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Fermentation Family

Title: 발효가족 / Fermentation Family
Chinese Title: 发酵家族
Also Known as: Kimchi Family
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-07 to 2012-Feb-23
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 20:45


Set within the famous Korean restaurant Chunjiin, known especially for their kimchi dish. Ki Ho Tae who grew up as an orphan, begins to work at the restaurant in search for his past. Lee Kang San is the owner of this restaurant dreams to be the best chef.


Main Cast

Song Il Gook as Ki Ho Tae
Park Jin Hee as Lee Kang San
Lee Min Young as Lee Woo Joo
Choi Jae Sung as Kang Do Sik
Kang Shin Il as Lee Ki Chan
Kim Young Hoon as Oh Jae Hoon
Yoon Hee Soo as Na Eun Bi
Lee Dae Keun as Mr. Sul
Kim Byung Choon as Han Pyung Man
Lee Il Hwa as Jung Geum Joo

Supporting Cast

Lee Kan Hie as Kang San’s mother
Choi Yong Min as Oh Myung Cheol
Jung Ae Ri as Jung Hyun Sook
Choi Duk Moon as Jo Dae Sik
Kim Sang Hoon as Kim Dong Soo
Jo Jae Wan as Park Hyun Soo
Lee Tae Woo as Hyun Soo (child)
Oh Yong as Jo Mi Nam
Kim Ki Bok as Detective
Lee Ah Rin as Bo Yo
Hwang Young Hee as So Jung


Jo Yeon Woo as Choi Yong Bin
Kim Ha Eun as Ji Hyun
Shin Hyeon Tak as Sung Jin
Kim Bo Mi as Hye Young
Shin Hyun Bin as Yukie
Choi Jae Sup as Yoo Jung Ho
Kim Kyu Cheol as Jung Sung Min
Seo Dong Hyun

Production Credits

Director: Park Chan Hong
Screenwriter: Kim Jee Woo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2011-12-07 1 1.56
2011-12-08 2 0.68
2011-12-14 3 1.22
2011-12-15 4 0.80
2011-12-21 5 1.06
2011-12-22 6 0.80
2011-12-28 7 0.95
2011-12-29 8 1.15
2012-01-04 9 1.08
2012-01-05 10 0.78
2012-01-11 11 0.67
2012-01-12 12 0.53
2012-01-18 13 0.71
2012-01-19 14 0.64
2012-01-25 15 0.82
2012-01-26 16 0.81
2012-02-01 17 0.88
2012-02-02 18 0.98
2012-02-08 19 1.01
2012-02-09 20 1.06
2012-02-15 21 0.84
2012-02-16 22 0.80
2012-02-22 23 0.61
2012-02-23 24 0.69

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Other Photo from jTBC site


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  1. 1 : luna Says:

    SIG oppa…….i waiting for you,i miss you…..

  2. 2 : mona Says:

    i’m gonna love this 🙂

  3. 3 : Fermentation Family | Korean Drama Picture Blog Says:

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  4. 4 : Mic Says:

    First thing I did was check out the main casts! Good thing I like them all. It’s tough to go through a drama with more than 16 episodes with actors/actresses I don’t like. Look forward to it!

  5. 5 : waterlilly Says:

    Can’t wait to see it! oh, how i love SIG! Good luck!!!

  6. 6 : Patty Says:

    So excited to watch it!!!!

  7. 7 : helen Says:

    i like korean drama….

  8. 8 : meng Says:

    Is this drama showing now? i am waiting for it so long time. when can i watch this drama. Everyone can tell me, and i hope i will enjoy it. I love Korea drama so much. For the last question, is this drama available now?

  9. 9 : Ashley Says:

    Looking forward to watch this drama with SIG in the cast.

  10. 10 : maria Says:

    romanians fans love song il gook! We waiting for you. You are the best!!!

  11. 11 : management Says:

    Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks
    Helen Olsson

  12. 12 : KDaddict Says:

    Love SIG but didn’t like his previous drama, Crime Squad. Hope this one will be very good!

  13. 13 : kim Says:

    hi SIG! I cant wait to watch your new drama, i will surely love it..
    i always watch your drama since jumong.. im so glad you have a new one.. take care.. ingat po!

  14. 14 : dux Says:

    The trailer seems super cute. I hope that the drama will deliver.

  15. 15 : zibOo Says:

    waiting for this drama saranghae oppa SIG

  16. 16 : ok ok ok Says:

    both leads i like – definitely will watch till the end if story is nice too 🙂

  17. 17 : curly Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this.. Love to watch another SIG drama series..

  18. 18 : criss Says:

    Expect this movie so much !!!!!!!!
    Song Il Gook your fans are waiting for you! Surely we will have a movie in which we will feel your joy one more time to play and be with your fans.

  19. 19 : dux Says:

    Park Jin Hee ssi! I wish you were in Padam Padam with Bummie 😉

  20. 20 : http://www.everenjoy.com/Sony Says:

    Criss I am Waiting for movie and i am the big fan

  21. 21 : sun Says:

    Today’s Photo: November 29, 2011
    Read more – http://w.po.st/share/entry/redir?



  22. 22 : sun Says:

    Added trailer, posters and new stills and videos for the upcoming Korean drama “Fermented Family


    🙁 🙁 🙁

  23. 23 : fatima Says:

    I am so excited. I love you SIG!!!!!!

  24. 24 : rana Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this.. Love to muche korean drama!!
    jaaaadooore drama korean comme une follle 😉

  25. 25 : Jennie Says:

    I like the picture for this drama and that was what attracted me to this page. The title in English sounds funny. The cast is good. Have always enjoyed SIG’s dramas and I am glad that Park Jin Hee has longer hair now. Didn’t care for her hairstyle at all in Giant which made her look so old and cold. Hope the story will be good!

  26. 26 : dux Says:

    I hope this will be good! can’t wait!

  27. 27 : jnx_doe Says:

    Finally i can watch SIG’s drama again. Hope this will be good too :DDD

  28. 28 : Angel Dotz' speancer Says:

    i will watch it, i hope it is very good..

  29. 29 : ANNE Says:

    Okay, Proof your writing I see that you are trying to make sense out of something that was senseless. It’s seem like your defends of the Principal force retirement is base on the amount of time he held the position. My support of the Board decision is base on the fact 44 years as a Principal and he handle something this childish poorly. His lack of common sense and judgment escalated this incident to stupidity. He is an Elementary School Principal the keys point to holding such a position should be sounds judgment and common sense which he didn’t display in this case. I also think the teacher should be let go as while, it obvious she has some major hang up if she thought this need to be brought to the Principal for discipline. This is differently was a racist issue but it was gender stereo-type, I’m sure if this was a 9 year old girl that said her male teacher was bierlious this would have been a laugh for the class. Lastly the 9 year old student might have only received a week suspension, but due to two adult who careers is to educate have taught this child a lesson that he should not be learning at such a young age.

    (this comment has been deleted by admin due to unrelated and complain by other fans)

  30. 30 : Mic Says:

    Loved the first episode! Excited to have something to look forward to on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

  31. 31 : Mic Says:

    The backdrop of the restaurant was breathtaking!

  32. 32 : KDaddict Says:

    I finished watching eps 1 n 2. I find this drama utterly utterly refreshing! The location of the restaurant, the two sisters, the theme, the cuisine, the cinematography, etc. completely refreshing!
    Song IG wears a hairstyle that every actor is wearing these days, but I’m afraid it doesn’t become him. Also, when he wears a t-shirt, it looks like he is way flabby n has a big spare tire, not at all the std physique of a Korean leading man, with choco abs. Perhaps he’ll shed some wt when the arduous filming progresses.
    I love the 2 actresses playing the sisters. So different fr the usual artificial beauties fr cosmetic surgery!

  33. 33 : ok ok ok Says:

    after watching 2 episodes, my sis & I have the same opinion – both leads we like but find the story very slow – lack of excitement to look forward to. 😉

    Anyway, we will wait for the 3rd episode and see how it goes 🙂 Hwaiting!!!

  34. 34 : KDaddict Says:

    @ok ok ok, hi,
    The slower pace of this show matches its theme of a milder, kinder society and way of life. Its slower pace is also one of the things that I like abt it. This is not a show abt excitement in the usual sense. It is more like sitting down on a lazy afternoon to have a cup of green tea with a long time friend. I think it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 😉

  35. 35 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ kdaddict

    My sis loves the scenery and its surrounding. Me find it too quiet because so few people around. 🙂

    Agree what you said. SIG put on a lot of weight compare the drama he acted in A Man call God. My sis crazy about him. He should shed some fats away – ha ha…

    Anyway, will continue to watch since both leads we like – Believe SIG will bring some excitement – sooner or later 🙂

  36. 36 : Charlie Says:

    Don’t know if Song or the story will meet the expectation, but the food and scenes are very attractive.

  37. 37 : john Says:

    Fermentation Family is a Nice Drama, this site is the best when it comes to description of story about Korean Dramas, how ever if you want to watch Fermentation Family Episode in English Sub then you should visit at


  38. 38 : BANGBEN Says:


  39. 39 : sun Says:

    “Fermented Family

    General S=service channel JTBC’s drama “Fermented Family” succeeded in rebounding.

    According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on December 15th, the December 14th episode of “Fermented Family” rated 1.222%. This is 0.544% higher than the previous 0.678%.

    “Fermented Family” started off with a high number of 1.563% but fell down to 0.678% on the second episode. However, it’s found its pride again by coming back


    Press conference

    Lovers or brother and sister? Viewers are curious about the relationship between Song Il-gook and Park Jin-hee


  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    2 Sisters:
    1 “smart n sassy”; the other “bleeding heart n a bit slow”. I usually like “smart n sassy”, but gravitate towards “bleeding heart n slow” this time around. They are both loving, just that they show it in diff ways.
    seems to have lost his figure 🙂 but he has such a handsome face, as all the close-ups amply show.
    Lovers or Siblings?
    Lovers for sure. In his flashback, SIG’s father let go of his hand, I think becos he had an accident, maybe he was attacked, shot, or had a heart attack. The girls’ father took charge of him for a while, but lost him to the system. I don’t believe there is anyway SIG was his son. He wouldn’t have lost his own son.
    Good show.

  41. 41 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3-4:
    That little girl of 8 is a great little actress. Her acting style fits right in with the rustic atmosphere of the restaurant and their simple but truthful approach to life.
    Looking fwd to next week’s eps.

  42. 42 : Marchioness Says:

    Anne, what the heck are you trying to say? I can’t make heads or tail of what you are trying to say. Please, with all due respect, express your thoughts without being incoherent. Apologies for the comment but your comment made my head spin. I doubt if this is the response that you wanted to elicit from anybody who would read your comments.

  43. 43 : KDaddict Says:

    @Marchioness, @admin,
    I had the same reaction to Anne’s comment in #29. At first I thought it was sth that happened in the story. I went back to check, but it wan’t at all. Recently, there are ppl who come here to post some nonsense comments. This is one looks more real than most. Looks like they just “Cut/Paste” from wherever.

  44. 44 : admin Says:

    @KDaddict & @Marchioness,

    Thanks for inform us. We already deleted comment #29.

  45. 45 : Sina Says:

    I just finished MY LOVE BY MY SIDE. Love it and was not into another one until this caught my eye. I like the uncle and the main actor from JUMONG. So we will see.

  46. 46 : Duchess Says:

    Episode 1 was boring. I expected a lot more from the enthusiastic reviews. Real disappointing!

  47. 47 : KDaddict Says:

    See comment #34. The nature of this show so far has been “slow n quiet”. I surmise many viewers may find it boring. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  48. 48 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 5:
    Ho Tae should go get himself hypnotized to help him remember the rest of that traumatic memory, so that he’ll know how his father was, who killed his father, n why he had that photo taken with the ajussi at the restaurant. The whole mystery of this story is locked up in it.
    Love the girl who plays the Halyu star’s secret lover. So pretty! Love all the girls in this series!

  49. 49 : KDaddict Says:

    In the group photo above, why is the old guy w a cap sitting in the middle? He isn’t even a central char. He is just sb who eats all his meals at their restaurant.

  50. 50 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 6:
    I enjoy watching the 2 of them drinking in the courtyard in the evening, n standing there to gaze at the stars n talk. Others may find it dull, but I enjoy ti tremendously.
    I hope the gang leader will fall in love w the elder sister. That will really throw him! Haha.

  51. 51 : sun Says:

  52. 52 : Sina Says:

    I just finished My Love By My Side. It one of the best drama I have watched. Now I am hooked on this one. So far it is very good.

  53. 53 : sun Says:

    Happy new yeaR

    Happy new yeaR

    Happy new yeaR

    Happy new yeaR 😉

  54. 54 : sun Says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed0YSr6ttqE&feature=related 😆

  55. 55 : sun Says:



  56. 56 : SOUSOU Says:


  57. 57 : JY Says:

    Good chemistry!! SIG and PJH. The tranquility of the restaurant is breathless and in awe. LOVING IT….

  58. 58 : fatima Says:

    SIG! I am happy to watch your drama!!!

  59. 59 : fatima Says:

    I feel hungry everytime I watch this!

  60. 60 : sun Says:



    .♥……………………​♥… ……♥….♥
    ♥…………………….​.♥.. ..♥………..♥
    .♥…SONG İL GOOK……….♥……….♥​::
    .. ♥…………………….​♥. ………….♥
    …. ♥………korea………..​……….♥
    ……..♥……………..​… ………♥
    …………♥………….​… ……♥
    ……………♥……….​… …♥

  61. 61 : ToY Says:

    WELLCOME 2012 😉 🙂

  62. 62 : Lara Says:

    [Spoiler] Added episodes 7 and 8 captures for the Korean drama ‘Fermented Family’

    Good LAck 2012

  63. 63 : KDaddict Says:

    Just where ARE the Spoiler and captures mentioned in #62???
    Eps 1-5 were real good. But by ep 7, it is getting bogged down with Ho Tae’s memories. It seems that there is only 1 mystery in this series, n it has to do with what happened to Ho Tae’s father at the hands of the large Hanbol Food Company, n his subsequent connections Chun Di In. Every ep alludes to this, n he can’t remember; it is getting tiresome.
    I know this is supposed to be a slow paced show, but for a show to be attractive, you can have several things happening slowly at once; you can’t have just dangle one mystery in front of the audience all by itself!

  64. 64 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 8:
    The female CEO of the food company is real ugly for an actress. Maybe it is the hairdo; maybe it is that very tight face; it looks like it’ll hurt real bad if she smiles.
    So the Uncle has a history too. Was he also a gangster?
    So KS is falling in like w him! Is the young cook falling in like w KS?

  65. 65 : Soshuno Says:

    in my opinion SIG gaining a little weight here looks good on him unlike in A Man Called God where he is too thin and even his face looks different. He is more handsome here….like in the days of Jumong where he is most handsome. Others may say the story is slow…but for me there are so many lines and dialogues that will warm your heart and the pacing is just right. You havee enough time to feel every line and scenarios. I like the series very much.

  66. 66 : only4u2 Says:

    Am really enjoying this drama…scenery is beautiful. Touching and funny! SIG always delivers!

  67. 67 : IUfan Says:

    I don’t understand why this drama is so underrated. The story was so touching and funny. It’s like japanese dramas that have so many life values. Song il Gook and Park Jin Hee really nailed their parts. 🙂

  68. 68 : Mic Says:

    The story is getting exciting. Good casts and beautiful scenery. Feel good there are still quality kdramas amid lousy ones.

  69. 69 : KDaddict Says:

    I love the two actresses. But I feel that SIG isn’t given enough to do so far. He doesn’t have that many scenes, no long or taxing scenes. I’d have liked to see more of his acting in this. I feel that they r under utilizing a wonderful actor, n’est pas?

  70. 70 : sina Says:

    I really like this drama. I like the story and the mystery behind it. The actresses and actors are pleasant to watch. Love it……..

  71. 71 : ilocana Says:

    SIG looks so different here…it looks like he gained weight 😉 but he’s still good-looking to me ;b…SIG and the lead actress have good chemistry….

  72. 72 : roxyalso Says:

    Very good drama….I like it. Solid cast of actors, which is always nice.

  73. 73 : hadise Says:

    Thank you all for sharing

  74. 74 : janice Says:

    This is a wonderful drama. I think the pace is just right.

  75. 75 : KDaddict Says:

    If you could choose to look like any Korean actress, who would you choose? Choi Ji Woo? Kim Tae Hee? Song Hye Gyo? Jeon Ji Hyun? Son Yi Jin? I think I’d like to look like Park Jin Hee in this drama. I don’t know abt all her other looks, but I love the way she looks in this drama. She may not be the prettiest of all K actresses, nor the youngest, but I think she looks so good, so attractive, so comfortable here. Kind and intelligent too.

  76. 76 : Sina Says:

    She is very pretty. This is such a very good drama. I am hungry every time I watch it. The mystery in it makes it even better. The actors and actresses are great. There is a lot of love and compassion in this story. Thank you.

  77. 77 : KDaddict Says:

    It’s supposed to be a famous restaurant. They certainly use the best ingredients n intentions. How come there are hardly any customers, ever? Except for the 2 regulars, the Han doctor n the nearly senile old man. Are they even paying customers?
    It’d be more realistic if they include more customers.

  78. 78 : roxyalso Says:

    These actors are well suited for each other in this drama. I am glad I found it and will keep watching. As for more customers, they would only get in the way…;)

    The theme of “precious family” is touching and sorely needed in more dramas in this world of upset and turmoil. S. Korean drama writers have hit on a theme which is working, they have hooked an audience who is thirsty for family and love. I truly hope they don’t go the route of the Chinese and other Asian countries. S. Korean Actors are the good will ambassadors for this country.

  79. 79 : KDaddict Says:

    If you r going to shoot a whole drama in a “famous” restaurant, customers should be included at some pt, to make it look realistic. Imagine “Brain” without ever showing patients in the hosp! A PD team that can’t show customers without having them get in the way would be an incompetent one. I see it as “cutting corners”, taking the easy way out–a definite shortcoming in the show.

  80. 80 : kila Says:

    I really like this drama. Because it has a story about family and striving in life. I love SIG, too. He sure handsome. Hahaha :)). And everytime I watch it, I feel hungry.. The kimchi look delicious. I hope the story keep getting interesting every episode :))

  81. 81 : SUN Says:



  82. 82 : SUN Says:

    HI 😉

  83. 83 : KDaddict Says:

    I have seen Song Il Gook b4 in his various dramas. Why didn’t I notice how handsome he is? These close-ups show it clearly in this drama, tho he is a no. of years older than when he appeared in Jumong. Not only that, he has a really “handsome” voice too, n is a wonderful actor. He sure deserves his big name n popularity.

  84. 84 : ivan Says:

    i really can’t wait for the next episode….i really love this one..just like jumong

  85. 85 : torri Says:

    this is a great drama i just started watching it am at ep 7 now , but i cant seem to get the guys memory lost and who his realy family is ,, i wonder what was done to him as a kid , well i cant wait for him to remeber his past and who his realy dad is and it looks like he is from a rich home

  86. 86 : Toy Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiii 😉


  87. 87 : KDaddict Says:

    That is the major mystery of this drama–Ho Tae’s family background, n what happened to his dad.
    Possible Spoiler:
    You know what I think? I’m guessing that he is the son of the woman president of that food corporation, i.e. the half brother of the other young man at the Kimchi Restaurant. I bet she was forbidden to marry Ho Tae’s father becos he is from a poor backgd. Hence she ended up marrying this other guy in a loveless marriage. 🙁

  88. 88 : torri Says:

    @KDaddict , i think you are right i just watch ep 12 today am guessing the same thing , and if it turns out that woman is his mum i dont think he will forgive her , as for the guy who might be his half brother i think the little girl can sense that he is not an honest person that is why she cant realy smile with him, i guess litte kids are like that , she made me cry when she took a phone and pretended she was talking to her mum , . am also thinking the woman husband is actualy responsible for the guy father death , right ?

  89. 89 : torri Says:

    @KDaddit , are you by any chance watching veg store too i plan to start watching it after fm ,just because of the lead actor i loved his last drama warrior something i loved it , but reading trough the comments i dont a good vibe that it is that great , let me know what you think about it , that is if you are watching it thanks

  90. 90 : KDaddict Says:

    @torri, hi,
    I agree w you on both pts in #88. Little kids are v intuitive. They sense what doesn’t need to be explained. And the woman president’s husband would be the one who has the biggest motive to keep her away fr Ho Tae’s father. But HT’s father was having a heart attack, wasn’t he? I wondered abt all those ppl walking around him in the Am Park w/out lifting a finger! Scary!
    I feel the same way abt Veg store as u do-#89. I meant to watch it, but sounds like it is kinda like Kim Tak Gu; a story of a young man struggling n then succeeds against all odds. That’s OK, but is not new, rt? More imptly, I just fell in love w Kim Soo Hyun in METS, so I’m using this time to revisit his old works. He really is an extremely talented actor. I’m not into idol stars, n to my surprise, he isn’t one. Have u seen METS? It is v good. 😉

  91. 91 : torri Says:

    i have not started METS yet but i have been checking the ratings and also read some of the comments you have been making there and i can tell is a great drama , because i hear is so good i want to wait when its at the 14 ep before i start watching , because i realy dont like waiting for it every week , so METS is on my top list to watch , and TCU CAPTAIN too , keep me info on what is realy good to watch ok . thanks

  92. 92 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m an impatient person, n liked to marathon my KDs. Yet over the years I’ve found that the shows I marathoned became a blur. I barely remember them. It’s the ones that i wait for fr week to week that remain w me. So there is that. I’ve also learnt to enjoy the suspense of finding out what’ll happen next.
    Re TCUCaptain:
    I find JJH n GHS to be an odd combination. It’s like his pairing w that young actress in the Man who can’t M. It just doesn’t compute for me. Now him appearing (tho only in a cameo) w Choi JW in A Star’s Lover, now that was hot! GHS as an actress seems to solicit 2 reactions fr ppl more than other actresses: those who really2 like her, n those who can’t stand her. IMO, her acting has much room for improvement, but she is young yet.
    Wild Romance:
    If you read the comments, 95% r complaints against that actress, mine included. She is Not leading lady material, period.
    What kinds of shows do u like? Which r your favs? Did I recommend Biscuit Teacher, Candy Star (Hello, my Teacher) to u yet?

  93. 93 : KDaddict Says:

    WildR: I should say that 95% of the comments on the 1st 5-6 pages r complaints vs LSY. By page 7, only those who like her remain to watch n comment. All the others have fled by now.

  94. 94 : torri Says:

    @KDaddict, ,
    i have not yet watch the ones you mention but i will check it out, as for me i have a lot of favs like secret gadern , i have watch it may be 15 times over , i love it , boys over flowers was my first kdrama ever, after that i got hooked like a drug ,i started watch kdramas just last year march , a girlfriend at my job introduce it to me , i was also impressed with city hunter, lie to me ,iris ,full house,my girl ,winter sanota,can you hear my heart,these are just a few but melodramas are not my thing after i watched stairway to heaven ,i think i cryed like a baby when i watch that drama ,but hey from what i see it looks like you have been watch kdramas for a long time so i guess i can count on you to keep posted on the very good once , am glad we can exchange ideas like this thanks kdaddict

  95. 95 : KDaddict Says:

    SEGA is my fav too! I’ve watched it 7 times, but w 15 times, u win! 😉 I automatically like anyone who loves SEGA. Heehee. I’m not defensive abt other shows, but I’, v silly abt this one.
    If those r your favs, you’ll love Bsicuit Teacher Candy Star (Hello my Teacher). A v cute Gong Yoo playing a 19 year old boy, n Gong Hyo Jin playing his 25 yr old teacher. He’s far better here than in Coffee Prince. Fun n moving romance. Must watch.
    I’ve been at this for abt 10 years now. Instead of getting better, the addiction seems to get worse! So, welcome on board! 😉

  96. 96 : sulfanti Says:

    why i cann’t watch this drama in the youtube???
    i’ve been waiting for every episode..
    i like this drama very much….

    when the dvd been released i like to have it..

    can your help me out please!!!

    thank you very much……

  97. 97 : torri Says:

    @ sulfanti , you can watch on kimchidrama .com so go to that website and check ok , utube will only have later on not right away

  98. 98 : torri Says:

    @ KDaddict
    i just finished (hello teacher ) it was a nice drama it was realy funny and touching too , each student having their own issues to sort out , it was a good story but what i loved the most was Gong Yoo friend , who always try to repeat what ever Gong Yoo said , IT was very funny each time he did that, thank for the sugestion, am off work tuesday and wensday this week so if you have any more good dramas to sug let me know ok

  99. 99 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a reply to torri. Others pls do not read or dispute. TQ.
    Boy, u work fast! My kind of viewer. What else to recommend depends on your taste:
    If u like young dramas, watch Dream Hi. Slow to get started, but gets better n better, to a strong finish.
    If u like Jung Il Woo, watch Return of Iljimae. Also takes a few eps to get started, but gets real good.
    If u like classics, don’t miss Winter Sonata, Hotelier, Summer Scent; Lovers in Paris, Beautiful Days.
    If u like sagueks, watch Dae Jang Geum, but be sure to skip abt 14 eps in the middle–too repetitive. Just watch the 1st 20 n last 20 eps.
    If u like family dramas, watch The Sons of the Sol Pharmacy; First Wives Club, New Tales of Gisaeng-until ep 40.
    For rom-coms, watch Full House, Goong, Greatest Love, My name is Kim Sam Soon, Protect the Boss.
    For Adult romance, watch Star’s Lover.
    If u like Kim Sun Ah or an intelligent script , watch City Hall.
    There is a fav of mine that hasn’t been mentioned. I want to give it a place of honor: Da Ja’s Spring. It has a special place in my heart, but u have to be in your late 20’s to appreciate it.
    These r the best among the 100+ KD’s I’ve watched over the years. The best in each genre. Enjoy.
    Heehee, that should keep u busy for a while. 🙂

  100. 100 : Sina Says:

    I really like this drama because of all the mystery in it. I am also love the relation between the main stars. Thank you.

  101. 101 : KDaddict Says:

    This show got off to a good start, but its momentum has been slowing down, owing to the single mystery of HoTae’s father’s relationship w the Dragon lady. The last 16 mins. of ep 16 is as interesting as watching grass grow. The deliberately long and drawn out process of telling the audience whether HT’s father’s died at the hosp was really testing on one’s patience. This would have been a much better drama if it had been shortened to 16 eps.

  102. 102 : Mystisith Says:

    I agree with you KDaddict. It’s cute and fresh and ” slowfood ” in a way, but 16 eps would have been enough. It took 15 eps to start the romance… I can’t believe i waited this much ! Foodporn must have a lot of power over me.
    Btw, i see you post a lot on this site. Are you an admin ? What shows do you watch these days ?

  103. 103 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m addicted to KDs, n like to post after each ep that I watch, to record what I think of it. I should be blogging abt this, but am just too lazy to get it started.
    90%+ of comments here r of the “I love you oppa or I love this show” variety. It’s rare to strike up a conversation, even rarer to encounter a like-minded viewer. I’ve seen your thoughtful posts, n am happy we finally connect.
    I used to like watching 7 new shows a week. But too many of them suck. I’ve become more choosy. Rt now, I’m watching METS, Padam2, n FF. METS is hot becos of Kim Soo Hyun’s briliiant acting; Padam2 was real good for 10 eps, then completely changed tone n tenor. Tho slow, FF was good becos of the 3 leads, the little girl, plus the food n setting! The plot is too simplistic is all. But it isn’t a plot-driven show; food-driven is more like it!
    I like to find time to go back to good shows that I skipped. Becos of KimSH, I just revisited Dream Hi. It’s unbelievable how much he has grown as an actor in a year! He’s my new discovery of the month!
    How abt you? What r u watching? How come u aren’t here more often?

  104. 104 : torri Says:

    KDaddict, hi i saw the comment you sent me thanks so mich , and i also saw the list u sent , well from you list i can see you know your kdramas so well and i was glad i can also call my self a little addict . i have watch all of the romantic comedys on the list , i have also watch all the classic dramas on the list , the adult drama star lovers, i have watch too , i love it ,i have also watch city hall , for the saguek dramas i started the first one you meansurn but stop, for the family dramas on u list i just finish watching new tale of gisaeng , i was actualy on utube and saw small part of it i decided to watch it since i was off for two days and it was good , thanks so much , for da ja spring i have not watch , since its a specail one for i will be looking forward to it , thanks a gain for the list ,

  105. 105 : KDaddict Says:

    @torri-105, Others don’t read or dispute. TQ.
    So, you’ve watched quite a few KDs in a year’s time! You r lucky that you started with the best ones. It helps build up good taste. 😉
    There r 3 saguek romances that I haven’t mentioned:
    The Princess’ Man, Sungkungkwan Scandal, n The Moon that Embraces the Sun.
    TPM is in my top 3 KDs of all times. (Winter Sonata, SEGA, TPM); SKKS is light n really enjoyable; METS is Hot! It is half way thru its broadcast. Try to watch it with us if u can.
    I have a list of bad KDs too. They have Soooo much star power, all wasted. They are:
    The story of the 1st king’s 4 gods aka the Legend–most horrible leading lady in a KD, ever; weak 2nd leading lady too, IMO.
    IRIS, Athena, Fugitive Plan B–all slick w no soul;
    Lie to Me–lousy script that doesn’t know what it wants to do at all;
    My Princess–2nd leads terrible enough to make the drama painful to watch.
    I actually love each one of the main leads in these KDs (minus the leading lady in Legend of course). That’s why I hate it that other factors ruined these shows. 🙁

  106. 106 : torri Says:

    the truth is since i started watching kdramas i bearly turn on my tv anymore i watch all the dramas on line on my laptop, i even had to change my internet plan to unlimited service , so i can watch as much as i can so when am home my laptop is on my lap all the time looking for the next drama to watch . your list for the bad dramas i have also watch all , you are right , those dramas had great actors but the story line like plan-b was just stupid ,but i like B-Rain so i watch it , as for Iris , i fell in love with the leading male actor that guy is just yummy ,but what i love about iris is the song track with the female singer that song brings a smile to my face even the one she sang in secret garden i love those two songs,i had to downloed it on my ipod, my princess too was just a mess i guess since i was new to the kdrama i just watch it , lie to me was not that bad , it was alittle childish to me .the princess man i have not watch i watch the first ep then stoped , i guess is because i read it was like romoe and juliet and i dont realy like melodramas but if u say it is good the i will watch it, as for METS, i keep reading that is a great drama i guess i will start some time next week,,

  107. 107 : Toy Says:


    😉 😉


  108. 108 : Toy Says:


    Actor Song Il-gook to become a father of triplets 😉

  109. 109 : Toy Says:

    [Spoiler] “Fermented Family” rating rise… Song Il-gook’s past revealed at last


  110. 110 : KDaddict Says:

    It has been obvious for a couple weeks that Ho-tae’s mother is the rich lady of Handle Food. The pieces r put together now. I expect that the connections can be made clear, the bad guys apprehended in 2 eps, for it to end at 20 ep. Really wonder what they’re going to do in ep 21-24!

  111. 111 : kanha Says:

    @KDaddict-99 : I read your # 99 comment and I was so surprise by you mentioned about those drama….luckily I watched most of them already, hehe…and I will check out the rest later. Come to think of it, so many dramas I have watched but City Hall and SEGA are the unforgettable one…

  112. 112 : KDaddict Says:

    What surprised you abt my list?
    There is another short list in #105. They r the romance sageuks, n they r soooo good:

  113. 113 : fumina Says:

    Nice drama…Always make me feel hungry & wish to eat tohose delicious kimchi shown. Anyone know the title & singer of the songs played at the ending?

  114. 114 : kanha Says:

    KDaddict: I watched those dramas already,.its true that its was so good…By the way I was surprise becos most of the dramas you mentioned was my favorite 😀

  115. 115 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDaddict : My better later than never reply. I’ve started commenting here recently. I’m a regular at dramabeans though, and i just wish i would know how to stretch hours…
    I seem to have noticed commenters are rather young here, but i don’t mind. 🙂
    Currently watching : Ojakgyo bros, Padam, Ten special Affairs Team, end of What’s up ?, Salaryman, FF, Bachelor veggie store, Wild romance, Captain ( idk what to think of this ), Glowing she, The Vineyard Man, Shut up ! and DH2 ( drop, not drop that’s the question for the latter ).
    I started Kdramas 2 years ago and as you can see i’m a rom-com addict ( SegA is my all time fav of the maybe 150 dramas i’ve seen ) but who asks for a minimum plot. In fact if the story and acting is good, i can watch almost any genre, horror excepted.
    Btw, i’m french and have apparently a Big Mouth, but friends are always welcome wherever they come from. I’m starting to bookmark threads i comment on this site. See you !

  116. 116 : roxyalso Says:

    Love this drama, would like to see Song ll Gook in a drama with YEH….what do you all think?

  117. 117 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 19:
    Oh, this thing is progress at a snail’s pace. A simple story that is good for 16 eps gets stretched out to 20, or worse 24. Better to marathon it after its broadcast; Or else it really tests your patience!

  118. 118 : KDaddict Says:

    What does your name mean? It is rather difficult to spell correctly?
    Oh yes, I’ve seen your comments on dramabeans. I go there occasionally, but don’t comment there becos the window of opportunity is so small. You go early, the post may not be up yet; you go late, then ppl r done w it n have moved on. Their comment pages r too time-sensitive for me to keep up w.
    Whereas the commenters on DB r mostly fr U.S., n r English speakers, visitors here r fr all over the world, n r not native Eng speakers. It’s not the language that matters, rather I find that most of them take offense if I criticize some aspect of a drama. They r happier if you just praise the drama, the actors, n love it unconditionally! That’s sth I can’t do. 🙁 Perhaps it’s becos they r so young.
    See u around!

  119. 119 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDaddict : LOL ! You can call me Myst if you wish, i will understand ! Mysti goes for mystical or mysterious, and sith is a Star Wars allusion : The bad guys are Dark Lords of The Sith. I know, it sounds geek and nerdy, but what can i say : I chose that name years ago, and i just can’t find another one which fits me better. It’s like your favorite worn out sweater. I’ve just finished ep 18 here, and i wonder how they will fill the 6 remaining eps. I think 20 eps would have been enough, because i’m starting to fastforward at times.

  120. 120 : Panda Says:

    Fermentation Family ( or Kimchi Family ) is a show to be savored, not rushed through! You can almost taste the kimchi ! And I love the actor ! He’s brilliant ! Vote for Song Il Gook on http://worldtv.main.jp/kstaren0

  121. 121 : Lara Says:

    Wellcome Valentine 😆

  122. 122 : KDaddict Says:

    @Myst-115, 119,
    How did u go thru 150 shows in 2 years? And watch 12-13 current shows at the same time? I’ve watched abt 110 shows over a much longer period, n can comfortably watch 7 current shows at once, that amts to 2 hours a day, if I don’t comment much, n I thought I was a KDaddict!!! 😉 😉
    SEGA is my all-time fav too! I’m generally quite objective abt KDs I watch, but don’t have a problem at all w other ppl not liking it. I’ll be honest w u, I used to visit DB much more often, but parted ways w them on SEGA. Now I don’t mind that javabeans n I have a diff of opinion, for there is sth such as personal preference after all, but when she dislikes a show, her followers will take it as carte blanche to bash the show at every turn. That is what bothers me. Generally they r an animated bunch, n r swtiched-on n witty.
    Of the 12-13 shows u r watching, which one(s) do u like best? I’m watching n liking METS, but am not keen abt the actress’ portrayal of the heroine. Still, I’m finding it a more enjoyable show than most.

    Ep 20 of FF finally shows us his mother’s side of the story. What a horrible mother she was! She just walked away fr the man of her choice n the baby she bore to return to her rich family! Surely she deserves the “Worst mother award” in KD-land, where all mothers will sacrifice their lives for their children! The remaining 4 eps where he gets wrongly accused of being the man w the mask, etc. will be much padding.

  123. 123 : LoLo Says:



  124. 124 : sulfanti Says:

    i like to know something please!!!
    why i cann’t continue watch this drama by you tube???
    i like the story inside……
    i’ve been wiating for so long but there’s no show…
    i just stop by ep 12….
    will your help me please how to get to watch the next ep???
    i do really wish to buy the dvd so thst i can watch it anytime…
    please do me this favour!!!!

  125. 125 : torri Says:

    you are right, ki ho , mum is realy selfish ,i cant believe she actualy abandon her kid because she was too weak and lazy to work hard and take care of her kid , she decieded to take the easy way out and leave her kid behind if i was ki ho , i will never forgive my mother either , he was right to say he wont forgive his mother , i know this a drama but if this to happen in realy life i wont forgive either , ,but i guess since it is a drama he will forgive her at the end some how

  126. 126 : ROZE Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 VALENTINE 😀 😀 😀

  127. 127 : KDaddict Says:

    We’re having a ball over at the METS thread. Have u started it yet? I’m not watching much of anything else. Only Shut Up Fl Boy Band. 🙁

  128. 128 : torri Says:

    @ KDaddict,
    i just watch the first ep of METS today just before i came to work i guess i can catch up with you guys this weekend to the current ep , i was also looking at the list you sent me the other day and i realise i had not watched beautiful days so that is what am also watching right now ,and am also watching gaint it actualy an old drama dont know if you have watched it yet , but since am very fast with watching this things am sure i will catch with u on METS soon , so the shut up fl boy you are watching is it good too , oh and by the way does bueatiful days end good or bad , just give a hit without detalis does it end sad or happy , because that lead actress, mostly does melodrama , hope is not the case here , let me know ok

  129. 129 : KDaddict Says:

    You r so funny! 🙂 The way u marathon these things! Hey, you’ll run out of things to watch in a hurry! 😉
    Do u really want to know the ending of Beautiful Days? It is a melodrama no doubt. I think it is a happy ending. It is in Stairway to Heaven that she died.
    The ones I recommended r the best of the best. So slow down n savor them.
    As for METS, there is a cast change betwn ep 6 n 7, when the children grow up; be warned that most ppl like the young cast so much it takes them a while to gt used to the adult cast. Rushing thru it will dampen your enjoyment. See u on that thread.

  130. 130 : torri Says:

    @ KDaddict , ok am going to slow down , i was looking on this site today there seem to be new dramas coming out every week now,i dont know which one to keep track of but i guess since you seem to always be a heard of me i will count on you comments to pick whick one to watch , i was checking out notes on korean peninsula but i did not see any comment from you i guess you have no plans on watching it ?, i am actualy a fan for the main actress in that drama i love her , she has a beautifull simle , if you say beautufull days has a happy ending then am going to keep watching i was going to stop if you had said its a melodrama right to the end , i mean the main actress, just make me cry alot each time i watch her melodramas, glad to know this one will end well for her

  131. 131 : SUN Says:


    Good lucK



    now you have ababy 😉


    more happy

    more happy

    more happy


    God bless you

    Happy valentine

    😆 😀 🙂 😀

  132. 132 : KDaddict Says:

    Of the new batch, I’m watching METS n Shut up Flower Boy band. Korean Penin is some political drama that is sure to be patriotic. Not my cup of tea.
    Enjoying old drama:
    Prince’s first Love; Tamra the Island.
    Looking fwd to:
    12 men in a yr; Roof top Prince; Gentleman’s Dignity.
    N.B. I said “I think” it ends well. It was a long time ago. Don’t kill me if I’m wrong! 🙂 If it’s impt to you, u can always cheat by going to the end 1st. I often do!

    Song Il Gook ssi is having triplets, not just one baby, no? Congrats to him n his wife! God Bless them all!

  133. 133 : torri Says:

    you are so funny ,now you are making me laught like a fool in the office ,reading you comment . so you not very sure if it ends well !!!!! , i realy wish i could cheat and i go see what the ending looks like but then it takes the fun out of it for me , dont worry i wont kill you if it turns out sad . am at the 19ep now i think five more to go , so i might as well just be patient and see all of it , , thanks for starting my day with the funny comment

  134. 134 : KDaddict Says:

    Ya, that’s what I mean. Didn’t want to give u a definitive ans that’ll take all the fun out of it for you! Plus, I’ve watched around 110 KDs. Don’t remember everything w certainty, esp those from 10 years ago. BTW, that actress, Choi Ji Woo is my all time fav Korean actress too. If u want to see her in a more recnet work, there is A Star’s Lover. Unfortunately, her MOST recent drama Can’t Lose was not successful on acct of a really bad script.
    I just left comments on 2 upcoming shows: I need a Fairy n Yellow Boots. Did for 12 men in a yr too.

  135. 135 : Mystisith Says:

    @ torri-130 : There is always about 36 dramas airing at the same period. It’s just crazy, and even me as as a serial watcher can’t keep up with the rythm. No wonder why some of the shows fall in the limbos : I’m sure even koreans give up the fight.
    That said, i appreciate shows like FF that ground us in healthy territory. It allows us to rest from the frenzy. I will be sad when this one ends : I don’t see something similar on the horizon for now. It’s still scheduled for 24 eps, isn’t it ?

  136. 136 : KDaddict Says:

    Good to see you. So you r a serial watcher, huh? I used to be happiest when I was watching 7 new shows a week, 2 a day! But then I found that a lot of them were crap. It feels like kissing a lot of frogs to meet the prince(s). So I’ve become more selective now. Still, the promising ones can fail u miserably, like METS. At ep 14, it’s leaving a bitter taste in My mouth. Dare I hope that it’ll pick up twos the end?
    Ya, FF is healthy to an unbelievable degree. A rare treat among KDs. I do believe they said it’ll be 24 eps. I’ll be happy to follow it to the end.

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    #136, 7 shows a week, I mean 2 hours a day.

  138. 138 : Mystisith Says:

    KDaddict, i’ve known disappointments and good surprises when it comes to dramas. Honestly i cannot complain. Let’s say randomly 25 % of the dramas are good : I would be glad to have that ratio for french ( or even simply western ) shows, but i’m not sure the 10 % mark is reached… I’ve also become better in judging projects from the get go, and i’ve become more picky, knowing what i like or dislike.
    I’m not a fan of sageuks, and i believe the hype came from JIW being hired on it. WBDS was good until the extension part, and i didn’t digest the cruel and stupid ending.

  139. 139 : Mystisith Says:

    *the hype for Moon/Sun*

  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    This is a guessing game. Big names r a draw, but if the script fails, the show tanks! And no one knows b4 hand how the script will turn out, not the viewers, not even the stars themselves, bc the script is being written as the shooting goes on. I really feel sorry for the stars, who have to place their names n careers on the line, w little guarantee that they r picking the rt horse. We don’t lose anything but a no. of hours n our viewing pleasure.
    As we accumulate more shows under our belts, we get better at telling which show is a goner; but those that r good but give a lousy ending r v frustrating, aren’t they? We also get more demanding, bc our stds rise.
    METS was so promising bc that was such a pretty picture, the guys, the gals, the hanboks, the palace, the fated romance, the political power struggle….all seem like the rt ingredients for a perfect show. Alas, what a script! What unbalanced acting! I don’t even want to go on. At least it won’t be extended, I hear, so there won’t be as much circling the wagon in the final stretch (after ep 14).

  141. 141 : KDaddict Says:

    FF, ep 21, 22, 23:
    Wow, these 3 eps r wang daebak! The plot reaches one hi after another!
    First the girls’s father comes home;
    Then Hae Joon confesses his real identity;
    The girls forgive him;
    Old man has colon cancer;
    Hong Gil Dong is outed;
    Secretary Oh is kidnapped;
    Ho Tae in pursuit is also locked up;
    Sec Oh repents for having kidnapped Ho Tae;
    Ho Tae forgives Sec Oh for ruining his life, n thanks him for saving it!
    Kang San finds n saves Ho Tae n Sec Oh;
    Hae Joon overhears that Ho Tae is his brother;
    His mother admits it;
    Sec Oh runs into the baddies sent by President Oh;
    Hae Joon is kidnapped!
    Ho Tae tries to save him!
    A a dull moment in 3 eps!
    Grand Finale is next!

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Grand Finale Ep 24:
    They put a lot into this 80 min episode, yet it doesn’t feel cramped, becos there r many segments where the pace is deliberately slow, so as to give the ep breathing space. They tie up the loose ends nicely, mostly Hae Joon gets to see the error of his father’s way, n some of his ways that he learnt fr him. Ho Tae saves his friend fr a murder-suicide, n saves Hae Joon’s life in the deal. The Old man dies beside his beloved friend, the proprietor of Cheon Di Yin. The gangster boss is still chasing Kang San’s sister. I love the little girl, Eunbi, in their midst. There is no surprise here that their message is life is love.
    Will surely re-watch fr time to time, just to enjoy it, n get that message again. TQ jTBC for a wonderful drama.

  143. 143 : Mic Says:

    A wonderful series. Certainly make one feels good after watching.

  144. 144 : Mystisith Says:

    I’m about to see the final episode now, then good bye drama : I will miss you. And since i love my food dramas, i’m thinking about starting Feast of the gods. ( I’m already watching the J dorama Hungry ! Very nice ).

  145. 145 : JC Says:

    The OSTs of this drama is beautiful. Where can I find it?

  146. 146 : Mystisith Says:

    Now i’m crying like a baby, because that show ended the best way possible : All that love, those characters ( the 2 arabojis, little Eun Bi, the father… ), that splendid hanok house, that healthy and yummy food, the mountains, the snow, and yes the music… It’s wonderful, and it really healed my heart. I’ll never forget. Thank you everyone for giving life to such a drama.

  147. 147 : admin Says:

    @JC (145),

    We just added the OST link. Please check on the post.

  148. 148 : Sina Says:

    I am really missing this drama. Wished it never ended. Well, all good things must come to an end. Thank you for the nice drama. I am looking for another one to watch.

  149. 149 : Esther Meiliani Djaja Says:

    I can’t wait to find the dvd in Indonesia ..

  150. 150 : Rifka Says:

    Sudah ada kok DVD nya di Indonesia…..Aku sudah beli dan sudah tidak sabar lagi untuk menontonya……

  151. 151 : Sun Says:

    Last episode :

    Everyone in Cheon Ji In made kimchi together (((and had a happy ending.)))



  152. 152 : Sun Says:

    on March 15

    Happy days 2 ((( Song & his wife )))

  153. 153 : Sun Says:

    General service channel JTBC drama “Fermented Family” ended successfully, with both forgiveness and reconciliation.



  154. 154 : Canary Says:


    love you more 🙂

  155. 155 : tc Says:

    Started watching this drama and managed to marathon the show until 10 eps in 2 days. The cinematography is fantastic and I have never seen such beautiful views. The best part of the show is the food particularly the various types of kimchi which make the viewers hungry and want to eat the food served at the restaurant.

    However, i find that there is not much plot advancement and only focus on the mystery behind Ho Tae’s background. The romance also takes a slower pace than usual Kdramas and I can only see some sparks between the couple after 9 eps. Despite the good food, finds it strange that there are not many customers during mealtimes and only have the usual two old mens. Also find it hard to accept a hero that does not do much daily apart from normal chores and quite irritated with the second sister’s character who is so naive!

    This show is really for those who have patience and enjoy dramas without real angst or suffering. Will have to pause and jump back in again when I crave the food and have more patience . Is the pace of second half of the show better than the first half?

  156. 156 : LoLo Says:

    congrats mr.song…how i wish im the bride,huhuhu…
    im your avid fan and wish to see u in person

    15 march 🙂 😉


  157. 157 : sulfanti Says:

    why i cann’t watch it trough you tube????
    i’ve been waiting for so long….
    i stopped in ep 12

    would your let me know how to get to watch???

    please, i seek your help!!!!

  158. 158 : Saranghae Says:

    @Kaddict:u missed one half of ur life if u havent watch yet The Prrincess Man!my God its one of the best sageuk romance drama with happy ending!the storyline was superb the casts were great and Park Shi Hoo totally amazing as always I love all his series!he’s truly a great actor!

  159. 159 : Saranghae Says:

    opps my comment about the princess man was intended for Torri not for KDaddict:) So Torri u gotta watch The Princess Man 🙂 its truly one of the best sageuk romance drama with happy ending!highly recommended!

  160. 160 : peyutnduy Says:

    it’s an interesting drama but a bit boring since the pace was quite slow…
    i skipped ep.17-23 so i didn’t know about ki ho tae’s father relation with his maternal mother. perhaps someone here can tell me briefly about it? thanks!

  161. 161 : Sun Says:


    HappY News

    Happy News

    Happy News

    Song Il-gook welcomes triplets


  162. 162 : Toy Says:


  163. 163 : http://www.mastiwallz.com Says:

    Criss I am Waiting for movie and i am the big fan

  164. 164 : Canary Says:

    VeRy NiCe 🙂


  165. 165 : Canary Says:

    Holding on to hope


  166. 166 : Canary Says:

    Kang Shin-il continues acting despite cancer


  167. 167 : SUN Says:

    Hi iiiii 😉

    Easter bring Fun, Easter bring Happiness,

    Easter bring God Endless Blessings,

    Easter bring fresh love…

    Happy Easter to You

    with all best wishes

    love YOu More 🙂

  168. 168 : mehboob Says:

    So excited to watch it…….

  169. 169 : Halla Says:

    I am enjoying this drama and I hope you will too!.

  170. 170 : Sina Says:

    Beautiful drama. Love every episode.

  171. 171 : dodz Says:

    Haven’t posted in an online forum for a long time but I feel the urge to do this now after having just completed watching this drama series. It’s been a long while since a book I’ve read or a movie or drama I’ve watched has spoken to me so clearly, so movingly and so personally as this drama has, It’s not just about kimchi-making. It’s also about how the making of kimchi is so closely tied to the life you’ve led and are leading & to the people you’ve met and are with in your life. More so, the story of making kimchi is wonderfully wrapped up with the core idea of the importance of the ability to accept yourself (flaws and all) and your place in life among the people that matters to you. All the characters (major and minor) have unitedly performed so well to bring about a sense of wholesomeness to this drama series. There is no other word than the word ‘superb’ to describe Song il Gook’s portrayal of Ki Ho Tae or Ko Han Dol in this drama. There is such a great scent of invigorating freshness to the idea of humanity after watching this drama. I do thank everyone involved in the production of this series for such a beautiful piece of work.

  172. 172 : Mone Says:

    love you,ur my best actor

  173. 173 : Rowena Says:

    i am truly amazed with this drama. first things first, the scenic views around the restaurant is very breath taking. and the kimchi that they highlight in each episode looks very appetizing. for a non korean like myself, the only kimchi i know is the lettuce kimchi and the radish kimchi. i never realized how many different kinds of kimchi there is and not all of them are spicy. the main actor and the actress are also amazing with their character portrayals which is very believable. i guess the only character i don’t like in this drama is the older sister, uju because she is so innocent that she comes off as stupid sometimes. also the grandfather who comes with the oriental doctor can be a bit rowdy, i don’t think korean harabuji are like that in real life. the story line…oh my god…what can i say? it’s really really good. i don’t know why some people think this drama had a slow plot line, for me it was just right, with the right amount of suspense that will keep you guessing on gi ho tae/ ko han dol’s past. also there are other subplots like the robin hood serial killer and the gangster that fell in love with uju, and lee gichan if he would ever return back home, in every episode i think the writers tried to add in a little bit of the story on the different subplots. so the watcher is not only focused on one or two story but every character in the restaurant have their own stories to tell. this drama is so good, that i had to stop watching the other regular shows i am following and i just focused on this drama until i finished it. i guess the whole point of this drama that like kimchi which can be spicy at first bite, so is life that can be harsh on individuals. but if you endure it, everything becomes better. and like kimchi which has different ingredients, the people working in the restaurant, with different past and different motivations, all work together to make chun ji in the best kimchi restaurant. the music in the drama is also very good. love the drinking song which park jin hee sang while drinking makgeoli, and the main theme heaven earth man, very refreshing to hear arirang interpreted in a very modern way. for me, this drama is perfect…the best…for now…

  174. 174 : SOUSOU Says:


  175. 175 : SUN Says:

    Miss you 😉

  176. 176 : sun Says:



    WELL COME 2 ((( Korean Drama & Song ))) facebook



  177. 177 : sun Says:

    To all Arabic sigers

    you can come with us in this (( http://koreaworld.yoo7.com/ )))

    we very Happy

    Hi Korea drama

  178. 178 : zarima USA Says:

    just finished watching this.. and i could say its worth watching… try it

  179. 179 : witlily Says:

    Very good drama, heartwarming story.

  180. 180 : ance Says:

    seems like a good drama…i think i will love this drama coz it’s song il gook!

  181. 181 : Sina Says:

    A very nice drama. Makes you feel good that there are lots of good loving people in this world.

  182. 182 : Hanako Says:

    Great drama but the ending was not fantastic though. It is all about love and warmth , and also forgiveness in this movie. I love the Earth and Man restaurant with the ancient building and the beautiful scenery surroundings.
    I love the way they make all kinds of Kimchi which is real interesting as I had seen my Koren friend making it too. It is an emotional story , some sad parts though but it is great family story somehow. Something different with all those great main actors and actresses

  183. 183 : love me:song il gook Says:

    i am an iranian. i’m in love with song il gook .it is a beautiful drama.please give her vote. thank you

  184. 184 : any Says:

    It’s a beautiful movie! Please, watch!

  185. 185 : CH Says:

    one of the best drama….very positive message

  186. 186 : mc Says:

    Although I’ve probably watched hundreds of dramas this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment on one. I thought this drama was quite good: the storyline, the acting, the scenery and the kimchi making. I think all the actors did an excellent job in their roles and every role really contributed to the story. I was especially impressed with the young actress that played Eun Bi. Her character was important to the story and her speaking and facial expressions were very perfect. I also enjoyed watching Lee Min Young/Lee Woo Joo when she would open the pot of rice/stew/kimchi/etc and would smell and smile. The look on her face made me wish I could smell it too! This drama had just the right amount of romance, comedy, mystery, and evil.

  187. 187 : ann Says:

    where was this drama filmed-exotic place.

  188. 188 : Canary Says:

    Hi Song

    UR the best actor that Ive ever seen.please come back and show US your arts of acting more n more.U FOREVER

  189. 189 : jewles Says:

    Just watched it again. It’s one of my very favorite dramas. No nonsense just people and their hearts, evil and good. The dialog while making kimchi, although some are lost in translation, and the scenery are to die for!

  190. 190 : malu Says:

    song Il Guk is my favorite Korean actor, he’s the reason why i got hooked on k dramas. Nice to see him again in this drama. Hope he’ll have more dramas to come.

  191. 191 : key Says:

    Ive been watched the 2nd epd n i didnt get anything. I think this drama isnt intersting at all….
    The actor n actress ia good but the story looks like horrible. Or it just have a bad start….
    Hoping the next epd will more interesting

  192. 192 : [email protected] Says:

    good drama, i like it

  193. 193 : Fullheart5 Says:

    Watched for the second time. This drama made me a Song Il Gook fan. Now he is on The return of Superman. I get to see him more. Already watched most of his dramas.

  194. 194 : Korean Drama Review FF | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Fermentation family (2011) 发酵家族 […]

  195. 195 : lesle Says:

    I’m slowly watching Fermentation Family the second time since mid-June; in addition to all the other comments, may I add that the photography, the cinematography if that’s the right word here, is outstanding! Repeat, Outstanding!
    I presume the director, Park Chan-Hong, was involved but nowhere can I find the name of the Director of Photography, as it’s called in the US.
    Whomever it was, he or she deserves an award.

    Tallahassee, Florida

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