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Fashion King

Title: 패션왕 / Fashion King
Chinese Title: 流行王
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-19 to 2012-May-22
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama tells the story about a young aspiring designer Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) who have nothing and starts his fashion business as a vendor on Dongdaemun market. He has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung) who loses both parents in an accident at a young age, and she grows up into a smart, determined young woman with a natural talent for designing. And then they makes a big hit on fashion industry onto world class designers.

Jung Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon) is a second-generation chaebol to a large enterprise that covers construction, distribution, and fashion. Choi Anna (Kwon Yu Ri) who comes to work under a top internationally renowned designer.

Main Cast

Yoo Ah In as Kang Young Gul
Seo Young Joo as Young Gul (Young)
Shin Se Kyung as Lee Ga Young
Kim Sae Ron as Ga Young (young)
Lee Je Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk
Kwon Yu Ri as Choi Anna

Supporting Cast

Jo Boutique

Jang Mi Hee as Jo Soon Hee (President of Boutique Jo)
Han Yoo Yi as Shin Jung Ah
Cha Seo Won as Miss Go

YOUNG GIRL Employee at Young Gul’s factory

Go Soo Hee as Employee at Young Gul’s factory
Ra Mi Ran as sewing machine 1
Jang Eun Bi as sewing machine 2
Ra Jae Woong as Chil Bok


Kim Il Woo as Jung Man Ho
Lee Hye Sook as Yoon Hyang Sook
Yoon Gi Won as Secretary Kim
Kim Byung Ok as Director Kim


Lee Han Wie as Hwang Tae San
Shin Seung Hwan as Jang Il Kook
Ki Eun Se as Soo Ji
Yoo Chae Young as Bong Sook
Lee Yoo Joon as Eokkae

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Lee Myung Woo
Screenwriter: Lee Sun Mi, Kim Ki Ho


Episode 1 (Not Available)
Episode 2 (Not Available)
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 (Not Yet Available)
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11 (Not Yet Available)
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16 (Not Yet Available)
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2012-03-19 1 12.4 (10th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-03-20 2 11.5 (11th) 13.5 (6th)
2012-03-26 3 12.3 (10th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-03-27 4 11.6 (13th) 14.2 (7th)
2012-04-02 5 12.6 (9th) 14.3 (6th)
2012-04-03 6 12.7 (9th) 14.4 (5th)
2012-04-09 7 11.9 (9th) 14.3 (7th)
2012-04-10 8 10.7 (13th) 12.6 (9th)
2012-04-16 9 12.5 (9th) 13.2 (6th)
2012-04-17 10 11.1 (10th) 13.1 (6th)
2012-04-23 11 11.3 (12th) 11.9 (7th)
2012-04-24 12 11.6 (10th) 14.1 (5th)
2012-04-30 13 10.8 (8th) 13.1 (5th)
2012-05-01 14 10.9 (10th) 13.4 (6th)
2012-05-07 15 10.7 (7th) 12.6 (6th)
2012-05-08 16 10.9 (8th) 12.3 (6th)
2012-05-14 17 11.0 (12th) 12.2 (7th)
2012-05-15 18 11.4 (7th) 12.9 (6th)
2012-05-21 19 11.2 (7th) 13.3 (4th)
2012-05-22 20 10.8 (7th) 12.8 (4th)

Source: TNmS Media Korea


Han Chae Young was scheduled to cast in this series but dropped out due to her private reason.

– Filming for this drama will shoot on location in New York City & Las Vegas from 11-Feb-2012 to 23-Feb-2012. Filming in New York City will take place during the city’s semi-annual “Fashion Week” event.

– This drama previously to be schedule airing on 2012-March-12 but postponed to 2012-March-19 due to the 2 extension episode of Salaryman


2013 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress (Kwon Yu Ri)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Kwon Yu Ri (Fashion King)

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Trailer I & Trailer II

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  1. 1 : Mika Says:

    Yoo Ah In Looks Cool… 🙂

  2. 2 : ayeen Says:

    i think Yuri and Yoo Ah In will not be pairing here..how i wish they will be a couple.. i love both of them..

  3. 3 : chR15 Says:

    i really love sin se kyung.,.
    but from 3 new drama will broadcast soon.,like fashion king and rooftop prince.,.,i just can’t wait to watch ‘king 2 heart’..i think king 2 heart will popular just like tMTEtS..but i hope this drama will be success too…

  4. 4 : janine Says:

    Looking forward to watch this drama!!!

  5. 5 : mitch Says:

    ayeeeeeeeee! i can’t wait this kdrama to be aired! i love Yoo Ah In.. AJA AJA!

  6. 6 : Mia Says:

    the cast is amazing !!! o_o

  7. 7 : wang li jia Says:

    been waiting for this!!! ><~~~

  8. 8 : JaEe Says:

    Love Shin Se Kyung in Deep Rooted Tree and Yoo Ah Yin in Sungyungkwan Scandal. Looking forward to watching them both in a modern drama. Also hope that both of them will be in a drama with Song Joong Ki one day. That will be so cool as I think Joong Ki and Shin Se Kyung look really good together.

  9. 9 : nana-shi Says:

    I don’t like yoo ah in’s hair if other guy use that style but the way he looks on that hairdo is totally enchanting!!!! so handsome!!!

  10. 10 : kyungeun Says:

    OMG ! yuri’s here..
    she’s so beautiful.She should be the lead actress in this drama but its okay,i think she can be a lead actress in a drama in the future.. love u yuri ! 🙂

  11. 11 : Tata Says:

    Fan Made Trailer

  12. 12 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yoo ah in..!!
    looking forwad for this drama..

  13. 13 : nisa Says:

    huwaaaa Yuri eonni at this drama!!!
    I should watched this I should watched this!!!!
    it’s gonna be cool because the story is about fashion! because i loved fashion! xD kekekeke
    Yuri eonni fighting! you looks so beautiful here <3
    can't wait the drama aired 🙂 ^^

  14. 14 : YZeera Says:

    Omg I’m so excited to watch Fashion King because of my SNSD bias, Kwon Yuri and Yoo Ah In,my favourite actor. I hope there’ll be loads of their moments together on-screen ^^

  15. 15 : Tary Says:

    Shin Se-kyung looks a little bit like Sandara Park. Anyway, I really looking forward for this drama ^^

  16. 16 : opick Says:

    I’m sure this is going to be fun ! Cheeky bastard is going to have hard time with the girls. Bah, a glass of red wine should help relax.

  17. 17 : danisforYul Says:

    Oh My YURI…♥ i’m so excited and i can’t wait anymore for this..Yuri jjang..♥♥i will support you forever..Yuri so gorgeous my forever bias…

  18. 18 : random Says:


  19. 19 : jung_su Says:

    ahh..Yuri unni..i can’t wait for this drama…
    fighting Yuri!!!^^<3

  20. 20 : Venus Says:

    Poster Shooting

  21. 21 : [Drama] Fashion King | Hwaiting KFDK Says:

    […] :  koreandrama ,  allkoreandrama , asianwiki  Video : Youtube   Indotrans by hwaitingkfdk  Share this:Like […]

  22. 22 : riya Says:

    Yoo Ah In looks cool.

  23. 23 : kimerica Says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Yoo Ah In in this. Seems like forever since I
    saw Wandeuki when I was in Korea.

  24. 24 : sara Says:

    i was waiting for YAI as a lead.but what is this the parents-were-killed-in-an accident stuff in lots of k-dramas?

  25. 25 : Esi Says:

    i hope it will be an amazing drama..

  26. 26 : Vi Says:

    The cast seems pretty good, all in all…

    Shin Se Kyung has certainly proved herself to be more than just a pretty face, especially in the last few episodes of Deep Rooted Tree. Though she’s just a rookie, she stood her ground against her co-actors. I’m really quite proud of her progress as an actress.

    And Yoo Ah-In. Well, he definitely has a lot of fangirls. His performance in SKK Scandal wasn’t exceptional, but good enough. However, he was absolutely brilliant, just as great, if not better than Kim Yoon Seuk.

    Lee Je-Hoon will no doubt be great in this series as well. I’ve had my eye on him since I watched Bleak Night. He exceeded my expectations in The Front Line, so I have no doubt he will continue to improve.

    The only problem is Yoo-ri. She has no prior experience, so I’m quite skeptical about her role in the drama. And then there’s the fact that Yoona was quite horrible in the dramas she starred in. Well, I’ll have to see her performance before I criticize her. Here’s hoping she won’t be too terrible.

  27. 27 : ssss Says:

    I heard this another version of Cinderella man so I am not expecting so much from this too

  28. 28 : admin Says:

    Official Trailer just released

  29. 29 : Jennie Says:

    Am going to watch this because of Shin SK and not Yuri. Love her in Deep Rooted Tree and synopsis is interesting. From preview, looks like they took the fashion industry further ahead than in Cinderella Man. CM was boring and I thought Kwon SW was too old for the role anyway!

  30. 30 : arekeap Says:

    i want to watch b’coz of yuri SNSD…………….
    This the 1st t time for her get main role on drama….
    Love you yuriahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  31. 31 : maryul Says:

    hope Yuri SNSD be the best acting of her role……….
    Yuri Yuri………… Fighthing………………
    Good Luck…………..
    Like you……………
    Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri,Yuri, Yuri, Yuri, Yuri………………….. Peace…………………….

  32. 32 : atul Says:

    Yuri ahhh,
    Do your best…………….
    You can do it………

  33. 33 : Kdramafan Says:

    The only reason i’ll watch this drama because yuri in it,i’m hoping she will do her best..

  34. 34 : LoveRain Says:

    Fashion King,Rooftop Prince,King2Hearts..
    So many good drama to watch this year! Tottaly excited excited.. (^____^)

  35. 35 : LoveRain Says:

    Ahh i forgot Love Rain too,must watch!!

  36. 36 : alanoud Says:

    is Yuri the lead actress? … i don’t think she is because o f the poster….:(
    not sure just guessing…

  37. 37 : chefanja Says:

    I hope yuri SNSD will bring this drama more interesting…
    give us good acting n fighting..

  38. 38 : Kdramafan Says:

    yes,she is..but not as the main lead..yuri is 2nd lead here..

  39. 39 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    shin se kyung was doing so well in deep rooted tree. she could pull out her character in this drama..
    yoo ah in was good too in skks, my mane of glory 😉
    both are saeguk drama so i just wondering wheter shin se kyung and yoo ah in can make such a great chemistry in this modern era of fashion king…or not.. can’t wait!
    yes, i think too many kdrama to watch this march; fashion king, love rain, king2heart, equator man, the strongest kpop survival and my number list rooftop prince.. hope i can manage my time watching all ;p

  40. 40 : Abbie Says:

    KWON YURI, i have high expectation from you. No FUNNY BUSINESS is allowed eh.

  41. 41 : moonmaeshin Says:

    can’t wait till next!!! figthing!!! Yoo Ah In <3 <3 <3

  42. 42 : moonmaeshin Says:

    can’t wait till next week!!! figthing!!!
    Yoo Ah In <3 <3 <3

  43. 43 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Hi, ‘wave’ ‘wave’ . The trailer looks good and two leads whom I like. Not keen on Yuri though but I’ll wait and see what she can do 😉 Love love Shin SK. She’s so pretty and her chemistry with Yoo AY looks good in the trailer.

  44. 44 : mitch Says:

    ..can’t wait to see this drama! i love YAI!! fighting (“,)

  45. 45 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jennie, hi there hug from me 🙂
    don’t know why i like the way yoo ah in build chemistry with his leading lady.. with park min young in skks (although i like PMY and PYC better kekeke) and now with shin se kyung.. you right Jennie, she is so pretty..

  46. 46 : ns Says:

    love yuri n snsd… vi are u anti snsd

  47. 47 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ ‘Hug hug back”. I am really excited to watch this and I am so thrilled that I have drama to watch everyday from next week onwards. I wonder which one will be my favourite? But I hope all of them will be good.

  48. 48 : mitch Says:

    ..can’t wait to see this kdrama,.. go YAI!! AJA

  49. 49 : SHEILA Says:

    I LOVE YURI!! shes a great actress if u guys havent seen unstopable marriage u guys should and also she acted in k will”s droping the tears YURI FIGHTING AND U HATERS SUCK

  50. 50 : SabrinaSONE Says:

    There are 4 actresses in SNSD.

    Jessica : Wild Romance
    Yuri : Fashion King
    Yoona : Love Rain
    Sooyoung : Speed

  51. 51 : Someong Sack Says:


  52. 52 : asiandaddict Says:

    Hey, how was the pilot episode? Can you give us a feedback? I wish I am in Korea so that I can be updated in time.:)

  53. 53 : Jennie Says:

    @asiandaddict Tried to watch it live but streaming was slow. From the bits and parts that I saw, looked interesting and Shin SK is soooo pretty and Yoo AI looked pretty good too with his short hairdo. Didn’t see Yuri though cos I gave up after a while. I also heard that it was No 1 in viewership though, beating even Dream High2. Very good start!

  54. 54 : perphio Says:

    I wish I am in Korea.

  55. 55 : coraea Says:

    watched episode one today!! seemed interesting! ^^ was a little lost with the plot for awhile but it was fun ;D looking forward to some more from this drama.

  56. 56 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jennie, @coraea
    i watch episode one thru live streaming it seems so good.. but i had my bad and slow internet too so i give up after few minutes :-/

    me too, i wish i am in korea..
    so if we want watching drama just turn-on our tv no need substitle no need live streaming via internet..

  57. 57 : chai Says:

    this one is a worth start rating. i love the leading guy.

  58. 58 : Jennie Says:

    Finished watching Episode 1 and I like it. Both Shin SK and Yoo AI were impressive and I like their chemistry and they look good together. Story is interesting enough for me to look forward to the next episode. Lee JH is alright and cool as a cucumber. Yuri has not made an appearance yet.

  59. 59 : Jennie Says:

    Yuri appeared briefly in Episode 2. Too early to tell whether she’s any good. Thought she was kind of stiff and I hated how she was whispering thoughout the few lines that she had. But it’s good to know that she isn’t the mean second lead as most dramas. Hope she gets better and most important, stop whispering!!! The drama is getting better and better though!

  60. 60 : Raine Says:

    Here are recaps of episodes one and two! What did you all think?


  61. 61 : vbs Says:

    i like is so far and main reason for me to watch is Lee JH as i liked him in the movie “The Front Line” and want to see more of him

  62. 62 : mitch Says:

    …nice start! the story seems interesting.. keep it up!

  63. 63 : OK OK OK Says:

    After watching the 1st episode, I think many pp would love to take up fashion course. I got this impulse to buy the electric sewing machine, ASAP and sew sew sew …….. ha ha ha 🙂

  64. 64 : zandyzain Says:


  65. 65 : kimerica Says:

    This reminds me so much of “All In” that I don’t know if I can stick it out. The only scenes worth watching are The ones with Yoo Ah In. but I don’t know if he
    can carry this heavy load of bs. Shin Se kyung is fine; she just doesn’t have an interesting part so far. I’ll give it another episode or two to see if it improves.
    I hope Yoo Ah In is making a boatload of money for this.

  66. 66 : Lovemoon Says:

    I already cheers for Ga Young and Young Gul as a couple even though Jae Hyuk also noticed Ga Young in Ep 1.

  67. 67 : olinrae#31 Says:

    @Raine : Wawww.. How can you find such a complete recap like that? hehehehe Thank you for sharing that link…

    Hmh..my opinion about 1st episode, the story plot is pretty light and interesting.. I’m enjoying watching it. I can see the character played good by the lead actor and actress.

    Yoo Ah In..Fighting..!!! ^^

  68. 68 : Fashion King Says:


  69. 69 : Raine Says:


    That’s actually my recap that I wrote. :D:D I already started on the recap for episode 3. But I have to wait for the English subs to finish…:D I put one up for ep 2 as well, last Wednesday.


  70. 70 : DRAMA KOREA TERBARU « adenurul90 Says:

    […] Fashion King […]

  71. 71 : Chenchen Says:

    I watched this drama for only sole reason… and that’s because KWON YURI was there! Yuri yah fighting!!! Your English is improving so keep on practicing specially the accent.!! YUL SARANGHAEO! 🙂

  72. 72 : OK OK OK Says:

    Nice drama. Looking forward to ep 4. What will happen next if Kang Young Gul get caught for the “ship mishap” ………..

    I so envy now for those know how to sew well & sharp in fashion style. 🙂

  73. 73 : Raine Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Here’s my recap for episode 3! ENJOY!


  74. 74 : vkchu Says:

    i’ve just watched the 2nd episode.i think its gonna be interesting story….

  75. 75 : Mic Says:

    Would you still want to be born rich if you were to born into such abusive parents? I feel so sorry for the couple!

  76. 76 : rook Says:

    i have read news about Fashion King and all of them are about yuri, yuri, yuri! i mean, she is even not the lead female role! why does everyone not pay attention to Shin se Kyung and Yoo Ah in, the ones who bring interest to this drama?

  77. 77 : princess Says:

    i already watch untill eps 4 and it’s really an interesting drama to watch

    this is a recomended one!!

    jeongmal jeongmal recomended hehehehe

    the story is about love, and fashion war….there’s a comedy side too

    Love it >,<

  78. 78 : wang li jia Says:

    @rook because it’s YURI!! goddess yul!♥~ forever flawless!

  79. 79 : iammee Says:

    Watching the first three episodes, i can say the this drama is worth watching. the two main characters got a good chemistry from the start, i hope that the drama will continue to develop more exiting episodes till the end

  80. 80 : Jennie Says:

    @rook Don’t worry. I for one am watching this because of SSK and YAI. Up to this point in the drama, Yuri is slowly driving me nuts with her stiff acting. She really needs to loosen up a bit, otherwise I’ll feel no sympathy for her character if Jae Hyuk loses interest in her and fall for YG instead. Am presently not liking YG’s character at all, so I am rooting for GY and JH now.

  81. 81 : marke Says:

    yoo ah in is the most outstanding actor in this drama….

  82. 82 : Raine Says:

    Here’s my recap of episode 4 guys! Please enjoy!


  83. 83 : toh quan ming Says:

    This april, it will be showing on ONE channel under starhub channel 823 because i want to learn how to speak korean by watching this korean drama and it is very interesting and nice drama that i have never seen.

  84. 84 : Dennis Says:

    it is nice like baby faced beauty????
    yuri of snsd so cute

  85. 85 : Sora Says:

    This drama is soooooo awesome !!!! Very funny, too. I love all the characters

  86. 86 : Vivi Says:

    Such a good drama, great chemistry and acting from the main actor and actress. It is must watch drama and highly recommended.

  87. 87 : ViKa Says:

    i agree with jenny 80, i like GY&JH more than YG&GY

  88. 88 : Jennie Says:

    It’s interesting how a little bit of grooming and perhaps plastic surgery can change a person. I did some reading on Lee Je Hoon because I thought he looked familiar and wanted to find out about his other works. When I read that his only other drama was Three Sisters, I was surprised cos I had watched that drama without missing a single episode and Lee JH was supposed to be the brother of the 3 sisters but I just couldnt place him. So back I went to the first couple of episodes and there he was! Jeez, no wonder I couldn’t recognise him. He was skinny, gangly and awkward. He has become so goodlooking in FK! Amazing 😉

  89. 89 : susantisusy Says:

    kapan ya tayang di Indonesia hiks….hiks….hiks…..sarangheyoo……koreandrama…cayoo…cayooo

  90. 90 : Ahn Says:

    i’m super excited with this drama only bcos of yoo ah in, yayy!! been waiting for him as a main role since sungkyunwan scandal..XD

  91. 91 : widad Says:

    Love this drama

  92. 92 : TaeNySun Says:

    i really under-estimate this drama at first.. but soon get impressed by Yoo Ah-In & Shin Se-Kyung’s acting skills when they convey deeper emotion to their role. I truly feel d sadness in Lee Ga-Young’s role by looking at her eyes n facial expression.. it’s something you know! Abt Yuri, i think she’s being too stiff in her first appearance myb bcuz this is her first drama.. anyway in eps.4 she changed a lil bit so she’s okay.. in my opinion, Anna get close to JaeHyuk juz bcuz she wants to revenge for his previous mistake.. (hahaha.. i hope so..)

  93. 93 : Jennie Says:

    @TaeNySun That’s an interesting twist. First time I read about Anna using JaeHyuk instead. Most viewers think that it’s the other way ie JaeHyuk making use of Anna’s talent to create a new line for him. Since she failed, he’s going to turn to Ga Young instead. We’ll wait and see, ok, to see how the story goes? 😀

  94. 94 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 76 Rook

    Only 3 persons attracts me in this drama. The leading lady Shin S K and the 2 leading Men. Gd acting. I don’t know the rest ……… 🙂

  95. 95 : Raine Says:

    Hey Ya’ll. Here’s my recap of episode 5! It’s the best thus far in my humble opinion!


  96. 96 : Jennie Says:

    @Raine That was brilliant. Haven’t seen the episode yet but lol, like you I ship JH with GY at this point in time. Am not liking YG at the moment-he’s so unstable and unreliable and has lots of growing up to do. I want JH to fall hard for GY and make her happy and help her soar and of course kick Dragon Lady in the butt! Thank you for the super recap 😀

  97. 97 : lili Says:

    So this is getting better and better!! I am sorry to my boyfriend but Jae Hyeok (Je Hoon) is the perfect man!! Yea he is a bit of a jerk sometimes but the way he catches her in the end (haha i won’t say who just for those who haven’t seen episode 6 yet)! But for those of you still waiting for subs or looking for something to hold you over until next week I made some screenshots. You can repost or reuse but please give me credit by mentioning my name or something if you do since I kinda spent quite a bit of time on them lol http://www.vingle.net/posts/3891-Fashion-King-Episode-6-screenshots-part-1

  98. 98 : OK OK OK Says:

    When I 1st saw Lee Je Hoon, he instantly reminds me of Popular Taiwanese Singer Wilber Pan Wei Bo also known as Will Pan 潘玮. Its like twins. IMO haha 😛


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91YIJHKR7Y8&feature=related (Wilber Pang singing UUU)

    I like Lee Je Hoon comb up his hair. He looks very suave, smart & full of confident. I like him in this drama. All the best to his acting career. 🙂

  99. 99 : OK OK OK Says:

    Wilber Pan also known as Will Pan 潘玮柏; was born on 6 August 1980. 🙂

    Sorry about the incomplete chinese name. 😉

  100. 100 : yechan Says:

    yoo ah in! 😀

  101. 101 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 6


    Lee Ga Young likes Kang Yang Gul & KYG likes Choi Anna
    Jung Jae Hyuk likes Lee Ga Young.
    Wow, I really don’t mind these pairing in the end.

    LGY so daring, 1st day at work and dare to still so many roll of cloth from JJH’s company
    This drama is nice and exciting.

  102. 102 : Raine Says:

    Recap of episode 6


  103. 103 : Mic Says:

    I am confused! Mighty confused! I don’t even know what I am confused about but just a lot of things don’t make sense. At this point, my feeling is good casts but horrible script. Just my personal opinion of course.

  104. 104 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    love this drama so far and i think Jung Jae Hyuk and Lee Ga Young would make a cute couple i hope they get together in this drama. PLEASE that would be so interesting it would be more exiting than Lee Ga Young liking Kang Young Gul 🙂

  105. 105 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic Haha, I understand your confusion. If we thought that FoTGs was all over the place, this one is even worse. Out of the four leads, three are good but because the one who cannot act is famous, they have to make concessions for her, thus throwing the whole drama out of the window. Right now it’s like a trial and error thing to see who suits who best. Am I making sense to you? Probably not! But despite all the negativity, I am still watching 😀 simply because I think SSK is great and I am waiting for her to kick some butts and Lee Je Hoon as Jae Hyuk is hot and I am hoping that he will help Ga Young achieve her dreams and fall madly in love with her. Now why do I always root for the second male lead and make myself miserable, just like in FoTG? 😉

  106. 106 : Mic Says:


    Jennie, you are right on!!! Make a lot of sense! That’s exactly how I feel but couldn’t really grasp it until you said it out loud! You read my mind! 🙂
    I will continue to watch it too, want to find out how the writers untangle this mess! lol!
    What else are you watching right now?

  107. 107 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic I’m obsessed with Rooftop Prince and Love Rain. Also following Equator Man and King2Hearts besides FoTG and this. I watch Can Love…sometimes. I like that drama but Eng subs are hard to find. Sigh!

  108. 108 : olinrae#31 Says:

    I really admire Yoo Ah In acting.. So flawless in this drama…

    Hmhhh…After watch epi.6, i confused with her role.. Why someone who have a strong character and high pride like her want to secretly stole the fabric for someone.. I can’t understand what she motive…
    But despite all of that.. I feel this story will be more attractive…

    @jennie… May i know what is FoTG ? so many acronym in this forum.. i still not familiar hahaha 😀

  109. 109 : Jennie Says:

    @olinrae#31 FoTG is Feast of the Gods and Can Love.. is actually Can Love Become Money. 😀 As for your question, I suppose Ga Young is stealing the fabrics because she wants to help Young Gul. She knows that they will not be able to afford to get their own material. She’s loyal to Young Gul because he helped her to go to US and got himself in trouble because of this. Maybe it’s her way of repaying a debt.

  110. 110 : Mic Says:


    Hi Jennie, we are watching the same dramas! 🙂 Except Equator Man because I am not good with melodrama. Do you like it?


    I had the same thoughts. Kang has this sleazy personality (no offense) so his request to steal is understandable, but Ga young seems to be a sensible and mature person, I thought she would be the one to lead Kang back on his path instead of following him blindly.

  111. 111 : yuukichan Says:

    lov yuri she has a great start in this drama,,,bur i gor curious which couple gonna be till the end of the drama,,,,,,,yuri soooooo pretty

  112. 112 : Jennie Says:

    @Mic LOL, As I am going from one thread to another, I am replying to your comment everytime (not that I am complaining) – shows how busy our days are ;-D Luckily it’s a Sat today. Okay, Equator Man is different from the other two dramas in terms of genre and the stars. We have Uhm TW yes but he’s not exactly an idol eventhough he’s popular. The cast is more serious and mature. The start of the drama is very similar to that of Warrior BDS and Giant and true to its genre, the mood is sombre and the OST is haunting. Storywise it doesn’t differ much from the usual bromance then enemies then freniemies again type but it is engrossing and the acting is very good. I like it anyway.

  113. 113 : thiri Says:

    i love Yoo Ah In.\
    very attractive.

  114. 114 : olinrae#31 Says:

    @ Jennie – 109

    Well..your explanation it’s make sense.. I would think like what you said that maybe it’s her way of repaying a debt.

    So..Kamsahamnida Jennie
    하하 하하 ^^

    @ Mic – 110

    Yeah,Mic.. But after read Jennie explanation.. I think i can more understand.. Well, Different person, have a different personality and different point of view, right? Hehehe
    So i will think that despite sensible and mature person, Ga Young have a Unique way to express her gratitude..

    So..let’s Support this drama.. \(^_^)/

  115. 115 : Mic Says:


    Hi Jennie, so here is where I saw your posts! Haha! I’m so lost track because this time I have been posting on different dramas, which is unusual for me. Sorry to make you response everywhere! 🙂

  116. 116 : dramaqueen282 Says:

    I like fashion king sooo much, and I found a very funny korean parody for fashion king and rooftop prince (with eng translation)
    you all should watch this!!! this parody it soo hillarious to miss!! trust me

  117. 117 : Kjesin Says:

    Yoo Ah In , Shin Se Kyung and Lee Ji Hoon! I really love Shin Se Kyung. Love this Drama!

  118. 118 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yuri, 1st time see you act. I can feel your emotion. Gd acting. 🙂

  119. 119 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 7

    Kang Young Gul – I think you like Lee Ga Young without knowing it right? If not why you so mad when you see Jung Jae Hyuk kissing Lee Ga Young??

    Shin Se Kyung – good actress. A very pleasant pretty lady.

  120. 120 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 7
    Jung Jae Hyuk is a very charming good looking man except sometimes he likes to throw his bad temper. It seems now Lee Ga Young starting to like him 😀

  121. 121 : Mic Says:

    Why YG/GY team always lose? Why YG who has such talent and a talented partner not concentrate on working hard to achieve his goals but put all efforts on cheating for a short cut? Wouldn’t want my son to watch this but he is too young to watch anyway.

  122. 122 : Jennie Says:


    &Mic In Ep 7 there is a twist at the end. We see YG actually had a plan all along n he was just making use of Anna and JH and he was actually protecting GY. Finally we will see a real plot in Ep 8 and the start of them working as a team in building their brand. So maybe your little boy can watch 🙂 He ‘ll be as street wise as YG hehe.

  123. 123 : via Says:

    I love this drama… I think lee je hon as Jae Hyuk is very delicious.. yummmm … 😉 I hope he will end up with Shin se kyung as ga young, I feel sorry toward her, her life is such a mess, such a beautiful face and big talent in fashion design will be such a waste because she don’t got any chance to show them all to people who appreciate her.

  124. 124 : Jennie Says:


    Love Episode 8. Best episode so far. We know for sure now that both men really care for Ga Young and it was fun to watch Ga Young kicked 3 butts all at once with just one strike at the dinner. Score: Ga Young 1 Vs Others 0

  125. 125 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 8

    Oh, Ga Young still likes Young Gul very much. Jae Hyuk is so foolish not to join venture with YG & GY. Now Michael is going to get all the “candies” 🙁

  126. 126 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 121 Mic

    How old is yr son? Is he your only child? 😛

  127. 127 : Badkitty0011 Says:

    ep 8

    was so GOOD especially when Jung Jae Hyuk kissed Lee Ga Young my heart dropped with excitement damn i was hoping for Lee Ga Young & Jung Jae Hyuk to get together but that boat sank now he is trying to plot against Lee Ga Young even tho she was against Kang Young Gul making copied samples
    but that is wat dramas are for to twist everything ep 8 was worth the wait so i hope everybody supports fashion king bc it is really good

    and i got a question is LOVE RAIN any good i heard somebody saying it was dumb but the plot seems interesting but i dont want to waste my time if it aint good

  128. 128 : Jennie Says:

    @Badkitty0011 Re Love Rain, it depends. Some find it boring because of the slow pace in the first 4 episodes but there are others like us who do not mind and are able to appreciate the beauty of the 70’s. The cinematography, setting, props etc were beautiful and I especially enjoyed the characters’ portrayal of the 70’s – sweet and full of innocence, when love means being thoughtful and considerate (? haha). Anyway even if you don’t like the 70’s, from Ep 5 onwards, we are in 2012 and so far, it has been super and liking it very much. If you would like to read more, go to couchkimchi and read the recaps of the drama. It may help you decide whether to watch or not 😀

  129. 129 : Vivi Says:

    Loved ep 8. Hope Ga Young and Young Gul can be together at the end. Love their chemistry and how they support each other.

  130. 130 : Raine Says:

    Hey all. Here’s my link for my episode 8 recap. I also did episode 7 but forgot to post…SORRY!

    How’s everyone liking it so far?


  131. 131 : Raine Says:

    Vivi, I agree. The chemistry is WICKED.

  132. 132 : sara Says:

    i love everything about this drama except one thing.especially Jung Jae hyuk.most of the times the antagonists are not that attractive.but he is really attractive.i love when he is tired,angry and sad.Lee jae hoon is great.he doesn’t let Jea hyuk be a empty-shell evil.after the emperor of the sea,this is the first antagonist i love more than the protagonist.the only unsatisfying point is Yuri.i wish they chose an actress not a mannequin for showing off.

  133. 133 : Micc Says:

    @Jennie, thanks for the update. Look forward to seeing the next episode!

    @OK3, my son just turned 11!!!! OMG, he’s not a baby anymore and I am on a high speed escalator to aging!!!!! lol!

  134. 134 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 133 Mic

    So its good to watch K Drama. At least we know that the actors & actresses are maintaining their looks at tip top condition and we can follow suit. hehehehe

  135. 135 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 133 Sara

    At 1st I also don’t like Yuri bc of the role she acts (scheming against Lee Ga Young & she always “black” face bc of her relationship with Jae Hyuk). But after a few eps, I can feel her emotion when she acts that I like her as an actress. Then I realise she is also a member a pop group. Don’t you think she act so much better than Yoona who are being overpraise for her beauty, acting etc etc ….
    Yoona can’t act well (still can be lead actress), no strong vocal talent …. (difficult to sell album if sing solo)
    For me, I only likes stars with real talent.

  136. 136 : Jennie Says:

    @OK OK OK My opinion differs from you re Yuri. This is Yuri’s first drama and she is not better than Yoona for sure. There are two things I totally dislike about Yuri here : First, she speaks too softly and it irritates me. Why does she need to resort to whispering when the part does not require her to do so? Second: She does not have any facial expressions at all and her body language is terrible. Too stiff and over conscious. I am not a fan of Girls Generation but I have seen Yoona in all her dramas. When she first started, she too was terrible but compared to Yuri, Yoona has more potential in being more successful as an actress. If you have seen the latest Love Rain which Yoona is in, especially from Ep 5 onwards, you will see the progress that she has made and she is getting positive comments from the international and Korean viewers as well. I am not a fan of Yoona either, just my opinion based on what I have seen so far from both their present dramas. I have never really heard them sing solo so I can’t comment but even as GG/SNSD their songs are mediocre at its best, in my opinion but I know Taeyeon, another member sings really well but that’s another story 😉

  137. 137 : Micc Says:

    I am with Jennie in this one. I am surprised OK3 you think Yuri acts well. I think she tops HGI in motionless. That said, maybe you are seeing something I don’t. Maybe I will gradually see her emotion in the future episodes. 🙂

  138. 138 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc How great minds think alike 😉 I was actually thinking of Han GI in
    TMETS when I was describing Yuri but decided against it. Thought it wasn’t fair since HGI is a more experienced actress while Yuri is still a newbie. But seriously, Yuri should just forget about her “goddess” image and just let go if she seriously want to be considered as an actress. And I also feel that she’s being exploited and taken advantage of. I mean she’s a newbie and she has two ‘hot’ kissing scenes already. Is it because the crew think that it will increase ratings this way? Just my 2cents worth 🙂

  139. 139 : sara Says:

    Idon’t agree about Yuri is a good actress or she can express her emotions.she seems too fake to me.i’m not a GG fan but as far as i know none of the ones who are acting are good.it’s off topic but i never forget Jessica’s hysteric scene in Wild romance.i was laughing.she was terrible.the same with others.

    the same here about Yuri.if you check allkpop,there won’t be a day they don’t praise Yuri’s body.she is just an untalented mannequin.she can’t act and is too much in herself.i feel the “i’m the queen” vibe in all the drama from her.

  140. 140 : Micc Says:


    Oh, you are so observant! I didn’t think anything about the kisses, but now you’ve mentioned it… So sad.

  141. 141 : aling Says:

    i think shin se kyung looks sooooo beautiful in this drama…

  142. 142 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Sara, Jennie & Micc 🙂

    I don’t know much news about Yuri & their group & me too NOT a GG fan. I re-watch ep 8 after all yr comments. I am satisfied with her acting base on her role she played. No talent in fashion design with a proud personality & a loser in love life. I think her CAT WALK continues in this drama bc everyday see model doing CAT WALK…. ha ha (joking)

    I like Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung & Lee Je Hoon. Luckily for me, I can stand looking at Yuri’s face. ha ha. My friends too don’t like Yuri. If yuri or Jessica change to Yoona, its even worse, I don’t think I will be watching & will miss out another great show like Fashion King & Wild Romance. I will do my homework again – “watch” her acting closely.

    Verdict – a pleasant lovely adorable face, character is very important in acting industry or show biz. 😀

  143. 143 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jennie & Micc

    As for Love Rain, my friends & I don’t watch because can’t stand Yoona’s face & acting even we love Jang Geun Suk very very much. Even the story is in 70’s, people will still watch if both leads are likeable.

    As for HGI acting, I have quite happy with it even she was invited last minute to join this drama METS though I cannot says it is 100% good.
    I take it as her role has “memory loss”, she went thru great trauma lock up in a coffin 6 foot under. She was trained to be a shaman (a religious person who will not involve with girl boy relationship). Even her memory is back, she reunite with her great love King Lee Hwon Kim Soo Hyun. She will not be as lively as the young Wol bc of the reason I pointed above & somehow she will feel guilty deep down in her heart bc her father died bc of her marriage to a King.
    It Okay if viewers hv diff view bc as you said for all dramas — maybe you see what i didn’t see and vice versa. Its also good so that they can improve and act better. Happy Watching 😀

  144. 144 : urrnchai Says:

    the leading man seems gay but i like his character being like a girl. he cries like a baby hahahaha

  145. 145 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 136 Jennie

    Rem when we are in Feast of the God’s page, we talk about JSW appear in Running Man abt 1-2 wks ago – I hv not watch this game show before. I purposely search for JSW episode. Extra bonus, inside also hv handsome Kim Seung Soo, Ji Jin Hee (dong yi king) & the 2nd lead actor from Take care of us Captain. I enjoy watching Running Man. he he he & hv watched a few other episodes already. Very entertaining. No stress & makes u so happy. 😉

    Because I like Jang Geun Suk very much and do not want to miss his drama. So, I purposely watch RM Ep starring SNSD members today bc I want to know them better. 6 snsd member only in this ep. Taeyeon, Jessica, Yuri, Suhyun, Yoona and a lady not tall with golden hair.
    After this game show, I am happy I like all of them.

    Previously, I watch LR up till ep 4 but cld not carry on bc don’t like Yoona. I dislike her since she acted in 9 ends 2 out in 2007 as a well known young writer. Very proud & always bully the lead actress which makes me dislike her very very much & I find she didn’t act well in Cinderella Man.
    Aft having watch the RM starring them, I try to watch ep 5 Love Rain to see whether I can stand looking at Yoona. I am glad I don’t dislike her anymore & hopefully will continue with the drama till the end. Must thank to Running Man.
    LoveRain – the snow scenery in Japan is so so beautiful. I hv been there 3 X but never in Winter time. The actors fashion consultant also good. Make the actors so colourful & lively. Good nite & Sweet Dreams 😀

  146. 146 : Sousou Says:

    I really love this show it makes me laugh, angry and cry.
    So far, I am affected by the rich man and the poor girl, I would like that they find happiness.
    Those young people deserve to be sucessful in their artistic career.

  147. 147 : sara Says:

    I love YAI too.he was excellent in SKKS but here he is awesome. especially with the clothes he wears and the way he walks.SSK is also a great actress.IMO Korea doesn’t have that many great young actresses comparing to how many young great actors they have.so she is just a new hope.but for me Jung Jae hyuk is the best.i love him so much.i love his eyes,his anger and tiredness.something about him is wild, devastating, desperate that i feel and love.i really want him with Ga young.i want him to be happy just once.he really is suffering.

  148. 148 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Gosh, you really have a big crush on Jae Hyuk ;-).I like him too from the beginning and in fact I was rooting for him to be with GY in the end but I hope he doesn’t become really bad. I hope that he will really help Ga Young succeed. Anyway, he’s such a hottie, isn’t he? I like how he always become all soft when he thinks of her!

  149. 149 : sara Says:

    yeah.he is such a hottie and a LJH is great actor.it’s rare that you love the antagonist this much.but LJH makes the character so deep.that’s why we love him.he is not evil.he’s just so lonely.i know i’m expecting too much coz Ga young loves Young gul.but the hottest scene in this drama was when Jae huyk kissed Ga young forcefully.there are really few dramas who can makes my heart flutter.this scene was one of them.it was really emotional.i don’t feel the same with Ga young and Young gul.

  150. 150 : sara Says:

    sorry,i mean LJH IS A GREAT ACTOR.

  151. 151 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Sara

    This is the 1st time i see Lee Je Hoon act. I like him bc his face looks pleasant.
    Both guys I like. But i pity Jae Hyuk more even he is a rich man son. Sometimes my favoritism switch here & there depends on what good or bad things both guys do…. ha ha. Jung Jae Hyuk’s DAD is such a nasty unreasonable and demanding man. His mum also. Where ever I see Lee Je Hoon, he always reminds me 1 of my friend. 🙂
    For your sake, lets hope Jae Hyuk can ends up with Ga Young so that he can be happy forever. Young Gul is witty. He can survive on his own. ha ha

    Have you watch shut up flower boys band. Its nice. There is also a new lead actress. She is pretty and also got potential to be an actress. 🙂

  152. 152 : rosalind Says:

    @jennie, i like your analysis about the drama… three of them acted well , one is popular but can’t act at all… when people can say shes natural, its a way of saying not good acting.

  153. 153 : Jennie Says:

    @sara The writer is keeping a very tight ship. Up to this point, I can’t really tell if JH is up to no good or not but he does seem genuine enough in having some feelings for Ga Young but as for Yuri, his feelings are not so clear. Somehow, although YG is the lead here but I really do not connect with him because I actually dislike how he treats GY and quite upset with his crush with Yuri too. I mean, isn’t he as the main lead suppose to be just gaga over one girl – the main lead as in all K-dramas? Btw, have you seen Lee Je Hoon in his other drama, Three Sisters? You wouldn’t know it’s him if you see him in that drama 😉
    @rosalind Haha, that’s one nice way of putting it. Now I know 😀

  154. 154 : sara Says:

    I wish they would end up together.yeah,i watched shut up flower boy band and i was crazily in love with it.that’s exactly why i love Jung jae hyuk,he gives me the same feeling i got from Seong joon in that drama.the same wildness

    i completely agree with you.i also want YG to love one person.but it seems he just is attracted to Anna’s looks and doesn’t see KY by his side.with Jae hyuk i can understand he can’t fall in love immediately with KY.he ‘s been in love with Anna for a long time.if the writer works on the characters more and we can see how KY would show him a new world,he would let go of Anna.it’s my first time seeing him.i try to watch some parts of him in the drama you mentioned.i’m sure it would be interesting.

  155. 155 : Raine Says:


    Episode 9 recap! Thanks!

  156. 156 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ sara

    When Young Gul saw Jae Hyuk kiss Ga Young in his mini factory, i think he already likes her and get jealous without knowing it. After that incidence, YG bought some cosmetics for her. Hope my guessing is correct. YG starts to notice that Ga Young is beautiful when she do the overall makeup and model for her own fashion for Michael… 😀

  157. 157 : sara Says:

    i don’t know why my comments don’t appear

  158. 158 : sara Says:

    you are right OK3.but i don’t know if he is doing this because he hate Jae hyuk.ep 9 is really nice.we can see a softer side of this lonely,wounded,sad.stubborn,scared,selfish,violent yet sooooooooooooo loveable man.he shines.great acting LJH

  159. 159 : sara Says:

    sorry i mean “hates”

  160. 160 : Micc Says:

    I used to sympathize with Jae Hyuk because of his abusive parents. Now I know he is exactly like his parents. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

  161. 161 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 9 & 10

    @ Sara

    U r right. Yuri is “stingy” with her expression. 😉
    I guess maybe Ga Young is leaving Young Girl in next episode bc Young Girl has signed joint venture contract with GY enemy – Boutique Jo -Jo Soon Hee even GY disapproves and she is angry & mad with YG now. these 2 ep passes very fast bc its getting exciting.

  162. 162 : laylaswak Says:

    bad guys usually show their affection in a very weird ways so it same goes to YG’s affection/behaviour towards GY.. who he has known since she was little .*about the pendant * i guess he had that kind of feeling since then ….in ep.10 i hate JH for what he did to YG’s business..that was a very dirty way to step on others n it ‘s enough to show what kind of person he is who think the rich can step on the poor..GY cant confess her true feeling towards YG since woman should has her own pride right??.. i dont care what’s gonna happen to Anna and JH relationship since they both are very selfish.. but hope YG n GY can be together at the end of the story….cheers!!

  163. 163 : sara Says:

    @laylaswake everyone has a taste but you know i think Jae hyuk character has more depth and charisma.he might be evil but he is so attractive.i still haven’t watched ep 10.but i love him so much.he shines more than YG.to me he is a scene stealer and i want him with GY.

    it’s exactly what i want.i don’t expect she ends up with Jae huyk coz it’s something impossible in K-dramas.but i want her to go to him at least for a while

  164. 164 : limaj Says:

    it reminds me of the Korean drama what happend in bali both lead actors are hot…indeed superb acting…its all about pride, hate, love between social classes…cant wait for the unpredictable new episodes…….

  165. 165 : laylaswak Says:

    sara…May the best man wins..=)

  166. 166 : mitch Says:

    … i love the twist and turn of this kdrama.. it’s like you need to guess everytime you’re watching.. it never turns us down and it always surprises the viewers.. love all the scenes! keep it up! AJA!!!

  167. 167 : sara Says:

    ep 10
    oh,YG!,you really are disappointing me.he is so selfish and irresponsible.i don’t like how he’s using GY and just yells when Jae hyuk is there.really,what has he done for her?nothing but the ticket to US.i don’t get why GY loves him.he is just a penniless,stupid boy who can leave her just because of Anna.at least Jae hyuk labeled her name on the cloth.he is great.i really hate her if she would stay with YG when he stepped on her like that.i want her to let go of both boys emotionally but works for Jae hyuk and becomes successful.then it will be better if she ends up with Jae hyuk too.for now i don’t like YG at all.let’s wait and see how he will do in next episodes.

  168. 168 : Lily228 Says:

    @167 sara

    That’s exactly how I felt and if I am GA, I would have dumped YG long ago. I just don’t understand why would an intelligent, talented & decisive GA wants to stay put in where she is now. But, I am glad when she makes up her mind to split her partnership with YG in ep. 10 🙂

  169. 169 : swift Says:

    GA has deep sense of loyalty for YG due to his assitance and support when she was being harassed and tormented by that evil lady, from the looks of the storyline, GA will end up with YG

  170. 170 : mitch Says:

    ..i love all the kdramas that is currently airing this season/month.. king2hearts, rooftop prince, fashion king, love rain and wedding scheme.. this is the first time that i’m watching kdrama (back to back!) i sooo love monday-tuesday & wed-thursday drama! keep it up writers, directors and actors! Job well done!

  171. 171 : mitch Says:

    ..attention to the writer and director of fashion king. hehehe.. please enough for the bad boy and cold image of YG to GY.. i really really like YAI since SSK-Sungkyunkwan.. i don’t like to hate him.. hahaha.. (sorry i’m just carried away with how the story goes on).. love it!

  172. 172 : sara Says:

    exactly.he is really stupid.normally drama characters change ep by ep.but he is exactly the same after 10 eps.Jae hyuk has changed.he shows a new color when he is with GY.i love when he smiles and is happy over petty things like a thank you text message from GY. but that YG…he just makes me sick.why too much screen time just for showing alcohol drinking.it’s disgusting.i hate this part of Korean dramas.people drink alcohol when they are in trouble,get drunk and say something they don’t mean.then the next day they deny everything.none of them choose exercise,dance,music,art.

  173. 173 : swift Says:

    The typical culture of korean to drink to ease their depression/ sadness, the writers trying to reflect the character of JY who is in conflict of whether it is right of him to accept GA as a woman when all the while he regards her as a working colleague

  174. 174 : swift Says:

    i would like to recommend everyone to watch Kpop Extreme Survival, it is a idol based drama, the songs are good and the storyline is somewhat lightwarming plus some cheeky scenarios

  175. 175 : kd Says:

    hopefully GA will end up with JY..

  176. 176 : Jennie Says:

    Great, seems most of us prefer the GY & JH couple. I would love to see them together too. From the beginning up to the present moment, just as @ Sara feels, YG has annoyed and irritated me to no end. He is selfish, inconsiderate and just mean, even if he thinks he is doing a favour to GY. It would be good if JH and GY come together and they could help heal each other. But what’s the issue JH has with his parents? why is he so afraid of them? Both JH are GY are like tortured souls each time they come on screen but I find their scenes together really touching and their awareness of each other on screen is just fantastic. I love watching them. Great chemistry. Yuri doesn’t connect with her co stars like Shin SK does and that’s why her acting is zilch. No chemistry whatsoever.

  177. 177 : Jennie Says:

    I just finished watching Episode 11 and honestly, I have no idea where this drama is heading towards. I thought I was rooting for JH but after just this one episode, I have come to the conclusion that I dislike all the characters in the drama. It frustrates me that GY is such a passive character and she reminds me of Yeon Woo in TMETS. Had great expectatations from both of them but they have been disappointing. I don’t even want to talk about Choi Anna /Yuri – don’t want to waste my time 🙁 It seems like the whole drama takes a step forward, it moves back two steps and we are right back on the same spot!!

  178. 178 : Raine Says:

    Here’s another recap. This drama makes my head hurt.


  179. 179 : Micc Says:


    Hi Jennie, I know how you feel cos I feel the same way! JH is a horrible brat disguising as a victim of his parents! GY is so passive without a brain of her own. YG on the other hand has too much brain but not using it the right way. Anna…well..who cares. The president of Jo boutique, JH’s parents, the chief designer at J Fashion, all the way to Michael, nobody is likable! That makes all the employees in Young Young look like gems in this drama!

  180. 180 : Jennie Says:

    @Raine Thanks for the recap. My feelings regarding the cast, the script etc are exactly the same and thank you for putting them into words for me. This drama fascinates and frustrates me at the same time but I’m still ploughing through, at least until I can’t take it any more anyway.
    @Micc While watching Ep 11, at one point in the drama, the employees actually became everybody’s favourite because we were so upset with the 4 leads. It’s crazy why I’m still watching this! I guess it must be because I am so fascinated with the individual characters of YG, GY and JH 😀

  181. 181 : Micc Says:


    You absolutely nailed it! The script sucks but the acting of the main casts (all except one) are wonderful! That’s why though frustrated, I am still watching. I really like when you said “Yu-ri…well, Yoo Ah-in does enough work for them both.”
    Haha! 🙂

  182. 182 : sara Says:

    ep 11
    really,i hate GY and YG.please tell me writer,what’s the reason of sudden change in YG ‘s behavior?why do you make GY a stupid,neutral creature who just obeys others’ orders.YG says go inside,she goes.he says “this is none of your business,go out” she goes out.why?why she is this weak while she can use his talent in a better way and become successful.why she is impressed by petty things like an ugly dress and seaweed soup by that good-for nothing YG?JH offers his heart,a good working opportunity,a good life.he is damn perfect and unique.why she rejects him?and for YG?you think girls are a bunch of stupid creatures who can’t distinguish between shit and bean paste?i’m so angry.i hate all the characters except my JH.please sue them.i want them to be destroyed…

  183. 183 : Jennie Says:

    @sara Oh Sara Sara, that’s why we are, or at least most of us are so upset. GY is behaving like a doormat and although she’s trying to protect YG, she’s a fool and YG doesn’t deserve her. She deserves better. Although many believe that YG does love and cares for her, but hey, making that ugly dress and seaweed soup is no big deal. I’d rather he try talking to her nicely and stop putting her down, especially in front of Anna. We all have a crush on JH, I think and he has what GY needs to fly. We all want him to have some redeeming qualities (which he does) but why is the writer turning him into such a scumbag? ugh, this is what frustrates me. We have a lead whom we love to hate but can’t really and we have a second lead we all love but cant’t love and neither can we hate completely? So, otoke?

  184. 184 : wazbi Says:

    not smart at all..not touching either..what going on here..everything just like,everyone stucking in same room n no one has try to find way out,to make a better scene.come on GY..

  185. 185 : via Says:

    @Rainie, Thank you for the recap, I’ve read your recap of episode 12, I think its about time that GY leaving YG. She need to step up and become more independent, and if she leaving YG to JH, I think I understand, at least JH is not an as* to her, at least he care for her and stood her up when she got cruel action from his mother.
    All I can see from the start it was YG who treat her like a trash while he talk to her in meaning way and tone, but not with JH who always treat her nice and he is the one who feel hurt when she choice YG over him, I believe JH hurt so much and in a lot of pain because of her.

  186. 186 : Karen Says:

    ^Thanks Raine for the recaps. Ahaha, I was reading them all last night…

    I agree with Jennie, I am totally for the GY/JH couple. They have cute moments. (I am actually watching this drama/skipping to scenes only with their moments… even though I know they’re not the OTP… unless the poster is lying. I hope it’s lying, jebus.)
    Not to mention I see real potential for growth if they get together. I don’t get when people say JH is only being nice because he is infatuated with GY. Who cares? Infatuation can turn to love. Not to mention it seems to me he really does admire GY for her gumption. (Something he needs too.)
    And please, that girl NEEDS to grow a backbone. That’s why she is suitable with JH, because she actually has a backbone when she is with him (okay, against him, but still). Seriously, if they flipped-kissed (successfully), would she have resisted? I wonder. Does she really feel zero attraction to him? (Because honestly… Well, I can’t imagine being zero attracted to a man like that.)

    And if GY learns to be more of a courageous person with him, maybe he can learn to be more courageous too (against his parents, get his head clear and know what to do with Anna). Anna/JH is not a good pairing. If you feel terrible with your fiance/fiancee right in the beginning of your relationship, don’t get together with them. Vasopressin is great, but without the phenylethylamine/oxytocin/dopamine/whatever, it becomes torture.

    I wish JH would say this to GY:
    “Please actually -look- at your surroundings right now. You have some talent, which is rarely recognized in this industry, and I’m giving you an opportunity for real growth… to be a more recognized human being. Is what you want really just to follow that man around? And then what? Be his wife? Raise his children? It would be a fair trade-off, almost, to get this warm life instead of fame and growth… except… I… I would…
    How about some filial piety and think about what your parents would want you to be? They live through you, do you really think they would want you to waste your talent under this shmuck who treats you like dirt and exhibits signs of an abusive boyfriend, who is not even your boyfriend? Abuse, says sorry, more abuse… it’s not a difficult cycle to perceive, really. (Me: Because I am guessing that even if GY has been Cinderella and kept under her abusive stepmother for all those years with even the worse non-existent home-schooled education, JH would be well educated enough to point out simple observations)

    Even… if you won’t be with me… this isn’t about me. This is about you, your future.”

    Yeah, way too wordy… and maybe too selfless for JH. But someone other than GY’s got to be selfless in their love, no? And I think JH might love GY so much he might actually (he stood up to Mother-dearest for her, didn’t he?)
    Not to mention, they’re just cute together… and I know the drama will have to do some weird, unrealistic character twists (or at least I’m really skeptical it can be pulled off well) to make the characters either more evil/good for me (and some other viewers) to agree with the Poster ship. (disappointed sigh cue)

    *huff* Alright, steam out. Much better.

  187. 187 : Angel Says:

    Hi : Can you guys tell me >>? Is JH going to be the (Hero) Of GY Heart? >>>actuallly she really deserves him >he treat her well …and YG is deseitful ..and just like those people in this site said ..(JH And GY Look sooo cute together …ahh !!this drama will be frustrating if YG was the (hero) of GY’s heart !!! I’ll be soooooo saaad if it is !!!!!


    IS IT ?????!!!!!! *_*

  188. 188 : Micc Says:

    Wow, so many Lee Je Hoon fans here! I am not a fan but I think he has a great smile and good acting. Have you fans seen his movie “Just Friends”?

  189. 189 : Angel Says:

    SO WHAT >>>>If he did show in a gey movie !!! Doesnt make Him Gey ??

    HE Is not gey !!!!!

  190. 190 : sara Says:

    ep 12. @ Jennie this drama is getting on my nerve.this is when the second lead overshadows the first one and is too good to be the second one.two girls are two good-for nothing characters.GY is a passive,stupid,ignorant girl who can’t see the real man and is sticking to the stupid,selfish YG who is just using her.Yuri is just a decoration.the only reason i watch this drama is my JH.he does everything he can to show his love.although he is so lonely and scared of his parents and got hit by them like a child.his sad tearful eyes when he smiled-after getting hit by his mother- broke my heart.that very moment was enough to make every woman’s heart flutter.really,i love him to bits.it’s not important the writer is making up his mistakes in creating the character of YG by changing JH into a evil.but it’s no use.he is the real scene stealer.

  191. 191 : sara Says:

    @Angel i hope he would be the winner.but don’t expect two much.how many Korean dramas have you seen in which the second lead wins the girl? in some dramas the second lead is too much better but the girl never loves him.he still loves her and is nice to her till the end.the first lead doesn’t know about her pain,her suffering and she goes to the second lead whenever she is in need.we as the viewers fall in love with him.-although the girl never sees this handsome,beautiful man as a man.unbelievable.so he is a girl?is it possible you can’t see KIM HYUN JOONG,LEE JAE HOON as a man?-then the writer doesn’t have any solution but makes him do a evil action suddenly.the lead comes,save the girl and confess his love. the surprised viewer stays silent and regrets watching the drama.we have seen this pattern in lots of k-dramas.Goong,Boys over flowers and this fashion king are some examples.

  192. 192 : sara Says:

    sorry for some errors.i think i just love JH too much

  193. 193 : Micc Says:


    I didn’t say he is gay. Did you read that from my post? I meant to say he was really good in acting! A totally different person in that movie! The dancing and singing was so hilarious!

  194. 194 : An Phan Says:

    Despite the seemly lack of plot in this drama I still like the characters within the drama. My initial extreme disappointment of Young Gul has dissolve into a puddle of sympathy and understanding. You have to look at the fact that he grew up in a world that lacked the necessary funds to even dream of living better. He can therefore grow into a selfish inconsiderate bastard*(excuse) that uses his quick thinking to escape distasteful situations. He is starting to grow with the reintro of Ga Young ssi and despite her passive attitude (she clearly stated that despite everything she will follow him (Young Gul) and she told the ahjummas she likes him.) I actually think Ga Young is like his (Young Gul’s) conscience and having her back into his life is a positive influence. They both have trust issues but I think with the right actions they could really fully love each other. Sometime in the future though I think she (Ga Young) will reconsider going back to NFS (NY Fashion School) and Young Gul will be the one to push her.

    The other couple really makes it hurt. They remind me of the second (also chaebol-worker) couple in “Que Sera Sera”. The way he sometimes needs her and sometimes cold is very confusing (push-pull?) and she’s so reserve its hard for me to like her but again I approach this with a sympathetic ear and an open heart.

    Don’t really dislike Michael (sarang his reaction to meeting Ga Young!!) HATE the Jo mother-daughter couple. Apathetic towards JH’s mom and pops. Loving the old designer guy despite his conniving self. THee. Ah well. Those are my thoughts so far. Am up to (not yet watch) ep 10. Crossing fingers for developments. Long post, daega ara… Thanks for reading a (and replying(?))!!

  195. 195 : Jennie Says:

    @An Phan I get it that YG too has all his growing up angst and GY is the perfect girl for him, to help him grow emotionally. Heck, they both need each other as both did not have a happy childhood. They are fated to be together for sure but my grouse here is how GY is being such a passive and dreary character. I want to see her stand up for herself, I want to see her kick everybody’s ass, I want to see some passion in her. She’s so indecisive and she just allows everybody to use her and be miserable. Come on, I can accept it if it’s for the first few eps but we are into the 13th episode already and both YG and GY are still stuck in their drabby factory and still facing the same old problems. As for JH, I find his split personality interesting and I like his chemistry with GY more. He is difficult to read and I’m more curious to know what kind of ending he will have. I like and hate him every few minutes in that drama! Point is the men in this drama are all MCPs!

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    Wow, I have never seen so many negative comments on a drama! From the script to the four leads, to the woman being a doormat….All this griping, all this suffering. Why do we do this to ourselves? 😉

  197. 197 : mitch Says:

    … mnnnnnn, i’m an avid fan of YAI since SKK. and his acting skills in this kdrama is really awesome, a great transformation from his previous roles.., but please, make the story clearer and make it straight to the point. i understand that they explained everything IN DETAILED the hardships that THEY encountered in their previous lives, but please be sure that in the end, you’ll satisfy the audience’ expectations. from the beginning, i’m looking forward for this kdrama coz the title itself speaks for the whole story. mnnnn, maybe there was a bit problem with the story/script? hehe.. looking forward for a better scenes next week (“,)

  198. 198 : sara Says:

    @An Phan.i don’t agree YG and GY complete each other.why she has to follow him?she can go work under JH.even there’s no need for any love relationship with him.she just can save herself.but she is just like a stupid scarecrow.why?coz YG has suffered lots of hardships and she can sympathize with him so she wants to help him by obeying his orders?so why he is this stupid and ignorant and using her without even feeling guilty?i think everyone here knows I’ve fallen for JH completely.so he is the most interesting character for me.

  199. 199 : asiandaddict Says:

    Haay, let’s just pray for the better. That is so common in most of the Korean dramas. We tend to hate the female lead role because of her loyalty to the mean, insensitive male lead. Huh, but what I hope at this drama is that YAI’s character will not affect his way up to the stardom.

  200. 200 : kjesin Says:

    I don’t care about the other characters. I’m only interested in Jae Hyuk and Ga Young. Young Gul is completely a jerk. He doesn’t even deserve to be the main character. Jae Hyuk is way better than him at everything. I hope GY will love JH back soon. She should abandon that jerk. You know, When that jerk agreed to work with President Jo without considering GY’s feeling, JH hates that bitch because of GY. How cute. JH and GY

  201. 201 : Serena Says:

    I would love to see Ga Yong end up with Jae Hyuk in the end.
    What is the end? who end up with who.. really need to know..
    who know?

  202. 202 : KDFan Says:

    Please be a Happy ending – YG & GY

  203. 203 : dsd Says:


  204. 204 : kjesin Says:

    I agree with Serena. Jae Hyuk is way better than Young Gul. Ga Young and Jae Hyuk!

  205. 205 : Micc Says:

    I am shipping GY and YG. Though YG is doing all sorts of things, he is just trying to stay afloat. JH, on the other hand, seems to think those beneath him should never be successful. And I don’t like the way he treated Anna…하나를 보면 열을 알아요.

  206. 206 : sara Says:

    YG is just a selfish irresponsible man who just intends to use GY.he even doesn’t know what she means for him.a woman.an employee,someone useful?he can’t be honest even with himself.but JH knows how to decide.he knows he loves GY yet he is so prideful that doesn’t want Anna breaks up with him first.and Anna-sorry if you are a fan- is just an annoying character.something for decoration.even the writer doesn’t bother working on her.to you she is Anna?to me she is GG Yuri.

  207. 207 : Micc Says:

    (These are just my opinions towards the characters in the drama. I am not attacking anybody’s idols and I am not looking for an argument. Just merely explaining my thoughts. Please don’t take this too personal. Different interpretations make watching the drama fun!)

    No, am not a fan of Yuri, and not liking Anna either.

    Maybe I am the only one, but I see JH as a selfish brat, sorry for the lack of a better description. (That said, must clarify, I have since became a fan of Lee Je Hoon.) I too, sympathized with JH at the beginning of the drama as his parents were not treating him right, but towards the middle, I can see he is exactly the same as his parents. He thinks he can use money to get what he wants, removes any obstacles that are in his way. Honestly I do not know if he really loves GY, or he feels her talent is a great help to him, or he just doesn’t want to lose to YG, or all of the above.

    What’s with YG and JH? They seem to have some unresolved issues from the start. Do you think they hate each other way too much to be just rivals in business? Or did I miss something at the beginning of the drama?

  208. 208 : KDFan Says:

    I agree with Micc. JH just does not want to lose to YG. He is way too proud and selfish. That said, I too has since become a fan of LJH, but doesn’t mean I want JH to get the girl-GY. From the start of the story and also reading from the synopsis, GY belongs to YG . Anna is annoying, she is not suitable for either YG or JH.

  209. 209 : Micc Says:


    I am so glad you agreed with me. I was worried sick that I would get hit by rocks! 🙂

    I think YG might not be everybody’s ideal boyfriend, but I think he loves GY. When he recognized she was the little girl he knew from childhood, he gave her all his savings for her plane ticket, didn’t he? And he had to work to repay his debt and hence the whole mess. He is definitely sleazeball kinda character, and I am not surprised seeing how he was brought up. I don’t know if anyone notice, but on the wall in his office, it says, Copy is the Mother of all Creations (if I remember it correctly), and that’s the kind of person he is. It’s easy for JH to help GY with the school admission given his powerful background, but for YG to give GY everything he had at the time for her to go to NY means a lot more, I think.

  210. 210 : OK OK OK Says:

    While Jung Jae Hyuk is still waiting for Ga Young’s love,
    I love to see the agonizing love feeling between Kang Young Gul & Lee Ga Young and their misunderstanding…….. especially end of ep 13 – after the CAT WALK. It will make their love stronger after the jeolousy….
    Looking forward to Ep 14 😀

  211. 211 : Raine Says:


    And more madness…

  212. 212 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc On the surface, I totally agree with you but although I know that GY loves YG and she’ll probably end up pairing with YG, somehow I find it difficult to like YG. I can see that he cares for GY but there’s still this dislike at how he actually treats her. Sure, he helps her and does things for her BUT….he can also be so mean and so heartless. I feel the same thing about JH but somehow, JH seems to convey that he cares for GY more and is more considerate to her predicament. The signals are all wrong I know but I just prefer JH with GY more.

  213. 213 : S. Says:

    I feel chemistry between Jae Hyuk and Ga yong. Hope JH will end up with GY. And Anna end up with YG. And then both happy ending.
    Or make YG is succesfull in fashion but JH end up GY.

  214. 214 : Micc Says:


    Totally understand! That’s why in reality women fall for different types of men. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and thank God for that! LOL! 🙂

  215. 215 : Sara Says:

    i don’t know why my comment doesn’t apear

  216. 216 : Sara Says:

    in my idea the love between YG and GY is really unacceptable and unbelievable.she is not his first love.he helped her coz she helped him repay his debts.then he slept with a girl,got in trouble and lost everything.being helpless made him find GY again.it was not out of love but out of need.then he saw Anna,fell in love with her curves,followed her,even kissed her.he used GY,mistreated her,hurt her and when saw her with JH was irritated out of jealousy and hatred for JH.suddenly he woke up one morning and found himself in love with a girl whom he used yesterday?is it possible?even the childhood flashback scene is just an explanation for them living with each other.which girl accepts to live with a boy she doesn’t know at all?it’s not like that YG is so innocent that doesn’t think any dirty thought.
    JH is also a jerk,he mistreats his staff,his girl,every one. he wants to solve everything with money and hates YG.but his feelings are sincere.he is a lonely,wounded jerk who needs some love and attention.at least he’s been in love with just one woman all along and now is disappointed in everything specially Anna.so GY can fill his void not because she is great but because he loves her for what she is

  217. 217 : Sara Says:

    i have lots of reason for hating YG and lots of reasons for loving JH.although both of them are selfish jerks but i don’t get why YG is that bad.he doesn’t love GY.none of his actions have been out of love till now.can you use someone today and fall in love with them the day after?is it possible?can someone who hasn’t forgot his first love sleeps with lots of women and falls in love with another woman’s curves?so he is a hateful,selfish jerk that i don’t get why he is like that.but JH is a lonely,wounded jerk who’s been in love with just one girl all along and now that everyone,even his girl disappoint him,he is in more pain.he wants some attention and love,a fresh breath which can take him out from the hell.GY can fill his void not because she is great or anything but because he loves her as she is.i wonder why JH is not the lead role.

  218. 218 : Micc Says:


    This is not an argument, but just wondering why you think JH has only been in love with one woman? In episode 14, Anna said the way JH dumped her for GY was exactly like the way JH dumped his ex-ex-girlfriend for Anna. So I am confused.

  219. 219 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc & Sara It just dawned on me perhaps why I prefer one jerk over the other is because I really dislike Anna. I think that as long as neither of the guys end up with Anna, I am happy lol 😀

  220. 220 : Micc Says:


    I am with you! haha!

    By the way, did you see in episode 14 how JH was blaming Anna saying because her inability to create good design, their relationship turned sour and that’s how GY came into the picture? I am sorry, but I really don’t see why JH is worth anything. He is such a jerk! That’s JH I am referring to, of course, Lee Je Hoon on the other hand, is great! 🙂

  221. 221 : Micc Says:

    It took 14 episodes, GY finally did one thing right, the slap! 🙂

  222. 222 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Awww..to be fair, I think JH was already attracted to GY in the beginning and that was why he helped her. Furthermore, he also witnessed Madam Dragon ill-treating GY way before they officially met each other. Maybe he pitied her in the beginning. His relationship with Anna was doomed from Day 1 and her inability or rather reluctance to help herself both professionally and privately while in the States probably frustrated him no end, so that when he met GY, she was probably like a breath of fresh air. Hehehe..as JH maybe he’s zilch but as Lee Je Hoon, he’s priceless, yeah! But jeez, in the previous two episodes, whoever his PA is, ought to have his head examined for all those ugly and weird looking suits that he was given to wear 😉

  223. 223 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 11 Eng Sub

  224. 224 : dsd Says:

    ep 13

  225. 225 : S. Says:

    I wish GY will end up with JH. Both are more chemistry. And JH cares all about GY. And he did many thing for GY. So I prefer GY with JH.

    If by the end they are not end up, I would feel so upset.

  226. 226 : Jennie Says:

    Why am I still watching this drama? Episode 14 was a torture to watch that I think I must be a glutton for punishment. Can’t understand why YG rejected GY again and I can’t understand why he’s with Anna. As for JH, is he or is he not using GY, is he playing with her like his past girlfriends yet he seems serious with her at most times. If the writer’s intention is to let JH end up with GY, then she should quickly make them pair up and turn YGM into a successful business instead of wasting time with competitions etc and not try to tie up with YG again. I’m pretty sure Anna is just using YG to take revenge on JH- the scene where she looked at the mirror, her evilness came out and next thing I know, she went to seduce/flirt with YG at his factory and later tells him not to abandon her. Just when I thought that YG has finally grown a backbone, he rejects GY again. Seriously, we need to move on!!!!!!

  227. 227 : Unkim Says:

    I’m sorry,I’ve been faithfully watching this drama every week…and now I’m getting upset!!!…the acting really is bad!!..especially by the girls…Anna is annoying but her acting is a little better than gy. Gy comes off like a Babo…and I don’t think that’s how the writers were trying to portray the character. But I will continue to watch just to see who ends up with who!!…I really hope gy will end up with yg…Jh is seriously falling back into old habits, using these girls to make himself look better infront of his parents. Jh dumps each girl after he feels they are no use…he had no interest in gy until that fashion designer guy told him gy was speacial and very talented!!…he never had any interest until he realized how much he could benefit and use gy to make him richer!!

  228. 228 : sara Says:

    i know this is not an argument.we all are expressing our ideas.isn’t it enjoyable to read different ideas about a drama?i haven’t watched ep13,14.so i didn’t know,when i wrote my comment.so JH is also a player jerk too.haha.such a surprise.but although i hate all the characters.the only one who grows on me is JH or as you guys said LEE JAE HOON.this drama has already disappointed us.i hope he would choose his next role wisely and as the lead this time.

  229. 229 : Micc Says:

    @Jennie & sara

    Yes gals, why are we still watching this? Episode 13 and 14 drove me crazy! I couldn’t believe my eyes when YG rejected GY one more time! He needed to get his brain checked out! I think he rejected her because of what Anna said he should consider what’s best for the company. YG mentioned while back that he was responsible for his employees. (Though went to the U.S. and disappeared for a while wasn’t at all responsible, was it?)

    I have no doubt JH was attracted to GY. But I also couldn’t help but believe that he would dump her in a heartbeat if she didn’t have the talent to make him look good in front of his father, or if she wasn’t in love with YG and rejecting him consistently! I also hated the fact that he kept trying to sabotage YG’s business out of jealousy.

    I really feel sorry for GY although her indecisiveness probably was the cause of all problems. She gathered her courage to face YG but was turned down yet again. The PDs better have a plan to end this drama in the right note!

    On the bright side, Lee Je Hoon and Yoo Ah In are pleased to look at! 🙂

  230. 230 : Raine Says:


    Just go with the flow…I’m not serious about anything involved with this show except for YAI’s acting and the hotness

  231. 231 : sara Says:

    i finally stopped torturing myself by watching this drama.i just used FF button and watched JH’s parts.the one i love.he was adorable and lively in ep 13.i loved how he smiled and became like a child in front of GY.specially the food scene was so cute.it is the first time i enjoyed watching this drama.i still haven’t watched ep 14.but i will do the same.you are so right.the PDs and the writer must save this drama.i don’t say “a piece of shit” coz as you said LJH and YAI are so hot and pleased to look at.what a waste of their talents

  232. 232 : sara Says:

    i finally stopped torturing myself by watching this drama.i just used FF button and watched JH’s parts.the one i love.he was adorable and lively in ep 13.i loved how he smiled and became like a child in front of GY.specially the food scene was so cute.it is the first time i enjoyed watching this drama.i still haven’t watched ep 14.but i will do the same.you are so right.the PDs and the writer must save this drama.i don’t say “a piece of shit” coz as you said LJH and YAI are so hot and pleased to look at.what a waste of their talents.

  233. 233 : mommy angel Says:

    The actors/actresses are good but the story is so messed up the characters are so not the same as they were at the beginning. Aren’t GY and YG supposed to be together always through difficulties and hardship? They’re gonna build up a fashion empire and make a name for themselves and take back the shop that evil woman stole from GY’s parents, right? I’m not sure what I’m watching now but am too far along to give up watching now….. 🙁

  234. 234 : S. Says:

    didnt see ep14 yet just see preview and saw the scene JH feed food to GY. Its super cute. Still request JH is end up with GY.
    I like JH smiling so cute.. super cute.. Hm~ if GY did not choose him by end, i would like to keep him for myself hahaha.

  235. 235 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 14 Eng Sub

  236. 236 : S. Says:

    dsd.. thank you for Eng Sub.

  237. 237 : sie Says:

    I really get frustrated watching this drama. The storyline goes nowhere. Love the actors and actresses, but really fed up with the story.

  238. 238 : eleonor Says:

    Seriously, i don’t understand the pairing anymore!! i, with all my heart wishes, GY to end up with YG, the writer’s torturing me, really!! and also i can’t wait for YG to be successful, why is it he’s being stump on by JH, again and again??? it’s annoying!! T_T

  239. 239 : S. Says:

    I like the scene when JH is cooking with GY is really cute. And i feel happy moment. And feel upset when open the door and YG and Anna show up. JH take care of GY when she got sick that’s very sweet and kind of JH. I have to save the cooking scene between JH and GY.. haha such a cute couple.

  240. 240 : chimae Says:

    this drama just make me more and more upset about yuri :(…

  241. 241 : sara Says:

    i hate this drama to death.i don’t get why GY is this stupid.why she can’t see JH’s heart.he seems so innocent when he smiles and YG and Anna?hateful.please writernim do sth before i come to Korea and delete all of your saved works on your PC.LET ME WRITE THE REST OF THE DRAMA.

  242. 242 : ameey Says:

    I only watch this drama to see the actor, both YG or JH.. They’re so cool.. The truth is this drama make me confused.. I think YG and JH both have big ambition.. Both like to used the girls to get what they want… And the girls are stupid enough to do it for luv… But I still want to know the ending.. I hope this drama have the happy ending…

  243. 243 : S. Says:

    Gayong and Jae Hyuk.. Pls
    Jae Hyuk.. Super Cute.. ^^

  244. 244 : saywhoo Says:

    I’m gonna be disappointed if jae hyuk and ga-young end up. I would prefer ga-young will move on in the end of the drama

  245. 245 : yong yong Says:

    damn i havent even watch this drama, yet it got me pissed off when i see clips of kiss scenes and some sad scenes! omg i really hate yuri for being in this drama! i wish she can be in a happy drama like love rain! if it was fashion king then i would want jessica to do it! i really hate to see yuri cry!!! damn, the rating should be lower than 10!

  246. 246 : wdr Says:

    i love this dramaaa 🙂 yuri is so gorgeous in fashion king 🙂

  247. 247 : wdr Says:

    better An na wi/ kang young gul

  248. 248 : wdr Says:

    the ratings isn’t that poor aha!

  249. 249 : alison Says:

    i’ve watched this drama until ep10 and this is the first k-drama which makes me confused of which man is the protagonist and the antagonist.

  250. 250 : u Says:

    oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, why YG treats GY so badly? but….. i still want them to be together actually 😉

  251. 251 : u Says:

    please scriptwriter pleaseeeee….. turn YG into a good man! and make YG & GY together <33333

  252. 252 : karen Says:

    This is a nice drama , hope Ga Young and Jae Hyuk will end up as a happy loving couple. As I have already watched episode 1 to 14 and every episode, everytime will see Jae Hyuk quarrels with Anna makes me angry. I like Lee Je Hoon and Shin Se Kyung, hope in this drama is happy ending otherwise every episode is quarrel and scolding becomes boring…….

  253. 253 : bonnie Says:

    whatta complicated drama! i looooooove it

  254. 254 : myeon Says:

    YOUNG GUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeaseeee don’t be stupid anymoreee !!!!!!! just grab ga young to your side, and then everything will turn out nice again !!! grrrrr i can’t bare it anymore -________________________- damn what’s exactly the writer’s intend to do? bener-bener galau ck

  255. 255 : S. Says:

    So stressful to watching this drama b coz I do like JH. And always cheer JH with GY. I will stop watching b coz Im afraid of disappoint feeling if they are not end up. Hm~>….

  256. 256 : wazbi Says:

    absolutely…like another love story using enemy to make true love come out from coward ..like i said haaa

  257. 257 : RE Says:

    JH is treating GY like he used to love ANNA “forever”…italian seaside rendezvous again??? what a loser…. and saying that “you need more than being a good designer to be able to make it…” wow, that sure hurts GY…. and JH just a crybaby & jealous whenever YG made it in bzness… No wonder his dad is sarcastically saying to him real bznessman are born and not made…. YG is making a realistic decision by asking GY not to come back cos YG wants GY to succeed in Fashion King to realise her dream, and at the same time Anna can help him grow YY apparel internationally, unlike JH who just spend all his time scheming plans to destroy YG, and trying so hard to court GY…. why can JH instead spend time on Anna who really loves him despite his flaws…

    i definitely LOVE to see GY & YG together at the end.

  258. 258 : Autumn Says:

    Omg, after reading all the comments here, I think I am gonna give up watching this drama. I expected there is a love chemistry btw YG and GY and they would ended up together. Seems like there is a twist along the plot. I really like YG to be with GY but after read that YG is a jerk and more ppl support JH to be with GY, okay, I am confused with the whole drama.

  259. 259 : Jennie Says:

    This drama is a total disaster. I thought I was going to see the leads as high flyers, super achievers who were going to conquer the world with their talent. I thought I was going to see lots of beautiful clothes, shoes, bags and fahion accessories in New York and Korea. Instead, here I am frustrated with a female lead who is a doormat, a male lead who is a prick, a second female lead who cannot act and a second male lead who is a cry baby and who sometimes wears the ugliest suits ever. Instead I am more concerned about who ends up with whom when I love and hate them at the same time. Worst thing is, I still continue to gripe about it week after week. That’s how a self professed KD junkie like me spend her valuable free time but I’d still continue for as long as I can and as long as they still continue coming up with them 😀

  260. 260 : Maya Says:

    please please please make the end of the story together JH with GY, I think it’s better

  261. 261 : janine Says:

    @Jenni this drama is not worth watching? What happen to this drama? I thought it was good…

  262. 262 : Jennie Says:

    @janine For the first time, I’m not very sure I know how to answer your question. If you have read all the comments here, you would know how frustrated we all are. We have invested too much time on this drama to just totally abandon it without seeing the end. If you are really a great fan of anyone of these actors, then just go ahead and proceed and ignore all the flaws of the drama. If not maybe you should try watching a couple of episodes first then decide whether the stars and script is to your liking? Good luck 😉

  263. 263 : Jennie Says:

    Just finished Ep 15 and OMG, it took the writer 10 episodes to get here! We should have seen this in Episode 5/6 and Episode 16 is looking pretty good too. Ok, now I’m ready to switch loyalties since YG has definitely come round 😉

  264. 264 : Micc Says:

    Wow, I am looking forward to seeing eps 15 and 16 from Jennie’s comments here. I am so hooked on Twelve Men in a Year right now, won’t watch anything else until I finish that.

  265. 265 : Vivi Says:

    Finally see some supporters for GY and YG. YG did everything he could for GY. I don’t understand why so many ppl love JH. The personality of JH is crap. He is rich but he has a bad heart. Jealous YG being sucessful and destroy other’s life. JH wants GY because he wants a designer to help him like he did to Anna. I hope GY and YG will Hv happy ending.

  266. 266 : Raine Says:


    Fashion King Episode 15 Recap

  267. 267 : RE Says:

    i hope GY & YG will be together till end, and hope the Producer wil intro a cameo lead male to swoop Anna of her feet… let that spoilt brat heartless JH rot by himself…

  268. 268 : sara Says:

    i stopped watching this drama altogether.if JH is the only reason you can watch FK is LJH is doing great although the role is not a good role.also JH is nice and adorable even from the start but look how the writer is making him an evil to save his main character.that’s why i hate this drama.the second lead is too good to be the second. i love him no matter what he does.also i think he is too good for the both girls.

  269. 269 : Micc Says:

    Episode 15 다 좋은데, what’s with that turquoise suit and yellow chrysanthemum tie???

  270. 270 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Not only the color is a sight for sore eyes but it’s so short that you can see his ankles. The guys of this drama wear the ugliest suits.I know I wouldn’t want to be the one walking next to them when they are in these suits. Another bad one is the checked one with yellow and black boxes on the jacket and pants which JH wore. I almost died looking at that! Plus what’s with Korean men not wanting to wear socks, even when they are all dressed up?

  271. 271 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Eng Sub Ep 15

  272. 272 : Micc Says:

    Thank you admin!

  273. 273 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie 259 u totally cracked me up bec u r so spot on. this show has been bewilderingly all over the place that it left me speechless. the consistent thing about this show is that all the 4 characters are so flawed that unfortunately gives the writer too much free hand to throw in any cliches you can think of. but i hv invested so much time that i just had to know who ends up with GY and why. lets hope their fashion sense improve in the few remaining eps to give our sore eyes a rest

  274. 274 : Raine Says:


    Cute episode…now…hopefully the second leads won’t ruin it!

  275. 275 : letty Says:

    i am happy with this drama .. go ahead for the korean drama series ,, 🙂
    especially with this serial drama fashion king .. just make me happy ,especially with the YURI SNSD

  276. 276 : Micc Says:


    You are right! And remember how JH looked at YG from head to toe when the elevator door opened? Apparently we were not the only ones who were “mesmerized” by his fashion! 🙂

  277. 277 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Haha, I saw that too and thought of the same thing. I also thought he could have said “Oh, they make me wear ugly suits too but not as ugly as yours” heehee.
    @kdfan You are spot on in saying that the writer has too much free hand with the script that was driving us nuts. Ep 15 & 16 were good though and let’s hope that she has finally seen the light and not give us any more cliches 😀

  278. 278 : mitch Says:

    …mnnnnn, i hate to say bad comment on this kdrama coz i love Yoon Ah In eversince but of course, we all have the right to say what we felt coz we invest too much time and effort just to follow and watch this kdrama weekly. but infairness to episode 15&16, the story improved alot compared to the last 3weeks ep- i admit the previous becomes dull and sometimes irritating but now it goes back to its original sense.. keep it up.. !

  279. 279 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 16 Eng sub

  280. 280 : KDaddict Says:

    Your comment makes me laugh! Not at you, but at you, at me, at all of us KD junkies! Your comments on the FoGs r of a similar nature. What to do?
    Did u see Jennie’s #259 n her frustration? AND you Still say that you r going to START this after 12 M in a Yr? I guess it’s really an enjoyable torture, on here n on FoGs.

  281. 281 : Melia Says:

    Why does this series have to make JH looks so pathetic n pitiful. The lead (YG) character and personality arent that outstanding to make audience support him whole-heartedly. It’s rather confusing and perplexing. However, I really salute the way JH acts out his role. It is really effective. A talented actor to look forward. GY’s character is a bit indecisive and seems opportunistic. I wish there would be a series that will not make the second lead always at the lose end. I believe in the real world not all of us are the leads of real life story. 🙂

  282. 282 : S. Says:

    I like JH and still cheer JH. I feel sadness when he feel sad. I did not see the ep 15&16 yet. B coz I would like to prepare my heart to see JH sad moment. And I wll patient to watch this drama until end. At least I can see JH’s face…

    JH, although GY hurt your feeling but u still have me hahah

  283. 283 : kdfan Says:

    one with banana yellow jacket, apple green blouse, pink pants. another with bright turquoise suit. i wish they wud stop clowning around with their clothes.

  284. 284 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict After seeing Ep 16 I told myself I wasn’t going to make any more comment on this thread because the drama is kaput. I am thoroughly confused and upset with all the characters in the show and with the storyline. I just want to know how it ends and that’s it. Am never going to recommend this drama to anybody, not even if she is stranded on a desert island with nothing else but the tv with cable! What a waste of talents (and that talented lot doesn’t include Yuri)!
    @kdfan Yep, terrible fashion. They ought to fire the guy in charge of wardrobe and this is supposed to be about fashion too! Ugh!

  285. 285 : KDaddict Says:

    That’s pretty much the way I feel abt FoGs. Will just return to check out its ending becos of LSW n SYR.
    That one doesn’t frustrate you as much as this one, hey? FoG makes me want to tear our my hair!
    The show is abt fashion designers, so we have to assume the show’s costume designer did some research on how the NY fashion world dresses. Perhaps all the neon colored clothing is too avantgarde for us regular earthlings. 🙂

  286. 286 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie: yes ep 16 is sickening. I just fast forward to catch the drift and finish like in 10 mins.

    @KDaddict: fotg is not that bad. but of course i am bias bec it has superhottie LSW. he could just pose for the hour without a storyline and I probably wud still watch 😀

  287. 287 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & KDaddict At least FoTG has its sweet moments. I like the three as I have seen them do well in other dramas but I can’t read them at all in this drama and their characters are so sick here. Individually they are great but the drama as a whole sucks big time.

  288. 288 : KDaddict Says:

    I fell in love w LSW, big time, when First Wives Club was on the air. I’ve continued to follow his works, but haven’t loved any of the KDs he’s been in since. Life is Beautiful was good, but his role was ltd. I gave up on Believe in Love after a few eps.
    I feel that a feel sweet moments aren’t enough payback for all the hair-pulling moments in KDs w bad scripts!
    BTW, I’m not curious abt PE bc it’s an adult film, but bc of LSW. Too bad u said it’s no good.

  289. 289 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict & kdfan Well, if you want to watch PE because of LSW, then go ahead. He’s super hot with Lee Min Jung esp in the bathtub (faint.faint.faint) scene. You can fast forward all others and just watch his scenes, which aren’t many anyway. At least you’ll have a rough idea about the movie 😀

  290. 290 : mml Says:

    This is a drama whereby in the beginning i don’t understand what is it trying to tell us. I will carry on chasing every episode to watch with better understanding.

    Now i realised that the fashion king maybe is Jae Hyuk and Ga Young.

    As Jae Hyuk worked very hard to overcome his weak areas,
    i hope Ga Young will accept Jae Hyuk being grateful, also with love and towards the goal of success……..

  291. 291 : Micc Says:

    @KDaddict @Jennie

    Haha! I think that’s the thing about Kdramas, you love it when you love it and you hate it when you hate it, either way, it got your attention! For the good ones, we can’t get enough of it; for the bad ones, we want to know how low can it sink! Either way we are stuck! At least I am! ROFL!

    I am refraining from making comments on Rooftop because it moves soooooo fast! But I am really enjoying that show!

  292. 292 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Yeah, you nailed it. Either way, we are stuck. Count me in too LOL

  293. 293 : renna Says:

    GY is a bitch, YG is a jerk cassanova, I enjoy love rain and rooftop prince a lot than this drama. But I insist make it to the end bcoz I watched it from the first episode. OMG it’s a disaster.

  294. 294 : KDaddict Says:

    @Micc, Jennie,
    reena’s #293 says it well too. We throw good hours after bad, cos dropping a show is acknowledging defeat! “OMG it’s a disaster indeed.” Haha.

  295. 295 : kdfan Says:

    @renna: well said indeed!

  296. 296 : Meow Says:

    I was quite supportive towards this show from the beginning. But From ep 16, I can’t stand it anymore as the story keeps making JH’s role inferior. I had stopped watching anymore???

  297. 297 : swift Says:

    Since there is 4 more episodes left, well the writers may have run out of ideas to show how evil JH role is, but I find it very pathetic. They should have just let the character be bad from beginning and ending will JH repenting (just like any other Kdrama ending), hehehehhe…………….

  298. 298 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    After watching all episodes m beginning to admire Lee Jae Hoon(Jung Jae Hyuk) character even he’s the 2nd hero…Damn he’s a great actor and steal the lime-lite of the drama.Even people hate Kwon Yu Ri (Choi Ah Na) and earlier i was so irritated by her but in episodes 15&16 she is great.Sorry m not facsinated by Yoo Ah Hin (Kang Young Gul) coz he seems not a confidence person and deserves to be called jerk or trash.He got the 5M from nothing!My god the lead actress Shin Se Kyung (Lee Ga Young)so weak and unsure of what she wants and like to cry a lot(modern girl should be strong and independant)…I dont like if people find excuses parents not teaching them what is good and bad to lead life!Prefer Jung Jae Hyuk-Lee Ga Young and Choi Ah Na – Kang Young Gul but honestly nobody end-up with anybody coz they had hurt each other unless forgive and forget……very pain and stress relationship:(

  299. 299 : bonnie Says:

    everything that YG wore was VERY interesting, actually. better than JH who ALWAYS WORE the same suit in every single episode. HAHAHA

  300. 300 : somewhere Says:

    apa yg bagus sih dari jaehyuk? muka doang paling. pada bego nih orang orang yg suka sama dia

  301. 301 : renna Says:

    @micc, jennie n kDaddict : yeah, how could a guy said (YG) “you just a friend ” to a girl (Anna), after they kiss twice (almost) without a guilty feeling? such a morron. I can’t understand what the writer thingking about when he or she created a main lead such a YG.
    @somewhere 300 : aq sie klo liat pilem nggak peduli ganteng atau jelek. cuman storyline nya nie drama ngaco. main lead cow nya nggak dibikin kuat n tegas, malah plin plan nggak jelas n rada2 playboy brengsek. Mana main lead ceweknya juga penurut kayak orang bego lagi, duh,,kalo nggak liat dr awal nggak bakal nerusin ampek tamat deh, coba liat love rain ama rooptop jd sedikit terobati jengkelnya..^^

  302. 302 : pi Says:

    setuju sama renna, aku stop di episode 15, udah gak kuat nerusin nonton, ceritanya berujung berantem ga jelas, ceweknya gak berpendirian, mending love rain walau ratingnya jelek, ceritanya bagusan daripada fashion king, imo

  303. 303 : kcandy Says:

    i promise not to watch the succeeding episode anymore. ouch, you are too much hard to the character of Lee le (jung jae hyuk).. and as the show goes on there’s no improvement to the pathetic face of lee gayoung!! the character of YG does not much to Lee gayoung.. i can no longer watch this drama..it is too much painful when u’re watching ur idol in pain.. Bye FK..

  304. 304 : RE Says:

    the more i watch that loser pathetic Jae hyuk face, the more pissed i am… he is such a loser jerk of the century…

  305. 305 : esther Says:

    yoo ah in and shin se kyung are great here. actually all cast are superb. this is a great story also. love all the scenes of yoo ah in and shin se kyung.

  306. 306 : esther Says:

    this is a great drama. lots to learn re fashion world.

  307. 307 : mml Says:

    Is the drama director going to make this as revenge drama…..
    scare to accept the fact if is a revenge drama…..

    Lee Je Hoon and Shin Se Kyung maybe can be 2012 Korea drama best couple awards , hope next time they can act as happy couple together in other drama, we can watch something not so heart pain and more happy……

  308. 308 : yoon Says:

    writer please do something difference change lover la….
    ga young with jae hyuk & anna with young gul write something special not every time same story boring

  309. 309 : Mystisith Says:

    #yoon: Totally agree with you. The story is running in circles. Preview for ep 18: Again misunderstanding coming cause of bad timing… In fact there is no script. If the charismatic Lee Je-hoon/Jae-hyuk wasn’t in this show i would have dropped it a long time ago. I fast forward all the rest and only watch his scenes.

  310. 310 : S. Says:

    saw JH cried feel upset huh…

  311. 311 : swift Says:

    There seems to be many KD fans moving away/ stopped watching this drama. The storyline is not going anywhere.
    I guess the writers may have WRITERS BLOCK, hahahahahh………..
    Most likely GY & YG will end up together.
    JH will go on living
    Anna will go back overseas
    Everyone live happily ever after

  312. 312 : Raine Says:


    Fashion King Episode 17 Recap

    Are you guys feeling the strain of watching this show like I am?

  313. 313 : RE Says:

    love seeing JH pathetic loser face, always a loser throwing tantrums, and chicken shit in front of his dad… total loser…. GY, she is making all 3 leads heartaches…
    and cant even remember her own treasured necklace… hope YG will shower Anna with more love instead of GY, who kept undecided everytime, and yet trying to cling onto YG in front of Anna… Most happy moments on this show is watching JH’s dad smacking, scolding JH & all the beautiful soundtracks…

  314. 314 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Talented casts are esp Lee Jae Hoon but the storyline is so dragging and too much painful feelings among them.The title of Fashion King not suitable nobody deserve it here even Lee Ga Young is weak……m watching to the end but not one of the drama that i can say is great….pathetic YES!

  315. 315 : Lady Sue Ellen Says:

    Lee Jae Hoon acting is remakrble but the storyline is so dragging and too much painful feelings among them.The title of Fashion King not suitable to anyone;nobody deserve it here even at first it should be Lee Ga Young but she is weak……m watching to the end but not one of the drama that i can say is great….pathetic YES!

  316. 316 : mml Says:

    Episode 17, brought disappointment to me,
    i watched episode 18 not bad, Jay Hyuk is very determined and undeniable in loving Ga Young…..

    i think viewers should continue watching, the problem is Ga Young is undecisive in something……

  317. 317 : Micc Says:

    I read all the negative comments on episode 17 and 18 so I couldn’t bring myself to watch. Just randomly start in the middle of an episode and keep fast forwarding. Just one thought came to mind, I think the 4 characters should go their separate ways and have fresh starts! This is not a healthy relationship for anybody! Of course, the audiences included!!!

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Haha, yes, we should all look forward to the next drama instead. At least you bothered to take a look to see what happened. I completely forgot about this drama come Mon&Tues but I’d still check the remaining two episodes, just to see the ending. Read some rumors some time ago that GY may go with JH but I somehow don’t see that happening unless the writer still intend to play mind games this late in the drama!

  319. 319 : Micc Says:


    Hi Jennie, I watched some of the last part of episode 18. I have to tell you, at this point, I don’t care who GY is going to end up with. Because if she ends up with either one, she is going to have a miserable life, unless the guys grow up.

    YG is too smart for his own good. He is so self-centered, it’s his way or the highway! He sees GY as his possession, and he has no respect for her. JH is too weak! Other than when he is throwing tantrums, he couldn’t lift his head in front of his parents. But he is also not capable enough to go independent. His so called power stems from his family status and money. I haven’t seen any real talent of him. Do you want to end up with either of these guys?

    I don’t know if anyone find it touching by the ending of episode 18 when JH was drunk and professed his love to GY, but I found that extremely annoying! And the way YG responded by pulling GY away and frowned. The writer must have multiple kids at home who fight all day. The images must have stuck in their head!

    All that being said, human beings are flawed. So the writer just portrait the young people as they are. We, as audiences, can take it or leave it! ROFL! 🙂

  320. 320 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 17 Eng Sub

  321. 321 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Still haven’t seen the two episodes yet but read the recaps. Yes, YG is still such a jerk. I thought he had changed for the better. Seriously, I agree with you that GY is better without both guys. If I were her, I’d finish my studies and open my own shop! While reading the recaps and comments, I learnt something very surprising. Don’t know if you are aware of it already but the writer is the same one who wrote Memories In Bali. Jeez, FK is doing the same thing to me as that drama, only this is more frustrating. At least in MIB, the plot and script made sense whereas this one is going in circles. There are so many similarities especially GY’s character to Ha JW’s role in MIB. Now, if this was a melodrama, I wouldn’t be surprised if JH kills himself in the end, just like in MIB. It has to be JH because I can’s see YG killing himself. Maybe all three will die – now that will definitely be worth watching!!

  322. 322 : finia Says:

    the soundtracks are super catchy. but the drama isn’t that great, tho.

  323. 323 : finia Says:

    I swear only YAI could pull of those flowery/bright colored shirts and pants he wore when he and GY had an ‘ice cream’ date! His confidence wearing them makes everything acceptable and stylish.

  324. 324 : kdfan Says:

    @ Jennie should hv told me earlier it’s the same writer as MIB. i hate that show and hate the 3 characters in that show. must be the writer’s only writing style that is to make all the characters despicable. with all the hateful comments, the writer must be very happy. mission accomplished!

  325. 325 : esther Says:

    i think this is a great drama – the writer possibly want to convey something thats happening in reality – true, its story line is somewhat coming in circles its like a roller coaster relationship, but understanding the characters – those things they had gone through – YG – whose mother left his father for another man and also by the death of his sister – this is somewhat left by 2most impt women in her life cant accept to be left also by the woman of his life. GY -having been through of those difficulties over her life looking for security w/ whom who will shelter her the most. while the two other characters had also their own personal battles to overcome. JH need to prove something to his parent esp to his father. who always underestimate him. but giving him such responsibilities, he should have seen it as a TRUST from his father. Anna should at this time be secured of who she is coz having gone through also of those difficulties and given such privilege – she should come up a winner.

  326. 326 : esther Says:

    i keep watching it anyways because all the casts are all great.

  327. 327 : esther Says:

    i salute the director the writer and everyone who put their labor on this drama – its shows you are all indeed humans.

  328. 328 : Karmen Says:

    I for my opinion will like tha this girl that really knows about clothing and she can really design, witch she can work hard for what she can really do, and forget about this 2-lovers, but at the end I hope she stay with the kid that his father always abuse of him and that is why he used to be the way he was, Lee Ga Young with Jung Jae Hyuk
    They are like with the same love…the other guy is scary with his venganza-not good

  329. 329 : swift Says:

    As predicted, GY will end up with YG.
    I did not expect the writers to suddenly change JH and AH to be together. This part is abit not realistic as earlier they were practically at each other’s throat. Suddently now they are reminiscing back their past.
    Now we can view the showdown of President Jo trying to uphold her past misdeeds (taking GY’s rightful inheritance).

  330. 330 : Micc Says:


    I have never watched MIB, and from you description, I won’t be watching it…ever! 🙂

  331. 331 : Micc Says:


    Haha! Out of curiosity, I just looked up MIB, and lucky for me wikipedia has a very detailed sypnosis of the drama. It’s so similar to FK! The going in circle, back and forth…..is that all that writer has to offer?? I need to seriously memorize the writer’s name and make sure not to watch his drama, ever again!

  332. 332 : norizati ashikin Says:

    hye..i like fashion king….specially shin se kyung…

  333. 333 : Jennie Says:

    @kdfan & Micc Haha, I didn’t know it was the same writer until this morning when I stumbled upon it while reading recaps. The writer perhaps thought that she could regain the same popularity by churning out the same thing! I know, I wouldn’t be so excited too about FK if I had known. MIB was actually quite sad and first time I saw Ha Ji Won, Jo In Sung and So Ji Sub in a drama. They were all superb even then but the ending of MIB was a total surprise! So, don’t be too shocked if something similar happens in the final episode of FK 😉

  334. 334 : p_diana Says:

    i too agree with @Jennie..this 2 days i saw so much similarity between FK & MIB..actually i love MIB n really love Jiwon & Insung in that drama.. n like everyone else, also hate the ending so much..4 FK i love GY & YG pairing, from nothing to everyting but right now i really, really hate the indecisive GY…hope she will help YG realize that revenge is nothing n they will live happily ever after..

  335. 335 : mml Says:

    If i were the writer am not going to let Ga Young likes Young Gul anymore after watching episode 18……
    Do you know why???? Now Young Gul rich already,character became wicked and horrible……

    If i were the writer am going to exchange partner for them, i will match make Ga Young with Jae Hyuk ….

    Ga Young cannot be stupid dumbly likes Young Gul……

  336. 336 : GHSforever Says:

    Young Gul turned so selfish and he treats other people not as good as he did before.
    Even Ga Young can see how his character changed. He is not the Young Gul she felt in love with.
    And actually I cannot stand him aswell.
    Please writers make Jae Hyuk and Ga Young end game.
    After I have watched episode 18, I feel so sad for him. He really loves her and he would choose love rather than work which he would have never done for Anna I guess.
    Come on writers how will you turn Young Gul back to the person he was before in only two remained episodes? Jae Hyuk had a good development. He changed in a good way. I have a little hope for Ga Young and Jae Hyuk couple.
    What happened in Bali had an unexpected ending aswell. I thought HJW character loves So Ji Sub’s character up until the end but at the end she admitted that she loves Jo In Sung’s character.

    Anyway GaYoung&JaeHyuk couple FIGHTING.
    I will always support this couple! Writers please make us happy at the end.

  337. 337 : Raine Says:


    OMG this show…..

  338. 338 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 18 Eng Sub

  339. 339 : e Says:

    i’m so disappointed with Kang Young Gul…he sucks. I want Lee Ga Young to end up with JH. I hope it ends this way…

  340. 340 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Hi nice to see you again. MIB- it thought it was the other way, that she thought she loved So JS more, that’s why she died together with him. And it has been so long since I saw that so can’t remember it well. All I know is that it was very frustrating because of Ha JW’s indecisiveness but in the case of FK it’s YG who makes me angry. I guess this writer is a little bit twisted in a way that she likes to torture us with all these ‘absurd’ characters!

  341. 341 : GHSforever Says:

    Yes nice to see you too:)
    YG makes me so mad too.
    Sometimes I think that he just wants to have Ga Young just because Jae Hyuk is in love with her.
    Maybe the writers wants to show us that love is not always pure. The writers are trying to make the show more realistic and make YG a more realistic person and not a typical k-drama character.
    But the writing is poor compared to the writing of What happened in Bali, although I did not like the ending.
    Lee Je Hoon gained alot of attention from this drama, and his acting is the best of all the characters.
    The last scene of episode 18 was just AMAZING.
    Maybe that’s the reason I want him with Ga Young. When he is with her, he turns to be like a teenager again who just met his first love.
    Young Gul however slowly develops into the old ‘Jae Hyuk’.

  342. 342 : mitch Says:

    ,.dear writer, at first, i’m really looking forward to watch FK bcoz of YAI (YG). he acts very well in all his kdrama.. though the story line runs very slow, i still and i will still watch this no matter what. but why did you turn the character of YG into a very bad person?? i hate you! hehe.. sorry just got carried away of the story. i don’t know and i cannot guess the flow of the story everytime i watch it weekly. expecting to see a great and nice scene, fortunately their acting was nice but the story line, it’s like a puzzle that you need to think or solve it everytime it’s aired. whew! please give us a happy and great ending. make us satisfied with the climax coz we watched it for 2 months so we deserved a reward. hehe

  343. 343 : Melia Says:

    I can’t help myself but fall in love with JH character. He is painfully in love with GY. In real life, I supposed GY would choose JH over YG. But as for this drama everything seems to be uncertain.

  344. 344 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever From the state of things happening here, I guess the rumour that GY will eventually go with JH is not far from the truth. If this happens, I suppose we’d have another attack of second lead taking over syndrome as the same thing is happening in Feast of the Gods, due to the second lead’s popularity with viewers. The problem with YG is he doesn’t show and express his feelings very well whereas JH is very good in doing that. Probably that’s why most of us feel that JH loves GY more than YG does.

  345. 345 : GHSforever Says:

    I used to support YG because JH was such a douchebag with the way he handled his previous relationship and treated Anna. But YG is pretty much the biggest jerk I have ever seen right now!
    He doesn’t consider the feelings of his girlfriend, treats her like she is his property and on top of everything he ignores her and meets Anna as he pleases. That’s not the kind of boyfriend a girl should ever depend on.
    Sorry for my rant but I just have to get rid of my anger.
    Second lead syndrome I hate you so much for that haha;D
    It’s always like this with me.
    The chances that the second lead role wins over the first lead role is quite rare.
    But Dream High 2 surprised me with how the couples ended.
    The best ending would be that if the writers want to have a couple so badly it should be Jae Hyuk and Lee Ga Young(hot chemistry overloaded). If not, they should all end up alone. I don’t understand how the writers can make GY and YG end game. Sometimes it’s quite similar as the past relationship of Anna and Jae Hyuk (one good thing they do not have such an evil mom). They should at least make it realistic at the end.

    Btw Lee Je Hoon looks like a remix of Kim Soo Hyun and Kang Ji Hwan!**
    Next time he NEEDS to get the LEAD ROLE!!!
    His acting abilities are great to watch.

  346. 346 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Keep our fingers crossed – we may just get what we want 😉 Now how on earth did you arrive at the formula for the remix? Perhaps he has the smile and innocence of Kim Soo Hyun and the sassy-ness of Kang Ji Hwan? Yesss, he needs to get a leading role. I have only seen him In Three Sisters but he was too sickly looking there but I read that he was good in the movie, Architecture 101. Btw, have you seen his mv for Hyorin’s song, I Choose To Love You?

  347. 347 : GHSforever Says:

    I think it is either the eyes or the mouth that reminds so if Kim Soo Hyun:D
    You are also a Jaehyuk&GaYoung shipper? Seems like the majority wants this couple.

    I have only seen him in Architecture 101 and I can totally recommened this movie!
    Yes, I already saw him in Hyorin’s song. Well, I was so surprised to see him there. I am a Sistar-Fan so I intentionally wanted to hear Hyorin’s voice and then he appeared on my screen and I was like whoaa!:D

  348. 348 : mml Says:

    Hi Melia,
    maybe you are right, this drama seems to be uncertain….
    At first i thought Ga Young joins Jae Hyuk’s company everything will be smooth, who knows in episode 17, Ga Young
    suddenly changed her mind and tender her resignation…..

    The writer is making viewers uncertain is what is going to change in episode19 and episode 20…..

  349. 349 : Ayumi Says:

    It’s going to Last 2 Episodes,

    Drama after ‘Fashion King’ is ‘The Chaser’

    More info in http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=18421

  350. 350 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Now that you have mentioned it, yes, Lee JH has the same wide mouth as Kim SH and the squarish face of Kang JH, especially when he smiles 😀 Yes I am a JH/GY shipper simply because I think YG doesn’t deserve her at all. JH seems to be genuine with his feelings for her and he definitely treats her better. I am a believer of the saying that when you don’t know who to choose, it’s better to choose someone who loves you more than you love him, haha! I’ll definitely search for Architecture 101. Sure would like to see him in another role! Btw, I am a huge fan of Hyorin too (but not Sistar) and I love all her singles 😀

  351. 351 : GHSforever Says:

    “I am a believer of the saying that when you don’t know who to choose, it’s better to choose someone who loves you more than you love him, haha!”
    You are so right with that, totally agreee with you!

    As I said before the relationship between GY and YG does have similarities with the past relationship of Anna and JH. Ignoring her, meeting other girls(Anna), treating her not as good as before but suddenly getting jelly when she meets JH. Wasn’t that the same case as at the beginning with JH&Anna?
    Well you can blame the mother for that mess of a relationship but Anna and JaeHyuk are also responsible.
    JaeHyuk behaves now differently. I guess he learned his ‘lesson’ but YG still has to learn it. That’s why I do not want YG to end up with GY.

    I think one of the key figure will be Madam Jo and the incident with GY parents. That is also the only way to redeem YG in GY eyes and the eyes of the viewers. Although I personally don’t want it.

    My best ending would be:
    GY should move with JH to New York, study more about fashion and JH should get independent from his parents. Both are grateful towards Anna and YG because they learned alot from them.
    YG should be a CEO from one of the biggest fashion companies and Anna will be his companion, but they did not fall in love with each other yet. Thereby an open ending for them. Secretary Kim should have a good ending too:* Always beaten up from others although it is not his fault.
    Madam Jo and her daughter should be so poor that they are living in a single room flat haha. Evilness should be punished:D

    Okay that’s out of the blue but only my own imagination:D

  352. 352 : mml Says:

    Hi GHSforever,
    your imagination is very good but last paragraph i don’t agree with you Madam Jo and her daughter should be so poor that they are living in a single room flat, evilness should be punished, you should not imagine like that, is wrong to do that….

    Should not think evil, even though i got rich parents i would not want to think and curse people to become poor and never dispise the less fortunate ones……. always be kind in mind……

  353. 353 : GHSforever Says:

    You are also right but I wish there would be more justice for what they did to Ga Young.
    I am currently watching other dramas like Yellow Boots and that’s why I am a bit cruel at this point.
    But other than that I am happy that you like my wish ending:D

  354. 354 : RE Says:

    i am definitely NOT JH fan… hated his loser jerk scmuck tantrums throwing shirts, boxes at helpful innocent scapegoat Mr Kim, pretentious lovey dovey to GY, and vengeful towards YG successfulness than him, & most of all, his inconsiderate ungrateful & “forever Anna”-less attitude towards ANNA… wishing GY & YG will be together as planned, and someone a lot better than the 2 male leads as a cameo to swoop Anna away from the J Family & unhappiness… always hated those male chauvy piggy that dont mean what they said… “Forever Love Anna”???? what a jerk… am pretty sure he was screaming his lungs off in the beginning of the show that he love Anna to the extent of defying his parents too… so, now, repeat script play to GY… didnt Anna told him off at a dinner that ” Dont u have anything new? the Italian house near the beach story again”… what a loser jerk…. hope he end up as a pathetic loner, probably missy Jo would gladly take him…. Pity YG became an A-hole, but hopefully GY & Anna could make him realise thats not the way to go… as for being a good actor, I Dont really find JH that good to be praise by so many here, cos all i see is the sulking face endlessly, tantrum throwing face endlessly, & pretentious innocent face…( i would normally root for a evil character being a good actor like John mayor in King2Hearts )… YG is better as an actor from a survivor to a hated character with an aweful smirk now & then since his cool looking days at Sunkyunkwan Scandal…

  355. 355 : swift Says:

    The writers must be somewhat confused.
    Previous episode showing JH saying sorry to AH.
    Now suddently JH professing his love to GY.
    No wonder many Kdrama fans will not watch dramas written by this particular writer, it seems that this writer also somewhat wrote this type of storyline and the ending was dissapointing.

  356. 356 : p_diana Says:

    love the way u described JH…LOL..i also think that YG is better as an actor than him so i really hope that he will realize that revenge is nothing..

  357. 357 : Micc Says:

    Talking about Architecture 101, LJH is of course very good, it’s expected; but the fun is actually Jo Jung Suk (Shi Kyung in K2Hs), with the dorky hair and all. 🙂

  358. 358 : Jennie Says:

    @Micc Really? I haven’t read the synopsis of Architecture 101 yet although I heard that it’s really good. I didn’t know that Jo Jung Suk is in this movie too. I really like this guy although I have only seen him in two recent dramas ie What’s Up and K2Hs – both in which he’s so good and he sings so well too. I must look up the movie soon!
    @RE I think for us is more like between the devil and the deep blue sea, so we just got to choose one whom we think is a little better 🙂

  359. 359 : RE Says:

    Jenn & Micc; if ur talking about ( in terms of movie instead of drama ) JH being good in Archi 101, i would say Yoo Ah In is good in Punch & Shin Se Kyung in Hindsight…. and as for preferences for who is the devil or angel in everyone’s eyes, am sure the majority comments here are JH supporters, unlike me cos from episode 1 onwards i have never liked the character neither do i like his look cos of the way he treats everyone in the drama just because he thinks he’s rich… what have he got to loose for giving a meal to a fellow countryman who in need in a foreign land, whats the bull about “forever Anna” when u dont mean it, and just because he’s rich, he thinks no one should be more successful than him especially when the someone is his old dropout schoolmate, and he thinks anyone who is not rich is a trash… the only good comment i have for him is probably he did a good job in making viewer like me dislike him totally from ep 1 to end… as for rest of the stars down to Mr Kim and JH’s dad, they are all awesome in their characters…

  360. 360 : RE Says:

    also, as in Feast of Gods, everyone was rooting for the JH / JY being together in the beginning, likewise i was totally rooting for the DY / JY pairing till the end cos i have never liked the character of JH from the beginning either cos JH always thinks he’s so cute, full of humour & love which i think its crap cos how can he just switch loving IJ to loving JY immediately; he is suppose to love “the person” instead of “the name”… sorry for being the opposition for most of the comments here…

  361. 361 : RE Says:

    guess u & i seems the only ones liking YG more as an actor in fashion King… hooray…

  362. 362 : Micc Says:


    Jo Jung Suk is good in Architecture 101. If you are hoping to find a handsome, stylish JJS, you will be disappointed, but his acting was superb! I like the story too, however, the ending was almost too close to reality to me, meaning, I would prefer a more fairytale ending. 🙂


    I am all for Yoo Ah In, no need to make your pitch, I am already sold! 🙂 I just don’t care too much about all the characters in FK. Shame, it could have been a better drama! Don’t you think?

  363. 363 : RE Says:

    true, it could have been a better script for all actors actresses to perform…

  364. 364 : swift Says:

    The actors & actresses are all okay, it is just a pity the storyline in this drama is not in their favour.
    I hope to see them in other dramas, all GY, YG, JH, and AH have tried their best in acting out their characters.
    Wish them all the best in getting offers for better drama.

  365. 365 : dsd Says:

    Fashion king Ep 19 Preview raw

  366. 366 : GHSforever Says:

    Watched episode 19 live now.
    Okay I should settle a bit down or I will bash the writer to death.

  367. 367 : GHSforever Says:


    Lee Je Hoon sings Fashion King OST Part 7!
    I love his voice, he sings it with heart.
    God his voice helps me to get over the total messed up script.

  368. 368 : mml Says:

    This Ga Young again upset Jae Hyuk in episode 19, maybe am not going to watch episode 20 …… maybe Ga Young again don’t accept Jae Hyuk?????

    Am going back to my laughing drama high kick3 as i understand some korean is okay for me without english sub titles, this is a very happy funny laughing drama, i better go back to the laughing spirit, get back the laughing happy mood then i will consider should i watch fashion king episode 20 as i pity Jae Hyuk very much scare to know if is a sad ending …..

  369. 369 : RE Says:

    guess JH is a sore loser afterall, where business wise, he can take over someone’s company, in return, when someone throws back the rotten apple to him, he cant accept the best man wins scenario… GY already said No Lovey Dovey to him,yet still wants to crash himself against the wall; doesnt he learn from the smacking from dear old dad?? i guess the finale will show him being himself again from day 1…. Love the beauty prancing Ferrari…

  370. 370 : Micc Says:


    I totally agreed with you. While some might perceive it as JH’s undying love to GY, I really see it as a kid throwing tantrum when he can’t get what he wants! Actually he’s been doing this both in his business and love life!

  371. 371 : GHSforever Says:

    Just a few minutes and the last episode will be aired!
    JaeHyuk&GaYoung FIGHTING!<3

  372. 372 : GHSforever Says:


  373. 373 : Micc Says:


    Are you watching it live? I haven’t watched since episode 17. I don’t care who ends up with who, just couldn’t stand the script! Did it go the way you prefer?

  374. 374 : GHSforever Says:

    Do you want to know what happened at the end?
    Btw I HATE IT and wasted my precious time on this drama

  375. 375 : Micc Says:


    Yes, do tell. I don’t think I’ll be watching it but I would like to know the ending. Was hoping to read a recap somewhere later. Let me guess, nobody ends up with anybody?? 🙂

  376. 376 : GHSforever Says:

    Even worse! I just tell you the ending scene and later I will post the full recap.

    Guys if you don’t watched the ending don’t read the following.

    YG left GY but later sends a letter to her apologize for everything and tells her to meet him in NYC. JaeHyuk takes the letter and hides it. He asks GY if she want to come with him in NYC.
    At the end GY is with JH moving to NYC.
    But its not clear whether its love or something. YG sees time coming out of a hotel where HE actually wanted to meet her.
    She leaves happily with JH in a car. YG gets sad and cries the whole night remembering the moments their had. He also gets drunk and then he is in the swimming pool.

    YG calls her at the last minute of his life
    Half soaked in the pool
    Said I miss you
    GY answer with she misses him too
    and then


    His blood is there…
    Somebody killed him. H e did not hear that GY misses him too.

    F**king ending!!!
    It’s not clear if it was JH but it seems like it beacuse he is the only one who knew where he lived.
    Okay the made out of JH a low life.

    NEVER NEVER gonna watch dramas from this writer. We have WHIB no 2 here.

  377. 377 : Micc Says:


    Haha! Jennie was right! Seems this writer is infamous in making these kinds of endings, as in What Happened in Bali. I would definitely watch out for his name before starting a drama!

    I am so sorry you have to actually watch this disappointing ending! Let’s hope we catch something better next time as a lot of seemingly interesting dramas are coming out.

    Thanks so much for your brief summary! Look forward to the recap! 🙂

  378. 378 : Micc Says:

    Well, think about it for a minute and still feel mad! Why does the writer only sells one formula?? Does he have anything else instead of just applying his formula to everything he writes! Ahhh…so mad!

  379. 379 : GHSforever Says:

    The funny thing is that WHIB was like it COULD happen such a thing.
    Jae min was crazy indeed. But for this drama it was so unnecessary. They turned JH in only one episode to the most hateful character and a total low life.

    The actors should choose better dramas in the futher.
    Hope BIG and Gentlemen’s Dignity will forget me this messed up drama.

    You welcome

  380. 380 : Jennie Says:

    @RE & Micc I am itching to go to Soompi to find out about the ending but….
    Back to JH, I totally understand how you feel about JH and I was never comfortable with him for being such a weak son in front of his parents, yet be so mean to his girlfriends and the people who worked for him. As for YG I totally dislike his initial disregard for GY’s feelings and how he used her in the beginning and until now, I cannot understand his treatment towards Anna. He was blowing hot and cold overnight with her and his treatment of her in the last two episodes was just plain mean! I was hoping for a change in both the male characters but just don’t see it. Come to think of it, now that I have seen 18 episodes of it, it’s confirmed that I like no one in this drama, the two guys for being jerks, GY for being such a boring, weak and uninspiring character and Anna, never liked her from Day 1, although I do pity her in last two episodes but there’s just something about her that just doesn’t jive with me, maybe because of Yuri’s poor acting.
    @RE #360 Haha no need to apologize. We all love a certain character/pairing for certain reasons and I dislike JaeHa too for the same reasons. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike JSW the actor, YAI’s the same. In fact, it’s not that YAI is no good but the script is terrible. In fact had it not been the great acting from the cast, I think if it was by some lesser known actors, the drama would have been cancelled long ago!

  381. 381 : GHSforever Says:

    Some scenes were just like WHIB and the father of JH even played the brother of JaeMin. What a coincidence-.-

    http://www.vingle.net/posts/12399-Fashion-King-Ep-20-LAST-CHAPTER-1pm-GMT whole summary of the last episode.
    Found someone who already did that.
    I cannot bring myself to write it myelf. Too angry and mad.

    It is not clear if it was JaeHyuk or someone else. But for me he looked exactly like Jaehyuk. Clever writer did not show the face of him. But after he killed him here was nobody. Some people think he made suicide.

  382. 382 : GHSforever Says:

    http://c3.vingle.net/post_resources/32038/images/640_1337696974.jpg?1337696973 what do you think is it JaeHyuk or not.
    I think he that is definetly him.

  383. 383 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever & Micc OMG, I was distracted by the tv while typing my comment earlier and took a longer time to send it. press the return key, waited, bang, I see so many comments after your last comment about watching live and the ending, OMG, it’s exactly as what we fear will happen! Micc, you’re right, the writer has no imagination! Can’t she at least give us something different! Must remember her name so that I will not waste my precious time watching anything by her! thanks, GHSFOREVER for the recap. Saved me a ‘trip’ to Soompi but I bet the posters there must be hopping mad with the ending. 🙂

  384. 384 : GHSforever Says:

    I cry that I wasted my time in that stupid drama. On soompi somebody said that the writer said that there will be no ending like WHIB in Fashion King. Liar Liar!!!
    I really hoped that the writer had changed a bit. Well I was so wrong.
    From the Synopsis of WHIB you knew that it would be tragic and a melodrama.
    But from this you would have never guessed it at the beginning.

    Well but at the end JH and GY kinda ‘ended up’ together.

  385. 385 : Micc Says:

    Thanks GHSforever for the recap and photos. I would have done the same too, but the one dead would be the writer!!!! lol!

  386. 386 : GHSforever Says:

    Well I would have helped you with that lol:D
    After I saw YG getting drunk and going to the rooftop I assumed he would jump and kill himself. Then he calls GY and I thought they will meet because she is worried. And then bang YG dead, and I was like O_o GO TO HELL WRITER.

    In soompi somebody posted this and said that a person posted this saying that this was the last scene etc. Where was this scene in the last episode? Did they changed the ending in the last minute? I can’t imagine a scene with GY wearing this clothers.

  387. 387 : RE Says:

    havent seen it but how in the hell that YG lost all his companies ?? and GY, if he does love the YG why follow JH to begin with, and didnt she ask that “urrgh” JH to move on… more confusion on GY character…. & Anna, whatever happened? as for YG, guess it takes losing-it-all for him to wake up… the finale was a surprisng one with YG dead… so, confirm on my part JH is the ultimate loser jerk of the century, whether he’s the FK character or as a real person, cos i just cant seems to like his face at all…. luckily Archi 101 has the other 3 stars that i like… i guess the rooting for JH/GY pairing on the web succumb the writer’s finale.. congratulations to all that love that pairing…. isnt the world grey enough? no fairy tale endings?? hope the other 4 drama m watching RT Prince, Eq man, K2H & LRain doesnt end with more deaths…

  388. 388 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s JH cos there’s nobody else. Why would anyone want to kill YG all of a sudden anyway? JH is the only one who hates YG for all the wrong reasons. I guess with that kind of ending, and after assuring everyone that it’s going to be a different ending from Memories in Bali, everyone is going to avoid this writer’s next projects definitely! Thanks for all the links and info. Thinking now whether I should bother to watch the last two episodes or not 😉

  389. 389 : RE Says:

    i think at episode 19, at least YG came to senses of the devil inside him and does apologies to Anna sincerely for being a jerk to her constantly… unlike JH tho, with his ultimate obsession of not losing to someone below his so-called par, when comes to women & businesses…

    hope we will have some better scripts in the upcoming dramas in Ghost, Dr Jin, gentleman, bridal Mask, i do i do & Big… ta….

  390. 390 : Jennie Says:

    @RE Yeah same here. Am watching the other four too and all will be concluding soon. Am pretty sure that someone will die or lose a limb in all four though sigh!

  391. 391 : Jennie Says:

    @RE Haha you must really dislike him but to be fair, JH did apologize to Anna in Ep 18 I think. And she actually felt sorry for him after that. In terms of character , I guess the only normal person was Anna!

  392. 392 : RE Says:

    Jenn; so true…. anyway, i think the scriptwriter deviated from the original based on the synopsis of the drama…

  393. 393 : GHSforever Says:

    I also think it is JH. Btw I assume that if GY answered JH with the answer I want to see YG when he asked her that, he would have brought her there and killed both of them. Glad the writer did not do that kind of thing. At least one thing I am happy about the end.

    Btw the writer wants to show us with her dramas that if you don’t get what you want you just kill the person or to get your happiness with someone who loves someone else you have to kill that someone who bothers your happiness.

    Writer you began so great and screwed it up at the end, like you did in WHIB. I bet her next drama does not have even middle ratings. I quess people in KOREA watched the drama because

    1st: The ratings of WHIB was really high! Last episode had 31.8% (1st) 39.7% (1st)ratings. So they hope the writing would have improved.
    2st: The cast was interesting
    3st: Hoped for a better ending than WHIB.

    Well dear netizen we have a even worse ending.

  394. 394 : GHSforever Says:

    I only have one question didn’t Gayoung hear the shoot?
    She wasn’t even shocked. It was silent and YG didn’t answer her back. She didn’t say Hello? Hello? A normal person would have done such a thing.
    As if she knew JaeHyuk would do such a thing. I know I am thinking a bit weird now.

    Btw here is the episode on youtube watch it till it is available, be prepared for a shitty ending:

  395. 395 : mml Says:

    Oh my god, we all fooled by this writer, i guessed this writer is a little wicked in nature can think of this ending……

    The only comforting thing is Ga Young is willing to accept Jae Hyuk and finally i can see her happy smile in Jae Hyuk’s car in ending episode…..

    Love is selfish i will not blame Jae Hyuk from hiding the letter, luckily Jae Hyuk still loves Ga Young, Ga Young is given another chance or choice to restart a new love life otherwise the ending is even more tragic……..

    Next time before i watch any korea drama, i will check who is the writer???

  396. 396 : Micc Says:

    Somebody posted this on Soompi. Watch it and ease your minds…

  397. 397 : mml Says:

    Those who watched fashion king drama will ended up became ANGRY KING….

    Believe a not watched already will understand…..

  398. 398 : Micc Says:

    @GHSForever -382

    I can’t really see who the killer is, but can’t think who else would have done that other that JH.

    The only thing that might be good come out of this drama is now we will all appreciate other “normal” drama much much more!!! 🙂

  399. 399 : Bob Says:

    Just as the comments below say, this is the worst drama ever. You go through all of these crappy episodes just I watch the protagonist die and the girl go to the bad guy. Terrible terrible terrible

  400. 400 : Unkim Says:

    This drama totally makes me want to stop watching k-drama…I can’t believe I wasted my time on this!!…at first I thought I missed something so I went back and watched ep19 and fast forwarded through it…still I was like what the heck!!…this drama was an ultimate FAIL!!!

  401. 401 : just Says:

    I stuck in ep 18, but, guys, after reading your comment I have a conclusion. IT’S suck drama ever, remined me when I watch bad guy,,

  402. 402 : just Says:

    I have 3 opinion : suicide, JH is too weak to kill someone, but it could be him, father of JH ( i think he got the motive in 3 last episode), and Madam Jo Soon Hee. well, it could be one of them Lol #as desperate viewer#

  403. 403 : Raine Says:


    Episode 19. Working on 20 right now.

  404. 404 : raira Says:


  405. 405 : Vanessa Says:

    How come the last few episodes is soooo different with those first half episodes??
    And what’s with the ending?? It really such a weird way to end a story.
    I don’t see a bright future about this film love story since last few episodes, but at least in the end those four lead casts were finally join together and built a successful fashion company.
    But now, after watching all of the episodes, and especially the last one, it really such a waste, and i really don’t get the message of this drama. *sigh

  406. 406 : iammee Says:

    i haven’t watched the last 2 episodes yet but i have read some comments from those who have alreary watched it. i was so disappointed and i feel like not watching it already since ive learned that the main lead died. i watched the first 18 episodes just because of the lead guy but why does the writer had to resort to tragic ending of the drama. he could have thought of a different ways of ending it, i feel like the writer is so mean and crazy.

  407. 407 : Jennie Says:

    What can I say? The writer has a twisted mind. She wanted all the attention at the end and she definitely got it! Except that the attention she got is that most people will sit up and take notice of her name to avoid her other projects! The title of this drama should be Failure King!

  408. 408 : Anabelle Says:

    Omg what the heck was the writer thinking the reason I watch drama is to see the happy ending not to stay speculating who killed young gul and whyit seems that ga young send some one to kill him

  409. 409 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 19 Eng Sub

  410. 410 : helen Says:

    I think that I agree with all the people who said the end suck and was kind of weird and nobody was waiting for this I think the writer run out of ideas
    and end up with this crappy ending which does not make sense at all. but this still have a chance if they do a second season just saying.

  411. 411 : yst Says:

    waste my time to watch the worse drama ever..this drama is sucks!!!!

  412. 412 : mml Says:

    @just Says,
    i think i agree to your 3 opinion, do you remember what did Madam Jo Soon Hee suggest to Jae Hyuk ??
    In the ending episode, Jae Hyuk seems totally lost on what should he do until he met Madam Jo Soon Hee???

    Secondly Jae Hyuk was very frightened of his father, his father told him a story of a king who loved his servant’s wife, how to deal with the situation…..

    Jae Hyuk after several attempt and hard work still showed failure, his father is worried that Jae Hyuk not only mess up his business and it may go bankrupt.
    Thus Jae Hyuk turned to hatred to what he suffered but still loves Ga Young in heart……..

    Thirdly when Ga Young approached helped from Jae Hyuk,
    Jae Hyuk given Ga Young an open choice….

    The plot was if Ga Young did not follow Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk will kill two birds with one stone, that is kill Young Gul and Ga Young but like wise Ga Young is smart , she agreed and listened, followed Jae Hyuk.

    Eventually Jae Hyuk will keep Ga Young as she has the talent at the same time Jae Hyuk still loves Ga Young , so he can keep Ga Young and blocked the father from biting him .

    In ending episode, Jae Hyuk’s mother did not really against the son from loving Ga Young, that means Jae Hyuk madly in love with Ga Young. He has to decide in this way that is to destroy Young Gul completely then he can win love and success in business.

    The writer is trying to come up this cruelty ending , the cruelty of love, the cruelty of a businessman , the cruelty of reality in life……,
    anyway i still loved Ga Young with Jae Hyuk to be together……
    but this is not a healthy drama, you get what i meant????

  413. 413 : GHSforever Says:

    I agree with you.
    It could be almost everyone who killed Young Gul, because he does have alot of enemies.
    Btw I did not know that JaeHyuk was beaten up by his dad because Young Gul tricked him once again and ran away with the money. He lied to JaeHyuk when he said that he wanted the money for Ga Young’s Fashion Show.
    Well I still think that Ga Young knew about the upcoming assassination based on her reaction.

    Well, writer I really wished JaeHyuk and GaYoung will be end game but not in this way.

    Well at least for all the JH&GY shippers a couple photo with hand holding between JaeHyuk and Ga Young. I never saw both of them smiling so brightly!<3


  414. 414 : sharon Says:

    The writer seems to have fun giving tragic ending on their dramas. They also did it in What Happened In Bali and now they repeated it again. I believe these two writers should undergo some psychological counselling once.

  415. 415 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever Despite all the reasons for JH to be the main culprit and I have no doubt he is, but is he the winner at the end? He gets the girl alright but are we suppose to think that he will live happily ever after? He has killed someone but does he get away with the law? Isn’t the police going to do any investigation? It’s so mind boggling. I’ve never blamed any writers who can come up with the most ridiculous plots or scenes ever (things like she cut her wrist but appear alright in the next scene etc), excusing them and just turning a blind eye to such things but this one really takes the cake – he kills someone, then gets the girl and live happily ever after? The writer must have some really fantastic morals to come up with such an ending!

  416. 416 : RE Says:



    The last episode showed the secret plot of Jae Hyuk & Jo Ma Damthat eventually led to the death of Young Gul

    Jo Ma Dam reached out to Jae Hyuk for help in planning revenge against Young Gul. “Young Gul bought an officetel in NYC. Who could continuously support a guy like him. I have a good plan that would take Young Gul out of the whole picture” and smiled slyly.

    Jo Ma Dam continued, “First, we need to attack him through the press. We need to expose his wasteful lifestyle. Then, we can make a same brand and attract all of his investors and supporters with lower prices and costs.”

    Jae Hyuk, who eventually decides to join Jo Ma Dam’s secret plot, begins to play along the secret plot. When Jae Hyuk begins his attempt to steal away all of Kang Young Gul’s clients, Kang Young Gul actually comes to a state of panic with his brand on the line.

    After fleeing to New York, Young Gul sees Ka Young and Jae Hyuk looking very happy together and becomes depressed with the realization of his happy past when he didn’t have money.

    Young Gul was drinking in a fancy pool when somebody suddenly points a gun at his head. The viewers were completely shocked at Young Gul’s unpredictable death.

    The drama ‘Fashion King’ ended with Kang Young Gul’s death and confused many of the viewers. A factor in the confusion was caused by the fact that the killer’s identity was not revealed.

  417. 417 : GHSforever Says:

    Well IF Ga Young did not know anything about that killing incident, I don’t think Jae Hyuk and Ga Young will live happily after.
    But in my opinion Ga Young knew about it, because she cries so easily whenever something happens and suddenly she does not cry when her ex-lover who she loved dearly dies. Just a couple of minutes in the last episode she cried her heart out and then not even one tear.
    Not really believable.
    The last “I miss you too” sounded for me like she knew he just got killed.

  418. 418 : monica hen Says:

    i really hate the ending..it’s really dissapointed…why Young Gul is dead by shot? whoaaaaaaaa

  419. 419 : mml Says:

    @monica hen,
    do you know who killed Young Gul ??? Nobody will guess and knew the answer??

    The answer is Madam Jo Soon Hee who arranged someone to kill Young Gul .

    The ending episode was when you listened carefully on the plot and planned when Madam Jo Soon Hee told Jae Hyuk and she even followed closely on Young Gul’s directions and activities,
    that means Madam Jo Soon Hee wanted a very severe revenge with Young Gul, whereelse Jae Hyuk will not arrange someone to kill Young Gul, his intention was he had given Ga Young another choice and Ga Young already accepted him,
    Jae Hyuk quite soft hearted will not reach the extent to kill Young Gul , but Madam Jo Soon Hee her revenge was extremely strong……

    Can agree to my answer, this writer can formed crazy mystery drama, still very angry with this writer……

  420. 420 : RE Says:

    In my opinion, the whole gang knew YG gonna be wasted… The Daddy, The Madam, JH & GY… all of them practically knew where he is in NYC, not to mention GY didnt received the stolen letter of YG whereabouts & yet she knew he’s in NYC and she didnt shed a single tear ( when she has been crying a whole lot throughout ) and ironically she DIDNT HEAR the gun-shot???? JH being soft hearted??? and JH being a jerk & showoff bringing GY to NYC to meet YG. that says it all that he knew the BIG PLAN, and he’s not difference in possessing GY. The Daddy swears to waste YG by asking GY to be the informer to YG whereabouts…. Dammm… i wouldnt mind a JH death by lollipop since he SOOOO MUCH in love with GY… the Daddy, Madam Jo & GY are all welcome to join JH at the Loser Jerks Club.. the only consolation of this drama was Anna not being a part of the Loser Jerks Club…

  421. 421 : S. Says:

    I didnt see the ending yet. Seem everybody disappoint. But I will watch it later. I would like to see Jae Hoon in the drama.

    I hope he will pick the better serie in the future. And be a leader in the drama.

  422. 422 : Melia Says:

    These are my views on this drama…

    First, JH is madly and painfully in love with GY and he went all out for it.

    Second, YG just doesnt know how to love a woman.

    Third, GY is forever indecisive about her feelings, I still remember when JH first kissed her and later JH extended his hand towards her, she held his hand. That seems like she’s giving JH a hint that she has feelings for him.

    I guess, the director couldn’t find a perfect ending for this drama as the love triangle between JH, GY and YG is too painful.

  423. 423 : Orlando Says:

    This Series strarted to run out of Steam about Episode 17, simply because we all knew that there were only another 3 episodes left and so many loose ends to solve!
    Unlike the Japanese News, were they always finish with a ‘Feel Good’, ending, this did not!

    Perhaps, the Script writer got a better offer and had to round-up quickly.
    Maybe, they fell victim to the old Korean, ‘Cure-All’, Soju by the Han River until they became paraletic (paralytic)!

    Shame on you script writers!

    This ending was mischievious on the writers part.

    We go to the Movies or watch TV for entertainment and as an escape from the rigours of everyday life.
    Where then, can we escape from such depressing, ‘entertainment’?

    A suitable ending would have been one where Kang Young Gul rises up from nothing once more, as is in keeping with his character in this series.

  424. 424 : Ina Says:

    It could hv been SLY Ana, she is always doing something with Mdm Jo.

    Definitely not GY as even she wld not touch Mdm Jo for all the sufferings before. GY probably have moved on thinking that she was abandoned by YG. Another possibility is JH’s mum, she once asked the son if he wants GY, I will get her for you? She is prepared to do anything to make her son happy.

  425. 425 : kdfan Says:

    A horrendous drama is always a fun read. Thanks @Raine. Looking forward to read 20. Not gonna bother to watch.

  426. 426 : Orlando Says:

    No, sadly, Kang Young Gul in his state of mind couldn’t bring himself to commit suicide.

    He was suffering from ‘Unrequited Love’!

    He set it up himself, the clothes and place, and the sign for the paid assassin to execute him was to do it during his last phone call to Lee Ga Young!

  427. 427 : GHSforever Says:

    Lovely cast although the script sucked!
    Lee Je Hoon and Shin Se Kyung sitting next to each other<3 Lee Je Hoon looks like the main lead in this picture haha!

  428. 428 : LoveKD Says:

    This KD sucked especially the ending! It can’t be compared to ‘What Happened to Bali’ which is 100 x better than this crappy drama! The plot is so weak n the acting by the 4 main leads are pretty raw. It definitely one of the worst KD I have ever watched!

  429. 429 : Lily Says:

    Tne ending is anti-climax. Poor script writing. If I had known I would not waste my time following the series.

  430. 430 : Raine Says:


    It’s finally over….

  431. 431 : mml Says:

    This is a very complicated drama,
    the leading actor is Yoo Ah In, instead of Lee Je Hoon as Kang Young Gul ended up made Ga Young and Anna upset in heart.

    In episode 20, when Ga Young pushed opened the hotel’s door she already saw Young Gul but pretended did not see him and was holding Jae Hyuk’s hand. As from love turned to hatred towards Young Gul. Now Ga Young accepted Jae Hyuk’s love partly due to this reason and both shared the same frequency…….

    Ga Young became very calm and cool when she heard Young Gul told her , he missed her. When Ga Young heard the gun shooting , she does not know how to cry, Ga Young already knew it will happened in this way……

    The killer was formed by Madam Jo Soon Hee, Jae Hyuk’s father and his assistant. The person who took the gun shooting to Young Gul was Yoon Gi Won as secretary Kim.

    Lee Je Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk will be the main leading romantic king.

    This is an upset heart drama, luckily Ga Young accepted Jae Hyuk otherwise the rating should be below average….

    Crazy writer can come up this kind of crazy ending…..

  432. 432 : Jennie Says:

    @Orlando Why did he bother to get someone to kill him when he could have done it so easily himself if he had really wanted to die?

  433. 433 : dsd Says:

    Fashion King Ep 20 (END) ENG SUB

  434. 434 : Danny Says:

    Crap ending but great lesson for greedy people.

    The plot is way way way way too stupid.

    Please do not ever ever hire this writer EVER again………..you can write a story but your ending is just toooo short. Did the TV station ran out of budget?????

  435. 435 : leigh08 Says:

    What a regretful and stressful ending! Watch other k-drama instead.

  436. 436 : mml Says:

    i agree to your opinion, the TV station wanted low budget but high volume of viewers to watch and purchase this vcd drama
    ha ha they are also greedy people.

    This drama is trying to relate to viewers, the lifestyle of greedy people…….

    Ga Young is greedy to win back Young Gul’s heart from getting back Young Gul from Anna…..,ignore and don’t appreciate Jae Huk, in the end she upset due to Young Gul disappointed her…….

    Anna is greedy to make use Young Gul so that she will not trapped herself in embrassing situation where Jae Hyuk loves Ga Young and changed lover…..

    Young Gul is over greedy, he wanted to conquer Jae Hyuk using two women. He underestimated the mentality of Madam Jo Soon Hee and also underestimated the mentality of Jung Man Ho……

    The failure of Young Gul was he never treated sincerely nice to women……

    The success of Jak Hyuk was he treated 3 women nicely that’s why he gained feedback ideals from Madam Ho , gained Anna’s feedback and gained back winning Ga Young’s heart……

    Jae Hyuk although greedy he at least kind hearted willing to help someone when in difficulty and listened understand the situation…..

    But Young Gul was different , his revengeful behaviour was too obivious, ended up an invitation to many enemies for himself…..

    Is better to have one more friend rather than one more enemy……

  437. 437 : Orlando Says:

    Jennie, post 432, asks a question about my answer to her question before she asked it!

    She asked; @Orlando Why did he bother to get someone to kill him when he could have done it so easily himself if he had really wanted to die?

    I answered (post 426); No, sadly, Kang Young Gul in his state of mind couldn’t bring himself to commit suicide.

    He was suffering from ‘Unrequited Love’!

    He set it up himself, the clothes and place, and the sign for the paid assassin to execute him was to do it during his last phone call to Lee Ga Young!

    Obviously, there is a distinct lack of understanding about the term, ‘Unrequited Love’!
    Look it up, why don’t you?
    Then you will see the nonesence of your post 432!

    Why the others didn’t do it! (Kill him.)
    He was a ‘Spent Force’, he was no longer a threat to anyone with money and power!

    Kang Young Gul seems to have had a rough life and therefore, I think he might have been suffering from, ‘Self-Harm’, syndrome!

  438. 438 : Orlando Says:

    Kang Young Gul’s problem.

    There are a number of reasons why you may self-harm. It may be a way of telling other people about your distress and asking for help, a way of coping with stress or emotional pain, or a symptom of a mental illness like depression. Sometimes it suggests that you are thinking about suicide. Not everyone who self-harms is suicidal, but sometimes people die as a result of their self-harm behaviour.

    People who self-harm are usually trying to relieve, control or express their distressing feelings. Young people self-harm for different reasons, and sometimes it can be difficult to put the reasons into words. You may not know any other way of telling people about your emotional pain, or you might feel a sense of control over your pain when you self-harm.

    Some people are more likely to self-harm than others, including those who have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse, have had a stressful and highly critical family environment, or have a mental illness such as depression.

  439. 439 : Ana Says:

    evil allways has a mask of kindness in front of others!,
    and smart people almost allways get hurt! so sad :((
    well, the good thing is we know that God severely punished David for his sin

  440. 440 : lmk Says:

    its a poor ending!!! how can this happened.

    How can Ga Young accept the stupid guy. impossible to accept him

  441. 441 : weissman Says:

    should have rwatched equator man , this started ok and went downhill fast!!

  442. 442 : Jennie Says:

    #437 Well excuse me for breathing! Obviously there was an error in communication, so no need to be obnoxious about it. My mistake in even bothering.

  443. 443 : mml Says:

    let’s move on to other better dramas , fashion king drama will make viewers become mad crazy king……

    I only liked Ga Young and Jae Hyuk, no more next time to watch a drama written by this writer…….

  444. 444 : Shin Yuurei Says:

    Stupid ending!!! Waste Time!!! Must Boycott the bloody writer!!!

    At the end, what is the point of bringing out the necklace and lollipop. Lee Ga Young Totally don’t even remembers anything! Writer didn’t even connect the dot. It’s a useless scene.

    Just show Kang Young Gul Jump off J Fashion Building to commit suicide the second time he became bankrupt. At least he died after making that Jae Hyuk remember him for life. The title of the Show should also change to Loser King.

  445. 445 : Tresa HoSim Says:

    The show started off well, but the ending is bizarre. It doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t connect.

    Why would anybody want to kill him off, he got his 150 million through his hard work and why would he want to keep his New York apartment and give up his Fashion and Passion???? Isn’t it all about Fashion King? So who is the King? J Fashion????

    Writer, You better give up your job and do something else. Go sell fish and write about Fish King and got eaten by shark. Poor Young Gul and Anna. I give ZERO ratings!!!

  446. 446 : you Says:

    I just watched ep. 9 and after reading some comments above, I don’t have any intention to continue watching this drama, hehehe…
    Actually I watched this drama because of Yuri who played as An Na and I hope she (An Na) will get a happy ending with either JH or YG. But ,,,,yeah,,,the ending of the drama seems to be far from my expectation..

  447. 447 : Fans Says:

    @Shin Yuurei,
    The title of the show if changed to Loser King then nobody will start to watch the drama, if the title of the show changed to
    Romance King at least got Lee Je Hoon to backup to capture back viewers to interest them in watching……

    Episode 20 should not showed Young Gul being killed thus making Young Gul a loser….., should changed to Young Gul met car accident and died cannot call Ga Young it least the rating will be better……..

    From episode 1 to 15 the drama can find romance,
    episode 7 when Ga Young fell down, Jae Hyuk carried Ga Young really very romantic…..

    episode 7 Jae Hyuk aggressive kiss looked romantic…..

    episode 9, Jae Hyuk went to New York just to see Ga Young also romantic….

    episode 10 , Ga Young followed Jae Hyuk went shopping choose clothing also romantic…..

    episode 13, when Ga Young was having lunch alone, Jae Hyuk joked and ate her lunch and another scene when Ga Young upset , Jae Hyuk hold her hand to comfort her also romantic….

    episode 14 when Ga Young drunk, Jae Hyuk take care her, when Ga Young sick Jae Hyuk went to her house feed her porridge also romantic……

    Most of the episodes i have found Lee Je Hoon acting as Jung Jae Hyuk a very romantic loving guy that’s why i keep on watching this drama….

    How dare you these two writers, writers Lee Sun Mi and writer Kim Ki Ho made episode 20 a disappointed episode and spoil the whole drama……

    Lee Je Hoon can act well and sing well in fashion king drama and because of you too writers now make viewers super angry….

    Fashion King Drama how come ended up gun shooting not logic ????

    Last episode perhaps showed Ga Young and Jae Hyuk on stage performance wearing their branding YGM clothes with loving couple face as model couple at least much better…..

    My personal opinion, fashion king drama if the VCD wants to sell and promote to Singapore , better change the title to Romance King or Romantic Lover, if not ,not many will buy this vcd……

    I can see Lee Je Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk with romance but i hardly can watch fashion on clothes in this drama…..

    You two writers go and watch fashion king drama then you can fully understand why am angry!!!!!!!

  448. 448 : JR Says:

    the ending really sucks…..! im so disappointed…..!

  449. 449 : Orlando Says:

    The writers of this Fashion King series, Lee Sun Mi and Kim Ki Ho could learn a lot from watching the Korean Drama, ‘ROOFTOP PRINCE’!

    It was entertaining, interesting and fun to watch.

    Most of all, it had a Fantastic Ending!

    A Feel Good Factor!

  450. 450 : drama freak Says:

    don’t u think this drama is like Where we are at Bali?? same sad ending…..but i think Fashion King is ok…..i enjoyed it actually….and lucky Ga Yeong end up the Jea Hyuk…i think they fit better…. give it a try if u like sad ending dramas lol…

  451. 451 : ichigo Says:

    this is the worse korean series i have ever watch…
    the writter is so stupid…
    or maybe it have part 2 of the series…

  452. 452 : Crannog Says:

    Hmmmm…in episode 18 at about 44mins, there is an encounter between Jung Jae Hyuk and Kang young Gul in the elevator (Lift).

    Jung Jae Hyuk grabs Kang Young Gul by the throat and Kang Young Gul warns him that it’s all on CCTV.

    Then with a half smile Kang Young Gul said, ‘someone might think we’re having an emotional quarrel’!
    Obviously, meaning that there might be a relationship between them!

    Actually, when you watch both their encounters together throughout the series, one might think that there is a sort of ‘gay-thing’, going on between them.

    It’s not surprising in the least because both Jung Jae Hyuk and Kang Young Gul never had any great love or emotional security from their fathers.

    There seemed to be an attraction of sorts on that basis and because it would be socially unacceptable they chose to hide their true emotions for each other.
    Hate is an emotion just like love.

    Lee Ga Young was the only ‘link’, that allowed them to carry out a ‘love-hate’, relationship without exposure.
    Even Choi Anna was also used by them both in this regard.
    It was a secret affair between two men.

    That might explain the reason for Jung Jae Hyuk taking that terrible abuse and beating from his father for pouring more money into Kang Young Gul’s company, even after his father told him, ‘hands-off’!

    That’s only my opinion, of course.

  453. 453 : Hanako Says:

    It is quite a good movie involving fashion, pride, jealousy, hatred, women who are spiteful …there are many women like that in this world, so it is quite logic there are people like that. Wealth always make them proud and full of hatred for the poorer side. I like the story and I think the actors act good in this movie and those who like fashion should watch this movie, how hard the life of the poor to become recognized
    20 Episodes…good movie

  454. 454 : Fan Says:

    Fashion King drama is an extremely sad tragic romance for Young Gul…..

    For those who cannot watch sad tragic drama , please stop watching fashion king it may be better for the mind to have peace…..

    There is a drama currently am watching Title: 청담동 살아요 / I Live in Cheongdam Dong , is a nice drama .

    Those who are same as me understand Korea language without the help of sub title , please move on and watch this drama . Genre: Sitcom . This drama is very much better……

  455. 455 : KYG Says:

    why KYG must die….huhuhuhuhuhu….very hate that!!!

  456. 456 : blue sky Says:

    great story at the beggining and sad story at the ending….really dissapointed with this drama…and i feel pity for Young Gul with his stupidity and greedy character…i thought that this drama to much boring at the middle of the story and unexpected ending because the main actor die!!aaarrrggghhh….is the scriptwriter doesn’t have another alternative ending??

    and the killer of young Gul isn’t clear enough too…is it Jung Jae Hyuk?
    this is not a recomended drama … i prefer watch Rooftop Prince than this drama 🙁

  457. 457 : mummybee Says:

    I must say this is one of the K dramas where I felt very dissatisfied. I recalled that this was likened to “What happened in Bali” but either the acting or plot is poor.

    Although I have watched from episode 1 to the end, I am not sure what is going on. Who does Ga Young actually like? What is with the 2 men? Why are they both fighting over Ga Young? ….

  458. 458 : defish Says:

    I do think so. I feel disappointed with this drama and I’m not sure what is going on (as Mummybee said).

    So many question after watching this drama, such as :
    Why Kang Young Gul must die ?
    Who does kill Kang Young Gul ?
    Who does Ga Young actually like ?
    I think Kang Young Gul has bankrupt, but how come he live in the last place he stay ? It’s so expensive, isn’t it .. ?

    Anyone mind to explain ?

  459. 459 : louis Says:

    The story line and the end of this drama is not as good as I hoped. Since episode 10 I had stopped to watch it because I know Ga Young don’t end up with Jae Hyuk. But after knowing they eventually end up together, I’ll start to see this drama from the beginning because I missed to watch the cute moments between them. Lee Jae Hoon and Shin Se Kyung is the best couple in 2012. FIGHTING FOR LEE JAE HOON AND SHIN SE KYUNG.
    I think in this drama we learn that the world of business the same with politics. Where there are no eternal friends and no eternal enemies. At first I liked Young Gul. But the more I feel he is a selfish and vengeful. I think he is a coward because he ran out of the country just like at the beginning of the story his own fault, sleeping with his female mafia boss.
    Young Gul who actually have a great talent in fashion. But he uses his talent in the wrong way. At first he ordered Ga-young to steal material from the J-Fashion clothing and secretly using Ga Young’s design to destroy Jae Hyuk.

  460. 460 : S. Says:

    Actually Im glad the end story that GY end up with JH. I always cheer JH since beginning. I feel the person who really love GY is JH. He did every thing for GY eventhough at first she did not love him. YG when the business failed he always came to JH and asked his help and argument by to help GY. JH’s father is really strictly with him, if to do anything for GY. JH always do it. His father hit me because he paid 150 mil dollar to YG for YGM. When he run away from Korea why he did not take GY since beginning? Why he leave her a lone? If its JH I’m sure that whatever situation he will take GY go with him…
    If YG did business and do not try to destroy a big company, I think he will success in his business. This drama is quite similar with the real life.
    Do not try to compete with a big company since you do not have any firm fund. I personal like this drama b coz I like JH since beginning.

    I think JH’s father is the person who order to kill YG. Because he need to stop everything. If YG still alive, he will try to come back and try to compete with his business so he wants to stop a cycle.

    Finally JH and GY end up. I do happy.

  461. 461 : mitch Says:

    …FK really rocks!! and sucks??? based on all the comments above, this drama leave us with soooo much questions, suggestions and interpretations..

    @458 – defish:
    same here, i’m wondering:

    Why Kang Young Gul needs to die and who killed him? – JJH’s father? JJH itself? or President Jo?

    Who does Ga Young actually like? does she hold too much grudges to YG that she needs to go w/ JJH to US or she has no other options in life? but she has a boutique!

    FYI: YG bought the condo in US while he has money.

    @452- Crannog:
    hahaha you made me laughed in your comment. i never ever think that they have a “gay affair”, but it’s a wild wild guessed. love it! hehehe

    to the writer, please we need an answers to all our questions and what’s the real score.. hehe

  462. 462 : mitch Says:

    ..but the good thing about this drama is we learned a lesson that, what you reap is what you sow. all excess are not good. excess anger, excess greediness, excess money and excess power. a hard earned money should be use or consume wisely or else, in the end nothing good will happen.
    YG promise to himself to take revenge to the people who hurt him or who did not help him while he’s poor. that’s why he done everything to play with the life and feelings of those people around him. too bad bcoz his one and only love was too much affected with the result.

  463. 463 : Hanako Says:

    I am not sure the ending was good but the character of Young Gul is like a gangster with greed. Using people who loves him and perhaps he is punished and was shot…and I guess Lee Ga Yong is more suitable for Jung Jae Hyuk ( name almost like the badminton player for korean doubles Jung Jae Sung ) …I dont quite like the ending but somehow I guess Jung did what his father told him..basically he is not the bad guy comparing to Young Gul being greedy and selfish..he is helpful in other ways and manipulating people who are closed to him..on the whole it is a good movie but I cannot say it is the best movie series for this year

  464. 464 : Ghost Says:

    lee ga young know yong gul should be punished after doing too many business cheatting. basically this ending told us,, in real life there isnt any evil leave as good. only hell waiting for them.
    and for that reason, even unrequited love from jae huk become requited because thats the point where the writer told us, everything good and pure will always come to good ending.
    yeap, im yong gul and gayoung fans, but this ending is so realistic SBS really a good channel for showing us drama.
    all actor are really good. Fashion King team Hwaiiiting!!!!

  465. 465 : ah in girl Says:

    i hate the ending
    its no real

  466. 466 : Korean lover Says:

    This is the worst movie that i’ve ever watched. I think the movie maker lack of funds so the ending so bad..i’m so disappointed ever watch this movie ckckck,,,

  467. 467 : sawsaw Says:

    i love it……

  468. 468 : HELLO Says:

    Is this worth my time? I am really debating on it, but I might actually watch it because of fashion… and Yoo Ah In. Is it worth it???

  469. 469 : lenca Says:

    If you think about it, both yong gul and Jung Jae Hyuk are pitiful. One with inferiorety complex becuase of his father verbal and physical abuse. The other because of growing up poor. The one thing everyone seems to be missing is that Lee ga only took advantage of them.She played them and she got what she wanted! She seem to always have them do for her, and when they did she played inocent, right until the end. She went to NY knowing that the only way yong gul would let his quard down was to see her with Jung Jae. We know that the chairmen wanted to kill him, when he ask Lee Ga “what should we do with that kind of person”. And that is why she cry after being asked by Jung jae if she wanted to see yong gul, because she knew he was there to kill him. The only person in the whole show that was really inocent and pure in her actions and feelings was An na, she was safe from both men, who could not really have real love without interst for themselves. She is the one that had the real talent and real humanity. We see this when yong gul Said “Im grateful to you, and sorry that I could not acept your heart” She was able to care, love a friend, love her lover that replaced her with the next shinie thing that came along and was honest with everyone and could see through there intensions. Love An na character, she had Lee ga number dial in from the biging.
    So give the drama a chance. I agree not the best of the year, but shows how human can fail at being human.

  470. 470 : lenca Says:

    Oh! And also, is interesing that Lee Ga’s mom lost her bussiness by forge documents (or force, not to clear, but we know it was not legal) and president Jo had her parents kill by faking an accident. And Lee Ga ends with the guy that got cocky thinking he could do what ever becuase of his family’s money and when he got played (because his ego got in the way of his bussiness sense) Gets both YGfassion, GG fashion and probably even the butig and ends up killing the competion. Almost like the same fate as Lee ga’s parents. I wonder if they plan on a sequel, would be interested in having a sequel where the demons come out. Any writers out there…..sequal, any one…..!

  471. 471 : nisa Says:

    i’m just done watch these drama.
    and i love the ending that Jung Jae Hyuk and Lee Ga Young together in the end up. could you see? it’s only Jae Hyuk whose in love Ga Young, he prove his feeling for her and never hope Ga Young to reply his love, like what he says “I’m not hope you to like me, i just want you to don’t hate me”
    got it? but wth Ga Young is still love and believed to Young Gul? he using herself for his own company up?! Young Gul is only think himself not Ga Young or else. He just thinking of about money and how to his company got succeed and could bought Jae Hyuk’s Company “J-Fashion” and made Jae Hyuk’s Companny to bangkrupt.
    just see while Young Gul was rich, all of his friend and include Ga Young think that Young Gul was different before.
    and i don’t think that Young Gul is real in love with Ga Young, he’s just want made Ga Young to happy just to bought expensive stuff for her.
    but poored Choi Anna, her talent never considered while his work in Michael J project and including J-Fashioin.
    and her talent was considered in Young Gul’s company, and she start to love Young Gul, and she always do best for make his company succeed, but what the reply from Young Gul? he look likes just using her behind his company same as he using Ga Young.
    well i’m just agreed that the fact is Ga Young with Jae Hyuk together in the end up.

  472. 472 : nisa Says:

    and i love this drama because i love about FASHION, how i could see Fashion Show, Catwalk, Fashion Design, Fashion Competition and How Ga Young to made her dream come true to be FASHION KING! she likes inspiration for me 🙂

  473. 473 : 4451 Says:

    overall….. this drama is very suck…

  474. 474 : zarima USA Says:

    im not interested inthis kind of kdrama.. if its sad ending better not to watch it anymore.. thankz for the info

  475. 475 : Rain Says:

    Great characters good story and bad ending. Note to screen writers, leave bad endings to hour long movies. Tv series are required to have very happy endings.

  476. 476 : ai Says:

    why there are many negative comment ’bout this drama.. i haven’t watching this drama yet… is it true that FK really bad drama??

  477. 477 : mal2 Says:

    yoo ah in is a twin to kim hyun joong.. 🙂

  478. 478 : obsever Says:

    i think drama is absurd, i enjoy watching in the midle episode, but in the end of episode is absurd. the story on last part make me confuse because ambiguous. it is better if gang young geoul not have ironical death. it’s make people think it’s a bad. thank you

  479. 479 : SHALSOF Says:

    i love the story but not the ending ,, the ending was just like Kim Nam Gil and Han Ga In in BAD GUY, when they getting their happy ending someone came up ,to kill the guy ,and the worst is she never know that her man is already gone,…
    sad, sad, sad, sad, sad,
    i almost cried ,,, but what is this ending ,, i really hate their ENDING ,,

  480. 480 : SHALSOF Says:

    good k-drama but bad ending ,,,, they should have their happy ending right?.. ,, but why they didn’t ,, ?
    sad sad sad sad sad …

  481. 481 : daryl Says:

    sad ending….huhuhu

  482. 482 : Alx Says:

    The director should be shot for this ending…..

  483. 483 : sri2muga Says:

    I think the drama is great and nice story, and with the unpredictable ending,,I like that, because a story with a misterious ending is much more interesting than a drama that the ending can be predictable with its happy ending story,,,like this Fashion King Drama ,,

  484. 484 : WitLily Says:

    please, season 2 … 🙁 this ending to short and sad

  485. 485 : Moykajansen Says:

    I noticed that in every episode they are drinking alcohol.. Lol! The writer must be alcoholic thats why the ending sucks!

  486. 486 : teta Says:

    NUMBER 1… in my “drama with the worst ending” list. it’s just a so-so drama & the ending dragged it down… i like the main actor but the main actress is really terrible. do you know what it’s like when someone beautiful still “try-hard” to be beautiful? that’s exactly what she’s doing in the entire drama, all-face-no-emotion-at-all! oh please girly, just be a model because you are such a lousy actress

  487. 487 : e_jun Says:

    Bad ending…. Make who watch confuse…. Every episode very nice… But for the ending very bad….. Not recomended….

  488. 488 : Lolit Caruncho Says:

    I agree. The story is very nice but the ending is bad. And vague at that. No clear indication as to who did the shooting. Very ambiguous and intriguing. And Jae Hyuk and Ga Young will live happy together unmindful of what happened to Young Gul? I don’t think so.

  489. 489 : john Says:

    this movie is just stupid. the ending sucks they didnt show who killed ga young and they didnt show what happen after that!

  490. 490 : karynteo Says:

    the most lousy ending drama that i have ever seen in korean dramas.. the person who wrote this script probably running out of ideals .. just finished it off in this manner.

  491. 491 : nitnot Says:

    Agree with the other.. this drama very ambiguous and intriguing. Who killed Kang young gul? How about lee ga young and Jung Jae Hyuk?? The story was confusing, not clear,,, Bad ending!!! 🙁

  492. 492 : filipino fans Says:

    bad ending……sad sad

  493. 493 : JsQuare Says:

    It keeps you watching till the very end. The story doesn’t really relate to the title. Very bad ending. Nevertheless, Yuri’s acting is pretty good!

  494. 494 : sEOUl CaptureR Says:

    yes that’s right… they shld have a gud ending. i didn’t sleep after i watched the ending… so sad that it has to be that way…. they shld be together since they are meant to be with one another..lee ga young didn’t noticed that the child is young geol…

  495. 495 : Hana Says:

    love this drama,,,,,not bad ending ,,,just sad ending,,,sometimes we need ending like this,,,hohohoho,,,,

  496. 496 : Comave Says:

    Geese.. i just finished watching the drama. never expected the ending to be this bad. What you missed him yet u dont know who he was??? After he gave her so many clue on the loly stick and necklace. Yet at the end, they both in NYC and instead of going to say how much they miss each other. Her man was dead shoot by unknown. WHATTT a stupid ending. Have to agree with everyone else

    It was a pretty good drama in the middle. but not that ending. The rich just wont changed still keep his ego and selfishness despite being thought so many lessons about life.

    The poor will certainly will survive but the rich wont. JUst so many unfinished story in this fashion king

  497. 497 : ina Says:

    I love this drama, but I hated the end of story. Why most of K-drama never had a good story at the end, it doesn’t mean have to finished with happy ending but just make it clearly….do not ended with confusing story or ended with many questions!

  498. 498 : Lee Yoo Says:

    I dont think its a bad drama tho. I’ve watched it while I was In Korea. the rating was quite good though, and even tho i havent watched the final episode yet, but for me, the casts of this drama interesting. they all pretty and handsome.

  499. 499 : Neena Says:

    maybe i’m a bit late then others who have watch the last episode..but for me it’s a bit sad to see Kang Young Gul died like that.. i think this is the first time i never agreed with the korean drama ending.. but congrats to the director coz bringing the emotions to the audience… even though it’s not clear for the ending to be like that but it’s a great drama…

  500. 500 : Tia Mirza Says:

    The most shockingly disappointing drama that i’ve ever seen!!!!

  501. 501 : mina Says:

    I do not like the ending …… very disappointing story does not make sense fishion king

  502. 502 : Andrew Says:

    defish Says:

    May 27th, 2012 at 5:03 pm
    I do think so. I feel disappointed with this drama and I’m not sure what is going on (as Mummybee said).

    So many question after watching this drama, such as :

    Why Kang Young Gul must die ?
    Because Jung Jae Hyuk’s father told Jung Jae Hyuk at eps19 “If you like that girl that much…Don’t you think you need to get rid of him first? And after that…The girl will naturally come to you.” Like in the Bible of a story about how King David took the wife of his loyal servant.

    Who does kill Kang Young Gul ?
    Most properly a killer sent by either Jung Jae Hyuk’s father or Jung Jae Hyuk (suspected its Jung Jae Hyuk as he knew where Kang Young Gul was living at through the letter that he stolen from Lee Ga Young at eps20).

    Who does Ga Young actually like ?
    Most properly Kang Young Gul. But as times goes by (more than a month), Kang Young Gul did not try to contact her (which actually he did by sending her a mail but somehow was stolen by Jung Jae Hyuk) and her weaking heart began to die off and going to give up on Kang Yong Gul as she thought that Kang Yong Gul no longer want to be with her anymore. At the mean time, Jung Jae Hyuk keeps on persuading and trying to win over her heart and evenually seems won it and went together to NY with him. (But I think she agreed to go with Jung Jae Hyuk because Kang Young Gul was in NY. She wanted to go there to look for Kang Young Gul without letting Jung Jae Hyuk knowing about it, but she still hoping for Kang Young Gul to look for her first instead maybe due to her ego/anger for leaving her. But in the end, it was already too late…A killer was there properly sent by Jung Jae Hyuk waiting to kill him maybe due to Kang Yong Gul had broken his promise with Jung Jae Hyuk by looking for her).

    I think Kang Young Gul has bankrupt, but how come he live in the last place he stay ? It’s so expensive, isn’t it .. ?
    He was not bankrupt. In fact, he got the money of 150mil won from Jung Jae Hyuk by selling all his remaining YGM’s shares to him for the agreement to leave Lee Ga Young (the part in agreement was what I assumed) and The house was bought beforehand during the time when Kang Young Gul and Lee Ga Young were together in NY for their business trips.

    Anyone mind to explain ?

    Hi, defish. Let me try to answer your questions…I hope this will make you understand it better.

    Overall, I somehow felt that the whole things that happened were caused by Lee Ga Young, although she might not knew it. But it was mainly caused by her always making foolish moves (like doing things that made both Kang Young Gul and Jung Jae Hyuk mad at each others) and non-understandings of handling most situations especially for men…Maybe that’s the role of this character.

  503. 503 : nomin Says:

    hey guys what about the fashion king 2? I wanna see chapter 2 of this drama what will happen between Ga Young and Jung Jae Hyuk :(((

  504. 504 : pp Says:

    So sad when KYG died. Why ??

  505. 505 : Andrew Says:

    This story ended rushly…

    No offend to anyone.
    The moral of this story is:

    For guys- If you are born poor with bad family background, you are a trash…even if become successful, you are always a trash…
    If you are born rich with powerful family background, you are a treasure…even if you make alot of losses, you are still always a treasure…

    For girls- If you look feminine, caring, submissive and behave like a small girl, guys no matter rich or poor will go crazy for you…If you look beautiful and fantastic but have an arrogant behavior, passive and not submissive, guys no matter rich or poor will try to get you first but in the end will not take seriously on you…

    In the end, rich guy win and get away with everything including someone’s woman and poor guy loss everything including his woman and his own life…
    So sad… 🙁

  506. 506 : kirana Says:

    I was tired to watching this drama,really bad ending………..omg……!!!!!!!!

  507. 507 : rik Says:

    i don’t understand with the ending…..
    why young gul must dead…
    it is sad ending…

  508. 508 : Ida Says:

    how about Ga Young memories in the past? did she remember? it’s so annoying. why Young Gul has that kind of ending?

  509. 509 : naraa Says:

    goe kino shuu

  510. 510 : lizabish Says:

    is there FK 2?
    i’ll wait next story Ga Young and Jung Jae Hyuk

  511. 511 : lam Says:

    Ending sucked alot

  512. 512 : mie Says:

    gilak ni drama, sangat sangat sangat membosankan. Ending gak jelas, sayang banget si yoo ah in main di drama ini padahal akting nya bagus.

  513. 513 : FE Says:

    I really like to story, but then i also don’t want the ending, it’s sad. Anyway I really really like Yoo Ah In hope to see him more on drama, and hope it’s comedy-romance. Love you Yoo Ah In

  514. 514 : NN Says:

    At the end, it was disappointed………why Kang Yong Gul must die? Who was killed him? 🙁 I really don’t like Jung Jae Hyuk because he comes from good background so he always look down to Kang Young Gul.

  515. 515 : jjh Says:

    Jung Jae Hyuk is handsome guy… he nice smiling….

  516. 516 : jiffany Says:

    I’m lost at the ending..? Who killed Young Gul???? In a way, I think Lee Ga Young probably sent someone to kill him because she obviously heard a gun shot when he was killed but then again maybe not because she wouldn’t know where he live unless she had an investigator and she loved him..? So confusing. T.T
    Anyways I’m glad she ended up with Jung Jea Hyuk. He’s so dashing and cute !!! <3 he. bviously loves her. I want to see more of him, Lee Je Hoon. <3333 I mean Yoo Ah In is cute too but I hate how his character acted. Why'd you leave her like that??? ..hmm i understand but I don't think she would of cared as long as you're by her side.
    I thought she would of remembered the necklace but I guess not. I thought this show was going to be the usual main guy gets main girl but it was a twist. Kinda like that but then again of all the props they used to try to get main guy and main girl together but not ebver happening was a no point. For example the necklace. It was fate that they should be together and how she had the same bday as Young Gul's sister but why aren't theu together than??? Ahh.
    Wells Woot Im still glad she's with Jung Jae Hyuk. Lol. The whole time I was drooling staring at him. <33333 ah why so handsome???

  517. 517 : emerald Says:

    i cant finish it… after reading this,,, i cant continue to watch… i think im going to stress myself badly… but im on the 16 th ep… will i continue to watch? huhuuhuhu

  518. 518 : JOJO Says:

    very bad ending >:O

    I’m so sad =( because I waste my time on it

  519. 519 : MST Says:

    One of the most confusing, disappointing, not understandable endings ever. This is really turning me off to K Dramas. Not sure what’s up with K Dramas – is it a Korean thing to have such bizarre endings that leaves so much questions. Very, Very poorly done.

  520. 520 : kimjido Says:

    Ending is very bad.Ending same like What happened in bali.
    But I like Yoo Ah IN.I don’t like leading actress who she can’t show her
    feeling on Kan Young Gul.Look like she like both of two man.

  521. 521 : jen Says:

    the ending is maybe bad. but as we think it is endeed the reality now a days. a and i really like Yoo Ah In, a very good actor!

  522. 522 : Che Says:

    i really like Fashion King… it’s bad look a like MAD each other… Young Gul is more selfish… Jae Hyuk is more careful for Ga Young… I think Ga Young and Jae Yuk is more perfect.. I love Lee Jae Hoon.. He is super cute.

  523. 523 : john Says:

    i thought dis drama could b d best drama of 2012…but, i really disappointed with d ending…why young gul had to die..?…

  524. 524 : john Says:

    despite of d bad ending..but, all actors in dis drama played their roles very well…my credit 4 dat

  525. 525 : john Says:

    i love every single of d songs in dis drama….i even downloaded it all…

  526. 526 : enkhjin Says:

    i don’t like the ending T.T………………

  527. 527 : enkhjin Says:

    it was very dissapointing.when KYG got shooted i thought there was more episodes but it just ended

  528. 528 : danzfil Says:

    please don’t watch it if you don’t want to get dissapointed

    what is this? they ruined the last episode daebak!

  529. 529 : Len Says:

    I am totally broken hearten and disappointed!

    Kwon Yu Ri was giving a very poor role (she plays the role of the mistress, the slut? of course in our American culture!) I was hoping to see her in a better role. I love SNSD Girls. Go Black Pearl! Love you always!

    I am still confused; who killed Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In)?

    agggg! So much for a happy ending! think I can write a better Story…


  530. 530 : winnie Says:

    I totally agree that this drama has the worst ending ever. I felt I’ve wasted several less sleep nights in watching this. I wonder why they have to end it so sudden , they could have edited several useless scenes in earlier episodes and focus on giving a memorable ending. This seems unfair for the stars who are quite good despite being new actors/actresses. Please give it more thought in your next drama

  531. 531 : Vera Says:

    Was addicted to this and loved all the characters. Was even sympathetic to the son who was beaten by his mother and father…….HATED the ending!! Come on guys…..it was a great show you didn’t have to kill Kang Young Gul and make the son go completely mental so that he shot him…..and do you really think that Lee Ga Young was really that weak that she would go to America and not try and find Young Gul? Oh, please forget about being artistic and give us enjoyment……..that what entertainment is all about!

    PS Not everybody gets falling down drunk to deal with life’s problems.

  532. 532 : jeffery Says:

    good drama but with bad ending…the director should fix dis…season 2 please…

  533. 533 : PS Key Says:

    Sad ending but something special…

  534. 534 : rhowa Says:

    though the ending is not good but the whole story is awesome..this drama makes me cry and one of the best k-drama ive ever watched.Thoug they love each other (LGY-KYG) but the lesson here is they are not meant for each other.

  535. 535 : haha Says:

    season 2 please!!!! make YOOO AHHH INNN alive please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  536. 536 : haha Says:


    sorry 4 this IM jzt addicted!!! 4 the fact that I just watch this drama because i did see in the pic. that i thought its YOO AH IN is the lead actor,,, maybe,,, but he end so poor!!!!:<

  537. 537 : zarima USA Says:

    the ending SUCKS…. oh my what a waste oftime seeing this kind of drama
    my heart was a little bit of heavy..

  538. 538 : JuMin Says:

    It took me a while to understand the ending and I came to the conclusion that this had to be the only ending, however let’s say that they could’ve made it clearer by dedicating more time, let’s say 10 min, where they explain/show how KYG goes to NY.

    At first I was pretty disappointed but don’t, because:
    1. Remeber that KYG has always said that the he bought the house for LGY but LGY finds out that both house and furniture were under rent.
    2. KYG is always self centric: he always blames LGY that she doesn’t understand him. And if you think back he’s the main cause of LGY’s sufferences.
    3. Jehyuk really showed and proved his love to LGY by going even against his mean father.
    4. What happened to LGY fashion show? KYG asked Jehyuk money for it and then you see him in NY: where did he find the money to get there and to live there?
    5. IMO the main point: KYG, when his firm got first occupied by angry creditors and beat up LGY he just ran away, like in this ending.

    In “Fashion King” we can see how greediness can make men life be miserable…

    Btw, why’s that LGY says at the end that she misses him too? Actually in Korean she literally says “I want to see you too”… isn’t that she realized that she had been used and wanted to see him dead?

  539. 539 : jnt Says:

    twenty long episodes and the writers didnt even spend one minute in making the end clearer! and at 20- something age, and claiming memory at least of mother and hardship after losing mother— did she have total amnesia that she could not remember the necklace and the boy who amused her when she was a crying kid?

    i know Art is something that should keep one’s imagination working BUT that doesn’t apply here. writers should never underestimate the viewers.

  540. 540 : HyeRim Says:

    The ending was real weird. Wasn’t in the previous eps Young Gul got money from many contracts and paid off the debts. But to buy a penthouse in heart of NY city with 200million won? You gotta be kidding.

    Why Lee Ga Young stayed with Bong Sook? Wasn’t Young Gul had redeemed the shop / factory from Jo Soon Hee and gave it to LGY?

    Fully disappointed for the ending of this drama. Should’ve been better ending like Young Gul started over with Lee Ga Young using her mom’s factory / shop.

    Yoo Ah In acting as Kang Young Gul is great. Also the young boy – Seo Young Joo with his cold face. Disappointed to see how Lee Je Hoon acted in this drama, there’s no emotions carried even the character was full of tears or passion for Lee Ga Young.

  541. 541 : HELLO Says:

    I just started watching this drama. I am currently on episode 7. I’ve read some comments about the ending and I just have to say, if you think the ending was weird, what were you thinking about while watching the drama??? I think this drama was weird ever since Kang Young Gul came to America. And the instrumental in the background sounds like elevator meets sunset blvd.

  542. 542 : anju Says:

    le ga young listen the gun shoot and then she said that she missed him………why?……confusing……

  543. 543 : cathy Says:

    yoo ah in is very cute.. <3 <3 <3

  544. 544 : enol Says:

    The story is confuse. Bad ending. I think Better lee ga young together with Jung jae hyuk.

  545. 545 : cathy Says:

    Even this drama had a bad ending, this is still a nice drama for me. the lead actor and actresses are super stylish. Forget about the story that full of anger, intrict and business competition, just focus on the fashion that this drama offer.

    Yoo Ah In and Lee Ji Hoon are so stylish, Yoo Ah In as kang yong gul always use a fashionable clothes, jacket and stylish shirt. Lee ji hoon also always wear an elegance suit. Kwon Yu Ri also very stylish with the blazer she always wear in the office, and the elegance dress she often wear. Shin Se kyung role was not so stylish but I love to see her fashionable design. as a fashion lover, I give this drama an A. Very good fashion drama!

    I read that Han Chae Young was scheduled to play in this drama at first, if she play in this drama, I will give this drama an A++++++ but unfortunately she’s not. anyway, this drama is really good for me, well done!

  546. 546 : HELLO Says:

    I am so in love with Jung Jae Hyuk!!!! Is that weird???

  547. 547 : Lydia V. Arroyo Says:

    I agree with all the persons that said: the end of this history was.. ugh.
    It was a good drama (?), but may be they don’t have more money and the writers had to finish it so abrupted

  548. 548 : janine Says:

    i was so xcited to watch dis drama coz it was good……but when i watch da last episode i was dissapoited ……i hppe you will make anothe episode

  549. 549 : wongricky010 Says:

    I copy all the cast n producer, director n screenwriter names so that I can condemn them. I will never see thier shows ever again in the future.

  550. 550 : anna ah in Says:

    lost hope..
    the ending Make me crying !!!!!
    why young gul died?????
    i want he and ga young happy together!!
    please make the continue episode!!

  551. 551 : macky Says:

    Now it’s my time…

    Just finished watching this drama and then decided immediately to write my comment. Well, the fact is I didn’t expect at all that it ended like that. Why, the lead actor has to die? Is it enough for him to die just like that? Knowingly, He did everything just to succeed. The title itself didn’t fit at all. It has been 12 years that I’ve been a korean drama viewer, but this is the first time that I was really disappointed with the ending as well as my comment is not good as it is. This is just a drama, but the writer should first to consider how to capture the viewers heart. But with the worst ending, the feelings of the viewers turned it down, hopeless, raising some questions why it has to end like that? It is just a story but the impact to the viewers is really bad. Before I already read some comments but i just ignored it regarding this drama, but I’m so curious why they reacted that way, so that’s why i decided to watch this drama and the fact is yoo ah in is the lead actor… I know now, just like them I was also disappointed with the ending. The ending is really bad. Why? Why? Why? The fact is he did everything just to succeed, endure all the pains, insults, suffer a lot of humiliation but he still has the courage, the will, and he has to work hard to be able to attain success in his own way. He wanted to show to his opponent that even how big the stone thrown to him, the obstacles and the hardships they gave, He must stand still and succeed in fashion world, maybe for that case the title itself, fashion king, will fit that way. But why He has to die, he was not able to be known as fashion king, because at that time he failed again that’s why he ran away. He was not able to continue being a skilled designperson in fashion world.

  552. 552 : macky Says:

    At first, the story goes well, but it ruined at the end. It really made me sad. Because everytime I finished watching korean drama, especially sbs it has to be a nice and happy ending. Hope the writer should first to consider how to capture the viewers heart. That, after watching the drama it will give us some hopes, courage, and start to appreciate the beauty in life, that there’s so much to be done in life. In drama, it is important to have a nice and happy ending so that the viewers may not felt bad.

    hope to have a fashion king 2, Please… Let’s see what’s gonna happen to KYG, He has to be rescued from that gun shot incident and has to survive to continue his life to be known as fashion king in fashion world. Because he was not able to explore more and show his skills deeply (a long period of time) that he can do everything just to attain success with his hard work and courage. Because he was failed again and run away then he was shot… really bad ending… hope there would be fashion king season 2, to meet the viewers expectation.

    KYG has to be rescued, while LYG will go back to him in his side, living together with him and finish her studies while they were in NY, and KYG still making his way to be known as fashion king. Since they both in love, and whatever hardships, obstacles comes their way, they can easily overcome. After they attain success in NY and everything is doing fine, then go back to their country and getting married… and live a peaceful and happy life.

    Though, I really appreciated the lead actor, yoo ah in, the acting is really amazing… fighting…

  553. 553 : Gisella Says:

    Salute for Yoo Ah In acting…

  554. 554 : Dede Says:

    Well, I watch Korean Drama because you can find hopeful endings. I started ths drama, looked interesting. But I cheat and watch the last episode. Glad I did on this one, did not like the ending. If I want to see misery, I just check in with the people in my every day life, there is enough trade guy there to satisfy anyone’s need for heartache.

    Good luck to those who like to watch that genre.

  555. 555 : Dede Says:

    Sorry should have proofed. It’s not trade guy, but “tragedy”.

  556. 556 : Kim nana Says:

    Y Kang young gul die??

  557. 557 : salju putih Says:

    actually the hero is kang young gul.. but… the ending story he’s must die????? should be happy ending between hero and heroin….

  558. 558 : salju putih Says:

    hope the director got continue this story… become the happy ending… maybe.. “Fashion King 2”

  559. 559 : Audiências: Fashion King « Laboratório de Séries Says:

    […] Fonte Partilha:ShareLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. Category : Audiências, Fashion King Tags : Audiências, Fashion King, SBS […]

  560. 560 : waste Says:

    totally boring drama…waste of time, money, energy…..
    most of the drama related to fashion are boring….
    same as cinderella man boringggggggg……..

  561. 561 : TehOBali Says:

    What is the point of highlighting the so long lost necklace when it does not meant anything? The ending part where Jung Jae Hyuk parents suddenly accepted Lee Ga Young does not make any sense at all and finally, ending the drama series with Kang Young Gul being shot??? Totally absurd ending. I’ve watch many good Korean Drama, but never thought that will come across this one which seems to be totally frustrating and misleading.

  562. 562 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

    […] Absolutely Come (MBN) Dangerous Woman (MBC) Dream High (Season 2) Dummy Mommy (SBS) Faith (SBS) Fashion King (SBS) Feast of the Gods (MBC) Fermentation Family (jTBC) Five Fingers (SBS) Full House Take 2 (SBS Plus) […]

  563. 563 : kfan jess Says:

    totally agree with macky.. What a nonsense drama.

  564. 564 : Kikay Says:

    WTH??? What’s with the ending? He lost everything after all the hard work, and he died? He could’ve at least got the girl n be happy together even though they’ve become penniless? My 1st time getting disappointed with Korean Drama ending…I guess there’s first in everything…The only consolation is I got to watch Yoo Ah In!!!

  565. 565 : doraemi Says:

    Who killed him??? Why??why???

  566. 566 : Sari Says:

    Actually I like this drama but with the ending like that, I’m disappointed.
    The worst ending ever… 🙁

  567. 567 : jentab Says:

    Hahhaha!!! Its like proving the saying: try and try until u die!!!
    Its like trying and doing your best will lead u to death?!!!

  568. 568 : maryam Says:

    y y must young gurl?who killed him?y was he killed?what is d meaning of ffashion king?i hope fashionking2 will b out and i hope young gurl will b saved and b wif his lover,also hope d oda guy will suffer 4 all he did,dere is no way actor can die,young gurl is d actor and he must not die,he must live happily wif his lover and b d fashion king known all over d country,i tink wif dat d film will make sense,pls d producer/director put in your best and it must b out soon eager to watch d real fashion king young gurl.he must enjoy despite all d hardship, d pains d suffering,he must and conquer all his enemies.

  569. 569 : reny Says:

    i want to know this drama..

  570. 570 : begin again Says:

    I hope that there will be Fashion King 2……..

  571. 571 : Verra Says:

    Hoping Kang Young Gul survived, and lived happily with Ga Young Lee 😐

  572. 572 : hankyunglay Says:

    I watched this drama. I like their action but, I was so sad for fashion king Yoo Ah. Because he had happened all depressed and so bad things. But, at the end of the drama, he died. It was not possible. As he was a protagonist, he couldn’t be such the end of the drama. At lease, they can find who killed him. On the other hand, the actress should be cried ans sorry for him beside his tomb. Now, I think this drama couldn’t be finished. It was creative movie. It didn’t have natural scene. All the actors and actresses are good, but, the director and author was bad, I think. Don’t make me angry. I says what I see. If they change that movie at good sight, I can change my comments.

  573. 573 : Phurbu lhamo Says:

    Hero is soo cute but at end,y he died….am lookin forward for part 2

  574. 574 : nicesagi Says:

    the tittle should be “devil girl”, coz Lee Ga Young really bad, she pretend doesn’t know what’s Kang Young Gu has been done all for her…I really enjoy at the first but hated the end….

  575. 575 : Stiles Says:

    This drama sucks what a bad ending

  576. 576 : Dion Shakespeare Says:

    Fashion King.. the most stupid, shit, worst, and dissappointed korean drama ending that I’ve ever seen.. what the hell of the director was thinking about ! Damn.. If I knew I would have never watched

  577. 577 : Joan Says:

    If I only knew, Ive never watch Fashin King, it sucks, I will never recommend it for everybody to look for….I really dont like the ending

  578. 578 : Orlando Says:

    Wow! There are lots of people still unable to get over this Kdrama!

    It looks like there are many people out there who are in for some unfortunate surprises in their lives.

    So, this Kdrama didn’t go the way you all wanted…..so?

    I’ve known lots of people in my life that things didn’t always go the way they wanted!

    You know what?

    They just got over it and moved on. (That’s with real life!)

    You have to take the good with the bad in this world.

    You have to have many opposites, darkness against light, heat against cold and illness against good health.

    Otherwise, life would not function, especially the way we might want it!

    I know a person who records and then watches Kdrama for about 16 to 18 hours each day, 7 days a week.
    That’s her only view of the world.
    She doesn’t watch news or current affairs, only Kdrama.
    When she visits her family in Korea, guess what she does?

    That’s right, from her home TV, flys to Korea to her family’s TV and return several weeks later!

    When I asked her if she’d seen much change in Korea, she responded by saying that she’d only travelled to and from the Airport!

    How’s that for being a Kdaddict?

    PS I greatly enjoyed; The Horse Doctor.

  579. 579 : Repdrama Says:

    This drama was trying to say that small enterprises cannot fight againts super dominated large enterprises like Jfashion. I really dont like that idea. Or this drama based on true story? tell me please.. Dont make a drama just for entertaining rich people and make a fool of rising enterprise.. interesting but so dirty. lol

  580. 580 : mini Says:

    Sebenarnya menurutq drama ini baguus,,meskipun awalnya membosankan tp di pertengahan aq mulai tertarik..apalagi tenteng konflik percintaan lee gaa young ma kang young gul..masalahnya ne..di akhir cerita ini kok mengecewakan..g jelas lagi…paraah ih..bkin kecewa..banget..!! UNDISAPPOINTED ENDING!!WHY YOUNG GUL MUST DIE??!!!HUHU…

  581. 581 : kdrama lover Says:

    Ahh! This drama
    This drama tells that there are things that aren’t meant to be.
    It tells that fate is contradicting what the characters want.
    It tells that it is bad being too much inlove, greedy, and too much desire for money.
    It tells that the not every ending is happy, that there aren’t real happy ending.

  582. 582 : ritapraise Says:


  583. 583 : Temmy Says:

    Soooooooooooo disappointed, fucking film…..

  584. 584 : asky Says:

    so this series does not have a happy ending? the lead male die in the end? that’s sad then, just like the Bad Guy series, I think, the lead male died at the end.. I like Yoo Ah In in Sungkyunkwang scandal.. he was the rebel with the long hair..quite interesting character there…he looked so different here with the very short, cropped hair style..

  585. 585 : nurma Says:

    very disappointed ending in this drama there more we must know example about the neclace why gayoung can’t remember and why j fashion always win while they also bad to kang young gul

  586. 586 : India Samks Says:

    Korean dramas are so predictable! Let’s start with the screenwriters. They are usually old hags who follow a formulae that looks like this: good looking guy(s) want the same girl who is either plain or stupid.. Or both. They want revenge so they battle it out. Usually there are good looking women around them who are manipulative bitches. Everyone drinks and gets drunk. The revenge gets nasty and ugly and the last episode ends up being either stupid, horrible and/ or disappointing.

  587. 587 : India Samks Says:

    Oh I forgot… These people always lose their parents when they are young. It makes the story easier to maneuver. That is so typical of every Korean movie it has lost it’s humor! Drinking is always part of it, suffering and no parents! How boring!!!

  588. 588 : Daryl Says:

    Every si gle Korean drama I watch is about greed, trying to make as much money as they can in order to live in materialistic heaven. I never see anything spiritual or about man as a human trying to excel in life by helping another human. It’s all about care, clothes, materialistic things. That is always the goal. I guess that Koreans are the Jews of the Asian race.

  589. 589 : Daryl Says:

    Madame Joe reminds me of a snake that whispers with cutting remarks. She is like a she- devil that talks bad about other people while she is acting so nice. She is not human. Even her face and her stupid dresses are gross.

  590. 590 : fera Says:

    Drama korea *KR* dengan ending terburuk ​Ɣªήğ pernah saya tonton,sangat mengecewakan,masa peran utamanya ga jadian.kalo gitu harusnya sampul depan dramanya si lee ga young n jae hyuk bukan sama young gul.ƍäª direkomendasikan buat ditonton..

  591. 591 : Smurfette Says:

    It was interesting at the beginning then it went to *yawnn* typical Kdrama… Too much greed! Greed! And more greed! The ending… Now that’s different. Not the typical happily ever after. But somehow it makes me depressed!

  592. 592 : Dou Says:

    What the hell? The ending is so tormenting . I wish I didn’t see it

  593. 593 : Merry Says:

    what the hell about the ending story??wawww… bener2 film korea terburuk, ga jelas ending cerita nya kenapa jd begitu.gggrrrrr… really2 not recommended.

  594. 594 : coment Says:

    looks like almost everyone despises this series. i wonder about the motives of the writer. usually a writer has a motive or goal in writing something. sometimes, also, a writer write as a kind of revenge to/wards something/one in his/her real life. i wonder about why young gul “must” die at the end – thus making jae hyuk as the “winner” – though not a real winner since the triumph is got through killing, what a savage, brutal way to end/reach the triumph. it was, to me, unnecessary – the killing of young gul, as he was defeated already – lost his business, his girl and the people that initially supported him, so why must he be killed/shot that way? for what purpose? to make it even more dramatic? clean wrap-up? did the writer have some sort of grudge in real life to/wards someone like young gul? jae hyuk appeared to be a kind of weakling, pathetic Looser actually, were he born within the same of condition of young gul he would be nowhere and wasted – given his own character. and perhaps the writer has some sympathy with that kind of person (jae hyuk) so ga young was “awarded” to jae hyuk ..hehehe…. i don’t really understand ga young, she seems to be this “playgirl” – as she was “playing” with both guys: young gul & jae hyuk, she seems to be easily manipulated and swayed…? but i guess that ‘makes’ the story goes hehe..
    another thing, when young gul sent a letter, notifying his whereabouts, with a ticket, for ga young…. as important as that – the mail – it was sent only using “normal” delivery, that it was only being dropped in the mail box, not using the special mode like personal delivery with signature upon acceptance (as usually important mails are delivered) thus making the mail easily intercepted (this will never happen in real life) and so, ga young never got the mail..and so on..and so on.. like i said: that ‘makes’ the story goes…hehe..but it is such an implausible thing to happen.

  595. 595 : berastia Says:

    Although many people hate the ending this drama, but i LOVE the ending . I love this couple very much . They’re have chemistry and jae hyuk really really love ga young, he sacrificing everything for her !! .

  596. 596 : annmasae Says:

    do not waste your time with this drama!!!
    the ending did not make any sense!!!
    I felt cheated after watching the entire series to have it end so strangely.

  597. 597 : Mylene Says:

    Oh my!I am so dissapointed in this series.That’s it? Young Gul life ended just like that? actually, I’m on my 16th ep of this series and decided to check what’s the ending turned out. I hate it!

  598. 598 : nina Says:

    salam fashion king gamabar raya tank pusa

  599. 599 : nina Says:

    kacar baju buat
    selamat bacang bepacaip kawan kawal

  600. 600 : Safa Says:

    Menyesal lihat drama ini. Endingnya jelek, mengecewakan.

  601. 601 : Neete Says:

    it was good, until the last episode. not worth watching. so disappointed

  602. 602 : abdz390 Says:

    I am so depressed,
    is that the ending?
    what the hell?
    I wish some one told me not to watch the last 5 minutes of the last episode

  603. 603 : zeez22 Says:

    Very disturbed by the ending! He kept the letter!! and yet she got together with such a dishonest person! Cant believe that!

  604. 604 : Sonia Says:

    wat kind of movie is dis.its not worth watching.lee ga young was suppose to know about d letter. Dis movie is a disaster. Who killed d king? Does lee ga young knows that her boss is dead? Wat a movie!!! Poor rating

  605. 605 : TZN Says:

    i hate the ending !

  606. 606 : racha Says:

    It’s a Nice drama but the end it Was boring i love this drama very much 💞

  607. 607 : Korean Fashion Designers | The Antidote Says:

    […] Fashion king » korean drama […]

  608. 608 : トトロ 一九九九 Says:

    I also am not happy with the ending.

    My question is, how come Shin Se Kyung is in another drama with an awful ending? (High Kick Through the Roof)

  609. 609 : grace gamboa Says:

    i love the drama but i hate the ending so much….why yoo ah in is die….i dont want to die the drama of fashion king…

  610. 610 : In love with Chicago Typewriter OST | A Transient Wanderer Says:

    […] character, meaningful if I may say. Just look at his previous work such as Sungkyungkwan Scandal, Fashion King, Jang Ok Jung. There is also Go Kyung Pyo (@kopular) which left good impression on me […]

  611. 611 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] (KBS2, 2014), “When A Man Loves” (MBC, 2013), “Unexpected You” (KBS2, 2012) (cameo), “Fashion King” (SBS, 2012), “Deep Rooted Tree” (SBS, 2011), “High Kick 2” (MBC, 2009), “Queen Seon Deok” (MBC, […]

  612. 612 : Sirena Says:

    I loved this drama and understood the dramatic ending. This is a modern and twisted remake of The Great Gatsby, its really a very well known novel about the rise and fall of a man in the USA – it was about a bigger picture, which is the failure of the American dream. I know many people watch Kdrama as a way to trick themselves of the reality of life and they always want a happy ending. But the greatest works of arts are not like that. I really loved this drama and characters so much. All of them were perfect fit for the character considering it’s a modern twist of The Great Gatsby. I liked the character of the main actress and she played her role really well as an introverted girl who lost everything and had to work so hard to achieve her dreams, yet she was ready to sacrifice all her dreams to support the Main lead. Such a touching story and riminder that life is really not perfect or fair. I think it was needed to make such drama because Of the farfetched and unrealistic expectation kdrama was creating. Love love this drama…

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