactions people full house is always be the # 1

  454. 454 : Ama Says:

    full house is very beautiful drama

  455. 455 : wi2e Says:

    I LOVE YOU ………………….. RAIN………. RAin dan song hya kyu bener2 pas maenin tokoh lee young jae dan han ji eun………….. buktinya dorama ini jadi dorama terfavorit sampe sekarang…
    FULL HOUSE.. FULL lOVE for BI RAIN……………………………………….

  456. 456 : angel Says:

    anyeong yaseo!!!!!!! im begging you pls. visit here in the philippines……. ur so handsome……aza aza fighting!!!!!!!

  457. 457 : MARK.H Says:

    (: i am in lov 🙂

  458. 458 : nanisya Says:

    raaaaaaaaaain is the best foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

  459. 459 : mary ann Says:

    it is a great drama series….i love it …. it is good even Filipinos are inspired to do the Filipino version of it…..
    LOVE IT ……

  460. 460 : Ama Says:

    It’s verry funny tele drama

  461. 461 : ss501 Says:

    its a beautiful drama … i lllllllllllove it …. but i think there is tiwanese drama and it really matching this drama :
    its information about the drama :

    Why Why Love
    Alternative Title: 換換愛 / Huan Huan Ai
    Genre: Romance
    Film Date: June, 2007
    Total Episodes: 15
    Taiwan Casts:
    Kingone, Mike He, Rainie Yang

  462. 462 : iya27 Says:

    This is my favorit drama ever,,,, I already watch it for many times, but still not feel boring at all* there’s a good chemistry between rain n song hye gyo that made this drama sooooo perfect,,, luv it forever*

    N this is one of korean drama that always playing so many time from one of tv chanel in Indo,,,* so many people here love it so much,,, I still miss this drama so much,,,,*

    LUV…. LUV …. LUV….

  463. 463 : Francis N. Manbsibugan Says:

    wowwww. i really love this movie…. u are my greatest fan in the universe..

  464. 464 : Francis N. Manbsibugan Says:

    i really love this movie.. you are my greatest fan in the universe. hope to see u personally

  465. 465 : Ratih Says:

    it’s funny drama.. i like it

  466. 466 : xenia Says:

    i love this drama, heartbreaking but very nice ending for a great love story

  467. 467 : DELIA Says:

    funny, dramatic,heartbreaking and very nice ending

  468. 468 : DELIA Says:

    i love this drama… good actors/actress, waiting for season 2

  469. 469 : Ridmani Kularathna Says:

    I love this drama very much.A cool drama I have ever seen.
    I love “YAN-J”&”HUN-G-YEN” so much.
    Each and every person is with “full House”.LOVR YOU SO MUCH

  470. 470 : Danaji Mudiyanse Says:

    I love this movie.. lot!!!!!!!!!! and i still waiting to da second part of this movie……. and also love to aing & yan je…………..

  471. 471 : osuri Says:

    i like this teledrama

  472. 472 : Julie Says:

    I had watch this series more than 10 times, and never get sick of it. can’t wait for Full House 2, hopefully Rain and SHK will play the casts

  473. 473 : Ayoma Says:

    full house is full of love and fun, Really a best story ever I see……..

  474. 474 : Yuni Wahyuningsih Says:

    Until this time ‘Full House’ still became my favourite Korean drama. For many times i watch this movie and never boring. I just hope Rain and Song Hye Gyo will cast in new good drama and they are still became a couple.

  475. 475 : darshani Says:

    i really really love this teledrama. i am really creazy about this .

  476. 476 : Nishadee Says:

    I really love this movie a lot. Love to see the second part of this teledrama. “Rain & Song Hye Gyo” Both of you did a superb act in this movie.

  477. 477 : Menaka Says:

    I like “FULL HOUSE” drama very much. all of the team has done very good attractive work. specially I like to wish Song Hye Gyo. Thank you

  478. 478 : Han Ji Eun Says:

    hwaaaaaaah…i luv full house so much..!
    aza-aza fighting rain!!

  479. 479 : Reko Says:

    i loooove this serie sooo much
    & i like ji yong & yong ji :):) so funny! & romantic

  480. 480 : prachi Says:

    I lik ths drama very much. its having unique story,having cool atitude,romence n n many more thng..n i lov Han ji Eun, Li Young Jae….

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  482. 482 : Channa Says:

    PATTA kathaaawa!

  483. 483 : Channa Says:

    PATTA kathaawa!

  484. 484 : Yuni Wahyuningsih Says:

    Still the best drama that i ever watch…for many times i watch this drama but never bored. Hope oneday they play at another drama together..will see…

  485. 485 : Fazee Says:

    Superb story i luv it ”

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    i like to watch this drama sooooooo much specialy i like ji eun min heyok & yan je

  487. 487 : Uthpala Says:

    I love this drama so much. because it is an uncommon story

  488. 488 : anon Says:

    wtf you love it so much bc it is uncommon? COUGH*smilingpasta*COUGH

  489. 489 : tempurpedic Says:

    I have seen this drama. It tells a romantic story.

  490. 490 : toronoto swingers Says:

    i like to watch this drama sooooooo much specialy i like ji eun min heyok & yan je

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    im very interested in ful house.its very nice

  492. 492 : Nikini Says:


  493. 493 : **## Says:

    I LOVE FULL HOUSE DRAMA ! ! ! http://www.metrolyrics.com/images/comments/wink.gif

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    i love this drama so much

  495. 495 : just an opinion Says:

    walopun ntn berkali kali !gag bosen . Love this drama so much

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    i love very much this drama and i’ll never forget it
    and it stil the best

  497. 497 : dil Says:

    best drama i ever seen

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    I Love rain is very much and song hye gyo it so funny and attractive this movie……………

  499. 499 : darshani Says:

    hey, i really really really love this teledrama. i am crazy about this. i want to watch more more more episoides of this.
    love full house very much. its like apart of my body.

  500. 500 : Ramith Says:

    hey darshani,

    as u said ful house is one of the best TV series i also ever watched. itz amazing..isn’t it..hey, don’t worry…u can watch it online and u also can d’load it..i did d’load the full TV series and aslo the every song of that Tv series..

  501. 501 : Yuni Says:

    Hope one day Rain and Song hye Gyo will play at another good drama. They are really good couple.And full house is still the best drama that i ever see…i already watch this movie more than five times….and really never bored…he..he..

  502. 502 : macky Says:

    a humorous korean drama…………..rain and song another drama plssssss…

  503. 503 : arlyana Says:

    my fave drama,,,,,rain i love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

  504. 504 : Srilanka Says:

    the most interesting drama i wathched so far.rain and song acting nice

    Please give another with rain and song

  505. 505 : Nilupuli Says:

    I like soooooooo much full house

  506. 506 : reigo168 Says:

    i wish it has a part two…..

  507. 507 : lakmali Says:

    this is the loveliest drama i have ever seen and hope that rain and song will be there in another drama .it is a perfect plot

  508. 508 : yasi Says:

    it was very good drama.i really love it.thanks for director and actor and actress.

  509. 509 : Shashika Says:

    wow……………. it’s a lovely drama. i like it very much. i thank to actors & actress & big thank to give director to making this drama. i love it very much……….

  510. 510 : Mihirani Says:

    I have no words to explain the beauti of that lovely drama.I love all the characters of tt drama,specially tt beautiful girl “Han ge yen”.I love her so much

  511. 511 : nikita Says:

    the drama is too nice.. i like it a lottt.. i hope i will get its all parts on internet.. i’m waiting for them to upload here.. thanks

  512. 512 : samar Says:

    i love it so much

  513. 513 : [email protected] Says:

    place make drama with bikyo once agin

  514. 514 : diefan Says:

    its OK..

  515. 515 : Irene Martha Says:

    When Full House 2 ??? Can’t wait …

  516. 516 : beyza Says:

    please do videos can translate Turkish subtitles? please please

  517. 517 : ika Says:

    i love u this drama…full house is still the best drama and so sweet…

  518. 518 : srilanka Says:

    it’s sooooooooooooooooo beautifull we need a nother drama of them

  519. 519 : klowe Says:

    i don’t know you.Can you tell me who are [email protected]

  520. 520 : Harshi Ariyarathne Says:

    I love this drama much….
    want another 1 of them….
    Really such a lovely drama it is……

  521. 521 : prasangika Says:

    love this drama sooooo much

  522. 522 : **## Says:

    I L O V E F U L L H O U S E ! ! ! http://www.koreandrama.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  523. 523 : sumaiya Says:

    ~Ah ~ RAIN I love him and this drama too

  524. 524 : Kimchee43 Says:

    this drama is so addicting!!… no matter how many times you watch it you will be entertain.. I love this drama..it’s so hard to get over!!.. 🙂

  525. 525 : menik Srilanka Says:

    i like soooooooooo much . thank u so much for every one in Full House. i really like to watch it again and again

  526. 526 : abhishekl Says:

    Korean Drama Full House In Hindi plz send me link [email protected]

  527. 527 : nimoy Says:

    pTrin uLanG STYLE

  528. 528 : lana Says:

    I LOVE THIS…. I watch it all the time… it was my first korean drama… always in my

  529. 529 : Milanella Says:

    i have watched this drama many times n still love it. so in love with hye gyo n bi. can’t wait another romantic drama from both of them. love u all… muuaah

  530. 530 : Gracey Says:


  531. 531 : Taylor Says:

    My fav drama of all, I just love Rain in here he’s so hot. Such a big fan of him meaning big big big fan of him. He’s the reason why I like kpop, and kdrama

  532. 532 : Jore Says:

    this drama was everything (funny,Sad and got me mad a bunch of times lol)

    especially “those BFF” that she had, geez… i loved the 3 bear song hilarous… anyways great drama 100%

  533. 533 : norimah Says:

    so obsessed with full house; so in love with the two leads; kept reading that there will be a full house 2 but nothing set yet. Is there a petition so that they will seriously start the filming already

  534. 534 : Faizal Says:

    What a superb story board. I had never miss to watch this story.a great act performed by a great actor yan ging.i wants a another drama including all the actors perform as like full house

  535. 535 : Tammy Says:

    Anyone who happens to know the title of the song that Rain sang in the karaoke scene…please tell me i really like that song :p

  536. 536 : barrie dentist Says:

    Thanks dude, that’s extremely helpful information, cheers.

  537. 537 : Tom Says:

    Korean dramas are fun, this one was the first one I watched!

  538. 538 : Feza Says:

    I Love korean drama exspecialy full house…i Love rain n song hye gyo..

  539. 539 : Nunna Says:

    My first love to korean dramas
    seen too many times but still watched it

    Full house teach me to appreciate love..


  540. 540 : Flowerinsh Says:

    hola la seri es muy bueno me agrado muxo los kiero

  541. 541 : loosy Says:

    I like this story so much.Wow! it’s a beautifull drama.Ajaja hoichin!!

  542. 542 : melika iran Says:

    this drama is not best drama bot it is good

  543. 543 : giggles Says:

    I cannot get the site to give me the episodes. Someone please help. I keep getting a crying icon and some Korean under. I don’t know what it says. I am addicted to the show, but I cannot understand Korean and I cannot get the English subtitles. Help

  544. 544 : renuka Says:

    fun serial………..i liked both d actors n its story.

  545. 545 : priya Says:

    I really love korean dramas………..

  546. 546 : tata Says:

    send me web download creating destiny video,,please. . .

  547. 547 : von dutch Says:

    i love this series!
    Rain you’re so EFFFFFF-ING HOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!
    the lead actors have great chemistry. PERFECT!!

    lovely series you shouldn’t miss.

  548. 548 : shielahassan Says:

    I just watched this drama and falling in love with them. So romantic….

  549. 549 : shima Says:

    I love this drama…very funny and amazing.
    Lee Young Jae is very cute and Han ji eun is really beautiful. I like them both!

  550. 550 : Rose Says:

    I hope there will be full house2.
    Of course with the same actress n actror.
    Rain n song hye kyo.
    They”re a great couple.

  551. 551 : fetty arisandi Says:

    this is my favorite korean drama,……
    I LOve it!!!!

  552. 552 : bonii Says:

    i love this korean drama…
    this is the best korean drama i have ever seen ever after….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am waiting for second season, third season, an so on….. !!!!

  553. 553 : **## Says:

    I lv this drama! http://www.koreandrama.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

  554. 554 : risa Says:

    i LOVE it

  555. 555 : nirmal Says:

    i love my han ji yun and rain

  556. 556 : Cerulean Sky Says:

    OMG this is the best korean drama ever!! i loved bi rain and Song Hye kyo!! <3 their relationship is extremely cute!!!

  557. 557 : winnie lopez Says:

    i love this korea novela, as in… full of comedy and light hearted jokes. and of course full of love, denial at first, but in the end, love keeps them together again. i love jessie, her style and beautiful face. and also i like the nose of rain. cute…

  558. 558 : mutiara Says:

    I love this drama…
    Song Hye Gyo, Bi, sarangheo….

  559. 559 : ruhi Says:

    first ever korean drama i saw…inspired me enough to visit korea..luv

  560. 560 : Seng Says:

    Some subscribers just don’t realize, like my coworker who couldn’t interpret the objective substance of this section on your post “…: 16
    Broadcast network: KBS
    Broadcast year: 2004-07-14 to 2004-09-02SynopsisA story about love …
    ” it also bring back to mind about the day I met my husband.

  561. 561 : deena Says:

    very funny movie, romantics, u have to watch this, u will no sorry to watch this drama

  562. 562 : korean artist lover Says:

    I love this drama in very…full of comedy and light hearted jokes.

  563. 563 : korean artist lover Says:

    best romantic movie

  564. 564 : mel Says:

    i love this movie… the best romantic drama i ever seen…

  565. 565 : nining Says:

    gak prnah bosen nnton fil ini,, love it :p

  566. 566 : maida Says:

    I like this drama very much it is the best
    bi did very well but i think there was something missing regarding hye gyo acting but just in the last two episodes where it is supposed full of different kinds of emotions worry, happinesss ,excitment and confusion as she was told that bi love her and he proposed to her unproperly at the the same time .
    yet it was awesome and i will see it over and over

  567. 567 : Salomeh Says:

    Just i can it was fantastic drama really nice i enjoyed watching it. Rain has a magic in his acting what a beautiful smil he has. Nice drama hope all can have chance to watch this lovely drama.
    Realy rain and his co host chemistry in this drama was great. All the best dear rain

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  569. 569 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  570. 570 : m Says:

    ohhh,,,, i really like this drama….love it

  571. 571 : ice thea Says:

    drama korea yang paling sering ditonton…coz ceritanya menarik bangeet..

  572. 572 : jay Says:

    song hye kyo only proves that she’s a very good actress

  573. 573 : Robocha Says:

    this is my first drama that i had watched i loved it and my best too

  574. 574 : oriel Says:

    you know what this series is the best of all the series i have watch and there acting were so real..you couldn’t imagine that it was a film if you wouldn’t realize it..I wish there are girls like her who are still available and free for those guys who are waiting for that someone..bec some people were in-love in the fact that they see themselves in forever.. but in reality their in-love in the way that they see each other together in the future..but that’s the way love goes..for those.

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  576. 576 : helda Says:

    ouh..this really fantastic drama..
    it wouldnt be bored if i watch this drama more and more.. i like this drama… 🙂

  577. 577 : symphoni Says:

    i like bi, coz he is a good talent actor from korea, n over all i like this drama exspecially song hye kyo she is very cute inthis drama … i like itttttttttttttttttttttttt………………………

  578. 578 : BP Says:

    this is definitely must watch! first ever korean drama that makes a superb hit all over the countries

  579. 579 : KPOP7.com Says:

    greatest korean classic of all time..


  580. 580 : cinderela Says:

    really love this drama….

    FULL HOUSE SESSION 2….. still wait you…!!!
    aza aza fighting.

  581. 581 : eka Says:


  582. 582 : rowing machine Says:

    This is the best drama ever! I love Song Hye Gyo, she is pretty and her acting is great.

  583. 583 : suman Says:

    Full house, one of ma all tim favourite……….. i can watch it 1000 times. I love both song n rain as couple n dere acts………..

  584. 584 : Yoon Hee Says:

    Song Hye Gyo you’re so very beautiful!I like you!

  585. 585 : yoon se ra Says:

    Full house stories very nice..i like it..

  586. 586 : Any good KOREAN dramas like…..? | rizi Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=157 […]

  587. 587 : maida Says:

    hi everyone: i lke these drama very much that i cant see anything else i keep watching it over and over
    becouse i am new with korean drama it will be nice if anyone recommend a good drama comedy and romance for me
    thank you

  588. 588 : sumaiya Says:

    Hey how are you
    I hope fine
    well you should see (YOU\’RE BEAUTIFUL)
    its awesome its my favret drama
    you gadda try
    OK see ya
    bye bye?

  589. 589 : maida Says:

    hi sumaiya; how r u?
    i really appreciate your respond , it was very thoughtfull of you, i wii see it
    hope it is awesome as full house
    full house makes me happy you know i dont like miserable story.
    thank you
    see you you around may in you r beautiful

  590. 590 : sumaiya Says:


    hey i m fine
    how r u
    and thanks for the .Ans;
    yeah see u around
    ~.~*O.K.* ~.~, *see you *~.~
    bye bye

  591. 591 : Yoon Hee Says:

    The story is very beautiful!!!

  592. 592 : nino manuel Says:

    i just finished watching full house its really great.and i really like it.Song Hye Kyo is really really gorgeous

  593. 593 : karla :) Says:

    one of the best korean dramas i’ve watched so far :))
    comedy and romance all in!!!
    i love the plot.
    simple yet captivating :)))

  594. 594 : rany Says:

    anybody knows, when Full House session 2 will be launched??
    the info please….

  595. 595 : mahdieh Says:

    wonderful and funy

  596. 596 : kimdsaizy Says:

    i love full house…because of actor and actres in this movie..annyeong bi rain and song hye kyo..

  597. 597 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  598. 598 : RIE Says:

    FULL HOUSE IS my junior hisgh school movie i always watch. i love this drama, simple flow, not getting too many antagonist character. and sweet and funny, :))

  599. 599 : wow Says:

    Bienvenue Gamesavor site

  600. 600 : nn Says:


  601. 601 : Belle Says:

    please tell me your 20 best korean drama guys, need recommendation 😉

  602. 602 : glaisa Says:

    full house and you’re beautiful and my girl are my top 3 choice ^_^

  603. 603 : uga Says:

    where can i order some of these movies?

  604. 604 : maida Says:

    hey Belle
    i havent watch much but i like
    queen of the game and full house very much ,

  605. 605 : kania Says:

    Ho ho ho…full house..is so funny korean drama..romantic..I love this drama…

  606. 606 : kania Says:

    For GLAISA…..yes girl…..all that film so two thumbs up…..like your choice films very much…anneyonghaseyo…

  607. 607 : iPhone battery replacement Says:

    Try Nickelodeon, it comes on there sometimes. And I’m sorry but I don’t know what channel Nick comes on in your area. Here it’s channel 63.

  608. 608 : laura glori Says:

    hiyyyaaa!! love like thiisss..
    song he kyo is cute and beautiful….

    _from: indonesia with love_

  609. 609 : chef anja Says:

    full house was the best dramas I have ever seen. I really hope they’ll be a player in full house 2. please ….

  610. 610 : **## Says:


  611. 611 : saa... Says:

    Full house ï love it ï love it ï love it!

    Try to wAtch:

    1. My girl
    2. Wonderful life
    3. Presecutor princess
    4. City hall
    5. Personal taste
    6. Wish upon a star / pick up the star
    7. 9 ends 2 out
    8. Witch ü hee
    9. Kim sam soon
    10. Ü’re beautiful
    11. Coffee princess
    12. BBF
    13. Love story in harvard
    14. Only you
    15. Save the last dance for me
    16. Bad couple
    17. Which star are ü from
    18. Loving ü in thousand times
    19. Pasta
    20. Master of study

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  613. 613 : maida Says:

    hey saa
    this list would help me as well thank you
    no.1 means it is the best and so on?
    you know i love full house that i cant find any interest in watching any other series, it seems i am full house addict.

  614. 614 : Piano Says:

    This is a flawless post, but sometimes I think I have to disagree with your takes and ideas on certain topics. However, I just cannot stop reading the things you blog about because it is written so perfectly and straight to the point. It is good to know that other people still take the energy to think about what they are blogging about. I have a music related blog and if you are into learning piano it would be great if you could have a look. I am just beginning and I could really use a couple tips or pointers. Maybe some day my website can be as great as yours and I will have people that actually leave comments. Anywho sorry for the long response and I hope you continue to post on your blog unlike some people who just randomly stop. Thank you and I will be coming back again!

  615. 615 : Dior watches Says:

    I am just beginning and I could really use a couple tips or pointers.

  616. 616 : Belle Says:

    thank you maida and saa, i’m gonna watch those from your list. i’ve watched 5 out of it, and i agree that fullhouse is the best drama ever!!

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  619. 619 : Arlene Says:

    friends, i’m dying to know the song that young jae sang in ep 16, when he was in the karaoke with ji eun, the mellow one, not the happy one. please, if you guys can help me by telling me the title of that song….i’m really really curious ;))))

  620. 620 : Business Gifts Says:

    I have both on my computer and have no problems except for Yahoo adding those damn “Get IE 7 now” and “Get Norton now” buttons. There is no reason why both toolbars cannot be used at the same time.

  621. 621 : binx Says:

    Fullhouse is too good. im finding it awesome and funny at the moment. Maida, you should also watch my name is kim Sam Soon. Its one of the best dramas iv come across

  622. 622 : boneclift_kihae Says:

    love this drama ^^

  623. 623 : dedodedo Says:

    the best korean drama!!

  624. 624 : Suzan Says:

    All time favourite drama, really enjoyable, legend korean drama, wish its squeal can also rock the asian chart……

  625. 625 : Lorenza Says:

    Hey! I so love full house korea. so love it. your the best young jae.

  626. 626 : saa... Says:

    @ maida Π belle

    Try to watch ü’re beautiful Π coffee princess.. Ï think ü will not regret it.. Heehehehehe..
    And I’m forget to mantion ” oh! My lady ” on the list…
    Oh! My lady will make ü remember with full house ï think…

  627. 627 : maida Says:

    hey saa
    you know , i have already started to watch “oh! My lady” it is awesome and it remind me of full house indeed.
    i have seen bbf befor but i dont like it at all ; i dont get along with teenagers and students drama.
    Anyway many thanks, see you around

  628. 628 : Rinchung Says:

    it is the best Kdrama I ever watch.
    my heart is tumbling up and down everyminute in the movie.
    I’m so in love with Young Jae. I called my ex boyfriend, now become my husband, as Young Jae 🙂

  629. 629 : newgrocks Says:

    i love full house and endless love very much…

  630. 630 : Tess M. Says:

    This is the 1st Korean Drama that I’ve watched, from then on I always watch Korean Drama. I watch this 3X and I want to watch it again. Very nice and cute story.

  631. 631 : Tess M. Says:

    I love this Drama

  632. 632 : mihomiho Says:

    recently just watch this. i found this is a interesting story. rain is very cute 🙂 i realize that coffee prince and personal taste both have the same consep with this. sure, they copy here (maybe) i’m proud of this. hahha. Bi, aja aja fighting!

  633. 633 : susi Says:


  634. 634 : Tess M. Says:

    I like this drama so much, great actor and actress!!!!!

  635. 635 : louis vuitton Says:

    i found this is a interesting story. rain is very cute 🙂 i realize that coffee prince and personal taste both have the same consep with this. sure, they copy here (maybe) i’m proud of this. hahha. Bi, aja aja fighting!

  636. 636 : Mc Child Says:

    like this drama……

  637. 637 : Mc Child Says:

    Perfect Casting…

  638. 638 : Mc Child Says:

    Very cute and funny drama…….

  639. 639 : chichaloca Says:

    i’ll kept watching dis drama over and over again.not bored at all.love song hye kyo 🙂

  640. 640 : USA-Mary Says:

    FINALLY…A FULL HOUSE 2 IS COMING IN DECEMBER! Yippeeee! Turning multiple courtwheels!

  641. 641 : ashli Says:

    i like this korean drama plz rept it one more time,.,.,.,.,..,/

  642. 642 : rennyelf Says:

    ak suka bgt drama ini ………………..

  643. 643 : ice thea Says:

    serius…full house2 akan tayang desember tahun ini?…yang mainnya masih song hae gyo & bi kah?…i love you full dah buat drama yang satu ini…

  644. 644 : yul & dess Says:

    qita suka banget ma neh serial drama, ceritanya luthu n romantisssss abiezzz….pokoknya klo ada FULL HOUSE 2 qita bakalan nonton…heuehueheu….chayo! AZA AZA FIGHTING !

  645. 645 : Riya Says:

    Its a nice drama. Watch it.

  646. 646 : hye ri Says:

    so funny this drama…like rain…

  647. 647 : swastika Says:

    hey this flim is really amazing .love this flim and i’m soory i love you is also good.don’t miss it.

  648. 648 : yuni Says:

    Full house and prosecutor princess is the best drama, both of them I already watched more than 4 times :d

  649. 649 : Abigail Says:

    Unfortunately, Full House 2 will have totally different main characters… 🙁 Im very sad because of that. It wouldn’t be as nice as Full Hous :'(

  650. 650 : maida Says:

    hi; how did you find out ? is it confirmed yet?

  651. 651 : billydkid Says:

    in my opinion, full house is over-rated. i find the scenes so repetitive. there are others way way better than this one. hey, full house-fans, don’t bash me. ok?

  652. 652 : joy Says:


  653. 653 : victor yakthumba Says:

    Guys i wanna marry song hye kyo.

  654. 654 : Martha chan Says:

    best drama 4ever …

  655. 655 : inaa adil Says:

    i like it…..:)

  656. 656 : maida Says:

    i have watched so many korean drama but still full house is my best ever, you how it feel when eveything is perfect, the cast, the music ,the plot
    i keep watching it over and over that i stop counting how many times have i watched
    full house = full drama

  657. 657 : jho Says:

    for me this one is the best korean drama ive watch!!!

  658. 658 : kimsumi Says:


  659. 659 : sheila Says:

    there’s nothing really extraordinarily special about this drama.the plot gets boring at times because of the main character’s fears of admitting their true feelings to each other.and they argue and clean and make up.and repeat that routine a thousand times.

    but this drama has a certain charm.i think it’s because of han ji eun and lee young jae.rain and song hye kyo undeniably have good chemistry, and that saves the rest of the show.

  660. 660 : AYu Says:


  661. 661 : ayn Says:

    love this drama so much, it’s the best korean drama i ever watch
    i’m never bored to watch this drama over and over ,, huhu…^^

  662. 662 : lotus6000 Says:

    I LOVED IT!!!

  663. 663 : S. Says:

    This is the best drama

  664. 664 : mekjah Says:

    my all time fav drama…

  665. 665 : amy Says:

    very nice drama, their both good in their craft. I love them both

  666. 666 : BLEN TESHOME Says:


  667. 667 : katalog stron Says:

    I can’t say the I concur having people on this entirely, although do-it-yourselfers definitely bag a few valid points.

  668. 668 : Nata Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  669. 669 : BRITTANY Says:

    it’s undoubtedly the best korean drama i’ve ever watched!!<33333

  670. 670 : Ms.G. Says:

    The best k-drama I’ve ever seen!!! Fighting!!!!

  671. 671 : KitSydney Says:

    Apart from Full House, there’s also another Korean Drama I really love. It’s called My Girl starring Lee Da hae and Lee Dong wook. Trust me, it’s equally
    nice as Full House.

  672. 672 : EunyeHye Says:

    Full House ROKS..not because of not just the plotline…..but because of the musik, director, and the actors that syncronized with the plot…………Go Full House…………….Me and my frnds watched this a millin times and still want to see it

  673. 673 : benj Says:

    this series is the best kdrama here in the philippines. 51% is the highest rating peak.

  674. 674 : sunshine Says:

    ……i really loved fullhouse,
    best drama foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….
    no 1111111111111

  675. 675 : sunshine Says:

    i really loved fullhouse…………….
    best korean drama

  676. 676 : di Says:

    i love full house. it makes me laugh

  677. 677 : superbkapuso Says:

    i love rain…. heheh he’s cute and nice as well..
    pero gusto ko talaga si jessie..ganda nya sobra bagay sila ni justin..:D

    i hope to see u someday:D

  678. 678 : maida Says:

    hey, i just want to say hello to my favorite korean drama ever, i watch dramas evey now and then but always come back to the best
    i always say full house is full drama full love

  679. 679 : xing_jyue16 Says:

    I miss this drama.. I hope there is part 2 for this drama! 🙂

  680. 680 : santie Says:

    i already watch korean drama: Mary Stayed Out All Night @ Marry Me, Mary!, because same writer with full house. but i dont know why MSOAN is became the best drama 2010, the story is flate, i dont have any feel when watch that drama. Very different when i watch full house…never boring until this time.

  681. 681 : shekhar Says:

    Hi All,

    I am from INDIA and have seen full house drama two times and never missed even a single day.

    I rteally miss that drama and Characters specially Lee Young Jae and Han Ji Eun.

    Hey i want the recording of this drama or CD or DVD.

    Please mail me on [email protected]

    Appreciate if any korean girl wud reply like Han Ji Eun.


  682. 682 : Malz Gaylan Says:

    ang gnda ng korean drama na ito khit na mtagal na hindi naka2sawa……isa ito sa mga favorite ko..kya nga bumili na aq ng DVD…huhuhuhuhuuh……GO..!! Korea..!!

  683. 683 : USA-Mary Says:

    All the ducks are supposed to be in a row now. Full House 2 was slated to begin filming in December 2010! Don’t know when it will be ready for us to see, though!

  684. 684 : Rain bi and song hye gyo Says:

    […] » Full House » Korean Drama This entry was posted on Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 at 8:59 am and is filed » Full House » Korean Drama […]

  685. 685 : pup Says:

    this was good drama but not the best

  686. 686 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:



  687. 687 : CanCan Says:


    Please Like Full House Season 2 on FACEBOOK 🙂

  688. 688 : rachana Says:

    I realy realy miss this drama full house.Iwana to watch it again and again.love story is very sweet like both of them….

  689. 689 : djphobes Says:

    i want torrent of dis drama wid eng subtitle plz plz plz help any1 plz
    inform me on [email protected]

  690. 690 : shiran Says:


  691. 691 : shiran Says:

    this was good drama but not the best

  692. 692 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    This is the first kdrama i ever watch,, so far the highest rating k drama in the philippines,, love this one, one of my fav with song hye gyo and bi rain

  693. 693 : Mokha Says:

    Full House This Drama Make Me laugh…moment hanjieun singing 3 beard front of granma….Hahahahahaaahahha so funny this drama Of All time will not forgeten

  694. 694 : koreafanz Says:

    this story make me laugh! i^_^

  695. 695 : misz mayra Says:


  696. 696 : Nay.ni Says:


  697. 697 : mia Says:

    This movie is very good. His story does not make bored. funny and romantic. Song Hye Kyo is very beautiful,, Bi is a talented actor. His songs are also no less good. I really liked. success always … I wait for the continuation of your movie.

  698. 698 : Mentari & yuni Says:

    This film is very interesting, long-fim is not aired on television, please resume but do not be too late, so most nights at 21:00 is the best .. full house .. I miss Bi as Lee Young Jae
    Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun .. please:-D

  699. 699 : anastasia Says:


  700. 700 : chantal Says:

    why aren’t song hye kyo and rain casted as the couple again in fullhouse 2?i’m disappointed

  701. 701 : DELLINA Says:

    HI…. Rain is really good actor! You should see him in Fugitive : Plan B. Still funny and cute….

  702. 702 : GoofyDoggy Says:


    Do you know the title of the instrumental in Episode 2 at about 43min40sec, when LEE Young-Jae (by Rain) stood in front of the glass door to drink beer after failing to propose to KANG Hye-Won (by HAN Eun-Jeong)?
    The instrumental piece can also be found at 4min40sec of:

  703. 703 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Friends 2002 Friend, Our Legend حلو بس في الاخير مو الى ديق الدرجه   Full House G General Hospital 2 شاهدت حلقتين   Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung Giant Give Me Food Glass […]

  704. 704 : Kim Sung Soo… « gruenermann Says:

    […] you can find the synopsis of the Drama here. The story is quiet unique though. You see, its weird how love can grow from such weird situation. […]

  705. 705 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Always best drama korea forever
    I’m never boring watched this drama

  706. 706 : bj ;) Says:

    this is one of the beeeeeeeeest kdramas i have ever waaatched in my entire liiife! theres no boring scene, if you didn’t watch full house yet, you’d miss a looot! this drama is actually my fav, i never got tired of watching this .. i watched this like 8x already and oh damnnn, im still not tired :O the characters on this drama worked pretty well, and the story is really good! soo yeah, better watch it if you haven’t < and the cast would be diff .. so i'd be like :\ HAHAHHA! but yeah FULL HOUSE=(Y) 😉

  707. 707 : mommy najmi Says:

    Nice and funny…

  708. 708 : izher16 Says:

    this is my first love korean drama! this is the reason how was my addiction to kdrama started. Until right now, I’m watching it over and over again!

  709. 709 : himeme Says:

    FH is my first love!<3 uptill now it\'s still my favorite although I have seen lotsa asian series already. FH got something which struck my heart deeply. It\'s still the BEST for me. It\'s a total DAEBAK. From the casts, settings, plot, osts, and everything, it is best in everything. It is really the best that I never miss to watch it all over again and again yearly. It\'s like a ritual for me to watch it annually for almost 6 years now. Kekekeke!!I am still hoping at my best that same casts will be casted on it\'s season 2. FULLHOUSE JJANG!! AZA AZA FIGHTING~!^_______^

  710. 710 : Dee Says:

    I just finished Full House this evening and it more than lives up to the hype. I adore Rain, but had never seen this classic drama. Full House actually exceeded my expectations. The story about the joy and pain of love was so well-acted. It funny, touching, and heartbreaking at times. I’ve never cried so much watching a drama! Rain and Song Hye Kyo are the best matched couple in k-drama history and the ending was just perfect! I LOVED FULL HOUSE WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING! It’s considered one of the all-time greats for very good reason.

  711. 711 : Mysterious Says:

    What a lovely drama to watch….

  712. 712 : laura Says:

    really really love this movie ….number one on my list of the best korean series …. i love both…all… and never bored ..if i feel bad mood i will watch this movie…

  713. 713 : Dee Says:

    i just can’t move on from this drama

  714. 714 : jay jay Says:

    this drama for me is an extra ordinary comedy romance

  715. 715 : elma Says:

    first time I’ve watched kdrama was feb/2010.the very first drama that I’ve watched was full house and coffee prince. maybe that ‘s why I got addicted to kdramas. although I have seen so many already I still come back and rewatched this 2 if some other dramas are so boring and flat. maybe thats why Ilove yoon eun hye so much and rain too.

  716. 716 : milanesha Says:

    very nice, romantic, comedy.. all in.. V

  717. 717 : kat Says:

    fullhouse was the 1st korean drama i watched. up until now, i still watch it again & again. its my favorite. i cant get enough. the storyline just caught my heart & was made realistic by song kye ho & rain. i love them together. they make a nice & fun couple.

  718. 718 : lia Says:

    full house is the best korean drama… i started to love korean drama, because of this film!!!

  719. 719 : maryann Says:

    Full house is still the best TV series. it introduced me to korean dramas and I had been addicted to it since then. Bi Rain and Song hye kyo will always be the best pair for me. . I hope they could be for real and my hopes went up again when song broke up with hyun bin. i like him though also for SHK. Wishing all the best for them all.

  720. 720 : Lessa Says:

    This is my number one drama!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It was the second drama I watched, but it’s my favorite of all time. I watch it over and over. It has the best pairing in the world. I can’t bear to watch dramas with Song Hye Kyo and Rain paired up with other people.

  721. 721 : maryann Says:

    I totally agree that full house is the best, incomparable. They are perfect for each other. I’m still waiting for Full house 2, can it really happen? How i wish it to be soon

  722. 722 : Sesli Sohbet Says:

    i watched this like 8x already and oh damnnn, im still not tired :O the characters on this drama worked pretty well, and the story is really good.

  723. 723 : nana8ton Says:

    i remember saving my study allowance just to i set original vcd fr this series.owh those sleepless nite but its worth evry min of it.bi rain is soooooooooooooooo cooooool and sexy.shk looks naive in this series.i fall in love wit korean drama since winter sonata.fh definitely one of the best ever.i wish fh2 will come true.

  724. 724 : Fina Says:

    Haha…Full House forever.Never bored watching it over and over again. Finally I was in Full House last spring….It’s like a dream. I still can’t believe I was there…..

  725. 725 : reine Says:

    Classic! this drama is already 7 years old but i never get tired of watching it over and over again! =)

  726. 726 : SesliVatan Says:

    Thanks Admin..Good Post

  727. 727 : shazh Says:

    The best korean drama of all times!!

  728. 728 : zari Says:

    The best Korean film ever saw,with two of the best actors, they are my favorites.

  729. 729 : Pikiddo Says:

    Love this drama^^ Have seen it 50 times at least!
    How about a new drama with the same actors!

  730. 730 : maida Says:

    i have seen many korean drama , but full house still the best
    evey now and then i came to watch it
    it is like refreshing me

  731. 731 : 3+L Says:

    pretty awesome drama…

    you’re my idol RAIN…

    more power!!!

  732. 732 : bhanvi Says:

    best drama ever…pls pls….song hye kyo and rain…pls work togthr again…..plsss

  733. 733 : des Says:

    …still the best drama ever! I’m starting to like Greatest Love, but nothing beats Full House yet, for me!

  734. 734 : Joonshu Says:

    still one of my best drama forever……..

    Song Hye Gyo so cuteeeee……and Beautifulllll…..

    i hope song hye Kyo will play other movie with Won Bin and Song Seung Hoen…..

  735. 735 : Home drama subtitle | Fliprenovation Says:

    […] Full House » Korean DramaFull House » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean … Watch Online with English subtitle · Watch Online with Chinese subtitle … […]

  736. 736 : kat26ona Says:

    start liking kdramas because of this one..super like!

  737. 737 : Isabel Says:

    Best Kdrama I have seen!!!

  738. 738 : ann Says:

    Watched it over 100 times

  739. 739 : blaq Says:

    watching Kdrama coz of this.. Bi’s my first Korean artist Bias… still is… and now MBLAQ!!! hi hihi…

  740. 740 : blaq Says:

    also…..i keep on watching it.. since I watched it way back in 2004, i still go back to it every now and then.. never get tired of it…there were other dramas but not that close to FH.. I adore Bi as Lee Young Jae and SHK as Han Ji Eun.. This is the drama that the characters where exactly executed well… every episode is worth watching… the only drama that I’d watch 16 hours straight.. he he eh.. had difficulty stopping .. he he he.. after watching FH.. tried to find other Kdramas but nothing came close to mY bI’s FH..

  741. 741 : samia Says:

    i love this korean drama..song hye kyo is verry cuteee.. i love her

  742. 742 : buttercup Says:

    Worth watching it over and over again!! 🙂

  743. 743 : Isabel Says:

    The first Korean Drama I saw and still my favorite one. I love Rain in this drama…

  744. 744 : jenny Says:


  745. 745 : Kira Says:

    i miss this korean drama so much

  746. 746 : norainanies Says:

    The best korean draa of all times…. i like…

  747. 747 : dennis Says:

    best korean drama ever

  748. 748 : BelidiBali Says:

    Really good story and setting. I like both Rain and Song Hye Kyo, they really prefect couple. Must see drama!

  749. 749 : maryann Says:

    I rested for a while after watching this over a hundred times and watch some other good dramas. Full house is still the best, perfect combination. I love them both. Hoping to see them together in another drama. Kangsamhamnida! Kumowo from somebody from the Philippines.

  750. 750 : des Says:

    ..why do i still miss full house even if I have watched it for the nth time? I’ve lost track of how many times it’s been already! Going to watch it again and again and again!

  751. 751 : devit Says:

    i would like korean drama euy..

  752. 752 : apriano Says:

    my best kdrama ever

  753. 753 : alya Says:

    my first korean drama… love the story and the couple so much.. they make me wanna watch korean drama… the first drama which show that korean drama is good and really moved me.. love.love.love…. 😀

  754. 754 : Ankita Says:

    I jst luv dis serial

  755. 755 : naomi Says:

    one of my best korean drama…i think i watched this more than 20 times, i never get tired watching this drama…Hope song hye kyo ang bi could have another series together or would be better and exciting if there will be a Full House part II

    more power.

  756. 756 : anchal lakhera Says:

    tht’s my favourite drama tht all i hve seen

  757. 757 : paba Says:

    wow beautifull teledrama i have seen. very very cute.rain and song ‘s acting is so beautifull.it is very sencitive and funny.i love rain’s acting very much.i like him very much.

  758. 758 : NETHU Says:

    I love rain very much.he is so beautifull. He is my dream boyyyyyyyyyyy

  759. 759 : somebody Says:


  760. 760 : Is Addictive! :) « BlueberrySkies Says:

    […] in my opinion, no one can beat Full House and Coffee Prince. […]

  761. 761 : syelala Says:

    luv full house sooo mussshhhhh…
    i have been watch full house too many times n never get bored

  762. 762 : maryann Says:

    Missing you so much. had watch Full house over a hundred times and went back watching it after few months of resting. I don’t get tired at all watching your drama. Got to see another team up drama of SHK and BI. Kamsamhanida. . . you made life worth living

  763. 763 : bhanvi Says:

    the best ever…still takes my heart away…ive seen sooooo many kdramas…but still…not one is close to this…handsdown the best…unbeatble….luc u bikyo…frvr..

  764. 764 : jmas28 Says:

    Re-making full house drama,make it ” full house 2″with same actors, actress and vanue…more tear down as rain fall.Full house is a great tv
    drama…the unforgetable sad,cheerful and romantic characters.For
    audience just make” full house 2″it will make this planet earth cheerful

  765. 765 : tom yumnam Says:

    i see in my eyes all the time. fh i m about song hye

  766. 766 : dashka Says:

    very nice drama

  767. 767 : thia Says:

    my fav drama 4ever…luv it choo much…

  768. 768 : chingy Says:

    i don’t get it. i thought this drama ended in season 1.what’s in season 2? Please use the same actors and actresses

  769. 769 : lisha Says:

    i very like dis drama…like very much!!

  770. 770 : clarissa jane Says:

    it so nice i miss watching it . mua 🙂

  771. 771 : Niroshan Says:

    Hi Mr.bi my sister like your teledrama also, she like to be a friend with you What about you…..?
    She is a littel girl…&..She will like to speak with you
    would you like that…?
    She’s name – Raveena thilo
    Born – 1998-04-27
    Age – 13
    Sex – female
    Address – 181/3 St’ nicholas road munnakkaraya negombo Srilanka
    home number – 0094314908855
    She will still waiting for your reply About a english letter. please Send your Photo about that letter………!

  772. 772 : shifani Says:

    awsm teledrama i have seen in ma whole life…!!!!!<3 <3….romanitc and very funny……,,,i love this soooo much….what about season 2….

  773. 773 : imen Says:

    i like this drama very much:)

  774. 774 : Joana Jackon Says:

    I’ve had a pretty good run at hubpages. I like the community and I like how the hubs are laid out and easy to publish. I look forward to making some bucks from the ads. We’ll see!

  775. 775 : classic Says:

    visit cyber-classic.blogspot.com
    free download korean movies ^^

  776. 776 : Asry Ismath Says:

    Hi.. Mr.Bi how r u doing?
    This is Asry Ismath
    This is ur fan and look like ur face.. I wish to talk with u in facebook or Skype.. pls.. If u wish contact me.. +94755575658
    My facebook id: http://www.facebook.com/asryismath or my page http://www.facebook.com/princeasryismath .
    Skype id: asryismath
    Thank you..

  777. 777 : Daphne Tay Says:

    I hope Song Hye Kyo & Bi will act wife & husbend again with children in Full House season 2 & family ……

  778. 778 : amethyst Says:

    One of the best drama of Korea…the start of Korean Wave

  779. 779 : hanie Says:

    i really love this drama, the actor n the actress, never bored watching it… i’m so excited to hear that there will be season 2….

  780. 780 : aziey Says:

    i like this movie very much,, <3

  781. 781 : Ridma Says:

    i like both of you very much hope if i can talk with you for a moment some time i smile and sometime i cry ed with you two hope we can see season 2 soon I’M FROM SRI LANKA

  782. 782 : lovearj clarion Says:

    i hope Song Hye Kyo and Bi will having a new movie movie agai as a reunion . ! i love their team up soo much

  783. 783 : winnie Says:

    What happened to full house 2? I hope it will be aired soon though with different castings, i’m still looking forward to it. i missed the house itself as well as Rain and SHK. got to see same location I hope.

  784. 784 : MONA ANGGREINI Says:

    i love to rain…..

  785. 785 : Matt King Says:

    Hello. I am asking the admin/staff at koreandrama.org this (or anyone that knows), but I thought everyone who is a Full House fan should be informed. (:

    Does anyone know when Full House 2 is going to be released, in Korea?
    I thought the second season was going to be on Japanese TV screens this month, turns it has been pushed to May.

  786. 786 : admin Says:

    @Matt King (785),

    The release date of ‘Full House 2’ is on May 2012, but not yet confirmed the exact date.

  787. 787 : may Says:

    Who sang the song named WHY in this drama?

  788. 788 : Matt King Says:

    Hello admin, thanks for the reply.

    I understand it will commence on May, on Japanese TV station, TBS. Do you know when in KOREA it will air? May?

    Thank you~

    @Matt King from admin,

    Nobody can confirmed about this.

  789. 789 : Nadya Says:

    sarangheyo Rain,,,

  790. 790 : MEIAME Says:

    i really love it! actually it’s the first korean I’VE WATCHED nd the reason why i keep on watching korean drama

  791. 791 : MEIAME Says:

    sana may drama ulit si rain at song hye kyu………i really miss their team up na………

  792. 792 : Faraa Says:

    emmm…nape muke Lee Young Eun berubah dah masa sye tengok cite While You Were Sleeping?????

  793. 793 : fitri Says:

    young jae& han ji-eun cocok banget

  794. 794 : Prince syaf Says:

    Amazing drama. Big influence to every drama in Asia. Bravo song hye kyo and rain. I LIKE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH.

  795. 795 : desi Says:

    can we watch the Full House 2 in Indonesia??
    i am so excited to watch the second season…

  796. 796 : deeAn Says:

    everlasting drama..

  797. 797 : Prince syaf Says:

    Now, this drama is playing on one of indonesia station tv. Maybe today or next sunday will be end. I enjoying watch drama. Really like this drama ever.

  798. 798 : Ozzie Says:

    Full House 2 – different actors – not so excited. Would prefer original actors :'(

  799. 799 : Anne Says:

    the best Korean Drama of all times.. 🙂

  800. 800 : comment Says:

    this series was being re-run on a tv station in my country, but since i havent watched it before, so it is not a re-run for me. i think hye kyo is indeed a beautiful woman. and although i am a fan of Secret Garden where Hyun Bin is paired with Ji Won, i think in real Hyun Bin would make a perfect couple with Hye Kyo. this series is amusing. here Ji Eun is said to be a naive girl, and in the series is said to be not so bright with Young Jae nick named her “chicken”..? not sure the real term since it is being dubbed here. i think Hye kyo did a good job in portraying a not so bright, but beautiful girl.. not sure where and from whom did Hye Kyo “model” her image as Ji Eun character, but when on an occasion i watched a mini-bio of Marylin Monroe, although they look different, I suddenly remember Hye Kyo’s expressions in this series, e.g. when she smiles, how her eyes look, then her surprised look, the child-like kind of kindness, the shape of her lips/mouth…etc…i found almost the same facial expression from Miss Monroe’s face… sort of the “dumb blonde” kind of … although i am sure neither MM or Hye Kyo are dumb in reality, they are just that smart to portray that kind of expression to add to their already great “appeal” being a beautiful woman, and sexy too..

  801. 801 : tiandz_screamoz Says:


  802. 802 : Matt Says:


    There is some BTS footage on epdrama’s Full House 2 page, if you want to check that out.

  803. 803 : rhia ajj Says:

    when her movie repeats?

  804. 804 : hanie Says:

    watch this drama 5 times already… really match couple, love this one so much.. song hye kyo so sweet and beautiful.. admire her skin..

  805. 805 : winnie Says:

    i wonder what happened to Full house 2. why isn’t it showing yet? I’m super excited to watch it.

  806. 806 : bernadette Says:

    really?there’s full house 2?nice to hear that.
    full house is the first korean tv series i’ve been hooked up to. i just loved it. song hye kyo & rain were the most lovable couple. and the house was my dream home.
    korean romance-comedy series are fantastic. very good storyline & you can’t help falling in love & laughing at the same time.
    missed song hye kyo on screen. she is just one beauty that you can’t help but adore. one the most beautiful face in korea.

  807. 807 : Hanz Kho Says:

    Hope there will be Full House 2 that the cast of this drama was also the cast of another drama. . .there is already “Full House take 2” at this time, but the cast is already change and they will never compare to the original cast of Full House.
    The storyline is the same as the original one but slightly change the role of the cast.

  808. 808 : NiNi Says:

    I am really glad for receiving Best Couple Award, Bi and Song Hye Kyo for that movie.
    I like that movie so much and Bi and Song Hye Kyo also.

  809. 809 : Sena Says:

    Rain!!! <3

  810. 810 : RainLover Says:

    Love you Rain 🙂 you the best!

  811. 811 : RainLover Says:

    Rain is an amazing singer and actor. Saranghae yo 🙂

  812. 812 : kent Says:

    gusto ko manuod ulit ito kasi sobra ganda .. :))

  813. 813 : f Says:

    song hyo kyo is beautiful

  814. 814 : f Says:

    song hyo kyo cantik bngt….

  815. 815 : Buddhi Says:

    I really really enjoyed dis drama, i love the main actor & d actress, both f them r so cute together, love 2 c dem again in a drama zun, the story 2 is an excellent, so i cudnt resist m self 2 watch it consatantly, love dem so much, superb acting,

  816. 816 : Full Drama Korea King Of AmbitionKorea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  817. 817 : Nheck kusa Says:

    I love full house. And i love it. Its is beutiful dram . Because i like coria . Saranghe to all korian.

  818. 818 : Dede Says:

    Just watched Full House and I don t get why everyone loves it. All they do is scream and fight with each other. Just don t get it……………

  819. 819 : Frits Says:

    I love everythings about korean drama especially if that drama’s started by
    Song Hye Gyo(Song Hye Kyo)
    She’s most beautiful actress that I’ve ever seen…

    wish thet she could be most wanted actress in the world…

  820. 820 : winnie Says:

    I super agree Fritz, she’s my number one idol, i enjoyed all her shows, even by just looking at her face. Miss her team up with Bi Rain, but I’m consoled by her team up with Jo in sung.

    Hope to see more shows of SHK/Bi/Hyun Bin/Jo Insung.
    I lost my Full house DVD copy, must have been worn out due to excessive weatching literally over a hundred times.

  821. 821 : winnie Says:

    i watched this drama a hundred times (or more) and then i started seeing other dramas but Full house is still the best. I don’t know when but i lost the first DVD copy i just realized when I decided to re hush. i acquired a new and better copy and started to watch all over from the start. hay. . i missed this couple. i sure wish to see them in a similar project.

  822. 822 : norry jean gelilang Says:

    I love watching koreann dramas..

  823. 823 : norry jean gelilang Says:

    I love watching korean dramas..

  824. 824 : Henry Says:

    I like this drama very much that kept me watching over and over again!

  825. 825 : yannz Says:

    Full House is my favorite Korean Drama a Romance/Drama/Comedy an unforgetable Korean Asianovela …

  826. 826 : yannz Says:

    Full House – Rain and Song Hye Kyo I really llike it and love to watch so many times…

  827. 827 : Full House 풀하우스 [2004] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] website Visit Korea cast ratings dramafever koreandrama soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org kdramarecaps ep 1 dramacool soompi kdramarecaps spcnet tumblr blogs koreandramagifland […]

  828. 828 : MayaF Says:

    Never bored to watch this drama.. THE BEST DRAMA I ever seen..Great story.. Great lead male and female actress.. Good director and screenwriter… I Looooooveeeeee this drama sooooooooo muchhhhh!!

  829. 829 : Sesli Says:

    Good wow.. thank you admin.

  830. 830 : Full House Reunion | Pen Pal Says:

    […] » full house » korean drama » full house » korean drama synopsis, details, cast and other info of all korean drama tv series. […]

  831. 831 : Subtitle Indonesia Drama Korea Full House | Filmdramaku.com Says:

    […] Full House […]

  832. 832 : rianna Says:

    Full house opened my interest to Korean drama. it started my addiction which has been going on for 11 years now. i watched the incomplete version because the show time is during my office hours. When i finally had the DVD copy i think i watched this over and over for more than a hundred times where i already memorized the lines and the scenes. Now i still watched it once in a while. Best drama ever.
    thank you for the exciting days

  833. 833 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    It is now 2016 and again watching FULL HOUSE! One of the cutest if not the CUTEST romantic Korean drama of all time!!! Aja aja fighting! 😀 😀 😀

  834. 834 : Switch Says:

    Dear KoreanDrama,

    Sorry, for two corrections in Awards section:

    1. In 2004 KBS Drama Awards, Rain won “Excellence Actor” not “Top Excellence Actor”. Please edit it. You can check here

    2. Please delete one of “Best Couple Award” because you wrote it two times

    Thank you so much for your help ^^

  835. 835 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #30 – Full House (2004) Rating : 10 out of 10 […]

  836. 836 : shkbirain Says:

    Still my best kdrama ever. the culprit of my addiction. so love both Rain and Hye Kyo,and really happy that they each ended up with their own perfect match in real lives.
    will treasure the times i spent late night re watching these drama i believe it was over a hundred times. . truly and seriously.
    God bless you both Bi and SHK. wish you well in your respective married lives.

  837. 837 : instagram online Says:

    One of the must-watched Korean drama.

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