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Friends 2002

Title: フレンズ / 프렌즈 / Friends
Chinese Title : 朋友
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: TBS and MBC
Broadcast period (TBS): 2002-Feb-04 and 2002-Feb-05
Air time (TBS): Monday & Tuesday 21:00-23:09 (TBS)
Broadcast period (MBC): 2002-Feb-15 and 2002-Feb-16
Air time (MBC): Friday & Saturday 21:55


Left alone on a trip to Hong Kong, Tomoko (Fukada Kyoko) finds herself the victim of a purse-snatching. The police arrest the man she points out, but it turns out to be the wrong person: a young Korean man named Ji Hoon (Won Bin). Despite his anger and humiliation, he takes her out to dinner since she has lost all her money, and in return, she agrees to model for his amateur film. What follows is a magical and romantic two days. Upon returning to their respective countries, Tomoko must return to her nine-to-five job and Ji Hoon must resume studying to join the family business rather than pursuing his dream of becoming a film director. But soon the two begin to email each other and rekindle their relationship despite the distance and obstacles between them. Marking the very first time in television history that a drama has been co-produced between Japan and South Korea, the story shows us that love has no borders.


Won Bin as Kim Ji Hoon
Fukada Kyoko as Asai Tomoko
Lee Dong Gun as Park Kyung Joo
Han Hye Jin as Park Hye Jin
Yada Akiko as Yamagishi Yuko
Toda Naho as Kaneda Midori
Ozawa Yukiyoshi as Sakamaki Shouta
Dokgo Young Jae

Production Credits

Screenwriters: Okada Yoshikazu, Hwang Sun Young
Producers: Isano Hideki, Setoguchi Katsuaki, Take Keiko (武敬子)
Directors: Doi Nobuhiro, Han Chul Soo
Asst. Director: Park Soo Chul

Official Site(TBS)

Official Site(MBC)


  1. 1 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    ( ^_^ )

  2. 2 : french asian Says:

    won bin !!!!!!!!!!! you are so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    you are a very beatifullllllllllllllllllllllll and in the world you are very very very very beatifullllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!! i think what i sayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
    YOU ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kiss 4 you

  3. 3 : supple Says:

    This was the shortest Korean drama shown in the philippines..It was aired for a week only but still I watched it…Won Bin as Andrew and Tamoko…plus Lee Dong Gun.

  4. 4 : dHyra Says:

    won bin!!!!!!!!annyonghaseyo!!!!i luv u so much!!!!! u’r so handsome!!!!my price!!!oh,,no…

  5. 5 : dHyra Says:

    won bin!!!i luv u so much!!!my price!!u’re so handsome!! oh..my..

  6. 6 : dHyra Says:

    won bin!!!luv u so much!!!!!!

  7. 7 : nizz Says:

    qren bed dah ni serial!!!

    won bin cakepp,
    kyoko fukada cantikk,

    gwe suka ni film!

  8. 8 : ayelet Says:

    love the movie love the story line watch it guys ur going to fall inlove all over hills to won bin…

  9. 9 : kevin Says:

    where do i watch this movie online?????????

  10. 10 : Kryz Says:

    I don’t know this series? Was it really shown in the Philippines? What channel? Do you think they’ll show this again? Tnx

  11. 11 : miria Says:

    one of the best espcially won bin Damn Hot.. so hot till i don’t realized there was Lee dong gun here

  12. 12 : karen Says:

    hey miria, really have to agree with you! 🙂 Lee Dong Gun really pales in comparison in this drama. In fact, think he looks a bit chubby. 😛

  13. 13 : nour hannawi Says:

    i am an arabic girl i love won bin from autumn in my heart
    i look for another drama of him and finally found friends and i like it
    i wish if i can watch all the eposides

  14. 14 : GrafitiES Says:

    does anyone know if theres a DVD of this whole series that you can buy? if so pls let me know.. 😛

    p.s. watched the movie awhile ago, would like to own it and share wit friends 😛

  15. 15 : Haidy Says:

    Nice story, good couple. Congrats!!!!

  16. 16 : lou8 Says:

    i watch dis drama coz oppa lee dong gun is in. u can buy now in pirated dvd.

  17. 17 : Liendha Says:

    kueren buanget

  18. 18 : keep thyaaa Says:

    won bin…

    caem bangedhh…

    lagu nya iiank THE ONe… gila keren abizz…

    nyentuh bangedhh,,



  19. 19 : thara Says:

    FRIENDS is one of the best korean dramas I’ve ever seen …
    I am so much in love with Won Bin.
    Won Bin and Kyoko Fukada has the best chemistry and I really want them to be a couple in real life …..

  20. 20 : aki malu Says:

    nice drama. .. kyoko is very busty. love her..

  21. 21 : Rosario Says:

    I love you WON BIN I want to get married with you and have a lot of children

  22. 22 : ji hoon Says:

    nice story and i love the final episode
    its saw lovable and saw very touching
    moment fro,m ji hoon and tomoko
    i wish u have a drama
    the tittle was my bestfriend^_^

  23. 23 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  24. 24 : ontak Says:

    I am interesting too

  25. 25 : korean artist Says:

    i love her short hair style,

  26. 26 : mel Says:

    jus 4 episodes? is it a good drama?

  27. 27 : jan 10 Says:

    Hi !

    This drama is good .But I think it is ordinary one.

  28. 28 : hermes bags Says:

    This drama is good .But I think it is ordinary one.

  29. 29 : oh li hong Says:

    it’s really2 good. love it…

  30. 30 : nancitah Says:

    hey guys!!
    this short film is great i like it!!!!

  31. 31 : Leni Says:

    I miss it, I hope this drama will replay on tv in my country.
    Like it…

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  34. 34 : Suzan Says:

    Love this drama , and fukada she is grt ….

  35. 35 : Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey Says:

    […] #12 – Friends (2002) Rating : 7 out of 10 […]

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