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Famous Princesses

Title: 소문난 칠공주 / Famous Princesses
chinese title : 传闻中的七公主
Also known as: The Infamous Chill Sisters
Genre: Family/Romance/Comady
Episodes: 80
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-01 to 2006-Dec-31
Air time: Saturdays and Sundays 19:55


“Famous Princesses” (English title: “The Infamous Chill Sisters” ) is a Korean drama/comedy about the Na family which depicts various problems and situations that today’s modern families face, which elicits both laughter and tears from its viewers. The story line is centered around the four daughters of Na Yangal-a retired military officer who now works as a security guard of an apartment complex-and his wife-Kyung Myung Ja. The story of their oldest daughter, Deok-chil, revolves around the divorce she has from her unloving husband, Soohan after he catches her having an affair with her husband’s best friend. She then re-marries her male business partner, but most deal with the problems that re-married couples often face. The upbeat and confident second daughter, Seol-chil-who is the pride and joy of the family and plays the role of the son her father never had-is a captain in the Korean army. She is in love with one of her fellow army soliders, Hanam, whom she initially resisted but must deal with the fact her father has arranged her to be married to a Korean Navy officer. Seol-chil’s fraternal twin, Mi-chil,is an attractive woman but is also the family’s troublemaker. She is in love with Seochill’s best friend, Ilhan, but she discovers Seochill was once in love with him also which causes her to be jealous and resentful towards her. Finally, the youngest daughter, Teng-chil, becomes pregnant and marries her boyfriend, Taeja at a young age. However she then faces numerous conflicts with Taeja-who has trouble staying faithful to her-and her strict and demanding mother-in-law.


Kim Hye Sun as Na Deok Chil (eldest daughter)
Lee Tae Ran as Na Seol Chil (older twin)
Choi Jung Won as Na Mi Chil (younger twin)
Shin Ji Soo as Na Jong Chil (youngest daughter)
Park In Hwan as Na Yang Pal (father)
Kim Hae Sook as Kyung Myung Ja (mother)
Ko Joo Won as Yoo Il Han (Mi Chil’s boyfriend)
Na Moon Hee as Nam Dal Goo (grandmother and Myung Ja’s mother)
Lee Dae Young as Goo Soo Han
Park Hae Jin as Yeon Ha Nam (Seo Chill’s boyfriend)
No Joo Hyun as Gong Soo Pyo
Lee Seung Ki as Hwang Tae Ja (Jong Chil’s boyfriend/husband)
Yoon Mi Ra as Ban Chin Soon (Tae Ja’s mother)
Lee Hyo Chun
Ahn Il Kwon

Production Credits

Scriptwriter: Moon Young Nam
Director: Bae Kyung Soo

Official Site


  1. 1 : popeyesan Says:

    This is one of the best family k-dramas – superb story with great acting by the whole casts especially Lee Tae Ran. Highly recommended to all K-drama fans.

  2. 2 : Hollywood Says:

    I was pretty bored out of my mind lately without any good K-drama to watch. I found this drama at Tudou.com with Chinese dubbing. Pretty good drama and highly recommended to watch.

    These is one drama that I did not skip much of the episode like some others. I do not mind watching it again, in fact I went out to buy a copy of the DVD. Good family story.

  3. 3 : Kashisaiko Says:

    I love it… only problem is there are only fansubs up to episode 16.

    There is nothing online that sells them with English subtitles. What do I and many others who want to watch it , do now???


  4. 4 : meirav Says:

    the best k drama but where can see the rest of episodes

  5. 5 : clockman Says:

    an also looking for english sub titles of episodes 17 and on up. Does anyone know where you can get?

  6. 6 : seeya Says:

    i was wondering where yu can find ep 17,, i cant find it on mysoju or youtube!!

  7. 7 : richelle Says:

    it is so beautifull…….

  8. 8 : richelle Says:


  9. 9 : teeny_weeny_fan Says:

    woah. i tink you nan is a really handsome guy and he is also very devoted! ;DD

  10. 10 : Coco Says:

    Wow..i like this family k.drama so much..but until now i can’t find the OST ..does anyone know where i can download for free???
    Thx a lot
    [email protected]

  11. 11 : jade Says:

    i think this drama is the best Korean one i’ve ever seen. there’s noone die of an illness, and the love story here is’n so complex. we can see piece of our family’s issues in this drama. But i beg someone, please send me the link to download the soundtrack!!! please!!!!!T__T thanks

  12. 12 : Toh Yew Seng Says:

    I think this drama is very good and interesting to watch.

  13. 13 : philippines Says:

    i’ve watched this korean series and i found it much fun… and it’s very much interesting when it comes to their family situation…, im looking forward to watch the season two of this series….

  14. 14 : MIA Says:

    wer can i watch the complete drame of famous princesses except in mysoju..

  15. 15 : Vianney Says:

    I want to watch the full episode of Famous Princesses. But I wonder why it is not in the mysoju. I already search the KDama, but there’s no complete episode. Where can I watch it? Please?
    [email protected]

  16. 16 : Vianney Says:

    I really like Lee Tae Ran and Park Hae Jin. They are good love team. Coz they make me kilig!

  17. 17 : Flor Says:

    This is the longest korean drama that i have ever known.. AND it’s one of the best korean drama i have seen =)

    Unfortunately, there’s no downloading site or video site that has the complete and english subtitled episodes of Famous Princesses.. believe me, i tried everything just to find it.. I think the reason for this is that the drama is already 3 years old.. i ALSO tried to find a DVD on EBAY and AMAZON, but there was also none… if you live in the Philippines, you’re very lucky because you’ll be able watch the whole series… i am happy that i live in the Philippines.. MABUHAY! lol

  18. 18 : kathycute Says:

    where i can watch the complete episode of this drama?
    please somebody tell me..

  19. 19 : jiji Says:


    I like this series very much although I have watch only some episodes in youtube.com and can only relate by their actions as it is chinese sub. I hope somebody can upload the complete episode with english sub. In mysoju there are 16 episodes in veoh and I can not watch.

  20. 20 : jiji Says:


    To Ms. Flor I didn’t know na meron nito sa Philippines as I am here in Dubai. What channel? Is there any dvd/vcd Famous Princesses(English sub)of this in the Philippines? Hope you’ll reply. Im a big fan of Lee Seung Gi kasi.




  21. 21 : des Says:

    I love this drama. I don’t mind that it is very long. I like the way they feature the personality of every character. It is very realistic. It’s hard to decide which side would you take if you will be asked your opinion. I can’t get enough of it. I wish for more Kdrama like this

  22. 22 : eugene Says:

    this is the best drama ever especially Lee Tae Ran and Park Hae Jin. Love this couple so much more than the others

  23. 23 : marina Says:

    park hae jin is so handsome and had a good acting same as lee tae ran
    very very nice story dont really mind its very long.

  24. 24 : ting ting Says:

    a good drama, i love so much…….especially Park Hae Jin & Lee Tae Ran

  25. 25 : C. Says:

    Whenever i see how much Park Hae Jin does for Lee Tae Ran, my heart just melts. He’s so sweet.

  26. 26 : kaoyer Says:

    I love love this drama! Where can I get the rest of this drama? Viikii has it but then the links are broken! I cant seem to buy it anywhere because ebay doesnt even have it! ????

  27. 27 : eugene Says:

    I love this drama. I love Park Hae Jin and Lee Tae Ran. Best Couple.

  28. 28 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  29. 29 : mel Says:

    i like family drama….

  30. 30 : nining Says:

    is it a good drama??

  31. 31 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  32. 32 : Si Says:

    I’ll watch it for lee seung gi

  33. 33 : Chau N.- USA Says:

    If you love Korean romatic, family drama, this titles is one of the best.
    I love the Famouse Princesses

  34. 34 : Si Says:

    Lee Seung Gi is going to do a Fan Meeting at Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Indonesia on November 4, 2012. You can buy the ticket online here http://rajakarcis.com/2012/09/25/tonight-with-lee-seung-gi-in-indonesia/
    Come on guys, let’s meet Seung Gi and have fun together.
    Sampai jumpa di Jakarta, Seung Gi ya. ^^

  35. 35 : daryl Says:

    i’m watching this drama now and i am enjoying it. started to like park hae jin…

  36. 36 : maja Says:

    will somebody please tell me where i can watch this drama online? i can’t seem to find any site that shows this drama with complete episodes and with english sub…

  37. 37 : Lawrence Says:

    I cannot watch the drama of famous princesses from any websites . How to watch this drama

  38. 38 : Chau N Says:

    To buy the DVDs, check “asiangoodsdvd” website to see if they are still selling the drama dvd

  39. 39 : EDITH VARGAS Says:

    necesito ver esta serie, pero en español, o aunque sea subtitulada en español. POR FAVOR COMO PUEDO SOLICITAR

  40. 40 : pharista Says:

    As a feminist, found the movie certainly quite interesting and entertaining.

  41. 41 : faith Says:

    where can i watch all episodes of this series?

  42. 42 : In Ahn Says:

    Good heart-warming drama.

  43. 43 : Angel ni PHJ Says:

    Came here for PHJ. So in love with him in this drama. Help me find my own Yun Hanam please! As usual, PHJ always pulls his dramas to the best. His chemistry with Lee Taeran is the best. I love their story most in this series. Its cute, fun, and sweet. Just the right blend of drama, romance, and comedy. I cant believe I have endured 80 episodes just to see my PHJ. Am wanting him more now!

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