Title: 날아오르다 / Fly High
Chinese title : 起飞
Also known as: Sky High
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-24 to 2007-Oct-26
Air time: Fridays 20:55 (2 episodes back-to-back)


James O’Neil is a 28 year old man who was adopted by people overseas when he was young. He is the CEO of a very large supermarket and is the typical man with cool charm and deals with things in a cool and collected manner. Lee Jin Hee is 32 years old and her husband suffered a horrible accident on the 6th month they were married. She takes care of their son for seven years and is faced with bankruptcy. Jin Hee meets James and they do business together and soon they develop a romantic love story.


Kim Nam Jin as James O’Neil
Wang Bit Na as Lee Jin Hee
Lee Jong Won as Kang In Sung
Lee Se Eun as Cha Yu Ri

Extended Cast

Kim Joon Sang as Park Kang Woo (Jin Hee’s husband)
Lee Jong Goo as Lee Dong Hyuk (Jin Hee’s father)
Choi Ji Na as Cha Mi Ri (Yu Ri’s sister)
Ahn Yeon Hong as Ji Young Sun
Lee Yoon Mi as Yoo Ji Eun (James’ secretary)
Suh Ji Hee as Kang Soo Na (In Sung’s daughter)
Lee Sang Kil as Park Woo Jin (Jin Hee’s son)
Jung Min as Park Joon Woo (Jin Hee’s husband’s younger brother)
Julian Quintart (쥴리안) as Daniel O’Neil (James’ brother)
Park Myung Ji as Cha Seung Soo (Yu Ri’s father)
Kim Han Suk as Lee Cha Jang
Lee Seung Hyung as Jang Hyun Joo
Song Ok Sook as Lee Sung Hee (Kang Woo’s mother)
Kim Young Ok as Jo Ok Young (Kang Woo’s grandmother)
Park Joon Geum as Lee Jin Hee (James’ biological mother)

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Park Eon Hee
Producer: Park Kyung Ryul (박경렬)

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45 Responses to “Fly High”

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  1. 26
    luvkor Says:

    I highly recommend this drama although I just started watching but you can tell from the beginning that it’s a good one & very entertaining! The casts are all good, Kim Nam Jin is such a gentleman & have a good chemistry with Wang Bit Na! I like Lee Yoon Mi as well she’s so funny & natural; Jung Min is so cute & funny! I have to continue watching now! Thnx for this drama — Kdramas never ceased to amaze me! They’re just wholesome!

  2. 27
    jeannie Says:

    Can I get the OST this film? English subtitle haven’t yet. Can You help me? I don’t understand the korea version. This film is amusing and hanppy ending, make enjoyable to watch.

  3. 28
    jenny Says:

    english subtitles please!
    have been checking this website for updates.
    please add…please

  4. 29
    jaydee-chan Says:

    I sooo want to watch the last few episodes! i missed it and now im waiting for eng. subs =(
    can anyone let me know if they find any????

  5. 30
    Deanaz Says:

    i’ve just finished watch this drama and i’m get smile coz so enjoyed. Recommended drama coz it’s very entertaining and very happy ending.

  6. 31
    aysegul Says:

    hello everyone. ı have both good and bad news about this drama!!! yesterday ı mean 21st april they added thins drama on mysoju.com. however now the bad one: it cant be watched. ı think there is smth wrong wiht dailymotion or smth like that. but ı really hope we all can watch it..:)

  7. 32
    Dramafan Says:

    hey I know they have it mostly fixed on mysoju.com. I was able to watch episodes 1-18 in the last 2 days. now the order of a couple of the episodes is kinda screwy, Like you bring the episodes up in 4 parts 1,2,3,4 but on some of the episodes its more like 1,3,4,2 to watch it in the right order. other then that it works good now. I just wish i could get episodes 19 and 20. Im not 100% sure there is a 20 since most non english subbed sights only have upto episode 19 and the comments say stuff like “great ending” Well Im rambling on right now But If anyone knows a link for episode 19+ with english subs please post it here. If Mysoju gets it up soon I will Post here. Have a great day everyone and enjoy the series

  8. 33
    clarkkent Says:

    hello,why can,t i download this drama in my soju,can you please help me to find site where can i download this, just want to have it for my keeps,i like kim nam jin, thanks

  9. 34
    anonymous Says:

    Hey, can someone please tell me where to watch episodes 19 and 20, mysoju only has 1-18 subbed. I really want to finish it and find out what happens!!! Thanks :)

  10. 35
    Dramafan Says:

    Mysoju just brought up episode 19 and to be honest after watching it I really think there is not an episode 20. It basically seems like it ended and there is no clips of the next episode at the end.

  11. 36
    Akiumi Says:

    Usually, I don’t like korean dramas but this one is on my list.. it reminds me of Biscuit Teacher And Star Candy, in the sense where by they’re not highly promoted but shows that rock!!

  12. 37
    ENRI Says:

    Worth watching this series that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. It wast highly recommended top 3 in soju.com site. Great acting of two lead character!

  13. 38
    kfan Says:

    unable to watch episode 19 from mysoju can someone tell me were else i can watch episode 19 tks

  14. 39
    eugene Says:

    I like Wang Bit Na since I have watched “Dear Heaven.” She is so beautiful. I love you.

  15. 40
    mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… :D

  16. 41
    mel Says:

    i wanna watch this.. looks like so interesting..

  17. 42
    nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it..

  18. 43
    diefan Says:

    waaahahaha finally! its been fix. thank you ‘mysoju’ Now I’m able to watch it… later, I be able to give you this review. Thanks so much my soju. Regards.

  19. 44
    louis vuitton wallet Says:

    english subtitles please!
    have been checking this website for updates.
    please add…please

  20. 45
    Suzie Wong Says:

    That is stupid. A Korean with a name of an American! Who wrote this crap!!!

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