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Falling for Innocence

Falling for Innocence 02

Title: 순정에 반하다 / Falling for Innocence
Chinese Title: 為純情著迷
Also Known as: Fall in Love with Soon Jung
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2015-April-03 to 2015-May-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:50


Kang Min Ho’s (Jung Kyung Ho) father ran a large company, but sudden death of his father led to his uncle taking over the company. After that, he gets kicked out of this company.

He then undergoes a heart transplant surgery and his personality changes due to cellular memory syndrome. He begins to have warm feelings and falls in love with Kim Soon Jung (Kim So Yun) who is a secretary. He then realizes the true meaning of love and happiness.

Meanwhile, Joon Hee (Yoon Hyun Min) will form a love triangle with the leads.


Main Cast

Jung Kyung Ho as Kang Min Ho
Lee Tae Woo as Kang Min Ho (young)
Kim So Yun as Kim Soon Jung
Jung Da Bin as Kim Soon Jung (young)
Yoon Hyun Min as Joon Hee
Jin Goo as Ma Dong Wook (Soon Jung`s fiance)
Choi Soo Han as Ma Dong Wook (young)

People at Gold Inc.

Gong Hyun Joo as Han Ji Hyun
Lee Shi Un as Oh Woo Shik

People at Hermia Headquarters

Park Young Kyu as Kang Hyun Chul
Kim Jung Pal as Director Yoon
Lee Soo Ji as Oh Mi Roo
Jung Yoo Min as Yoo Yoo Mi

People at Central Factory

Ahn Suk Hwan as Ma Tae Suk (Dong Wook’s father)
Nam Myung Ryul as Lee Jung Goo

People at Police Station

Jo Eun Ji as Na Ok Hyun


Lee Dal Hyung as Jang Jong Chul
Lee Yoo Joon as Jo Sang Hoon
Jung Suk Yong as No Young Bae
Goo Hye Ryung as Young Bae’s wife
Ki Se Hyung as employee of private detective agency
Park Ji Il as Kim Ha Joon
Jung Dong Kyu
Nam Tae Boo
Lee Jung Sung
Kang Chul Sung


Im Sung Uhn as Min Ho’s secretary
Kim Hee Jung as Min Ho’s mother
Jang Tae Sung as criminal
Uhm Hyo Sup as Doctor Jo Nam Soo
Hwang Suk Jung as patient’s mother
Kim Young Ok as old woman selling patjuk
Ricky Kim as Ian
Go In Bum
Kim Dae Ryung

Production Credits

Production Company : DOREMI Entertainment & Kim Jonghak Production
Director: Ji Young Soo
ScriptWriter: Yoo Hee Kyung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2015-04-03 1 1.227
2015-04-04 2 1.662
2015-04-10 3 1.171
2015-04-11 4 1.550
2015-04-17 5 1.201
2015-04-18 6 1.594
2015-04-24 7 1.341
2015-04-25 8 1.509
2015-05-01 9 1.380
2015-05-02 10 1.465
2015-05-08 11 0.932
2015-05-09 12 1.653
2015-05-15 13 1.167
2015-05-16 14 1.092
2015-05-22 15 1.003
2015-05-23 16 1.531

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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Jung Kyung Ho
Kim So Yun
Yoon Hyun Min
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  1. 1 : gogogaga Says:

    looking forward to this drama<3

  2. 2 : pinksgate Says:

    my favorite actor….I’m gonna wait and watch for it..

  3. 3 : Sesli Says:

    Good Drama I’m gonna wait and watch for it..

  4. 4 : missclassicyp Says:

    2 actors r handsome. Both r casts from cruel city. I want to watch this drama…

  5. 5 : Igor Sanches Says:

    Kim So Yun from prossecutor princess can’t wait!!

  6. 6 : Igor Sanches Says:

    I mean prosecutor*

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  8. 8 : tsontso Says:

    can’t wait !!! new drama the main actors both handsome and kim so yun in Prosecutor princess, iris, athena, … i love her drama . Jung Kyung Ho in Heartless city so cool amazing namja i have ever seen before…….. wish you high rating ! Fighting !!!

  9. 9 : anisa Says:

    the actors are the best.looking forward

  10. 10 : anisa Says:

    fighting! love you all. this drama is gonna be daebak

  11. 11 : Sora Says:

    OMG Cruel City cast! <3

  12. 12 : dramakid Says:

    Can’t wait to watch this.praying the ratings hit 5%

  13. 13 : Juana love Says:

    can’t wait……..

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  16. 16 : Jm Says:

    Love JKH since i saw him in cruel city. Amazingly hot and charming… And love his sexy voice. …. gonna watch this for sure till finish and repeat ….

  17. 17 : Hanako 花子 Says:

    I never like this actress KSY and recalled back her drama in All About Eve , she had a few dramas and always act as bitchy side so it wont be nice from bitchy to good..so am not going to watch this drama even if the actors are good, she is never a popular or good actress for me…LOL 🙂 Good luck for those who will watch this drama..:)

  18. 18 : Jm Says:

    Love JKH love love love

  19. 19 : GF Says:

    looks nice!

  20. 20 : alin Says:

    First 2 ep. so brilliant. I like Dong Wook and Soon jung chemistry

  21. 21 : bigbrother Says:

    @Hanako 花子 KSY had a few dramas? Always act as bitchy? Not good??? Her role in AAE was villain. So, if viewers hate her it’s normally. That’s also means she played very well for that role. In “IRIS” even her role was second female lead but I’m quite sure her act in this drama got viewers heart more than real heroin. I don’t mind if you hate her in personal. But no need to show comment like this in public because it’s prove how stupid you are. So, keep rest in peace in your own world.

  22. 22 : jimin Says:

    @Hanako 花子 Go to the hell ,shut your mouth

  23. 23 : yoRoseberry Says:

    Not bad overall..

  24. 24 : annmasae Says:

    I love KSY. She was great in IRIS, Prosecutor Princess, Two Weeks.
    I’m watching this drama because of her.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think she is a great actress.
    Also her beauty is natural and not the result of plastic surgery.

  25. 25 : Jm Says:

    JKH never dissapoints me. Perfect as always!!!

  26. 26 : marry Says:

    i love this drama episode 1 and 2 perfect love it.

  27. 27 : Dlcne Says:

    Wow what a great 2episodes. Well worth watching . !!!

  28. 28 : Hilda Era Says:

    It’s gonna be interesting. I can’t wait for the coming episodes :-).

  29. 29 : METOO Says:

    just know the actor JUNG KYUNG HO sooo handsome …. after saw this FFI trailer … i become obssesseeddd to him…

  30. 30 : my3views Says:

    Jung Kyung is one of my favorite actors and being pair back up with Yoon Hyun Min will be awesome. These 2 actors were electrifying in Cruel City, and sold the gritty intensity of the drama as one of the most well written and well directed dramas for 2014.

  31. 31 : Adektob Says:

    Got to tip this drama,the start was great..by the way don’t give a shit about whether she has acted valian or not as long as she acted well..

  32. 32 : Jm Says:

    Agreee agreee with NO 30
    Ohh cant stop looking at JKH…

  33. 33 : Jm Says:

    absolutely agree with no 30

  34. 34 : Adeline Tan Says:

    Love this drama can’t wait to watch ep3
    Love actress KSY and actor JKH , YHM
    both of them act quite well in this drama

  35. 35 : download EXO Next Door Says:

    jun Kyung Ho,he act is very nice

  36. 36 : stela Says:

    I love Kim So Yeon. She was good in Iris, Prosecutor Princess, and I Need Romance 3. She excels in drama, comedy , romance and especially action. KSY always has good chemistry with her leading men.

  37. 37 : Carmarie Says:

    It is disturbing to read about not liking or hating this actor or that actress in many of these posts. If you do not like the character an actor is playing in a drama/movie then he or she is doing his or her job well. However, unless you know the individual actor or actress personally, how can you dislike or hate him or her? Let reserve this site for talking about the particular drama. If you don’t like the drama, the direction the screen writers and/or the directors are taking the drama, the acting ability of the actors or the character they are playing that is fine, express yourself; however, let us not make it personal.
    Now back to the drama Falling for Innocence…
    I watched the first two episodes and they were very good, I think this is going to be a good drama. After watching Kill Me, Heal Me; Shine or Go Crazy; Hyde, Jekyll and Me, and Maids I was looking for something to fill the void. If the rest of the drama is like the first two episodes, I will be watching “Falling for Innocence” until the end.

  38. 38 : Mercy Caballero Says:

    Wow, i watched 1 and 2 episodes and all i can say is wow! Cannot wait for the coming epi, a good drama and actors and actress, i love the story!

  39. 39 : luvKdramas Says:

    Enjoying the drama. Great casts and story line seems interesting, quite refreshing to watch. Where can you find 2 good looking men going for a beautiful gal…..only in Kdramaland. 🙂

    Jung Kyung Ho’s character suits him, some charm he has. Going to catch up with his other dramas/movies.

  40. 40 : the truth Says:

    The main male character is downright verbally abusive. I can’t wait for him to transform himself into a better man after episode 2. The main casting members are doing great job. The storyline is interesting. It is a good drama overall. 5 stars!

  41. 41 : Dy.K Says:

    Definitly continue to watch. First its on my watch list because of the lead both male n female (IMHO..the female lead always into her role, heroine or villaine).
    Now after few episode….i like how this drama goes. The romance..the intrigue…and the normal hairstyle after 2 eps :p . When the male lead act like cold bloded businessman, its hard to take it serious with that kind of hairstyle (Just saying…).

  42. 42 : g14 Says:

    Come “monday” please!!
    i must watch this drama and i can’t wait to watch this drama…but…i just can download this tomorrow…hufz…
    l always like kim so yeon whether she plays good or bad character.
    First, i watched her in all about eve n liked her so much though she was antagonis..
    Then, i liked her so so so much in prosecutor princess.
    Since then, i always look for her drama.
    so..i’m so curious after reading the comment of viewers

  43. 43 : g14 Says:

    Come “monday” please!!
    i must watch this drama and i can’t wait to watch this drama…but…i just can download this drama tomorrow…hufz…
    l alwways like kim so yeon whether she plays good or bad character.
    First, i watched her in all about eve n liked her so much though she was antagonis..
    Then, i liked her so so so much in prosecutor princess.
    Since then, i always look for her drama.
    so..i’m so curious after reading the comment of viewers.

  44. 44 : g14 Says:

    !How to download this drama in indonesian subtitle and full screen.
    Is there any video of this drama in youtube??
    Kim so yeon…do your best!
    i want your drama, again, be my favourite drama like all about eve and prosecutor princess…

  45. 45 : OK OK OK Says:

    1st 5-10 mins – so funny
    Lead actor ask the ajumma to lie on him in bed hospital and he get scolded for that.

    I don’t mind (just joking) if a handsome man ask me to do that but he is wearing a patient’s uniform – Will think he got mental problem.

    Even if he is not in patient’s uniform – I won’t do it. ha ha
    Crazy guyt !!! 🙂

  46. 46 : OK OK OK Says:

    watch up to ep 4 – not bad. Will continue to watch 🙂

  47. 47 : Sandy Says:

    I am so loving this drama….too bad that both Viki and Drama Fever for some reason are taking their sweet time to air English subs 🙁 I have paid subscription in both…but I’m not sure why….the drama is great!!! Both male leads are great actors and very handsome!! They both played in Cruel City. Looking forward for more of this drama!!!

  48. 48 : g14 Says:

    I have just watched first episode..and i like it do much.
    i’ll try to write in korean language…
    nomu nomu chuwa…
    first epsd is good…
    now, i am watching episode 2…

  49. 49 : g14 Says:

    I have just watched first episode..and i like it do much.
    i’ll try to write in korean language…
    nomu nomu chuwa…
    first epsd is good…
    now, i am watching episode 2…
    Good good good…kim so yeon plays in this drama better than in i need romance

  50. 50 : queens Says:

    Debaakk… first 2 episode was hook me up.. continue to watch next episode…

  51. 51 : violet.viol Says:

    Love the story line, very touching, i hope will be happy ending……

  52. 52 : g14 Says:

    First two episodes are amazing…make me look for it all the time today.
    I have just watched episode 2 ..and i impatiently watch episode 3 & 4

  53. 53 : Jm Says:

    Just finished ep 4. Daebakkkkk.

    That fight was EPIC hahahahaa i laughed sooo hard. Cute KMH. Love him even moreeeee. Cant wait for next week. Sob sob. JKH is such a great actor! He can be a cool cold gangster. He can also be a funny charming and soft hearted person. Every role suits him perfectly. Omoooo omooooo. Nomu nomu chuwaaa

  54. 54 : stela Says:

    Just watched ep 4, cant wait for ep5 and 6, this drama is so good, lol

  55. 55 : JM Says:

    highly recommended drama !!
    Very entertaining. I love all the outfit KMH wears in this drama
    He even look so good in hospital pijama hahahahhaa

  56. 56 : Adeul Says:

    There are two actors named Jung Kyung Ho in this drama. They’re both credited in the lead. I’m deducing from the synopsis, one character will die and the other the recipient of his heart (??)

    Will Joon Hee be behind detective Jung Kyung Ho’s death? He wants Soon Jung and as the third wheel in the love triangle what better reason for his downfall than Soon Jung’s discovery that the love of her life’s demise was instigated by Joon Hee.

    If I’m right, it is all too predictable. I like the cast though. So I’m in. Lol!

  57. 57 : Adeul Says:

    Correction: Jin Goo is the the detective. I mistook him for Jung Kyung Ho. My prediction’s falling apart already. Ah well.

  58. 58 : the truth Says:

    This drama is awesome. The storyline is very interesting. I love the lead actor and actress! They are great! 5 stars!

  59. 59 : Adeul Says:

    Its a bit like “The Greatest Love”. Dokko Jin got a new heart that pounded where Ae Jung’s song was playing. Lol.

  60. 60 : tyrahalim Says:

    Just done watching episode 2…gonna watch episode 3 & 4 very soon…love this drama… ♥♥♥

  61. 61 : Dy.K Says:

    Omo..omo…”Pick it Up” where the corporate serial killer make a scene in eps 3-4, i LoL. I hope writer-nim always make Kang-gun a funny scene each episode. Like the hospital scene, the watch scene, how he bravely face the knife threat but end up cringe because of relief his was unwounded and then beat the thug with his shoes :-D. I like when JKH acts hillarious with his flat expression.

  62. 62 : JM Says:

    Falling For JKH ….. Wakkkkkk

  63. 63 : g14 Says:

    Falling for jung kyung hoo..waaaahhhh he plays well when he’

  64. 64 : g14 Says:

    Falling for jung kyung hoo..waaaahhhh he plays well when he’s arrogant and funny.
    he’s so cute..
    always like kim so yeon…
    finish ep 3…
    Must watch ep 4..
    Though the story line reminds the other dramas before,the greatest love etc (about heart transplant) but it is very good..
    it must be watched…daebak…
    i hope it will be good till the end/last episode

  65. 65 : queens Says:

    I have done wached episode 4, this drama really good, High recommended. laugh,cry, never bored me with story line. Keep waiting & wanting episode 5

  66. 66 : g14 Says:

    I laughed n cried in episode 4…
    Jung kyung ho…daebak oppa…
    your acting is total…
    Though i have never seen your drama before, i like you here so much…
    you make this drama interesting…
    I watch Two weeks again because i want to see kim so yeon again…
    kim so yeon…all about eve,prosecutor princess,and falling for innocence are the most favourite drama. You always play different character in your drama. VERY GOOD…
    Like jung kyung hoo & kim so yeon…
    do your best till the last episodes

  67. 67 : sara Says:

    this drama is so good i love the lead male

  68. 68 : cool1korea Says:

    I only watch two episods, but I really enjoy watching it hope it will be good till the last epsiode as the first two episodes (fighting*****)

  69. 69 : JM Says:

    Love love FFI.

  70. 70 : g14 Says:

    Ep 1-5…love love love…
    this drama makes me browsing internet just to know all about falling for innocence…
    It makes me impatiently watch this drama and rewatch again and again.
    i have finished episode 5 and like it more and more…
    do your best till the last episode kim so yeon & jung kyung ho..

  71. 71 : Adektob Says:

    Wow..such a great dramp..love it when he tries to play cool but end up shouting.

  72. 72 : METOO Says:

    i have become k drama fans since “secret garden” the first time i saw hyun bin, omooooo… like him so much like falling in love with hyun bin.. … and until nowwww! i get the same feeling again with this lead actor… jung kyung hoo… whoaaaa extremely hot and cool… he can acts like bad boy and also on the other side so sweet and cute…

    after i saw the trailer “FFI”… before the very first episode aired, i searched for his other drama and found his drama heartless city and yes true… he is very charming… VERY !

    but i didnt manage to finish endless love which he second the lead (only watched till ep 9) ha ha
    because of the comments that he will not end up with HJE… and i dont like the male actor ryu so young … i dont like him… sorry

  73. 73 : ana Says:

    I agree with metoo..
    jung kyung ho’s character is like hyun bin’s character in secret garden….
    he’s arrogant, funny, childish, smart n cute at same time…
    it’s first time for me watching Jkh’s drama and love him here…
    succes…do the best

  74. 74 : Dy.K Says:

    Dear Min Ho-ssi…if you fall for Soon Jung for real, will your brain be okay with it… “A little?” maybe he’ll reply. 😀
    Well nope i don’t think sooo. Seeing how he scream to refused reality…or my fav part was when SJ give him a Monalisa Smile, i don’t which shocked him more. The reality part or finally he get Miss Smile’s smile.
    But sadly about JH, i just want to pat his back and say “It’s okay, just don’t go to jail”. Hoping he never kill somebody,and will realized somehow before everything to late. Like his crush to SJ.

  75. 75 : Metoo Says:

    Totally hotttt this guy…. JKH

  76. 76 : willing Says:

    Nice drama, hope can get good rate.

  77. 77 : Loving Says:

    Loving this Drama
    What is that song that Ma Dong Wook sang for Soon Jung in episode 1?
    Also the music that music that plays from Kang Min Ho’s phone in episode 4?

  78. 78 : Georgina Says:

    First time I watch KSY & JKH’s drama & totally falling for FFI. KSY is one of the actresses with sweet feature & JKH is so cute eating lollipop. FFI fighting 🙂

  79. 79 : Vicki Says:

    This is a very sweet romantic drama. I am totally in love with it. The lead actor Jung Kyung Ho is a handsome, talented man. He is so natural and captivating. He is 100 times better than Hyun Bin ( sorry I don’t see Hyun Bin as a handsome man- his lastest drama Hyde, Jerkyll and I was terrible) The lead actress is very attractive and she acts really well too. These two leads have become my favorite. Jung Kyung Ho should have been noticed more for his talent. He is awesome! He is on the top 5 best Korean actors to me.

  80. 80 : jhv Says:

    best drama everrrrr!!

  81. 81 : Metoo Says:

    I am so in lovee with this drama …. 😍😍😍 why soo many good looking actor in Korea? 😀😀😀😀
    Agree with vicky (79) ….😀 btw vicky. Who are the top 5 best korean actors of yours?

  82. 82 : amaal Says:

    why the eng sub for jtbc drama always late

  83. 83 : Metoo Says:

    Yeah. I want to ask the same question too like what amaal asked.
    But anyways i feel thankful and grateful finally the sub has come after a few days.
    After finished watching ep 8. This drama is daebak really
    How come JKH is soooo good looking. And all his wardrobe is perfecty suits him. Ckckckckck 😚😚😚😚😚

  84. 84 : Audrey Says:

    This drama is really good
    I’ve never watch JKH drama
    But now I think he’s cool and good looking and very good actor
    Love this drama so much

  85. 85 : vie Says:

    I’m falling in love with this drama ^^
    can’t wait for Friday and Saturday….

  86. 86 : rislina Says:

    First time i see JKH in FFI he’s act like my favorite actor Hugh Grant.
    When he act with pursed lip, when he walked, but I don’t mind, because he became so cool.

  87. 87 : stela Says:

    Just finished watching ep8, cant wait for the next episode! KSY is so pretty and elegant. She and JKH really look great together.

  88. 88 : Vicki Says:

    @ Metoo (# 81 ) There are so many great Korean actors and my favorite ones may not be yours but here are those that I like
    1. Jang Dong Gun
    2. Oh Ji Ho
    3. Ji Sung
    4. Kim Soo Hyun
    5. Jung Kyung Ho
    6. Kim Jae Won
    7. Choi Jin Hyuk
    9. Kim Jae Joong
    10. Cha Seung Won
    11. Kang Ji Hwan
    12. Jo In Sung
    13. Park Yoo Chun
    14. Eric Moon
    15. Lee Joon

    How about your list ? 🙂

  89. 89 : rairamegumi Says:

    Minho falls in love to Soonjung because of dongwook’s heart…I think so

    then maybe in the end minho will get new heart but still in love with soonjung…

    #I’ve just realized that JKJ is sooyoung’s boyfriend…lol

  90. 90 : Eeziahk Says:

    This drama is really nice ! Totally recommended ! Both lead actor and actress did a great job. their chemistry is something unbelievable <3

  91. 91 : Metoo Says:

    Whoaaa daebakkk vicky. Great list!!
    Some of your faves are my fave too
    Jisung. Yoochun. Jo In Sung. Kang Ji Hwan of course. Haha.
    Cha seung won yess. Kim Jae Won hoaaa love him May Queen.
    Others not on your list are: so ji sub. Lee seunggi. Jung Il Woo. Kim Woo Bin. Ji Chang Wook the Healer

    Haha. So happy that i can share this with you hihi.

    But now i have a very huge crush on JKH hahahaha

  92. 92 : Metoo Says:

    Korean drama is addictive

  93. 93 : Vicki Says:

    To Metoo ( # 91) I like Jung II Woo! I totally forgot him.He is a very good and charming actor. I watched him in Flower Boy-Ramen Shop ( he was really cute in it ), The Moon Embraces the Sun, Take Care Lady and The Night Watchman’s journal ( he was great but the drama lost me ) Lee Seung Gi is another great actor too in The King Two Hearts, The Gu Family book and We are all surrounded that watched him. Kim Woo Bin was in Heirs I think as a second lead. He was good! So Ji Sub, I have not seen his drama. Honestly, there are so many great Korean actors. The list could go on and on. Jung Kyung Ho is a newly discovered great actor to me. I have watched Heartless city and this drama and now quickly move him in my top 5 spot. His charm in this drama caught me. LOL

  94. 94 : Metoo Says:

    Hi again Vicky
    Ya ya haha the list will keep on going if we list it down hahaahhaa. I also like jang hyuk hahahhaha. Remember how annoying his laugh in fated to love you. But it was something different 😅 and its kind of cute.

    Totally agree with the term “newly discovered” for Jung Kyung Ho. 😍😍😍
    Same here. When i first saw FFI trailer i was like “oh mann” 😍😍😍 who is this handsome man. After that i started googling to find more info abt this handsome guy. and then i started cruel city as my first JKH drama while waiting for FFI to air at that time.

    For me. He is a very good actor and very charming. I agree with ur saying that his charm really caught me. Ha ha

    Would be so happy if anyone here wants to share their list of idols. 😀😀

  95. 95 : Vicki Says:

    Hi Metoo,
    I have just finished watching episode 9. Oh, wow. Jung Kyung Ho is to be died for.. LOL. He is so hilarious, charming and charismatic. After this drama he is going to shine. He has been a hidden gem.
    I like Jang Hyuk as well. I watched his latest drama, Shine Or Go Crazy 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of Falling for Innocence ( Falling for JKH ) 😛
    Hope to chat with you later!

  96. 96 : Metoo Says:

    Hello Vickyyy. Yes he is indeed. 😍😍 lets keep on falling in love with this drama or with him??? Haha. Enjoy. Have a great wkend to you.

    Lets catch up again !

  97. 97 : seetee Says:

    Those who like JKH, go watch him in Time Between Dog And Wolf. That was when I first notice him. Another one of his dramas not to be missed is Smile, You. Enjoy!

  98. 98 : JP Says:

    It is indeed a must watch drama. JKH is just simply awesome with his acting and charm. Daebak!

  99. 99 : Metoo Says:

    Thank youu seetee (97) and JP (98)
    I am a big fan of JKH

  100. 100 : 471k Says:

    Jung kyung ho oppa…
    i pray for you get award…you are daebak in this drama. Your acting is outstanding n cool…
    FFI is the first choice in april-may…
    Even, i prefer watching this than other dramas…
    firstly, i watch FFI because of kim so yeon. I still like kim so yeon but then i’m really falling for jung kyung ho…
    Kim so yeon unni…i liked prosecutor princess n all about so much so that i watched your drama iris, dr champ, gourmet…and once again i really love your drama again…
    fighting jung kyung ho oppa n kim so yeon unni…
    I hope the writer makes the story more and more interesting until the last episode and episode will be added 2 episode

  101. 101 : amaal Says:

    i cant believe how low the rating is

  102. 102 : Snow Says:

    I just started watching this drama and all I have to say, don’t let the ratings fool you. This is really a good and interesting drama. I hope the writer keeps the momentum.

  103. 103 : ha na Says:

    Low rating is because it is airred in pay channel tv (jtbc)…
    I don’t care about the rating…
    i just like n love with the story line…
    it’s enough for me to watch it till the end…

  104. 104 : stela Says:

    There’s no dull moment in this drama.. every minute is funny or exciting.

  105. 105 : stela Says:

    If you want more of JKH, watch Cruel City. YHM also co-stars as his friend in this drama.

  106. 106 : Metoo Says:

    Captain hook hahahahaha. How cute he is ! Just finished ep 10

  107. 107 : Carmarie Says:

    Thank you Stela, I have started to watch Cruel (Heartless) City and so far it is a good drama.

  108. 108 : Metoo Says:

    Jung kyung ho aka kang min ho. Really canttt resist your persona. 😍

  109. 109 : me Says:

    What’s matter with the rating?
    Why does the rating go down??????
    Among all drama aired now, I just watch falling for innocence…
    Even, I prefer watching this than sensory couple…

    best love story, story line, actor and actress…

    Highly recommended to watch

  110. 110 : dallilla Says:

    to “me”
    in episode 11 there’s no gag or comedy like previously episode. we just watch dark scene more than cute romance. That why the rating go down like that T_T

  111. 111 : fourgreenrose Says:

    to @me
    Fully agree. Me too, I watch only this Kdrama. Seems that the Korean screen writes have a decline for the moment.

    to @dallila
    Dramas with high ratings are daily dramas, but for me those dramas are really boring. The ratings doesn’t matter for me.

  112. 112 : dallilla Says:

    to fourgreenrose

    o..o.. that right chingu, daily drama always get high rating.
    But sometimes i’m boring watching drama from national television,
    i think cable TV has great story with great cast.
    I don’t thing rating is the general indicator.
    We must read the synopsis, watch first and second episode to know that drama worth watching.
    But, every person have different favorite
    What’s your favorite chingu?

  113. 113 : me Says:

    I’m glad to see high rating episode 12…

    First, i’m interested to watch it because of kim so yeon. I like her in all about eve, prosecutor princess, two weeks, dr champ, gourmet…

    then now, i’m really falling in love with this drama…
    i love how jung kyung ho acts as kang min ho..
    i also like how the writer combines the story of love and work…
    that is very good, touching, romantic, funny, sad…
    and falling for innocence is the first choice of all dramas airred now

  114. 114 : Runaway_Ryuki Says:

    I love kim so yeon since I watched “I need Romance 3″… can’t wait for the next episode…

  115. 115 : Dy.K Says:

    Oh well most of us never bother about ratings anyways…Even though the rating in ep 11 free fall, but i still like eps 11-12. Maybe it lack of rom-com scene but surely it still had some of good scene.
    Like in eps 11 where MH lines to JH “I escape from becoming a monster coz of her, but you on your way becoming a monster coz of her”. Sooo deep Kang-gun, love it.
    I also like a scene in eps 12 where MH had a conversation with his dad, made me meek right there.
    Looking forward to eps 13, since it seems like now Hermia off from crisis. Maybe it will focus on MH n SJ relationship while reveal DW murder. Counting on your power Writer-nim!!!

  116. 116 : Carmen Says:

    Please stop talking about the rating, we all know how good this drama is…lets talk about the drama, that way maybe more people will watch this great drama, it is my favorite righ now….ok on episode 12, JH try to make MH like tha bad guy, do to the hearth transplant…but I think he will make them more closed to eachother…well time will tell waiting desperate for episode 13-14 and today is only Monday…OMG OMG OMG

  117. 117 : vie Says:

    I don’t care about the ratings but I do care about the story that the writer wants to show us. from the start until now ep 12, my love continuously growth for this story, also JKH and KSJ character. Now, there is only 4 episodes more, and deep in my heart I don’t want this drama to end…because I already gonna miss it.

  118. 118 : metoo Says:

    Totally agree, please don’t see drama by the rating, if its click on you then we don’t care about rating right?

    every lines that KMH said was just so cool… agree with DYK that said “I escape from becoming a monster coz of her, but you on your way becoming a monster coz of her”.
    SO COOL HUH? oh loveee

    at the moment FFI is my most fave drama… the second is sensory couple, also nice to watch 🙂

  119. 119 : Vicki Says:

    My mood has been ruined by two comments from Dramafever about Min Ho may be dead at the end because of what Soon Jung’s narrative voice for the scene at the garden when she was with Min Ho. I have just rewatched the scene and there is nothing she said about missing that day with him unless the translation from Korean to English was left out for that part. She said ” Looking back to that day, it was actually their first date ” The theme of this drama is about redeemption, character growth/transformation-pole shifting from badness to goodness. Miracles of how human heart, soul and mind work together to achieve that higher form as human being. If he dies, it defeats the purpose of everything this drama has shown us. If he dies then what? Joon Hee, who reprensents the evilness will live on? What is the point of living life in a decent way then at the end everything comes to nothing? Evilness will triumph over goodness? Min Ho has to live as the proof all all the miracles, what he has done to change his life to show us that is possible.
    I really dislike the pessimistic outlook. Someone really knows how to sabotage the mood. Argh.. Sorry. So frustrating because you feel like you have invested your hope in this such great drama only to have doubts about the ending. Argh..Help!

  120. 120 : metoo Says:

    omg i really hope this drama ends with happy ending…. please please

    nice thoughts Vicky… thanks

  121. 121 : ptaengta04 Says:

    I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!! it will be in my top dramas list^^ JKH never dissapointed!^^

  122. 122 : Faye Says:

    Just wanted to clarify something. EP 11 ratings went down bc it was Parents Day in Korea and that’s a Public Holiday. Ratings went down for some of the dramas as well.

  123. 123 : rairamegumi Says:

    I have a thought that maybe Minho will not dead in the end…maybe they will give a new heart for Minho, so even with the new heart he will still love soonjung…but it’s lil bit cliche…lol

  124. 124 : abigail Says:

    I think this drama very recommended to watched. ..
    an interested and so funny…
    all cast is good actor and actress
    aakhh daebakk..
    I waiting for next episoDe
    I think this drama is happy ending ^^

  125. 125 : Dy.K Says:

    After watched trailer for ep 15..i’m just hoping for my own sanity that this drama will have a happy ending. And those (sad) rumour will only stay as rumour in order to keep us sit on the edge of our seats while watch 2 last eps.
    I’m begging you writer-niimmm please give us happy ending. Consider SJ already lost DW in order to keep MH alive through this time. IF I REALLY NEED a sad ending i wouldn’t watch THIS funny, romantic, well writen drama. Maybe i just should rewatch those drama whose those 3 lead cast died tragicly in Bali or maybe those 2 couple/siblings who died in Autumn season. Well at least all of the lead cast went to the same world in the end.
    I hope it really end happily because the writer care enough to put sunflower in the story, which symbol of happiness ang longevity.

  126. 126 : xfictious Says:

    @Vicki @metoo:

    If you like So Jisub and Jung Kyungho, you must watch 미안하다 사랑한다(Sorry I love you). SJS is lead and JKH is sublead in this classic piece. and If you guys like JKH you also gotta watch 그대 웃어요(Smile you). 45 episodes of fun, joy and warmth. I can rewatch this on repeat forever.

    As for the movie, I recommend 별빛속으로(For Eternal Heart), and 허브(Herb). If you like violence 폭력써클(Gangster High) and 거북이 달린다(Running Turtle). The first three movies you get to watch JKH’s baby face.

    His latest movie Rollercoaster is a great movie, but it’s dry comedy with full of puns and words play, so even with translation I’m not sure if you’ll get much out of it.

  127. 127 : beb9525 Says:




  128. 128 : Metoo Says:

    @126 xfictious

    Thank you very much for yr recommendations. Really appreciate it 😘
    Really fall in love with his character here in FFI 😍😍 everything in him is just simply perfect! Haha his voice , his smile (soo cutee) his eyes, his hair everything just look perfect!

  129. 129 : yanita Says:

    love this drama so much…cant believe it will near to the end.

  130. 130 : Audrey Says:

    I hope that KMH will not die in the end
    Pls let them be together with happy ending
    KMH and KSJ

  131. 131 : MMJ Says:

    cant you contiue this drama till 20 or 24 maybe.. Please…..
    i hate for it to to finish so early…
    pleaseeeee dont finisg yet…
    🙁 🙁

  132. 132 : MMJ Says:

    I think this is the best drama on 2015 for now…i’ve watch a lot like KMHM, HJ&M, HEALER.. but i think this drama is the best.. though i know each drama has its own quality and uniqueniss..

  133. 133 : Metoo Says:

    Kang min hooo. Your angel smile. How perfectly handsome u are.
    Jung kyung ho … The character of KMH suits u really well
    So saddddd falling for innocence come to its end. Huaaaaaa

    I want more of JKH pleaseee

  134. 134 : Vicki Says:

    The preview of episode 16 makes me nervous for the ending of this drama. He gotta live otherwise I will never watch any Korean romance genre drama again. So this message for the writer : if you twist the ending and make us suffer with sad ending, I will come to Korea to track you down!! 😛

  135. 135 : CoolBeans Says:

    The drama is excellent with a good mix of comedy, romance and suspense! It is never boring. The ratings should be higher.

  136. 136 : metoo Says:

    hahahha Vicky… cool! yeay….!
    yes, he gotta live … write nim, HE GOTTA LIVE!!
    its sooo very unfair if u make him die at the end… not fairr not fairrr… why dont u just make joonhee die instead of him… hahahhahah

  137. 137 : metoo Says:

    so nervous … can’t wait for tonight…

  138. 138 : metoo Says:

    anyone watch producer? how how???

  139. 139 : vie Says:

    Please don’t end so fast huhuhuhuhu……..

  140. 140 : naisy Says:

    Yes i have watched also HJM, Healer, KMHM, this is better. I think the lead actor Min Noo did a good job. He is very sincere with his love towards Sun Joong, it is really felt, his eyes very expressive, and when he cries it melts my heart.. He’s good in comedy also. Very versatile actor. A perfect pair here, lead actress good job also!!!

  141. 141 : luvKdramas Says:

    Falling for Innocence…….love this drama, two thumbs up!!! Great casts, outstanding acting and so does the script. Thanks for the memorable 16 hours. Hats off to Jung Kyung Ho, Kim So Yun and Yoon Hyun Min. Will be waiting for your upcoming projects! Don’t keep us waiting too long.

    Jung Kyung Ho you are an amazing actor, you leave lasting impressions!! Thank you,

  142. 142 : RunawayRyuki Says:

    Best drama of the year… JKH,.. You are amazing lead actor, you leave lasting and memorable impression,.. This drama is much much much better than KMHM, healer,… Great ending, nice story, interesting plot, great chemistry to all cast,.. Woowwwwa… Daebak!!! Thanks to the writer,.. Cant wait for the next project drama,..

  143. 143 : dorie Says:

    Great drama, great ending and kudos to the writer. JKH, one of my fave Korean actors, very versatile. Loved him since Smile You, since then, I watch all his shows.

  144. 144 : Dy.K Says:

    Besttttt drama of 2015! (So far) Best acting from our lead actor. I’m sorry to say this Kim So Yoon Eoni your acted so well…but in this drama JKH shines brighter…maybe its just because the story highlighted on his company.
    Hoping a few years ahead there will be a reunion between this cast and crew. BRAVO.

  145. 145 : naisy Says:

    Yes i agree.. The lead actor is eating them all alive in terms of acting.. each and every scene, a very sincere actor, very professional in his craft!! He made me cry and made me laugh in this drama!! Omg! His talent and charisma overflowing! The best actor so far i have ever seen in Korea! Can’t wait to see him again in another drama!!!

  146. 146 : Metoo Says:

    Masih mau liat JKH dehhh. Handsomenya luar biasa diaaa dan suaranya entah mengapa sangat enak didengar. Sangat khas dibandingkan dengan para k actors lainnya. Dan aduh pertama kalinya naksir berat begini sama lead actor lohhh.

    His acting was sooo very natural. His jokes. His laughter. His charisma. He is evrything. I like his style so muchhh. Wewww

  147. 147 : Luzzieh Says:

    So, what happened to his heart? can someone help elaborate?

  148. 148 : g14 Says:

    i had ever fallen for kim joo won (hyun bin) in secret garden 2010-2011..

    Oh my god, now I’m falling for jung kyung ho as kang min ho here…

    I love him so so so much…

    He’s perfect here…he acts amazingly…he makes me crazy hahaha

    I love falling for innocence, there are so many things that i can learn here..

    Beautiful words, cool actors/actress, best story make this drama become one of my everlasting favorite dramas.. brilliant legacy, 49 days, prosecutor princess, secret garden, my love from the star, i hear your voice, full house, chun hyang and now falling for innocence

  149. 149 : rairamegumi Says:

    I’m satisfied with this drama…from the beginning till the end, I enjoy it…
    my opinion for last episode…

    I think Minho got a new heart since his body rejected the Dongwook’s heart.

    and I can say even Minho’s heart is not dongwook’s anymore but his love to soonjong didn’t disappear because he loves soonjong because it’s soonjong… as what he said it to sj.

    I like the pace in last ep, even it wasn’t detail but I can create the story in my mind so I think it’s perfect…

    overall, this drama is awesome…

    I need more jung kyung ho in the future…and sooyoung is lucky to have this great man as her boyfriend…this man is so talented and has good acting

  150. 150 : Dy.K Says:

    It’s friday but no more FFI :'( Still hard to move on. Is it too greedy if i ask for special episode Writer-nim?? Not the special one with edited scene that never been aired before, but really eps 17.

  151. 151 : me Says:

    Miss you jung kyung hoo (kang min ho) and his story..

  152. 152 : raionkisaki Says:

    Even if there was some sad scenes, but I can say I laughed more when I watch this than any other drama.
    Love Jung Kyung Ho, his acting as Kang Min Ho is really good.
    I love the the scene at episode 14. When Kang Min Ho is President Crazy after Soon Jung quits. It was realllllly funny it was so good. I did felt sorry for Kang Min Ho but still can’t help to laugh.
    Before The drama started, I did think, “Would they suit each other, would there be chemistry between the two?”
    But they look good together!
    Love Jung Kyung Ho!!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153 : kdrama freak Says:

    was it a good ending? anybody can advise?

  154. 154 : rowens Says:

    I’m choosy when it comes to watching kdramas. I only watch dramas from 3 big networks (sbs, kbs and mbc) but this is one is exceptional! The story is so romantic, funny and sooooo heartwarming!…you’ll fall with inlove with the lead man!

  155. 155 : Sanoiro Says:

    I’ll be watching this soon. The main reason behind the decision is not the comments here but Jung Kyung Ho. Most Kdrama fans usually pick your standard 16 episode or 20 episode dramas but never dare to pick something with more. Since Smile You (45 episodes) I fell in love with the whole cast. They were superb, top of the top so when I see an actor playing somewhere else I rarely think it twice. For those who loved Jung Kyung Ho I’d highly recommend to go a bit back in time and watch Smile You.

  156. 156 : me Says:

    Miss you kang min hoo…
    all scenes of jung kyung hoo are awesome, daebak, best…

    i miss min hoo n soon jung… so romantic..their chemistry waa great..

    i miss the battle & the fight between min hoo n joon hee…cool

    i miss min hoo n ma dong wook’s father.. funny, good

    i miss min hoo (captain hook) n na ok hyun (wendy) n tinker bell…i like them.. so funny but cool

    i miss min hoo n oh woo sik…their chemistry was great

    I got all the feelings here…happy, sad, funny, conflict, romance…

    thanks the writer for making a best story n best casts

    FFI is the best

  157. 157 : putri Says:

    I love this drama… :* FFI is daebak…

  158. 158 : debbie Says:

    From now on i will be a fan of kim so yeon and jung kyung ho;)

  159. 159 : gia Says:

    The casts’ acting was so natural…

    I hope there will be falling for innocence session 2 with the same casts…

    miss you all..
    miss this drama so much

    Writer nim…is it your first script writing??
    It is the best

  160. 160 : ana Says:

    I see jung kyung ho for the first time here…

    but i like him so much…

    How to vote jung kyung ho in korean award??

    I will choose him

    i like kim so yeon too…
    yoo hyun min oppa…you’re good too here

  161. 161 : choopatiu Says:

    acting was good but for me the chemistry between the leads was a bit off,the female lead was too old for her role,it would be better if she was younger than the actors.no offense meant.

  162. 162 : Itsuka Says:

    Whoa.. It’s really great drama.. Watch it..

  163. 163 : ana Says:

    Ceritanya bagus dan dibawakan dengan bagus, baik dan apik oleh semua pemainnya membuat drama ini jadi drama terfavoritku.
    Drama pertama yg tayang di tv kabel yg paling kusuka..
    drama pertama aku lihat jung kyung ho dan wow ku liat jung kyung di video ost smile you dan cruel city sebelumnya tapi ku kira dia paling keren dan cakep di falling for innocence ini.
    aku suka min ho dengan soon jung, joon hee, dong wook, woo sik, ok hyun, ma tae suk, dr. Jo, ayahnya…ku dapat semua feel nya.
    aku suka min ho saat marah-marah, saat lucu, saat keren saat d kantor…he’s so charismatic…

  164. 164 : ana Says:

    I have just watched kyung ho oppa’s new movie AMOR… I really want to watch it…
    i think i really love him because of her role in falling for innocence…
    i want to know him more and more…
    and i wanna watch his drama

    all scenes of falling for innocence are trapped in my mind…

  165. 165 : Pia Says:

    I love this drama!! JKH was fantastic, charismatic, stylish, cute and everything possible!!

    Can anyone tell me JKH fashion in this drama.. Where did he get them from!!

  166. 166 : ana Says:

    That’s right…
    everything that min ho wears is good and suits him so much….
    Kang min ho’s fashion when he is bad in ep 1-4 depicts his character then his fashion changes when he changes into good and warm man…

    all the best…. jung kyung hoo…

  167. 167 : Korean Drama Review FFI | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Falling for innocence (2015) 為純情著迷 […]

  168. 168 : kenzobella Says:

    I love this drama..
    I love Jung Kyung Ho, hope to see you again soonest ^^

  169. 169 : Autumn Grace Says:

    Quite good drama. 🙂

  170. 170 : ana Says:

    Miss this drama…
    miss you, kang min ho… his smile, his voice, his childish and even his arrogance…

    it’s my favourite drama in 2015…it just got low rating

  171. 171 : hana Says:

    i hope there will be falling for innocence 2…

    Why isn’t jung kyung hoo nominated in 2015 korean drama award??

    He is the one lead actor who makes me fall in love…

    I even love jung kyung hoo more than joo won in yong pal though yong pal gets high rating now

  172. 172 : Rose T Says:

    I just finished watching this drama and I totally LOVED it. It made me cry, laugh and believe that miracles do happen, and redemption is possible depending on the choices you make.

    I was so touched by the character reversals of the two male leads, and how good was their acting. Both showed great depth to their characters. I was apprensive that the ending would be tragic. Quite honestly, I expected it to be so. But, luckily, the writer did not disappoint me. Because in the end GOOD triumphed over EVIL.

  173. 173 : kdrama Says:

    this drama is go good 😀

  174. 174 : g14 Says:

    Let’s vote this drama…

    I loves this more than other dramas in 2015

  175. 175 : 47ik Says:

    there are jung kyung hoo and kim so yeon as cameo in web drama HIGH END CRUSH

    I Like it…

  176. 176 : gia Says:

    Jung kyung ho oppa is playing one more happy ending now…
    and kim so yeon unni is going to play happy home, but

    why do you choose long episode drama so yeon unni?

    I have loved you since I saw you in all about eve, since then, i always find your new drama.
    I watched prosecutor princess & falling for innocence, and I like these drama so much. I also watch dr champ, two weeks, and Iris because of you..

    But, for long episode drama, happy mom… i want to watch it, but it’s too long…

  177. 177 : KSY_Rimah Says:

    This drama surprised me,damn!I love Min ho and Kim’s character..those who does’nt have nice to say about this drama,you guyz better shut ur fuking mouth coz no matter what u say?still,THIS DRAMA IS ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA THAT IS WORTH WATCHING,for me!just saying …am Happy watching diz drama,one of my Fav along gong pal 🙂

  178. 178 : KSY_Rimah Says:

    This drama surprised me,damn!I love Min ho and Kim’s character..those who does’nt have nice to say about this drama,you guyz better shut ur fuking mouth coz no matter what u say?still,THIS DRAMA IS ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA THAT IS WORTH WATCHING,for me!just saying …am Happy watching diz drama,one of my Fav along, yong pal 🙂

  179. 179 : Download Drama Korea The Heirs Subtitle Indonesia Paket Hemat | Filmdramaku.com Says:

    […] Falling for Innocence […]

  180. 180 : ... Says:

    Where can i watch this

  181. 181 : silverswan Says:

    Great drama, good story, credit to the one who made the great story

  182. 182 : Sophie jaejoong Says:

    I just finished to watch this drama till the end. It’s also a drama that I watch like maraton style. 😂 16 in 3 days (it would be 2 days if I didn’t go to office)
    Well, I really recommend this drama to watch. It’s not the new drama. It’s drama in 2015 but it’s worth to watch.
    In the beginning maybe you’ll feel little bit bored but keep watch it! I am sure you gonna fall in love with Kang Min Ho. He is totally crazy and funny. I just can’t move on everytime I finish korean drama.
    I don’t really know Jung Kyung Ho for the first time (I just remember that he was playing as the 2nd male lead with Lee Jung Ki in Time Between Dog and wolf in 2007) and I didn’t pay attention when I see him for the first time, but after I watched this drama, I can say that he is one of the best korean actor. His acting is perfect. His expression and his crazy funny face. I just can’t forget him. I am looking forward for his another drama. ^^

  183. 183 : cutiebarbie Says:

    Not to bad… Love JKH
    A bit confused in the beginning but after ep 5 it become interesting to watch

  184. 184 : Dorama Says:

    This is one of my top 3 favourite dramas (alongside Healer and The King of High School Life Conduct). I was never bored while watching it and every time the title song came out after the episode I was thrilled to watch the next one. It is a must see!

    I highly recommend this great drama to everyone who dislikes nuisance second female (who is obsessed with the main male actor but do not know why exactly), kissing like statues, annoying aunts, side characters without their own personality and second male lead who binds shoe-laces of the lead actress but ends unhappy. So to everyone who had enough of the typical drama twists. 😀

    If you think of watching this drama dont think twice and try it. You will not regret it. 😉

  185. 185 : jummy Says:

    How can I watch this drama

  186. 186 : Kay Says:

    This is a cute drama, though a bit slow at times. Jung Kyung Ho is fantastic as always 🙂

  187. 187 : Kay Says:

    Falling for Innocence is a decent drama. A bit slow at times, but an interesting story. Jung Kyung Ho was fantastic of course 🙂

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