Title: 친구, 우리들의 전설 / Friend, Our Legend
Chinese Title : 朋友,我们的传说
Previously known as: 친구, 그 못다 한 이야기 / Friend, The Untold Story / The Unfinished Tale
Genre: Romance, friendship
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Jun-27 to 2009-Aug-30
Air time: Saturday 22:50 & Sunday 22:40


This is the drama version of the movie, Friend, which starred Yoo Oh Sung and Jang Dong Gun.


Hyun Bin as Dong Soo
Kim Min Joon as Lee Joon Suk
Suh Do Young as Jung Sang Taek
Lee Shi Un as Kim Joong Ho
Min Ji Hye as Choi Jin Sook
Jung Yoo Mi as Min Eun Ji
Bae Geu Rin as Park Sung Ae

Extended Cast

Choo Min Ki as Joong Ki
Lee Jae Yong as Sang Gon
Kim Dong Hyun as (Joon Suk’s father)
Im Sung Kyu as Do Ru Ko
Kim Rok Kyung as Kan Ga Roo
Lee Bo Yeon
Kim Yoon Sung
Kwak Min Suk
Kwon Jae Hyun as umbrella man
Jung Hye Sung as Shin Ae
Kim Jong Soo as Dong Soo’s father
Lee Sul Goo as Sum Pyo Joo

Production Credits

Director: Kwak Kyung Taek
Screenwirter: Han Seung Woon

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-06-27 1 9.0 (15th) 8.6 (17th)
2009-06-28 2 8.6 9.2 (20th)
2009-07-04 3 9.8 (15th) 10.5 (13th)
2009-07-05 4 8.2 (<9.5)
2009-07-11 5 9.8 (14th) 10.4 (14th)
2009-07-12 6 7.9 (<10.6)
2009-07-18 7 9.0 (<9.8)
2009-07-19 8 6.8 (<9.5)
2009-07-25 9 8.1 8.5 (19th)
2009-07-26 10 6.0 (<9.3)
2009-08-01 11 8.0 (<8.3)
2009-08-02 12 7.0 (<8.7)
2009-08-08 13 5.2 (<7.7)
2009-08-09 14 5.9 (<9.6)
2009-08-15 15 7.5 (19th) 8.1 (18th)
2009-08-16 16 5.7 (<10.3)
2009-08-22 17 7.6 8.3 (19th)
2009-08-23 18 8.2 (<9.5)
2009-08-29 19 7.9 (18th) 8.5 (16th)
2009-08-30 20 7.2 (<9.9)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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OST – here or here or here or here

41 Responses to “Friend, Our Legend”

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  1. 26
    mahshad Says:

    hey bin i’m from iran .many kiss and hug from me to you.

  2. 27
    houstontwin Says:

    I’m really having trouble understanding the plot. Maybe it’s because of the subtitles. Can someone help me with the first 3 or 4 episodes?

  3. 28
    KaL Says:

    I’m really having trouble finding the rest of this drama, I left off at episode 9. They had it all on drama fever for a day or two and viikii has missing episodes everywhere. So if please give me a heads up if you find, ether here or on Mic_kal666@yahoo.com thank you.

  4. 29
    anjeleta Says:

    Kal .. you can find anything in http://www.aznv.tv it will help you soo much

  5. 30
    ardhan Says:

    cool drama,,, two thumbs up :D

  6. 31
    mel Says:

    is it a good drama?

  7. 32
    nining Says:

    love korean drama much.. it’s really touch,

  8. 33
    ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  9. 34
    Friend, Our Legend [Series Trailer 2009] – Korea | KUBU ONLINE Says:

    […] Links: hancinema […]

  10. 35
    nhu Says:

    I love Huyn Bin althought this film don’t interested

  11. 36
    nafa Says:

    hyun bin oppa… u’r so handsome…. I realy-realy like u… love u so much…

  12. 37
    ugg boots Says:

    I am totally agree with your oppinion.this blog post is very encouraging to people who want to know these topics.

  13. 38
    Hyun Bin « (-•♥♥•-)♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫(-•♥♥•-) Says:

    […] Garden (SBS, 2010) Friend, Our Legend (2009) The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) My Name is Kim Sam-Soon […]

  14. 39
    Dema Says:

    Hi, i really like ur drama.

  15. 40
    Linda Says:

    This Drama may not be the best to most but it will definitely be unforgettable to most who take the time to watch and appreciate it.

    I love the entire filming and the slow pace of story telling. Although Episode 1-3 may be confusing with the flashbacks, once you finish watching, it will all make sense to you. Kudos to the director, script writer and actors/actress.

    This is one for keeps and to be savoured slowly…

  16. 41
    sonam Says:

    hay friends any website where i can see online…..pls suggest me…

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