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Falling for Innocence 02

Title: 순정에 반하다 / Falling for Innocence
Chinese Title: 為純情著迷
Also Known as: Fall in Love with Soon Jung
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2015-April-03 to 2015-May-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:50


Kang Min Ho’s (Jung Kyung Ho) father ran a large company, but sudden death of his father led to his uncle taking over the company. After that, he gets kicked out of this company.

He then undergoes a heart transplant surgery and his personality changes due to cellular memory syndrome. He begins to have warm feelings and falls in love with Kim Soon Jung (Kim So Yun) who is a secretary. He then realizes the true meaning of love and happiness.

Meanwhile, Joon Hee (Yoon Hyun Min) will form a love triangle with the leads.


Main Cast

Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ho
Lee Tae Woo as Kang Min Ho (young)
Kim So Yun as Kim Soon Jung
Jung Da Bin as Kim Soon Jung (young)
Yoon Hyun Min as Joon Hee
Jin Goo as Ma Dong Wook (Soon Jung`s fiance)
Choi Soo Han as Ma Dong Wook (young)

People at Gold Inc.

Gong Hyun Joo as Han Ji Hyun
Lee Shi Un as Oh Woo Shik

People at Hermia Headquarters

Park Young Kyu as Kang Hyun Chul
Kim Jung Pal as Director Yoon
Lee Soo Ji as Oh Mi Roo
Jung Yoo Min as Yoo Yoo Mi

People at Central Factory

Ahn Suk Hwan as Ma Tae Suk (Dong Wook’s father)
Nam Myung Ryul as Lee Jung Goo

People at Police Station

Jo Eun Ji as Na Ok Hyun


Lee Dal Hyung as Jang Jong Chul
Lee Yoo Joon as Jo Sang Hoon
Jung Suk Yong as No Young Bae
Goo Hye Ryung as Young Bae’s wife
Ki Se Hyung as employee of private detective agency
Park Ji Il as Kim Ha Joon
Jung Dong Kyu
Nam Tae Boo
Lee Jung Sung
Kang Chul Sung


Im Sung Uhn as Min Ho’s secretary
Kim Hee Jung as Min Ho’s mother
Jang Tae Sung as criminal
Uhm Hyo Sup as Doctor Jo Nam Soo
Hwang Suk Jung as patient’s mother
Kim Young Ok as old woman selling patjuk
Ricky Kim as Ian
Go In Bum
Kim Dae Ryung

Production Credits

Production Company : DOREMI Entertainment & Kim Jonghak Production
Director: Ji Young Soo
ScriptWriter: Yoo Hee Kyung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2015-04-03 1 1.227
2015-04-04 2 1.662
2015-04-10 3 1.171
2015-04-11 4 1.550
2015-04-17 5 1.201
2015-04-18 6 1.594
2015-04-24 7 1.341
2015-04-25 8 1.509
2015-05-01 9 1.380
2015-05-02 10 1.465
2015-05-08 11 0.932
2015-05-09 12 1.653
2015-05-15 13 1.167
2015-05-16 14 1.092
2015-05-22 15 1.003
2015-05-23 16 1.531

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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New Trailer
Jung Kyung Ho
Kim So Yun
Yoon Hyun Min
Trailer I
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184 Responses to “Falling for Innocence”

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  1. 151
    me Says:

    Miss you jung kyung hoo (kang min ho) and his story..

  2. 152
    raionkisaki Says:

    Even if there was some sad scenes, but I can say I laughed more when I watch this than any other drama.
    Love Jung Kyung Ho, his acting as Kang Min Ho is really good.
    I love the the scene at episode 14. When Kang Min Ho is President Crazy after Soon Jung quits. It was realllllly funny it was so good. I did felt sorry for Kang Min Ho but still can’t help to laugh.
    Before The drama started, I did think, “Would they suit each other, would there be chemistry between the two?”
    But they look good together!
    Love Jung Kyung Ho!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 153
    kdrama freak Says:

    was it a good ending? anybody can advise?

  4. 154
    rowens Says:

    I’m choosy when it comes to watching kdramas. I only watch dramas from 3 big networks (sbs, kbs and mbc) but this is one is exceptional! The story is so romantic, funny and sooooo heartwarming!…you’ll fall with inlove with the lead man!

  5. 155
    Sanoiro Says:

    I’ll be watching this soon. The main reason behind the decision is not the comments here but Jung Kyung Ho. Most Kdrama fans usually pick your standard 16 episode or 20 episode dramas but never dare to pick something with more. Since Smile You (45 episodes) I fell in love with the whole cast. They were superb, top of the top so when I see an actor playing somewhere else I rarely think it twice. For those who loved Jung Kyung Ho I’d highly recommend to go a bit back in time and watch Smile You.

  6. 156
    me Says:

    Miss you kang min hoo…
    all scenes of jung kyung hoo are awesome, daebak, best…

    i miss min hoo n soon jung… so romantic..their chemistry waa great..

    i miss the battle & the fight between min hoo n joon hee…cool

    i miss min hoo n ma dong wook’s father.. funny, good

    i miss min hoo (captain hook) n na ok hyun (wendy) n tinker bell…i like them.. so funny but cool

    i miss min hoo n oh woo sik…their chemistry was great

    I got all the feelings here…happy, sad, funny, conflict, romance…

    thanks the writer for making a best story n best casts

    FFI is the best

  7. 157
    putri Says:

    I love this drama… :* FFI is daebak…

  8. 158
    debbie Says:

    From now on i will be a fan of kim so yeon and jung kyung ho;)

  9. 159
    gia Says:

    The casts’ acting was so natural…

    I hope there will be falling for innocence session 2 with the same casts…

    miss you all..
    miss this drama so much

    Writer nim…is it your first script writing??
    It is the best

  10. 160
    ana Says:

    I see jung kyung ho for the first time here…

    but i like him so much…

    How to vote jung kyung ho in korean award??

    I will choose him

    i like kim so yeon too…
    yoo hyun min oppa…you’re good too here

  11. 161
    choopatiu Says:

    acting was good but for me the chemistry between the leads was a bit off,the female lead was too old for her role,it would be better if she was younger than the actors.no offense meant.

  12. 162
    Itsuka Says:

    Whoa.. It’s really great drama.. Watch it..

  13. 163
    ana Says:

    Ceritanya bagus dan dibawakan dengan bagus, baik dan apik oleh semua pemainnya membuat drama ini jadi drama terfavoritku.
    Drama pertama yg tayang di tv kabel yg paling kusuka..
    drama pertama aku lihat jung kyung ho dan wow ku liat jung kyung di video ost smile you dan cruel city sebelumnya tapi ku kira dia paling keren dan cakep di falling for innocence ini.
    aku suka min ho dengan soon jung, joon hee, dong wook, woo sik, ok hyun, ma tae suk, dr. Jo, ayahnya…ku dapat semua feel nya.
    aku suka min ho saat marah-marah, saat lucu, saat keren saat d kantor…he’s so charismatic…

  14. 164
    ana Says:

    I have just watched kyung ho oppa’s new movie AMOR… I really want to watch it…
    i think i really love him because of her role in falling for innocence…
    i want to know him more and more…
    and i wanna watch his drama

    all scenes of falling for innocence are trapped in my mind…

  15. 165
    Pia Says:

    I love this drama!! JKH was fantastic, charismatic, stylish, cute and everything possible!!

    Can anyone tell me JKH fashion in this drama.. Where did he get them from!!

  16. 166
    ana Says:

    That’s right…
    everything that min ho wears is good and suits him so much….
    Kang min ho’s fashion when he is bad in ep 1-4 depicts his character then his fashion changes when he changes into good and warm man…

    all the best…. jung kyung hoo…

  17. 167
    Korean Drama Review FFI | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Falling for innocence (2015) 為純情著迷 […]

  18. 168
    kenzobella Says:

    I love this drama..
    I love Jung Kyung Ho, hope to see you again soonest ^^

  19. 169
    Autumn Grace Says:

    Quite good drama. 🙂

  20. 170
    ana Says:

    Miss this drama…
    miss you, kang min ho… his smile, his voice, his childish and even his arrogance…

    it’s my favourite drama in 2015…it just got low rating

  21. 171
    hana Says:

    i hope there will be falling for innocence 2…

    Why isn’t jung kyung hoo nominated in 2015 korean drama award??

    He is the one lead actor who makes me fall in love…

    I even love jung kyung hoo more than joo won in yong pal though yong pal gets high rating now

  22. 172
    Rose T Says:

    I just finished watching this drama and I totally LOVED it. It made me cry, laugh and believe that miracles do happen, and redemption is possible depending on the choices you make.

    I was so touched by the character reversals of the two male leads, and how good was their acting. Both showed great depth to their characters. I was apprensive that the ending would be tragic. Quite honestly, I expected it to be so. But, luckily, the writer did not disappoint me. Because in the end GOOD triumphed over EVIL.

  23. 173
    kdrama Says:

    this drama is go good 😀

  24. 174
    g14 Says:

    Let’s vote this drama…

    I loves this more than other dramas in 2015

  25. 175
    47ik Says:

    there are jung kyung hoo and kim so yeon as cameo in web drama HIGH END CRUSH

    I Like it…

  26. 176
    gia Says:

    Jung kyung ho oppa is playing one more happy ending now…
    and kim so yeon unni is going to play happy home, but

    why do you choose long episode drama so yeon unni?

    I have loved you since I saw you in all about eve, since then, i always find your new drama.
    I watched prosecutor princess & falling for innocence, and I like these drama so much. I also watch dr champ, two weeks, and Iris because of you..

    But, for long episode drama, happy mom… i want to watch it, but it’s too long…

  27. 177
    KSY_Rimah Says:

    This drama surprised me,damn!I love Min ho and Kim’s character..those who does’nt have nice to say about this drama,you guyz better shut ur fuking mouth coz no matter what u say?still,THIS DRAMA IS ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA THAT IS WORTH WATCHING,for me!just saying …am Happy watching diz drama,one of my Fav along gong pal 🙂

  28. 178
    KSY_Rimah Says:

    This drama surprised me,damn!I love Min ho and Kim’s character..those who does’nt have nice to say about this drama,you guyz better shut ur fuking mouth coz no matter what u say?still,THIS DRAMA IS ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA THAT IS WORTH WATCHING,for me!just saying …am Happy watching diz drama,one of my Fav along, yong pal 🙂

  29. 179
    Download Drama Korea The Heirs Subtitle Indonesia Paket Hemat | Filmdramaku.com Says:

    […] Falling for Innocence […]

  30. 180
    ... Says:

    Where can i watch this

  31. 181
    silverswan Says:

    Great drama, good story, credit to the one who made the great story

  32. 182
    Sophie jaejoong Says:

    I just finished to watch this drama till the end. It’s also a drama that I watch like maraton style. 😂 16 in 3 days (it would be 2 days if I didn’t go to office)
    Well, I really recommend this drama to watch. It’s not the new drama. It’s drama in 2015 but it’s worth to watch.
    In the beginning maybe you’ll feel little bit bored but keep watch it! I am sure you gonna fall in love with Kang Min Ho. He is totally crazy and funny. I just can’t move on everytime I finish korean drama.
    I don’t really know Jung Kyung Ho for the first time (I just remember that he was playing as the 2nd male lead with Lee Jung Ki in Time Between Dog and wolf in 2007) and I didn’t pay attention when I see him for the first time, but after I watched this drama, I can say that he is one of the best korean actor. His acting is perfect. His expression and his crazy funny face. I just can’t forget him. I am looking forward for his another drama. ^^

  33. 183
    cutiebarbie Says:

    Not to bad… Love JKH
    A bit confused in the beginning but after ep 5 it become interesting to watch

  34. 184
    Dorama Says:

    This is one of my top 3 favourite dramas (alongside Healer and The King of High School Life Conduct). I was never bored while watching it and every time the title song came out after the episode I was thrilled to watch the next one. It is a must see!

    I highly recommend this great drama to everyone who dislikes nuisance second female (who is obsessed with the main male actor but do not know why exactly), kissing like statues, annoying aunts, side characters without their own personality and second male lead who binds shoe-laces of the lead actress but ends unhappy. So to everyone who had enough of the typical drama twists. 😀

    If you think of watching this drama dont think twice and try it. You will not regret it. 😉

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