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Fated to Love You

Fated to Love You 03

Title: 운명처럼 널 사랑해 / Fated to Love You
Chinese Title: 命中注定我爱你
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-July-02 to 2014-Sep-04
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


A remake of the hit 2008 Taiwanese drama “Fated to Love You“.

Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is the president of a family company that produces shampoos and soaps. He is deeply in love with a ballerina. Meanwhile, Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) works as a secretary in a law firm. Her nickname is “Post-it” (sticky note). She earned this nickname because she is so complaisant that her colleagues dump trivial chores on her.

Lee Gun and Kim Mi Young’s paths cross. Fate and a pair of misfit conspirators cause them to pass a befuddled night together, unintentionally. She becomes pregnant….


Main Cast

Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun
Jang Na Ra as Kim Mi Young
Kim Ha Yoo as Kim Mi Young (young)
Wang Ji Won as Nam Se Ra
Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel

People around Lee Gun

Park Won Suk as Wang Hee Jang (Lee Gun’s grandmother)
Choi Dae Chul as Tak Shil Jang
Choi Woo Sik as Lee Yong (Lee Gun’s stepbrother)
Na Young Hee as Lee Yong Mo (Lee Gun’s stepmother)
Jang Kwang as Dr. Moon

People around Mi Young

Park Hee Bon as Jun Ji Yun (Mi Young’s friend)
Song Ok Sook as Mi Young Mo (Mi Young’s mother)
Oh Sol Mi as Kim Mi Sook (Mi Young’s oldest sister)
Lee Mi Do as Kim Mi Ja (Mi Young’s older sister)
Jung Eun Pyo as Park Sa Jang (soap factory owner)
Im Hyung Joon as Choi Ssi (Mi Ja’s husband)
Kim Young Hoon as Min Byun Ho Sa (Lawyer)


Park Sun Hee as Eun Jung
Ki Se Hyung as security guard
Jung Ye Nok as ballet class student


Clara as Hye Jin
Yun Mi Joo as Miss Kim
Goo Hye Ryung as pet owner
Jung Gyu Soo as Psychiatrist
Im Ji Hyun as Soo Hyun
Park Hee Jin as prenatal class teacher
Jang Gwang as Lee Gun’s doctor
Yang Geum Seok as Se Ra’s mother
Jung Joon Young as radio DJ
Kim Yong Gun as Ji Yeon’s father
Sun Woong as Moon Woo Bin
Jung Han Hyun
Park Jin Woo

Production Credits

Production Company: Number Three Pictures (N3), Page One Films
Chief Producer: Kim Sang Ho
Producer: Kim Mi Na, Jung Jae Yun
Director: Lee Dong Yoon, Kim Hee Won
Screenwriter: Joo Chan Ok, Jo Jin Kook


Actors Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra reunite 12 years after their first drama together, Successful Story of a Bright Girl.


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Best Couple: Jang Hyuk & Jang Na Ra (Fated To Love You)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Popularity Actress: Jang Na Ra (Mr. Back, Fated To Love You)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actor (Mini Series): Jang Hyuk (Fated To Love You)
2014 MBC Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (Mini Series): Jang Na Ra (Mr. Back, Fated To Love You)
2014 Korea Drama Festival Award 2014 – OST Award: Ailee (Fated To Love You)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-07-02 1 6.0 6.6 6.6 7.2 (20th)
2014-07-03 2 6.2 7.5 (15th) 7.2 (18th) 7.6 (18th)
2014-07-09 3 8.8 (14th) 11.4 (10th) 7.9 (16th) 8.5 (16th)
2014-07-10 4 7.9 (19th) 10.3 (12th) 9.0 (13th) 10.3 (10th)
2014-07-16 5 9.1 (12th) 10.8 (10th) 8.6 (16th) 8.9 (15th)
2014-07-17 6 9.6 (16th) 11.9 (8th) 9.7 (17th) 10.5 (12th)
2014-07-23 7 9.6 (14th) 11.3 (7th) 9.7 (11th) 10.7 (9th)
2014-07-24 8 10.6 (11th) 13.5 (5th) 10.6 (9th) 11.8 (7th)
2014-07-30 9 9.4 (11th) 12.4 (5th) 10.2 (9th) 11.8 (6th)
2014-07-31 10 8.9 (15th) 10.6 (11th) 9.7 (13th) 10.7 (7th)
2014-08-06 11 9.8 (12th) 12.1 (6th) 9.9 (13th) 11.3 (9th)
2014-08-07 12 10.6 (10th) 13.7 (5th) 10.3 (11th) 11.4 (7th)
2014-08-13 13 11.0 (9th) 14.0 (4th) 11.5 (7th) 13.6 (5th)
2014-08-14 14 11.1 (11th) 14.0 (4th) 10.7 (12th) 12.5 (7th)
2014-08-20 15 11.0 (9th) 13.6 (6th) 10.6 (11th) 11.4 (9th)
2014-08-21 16 11.1 (12th) 14.0 (6th) 11.1 (11th) 12.9 (8th)
2014-08-27 17 10.8 (9th) 13.6 (6th) 9.9 (10th) 11.2 (6th)
2014-08-28 18 12.0 (8th) 14.7 (4th) 11.5 (7th) 12.8 (6th)
2014-09-03 19 10.8 (12th) 14.2 (6th) 10.1 (13th) 11.6 (8th)
2014-09-04 20 10.6 (9th) 13.5 (6th) 10.5 (9th) 11.5 (8th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Fated to Love You Poster 1 Fated to Love You Poster 2 Fated to Love You Poster 3

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  1. 1 : lani_87 Says:

    Wow a comedy drama I like it jang na ra shi fighting

  2. 2 : divineblisss Says:

    Omg! The original was soooooo great! I can wait to see the kdrama version!

  3. 3 : malou1010 Says:

    Looooooove Jang Na Ra! Fingers crossed she will sing the OSTs, too! Hmmm…….counting the days now!

  4. 4 : miss leaf Says:

    Put this drama on my list ^.^

  5. 5 : Anchel Says:

    Definitely its on my watch list… i did saw their drama together and they looked great together… =)

  6. 6 : lu-puff Says:

    i really don’t like the male lead why couldn’t they use choi jin hyuk foe the male lead?

  7. 7 : CRY9020 Says:

    I’ve been waiting for this drama from the moment I heard they are remaking it into a Korean drama .. counting the days for this drama :))

  8. 8 : julia Says:

    thyre counting the days waiting this drama @ mee too!lol

  9. 9 : imyojz Says:

    Wow… Korean version! I hope this is good or much good than the taiwanese version. I have seen the taiwanese version way way back and i love the story… Fighting

  10. 10 : Audrey Says:

    OMG !!! I really love the original Taiwanese drama and I love to watch Korean version too 🙂

  11. 11 : JandiHyeon Says:

    omo, wow this is their second drama series right… The first one is Bright Girl…oh oh oh, Love the CHEM of the two 🙂 … FIGHTING!!!

  12. 12 : Claire Says:

    Yay! Love jang-jang couple since their drama Successful Story Of A Bright Girl days<3 wow! This year is definitely the year of drama couple reunions!
    Lee dong wook & lee da hae – hotel king
    Lee jun ki & nam sang mi – joseon gunman
    Jang hyuk & jang Nara- fated to love you
    Even kwon sang woo and choi ji woo reunited in upcoming SBS drama Temptations:DD
    GOD IS GREAT!! Ahhh can't wait for this drama to air!!

  13. 13 : mml Says:

    I like to watch comedy romance drama and looking forward to watch this interesting drama. Although, it’s a copy cat drama, It’s okay , if it’s interesting to watch.

  14. 14 : sunflower93230 Says:

    I just finished watching the Taiwanese version, and really liked it. I’m really looking forward to this version! Love Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra!

  15. 15 : Rina Says:

    Long time for Jang Hyuk to play romance-comedy (remake) drama, after all his serious role before (in : Tazza, Chuno, Midas, Deep Rooted Tree, Iris 2, etc.) Sometimes, different role is ok, right ??

    His hair reminds me when Shin Ha Kyun try for his first romantic comedy drama, All About My Romance. But, have a different feel. For Jang Na Ra, she’s still look so young, even in her 30’s. I hope this drama remake will be successful, because not many drama remake can be success in Korea.

  16. 16 : billy Says:

    Gosh! this is good news! I fell in love with the original Taiwanese version…hope the Korean version kills it too!!! I can’t wait to watch!

  17. 17 : billy Says:

    …ooops, I mean nail it! I liked the Bright Girl drama…Im sure this is going to be a hit!

  18. 18 : hanna Says:

    i like this drama sure we will watch it korean version jang nara welcome back with jang hyuk

  19. 19 : bitbit Says:

    i love jang nara….

  20. 20 : rairamegumi Says:

    I like Jang Nara and also like Jang Hyuk (because he is Kim Jong Kook’s friend…lol)

  21. 21 : Dlcne Says:

    I really loved the Taiwan version but along the line I got angry, the director keep drag n drag it with some useless twist instead of clearing everything up once n for all. Anyway I trust Korean with dramas so I gonna try this again plz dnt disapointment me Director. Fighting !!!

  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    This pair back on screen together again after so many years.
    It makes me smile & feel with joy. I will surely watch. Bravo !!! 🙂

  23. 23 : naudya Says:

    it says in the notes jang hyuk and jang nara reunite again after last drama 12 YEARS ago… what the hell~ after looking whenever jang nara cast on drama seems her face not change much.. truely baby faced~ can’t still to watch jinhyuk again 😀

  24. 24 : Queens Says:

    Orinal Drama was soo great… can wait KD to beat it…

  25. 25 : fighterrr Says:

    I hate it when people reminding something with running man,okay btw can wait for this show looking for it 😀

  26. 26 : freedomdemon Says:

    its a romance and comedy drama~!!!
    look forward to them and this drama appearance d~!!!
    now, watch the trailer first lo~!!! ^^Y
    thank you!!! (*o *)

  27. 27 : Jaja Says:

    I’ve seen the Taiwanese version. It was a great drama.
    Hopefully this Korean version will do too. But Jang Hyuk…please change his hair style for this drama…tsk tsk tsk

  28. 28 : KDCraze Says:

    I really love the Taiwanese Version Fated To Love you. It’s one of the best Taiwanese romantic comedy love story drama and this drama also makes me love Ethan Ruan as one of my favourite taiwanese actor. I hope Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra also can deliver this drama into the best one. I also agree with Jaja#27 to change Jang Hyuk hairstyle in this drama, it doesn’t suit him.

  29. 29 : tabitha Says:

    love the taiwanese version hope this gonna great like taiwanese version…

  30. 30 : idc Says:

    yeah I agree, better they change his hairstyle..it doesn’t suit him…. he is handsome yet i preferred another hair style for him… hope his stylist read our comments.


  31. 31 : rairamegumi Says:

    Okay, another couple reunion…I’ll watch this drama..
    and I’m waiting for Rain-Song Hye Kyo reunion…or Hyun Bin-Song Hye Kyo

  32. 32 : iammee Says:

    can’t wait to watch it. it’s good to see jang hyuk doing romantic comedy

  33. 33 : sharon1470 Says:

    the taiwanese version was nice but i am sure that the korean version will also be good. production wise they are more meticulous and extravagant, i am sure that they will make a good work out of it. the leads are great and well-crafted.

  34. 34 : Dy.K Says:

    Few things that make this kdrama became one of my watching list. Because of the remake, the reunion, and the last one is the posters. All of the poster. I hope its enough tell how this drama going to be. I trying not to compare it with the taiwannese, because IMHO…different place and cast. So, yep this is so in my watching list (for now) 🙂

  35. 35 : stela Says:

    I love Jang Nara !! Looking forward to another great comedy/drama from her.

  36. 36 : Zhaoul Says:

    They were really cute in Bright Girl. It’ll be nice to watch them together again.

  37. 37 : bigeye46 Says:

    that great and i cant wait see the new drama korea

  38. 38 : AdelAngel Says:

    hahahahaha!!! xD… the Synopsis itself is funny !! .. i think am gonna watchaaa!! hehehe 😉 ..waitin for that!!

  39. 39 : dinaz Says:

    loved the taiwanese version hope this will be good too 🙂
    is it just me who feels that jang hyuk looks like hwang tae kyung(jang geun suk)from you are beautiful!!his hairstyle i mean..it will be my first time watching jang hyuk..looking forward to this..and it will be last drama of choi jin hyuk before enlisting in the military so will definately watch it 🙂

  40. 40 : floren Says:

    take a look on first eps….
    i hope this drama will be good enough…

  41. 41 : love this drama Says:

    i love choi jin hyuk acting and jang nara…

  42. 42 : Violet88 Says:

    Wednesday balli balli.. Can’t wait for this drama to air. Otoke, wednesday n thursday will have to fight against joseon gunman another great series

  43. 43 : Dutchess Says:

    Omg haha Windstruck boy! This s gonna be exciiitiiing!

  44. 44 : maureen Says:

    love jang hyuk doing drama romantic..love his acting after watch his drama “thankYou” for the first time …

  45. 45 : jade Says:

    I’m sure this kdrama much better than the original (taiwan) version.
    The original is weird one I think.

    Can’t hardly wait to watch this 😉

  46. 46 : Logan1707 Says:

    Just saw ep 1 and was good and funny. But oh man, Jang Hyuk’s hair needed to be changed, kind of looks awkward and weird, also a kind of bit distracted for me. I like his hairstyle when he was in Midas or IRIS. Oh well this is just my opinion.

  47. 47 : Tumeric Says:

    C’mon! Drinking from a bottle floating about in fountain water? Seriously? How am I to think of this heroine now, other than gross!

    What crosses my mind as she drank from the bottle while I yell: “Noooooo!!” and squirm:

    1 – HIV positive individual drank from it.
    2 – Someone with mouth herpes might have drank from it.
    3 – Someone with hepatitis drank from it.
    4 – Parasitic worms transmitted through saliva could have passed into the bottled water.
    5 – Bacteria eggs and larvae deposited where the lips meets the bottle, sustained by fountain water is ingested.

    Those are only a few of the incidentals.

    There’s the deliberate acts of those who mean to cause harm. Just like the psychos who place razor blades in the joins of water slides. Among other horrifics, fine glass particles in the water will prove fatal.

    So why the producers allow this kind of avertable behaviour. They don’t allow cigarette smoking in their dramas. Are we to believe drinking from an abandon vessel one picked up is less hazardous than smoking cigarettes?

  48. 48 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 1 and this copycat drama from the Taiwan version seems to also interest me into watching it. Daniel was looking for his long lost sister Mi Young , I wonder that Mi Young is it his real sister or is it his childhood playmate ? And why did the writer arrange Kim Young Hoon to act as the bad flirt guy in this drama ? Kim Young Hoon act as the bad guy in Ugly Alert this drama and now again happen to be a bad flirt guy in this drama. Why ?

    Kim Young Hoon looks handsome in appearance and i hope that the next future drama that he will be acting, will be a nice and devoted guy who will acting as a nice and faithful loving guy in his next romance drama. Otherwise , it will project and spoil the image of Kim Young Hoon

    And i will continue to watch episode 2 and to watch what funny clumsy thing that Mi Young will be doing ?

  49. 49 : icegirl Says:

    appearing in the heirs last year and this year on emergency couple and grandpas over flowers investigation team (albeit a small part)…choi jin hyuk’s back again! love him! =) and oh, jang na ra did not age a bit!

  50. 50 : Love Summer Says:

    Jang hyuk fighting ! You’re the best actor!

  51. 51 : billy Says:

    Lee Gun looks psychotic…and here i was expecting to see one hot guy like Ethan from the Taiwanese version. I loved Jang Hyuk’s past dramas…but ep 1 here is disappointing! I couldnt help to comment that so far our hero looks so lame! Jang Na Ra is by far doing a good job with her role. Too bad to leave the heroine to a pathetic looking guy as Lee Gun!

  52. 52 : Micc Says:

    It sure was an eye-catching opening! Seems it’s already quite different from the original Taiwanese version especially Jang Hyuk’s character. I wonder how they will change the story to fit into 16 episodes. Taiwanese version had 24.

  53. 53 : Windsun33 Says:

    I almost died laughing from the first two episodes. Liking this better than the t-version.

  54. 54 : MC Says:

    Wasn’t sure about this drama, so watched first two episodes and decided to give it a chance. It has gotten interesting. plus it has a great cast. Time will tell.

  55. 55 : niczej Says:

    can’t wait for next week… 🙂

  56. 56 : Racy Says:

    Hahaha can’t stop laughing whenever Lee Gun starts his weirdo laugh, this drama is so far so good! 😀

  57. 57 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up and smile

  58. 58 : Jyenie Says:

    I didn’t really like ep 1 due to Lee Gun’s weird character and eyebrows but ep2 is getting interesting and Lee Gun is not so annoying. I like the preview of ep 3, looking forward to see how they deeply fall in love with each other:)

  59. 59 : Birrdy Buddy Says:

    Aww this 1 is really interesting ( [email protected] ) 👍👍👍😘😘😘😂😂😂 Plus the Ost…it sound so sweet 😍 I haven’t watch taiwanes version yet… But I’m pretty sure I like korean version more in every remark drama loll 💑👍👍👍👍 like playfully kiss and moreeeeeeee 😂

  60. 60 : mml Says:

    After watching episode 2, I have realised that in fact, episode 2 became more interesting than episode 1. Taiwan version cannot compare with Korean version, although this drama is a copycat from Taiwan version and somehow the Korean version is also equally fun and interesting.

    In episode 2, i got the chance to hear Cantonese Language, English Language, A little mandarian and also the Korean speaking. That makes me felt enjoying and not being sleepy to watch this drama.

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 3 and episode 4. I wonder how did Lee Gun find Mi Young’s working place ? And how to tell Lee Gun that Mi Young got pregnant after the clumsy funny incident that Mi Young went to the wrong room and got into the wrong affair ????

  61. 61 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Jang Couple, HWAITING!

  62. 62 : isha Says:

    OMO OMO I laugh so hard when they were running from the dog it was the best. Looks better than the Twainaise version. Hope the writers keep it flowing nicely.

  63. 63 : KDrama Journal Says:

    Love Jang Na Ra but what a lame remake of the the Taiwanese version where the lead male was a serious character. To bad I had look forward to this remake. The proof is in the low ratings.

  64. 64 : KDCraze Says:

    I agree with KDrama Journal#63 and Billy #51, Why did they make Jang Hyuk character like lunatic. I remember in the Taiwanese Version, Ethan is a cool and serious guy who looks hot that’s what makes this drama great. However, I’m glad in episode 2 Jang Hyuk character is tone down a bit. Jang Na Ra is great, she acted the same character as Chen Qiao En. Hopefully this remake doesn’t dissappointed me because I love this drama so much.

  65. 65 : hny Jo Says:

    ya ya yaaaahhhh….over reacting from the lead man…why Cho Jin Hyuk not be the first lead..he wil do better n suit to the role…aiiiigoooo ; ((

  66. 66 : fan Says:

    Jang hyk laugh here remind me of cha seung won in the greatest love, I don’t know why he’s laughing like this. Good story so far, I don’t want to compare it to the taiwanese version, I didn’t watch it and I won’t watch it. I prefer to just enjoy this one. I like the leads and hope I won’t be disappointed.

  67. 67 : GoLi Says:

    I hope Fated to Love You will not end up like It Started with a Kiss. The Korean Playful Kiss was also compressed to 16 ep. In my view the Taiwan version was better.

  68. 68 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll give it a go. I really enjoyed the Taiwanese version and hope that this KD version will be just as captivating.

  69. 69 : BUNnY Says:

    his laughing scene was so irritating on my ears!WTH!

  70. 70 : Jyenie Says:

    Jang Hyuk also laughed like this in Chuno but it is much more exaggerating this time. I think he is trying to make it as his trademark ?! LOL.

  71. 71 : isha Says:

    i am watching it again his laugh grows on you. I watch the T version 2times but even though it is 2 episodes I have watched this along with my girls 5 times we are looking at it again and sometimes it starts off with low ratings but eventually it goes up just wish it was more episodes.

  72. 72 : hny Jo Says:

    I like taiwan version better…lead man there looks cool n conceited sometimes but not sucks like korean version. I realy like Fated to love you story n look forward for K version but now little bit dissapointed ; (( … just hope the ending would be different..hehe jin hyuk n Nara…it will satisfy me much ;))

  73. 73 : GoLi Says:

    I can’t describe the oddness each time Jang Hyuk flings his hair…all in all the drama is worth watching.

  74. 74 : jnx.doe Says:

    Honestly, i dont watch the original version and for a second it really worries me that it will turn out bad like others korean remade (I think korean cant make a remake from jdrama, because the way of jdrama delivers the stories is quite different from other asian dramas). But i guess i will make an exception for this one, because from the moment i watch ep 1 and hear the music when jang hyuk first appears, i know i will like this one. I think this drama is really crazy and funny (yes i agree, some part reminds me of the greatest love). Eventhough, it really make my day! I hope the rating will rise soon as the progress of the story and characters :))

  75. 75 : dinaz Says:

    just watched ep1 and kinda dissapointed..was expecting alot from this drama.i watched the taiwan version and it got me glued from ep1 itself..
    this is my first drama of jang hyuk and what is he doing,acting so crazy!! i heard alot about him hope the story gets better and his role too..
    the only time my eyes popped out was looking at choi jin hyuk..aww such a cutie 🙂 wanted to see more of him..
    jang nara so pretty and slim,she looks much much younger than her age..
    loved the mall scene the umbrella decoration and they way they fell with coloured balls in the scene it looked pretty..
    hmm i think i will continue and give it a try,its just the first ep afteral..please writernims improve the story..

  76. 76 : xingdent Says:

    Like Taiwan version lot better. Lee Gun here has very weird character

  77. 77 : cc Says:

    Like it a lot better than T-drama version…very quirky…love it they have on screen chemistry…summer loving… hope they get picked up for more episodes seeing the t-drama’s version is longer than 16 episodes

  78. 78 : Sandy 2 Says:

    CC @ 77, if the T-drama wasn’t so good, there would be no Korean version of it. I find when Koreans redo Taiwanese dramas is that the Korean drama is more polished, but the Taiwanese usually tells a more detailed and better story–that’s what I’ve observed in the past. I will have to wait before passing my verdict on this drama; two episodes is not enough for me to judge. I will say, however, that I absolutely loved the Taiwanese version along with it’s quirky music and characters.

  79. 79 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m trying to be as objective as I possibly can with this somewhat recreated adaptation of the Taiwanese dramatic version. Yet, there are clearly certain scripted actions by the leads that doesn’t make sense to me, but humans have been known to do strange and odd things at times. Also, I haven’t seen the comedy aspect of it either, and I’m not hard to please in that area.


  80. 80 : onepiece Says:

    I like this drama comedy; makes me smile! Hoping more interesting episode to come.

  81. 81 : anne Says:

    After watching last two episodes, it’s intresting and funny. But I dislike Gun’s weirdo laugh.. it sounds like a monster in my nephew’s ultraman dvd. LOL
    Well.. I love the ost already. One is the most favorite one — the insert song played in around 00.10.00 — when Min young walks in a hurry with her hands full of coffees. Its lyrics made me so love to hear it, “…copy it, paste it, scan it …. one more time ”
    its melody is so catchy… do you guys know who’s singing this?
    Btw, I haven’t watch the T-version, so far this drama remake is ok.

    ah.. choi jin hyuk oppa… you’re so cool.. Hahahahs Love to see you again in this drama.

  82. 82 : yethrib Says:

    So far I like it better than the T version. Lee Gun character has to be quirky and odd to fit the story. The plot does not work as well with someone who is really serious. I like how versatile Jang Hyuk is with his acting. However, I must say, I will really get mad if they write a miscarriage into this version. I want that baby to be born!

  83. 83 : Windsun33 Says:

    Liking this better than the Taiwan version so far – less really silly slapstick filler stuff.

  84. 84 : nisi Says:

    ohmg i love this drama…keep up the good work…
    100% love it …..hope it will be a good story and
    i’m looking forward for more interesting episode of
    FATED TO LOVE YOU Fighting!!

  85. 85 : wow Says:

    love it <3

  86. 86 : tiffy Says:

    :).this drama is absolutely daebak-better than the tiawnese verson.the main leads in the tiwnese version wasn’t cutting it for me at all-lame.

  87. 87 : quinn Says:

    It would be nice if jang hyuk can change his hairstyle here… 🙂

  88. 88 : CoolBeans Says:

    I like the Gun character in this version. He is over the top, unapologetic, and eccentric which balances the mousey, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” character of the female lead! His laughter is unexpected, but, fits his outlandish, “live life to the fullest” character! His hair and clothes go well with the character–outlandish! I would not change a thing!

    I absolutely loved the Taiwanese version because the leads were well matched! I would not watch the Korean version if it tried to copy line-for-line the Tdrama version. That would be boring and a waste of a great set of actors.

    Jang Hyuk is a god!

  89. 89 : youmi Says:

    it’s 9/7 why there is no ep it’s wéried no

  90. 90 : Micc Says:

    I’m still in the middle of episode 1. What is the writer thinking? This is a remake? More like a remake set in a “bizzaro” world.

    @youmi There is episode 3 released today.

  91. 91 : niczej Says:

    hi tiffy!! 🙂

    yethrib: yeah me too i want the baby to be born.. i’m really hoping for that..
    please.. no miscarriage please…

  92. 92 : dinaz Says:

    Glad I didn’t drop the drama at ep1, liked ep2..jang hyuk looked really handsome in the casino with his hair down with gel.. 🙂 🙂
    I guess in year leap his weird hairstyle will get better I hope..
    Want to see more of cjh please writernims..

  93. 93 : Birrdy Buddy Says:


  94. 94 : bigeye46 Says:

    so nice..love it smile fighting

  95. 95 : Micc Says:

    However, if I don’t treat this as a remake and keep expecting it to be like the Taiwanese version, it’s a cute drama with the casts I love!

  96. 96 : Micc Says:

    And it’s nice to use a real ballad dancer to play a ballad dancer. More pleasing to the eyes.

  97. 97 : Simon Says:

    I start to think this Korean version is better than the original Taiwanese version after Ep 4. It remove some of the silliness of the original drama. However, in the last 5 minute, Jang Hyuk is so over the top, I am worry that he will ruin this drama. He is not funny at all, just weird, bad acting.

  98. 98 : KDCraze Says:

    I don’t like Jang Hyuk weirdo looks and laugh specially when he went to psychiatrist in episode 4. I think Korean version try to emphasize more on the comedy side, I like the comedy side of the Korean version but please don’t exaggerrate his weirdo character. I like it better when he acted normal. Anyway apart from the weirdo thing, I still love both Taiwanese and Korean Version the same.
    @yethrib#82, I don’t think the Korean Version can delete the miscarriage part because in the Taiwanese Version that’s the most touching and best part when Ethan realized his love.

  99. 99 : Emily Says:

    I want that baby to be born too! I cried one sea , three rivers and ten lakes in other version…cursed wood horse but the true cursed is that ballerina, she’s right in begin of drama but she turned one a evil bitch before turn good person again. I not could forgive her! t.t

  100. 100 : helga Says:

    What is the osts in this drama!!!!

  101. 101 : Sharon Says:

    Did anyone get a little teary in ep2 I had to pull for my tissue! That lawyer guy is a no good son of a beach. I would gave kicked his butt and that skank leaving with the earrings she would not have gotten the chance to trow them on the floor, because she would be out flat on the floor like those earrings.

  102. 102 : Jenni Ferran Says:

    Anybody know the title of the song playing in ep4 while they were exchanging rings?

  103. 103 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep3..its getting better now and my expectations have increased again.. 🙂 🙂
    aigoo cjh so handsome glad we get to see more of him here.. <3 <3 lol that scene where he described the types and kinds of pregnancy test kits..LOL
    Lee gun jaebal stop that stupid ugly laugh,why spoil your handsome looks this way huh!!jang nara so slim and pretty.. 🙂
    and that cute guy from rooftop prince i see him here too..i hope he will not turn out very bad later 🙁 liking this drama now 🙂
    This is the only ost released till now i guess @Jenni Ferran and @helga..enjoy 🙂
    @Sharon and @usa-mary annyeong girls 🙂 🙂

  104. 104 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama has begun to make me laugh. Especially, Mi Young’s mother. Its something when the elders get involved. Especially, when it comes to trying to understand modern vernacular. That infamous one night stand was too funny! Ohhh…I like this ahjumma. That woman lifted that heavy barrel and placed it in front of the storage room door without any help. Boy…Lee Gun, don’t mess with her daughter…LOL! I hope you don’t forget that Jui Jitsu hold she put on your wrist, along with the mention of a flying baseball bat. Them there weren’t just words she was a spewing! LOL

    In this version Lee Gun has that crazy laugh. In the Taiwanese version, my Anson, on occasion broke out with that dastardly laugh.

    Hmmm…I wonder if Se Ra will send Lee Gun a cute little, tail wagging furry gift to keep him company until she returns. I wanted a Baby Ji after watching the original version. Baby Ji was too cute.

    So far, I am enjoying this drama. Still working on watching it objectively.

  105. 105 : usa-mary Says:

    What…Lee Gun! You didn’t have a door to break down when you rescued Mi Young from the hospital’s operating room? That would have been a nice touch, but that’s okay. Your heartfelt sentiment was awakened, as you observed other couples in the waiting area and thought about the emotional pain Mi Young would bare alone from the loss. Lee Gun, that was an honorable and heroic move you made…sliding under a hospital bed on a sheet that you threw in the air just to get to save Mi Young from making a huge mistake.

    Well, one thing is for sure. You know its a Korean drama because the elders will beat the mess out of you! LOL

  106. 106 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dinaz-103: Annyeong my friend! Its good to see you here.

    Girlfriend…I know Jang Hyuk is married in real life, but giiirrrl…that brother is tight, toned and tall! No flab no where in the tushy…LOL!

  107. 107 : rigby Says:

    i am very happy this korean version has its own merits and not just a copy and paste of its original taiwanese drama. the lead actors are great except for the devilish laugh of the lead actor, it’s annoying sometimes! I love that choi jin hyuk is casted here, I terribly missed him since EC! I am actually having 2nd lead syndrome, and i know for a fact that kim mi young might be his long lost sister 🙁
    Eps 1 and 2 are amazing until eps 4. Can’t wait for the next eps…

  108. 108 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama does have some tweaking from the original Taiwanese version and that’s fine with me. I’m actually beginning to enjoy it more and more at I watch it.

    What’s up with the gathering of the all male family Board with Lee Gun’s mother being the lone female. I’m not really posing a question, just questioning it. I have to do a re-watch of episode 1 to find out how they fit into this scenario. Either they’re uncles or cousins by marriage. I’ll find out.

    If this drama follows the similar vein as the original version when it comes to characters, then Se Ra’s name was changed by her adopted mother. Originally, she was named Mi Young.

    Anyway, I look forward to the next episodes.

  109. 109 : trix Says:

    I hope the writer would tone down the psycho-ish attributes from jang hyuk, i mean like the excessive laugh like joker ir something and the mood swing, if not eliminate them gradually. I think it is very disturbing to hear and see him act that way. Ruins the mood to watch. You don’t have to make him like a crazy guy to add a zest to the script or make the two main characters seems like opposites attract side. If people have the original version to compared with and it was a hit, you should make it better or if not don’t wreck it. Just make it like almost equally likeable without copying it.

  110. 110 : tigerb Says:

    haven’t watched the taiwanese original mentioned above, but i find the first four sitcom episodes hilarious. hopefully, lee gun’s neurosis will not mar the pace so far, or probably that’s where the serious drama starts. will see how it plays. am glad to see choi jin hyuk here, i’ve wanted to check his work after seeing him in ‘kang chi’, here’s my chance!

  111. 111 : Jyenie Says:

    It’s funny that I am kind of getting used to Lee Gun’s weirdo behaviour and laugh. This drama is not boring at all because of him. OMG, the way he describes Mi Young as a snail at the psychiatrist is so vivid and detail that it gives me goosebumps :O
    BTW I approve of his hair style and eyebrows in ep 3 & 4 🙂

  112. 112 : janet Says:

    finally got the romantic comedy week…. start with marriage not dating.. trot lovers… and fated to love you… really enjoy those drama….

  113. 113 : Karen Says:

    i like the song playrd during the wedding. it was right for that very special day.

  114. 114 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep4 this series is really getting better and it shows on the ratings too!
    the baby talking from the belly scene..omg!hahahaha..
    Jang nara is giving full justice to her role and she looks so sincere in her expressions specially in the scene where she cried and prayed to GOD to forgive her not to be able to protect her baby..aww! 🙁
    i hate the mom and the sisters omo too loud even in the t-version i didnt like the mom and the sisters..too much of forced comedy i felt..
    the wedding scene was beautiful and the song so beautiful,its an english song isnt it?love it..
    Cjh the eye candy so cuteeee,its so nice to see him..we have to wait to see his character develop..
    Jang hyuk please stop that laugh please….he is so manly and handsome when he is serious and suddenly he bursts into that ugly laugh..smile more please..hehe.. 🙂
    @usa-mary good to see u too chinguya 🙂 and all the familiar chingus here together after so long..i didnt know he was married(btw this is my my 1st jang hyuk’s drama and he is scaring me with his laugh..lol) i googled and found out that he has two sons too..he looks young and yeah tight,toned and tall too..LOL and yes Ji baby we dont have one here maybe we might see one after she makes her entry in the Lee household..
    @tigerb Lee gun’s neurosis..LOL love that term..haha..

  115. 115 : usa-mary Says:

    I am SOOOO enjoying this drama. I did a re-watch of episode 3 and was beside myself. Bring that ‘STAND’ bastard to me! LOL You did the ‘STAND’ with my daughter…while hitting him with that huge wooden spoon!

    It was too cute when Lee Gun softly told Mi Young to tell him whatever it was she wanted to let him know. In front of everybody…tell him he’s the baby’s daddy! Then, after using a firm tone to make her tell him, he looked absolutely bewildered and seemed happy for her condition. That is until the mayor (if I’m not mistaken)/ferry boat owner told him that the child was his. Him recalling the rice pounding that he did was too funny! Then, when the thought registered in his brain, he went into fainting mode. Lee Gun’s constant fainting was so HILARIOUS!

  116. 116 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-114: CHINGUYAAAA! WAVING!!! I agree, the scene with the baby talking from her ‘pot’ belly was, too cute!

    A Viki commenter mentioned that he was married with 2 sons because the females were constantly commenting about him (in fun, of course). Heck, he’s a very handsome man and nice to look at. This is my first time seeing him in a drama, too.

    Is it just me…that’s getting accustomed to his side sweep hair style and his crazy, dastardly laugh? smile

  117. 117 : Celine Says:

    The pray scene make my heart sore because of jang nara. Jjang! She gave me goosebump when she crying

  118. 118 : ely Says:

    what phone is she using i’m sooo curious about it !!!!!

  119. 119 : tigerb Says:

    @dinaz: i first saw jang hyuk in ‘iris 2’ and i liked him there, all serious with that action series. he had scenes where he smiled, and very normal. at the start of this series, the way he laughed and acted made me think he is supposedly a neurotic. this is second actor role that i described as neurotic, and i think he is doing it very well.

  120. 120 : dayang Says:

    Really hope they have a happy ending with the baby, don’t let the baby die like in manga, I really hope this version was better

  121. 121 : hanhyosang Says:

    This drama is so good ! I love Gun the most, I find him an unique character.

  122. 122 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie-111 and Sharon-101: Dinaz is on here and all we need is Fan!

    I’m glad we’re here watching this wonderful drama!

    Ladies, I was MIA since about the middle of watching The Heirs in December 2013. I couldn’t log onto this blog until about 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad that I’m back. Good to see all of you. Let’s rock ‘n roll!

  123. 123 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi USA-Mary, nice to see you here again. This is the best Kdrama for me at the moment. Jang Hyuk is an interesting actor, I have watched most of his dramas 🙂

  124. 124 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary still can’t get used to the laugh.. Lol.. hair I don’t mind it looks good on him 🙂 yup u were gone for a long time glad ure back chingu 🙂 I couldn’t finish heirs even though I love Minho so much,it failed to keep me glued..
    Yes let’s rock and roll.. 🙂 🙂
    @tigerb I love the terms u use neurosis,neurotic.. Lol.. I only watched a movie called ‘please teach me english’ before starting this drama he was quite good there..I have to watch his serious acting too someday..

    One thing I like about Gun here is that he is quite responsible. When he found out that she was pregnant he didn’t think much but asked her about marriage.. In the t version Ethan was a complete jerk in the beginning.. Me too I want the baby to be born..

  125. 125 : tigerb Says:

    @usa-mary: i remember you at ‘the heirs’ thread. we were commenting on how the role of psh would bring in the powdered beans into the u.s. and customs didn’t confiscate it, so different from what would likely happen. so you probably missed so many dramas that i’m sure you can make up for lost time. welcome back!
    @dinaz: you mentioned that movie, ‘please teach me english’. i should look for that. thanks!

  126. 126 : Rhezka Andini Says:

    omo!!! the power of mom Kim Min Young !!!! WAH… daebak
    i cant wait the next episode….

  127. 127 : usa-mary Says:

    @Jyenie, dinaz, and tigerb: My fellow chinguya’s…WAVING!

    It is sooo good to be back on here. Yes, tigerb, I definitely missed watching a lot of dramas, along with The Heirs. I wanted to interact with y’all so badly…but…YAH…I’M BAAAACCCCK!!! hehehe

    KDrama Oath

    As a fellow Kdrama addict. I hereby, solemnly swear to bring my raves and a little bit of rants when the occasion permits and calls for it with humor and just good ole plain down to earth dialogue on this thread with everyone! hehehe

    @tigerb and dinaz: Lee Gun most definitely has a soft side towards Mi Young. I noticed how he looks at her and how he talks softly to her. His soft approach somewhat changes a little and turns to a firm tone when she hesitates to speak up out of fear or concern for others. Yet, overall, he does like her. I, too, would like to see her give birth, too. We’ll see what MBC has in mind. Also, I went back to watch the original version with Ethan and was reminded how mean he was to her.

    About Episode 1, K-version

    In the first episode after Lee Gun walked through the double doors after shocking every, then opening his shirt. I thought he was going to break out into a Michael Jackson…WOOHOO moment (MJ’s The Way You Make Me Feel video)! hehehe

    Now, we all know that in this version, they both drank that stimulating elixir and even if Mi Young pushed that evening out of her mind…Lee Gun as a man, will relive that evening for the rest of his life. Both of them were so hawt, that it was unreal. He wasn’t only pounding rice to make rice cakes. That guy plowed the field, planted the seeds and irrigated the land all in one evening. LOL

    Then, he had the nerve to say in his confused state, under his breath, that it was one time. Now, as adults, we know better. It may have been one evening, but after they BOTH drank that elixir, it had to be more than one time during that evening. Lee Gun has now received his ‘safe sex’ education. smile

  128. 128 : dinaz Says:

    Omo can’t stop laughing reading your post @usa-mary lol hahahaha.. pounding rice, ploughed the field..haha.. here its pounding rice in the t version it was trains passing through tunnels and all..hahahaha..
    This post shows Mary is really back..he he :p
    Gun is so much better than Ethan in terms of politeness..
    I read somewhere that Ethan had to swim in the drama coz he promised something like that if the ratings went up..
    @tigerb ure welcome 😉 btw that movie’s actress is Lee na young won bin’s real life gf Lee na young..
    I hate the sisters hope they show lesser of their scenes, more of cjh 🙂

  129. 129 : usa-mary Says:

    @dinaz-128: So true! Don’t forget about the jets taking off from the runway and the trains going forward and backwards, in and out of the tunnel. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe some missiles were also launched in the original version. LOL Those were some crazy, hilarious scenes.

    The sisters in this version are really something. Mi Young needs all the understanding she can get right now from them. Hopefully, we won’t see very much of them for a while.

  130. 130 : EunHaneul Says:

    Mr. Do Manager is here! hahah! just starting to watch the first episode! excited much here!

  131. 131 : hanhyosang Says:

    Just finished ep 5 . I can’t wait for the next one. I really love this drama !

  132. 132 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary LOL i dont remember them..hahahaha..missiles launched??hahahhaha..but i do remember the trains so well..lol :p
    cant wait to know what happened today..anyone watched already??
    i hope so too the sisters scenes be snipped off as much as possible 😛

  133. 133 : cassie Says:

    Jang Nara’s chemistry with Gun is good and so with Daniel..They look good together both with those bright smiles. Love all three leads..I don’t know about the ballerina. Let’s see. No chemistry with Gun. Anyway Jang Nara is so cute..doesn’t age at all. Same as when I first saw her in My Love Patzzi. Good d rama

  134. 134 : JD Says:

    Korean are not interested in this drama. The rating is no good.

  135. 135 : yethrib Says:

    Just loving it. FUN FUN FUN. love all three leads.
    Please writer…don’t let her miscarry the baby.

  136. 136 : LuLu Says:

    ep 5 is HILARIOUS!! the prenatal class, tebak, i laughed so loud, gun is sooooo funny. nara also purely cute, sweet, very kind hearted & understanding, most of times also funny in her own way. they both, include the manager, made me laughed so much, looooooooove this drama, very excited, cannot wait. sera is not pretty at all, i find her face (nose, eyes, mouth) are not balanced at all, i feel weird everytime see her face. sometimes see her face like gay face. totally doesnt suit with gun.

  137. 137 : usa-mary Says:

    Though the prenatal classes are interesting and funny, I looked forward to having the OB/GYNiIE doctor (like in the original) who put all the husbands in their place by knocking them down a peg or two when they didn’t respect their wives and didn’t take their pregnancies seriously. Oh well, that’s okay. I knew there would be storyline tweaking here and there. The first time I recall the breast massage being mentioned for pregnant women was in the kdrama, I Do I Do. The doctor told Kim Sun Ah to massage her breasts because pregnant women have a tendency to get lumps in their breasts due to hormonal changes. But, in this drama, the husbands are doing the massaging. Funny Gun said, “I’m going in…” and only touched her underarm pits with his forearm….while massaging imaginary air…hahaha.

    Whoever the stylist is for Lee Gun is the BEST stylist EVER! Talking about a well dressed MAN! Pardon me, but there’s nothing like a well-dressed man with a French cuff shirt wearing cuff-links. Too SEXY!

    Okay, now I know he believes that Mi Young was in on the elixir drink to save the factory, but he has gone off the deep end talking to the Shrink…reminding me of the Nicolas Cage movie when he thought he was a vampire…dark circles and all. Gun, its so dark in your office, bats can have a hang out party there. Okay, why is Winfried (Count Dracula’s side kick) aka Lee Gun holding a plastic fork and knife in his hands after tying himself up? Can anyone elaborate on that???

  138. 138 : mml Says:

    From episode 1 to episode 4, I did not find great laughing effect and I don’t know why, when it comes to episode 5, it can make me laugh for a very long time.

    I think, the writer has made the right choice for selecting Jang Nara to be the lead actress for this drama. Nara is very suitable for comedy romance drama, Nara has a comedy baby face. I simply don’t like Korea Melodramas, it can make me cry for the way. Recently, I have watching all Korea comedy dramas, I think Korea Comedy Dramas are improving to better and better.

    Fated to Love, Trot Lovers, Marriage Without Dating all these dramas can make me laugh. Fated To Love, keep up the good work and i will continue to watch and support this drama as there’s something comedy for me to appreciate and love this drama.

  139. 139 : usa-mary Says:

    On the other hand. His step-brother…what, why…why is he dressed like…like… I really don’t have words for his matching print jacket and pant suits. Its just plain visually annoying…like him! Why, seemingly do all the mistresses dress like they’re in a mental mystery chamber of confusion? With all those in-store personal stylist out there! Its as if the gaudier, the better, which matches their adulteress behavior which earned them the position of 2nd wife. Poo-ee…Poo-ee! They have NO SHAME or taste in clothes! Poo-ee! LOL

    I like Lee Gun for attending the MIL’s friend’s daughter’s bridal party. Party over here! As if him doing this will make up for his frank, rude, mean words to Mi Young about their marriage and who he actually loves. Causing Mi Young’s emotions to be nothing short of a mere yo yo. Pregnant women don’t need that foolish LG! Their conditions are delicate and affects their babies…fyi…your seed Lee Gun with your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome self. Where’s the doctor who won’t cut Lee Gun any slack at all in this matter? Where???!!! He needs a reality check, quick!

    Its not often, if hardly at all that we get to witness a really cool and understanding Korean halmoni or MIL in these kdramas. They’re usually a combination of the wicked witches of the East, West and flying monkey’s thrown in for additional bad measure according to OZ standards. So, I’m savoring these moments until this drama ends.

  140. 140 : tiffy Says:

    Hey guys,i made a fated to love you mv,check it out.

  141. 141 : April Says:

    They’re so cute together! I love The character Lee Gun! He’s sooo funny and adorb!
    I don’t understand why the rating is sooo low though, it’s such a great drama to watch!

  142. 142 : cc Says:

    this is super nice drama..it makes me laugh and cry too.. love it!! Pls watch.


  143. 143 : ren Says:

    i love this drama…funny and romantic…good story…great actors ever…and sentimental

  144. 144 : hanhyosang Says:

    This drama is daebak !

  145. 145 : pyong Says:

    seems like a good drama i guess from what you guys say…
    was taking a break cos i kinda went on an overload, but i guess i will hvae to start again, cos I AM MISSING ALL NICE DRAMAS! time is gonna go

  146. 146 : Dy.K Says:

    Its just getting better n better every episode. And for the lead actor n actress….never expect less from them, more over from Jang Hyuk. You can feel when there a funny scene, theres an A list actors that made those momment funnier, not just because of the script. The production time make a right decission to cast Jang Hyuk n Jang Na Ra.
    To bad for the ratings…i dunno what most watching kdrama at that airing time.

  147. 147 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Just finished watching ep [email protected] 😂👍😘 it’s my most addicting Kdrama atm ([email protected]) plus the OST just a killing loll 👏👍👍👍👍😍😂😂 Fated to love Ü …Figtîng 😂

  148. 148 : tess Says:

    r3eally love this drama………love the twocharacters……..cant wait or wed and thurs love love love……..

  149. 149 : anne Says:

    nice drama ever!!! I’m so enjoyed watching this drama!! And choi jin hyuk, I mean Daniel pitt, so cool. Love Love love…. LOL
    Now, if Gun ignores min young because of se ra return, never mind. She can be with Daniel…. hahahaha.. gun-mi young or mi young-daniel, those two pairs are okay for me… LOL
    And rating, yeahh… never mind! I watch it not becausw of rating but because of its good story. FTLU fighting!!

    P.S. kim min young, why do I smell fishy from writer-nim? Is she daniel pitt sister?

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    So far not bad, I watched the Tiwanise version few years ago and thought that the Korean remake would not measure up, but a friend of mine told me to try it and it’s not bad so far.
    My favorite Choi Jin Hyuk is a costar and I just love him imitating the priest!! Tell me anything father, lol. I , l think Jang Hyuk is too old for the part, but his acting skills are making me think twice. His quirky laugh leave me saying, why? I think Jang Na Ra has captured Kim Mi Young character to the “T”.
    The acting is great, looking forward to future eps.
    @ Jyenie, dinaz, usa-mary is here too, good to see you here as well. Where is Fan!! She has to be on this too.

  151. 151 : windsun33 Says:

    One of the best Rom-Com’s to come out in at least the last couple of years. I think it is much better than the Taiwan version.

  152. 152 : Sharon Says:

    This drama has not finished yet for me to have a who is better verdict. So far it’s really good.

  153. 153 : KDCraze Says:

    Just finished watching episodes 5 & 6. The scenes in prenatal lesson during breast massages is hilarious. Korean Version deliver better comedy than the Taiwanese Version but at the moment I still loved both version the same. I guess both version have their own uniqueness. About the rating, I don’t think they can beat Wonderful Days and Come! Jang Bo Ri rating because this is the remake drama so the story isn’t original. Regardless the rating, I still loved this drama.

  154. 154 : Jyenie Says:

    I defininitely enjoy ep 5 & 6 :). It makes me laugh one moment, the next moment I find myself smiling and then the next next moment I am reaching out for the tissues.

  155. 155 : dinaz Says:

    Nice eps!! In ep5 I wanted to shoot Lee gun with a real gun.. such a jerk omg! but in ep6 he is starting to warm up to mi young again.. 🙂
    I still can’t get used to that ugly laugh.. Lol.. his hairstyle is ok for me..
    Love Daniel the priest..he he.. his hair color looks so cool on him, suits him well, the clothes too so cool..
    His step brother why does he dress up like that, so girly.. Polka dotted collar on his shirt, three quarter pants.. Looks awful on him.. And even that zebra suit.. Eww!! liked him in rooftop prince he was so cute there.. I was wondering where I saw mi young’s friend then I remembered she was tae gong shil’s sis from master sun.. 🙂
    Felt so bad for mi young,I was teary when she Gun asked her to live in the house like she doesn’t exist.. 🙁 and her expressions 🙁 🙁 I m glad she told him that she wanted to raise the baby herself.. Daebak mi young sshi..
    I m amazed how good jang Nara is..amazing actress, great expressions and such a slim figure.. she is so thin and pretty 🙂
    I just hope mi young is not Daniel’s sister..omo please that will be so annoying..I want to see a love line not a blood line.. Lol :p
    Can’t wait for next week.. the episodes are getting so interesting..

  156. 156 : dinaz Says:

    @usa-mary we have the same thoughts regarding the step bro’s ugly clothes.. he is so cute but the stylist is making him look so girly, whereas Gun and Daniel looks styling is very manly..
    @sharon hi chingu 🙂 glad to see here too 🙂 oh yes @fan where are you?? hope u join us soon.. and also @rory and @clairerosean hope to see u girls too..
    Satoori sounded so sexy in reply 94..but here the mom and the sisters satoori sounds so bad.. too noisy..
    I guess Gun will die of jealousy in the next episode.. Wonder what will mi young now do after finding out that the island is sold..

  157. 157 : Toni Gonzaga Says:

    I really enjoying this drama. 🙂 its so funny. I hope they upload all the episode so we can really enjoy this drama. :)) and i really love it.

  158. 158 : Simon Says:

    Jang Nara is quite amazing. If you watched “successful story of a bright girl”, her character is 180 degree opposite and her interpretation is spot on. I am looking forward to her transformation in the second part of the drama. However, I don’t like Jang Hyuk. His hair style is weird but more importantly, he made Lee Gun a psycho will his outburst of weird laugh. There is no reason in the story that Lee Gun should behave like that. I don’t think it is funny if this is his idea of comedy. I wish he will act “normal” from now on.

  159. 159 : Sharon Says:

    Gun is too stupid!! I laugh my head off with the phone incident.😀😀😀 and his laugh at the Parental class have the teacher looking at him like, what the hell.
    Now, isn’t Sa Ra friend a bit rude giving KM her container to trow away? Then have the nerve to say “you are so nice.” I was like, it would be nice if you dump your own cup.
    I guess the Daniel put a jolt into Gun, because he has become a bit more attentive to KM since he saw them together.
    Now Sa Ra is on her way back and that’s going to cause some confusion between Gun and his feelings. Ep5 and 6 was really good!! Daniel, hug me tooo!! 😘

  160. 160 : youyang kim Says:

    This drama has best of everything, terrific script, charismatic actors, great directing and pictures. Waiting for another week is excrutiating.

  161. 161 : Sharon Says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Gun’s step brothers’s clothes. I hope he does not wonder off near a bee hive. Did you noticed Sa Ra friend was from Let’s Eat?
    No, I don’t think KMY is Daniel’s sister. Glad you are here, fighting!
    It does have that kind of effect on you. You go from zero to ten, laugh then sniffle.
    So true!! But Gun is a little weird, right.😳
    I almost passed out when Gun slapped his Secretary so hard, I got confused.

  162. 162 : Adhe Talla Says:

    I don’t care about the rating of this show anymore. I just love this show very much. every episode gets better and better. Jang Nara is perfect to potray the character of kim mi young as well as Jang hyuk as lee gun. the storyline is flowing smooth and interesting. Fated to Love You is JJANG.

  163. 163 : maknaee Says:

    At first, I think I’m gonna hate Mi-young’s character. Noble idiocy type, unlucky, weak, post-it girl, too kind (stupid) … just a meh combination. Usually I hate those type of heroine. But, Jang Na-ra’s portraying made me rooting for Mi-young. In my eyes, she didn’t look stupid at all, instead I see sincerity and purity in hers. No one in this world have such a white heart, but I believe Mi-young has. She was an exception. And although she looks so weak, she can stand on her own feet. I wish I could see ‘strong’ Mi-young in future eps. Thumbs up for Jang Na-ra! 😉

    Se-ra… until eps 6, I just see you as a selfish girl. You waste your man. Easy come easy go, huh, from now on you can’t do that again cause there’s Mi-young (and the baby) in Gun’s life.

    Daniel Pitt! For me you were as hawt as Brad Pitt. LOL
    Keep it up, man. So that Gun can realize that Mi-young is precious~~

    I’m swooning when Gun’s speaking with husky yet soft voice. That was freaking sexy. But, when he starts laughing… I had the same expression with the prenatal instructor. Hahahahaha

    Can’t wait for eps 7-8!

  164. 164 : drakorholic Says:

    i love lee gun’s laugh hahahaha 😀 this drama really funny with random character

  165. 165 : Hannah Says:

    Who is Daniel’s sister? Is it Kim Mi Young? I don’t want him to be second hero please. Just let him be Mi Young’s brother that she can depend on!

  166. 166 : Sharon Says:

    I think Sa Ra is Daniel’s sister. I also think he is gong to be the guy KM can depend on in times of need. I love Choi Jin Hyuk, I think he should have been the main lead and Jan Hyuk the second. What you think?
    Yes! Daniel is soooo cute. Love the red pants and white shirt in him, sexy!
    Hahaha, that laugh make me wonder if he was going to turn into Dracula at any minute.

  167. 167 : Hannah Says:

    If that’s the case, I am for sure will have a second male lead syndrome. And who doesn’t love Choi Jin Hyuk? I love him in most of his dramas! I love him in Gu Family Book the most.

    Btw, I don’t really like Gun’s character. I hate his laugh the most. Lol. Even Jang Hyuk joked to the press his character in this drama is a psychopath.

  168. 168 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I love, love, love CJH!! Guess what I love most? His voice!! He is totally sexy cool.
    Hahahaha! I knew JH character was a bit eccentric.😳 I just think he is a bit too old for the character, but Jang Na Ra took her character KMY to the next level. She played her part totally convincing me that she is this person.✨ kudos JNR!

  169. 169 : Narang Says:

    He acts like crazy. Male lead exaggerates too much and he makes me sick.
    Female lead acts bad too. The good story and they fail to act. Poor drama!

  170. 170 : KDCraze Says:

    @Narang#169, I know that Jang Hyuk acts like lunatic which is annoying sometimes compare to Ethan who acts cool and serious guy. But when Jang Hyuk acts normal actually he’s quite good. But Jang Na Ra is great, she’s potraying the character very well same as Chen Qiao En. On the comedy side I think Korean deliver better comedy than Taiwanese. We have to give credit to Korean also because it’s not easy to make a remake drama because people compare it all the time. At least Korean make quite a good remake on this one compare to when they make My Queen remake A Witch’s Romance which the leads are not potraying the character well. I wonder why Korean makes all the remake from all Ethan Ruan drama. Anyway I loved this drama.

  171. 171 : cherry Says:

    I LOVE it…I can’t stop laughing at all…The acting was so amazing….I cant wait to the next epi.7 & 8………………

  172. 172 : cheri_oifar Says:

    this should have be a lil different to taiwanese bcoz if its a copycat again i’ll be very dissapointed, lols,.. okey i love the original one but lets see if i gonna be love this one more,.. from the comments i’ve read then maybe?? 😀

  173. 173 : hanhyosang Says:

    Why do you keep comparing the korean version with the original one? I know it’s a remake, but there can be differences between them, such as…the male lead’s portrayal. Every actor has it’s own style and I think Jang Hyuk is awesome ! If your annoyed that this version is unfaithful to the Taiwanese one, then don’t think of it as a remake !

  174. 174 : kai Says:

    nothing to compare to the original one except the thing that they slept and had a child before falling inlove with each other….but other than that this drama is more entertaining… i love how the story goes.. how the character met and how the lead actor and actress show their unexplainable chemistry….

  175. 175 : kai Says:

    they deserve to be on the top when it comes to rating…for me this drama tells a lot….

  176. 176 : Youyang Kim Says:

    Narang, are you serious? This is one of the funniest comedy drama. I thought this is one the best drama and should be on the top rating.

  177. 177 : Zeez22 Says:

    I love the Taiwanese version and I like this one too… Thou it’s a remake, it gives me a different feeling. The leads are good here too, at first I didn’t wanna watch this because of the negative comments on jang hyuk’s acting. I am glad I did, Jang Hyuk is really funny! Those who are still thinking if u shd watch this, please try.. U will get hooked after finishing first ep. I still prefer marriage without dating slightly more as it is funnier!

  178. 178 : missrose Says:

    I skipped it when i heard that lough.. not anyone can be suitable for this character.. and this actor not a good one..ex: cha seung won in greatest love was way perfect than this.

  179. 179 : Rifgail Says:

    Recommended to watch

  180. 180 : sunflower93230 Says:

    I have to stop watching this show because it is agonizing to wait for the next episode to air! My plan is to wait it out for a few weeks and then binge see all the available ones all together, then go into withdrawal mode again:/. (Actually, I’ll more than likely cave in and check in on the daily to see if another episode is available!)

  181. 181 : Nouf Says:

    I’m in love with this drama ♥

  182. 182 : hanhyosang Says:

    OMG !! Episode 7 was so, so good !! Totally in love with this drama ! ^__^

  183. 183 : sunflower93230 Says:

    Watched it, awesome!

  184. 184 : tess Says:


  185. 185 : cc Says:

    love this drama so much….

  186. 186 : Hannah Says:

    @missrose 178
    I totally agree with you! Idk why I just dont think Jang Hyuk is a suitable actor to bring Lee Gun’s character.

    I think the only reason I’m going to continue watching this drama is because of Choi Jin Hyuk. If he’s not in this drama, I don’t think I’d bother to watch it. The comedy sense that they’re trying to make is not funny at all. I find it very annoying the way Mi Young’s family treat Lee Gun. And I don’t like the mistress and Gun’s step-brother too. Most of the characters in this drama are annoying. It’s okay to be villain, but it’s never okay to be so bloody annoying.

  187. 187 : Jyenie Says:

    Ep 7 is so good!! It gives me butterflies in my stomach, keep my eyes busy in some action packed scenes- baby delivery scene, Lee Gun was doing exercise while waiting for Mi Young to come back scene, tidying up the room with Mi Young speedily scene, and the last scene is the best!! Mmmm…;)

  188. 188 : Julia Says:

    At first, i thought, oh no, Jang Na Ra, am not gonna like this drama.
    But i have to admit, her acting in this drama is just perfect. Love it. The taiwanese version was one of my fave drama.

  189. 189 : Anjali Says:

    I love this Drama and extremely addicted to this. Can’t wait till the next ep airs. It’s been a while since I fell in love with a K drama this much. The Lead actors laugh is epic and the main duo is cute. And of course there’s Choi Jin Hyuk. I like the way story is going and Highly recommend it to anyone who adores Rom Com K dramas

  190. 190 : bigeye46 Says:

    this drama make me laugh and funny..fighting..smile

  191. 191 : Rhapsonia Says:

    Doesn’t Lee Gun remind you of Dokko Jin in “The Greatest Love”?? with the loud boisterous and exaggerated laughter?? Hehe. I think the korean version is much better than the Taiwanese one. More concise less naggy and of cuz more modern helps!

  192. 192 : cheeky Says:

    I’m loving this drama. I love the Jangs!

  193. 193 : reindeer song Says:

    Rhapsonia! Love, love, love, Jang Hyuk! Both version are amply enjoyable, more so love the Taiwanese version, that horrid accent the parent uses annoys the stuffing out of me, aside they are all enjoyable. Yes, he does remind you of Dokko Jin in “The Greatest Love”.

  194. 194 : Carmen Says:


  195. 195 : Carmen Says:

  196. 196 : juv Says:

    Love love love it so much!!!!

  197. 197 : jmac Says:

    I really love this series.. Its light but touchy, funny and entertaining.. I love jang nara. She’s just perfect in portraying her character.. great chemistry between the two.. daebak!!

  198. 198 : natzkie Says:

    Episode 8 is so touching!!!!! Love them both… JH and JNR. The story is Daebak!!!!!

  199. 199 : natzkie Says:

    Can’t wait for next episode!!!!

  200. 200 : vodka Says:

    is the ep9 preview out already?

  201. 201 : Lotty Says:

    I really like this drama,jang hyuk is a good actor,try to watch it itsvery nice story……

  202. 202 : Rosi Says:

    I like this drama 🙂

  203. 203 : merdewi Says:

    I just love this drama. It’s totally different from the Taiwan version. In fact this drama is more romantic and moving. Hope coming episodes will be more interesting. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes. Wish this drama would be shown everday 😀 keep up the excellent work guys!

  204. 204 : windcester Says:

    i love this drama. my favorite drama

  205. 205 : Juyee Says:

    I am really enjoying watching this drama. I personally think this Korean version is better than the 2008 Taiwanese version. This is because Jang Hyuk is such an excellent actor and he makes me want to see this drama. OK Lee Gun has some nasty personality but Jang Hyuk acts it out so well. Jang Nara is also doing very well. I cannot wait to see Lee Gun and Kim MiYoung kiss for the first time and for Lee Gun to fall in love with MiYoung.

  206. 206 : HamoHamo Says:

    Episodes 6 & 7 are soooo funny!

  207. 207 : HamoHamo Says:

    Episodes 6 & & 7 are HILARIOUS! I laughed sooo much. If it wasn’t the scenes, it was the Viki commenters commenting on the scenes!

    Scenes I like…

    Combating sugar rush. Checking phone..call…call…after Snail leaves.

    Who reads scary stories to their unborn fetus? Breaking Gun’s how to tell Se Ra mojo…wondering is his home spooked!

    What brave man comes out with ‘The Hulk’ action figure as a weapon?

    Unsynchronized retching…with a symphonic overture of fridge door openings allowing the kimchi scented sonata to whisk them away!

    When a ferry ride becomes an uneasy ride. When labor pains hit, a pregnant woman will grab anything…including anyone’s hair!

    When competitive testosterone flares on the jogging path…who knows how it will end. Their manly pheromones captivate 2 walkercise ahjummas, while their egos are in combative mode. Quitting not in Daniel’s dictionary, so Gunny will provide him with a new one…called cheating as he pokes Daniel, then pulls him down! Gunnby’s crazy arms while running are supposed to make him go faster but makes him out of breath…collapsing not to far from Daniel. One has a butt cramp, the other sheer exhaustion!

    The ride in the car with the apropos radio DJs commentaries…HILAROUS! Two timing boy friend, stayed out all night…tell him, GET LOST! Lovin’ 1/2 a man…I’ll take you noona! Then, the ultimate…Que Se Ra, Se Ra!

    Daniel, the crab walking, neighborhood oppa and Gunny, the protective romantic…dancing to the music from an ipod by the car’s headlights, ending with a fireworks display!

    I must say that this drama holds its own and stands on its own merit, just like the original Taiwanese drama stands on its own merit, as well. I like them both.

  208. 208 : Rahmadani Tanjung Says:

    I’m in love wth this drama…heelllpp…i want to see him everyday…

  209. 209 : Hannah Says:

    Thumbs up for ep 8! This drama finally catches up.

  210. 210 : Alex Says:

    GUN is so funny i like him the way he portray his character although i don’t know him coz his a korean actor but now he is number in me very funny ..recommended ^~^

  211. 211 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes gun and daniel are funny bec butt cramp and i cant stop laugh..i cant wait watch next ep..fighting..

  212. 212 : Sharon Says:

    1. Who on earth put Daniel in that horrible suit?? After watching him I had the sudden urge to play a board game. Ok stylist, get it together!! Daniel is too sexy for that outfit.

    2. Double morning sickness!! Alrighty then.

    3. The jogging race between Daniel and Gun, too funny.

    4. Ep 8th Sa Ra is back and MY is backing out.

    5. How come MY’s stomach is not growing? How many months is she? It seems like a long time since she has been pregnant.

    6. Gun is torn between two lovers, but don’t take it out on MY because you are confused. She set out his clothes and he choose something different. Poor MY, just like a post-it without residue. No one will really know what you are feeling.

    7. The Han River scene was just perfect, romance to the max.🎉 Good job director nim. In this scene Jang Na Ra acting skills shine bright like a diamond.💍 She nailed that scene.👏👏
    Ep 7 and 8 was very good, lots of emotions flying.

  213. 213 : billy Says:

    well i enjoyed the Taiwanese version and i find Jang Hyuk equally attractive or even more….but the laugh he makes in this drama is sickening!!! it really upsets me! Tone it down please!

  214. 214 : hny Jo Says:

    abt his lough some ppl like it some ..not..for me its annoying n make his facial expressions get minus point coz when he lough like that so many wringkle ‘zoom up'(sorry) just minimized that mr gun…coz now I see ur act is not bad in this drama so keep fighting!!!!! ;))

  215. 215 : dinaz Says:

    The episodes are getting so much better that this drama is becoming my top drama now and marriage not dating pushed to no.2..hehe.. 😛
    loved ep7 and 8..so nice to see the soft side of Gun,but is the last scene of 8 for real??i cant believe it..looks too good to be true,coz just few moments ago he refused to wear the clothes she laid out for him??but i do hope its true..
    Se ra is very selfish she wants all her way,i dont know what is she going to do to our sweet mi young.. 🙁
    I am liking Gun now i try to avoid that laugh though..haha..his hairstyle is getting better too and he is so adorable 🙂 aaaahh i really thought they would kiss in the bed scene but….aish!but his stare to mi young in the bed omg totally heart fluttering..keke!
    Jang nara is such a good actress really loving her portrayal of mi young,unni ure super good..she looks like a barbie with thin hands and legs,mi young is too sacrificing and very sweet want to see her emerging as a strong woman..
    i hate the kim family other than kim mi young,why did the sister had to pull Gun’s hair?i hate their parts in the drama..too exaggerated very annoying!
    CJH omg whats with that orange suit!!omo even though he is so handsome i hate that suit on him,even the checked suit..the red pants were ok though..and why on earth is he treating her like a sister..oh!please Daniel cant u just fall for her?keke

  216. 216 : maknaee Says:


    huahahahahaa love your name!


    you forgot one of the hilarious scene in eps 8 ; when they were inside the car, listening to Jung Joon-young’s radio, Park Myung-soo & GD – I Cheated , Kim Shin-young’s radio, and Que Sera Sera ~~~ XD LOL

  217. 217 : HamoHamo Says:

    @maknaee-216: Thank you!

    I was wondering if Gun was going to show up at the gala to defend MY. When he did, he performed excellently. At first, I wasn’t too sure as he repeated everything MY’s mother said about her previously. But…when Gun expressed her true characteristics that he admired which excelled whatever shortcomings she had in the academic areas, everyone looked as if they had egg on their faces. Then, telling them to applaud…nothing but a bunch of jack’s. Let’s leave…a diamond gemstone shouldn’t hang out with those rocks! Bravo Gunny! He learned well from Daniel when it came to MY’s value.

    I hope Gunny deals with that wretched, drunk so called creature-feature 1/2 brother of his who embarrassed MY in front of everyone, first. Then, deal with that wench that throw water in MY’s face, second. I really want an explanation from halmoni as to why she didn’t know what was going on with MY and why she stayed away so long. Granted, the writers wanted it to be that way, but its crazy if she didn’t know what was going on at that gala. At least there should be a remark from her about the horrendous situation her GDIL received from the chaebol cronies.

  218. 218 : aya Says:

    love this dramaaa 😀 😀

  219. 219 : semutkecil56 Says:

    this is PERFECTION!

  220. 220 : winnie Says:

    it’s really funny. the scene jang hyuk play the song sera sera…. hahaha i cannot stop laughing.

  221. 221 : seol Says:

    i realy agree with u..its just too perfect perfect!!

  222. 222 : seol Says:

    hi dinaz n sharon
    glad u re all here.this drama is taking my breath away.ep 8 last scene just kills!!.perfect!

  223. 223 : seol Says:

    i think also that one good thing is mi young’s reactions to everything.when he was reading the children’s book and when she said she couldnt dance in ep8 last scene,soo innocent and natural!.they have such a perfect chemistry that i imagined!.

  224. 224 : Pinky Says:

    I really love this drama, this is first time I saw Jang Hyuk acts in a comic drama… really amazying…!! ^3^

  225. 225 : Flo Says Says:

    I really love this Drama this Korean version is the best I love it so much while waiting for episode 9 I have rewatched 1-8 several times. The stare from Gun to Mi Young was so hot and sexy and her reponse was perfect. I am totally enjoying this Drama. Please don’t disappoint me.

  226. 226 : isha Says:

    Ok so every one is talking about this drama and Gun’s laugh. ha ha ha but I must say that this is the best drama this month followed by marriage not dating. I love this one way better than the twainese version. WAYYYY Better. Oh and Daniel you can hide me any time.

  227. 227 : Celine Says:

    Just getting tired with LG’s hair style, looks weird and not suitable for him. Hope they will changing it in some ep. And when LG will speak unformal with MY? I’ve been waiting him to have short speaking with MY. In the first, i think he’s like that bcause MY is unknow person to him but now they are a married couple right? Its ok to MY still using formal speak, but LG? He’s the husband. Even in historical drama like that. Usually in Korea, a husband using unformal speak when talking with his wife and his child. I dont get it why LG still using the formal moreover when he is in angry! Unconfertable one in a drama. Please change😔😔😷

  228. 228 : divineblisss Says:

    I love this drama! Wikipedia says it’s going to have 20 episodes…? Anyone know for sure? I’m so excited! I loved the Taiwanese drama so much also. This is definitely going on my top list of dramas! And probably the only one next to Masters Sun and Boys over Flowers that I’ve re-watched! 🙂 The actors are so great together and HOT!

  229. 229 : Mylene Says:

    So far, so good!

  230. 230 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama!

  231. 231 : usa-mary Says:

    Watched episode 9 at 48% subbed and it didn’t matter. I’ll re-watch after its fully subbed.

  232. 232 : juv Says:

    Love love love… and all my fav actors… love gun

  233. 233 : tess Says:

    enjoying a lot this drama.i really love and like them. cant wait for the next episodes….

  234. 234 : tess Says:

    enjoying a lot this drama.i really love and like them. cant wait for the next episodes…. hope to see themin more drama series…..

  235. 235 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes this drama is best than taiwan drama..smile fighting

  236. 236 : zullysunhee Says:

    el drama es excelente y tendrá 16 capítulos esta versión es mas corta q la taiwanesa pero me encantaron las 2

  237. 237 : Dy.k Says:

    I can’t wait for this drama to fast forwad years ahead. When Kim Min Young (reference from the taiwanese version) transform. And i hope (very very hope) that Lee Gun finnaly get hair make over. Seriously! Somebody please give him a hair band or rubber band. If the drama team force Lee Gun to maintaine his hair style (maybe coz of his company sells shampoo stuff?), well at least tied his front hair just like when he jog or photo shoot scene. For watchers sake!

  238. 238 : billy Says:

    ya right! there are lot of little things that can improve this drama. Like for example Gun’s hair do and his annoying laugh. Other than that, i can really enjoy watching this drama just like the way I loved the original Taiwanese drama.

  239. 239 : miss leaf Says:

    Love this drama so much !!
    this drama makes me start to fall in love with Jang Hyuk’s performance again, since ” the sucessful story of bright girl”, i never watch his drama anymore, but now i try to watch his previous dramas and movies.

  240. 240 : cheeky Says:

    What I want Lee Gun to do now that their feelings are out in the open is to hire a stylist for Mi young, c’mon a wife of a CEO must dressed with elegance. And please Mi Young start wearing contact lenses instead of an eyeglass. I hope the writer would write something like this… but so far I’m liking this drama a lot!!! I’m excited for the next episode!

  241. 241 : HamoHamo Says:

    Daniel Pitt can have a suit made out of every color that’s in the Crayola Crayon 300+ box and still look good!

    Episode 9 is so sweet and endearing. It was so nice while it lasted…

    Well…looks like the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER is about to begin in episode 11. I won’t give away the end of episode 10, but I will say this, here we go again! It wouldn’t be a kdrama without the infamous ‘A’ syndrome!

  242. 242 : Violet88 Says:

    This drama has great ost.. Does anyone knows title of the song that played during end of ep 10? It sounds familiar, if i’m not mistaken it was also on Successfull Story of a Bright Girl ost..

  243. 243 : Violet88 Says:

    @ miss leaf @ 239

    You should try watching Thank You, Jang Hyuk starring with Gong Hyo Jin.. He’s really great as doctor in there.. And Tazza, as a gambler.. He’s simply amazing in all types of character..

  244. 244 : Sharon Says:

    1.I thought Gun would lay a big fat juicy kiss on MY. Wishful thinking!! He pecked her on the cheek, so that tells me trouble ahead. But they look too good together.
    2. What!! Is he explaining why he did what he did. I was so high on that moment, now he let all the helium out of my balloon.
    Hahahaha!! Gun is a psycho!! If you want her that bad let her know. What’s with the hands gestures in bed. 😜
    3. Hahaha, MY kissed Gun cheek and he is acting like a kid in a candy store. 😅
    4. Hahahahaha!! Gun said to MY “I’ll just eat you.” Things that makes you go, hmmmmmmmmm😋
    5. The photo session was too much!! ☺️☺️
    6. Yes beach it’s ok for Gun and I to live without love for now?? Any other question?? Pity drama land girls are not like me!! Hahaha! No! Sa Ra did not say don’t tell Gun!! Guess what I would be on speed dial!! Like, Gun, guess what just happen?😊😊
    7. Damn, damn, damn!!! Doesn’t Daniel look fineeee. I need my pump, can’t breath. Daniel I will dance with you till forever, you sexy man you. Be my neighborhood oppa!!
    8. Hahahaha! The lab screen too funny. Gun: it’s edible. Daniel: I am full.
    9. Not the masculine, testosterone, competition again!! Drink
    10. That’s breach of confidentiality Lawyer Hong.
    11. Oh Dog poopie!! They kissed!!
    Ep 9 was goooooooood!!

  245. 245 : kdramaddict01 Says:

    I love this drama! It’s the best one I’ve seen this year. Also, I think this version is much better than the Taiwanese version.

  246. 246 : Dulce Says:

    love it, but we are halfway on this drama and of course the start of creating havoc in the story telling. I guess our OTP will be together at the end.

  247. 247 : usa-mary Says:

    Gun is moving like he’s having spasms, trying to suppress his desire to ‘hug’ MY. While Mi Young is fast asleep due to Dog Poopie. Uhhh, Gunny, sweetie…all those Bibles on your desk didn’t help suppress ‘the beast’ especially, if you were reading the Songs of Solomon. Nor did the not cold enough shower. Its a wonder you didn’t resort to ice cubes. Wishing you were MY’s towel. Gunny, I have a song for you, “When you get that feeling, you need sexual healing!” LOL

    Gunny needs to stay away from that psychiatrist/therapist doctor. Every time he visits that person, he acts weird to the extent that he looks like Chucky’s 1st cousin. I would have said Chucky’s brother, but he’s not heinous like Chucky, thankfully.

  248. 248 : cc Says:


  249. 249 : miss leaf Says:

    @violet88 : thx for ur info ^.^,currently i am watching chuno, after that i will try to what thank you and tazza as per your sugestion ^.^

  250. 250 : juv Says:

    1 week is way too looooonnngggg… this is one of those kdramas that complete my week 🙂

  251. 251 : Sharon Says:

    I was wondering if he was reading Song of Soloman, because now he would be in trouble.

  252. 252 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Omooo can’t believe there r only 6 more eo left 😭 I’m not ready yet ….this drama is Zjang 👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘😂

  253. 253 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-251: LOL…you’re so right!

    I’m not surprised about the name Dog Poopy, at all. One time while watching a period kdrama, someone commented on the names of some of the children in the drama that had names like that.

    Someone familiar with Korean history shared that those names were used during those eras in order to ward off evil from coming upon the child and snatching its life away. Names like crap, do-do, poop, etc. was like a protective charm.

  254. 254 : usa-mary Says:

    I forgot about this one…

    Did anyone else notice the salesperson in the department store when Gun and Mi Young went shopping…not only was the twin of the person heading up the birthing class, but how she made snail signs with her hands when she greeted them? Too funny!

    Wasn’t there octuplets in the original version? There was a direct marketer, a doctor, an herbalist, a chef, a food stall owner, a fortune teller…can’t recall the others.

  255. 255 : Dy.K Says:

    I like ur nick name and how you describe Daniel color outfit

    Your comment about lustful Gunny made me giggle.

    Does anybody notice about additional smirk on Gun face when he went to psychiatric? That made him look like Joker in Batman. I guest JH succeed making that laught iconic.
    Nevertheless i just cant let it go about the hair. When Gun kiss Min Young that hair block their face. But i guess ep 10 answered my question WHY they keep those hairstyle. As a camouflage from reporters. Which bring to my fav scene, when they together try to fool the reporters LOL.

  256. 256 : Sharon Says:

    Imagine naming you kid that now. Hey dog poopie get over here, dog poopie
    clean your room. Hahaha! It’s quite different, that’s why I love learning about other cultures.

    The ost are really good in this drama.

    I don’t quite remember, because i watched it a long time ago.

    I like how they did not keep the story completely true to the first, Gun’s is total opposite to the main character, but MY’s character is true to the first and she plays it do well.

    My question is how come Sa Ra know that Gun was admitted to the hospital and his wife did not. Is Gun gonna loose his memory? I can’t take another memory lost.

  257. 257 : Dy.K Says:

    About the instructur on prenatal class and the salesperson, is she the same actress that playe as Gong Ki Tae imo at MND? Funny ahjumma. Try to search it but she’s uncredit. By the way, i’ve read from other source, this drama going to be 20 eps long. Well, seeing from how eps 10 ended, its make sense.

  258. 258 : Jyenie Says:

    After watching ep 9 & 10, I confirm that this is one of the best KD. Really really enjoy it so much since day 1 🙂

  259. 259 : rroxan Says:

    I Vote you to be listed in to become #2 fated to love you ..

  260. 260 : usa-mary Says:

    This is the BEST unconventional, conventional kdrama that I’ve seen. Jang Hyuk as Lee Gun brings such a uniqueness to his character with his antics. Like crawling under the covers from the foot of the bed. I just adore this man’s acting!

    Personally, at first Gunny’s side swept flip wasn’t my cup of tea, but the more I saw him, I became accustomed to the style. It matched his somewhat eccentric way of handling matters. I didn’t mind it covering his face during the kissing scene (director’s call) with MY because the camera crew gave us enough angles and close-ups during the kiss to satisfy me, at least.

    @DY.K-255: I noticed the Joker’s mouth on Gun as he delved deeper into talking about ‘the man’ that wants to come out whenever he sees the snail or when she’s talking softly to him. I don’t know how much that psychiatrist gets paid, but I’m quite sure its a very handsome amount. He should get paid additional $K/growl! LOL

    I know I’d have to get paid well to just listen to Gun. Just sitting there, not knowing what he’ll look like or do after he’s finished growling, I’d have to add an extra clause to his contract. Like extra money if he grows hair on his face like a werewolf, start clinging to the ceiling like a bat, or grow a hunchback.

    In the earlier episode when Gun saw his shrink, he looked like he hadn’t slept in years. I wasn’t quite sure why he needed to see a psychiatrist, but the dark circles under his eyes were so deep, it was like looking down a recessed, dark well that was looking back at you.

    @Sharon-256: I know…I enjoy learning about other cultures, too! The only way Dog Poopy would be befitting to a person, I think would be to someone in the entertainment industry, a rapper…God forbid! By the way, for starters, Little Bow Wow could be his friend…LOL! All they would need after that is somebody named Popper Scooper, and do a remake of Who Let The Dogs Out! woof woof woof

    I wondered how the writers were going to bring that wench Se Ra back into his life. The only way it seems is the dreaded amnesia…ugh! Also, how that wench got in to see him at the hospital before his family is unreal to me, unless she lied. She’ll be the first familiar face he sees. By the way, shouldn’t Se Ra have jet lag? Go home girl and get some sleep, FIRST and stop bothering people.

  261. 261 : drakorholic Says:

    The Snail Couple 😀 opss.. They can’t be a ‘real’ couple 🙁

  262. 262 : ella Says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode
    This drama is so cool

  263. 263 : billy Says:

    this drama aint working for me like the Taiwanese version did. it is not meeting my expectation after i went through every episode till the latest… too bad really,but glad to know that others are still liking it. as for me, i think i will stop now.

  264. 264 : Rifgail Says:


  265. 265 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Bily @ 263, I absolutely love the Taiwanese version, but I have to say I am really loving this one because it’s so romantic. You know the male lead cares for MY. However, we have yet to see if he’s dealt with his feelings for Se Ra. However, in the Taiwanese version, the lead was too much at times.

  266. 266 : Sandy 2 Says:

    Birddybuddy @ 252, some other sites have the number of episodes as 20–DramaFever for one–unless they’ve changed it.

  267. 267 : 267 Says:

    I can’t wait for the next epi. this movie is soooo good! I like both the main male actor and female actress.

  268. 268 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahahaha!! The names !
    I don’t know what plane she took, but she was there before he got to the hospital!! Sa Ra’s mom is about to give her whiplash for not concentrating on her dance career. Hell is gonna break loose when her mom fines out.
    I feel a memory loss coming on for Gun, hope it’s short. I am glad Gunn’s illegitimate brother is on their side.
    I hope the snail is not that slow to catch on and stop feeling guilty about Sa Ra and Gun’s broken relationship.
    Why did Gun fall out like that? Stress is a beach, he wants to be with his snail and his grandmother became Ill after the mistress reveal all that crap. My question is why is that woman living in the house? I would have rented her a place, or have her living in the guess house, but she would not have access to the main house at all, especially if I am not home.
    Now it’s Daniel to the rescue!! Rescue me Daniel.💏

  269. 269 : GK95 Says:

    very funny and akward moments i really like it besides that they did good job they are really artist

  270. 270 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-268: I know…right! LOL There are no international red-eye jetliners like the Concorde anymore. So, leave it to the writers to get her there quickly.

    Well, we’ll see how much on MY’s side Gunny’s half-brother is when his mommy finds out. He’ll definitely have to keep that a secret. She’s a despicable woman. Trying to give MY some advice a few episodes back. Like they both have similar situations. MY is not, was not, nor will be a mistress in this drama.

    It’s the Board members who’s behind that woman being brought to their home. It was just in case Gun didn’t get married and produce an heir with a year’s time. Gun’s half-brother was next in line, according to those scumbags. I still don’t understand the rationale behind that, even when it was being discussed. That woman simply can’t be trusted. Plus, nothing to date has been said by halmoni regarding each incident MY suffered from those people both publicly and privately. Even if a drama is fictional, some logic has to be evident and must play a part in its conception in order for even a satirical parody to make sense and have some merit.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode.

    Regarding Gunny’s condition. It’s the genetic history of his father and fore-fathers which caused their lives to be cut short, just like in the original drama (halmoni paying tribute to the ancestors). That’s why there’s an urgency for Gun to have an heir because the men always died by a certain age or before reaching a certain age. Those Board members don’t help the situation. Also, Dr. Octopus, a neurologist, is the one Gun’s been seeing, and the one who is always telling him to stop worrying and go back to work.

  271. 271 : usa-mary Says:

    All I’m going to say is…these screenwriters are not going to make me cry over this drama. I’m literally psyching myself up for those emotional scenes this very moment.

  272. 272 : Sharon Says:

    I just hope Gun does not die, or MY decided to bow out gracefully. MY has proven that Gun has strong feelings for her, so she should act on that.
    I think that Lawyer should go to MY and tell her that Gun has revised the divorce document.
    I just hope that Sa Ra does not confront MY about Gun marrying her just because she is pregnant. I think MY need to grow a spine, because as madam of such fortune you have to have your wits about you.

  273. 273 : bgeee Says:

    Is this drama a good one? Thanks.

  274. 274 : tania Says:

    I hope the baby does not have a miscarriage because in taiwan version miscarried baby 🙁
    I wanted a happy ending that gave birth to a child
    I prefer daniel, choi ji hyuk in this drama is so cool I was amazed to see
    daniel sister sera means that during this time he was looking for, I think before that kim is a young mi sister was not.

  275. 275 : @dianaS Says:

    Worth watching it. So far, this is the most funniest drama for this year!!!

  276. 276 : @WYee Says:

    So far, this is the most funniest drama for this year!!! Worth to watch!

  277. 277 : Kristine Says:

    This is the ultimate breakthrough!!!i love this drama.Super funny and too romantic.Everytime i watched I fall inlove with the character.

  278. 278 : rory Says:

    I thought this is hell funny drama but what the heck, I cried quite a lot watching this..LOL! Why I’m being so emo watching a rom-com drama? It is different from Witch’s Romance which totally crazy and funny but still Jang Hyuk is the most crazy character ever!!! His crazy laugh! LOL! Seriously, I will miss that!

    And now, he is suffering from illness? Aigooo K-Drama! Still I just can’t wait for ep.11…

  279. 279 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-272: I hope Gunny doesn’t die either. One never knows with the somewhat unpredictable, predictable kdramas. They’ve been known to veer off into a deep end when we least expect it.

    I believe MY will stand strong against SR’s own emotional, illogical reasoning. Yet, by being pregnant, her situation is delicate and can be life threatening for the baby if she gets too upset. She was literally thrown into situations where she’s trying to come to grips with, i.e. a husband, pregnancy, new family, home environment…all at once! Not to mention a chaebol one at that. She still feels like she’s out of her league. I’m looking for halmoni to step up and step into the situation with the power that she wields as an ahjamma. So far, she’s unlike the granny (whose character I love) in the original version who was sweet, but very strong emotionally. No embarrassing situations would have happened under her known radar.

  280. 280 : Janice Olasiman Says:

    Does mi young lost the baby? I saw the 12 episode preview and it looks like she will have a miscarriage.. I hope not.. I already cried a lot in episode 11 raw … Please dont let mi young lost the bb.

  281. 281 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m looking forward to ep. 12. It appears that MY is in a neck brace and she’s rubbing her little Dog Poopy pouch. MY is so cute and petite. The stylist really dresses her very well.

    Well, I made it tear-eyed free through the raw version of ep. 11. I’m preparing for ep. 12 now.

  282. 282 : jmac Says:

    THIS IS REALLY HEARTBREAKING. after they made us laugh, they will make this into a tear-jerking episodes. poor mi young.. jang hyuk daebak.!! can’t wait for episode 12.. this will be the turning point of the series.

  283. 283 : jmac Says:

    originally i thought this series is 16 episodes only. now its 20! OMO..

  284. 284 : -Autumn- Says:

    This drama is both hilarious and emotional. I was crying and laughing in the next minutes. Lee Gun is so funny and he really cracks me up although his behavior is kinda exaggerated. Kim Min Young’s character is really dull and plain but that’s what her personality is as a “Post-It Girl” and Jang Nara is trying her best to portray the character. Well, both TW and Korean version did good. I didn’t want to compare. I just enjoyed the drama.

  285. 285 : TAli15 Says:

    I really do hope nothing bad happens to Mi Young since i did watch the preveiw of ep 12 i don’t want her to lose the baby i want them two to be happy
    i love this drama so much because its very funny as well as it gets your emotions and i hope there’ll be more funny dramas coming out soon

  286. 286 : lotty Says:

    nice drama i love it much…i like the taiwan version but i love the korean version so much.

  287. 287 : Sharon Says:

    True, the grandmother in the TW version was more cunning and affectionate. This Grandmother does not bring the character to life. I think Park Won Suk
    Is so accustomed to playing the Villan that it’s hard to bring the grandmother’s character home. 😎

  288. 288 : tania Says:

    Can wait epsd 12 🙁

  289. 289 : mae Says:

    I liked diz drama and i Can’t w8 for ep 12…

  290. 290 : usa-mary Says:

    Things that make me go…hmmmm…in episode 11.

    Is Se Ra really a ballerina or does she have a side line job as a chiropractor?
    She sure does enjoy putting Gun in a headlock…cracking his vertebrae.

    Is it just my thinking or has anyone else noticed that some of the could have been the best captured moments in kdramas wind up in the abyss…like unsolved mysteries. Hint…hint Se Ra.

    I like when Dr. Octopus slapped Gun’s hand while in his office. Where’s Se Ra’s momma at? Somebody needs a slap in the back of her head…kdrama style.

    It was so cute when Chief Secy. Tak and MY fist bumped. All to protect Gun so he wouldn’t have a shock about who MY is to him. I really wanted to give him a shock by fist bumping him upside his head after the way he talked to MY in the cafeteria. Comparing her to his Se Ra; saying how could he have done ‘that’ with her. Uh, Gun. the way you pounded that rice to make rice cakes, its a wonder it didn’t liquefy into a smoothie. I don’t see Se Ra making you suppress the ‘man beast’ to the point where a cold shower didn’t even help you.

    LOL…Obviously, Daniel didn’t know about the doctor’s orders when it came to not shocking Gun. He won’t give Gun a break on how he treats MY even with him having amnesia.

    Se Ra…Se Ra…Se Ra! She must have been a bobble head figurine in her past life. She’s so confused…in her NY state of mind. All up in married people’s business. With the audacity to scold MY. WT…! At least, MY doesn’t have faux written on a shirt or crazy talk coming out of her mouth, girly. So, borrow your momma’s broom and fly witch class back to NY.

    Awww…sweetie MY. It’s going to be alright. Soon the dust will settle some time after episode 12.

  291. 291 : Rinturiel Says:

    Does anyone know how many episodes this drama will have? Because it keeps changing between 20 and 16 on this site (at the beginning of July it said 20, a week ago 16 and now it’s back to 20 again).

  292. 292 : rina Says:

    Nice! finally JangHyuk’s hair is changed in ep 12!

  293. 293 : usa-mary Says:

    Just watched ep. 12. Obviously, I didn’t psych myself up enough.

    Gun believes that he will have the same fate as his dad and grandfather. He doesn’t want to burden MY or Se Ra with his condition. I believe if he stops hollering so much and rest like Dr. Octopus keeps telling him to do, he’ll be fine.

    Jang Na Ra, I applaud you! I applaud Jang Hyuk! BRAVO!!!

    Ep. 13 preview. Ahhh SOOKI…SOOKI now MY! Turning heads girl!!! LOL Even made your ex stop in his tracks, turned around, and took off his shades just to watch you walk. He was probably wondering who is she?! I can tell that his episode is really going to be a good one. I’m excited!

    WOW…Gun! I like your haircut and style in ep. 13. Very, very nice!

  294. 294 : niczej Says:

    I just watched episode 11.. so heartbreaking even the preview for the episode 12.. i guess this will be the saddest week.. 🙁

  295. 295 : hanhyosang Says:

    @Rinturiel : 20 episodes, as it is shown on it’s Korean Wikipedia.

  296. 296 : AKmama Says:

    Just finished ep. 12. I like both Taiwanese and Korean versions and applaud all the actors/actresses. I love that in the Korean version, Gun realizes and knows that he loves Mi Young but let her go because he doesn’t wanna burden her. In the original version, the male lead found out he loves the girl after he lost her but still he got back with the old girlfriend. Gun has a stronger backbone than his Taiwanese counterpart. Can’t wait to see what’ll happen with Gun and Mi Young later. 😀

  297. 297 : rory Says:

    Ep.12 is so cruel!!! I can’t believe Gae Ddong is gone! cruel! sad! poor MY!

    Come on show, bring us back the humorous since this is a rom-com so that’s why I demand that!

    oh yes! I love his new hair too! deadly gorgeous! swooned~!!

  298. 298 : niczej Says:

    what happen to Mi Young’s Hair?! And Gun’s hair is much better than before.. 😀

  299. 299 : grace antonio Says:

    so far after trot lover this drama is awesome..!

  300. 300 : Jenny Says:

    Can someone told me where can i saw the preview of ep 13???

  301. 301 : Kurayuzaki666 Says:

    Since this drama is base from my all time Taiwanese drama , I have high expectations with this one. And the Korean version gave justice to the original .I cried a lot on the miscarriage scene, it broke my heart. Looking forward for Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk miscarriage scene.

  302. 302 : Birddybuddy Says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💑👏👍👍👍😂😂 I laugh ..I cry with this dramaaa …seriously Daebak 😘

  303. 303 : Dy.K Says:

    I proudly gave a standing ovation for ep 12. IMO…This ep is the turning point in the korean version that very well made, make me swept away by Jang Hyuk n Jang Na Ra emotional acting. Again…never expected less from how they act.
    Oh yeaah…that sliding bangs hair gone and Gunny hair back in track baby! Never thought about this before..but i think i’ll miss that style but not THAT much to hope it will be back.

  304. 304 : tania Says:

    episode 12 make me cry 🙁

  305. 305 : tigerb Says:

    i hate ep. 12 as i had to reach for a hankie, heck, parting is never easy. but…..it’s a start to new beginnings! will see how it plays!

  306. 306 : ass Says:

    why episode extended ? when the film is very impressive……hufff

  307. 307 : mio Says:

    Deaabakkk!!!!New style uwahahahahahaha…can’t wait next ep

  308. 308 : claire Says:

    i can relate very much on the story and i can’t wait to watch the next episode….

  309. 309 : anne Says:

    As I remember, this page wrote that it is 16 episode, now it’s 20?? extended episodes? okay, johaaaa…!!! hahaha
    So, this week is only one episode? Where’s episode 13???

  310. 310 : anne Says:

    well, I mean ep 12? guess I post the wrong comment, geez. sorry. I’m finished downloading ep 11-12, let’s watching!!

  311. 311 : hanhyosang Says:

    @anne : this week’s episodes were 11 and 12, 13 and 14 are next week.

  312. 312 : indori Says:

    ep 12 really makes me laugh at the first time and then cry a lot and then scream because Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara transformation.. Really really love this drama..

  313. 313 : Carmen Says:

    I did cry a lot on episode 12 OMG OMG OMG and Love that end, for next episode..now the realy good episode will start….

  314. 314 : HEN Says:


  315. 315 : bigeye46 Says:

    yes this part 12 make me cry and poor thing..thumb up for gun n snail so cute and fighting hard as for daniel and snail are togther bec gun ex gf se ra is sis daniel at finally maybe i guess so and i cant wait next esp 13 and 14

  316. 316 : dinaz Says:

    Watched ep11 and 12 till 2am this morning, now at work feeling so sleepy Lol :p
    I was actually scared to watch ep11 and 12 coz I know I was going to cry buckets, such a sad episode..I wished Gae ttongie would survive but sadly no 🙁 both the actors were so good in this episode specially mi young realising the baby is gone and jang hyuk when he received the Gunnie cup.. 🙁 🙁 I cried and wept and then came the last scene O.M.G I didn’t even recognise jang hyuk omo he is soooooooo handsome, I think this is his normal style? Didn’t know he was this good looking.. Woahhhhh daebak love his hairstyle and his new look.. 🙂 🙂 can’t forget the last scene I was not even looking at cjh..haha
    Mi young’s hair color is cool too can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  317. 317 : mercy fernandez Says:

    Epi 12 breaks my heart, I cried a lot coz miyong and gun were finished…will they get back in arms again? So happy the story is extended up to 20 episodes!

  318. 318 : Loan Says:

    Cant wait for next ep…..!!!!

  319. 319 : amber Says:

    Love this series!!!

  320. 320 : miss leaf Says:

    Can not wait for this wednesday ^.^

  321. 321 : rory Says:

    TBH, I hate both ep.11 & 12..My problem is I expected too much that we gonna have lots of sweet & funny moments but I found this drama was more to melo and still with lame pitiful characters..Seriously, the last 2 eps are so cruel for a ROM-COM GENRE that I have to pause and thinking whether to continue watching or not coz I feel like has been cheated! But let see how they will develop the story & characters in ep.13 onward, especially for MY’s char..please director-nim, I really2 want to love this drama!

  322. 322 : Joyce Says:

    LOVE this drama and the Korean version puts the Taiwanese version to shame! The acting is so much better and the chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra is undeniable. Episodes 11 and 12 were hard to watch for obvious reasons and I long for more light hearted, playful scenes. I am looking forward to the new Kim Mi Young and how she and Gunny rediscover themselves and rekindle a romance that never died. I don’t want this drama to end!!!

  323. 323 : Hannah Says:

    Just finished watching ep 10, I’ve been busy, finally got a chance to watch FTLY since this drama is not my top priority.
    Well, ep 10 is kinda frustrating. I wish the writer will not make it too cliche. And I just don’t get why in Kdramas land, they only say “sorry” without explaining the real situation. I’m kinda tired of this kind of scene. One more thing I don’t understand, why Se Ra knows where Gun is but not Mi Young? No one cares to call her to inform her? Wth is Secretary Tak doing?
    Based on the comments I read review for ep 11 & 12, this drama seems like not getting better. I was really hoping that the writer would make the baby alive.

  324. 324 : denise Says:

    guys…lets vote this drama this year to top 8 poll closed ..

  325. 325 : usa-mary Says:

    This is such a remarkable drama! The acting is phenomenal. Yet, there are a few scenes that made me take notice and go hmmm…


    Mi Young’s mother hitting her. A pregnant woman is never, never, ever supposed to experience any trauma like that, no matter how endearing its supposed to be culturally. Not only what she eats effects the baby, but her environmental experiences are transmitted to the baby, as well.


    I know its the Director’s call and won’t cast a disparaging eye on the wonderful actress portraying Mi Young, but…who or should I say, what woman after being struck by a car, undergone 2 major surgeries for the removal of Dog Poopie, and the other for intestinal injuries would move around like she did after finding out that the baby was gone? I didn’t think she would have had the strength in her legs from the pain and the incisions to even move to the point that she did.

    Still…she’s a wonderful actress, and I can overlook that part, but…its somewhat unreal.

  326. 326 : Baya Says:

    Ailee song when will be released ???? It is so goood that music make me crazy really !!!! Waiting for this week episode it is gonna be so good

  327. 327 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 11 I could do without, but ep 12 tears was rolling from my eyes. Did other viewers cried when MY was hit by the car, loosing the baby, just too much.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Sad sad sad.
    Who says MY has no guts!! It takes guts to tell a man that broke up with you to let’s start over from the beginning.

    Damn you ep 12!!! When am I going to stop crying!!😭😭😭

    Wow, After 3 yrs MY return, looking fab!! Gun look good too, his mad hatter hair style has been turned into a modern sexy style that fits his face.

    Can’t wait for ep 13

  328. 328 : juv Says:

    Love love love

  329. 329 : dinaz Says:

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.. Can’t wait to see the handsome gunnie 🙂 I really didn’t know he was so good looking.. :p we have two hunks to look forward to..
    Here is a link which shows the back hug of cjh and jang nara,cant wait for ep13.. 🙂

  330. 330 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: i thought the rom-com episodes ended a while ago, can’t remember which episodes, as issues of pregnancy and misunderstood feelings caused haywire, but am following through as i’d like to know how the second chance will come between the leads. stay tune!

  331. 331 : Celine Says:

    Ailee – Good bye my love (ost fated to love you part 6)



  332. 332 : Sharon Says:

    A back hug from Daniel!! Why, why, why, couldn’t it be meeeeee!! Daniel is soo cute.
    Gun has a lot of work to do to get back MY, she has become a beautiful butterfly thanks to Daniel.

    Thanks for the link! Love her outfit.

  333. 333 : dinaz Says:

    cant wait to watch it tomorrow i m soooooo…tempted to watch the raw but better to wait for subs..orelse i’ll keep thinking whats going on..hehe 🙂
    @sharon me tooooooooooo…. 😛 would love to be in her place..lol

  334. 334 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah! I wait until it’s all subbed, so I can just watch both at the same time.

  335. 335 : hanhyosang Says:

    Finished episode 13 ! Love the ending ~ bittersweet ! ♥

  336. 336 : Mylene Says:

    the ratings went up in ep13. I am so excited to watch:-)

  337. 337 : niczej Says:

    like like like! 🙂

  338. 338 : hny Jo Says:

    lee gun hair change…finally, hmmm jo ha..his face became same class with hyun bin;))

  339. 339 : windsun33 Says:

    Yay, It hit #1 spot among dramas for the Wed-Thur slots. Snails FTW.

  340. 340 : usa-mary Says:

    Lee Gun is a WILD MAN; he’s too much!!! LOL! Rappin’…giving points on how to hold a baby at a commercial filming for his company’s product…getting upset when Room 2006 got booked from under him…rehearsing what to say when he sees MY…messing with folks at a bar (actually, he continued with his own private conversation). It’s a wonder they didn’t comp an attitude.

    He was too funny at the grand opening of the art gallery/MY’s art exhibit. That man is hilarious…the antics he comes up with is too much!

    I like his hair…lookin’ muy bonito, Poppi!

    His imagination is still out of control, again…

    I like the relationship that he has with his MIL (he and MY are not divorced, until he files the paperwork-which he didn’t).

    What’s with all the blind date photos looking like MY?! LOL Even LG’s half brother wants a woman with MY’s characteristics. The BOND GIRL has arrived!

    I wonder if MY’s friend, Ji Yun will get together with LG’s half brother, Lee Young?

    Daniel, no matter what color your hair is, you’re still FINE!

  341. 341 : rory Says:

    Yes! EP.13 is definitely better than last week eps! Welcome back show^^

  342. 342 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 13
    So, Gun is the rapping now! Hahaha! Go ahead Mc Gunn.👍

    I love you Gun, but easy on the laugh. Although Gun’s laugh is his signature
    It can be annoying.😁

    Gun has been keeping taps on MY. He knows exactly what she has been doing, but does not know she is in Korea. He does know!! Gunnie, is ahead of the game.

    Oh hell no!! Gun is too funny, jumping over stuff to Pink Panter’s team song. Hahahahaha! Inspector Cluzo need to stop!! 😃😃😃😃

    Daniel, gigolo oppa!! Hahaha

    Oh my goodness, Gun’s brother is also in love with MY!! Oh hell no! Too funny!! 🎉

    The texting back and forth remind me of the movies You’ve Got Mail/ Sleepless in Seattle.

    I enjoyed ep 13 immensely!! Looking forward to ep 14.

  343. 343 : Jess Says:

    It’s too long to wait till next week…..Can’t wait!!!

  344. 344 : yatik Says:

    ailee – googdbye my love is the best ost of the year …..

  345. 345 : yatik Says:

    wish the best drama of the year were fated to love you …

  346. 346 : tigerb Says:

    @rory: ep. 14, would you like that kind of proposal? i don’t mind as long as it’s cjh! i feel bad for lg, and i think in the end the original couple will be together, just guessing!

  347. 347 : seol Says:

    ailee’s ost goodbye my love is soooo beautiful and perfect for their love story.i just cant stop listening.i loved both eps esp cos of the txting scenes which luks soo real and beautiful letting us see the feelings and emotions behind each word.soo cute,aigoo!!..as for the proposal,am not surprised,daniel pitt is just perfect for everything just that he got the wrong girl this time.i think its a wake up call for Gun now.but we all know just as the title states,they are the fated ones and not daniel..great drama!

  348. 348 : seol Says:

    I guess I should say this again and agree with you- omooo,Daniel is just too FINNNNEEEE!..aigoooooo,like the perfect sunset in autumn.cutey cutey!

  349. 349 : Dy.K Says:

    Gyaaa Ep 13 Rawwwcks!! To many favourite scene..lets see :
    – The Commercial, part where Gun do the rap
    – The Exhibition, the inspector gadget theme song and most people will hide behind flower carnation, as for Gunnie, well see it by yourself 😀 I wonder who put the idea first for him to hide there.
    – The Bar scene, where he mostly do a monologue. “My name is Jang Hyuk”
    Gunnie steal all scenes at Ep. 13 !! And i do love Mi Young transformation..where she stil delicate (yet) elegant. A fine Chic.

    And for ep 14, even though i’m will vote for our OTP..but that last scene at the theater my O my…Gunnie you have to do your homework to beat that for sure….i hope you sing a song for her coz u did it good at ep 13 even just a glimps.

  350. 350 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-332: I totally agree about the back hug…that man could hug me anywhere! I’ll wear a ‘free 24/7 hugs’ button with his name (for him only) printed on it! hehehe

    @seol-348: Yes, I agree! He’s like the perfect sunset in autumn (your words); …a Harvest Moon…ushering in the gentle breeze of Fall (my words)…smile Hey seol…we could be like the Hon Sisters! hehehe

    I like how Gunnie goes around making the snail sign when no one’s around…thinking about Ellie. Sooo sweet! He’s in love with her with his sentimental self. Posing as a female who bought Ellie’s painting…and not just any woman…Secy Tak’s mother…he sent Ellie’s Snail painting to her home…telling Secy Tak to get it and bring it to him. That man!

    I’m enjoying the texting between Gunnie aka unnie Lee and Ellie. She’s opening up to a stranger and doesn’t know why.

    I know marriage can be a challenging, learning process, but I would bet (if I was a betting woman) that being married to Jang Hyuk is a lot of fun.

  351. 351 : dinaz Says:

    Watched both the episodes ftlv gets better and better with each episode 🙂
    Same here surprised at the sudden rap..lol but he did so well..haha :))
    loved how mi young’s mom lovingly cooked for Gun,eventhough she tried hiding her feelings its so clear she considers him like her own son..kamsamida omonim for being so affectionate to Gun 🙂
    To be truthful Gun’s laugh dont annoy me anymore!!with such hunk looks everything is forgiven..lol its tough to choose between Gun and daniel both are too awesome but i keep looking out for Gun more now..hehe 😛
    i liked his ideas of hiding from Mi young specially jumping from the tree like a monkey..lol
    The saddest scene where i felt teary was when he went to his secret room and said ‘Gae ttong ah you’re mom is so cool’..sniff sniff :((
    so he just couldnt let her go from his heart,he kept track of her,how she was how,well she was doing for herself,i didnt expect that from Gun.. 🙁
    i thought it would be like the t version..but no Gun is such a gem..
    ep6 was sweet..love the sand art Daniel made,at the same time i felt so bad to see Gun in the hall..
    i m so glad our sweet mi young dint change at all she is still the same..its only her looks that changed :))

  352. 352 : tiffy Says:

    20 episodes,yay!Thought it was 16.

  353. 353 : niczej Says:

    the proposing oh no! 🙁

    snail couple fighting! 🙂

  354. 354 : bigeye46 Says:

    great drama n work hard again

  355. 355 : ki Says:

    nice drama

  356. 356 : eve Says:

    There was never anything wrong with LG hair. Why so much outcry. It fitted his character.

  357. 357 : ika08 Says:

    I wish Gun and Mi Young realized that they need each other,, i wish Mi Young deny that propose and she agree become a model for Gun’s project, absolutely with Gun as a couple with his project… Please make Daniel leave Seoul for a few days, so Gun and Mi Young can spend a few days together.

  358. 358 : anne Says:

    I knew it, it is Kang sera, Daniel Pitt’s younger sister in the end. waaa, love this drama.. but seems like that I fall for daniel this time, the proposal, it’s so awesome, jjang!! But, it’s so sad if daniel can’t win over min young’s heart, I love gunnie ssi, but now I love daniel more… LOL…. ahhh.. wed-thu, why is it slowly come now?? ;-D 😀

  359. 359 : nzul Says:

    Gun looks more charming now, and 6 more episodes are just so short to enjoy his look, hhaaahahaahahaha, the way he laughs is so great :D, i found my self follow him to laugh whenever he laughs.

  360. 360 : kim Says:

    i’m going crazy in this drama, badly want to see what will happen
    next and i’m expecting a good ending for all of them atleast even in the drama all must be feel great and happy inspite of a saddened things happened on the story… im looking forward to the next episode of this drama 🙂

  361. 361 : tania Says:

    ost please 😀

  362. 362 : BUNn14 Says:

    i love the ost.all are interesting and good to hear

  363. 363 : Sharon Says:

    Finally, got to watch ep 14, was soo busy for these past couple of days, but I am back on track.
    Ep 14 was really good. I was asking myself last week, if Gun stop his crazy antics would this story be interesting enough to keep it’s audience? My answer now is YES!! Ep 14 prove that to me, the story goes deeper than Gun’s antics.
    It shows the guilt of a brother that lost his sister and would give the world to find her. It shows a mom that trow away his true love and now searching for ways to retrieve it. Why can’t we just give love when we are given love?? Why do humans take things for granted, believing it will always be there? It also shows a woman who has always giving of herself from the minute picking up coffee to the grandiose giving of her love. Now decides to give to herself.
    I love how they text each other, like the movie You’ve Got Mail. Daniel’s proposal was very artistic and I for one would not be able to resist. Yes, Yes, yes!!! Would be my answer. What will MK answer be? I strongly believe she will say yes and Gun will not say a word.

    Gun is looking more handsome, while Daniel is getting more sexy. 😘😘

  364. 364 : thya Says:

    its really funny to hear gunshii’s laugh, when he start to laugh automatically i start to laugh too, really like the drama

  365. 365 : Birddybuddy Says:

    This is my kind of Kdrama loll👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😘😘😘💑

  366. 366 : usa-mary Says:

    A few snippets from episode 15…

    Gun is so FINE with his new hairstyle in episode 15.

    Daniel…I’m quite sure there’s too many women to count who will accept your bouquet of flowers along with your proposal.

    What’s with Secy. Tak and this tooting out his booty to get slapped by Gun??? Man, that’s sexual harassment big time Tak, hinting at your boss to do that, and not cute for a grown man, at all.

    When I was a child, when another child crossed the behavioral lines with us. Sometimes we tooted our booty, with a slapping gesture towards that person, in lieu of telling them to kiss our aspirations. LOL (Yes, I’m being mindful of what and how I’m posting on here).

  367. 367 : jewles Says:

    In Korea, adults pat the bottoms of children to say “good job.” Sec T is looking for compliments or approval each time he is protruding his butt to the boss 🙂

  368. 368 : usa-mary Says:

    @jewles-367: Its no different here in the USA when it comes to parents displaying affection towards their children. Secy Tak is not Gun’s child, but a grown MAN who works for him. Its the writers’ choice for Secy Tak to do that, even if its an odd, unethical one. SMILE

  369. 369 : tiffy Says:

    @niczej 353,
    I wouldn’t worry about the proposal scene too much,it’s obvious daniel ain’t getting her. :).

  370. 370 : cc Says:

    Oh i love this drama so much… Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra are super good in acting… is really touch my heart a lot. Fighting!!!

  371. 371 : niczej Says:

    @369 tiffy
    hehehe.. oh its nice to see you again after Doctor Stranger.. 🙂

    Episode 15 its like Woah!! the ending is jussssttttt little bit more closer…

  372. 372 : usa-mary Says:

    Sometimes I wonder what’s behind Gun’s laugh. Is it a nervous, emotional cover up of his true feelings or a prelude to work up confidence before a bold display of authority? Maybe its a combination of both? Depending on the situation and who he’s dealing with at the time.

    Well, leave it to me to become analytical. Especially, since there aren’t really any cold, harsh antagonists in this drama to poke fun at, like in When A Man Loves. I had a field day with that drama.

    On this thread, there’s a Note that stated, its been 12 years since JH and JNR worked together since the drama Successful Story of A Bright Girl. I saw that drama about 5+ years ago. I didn’t realize it was them in this drama until I saw the note. It was fantastic…what great chemistry they had, then and now. Though JNR had more weight on her then, she’s cute and petite in this current drama. As Ellie Kim, she appears to be more womanly now in mind and attire.

  373. 373 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up i like daniel and ellie kim are togther this way and wait and see if they are together or not

  374. 374 : torri Says:


  375. 375 : tiffy Says:

    @niczej 373
    lol,u remeber me?It’s good to see to see you too, :). This show is just daebak!I love it,are you watching temptation too? :).

  376. 376 : tiffy Says:

    @niczej 373
    lol,u remeber me?It’s good to see to see you too, :). This show is just daebak!I love it,are you watching temptation too? :). It’s also nice along with it’s okay that’s love.

  377. 377 : usa-mary Says:

    LOL…Gunnie called Daniel a swallow after seeing him and Ellie returning to her apartment/studio after shoe shopping. Not to mention, the swallow breaking his legs. tsk tsk tsk Gunnie, shame on you! The first time I heard the term swallow used was in the kdrama, How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor starring Bae Do Na. Swallow means gigolo. Gunnie is too much.

    At least, Ellie knows how to check Gunnie (when he goes overboard) to the point where he takes her seriously and stops that crazy behavior.

    I tell you, when Secy Tak walks into Gunnie’s dark office and sees the back of his chair, he knows first hand to be prepared. One never knows what’s drawn on his face or what he’s tied to. If this was reality, Gunnie would definitely be thought as being cray cray looking for the cuckoo nest!

    I really like the relationship he has with Mi Young’s mother; even though Mi Young wants him to dissolve it. Her mother looks for him to come to the restaurant to eat his food. She gets live entertainment to say the least when he arrives.

    Mi Young’s sister’s are choosing between Daniel and Gunnie, too funny!

  378. 378 : niczej Says:

    @ 376 tiffy:
    yes yes i really like this drama. i’m planning to watch temptation. but i don’t know for “its okay that’s love”..

    Daebak! i really really really can’t wait for next week.. 🙂

  379. 379 : car marie Says:

    hi! i just finished watching episode 16 of fated to love (korean)…and i found all the drawings very interesting…i wonder who is the true artist behind it? i like all the designs and wanted to buy one of her drawing…i really like Ellie Kim’s art studio…the drawing in the lamp…couch…almost everything! Above all, i really like the story…it touches my heart so much that made me cry a lot, especially on episode 11…but the fun part of it is the team up of Lee Gun and Mr. Tak, along with Dr. Octopus! What a laugh!!! Especially when Gun would say, Dr. Octopus will shoot him with his ink! hahaha! Too bad the story will end soon…4 episodes to go! Fighting!!!
    Appreciate if you could give me the name of the real artist behind Ellie Kim’s creation. Thank you!

  380. 380 : Dy.K Says:

    I’m tangle between two opinion about this drama. First i never like a twisted up and down kind of drama, so its good that tgis drama only have 4 episodes to go. BUUUT i love this couple so much…so i’m hoping they prolong it into 24 eps. Somehow after watch ep 16, i’m thinking 4 eps is too short to tell about the missunderstanding, the make up, the lovely dovey, the obstacle before HEA ending, and then they can finnaly have their HEA. Fiuuuh..never thought will love this korean version so much.

  381. 381 : usa-mary Says:

    Speaking of décor/interior design. I really like the attachment Daniel affixed to the back of Ellie’s Computer monitor. It holds not only Post-Its, but pencils, etc. I want one!

    I, too, like Ellie’s studio. The glass walls and door, the lighting is excellent too for drawing, painting, etc. I’m sold on that floor plan and layout.

  382. 382 : OO Says:

    @ 379
    car marie

    it’s Youk Shim Won ..the artist for Kim Mi Young/Ellie Kim paintings in FTLY.

  383. 383 : Carmelita147 Says:

    I also like this drama. It will make you laugh and will also may you cry. It’s hilarious and also romantic comedy. I anticipating a good ending for the last 4 episodes.

  384. 384 : Rayanh Says:

    drama beautiful

  385. 385 : hanna Says:

    extension please …. nice couple together again in this drama

  386. 386 : jangna Says:

    Story is so far so good, but this drama would be more interesting if it had other actors, actresses. This leading actors makes me sick.

  387. 387 : munah Says:

    sebenarnya kawan……best lagi versi taiwan…….5 kali tengok..5 kali menangis………….

  388. 388 : munah Says:

    jang hyuk terlalu tua untuk jang nara……….

  389. 389 : Dena Says:

    Best drama…. Kudos to the two Jangs.. Amazing chemistry on the screen… Other casts are just good too. Never before I cried in a drama, but I cried buckets on the last few episodes. Jang Hyuk and Nara deserve an award.

  390. 390 : Fullheart5 Says:

    This drama would not be as good if it had different leads. Sorry to those who whine otherwise.

  391. 391 : amber Says:

    don’t want this series to end. JH has a certain charm to him that makes this team up works!

  392. 392 : juv Says:

    One of the Best drama of 2014….

  393. 393 : solsikke Says:

    omg jang hyuk jjang!!!!!!!!
    I can feel his pain through the way he looks at mi young. he’s really good actor!
    my favorite scene is lee gun’s dinner time at mi young’s mother restaurant >_<

  394. 394 : Petronila Says:

    Acting of Lee Gun and Daniel Pitt are truly superb. You can truly feel with emotions what they want to imply. Daniel’s sweet and kind, loving character.. Very amiable. Lee Gun’s emotions so finely guarded not to show that he is hurting. I can not wait for the result of their relationship with Mi Young. The writer is so good. I am afraid that because of the title of the drama,Mi Young might leave or won’t belong to Daniel, but will reunite with Lee Gun. Will see.

  395. 395 : usa-mary Says:

    @Fullheart5-390: Thank you for posting that, and I agree with you 100%.

  396. 396 : uwie Says:

    who said jang hyuk too old for jang nara, they’re look great I like they chemistry character of gun is soo unussually and I think jang hyuk played as gun is good and I like when he laugh hahahaha…….
    my son also like his laugh hahahaha….

  397. 397 : Dy.K Says:

    @Fullheart5-390 : +1
    Yes we know the story before, but the lead cast make me keep watching and always waiting for next episode..Kudos.

  398. 398 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, true this drama would not be the same without the main leads. No one could have embodied Gunn’s character like Jang Hyuk and who could portray the warm, caring, innocent character Kim Mi Young like Jang Na Ra. They became their characters, I can’t imagin them as therir previous character I will always remember, or identify them as Gunn and Mi Young from the drama Fated to love you.
    I love how the script writer/ Director take a Taiwanese hit drama and leave it the same yet make it different. Kamsahamnida.😌😌

    Thanks for the info, I bought the cup. Thanks again!!

  399. 399 : Soma Says:

    Best drama ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  400. 400 : soel Says:

    oh my….. I don’t remember the last time a drama made me feel this way-making me want to fall in love already and give so much for love!-and if anyone had told me jang will be this good, I would have soo said No but I love him soo much here..ep 17 was beautifully done with the whole confessions and the last scene with gun’s video was the climax. this is one great drama.so sad but just want to rewatch ever!

  401. 401 : stella anne Says:

    i love this drama, i love the casts. main leads are so perfect. i love the drawings of ellie kim. thanks to OO, i learned the artist behind those drawings is youk shim won. those lamps, tote bags, chairs & pillows are so nice …. i want to own one … though i find it quite expensive… ep 17 is so moving. i hope lee gun & mi young will settle all those misunderstandings.

  402. 402 : jmac Says:

    This is so hard to watch.. With their superb acting you can feel their pain and sorrow… They made us laugh so hard and now their making as cry too.. WOW.. I really love this drama. Love the acting of both lead actors. Can’t ask for more. This drama keep climbing on top of my list.. No matter what will be the ending of this, i got to say this already is one of the best drama i’ve watched.. Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk are AMAZING!!! Congrats.. Love Jang Na Ra..

  403. 403 : Miggy Says:

    this is Beautifully Done, as a remake, it surpasses the EMotions, Wit, Fun, and all in it of the original. What a brilliant story, Bravo to the writers and scriptwriters!… I guess they made it this way due to the JJANGS couple, their skill will be wasted if its not fully maximize right?! They really are one of the BEST ACTORs in Korea…. Good to see that Jang Nara is now doing a lot of Drama in Korea…since she came back in 2011 thru Baby Faced Beauty, truly her acting is still recognized…Im really her fan…
    SNAIL couple aja!!!

  404. 404 : Lin Says:

    Tis snail couple really awesome. Cry a bucket upon watching ep17. Think will have amazing ending. 🙂

  405. 405 : miss leaf Says:

    Can not wait for watch ep with eng subs tonite ^.^. Love snail couple so much..

  406. 406 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 17: i’m usually, ‘what i don’t know does not hurt me’, but what lee gun did to mi young three years before was cruel, knowing that she loved him. if he denied his feelings for her because of his illness, that was worse, as she was badly hurt after all that sincerity. if there was love between them, she could have taken whatever befall them. His denial caused both of them to suffer for three years!. what a wasted time!

  407. 407 : Miggy Says:

    True TIGERB!… his denial caused both of them 3 years of Pain and heartaches,,, but anyway Im guessing tonight will be different… at least they know each others feelings!…. Im waiting for SKINSHIP actually so Baby will come along…hoping that they will not make Gunnie suffer more of his illness,..we’ve cried so much because of their pain…and the agony of waiting for a week is too much to bear.. Let us wish tonight FTLY team will put back our Smiles and heart pumping Joy of Love…..:)

  408. 408 : amber Says:

    I don’t want this series to end!

  409. 409 : torri Says:

    i cried yesterday like a baby wow the girl can act i could feel her pain when she watch those videos i just could not help but weep with her

  410. 410 : ben Says:

    Can anyone tell me how many episode is this? How come ep18 seems like final episode feeling to me? I just finish watching the live telecast and it seems final to me. Hope someone can give me an idea.

  411. 411 : nitta Says:

    I really like this drama so much. I like Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra’s actings, their chemistry. Their potrayal of the LG and KMY are perfect. And I like the story, the sense of humour in comedy part, the annoying laugh of LG, the love story. Not boring at all. This is really best drama for now

  412. 412 : nitta Says:

    Please make it happy ending. Don’t make LG die!

  413. 413 : pari Says:

    i love you and you are so cute

  414. 414 : pari Says:

    i am one of the hard fan of your film

  415. 415 : cassie Says:

    Love all the cast and their acting. Rating from Napa 20…………excellent cast. Love jang nara. I am sad that it is ending. They have to tie some loose ends before they finish this. Give the couple another dog poopie. Let the youngster marry too. To convince mom make a baby like the first time. good luck

  416. 416 : cassie Says:

    People lovely commenters a question? what is another good drama aside from this old and new. Thanks

  417. 417 : iammee Says:

    i can’t help but admire jang hyuk not just because he is handsome but he is such a great actor. he cant carry all kinds of roles. jang nara is doing well also. this is a great reunion drama for them.

  418. 418 : juv Says:

    Jang hyuk is one of my fav b4… but now, he’s really on top my list…. great2x actor…..Jang Nara, lovely actress

  419. 419 : miss leaf Says:

    Yup, Jang hyuk is not only handsome but he is a qualified actor as well. He is the top one korean actor for me now ^.^.

  420. 420 : Sam Says:

    Enjoying the show very much:)

  421. 421 : LSY Says:

    Watched the Taiwan version couple years ago, and really liked it. After few years with the same story but different casts, I fall in love with the drama again together with the heart touching ost! 장혁 is really good, well done!

  422. 422 : tigerb Says:

    @Miggy#407: you predicted it well! at ep.18, it’s love back on track! you must be enjoying this immensely!

  423. 423 : tigerb Says:

    @cassie #416: i watched ’emergency couple’ or ’emergency man and woman’ recently and i enjoyed that. it’s about second chances, a little comedic too. also, you might like ‘secret’ which to me was really dramatic. i believe i posted on those pages, so you can read what i thought of those dramas. i suggest you watch a few episodes then decide if you’d like to proceed. cheers!

  424. 424 : tigerb Says:

    @Ben#410: if you look up, it said 20 episodes. yeah, it felt like ep. 18 is final but some side situations need resolutions, like daniel finding his lost sister. they should make his a happy ending after all that noble altruistic nature to give way for a undeniable love between the two leads.

  425. 425 : hanhyosang Says:

    Love the cast, love the ost, love this drama . DAEBAK !! ♥♥♥♥

  426. 426 : Simon Says:

    At the beginning go Ep 18, I was wondering what will the writer do for the rest of the drama, 3 hours is too long. I hope the story don’t turn into “The Notebook”. Lee Gun lost all his memory, that will be really sad and do not fit the comedy nature of this show. However, what can happen for 2 more episodes?

  427. 427 : jmac Says:

    @Simon i think they will make this like “The Notebook” but with a twist.! since they are putting a lot of attention to the illness of LG, it may occur. I also feel they will have their 2nd dog poopie. No matter what will be the turn out of this drama i already love it! this drama is really amazing. it all what im looking for on a romantic comedy. all of the ingredients are there. Jang Nara and Jang Hyung are both great actors, the rest are icing on the cake. This drama is already 2nd on my list. Secret Garden is the first. 🙂

  428. 428 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Fated to love ü janggggg 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂💑😘

  429. 429 : Carmarie Says:

    Up until now, I thought that the Taiwinese version of Fated to Love You was better; however, episodes 17 and 18 changed my mind. These last two episodes were so good: I cried, I laughed and I sighed. I am impatiently looking forward to the last two episodes. The writers have redeemed themselves, I am looking forward to a great ending.

  430. 430 : niczej Says:

    Love the Snail Couple 🙂

  431. 431 : christina Says:

    Both version of the dramas have their own storyline and i enjoyed both very much. Jang Na Ra , Jang Hyuk & Choi Jin Hyuk act very well , these emotional scene esp. JH & JNR you cry with them & the Taiwanese version too. Fans of Daniel you should watch EMERGENCY COUPLE (MAN / WOMAN)he was great in that drama & i enjoyed it very much , give it a shot!

  432. 432 : jennifer Says:

    This drama makes me watch over and over again. I don’t want it to end.

  433. 433 : Miggy Says:

    This series is an amazingly done, one of the best remake i must say!..

    Guys,didnt you notice number 3 is a significant number for our Snail couple, well after room number 2006 :), its coming on full circle now, 3months when MiYoung lost their DogPoppie, that is also when our Gunnie fell and lost his 3months memory pre-Miyoung appearance, after 3 years they met again, now they’re back with each other arms, Gunnie takes on 3 months vacation, wondering what will happen on that 3 months…

    @JMAC#427, we are on the same boat, they really making his illness the center of this drama, but thats why its entitled FTLY!…despite of his illness, Gunnie will always FATED to Love MiYoung despite of his memory losing, i guess its the heart that will matter, and so is MiYoung will always be FATED to LOVE Gunnie inspite of everything what will happen, be it Gunnies remembering her or shutting his doors again for her….but as always LOVE will endure all the heartaches and pain it will bring..coz Loving someone and be loved by someone is the happiest moment in our lives…

    please writers,, give our Snail couple a happy ending!!!, wish they will have another drama together, the chemistry is really undeniable!, bring them back again on screen the soonest, perhaps in a historical one…JJANGS couple rocks! #teamJJANGS for another drama!

  434. 434 : amber Says:

    I have been watching the series again because it is just so good. I hate for it to end!

  435. 435 : JAA Says:

    Bang Boom!
    This is the bestest Drama after The Master’s sun 2013! XD
    I totally love all of actors and actress did a great acting!

  436. 436 : OO Says:

    Btw, anyone interested for FTLY director cut DVD? copy from SOH blog by Gumi

    We have started a demand survey to estimate demand for FTLY Director’s Cut DVD!
    This is to figure out if pushing for Director’s Cut is actually possible, and if there’s not enough demand, we won’t be seeing Director’s Cut DVD at all.

    Our current goal is to get 2000 sign-ups.
    With enough people’s cooperation, FTLY Director’s Cut DVD would feature a lot of bonus videos!
    Director’s Cut will include not only the broadcasted scenes, but also the unreleased cuts that were edited out due to time limit. Also, it will additionally feature BTS film, NG cuts, and interviews of actors, writers and the director.

    *Episodes will have English subtitles

    For more information:


  437. 437 : j Says:

    super panalo talaga.
    matagal kong hinantay na maging partner sila ulit.
    sana naman maganda ang ending nito.
    bagay talaga sila.
    parehas magaling umarte.
    ang gwapo pa ng main actor.

  438. 438 : ikha08 Says:

    Ahhhh Mi Young Lee Gun jjang!!!!
    I have been crying, laughing, and screaming at the same time when I was watching ep 18!!!
    The last scene was very touched,, I could feel their feeling.. Really interesting!!
    I can’t wait the last two episode!!
    Why Wednesday comes too long!!!

  439. 439 : Sharon Says:

    This is Daniel’s (Choi Jin Hyuk) final drama before going into the military for two years. Good luck Choi Jin Hyuk and I hope your time spent in the military a success.😘😘😘

  440. 440 : pari Says:

    I enjoy this drama.

  441. 441 : Meliss Says:

    Same with many others, I love this drama very very much, repeat watching & watching no matter crying & laughing, wish to have good ending. And looking forward for more dramas from Jang Hyuk, like him very much.

  442. 442 : Dy.K Says:

    Omo..ep 18 LUV IT. I take this ep to be their lovely dovey momment. They also wear the same color tone a few times in this eps. And that momment when Mi Young pinched Gun cheek…
    Mmm..in ep 16. There were a time when Mi Young n Gun working late night at the office. Gun played 2 songs from his cellphone. Can somebody tell me about song #2 lyrics? Coz Mi Young had a face that screaming “Totally AWKWARD” 😀

  443. 443 : fighterrr Says:

    i think i have started watching this drama,

  444. 444 : Tommy Says:

    This drama is copied from a Taiwanese drama which screen in 2010 titled “You are my Destiny”

  445. 445 : seng Says:

    The best drama ever.!! I love it. I can watch it over and over..

  446. 446 : mae Says:

    Best drama ever…i luv them snail couple!hoping der wil be another drama mi young and gun as a couple..again!!!!

  447. 447 : Miss Leaf Says:

    for me so far this is THE BEST ROMANCE COMEDY KOREAN DRAMA 2014.
    Congrats to Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, and the other cast members, Producer, Director, Screen writer and all of team members!!

  448. 448 : cherry Says:

    very nice comedy drama…hope to have another drama with Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk…would like to watch it over and over again…. good job!

  449. 449 : ana Says:

    good job

  450. 450 : tigerb Says:

    as expected it’s a happy ending. it’s a good watch, the earlier episodes were better for me, after reaching the peak of what should happen, the following scenes fell into place and were no longer exciting. although it may not be relevant, they did not show lee gun and mi young to learn that se ra is actually daniel pitt’s sister. i think that kind of happiness should have been shared. i like the leads acting and there was real chemistry between them. i always like to watch choi jin hyuk – look forward to seeing him again in another series. cheers!

  451. 451 : surie Says:

    Love much this drama….,and I luv a snail couple….

  452. 452 : mae Says:

    Huhu!no more snail couple..i’l watch diz again..
    i luv der story and der snail couple combnation.
    Hoping that der wil be another drama or movie between
    jang hyuk and jang na ra as a couple again..miz dem ol already after
    Watching the last episode..

  453. 453 : hanhyosang Says:

    I’m in the ‘fated hangover’ state . T_T

  454. 454 : arij Says:

    snail couple love you i think that drama is the best in year 2014

  455. 455 : Dy.K Says:

    LUUUUV IT!!! First this drama got my attention because its a remake from a famous drama. The cast put this drama to “must watch” list. Then the whole package make me fall in love with all 20 eps.
    For those who haven’t watch this drama but already watched the taiwanese. Well, i think you should watch the korean version without try to compare it from the previous. Just enjoy how the lead cast act (SUPERB), the korean style plot, ignore the ratings and i hope you will feel the same about this drama like most of us here.
    Aaah good season for summer drama of 2014 coz of MND n FTLY.

  456. 456 : Dsant Says:

    FTLY, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! really; for me the best 2014 rom-com. The chemistry between the OTP is brilliant.
    Kudos to MBC, the management/staff, the actors/actress job well done!!!!

  457. 457 : agnesia Says:

    Oughhh…. reaaaally cool Jang Hyun.. Luv yaaa ^^ He’s a tough guy!!!

  458. 458 : REICHIKU Says:

    I really love this Drama.. :))
    It makes me cry and laugh at the same time..
    It so sad that it end so soon..

    but anyways.. Good Job Snail couple.. 🙂
    I hope to see again on the other drama.. FIGHTING!! Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk Oppa.. :)))

  459. 459 : ikha08 Says:

    I have #FTLY syndrome now.. Mi Young and Lee Gun really great.. I hope they have another drama together again.. “Snail couple, i miss it!!!”

  460. 460 : Gae Ddong Says:


    PLEASE REMAKE ‘The Prince Who Turns into a Frog’ PLAYED BY JANG NA-RA & JANG HYUK.

  461. 461 : KDCraze Says:

    Loved this drama. It makes me smile and happy. Fated To Love You is always one of my favourite drama story. I love both Taiwanese and Korean Version the same because both have their own special thing. I hope Korean can make a remake of my other favourite Taiwanese drama Devil Beside You and have Lee Min Ho as a leading actor. 😀

  462. 462 : nitta Says:

    Best drama so far. I love this drama so much and I really like Jang Hyuk’s acting here. Waiting for his next drama

  463. 463 : usa-mary Says:

    What a lovely ending…so endearing…I really enjoyed it. Though different, but that’s okay. This entire drama was different from the usual kdramaland chaebol relationships and that’s fine with me.

    Compared to the original Taiwanese version of Fated To Love You; both are dear to me and both stand individually as AMAZING dramas. I wouldn’t change either of them nor prefer one over the other. Creativity is universal, and I appreciate the different languages, cultures and visual appearances of its art forms.

    Ep. 20, the ending was so funny. Heck…there was so much to laugh at and about in this drama that it really made it a special one to me. For instance…
    Dr. Octopus spouting his ink at Rice Wrap Lady per Gunnishi. Then, Dr. Octopus going late in the evening to woo and eat at RWLady’s restuarant…too sweet. Dr. Octopus reminds me of a good, solid tree. He may be missing a few leaves on the top, but his roots are still lively!!! LOL

    More funny accounts…when RWLady applied that red lipstick, getting ready for Dr. Octopus. (By the way…its scientifically proven that ‘men’ like the color red on women, and I’ve found it to be true). Then, giving her family the ‘go away’ signal, then getting real with the President who for some reason didn’t think that look applied to him. She gave him the snake-fang sign. He got the message then…LOL!

    Hamo Hamo everyone! Until…

  464. 464 : bigeye46 Says:

    thumb up

  465. 465 : Dena Says:

    This is the kind of love story I want to see. The love showed by Lee Gun and Min Young was amazing I feel like I want to fall in love again. Love is just we all need. The ending was just perfect. Excellent acting by Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. I wish to see them again in another project. This is my number 1 drama and I will watch it again and again. Thanks to all for this wonderful story.

  466. 466 : Sharon Says:

    Ok Gun, a tree, REALLY!
    Yuk, is advertising her product to the max!
    Daniel’s song really convey his feelings. Bravo!
    Fated To Love you made me cry and laugh at the same time.
    A job well done!!!

  467. 467 : Adhe Talla Says:

    Fated to love you is superb,awesome and perfect korean drama in 2014. I love the JANG combo in the drama. Jang hyuk and Jang Nara make me laugh and shed tear at the same time while watching this. Anyway, good job for all beautiful casts. We will never forget this drama because it is a waste to miss. I hope the two leading roles will get the appreciation for best actor n actress as well as best couple n best drama of the year. Amen.

  468. 468 : anni Says:

    this drama is kawaii !!! :3
    I love this couple and the script. the actor Gun is so fun to watch, i love his laugh. gonna miss the snail couple

  469. 469 : Meliss Says:

    Ya, ya, will really miss this drama ! Same with many others, hope to come out another sweet& romance drama by both of them !

  470. 470 : Chrissy Says:

    Everyone who liked this show should check out theold movie “An Affair To Remember” with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant, and see how similar the storyline is, as far as the “noble sacrifice” goes. I’m sure the FTLY writers used it as their inspiration.

  471. 471 : juv Says:

    I miss snail couple… definitely a big contender for best drama of the year….

  472. 472 : bluenix Says:

    this the best remake kdrama of all time that has different storyline…though some may seems like saying this is a bit boring and draggy after the time skip but as far as i know they always put a scene in every episode a happy one..i dnt know if iam the only one like all the cp converstion of gun and miyoung?heck as long as i see them together on screen i wont complain…and for the others who said the last 3 eps are fillers,a fan service…well im so happy for that and contented…y would i chose to watch the show full of angst and crying and a vague ending..atleast they cover up thos prev ep w/ this last 3eps that has full of fun,chessiness,lovidovey,hahaha….this maybe a light one(all characters are lovable) compare to the original but the message of this remake is about living life to the fullest..gun fated to love miyoung to be there for him when his scared for the future ahead while miyoung fated to love lee gun for she will be his shoulder to lean on..shes a tough girl, a heroin of prince lee gun…now i think about it ..its kinda similar to SSbrightgirl were she(yangsoon-jangNara) save her prince(kiTae-janghyuk)

    sorry for my grammar V(-_~)

  473. 473 : Tizzy Says:

    The best drama of 2014! I will watch this again. One of my all-time faves. Too funny, very romantic!

  474. 474 : OO Says:

    For those who want to have Director’s cut DVD of FTLY.
    you can pre-order from now:

    FTLY Director’s Cut DVD purcase page for international fans just opened!

    You can follow the link to make the payment.


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    *Instructions are provided in English and Chinese, for both links of ‘Others’. Click the button below ‘add to cart’ if you want to switch language.

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    DVD will out by early December.


    -Interview (Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk)
    -commentary (Jang Hyuk, jJang Nara and Director)
    -NG cuts
    -unreleased cuts
    -everything will be there!

    -photo book
    -Good luck chip (Gun gave to MiYoung in Macau)

    Cr: Gumi on soompi and http://stuckonhyuk.wordpress.com

  475. 475 : deb Says:

    soo lovely series! funny and sweet. thanks to FTLY team, all is perfect. Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara hope to see you again in another series, love the chemistry beetween you both.

  476. 476 : charlotte lennox Says:

    If you watch the old movie “An Affair To Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr you’ll see a lot of similarities to the “noble Idiocy” storyline of FTLY. I think the writers were influenced by this movie.

    By the way: if you have ideas for a Kdrama, are there any websites where you can pitch it?

  477. 477 : dinda Says:

    I really love this drama. Not make me boring and so charming to watch this drama. Its good to Recommended guys!

  478. 478 : minnieBell Says:

    usually i didn’t expect much from a remake drama. But since i know jang nara & jang hyuk since The Successful Story of a Bright Girl & also because i want to watch Choi Jin Hyuk^^, I give it a try. But then this drama exceed my expectation! The story is simple but it made me laugh, cry & smile..Totally love it! Jang Hyuk was hilarious from the beginning till the end!! I love his character the most! Awesome casts, awesome story flow, awesome OSTs. 2014 highly-recommended romcom drama 🙂 Thumbs up! Now i’m missing our snail couple.

  479. 479 : Grace Says:

    anyone knows, what the mobile phone models they use?

  480. 480 : juv Says:

    Miss snail couple…lovelove them

  481. 481 : Kartika Says:

    Love this drama, really funny. The character of Lee Gun is really attractive and make me laugh. Jang Hyuk already did it best. The chemistry of both main roles also great. Love this drama, good job! 🙂

  482. 482 : Kenshin Says:

    This is the FIRST time i watched a drama that i liked the characters all through out. I mean the female lead kept steadfast with her feelings without any of those usual “I can’t really let him know my feelings” syndrome where they tend to hide what they want! She even asked him (the male lead) straight forward if they could start anew when she had a miscarriage! Which he of course had to decline with his circumstances! I sooooooo love this! Kudos to the writer who had this remade…it’s worth to the last episode!!!!!

  483. 483 : diane Says:

    i love this korean version rather than the taiwanese…..i recommend this….

  484. 484 : Michelle Says:

    Oh how I MISS this drama….Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are just not the same for me….. :'(

  485. 485 : cuity17 Says:

    Hwaa jang hyuk’s acting is so amazing..sooo sexy soo hot haahhh!! N jang nara as well, the chemistry is so real ha..ha.. The way lee gun laugh here,it’s remind me of cha seung won ajushi..lol, JH played well his role here, He looked so different, in everydrama he palyed….. Such as good and talented actor, he can play at many genre action, romance, comedy n melo..etc and Jang Nara, she is so natural..pretty.. Never bore looked her face.. two thumbs up for both of you, snail couple!! Miss them already.. I haven’t seen taiwan version, but I thought .. I love this one!! Thanks writernim, you do a good job.. Well written.. Good story…:D

  486. 486 : winnie Says:

    it’s been a long time since i watched a drama where i got so addicted that i have to swith on the player while dressing up for work despite staying late nights watching. it’s unfortunate that disc 2 stuck up so i went on with disc 3 instead. i believe its in disc 2 that they developed their love story. thank you FTLY my days are livelier

  487. 487 : pineapple Says:

    Yes, totally agree!! the story is simple, but make me laugh, smile and cry a lot. It is a highly recommended rom com drama!!
    For me it is the best rom com drama 2014 so far..

    This drama makes me fall in love with Jang Hyuk’s performance, it is the first Jang Hyuk’s drama that i ever watched.

  488. 488 : juv Says:

    Miss waiting for wed n thurs…. miss snail couple

  489. 489 : juv Says:

    Now one of my all time fav…. 🙂

  490. 490 : francesca Says:

    best drama i’ve ever seen!! good story, good actors, beautiful song, really enjoy it from first episode to final! love JH and JN so much… two tumbs up for this drama!

  491. 491 : novii Says:

    Daebak !!!!! Recommended 😍😍😘 jang hyuk awesome !!!u make me laugh and cry in every episode aaaaakkkkkk i can’t believe is the end……i’ll wait for ur next rom com oppa !!!

  492. 492 : lee song yul Says:

    why don’t you just break up whith you’re real wife and let us be youre fan if you don’t mind; she’s ugly and realy u spend all time with her aren’t u digusting

  493. 493 : minnieBell Says:

    It’s already a month since I watched this drama but I’m still addicted to it. I watched other current dramas but my head kept thinking and missing this drama TT TT..I watched it 3 times already but still unable to cure the withdrawal syndrome..

  494. 494 : luzmil Says:

    i loved ellie kim pic. try 2 find it,not yet find that 🙁

  495. 495 : choopatiu Says:

    I had fun watching this drama,Jang hyuk acting was great n he is good looking too,but it was the ost I fell in love with.

  496. 496 : mimi Says:

    i am very much in love with the snail couple! it has been such a long time that i enjoyed KDrama and this drama brought me on my knees. Lee Gun is definitely hilarious yet charming. Ellie Kim is honest and lovely and kind. Daniel Pitt makes me drool all the way.

    The chemistry is brilliant. The storyline is warm. Kudos to all the crews, the writers and the casts. Thank you for such a lovely drama. I laughed, I cried and I jumped with joy throughout the drama.

  497. 497 : lyla Says:

    i watched this drama with my husband, we cried and laughed together 🙂 we love this series. thanks #Fated to love you

  498. 498 : chinee chua Says:

    Hi to all Fated to Love You fans here. You can join the FTLY AWARDS by voting for your favorite categories of this great drama. The link is http://tinyurl.com/ftlyawards2014
    Enjoy voting and help spread the FTLY Fever! 😉

  499. 499 : Nyerilious Says:

    I love dis drama, hahahahaha snail couple

  500. 500 : key ro Says:

    hello, does anyone know what is the phone used in the drama? btw it was a great remake of fate to love you! 🙂

  501. 501 : nene Says:

    I really love this drama. The best rom com in 2014. Love the chemistry between them. Love jang hyuk , so handsome

  502. 502 : ellen Says:

    One of the best korean drama i’ve ever watched..many lessons i got! This drama is an inspiration to many couples..i love their chemistry that can touched one’s heart…Hope to see another drama of them..Jang Hyuk your so awesome…Good job Guys!

  503. 503 : Sheny Roselle Says:

    Two thumbs up to all the cast and crew of this KD most especially to the lead cast and the brilliant writer of course. You really made up our 2014 Best Korean Dramas. Good story line. I cried a lot.

  504. 504 : ginny Says:

    Wow….i like this drama….make me got moody cheasing up episode.compare with Taiwan viorsion,Korean viorsion more better.I love the way jang hyuk laughing.alot of funny part.hope this drama can be in this 2014yrs the best drama….

  505. 505 : amyz Says:

    hi.. i would love if this drma get the best drma …

  506. 506 : Meliss Says:

    Since you all love this drama so much, come on, let’s vote for it !!

  507. 507 : kez Says:

    guys i’m just from watching episode 20. I like the drama because it didn’t disappoint us to the end.

    By the way i love love love the OST, it is so wonderful. To all those that put everything together “This is one of the best art work of the year” i really wish to hear a lot of your works next year.

    This was daebak!!! Thank you team Fated To Love You!! Fighting!

  508. 508 : Haru Says:

    Jang Hyuk ♥

  509. 509 : Sioux Says:

    stunning Jang Hyuk and his kissable adorable lips <3

  510. 510 : fina Says:

    I really love FTLY drama…Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara have stolen my heart with their great acting skill and Their amazing chemistry 😀 It’s really nice drama to watch so i really wish All the best for this drama and All the cast..Fighting!!!! ^^

  511. 511 : merry Says:

    Hi everyone. To all who’ve watched this drama, let’s support by voting for this to be the best drama of 2014.. Fighting! http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=38086

  512. 512 : 12345 Says:

    Love the drama!! Made me cry so much!! I swear I’ve used up at least 3 boxes of tissues!! 😛
    Why does she wear her wedding ring on her right hand?

  513. 513 : deeAn Says:

    Love this couple since their drama “Brightfull girl sucsess story” 2008.
    Really surprising they reunite again in this drama ♡♡ duo Jang 🙂

  514. 514 : joan a. geslani Says:

    I enjoy watching the movie,best korean movie of the year.

  515. 515 : nining Says:

    i love this drama.

  516. 516 : Marites Tan Gerona Says:

    Thank you to this drama very much. Just when I thought my life was miserable, I started to watch a Kdrama after a longtime and this was it. A week of watching it after my work, at least 2-3 hrs a night made me happy. It’s nice to smile before you sleep and wake up good. This drama made me just that. It made my heart feel good and better. Really, thank you so much 🙂

  517. 517 : Marites Tan Gerona Says:

    The story however it was a remake, was really a good one. My sincere congrats to the writers who made all the characters lovable and not a dull moment from start to finish. Jang Hyuk what an incredible actor!His versatility to act anything shows that he is truly a veteran, a hallyu star. Love him here than the last I saw him Iris 2. His laugh so contagious…it is funny that at work, I find myself laughing like him unintentionally. Just goes to show the way I got emotionally swept by his character. Really love the story. It gave me hope. So grateful and very timely that i get to watch this in this moment. Truly blessed and lucky me!

  518. 518 : mar39 Says:

    one of the best korean drama(rephrased) for me the #1 drama on my list.Unlike any korean drama this one made me feel excited (esp.ep 1 and 20).Hence it made me laugh, cry, mad and love.Likewise this drama had a total package which are intimate, enjoyable, funny, drama and sexy Unlike other korean drama which dull, boring and stiff (kissing/love scence).good luck jang nara(now my fav korean actress sorry sung hye kyu) and jang hyuk

  519. 519 : Fated to Love You 운명처럼 널 사랑해 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] netflix dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum top star news dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans spq&r tumblr blogs n8yager bellavitiara […]

  520. 520 : [email protected] Says:

    I’ve also seen the Taiwan version but I think this one is way better. Funny and heartbreaking at the same time and jang hyuk is so handsome(next to so ji sub and ji chang wook). if ur looking for romcom this one is highly recommended. and the ost is so good too i can sing goodbye my love by Ailee by heart even though can’t understand what it means.

  521. 521 : Iamrochelle19 Says:

    I really love this drama:)
    Really admire their chemistry. I hope They will have more dramas together.
    Snail couple <3 🙂 🙂

  522. 522 : slipyjane Says:


  523. 523 : Ohrijin Says:

    wow..i’m just finished watch this kdrama..
    it’s so DAEBAk!!!
    i love tis comedy jang hyuk and jang nara..
    especially when jang hyuk laughed Hahhaha..

  524. 524 : teresita j. velos Says:

    very nice , i keep on repeating . thanks to Lee Gun and Mi Young . I hoped i have a copy..

  525. 525 : victoria Says:

    i like the original version not this one.
    origal version drama in taiwan is number 1 in 2008.
    but this korean version is number 6 in 2014.
    very very far.

  526. 526 : Admaliah Says:

    This is a series that can be watched over & over again. A truly must watch . . .

  527. 527 : Review: Fated To Love You | It's A Drama Wonderland Says:

    […] (Image from www.koreandrama.org) […]

  528. 528 : Fated to love you Says:

    I like it. And i’m waiting more…!

  529. 529 : Rose Says:

    This is a very good show – I am watching it for the 2nd time. All 3 lead actors are very good.

    Choi Jin Hyuk (Daniel) is sooo good looking. The first time I saw him was in Gu Family Book – Kanchi.

    On February 28, Red Brick House announced that actor Choi Jin Hyuk would begin his mandatory period of service in the Korean military on March 31. The confirmation of this date makes the actor one of the first prominent celebrities to enter the military in 2015.

    A representative for his agency told the Korean online publication Donga.com, “He had a lot of time to think about his military service. He wanted to enlist quietly.”

    Choi increased his activities in the months leading up to his enlistment. He recently embarked on an Asian fan meeting tour, which included a Lunar New Year appearance in Taiwan.The tour was catapulted by his success in the 2014 dramas “Emergency Couple” and “Fated to Love You.”

  530. 530 : Rose Says:

    Oh Oh — Bad News

    October 21, 2015 from K-Drama Stars

    Choi Jin Hyuk left his two-year mandatory military service earlier than expected. He was discharged due to a serious knee injury.

    The actor enlisted on March 31, 2015, but after five weeks of basic training, injured his knee. At the time his agency, Red Brick House, issued a statement about his injury.

    “Choi Jin Hyuk suffered a knee injury during training. He went to the hospital to get his knee treated.”

    According to his agency, Choi’s knee problems pre-dated his enlistment but he did not think the problems would interfere with his service. Knee injuries tend to recur, leading what was once a minor injury to worsen and eventually require corrective surgery.

    Choi was hospitalized and underwent surgery but given the severity of the injury, his rehabilitation was lengthy. On October 16, he was discharged on medical leave. National Defense Ministry rules state that an injured soldier can take medical leave of up to one month with possible extensions depending on the patient’s condition.

    His agency released a statement about the discharge on October 21.

    “Choi Jin Hyuk was discharged for an injury on October 16. Due to severe damage to the cartilage in his knee, Choi Jin Hyuk received cartilage stem cell transplant surgery on his left knee. The army decided it would be hard to serve any longer due to his need for long-term treatment and rehabilitation, so he received the notice for his disability discharge.”

    Choi wanted to continue serving after his surgery. His agency said that he was not happy with the way things turned out.

    “His will to serve was strong and sincere, so he is extremely heartbroken due to this unexpected situation. The agency is sorry to deliver such news. From here on Choi Jin Hyuk plans to focus on his treatment and recovery.”

    Choi originally had the option of enlisting in the promotional unit of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. However, he declined to accept this special enlistment term, which would have been less physically demanding, and chose instead to serve his mandatory enlistment in active duty.

    Before enlisting Choi appeared in the dramas “Emergency Couple,” “The Heirs” and “Fated to Love You.”

  531. 531 : Ore Monogatari!! Says:

    i will wait more

  532. 532 : Reinnalyn Diaz Says:

    really really nice movie and i love it It is really stunning and tearful this movie

  533. 533 : สอนพิเศษตามบ้าน Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Fated to Love You Korean Drama Synopsis.

  534. 534 : Eevee Says:

    I stumbled upon this drama by accident, it was the best accident ever!! I love this drama so much! But I think the twins at the end was unnecessary… but overall, very good drama! Love JH!!

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