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Family’s Honor

Title: 가문의영광 / Family’s Honor
Also known as: Glory of the Family
Previously known as: Marrying the Mafia
chinese title : 家门的荣光
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 54
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2008-Oct-11 to 2009-Apr-19
Air time: Saturdays & Sundays 21:45 (9:45 Korean time)


Ha Dan Ah (Yoon Jung Hee) is very dignified and beautiful yet she is also pitiful. Dan Ah was married in her 20’s, but due to an unforeseen event her husband died in a car accident during their honeymoon. She will be pursued by two men, a man from a rich family, Lee Kang Suk (Park Shi Hoo) and a man who’s younger than her, Jung Hyun Kyu (Lee Hyun Jin). The drama will be about the Ha Family and how they try to hold up the reputation of their family name.


Ha Family

Yoon Jung Hee as Ha Dan Ah
Jun No Min as Ha Soo Young
Kim Sung Min as Ha Tae Young
Shin Goo as Ha Man Gi
Park Hyun Sook as Ha Joo Jung
Suh In Suk as Ha Suk Ho
Park Joon Mok as Ha Dong Dong
Kim Young Ok as Yoon Sam Wol
Lee Soo Min as Yoon Jo Man

Lee Family

Park Shi Hoo as Lee Kang Suk
Jun Hye Jin as Lee Hye Joo
Yeon Kyu Jin as Lee Man Gap
Seo Kwon Soon as Choi Young Ja

Other people

Lee Hyun Jin as Jung Hyun Kyu
Nah Young Hee as Lee Young In
Shin Da Eun as Oh Jin Ah
Maya as Na Mal Soon
Shim Hyun Sup (심현섭) as Kim Byung Do
Seo Yoo Jung as Kim Hyun Ok
Lee Won Jae as (Joo Jung’s colleague)
Jung Chan as Yoon Tae Joo (Kang Suk’s friend)
Jung Wook as Kim Sun Tae

Production Credits

Production Company: Star Max
Director: Park Young Soo
Screenwriter: Jung Ji Woo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2008-10-11 1 19.2 (1st) 19.3 (1st)
2008-10-12 2 18.2 (3rd) 17.5 (4th)
2008-10-18 3 17.1 (2nd) 16.4 (3rd)
2008-10-19 4 17.7 (4th) 17.3 (4th)
2008-10-25 5 16.3 (3rd) 15.2 (4th)
2008-10-26 6 17.0 (3rd) 16.9 (4th)
2008-11-01 7 15.4 (4th) 14.7 (4th)
2008-11-02 8 16.5 (5th) 16.1 (6th)
2008-11-08 9 16.8 (4th) 15.7 (4th)
2008-11-09 10 18.0 (4th) 17.1 (5th)
2008-11-15 11 15.5 (4th) 14.8 (4th)
2008-11-16 12 17.6 (5th) 16.7 (5th)
2008-11-22 13 15.3 (4th) 13.9 (6th)
2008-11-23 14 19.2 (4th) 18.4 (5th)
2008-11-29 15 18.6 (4th) 17.8 (4th)
2008-11-30 16 21.6 (3rd) 21.5 (4th)
2008-12-06 17 19.7 (3rd) 19.2 (3rd)
2008-12-07 18 22.7 (3rd) 22.3 (4th)
2008-12-13 19 19.5 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd)
2008-12-14 20 20.8 (5th) 20.2 (5th)
2008-12-20 21 20.8 (3rd) -
2008-12-21 22 22.6 (4th) 22.1 (5th)
2008-12-27 23 18.1 (5th) 16.6 (5th)
2008-12-28 24 23.2 (5th) 22.4 (5th)
2009-01-03 25 19.9 (4th) 19.9 (3rd)
2009-01-04 26 18.3 (7th) 18.1 (7th)
2009-01-10 27 19.3 (4th) 18.3 (4th)
2009-01-11 28 19.6 (7th) 19.1 (7th)
2009-01-17 29 18.6 (3rd) 18.0 (5th)
2009-01-18 30 21.4 (5th) 21.0 (6th)
2009-01-24 31 19.8 (3rd) 18.9 (3rd)
2009-01-25 32 14.9 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2009-01-31 33 21.1 (3rd) 20.6 (3rd)
2009-02-01 34 23.7 (3rd) 23.6 (4th)
2009-02-07 35 22.0 (3rd) 22.1 (3rd)
2009-02-08 36 23.1 (4th) 23.0 (4th)
2009-02-14 37 23.7 (3rd) 23.3 (3rd)
2009-02-15 38 26.0 (3rd) 25.7 (3rd)
2009-02-21 39 25.7 (3rd) 24.5 (3rd)
2009-02-22 40 27.1 (3rd) 26.2 (4th)
2009-02-28 41 25.6 (3rd) 25.8 (2nd)
2009-03-01 42 27.7 (3rd) 27.1 (3rd)
2009-03-14 43 22.8 (2nd) 22.7 (2nd)
2009-03-15 44 25.7 (2nd) 25.7 (3rd)
2009-03-21 45 24.9 (2nd) 24.0 (2nd)
2009-03-22 46 27.3 (3rd) 27.2 (4th)
2009-03-28 47 24.5 (1st) 24.1 (1st)
2009-03-29 48 26.8 (3rd) 26.7 (2nd)
2009-04-04 49 24.9 (2nd) 24.7 (1st)
2009-04-05 50 26.7 (2nd) 26.9 (3rd)
2009-04-11 51 22.1 (1st) 21.6 (1st)
2009-04-12 52 24.6 (1st) 24.2 (2nd)
2009-04-18 53 23.5 (1st) 22.7 (1st)
2009-04-19 54 26.7 (1st) 26.9 (1st)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : Proy Says:

    hope it’s good!!

  2. 2 : Mya Says:

    Whoo..hooo… Park Shi Hoo is here… can’t wait to see the drama then.
    Last time watched him acted was in “How to meet perfect neighbour”.. he’s so charming & gorgeous..

    Luv from indonesia..

  3. 3 : liinaa Says:

    this drama looks good where can i find it …whant to watch it really.. lzzz any one..thnxx..=)

  4. 4 : nylra28 Says:

    looks good! i’ve been watching it now in youku.com in chinese sub.
    can’t understand the story, english sub please.

  5. 5 : sang hee Says:

    i’d love to watch this cause of Park Shi Hoo! I liked him very much in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor! Glad he’s in this series! Can’t wait to see this! Annyoung Park Shi Hoo & God bless!

  6. 6 : magmag Says:

    REally find him so irresitable eversince I’ve watched Ijimae & Perfect Neighbourhood.

    Currently watching Which Star Are You from & still waiting for Family Honor with Eng Sub to upload.

    Luv Shi Hoo so much!

  7. 7 : tblnow Says:

    When will you have Emglish subtitle for this drama?

  8. 8 : nylra28 Says:

    please continue uploading… english subtitle plz, so i could fully understand the flow of this drama… thinks it’s a good drama…

  9. 9 : nylra28 Says:

    next episodes please…

  10. 10 : nylra28 Says:

    why took so long to upload the next episode? i’ve been waiting for it…..

  11. 11 : Jane Says:

    I highly recommend this drama because it has a good story line and a very strong cast.It is entertaining and heart-warming. I especially like the lead actor,Park Shi Hoo’s acting. Kim Sung Min is also very comical and funny in his portrayal. I am a chinese from Singapore.

  12. 12 : nylra28 Says:

    dear Jane can I ask a favor from you? if you have your spare time could you please write to me the sypnosis of each chapter of this drama starting from the very beginning because I can’t fully understand what they’re saying. I’m a Filipino and can’t understand their language. i really love korean drama and only understand the flow of the drama when there is english subtitle. Here’s my email address… [email protected]. thank you very much in advance. god bless!!!

  13. 13 : Jane Says:

    I am currently watching espisode 29 in chinese. I greatly enjoy the show as it is getting more and more interesting.It is one of the best dramas I have ever watched. Park Shi Hoo is truly a very good actor. He plays the role remarkably well. I hope the drama be presented in english subtitles so that those who do not understand korean or chinese can appreciate it.The chinese subtitles are very precise so I appreciate it.

  14. 14 : Jane Says:

    Dear nylra, I am very sorry that I am unable to help you as you have requested. I can only hope the website be able to provide english subtitles so that most people are able to enjoy a good show. I am rather busy working and taking care of my 2 boys. Hope you will understand.

  15. 15 : nylra28 Says:

    dear jane, thanks anyway even though you might not be able to respond to my request. i really like this drama and though i can’t fully understand what their saying, i’m just trying to understand it through their actions. this is really one of the best korean drama i’ve ever watched. did you watched DEAR HEAVEN aka Love in Heaven? yoon jeong hee is the lead actress in this drama and i like her acting if you haven’t watched it yet i suggest if you have spare time watched it. god bless!

  16. 16 : nylra28 Says:

    dear jane I am also currently watching episode 29 in chinese. I enjoy watching the drama as it is getting more and more interesting. Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Jeong Hee are very good actors and actress. they plays their role remarkably well. I hope this drama be presented in english subtitles so that we who do not understand korean or chinese can appreciate it. could you please tell me the reason of their break-up i mean park shi yoon and yoon jeong hee in this drama.

  17. 17 : Jane Says:

    Park is a filial son who will not disobey his dad who wants him to take over Yoon’s family construction business. He feels he has let Yoon down by doing so. Yoon,s family hate him for trying to take full control of the company. Actually he is very pitiful because he really good at heart.He loves Yoon deeply but due to his dad’s greediness, he has no choice but to betray her. He has been brought up to do things to make his parents happy.Yoon understands his problems and difficulties so she never blames him for that.

  18. 18 : nylra28 Says:

    thank you very much jane! now i can understand somehow the flow of the drama. can i ask a favor from you if you don’t mind? could you please give me a brief summary of the following episodes that will be uploaded here. thank you in advance and god bless you and your family

  19. 19 : yuppgy Says:

    Next episode please…

  20. 20 : yuppgy Says:

    Episode 32 is repeat of episode 31… Is there a true episode 32 avaialble?

    Thank you.

  21. 21 : fdsafsadf Says:

    It’s really good!

  22. 22 : nylra28 Says:

    please upload episode 32 the real one… really a nice drama…

  23. 23 : whitelites Says:

    i’m hooked! i didn’t notice this drama at first because it’s one of the longer dramas, but i love the two main characters. they make a great couple.

  24. 24 : faith Says:

    english subtitle please……. really a good drama……

  25. 25 : yuppgy Says:

    Thank you for reloading episode 32… Is there episode 33 available?

  26. 26 : yuppgy Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for uploading episode 33… This drama really good.
    Whenever you are ready to load episode 34… Thank you.

  27. 27 : princess Says:

    dear yuppgy,
    could you please help me understand the story per episode of this drama, I can’t understand what they are saying. if you have spare time could you please write to me a brief summary of each episode. i will appreciate it very much.

  28. 28 : jhane Says:

    i really love this drama even though I can’t fully understand what they’re saying. i’m always looking forward to the next episodes. please can anybody upload this drama with english subtitle.

  29. 29 : Jane Says:

    Please provide english subtitles for those who cannot understand neither korean nor chinese subtitles. This is really a highly recommended drama which I think many people will certainly love to watch. Thank you.

  30. 30 : yuppgy Says:

    Would you be able to upload episode 35? I heard that it’s really, really good!!! Thank you.

  31. 31 : shana Says:

    what is the title of the song being played at the ending of each episode? next episode please….

  32. 32 : yuppgy Says:

    I LOVE this drama!!! Thanks a bunch for uploading this drama!!!!

  33. 33 : emerson Says:

    Simply beyond words. I’ve watched it since the first episode. Fantastic! Park Shihoo and Yoon Jeong Hee are great together. Makes a lovely couple. The KS and DA of this wonderful drama. Wish that this drama will become one of the classics in Korean drama history.

  34. 34 : Cherry Says:

    S-someone a-actually uploading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*spazzez*
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!*_________*
    finally, i won’t have to suffer running over to my korean friend’s house every weekend and come home to my father’s head bonkings!!!!TTwTT
    life saver……….!!!!!!!!!
    *hugs u* …….not letting go.
    unless………i start seeing subs~!^_______^

  35. 35 : Jane Says:

    Actors Park Shi Hoo and Kim Sung Min portrayed the best in this drama. It has been a great pleasure watching ‘Family’s Honour’ due to their natural acting.

  36. 36 : blakforest Says:

    O S T please . . .

  37. 37 : Geishagirl Says:

    Someone please help me! I’m going crazy trying to find out what the main song played on this show. I don’t even speak Korean or know the lyrics but it doesn’t matter I LOVE it. Please help me! Thanks

  38. 38 : blakforest Says:

    dear Geishagirl,

    you type this in youtube. . . Clip-FH17 720p May I Love You(subbed)… Yurisangja – Sarang He Do Dwel Ka Yo. . . 너 하나면 돼(4men)-가문의 영광O.S.T-I only need you – Glory of Family OST . . .
    this are the songs being played in this drama series.
    hope you enjoy listening to it.

  39. 39 : Jane Says:

    This drama is so intriguing from the start to now proceeding to episodes 43. I have greatly enjoyed watching the story goes and really have no interest in other korean dramas.Every week I just wait for the new episodes to screen. Park Shi Hoo is great.

  40. 40 : Geishagirl Says:

    Thank you so much Blakforest!! You’re my Hero. Also thanks for all that info. I can’t wait to hear them!!

  41. 41 : Jane Says:

    I am very disappointed that the latest episodes 43 and 44 are not shown last saturday and sunday in south Korea due to the live telecast of their baseball match against Japan. I have to wait for another agonised one more week. I hope there will be no more disruption to the screening in this coming weekends.

  42. 42 : Judy Says:

    how do i watch this on this website

  43. 43 : blakforest Says:

    just click watch online with chinese subtitle… it will go to that site with all the episodes being uploaded… just click it…

  44. 44 : josephine Says:

    I am so enjoying this drama

  45. 45 : josephine Says:

    I am so enjoying the Famil Honor /subtitle i english

  46. 46 : Sim Says:

    Park Shi Hoo…………I Love you!!!!!!
    hope to watch more from him
    been watching family honor and how to meet perfect neighbour again n again n again n again everyday
    Love Him!!!!!

  47. 47 : Jane Says:

    This drama is worth watching. It is inspirational, heartwarming and meaningful. I simply love the entire cast, from the leading to the supporting roles. In addition, Park Shi Hoo and Kim Sung Min are my favourite actors. They are the main reason why I am drawn to the series from the start.

  48. 48 : meirav Says:

    hi josephine on the site http://www.viiki.net\ channels they need some to sub
    family honor could u help us please thank u any help would be
    apprceated thanks

  49. 49 : Midwest, USA Says:

    I’ve been in the states for almost 40 years, and am not much of a drama fan. It seemed most Korean dramas are based on either 1) parents interfere and oppose their children’s love life based on money or social status, or 2) historical in nature. That said, Family Honor caught my interest as the author has cleverly integrated and presented today’s social and cultural issues in Korea as related to the modern vs. tradition world, and love for money vs. love and respect for humanity. It was insightful, and I enoyed watching all 54 series. And, I rarely watch an entire Korean drama. By the way, the English translation needs much improvement to fully appreciate and enjoy by those who have a limited knowledge of the Korean culture.

  50. 50 : Sim Li Yee Says:

    Park Si Hoo…..I love you soooooo much
    he’s cute after married
    Love this drama, hopefully more ppl will support and enjoy this drama.

    Hopefully its not a tragic ending.

    Happy watching everyone!! Can wait for the ending…..

  51. 51 : nylra28 Says:

    english subtitle please…

  52. 52 : Gigi Says:

    Hi, I fully agree this is a wonderful series. Can someone tell me where can I watch this series with full English subtitles? I was watching via viiki but till the 12 ep, the English sub was only 10-20%…Is the DVD for this series out on sale outside Korea?

  53. 53 : kirsten Says:

    This was a good drama but could you please download the episode bit faster. looking forward for the next episode hope they will download all tha series.

  54. 54 : kirsten Says:

    Could you please download your episodes please. it is so annoying you make your viewers wait long.

  55. 55 : Jane Says:

    A very worthwatching drama. One of the best korean dramas I have watched. The script is good and the cast are amazing. It is educational, traditional, inspirational and heart-warming.

  56. 56 : nopatience Says:

    ms kirsten,have patience,how come that instead youre thanking the segmenters and subbers youre showing that youre annoyed because thyre not completing the subs.they have their own work and you do not pay them for subbing so please be thankful enough and be appreciative.

  57. 57 : kirsten Says:

    mr. or ms. no patience thanks for you’re magnificent advise. Hope next time don’t mention about if i’m paying coz. I have nothing to pay them . Sorry if you are pissed of about my comment to fast tract the episode, I was just excited about the drama coz. it was a so excellent. THANKS and good day.

  58. 58 : chdrthy Says:

    Best Korean Drama I hv watched so far- The casts are super. It is so good that I am thinking of buying the dvd for own keeping. Must watched. I love both the actor and actress

  59. 59 : sunshine Says:

    to the staff and crew of this korean drama…. could you please upload the Original Soundtrack… i love the songs being played. thanks in advance… one of the best korean drama i’ve ever watched…

  60. 60 : kongaishang Says:

    what!!!!! this is a marrying the mafia spin off to tv drama!!! i love MTM,,, i watch this too…

  61. 61 : PiNeAppLe Says:

    Anyone have this drama full soundtrack….? I only find few of them…. Thanks…

  62. 62 : Ise Says:

    Just finished watching this drama. I have never like long Korean dramas but have given exception to this. A really really remarkably well written script. I have started notice Park S H when he acted in Iljimae and felt that I prefer to watch him than to Lee Joon Ki (sori to LJK’s fans).

  63. 63 : lil_pai Says:

    i was never bored watching this drama. normally when i watch a long drama i skip some part that i dont really like. but with this, i can’t miss a single scene. that’s how much i like this series. i love all the characters, the writer, and the actors, did a very good job.

  64. 64 : raeco Says:

    a good place to watch korean dramas is mysoju.com….hope i could help:)

  65. 65 : deanaz Says:

    This is one of my favorite k drama, more love psh and yjh they have a great chemistry

  66. 66 : nezz Says:

    did anyone know how to get family honour ost? beside all i need is you.
    the lyrics say ‘saranghaedo gwaenchani, iron nae gwaenchani..’
    please tell me..!!

  67. 67 : Brassi1 Says:

    I have been an avid fan of Korean Dramas for 3 years. Family’s Honor is one of the best, but I’m totally disappointed with the last episode, it left me completely hanging. I watch all my dramas on mysoju so I’m hoping that there is another part (episode 54 only had one part). Really this is really frustrating. I Need to see a whole ending not a partial.

  68. 68 : Raven Says:

    i no wut u mean Brassi1. i was watching family’s honor on mysoju too. but all i did was go straight to the viikii website and started watching it there

  69. 69 : Weimine Kurniawan Says:

    My wife is so love is Korean drama’s “Family Honor”. She want ost of this drama, in My country so difficult to get ost this drama, there [is] owning this drama ost ? where can I download this ost ? thank you.

  70. 70 : Emanuelle Says:

    Great Drama Series. Good job done by all production ppl. Need to enquire if anyone knows where to get Dan Ah’s clothes – esp the dark and light grey body hugging dress with red belt.. nice. Elegant yet not to over powering. Must it be in Korea.. if so will go and hunt for it. But already a year late woh…..:(

  71. 71 : Pearl Says:

    you can download from
    link here
    its in flv file .. but i managed to convert them to mpg3 using iskysoft convertor.

  72. 72 : charlotte Says:

    I am so happy that this drama is showing in my country’s tv station. It debut last sunday night with 2 episodes. It will be aired every saturday and sunday. I hope my country people (Singaporeans) will love the drama just like I do. The cast and storyline are good. One of my most favourite dramas.

  73. 73 : ety Says:

    Are kang Suk and Dan Ah still be toether till the end? Sonembody please tell me.

  74. 74 : Denali Says:

    @ 73 Ety
    Should we unfold such mystery? All I can tell you is that if you like happy endings, you’re gonna be very satisfied with this one drama. Not just with Dan Ah and Kong Suk, but with a few other moving characters.
    Loved that drama, the OST, the interacting – except Dan Ah/Young Suk. Although both actor/actress do well, they just seem to lack that chemistry that we all look forward to in a drama (they hug way too much as if the other one is like a potato bag!). Some scenes and sentences are almost unforgettable, as YS’s father comments on dramas which he likes so much, or Tae Young’s somehow childish behavior towards his relatives and in-laws, compared to his son’s matured ways. Good script indeed.

  75. 75 : Goong Ju Says:

    To all that loves this drama or rather wanted so much the OST. Here is the link . Not much, have total of 4 songs only. This is much better than none at all. Right? Happy downloading ya…

  76. 76 : Mary Says:

    One of the best Korean dramas i ever watch. Nice storyline especially on the culture of some existing traditional family. I like the actors & actresses in this drama. All the couples are quite matchly-made. Especially Park Shi Hoo & Yoon Jung Hee.

  77. 77 : Geles Says:

    my fav drama. I love all the couples in this drama, especially kang suk and dan ah. I love their chemistry. My friend love the couple taeyoung and the policewomen (i forgot her name)..yes, fellow s’poreans, better catch this dramas cuz it’s really nice.[every weekend @ 7.30pm] I love the actors and actresses too. especially park shi hoo [he’s hot] , yoon jeong hee [she’s pretty]and shin da eun[she’s cute]. I wonder how i can get the ost. Anyone know where i can get the ost? By the way, i hope park shi hoo and yoon jeong hee can be together in real life.

  78. 78 : diana Says:

    luv this drama..but however watching online and hve to skip alot of episodes becos of loading issues..

  79. 79 : diana Says:

    luv this drama..but however watching online and hve to skip alot of episodes becos of loading issues..
    quite confused with the ending… can anyone explain who is the guy with the child looking at the house at the ending? Thanks!!!

  80. 80 : SL Says:

    Hi guys, viikii is working again. Been watching Ep 18 onwards, now at 32, all is fine 🙂

  81. 81 : Denali Says:

    I suggest to follow SL’s advice and watch the drama on viikii rather than on mysoju, with the last episode being incomplete. Or for those who can watch it raw, try aja-aja.com 😉

    Our lead couple has won a SBS award each – so congratulations to them and to the whole cast and crew!!!

  82. 82 : stephanie Says:

    my favorit korean dramas….

  83. 83 : Yulie yuta Says:

    l luv this drama…
    i love park shi hu so much,,,
    it’s a really drama,, huhh..

  84. 84 : lucille (philippines) Says:

    love this drama!!!!!!!
    although its a little boring at the start but once the love story of Dan Ah and Kang Suk picks up, its very good and worthy to watch… this two is a match made for this series, cant help to love their characters and the way they deliver their scenes.. very funny and heartwarming!
    good job to all casts, crew, productions, writers, and directors..
    hope to see another family series like this 🙂

  85. 85 : fara Says:

    Love this drama and love the lead actor and actress. Hope they are together in real life. They simply suit each other.

  86. 86 : lb Says:

    really love this drama.love all the actress & actor ,who involve in this family’s honor drama so sweet ……!

  87. 87 : mak dou Says:

    hi thr, could anyone please tel me whr can i watch the last episode ? i have tried viikii and mysoju, but broken link… very very dissapointed. hate the hanging feeling. plz heap =(

  88. 88 : lanny Says:

    really love this drama. from the beginning to the end of the story is very good and happy ending. so love this drama. excellent.

  89. 89 : Yu Says:

    in my country, it still on air. i can’t wait to see it a to z. and i really love the couple, Gun Saek and Dann Arr!!

  90. 90 : kathy Says:

    l wonder why the Mandarin version is still at episode 9 l am waiting to watch it again in Chinese as l love it so much and had already watch over 10+ times

  91. 91 : Noona Says:

    i love this series alot …greet story ! which story shown us in detail of culture of korea. In my opinion this is valuable series

  92. 92 : pryncess Says:

    where can i watch this???

  93. 93 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  94. 94 : mel Says:

    anothers family drama.. i like it..

  95. 95 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  96. 96 : nining Says:

    look interesing,, wanna watch it.. i love korean drama..

  97. 97 : kevin Says:

    .. me too. I really, really like this korean drama a lot. Does anyone knows if SBS OFFER ANOTHER Glory of Family (PART 2; second volume) ???? If yes, do you when??? thanks

  98. 98 : Wen Says:

    One of my fav Korean drama, touching and entertaining. Every family members acted well. Begin to like Park Si Hoo since this drama.

  99. 99 : Ashley Says:

    can’t wait this drama..
    I’d like watch Park Si Hoo….so handsome ^_^

  100. 100 : Opally Says:


  101. 101 : lin Says:

    the best korea drama..

  102. 102 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  103. 103 : vivi Says:

    want to watch Park shi hoo, just saw a little bit of first episode, it looks interesting…i usually don’t like too long drama, hope this one won’t because have Park shi hoo in it…he just looks so handsome in there…

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  105. 105 : USA Says:

    Where is the drama available online (in Korean) and that is not supported by ViiKii? I’ll purchase the DVD set before paying any monthly subscription for a software program. Much appreciated.

  106. 106 : Nice drama Says:



  107. 107 : Donna Says:

    Is it available now in the market? Im here in the Philippines. Base on what I have read the story is good aside from the fact that I love to watch again these two awsome lead star. And I love story of romance. Please inform me where can I get a copy of this drama.

  108. 108 : dmar91 Says:

    A fascinating serial on status and marriage:


  109. 109 : gucci outlet Says:

    The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

  110. 110 : vie1977 Says:

    The Best Korean Drama. Never get bored watch this drama.
    All the cast are superb….Their acting are great…

  111. 111 : volley Says:

    best of best dreamma!
    very nice!

  112. 112 : Lynn K Says:

    this drama is nice…getting more and more exciting… i just get to knw there is such drama and now i am still watching this drama… it’s really nice and i hope it will continue getting better and better =)

  113. 113 : ecrook79 Says:

    I love this movie so much i can not believe they did not win any thing. i bought the dvd recently and i’m enjoying every moment of it. it my favorite kdrama. nothing can change that

  114. 114 : donna Says:

    Can I ask Ms Ecrook79 if she could tell me the place where she bought a copy of this drama. I’ve been searching for ages here in Manila and yet I cant find any. Anybody please help!!!!!!!!

  115. 115 : Korean Says:

    i can’t watch ㅠㅠㅠ 왜 안되는겅미 박시후 보고싶다구 영문자막은 안되고 중문 자막은 어떻게 쓰는 건지 모르겠규….

  116. 116 : zhao Says:

    A very good, moving, touching drama. What a waste it was not voted the best. An insight into the rich culture of Korea. Awesome acting with depth of emotions with both main cast. Watched the dvd over and over again at the two actors. Where can I buy the soundtrack for this movie? The story with the sound track is really awesome and mind blowing! Now I am k-drama crazy because of Park Shi Hoo and the songs from this drama!

  117. 117 : tjan Says:

    Best best drama ever…I loved it!!

  118. 118 : moobanmee Says:

    It’s the one best korean drama that I see. Fanclub korean series drama don’t miss this story. Park shi hoo is very lovely, so smart and so cute. Yoon jung hee is so very beautiful.

  119. 119 : dhez Says:

    I cant find any copy of this highly praise drama. Can anybody please tell me where can I buy dvd copy of this drama. Im here in the philippines.

  120. 120 : moobanmee Says:

    an yong ha se yo park shi hoo. o to shim ni ga. po go si por. saranghae!!!

  121. 121 : echi Says:

    I could not find a link to watch this drama …..
    please let me know where I can watch this drama ….
    I’ve been looking everywhere but can not find it …..
    I really want to see acting shi hoo oppa….
    my friend said, if you have not watched this drama, do not call yourself Korean drama lovers …..T.T

  122. 122 : tracy Says:

    This drama is awesome! It is so romantic especially the main couple, Shi Hoo and Jung Hee. You really feel for the couple all the challenges they have to face to be together but at the end, it is really worth spending time watching this drama as it gives a very satisfying and prolonged happy ending which is quite rare in Kdramas.

    I love Park Shi Hoo’s acting in this drama from a cold and hard guy to a loving, warm and romantic guy after falling deeply in love with the heroine. All the other couples are also lovely and this drama has very good OSTs especially 4Men’s All I need is you which is so appropriate for the main couple.

  123. 123 : strawberry Says:

    I just love how love developed between Lee Kangsuk and Da Nah !

  124. 124 : strawberry Says:

    This drama in underrated but to me, it’s one of the best !

  125. 125 : Kiri Kanan Says:

    Those who like kdramas & starting watching kdramas, don’t miss this one. It has all the factors to make out a good drama-great casts, great chemistry, great storyline, great scripts, on the fast lane and not bore. The editing really kept me on suspense. I am picky when it comes to buying DVD for drama especially long series, THIS IS WORTH IT!

  126. 126 : kd Says:

    i just finished this drama and really loved it. thought there is an old drama called [in mandarin] nu ren zi jia back in 2001, i watched it last year, was as good. by the way, the female lead is the same actress as queen reversal/queen of housewife.

  127. 127 : glittery star Says:

    This drama is one of the best korean drama i have ever seen. It ‘s long but it’s not boring. I impress the ending episode the most, it show value of every relationships of family, honor & human. Highly recommended to see.

  128. 128 : kingtez64 Says:

    great drama..good moral values, so inspirational, love their humor and romance..sooooo touching..

  129. 129 : dhez Says:

    Until now I cant get a copy of this highly recommended drama. I even asked my friend abroad and still they cant find any. Will somebody tell me please. Im residing here in Makati Philippines. Thanks anyway!

  130. 130 : TC Says:

    To dhez (129)

    You can get the DVD (1 full set with English Sub) in Singapore. The distributor is Poh Kim Pte Ltd. You must watch it if you are Park Shi Hoo fan. Very romantic and have a satisfying happy ending for all the casts including the secondary characters.

  131. 131 : charis Says:

    @TC130 : Do the dvd come with good english sub? How about the pics quality? I have owned some us ver dvd, and just lately bought korean ver dvd. Korean ver come in higher px but better pic quality and perfect english sub.

  132. 132 : dhez Says:

    @TC 130

    Thanks for the info. May I ask how much will it cost me to buy one set?

    @Charis 131

    Can I ask you also where did you get the correct & perfect english subtitle & better quality picture?

  133. 133 : KDaddict Says:

    Just started watching this series after the ending of The Princess’ Man. It is really very good. I watched 4 episode straight! Thus far, the best thing I like abt it isn’t even Park Shi Hoo. All the characters are vividly drawn. Love all the actors/resses who do their jobs so well.
    The contrast is huge between the 2 families: Yoon JH’s traditional family with values vs ParkSH’s nouvelle riche family in the drama that has nothing but money! It will be interesting to see how these two will influence one another.
    In the beginning, PSH’s char is a selfish, sharp businessman who only sees money and efficiency, n so isn’t v likable. That hairstyle in the early eps isn’t flattering. He just looks like a slick operator.
    I also like Lee Hyun Jin as the student who is in love with his professor. Again his hairstyle isn’t good. Hope the hair on both of these hot guys will change soon.

  134. 134 : tc Says:

    To Dhez (132): it costs USD129.90 and you can order via Pohkim.net.

    To Charis (131): it has good English subtitle and the picture quality is clear.

    To KDaddict(133): Nice to hear from you again after your wonderful recaps of TPM. I still suffer from withdrawal symptom especially PSH bug that coz me to check this site and read your comment. Sorry but don’ t expect much of an improvement in Gang Suk’s hairstyle in later episodes as he still maintain his short hair. He has the best modern hairstyle in QOR especially in later episodes but the best is still his Ninja style in TPM!

  135. 135 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi tc,
    How nice to see you again! 🙂
    I got distracted by some eps of Desperate HWs this past week. I needed a change of pace to get over TPM. Have u tried Hi Kick 3? It is good for that purpose too.
    TQ for recommending FH. The directing is v good. I appreciate the 1st 2 eps being devoted to traditional funeral rites. It’s almost an anthropological study! I don’t believe we get to see it otherwise.
    The PD did a gt job drawing the main chars in the 1st 4 eps n establishing their relationships. He makes us care abt them.
    So far I’m not liking PSH’s char. Thru ep 8, Kang Suk is a jerk n an operator. (I watched 8 eps in 1 day! Now my eyes r tired!) That hair really doesn’t help his likability. Looks like a bird has nested on his head, besides, it makes him appear sooo cheesy! You r absolutely right! Ninja hair is best for him! I find myself wishing that the student would get the girl, tho I know full well that he won’t. There is sth admirable abt a young man knowing exactly which woman he wants, esp when that woman is older. 😉
    Since u say this show has a happy ending, I think I know they’ll ALL pair up in the end. The OTP of course, elder son w the poor girl he met at the police station; 2nd son w police woman; father w dragon lady. I’ve no problem w these, but at this pt, I can’t help thinking the student can do better than Kang Suk’s sister, who isn’t playing w a full deck of cards. But I’m already attached to the 2 former wives. I wish they could stay in the story!
    Yoon JH does such a wonderful job as this super responsible girl whose heart is somewhere in the past! Love her!

  136. 136 : tc Says:

    Hi KDaddict: Yes, it is wonderful to catch up again, really miss the chat over TPM . I started watching Tree with Deep roots but somehow just could not get really invested in the drama like TPM. Although it has a good plot and Jang Hyuk but no PSH and MCM!

    Ok, I will watch High Kick 3 as recommended by you to get over TPM!

    FH does have some memorable romantic quotes by our favorite PSH like TPM. Due to its length, there is enough development for secondary characters as well which make it complete as compared to 16 ep series.

  137. 137 : KDaddict Says:

    I agree w you on Tree wDR. I watched 2 eps n can’t go on. It is JUST another “wronged in my childhood, so I’ll grow up to take revenge” kind of drama. Nothing new there. I like Jang Hyuk, but the best thing abt that show is Lee Joong Ki. Unfortunately, he bows out after 4 eps, when the king grows up.
    I’m waiting for the Flower Boy’s Ramen Shop, for my eye-candy and light romantic drama. Nothing else interesting on the horizon. : (

  138. 138 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    I love the beginning of Ep 9, when old grandpa takes Kang Suk to a beautiful park to talk abt life and business. The contrast between old and young, refined and crass, culture and money can’t be clearer. From here onwards, I look fwd to the change in Kang Suk.
    I love the little boy and the way he interacts and fights over comics with his grandpa.
    Yoon JH is unbelievably beautiful in this series!

  139. 139 : KDaddict Says:

    Eldest son’s estranged wife is so beautiful, elegant, sexy and self-assured. I was wondering why he wasn’t interested in her. So, he likes young girls who are like lost kittens! That’s why!

  140. 140 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 13: Oh good, she becomes his mother’s private tutor in history. I look fwd to him hanging around the house when she comes for tutoring, fawning over her, making a fool of himself, despite himself!
    What a conceited SOB! As a businessman, Kim Joo Won is much much cooler and attractive!

  141. 141 : tc Says:

    Hi KDaddict: Agree with you, Hyun Bin looked his best as Kim Joo Won although he looked thin towards the later part of SGA. This drama was filmed a few years ago even before PP. Hence, in terms of appearance in modern dramas, I personally prefer PSH’s more mature look in QOR.

    Wow, FH will get more interesting when “dating” game commences and look forward to your reaction when the karaoke session starts for the couple!

  142. 142 : KDaddict Says:

    Guess what? I am prejudiced against the Eldest son becos he is drooling over a girl who is young enough to be his daughter! He was completely cold to his most beautiful wife. I understand that ple react differently to women, so I’m surprised at how judgmental I am abt this! That kills my support n interest in watching the parts on his new love life.
    Another surprise: PSH’s shower scene in ep 14 didn’t do anything for me! Whereas I was all “ga ga” when he dropped his robe down 1 shoulder in TPM. His chest muscles were as developed in FH! Heehee.
    He brought Dan Ah to his reunion (also in ep 14), n she was made to go on stage n sing. She started singing badly, but then the soundtrack suddenly changed to a profession singer performing the same song. She even won the prize for the best performance for that evening. So I’ve no idea what that’s abt! Baffling!
    Ep 15:
    Love watching the going-on’s in Kang Suk’s house, esp. when Dan Ah is around. I actually know a woman who is like his mother, rich n always looking for a way to show-off or blend in w more educated women. But I’m not too invested in the Father’s premarital affair w Dragon Lady. She is fierce, he is too tame. A lame union.
    OK, on to ep 16.

  143. 143 : KDaddict Says:

    Typo in #142:
    His chest muscles “weren’t” as developed in FH as they became in TPM! hee hee.
    Ep 16:
    He finally comes around to asking her to date him.

  144. 144 : KDaddict Says:

    He asks her to date him, for show, to deter the young student’s interest in her, so that maybe he can accept Kang Suk’s sister’s affections. Of course they end up falling for each other.
    Karaoke Singing in eps 18, 19:
    She sings way way off key, like Kim Hyun Joo’s char in Sparkling (Shining), only Kim Hyun Joo’s char is cuter n her lover in that show is clearly tickled by her horrible singing. Here it is unclear if Kang Suk likes her singing. He just keeps bringing her back for more sessions, and the strange thing is, she goes along. He teaches her to move her body when she sings, but I don’t think that’d help her performance at all, as her singing itself is enough to ruin the whole show!
    PSH has skin that is so very fair in complexion that he looks more Caucasian than Asian. Lee Young Ae in Dae Jang Gum has a face that is white and smooth like milk pudding. PSH does too. But it doesn’t look quite right on a guy. No stumbles, no blemishes, no poke marks, just flawless skin with no pores……

  145. 145 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 23:
    Duet performed at his reunion:
    It was 3am when I watched this, n I could barely open my eyes. Then they performed the duet, n I laughed till tears streamed down, after that I was awake again.
    He is very slick and experienced, while she is stiff and awkward. Tho it must be said that his singing voice only so-so, and his dancing, while slick is somehow, greasy. I think he so good-looking that at times, he looks borderline “normal”.
    Ep 24:
    At the end of that ep, he tells his Senior from London that he is going crazy becos of her. Why? Becos he is nobody to him. Why? Id he that much in love with her already? Why don’t I see it?
    I did 10 eps yesterday, till 4am. Sometimes when u marathon a long show, u do miss details. I lose sleep, I feel sick, I look awful. That’s why I stay away fr these long series! But this one is worth it! 😉

  146. 146 : tc Says:

    Hi KDaddict: Yup, the duet had the same effect on me and I was rolling with laughter at Dan Ah’s horrible singing. The main reason they won the contest was not due to their quality singing but actually was the exact opposite which managed to make audience laugh!

    Wow, at this rate, you should be able to finish the rest of eps in less than a week!

  147. 147 : kfangirl Says:

    Hi KDaddict,

    If you’re a fan of PSH’s pecs, they make several very good appearances in Iljimae, where he plays 2nd lead 😉 Look for the fight scenes & the archery scenes – topless *grin* The hair is in a top knot tho, not long & ninja style like in the later eps of TPM.

    Be warned tho, Iljimae had the most WTH ending I’ve ever seen in a kdrama

  148. 148 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 33-35:
    He finally “admits defeat” and go all out for her. He embraces her as the way out of his unhappy life style! Good for him! But I feel the same way as her 2nd brother: I’ll try to love him becos she does, but I still think he has been a jerk for too many eps for me to love him for himself, at this pt. I’m sure he’ll do things to redeem himself in future eps.
    But for sb as sharp as he is, it’d be more logical that he settled matter w his parents first, b4 going to her house to ask for her hand. Given how dependent on him his father is in his business, he’s sure to cave in to his son’s demands, n that idiot mother would go along. I guess the writer wants to milk more angst out of the situation n thus reversed the order.
    This series doesn’t have many funny moments, so her singing provides the much needed comic relief. But this series has moving moments aplenty; a simple sentence by one of the characters can have me tearing up almost in every ep.!
    @kfangirl, hi,
    Happy to make your acquaintance n TQ for the heads up on Iljamae. I actually watched Iljamae when it came out, but the story was boring n I ff a lot, so I’ll have to re-watch to see PSH’s pecs. hee hee.
    On to ep 36!

  149. 149 : kfangirl Says:

    @KDaddict, it’s worth re-visiting Iljimae for PSH’s pecs – go right to the scene where he disrobes for his fight with Lee Jun Ki. My eyes were glued to PSH & his pecs throughout that scene 😛

    Glad you’re enjoying FH.. I loved this when I watched it. Some of the lines are very touching, like you said. The verbal sparring btw Yoon JH & PSH esp in the first one third is nicely done too. Looks like you’re going to finish it very soon, at the accelerated pace that you’re managing! 😉

  150. 150 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 37, 38, 39:
    The show is dragging in the middle, as most long shows are likely to do. I don’t like these 3 eps for the trouble created by the writer doesn’t ring true. 1st, Kang Suk’s mother’s objection to their marriage, then her making excessive demands on her family to provide gift items for relatives as her dowry, and then his father asking for the Lineage Books in her possession. It feels like these are obstacles deliberately put in their path in order to drag the story out by a few more eps. His mother has always been an airhead, n pretty much goes along w everything her husband n son want. It’s unlikely that she’d have such strong negative feelings abt Dan Ah; plus he is a smart boy n should know how to handle his own mother. The dowry items also came abt becos he fails to rein her in. The lineage books should have been passed along to sb else, like her old-maid colleague, for safekeeping much earlier.
    Some men look better w upswept hair showing forehead, e.g. Lee Sang Woo; Other men look better w hair on their forehead, like Hyun Bin. PSH is the latter. They keep his hair swept up so far in this series. I don’t think that’s the most flattering style for him. Sometimes stylists mange to take a perfect man n make him look less attractive in pursuit some hot style that is all the rage at the moment.
    I love the dialogue betwn Dan Ah n Kang Suk. The “fencing w words” is intelligent writing.
    Ah, finally in ep 39, we see her writing her dissertation!

  151. 151 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 40-45:
    A car “accident”, a kidnapping, a stabbing carried out by an aggrieved party, becos Kang Suk ssi swindled him out of a lot of money! It delays their wedding again and again. It’d be ok if they didn’t drag this out so much. It feels artificial. The only good that comes out of this is that Kang Suk’s mother now feels indebted to Dan Ah for saving her son’s life. So maybe just having the stabbing would have been enough.
    The young student now has feelings towards KS’s sister, sb who had a crush on him. They’ll be one big happy family on KS’s side.
    Now, all we need is for DA’s elder brother and his infertile wife to be pregnant; DA’s aunt to be married to her assistant; the young kitchen maid to hook up with the other policeman, then all will end up happy as clams!
    Better stop here tonite before my eyes fall out! I started on 10/24. It’s taken 6 Ds to finish 45 eps. Only abt 8 eps a D. I must be getting old!

  152. 152 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 46-47:
    Finally, they get married. I’m as impatient for their wedding as Kang Suk is! I very much appreciate the lengths that this PD goes thru to give us an anthropological view of the rites and ceremonies of traditional Korea. The way KS’s friends come to present the wedding document and gifts, the way he is received, and also the way they treat the new brother-in-law when they return fr their honeymoon. Unfortunately these traditional rites are disappearing fr our midst the world over!
    Ep 48-49:
    We knew that the in-laws would fall in love with her. Still it is cute to see it happen.

  153. 153 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 50-51:
    I’ve never teared up so many times watching a KD as I did with this one. It is not out right crying; it’s just a feeling in the nose and eyes, that fill up with tears. Becos sth sb says is just so touching. AH, if only there are more people like these in the world, so decent, so sentimental, so considerate! Is that really the ways of a bygone world, no longer considered practical in this materialistic modern world of ours?
    The aunt find out that she was adopted, yet everyone in the family who knew and who mattered treated her no different fr one of their own. The old lady who had secretly admired the grandfather all her life, who stayed in the family to take care of everyone. Now she is going senile, and no one would let her leave. The young orphan girl who is now the eldest D-in-law speaks up to volunteer to take care of her. What a warm and loving family! Alas, most large families are not like that. Every large family has at least 1 or 2 persons who are trouble makers, who exist to remind us that life is troublesome, and ppl r not to be trusted! I love this drama, in which warmth and decency triumph.

  154. 154 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 53-54:
    Marathon session finished! It has taken 1 week!
    If it was just tying up loose ends, then it’d have been a lame ending. But they dropped a bomb at the end, i.e. Old Grandpa isn’t the son of this family after all! While his “sister” was feeling bad for him, he actually knew abt it all his life, n still he lived his life as the son and heir of this family, to build it up, to worship its ancestors as his own!
    The writer has lofty ambitions. He is writing abt an ideal world, in which selfishness and money don’t matter, but decency and love for others do. I admire that admiration for an utopian world, w that family as its champion.
    Dan Ah is an ideal woman; Elder brother becomes the ideal husband; Grandpa is the ideal head of family; Dong Dong is the ideal child. I’m willing and able to suspend belief and accept all that. But I feel that writer nim has gone a bit far by giving away the company’s shares to its workers, with nothing for the Ha twin brothers, becos Asian Confucian societies aren’t like that. That is just not Asian culture. And for a family that is so hung up on ancestor worship, passing on sth to descendants is part n parcel of that culture. That is quite unrealistic.
    Lastly, even as a fan, I don’t feel that PSH is that handsome in this show, with his hair swept up fr his forehead. It makes his eyes look puffy and his face small n pointy. The stylists (hair and makeup, and fashion) for a show do play a part in its success.
    Dan Ah is a superwoman. She’ll be able to handle 7 children. The show even lets the kitchen maid get married. Why not the reporter grand-aunt n her colleague?
    I’ll watch this show again in future, for its clever dialogue, n touching warm humane gestures.
    TQ for the recommendation. BTW, did the elder son’s wife find out that it is she who can’t bear children, not her husband? I fast fwd on some parts n missed that.

  155. 155 : tc Says:

    Hi KDaddict: Wow, have to salute you on the record speed of finishing 54 episodes in a week! I definitely took longer than a week but less than 3 weeks to finish this drama.

    Yes, I also disagreed with the fact that the Ha twins did not even get any shares of the company and should just get pay like other salaried workers. That is not realistic in Asian culture.

    As mentioned earlier, PSH did not look his best in this drama but I still like his portrayal of Kang Suk especially some memorable dialogues like his declaration of love at Dan Ah’s dead husband’s graveyard. I become his fan after this drama as I did not watch his earlier dramas ie Iljimae and Which star you are from? and find that he is hottest in TPM!

    Oh yes, the elder brother’s wife found out just before her marriage that she was the infertile one and had in fact confessed to Grandpa of her infertility and wanted to cancel the wedding. it was Grandpa that persuaded her to reconsider and actually hide this fact from everyone else in the family. What a wise man!

  156. 156 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you for going thru this w me, or else it’d be a lonely experience. I’ve this addictive personality when it comes to KD: I can’t stand not knowing what will happen next, n so must view it non-stop. I stayed up till 3-4am every nite. Isn’t it just crazy?
    I skipped 1 ep. That must be the one when eldest son’s wife found out. I don’t which which ep it was! HOW did she find out? If u can recall for me, then I don’t have to find out n watch it TODAY! Help!
    PSH took my breath away in TPM. But I got it back in FH. With each actor/actress, they shine in 1 show above all their other shows. For PSH, it is TPM; For Yoon JH, she is best in FH (not Dear Heaven or Blissful woman).
    What now? I need to rest my eyes, before opening my QoR. Later. Days later.

  157. 157 : KDaddict Says:

    I found it, tc!
    It’s in ep 38. I skipped 1 episode, n it has to be in that ep that Elder brother’s young bride found out abt her own infertility. It is a good ep. In it, KS n DA decided to give in to his mother’s objection n part ways. Only when he was to leave the country did his mother come around. If he is so smart, he should have threatened to leave in the fist place, to get his parents agreement before going to seek her hand at her house. I knew his parents were extremely dependent on him at home n in business!

  158. 158 : tc Says:

    @KDaddict: You choose the right name! Really addicted to KDrama!

    The elder brother’s wife found out herself when the hospital called her just a few days before the wedding ceremony to collect her health check results. She was stunned when she knew the outcome. She went and informed the Grandpa and cancelled the wedding. The Grandpa sought clarification from his eldest grandson and he admitted that he lied about his infertility. After thinking about it overnight, the Grandpa called the couple and gave his blessing and persuaded the girl to go ahead with the wedding as her honesty proved that she really loved her grandson. After finishing the last episode when I found out about the Grandpa’s real birth, I understand why he accepted the girl’s infertility as he himself is not related to the male gene in the family.

    Yes, do watch QOR especially the second half of the series coz PSH definitely looked better with fringe and longer hair. I also like his character in the drama, Yong Shik and his bromance with his male secretary!

  159. 159 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m serious abt KD. Looks like u r too, my friend. At least w PSH’s dramas u r. It is rare that a person has such good recall on a matter that doesn’t concern the main couple. That’s my kind of viewer. Are u that way too with other dramas?
    Grandpa is really a wise man. No doubt his own experience causes him to come to that decision. But he also takes the long view. He is rt that many families have had to take in a son in order to extend the line. I heard many such stories fr my father. The writer is also espousing the view that if u love other children as your own n raise them well, there is no difference.
    What else have u liked besides TPM, FH, n QoR?
    Rt now, only Flower Boy Ramen Shop seems to be worth watching. Everything else out there is just nuts (vampire) or sickeningly sad (1000D Promise)–not my cup of tea. U watching anything?
    U in KL, aren’t u? Last time I was there, I stayed at the Concorde Hotel. Only remember KLCC, n not much else.

  160. 160 : tc Says:


    I like Kdramas better than others, used to watch HK dramas 3 years and fell in love with the depth and poignancy of Kdramas particularly the romance plot as compared to TVB dramas.

    Got many favorites including SEGA, 49 days, CYHMH, Lie to me (for the OTPs only not the plot) and TPM for 2011. Trying to finish Protect the Boss now although it gets draggy after ep 12 and abandoned WBDS after a few episodes.

    Yes, I am staying right in KL and do let me know if you ever drop by the city. Would love to catch up with you over drinks and talk about Kdramas.

    PS: Have great memory for dramas I like but can easily forget those that I am not emotionally invested in!

  161. 161 : Jin Says:

    after seeing princess’ man i don’t wanna miss any of Park shi hoo projects so it seems this one is also good? i can’t get over his role as kim seong yu? in PM — i liked him a lot in perfect neighbor & prosecutor princess but he’s damn good in PM!

  162. 162 : KDaddict Says:

    The problem w tvb dramas is that there is only a limited no. of stars, n they always look the same in whichever role they appear in. HKG dramas in my opinion do not offer the eye candies, beautiful scenery, interior decorating, trendy fashion that KDs offer.
    I watched PTB while it was airing. Ji Sung is real cute n funny in it. There were a few eps in the middle that was dragging, as is often the case, but overall it was enjoyable.
    Pls send me an email, so I know yours. [email protected]
    In case I go to KL, I can let u know. I do like to escape the winter by going some place sunny in Jan/Feb. Last time we hired a hotel car to take us fr KL to Pangkor Island. It was only so-so. Perhaps u can tell me by email what places u esp recommend for me to see on my next trip, if it isn’t too much trouble?

  163. 163 : KDaddict Says:

    Just finished watching FH for the 2nd time. I love the 2nd half better than the 1st when KS is an asshole n they r pretending to be dating. He is so aggressive in the 1st 15 eps, it annoys me; then he is in so much angst over whether to ruin or save her family, it makes me nervous to watch. Later on, after he gets his priority straight, then it settles down to a comfortable watch. I thoroughly enough the 2nd half, the 2nd time around.
    I love this quaint n humane family.
    OK, on to other KDs.

  164. 164 : K_addict Says:

    i thought i’ve seen the greatest Korean dramas since I started this K-drama addiction 4 years ago…but Family Honor topped it all. This drama portrayed the Korean traditions in the modern world. I really liked the opposite characters and mind-set of the two families and how they evolved to become loving and great human beings, only because of the love, respect, loyalty and sincerity that they showed to each other. I’ve never cried and laughed at the same time watching dramas, but this one did it to me many times at 3 or 4 AM in the morning….LOL…I loved all the characters, needless to say I love Park Shi Hoo but the story that left me with swollen eyes and breathless moments were Jin-ah and Soo-young. Jin-ah was infertile but Soo-young did something for his wife that I couldn’t even find words to describe it…please watch that episode and you will know what I’m saying…i know that any great dramas out there would not be possible without all the casts and crews but I want to thank the people who subbed this drama…just reading the lines made me welled up and to the point of sobbing like a hopeless romantic Korean drama addict….LOL…thank you KBFD with all my heart!!! the story really touched my whole being as I was raised by a grandmother who kept her family together under all life’s difficult circumstances. It really helped that at some point in my life, I have somebody that I can look up to when the going gets tough and tell that person, “thank you Grandma for helping me to become who I am!” You will appreciate “family” and find new meaning to the word “us” after you watched this drama. And lastly, I don’t think I have written any reviews about kissing scenes…but that’s always my favorite part in any drama when either the guy or the girl kissed without permission (don’t know what other words to describe it (^-^) but the kiss between Hyun-gyu and Hye-joo was the best of all the kisses I’ve seen especially the part after the kiss…”why is the world spinning?”….It was a very 54 episodes but it was all so worth it….and the ending….couldn’t ask for more….i really to be reborn as full blooded Korean and wear hanbok…)*-*(

  165. 165 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Wow, reading your comments make me want to watch this quickly. I am only on Ep 6 and still trying to remember their names. Right now, I like the older brother, his ex wife, Dan Ah, the second brothers’s wife and the young student. I find the older brother very attractive as a man of few words but look so good at the same time. I can’t stand the blabber mouth second brother and the father whom I find so clingy and annoying and the father’s pregnant girlfriend! As for PSH, he doesn’t interest me at all at the moment tho I like his sister. I liked her in Smile, You and the liking sorta carried over! I also like the second brother’s wife but I don’t think she will appear again since I can’t see her pic in the family picture. Last but not least, yikes, I dislike the policewoman too- so irritating! Overall, so far so good cos I like watching dramas that have lots of family / cultural traditions. Must be because I come from a very big family (I have 4 grandmas from my father’s side and 2 from my mum’s side) and we have lots of traditions that we still practice until today!

  166. 166 : tc Says:


    Yes, I watched Queen of Game and liked it as well. In FH, PSH was a bad guy in the beginning only focus on $$$ but he transformed into a warm, caring and loving guy after he fell in love with Dan Ah . I enjoyed watching their “mock” and real courtship! Do enjoy the drama and share your views thereafter.

  167. 167 : Jennie Says:

    @ tc Glad you liked Queen of the Game. Thanks for recommending FH too as I am enjoying it very much. I like watching the two families and how they behave so differently. Though they come from different backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is love and respect for each other, they just express it differently. This drama actually reminds me very much of two other dramas, My Older Sister and Smile, You. All three are about the same themes – family, love and respect. Common enough themes but I enjoyed those two dramas very much and I know I will love this too, from what I have seen so far. I hope you will visit this site once in a while so that I won’t be so lonely..hehehe.

  168. 168 : charis Says:

    @Jennie 167: Hi! I am now watching this drama and is up to ep 33.

  169. 169 : Jennie Says:

    @charis Hi, nice to hear that you are watching too but you’re way ahead of me. Great drama, right? I watched until late last night and my head was full of harabuji and all sorts even in my dreams 😉

  170. 170 : charis Says:

    @Jennie Yes, I think this one is great. Usually I do some skip here, fast forwarding there, but for this one I don’t want to miss any detail. I even don’t want to miss the conversation between Dong-Dong and Grandpa. 🙂
    Usually I do marathon watching like KDaddict did, but for FH I am trapped between eagerly want to know what next while on the other hand I don’t want to move so fast that the drama will soon be over.
    You’ll soon be ahead of me, I watch only 1 to 2 ep a day.

  171. 171 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi guys,
    I like this drama a lot, n like I said, it doesn’t have anything to do with PSH, becos his character is a jerk for much of the drama, n becos his hair stylist did a terrible job. charis is right, even the conversation betwn grandpa n dong dong is worth severing. I watched this twice back to back, until my eyes can’t focus on anything more than 1 foot away. I did skip some things 1st time around, in order to get ahead, but went back n take it slow 2nd time. It’s one enjoyable show!

  172. 172 : Jennie Says:

    Hi hi, to everybody too. KDaddict – I really hope you meant savouring and not severing re grandpa’s and Dong Dong’s conversations!? If so then ya, me too, I love listening and watching them both alto there seem to be getting fewer as the drama progresses. I hope there will be more scenes of them two together. I am around Ep 20, I think. I fastforward at x2 speed when it comes to the second brother and policewomans’ scenes, the grandmother Joo Jung’s scenes and the father and pregnant wife’s scenes. The rest I watch at normal speed cos I care what happens to them and not the comic acts of the others. Also, alto I like Soo Young very much, I am getting quite impatient and kind of irritated with the sweet young thing, Jin Ah. I find her a little bit too young for Soo Young and they look funny together. They could have gotten somebody who is more compatible with Soo Young. I am hoping that mayb they’ll bring back his wife. Any likely?
    Actually PSH looks fine to me. In fact, I like him here more than in QoR and the hairstyle looks fine to me too. There were occasions where he was quite awkward esp the way he calculates his walk but otherwise I have no compaints. As for Yun Jung Hee, wow, she is a surprise. I really really couldn’t stand her in Dear Heaven and as I have mentioned before, I avoided all her dramas after that until now. She plays her role really well and she looks so pretty here. I think it’s her hairstyle that makes her look so different! Ok, back to watching again 😀

  173. 173 : charis Says:

    Yes, YJH is awesome. I have no complaints for most of the characters in the show except grandma JJ ex boyfriend.

  174. 174 : charis Says:

    @Jennie: I have a friend who married to a man 20 years older than her age, so Soo Young and his girlfriend is ok to me.

  175. 175 : KDaddict Says:

    Yes, I meant savoring. 😉
    Unfortunately, as the drama progresses, the writer can’t find anything worthwhile for Dong Dong to do, so his conversations w gt grandpa decrease in quality, to become sth else entirely!
    I’m not as fond of Soo Young as you are. I really feel for the 2 ex-wives. Their husbands treated them atrociously, yet, turn around, and they become the sweetest husbands with their new wives! I “sort of” despise Soo Young for all that he is willing to do for his “sweet young thing”, compared to his absolute coldness towards his 1st wife. As I said in 1 of my comments, I was surprised at my being judgmental towards him abt that. But I have no problem w the young girl per se.
    The 2nd son n policewoman are the comic relief in this show. Too bad it was done in so slap stick a way. It is jarring becos the rest of the show isn’t in that style.
    I didn’t like the Dragon Lady either, but she turns out to be a Godsend for this family. She is not the endearing type, but bear w her, n she’ll show her worth. But that husband of hers is a non-entity of a man.
    I liked Yoon JH in Dear Heaven, and absolutely love her in this.
    PSH for me was a 10 in TPM, a 9 in QoR, but a 7.5 in FH, becos in FH:
    he doesn’t carry the show,
    he is not drop-dead gorgeous, n
    he is badly dressed.
    The tight coats n shiny suits show that he is trying too hard. I believe in the Saville Row dictum that any time a man is over dressed, he is badly dressed.

  176. 176 : KDaddict Says:

    You have problem with whom? Who is “grandma JJ ex-boyfriend”?

  177. 177 : charis Says:

    Up to ep 39. Love the traditional wedding ceremony, and the white hanbook HDA’ stepmother is wearing during the ceremony.
    @KDaddict grandma JJ has a man she loved for 18 years whom later she found out that he left her for the money grandpa had given him to runaway with JJ because great grandpa didn’t allow their relationship.

    Everytime Jin Ah cried there’s a song in the background, does anyone know who sang it? The voice is so similar to the OST of Glass shoes.

  178. 178 : KDaddict Says:

    Dong Dong’s conversations w Gt grandpa changed substantially after DD settled into this household. It becomes abt his gf troubles, n gets downright silly. So maybe subconsciously, I meant to type “severing” after all! Initially, “savoring”; later on, “severing”. 😉
    I see. I didn’t think of her as “grandma”. I only thought of her as the “reporter aunt”. That’s why I didn’t get what u meant.

  179. 179 : Jennie Says:

    oh rats. I typed a long comment here, pressed submit and my computer went blank so I don’t know if the comment is awaiting moderation or it disappeared. So forgive me if I repeat myself.

    @charis I should be able to catch up with you soon. It’s the holiday season here already and the streets are decked out with Christmas decorations and sales are on! What I need now is snow so that I can imagine myself riding on slides in the snow with Micky or with the Ha family at their ski resort! I’ll check to see what song it is that you meant and will let you know asap.

    @ KDaddict I understand what you are saying re Soo Young. I get angry when I think about the three brothers’ treatment towards their former wives. Do they really need someone to show them how to have fun before they learn how to appreciate them? They were such MCPs expecting their wives to cater to all their needs without them having to lift a finger. Being considerate doesn’t mean anything if they don’t communicate or try, does it? It was sad when Dan Ah said she felt sorry for her mother because the father had neglected her mother and how he was so sweet and considerate towards the new wife now! The father and elder son were the typical old fashioned men of the house and the second brother suffered from second child syndrome for his insecurities and constant need for love and attention. That’s why their second wives are either loud (the father’s wife and policewoman) or too young and from completely different backgrounds. The best ending for me for this two brothers would be that they will learn their lessons in life and how to love and show us how they win back their former wives. That would have been so much more meaningful and I’d feel that at least there’s some justice done for the two wives.
    As for Dan Ah, I love this girl. It’s fun watching her always outdoing PSH and surprising him with her actions and always making him speechless. Their banter about having such and such an ancestor and her comebacks to his ultimatums always make me cheer for her. I guess that’s why I like PSH here more than in QoR. He’s less sure of himself and that makes him more human!
    Yes, I find myself liking the pregnant wife as soon as she joins the otherwise staid family. So, bravo and power to the women of this drama. Only goes to show us how ‘dense’ and ‘slow’ men can be sometimes! 😀

  180. 180 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Oh I meant the father and the two brothers, not three brothers.

  181. 181 : KDaddict Says:

    Sigh……I dreamt of Hyun Bin last night. I was in grad school, n he was in my class, a classmate! Don’t want to wake up from that one! 🙁

  182. 182 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Hi, tc. I hope you read this. You have watched Queen of the Game. Doesn’t this drama kind of remind you of that? The story between PHS and Dan Ah. He started the game because of revenge (not to the Ha family of course but for his life and family’s in general) but it was a game he knows he cannot win because of his love for the girl, and the girl finally wins in the end because of her innocence and love for him. I am so loving this drama and it is getting so exciting for this two! Nomu nomu chu-a! 😀

  183. 183 : Jennie Says:

    @tc I forgot. I read from your earlier comment re the price of this dvd. I was surprised that it is so expensive. Is it directly from Poh Kim or from somewhere else? I paid only S$25.00, also from Poh Kim for 7 dvds!

  184. 184 : tc Says:

    Hi Jennie

    I was referring to the DVDs price for overseas delivery. Yes, it is definitely cheaper if we buy in SG. I got mine 2 years ago for SGD50 and lucky you, yours is so much cheaper now.

    Yes, the main plot of Queen of Game was centered around revenge and I was introduced to the handsome Joo Jin Moo then. However, I like FH better coz of PSH and it has more characters development and skinships! I had never seen so many hugs between OTPs before. Wow, feel like rewatching the drama after chatting with you n KDaddict on this thread.

  185. 185 : charis Says:

    I did skip and fastforward ep 39. Find it quite boring to watch

  186. 186 : Jennie Says:

    Good morning, my friends. Charis, I only managed up till 35 yesterday. The trouble with Kdrama is that more often than not, as soon as the chase is over (meaning the guy has got the girl), their scenes become so cheesy and boring and the whole drama seems to come to an end and this is seen in every family drama. They become your average married couple!
    Yes, agree with you, tc that there’s more touching and hugging in this drama. However, they are so stiff and calculated right? That’s one problem with Kdrama. There was one scene which made me laugh and that was when both of our leads had a kiss scene. They kissed and just stayed there without movements ( both their lips met and they remained still while they waited for the cameras to finish rolling!)Haha, why can’t they just put in more passion there and be a little bit more responsive since they are such good actors?
    @KDaddict Did you have Part 2 of your dream last night with Hyun Bin? Hope you did! 😉

  187. 187 : KDaddict Says:

    I was complaining abt the part of the drama where his parents, mostly his mother, were making a fuss over Dan Ah’s bad karma, and then the bad guy’s repeated efforts to hurt them. 1 or 2 such efforts would be enough. 3 really is overkill. Often times a long KD would be much improved if only they’d cut off 10% of its episodes. But they want to drag things out on every show to maximize air time, not quality!
    I’ve always wondered why skinship looks so real n natural on American shows, n so stiff in KDs. I guess we all know the answer to that, n it isn’t becos Korean men r bad actors!
    @Jennie, Re My dream of Hyun Bin ssi: Having him sit in on a seminar with me was evidently all my v proper sense of propriety n repressed subconscious could come up with. Sad! U ever dream of Micky? 😉

  188. 188 : KDaddict Says:

    Which is your favorite scene in this show?
    This is mine:
    It is when they are on their honeymoon. She makes him squat on the ground in the park as punishment becos he has been a blabber mouth to her 2nd brother abt his prowess on they 1st night! He is squatting on the ground behind a bush, playing w a stick to scratch on the soil, mumbling his objection n his own defense at the same time. His expression is just priceless!
    Tell me yours when you are done.

  189. 189 : sentaro Says:

    Best family drama!!! cant stop watching! i really love park shi hoo.. his character Gang Suk is really great,especially when he finally together with Dan Ah,, so heartwarming. BEST! hope there will be another great drama like this one,,,

  190. 190 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Dream of Micky? I wish! esp when I see gorgeous pics of him on the net, for different adverts and a new one at it, and everyday too- a bucket isn’t big enough to collect all my drool! Favorite scenes? Don’t know yet but I know I have lots of touching scenes from this drama that I like. Any idea what else this Jung Ji Woo, the scriptwriter has written? She gives out the most touching speeches at times that everytime it happens, I tell myself, wow, I want someone to say this about me too, or wow, I want to be able to say this to my grandson one day, or wow, I want a brother like that etc! I’ll let you know about my favourite once I’m done asap!

    @sentaro Welcome to the fan club 😉

  191. 191 : KDaddict Says:

    The speeches in this drama is one of its great strengths. I tear up so often watching this, once an episode, on average. As for wanting “a brother or sister like that”, well, I like said, Jung Ji Woo’s is a utopian view of the world. The show has the perfect wife, the perfect brother, the perfect grandfather, the perfect child, etc.
    Jung was also the script writer for How to meet a Perfect neighbor, which saw PSH’s debut. It was a group show, featuring KNJ’s husband, most ppl’s fav ahjussi, KSW. PSH didn’t have an impt role in it, but I sure noticed him, and said, Hmmm….I wonder who that is. But I wasn’t so addicted back then.
    Jung also did Wish upon a Star and Gloria. I think I might try to watch Gloria one day. (I like Bae Doona and Suh Ji Suk of Manny n HiKick 3.) Don’t know anything abt Wish upon a Star. Did anyone of u see these 2 shows?
    That Micky looks scrumptiously delectable! I can sit with you to watch his MV, with a bucket in front of each of us!

  192. 192 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict I saw Perfect Neighbour long long ago. Don’t remember much about it and definitely don’t remember PSH. I only recall that I didn’t like KSW and how the girl ended up with him in the end! Haven’t seen Gloria but I have seen Wish Upon A Star. Pretty good, esp the child stars who actually were more enjoyable to watch than the leads! I also read somewhere that PSH was also in Iljimae. I enjoyed that but why is it that I don’t remeber PSH in it? Back to the scriptwriter, Jung JW- boy she sure can make you cry with her writing- talk about the pen being mightier than the sword! I rememeber the scene at the grave where PSH tells JinHa that when she leaves the world, he’d send her to him but while she’s still living, he’d stay with her and another one scene where the young student tells PSH how precious she is that one man died to save her and another loved her with his life-this kind of dialogue plus the great acting make me tear up and make me want to be that precious woman! Another one which I must mention is conversation between Dan Ah and young student and between young student and Soo Young, about both of them being bridges that they both have to cross! So much depth, so romantic, so meaningful and that’s why I love this drama!
    Imagine this, you and I in front of tv, one bucket for the tears shed while listening to the beautiful dialogue in FH, switch channel, another bucket to collect drool while watching Micky posing for the High Cut, Elle etc adverts 🙂 🙂 🙂

  193. 193 : tc Says:


    On your comment on the stiff kisses, PSH actually talked about it in one of his interviews. He mentioned that since they do not know each other prior to FH, it took a while for Jung Hee to warm up to him. Hence, the earlier kisses were stiff but as the drama progresses, you can actually feel the chemistry built up and Jung Hee was at ease with PSH as reflected by the kiss in the car. Amongst all couples, PSH’s kiss with MCW in ep 21 of TPM was the best and most natural.

  194. 194 : charis Says:

    @Jennie 186, yes 100% agree with you, they kissed and just stayed there without movements. But there is one scene I remember in ep 37 (if I’m not mistaken) LGS kissed Dan Ah on the street, I love this one. They have more passion there, but I think I love the kissing scene in TGL better.
    Also agree with you re as soon as the chase is over the scenes become cheesy and boring.

  195. 195 : tc Says:


    Like Jennie, there are many favorite and touching scenes in this drama. Apart from the squatting scene during honeymoon, I also like the scene in bedroom where PSH stuffed a tissue in his nose because Dan Ah complained about his breathing.That was so funny and adorable of PSH.

    Like Jennie, I also find PSH’s and later on Dan Ah’s declaration of promises at the graveyard so touching.

    On Perfect Neighbour, that was the first time I noticed PSH coz he managed to steal the show from the male lead and ended up with Bae Doona. He actually won an award for doing that coz that was the first time a second lead actually won over the girl!

    I had watched both Wish Upon the Star (16 eps) and Gloria (50 eps). Good dramas but you will likely watch only 1 time. In Gloria, Suh Ji Suk played ice cool Mr Darcy who fell in love with Doo Na. I don’t quite like Doo Na’s revengeful and unforgiving character towards the later part of the series. I liked her more in Perfect Neighbour and she had more chemistry with PSH than Ji Suk.

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi girls,
    Yes, the big speeches r memorable. Yet many short simple lines r moving too. It can be a one-line response fr Young Girl e.g., n you’d go, Wow, how can someone so young, be so giving, n so !!
    I have Iljimae sitting on my desk, waiting to be viewed! Jennie, I too have seen it b4, but don’t remember PSH in it, maybe bcos I ff so much n skipped so many eps! All those dirty tattered clothes, n no pretty girl (that I can recall)! So I’ve decided to watch it again for PSG’s presence in it. Hopefully he’ll wear “ninja hair” as tc calls it, like in TPM! Next to the purple towel in the Jim Gi Ban, ninja hair is my 2nd fav look on PSH!
    @tc, Pls tell us more abt Wish UAS, cos it’s 16 eps, easier to tackle. Do u recommend it? On a scale of 1-10, what is it? Are the leads any good?
    @Jennie, I didn’t actually shed tears watching FH; I just felt my eyes n nose “heat up” so often!
    Is nobody watching Flower Boy Ramyun Show?

  197. 197 : charis Says:

    @KDaddict, remember the question I asked you before re PSH becoming Korean Tourism ambassador? Here’s the news:


    and here’s the link to the vid of PSH @ Style Icon Awards @youtube:

  198. 198 : tc Says:


    Wish UAS may be 20 eps, can’t exactly remember but should merit a try. In terms of scale, I would rate it around 7. It would have score more points if not for unattractive hair do for the female lead, Choi Ji Woon. She is actually very pretty ( liked her a lot in Kingdom of Winds) but her hairstyle was ugly in this drama. However, the male lead, Kim Ji Hoon looked good and I like to see his transformation from Mr Darcy to a caring guy that adore kids! This is the first time I seen so many kids in one drama – 5 including a baby that has to be carried all the times! I thought 5 is too many and at times, I get distracted by the hue and chaos created by the kids instead of focusing on the OTPs – More family scenes with the kids than romantic scenes.

    Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is definitely in my must watch list but I am delaying it until more eps with subs are out to cut down on my frustration of chasing the drama!

  199. 199 : Jennie Says:

    Helloo, I am watching Flower Boy except that I am a little bit behind. I have temporarily shelved it from Ep 4 onwards cos I couldn’t find the time to watch since I started QoR and now FH. Should be back watching next week after I’m done with FH. For Wish Upon A Star, I’d maybe give it a 6. I didn’t like the female lead actually. If you are looking for an old drama to watch, why not also try My Man’s Woman? It came to me today out of the blue that Bloody Lips actually starred in that drama and I loved her character there as a sister to the female lead. Don’t know whether it’s your cup of tea or not becos the stars are all about in their 30s and 40s. Generally a more mature drama with a mature theme, not your usual k-idol drama but it was good enough for me to sit thru the whole drama! Actually recommended it to a friend and after that both friend and mum became KD fans! Starred by famous and respected stars in KD land.Female leads are Kim Hee Ae from Midas and Bae Jung Ok from On Air. Another entertaining family drama is Smile, You. Good one too altho the male lead looks like a dork! Btw, since you are a fan of Hyun Bin, have you seen Snow Queen with Song Yuri as female lead?

    As for tears, just a figure of speech to show how touched I am. The only time I remember crying buckets for a KD was when I watched Autumn In My Heart when the then cute little Moon Geun Young had to be left behind by her family 😉

  200. 200 : Jennie Says:

    Hi, me again. Out of topic but couldn’t resist after I saw tc’s comment on Mr Darcy. Have you all seen Pride and Prejudice? The BBC version , not the American one. I love Jane Austen’s books and Pride and Prejudice is like my pride and joy! The BBC version is fantastic and Mr Darcy is sooo adorable in it and so was Jane. This is my most treasured DVD! 😀

  201. 201 : Jennie Says:

    Must have been half asleep last night but I meant Bae Jung Ok from The World Within and Lizzy and not Jane who is adorable in Pride n Prejudice. 🙂

  202. 202 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for the links. That’s my fav PSH at the Style Icon Awards ( behind the purple towel n ninja hair looks, hehe), wearing his hair Kim Joo Won style, smiling his million-dollar, million-watt smile, showing teeth like bone china, looking every bit like 28 instead of 33! He is sooo baby-faced! Now I can watch those related links all day! Love it, charis!
    I’m glad Cha Siwon won the award! He well deserves it. Even tho he acted crazy at times in TGL, but those scenes n expressions were memorable.
    @tc , Jennie,
    Well, a 6 n a 7 don’t merit my taking the trouble to watch 50 eps. Forget it.
    Ramyun Shop is silly n fluffy. There is no angst to it, so no need to worry abt being frustrated while chasing it. It comes when it does. No biggie. Let me know how u guys feel abt that lead actress. I think she is ugly. Other viewers say not. Just like what’s her name in Protect the Boss. Others say she’s ugly; I say not.
    Whatever chance I had of liking Eng Lit was promptly n forever ruined by our teachers in hi-school. Studied J Austin (P&P, S&S) n E Bronte (W Hts) for exams, n went on to love lit fr less buttoned down, non Anglo-Saxon WASP societies n eras. I like DH (Lawrence) tho, for the rebel in him.
    I might start Iljimae today!? Then I fall off the wagon lo!

  203. 203 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Heehee, W.Heights is another one that I likeee very much 😀 As for lead actress in Flower Shop, I wouldn’t say she’s ugly tho she looks a trifle odd to me at close quarters. But in pics, she looks ok. I saw her on KBS just the other day on Pumpkin something.

    @tc Hi, read somewhere you’re in MY. I’ll be driving on a day trip in about half hour’s time to East Coast. Will be back tonight tho. Are you there or in Klang Valley?

  204. 204 : KDaddict Says:

    Her photos look fine to me too. It’s her appearance in Ramyun Shop that looks ugly to be, like an untidy unattractive ajumma fr an impoverished bkgd.

  205. 205 : tc Says:


    I am in KL. East coast is quite a distance from SG n must be tiring for u
    to make such a short trip there.


    If you prefer something light, short and entertaining, do try A Woman Who Still Want To Marry if you haven’t not seen it earlier. Park Jin Hee and Kim Bum looked good and I personally prefer this one than Gloria or Wish UAS.
    Will start on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and give my comments on the female lead in that thread.

  206. 206 : KDaddict Says:

    I saw Smile, you when it was on tv. I intend to watch The Woman who still wants to marry, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. My man’s woman–not particularly attracted to the leads or storyline.
    Guess what I started watching today?
    Joseon Era X-Files! I’m on ep 2, n love every min so far. It’s different fr all other KDs.

  207. 207 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Yes, it was pretty tiring. Took us about 5 hours to reach Cherating. Had some really good baked crabs and satay along the way. Reach home at 3 am but it was fun though!
    @ Actually the story in My Man’S Woman is not so much about the couple in the picture but about the wife who was played by Bae. It was more about how she picked up her life again after the husband leaves. Yeah, may not be everyone’s cup of tea like I said.

  208. 208 : sarahning Says:

    love this drama. it’s add my knowledge about korean people expecially with the old tradition. the reason I watch this drama coz PSH…. but this drama is awesome.

  209. 209 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Hi tc, I left you a msg on the SoAW thread. Hope you read it!

  210. 210 : Jennie Says:

    Finally finished this drama. Overall, it was satisfying to watch. It got a bit draggy just before the wedding, overkilled it with all the drama but as soon as they got married, it picked up again, and I enjoyed watching the interaction among the family members in both families. I also liked Hyun Kyu very much. He’s such a cutee and his acting is fantastic in this drama. I actually liked watching all his facial expressions, pretty impressive and like Kang Suk’s mum say, he’s better looking and taller than Kang Suk and he’s my favourite character. This is one drama that I started disliking some characters but was won over by all of them in the end. Great OST, great cast, great dialogue and great script ♥♥♥ ^_________^

  211. 211 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m rewatching Iljimae for views of PSH. I didn’t like Iljimae the 1st time around. I find that I’m liking it better now. Lee Jun Ki is less feminine in it than in his other works; Han Hyo Joo is fantastically beautiful in this show; the story is quite good too. I esp love the ajussi who plays Iljimae’s foster father, the guy who is a thief, later turned locksmith. His acting is so enjoyable. How come we don’t see more of him, but keep seeing the same 5-6 ajussi’s playing fathers, the same 5-6 (bad guys n president in City Hunter) in all dramas? Ditto for the man who plays his biological father. He is a elegant-looking older man too.
    PSH however has an unsympathetic role, playing Iljimae’s nemesis. Viewers don’t like him for his efforts to foil Iljimae’s exploits. PSH is much thinner in those days. A man, even the prettiest of men, has an optimal wt n age at which he appears the most attractive. This wt n age aren’t PSH’s optimum. However his going into the boxing ring bare-chested (ep 4) is a view not to be missed! Hehe!

  212. 212 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Don’t remember anything about Iljimae except that I know I liked it. Do you know that MBC also has The Return of Iljimae starring Jung IW? This one has lots of kissing scenes, it seems, cos Iljimae is suppose to be somewhat of a cassanova. I haven’t seen it though but I think it wasn’t that well received as the one by SBC, judging from the ratings. Btw, tc tells me that PSH will be coming over to Spore soon in the SoAW thread. Planning on making a trip? I told tc that mayb I should plan something like walking into him accidentally and you never know, he might fall for my charms etc heehhee. Only chance to get up close and personal 😀

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    I don’t know, I’ve seen pecs b4, but that view of PSH’s very genteel face coupled w those superman pecs in TPM made be gasp. And you won’t let me live it down! 🙂
    My friend has the DVDs for Return of Iljimae. She loves it much more than this drama, she said. I’ll get it fr her when we meet. I’m sure it’s a matter of personal preference.
    Are u really planning on going to meet him? If u want to torture us, do go n take pictures to share w us! Good luck, girl!

  214. 214 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict My reply is over at the SoAW thread 😉

  215. 215 : KDaddict Says:

    Replied to it at SoAW, but feel it’s more appropriate to talk abt PSH here. I find that I really love some views of him, but not others, depending on hair, clothing, pose etc. Really like him in sageuks, cos it completely does away with any cheesiness that his wardrobe decisions can bring abt. He is a bit like Choi Siwon that way. Both of them can be cute as pie, sexy as anyway 1 min, but can turn cheesy quickly.
    What r u gonna be watching next? Wanna watch Return of Ilj together?

  216. 216 : KDaddict Says:

    Typo in #215: sexy as “anything” 1 min.
    Re your planned trip (mentioned on SoAW thread), u can’t beat Seoul for shopping-such a wide price range; so many fashionable, even trendy goods can be had for low prices. If u have a teenage daughter she will love that. But what r u gonna do w Winter clothing bought in Seoul back in SG??? Shanghai has gotten very expensive shopping wise the last couple years. Good things aren’t cheap; cheap things aren’t good. No shopping in Perth, fr our (Asian big city) pt of view. Great cycling tho in Fremantle at mouth of Swan River in Perth. We should adjourn to emailing: [email protected] b4 sb complains.

  217. 217 : tc Says:

    @KDaddict n Jennie

    I have watched Return of Iljimae and it was good. I personally liked it better than Iljimae ( maybe coz I am biased since PSH was not the lead in the latter). Jung Il Woo was awesome in Return of Iljimae and this was the drama that make me his fan.

    Yes, hope that you do have a chance to see PSH next week and share his pictures with us although it is unlikely that he will be able to show his pecs since it is a musical award event.

  218. 218 : KDaddict Says:

    Why is PSH going to a musical award? Does he sing? What has he done in singing to win in that event, do u know?
    Like u I keep wishing that PSH is the lead in Iljimae instead of being the nemesis. It’s such a difficult role that wins him no brownie pts for his troubles! Do tell us abt the Return of Ilj.

  219. 219 : tc Says:


    Not too sure but I think his agency, Eyagi is sending him and 2 other actresses including Nam Gyu Ri to attend MNet awards.

    Sure, will share my comments on Return of Ilj but may not remember all the scenes coz I watched it quite a while ago. I think we better chat over the drama in that respective thread. Otherwise, the Administrator or FH fans will chase us away. Ha! ha!

  220. 220 : Jennie Says:

    @tc & KDaddict Not sure I’ll be able to start Return of Iljimae as it’s hol season and I’ve got lots of shopping and charity events to do. I can manage new Kds but no no for tapes now. As for shopping, not so much for clothes but collectibles/souvenirs/decorative items but we love going to Dongdaemun, Apkujong & Ewha Uni. in Seoul. In Shanghai, we buy ‘reproduction’ goods lor!
    MNets awards is better known as MAMA and lots of stars will be there, including Lee Byung Hyun, Song Seung Hoon, SNSD and Super Junior. What I didn’t know was that Go Soo and Jun Ki will also be coming. Gawd, that gorgeous Go Soo will be coming to town and I didn’t know! Okay, forget about PSH- you can have him tc, I’m going all out to meet Go Soo 😀 I’m getting excited at just the thought of his smile *screams*. He is my next favourite guy, after Micky, naturally! More names ? Yoon EH, Oh Ji Ho and Han Hyo Joo will be here too! Sure you both not making a trip here? I voted like crazy for JYJ, like everyday for a week using 4 different accounts, but sad to say, no Jaejoong, no Junsu and no Micky for this event Sigh!

  221. 221 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Oops, I forgot another big name – Ji Sung! Sure you’re not coming? 😀

  222. 222 : tc Says:


    I am salivating already with so many of my favorite stars at the function! How I wish that the event to be held a day earlier coz next Monday is a public holiday in M’sia. Jennie, you should go all out to gatecrash the function. Who knows with so many stars there you may be lucky to “bang” into one.

  223. 223 : KDaddict Says:

    @Jennie & tc,
    I wouldn’t mind coming over at all if I didn’t have that Japan trip on Dec 1. And if there was a way to purchase tix to the event, such that we can bring our buckets to drool over all fav guys. Given this turn out, they’d have to be huge buckets. Hee hee. Standing a mile away somehow doesn’t do much for me! If I had known, I’d have gone into Film School at UCLA, when I was there, n tried to get into tv/film production in S Korea. Sigh, too late now. Next life maybe.
    Will be migrating over to Return o Ilj thread in a couple days. See u.

  224. 224 : Jennie Says:

    @tc & KDaddict I have collected a bucket full of drool already since I found out that Go Soo was coming. Tickets have been up for sale since late October. Cheapest ticket is S$100, excluding taxes, but I doubt if you’d be able to see anything! tc, you can still watch it live at 8TV. I heard that they bought the rights or something like that. I also found out that all those big name stars are there as award presenters only, so we get to see them briefly only. Only the Kpop idols will actually perform. Question is, how do I explain to hubby that I wanna go meet up with Go Soo? 😉

  225. 225 : Jennie Says:

    @tc and KDaddict Correction @220 I got so excited that I am not thinking straight. It should be ‘voted like crazy for TVXQ’ and not JYJ. To me, they’ll always be DB5K. Long story if you are not a fan, but JYJ and present TVXQ used to be DBSK before their break up 🙂

  226. 226 : tc Says:


    OMO! On 8TV! Nothing is going to drag me away from TV during the airing of the show. I will have my bucket ready to drool over my idols. Heard quite a number of KPop singers will be performing. Better “book” the TV from my family members now.

  227. 227 : KDaddict Says:

    I finished watching Iljimae. There is not that much of PSH in it. At least I don’t think it is that much. And the material isn’t conducive to him showing off his acting ability. He has to wear a sad face from beginning to end. OK, there is the fighting scene in Ep 4, which is fantastically sexy.
    But I’m so mad a the drama cos every one dies or get permanently hurt at the end! I complained on that thread so I won’t do it here now.
    @tc, Jennie,
    Be sure to let us know the full name of the Musical Award show, so that we can maybe find it on youTube afterwards, OK?

  228. 228 : Jennie Says:

    @tc Are you sitting in front of your tv now waiting..heeheee? A friend actually went to take a look at the red carpet walk and she said she couldn’t see much cos it was crowded and worst of all, the stars were practically too far away. It seems they barricaded the area far away and the stars were not even within touching distance, unlike those that we see in Hollywood/Korea during awards ceremony. Hahah, luckily I didn’t bother but am gonna watch it live tonight!

  229. 229 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict Just wanna wish you Bon Voyage. Hope you have a safe and happy trip to Japan. Lots of hotties in Japan, so don’t forget to bring home one, ok, while tc will watch out for hottie PSH and I keep a lookout for hottie Go Su from the box! Gawd right now Lee Byung Hyun is speaking English at the MAmA!

  230. 230 : KDaddict Says:

    @tc & Jennie,
    Thanks for sending the full name of the award ceremony, tc. I didn’t watch it live, but saw tidbits on youTube. I should be packing but am still cruising for vids of it.
    I saw a bunch of hotties arriving at Changi Airport. Everyone wore black, as to going to a funeral. Most wore baseball caps. Lee BH looked angry. Didn’t have a smile for the crowd. Song SH looked friendlier, n waved. PSH was the friendliest of the 3, n kept on waving. Jennie, I think your chances of cornering Go Soo at Changi might have been better than at the awards night. I saw PSH giving out an award. He looked so cute I don’t remember whether it was M or F group he was presenting to. Hee hee. The performances n presentations looked WoW! I’d have been happy to pay S$100 for a ticket to see the show. Wonder where it’ll be next yr? Do u know? Last year it was in Macau, wasn’t it? Superjunior, Beast, 2NE1, etc. were all big winners. Kpop groups sure have a lot of fans!!

  231. 231 : KDaddict Says:

    I found it! Lee Byung Hun opening the ceremony, MC-ing in English! The audience was shouting too excitedly to listen. I’ve seen him speaking much better English on TV interviews on the Discovery Channel n on CNN tho.
    @Jennie, Are the 4 girls together called MissA? Or is that just one of the girls? I hope this show doesn’t turn me into a Kpop addict. I’m busy enough as it is!

  232. 232 : tc Says:


    Yes, I was drooling over my favorite stars. PSH was so good-looking, wearing tuxedo just like in SIA. He actually arrived with Nam Gyu Ri who was wearing a white strapless gown and the MC actually commented they looked like a wedding couple! He gave the best vocal performance group award to 2NE1. LBH , SSH and Soong Jong Ki also looked good and LBH spoke the most English phrases compared to other Kactors. I did not quite like Kim Hyun Jong’s dyed hair, so unnatural. Youn Eye Hye and Han Chae Yoong were so sexy and beautiful! Wow, I was gazing more at the actors than paying attention to the singers save for Super Junior n 2NE1.

    @KDaddict – the 4 girls were Miss A and they came only early to present the first award.

  233. 233 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict There are two groups with 4 girls. The younger group with Suzy (girl in Dream High) is Miss A. The older group which won best song and best group is 2NE1. I prefer the former group altho the latter one can sing really well but I find them kinda ‘loud’. One of the members is Sandra Park. Mayb you’ve heard of her before.
    I couldn’t recognise PSH at first cos of his little boy hairstyle. He actually looked very tired and not like his usual ‘cocky’ self. But ahhh, Go Soo was sooo goodlooking. I Really want to see him in another drama soon but haven’t heard anything at all! I thought the concert was ok. It was kind of strange tho cos the stars were speaking in Korean and 3/4 of the audience probably did not understand what they were talking about, hence some awkward moments. Ah well, I enjoyed the performance by Beast the most! I like most of their songs and am glad they won something for their Fiction song, at least. Groups like SJ and SNSD are still churning the same old thing n disappointed with the results, actually! Anytime you want to know about Kpop, just let me know 😉

  234. 234 : Jennie Says:

    @tc & KDaddict Hi, tc, saw your comment only after I sent mine. I thought Han Chae Yung looked really bored when she presented the award but YEH was really beautiful and nice. Ahh, they saved the best for the last-I was so gonna give up waiting for Go Soo and he finally appeared only for the last award together with YEH. Oh, Song Junki looked really nice and yes, agree with you that Kim Hyun Joong didn’t look like the Kim Hyun Joong that I know of!

  235. 235 : KDaddict Says:

    Hey girls,
    I just finished watching the whole thing!
    PSH is really sweet n cute. What little boy hair? That’s just him looking his adorable best!
    Never noticed that Ji Sung had such a great speaking voice. That became apparent tonite after listening to all of them speak. Like tc, I care much more abt the K-actors than the groups. Except: I’m so happy Baek Ji Young’s That Woman won Best OST of the year, n she won Best solo Female performer. Well deserved.
    The rest of the show seems to be a special tribute to Super Jr, 2NE1, n SNSD.
    Faceshoppe has a Kim Hyun Joong cardboard cutout in front, which I walk pass all the time. Tonite’s KHJ doesn’t look like that at all. His mannerisms n gestures come to resemble Bae Yong Joon’s over time.
    Oh, Song Junki looks good enough to eat, like a cookie, I mean. Hee hee.
    No pecs tonight, but I’ll call up one of Lee Byung Hun’s vids to gaze at his b4 falling asleep tonite. So soothing for sore eyes!

  236. 236 : KDaddict Says:

    Ah, Now I can go pack n go on my trip w peace of mind!

  237. 237 : bumsoofan Says:

    i like this drama ! luv Park shi hoo !

  238. 238 : tety Says:

    any one can you tell me where can i buy this drama ? i have all drama of PSH. except familly honor> i do really luv PHS.. so i decide to watch this drama. help me plsss

  239. 239 : tety Says:

    wow finaly got dvd…so happy, im ready to enjoying PSH ..hope this drama can replace Ojakgyu Brother in my heart. so dificult find great drama after OB..

  240. 240 : via Says:

    Just finished watching this drama, I just love this family drama, I love it after Smile You. But the anticipated scene is whenever Dan ah and Gang suk appear, really love their chemistry. And I found my self FF the scene when other couple around. I just think that Jin Ah as So young wife is a was too young, Its almost like a sin whenever I see them together, they should cast another actress to play her role. And Mal son is way too over act and I just cant picture tae young who is always fooling around with beautiful woman will end up with a woman with no womanly at all. But most of all this is another korean drama that touch my heart with their family value lesson, love it!!!

  241. 241 : arrow Says:

    This is a v. good drama and must see. I like their family value. I like the caracter and acting skills of Park Si Hoo.

  242. 242 : Elizabeth Banks Says:

    Why are people talking about the awards show here Instead of how you like the series. It’s one of best dramas on television. I am tired of the cutsey funky ones that follow the Kprean drama formula. This one has story and it is well written. Most of the time I have something to criticize but this drama is very good and it is the only one that I don’t mind having so many episodes.

  243. 243 : Elizabeth Banks Says:

    I am on episode 40 and Gang-suk’s mother is a real piece of work ! She is such an ingrate bitch. Is that the way that nicest Riche women are? They come from ignorant backgrounds and just because they have a lot of money, they act so uppity and stuck up. Why are Korean women so bitchy, specially the mothers of the sons who date the girlfriends? People on Korea are too emotional and lack class.

  244. 244 : Jay Sfinghy Says:

    The policewoman in this drama is comical and absurd. She marries the twin brother who is also ridiculous and they make a comical if not ridiculous couple.

  245. 245 : Jailing Says:

    Best drama so far. I love it!!!!!

  246. 246 : Sophie Says:

    I have started watching this drama last weekend and am on episode 30 already… I think I need to have my eyes checked. Riveting drama!

  247. 247 : ecrooky79 Says:

    This drama can be watched with eng sub on drama fever. I think Park shi Ho was at his best here. TPM was great, but i like FH much much more, i even have a DVD.

  248. 248 : CH Says:

    the lee family has no pride and dignity…they are money worshippers who abused the trust of others!

  249. 249 : flower Says:

    One of my 5 favorite dramas all time…great acting skills from all actors & actresses, best story lines and beautiful songs.

    I love Yoon jung hee most and addict her chemistry with Park si hoo…such a natural and amazing couple.

    From my personal opinion, FH is the best PSH show all time even though TPM gave him multiple awards from local and international.

  250. 250 : lisa Says:

    It’s been 5 years since the broadcast of Family Honour (FH). Yet, FH is still a hot favourite. I love Park Si Hoo as Lee Kang Suk.

    FH ranked as #1 in Long Drama Category in Hanryu’s 2013 (Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan).


    Ranking of drama series of 50 episodes or more.

    “Family Honor” is #1 (out of BEST 30).

  251. 251 : flower Says:


    FH even on the top 5 of best writing ( script ) in Hanryu 2013

    1. Memories of Bali
    2. Faith
    3. Damo
    4. Secret Garden
    5. Family Honor

  252. 252 : Amelia Says:

    Terminé el cap 45 y ahora no encuentro los ocho siguientes en español. Qué hacer?

  253. 253 : Jane Says:

    I love this drama! So beautifully written.
    Watched it many times!

  254. 254 : Santa Nguyen Says:

    I’m extremely obsessed with this drama Family’s Honor, even though I just watched it 3 months ago ( I know it’s late but better than never, right). For me, this is the best drama I’ve ever seen. The story is well written, meaningful, touching… All the cast did spectacular work on this. Especially I love Park Shi Hoo and Yung Young-hee. ( I prefer to call them Lee Kang-Suk and Ha Da Ah ). They portrayed their character so well. I think this is the best couple, the best love story I’ve ever seen in Kdrama. I don’t know why I love them so much that I can’t move on, I just rewatch again and again!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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