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Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Title: 꽃미남 라면가게 / Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Chinese Title: 花美男拉面店
Also known as: Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-31 to 2011-Dec-20
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00
Related Series: Flower Boy Series


This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys,” who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life.

Yang Eun Bi is a University student preparing for her civil service exam with the dream of being a high school teacher. She accidentally encounters Cha Chi Soo, an arrogant son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. Cha Chi Soo looks cool, confident and fascinates women with his bright smile and pure love. Both of them ends up working at a ramen shop runned by the lazy Choi Kang Hyuk.


Main Cast

Jung Il Woo as Cha Chi Soo
Lee Ki Woo as Choi Kang Hyuk
Lee Chung Ah as Yang Eun Bi

Suppporting Cast

Kim Shin Ah as Kang Dong Joo
Park Min Woo as Kim Ba Wool
Jo Yoon Woo as Woo Hyun Woo
Ho Soo as Yoon So Yi
Joo Hyun as Cha Ok Gyun
Kim Il Joong (김일중) as Jung Gyu
Jung In Ki as Yang Chul Dong
Seo Bum Suk a Coach Seo
Song Jae Rim as Hee Gon
Kim Hye Soo as fortuneteller (cameo, ep 1)
Gong Hyo Jin as store owner (cameo, ep 9)
Jun Se Hyun as hippie girl (cameo)
Oh Hee Joon as Kim Sang Byung
Do Sang Woo
Ha Eun Jin

Production Credits

Director: Jung Jung Hwa (정정화)
Screenwriter: Yoon Nan Joong (윤난중)


This Drama is the First project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The next drama in this series is Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2011-10-31 1 1.19
2011-11-01 2 1.45
2011-11-07 3 2.07
2011-11-08 4 2.85
2011-11-14 5 2.26
2011-11-15 6 2.62
2011-11-21 7 2.84
2011-11-22 8 2.50
2011-11-28 9 2.93
2011-11-29 10 2.40
2011-12-05 11 2.54
2011-12-06 12 2.72
2011-12-12 13 2.06
2011-12-13 14 2.00
2011-12-19 15 2.30
2011-12-20 16 2.84

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

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Trailer (Jung Il Woo) & Trailer (Lee Ki Woo) & Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Nopianti Vy via Facebook Says:

    q pengen tau detail film ne…hiks…tp q lg gk ad plsa

  2. 2 : Angel Annie Mancunian via Facebook Says:

    What story about

  3. 3 : Nopianti Vy via Facebook Says:

    i want to know that.

  4. 4 : Hersheys Lyanna Agas via Facebook Says:

    This romantic comedy deals with “pretty boys,” who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life.

  5. 5 : Erika Yuniasih via Facebook Says:

    kykny bgs nih flmny…d tgg…

  6. 6 : Devi Ivy via Facebook Says:

    Good drama….:)

  7. 7 : Dwix Ayuex via Facebook Says:

    ne,che drama korea chuayo?

  8. 8 : Sanjita Rai via Facebook Says:

    I like korean drama.

  9. 9 : Iteni Teni via Facebook Says:

    i like this…^^

  10. 10 : Mdr David via Facebook Says:

    Cam seronok ^^

  11. 11 : Mdr David via Facebook Says:

    I think no sub yet

  12. 12 : Sri Juniati via Facebook Says:

    Deuramareul joahaeo…
    Gomapda cinguna..

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  14. 14 : Ratih Agustiani Matnie via Facebook Says:

    i like korea, sarangeheo. . . . good

  15. 15 : ramyeonaddict.lol Says:

    i love Ramyeon so much and i also love Jung il Woo. So I am definitely gonna watch it.

  16. 16 : ivy jeong Says:


    Finally i can see you again in a drama.
    I wish you will not die again and became a scheduler in that drama.lol

  17. 17 : luna Says:

    il woo……..,i’m waiting for you…….

  18. 18 : Gloria Rivera via Facebook Says:

    im addicted to korean drama too… saranghe…

  19. 19 : Sri Hartatik via Facebook Says:

    Il woo……i’m waiting for you….

  20. 20 : yooneunhye&leedongwook'slover Says:

    OMO! OMO!! Jung Il woo???? I can’t hardly wait for this drama!!!(•̯͡-̮•̯͡)

  21. 21 : fet888 Says:

    lee kiwoo the best and the cutest

  22. 22 : Teresa Leung via Facebook Says:

    Liked Il Woo in Taking Care of Young Lady!…..so this must be another of his Kdrama…..soooooo looking forward to it!

  23. 23 : wynn demon Says:

    haha~ (*0 *)
    jst only i saw tht have a new drama appear~!!! (>- v . *)

  24. 24 : KDaddict Says:

    When 2 middle-aged ahjussi operate a ramen shop, nobody cares. When 2 kkot mi nam operate a ramen shop, everybody tunes in to watch! This look the most interesting of all the ongoing dramas. Gidarilge!

  25. 25 : dinprim Says:

    kayaknya filmnya bagus..kl udah ada yg slesai nontonnya posting ya ttg komennya 😀

  26. 26 : fet888 Says:

    Le kiwoo Dabakk…miss you

  27. 27 : chaimoon Says:

    I am looking forward to this drama!

  28. 28 : catarina Says:

    i wanna korean movie

  29. 29 : catarina Says:

    why korean movie is so popular.

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  32. 32 : Lolo Says:

    ممكن ترجمون

  33. 33 : jungyhwa Says:

    kira” cewe nya jadian ama sp ya?

  34. 34 : Geouvani Anang Santos Maulana via Facebook Says:

    i like korean drama

  35. 35 : Alin Nurhalimah via Facebook Says:

    wah ada ill woo…^^

  36. 36 : Saranya Reddy via Facebook Says:

    <3 korea..

  37. 37 : Windy Kristanty via Facebook Says:

    tampak seru nih…:D

  38. 38 : Angiee Says:

    I wanna watch it already!! :DDD

  39. 39 : Priskila KhanZaz Zpekatsami via Facebook Says:

    zeru zkali leh

  40. 40 : jhom Says:

    looking forward to this drama alot hope it will be better

  41. 41 : sweet Says:

    hmmmp… il jung woo

  42. 42 : steva Says:

    i love jung il wo and i love ramen… so, can’t wait for this drama

  43. 43 : anie love_jj Says:

    jung il woo i love you….you’re so cute boy

  44. 44 : @lolipopikaa Says:

    assa!! drama baru lagi dan sepertinya seruu *daebak*

  45. 45 : kameko Says:

    your so awesome jung il woo..
    i like your smile….. <3

  46. 46 : Hong yi Says:

    I don’t know anything about Jung Il woo but I read some comments in take care of the young lady that he likes MCW at the end of the drama. So I like him because he likes my actress MCW. He’s very acttracted. Hope this drama would be good

  47. 47 : Nana Says:

    Lee Ki Woo……~~~~~

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  49. 49 : Ainul Mardhiyah via Facebook Says:

    i like it

  50. 50 : Adee Zutto Shiawasee Dayo via Facebook Says:

    kyx kren ni dramaa

  51. 51 : brian Says:

    Hello all my friend who love korea drama. Love to tell you about RA ONE movie from India. It’s great movie and in level hollywood standard ever see. Never done in india. mUSICAL MOVIE AND GREAT TEKHNOLOGI. PLEASE WATCH my friend…thanks

  52. 52 : Yovie Masita via Facebook Says:

    still waiting this dvd…Ooo… ;-(

  53. 53 : Jamie ;) Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaah. I’m so excited to watch this new KDrama. Scheduler is so HOT. Can’t wait for it!

  54. 54 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    Finally, it’s out!
    Check it out at http://www.dramabang.org/G4/korean/board.php?bo_table=Drama76&wr_id=2

  55. 55 : cc Says:

    Cant wait to wacth this drama..so excited.. *)wanna see ill woo in this movie 🙂

  56. 56 : wynn demon Says:

    do this drama appear in pptv? (@- @) if yes, when its the time appear in pptv? (o. 0)
    other then pptv, do this appear in pps too? (~- ~) then, when will it appear in pps? (~- ~)
    other then both place, pls tell me where n whene will this drama appear..!!! (*- *)
    PLS~!!! (^- ^)

  57. 57 : kiki Says:

    funny, i can’t wait for next episode
    love this drama

  58. 58 : chaimoon Says:

    Kiki, has this drama started already? It was said that it would be aired in October 31, at 11:00 pm but it did not air in tvN. Was it rescheduled. Thanks for the reply.

  59. 59 : Ivy Says:

    @ chaimoon,

    It already showing in tvN, you may watch online in http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/flower-boy-ramyun-shop/

  60. 60 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    It is real funny. But it reminds me of Biscuit Teacher Candy Star (Hello Teacher): He returns fr U.S., is chased by his father’s security guards. She is a teacher of 25; he is a student of 19. hat much is the same.
    I’ve never seen this woman b4. Just that here, she is the least attractive leading actress I’ve ever seen. When her hair is up, she looks like an ajumma. When her hair is down, it is messy n greasy. At the coffee shop, her acting is exaggerated. In front of the school gate, her character is too eager, too cheap, v inconsistent w her persona in front of her roommate.
    It’d be nice if the women in this show are prettier, both her and her roommate. But still I’ll watch becos of the guy candies, n that there is nothing else interesting to me showing rt now.

  61. 61 : Jamie ;) Says:

    Gaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s so beautiful! Jung Il woo is really really Hot in here and to be honest, they have a chemistry! :DD

  62. 62 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    JIL is cool n refreshing. He and his group of friends are like F4 in BoF, only here they r the F5. Then there is the ballerina gf. Ah, that one is fr Goong.
    The girl intern teacher is played like a manwa character. Everything abt her is laughable, unreal. She seems to have the EQ n IQ of a carrot.
    Besides Cha, I also like the other rebel in the school, Kim Ba Woo (Paul). He is a feisty spirit, but unlike the teacher, he makes sense.
    I think the strong pts of this story are the bromances, the one betwn Cha n Kim Paul, n in the next ep, when Lee Ki Woo’s char appears, he’ll like that stupid girl, n the rivalry begins. I look fwd to it.

  63. 63 : Hi Says:

    So I watched the first episode, but I am really confused. Is Cha Chi soo really in high school??? But still, this made me lol!

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    Cha didn’t want to join the army, so his rich daddy sent him away to NYC. He stayed there for 3 years. But hated having to study English, n presumably could not finish high school, so he returned to Korea. His father made him go back to high school, the one that is owned by his father’s corporation, so it doesn’t matter that he is over-aged. He is 19 years old, n is in the 3rd year of Senior high.

  65. 65 : Joanna Says:

    Oh my God!! Jung Il woo. i cant wait cast and for this series. just seeing the synopsis i know that this will be great,,. specially Jung Il woo is in the series……gonna search for some clips of the episode now…:)

  66. 66 : Joanna Says:

    (reacall the prev post) Oh my God!! Jung Il woo. i cant wait for this series. just seeing the cast and synopsis i know that this will be great,,. specially Jung Il woo is in the series……gonna search for some clips of the episode now…:)

  67. 67 : Christine Says:

    @KDaddict, Hi,
    I’m referring to your message on TPM @275, pg 11…could you pls help coz i’m unable to find a few songs, any recommend website to download?

    hey, i’m just finish watching PTB & now crazy about Ji Sung after Hyun Bin, he is really adorable & handsome as Cha Ji Heon….

  68. 68 : KDaddict Says:

    @Christine, Hi,
    Are u the same christine fr SEGA?
    You can’t find TPM songs? You should be able to get them (most, not all) fr the OST sites recommended by koreandrama.org. Or else, you can go to mediafire or megadownload and search there. Good luck.
    Ji Sung has always been good looking but not endearing in his former KDs. But Protect the Boss really changes his image. I really love him in it too. 😀

  69. 69 : chaimoon Says:

    Kiki thanks. But I was up until 12midnight on Oct. 31 but it did not air in tvN. I will try to monitor on Oct 27 Monday and see if it will be aired. I am not sure if the tvN channel all over the world have the same schedule of their shows. I regret not having seen the first episode.

  70. 70 : chaimoon Says:

    Kiki I mean November 7 Monday. Ha ha! I must have lost my peanuts having missed the first episode.

  71. 71 : chaimoon Says:

    To Ivy, thanks a lot! I missed the fact that you were the one who answered my question. I just took it for granted that Kiki answered me. She must be busy these days. Thanks a lot to you. I will monitor the drama next Monday as it said the showing will be on Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 pm. I don’t know if all tvN shows all over the world have the same schedule as posted on this site. I will keep in touch if indeed I have caught the show myself. Take care my new friend.

  72. 72 : Christine Says:

    @KDaddict, Hi,

    Ha…is me!

    I’ll try after work, thanks for the guide…

  73. 73 : STCXKOREA Says:

    the drama titled secret is the best from taiwan try to watch that you never regret the lead actor is jay chou

  74. 74 : maya novi Says:

    this drama daebak,,the cast ant the story soo nice to watch…noemu noemu chuaae……

  75. 75 : Shine Says:

    Im goin watch diz drama i love jung ilwoo oppa… ^_^

  76. 76 : Jennie Says:

    Haha, what’s with the name “Cha” these days? We just had yummylicious Cha Mu Won and cute Cha Ji Heon plus ever lovable Chairman Cha from PTB and now we have this gorgeous looking Cha Ji Soo. Must run in the genes in the looks dept! As for this Cha, first glance, I thought he was better looking in 49 Days but I like it that he’s now playing the lead and the role fits him to a T. Hahha, first five minutes into the drama, I couldn’t tell whether he couldn’t understand the silly woman’s English or that he wanted to show how good a player he is! And who would want to talk about food in Manhattan when you have such a fine specimen in front of you, right? Silly woman!
    Agree with you, KDAddict, that the choice of female cast could have been better but maybe there’s some kind of “act” that “forbids” co-leads to be equally goodlooking and no other actors in the cast can look better than the lead or something like that, especially in this drama. Just look at all of Ji Soo’s friends-they all look weird! Btw, where have I see Dong joo, the room mate before? Any guesses?

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    Re: An “act” that forbids the co-leads to be equally good-looking
    It may apply to 2nd leads not being as good looking as the main actors/resses, but it doesn’t apply to the male vs female leads. They r supposed to be equal or good matches for each other. That’s the point, isn’t it? That they match each other to a T. I’ve seen the main actress’s photos. They aren’t bad looking. But in the 1st 2 eps, her char looks oh-so-terrible! How can Cha possibly fall in love w sb who looks like that? How can the audience be convinced if he does?
    Dong Joo looks pretty but has zero character. A pretty girl that doesn’t stand out in a crowd of other pretty girls. I’m afraid I wouldn’t remember a face like that even if I had seen it in 10 KDs!

  78. 78 : Upekshya Welikala Says:

    hey have a nz period with tz drama

  79. 79 : Dodo Says:

    I think that the female lead is cute and is a good match to Chi Soo.. I like her.. she is so charming.. I’m so excited about this drama.. By now it doesn’t lack anything – good cast and storyline and it’s fresh.. something that was missing for some time now. I hope there will be more dramas like this one coming out soon.

  80. 80 : Lisab Says:

    i am totally in luv with the casting of this drama and i think it has a great story line that has really been lackin in others recently luv the leads and luv the female leads anger problem really cute and that sqinting of the eye from cha never gets old luv this drama

  81. 81 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    Lee Ki Woo was pretty gook looking in Star’s Lover. Here, next to JIW, he seems to lose a bit of luster by comparison. But boy, is he tall! 6’2″? 6’3″?
    JIW: I’ve never seen any one look so dashing in a navy colored school blazer! It shows that it is the well-toned body under the clothes that make them look so hot!
    This show is done more like a manwa than a drama.

  82. 82 : kell Says:

    2 words: Love it!!!

  83. 83 : jangerr Says:

    This is one of those rare dramas where I can’t wait for the subs. I’ll watch it raw and then again when the subs are out. It’s been a while since I felt this way about a drama…

  84. 84 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4–Scent of a man:
    She sees a soiled handkerchief on the ground. She picks it up n sniffs it. She sees a dirty sock on the floor. She picks it up n sniffs it. Good thing nobody left a pair of dirty underwear on the floor! LOL!

  85. 85 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is Tall guy falling asleep all over the place? Does he have a sleep disorder?

  86. 86 : The Gioi thoi trang Says:

    Greate blog , tks

  87. 87 : sweet Says:

    second version of F4…after protect the boss this one also make you laugh in every episode….watch it!

  88. 88 : susu Says:

    What’s with all the ‘flower’ names lately? We have ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ here. And we have ‘Me Too, Flower’. And now there’s another drama called, ‘My Daughter, The Flower’!

    But whatever and no matter how many ‘Flowers’ there are going to be, this will be the BEST Flower of them all!

  89. 89 : LPG Says:

    Ok to be honest, I only had to watch it for 5 minutes to know I’m completely in love with this drama!!!! it’s really good!!! 🙂

  90. 90 : jangerr Says:

    Yay! Finally it’s Monday tomorrow! It couldn’t have come sooner enough…

  91. 91 : kriss Says:

    Fell in love with this drama from the first episode. The way it’s going, I won’t be surprise if it becomes the top drama of the year not only for me but for many, many others!

    It’s smart, it’s sassy, it’s fun, it’s funny. And it has good looking leads who can act to boot! Now I can’ wait for Mondays to come…

  92. 92 : shocco locco Says:

    best drama of the year

  93. 93 : mitch Says:

    …good start.. love it! (“,).. go scheduler JIW! hehe.. and i also like LCA for her role in Temptation of Wolves.. keep it up!

  94. 94 : Altynai Says:

    Hello, I live in Kazakhstan and I see drama I’ll give you everything, and I love this drama, What will be in the end? 20-150 series. What will be in the end? answer me

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    Don’t know why Cha is behaving like that. Is he in love??? After being hit in the head by Intern with a volley ball??? His friends (F5) thinks that he’s been damaged in the head. His father is having him thoroughly medically examined. Whatever. What happened to make him feel that way?
    She wants Pole to sell the ramyun shop 1 min. Then changes her mind the next min, while the on train. What happened to change her mind?
    The only person I get is Paul He is in love w Pretty Girl n is willing to take whatever she dishes out, however much it hurts his pride.

  96. 96 : hey hey Says:

    i realy realy realy love this drama soooo much <3 <3 <3 <3

  97. 97 : hey hey Says:

    can’t wait for ep 6 *___*

  98. 98 : sam Says:

    Yes! something good to watch after a very long time! This drama has a unique appeal to it and hooks you after just 1 episode. The lead girl isn’t the best looking, cute girl u’d find but she is just natural and she wouldn’t mind looking unpretty just to deliver the role. Indeed refreshing! At one point it makes u laugh and smile and at the next moment it will leave you with tears. I hope the next episodes will be even unique and wonderful!

  99. 99 : fatmawathy Says:

    kapan nhi di puterin di indonesia

  100. 100 : KDaddict Says:

    Jung il Woo has never looked as sweet!!!

  101. 101 : susan Says:

    LOVE this drama..
    always can’t wait for next episode..
    worth to watch..

  102. 102 : Mic Says:

    The female lead might not be outrageously beautiful but she does have comedy sense, perfect fit for a storyline of a guy who has everything falling for an ordinary girl who has nothing.

    So sad to see Cha Chi Soo hurt by Yang Eun Bi at the end of episode 6!

  103. 103 : missinternational Says:

    @mic so true…
    i cant wait until the next episode.. i keep watching the last eps over again.. diving me crazy thats why i like waiting when the whole seise is out and start watching… cuz now im having the sleepless nights thinking about whats gonna happen all and i should be studying or writing my 5pg essay but i got writer block but not for this i can write like 10pg on kdramas..

  104. 104 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    Why is Cha so interested in, obsessed w Intern?
    Becos she hits him over the head w a volley ball?
    Becos she plays volley ball in the gym?
    Becos she tells him that he stinks?
    Don’t know if lead actress is natural. Only that she is mighty unattractive, esp. next to these guys. It’d be nice if they had cast another actress. There must be sb else who is natural, comic, and looks less like a poor ajumma.

  105. 105 : flower boy ramyun shop - FLOWERS WORLD – FLOWERS WORLD Says:

    […] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop » Korean Drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop » Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series.http://www.koreandrama.org/?p= .. […]

  106. 106 : me Says:

    Haha… this is sooo comical
    I think LCA fit w/ Yang eunbi character
    JIL still look like ‘scheduler-nim’
    So far its fun.. ㅎㅎㅎ

  107. 107 : bethong Says:

    where’ the rating?
    can’t wait for ep 7 and 8!

  108. 108 : shocco locco Says:

    so obssessed with this drama..the best for this year

  109. 109 : Mic Says:

    Maybe write your essay to kill time while waiting for the show? 🙂

    Becos the PD said so and becos they wanted to drive us audiences crazy! hahaha!

  110. 110 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mic, hi,
    I mean, I love the show, (well, more precisely, I love Jun Il Woo in his role as Cha), just that, 1 min Cha was all full of himself. Next min he can’t stop thinking abt her. I thought I missed an ep., but I didn’t. I have no idea what happened to cause such a big change in him. Am I the only one not getting it? Do u get it???

  111. 111 : sam Says:

    You don’t need a very beautiful lead girl to run a drama, you just need chemistry to make it work and a unique plot. I don’t think Cha knew what hit him. He thought she was hurting his ego but it seems she has stolen his heart. Great drama!

  112. 112 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddicit, Hello!

    Well, I agreed with you this drama is a little fuzzy in depicting how Cha fell for the girl, but you can tell as in any other Kdramas (Boys Over Flowers comes to mind), when boys met girls who weren’t all ga ga over their looks and social status, and were strong enough to stand up to them, that sort of stole their hearts (as sam @#111 has pointed out). To me, I think it all started when Cha saw how Bi waited for her boyfriend since he himself didn’t believe in love. I WISH it was that simple in reality!!! But I guess that’s why we all addicted to KDs! As least that is a reason for me!

  113. 113 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mic, Hi,
    Yes, you r right. These boys are used to pretty girls from their same class who fawn over them. So when one comes along who is not pretty, not refined, not adoring, they go for the challenge. In that sense, the lead actress fits the bill n then some. I’ve to remind myself that it is an idol fantasy show; I shouldn’t take it seriously. Just enjoy the eye-candy in JIW, n enjoy the whipped cream in the show!

  114. 114 : Sizaoka Says:

    OMG, i fall in love with Lee Ki Woo’s character ( handsome, adorable but funny ), his habit is ‘laying down’ when bothersome thing happens ! hahaha… what a unique character ! XD

  115. 115 : tc Says:

    Watched 5 eps straight and really love Jung Il Woo in this drama, he is so Yummy! Wish for a better female lead though. Find the lead girl so unattractive especially in the first few episodes. Choi Kang Hee in Protect the Boss is definitely prettier. I don’t quite like her overacting in the first few episodes before her dad’s death. Luckily her acting improved and I like her better when she shows her serious side.

  116. 116 : babu13 Says:

    i like this drama,,,coz it’s more on comedy and romance…love it..!!! ^_^

  117. 117 : hny Says:

    Well..cha’s father is so awsome…makes me laugh with his expression…become nut couse pororo!!!oh cant wait to the next eps..all of them have an uniq character….

  118. 118 : sone Says:

    This is just so much fun! Love, love, love this show!

  119. 119 : Mic Says:

    Only watched a little bit of eps 7 and had already laughed my head off! There’s nothing better than watching funny kdramas when you need to be cheered up! Hilarious! hahaha!

  120. 120 : Mic Says:

    Cha Chi Soo 너무 불쌍해…

  121. 121 : hny Says:

    Oh..MG…I hate waiting…when I can download oll eps …..mmmm..yummixxxx

  122. 122 : mnet Says:

    can’t get enuf of this show! why? why? why is it only 16 episodes?

  123. 123 : mommy angel Says:

    Haven’t seen such a good Korean drama for a very long time. Well worth following! 🙂

  124. 124 : PBaddict Says:

    My only mistake…

    was not waiting for all the episodes to air before starting to watch this show… 😀 I cannot wait to see where it’s headed and all the things that may happen along the way. 🙂 I love how it makes me forget all my troubles and sucks me into its universe to balance between laughing my heart out in one minute and crying like baby in the other.

    Chisoo is so cute… Eun Bi is so naive… (e.g.: it takes her forever to realize how these guys might feel about her:) all the characters really are extreme and that’s what makes this show more unique than anything I’ve seen so far.

    I can honestly recommend this show for anyone and everyone.

  125. 125 : Mic Says:

    Can’t agree more with PBaddict!

  126. 126 : Mic Says:

    I can’t wait one more week, no way!!! 어떡하지?

  127. 127 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 7:
    Wow, how can someone be sooo cute in everything he wears? A school blazer, a white tee over a black shirt, an orange-red down vest over a grey jacket! I enjoyed the last min of ep 7, when he is being asked to play bf; watch that mischievous look on his face.

  128. 128 : juls Says:

    Where’s the 8 ep??;((( i’m from Indonesia…;)

  129. 129 : thb Says:


    Ok, so, I’ve watched the 8th ep and I cant wait for next week, lol ep 8 is the best episode so far (every episode is good tho xD) because its all when the drama starts.

    Watch this drama and you wont regret it!

  130. 130 : Jennie Says:

    Jung IW is the perfect actor for this role. He’s like Goo Joon Pyo and Kim Joo Won all rolled into one, albeit a younger version. Still have mixed feelings over Lee KW tho. I can’t decide whether he is goodlooking or actually odd looking, at certain angles. One thing for sure, all the female leads are soo…unattractive. But it’s a fun drama to watch and enjoying it tremendously 😀

  131. 131 : mitch Says:

    ..i soooo love this drama! go JIW! Fighting!

  132. 132 : ViKa Says:

    hohoho…i really enjoy this show,jung il woo it’s really daebak…. he is really into his character as cha chi soo

  133. 133 : sone Says:

    This drama is getting better and better! Now I can’t wait for next week…

  134. 134 : Momo Says:

    Is this drama good to watch besides the attractive of lead actor ??

  135. 135 : fae Says:

    before i hate mondays..but now i can’t wait for monday,,,

    —really want to watch the episode 9 … monday please come 😀

    best drama! il woo <3 <3

  136. 136 : KDaddict Says:

    I love the references they made to Secret Garden in ep 6. The sparkling blue track suit, the cell phone ring tone that announces an incoming message!!!
    I love JIW in his role as Cha. I think he is even more attractive than Goo Joon Pyo, bcos of the hair. GJP would have looked far better without that over permed hair).
    LeeWK is tall; he makes me realize that there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing”. If he was 3 in. shorter, he’d look less odd.
    The female lead is in another league altogether.

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    Jung Il Woo appeared in Ep 40 of High Kick 3!!!
    He plays a repeat 3rd year Sr Hi student, just like he is here in Ramyun Shop. In HiKk 3, he falls in love (at 1st sight) with…….a completely unexpected female. It is side-splitting funny. I LOL all the way thru, plus it helps me accept his Love of Eun Bi too. :D:D:D

  138. 138 : juls Says:

    can’t wait to watch next episode… hikshiks… just wondering, when this drama show in indonesia?;)

  139. 139 : aLpha Says:

    Ep.8…..gosh……Jealous…Eun Bi and three handsome man.
    monday come quick..!!!!

  140. 140 : puchicatos Says:

    LOVE IT,,,
    can’t wait for next week,,,,

  141. 141 : phing Says:

    i wish the ending is Choi Kang Hyeok & Yang Eun Bi together2..huhu..

  142. 142 : Sizaoka Says:

    does anybody here know, THE LINK where i can download this video FBRS “sub english” ?. please, help me. thanks 🙂

  143. 143 : Mic Says:

    @Momo, hi, good question! To me, this drama was very boring in the beginning, I almost gave up on it. The story line was predictable, and the actor and actress appeared silly, note it’s silly, not funny! But if you sit through the first few episodes, it started to get funny, the humor is there and story line although predictable still, has a little more depth. Give it a try!

  144. 144 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict, hi, Jung Il Woo in High Kick 3, totally cross advertising! Funny! 🙂

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    I basically watch it just for Jung Il Woo, who is sooo watchable here. I also like the other guys, esp. Ba Wool who has more char than his other mates. This is the 1st time I see the lead actress, so I’m not an anti fan; I just have zero interest in seeing her, n walk away whenever she is on screen.
    It’s a bunch of pretty young man operating a ramyun shop where young women come to drool on them–a funny situation! It gets better once the shop is fully operational in ep 7 or 8.

  146. 146 : KDaddict Says:

    Do watch that ep (40) of Hi Kick 3 featuring JIL if u can. It is ROTF funny!
    We found that vid of PSH that u mentioned n talked abt it on the TPM thread. It is pretty weird alright!

  147. 147 : Mic Says:

    @KDaddict, hi, just finished watching high kick, hahaha, so funny! Feel like it was making fun of the female lead in Ramyun!
    So you guys found the PSH video? I couldn’t watch TPM, d/l the vid but couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Still prefer something to make me laugh instead, like Ramyun! 🙂

  148. 148 : hny Says:

    @ oll of you…
    today is saturday…and then sunday…like trafic in jakarta its loong time to wait monday…hope you guys have nice weekend and wil see for the next eps comment.

  149. 149 : sweet Says:

    i wish the female lead character here is smart not dumb i dont like it everytime she act to be cute it doesnt suit her…on the contrary the male lead is awesome not only on the looks but he can act too…

  150. 150 : lane Says:

    definitely the best “feel-good” drama for 2011…love the story and the characters…can’t wait for the next episode…

  151. 151 : KDaddict Says:

    In Hi Kick 3, when JIW’s hi school student fell head over heels for sb his mom’s age, it was played for laughs. So it wasn’t irritating. It makes me see that Cha Chi Soo’s falling for this unattractive girl is also played for laughs. Thereafter I don’t find it so “WTF”!
    Given the timing of these eps, I’d also say that there is a connection there.

  152. 152 : ok ok ok Says:

    A little disappointed that Jung Il Woo match with this lead actress – cannot attract me to watch 🙁

  153. 153 : lulufadya Says:

    I just watched the first episode, it was funny and i’ll follow this drama for shoo 🙂

  154. 154 : Heartstringsfan=D Says:

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is really good…I wish the episodes would be extended and that it would be shown 7 days a week!

  155. 155 : puchicatos Says:

    I Love this drama~
    I’m Sure It will become a big hit!!!

  156. 156 : princess Says:

    this drama is still airing in Koreaa can’t wait for the full episode!!!this drama is soo funny, full of laugh and refreshing….i love Lee Ki Woo very handsome and funny!!!

  157. 157 : Jennie Says:

    Does anyone ever have this feeling that this Choi Kang Hyeok is not a being from this world? To me, he’s acting as if he is being sent there by someone from above (mayb EB’s father, haha) to help EB and CS and the shop. Something like a cross beteween 49 Days & SeGA. I know it’s really far fetched but I always get this feeling when I see Choi KH. He speaks funny and act funnier still, like always falling asleep out of the blue wherever he is, and he always act as if he knows what’s gonna happen. Love Jung IW here, and I love how he winks 😉 😉

  158. 158 : Jennie Says:

    Ep 9 is on tonight finally! I hope the subs will come out soon. The dialogue in this drama is simply too hilarious. I was watching Ep 8 in a public area and the passers by must have thought I was crazy. I couldn’t stop myself from just bursting out laughing and I was literally ROTFL! The scene when they talked about EB doing the’88 wave and Jung IW’s descritption and facial expression on “hardcore” was just priceless. And EB being described by the wannabe girlfriend of ex as “this chewed piece of chicken leg” was just too much. Really savouring every word in this drama!! And thank goodness, EB’s looks have gotten better as the drama progresses. She doesn’t look so bad after all!

  159. 159 : Mic Says:

    Now that’s a surprise! Really cute!

  160. 160 : Mic Says:

    Note to self: Never watch this drama while eating! I almost spit everything out laughing!

  161. 161 : Kimmyyy Says:

    love this drama. can’t wait to watch the next ep.

  162. 162 : Kimmyyy Says:

    everyone should watch this drama. totally unexpected but funny!

  163. 163 : just Says:

    hahahaa…love this drama bcause so funny and refreshing, cha chi soo and yang eun bi so cute together..
    fighting flower boy chi soo…>.<

  164. 164 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    Gong Hyo JIn! Gong Hyo Jin! There is a cameo by Gong Hyo Jin! She plays the clerk at the music store, where they all go to buy that CD. Finally, there is a female face in this drama that I like. Too bad it is just a cameo. Makes me wish for more, much more of her!

  165. 165 : Lotus26 Says:

    Does anyone know where to get ep9 with subs? I can’t wait to see it !

  166. 166 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    Why is the shop always empty? I like it much better when it is full of drooling girls, waiting in line to get radishes fr Cha!
    Cha looks so funny running up the stairs of cineplex wearing a helmet. Looks like sb fr a Sci-fi movie.
    At the end of the ep, Jung IW kisses for real! I haven’t seen a kiss that realistic in KD yet! Wow! More power to JIW!
    Hate to see beanpole get hurt.
    Lee KW looked a lot more handsome in Star’s Lover.

  167. 167 : ????!!!! Says:

    I love this drama lar….
    I also Jeong Il Woo because he sooooooooo handsome………………….. lar~

  168. 168 : hny Says:

    This time is kissing eps….mmmm Uach…cha geting hot n eun bi like fly…hope at the next eps beanpole more agresive so the situation more hot…Jang IL Woo you are so .. so sweet.love you

  169. 169 : via Says:

    One of my fav drama of this year, such a hillarious and funny drama…

  170. 170 : jangerr Says:

    @ via

    Mine too! In fact I think this drama is crazy good! I’m having such fun watching it!

  171. 171 : press conference drama flower boy ramyun shop - FLOWERS WORLD – FLOWERS WORLD Says:

    […] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop » Korean Drama Popular Now !!! Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Fermentation Family Me Too, Flower! Glory Jane @ Man of Honor The Best Korean Drama of 2011 City Hunter A Thousand Days' Promise …http://www.koreandrama.org/?p= .. […]

  172. 172 : manisha Says:

    Jung Il Woo really SOMETHING!!! He’s soo coool, so HHHHOOOOTTTT!!!love this drama especially LOve Jung Il Woo!!! he’s totally HOT!!! he’s expression looks perfect! he knews the way to be funny and suddenly seriously…OMG! Jung Il Woo…d you know HOW HOT AND SEXY YOU ARE???

  173. 173 : mnet Says:

    Fans of this awesome drama, let your fingers do the talking! Go vote for FBRS in the Best Korean Drama for 2011!!!

  174. 174 : Jennie Says:

    @manisha Haha, from your omment, you must be a big big fan. Agree with you that he’s the best in this drama!

  175. 175 : Jennie Says:

    @manisha Haha, from your comments, you must be a big big fan. Agree with you that he’s the best in this drama!

  176. 176 : Jamiee~ Says:

    I want to let the nice guy win this time lol, Kang Hyuk x Eun Bi FTW!! I personally like them better than Chi soo x eun bi. Chi soo is just so weird and um.. a little dumb. he needed to know a word that makes his eyes burn when he sees eun bi with another guy, and when he found out it was the word jealously.. he needed to look the word up in a dictionary!!! XD hes totally making it obvious to eun bi that he loves her. i love kang hyuk, hes always nice and funny and cute^^ hes like eun bi’s guardian angel lol. Watches over her and is her wife. I want them to be together!!!

  177. 177 : cindy Says:

    i wonder why this tv series dont have ratings?.. this is a perfect drama to make your heart smile.

  178. 178 : Joanna Says:

    my gosh..im so addicted to this drama..im falling inlove to the characters and to il woo..i cant wait for each episodes to be posted…right now im about to finish episode 10…whooo…the best…..

  179. 179 : hny Says:

    Oh monday…pleaze coming soon I miss to watch them…

  180. 180 : kimmyyyx3 Says:

    chi soo is so….how can i say this nicely..dumb.
    he always has to ask his friends why he’s feeling a certain way towards eun bi. and he still think its a sickness. so immature.
    I totally agree with JAMIEE~..
    Kang Hyuk and Eun Bi is a better match.

  181. 181 : hny Says:

    Thats why this drama makes us crazy to watched..

    @ kimmmyyyx3…kang hyuk n eun bi would be match but not better one.. couse its like ramen without chili sauce….^^not hot^^ ,kang hyuk more like eun bi guardian angel..this agood character for kang hyuk.

  182. 182 : rozie Says:

    chi soo good with eun bi. they look nice together….. make this drama more interesting…..
    Chi Soo and Eun Bi is a better match…….

  183. 183 : princess tutu Says:

    i love this drama i love jung i

  184. 184 : princess tutu Says:

    i love this drama & i love il woo so so so much <3

  185. 185 : Mic Says:

    Happy Monday is coming! Ramyun plus Brain, happy happy! Oops…ramyun + brain, now that doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it?? Hahaha!

  186. 186 : andi_c Says:

    I never expected this to be fun. I hope to see the ratings..why isn’t it posted?

  187. 187 : maryam Says:

    Ooooooops i can just said that….the coolest drama that i’ve seen ever…^^

  188. 188 : PBaddict Says:

    That’s the way to keep the anticipation going… very well done, indeed! 😉 They always create such previews at the end of the eps that make me want to see more and more. 🙂 That’s why I always watch the raw, too.

    By the way, isn’t there some kind of a record coming along here considering the next episode’s preview? The highest number of kisses and almost kisses in a kdrama ever 🙂 (Has there been such a krama ever before? Please tell me if there has, coz I wanna watch is: ) And we the longer version of the kiss from the last episode. Chisoo is still amazingly cute with all his childishness. *.*

  189. 189 : Jennie Says:

    OMG, this drama is getting hotttt! The kissng scene at end of Ep 10 was simply sizzling and one I never expected to see in a KD. Can’t wait for subs to be out and Ep 11 looks so promising and really looking forward to it. At first it looked like EB was more falling in love with love, didn’t matter with who, but if I were EB, I know for sure who I’d want, afer that KISS!!! Even the OST selection is getting better. Btw, I want the rammyun shop pink Tshirt-where can I get one? I don’t mind helping Cha filling up the plates with radish if I get to sit next to him all day long 😀

  190. 190 : hallyu lover Says:

    OMG there’s a steamy kiss scene! WOW…Love it so much ….jung il woo looks like a great kisser omo omo

  191. 191 : Mic Says:

    I don’t need to know how to make ramyun! I want preview of eps 13!

  192. 192 : nana Says:

    I love Korean drama

  193. 193 : Jennie Says:

    OMG (am I saying this for every episode from now on 😛 ), I felt as if I was watching an adult movie in this episode!! Is it legal to show such scenes on tv…heeeheee..whatever, Cha Chi Soo is hot with a capital H!! But seriously speaking, I think EB is better off with Kang Hyuk. They are more suited to each other, in terms of age and temperament. But again, Cha CS wll win the girl. The poor EB is practically on her knees with his “X rated” actions B-)

  194. 194 : hny Says:

    Bo ya ije!! I was watched FBRS eps 12 part 2..why suddenly became the musical drama!!! OMG..they get wrong download this epsd..people at dramacrazy.net…we…we!!!…..oh somebody help me ..where I can download this eps more faster……ill woo wait for meeeee…

  195. 195 : Jennie Says:

    @hny You can watch it at Epdrama. Link is below:


  196. 196 : hny Says:

    @jennie..thanks 4 .info…I was downloading from that site but its take much time …thanks anyway jennie.. I’ll be watch my love Il woo after 15 minute from now ..!!!

  197. 197 : hny Says:

    Bo Ya ije…they are brothers…waw.. its gonna interesting next week…oh cha chi soo kissing ..loved to watch over n over again ..is pororo(chas father) knew abaut kang hyuk ?!!! I get miss the part when kang hyuk met chas father…kha ji man…cant wait monday soon….this drama its totaly great..the rating is 80 right now..hope the rate more higher…cha yo FBRS!!

  198. 198 : lalalaRawR~ Says:

    can anyone tell me when the next episode ( episode 13)will be out i really wanna watch it , i love this drama its the best drama ever!! <3

  199. 199 : Jennie Says:

    @198 lalalaRawR~ If you check the info above, this drama is aired every Mon & Tues at 2300hr from 31 Oct to December 20, 2011 in Korea. You can only watch it once a website uploads it raw (usually within a few hours after it’s been broadcasted) or if you choose to wait for subs, then you have to wait for a few days after it’s shown. The next episode is therefore on Monday, 12 Dec. 😉

  200. 200 : handayani Says:

    permitt to copy

  201. 201 : agave Says:

    This drama has been a pleasant surprise because I didn’t expect to love it so much. I only started watching because I loved Jung Il Woo in Return of Iljimae so much that I went looking for his other work. In addition to great writing and acting, I love the difference in the way cable television handles sexuality versus the staid, dull way that the major networks handle it.

    From the beginning, the chemistry between the 2 leads was sizzling and this heat continued throughout the show and lead up to some of the hottest scenes I’ve see in a Korean drama so far. As much as I love many Korean dramas, the kissing scenes are often hard to watch because they are usually stiff and unnatural.

    Fortunately, that kiss at the end of Ep. 10 and the beginning of Ep. 11 was passionate and believably hot. I wish more mainstream Korean dramas would include this kind of kissing or that cable TV will be able to produce more dramas in the near future.

  202. 202 : KDaddict Says:

    I am another person who wants that girl to end up with Beanpole, for many reasons, because:
    he cuts up her steak for her;
    he is mature n caring;
    she doesn’t look ugly next to him;
    Cha CS is so cute n she is so not;
    Cha CS is caviar n she is chicken feet, as said in ep 10.

    Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder. When you like a couple on screen, u automatically think they have chemistry. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I find it hard to see the chemistry betwn such a cute handsome boy n such a common girl. That difference betwn them is sth the show keeps stressing.

  203. 203 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Hi, you’re back! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Brought back any hotties? I avoided making any ref. that CCS is caviar and she chicken feet (eventho it was clearly on my mind) when I said Kang Hyeok was a better match with EB earlier on in my comment less I be bashed by EB/CCS shippers for being arrogant or whatever. Now that I have found another supporter, I can honestly say that CCS is actually too good for EB and I hated EB when she asked if he knew how to make ramen! Heck, why would he even need to know how to make ramyun, right? What’s the big deal, right? Why does she want to change him, when he is already so perfect, right? Why does he need to go down to her level? Sigh, sigh! KDramas sometimes are just too idealistic! But I love this drama anyway!

  204. 204 : NAVS Says:


    Sometimes although it is unbelievable the relationship between a young male and an older women of how many years? 2?
    But it does happen, no? Although we watchers disregard that because the man acts very mature and takes control, which lures us all in.

    I think she EB fits with both, but it’s obvious that it is CCS that makes her heart “boil” as EB says, she needs stability at her age. Even so, she is 20 and he is 18..? That is not much of an age difference.

    And of course she needs to change someone like that, to have FEELINGS and understanding. Yes kdramas may be too idealistic, but it does not mean that they aren’t realistic as well. I’m sure some people in the world here lack love and feeling because they were not able to feel it. And yes kdrama uses the common storyline of ‘no mother –> rich, nonchalant child’ but the twists it takes in this drama is very very good.
    If we all talk, reach, try to face idealism, maybe one day it’ll come true
    Also, CCS is not perfect he is far from it. He is still a kid. a hot one i do say so

  205. 205 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie Hi,
    I’m back. Japan is always enjoyable. I ate like a pig n now look like one too. There is nothing to watch rt now, n i’m bored. So I watch this one cos at least it has Jung Il Woo.
    You and I are definitely Not the only ppl who don’t want to see that girl w Cha CS. On the previous pg, other ppl feel the same way.
    I second every word u said in #203. This show is meant to be funny when it matches a girl who is completely wrong for Cha CS. When they call him caviar n her chicken feet, I laughed heartily, cos they spoke my mind! But the casting n characterization of that girl make that OTP hard to swallow. In watching over 100 KDs, this is the 1st time I wish that the guy doesn’t get the girl, n in siding w the rich father over her! Sth’s wrong when a show makes some viewers feel this way. Maybe they took the ill-match idea too far. If it wasn’t for Jung IW being oh so lovely, I’d stop watching this in a heartbeat.
    I don’t have a problem w her being older, we never do; I just have a problem w her being so crass, so vulgar, so unattractive (chicken feet), compared to Cha being oh so perfect (caviar). The actress might be good in other productions, I don’t know, but I sure don’t like her acting as what’s her name here. Of course the writer makes her bring him down to her level, to show that being common is happiness, being rich n lofty is lonely n sad. It isn’t idealism, just escapism for common folks.

    This comment is addressed to Jennie specifically. Those who disagree need not write to me or even read it beyond the 1st paragraph. I’m here talking to Jennie n have Zero interest to debate shippers of the OTP. TQVM.

  206. 206 : KDaddict Says:

    Re your Qn abt her making him cook ramyun:
    One day soon, they’ll show us how good she is for him; her crassness is exactly what he needs; she is his rescuer when he is trapped in his tower, like a princess; ramyun is food for the soul, (this show is called the ramyun shop after all), n it is her who made him realize it; he is a changed man forever n finds happiness in her, etc. etc. etc. I don’t have a problem w that premise per se, but need that role to be played by another actress, one who can make it believable to me that Cha would fall for her.

  207. 207 : Jennie Says:

    @NAVS Hi I have no problem with their age difference but I ‘m pretty sure there’s more than 2 years between them- I thought it was something like 6? Anyway, it seems to be the trend these days, older women n younger men- I guess it’s because the young men are so hot these days on tv land! The tv networks have got to satisfy both the young and all the ahjummas, their main audience! Don’t get me wrong, I understand that these scriptwriters have their moral duty in dishing out all these ideals but sometimes, I wish they would just let their fantasy go wild, come on, it’s a comedy and they really should just be as wacky as they can and be as idealistic as they can. Of course realistically, CCS is not perfect but from the very beginning, he never had all these typical sad story about growing up without a mum or being lonely, insecure etc. He’s happy and he even said so! The point is I wish they wouldnt try to change him even when he has to fall in love. Ideal guy should be with an ideal girl and our dear EB is far from being the ideal girl in an ideal comedy, in my mind that is but I guess it’s a no no, right? There will be no story to tell then 😀

  208. 208 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Agree with you 100% there. I hate it whenever she does that scratching under the chin thing and CCS’s comment about her having dead skin there mirrored my thoughts exactly. Why can’t they just make her out as just older and a little bit whacky but with some class? Heck, even the other girl who’s supposed to be everythg (the wannabe ballerina) that EB is not doesn’t work for me cos she has zero class, zero looks and zero everythg. But what the heck, I watch it because of JIW and how he delivers his role. To be fair, the actress has good skin and that saves her from being completely a goner for me 😉

  209. 209 : KDaddict Says:

    The operative word here is “class”. He has so much of it, n alas, she has none! The other operative word is “credibility”. Julia Roberts had us believing that Richard Gere’s char in Pretty Woman would fall for a hooker! She even had us suspending disbelief that sb who looks like her could be a hooker, not even a hi-class one to corporate clients, but a lowly street-walker. So in show business u can have the audience believe in anything if u do things well, esp. the casting!
    Good skin? Thats all u ask for in an actress? Show me a Korean actress w bad skin n I’ll show u a cow w no tits! Hee hee. (Sb just called ma “a cow w tits” on another thread.) 😀
    Hey, what r u watching n would recommend? I really feel that there’s nothing to watch. Bored out of my skull. I like Ahn JW but not Nam Sang Mi enough to sit thru 50 eps of Light n Sound, n its ratings r dismal. Maybe I’ll check in on Song IG’s Fermentation Family. I should go pick up the dvds for Return of IJM fr my friend.

  210. 210 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict To be fair to her, she really does have good skin, just like Gu HS and that’s her saving grace. Can you imagine if you have to kiss sb who is zero on looks, no shape,old and with bad skin?

    Still watching The Musical, Thousand Days Promise and was just starting to enjoy Me Too Flower when I heard that it would be shortened by one episode due to poor ratings and other reasons! Am waiting for subs for Padam Padam & Fermentation Family. Might also look at Vampire Idol once subs are out, pretty disappointed to learn that No Min Woo is not the lead. Mayb you should look at Me Too Flower. It’s a darker version of Flower Boy but not too bad. YOon SY looks a trifle too young to carry the role with flair but bearable. Pretty absorbing for me anyway.

  211. 211 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m sure she has good skin. At her age, in her profession, why wouldn’t she? Funny u mentioned him kissing her. I was just thinking how demanding, difficult acting is as a profession when JIW was kissing her!
    I left a comment for Fermentation Family. Love it!
    Watched a few mins of Padam, but it is a story abt what happened the month b4 he is executed. So I’m not sure if I’m in.
    I can’t watch Lee JA. I’ve an aversion to her fr D1.
    I’ll go play my computer games instead.

  212. 212 : donna Says:

    how come there’s no episode 13, even raw?

  213. 213 : Hanna Says:

    I love this drama soooooo much. Really hope cha chi soo will end up with eun bi. Age is just a number. I am 6 years older than my hubby. : )

  214. 214 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Re Padam Padam, just watching the first few minutes isn’t enough, the story is not what you think. You have to watch the last few minutes too cos that’s when the story actually begins ;-D

    I read that tvN, riding on the success of Flower Boy is planning another Flower Boy drama, this time Flower Band. They are holding auditions right now and drama is expected to be broadcasted early next year. If it’s anythg like this drama, I’m already looking forward to it!

    @Hanna, pretty sure that our hero CCS will win the girl for sure. Re age, sure, it’s just a number and nobody’s actually complaining about the age difference, more of the looks of an actress. We all got our ideals and expectations, and speaking for myself, I am a romantic that I like my heroes and heroines to be of certain level in the looks department (mayb to compensate for my own lack of it 😉 ) ♥♥♥

  215. 215 : Sheetal prasad Says:

    Heey , there’s this song played in this kdrama it’s called a person like you by Jung ii woo and I have no site or idea where could I download it from for my iPod please someone could they help me !!

  216. 216 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie and Hanna,
    Personally I like the hero and heroine to match each other in the looks dept. She looks OK standing next to Beanpole. It is when she is next to ChaCS that she looks crass. That’s my complaint. Not their age difference at all.
    In Padam Padam, I’m put off by the way 2 very dashing guys are made to look like geeks by their prison hair. Some may say that’s shallow. But hey, I watch KD for eye candies!

  217. 217 : hny Says:

    @Jennie,hi..you are very updeting person…I like Ur info..n Im looking forward it too

    The people in this drama never stop makes me lol..!!!! lucu-lucu banget espc.hyun woo..n of course CCS..

  218. 218 : Jennie Says:

    @hny Your timing is just about perfect. Actually I just read that our dear JIW will be having a Flower Boy finale watch together with his fans. Seems all tickets were sold out within minutes. Ahh, so sad that we don’t get to watch it together with him. Btw, his next drama is Moon that Embraces the Sun, a saguek and it will be aired right after Me Too Flower in January 2011. JIW is not playing the lead but the brother of the lead, who is Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High). The story is similar to that of Sungyungkwan’s Scandal.
    @Sheetal prasad (215) You can d/l song from this link below. The song is also known as Someone Like You. Link:

  219. 219 : KDaddict Says:

    I look fwd to Moon that Embraces the Sun. Hope that the female leads will be good.

  220. 220 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Last I heard, female lead is Ha Ga In. Not my favourite actress in the world but she’s alright.

  221. 221 : hny Says:

    Oh..thats good,its mean we stil can see JIW act next year!!even his not the lead
    I look fwd 4 MES…I cant imagine..JIW wear a kind of that uniform like sungyungkwan student..whats he gona look like????cant wait to see..

  222. 222 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13:
    Is that his hand resting on her breast??? (End of ep 12 n start of ep 13)!!! First I thought it was; then I thought it shouldn’t couldn’t be; it had to be her own hand. Then in Ep 13, when Cha was getting up, it really seemed like he took his hand off her chest to get up. What do you guys see? Ha ha ha!
    She is all dolled up, with make-up and little black dress, n I still don’t find her attractive.
    Han GI of Witch Amusement is exactly like you say: Not my fav either, but alright.
    If things cont this way, I’ll have to relinquish my nickname and let You be the KD addict. 😀
    Rt now I’m not so into it as u r.

  223. 223 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Re that scene, I saw it in Ep 12 and being the ugh observant one, I noticed it right away but am not sure but since you noticed it too, then it must be right on the spot. Can’t go wrong if both of us see it since we always pay attention 😉

    Oh I wouldn’t want to take the “addiction” from you. Mine is periodical. Just that it’s the holiday season, and my load is lighter, so I’m pleased as punch for I get to do stuff I love doing in my own time. Heck, I’ve been watching KDs for 10 years or more now, it has become more like a habit and not addiction 0:-) Anyway, I’m off to Shanghai next week for a few days. Subs will be delayed in most websites anyway as subbers are going for their break too ♥♥♥

  224. 224 : KDaddict Says:

    “It’s a habit not an addiction.” That’s a good one. I’ve got to use it some time. You do know that they call drug use “a habit” as a euphemism, right? Hahaha.
    Shanghai should be cold enough to your taste right now. I know Singaporeans like to go to cold places for a change of “habit”. 😀
    I’ve also watched KD off n on for 10 yrs. This past 12 months have been a bonus year, with one interesting show following another, starting w SEGA. This is a relative dry spell for me. You must check out Fermentation Family. I do love it a lot so far.
    I’m going back to some old shows I missed. Doing Return of IJM rt now. Up to ep 4, n not yet loving it.

  225. 225 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Heehee, there’s good habit and there’s bad habit..lah! I always tell my hubby that this hobby (ok, this is better than habit) doesn’t cost him anything, so he should get me the best notebook there is and the fastest internet speed provider always.
    Am still waiting for subs for Fermentation Family. Looking forward to watching a solid drama after so many light and flower dramas lately.

  226. 226 : KDaddict Says:

    My hubby complains that I sit too still, n don’t exercise!
    You know you can buy a cable that allows you to plug your notebook into your tv, so that you can watch your KDs as a couch potato? Apple has a gadget of similar use, called Apple TV. So we don’t have to sit at our desks anymore. 🙂

  227. 227 : Jamie ;) Says:

    UGH! Can’t wait to watch all the episodes! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’m so super duper excited. SARANGHAE JUNG IL WOO. <3 <3

  228. 228 : john Says:

    You have made a nice effort in bringing out latest written updates on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, however if Any one wants to watch Latest Episodes Free of Flower Boy Ramyun shop They can visit at


  229. 229 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 14:
    Beanpole is such a good person. He puts covers over ChaCS who is sleeping next to the woman he wants to be his wife. Most men wouldn’t do that.
    ChaCS looks so very adorable with 2 strands of hair sticking up fr the top of his head, like the ears of the Playboy bunnies!

  230. 230 : BANGBEN Says:


  231. 231 : KDaddict Says:

    The Boys’ mother:
    Does it make sense that in a woman who had a baby with the man of her dreams, ran away to another country when his family opposed their marriage? Esp in KD-land, where women are supposed to be pure, n love is supposed to be forever? She might run away for a while, but then would come back when she missed her baby and lover too much, at which pt the conflict would be resolved, becos no one wants to see a baby w no mother, or a man w a baby, w no wife.
    How come she goes and repeats the process with another man and baby in another country, even if that man is the chairman of the Cha Sung Group? BTW, wouldn’t the Chairman of the Cha Sung Group also has parents and grandparents to stop that unholy marriage, becos you are taking a mother fr a baby. It is either adultery or bigamy!
    Excuse me, I know this show is for laughs n shouldn’t be taken seriously, but I hate it when plots make no sense.

  232. 232 : Allie Says:

    @KDaddict, nothing has really been explained about the mother yet. Nor has it been said that she and chef guy’s father were married. Just that they were obviously in a relationship and had him. Women are just as capable of leaving their children as men are. She was obviously unhappy and left. If you notice, there’s a 12 year age difference between chef guy and chi soo… Thats plenty of time to move on from an unhappy relationship with or without children. She left the chairman and chi soo because she was sick, not necessarily because she didn’t care about them. It just so happened that they were hurt by it. I don’t really get what you mean by unholy union (I suppose because you think she was forced away from her first son or she wasn’t a virgin – either reason is a little bit ridiculous to stop a marriage between consenting adults, even by drama standards). Neither party was unaware of the other, either, just fyi. It’s not that it doesn’t make sense, it’s just that you’re over dramatizing the situation. Maybe you should lay off the dramas for awhile…

  233. 233 : KDaddict Says:

    I called it an unholy union becos UP TO THIS PT, what we’ve been told is exactly what I wrote in #231: She left the love of her life and their baby becos his family objected to them. That is unfinished business; it constitutes running away and abandonment. Which situation is it that I over-dramatized?
    Have a baby and leave once. Have a baby and leave twice. “It just so happened they were hurt by it.” No BD kidding.
    Who said anything abt her being not a virgin or her being forced away? Don’t put words into my mouth. You’ve to assume the other person is really stupid to say that they must be thinking that. An insult to their intelligence.
    Maybe it makes sense to you. It doesn’t make sense to me. The bottom line is that u don’t like me criticizing the show you love. For that I should lay off the dramas for awhile? I think not.
    On the internet, it is much more fun if we just talk to ppl w a similar wave-length. Let’s give each other a wide berth.

  234. 234 : hny Says:

    @hi guys
    in this world ..everything could be happen!! the story like pororo wife ..I ever seen in a real life,not make sense but it is happened…

    BTW, beanpole you must be sad hear yang2 calling Chi Soo while she’s sleeping..you must realize what to do next!!?

    like always …love JUNG IL WOO^_^

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    A Korean Drama is many things: Actors, acting, make-up, wardrobe, cinematography, interior design, music, OST, etc. We may love certain actors to distraction, but let’s not forget, all of it is based on a story.
    A story has certain characteristics:
    It has main n secondary chars, good guys, bad guys. The story is abt the main chars trying to achieve sth. The good guys go abt their own lives or help the main chars. The bad guys cause pain n problems. Good guys or bad, their motivations always have to be clear to the audience, in order for the audience to connect w them. And the reasons must be acceptable, or else it leaves ppl unconvinced.
    It is perfectly legitimate that b4 the story ends, there r certain things not yet revealed. But it is equally legitimate to question char motivations based on knowledge on hand. Or else, all you are left with is the discussion of finished dramas. Just FYI.
    If you want to discuss, debate sb who has a different view, do so based on what they Have Actually Said, in the very least. NEVER on the basis of what YOU THINK they are thinking. It’s impossible to have a discussion that way. I, for one, find it a waste of time to engage w sb I need to tell that to.

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    Life (a confluence of decisions, fates of multitudes of individuals, of chance n accidents) doesn’t always make sense. But stories (deliberate creations of human mental activity, like student term papers) have to. Those that don’t, get a failing grade for their lack of quality.
    It is precisely becos life sometimes doesn’t make sense that human beings turn to stories since time immemorial, to satisfy their innate need for a universe with purpose.

  237. 237 : kristine Says:

    Waaaaah i’m so addicted with this KDrama!!! Flower Boy Ramen Shop excites me much!!! Cha Chi Soo is soooo charming 😀

  238. 238 : jangerr Says:

    Love, love, love this drama! I didn’t expect to – watching it initially for a laugh – but actually finding myself enjoying it immensely.

    Love how the story is so manhwa-like! Love how it uses plenty of usual kdrama plots and cliches and turning them on their heads! Love how it’s not taking itself too seriously! But above all, love how the main characters are making me change my opinions of them…

    First of, JIW. Couldn’t stand watching him in Take Care of the Young Lady and totally wrote him off as someone who can’t act. But then came Scheduler in 49 Days which made me sit up and have second thoughts about him. Now as CCS in FBRS, whooo! He totally shines!!! This guy is in his elements!!!

    Next, we have LKW. First saw him in Outrageous Women – found him kind of forgettable. The next I saw him was in Star’s Lover which did nothing to change my opinion of him. But here in FBRS, he’s such a hoot!!!

    However, the one who surprises me the most is LCA. Couldn’t bear watching her in Let’s Go to the Beach! Then in That Fool, almost couldn’t recognise her. She looked so frumpy but thought her acting has improved somewhat. Then when I first read about her being the lead for FBRS, I was like, oh oh, couldn’t they choose someone else? She just doesn’t seem to have the star quality and acting chops. But what a surprise she has turned out to be! With each episode, to my total amazement, I find myself liking her more and more!!! Now, I love her to bits!!!

  239. 239 : Jennie Says:

    @jangger Hi, nice to see you here too. Couldn’t agree with you more about JIW except that I liked him to bits in Take Care of the Young Lady. I was smittened with his looks then. When I saw him as Scheduler, I became a fan. Now in FBRS, in a matter of 3 dramas and in less than 2 years, he has my respect for being a true artist (right next to my idol, Micky, that is). He can sing and act and has the looks- what more can you ask for, right?

  240. 240 : Jennie Says:

    @jangerr Sorry, my dear. Just realised that I spelt your name all wrong earlier! My apologies and Seasons Greetings ( heehee just noticed the change in background by our admin as I was browsing thru!).
    @admin Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Admin. Thanks so much for allowing us to always write and send comments here and for making our watching of KDs more enjoyable thru this website!

  241. 241 : admin Says:

    @ Jennie,

    Thanks and Merry Christmas !!!

  242. 242 : jangerr Says:

    @ Jennie

    Hi dearie! Yup, I’ve been rather busy lately so am rather picky about what I watch now. If a drama can’t grab me by first 3 episodes or so, I’ll drop it. In fact, I’ve waved bye2 to quite a number of dramas this year after 1 episode…

    About JIW, totally understand your feelings with his irresistible looks! But holy moley, I managed to do that till FBRS! But I must say that it’s because I discovered that he can act! Ya, I like looks but for an actor/actress, he/she must be able to act! Otherwise, it’ll only last so long as he/she will just be an empty, vacuous flower vase. So what you say about him being a true artist is really what makes me like him!

  243. 243 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m with you on your reactions to JungIW and LeeKW. But I noticed them both in their earlier works, but didn’t fall for them yet. I fell in love w JIW in this one! He is born to play ChaCS. LeeKW is doing well as Beanpole here, but is out shined by JIW’s ChaCS. I love Ba Wool too!
    I’m like you too concerning the actress. This is the 1st time I see her, n my reaction is exactly like yours when you 1st saw her: Can’t bear to watch her!
    Hence I’m in this predicament for the 1st time: Love ChaCS too much to quit watching; Can’t bear the actress to cont watching!
    I’d like to love her to bits too, so that I can enjoy this, but her looks n acting style here really grate on my nerves.

  244. 244 : He Was Cool | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] tengok drama Flower Boy Ramyun Soup baru aku perasan Lee Ki Woo (cute sleeping giant nampyeon >.< ) pun ada berlakon jugak dalam […]

  245. 245 : hny Says:

    Hai..hi everyone whose watch this drama for the 1st time…just enjoy the drama eps by eps..then write your comment..if you liked(same with me)..if didn’t just go find your suit drama.!!!

    ALL ACTOR/ACTRESS in this drama are able to act for along time til their quit themselves.

    JIW have flower vace,true..but also great talent to make ppl love his act..not only me!

  246. 246 : KDaddict Says:

    @hny, hi-245:
    There is more to commenting than just :
    Oh, I love him! I love her! I love the drama! Best show ever!
    We may like some aspects abt a drama, but not some other aspects abt it. We may like it very much one ep, not so much another ep. Comments pages are for Rants (complaints) AND Raves (compliments).
    As long as sb is not Blindly, Viciously attacking your idol or the show, they have the right to say what they think.

  247. 247 : khvan Says:

    The best comedy drama since My name is Kim Sam Soon. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time. Excellent!

  248. 248 : GHSforever Says:

    Omo Cha Chi Soo will have black hair in the last two episodes:$ Omg I saw a picture of him and god he looks even hotter with black hair. I always loved Jaejoong with black hair in Protect the boss but Jung Il woo looks even hotter. NOW I am totally in love with him<3

  249. 249 : wana Says:

    omo2..this drama is killing me!~i never been addicted like this before…anyway,saranghaeyo JUNG IL WOO oppa <3

  250. 250 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m watching the Return of Iljimae for Jung Il Woo’s performance. He is sensational as IJM! A completely opposite char fr Cha CS! Watching these 2 diff KDs really lets you see JIW’s acting ability! He is definitely Not Just a pretty boy!

  251. 251 : Momo Says:

    @MIC,@KDaddict,hi, thanks for your comment. I have just finished episode 8. Jung Il Woo acting is so adorable as expected. The story line is Korean cute romance, however, I like the way they create the characteristic of each Rymyun guys, make me launch, especially, Lee Ki Woo. Will continue for the next episode, hope to be more interesting story line.

  252. 252 : KDaddict Says:

    If you love Jung Il Woo but haven’t watched Return of Iljimae, then you r missing a fantastic performance by him! I’m enjoying it a great deal more than Ramyun Shop. In it he wears ninja hair, n looks oh so cool too!

    JIW looks n acts completely diff as IJM, as Scheduler n now as Cha Chi Soo. Each char he has created leaves a deep impression. Definitely not a vase!
    @Momo, hi,
    Enjoy this show n the others I mentioned, if you haven’t already. I’m just getting to appreciate JIW’s acting in the process. Merry Christmas!

  253. 253 : jangerr Says:

    @243 KDaddict

    Hahaha! Totally understand how you feel regarding LCA. As you’ve said it’s exactly how I felt when I first saw her. Maybe her face and acting need some getting used to…? Maybe not some but lots… Cos’ actually come to think of it, I’ve seen a few dramas and movies with her in either lead or supporting roles. So it was with much skeptism and reluctance when I first started watching this drama. So I’m still surprise at how I’m feeling now…

  254. 254 : princess Says:

    why is it that there is no rating for this show?

  255. 255 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 15:
    I love it that every time he turns around, he changes his clothes. It’s like a one-man fashion show.
    It’s so cute! He hasn’t ever taken the subway b4, n has no idea how! Hahaha.
    Wae Jang nim, who has been so cute, so doting a father, suddenly turns into monster-dad! Yuk.
    Isn’t it too easy to defeat Cha CS w just 1 blow? Threaten to tear off the ramyun bldg, thereby rendering the kids homeless, n ChaCS comes home running! Poor Boy!
    So maybe she’s an acquired taste?! Pls tell me why u love her to bits, to see if it can help me enjoy her too. I’m watching Return of IJM n loving it thoroughly becos I love the actress as well as JIW. Much better that way. 🙂

  256. 256 : jangerr Says:


    Frankly, my dear, I’m not sure too… Somehow I just became increasingly drawn to her with each episode and before I knew it, bam wham, I’m in, hook, line and sinker! That’s why I’m still surprise at how I’m feeling…

  257. 257 : Heartstringsfan=D Says:

    Wow!The ending was great! I really hope that they would make a second season with the same cast.

  258. 258 : katekate.hoihoi Says:

    wow! this drama is killing me..love it. 🙂

    so sad it’s only 16 episode.. waiting for the season 2.fighting! <3

    Jung il

  259. 259 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 16: Spoiler:
    I just finished ep 16. I didn’t feel a thing, n actually had no idea what happened! EB went to ChaSung to clain CCS as her own. Then his father had him sent to the army. They also lost the Ramyun Shop; the boys moved out. EB is teaching night class somewhere. Huh?
    I was wondering what was developing. Then I found out that it has ended! Ha ha ha. I guess I never got this thing, fr beginning to end!
    I’m too stunned to speak! What do you get out of the last ep. Is abt their love? What abt brotherhood? Friendship? Closure?

  260. 260 : jow Says:

    Sorry to say : ” Me too, flower” better than this drama.just try to watch it. you will totally love that drama. seriously

  261. 261 : KDaddict Says:

    I thought abt it, n think this is what they r saying:
    Life n love r like ramyun:
    you’ve to eat that which suits you;
    you’ve to eat it while it is cooked just rt, i.e. at the rt moment.
    ramyun may not be hi class, but it sustains you.
    There is no forever:
    ppl come together in the ramyun shop when it provides them w a home, n a place to grow, n then they scatter to go their own ways.
    Is love forever? Do u get the feeling that ChaCS n EB will be together forever? I don’t think that’s the pt here.
    Constipation is certainly a recurrinng theme here, n getting un-constipated is impt. I guess that means to thy own self be true.
    I’m glad I got to watch JIW be Cha CS, the rest of the show notwithstanding.
    Looking fwd to his next project.

  262. 262 : KDaddict Says:

    Jung Il Woo’s next project, Moon that embraces the Sun, premieres Jan 4. Olay!
    Qn is: Why does he pick a drama in which he is Not the lead? It’d be interesting to find out.

  263. 263 : jangerr Says:

    (Spoiler Alert! Don’t read on if you haven’t watched the last episode.)

    I like the ending! It has enough closure and resolutions and yet open enough for a touch of realism. The tone of the whole show is maintained here – comedic, manhwa-like yet have sufficient depth.

    I love how the story has the reversal fairy tale, with Eun Bi being the prince who dashed off to rescue his princess!!! I love heroines who kick-ass and not sit around moping and crying. Someone with sass and guts, like Eun Bi! Adore the way she went to the dad holding her toilet plunger like a dragon-slaying sword to claim her love. One word – AWESOME!!!

    Of course, I would love to have more lovey-dovey scenes but with only 16 episodes of 45 mins each, there’s only so much that can be included. So I can accept the ending without too much of that. What is important is the message about love. That when love comes, there’s no need to over analyze, no need to over think, just grab the bull by its horn, so to speak! Just like ramyun – best eaten when it starts to boil!!!

  264. 264 : hny Says:

    Finally ..I Finished watch this drama…mo re ge ta!!
    They ended ..my hot Drama…just like that!!!..but I agree with janggerr..they not have much time to makes lovey-dovey scenes.

    Anyway can wait to watch M.E.S n Other song from JIW,marry christmas&happy new year everyone.

  265. 265 : ilwoo'sfans Says:

    one of the best romantic comedy korean drama of all time along with full house and my princess. cha chi soo, yang eun bi, kim ba wool, choi kang hyuk, and hyunwoo really superbbbbb!!!

  266. 266 : Chimiloveilwoo Says:

    i really like this drama,,,iam totally enjoy watch this drama until the end^^

    cant wait for m.e.s

    Jung ilwoo hwaiting^^

  267. 267 : nicole Says:

    ikaw wow nice handsame & perty ^_^ hehehehe

  268. 268 : swift Says:

    Super good! Not a dull moment!

  269. 269 : charice Says:

    Oh I love this dramaaaa~
    but I’m kinda disappointed (only a lil’) -_____-
    why didn’t she end up with Kang Hyuk???
    I mean… look at hiiiimmmm :3
    But still I love the ending! btw where did my Kang Hyuk go? <3 hahaha
    whatever.. VERY RECOMMENDED!

  270. 270 : taylor Says:

    Oooooo! This show is such a gem!

  271. 271 : vanda Says:

    What a show! This is certainly a must watch!

  272. 272 : hanslovers Says:

    @vanda, agree! this is a must watch drama. there’s a great value which is sent by this drama. when destiny comes, you definitely can’t avoid it. jung il woo is the best here alongside with lee ki woo, lee chung ah, bawool, hyunwoo, dong joo

  273. 273 : Kanrong Says:

    很喜欢丁一宇,从看《不可阻挡的high kick》就开始喜欢了,塑造的那些帅气的形象仍然历历在目,希望在明年可以有更多优秀的作品,加油!

  274. 274 : jh Says:

    ohh… hope can end up with Lee Ki Woo!!! so much better!

  275. 275 : jihyunandscheduler Says:

    hate it! =( why did she end up with kang hyuk?? she must end up with chi soo!but anyways, love you jung il woo!! hope you will have another drama with nam gyu ri .. i love your chemistry with her in 49 days!

  276. 276 : 09dialer09 Says:

    wait…she end up with chi soo…

  277. 277 : SS407 Says:

    can’t stop laughing seeing Cha Chi Soo =))
    ♥Jung Il Woo, so cute. and grown up to be a romantic guy
    oh…really like him ♥.♥
    overall for this drama romantic,interesting,and funny. ^ ^

  278. 278 : dorothy Says:

    why the rating is so low? 🙁 perhaps because it was aired on unpopular station .. but i love this so much!!! <3 <3

  279. 279 : Imel Says:

    I love this drama…it’s sooo funny at the beginning. Especially when Chi soo angry or act cute, he’s so funny. But honestly i get a little bored around 10’th episode and above. What’s bother me is Chi Soo’s finger nails… Why its so shiny as if he give them a clear nail color…I hate it 😓 and also I didn’t really satisfied with the ending.

  280. 280 : jow Says:

    i’m quite watching this drama from dramacarzy.com at episode 5..it just boring. lucky this drama have both handsome guys. but the story line just make me feel sleepy

  281. 281 : Shut Up Flower Boy Band | K-Blog - k-pop Says:

    […] This Drama is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The previous drama in this series is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. […]

  282. 282 : peyutnduy Says:

    nice ‘view’ of the boys and quite funny, too, but a bit draggy and no chemistry between chi soo and eun bi. i prefer “pillar and intern” couple, actually 🙁

  283. 283 : jow Says:


    it doesn’t matter in what channel this drama to be airing…the rating is still low…because the story line is not interesting…

    can you see ” the musical drama” ?? or Play full kiss??

    those two drama was airing at two famouis channel in korea…The musical in SBS while Play Full kiss In MBC….The rating of ” the musical” not even reach to 5 %…

  284. 284 : intyce Says:

    The series was funny in the beginning but fell flat towards the end….=(

  285. 285 : budie Says:

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is the best of korean drama… Very Hit at indonesian… but, why rating is very low???? Lee chung ah, Lee ki woo… TOP

  286. 286 : Drama Korea ! « nesoiii Says:

    […] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop […]

  287. 287 : mitch Says:

    ..i love this drama soooo much.. very funny and cute//
    JIW’s acting was fine, he do his part well.. good job!

  288. 288 : jeje Says:

    i’m watching at ep 5..its so boring.dont want to continue watch it..

  289. 289 : anna Says:

    i thinnk this drama is good… especially when chi soo don’t know he is suffring cause by lovesick.. hahahha…. interesting… and quite sad… 10 marks for tvn td do this drama… it is good drama actually…

  290. 290 : agave Says:

    I love this show so much that I would not mind seeing a 2nd season. This is the first time I have ever felt like this about a show. That is probably because each episode was only about 45 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes, so with only 16 episodes, there still was a lot of story left to tell. The last episode felt like it was just about to enter another chapter and that chapter seemed to be fulll of enough issues to need a 2nd season to flesh them out.

    @dorothy (#278) and @budie (#285)

    No need to be concerned about FBRS’s ratings because they were very high for the channel it aired on. FBRS aired on a Pay-TV cable channel, which has fewer viewers than the free TV channels.

    A good rating for a Pay-TV cable show a 1.0 rating. As you can see, FBRS’s ratings were higher than that even for its first episode.

  291. 291 : Nui Tammy Says:

    ^^♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
    ๑۩۞۩๑ I love you ๑۩۞۩๑
    。◕‿◕。 生ㄖ快樂 。◕‿◕。
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ❤.¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

  292. 292 : christovel Says:

    @dorothy n budie : see the above note to know why the rating is so low…

    ***Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***

  293. 293 : [DRAMA] 꽃미남 라면가게 / Flower Boy Ramyun Shop « A Life Story Along A Star Says:

    […] more pics available HERE […]

  294. 294 : radi Says:

    i dunno wat good about tis drama…first episode attracted me to watch it…then 2nd the story become slow….then i dunno wat the story about….i only watch until ep 5….

  295. 295 : Kdrama – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop | bluesaintkpop Says:

    […] above synopsis is extracted from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the […]

  296. 296 : Kdrama – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop | Says:

    […] above synopsis is extracted from koreandrama.org. Click here to see more photos and details pertaining to the […]

  297. 297 : Shut Up Flower Boy Band (eng subs) | koreanty Says:

    […] This is a story about a high school rock band and how they deal with friendship, love and their passion for music.This Drama is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The previous drama in this series is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. […]

  298. 298 : Julia Says:

    I can’t stop thinking of cha chi soo hahaha jeonmal! saranghae! why does il woo has such an attractive face?! aaaaa~ <3 😀 love this drama so much! hope that il woo oppa will play another romance drama soon :3 <3

  299. 299 : Matt Says:

    Um, just while we are on the subject of ratings, what is a good rating from free-TV channels? Cause, like 20% is considered good, 25% great, and anything over 30% is excellent, but like hardly any dramas reach 20%, by the end.

    CJ Entertainment and tvN, I beg you!

  300. 300 : Norhanan Says:

    What ever other saying bad bout Thz show i still love FBRS…many filino love thz show..

  301. 301 : sapelia Says:

    Jung ill woo is very handsome!!!! I love him :* please make a drama that ill woo is the 1st actor! The film was good but yeah, I think they should make the ending greater(?)

  302. 302 : agave Says:

    I also hope that JIW takes a lead role for his next drama. I didn’t mind the ending, but wish we could have gotten a couple of additional episodes because it did feel kind of rushed.

  303. 303 : Widichan Says:

    I don’t like the girl who played eun bi’s role. She makes me bored while watching this drama. I’m sorry for saying this statement, it just what I really feel.

  304. 304 : erna Says:

    I’dont suprised with the low rating … cause I have seen 8 episode .. the story is very boring..

  305. 305 : drama freak Says:

    i stopped at ep 4 i think….it looks kinda boring to me…

  306. 306 : analyn servillom Says:

    착한 한국드라마..를 좋아 Jung Il Woo 귀여워…

  307. 307 : agave Says:

    @304 – erna

    These ratings are high.

    There is nothing wrong with not liking the show, but you should not use incorrect information to support your dislike.

    This is a pay-tv show, please read the note at the bottom of the ratings chart. Free channels have more viewers because they are free.

    For pay-tv shows, a 1.0 rating is a hit show. FBRS’ ratings were more than twice that number.

  308. 308 : tety Says:

    very boring…!!! the women who played as Eun Bi is not good at all…make me boring !!! so disapointed

  309. 309 : min Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show! It’s tongue-in-cheek kind of fun is truly refreshing! Wish there were more episodes…

  310. 310 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    jung il woo is freaking hot..
    but sorry to say flower boy ramyun shop makes me death of boring.. i’ll stop ’till eps.9.. i can’t stand watching all character in this drama so immature and childish

  311. 311 : agave Says:

    @ min 309

    I also wish there were more episodes. I haven’t felt that way about a drama since You’re Beautiful. Usually, even if I like a drama I am not interested in additional episodes by the time it ends.

    The end of FBRS felt like it was only the end of the first act because there was still a lot of the storyline left to tell.

  312. 312 : via Says:

    now that I really watched this drama, I just couldnt go on anymore, I stop watching till episode 10, I just think Eun bi is wasting her time being with a spoiled boy and not choosing a man for herself. As much as I want to believe that the story is real but I also realized that the story is very cheesy.

  313. 313 : S. Says:

    Am i THE only one who thinks this drama is good. I Also like the cast/character (sorry for my bad english) don’t hate me !! It is my opinion. I know i am weird 🙂

  314. 314 : j355ie Says:

    this drama kind of boring.. i was stoped at 5th episode, not willing to continue…

  315. 315 : kimmyyx333 Says:

    this drama was just funny. some parts was too corny. but all the funny parts made up for it. watch this if you want something to laugh about, and nothing serious.

  316. 316 : Matt Says:

    Hehe @S. I LOVE THIS DRAMA TOO, hahah!!! Not my favourite, but had a simple storyline, and yet it placed in appopriate twists and turns. Thanks tvN~~~

  317. 317 : Genta Buana Says:

    I like it

  318. 318 : fransiska Says:

    i like this drama so much, this drama has the fun and nice story make me always happy to watch it..
    anyway, actor and actress in this drama is my favorite..

  319. 319 : mumuy Says:

    hii korean drama, ilove this drama so muchi,jung il woo is freaking hot..:*

  320. 320 : meroegy Says:

    worst korean drama i hate it !

  321. 321 : bblve07 Says:

    I Wnt c wtch it bcoz of JungILwoo, but now I read ur comment, I dnt know if I should cuntinue.. I wnt 2 wtch romantc comedy, and fantasy,can someone recommended 4 me?

  322. 322 : aish Says:

    where can i download flower boy ramyun shop..all episodes..

  323. 323 : moe Says:

    I like korea. ( flower boy ramyun shop)

  324. 324 : choisiwon-addict Says:

    idont think this was boring its totaly the oposit this drama was ssssssso funny and catchy. I don’t know about people but i love watching player boyz falling in love i find it so childich and pure at same time .well every body has its own opinion

  325. 325 : Vea Says:

    I very badly want to watch this drama !!arggh

  326. 326 : Belinda Says:

    The problem with Korean dramas is that basically they are all the same. Same theme: boy meets girl: they dpn’t like each othet. One is rich and one is poor. Then, they stsrt liling each other but because one os poor, the mean parents of the rich one will not allow them to marry the poor one. I have seen five Korean dramas so far and they are all the same. Oh yes, the women are usually very young ( the younger the better, right?) and the men are pretty. What else is new? It’s a market for young people. That is very discriminating.
    I rather have a movie about a bad boy ( man, actually) who has a rough life and then learns thru his mistakes and changes himself. All these writers have no idea on how to write a good script. They just follow a formula.

  327. 327 : tyne Says:

    i certainly agree

  328. 328 : ran Says:

    (‘o’) na…ah.. i totally disagree. it’s a classic storyline. most dramas in the world has such, not only korean. besides koreans are artistic and make great stories. i guess you bought those dramas intended for young viewers. try to have copies of other genres. i suggest historical or medical dramas such as queen seun deuk, dongyi, jewel in the palace, jejoongwon, new heart… also try 49 days, memories of bali, the truth… there’s a lot more but i can’t enumerate all. (“,)ran

  329. 329 : agave Says:

    Yes, this type of storyline is common for romantic dramas worldwide, so it’s not just a Korean drama thing.


    If you’ve only watched 5 K-dramas and those were romantic dramas, that’s not enough to conclude that all K-dramas are all alike.

    Also, regarding the age of the female leads, the lead actresses in K-dramas are frequently older than the lead actors, so “the younger the better” doesn’t apply here. That’s a Hollywood attitude that thankfully the K-drama industry doesn’t follow unless necessary. K-dramas seem to be more interested in finding the right actress actress for a role, instead of the youngest actress.


    You’re right to note that things are different outside of romantic K-dramas. To your list of non-romance K-dramas I can list many more that do not have the type of predictable romantic pairings that romantic dramas have. In fact, this predictability is what many fans love about romantic K-dramas because they like knowing who will end up together before the drama ends. Many find watching non-romantic K-dramas nerve-racking because there is no guarantee that their favorites will even be alive by the end.

  330. 330 : ance Says:

    Well we all have our own opinions, and we’re entitled to express them. I agree with you, sometimes korea dramas are cliche but that’s within the romantic drama genre. I also agree with ran, you should try other dramas, at least you watched dramas that have a happy endings, I’ve watch some k-dramas with sad endings or sometimes they don’t elaborate what they mean when they end the story. If you like that kind of story try “Baker King”, “Streght Class”, “White Christmas”, “Princess Ja Myung” and of course “JUMONG”, just what ran suggested try Dong Yi that’s one of my favorite.

  331. 331 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Rating : 1,5 out of 5 […]

  332. 332 : mylz Says:

    aside dongyi….also try east of eden…..save the last dance for me..green rose…stairway to heaven…lie to me….shining enhiretance …and a lot lot more…kdrama has a lot to offer…try and you will be fascinated by it!

  333. 333 : mai01 Says:

    I agree with Ran says,,n0t all k0rean drama hve same f0rmulas or st0ry, its jzt the m0st c0mm0n st0ry,. W/ch sum of us lyk c0z we stil watchng 8 c0z of the diffrent character of ou fav0rite act0rs…just watch joomunjin,,a unique one st0ry..

  334. 334 : swift Says:

    Try watching:
    – The 2Hearts King (Political + Romance)
    – Rooftop Prince (Romance Comedy with time travelling element)
    – Queen In Hyun’s man (Romance Comedy with time travelling element)
    – Princess’s Man (Period, Melodrama)
    – Unexpected You (Family
    – Ojakyo Farm (Family)

  335. 335 : Ga-el Kim Says:

    Yeah right, try to watch the “My GIRLFRIEND IS A GUMIHO” which is romantic-comedy/fantasy. and FASHION KINg.
    Well, I highly reccomend you to watch the “THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN”.. which tells the story of the two moon and two sun whom the secret love story of Lee Hwon, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wol, a female shaman starring Kim Soo-hyun and Han Ga-in in the leading roles.. 😀 This is my favorite Korean Drama EVER!

  336. 336 : Belinda Bell Says:

    Thank you all of you. Since I am stuck at home because I have had my foot broken in a bad car accident, I get to see a lot of movies which I enjoy to do. Lately it has been Korean movies. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy most of tjem simply because they do get into all these character interactions and they are also funny and sad. It has also made me lose interest in American movies since they are mostly about either doctors, lawyers or policemen. That’s regarding the TV dramas. Otherwise, there are a lot of reality shows which Zi detest. I am currently watching Coffee House which does not impress me so far. It’s confusing, the characters are not too interesting and some are annoying like the girl’s family which makes them one dimensional

  337. 337 : Belinda Bell Says:

    Here Is a list of movies which I found well written:
    Secret garden
    You’re beautiful
    Playful Kiss
    Boys over flowers
    Coffee Prince
    Love Rain
    Any drama with Bi Rain
    Scent of a woman
    A thousand days promise
    A thousand kisses
    Bethoveen virus

  338. 338 : sapelia Says:

    Agree with @belinda 😀 you all must watch love rain, seriously! Lol :b where r u come from belinda? 😀

  339. 339 : haku Says:

    i love cha chi soo! this drama is so interesting funny…

  340. 340 : CarolineDL Says:

    “Pasta” is great, very realistic and great acting.
    I actually like “Me Too, Flower” coz it touches on some interesting issues (guilt, trauma, depression).
    “Secret Garden” is good.
    “Personal preference/taste” is fun.
    “Coffee Prince” I like too, the whole gender issue is interesting.

  341. 341 : Matt Says:


    Um, on the subject on what you are expressing, I understand your point-of-view, most of the dramas that do well are targerted at the youth market, but there are many dramas that do get their fair-share of fame, in Korea, China, Japan and worldwide, which aren’t all lovey-dovey, like The King 2hearts, it may seem very romantic, but the romance leads to consequences. I won’t say more…

    ANYWAY, has anyone heard from tvN or any other source that they are going to make another drama in the Oh! Boy Series? They quickly released Shut Up Flower Boy Band, after Flower Boy Ramyun shop, but nothing since… @Admin, would you care to help? Thank you(:

  342. 342 : admin Says:

    Matt (341),

    We don’t have this info yet.

  343. 343 : cessa Says:

    K-drama you have to watch ..
    – The king 2 Hearts
    – Scent of woman
    – The greatest love
    – Rooftop prince
    – The Moon That embrace the sun
    – God of study
    – City hall
    – City hunter

  344. 344 : Matt Says:

    If you want a normal, just chilled drama, then Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a good pick.

    SCENT OF A WOMAN IS AMAZING, SAME WITH THE KING 2HEARTS!!! City Hunter good, but ending is… -.-

  345. 345 : Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드) « styrn Says:

    […] This Drama is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy Series. The previous drama in this series is Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. […]

  346. 346 : Swiftcloud13 Says:

    My favorite K-dramas are:
    1. Winter Sonata
    2. Full House
    3. East of Eden
    4. Princess’ Hours/Goong
    5. He’s Beautiful
    6. Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace
    7. Save the last dance for me
    8. My Girl
    9. Coffee Prince
    10. 49 Days
    11. Lie to me
    12. Baker King
    13. Autumn in my heart/Autumn Tale
    14. Iris

  347. 347 : val Says:

    hello..all…great discus bout kdrama, i’ve seen city hunter, 46days and listen to my heart. i think they have different formula/story line not only love story, but also tell us about friendship and other

  348. 348 : zalfarona syahla Says:

    i love this film,,,

  349. 349 : swift Says:

    Must see:
    – The moon that embraces the sun
    – The sukyunkwan scandal
    – Greatest love
    – Queen inhyun’s man
    – Rooftop prince
    – Boys of flower
    – secret garden

  350. 350 : Matt Says:

    Wtf!?!? No Secret Garden…? SECRET GARDEN IS AMAZING!!!

  351. 351 : coment Says:

    i like Lee Ki Woo more than Jung Il Woo, i think Jung Il woo relies a bit too much on the hair style. Lee Ki Woo is nicer to look at… hehehe…. just compare Lee Ki Woo bare chest (scene after shower) with Jung Il Woo bare chest (scene in the swimming pool)… but that’s a personal taste ;-p

  352. 352 : yuni indrya Says:

    jung il woo you’re very handsome in this drama …………. i like you very much …………love you….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  353. 353 : rose Says:

    lee ki woo is ungly .Jung il woo is good looking and pretty boy.

  354. 354 : rose Says:

    lee ki woo is ugly .Jung il woo is good looking and pretty boy.

  355. 355 : Ratih Giyo Says:

    nommmmuuuuu chuaaaaaa

  356. 356 : jmac Says:

    guys can you please help me. im on a 7 days suspension right now. im planning to have a k-drama marathon! can you please give some recommendation on the must watch korean drama with a genre of romantic comedy. recently, i already watched “lie to me”, “secret garden”, “love rain” to name a few. i want something latest from 2011 to 2012. thanks guys. i appreciate your reply.

  357. 357 : swift Says:

    you can try
    Protect the boss
    Princess Man
    Wild Romance
    Can You hear my heart
    Greatest Love
    Queen InHyun’s man
    Rooftop Prince
    King 2 Hearts
    Ojakyo Farm
    Me Too Flover
    The Moon That Embraces the sun
    Feast of the gods
    Man of honor

  358. 358 : coment Says:

    personal taste, that’s all – i like lee woo better than jung il woo, while others prefer il woo more. i dont like pretty boys, perhaps others prefer pretty boys. i like male who looks “male”, not pretty… hehe… especially not man who seems to take hours to do his hair…hehe, because then he might take longer time in dolling himself up than me, the female.. hehe.. and i dont think i like men who take hours just to doll himself up, kind of annoying narcist to me, sorry…hehe, besides, somehow, i dont really like il woo’s eyes. and somehow i think i dont really “commend” his acting too. in the 49 days, the Moon that embraces the sun, and in this one – he played 3 different characters, each with a different context, but i still could somehow “see” the same “character”… so it is more like, i see “jung il woo acting as….” instead of seeing “the storys’ character”.. it seems to me he doesnt really blend into each character, he doesnt “become” the character itself, he is just “acting” it… but thats’ my personal opinion.

  359. 359 : jessica Says:

    the worst drama

  360. 360 : chen Says:

    i couldn’t finish this drama at all. it has a terrible story line with a lot of boring scenes. waste my time

  361. 361 : jmac Says:

    @swift. thank u so much. i appreciate it. thanks for the list i’ll check each reviews for those dramas! =’)

  362. 362 : sarakim Says:

    First time watching Lee Chung Ah on Korean Drama, she looks a bit like actress Song Yoon Ah.

  363. 363 : Mellonies Says:

    Lee Ki Woo is handsome !! Curse JUNG IL .. hahahaha!! i love him,, thank you very much.. 😀

  364. 364 : rose's Says:

    I LOVE this drama..
    Funny, romance and comedy drama..
    I Like.. ^_^

  365. 365 : putra Says:

    i love this drama

  366. 366 : Flower Boy Ramyun Shop « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] : Korean Drama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:SukaBe the first to like […]

  367. 367 : PizzaHead Says:

    Ugh…. terrible. This show is terrible. I watch until ep14 (even though my mind checked out some times between ep. 4 and 5)… but I was just so bored I couldn’t even force myself to finish watching to the end. I wasn’t even the tiniest bit curious about the ending or what happened to these characters… that’s how little I grew to care this show. My tolerance for this kind of idiocy ran out at ep14, so that is where I stopped watching. Yeah, the characters were funky and fun… and I like them on an individual level… but it was the boring, predictable, generic plot and cliche kdrama tropes that killed my patience. I tried… really tried to like this drama. The fact that I stuck it out till ep.14 is proof that I gave this more than a fair a chance to change my mind. But I just couldn’t make myself like it. It’s stupid, plotless, and has nothing of substance. This show is fluff… mindless, shallow fluff.

  368. 368 : vimbai Says:

    this drama is really cool! DONT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE YET TO WATCH IT! it takes a lot of the usual kdrama cliches: older woman-younger man,a birth secret,cohabitation,love triangle,one girl surrounded by cute guys running a cafe and teacher-student chemistry and manages to create new and hilarious ways of dealing with them with very little angst or self pity. Even the toilet humour works in this one!

  369. 369 : yotta Says:

    LOL. LOL. LOL. even though the story line is very simple it is actually very enjoyable to watch. it is soooo funny. 😀 i never thought it would be this good knowing about the low ratings and the negative comments on this drama above. i enjoy idiotic japanese dramas and surprisingly koreans have captured that genre for this drama.

    try to watch this! just enjoy it and dont expect depth. im sure this drama will surprise you in a good way. watch now!

  370. 370 : YYMG Says:

    I watch it all, it very funny, althought still something that bothers me and the fact is that he is a minor and she is an adult. At the end lost the comic and freshness that hook me up at the beggining.

  371. 371 : suzy Says:


  372. 372 : lexie Says:

    I think it’s a good one…Why are there so many haters for this series? Well, we can’t really please everyone. Anyways, i really enjoyed watching it…especially cha chi soo…

  373. 373 : Flower Boy Next Door | My Korean Drama Says:

    […] drama is 3rd Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Shut Up Flower Boy […]

  374. 374 : susil Says:

    waste of money, damn !!! Didn’t even completed watching it :s

  375. 375 : Viera Says:

    No worth to watch!!

  376. 376 : I’m listening to 새까맣게 (Pitch Black) by 박신혜 (Park Shin Hye) | Jessicha Daily Life Says:

    […] This drama is 3rd Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Shut Up Flower Boy […]

  377. 377 : sean Says:

    NOT WORTH WATCHING…. i really don’t like the girl’s role….. DISAPPOINTED MUCH………….

  378. 378 : melekgigi Says:

    I love this drama, so funny and freshing, especially the yummy kissing in ep.11,u won’t find kiss like that in most kdramas hahaha..

  379. 379 : Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (tvN)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  380. 380 : Deny Says:

    I like the types of drama as princess hour, you are beautiful, secret garden, my girl, full house take 2, which the lead actor is famous, rich , arrogant and quiet but end up love the simple girl… I want to find more of that type of drama to watch, can u suggest me some?

  381. 381 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    @deny try The Greatest Love and Scent of A Woman or Kim Sam Soon.

  382. 382 : Flower Boy Next Door (이웃집 꽃미남) | styrn Says:

    […] This drama is 3rd Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Shut Up Flower Boy […]

  383. 383 : mus Says:

    @Deny Coffee prince!

  384. 384 : [email protected] Says:

    gooooooooooood drama,i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  385. 385 : Jae Says:

    This is a very cute series. I kind of liked the older Rooster better. XD

  386. 386 : Beth Says:

    I’m 50 years old and i love Korean horror and thrillers. I watched 1 episode of this and was in love. From there i watched all 16 episodes! I laughed , I cried and felt emotion as if i were a 16 year old girl all over again. Best series i’ve ever watched. LOVED IT! I am so excited to see that there are more following. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

  387. 387 : Roro Says:

    The drama is so funny..no need to think about the storyline too much cause it’s so delight..
    @Deny: Cheongdamdong Alice…

  388. 388 : TV Novel – Eun Hee « rohmatwidi48 Says:

    […] is a Gumiho (SBS) Scent of a Woman (SBS) The Princess’ Man (KBS2) Protect the Boss (SBS) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (tvN) Dream High 1 (KBS2) Love Rain (KBS2) I Miss You (MBC) The Moon That Embraces the Sun (MBC) My […]

  389. 389 : Dating Agency: Cyrano / 연애조작단: 시라노 (2013) | My little world Says:

    […] This drama is 4th Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band & Flower Boy Next […]

  390. 390 : Dating Agency Cyrano (연애조작단시라노) | styrn Says:

    […] This drama is 4th Series of tvN Successful Flower Boy Series after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band & Flower Boy Next […]

  391. 391 : maida Says:

    I like it very much .it was like a piece of white chocolate delight and sweat as well

  392. 392 : Startulle Says:

    I had such a great time watching this show! Great actors and writing! Cha Chi So forever!!!!!!
    I can’t believe I waited so long to watch it! Lol

  393. 393 : Raiya Shop Says:

    Movie Maker lets, Family (father-mother God/Goddess?With you Did, in June.Pesar de ser, non-scientific tests to.Is where an Raiya Shop, the music of enhance the shine.Out intensity but, which caters any.,

  394. 394 : kpop_lover Says:

    lol. this drama is awesome because it has a lot of comedy …

  395. 395 : jung.il.woo_fan Says:

    I didn’t know that there is such drama like “flower boys ramyun shop”. My sister was watching it so I was bored that I would watch with her so I watch from the middle of the episode and I loved it so I watch it from the first to last n it was awesome. I just wish there is more episodes and I am always Cha Chi Soo [ Jung Il Woo ] fan

  396. 396 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one

  397. 397 : cho Says:


  398. 398 : chen Says:

    terrible drama.

  399. 399 : cho Says:

    lovely il wooooooooooo

  400. 400 : lay Says:

    very funny you made cha chi su.than you everything <3

  401. 401 : Minda Gomez Says:

    I like this one, after watching Angel Eyes, this is a breather.

  402. 402 : tigerb Says:

    for the life of me i don’t know why i watched this series. i thought at first it was silly comparing love to the taste of ramen, maybe because i’m not fond of eating it. i guess i watched it because of lee ki woo, and finished the series he starred in. his role was, ‘it’s better to have loved than never to have loved at all’, being supportive to the girl he loves, and giving way when he knows his defeat competing with his younger brother. the very sorry person is chairman cha, he may have loved a woman, but money and power he loved the most, and did not mind losing his son and the mother of his son, and he was not a good parent either. i can’t say it was a good watch, but not a waste of time as it’s a different depiction of love.

  403. 403 : tigerb Says:

    correction: the saying is: ‘it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’.

  404. 404 : Storm Says:

    A very hot drama with a sexy lick scene to die for. I enjoyed every episode. The humor was also spot on.

  405. 405 : kpop Says:

    this is the best drama for me

  406. 406 : Niyana Says:

    my favourite korean drama

  407. 407 : MDevout Says:


  408. 408 : kisha Says:

    great movie

  409. 409 : Flower Boy Ramen Shop 꽃미남 라면가게 [2011] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] cast ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans recap publicinvestigation review withanaccent review raine review crazyforkdrama review […]

  410. 410 : MayaF Says:

    I miss this drama so much! Awesome.. Nice drama and very funny^^

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