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Full House Take 2

Title: 풀하우스 TAKE2 / Full House Take 2
Chinese Title: 浪漫满屋 2
Also known as: Full House 2
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16 (2 parts in each episode)
Broadcast network: SBS Plus
Broadcast period: 2012-Oct-22 to 2012-Dec-13
Air time: Monday to Thursday 12:30 (1 part/day @ 35 minutes/part)
Related Series: Full House Series


This series pivots around a hapkido teacher Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum) becoming a stylist of top idol group TAKE ONE, composed of the perfectionist Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) and a free yet kind guy named Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong) and getting into a romantic relationship with them.

Lee Tae Ik became an idol in order to gain back the house where he had lived with his late parents. Can Lee Tae Ik regain “Full House” ? And what about these three’s future in love…?


Main Cast

No Min Woo as Lee Tae Ik
Ahn Do Gyu as Lee Tae Ik (child)
Oh Jae Moo as Lee Tae Ik (teen)
Hwang Jung Eum as Jang Man Ok / Jang Michelle
Noh Jung Ui as Jang Man Ok (Child)
Park Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi
Jung Yoon Suk as Kang Hwi (child)
Yoo Seol Ah as Jin Se Ryuong

Supporting Cast

Kim Byung Se as Hwang Bum Soo
Lee Hoon as Lee Joon
Lee Seung Hyo as Bae Go Dong
Jung Ji Ah as Song Noh Ra
Heo Jae Ho as So Ji Sung
Kim Do Yun (1978) as Han Ga Ryun
Jang Hang Sun as Man Ok’s grandfather
Oh Na Mi as stylist Choi
Yoo Tae Woong as Tae Ik’s father
Kim Ye Ryung as Tae Ik’s mother
Kuroda Fukumi as Tae Ik’s aunt
Kang Doo as Sangsudong Wolf / Sang Dae
Han Yeo Wool as secretary
Ahn Yong Joon as Jay / Jung Chul
Lee Shin Ae (이신애) as Enterteinment news reporter
Song Min Hyung as President Director of U Ent.
Yang Han Yul (양한열) as hapkido student
Kim Tae Young (김태영) as Ophthalmologist
Lee Jung as radio program MC
Jo Jae Yoon as China’s Korean taxi driver
Yang Han Yeol

Production Credits

Production Company: Kim Jong Hak Productions & Digital Khan
Chief Producer: Kim Yong Jin
Director: Kim Jin Young, Nam Ki Hoon
Original writing: Manhwa Full House by Won Soo Yeon
Screenwriter: Park Young Sook


– This drama is based on manhwa by writer Won Soo Yeon and was jointly produced by Korean, Chinese and Japanese companies and finished filming in April.

– This drama premiered in Japan on 2012-Oct-05 with Japanese Title ‘フルハウスTAKE2’ in TBS Channel 2.


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Official Site (SBS Plus)

Official Site (TBS)

Trailer (Japanese Version)

7 Minutes Highlight

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  1. 1 : fsn Says:

    I wanna watch it badly

  2. 2 : brookz Says:

    i’m gonna watch this drama for sure

  3. 3 : HaroroLovePororo Says:

    Woooooww daebaak!! Is comong soon! I can’t wait watch it!!! la la la ye ye ye
    Ooh I really miss song hye gyo and bi rain the casts 🙁

  4. 4 : marie Says:

    nothing beats the original story and characters. Song Hye Kyo and Rain 4eva!!!

  5. 5 : fransiska s Says:

    pengen cepat ntn…..semoga bagus juga ya..:)

  6. 6 : AyuSaputriPue Says:

    i don’t think that this drama will be success as full house 1.. miss song hye gyo much..

  7. 7 : dinaz Says:

    Woww..fullhouse2..i am expecting alot from this drama.. 🙂
    park ki woong fighting!!

  8. 8 : max Says:

    finally the date of airing has been set… i’ve been waiting for this one to air coz i’m a big fan of the main cast. they have awesome acting skills…

  9. 9 : wanis Says:

    _don’t let me down_

  10. 10 : daryl Says:

    yeheeeeeeeeey, me part 2 na!!!!

  11. 11 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    no min wo… check!
    park ki woong… check!
    hwang jung eum.. check!
    the story line…?? i don’t know just wait and see..
    i hope it’s diff from season 1 coz i don’t wanna see their repeat it again and i don’t wanna see rain & song hye kyo part 2.. please come out with something new and fresh..

  12. 12 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    ..oops sorry typo error.. i mean “..they repeat it again..”

    oh yeah, i don’t like no min woo’ s hair syle in that poster..
    i hope they changed it coz no min woo used to look hot in pasta and my girlfriend is a gumiho.. hwang jung eum looks cute like her can you hear my heart days.. and park ki woong so diff from his role in bridal mask..

  13. 13 : Micc Says:


  14. 14 : Mystisith Says:

    That drama is a monstrosity!
    1- No need to do a sequel remake of a drama which was not that good in the first place. Full House 1 is like Boys Over Flowers: A lot of persons discovered Kdramas thanks to it & like it as a “first love” but are able to acknowledge than it was very average.
    2- This remake is produced only to be an opportunistic cash machine. It’s suited for Japanese audience like a silly/cheesy manga. I can’t even believe they chose to air this in SK (on an obscure channel than no one knows, I guess it will limit the damages).
    3- I’m so sad for the actors: Both male leads are good actors and ended in that train wreck. Why, Why, Why???
    If you still believe it can be good, check the trailer. I know I will watch it just by pure morbid curiosity, like you watch videos of airplane crashes on You Tube.

  15. 15 : alvitux Says:


  16. 16 : Bebe Says:

    I have waited for this to air for soooo long. Finally is here. I love the main actor and actress.

  17. 17 : sara Says:

    The first version was like a fresh breath in the tearful, sentimental dramas era. But since then, tons of similar dramas have been produced and just few of them been worth watching. I believe you can turn a cliche story into a fresh one, if you have the skill. The cast has the potential. I hope it wouldn’t be another soon-to- forget drama.

  18. 18 : shanty Says:

    ohh my…i’ve been dreaming to watch this series,,,plizzz can’t wait to see it.but I wonder why hair style of the lead actress is a kind of short hair??

  19. 19 : Jennie Says:

    Agree some with @mystisith and @sara but I shall keep an open mind. Haven’t seen the trailer yet but the stars are promising and I like all 3. Let’s hope they can work this out.

  20. 20 : winnie Says:

    Full house 1 is the reason why I’m addicted to Korean dramas. I’ve been hearing about Full house 2 since year 2008. Finally, i hope the long wait will be worhtwhile. Missing Song Hye kyo and Rain so much.
    Good luck to the new casts. . many fans are anticipating equally or better results.

  21. 21 : New Sara Says:

    hair model of no min woo is very bad

  22. 22 : Jinny jinnyj Says:

    Can’t wait to watch , long time to wait for this drama BC really like Full House so much , hope Full House 2 will so good as the cute lead actor and actress. 🙂

  23. 23 : Almunthir Says:

    WooooooW !
    I Can’t Wait 😀 , Finally After 10 Days !!!!!!
    I love Full House S1 And Maybe S2 ? ;D

  24. 24 : zhao Says:

    I’m wondering if this drama will be succeed like the first one!

  25. 25 : Micc Says:

    Watched the trailer, sure it is very manga, especially the hairdos! But still seems to be funny! Judging from the trailer, this is more comedic and manga like, different from the first Full House. Agreed with Jennie, open mind!

  26. 26 : aimee Says:

    Finally, this drama will come to its start. It’s been a long time but I hope it is worth the waiting. The casts seems to be not so famous though I have seen the lead actor is some dramas. I hope that he could give justice to the role given to him, I dare not to compare him with Rain because he has a different approach in handling the role. I just hope that this drama will be as good, romantic and exciting as the last one.

  27. 27 : sara Says:

    To admin, I’m sooooo sorry for off-topic, but please do something so people can’t choose the same name in the comment section, if it’s possible. See 21# comment. It’s not me. But She uses the same name. Thank you.

    (@sara from admin: We already change her name to New Sara. Please inform us if it happened again)

  28. 28 : sara Says:

    Really thank you admin and sorry for bothering you. You are the best.

  29. 29 : may Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa finilly!!!!! i was looking reallllllly forward to seeinng tis drama finily it is out and may is going to watch it!!!

  30. 30 : h&m Says:

    just going to watch the pilot for curiosity, still the original is the BEST! SONG HYE KYO AND RAIN ARE STILL THE BEST LEADS FOR FULL HOUSE AND THEY ARE MORE GOOD LOOKING COUPLE!!!

  31. 31 : Audreylatt Says:

    I like No Min Woo.
    Welcome to his new drama

  32. 32 : jassica Reem Khalil Says:

    IlOVE YOU No min woo
    i am wating this drama
    i love you no min woo <3 cuteeeeee

  33. 33 : BIna Says:

    hmm is to compare full house first maybe to early to said that, i will watch this drama may be 1-2 episode so i’m maybe compared of them, but i think rain hyung can not be compare to that actor who is the main lead of this drama.Hope i’m false

  34. 34 : nunururululu Says:

    cannot waiting anymore..

    i hope it will be better than the 1st..


  35. 35 : swift Says:

    Cannot wait for this drama to come online, too many melodrama showing at the moment. With ending of ‘To the beautiful you, Panda and the Hedgehog’, no much of choice for romcom in the net currently.

  36. 36 : swift Says:

    Second lead guy was Shunji in Bridal Mask. Since this drama was filmed before Bridal Mask, kept looking at the poster of this guy and kept thinking of his baddie yet gentlemanly character in Bridal Mask.

  37. 37 : ina Says:

    can’t wait this drama… Hope will be top drama as much as the 1st one. Finally No min woo bcme a lead actor. ^_^

  38. 38 : Esmer Says:

    Can’ wait for it. I’ve been waiting for 2 years already. Finally. 8 more days.:D

  39. 39 : behnam Says:

    hi i am from iran and i live in a small town but i know no min woo and i like his he is my favourite actor and so the lead cast female is cute i hope everybody enjoy this drama as me thank you

  40. 40 : imoelyta Says:

    i don’t think its better than the 1st one… fullhouse song hye kyo n rain…

    but entertaining…

  41. 41 : Dhana Says:

    I wanna watch full house 2

  42. 42 : Dhana Says:

    Hi, by the way i m from manipur, india

  43. 43 : Angel Says:

    Can I ask if the drama is korean >>Or not??
    because i thought that was korean and that is what i hope >>please someone answer me >>?

  44. 44 : swift Says:

    This website only caters for Korean Dramas. The Full House Take 2 is Korean, the actors are all Korean and for you to have it in your own language, you need to go to Viki drama website for this drama to be translated to your native language.

  45. 45 : JYJ Fanatic Says:

    Is this the same plot as the first season, because it’s seems like that. or a continuation?

  46. 46 : swift Says:

    @JYJ Fanatic
    The plot is different. 1st season is the girl that losses the lease of her home due to her friends greed in selling her house to a famous idol (Rain) and ended up she had to work as a maid for the idol.
    The plot for the 2nd season is different because the house previously belonged to the guy and now he enters a fake engagement with the girl (owner of the house).

  47. 47 : Angel Says:


    thank you so much.. ^^

  48. 48 : Angel Says:

    can you guys tell where can I find some more pictures for this lovely drama..?
    Thank you…

  49. 49 : Jane Says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out….but I just can’t stand her hair, omo~ so ugly. Why the director gotta make her hair like that.

  50. 50 : @funnyvino Says:

    @jane it looks like they copy the image of the girl from Paradise Ranch but if im not mistaken SBS is also the producer of it.

    Im lo0king for this drama full of comedy than the FH1.,more twist to happen!

  51. 51 : no min woo's girlfriend Says:

    minwoo-oppa naneun michegenne! saranghaeyo <3

  52. 52 : tintin Says:

    Big shoes to fill! The first one was epic! (No pressure though to both cast and crew). 🙂

  53. 53 : reca aquarius Says:

    Wouuu I’ve been waiting for this drama

  54. 54 : fifi Says:

    nope they cant top the orig one…sorrryyyyy. BiKyo for full house. take 2 is just a copycat

  55. 55 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    i love you NO MIN WOO. like dream come true to watch you in a lead role. fighting.

  56. 56 : Nana Says:

    wow I’ve been waiting for this too I hope Filebook (my favorite downloading site) will have this too <3

  57. 57 : Tania Lania Says:

    Finally, this drama will come to its start. It’s been a long time but I hope it is worth the waiting.

  58. 58 : lemon Says:

    y her hair like that? plzzz change it!!

  59. 59 : zashee Says:

    cant wait,awww

  60. 60 : -Autumn- Says:

    I saw the trailer. It seems pretty good but omg, the lead female’s hair is so so so ugly. Really spoiled the whole drama. Min Woo is so pretty and good looking but the girl’s hair….sigh. Kinda unmatched. I really hope that they will change her hairstyle towards the end *cross fingers*.

    Is the curly short hair is trendy in korea now? I didn’t watch ‘Wild Romance’ becoz of the lead female’s ugly curly hair. I just lost interest.

  61. 61 : Mystisith Says:

    For info, this drama has finished its filming months ago. It’s not live shooting so no need to ask for changes (I would join the chorus, believe me). They just couldn’t find a channel in SK to air it since it’s simply put a hot potato that nobody wants. Draw your own conclusions…

  62. 62 : F.Ids Says:

    I loved Full House! and i really don’t want to be disappointed by this one. So i will watch it as a normal drama, but not as a Full House 2.

    This Full House 2 has been announced for more than 1 year now. The cast doesn’t seem interesting. Most of the actors used to play second roles in dramas. And the fact that the drama will be aired in Japan at the same time makes me sceptic too cause Japanese and Korean dramas are sooo different.

    Well, we will see. Looking forward to watch the first episode and judge.

  63. 63 : Nita Says:

    Minwoo, u’re my ideal type boy…
    wish this drama will be succes

  64. 64 : myeon Says:

    i think this will fun ! haha

  65. 65 : 123 Says:

    umm i was jus watchin this drama and there was a kiss between the male lead actors…i dont understand korean that well but can someone please tell me what jus happened

  66. 66 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    One of the very 1st Korean drama i watched was Full House and i was like a moth drawn to the illumination of the light, and since then the rest is history.The original was so comical and yet in a flash of a second could be a tear jerker just shows how it can affect and persuades once feeling and emotion.Characters of the original show is incomparable, very charismatic portrayals of all, young and old included but most especially the 2 main artists.The original i might also say an epic.This imitation appears to show it is ,since the quality says it all.My curiosity dictates me to give it a chance to see first few scene and the teaser and my expectation hasn’t been met not even a bit.I’m not a Korean but thank god to the original Full House drama i am and become what i am now ,yes you may say addicted to it .I have seen so many Korean dramas and at this point that i can ,to say the least distinguish the good,fun,engaging and exciting to watch as oppose to the boring,non sensical,waste of time and in other word bad one.This is an expression of my very own feeling and i don’t dare to impringe on other people otherwise.

  67. 67 : sweetestMyle Says:

    soo!! today is the airing of this drama….I want to watch it!!!

  68. 68 : koykikoy Says:

    just like ahjumma hair. 😐

  69. 69 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Not to sound shallow but my curiosity almost kills me.The female lead not only meet the standard of a beauty but also consistent with irritating acting.The male lead on the other hand appears to be anorexic, pale ,hunger for blood vampire look does’nt appeal to my liking and whose acting ability definitely requires more room for improvement.The supporting actor i must say seems to be the only one acceptable and decent.Nevertheless,teeny bop show sometimes make it from tons of young viewers.I don’t want to be bias but the producers and director should at least take in consideration that if they are to make a sequel or a part 2 then they should either think of getting artists of the same caliber if not better from the original for it to become successful.But then again who can top a legend.In my book RAIN will always be number one.Sung Hye Ko is not only a beauty but also known for her dramatic role and not lacking in comedy.

  70. 70 : emerald Says:

    i like the kiss between the 2 male lead actors… ahahahaha… so cute… i want to kiss also Park Ki Woong Oppa…

  71. 71 : Micc Says:

    No Min Woo was fainting because the scarf on his neck was cutting off his circulation, so Park Ki Woong staged a kiss (they did actually kissed) to hold him and help him get up and took his scarf off his neck.

  72. 72 : mimimi Says:

    why all of the hair of the lead actors n actress were so bad?? it makes them all look ugly, dissapointed with the hair 🙁

  73. 73 : yunita Says:

    No minwoo oppa look bad in here , i dont like his hair , and park kiwoong i think i like his style and his hair in this drama ..
    so wanna watch this drama …

  74. 74 : OK OK OK Says:

    Still prefer Rain, Song Hye Kyo & Kim Sung Soo.

    Rain & Kim Look more manly n SHK so lovely n adorable. 🙂 🙂

  75. 75 : OK OK OK Says:

    No Min Woo is allergic to dust since young. I guess there are some dust or pets hair in his scarf etc that makes him can’t breathe on stage n Park Ki Woong kiss him to give him air …….. help him to breathe 🙂

    Thats my guessing …………. 😛

  76. 76 : lei Says:

    oh my!!Full house 1 is apparently much better than this..

  77. 77 : Micc Says:

    After watching two episodes, I find this drama is actually quite entertaining! I know how people hate the leads’ hairstyles, but if you have read shoujo manga, you’ll know their hairstyles are straight from the manga book. That’s what this drama seems to be, very manga like, silly and exaggerating at times. And the female lead, haha, her name is the same as Maggie Cheung, and her hairstyle is like Maggie’s in The Mood for Love, so funny!

  78. 78 : Micc Says:

    However, “Ding Dong” is not getting any taller from last year. 🙂

  79. 79 : sara Says:

    I watched the first ep. It is just 30 min though. But it seems promising and funny. The only problem is hairs. I’ve never seen such ugly hair style and color in any drama. Specially NMW’s is super ugly and lessens his beautiful face.

  80. 80 : sara Says:

    Sorry i mean lessens the beauty of his face.

  81. 81 : nethu Says:

    all three hairstyles don’t suit all three of them.. specially No Min Woo’s hair.. who’s the hair dresser? doesnt know how to match hair styles.. Koreans should be KOREANS. not British or American.. BTW, their hair styles look like a mix of European and African… XD so ugly for Koreans. 🙁

  82. 82 : nethu Says:

    and i loose apatite when watching. so i gave up the drama after the first 10 minutes.

  83. 83 : New sara Says:

    i think this drama is better than full house 1 beacause no min wo is better than rain

  84. 84 : weissman Says:

    so far this drama is a hoot, the lead characters are over the top but they are supposed to be over the top. You can just lean back and laugh

  85. 85 : sara Says:

    Dear admin, comment 83 is not me. Sorry for bothering you but please change it to New Sara. Even what she says is exactly oposite what i think. Thank you so much.

  86. 86 : sara Says:

    Please use capital “S” or “New sara”. I’m active on this threads and it’s confusing.

  87. 87 : emerald Says:

    this girl really looking good in Golden Time. Park Ki Woong, I love him, its a diffirent character now for him… well, 2 episodes, lets say, excite me a little bit.. so looking forward to the upcoming episodes..

  88. 88 : 1hwanja Says:

    I find Minwoo is a better actor than rain…I really love this !!!!!I like the leads and storyline!!AND ITS FUNNIER THAN FH1~~:DD :PPP

  89. 89 : New sara Says:

    yes min woo is best actor in all of his drama and i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove him so much

  90. 90 : bella Says:

    So much love for only RRRaainnn and Song Hye Kyo.. Mmuaahh. No one else.

  91. 91 : Micc Says:

    Park Ki Woong is such a good actor! I can’t even associate him here with Shunji.

  92. 92 : sara Says:

    Please, you didn’t read my comment? Admin already changed your name in 83# comment. This is the forth time i’m asking you. Please don’t use “sara”. Use another name or sara with capital “s”. Are you testing my patience?

  93. 93 : Micc Says:


    Just want to share my personal experience. The exact same thing happened to me before, so I just added another c to my screen name and announced the name change in all the forums I used to post. Instead of asking the other party to change, it might be easier to do it yourself to save you from all the frustrations. Of course you might think differently, but I just wanna share my experience cos I know how frustrated it could be. 🙂

  94. 94 : princess Says:

    full house 1 was good but this drama seem also good.we must wait for the feature episode and then decide , for starting i think it is a good drama

  95. 95 : Hanz Kho Says:

    Hello 🙂
    I already watch this drama. . .and I found out that this drama is not as good as the “Full House 1” and it will never compare to the original version it is also boring because the characters of this drama is not good looking and their hair-style is very discouraging!!!

    -this is my own opinion so don’t get mad on me if you are fan of this drama.

  96. 96 : [email protected] Says:

    Lee Tae Ik VS Hwang Tae Kyung (You’re beautiful)

  97. 97 : swift Says:

    The start (Ep1 &2) quite boring, as expected. Hopefully the storyline will pick up to be more interesting.

  98. 98 : hny Says:

    I watch this too…and this drama quite funny and suprise with their hair style who “amburadul”..curly mess ! Min Woo will good if cast as vampire coz his face so cold like Edward Colin 😀 and the lead actress look like Chae Rim in My Lady but CR more cute than her… BUt I stil Love to watch this drama coz become interesting..

  99. 99 : Irene Says:

    I believe that there is no need to compare full house 2 to the previous one because this one do have a different approach. It either we enjoy watching the new one or better not watch it if you don’t feel like watching it. So far the drama looks so promising.

  100. 100 : Alice Says:

    The Taekwondo studio being used in the drama seems to be the same setting used in the drama Piano, starring Kim Ha Neul and Go Soo

  101. 101 : sara Says:

    Than you for your advice. I will do as you said, if she uses my name once again.

  102. 102 : this is no fun Says:

    how can people say the characters look good and acting is good? have they watched a drama which is worth watching?? this is so boring. full house 1 is 100 times better than this. at least it is watchable. after watching the 1st episode, i asked myself “what is this shit?”.. they r just using the FH1 name to attract audience. how disappointing..

  103. 103 : this is no fun Says:

    btw, where r the ratings??

  104. 104 : Micc Says:


    You’re welcome. Sorry for meddling.

  105. 105 : Nong Says:

    @this is no fun (103),

    TNmS & AGB never take count on ratings for drama shows in SBS PLUS.

  106. 106 : Micc Says:

    Hahaha! The ending of episode 4 is really funny. If you have Rain and Song Hye Kyo in mind then of course this drama is no fun, cos this is not that drama! But it’s by itself a good drama so far.

  107. 107 : bebe Says:

    Agree with #97, the first two eps is not very good, but starting eps 3 it gets better. I do like both main actress and actors, so hopefully it’s going to get better and better.

  108. 108 : sara Says:

    @this is no fun
    It is not that bad. Specially ep 2 was really funny. The scooter scene was hilarious. I was laughing hard. Plus the characters are very cartoon-like and adorable. Taek il and kang hwi’s arguments are very cute.

  109. 109 : Sina Says:

    Sorry, but this drama is not worth watching to me……………

  110. 110 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    for those who haven’t started watching, START WATCHING NOW!!! hehe… it really doesn’t hurt as the episodes are only 30 minutes long and it airs almost everyday!! Cuteness Surplus!! i need a drama like this after a week of Nice Guy, Five fingers and May Queen oh yea also Glass mask…i need a breather…something light hearted and this drama does it for me. I really miss To the Beautiful You!!! Aigooo

  111. 111 : me Says:

    for the one that commented on that this drama is boring should shut up and go watch what you like . You can’t go around talking crap just because you don’t like it. What do you know ? Other people like this type of drama and think’s it fun so who are you say it’s boring and not to watch. And taste it the only think out there that you shouldn’t have an opinion on, you like it or you don’t. I watched the first 2 episodes and I was hooked I can’t barely wait for more chapters.

  112. 112 : this is no fun Says:

    i agree with 109.
    @ sara 108, well the tastes of people are different. i won’t 100% disagree with you as this is kinda funny. i said this is no fun because this doesn’t give me the entertaining experience i expected.

    i mostly like the dramas like “innocent man”, something worth watching, makes you think of what will happen next, that has a logic behind the story and realistic. just making a drama with popular actors doesn’t mean that the drama is going to be a hit. anyway im a bit disappointed because i was waiting for this drama.

  113. 113 : Micc Says:


    I know how you feel. Anything cute and funny works for me. Well, not anything per se, but good ones. 30 minutes of laughing four days a week is a good therapy. 🙂

  114. 114 : sara Says:

    @this is no fun
    Each genre has its own good and bad points. I also love Innocent man type dramas so much. But you can’t expect full house type dramas to have a brilliant script. Even full house 1 wasn’t nothing special. It was just a simple. funny love story. Don’t take it seriously and just enjoy for 30 min.

  115. 115 : ang Says:

    this drama have totally difference plot than the 1st one, but it’s fun to watch.

  116. 116 : ahnnapazaway Says:

    this drama is so hilarious…thumbs up for the cast for making me laugh! and 1 thing i don’t like the hair style of the main cast.. it’s not suitable for them

  117. 117 : @fujiyoan Says:

    I really love Full House 1. Rain and Song Hye Kyo is good acting. Especially this Korean Drama remembered my mom (she is passed away). We both laughing and criying together. But Full House Take 2 is Korean drama with new version

  118. 118 : zashee Says:

    what?can you change their hairstyle? its so girly and dolly

  119. 119 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    Park Ki-woong !!!!!!!! Thumbs up !

  120. 120 : ramin Says:

    full house 1 is n t good i did n t like that no min woo is better than b rain

  121. 121 : jude Says:

    i cant waiting for this and for YOU..witwiwww

  122. 122 : viva Says:

    OMG ahjumma hair -.-
    why like this !
    no min woo is cool but his hair style ???

  123. 123 : seohee Says:

    Full house 2 is a nice drama. I have watched Full house 1 with Bi, and i didn’t really liked it………..! Everyone has it’s own opinion but, it is better not to compare them, cuz the story line is very different..
    I absolutely adore Full house 2.
    About MinWoo’s hair…. ate the time he had that kind of hairstyle. it is similar to his hairstyle in the horror movie “Ghastly”

    link here

  124. 124 : Sydney Says:

    I liked it coz it’s funny.. ,first I watched this drama bec of Park Ki Woong . But I liked all the 3 lead roles. Keep it up

  125. 125 : hny Says:

    so far.. the series FH 2..are lovable, funny with their own way.. so refreshing and makes alot of Lol …good lah 😀 I like it !

  126. 126 : chloe Says:

    THis drama is beyond my expectations GREAT! Although the male actors look like a girl, that’s just Korean. I find many similarities with Full House the original drama.

    It was worth waiting so many years for it!!!

    fighting AZA AZA!!

  127. 127 : Poohs Says:

    can’t they have better hairstyles? Why so curly for the female and male lead.

  128. 128 : Micc Says:

    I am looking forward to seeing this drama everyday now. Nice it plays almost everyday. The story is predictable but there are funny moments. Park Ki Woong and Hwang Jung Eum are great! Compared to them, No Min Woo is a little green, but he has the looks to make up for that.

  129. 129 : b.romeo Says:

    i am not Korean, but love the dramas for a number of good reasons. I am so so sorry to have them no more. I have been a fan for years.
    If they do begin again, I am hoping it will be earlier than midnight that they are aired-timing is awfl.

  130. 130 : sky Says:

    this drama is suck… damn…

  131. 131 : ваня Says:

    i like this drama!very funny moments!

  132. 132 : icha Says:

    I think no min woo is better in midas than here, he looks so skinny with peculiar curly hair.. N his face continuously changed every his drama. It showed he had so many surgery with his looks.

  133. 133 : kdramalover Says:

    So disappointed… I think this one is suck… the guys look like gay and stupid story… HATE color and their hair…

  134. 134 : sara Says:

    Agree. Now even their ugly hairstyle and color seems charming to me. They all are very adorable and cute. What’s better than watching a funny, light romantic comedy everyday. It feeds my spirit. I can’t wait for the romance to get started.

  135. 135 : sara Says:

    It’s not like that. You should consider make up and his weight losing. He has lost 15kg after MGIG still He is one of the flower boys out there.

  136. 136 : Micc Says:


    Totally agreed!

  137. 137 : Mushu Says:

    Omg! Compared to the first one with sexy and manly bi rain, we now have female looking guys acting like total morons with weird and ugly hairstyles! Was so lame I couldn’t bring myself a torture through another episode. This show can’t stand in front of the first for judging, it’ll be a crime!!! Waste of my damn time!!!!

  138. 138 : sara Says:

    There’s not any relationship between FH1 and 2. Although two stories have few similarities but they should be seen in different point of views. And to be fair, Rain and NMW are at the same level in acting with a bit of difference. None of them are too great or too weak. Rain also is a singer-turned actor. I don’t have anything aginst Rain nor NMW is my fave star. But we can’t ignore the truth.

  139. 139 : drama fan Says:

    this is getting better. im getting used to the hairstyles and evn waiting for the next ep. it is good to have eps everyday rather than waiting a week. the story is not too good, but not bad. i think this will be nice in the future. i like the actors eventhough they are not perfect in acting. watching this makes me feel good because it is better than waiting a week to watch. and this is not boring anymore… i think im enjoying this drama now. 🙂

  140. 140 : biruchocolate Says:

    i’m in love with NMW ever since in my gf is gumiho….so i seriously looking forward to this!
    actually worth my time waiting for it….at 1st when i saw the hair of both leads…quite speechless at 1st….but now i found them cute and charming with that hairstyles…hahah…but somehow currently super bias with 2nd hero PKW….he’s way too different like in bridal’s mask….superbly cute! *melts*
    for me this drama worth to watch until the end of it…coz right now i found myself hating weekend!….monday please come asap! <3

  141. 141 : zoekie11 Says:

    Kang Hwi really cute .. his act make me laugh .. can`t wait next episod .. I hope Kang Hwi and Man Ok can be together in the end (^_^)

  142. 142 : audreylatt Says:

    I really like this drama
    It’ funny and all the cast are really nice .

  143. 143 : swift Says:

    storyline rather draggy, yet entertaining in some ways with the cute comedy insertion scenes, rather dissapointing with the flow of the story, hope the following scenes will be more funny………….

  144. 144 : lexie Says:

    nice. i really laughed hard at the ending of the first chapter!

  145. 145 : iammee Says:

    does anyone know where i can dowload the song entitled “You Can Touch”, it seems that the production company haven’t release an ost album yet for this drama. thanks

  146. 146 : hny Says:

    watch FH2.. almost every day is really refreshing after play emotions with melodrama. They are very entertaining also good acting,full expression..I like them all so impressed with their ‘Amburadul style’ and the man more slim than a girls, amazing!.. Now day by day wait to watch them 😀

  147. 147 : Micc Says:

    With so many negative comments before the show was even on air, I really just jumped in with no expectation whatsoever but an open mind. And at episode 10, I found this drama not any worse than any other Korean dramas in the same genre. It has a plot (so far not so predictable, didn’t expect that), good acting and funny lines. Don’t understand why the show was given death penalty even before it was broadcasted.

  148. 148 : sara Says:

    The drama is getting very interesting. I really didn’t expect the turning point in ep 10. I felt so bad for both TI and KH. Both of them are very adorable and innocent.

  149. 149 : cha Says:

    this drama is so gay

  150. 150 : cha Says:

    #137 is so true!

  151. 151 : Mystisith Says:

    @micc147: I’m finding this drama entertaining but in a very perverse way: Visually it’s a massacre. Story is completely nuts, I can not connect to it. The actors are not too bad. A lot of people prefer PKW: I personally find his character pitiful… and obviously he is lame at dancing: Annoying for an idol. (& what with the same song for 10 eps?). No Min-woo is the saving grace for me but he needs to eat a few steaks: He is getting anorexic.
    Finished ep 10 today and we are going into crazyland: Meaning melo elements added to a rom-com. Will grab my pop corn and watch.

  152. 152 : Micc Says:


    Haha! You made me laugh! I agreed with you on the dancing and song! And of course, the steaks! I was expecting a cliche love contract-love triangle no brainer drama so I was surprised to see there’s actually a plot built in. Too early to tell if it’s a good one or not, but I give them credits for trying. 🙂

  153. 153 : Micc Says:

    What’s with the teddy bear “necklace”? hahaha!

  154. 154 : roxyalso Says:

    What a cute drama.

  155. 155 : zoekie11 Says:

    can`t guess who`ll with Man Ok in the end of drama?

  156. 156 : sara Says:

    Yeah. My question too. It’s weird yet cute. Characters fashion style in this drama is a bit strange. Specially NMW is too thin and nothing seems good on him.

  157. 157 : Micc Says:


    Yea, the fashion sense is the problem in this drama! I also think NMW is too skinny but have you seen his body? It’s perfect! Maybe he is the kind of guy when his body is just right, his face will appear too skinny. Dunno… 🙂

  158. 158 : leee Says:

    i want to download the ost of full house i really love it ….no min woo and park ki woong i love you both its really funny and romantic wish you the best:)))

  159. 159 : emerald Says:

    well, i cant find it bad, but its not also good.. but its fine with me… its like im watching a cartoon series… im sticking on it because of park ki woong… hehehehe…

  160. 160 : sara Says:

    Yeah, i was surprised too. He is quite muscular. But it should be related to his diet that he is too skinny. He was very manly in MGIAG. Here he is still very handsome. Of course, i accept that he couldn’t play TI role in his MGIG appearance. His looks helps keeping the comic sense of the drama. I’m enjoying it very much.

  161. 161 : kanghwibias Says:

    can someone tell me who is Jae Hee or Jong Chul in ep 5 part 2 ( ep 10 ) please?

  162. 162 : hae Says:

    Brainless storyline but quite comical if you watch with eyes only and don’t THINK at all. I thought NMW sticks legs should cover with more normal pants and not skinny pants which make them worse. PKW also weird character. Guess this drama is like making everyone and everything weird and some distasteful parts ( = normal in dramaland).

  163. 163 : Myr Says:

    Episode 5 is just, HAHAHAHAHAHA… in short, hilariously CRAZY!! I don’t remember laughing this much, tears started to fall, whew (; So far, I am really, really enjoying this show..(oo)

  164. 164 : something Says:

    i think the synopsis here need to be change

    she is a hapkido teacher (because her grandpa) who like stylish thing not an aspiring reporter

    (@something from admin: Thanks.)

  165. 165 : Khanmush Tang Says:

    The best korean drama

  166. 166 : Hugo Salvat Says:

    Hello! I would like to continue to see all the chapters of the drama is nice.

  167. 167 : Tommy Hilsell Says:

    I like the charisma wong kang hwi is one simple and stylist Jang Man Ok is sweet and sincere is fantastic! … OK

  168. 168 : sheep Says:

    100 % RECOMMENDED!!! Im going CRAZY watching this! Really ENTERTAINING 😀

  169. 169 : sheep Says:

    I really like ost fht2 part 1 Ailee – Love Note! Sweet song and awesome voice of Ailee!

  170. 170 : [email protected] Says:

    I like this drama!

  171. 171 : Micc Says:

    Now, that’s a real “Full House”! 🙂

    It said 20 episodes, but since each episode has part one and part two, does it make 40 episodes total?? Dear Admin, do you know?

  172. 172 : sara Says:

    It should be as you said. But it’s the same 20 eps. It’s better to say 20/2 parts episodes or 40 parts.

  173. 173 : admin Says:

    @Micc (171), & sara (172),

    we just get the latest information that the total episode should be 16 and there are 2 part in 1 episode.

  174. 174 : renee' Says:

    @ kanghwibias Jay/Jong Chul is played by Ahn Yong Joon.

  175. 175 : Ayaara Says:

    I love this drama even Jang Man Ok’s hair~ ^^

  176. 176 : sara Says:

    Thank you for the info dear admin.

  177. 177 : Lilly Says:

    what a cute drama <3 <3 <3 looooove it <3

  178. 178 : Micc Says:

    @Dear Admin

    Thank you for the info! Great news! 🙂

  179. 179 : ani Says:

    Full house 2 —> funny entertaining and cool actors ^_^

  180. 180 : Myr Says:

    Yehey!! So, it’ll not gonna end soon, this is great news!! Like the way they packaged this drama, a 30 min. 4 times/week reminds me of daily soap opera from the old days (^_^). Am loving it not only because it makes me laugh but it doesn’t seem to stress me out; always anticipating for the next and the next..

  181. 181 : sara Says:

    It’s such an adorable drama with three cute characters. For now i don’t know who i love more. KH or TI. I keep shifting between then. I don’t know which couple i ship for. Both are cute in their own way. A must see guys.

  182. 182 : Era Lestari Says:

    Chinja deabagiya….
    Jeongmal coahaesso….

  183. 183 : swift Says:

    Episode 16 summary
    – TI found out KH was hiding out in Full House. TI still allow KH to stay for another week.
    -TI start to have feelings for MO (bought cosmetic cream for her).
    -SR try to have TI to return to her and she found out the engagement is only for show. SR is the actual villian in this drama as she is also trying to get rid of KH from TI.

  184. 184 : portia Says:

    wow is like, very much

  185. 185 : aye Says:

    i like this dramar

  186. 186 : audreylatt Says:

    This drama is really
    Nice casts and funny
    I can’t wait to see next episode 🙂

  187. 187 : jassica Reem Khalil Says:


  188. 188 : hny Says:

    can’t sleep last night ..so decide to watch KD in early morning, start with FH2
    makes me laughing 😀 hahahhah,wakakakkaa,so cute Kang Hwi…hik hik hik damn No Min woo you so adorable, ‘JungKis’ banget…love your act.

  189. 189 : fransiska Says:

    i like this drama…:)

  190. 190 : bernadette Says:

    how i wish it can be shown here in the philippines. i was a great fan of full house with rain & song hye gyo in the lead. love it so much that i hope this new full house drama is as exciting & really worth-watching as the 1st one..

  191. 191 : sheep Says:

    Omo! Is not 10 episodes but 16? Its good but I must waiting a longer again to end-__-

  192. 192 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    I havent watched the first season but love love love Full House 2 sooo good amazing cast love this drama

    No Min Woo & Hwang Jung Eum make such a cute couple they should do another drama together love the chemistry

  193. 193 : lyna Says:

    bonjour je suis francaise et je voudrai s avoir qui est le chanteur de la chanson de” helo helo” episode 16 SVP J AIME BEAUCOUP SE SON

  194. 194 : lyna Says:

    hello I am French and I want to have s is the singer of the song “helo helo” episode 16 J PLEASE BE MUCH LOVE HER

  195. 195 : Nethu Says:

    now this drama is so entertaining.. so nice and so funny… im already waiting for the next ep. well, is he really going to kiss her? wonna watch it as soon as possible…

  196. 196 : jashia Says:

    Is there a part 3? full house 3?

  197. 197 : jigz2012 Says:

    what do u mean by — Episodes: 16 (2 parts in each episode) .. is there a continuation, like full house 3?

  198. 198 : Myr Says:

    It actually simple. It has a total of 32 cuts/parts divide it into 2 and you get 16. Today, Monday is episode 17 which is equivalent to 8.5 of the full 16 episodes if u’ll divide it. They just made it 4 days a wk. instead of the usual 2 days but we are still getting a total of 2 full episodes/week. I hope this info. helps…
    On the lighter side, today’s episode is again a tantalizing peek of blushes and brush-offs, geezzzz!!

  199. 199 : Natasha Says:

    oh my… its full house part 2? but why the all the cast was changed? and the story too?.

  200. 200 : maru Says:

    episode 20?

  201. 201 : [email protected] Says:


  202. 202 : sara Says:

    I wonder why Manok fell in love with Tae ik. Why most of the girls in k-drama land are stupid enough to choose the one who doesn’t do anything but hurting, swearing, throwing fits? What’s so charming about this kind of guy? I think any girl prefers Kwang Hee who is very soft, kind and polite.

  203. 203 : audreylatt Says:

    Finally Tae Ik show his love to Man Ok
    <3<3<3 like like like

  204. 204 : PSHlovers Says:

    Love This drama so much….

  205. 205 : fransiska Says:

    i like Lee Tae Ik…coz he is very funny..i think..:)

  206. 206 : bahar yıldız Says:

    love this drama..NO MİN WOO ı love you..

  207. 207 : Gael.Rubia15 Says:

    Excited with ths drama. :))

  208. 208 : emerald Says:

    finally … next episode , the hair is is changing… and grandpa arrived… its totally a chaos… excited … cant wait of next week , but i have to endure it a little bit… fiighting Tae ik shii and Man ok shii

  209. 209 : JinnyJ Says:

    Fantastic 🙂 really a lovely sweet couple Tae Ik and Man Ok , a charming guy (Lee Min Woo) , a pretty cute girl ( Hwang Jung Eum) . the story line is so lovely and enjoyed watching . most like this drama 🙂 .

  210. 210 : zarima Says:

    why is it that theres no RATINGS?

  211. 211 : Saudi girl Says:

    Full House 2 a success and best drama 2012

  212. 212 : hny Says:

    now Man Ok look like Chae Rim in my lady…she look pretty !.. I like every moment between she n Tae Ikaaa…cute :D, very curious how they can sleep together at next eps…. !!!

  213. 213 : hny Says:


    sometimes soft, kind and polite guy .. is not interesting! .. less challenging! not make heart ‘DAG DIG DUG’ !.. sometimes there’s women who like to be ‘the conqueror of men’ : D So a guy like Lee Tae Ik is most wanted 😀

  214. 214 : sara Says:

    It can be the case if the bad guy is as charming as Hwang Tae Kyung in You are beautiful. He was super adorable with his pretty face, excellent fashion style, good voice, mischievous ways and golden heart. The best bad guy I’ve ever seen in romantic Comedy. So you couldn’t see Sin Woo. Although he was very kind, polite and soft. Or Maru in Nice Guy, Rain in A love to kill and even Hyun Bin in SG. These are women’s real most wanted bad guys. But Tae ik doesn’t have any of those thongs above. He is just very impolite and hot tempered with zero appearance charm and super bad fashion sense. Moreover he hasn’t done anything for the girl and they haven’t had that much contact so the girl could fall in love with him. I don’t take this drama serious enough to criticize the story-line coz it’s just something funny and shallow. Still i don’t get why Manok fell in love with him.

  215. 215 : mega Says:

    i want ost this drama,pliss

  216. 216 : mega Says:

    i want ost this drama

  217. 217 : hny Says:

    @sara….yap perhaps 😀 😀

  218. 218 : Rubyw Says:

    i cant get myself over u…@No Min Woo T_T

  219. 219 : saman Says:

    i love no min woo so much i did not watch full house 2 yet but i think no min woo in romance drama is very good and hair model of him in my girl friend is a gumiho was better i hope to watch him in romance drama with lee da hae

  220. 220 : Melda Says:

    I do think hair plays very important role for every single person. I like No Min Woo better in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. He looks much better in there.

  221. 221 : [email protected] Says:

    I agree with you!

  222. 222 : Nita Ranoeatmadja Says:

    The story is very nice and fun,, players are fit for the character, shooting location very beautiful, but unfornately hair of players is not fashionable and somewhat exaggerated, but i’m really loves and like this drama…..

  223. 223 : Sachka Says:

    I expected too much bcuz im a fan of full house1. This drama really sucks the girl is not good acting omg gurly hair!!!! Sorry what exactly hair stylist does that???? . The both guy super gay very boring to watch its not worth to watching

  224. 224 : Myr Says:

    I don’t understand why people have to comment about this and that drama sucks. If you don’t like it then go ahead find another drama you’ll enjoy (not unless you are an a_sh_ _e). A lot of drama is not to my liking but I never left a bad comment at all; it is just not worth my time. If I am impressed with it (irregardless of actors), then I make an effort to leave a mark just like how I am enjoying FULL HOUSE 2, to the MAX!!

  225. 225 : PS Says:

    The first 4 espisodes were very bad but as the story progress, it starts getting better. Tae Ik at the begining was a arrogant, selfish, stingy person but slowing change to a considerate and warm person when he fell in love with man ok. Kang Hwi looks playfull but this to mask out his complicated life. His real charactor begain to show when he was hiding at the basement and when he discover that he is going to be blind. So the drama is getting better.

  226. 226 : Micc Says:

    I wish Jang Man could be cloned, so they could each have one, and voila! happy ending! 🙂

  227. 227 : allyis1504 Says:

    really love this story…
    eagerly waiting for every new episode…
    i’m so impress with the story line
    and of course the actor and actress are perfectly chosen
    just can’t wait to see the ending…=)

  228. 228 : Lina Ariffiin Says:

    The drama is nice…very nice to watch!. But at the early episode there shouldnt be where is Jang Man disguised as a muslim women as it may cause a sensitive issue.

  229. 229 : Cathy Yao Says:

    I really love park ki woong!! like his warm smile and handsome appearance, hahah ~~~

  230. 230 : dramafreak Says:

    watching this….better than i expected…will carry on and hope it ends well too =D

  231. 231 : Sai Says:

    will ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ overtake ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ and go the Final Round in ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2012’?

    It’s in your hand!!!!!!!!! 2 more days to end ‘The Preliminary Round’

    Please vote ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799

    current result :-
    Faith (SBS) 12.68% (31,372 votes)
    Rooftop Prince (SBS) 12.19% (30,151 votes)
    Innocent Man (KBS2) 8.15% (20,162 votes)
    Arang and the Magistrate (MBC) 5.93% (14,670 votes)
    Time Slip Dr. Jin (MBC) 5.15% (12,747 votes)
    Love Rain (KBS2) 5.14% (12,708 votes)
    The King 2hearts (MBC) 4.65% (11,504 votes)
    A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS) 4.64% (11,479 votes)
    The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) 4.56% (11,287 votes)

  232. 232 : ahmadysara7 Says:

    please please vote for innocent man this is the best drama forever

  233. 233 : elham Says:

    yes i am agree with you sara innocent man is besssssssssssst

  234. 234 : KING2Hearts Says:

    me too , I agree with sara , Innocent man is the best life-time drama 🙂

  235. 235 : farhanah Says:

    oppa aja

  236. 236 : ahmadysara7 Says:

    faith has top vote because lee min ho but innocent man is really best drama in 2012 please vote for innocent man

  237. 237 : liferca fermill Says:

    very entertaining.. & many lessons learned…i like it..kdrama fanatics..u shouldn’t miss this drama..addicting….

  238. 238 : lexie Says:

    innocent man is nice…but i love queen inhyun’s man more than innocent man. =)

  239. 239 : fiana Says:

    when is the last episode will be airing??

  240. 240 : roxyalso Says:

    A Gentlemen’s Dignity was just plain fun to watch. Sometimes I just get tired of heartbreak, fun is a nice change of pace.

  241. 241 : saraSJS Says:

    Dear friends,
    Since there ‘s someone who ‘s using my name repeatedly regardless of how many times i asked her to not do it, i decided to step back and i will use this name from now on.

  242. 242 : gall_gallo Says:

    le tae ik…your’e so cool, how the end? really wants to know the end so much….TT

  243. 243 : [email protected] Says:

    Happy Ending!!
    Good drama!

  244. 244 : ance Says:

    another underestimated drama because of the title…
    i never thought this drama would be this fun! the fashion statement here a little bit over the top for commoners like me but i really love the clothes here and the ost is also nice…
    No Min Woo was really different here compared to his character in My GF is a Gumiho…i love him here but not the super curly hair…hehehe!
    i also didn’t recognized Hwang Jung Eum here, except when they changed her hair, she really looked like an ahjumma in curly hair…but she’s still looked sweet like in Can You Hear My Heart…
    Park Ki Woong is another revelation here…loved those eyes! he was the other guy in The Musical right? wow all the actors here turned out pretty well on their own…
    Congratulation to all the cast and crew! I enjoyed this drama!

  245. 245 : amy Says:

    just finish watch the last ep…good drama,,,funny, and full of smile…
    my fav here is WON KHANG HWI…good that u let man on to tae ik…so you can be with me…hehehehehehhee

  246. 246 : fitri hemia Says:

    i really love this drama…
    specially No Min Woo…
    i love you…
    i will be waiting you’re next drama…

  247. 247 : Drama Korea 2012 | godellavawynne Says:

    […] Full House Take 2 […]

  248. 248 : Violet88 Says:

    Park Ki Woong @ Won Kang Hwi’s warm and sweet smile is to die for.. fall in love with him n his character because of his charming, warm n sweet smile.. if i were man ok surely i’ll choose him over Tae Ik.. :). the way Kang Hwi pronounce “Man Ok” is very endearing.. 🙂

  249. 249 : dinda Says:

    Why up there nothing appear the rating of this drama?

    (@dinda from admin: This is because this drama aired in SBS Plus. TNmS Media Korea or AGB Nielsen Korea didn’t take episode ratings from SBS Plus)

  250. 250 : ANGGI Says:

    the hairstyles is too much

  251. 251 : Kasey8804 Says:

    Absolutely loved this drama!!! Comedy, romance, singing, great story. My favorite drama for 2012,

  252. 252 : Kollirish Says:

    I love it so much this drama! Comedy,romance, singing they are my favorite drama:)

  253. 253 : -Autumn- Says:

    HJE looks prettier after fixing her hair. No comment on the drama but it is enjoyable to watch. NMN is too pretty and i envy his flawless and smooth skin. I like his character more in Guminho. Anyway, is a comedy/romance drama so quite relaxing to watch.

  254. 254 : sahel Says:

    no min woo in this drama was very good but i think in romance acting is better i wish to see him in romance drama

  255. 255 : kireina Says:

    Love so muuuccchh ♥♥
    I like Min woo as pretty boy in this drama, he’s good actor ♥♥

  256. 256 : sahel Says:

    verrrrrrrrrrrry beautiful drama i finished it last night i m waiting for next drama of no min woo

  257. 257 : reza Says:

    i think story of yamato nadeshiko anime is very good for drama i hope a good director work on this story

  258. 258 : cute Says:

    i really love this movie…i love the actors…
    the roles were greatly portrayed by the actors and actresses….
    keep up the good work…

  259. 259 : misscleopatrax Says:

    No min woo show all his talents… sing, guitar, drum, piano, dance, act make lyrics.. he is extremely great artist! Daebak!!!

  260. 260 : kimmy Says:

    looks like im the only one who didnt like this drama..hehehe..so irritating to see their haircut n the boys too beautiful..:(

  261. 261 : limitzi Says:

    nice drama, the ending kiss can be a bit more passionate .. haha

  262. 262 : nora Says:

    it’s a boring drama I stopped at ep 10 :s nothing like a gentleman dignity <3 <3<3

  263. 263 : Alura Says:

    no hurt feelings…. but i prefer “Full House” by Rain/Bi and Song Hye Kyo 🙂

  264. 264 : QQ Says:


  265. 265 : Ly Says:

    i love it sooooo much. watch it so many times.. love you No Min Woo

  266. 266 : Siti Sakinah Says:

    i like full house take 2 ..I prefer character Kang Hwi because he looks cute when he smile ..anyway he is a cheerful man 😉

  267. 267 : alice Says:

    I love full house (rain/song hye gyo)but full house take 2 it’s so different and I love it too…I’m fall in love with tae ik pretty face,,,no min wo c u soon in another drama 🙂

  268. 268 : Zeez22 Says:

    Season2 is pretty entertaining.. I quite like it and I’m watching it because of No Min Woo… He’s really cute… However, he is too skinny in this drama, he looks better in MGIAG. If you need something light after a melodrama, this is highly recommended. 🙂

  269. 269 : Yozora Says:

    this drama is more into a light story, it’s a good change sometimes to watch this kind of drama.. 🙂

  270. 270 : Vania Says:

    Coming soon on Indosiar. Cant wait see No Min Woo again after his great performance in MGIAG

  271. 271 : Gisel Says:

    I hate they hair. It so iritating my eyes. I stopped after watching 1 episode. Sooo bored. *yawn*
    NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Except u want see a prettt-jerk-guy kissed on the stage, that scene make me puke all day all night

  272. 272 : Gisel Says:

    I hate they hair. It so iritating my eyes. I stopped after watching 1 episode. Sooo bored. *yawn*
    NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Except u want see a pretty-jerk-guy kissed on the stage, that scene make me puke all day all night

  273. 273 : pail Says:

    very pale in comparison with the 1st FH with Rain & SHK.
    very typical lead female in K-drama: cheerful, unassuming, kinda innocent-like behavior, got into so many troubles because of her innocence and kindness, very talkative (always saying: ahhh..ughhh..whatever..) hard working etc…etc… and the usual plot where the lead male initially disliked her then fell for her…etc….very predictable…

  274. 274 : pail Says:

    one more thing, the hairdo of Take One to portray “boy-band” singers…do boy-bands have to color their hairs ? to be boy-band (or also girl-band?) singers is it mandatory for them to color their hairs…in many colors…? yellow, red, green, purple…etc…? does that signify creativity? stylish? what….? ever…? or just going with the trend…?

  275. 275 : zeyra Says:

    i like it..
    *full house take 2*the best!!

  276. 276 : Sophia Says:

    I’m already on episode 5 part 1 in just a day and I have to say…it’s getting interesting! Even though I hate love triangles…just for the heck of it and the good awesome storyline, I am going to continue watching this drama!!! I LOVE IT ALREADY!!! WOOOOOOOO <3

  277. 277 : Miztiq B Says:

    #sbs #onetvasia , pls play this drama.. Please..

  278. 278 : Snow Says:

    I didn’t care for this drama. The male lead is not only too skinny, he acts like a diva–he’s extremely feminine, it was like watching to female actresses together. I will say the kiss scene he had with the guy was 10 times better than the kiss he had with he girl….what’s wrong with this picture considering the guys are supposed to like her? Didn’t like it at all.

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