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Title: 신의 / Faith
Chinese Title: 信義 / 神醫
Also Known as: The Great Doctor
Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Medical
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-13 to 2012-Oct-30
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama shows the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.

Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior.


Main Cast

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young
Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo
Yoo Oh Sung as Ki Cheol
Lee Philip as Jang Bin
Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min
Park Se Young as Princess Nogook

Supporting Cast

Sung Hoon as Cheon Eum Ja
Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In
Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin
Baek Gwang Doo as Baek Choong Suk
Kim Jong Moon as Oh Dae Man
Jung Yoo Chan as Joo Suk
Kang Chang Mook as Deol Bae
Yoon Kyun Sang as Deok Man
Kim Soo Yun as Deo Gi
Kim Mi Kyung as Court lady Choi
Kwon Min as Ahn Do Chi
Park Yoon Jae as Duk Heung (the king’s uncle)


Choi Won Hong as Kyung Chang (King Choong Jung)
Oh Jae Moo as Lee Sung Gye
Lee Sook as Man Bo Sibling
Song Kyung Chul as Man Bo Sibling
Song Min Hyung as Lee Je Hyun
Kim Hyung Jong as Lee Saek
Park Jin Soo (박진수) as Shin Bi Geosa
Ji Yoon Ho as Ji Ho
Choi Chang Yub as Si Wool
Lee Soo as Ahn Jae
Choi Min Soo as Moon Chi Hoo (Leader of Crescent Moons)
Kim Hyo Sun as Mae Hee
Ahn Jae Wook as Eun-Soo’s ex-boyfriend (ep.1)
Park Hwi Soon as Eun Soo’s second man
Oh Kwang Rok as fortune teller
Oh Hyun Chul as King Choong Hye
Park Sang Won as Yuan Envoy / Son Yoo (ep 19)
Kim Tae Han

Production Credits

Production Company: KIMJONGHAK Production
Director: Kim Jong Hak
Screenwriter: Song Ji Na

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-13 1 12.2 (9th) 13.8 (5th) 9.4 (16th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-08-14 2 11.8 (9th) 13.1 (7th) 10.3 (9th) 11.4 (7th)
2012-08-20 3 13.4 (10th) 15.8 (5th) 10.3 (17th) 11.6 (10th)
2012-08-21 4 13.2 (8th) 15.5 (5th) 11.5 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2012-08-27 5 12.9 (11th) 14.5 (6th) 10.6 (16th) 11.6 (13th)
2012-08-28 6 13.1 (10th) 14.8 (8th) 12.2 (14th) 13.5 (13th)
2012-09-03 7 12.3 (8th) 13.9 (7th) 9.8 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2012-09-04 8 12.6 (11th) 13.9 (7th) 11.0 (12th) 12.4 (8th)
2012-09-10 9 11.6 (13th) 12.8 (6th) 11.8 (10th) 13.2 (6th)
2012-09-11 10 11.7 (14th) 13.0 (9th) 11.2 (10th) 11.4 (9th)
2012-09-17 11 11.8 (15th) 13.5 (9th) 10.4 (16th) 11.3 (13th)
2012-09-18 12 11.2 (13th) 12.2 (8th) 10.1 (13th) 11.0 (11th)
2012-09-24 13 10.7 (11th) 12.2 (7th) 9.7 (12th) 10.9 (10th)
2012-09-25 14 10.2 (17th) 11.6 (10th) 9.0 (17th) 9.7 (15th)
2012-10-01 15 11.1 (7th) 12.7 (7th) 9.3 (14th) 9.9 (11th)
2012-10-02 16 9.6 (17th) 10.2 (13th) 9.5 (18th) 9.7 (13th)
2012-10-08 17 13.2 (6th) 14.1 (6th) 10.5 (12th) 11.4 (9th)
2012-10-09 18 11.5 (15th) 13.0 (8th) 9.9 (13th) 10.6 (13th)
2012-10-15 19 9.2 (17th) 10.6 (13th) 8.8 (19th) 9.5 (17th)
2012-10-16 20 10.7 (11th) 11.9 (7th) 9.9 (8th) 10.9 (8th)
2012-10-22 21 10.2 (19th) 11.7 (9th) 9.3 (19th) 10.5 (12th)
2012-10-23 22 9.7 (17th) 11.6 (9th) 8.9 (17th) 10.0 (14th)
2012-10-29 23 9.1 (20th) 10.3 (13th) 8.7 9.7 (15th)
2012-10-30 24 10.5 (16th) 11.4 (11th) 10.1 (14th) 10.9 (13th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Lee Philip injured his eyes during the drama and was forced to have surgery. So they killed his character abruptly after episode 19.


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards (Mini Series), Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Park Se Young (Faith)


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1,549 Responses to “Faith @ The Great Doctor”

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  1. 1501
    mae Says:

    Im not fond of watching historical drama but because im a big fan of lee min ho, iam watching it.well to my surprise it is really indeed a great drama. Im not yet finish watching it but as the story goes on it becomes more and more interesting. I love this drama. Lee min ho still looks husband. He has the charm to make people fall in love.

  2. 1502
    comment Says:

    i am not a fan of L.Min Hoo but i like this series. I think the chemistry between Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo is better than Min Hoo with Park Min Young in City Hunter. Altho I think the portrayal of Eun Soo is a bit “over” at the beginning, she’s already an accomplished, famous surgeon in her 30s… and in the beginning she behaved more like teenagers – very talkative to the point of saying things without thinking, shallow/self-centered and too ‘bubly’…for example, when she walked around -all the time- Choi Young while they were taking a walk in the woods…that gestures remind me of a dog circling his/her owner joyfully when they were taking a walk and the dog was happy being with his/her master…hehe…so i think it’s quite inappropriate behavior to be shown by an accomplished surgeon of 30s…
    anyway, i think both Min Ho and Hee sun did a good job, incl all the entire cast and crew. oh, I like the one who played Dae Man – the character who is fast yet stutters..
    i wonder do they have already “found” or named “tuberculosis” disease those days because it was mentioned ? as well those kinds of period technicalities as such..

  3. 1503
    Deny Says:

    Can anyone tell me whether it is very good as Sungkyunkwan Scandal or you are beautiful? Anyway, is the end the actor and actress meet each other or not? I want to buy it to watch but m not sure whether it is really good drama?

  4. 1504
    Dalin Says:

    I don’t know how to say, but this drama is very very very great drama to me! At first I don’t choose to watch it as I am not really like the type of historical drama. But after I see the trailer, I give my self a chance to watch it when I am free…

    But just start from the ep 1, I was fallen in love deeply with the great characteristic of Choi Young. He is such best of the best men in this world. His honest eye, innocent feeling tear my eye every time I see him…. A men who never care about his life but just for protect the king finally fall in love deeply with the women who come from different world and devoting everything for her. I love the way he looks to Eun Soo with his honest eye, and keep protecting her with his life… my tear keep falling every time I saw he use his sword, how he is hurt to protect the king and the women he love in the same time !!!!!!! I don’t know how Lee Min Ho can perform such a great characteristic of Choi Young like this… Thank SBS for providing me such a great story but you know you also make me crazy by watching it again and again around hundred time and I even forget my boyfriend now … I can say that in my heart now has only him, General Choi Young !!! 🙁

  5. 1505
    Lisa Aiko Says:

    I think the chemistry between Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo is better than Min Hoo with Park Min Young in City Hunter.Min Hoo did great job,and Hee Sun too…I never love Min hoo movie before,but,since I watching this movie(faith) I really love them…the story really great…about Korea and their kingdom…that’s great!!I thought that Min Hoo really good and better to be a warrior than a common boy…hehehe…I hope that Korean Cinema will make a Historical Movie again like The Faith…I hope LMH and KHS to be play together again..they are so match each other…Hee Sun is really the great actress too…congratz for them!

  6. 1506
    Budiono Says:

    I love that movie!!The actor,min hoo,and actress,hee sun,are really great!!They are really have a great job to play acting in this movie!!Suddenly I saw the character of a great warrior,Choy Young,really live in the real life because Min Hoo can explore it!!I think Min Hoo succeed to play that character…he really match with Hee SUn…Hee Sun really prove that she was a smart actress…with a sweet smile and a funny gesture she really succeed to play her character…Imja couple are great!!.both of them really match in this movie..congratz for them…and the story..is really great!!The Faith is the best historical movie that I ever seen before…!!

  7. 1507
    fadeke Says:

    saw the whole thing, loved it! Loved Lee Min Ho and the main girl, her character was amazing. I loved everyone in it even the bad guys, killing the pledged sibling at the end seemed kinda forced, but the ending… the ending was amazing!!!! i watch it now and again and just cry!

    the plot was great and the way the story was acted kept me wanting more. i had no idea they had kissed until when they did and a pinning LMH is the best!

  8. 1508
    tncdel Says:

    Good cast except the leading lady. She got on my nerves constantly. Lousy actress, “over-acted” too much. High strung. Reminds me of my mom when she drank too much coffee. Her voice was grating on my ears too. She should have never gotten any leading role.

  9. 1509
    Gbolahan Says:

    I really love dis drama it is well composed . Hmm kudos 2 u guys

  10. 1510
    cchris Says:

    Loved this drama, both leads were wonderful and have great chemistry. Although I was satisfied with the ending I wish they would have had a bit more of what they said to each other or have had what was going on (historical battling) with Choi during that time, that would have made me feel more satisfied. These Korean dramas seem to do that with the ending where it is a bit too abrupt, like they are having another season when they don’t. Although I didn’t mind the magic powers they didn’t really expand on those much. But I guess there was a time portal so whatever. Just started to watch Korean dramas and am hooked, especially that they are more romantic then straight sexual. Overall, Faith is my favor because it has everything and LMH makes an awesome warrior!

  11. 1511
    Ilovefaith Says:

    All faith’s fan!!! You know I do hate Arang and Magistrate’s Fan… They really look down on our Faith and Lee Min Ho… How can they say Faith is not good while Faith is range 2nd better than Arang and Magistate so Far…

  12. 1512
    kemmy Says:

    Lee min hoo is one of the best actor, let me say i really love him in boys over flower ands personal taste. I also like him faith most especially in city hunter. Keep up the good work. But i can see you in I am Sam why, but i believe you are among the casts. One more thing, it alway amazing me the way you dress, your trousers never reach down but it kind of cute. Love you.

  13. 1513
    enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Faith (SBS) The King 2hearts (MBC) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful (SBS) May Queen (MBC) KangChi, The Beginning […]

  14. 1514
    AhMeihKyi Says:

    Love this drama. Both lead were wonderful chemistry. I think Lee Min Ho succeed to play that character. . He really match with Kim Hee Sun. Kim really prove that she was a smart and great actress with a sweet smile, nice voice and funny gesture. She really succeed to play as Eun soo. I hope that korean film will make a historical m0vie again like faith. I hope LMH <3 KHS to play toqether again. They so match each other . . I watch it 5x still im hookd to it. Kudos to all . . . Saranqhae KHS&LMH

  15. 1515
    marilyn Says:

    i feel sorry at first because kang ji hwan is the second choice for this drama but still, lee min ho justifies the role. the only thing, i feel sorry about is that it may be better if kim hee sun’s character knows martial arts, in a way it may add spices at the story, just like yu ri at hong gil dong.

  16. 1516
    nadia Says:

    really like love drama <3 <3

  17. 1517
    Biancafish Says:

    good dram a , MIN HOO is a good actor , not only a handsome gay

  18. 1518
    Issyl Says:

    Its was a awesome drama……i really love all type drama…..good luck and hwaiting Kim Hee Sun…:-)..

  19. 1519
    Deepashika Says:

    I was not a fan of LMH untill I watch faith. it makes me become a big fan of him. it ‘s a really good drama and LMH was exremly greate in general charactor

  20. 1520
    asmara ar rayyah Says:

    wah, salut kagum banget filem nya bener bener seeeru kuadrat

  21. 1521
    faith Says:

    I really like the drama. It was heart touching story. The twists and turn make this interesting. Great songs and music. I felt the chemistry between Min Ho as General Choi Young and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo. The acting was superb too. I was kind irritated with Eun Soo at first, but I finally grew to love her. I think the General also felt the same way at the beginning. There was always something behind the story. The King and Queen also classy.

  22. 1522
    mel Says:

    Lee Min Ho is Gay?

  23. 1523
    marsel Says:

    i watched this drama because KHS. i’m not a fan of LMH and never watch his drama, so the faith is the first 🙂 As Choi young, he is very charismatic Good Job LMH!!

  24. 1524
    KRP Says:

    One of my favourite dramas ever. Such a beautiful picture of love that cares more about the other person than oneself! Wow! How refreshing and wonderful that is to see.

  25. 1525
    rm018 Says:

    Is this worth watching? I’m not into historical drama that’s why I’m asking. But most of the dramas of min ho oppa I’ve already watched them. From BOF, Personal Taste, City Hunter and recently The Heirs.

  26. 1526
    slim Says:

    I love lee min ho in faith but he captured my heart in personal taste,he is a good actor and can play any role as far as I’m concern,I loved his character in city hunter. And I would always love his role in boys over flowers,I don’t really like his look in the heirs but he is still hot. The faith is absolutely amazing and I loved every bit of it especially choi young and eun soo fighting everytime…. Thumbs up lee min hoo and by the way you’re super cute *wink*

  27. 1527
    Priya Bisht Says:

    Lee min ho innaaaa cutee kaise h…

  28. 1528
    Jennifer Sussman Says:

    Please cancel my subscription.

  29. 1529
    Faith Says:

    One of my favorite drama all times. Heart touching. All the actors deserve credits.

  30. 1530
    moonflower Says:

    yeah, i love faith as well. the story is so romantic. Lee Min Ho has so much charisma

  31. 1531
    esther Says:

    I never watch historical drama….I had to watch it because of lee min ho.
    He made a cute couple with kin hee sun

  32. 1532
    glen Says:

    Lee Min Ho deserves a lot of blessings because of his good heart, happy 8th Debut Anniversary. #LMHLucky8

  33. 1533
    Auroma Says:

    Love lee min ho and period drama

  34. 1534
    Joseph Says:

    Wow very interesting, i really love faith. Lee min ho you are the best. So good when we talk about actions

  35. 1535
    dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  36. 1536
    kanthi Says:

    it s another great piece of work by Lee Min Ho…..He is a superb actor. I enjoyed each bit of it except killing scenes. I watched it twice.I am like his aunt but i enjoyed it loads.hope he will come to Sri Lanka one day

  37. 1537
    Raisa Says:

    I just watched Personal Taste, and I noticed that Lee Min-ho’s character ex-girlfriend is named Yoon Eun So and she was going to medical school @ John Hopkins. What a coincidence,

  38. 1538
    jympel Says:

    lee min ho such an exceptional actor. he always just knows what to do. and his smile- omo im captured by him!

  39. 1539
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  40. 1540
    MayaF Says:

    I really really like this drama… Great story.. Great actor…. Amazing!

  41. 1541
    flor Says:

    I love the story of this drama. Very lite.romantic and also funny. I really hope that there will be part 2. I love the character of Choi young.

  42. 1542
    sa ru Says:

    i really liked this drama….love u lee min ho oppa

  43. 1543
    Min Soo Ah At Hyundai Best Dress-up Car Contest 20…Nsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] Faith @ the great doctor » korean drama […]

  44. 1544
    Geneva Says:

    Three years after The Faith was completed, discussion continues. Great story.

  45. 1545
    Faith (2012) (K-Drama) – MiniLo.me Says:

    […] Info: http://www.koreandrama.org/faith-the-great-doctor/ […]

  46. 1546
    Rosario Vampire Season 1 BD Subtitle Indonesia (Selesai) | Cinema123 Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor […]

  47. 1547
    Dog Days Season 2 BD Subtitle Indonesia (Selesai) | Cinema123 Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor […]

  48. 1548
    Joel mkombo Says:

    Really I like the play, Faith, it has really inspired me in acting and producing play and movies I am a big fan of Lee Ho Min ,really I want to meet him one day, if you get this message Mr. Choi young contact me please, big up the Faith team,,,JOEL, from Dar es salaam Tanzania

  49. 1549
    신의 Faith (Korean Drama) - Che-Cheh Says:

    […] no. 2 (source from koreandrama.org): Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a […]

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