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Faith @ The Great Doctor

Title: 신의 / Faith
Chinese Title: 信義 / 神醫
Also Known as: The Great Doctor
Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Medical
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-13 to 2012-Oct-30
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama shows the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.

Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior.


Main Cast

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young
Kim Hee Sun as Yoo Eun Soo
Yoo Oh Sung as Ki Cheol
Lee Philip as Jang Bin
Ryu Duk Hwan as King Gong Min
Park Se Young as Princess Nogook

Supporting Cast

Sung Hoon as Cheon Eum Ja
Shin Eun Jung as Hwa Soo In
Lee Byung Joon as Jo Il Sin
Baek Gwang Doo as Baek Choong Suk
Kim Jong Moon as Oh Dae Man
Jung Yoo Chan as Joo Suk
Kang Chang Mook as Deol Bae
Yoon Kyun Sang as Deok Man
Kim Soo Yun as Deo Gi
Kim Mi Kyung as Court lady Choi
Kwon Min as Ahn Do Chi
Park Yoon Jae as Duk Heung (the king’s uncle)


Choi Won Hong as Kyung Chang (King Choong Jung)
Oh Jae Moo as Lee Sung Gye
Lee Sook as Man Bo Sibling
Song Kyung Chul as Man Bo Sibling
Song Min Hyung as Lee Je Hyun
Kim Hyung Jong as Lee Saek
Park Jin Soo (박진수) as Shin Bi Geosa
Ji Yoon Ho as Ji Ho
Choi Chang Yub as Si Wool
Lee Soo as Ahn Jae
Choi Min Soo as Moon Chi Hoo (Leader of Crescent Moons)
Kim Hyo Sun as Mae Hee
Ahn Jae Wook as Eun-Soo’s ex-boyfriend (ep.1)
Park Hwi Soon as Eun Soo’s second man
Oh Kwang Rok as fortune teller
Oh Hyun Chul as King Choong Hye
Park Sang Won as Yuan Envoy / Son Yoo (ep 19)
Kim Tae Han

Production Credits

Production Company: KIMJONGHAK Production
Director: Kim Jong Hak
Screenwriter: Song Ji Na

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-13 1 12.2 (9th) 13.8 (5th) 9.4 (16th) 10.8 (10th)
2012-08-14 2 11.8 (9th) 13.1 (7th) 10.3 (9th) 11.4 (7th)
2012-08-20 3 13.4 (10th) 15.8 (5th) 10.3 (17th) 11.6 (10th)
2012-08-21 4 13.2 (8th) 15.5 (5th) 11.5 (12th) 12.8 (7th)
2012-08-27 5 12.9 (11th) 14.5 (6th) 10.6 (16th) 11.6 (13th)
2012-08-28 6 13.1 (10th) 14.8 (8th) 12.2 (14th) 13.5 (13th)
2012-09-03 7 12.3 (8th) 13.9 (7th) 9.8 (12th) 10.9 (8th)
2012-09-04 8 12.6 (11th) 13.9 (7th) 11.0 (12th) 12.4 (8th)
2012-09-10 9 11.6 (13th) 12.8 (6th) 11.8 (10th) 13.2 (6th)
2012-09-11 10 11.7 (14th) 13.0 (9th) 11.2 (10th) 11.4 (9th)
2012-09-17 11 11.8 (15th) 13.5 (9th) 10.4 (16th) 11.3 (13th)
2012-09-18 12 11.2 (13th) 12.2 (8th) 10.1 (13th) 11.0 (11th)
2012-09-24 13 10.7 (11th) 12.2 (7th) 9.7 (12th) 10.9 (10th)
2012-09-25 14 10.2 (17th) 11.6 (10th) 9.0 (17th) 9.7 (15th)
2012-10-01 15 11.1 (7th) 12.7 (7th) 9.3 (14th) 9.9 (11th)
2012-10-02 16 9.6 (17th) 10.2 (13th) 9.5 (18th) 9.7 (13th)
2012-10-08 17 13.2 (6th) 14.1 (6th) 10.5 (12th) 11.4 (9th)
2012-10-09 18 11.5 (15th) 13.0 (8th) 9.9 (13th) 10.6 (13th)
2012-10-15 19 9.2 (17th) 10.6 (13th) 8.8 (19th) 9.5 (17th)
2012-10-16 20 10.7 (11th) 11.9 (7th) 9.9 (8th) 10.9 (8th)
2012-10-22 21 10.2 (19th) 11.7 (9th) 9.3 (19th) 10.5 (12th)
2012-10-23 22 9.7 (17th) 11.6 (9th) 8.9 (17th) 10.0 (14th)
2012-10-29 23 9.1 (20th) 10.3 (13th) 8.7 9.7 (15th)
2012-10-30 24 10.5 (16th) 11.4 (11th) 10.1 (14th) 10.9 (13th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


Lee Philip injured his eyes during the drama and was forced to have surgery. So they killed his character abruptly after episode 19.


2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor Awards (Mini Series), Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Lee Min Ho (Faith)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Park Se Young (Faith)


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  1. 1 : tjen_sari Says:

    can’t wait to see…. 🙂

  2. 2 : Kyuwon Says:

    Its Looks like interesting drama. Can’t wait to watch it.

  3. 3 : Kyaw Thurein Win Says:

    보고 싶어 참을 수 가 없네요.모두 다 파이팅.좋은 작품 되시기 바래요.

  4. 4 : Sara Says:

    Lee Min Ho, I am so excited to watch this drama 🙂 Hope everything is going great and I also hope that this drama will succeed with your talent and other actors and actresses talent. Good luck everyone 🙂 Fighting haha its my first time saying that 😀

  5. 5 : Jiahara Says:

    LEE MIN HO!! KYAA!!! Why is he so damn tall!! HOT!!!!♥

  6. 6 : Micc Says:

    Kim Hee Sun is still acting??? Thought she retired.

  7. 7 : Julia Says:

    Cool. I am going to watch this drama. Many interesting movies coming up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. 8 : noona Says:

    i know that this drama is not showing yet, but i was wonder why Lee min ho was team wit a leading actress of age 35 instead of a younger one. i believed there are so many younger actress that is also very good.

    i am also watching I do I do, the leading actor is so much younger than the actress!!

    i have nothing against both actress except this is my view!! Sorry!!

  9. 9 : vivien Says:

    It must be awesome while the two leading casts are famous, one is hee sun who is enperience actress and the other one is lee min ho whose acting is also marvellous through ‘city hunter’, both of them will make a good chemistry I suppose; as min ho did very good at city hunter. DAEBAK!!!!

  10. 10 : sara Says:

    @Sara (4)
    Sorry but could you use capital ‘S’ for you name, please? I also am’ sara’ and have been communicating with friends in this great website for a while and two ‘saras’ make them and me confused. Unlike you, i don’t like LMH at all and will be commenting on this thread when the drama starts airing. Thank you so much and sorry for bothering you.

  11. 11 : dinaz Says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!minho my minho is back!!superEXITED..
    🙂 🙂 muah muah!

  12. 12 : uyanga Says:


  13. 13 : eee Says:

    Lee min ho!Welcome back our king! =)

  14. 14 : chunlee Says:

    i hope this will be a good drama! so excited to watch it…

  15. 15 : lauren kim Says:

    i have a feeling that this drama will be daebak !!! can’t wait to watch it lee min ho fighting!!!!

  16. 16 : bblve07 Says:

    another fantasy drama, I love it..

  17. 17 : KDaddict Says:

    If you haven’t noticed, there is a trend of older noona-dong san love affairs going on in KD in the last several years. And the trend gets more exaggerated as time goes on, i.e. the age gap becomes more pronounced. It could be becos the audience is mostly female, and often made up of ajummas, so production teams might want to cater to their secret fantasy of being desirable to hot young hunks, thereby making these non-age appropriate team ups.
    In actual fact, I think that not only the young audience wants to see young hunks teamed with actresses of similar age. Some older female viewers also find some noona dong san pairing to be too unbelievable.

  18. 18 : cheer Says:

    Oh wow, can’t wait, I love these actors. How romantic I love this
    story already, oh pleez make the storyline nicer, cuz his too hot and shes gorgeous!!!

  19. 19 : dyanikka Says:

    Lee Min Ho! ♥ Can’t wait for this :”>

  20. 20 : wdr Says:

    lee min ho is back wohoo!!! <3

  21. 21 : Harry Young Says:

    It’s so great that Lee Min Ho come back! 😀

  22. 22 : yoyo Says:

    horrayyyy cant wait to see

  23. 23 : dianaaja21 Says:

    Min Hoo, cant wait for your come back in “Faith drama

    Love u



  24. 24 : June Says:

    I really like both of u,fighting!

  25. 25 : grey Says:

    gosh!! i love min ho . . can’t wait 4 it . . hahaha.

  26. 26 : sara Says:

    I don’t know this actress but sometimes the actress seems younger than her age, is so beautiful and has such great acting skills that you can’t feel the noona-dongsaeng relationship and can’t imagine anyone else but her for playing the role and even the producer doesn’t want to use a younger but weaker actress in cost of endangering his drama.The most famous one is HJW. She is the queen and you can pair her up with anyone and she never ever makes you disappointed. Like what she did with HB and LSG.

  27. 27 : ghazwa Says:

    cant wait to see i ll wait with intaspaitting so tines lee min hoooooo just love him and i was witting his drama as for the actress Kim Hee Sun i know her from the drama sad love story it was very poupler siers i think its going to be a good drama <3

  28. 28 : David Shim Says:

    This drama is pretty interesting~ Can’t wait for the first episode.

  29. 29 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    @sara #26

    you really said it right my dear..just hoping
    that HJW get an award in SDA!

    im really excited for this one along with Arang. And while
    waiting for these two dramas to air,i’m watching old dramas
    and im watching The Vineyard Man bec of YEH..
    didn’t expect that im gonna love this drama and Oh Man Suk
    is really a good actor..

  30. 30 : tey Says:

    Lee min ho….!!!!! so exited !!! but who is the lead actress? looks older than LMH , right??

  31. 31 : liina Says:

    woow looks like 2012 is all about time traveling.. queen inhos man, roftop prince dr jin and then this one… and i dont know if the lead couples will look good together they do have some years between them..well well how knows it night be good..

  32. 32 : kimchilee Says:

    sigh.. another older girl pairing with younger actor.. where are all the younger girl actress.. there’s so many from the K-Pop singers.. cant they select one from there to pair with LMH..? anyway.. hope the pairing wont spoil the mood for this promising drama..

  33. 33 : ika mayasari Says:

    udh gak sabar liat Lee min ho oppa akting lagi… saranghae…

  34. 34 : kdfan Says:

    @tey KHS was very popular bec she is so beautiful. I hv only watched one drama of hers and i wasn’t impressed. She took a few years off after she got married n hv a baby, maybe thats why u havent seen her before. LMH did well pairing with Sonyejin for Personal Taste even though she is older than him. Hopefully this one will be good too.

  35. 35 : K Says:

    another time traveling drama??? Boring~

  36. 36 : mishelbae Says:

    i cant to wact this.. hmm it nice to be back lee min ho.. i will wacth this until the end.. your my idol>..

  37. 37 : mishelbae Says:

    i cant wait to wacth this..i think its more interesting and fantastic hmm because the leading man here is lee min ho. i will wacth this until the end.. your my idol>.lee min ho.. .

  38. 38 : rana Says:

    it will be great drama because of kim hee sun and lee min ho…

  39. 39 : Jiahara Says:

    I like Lee Min Ho!! but he definitely looked like a tree with that outfit!! but still i love him though!! hahahaa

  40. 40 : sara Says:

    I also am waiting for Arang and this. Actually i’m not a LMH fan but i want to watch it coz the subject matter seems interesting and i ‘m so curios to know if it can beat QIM. To the beautiful you also seems funny and interesting. I hope it won’t be another Heartstrings.

  41. 41 : eee Says:

    Man can’t wait!

  42. 42 : hermz Says:

    August should come faster!!!!!

  43. 43 : bossy Says:

    Omg Lmh is back.

  44. 44 : GHSforever Says:

    Kim Hee Sun looks really beautiful even when her age is 35!
    I pretty much liked her in Smile Again
    And god we have Lee Min Ho here, so that is a MUST watch.
    I would watch Faith even if the story would suck(which I do not hope and wish!!!) just for spazzing over his hotness**
    Lee Philip is here too!:) Haven’t seen him since Secret Garden.
    And Sung Hoon is here, too:’)

    Conclusion: The cast is just awesome and I hope that PD did make an awesome script too:D

  45. 45 : Mahsa Says:

    realllyyyy cant waittttttt

  46. 46 : Preethi Says:

    Waitin for te drama…love lee min ho <3 <3

  47. 47 : Charlie Says:

    I love LMH, Can’t wait to see him, but am not sure of the 10-year age difference in pairing, hope it will work out.

  48. 48 : hny Says:

    I’m joined too…Lee Min Hoo so much ppl here waiting for U , I like watch the trailer and can’t wait to see U soon ..this ramadhan fun watching LMH N LJK ..action boys!!

    young lead actor met old lead actress…become trend in KD..I agree with @KDaddict the audience is mostly female, and often made up of ajummas !! NO problem as long they great together 😉

  49. 49 : myphim Says:

    Finally, I’ve been waiting forever for this drama. So happy Lee Min Ho is back and this time playing a sexy warrior.

  50. 50 : myphim Says:

    OMG! Just saw the recent trailer. This look so epic. Who is the hot guy with white hair?

  51. 51 : SEGACRAZE Says:


    i did enjoy all his dramas and PT is what i enjoyed the most..not excited for TTBY but it depends on comments and reviews here..actually i watched Heartstring when it was aired here and somehow i liked it..hehe!can you recommend me a site where i could watch QIM with a good quality videos?

  52. 52 : Naty99 Says:

    @Segacraze You can watch QIHM in Viki (High Quality video) comparing to other K-drama sites.

  53. 53 : sara Says:

    I watched it in dramacrazy.net and i think the quality was okay but
    are good sites too and QIM is super great.

  54. 54 : Charlie Says:

    10 year age diff to me is not noona-donng sang, it’s more like yeemo-joka. Why the production team is willing to bend this much! For the rating? What if most viewers are grannies? Then the age gap is going to go up more? Scary.

  55. 55 : princess Says:

    ill waiting for this drama.good luck

  56. 56 : chunlee Says:

    10 years gap is no big deal for me…as long as they can relate with each other and have a good chemistry, that would suffice…

  57. 57 : tjen_sari Says:

    I think Min Ho is a great actor….. never mind that he will play with older or younger partner, he can be blended with his couple, as in bbf and personal taste…. quite a different girl cast, but he doing well in that film as well more mature in City hunter, you wll be a great actor for quite a long period… like SSH and JJH… 🙂

    Like kim hee sun too… she is the same age like me…. she still pretty ( like me…. ha ha… ( ^_^ ) getting old is not a problem at all, as long as we caring our selves. Hee sun was a great actress… first see her in bichunmoo and than the myth… really appreciated her willing to speak mandarin in that movie….. go hee sun….!! 🙂

  58. 58 : ogrenji Says:

    at first when looking at the photographs/poster in this page idon;t think they’re well matched.but after i saw the trailer i changed my mind,i think it would be great 🙂 kim hee sun looks so mysterious,smart,charismatic and beautiful of course ^^ the drama itself looks epic so i guess viewer would look into special effect/fighting scene or general storyline so about the age issue we’d kinda forget about it hehehe 😀

  59. 59 : dara Says:

    if there’s someone said that Kim Hee Sun isn’t match with Lee Min Ho, and Lee Min Ho should get another co-actress, then it should be Lee Min Ho the one who’s remove from drama Faith,
    because Kim Hee Sun already sign contract since 2010 along with Junki as her co-actor for Faith that time. -_-

  60. 60 : sara Says:

    I don’t think the only reason is viewers age. I’m 28 and don’t care about their age gap at all. I’m sure Korean youths think the same. Most of the people want good acting rather than mere beauty. For example, PMY is a so-so actress. Her facial expression from SKKS to CH is the same. So her being young is not a benefit at all, the same with KTH. I don’t want to see them pair up with any of my fave actors. Sometime youth dramas like Dream high2 make you sick, coz you can’t see anyone with a bit of acting talent. So there’s no need to make the age gap bigger coz the viewers are grannies. But look at other reasons. Acting skills. I don’t know this actress at all. Even i don’t like LMH. But as long as the actress is great, beautiful and looks younger than her age, age gap is okay. Again, like the Queen HJW. I wish to see her with all Korean young great actors.

  61. 61 : chunlee Says:

    OMG!!!!just watched the trailer….i got so excited!!!!i love LMH & KHS!!!!

  62. 62 : JL Says:

    I will view the show b’coz of Kim Hee Sun.

  63. 63 : GirL_Kick_AsS Says:

    I want to watch Lee Min Ho act in sageuk drama then I can say hes a great actor…..I wasnt impressed yet with his acting…I also want to see him act multiple roles in one drama:)but I like him in Personal Taste:)for sure Faith will showcase his acting skills!I want to see him in melodrama :)mostly his roles its either hes a rich kid!but I admit hes hawt!

  64. 64 : ucriet Says:

    The most awaiting drama during this 2012…I just can’t wait to see this drama. Lee Min Ho was an awesome actor. He really did a good act. only once a year to see his drama it can proved that he was great at all. Kim Hee Sun also a great actress. What a great collaboration. FIGHTING!!!
    이민호씨 사랑해요 오빠 ^_^

  65. 65 : mommy angel Says:

    10 years is a big age difference. KHS is pretty but LMH is at his prime. I love them both but I’d hate to watch a drama which male lead is so much better looking than the female. Particularly when they’re in the same scene. Not very convincing. I hope the writer will find a way to fix that.

  66. 66 : torri Says:

    i cant wait for this drama to start but i feel that because of the age gap the chemistry might not be too great and it might ruine the show , well thats just my thinking i hope the lead actress, does not hold back , i guess i will just have to sit and watch what happens

  67. 67 : JasonB Says:

    what’s going on in Korea??? why is all the dramas having almost the same theme these days??? Rooftop Prince, Queen InHyun’s Man, Dr. Jin & now Faith, which is almost similar to Jin???

  68. 68 : Charlie Says:

    @sara 60,
    The age gap doesn’t bother you, I think it’s because you don’t like LMH. On the other hand, I love LMH, so it will be difficult for me to swallow love scenes between him and an ajooma who’s 10 years older, married with a kid, let alone acting skills.

  69. 69 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    ..also have a doubt about the pairing but let see if there’s an on screen chemistry bet them..not also satisfied on his acting but dunno why i enjoyed all his dramas.

  70. 70 : mandy Says:

    I am really excited to watch his new tv series faith. Its fine with me whoever his leading lady is I believe in Lee min ho’s acting ability, he will give justice to any role assigned to him….. go lmh……!!!

  71. 71 : kdbig Says:

    oh time travel again it become a trend in the kdrama world LOL.. will see it might be a good drama 🙂

  72. 72 : sara Says:

    I’m okay with age gap-It has its limit though- even if i love the actor. Like Lee Seung gi and HJW. I love him so much but I was okay with HJW, coz she is great. But i do have problem with this actress being married and having a child. It seems they get very cautious when one of the actors is married. Look at AGD and JDG-KH relationship. They are very cautious. I just hope they don’t ruin the drama with closed lip kiss scenes, fake hugs and conservative dialogues.

  73. 73 : chunlee Says:

    i think LMH & KHS are both professionals…..they will surely do their best for this drama so i’m hoping they can pull it off….it will surely break my heart if it doesn’t turn out good….anyway, i’ve watched the trailer and i am satisfied so far…really excited to watch this!!!!

  74. 74 : anggun lee Says:

    wowww…. can’t wait for this drama…. another epic & time travel again…
    very excited to see Lee Min Ho in here… for the 1st time he’s acting in epic drama… more handsome!!! :p saranghae LMH…

    “faith” fighting!! hope the storyline will be great,fun & hot from the beginning till the end…. ^___^

  75. 75 : sula Says:

    @mommy angel 65

    there are supposedly 4 great beauties in korea and kim hee sun is one of them.

  76. 76 : Min Hunn Says:

    Can’t wait for this! <3 <3

  77. 77 : woot Says:

    Yay finally LMH is coming back =)

  78. 78 : susan Says:

    both are my fav actors
    great to see them in one KD

  79. 79 : yang Says:

    Can’t Wait for this Drama,because of LEEMINHO.

  80. 80 : flowersun Says:

    Just waiting for 13th Aug.MINHO make more drama.Good Luck!

  81. 81 : KDaddict Says:

    About an age difference between the leads:
    @Charlie-54, sara-60, etc:

    The classic (worst) case of an actress looking older than her co-starring actor was in The Legend, aka The Story of the First King’s 4 Gods, aka Tai Wang Sa Shin Gi, starring Bae Yong Joon (1972) and Moon So Ri (1974). Once costumed and coiffered, she looked like his mother, not his wife, as netizens were posting all over Korea. They were MAD. It got so bad that she went on TV to specify than she was actually 2 years younger than BYJ. She said at most she looked like “yeemo” to BYJ’s “joka”, and was hurt that ppl said she looked like his mom! Ha ha ha. Do you see the irony in it?
    As far as I’m concerned, she single-handedly ruined that series for me. Who wants to see the leading man romancing his yeemo or his mom! Argh, gross!

    But I don’t think Kim HS and Lee MH has that problem. She looks this side of 30 to me. In some cases, age is just a no., if they don’t look their age, right?

  82. 82 : malamolo Says:

    i’ll be waiting for this drama ……

  83. 83 : kljk Says:

    Kim Hee Sun………………. love you

  84. 84 : MINOZ Says:

    awww…….. <3 min ho oppa!!! cant wait 🙂

  85. 85 : suny Says:

    Minho u r superb…was eagerly waitin for ur drama!!! n here it comes 🙂

  86. 86 : diah ayu Says:

    Saranghaeee…… Oopppaaa.

  87. 87 : myphim Says:

    Loving all the new stils.

  88. 88 : Grine Says:

    Finally,Kim Hee Sun is back…I love it.. cant wait for this drama,hope it will be a great drama

  89. 89 : alyahanisahomar Says:

    wahh.. ryu duk hwan is also here.. cant wait tho see him in this drama.. btw, lee min ho love to see his art.. 😀 finally i love this drama n its synopsis make me so curious. ahhhh… but spm just around the corner.. Y_Y

  90. 90 : Love K-Pop Says:

    Lee Min Ho I’ll Be Waiting Your New Drama

  91. 91 : Love K-Pop Says:

    ILove KrDrama Saranghae Min Ho : ) : D

  92. 92 : Summerlin Says:

    Give me a break! This is am exact copy to Dr Jin!

  93. 93 : Mystisith Says:

    @ Summerlin: Maybe the premise is close but they don’t use the same era. Plus the hero here is a warrior, not a surgeon. Also, the fantasy element is more important here (see the trailers).
    One thing is sure, it can’t be worst than Jin quality wise (script, special effects and acting).

  94. 94 : zashee Says:

    the female actress is too old to be matched with lee min ho 🙁

  95. 95 : berlie calatao Says:

    im so excited about faith coz i know that its diffirent lee min ho in this korean drama

  96. 96 : KDaddict Says:

    Congrats on your new blog, which is coming along so nicely. I bet it is very time-consuming. Hope you are having fun despite the hard work. Good luck w your French script. Fighting.

  97. 97 : eny Says:

    i’m not interesting with the story and the actor, i just consider this drama because of the special effect looks really good and Kim Hesun’s acting. shoul i watch tis drama????? but story is the most important for me

  98. 98 : What? Says:

    @eny What?

  99. 99 : nicanicnacs Says:

    looks promising. 🙂 so excited to see lee min ho in a drama again. yay!

  100. 100 : eny Says:

    too much time travel drama this year, it’s boring

  101. 101 : enkchoow Says:

    Speak about age differences, I think that many Korean dramas have a lead actress older than male actor. I don’t know if Korean man like noona.
    Still sometimes it makes me sad. But I think the writer wants to make the great story with this pairing.

    Minho Oppa FIGHTING!!

  102. 102 : vivien Says:

    when this drama series will be launching officially nationwide in which the dvd will be released soon? i am waiting for min ho drama soon^

  103. 103 : Mystisith Says:

    @ KDaddict: Hello you!
    Thanks for the cheers. I don’t write as much as I would want to (real life and all…) but it’s fun. I also tend to comment a bit less on other sites but only cause I don’t have time: Still read what you write tho. 🙂

  104. 104 : Love K-Pop Says:

    Oppa Min Ho Fighting!!!

  105. 105 : Love K-Pop Says:

    I’m KDrama Addict

  106. 106 : Charlie Says:

    KDaddict 81,
    Well, she is an yeemo and looks like an yeemo, alright. No doubt about that.
    But I will still watch this drama, just because of LMH. I hope there won’t be many romantic scenes.

  107. 107 : bigbang Says:

    Oppa fighting, , i love you so much <3<3

  108. 108 : anifrahs Says:

    can’t wait to watch this movie soon

  109. 109 : rana Says:

    im gonna watch it because of both Kim hee sun & Lee min ho…

  110. 110 : Cempaka Says:

    Segeralah drama seri korea ini tayang..karena saya sudah tidak sabar untuk menyaksikannya..Oppa fighting

  111. 111 : KDaddict Says:

    In that case: I hope she doesn’t ruin the viewing experience on Faith for you, as Moon So Ri utterly utterly ruined Legend for me! Good luck.

  112. 112 : anahsoj Says:

    oppa…. although this is your first attempt with historical drama. m sure u will do ur best. n about the age gap, i think it really doesn’t matter until the script and acting is good! all de best n gud luck 🙂

  113. 113 : myra'o ekk Says:

    love lee minho… =)

  114. 114 : elaine Says:

    every time,most of the time all of the korean drama are really nice to watch especially if lee min ho are the main actor, he’s really good at acting and he his really so handsome to be exact hoping that there will be more interesting movie or series that we can enjoy to watch”,)FIGHTING OPPA…..

  115. 115 : Zhen Says:

    I can’t wait to watch this! I miss LMH so much! <3

  116. 116 : myphim Says:

    Eight more days to go. Faith fighting!!!

  117. 117 : jasmin Says:

    can’t waitiiiing >,<..

  118. 118 : PizzaHead Says:

    Kim Hee Sun was cast for this drama waaay before Lee Min Ho. Even during the tough times when they could not find a lead actor for Faith, she stuck around and waited 2 years…2 YEARS… for the production team to come together. All you idiots who are complaining that they should find a younger actress to pair with Lee Min Ho can shove it.

    Also, her character is supposed to be some kind of great surgeon. Have you ever met any surgeons under the age of 30? They have to find an actress that is within the appropriate age range, so Kim Hee Sun is perfect for this role.

  119. 119 : kira Says:

    hmmm..another medical drama..i hope it will be good and fast paced… but Kim Hee Sun is too old for Lee Min Ho..i hope they’ll have a good chemistry though,…i’m looking forward to this..

  120. 120 : Mystisith Says:

    @PizzaHead: I completely agree with you on this. Plus in the ancient times men matured quicker than now (physically & mentally): You could be married and with a child at 18. The lifespan wasn’t that good either: If LMH’s character finds a woman he loves I will certainly not oppose!
    PS: Am I the only one who almost never checks out the age of actors/actresses? Sometimes I find it weird and I do some googling but otherwise…

  121. 121 : Mariam Says:

    Lee Min Ho, I am so glad to see a new project of yours that I have been waiting for for so long <3 <3 <3

  122. 122 : erika Says:

    hmm i’m quite not interested in watching this drama since its storyline seems be same with dr.jin..

  123. 123 : What? Says:

    @erika Lmao, i think you didnt watch the teasers at all.Anyway to each their own.In this drama it is not about curing everybody, it is about a ‘warrior’ fighting with people with supernatural powers as you can see from the teasers….Lee min ho will never choose a bad project smh.

  124. 124 : eny Says:

    i feel the same with erika, i see lee min ho’s drama but never finish it BBF remake of meteor garden so i’m not interesing, personal taste not really good and city hunter i just watch it untill 3 episode, i think he should choose nonusual character to show his acting ability

  125. 125 : yung Says:

    can’t wait this drama airing!! hehe ^^

  126. 126 : Faith @ The Great Doctor « Justmeinwp Says:

    […] : Korean Drama Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:SukaBe the first to like […]

  127. 127 : KDaddict Says:

    I think generally It is better to have a seasoned actress who looks younger than her age, than a young actress who looks definitely younger than the male lead, but can’t act.
    It is disturbing to have an actress who looks way older than the male lead, as in The Legend, aka TWSSG, aka the Story of the 1st Kings’ 4 gods, which isn’t the case here.

  128. 128 : rana Says:

    6 days left..wahhh cant wait to see it…

  129. 129 : anahsoj Says:

    5days 19hrs 46mins to go!!! Hwaiting oppa 🙂 <3

  130. 130 : BIna Says:

    i can’t wait

  131. 131 : 5535 Says:


  132. 132 : park jun hee Says:

    OMG, lokk atthat… the poster and some pic teaser…. look soooo bored drama!!! seem like dr jin…..

  133. 133 : Jennie Says:

    @park jun hee Have to second that. Somehow seeing that it’s Kim Hee Sun being on the show makes it even worse. She’s pretty no doubt but she’s so boring 🙁

  134. 134 : KDaddict Says:

    Kim Hee Sun was the “It” girl for the decade from mid 90’s to mid 2000’s. Surely her looks couldn’t be the only reason for her great popularity.
    I saw a different trailer for Faith in which she wore a wide brimmed hat draped in black crepe. Beautiful and alluring. Her eyes could talk.
    I haven’t seen much of her work b4, and look fwd to checking her out in this drama.
    The supporting chars from another world sound interesting too. Also want to see if Sung Hoon could really act. I couldn’t decide after only having seen him in NT of Gisaeng.

  135. 135 : pammy Says:

    Kim heesun so prettyyy I love her

  136. 136 : erysa Says:

    Like this..waiting for the movie

  137. 137 : aq2jules Says:

    ill try to watch historical drama again. Hope, this is n0t tragic coz that’s what i hate about it.,

  138. 138 : pretzel Says:

    Still I like Park Min Young as the lead actress. But sadly shes already cast on somewhat alike story Dr. Jin. I hope this drama wont bored me as what i felt in Dr. Jin.

  139. 139 : Grr... Says:


    I am not a fan of Pmy’s acting either…she and Song seung hun are the main problem of the drama anyway…

  140. 140 : cheryl Says:

    ..i really love korean drama series..i cant wait to watch a new drama series again,,,espicially lee min ho is the actors in this drama series again…waiting to you oppa… BIG SARANGHEE,,,, gudluck and keep up the good tv show(drama series)..pls reply to me oppa…

  141. 141 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m looking forward to watching this drama.

  142. 142 : Mary Says:

    3 more days only wahoooooooo 😀

  143. 143 : chunlee Says:

    sana August 13 na!!!!!feeling nasa SoKor hehehe….i’m going to watch this online so pls provide links for me when it starts…can’t really wait for the dvd…hay sobrang excited na ako….sana makuha to ng abs-cbn….i also want to watch Queen Inhyun’s Man….heard it was a great drama…

  144. 144 : Jessica V Says:

    2 days…I’m so excited

  145. 145 : dramafan22 Says:

    Looking forword just because there will be lee min ho in the main cast !!

  146. 146 : shanty28 Says:

    arang and the magistrate looks more interesting…I don’t know why

  147. 147 : Tonberry Says:

    For some reason I am less excited for this drama after watching the extended 6 minute trailer. There’s something really off about the leading pair’s acting.

    Lee Min Ho seems really awkward and stiff in these scenes. He doesn’t convey subtle emotions very well, and is only interesting/accurate in scenes where he is angry or upset. He totally fails in scenes where he has to be caring or gentle. I’ve noticed this before in his other dramas too. Maybe it’s just the personality of the character he’s playing? I hope so. I just wish there was more in his expression and movements. In a lot of these scenes, I find myself searching his face for that one expression that appropriately conveys the emotion of the scene… but there’s nothing there… just a blank stare. It’s so disappointing. I’m beginning to think if it weren’t for his pretty face, he wouldn’t have made it very far in this industry with his acting alone. The boy needs more acting lesson.

    And then there’s Kim Hee Sun… who seems to be overacting in most of her scenes. She’s supposed to be a respected doctor, right? But she acts like an emotional, ditzy 16-year-old girl. I don’t mind this kind of personality if the character was some immature young thing… but in a 33-year-old doctor? This kind of personality doesn’t fit at all. She also sounds very screechy and shrill when upset, which annoys me to no end.

    So yeah… I am a bit underwhelmed. But here’s hoping that the directing and writing will make up for the sub-par acting on the part of the leads…

  148. 148 : Grr... Says:

    @tonberry You are maybe thinking too much…He is not Kim hyun joong.He is a much better actor than what you think. He has never failed to portray his character and always chose a good project unlike people like JGS and KHJ…Btw there was nothing from the trailer which was underwhelming which leads to me believing that you are most likely either never watched Lmh’s dramas or just support another drama which is competing against ‘Faith’. Good Luck with the other dramas. =)

  149. 149 : myphim Says:

    One more day to go. Let’s hope this will be good.

  150. 150 : sara Says:

    I’m not a LMH fan but i believe he has greatly improved since BOF. all the actors were weak in that drama but LMH was the best. Then i watched his PT and noticed his improved acting skills. Also he was very good in CH, although i just watched few eps. I think his great strength is to get better drama by drama. It means he has the potential and his choice of dramas proves his determination for learning more. His pretty face also is totally one of the factors but not the only one.

    The only thing that annoys me about him is that hidden smile in his face. As if he wants to burst into laughing even in the most serious scenes. So i never related with his character in PT. Coz hes eyes couldn’t express the feelings of someone with painful past. Although it seems he is working on this weak point too. I ‘m looking forward to this drama. It seems very interesting.

  151. 151 : Tonberry Says:

    @Grr… (148)

    I have not watched all of his dramas, true… but I have seen City Hunter, which I loved, and Personal Taste, which I hated. So I do think I’ve seen enough of him to have an valid opinion on his acting.

    I don’t know of any other drama that is running against Faith. Faith and Arang are the only two dramas on my radar right now, and they don’t even air on the same day, so I don’t know what you mean by supporting another drama that is competing with Faith. Unless you mean Dr. Jin, which has a similar time-traveling theme… but ugh, don’t even get me started on that hot mess. As a viewer, I just want good dramas to watch. I’ve no stakes in which show wins or loses. But if the drama turns out to be bad, then I lose, the viewers lose. Get it? I WANT Faith to be good. But I can’t help it if what I’ve seen of it so far underwhelms me a little.

    You really didn’t see anything in the trailer that rubbed you the wrong way? Not even the leading lady’s high pitch screeching, or the leading man’s blank stare during emotional scenes, or the lack of chemistry between the two of them? Ok, then. To each his own.

    –btw, in regards to the drama and Lee Min Ho….I’m not a hater or a fan. I’m just a casual viewer making criticism and comments. I think the guy’s very good looking and has the potential to be a mega star. I liked him very much in City Hunter. But just because I liked him in one drama, doesn’t mean I’m going to follow him into every dramas like a mindless fan. I think it’s fair to like an actor and also be able to call him out on bad drama choices and bad acting when I see it. Faith happens to have a PD and writer team known for making good dramas, so I will definitely tune in, but my worry then naturally shifts to the actor(s), who must pull it off. And when you’ve got a relatively new actor like Lee Min Ho, and an out-of-practice actress like Kim Hee Sun, then there is valid cause for worry, no?

  152. 152 : Tonberry Says:

    @sara (150)

    lol, I know what expression you’re talking about. I’ve noticed that secret smirk, too.

    I do think that he has improved over the dramas that I’ve seen him in. He’s great in scenes where the character is joyous, or scene where he’s angry/upset, and the emotion required is very blatant, very obvious and in-your-face… but during the romantic scenes, or scenes that require a more subtle display of emotion, there’s nothing there. His face is noticeably blank. You hit the nail on the head when you said he doesn’t convey the emotion of someone with hidden pain very well. The way he carries himself also seems kind of awkward, as though he doesn’t move with a lot of confidence.

    That said, I have such hope for him. I think with a few more years and a couple good dramas under his belt, he can be quite amazing. But viewers need to help him out, too. We need to point out to him where he is weak and not just praise him all the time, so he can improve.

    I do like the fact that he seems to be moving away from the fluffy rom-com genre. First City Hunter, and now Faith… I think he’s heading in the right direction with his drama choices. So, here’s hoping Faith will blow everyone out of the water and surpass all expectation.

  153. 153 : Grr... Says:

    @Tonberry Lmao you seriously make me LOL…did you even read the character description of LMH’s drama?He is a person who isn’t afraid of death, has a really tragic past, is the best warrior in town but really lazy and never has any feelings towards people because he knows that he will eventually lose them. You must be a director if you know so much from watching just the trailer? Kidding aside i’m sure there will be much better description of the characters in the actual drama than in the trailers.Good Luck to both ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ and ‘faith’.

  154. 154 : Tonberry Says:


    Oooh I see… He’s supposed to be an emotionally stunted killing machine who fears his feelings. I didn’t realize. Now all those blank, awkward looks and lack of expression makes perfect sense. *end sarcasm*

    Look, not allowing oneself to feel and form attachments to others is one thing… being unable to feel emotion is another. He’s not a robot. Even if the character is suppose to display an outward coldness towards others, a good actor should be able to showcase subtle emotion during appropriate circumstances to give depth to the character and show us that he, in fact, does feel something even when he strives not to. (Remember characters like Kang Maestro from Beethoven Virus? That’s the kind of subtle display of emotion in a cold, jaded character I’m talking about). That is the attraction of such a character, isn’t it? Outwardly cold and stoic, but possesses a warm passionate heart inside? But like I said, Lee Min Ho doesn’t do subtly very well. Not that he’s not getting better… he’s just not there yet. But we’ve only seen a tiny bit of the show so far. Maybe he’ll be brilliant in the actual drama. Who knows? I’m hesitantly optimistic anyway.

    I know just as much and as little as you and anybody else who watched the trailer and/or read the provided info…. so why you’re being a know-it-all about it, I have no idea. What did I say I know so much about? When did I say that? I never claimed any deep insight into this drama. I’ve said from the beginning that these were my opinions based on the extended trailer and from what I’ve seen of Lee Min Ho in other dramas. Was he supposed to be a stoic, emotionless warrior in Personal Taste, Boys Over Flowers, and City hunter, too? Cause there was a distinct lack of emotion from him in a lot of scenes in those dramas too.

    And I really hate your passive aggressive act with the whole “kidding aside.” You know that ballet dancer from “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” who says horrible things to the heroine, then gets up afterward and is like “I’m sorry I had to say that, noona”? That’s what you remind me of. If you’re gonna get feisty with me, then claws out till the end, woman. You’ve a right to defend your bias, and be a bitch about it if you have to. I can respect that as long as you provide a good argument. So none of that “just kidding” business please. It’s lame.

  155. 155 : eny Says:

    lee min ho is specialist of flat character, his acting still lack but his popularity over his acting skill

  156. 156 : Grr... Says:

    @Tonberry Don’t worry, we’ll see his character once the real thing comes out.It’s okay if you don’t want to admit that hes a good actor but using your wording such as i feel some sort of attachment to him is clueless. In which word of mine did i say ‘oppa fighting’ or ‘I love you Lmh’. You sound rather unintelligent and inviting more furious responses with your sense. By watching a 6 minute trailer, you are telling me that you saw the drama and actors as a whole failing, lmao.Like it didn’t happen before City Hunter came out…people said that the story was too similar to that of ‘Fugitive Plan B’ in which Jung Ji Hoon(Rain) starred in and haters were saying that Rain did a much better job at acting…We all know how that turned out, City hunter became the most popular drama of 2011 without a doubt.Now i know that this is a different drama and all but the sense that i get from all the haters is the same.Like i said before Good Luck to your favourite actor and upcoming dramas like ‘Arang and the magistrate’ which has wonderful actors like Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah , Nice Guy with Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won or ‘To the beautiful you’ with your favourite idol stars.Go watch the other shows if you don’t have trust in this drama.

  157. 157 : Tonberry Says:


    First… for someone who is calling other people unintelligent, you should probably learn to spell and use correct grammar first. Otherwise, this is just embarrassing.

    Second… if he is indeed a fabulous actor, why wouldn’t I want to admit that? That makes no sense. No one’s holding a gun to my head, lady. If I think he’s great, then I’ll say it. If I think he could use some improvement, then I’ll say that. I’m not “afraid of my feelings” like some time-traveling warrior we know. It’s because Lee Min Ho’s not great, but has the potential to be great, that I voice my criticism. Does criticism automatically = hate to you?

    Third… when did I say you felt some sort of attachment to Lee Min Ho? I was talking about Choi Young (THE CHARACTER) the whole time. Only the last part of that comment was about you. This–> “Look, not allowing oneself to feel and form attachments to others is one thing… being unable to feel emotion is another. He’s not a robot.” <– I was talking about Choi Young not letting himself get attached to other people, and how that is different from having no emotions at all. You get that? Should I type in shorter sentences so you can understand? I don't know how you could have misinterpret that to be about you.

    Ok… at this point, I'm thinking you've gotta be a troll or something. Nobody can be this dense, right? I never said the whole drama and all the actors were a failure. Jesus Christ. Are you just being willfully blind or something? I bet you didn't even bother fully reading what I wrote. Twice…TWICE, I offered praises for the production team and writer, saying that they have a record of producing great dramas. I even said I was optimistic that Lee Min Ho will act well in the drama… despite my past experience with some of his dramas. And still, somehow…SOMEHOW you interpret that to mean that I hate Lee Min Ho, hate this drama and the whole production team. Unbelievable… *facepalm*

    And then you made some nonsensical comment about these other dramas and actors and idol stars… and seriously, what the heck are you talking about? Why are idols stars being mentioned in this conversation? Where did that come from?

    Look, lady… you are obviously very disturbed, and I'll gain nothing of value from this conversation with you, so I'm gonna let you go now. Have fun in lalaland… and please take some time out of drama-watching to learn some proper English. Making sense of that mess you wrote was a headache.

  158. 158 : Limmy lim Says:

    Oh god . Seriously ?!?????!?!?!?!?!?! WTF I had my hopes up sooooooo high like the empire states when I heard of this freakin’ movie . OHHHHHHHHH HAILLLLLLLL LEE MIN HO ~ Why go pick a movie that involves time travelling+Doctor shitssss ?!?!?!? *Isn’t that like copying Time Slip Dr. Jin ?!?!?!?! WTF*

    And to top it off , you are acting with a 33-year old , perhaps , IMO 40 gawd she looks soooo old !!!!!!!!!! WHY GOD ….. WHY …….. WHYYYYYYYY ?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!!? TT__TT

    SHE CAN BE YOUR MOTHER ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159 : Grr... Says:

    @Limmy lim If you didn’t know it Ha ji won was also 33 years old and Lsg is 25 and about the drama copying you are wrong about that.Time slip Dr Jin didn’t even have a single fantasy element to it except the Time travelling concept.

    @Tonberry I don’t know what you are implying when you said i don’t use proper grammar when clearly you are replying to all of my posts which means that you can at least understand my words to a certain extent, no?On the previous post you called me bitchy which doesn’t exactly show how much you are willing to truly argue about with me.Another thing is that i never said that Lmh is the best actor so its fine even if you don’t think so but i was just saying that how could you tell me that the drama and all the actors fail from just the trailer?As i also pointed out that City Hunter was also extremely doubted by some over logical people but it proved them wrong, so i hope you will be proven wrong on your assumptions.I also never once said that i think this drama will be a success but i would like to say that if you really think this drama doesnt’t interest you, you should just choose dramas which interest you more instead of having high hopes on this one.Ain’t i correct? When you speak of the past experiences, it is very well known that Lmh’s acting has improved in all of those dramas starting from Bof, so i don’t know what you are meaning to say here…I would rather go check out real drama reviews from experienced drama critics(dramabeans) than listening to your past experiences for sure. Finally i hope both your and everyone’s most anticipated dramas do well on their own and have great popularity. =)

  160. 160 : eny Says:

    kim he sun get this role before lee min ho, i guess age doesn’t matter if she can act, i only see one of her drama so i can’t say she’s good or not but lee min ho i see 3 of his drama and i can say his acting not really good, the special effect looks good, the story looks boring….(time travel again) I guess this is the reason why so much actor refuse this role including kang ji hwan

  161. 161 : Tonberry Says:


  162. 162 : Tonberry Says:


    The idea for Faith was conceived two years ago, I think. So I don’t think it copies Dr. Jin. More like… they just have similar themes. Faith is more fantasy based so I think the experience will be different.

    That said, I agree with you that the whole time-travel thing is very old. I wish they had come up with a more original idea. But who know? It could still be good. It’s the execution that’s important, right?

    btw, that facepalm was for Grr… not you.

  163. 163 : rana Says:

    for me both lee min ho and kim hee sun are great actors & actress so i will watch this drama for sure…

  164. 164 : keely Says:

    @eny LOL…No one refused the drama, if you dont know you should research more about it first.

    @Tonberry I actually think that ‘Faith’ has more potential than any other dramas which are going to air, just based on my intuition..hehe.Well we have to wait and see, right?Lets all be the judge when episode 1 finally airs…YEEAHHH Lee min ho is back!!!!!!!!! ^^

  165. 165 : BIna Says:

    one hope is only this drama not similar like Dr Jin. Dr Jin ? I don’t know how and what I’m going comment Dr Jin Is very confuses story and line story is not compact one episode to one episode.

    Hope this drama can be more line straight about story of the main caracter not only just similar from the comics Dr Jin. because on the comic story line there are many screen is more confused If the story like comics ehhm i think that’s is not good watching any more and not more entertainment. Because on screen we can see many blood and many suffered by people who has been operated. nothing entertainment if we see blood and suffered.

    I have had seen blood on my work if i see blood on my TV screen my strees can not relived. I,m Watched Korean Drama just for entertainment. Korean drama have had different from other drama Asian like japan or china.

    Hope this going well

  166. 166 : Fishnet Says:

    @eny & Tonberry
    yeah, Lee Min Ho is not that good an actor, but he’s not that bad. “flat” is right. All his characters in drama are the same. How will he grow if he keep choosing character with similar personality to play?

  167. 167 : Annyeong Haseyo Says:

    Time-travel drama kinda boring to watch…so far I only like 2 time-travel drama that truly capture my attention Rooftop Prince and Queen Inhyun’s Man but for me the best time-travel drama ever is Queen Inhyun’s Man!Lee Min Ho has no emotion in this drama just looking at the trailer,He was mad with Kim Hee Sun and yet it doesn’t show in his face 🙁 he lacks of facial expressions.I’ve watched loads of historical dramas cos I’m a sucker of historical dramas but only Lee min Ho don’t show alot of emotions by just looking at the trailer.But Kim Hee Sun seem a great actress she can portray her role well,she’s good in Sad Love Story.

  168. 168 : eny Says:

    i read it in many article , not only article about faith but also about kang ji hwan long time ago that his next project is faith i don’t know why he cancelled it. I think not a big deal if another actor refuse one drama why u should get mad, joo won take bridal mask after many halyu star refuse it, and the drama still really good, and he gets a lot of praiss about his acting.
    i didn’t say it copy of dr. JIN i just say too many similar drama this year, QIHM, rooftop prince, Dr. JIN and faith. actually i have 50% interest in this drama but after i see 6 minute trailler it become less

  169. 169 : Tonberry Says:


    My bad, I meant to address Limmy’s comment from earlier but mixed her up with you. Sorry.

    I think it’s hilarious that both our expectations for this drama dropped after watching the extended trailer. Usually, it should be the other way around, right? Like… the more you watch, the more excited you should get? My interest for this drama at the beginning was about 75%. It went up to 85% when they released the first trailer… then dropped to 65% at the release of the extended trailer. I blame this on the leading pair’s acting. I think they’ll be the weak links in this drama.

    Still, I think you should give it a shot because the PD and writer produced some pretty good dramas in the past. I’d rather watch a well-written, well-directed drama with weak acting, than a poorly-written drama with strong acting.

  170. 170 : john Says:

    another time travel genre drama….

  171. 171 : Fishnet Says:

    Just saw the trailer. How come all the women in this drama look so old? Not just the doctor, but the fire lady too. They both look like they could be lmh’s aunts. I know noona romances are popular recently, but isn’t this going too far? We’re now entering cradle-robbing territory, people.

  172. 172 : Ma Ruxiu Says:

    I will be doing Faith Kdrama LIVE recap at 9:55 KT ^_^ I have been waiting for this drama since they announced it earlier this year. I can’t believe it is finally here!!!! >.< http://goo.gl/YCPRf

  173. 173 : FerrariSpider Says:

    Yup, LMH’s facial expression is really not good. Watched him in a few episodes of City Hunter, his face looked blank in somes scenes. I don’t think he knows how to express at all. His looks is pretty alright but not manly hot!

  174. 174 : sean Says:

    @FerrariSpider Your sister JGS’s looks are really pretty unlike Lmh who is 1000x more manly than him even without trying…hahahaha

  175. 175 : soniya Says:

    Hey! i m a big fan of Lee Min Ho….he is smart, handsome, hot and good actor(acc. to me) bt in most of the comments i read he is not so good actor…is that the opinion of most of the viewers in S.Korea? I saw his all dramas and waiting for “faith” that is going to be telecast in a few minutes but because of the language i would not able to watch it…feeling so sad,..:(
    but waiting for subtitle in English…!!what to do…?

  176. 176 : Tonberry Says:


    Lee Min Ho is pretty popular, so I don’t think a majority of S.Korea think negatively of him. The thing is… a lot of fangirls don’t care about his acting skill so long as he’s got that pretty face.

    And some of us want more from an actor than just his looks. Lee Min Ho’s acting is not always that great. His expression is very flat during a lot of emotional/poignant scenes in his past dramas… like he’s just reciting the lines, but not emoting the feelings that should come with them. He’s good at showcasing anger and other easy emotions though, so people mistake that as proof that he’s this amazing actor. He’s not. His acting is very basic and unsophisticated.

  177. 177 : BIna Says:

    after i watch first episode this story line seems like interesting not just like Dr Jin Drama hope second episode more interesting than episode first i hope.

  178. 178 : drama freak Says:

    Hope this drama makes me addicted to it lol

  179. 179 : Tonberry Says:

    Y’all can watch episode 1 here:

    It’s not subbed yet, but if you can’t wait for subs, then watch it raw there.

  180. 180 : Tonberry Says:

    Lol. They’ve got lightsabers!

    …or would those be glowsticks?

  181. 181 : Faith Says:

    WTF!!! Lee Min Ho’s acting in episode1 sucks!He is supposed to be a General but his character is not just too strong whatsoever!He shud act like a general.Oh, I’m so disappointed But look at Lee Philip’s voice his more likely the lead actor of this drama!Lee Min ho still the same the acting is so damn bad!!!!!

  182. 182 : sonika Says:

    Lee Min Ho is a damn good actor…infact, the best in south korea…he delivers all his lines as they are supposed to be delivered..with perfection..he has all the qualities a good actor requires..so just enjoy this new drama…Lee Min Ho rocks!!!

  183. 183 : Faith Says:

    I don’t see anything that he’s good at acting(LMH)…but I just love the costumes in Faith its daebak!I like Lee philip:)

  184. 184 : Faith Says:

    Was that Ahn Jae Wook in the elevator with Kim Hee Sun?

  185. 185 : Sophie Says:

    @Tonberry, thank you for the link, I have never tried to watch a raw episode yet but was curious to see on how Lee Min Ho would look like wearing a Daebak costume. Without the subs, it is a bit difficult to tell how good or bad his acting is on this one but suffice to say it looks interesting enough for me to wait for the next episode. True that I have stopped watching Personal Taste as it reached a point where it already became painful to continue watching and only watched up to episode 3 of CityHunter (I know, I know, this is supposed to be his best work) but I remain hopeful on this actor as how could someone this good looking go wrong (and obviously he works hard on improving his craft). Still grateful for you sharing the link with us. Hope springs eternal!

  186. 186 : eny Says:

    you’re not the only one who watch city hunter until ep 3, me too

  187. 187 : Jennie Says:

    @Tonberry Thanks for the link. Couldn’t resist taking a peek. Glad that the PD jumped straight to the story and the intro didn’t drag as it did in Legend. Kim HS’s role bothers me – she’s whining too much for comfort. 😀

  188. 188 : Tonberry Says:

    @ Jennie

    I agree. I really like that the story and all the action began right away. And I like Kim Hee Sun’s character better than I thought. I expected the worst performance from her because she was so screechy in the trailer, but in the actual drama her character is ok… so far. Of course, after he takes her back in time is when the screeching and whining will begin (as seen in the trailer) so I don’t know if I would continue to like her… But we’ll see.

  189. 189 : Tonberry Says:

    @Sophie (185)

    You’re welcome. ^^


    Lee Min Ho. First of all… HOT!
    Love his hair and, holy cow, he looks scrumptious in that warrior garb. Rawr!

    Second… I agree with you that his acting was just terrible. Jesus, it’s worst than I expected. *facepalm*

    There are a lot of scenes where his face is either blank or awkward. Like the scene where the assassins cuts that woman’s neck. His reaction there is so deadpan and doesn’t fit the urgency of the situation. Or the scene just before he has to enter the wormhole and he’s talking to the king… his expression was very wooden. You can tell he’s trying to give the proper reaction/emotion… but it just didn’t work.

    His bad acting wouldn’t be this noticeable if his co-stars were bad, too, but they’re not. The guy who plays the king, for instance, was very good. I can tell I’m going to like that character. His face is so expressive even while maintaining that quiet dignity of a king. This actor here is very good at displaying subtle emotions, unlike LMH. Next to him, LMH’s acting is stiff and awkward. They shouldn’t put these two guys together in a scene anymore because it’s just so obvious who the superior actor is.

    I think LMH’s voice is, in part, to blame for his bad acting. It’s very weak and it doesn’t carry well. So in scenes where he has to shout or command, it just sounds really flat and bland. His line delivery also suffer because of this, I think.


    If Lee Min Ho’s acting is the best South Korea has to offer, then the k-drama industry is doomed.

  190. 190 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    @TonJerry #189

    My God!I thought it was only me who noticed about his facial expression when someone cut the neck of the Queen:) I was like Oh there’s the amazing bad acting of Lee Min Ho again!LOL and there are some instances that the fighting scenes is quite slow?I dunno if it was only me who notice it…when he was in the modern time oh my I wasn’t convinced at all with his acting. YooChun is too way better than him..when Yoochun he went to the modern time his facial expression and so his acting was daebak!

  191. 191 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Without a doubt Lee Min Ho is so effing gorgeous!I’m drooling over his hotness 🙂

  192. 192 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    @TonJerry Just like what I said in my previous comment as a General he lacks authority his subordinates is too way better than him LMAO!and when the king was talking to someone and he was just sitting in corner listening to the convos he’s reaction was totally blank..But he’s gorgeous with the costume:) I like Lee Philip he only have small participation in ep1 but he captured my attention:) I just love his voice in sageuk drama!

  193. 193 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    * his reaction

  194. 194 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Sorry,Tonberry I just murder ur name into TonJerry:)It reminds me of Tom and Jerry:)

  195. 195 : Tonberry Says:

    @Girl_Kick_Ass (190)

    YooChun? From Rooftop Prince? I haven’t seen that (since it was another time travel drama, and I was getting tired of this theme) so I can’t judge if he is better than LMH or not.

    But yeah, LMH in modern times was nothing to write home about, even though it was mildly amusing at times. It was adorable when he was confused by the video footage in the security room, but the rest of it was just… eh. His acting was very weak, so those scenes in modern time weren’t as fun as they should have been. Oh well… I can still tune in every now and then to stare at his pretty face. Plus, the story’s not bad, so we’ll see where it take us. It’s only the first episode, so I’m hopeful that it will be good, and that LMH can improve over the course of this drama.

  196. 196 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    I was dubious abt this series, but Ep 1 is g-r-e-a-t!

    I love it cos it’s funny, therefore entertaining. It doesn’t take itself seriously, n neither should we. It even has animated shorts interspersed, so it is meant to be funny in a cartoonish kind of way. It doesn’t feel like a normal boring sageuk at all; at least Ep 1, much of which takes place in the present, doesn’t. Squeal!

    So there is this time tunnel. It’s like a cross-harbor tunnel, WHEN it is open. You can go from one side to the other, bring people and things with you and then back.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess youth /agedness is too. Many say KHS looks old. Well, she doesn’t look 23, that’s for sure. But she looks fine to me, pretty too, IMO. In ep 1, I see some tendency to overact, but it is too early to tell whether it is intentionally done to stress that he char has a few screws loose or if it’s just her. There’s no need to hasten to a quick decision.
    I love that LMH’s char loves to sleep, n can sleep for days on end. His reputation of having special Chi Kung-like abilities precedes him, n we see those in action, when he shatters glass n police anti-riot shields. Ha ha ha. It’s like Batman. I’d be silly to take it seriously.
    The work of the cast n PD team is serious tho. I understand that LMH’s armor weighs 40 lbs. N he has to jump and do action sequences in it. In ep 1, we see them in pouring down rain. The sequence lasts more than 15 mins, which means filming may take a whole day. I know if I get caught in the rain for 5 mins., I end up sick. So I have a great deal of respect for these ppl who work so hard, often in horrendous conditions to bring us some entertainment. I feel grateful for their hard works, eps. as an international fan who usually watches online, who isn’t there to patronize the advertisers and CF sponsors.

  197. 197 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Yes,Yoochun from RTP…just thought u’ve seen it already just try watching first part of ep 2 in RTP that was the time he was in the modern times:)its certified hilarious…but story wise I like Queen Inhyun’s Man:) and I love the great chemistry.There’s no other Time-Travel drama that I like so much and it’s Queen Inhyun’s Man:)

  198. 198 : Tonberry Says:

    @Girl_Kick_AsS (192)

    I don’t know if he lack authority with his subordinates. For me, he’s just not very impressive as a warrior in general. During the fight scene, for instance, the extras’ fighting were much more intense and eye-catching. (And they only had glowsticks to work with, heh). Anyway… LMH/Choi Young later defeated all the assassin with a few simply moves, but his skills didn’t wow me. You gotta look fierce and move with confidence if you’re a warrior. Choi Young’s movements were slow and his face was blank, so I was kinda bored.

    Don’t think I’ve seen a Goryeo warrior as handsome as him. LMH is very tall and combined with his masculine good looks… he makes a very dashing figure, indeed.

    Haha. No Biggie.

  199. 199 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    I don’t see LMH act like a real General:)I’ve seen Gye Baek and the lead actor who played as General really portrayed his role pretty well…But anyways LMH is too young maybe when he get older he will improve lil by lil:)

  200. 200 : Tonberry Says:


    Hmm… I disagree. I think the tone of the drama is pretty serious. Some of the characters may be cartoonist (like Yoo Eun Soo/Kim Hee Sun) but everyone else is pretty serious. And no, it doesn’t feel like a boring political sageuk, so thank god for that. There is a lot of potential for this drama to become great because the writer and PD is very skilled.

    On the other hand, if anybody else curious about the fact that they’re able to bring modern equipment back in time so easily. What would be the consequence of introducing futuristic items to the past? I hope they handle that whole thing reasonably. Unless it’s like an alternate universe or something, and what happens in this Goryeo wouldn’t effect the future of Korea in 2012. I don’t know…

    What do you think, Girl_Kick_AsS?

  201. 201 : Tonberry Says:

    @Girl_Kick_Ass (199)

    Heh. I think with experience he can improve. And only if he venture out beyond his comfort zone. So far, all of his characters in dramas are very similar in personality. He need to act as different types of characters, not just in different types of genres. He’s been in romantic comedies (Personal Taste/BOF), an action-thriller (City Hunter), and now a fantasy sageuk (Faith)… so many different genres, but all his characters in them are basically the same. How can he hope to be a better actor this way?
    And people need to help him out by stop praising him so much when he’s obviously acting poorly. Only then will he know that he needs to improve.

  202. 202 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I agree with you Tonberry…my only concern is LMH’s acting coz so far the rest acted well in ep 1…all I can say he don’t portray his role well as a General in Goryeo look at the way he delivers his speech when he talk to the king My God!I’ve seen Queen Seon Duk.. Kim Nam Gil as Bidam and Uhm Tae Wong as LOrd Yushin acted so well…they portrayed their roles so well:) they are great warriors in Silla:)and there’s Jumong:) One thing I like about sageuk dramas is the dialect they used and how they delivered it…thats why I like sageuk dramas so much coz they showed alot of emotion..:)But with LMH’s case I don’t see it in him!

  203. 203 : Tonberry Says:


    Kim Nam Gil… man, I really like him. Such a talented actor. He was awesome in QSD. In some scenes, even when Bidam was smiling, there was something very menacing and disturbing in his eyes. *shiver* That’s very effective acting. I’m sad he’s not more famous, because he’s an amazing actor.

    I even like Yushin, who is supposed to be this straight-laced, no-nonsense guy, right? But he shows such subtle vulnerability and uncertainty in various situations, and that adds so much depth to his character.

    Jumong, I’ve seen and liked as well. It’s very slow in the beginning, but the payoff in later episodes was really worth it.

  204. 204 : hny Says:

    watch eps 1… at least is fun for me…whatever LMH character n his voice who not suitable in that era ..it still interesting to watch…he makes his own style like always!!!
    hope can watch next eps with eng sub ..more fast plz…

  205. 205 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Kim Nam Gil as Bidam was my most fave character in QSD:)I like his amazing stunts and he can actually act using his facial expression.I don’t see him now, the last time I saw him was in Bad Guy…But I’ve heard he’s back from the army but he’s busy producing a short film I’m not sure tho…but he’s a producer now.

  206. 206 : Tonberry Says:

    Quickly, Non-Korean viewers!

    Recaps for “Faith” is out over at Dramabeans. Lol. Now we can understand what was going on in ep 1. Haha.

  207. 207 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    @Tonberry #203

    Kim Nam Gil as Bidam was my most fave character in QSD:)I like his amazing stunts and he can actually act using his facial expression.I don’t see him now, the last time I saw him was in Bad Guy…But I’ve heard he’s back from the army but he’s busy producing a short film I’m not sure tho…but he’s a producer now.

  208. 208 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    Wow ty much…now I can watch it with eng sub:)

  209. 209 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    LOL I misread ur post about the recap:) ….

  210. 210 : Tonberry Says:

    (after reading recaps)

    Interesting… I pretty much got the gist of it from watching the episode raw, but it’s much better knowing what was being said and to be in on all the little jokes. I really like the mythology and fantasy element in this drama. It adds a level of freshness and fun to the drama that I didn’t expect.

    *fingers crossed for the next episode to also be good… and for LMH’s acting to be better*

  211. 211 : Tonberry Says:


    Don’t worry. The subs for this drama will be out really fast since there are lot of fans for this drama. ^^

  212. 212 : Ma Ruxiu Says:

    Found a few people who will be doing Live Recaps of Ep 2 tonight. Not sure how, but they say it will be in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. http://www.vingle.net/posts/44916

  213. 213 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 1:
    I’m so excited by ep 1, I have to say this:
    A drama that:
    weaves animated shorts w a sageuk is eye-poppingly creative imo;
    draws warriors or soldiers to look like grasshoppers has a lovely comic book quality;
    has a hero becoming a general, the head of the unit guarding the king, at the ripe old age of 22 is a hoot;
    shows the hero having super-human powers that can shatter glass and police anti-riot shields galore is Winking at its viewers;
    presents the heroine as sb who goes to a fortune-teller to help her find a rich guy she can get date n get money out of until her research succeeds is being comedic;
    makes me laugh my head off more than a few times in 1 episode is g-r-e-a-t!
    And we haven’t even talked abt Lee Min Hot.

  214. 214 : Emily Says:

    Nothing to get excited about at all…but I like Kim HS acting…she is good and natural..so it is ok to try and watch a few episodes..

  215. 215 : siblie Says:

    Guys, KHS was one of the top actress btwn mid90’s and 2000s.
    She hasn’t starred on any show since 2006(maybe)
    but is still remembered as a kinda THE BEAUTY OF KOREA and Miss Right.
    It was said her acting was mediocre but even when they said that way, this kind of character has been her forte.
    If she were 10 yrs younger, she would be more famous that well Park Minyoung, Yoon EunHye, Shin Sekyoung, Han Hyojoo and so forth.

  216. 216 : Hera Says:

    jang geun suk is my fav actor and lmh is okay 4me i watched lmh in bbf and i agree he doesnot show expression whereas i think jgs is the king @tonberry u seems to b a great judge i like ur cmnts what do u think about jang geun suk

  217. 217 : princess Says:

    hi Guys
    its not fair
    just give him time.all of you just watching 1 episode .
    lee min ho was good in BOF & City hunter and made his style just give him some time .
    it was first time for him to act in this kind of role.
    im not korean im persian and i dont like LMH for his face.i like him because his acting style.
    i watched firs episode of faith . it wasnt very good but im sure it will be better ,this drama has 24 ep.
    we must wait and give time to LMH and other.
    just wait pleaseeeeeeeeee

  218. 218 : Charlie Says:

    Very nice start. I enjoyed the first ep very much. It’s very funny and refreshing. It’s going to be a great one.

  219. 219 : Jason Says:

    Fxxx all of the haters who are just Lee Junkie or Jang girly shit fans.I am a guy and his proud fan(no homo).Who are you to describe his acting when people can go to dramabeans and read the real recaps. Losers and haters just go to hell and die.

  220. 220 : Tonberry Says:

    @Hera (216)

    Hey thanks for the nice comment. 😀

    My opinion of Jang Geun Suk is kinda opposite of my opinion on LMH. I like LMH’s looks, but I’m not a fan of his acting. With JGS, I’m not a fan of his girlish, pretty face, but I think he’s a fine actor. Much, much better than LMH in acting skills.

    Hmmm…. on second thought, I do like the way JGS looks when he’s scowling or angry… it makes him look very fierce and manly. The meaner he looks, the better I like him.

    I have not seen all of JGS’s dramas, but I can respect him as an actor, because in the dramas that I have seen him in, he acted really well. I don’t think I’ve ever watched him in a scene and thought to myself, “that expression’s not right” or “what’s with that blank look?” (I think these things often when watching LMH act.)

    Plus, the boy can sing. My god, his voice is pretty. It’s kind of funny how Lee Min Ho is this tall, towering dude, but he’s got a really weak and flat-sounding voice… whereas JGS’s figure is more slender and weak-looking, but he’s got one hell of a set of pipes.

    I’ve seen him in “Beethoven Virus” (which I loved), “You’re Beautiful” (which I was addicted to), “Mary Stayed out all Night” (which suffered from poor writing and directing, so I didn’t like it), and parts of “Love Rain” (which wasn’t my cup of tea, so I stopped watching after a while). Next time, I’d like to see him shed those pretty-boy tresses, and go all bad-ass in an action/thriller drama or something. ^^

  221. 221 : Jason Says:

    Lee min ho hyung we know how hard you worked for each of your projects and that is what got you where you right now.Lee min ho had a Life threatening accident in 2006 and yet he came back from such a huge mental stress after the accident to achieve his dream by working hard for every project that he has been in. Starting from his first movie when he was promised for a good role in a movie but was sent home after not even speaking a single line in the entire process.Lee min ho still cares and puts all his fans first before anything as he mentioned on his facebook ‘People in Korea run on rice but i run on my fans will.’ At least he is not arrogant or has an ego like some other actors out there.Lee min ho is more than just a actor, he is also one of the most down to earth actors i have ever seen. FIGHTING LEE MIN HO!!!FIGHTING FAITH!!!

  222. 222 : honey Says:

    I love lee min ho can’t miss all his drama his such a great actor watching faith ep 1 it was awosome, fantastic can’t wait for it…the lead actress was great too! yay 23 more ep love his face on screen.

  223. 223 : Tonberry Says:

    @Jason (219)

    What a nice, eloquent, and intelligent guy you are. ^_^ I can tell from all your cussing and animosity that you are super reasonable, well-spoken, and all kinds of awesome. LMH must be so proud to have a fan like you. Congratulation Lee Min Ho! Lol

  224. 224 : Tonberry Says:

    @Jason (221)

    Um… working hard and being a good guy in real life have no direct correlation to being a good actor in dramas, buddy. I’m sure LMH is an upstanding citizen, and a caring person, and is super sweet to all his fans, and works hard all the time on his dramas… but at the end of the day, weak acting is still weak acting. You can’t change that with good behavior…

    Also, if you want to read recaps, then yeah, go over to dramabeans. They’ve got great recaps. Nobody’s recapping anything here, buddy, so I don’t know what’s got your panties in a bundle. Calm down. We’re just regular viewers sharing our opinions and criticism. Nobody said you have to agree, but being hostile and crude to other people is really lame, and just show that you are petty and ill-mannered.

  225. 225 : BIna Says:

    ooh i see where this drama go to. This drama like heroes comic for example naruto and onepiece maybe bleach.

    the line story seems very different like Dr Jin. hope so is great drama to watch. But i’m a little disappointed about LMH act on the episode 1 but on the episode 2 ehhm there are many change acting LMH may be little better than episode 1.

    Hope on the third and four episode LMH can be on the his act form General. This drama hope is well and interesting and happy ending

  226. 226 : Yelena Says:

    Okaaay so maybe LeeMinHo is not the best actor. I think reason he is awkward in drama b/c he doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself. he is still young and new to acting. Plenty of time for him to get better. once he gain more confidence he will act better 🙂

  227. 227 : princess Says:

    im sure it will be very good from episode 5 or 6 like city hunter and a lot of great drama
    and LMH give all of us a fantastic act like ever
    fighting LEE MIN HO

  228. 228 : jhen Says:

    How can I watch the drama’s here??

  229. 229 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    @JAson Hey you!Why are you so affected?maybe we did hit it right!

    Oh my God we are not HATERS of Lee Min Ho we only know how bad his acting is!I’m a fan of Lee Min Ho when it comes to his looks my God he’s just so damn gorgeous…an epitome of every woman, tall and handsome!But when it comes to acting?Oh,I’m not impressed at all…I admit I’m a Lee Jun Ki is my bias coz he’s got amazing talents, he can moved me by his acting!his versatility just so amazing!He can conveys any roles!

    About Jang Geun Suk I’m not a fan of him,but he is too way better than Lee Min Ho when it comes to acting!Because LMH still young thats why his acting not that good?My God being young is not a reason!Look at the child actor in TMETS and Kim Soo Hyun’s acting they are too way younger than LMH but look at their facial expressions when they act?they can moved me I’m not a fan of Kim Soo Hyun I don’t even watch dreamhigh1 but KSH truly impressed me IN TMETS he’s acting totrally amazing 🙂 but Lee Mi Ho?his face kinda awkward and he’s too stiff.A great actor can portray any emotions its either when his sad,happy or mad in a scenes:)and Lee Min Ho’s voice in sageuk drama just the same in modern dramas!Look at Yoochun(Sungkyunkwan Scandal,Rootop Prince) and Jang Geun Suk(Hong Gil Dong,Hwan Jin Hi)their voice really different from their modern dramas in sageuk dramas:)In sageuk dramas they used different dialect I think thats why I’m a sucker of Sageuk dramas coz actors showed alot of emotions its quite different when you watch korean modern dramas!

    Lastly Jason, don’t tell us to fuck off!Don’t give us BS coz u don’t own this site and we are all KD fanatics!just mind ur own business coz I will still watch Faith…I’m not a “hater” of LMH did I ever criticise his looks?and stop being gay insulting other’s k-actors like Lee Jun Ki and Jang Geun Suk appearance coz for sure they look better than you!LMAO!

  230. 230 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    *I admit Lee Jun Ki is my bias*But I still watch Faith Wohoho!I just love their costumes,sound effects and cinematography is daebak its like watching hollywood movies!And I like Lee Philip since Secret Garden!

  231. 231 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    subbers pls…

  232. 232 : Torri Says:

    Well from what am reading so far most of u don’t seem to be too pleased with the acting .i have not watch the first ep yet .but just wanted to say this drama may be a dissapionte to some but some will also love it .and if that is the cause I think insults and hatefull comments are realy not called for .

  233. 233 : wynn 윈 Says:

    in episode 2, can saw tht a man is a translator~!!! (*. ^)
    this drama let me more interested in~!!! (~v ~)

  234. 234 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I stand correct Hwan Jin Yi*

  235. 235 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    no eng sub yet?

  236. 236 : wynn 윈 Says:

    wanna ask, do here have the ost? if dnt have, please give me the ost name! then i search my self! (*. ^)

  237. 237 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 2:
    Much of ep 2 was lack-lustre. I was losing interesting until……..
    Ep 1 was funny, light-hearted, tongue-in-check. I was excited at a sageuk that is so different, n looking fwd to more of the same. Yet, in ep 2, the only funny comes fr KHS’s doc being clueless as to where she is. She thinks of it being a sageuk filming site; she keeps wondering why her cell phone has no signal, talks abt Kangnam, n tries to bribe the maid–she asks abt ATMs to get the maid some cash. She IS the joke.
    All the action, when the bad guys try to assassinate the K king, n the political intrigue at the court, leave me yawning cos the scenes r so sketchy.
    The Yuan general getting his “cockroach” massage is supposed to be funny, but fails. It isn’t set up properly. I just wonder why he has a Chuen Eum Ja by his side, the flute player who kills with sound. It’s hard to enjoy the humor when your mind is trying to make sense of other stuff. The CEJ kills a cockroach with one note. Ha.
    LMK’s char Choi Young has given his word as a warrior to send the doctor from heaven back to her rightful place after she saves the queen. So the queen recovers n he wants to send her back. Only the king’s advisor gets greedy n tells the king to keep her, in order to secure his own legitimacy in the name of heaven.
    At 50 mins, LMH/Choi has to choose between obeying the king’s order to keep her against her will but reneging on his word, or disobeying the king whom he has pledged to serve. The cross-harbor tunnel, I mean time tunnel is closing fast. Choi chooses to obey the king. Doc is angrily waving a sword at him. He ramps himself into it, for not keeping his warrior’s promise, as the rightful apology. Doc is horrified, n so am I.
    The last 15 mins. have me at rapt attention.
    She desperately tries to save his life. Everyone blames the king for giving such an impossible order, esp. the queen, whose life Choi has saved, when the maid, a Mongolian, tries to stab her in the chaos of the attack at the inn.
    I see where this is going: Doc feels guilty as hell for hurting him. He feels responsible to send her back. In the mean time, they have this unbreakable bond. Guilt is a powerful emotion, and LMH has a totally irresistible face, for most of womankind.
    The other stuff surrounding them is unevenly directed. So I’ll expect this KD to be uneven in tone n quality. But I’m still optimistic that there’ll be a great deal of good in it.

  238. 238 : KDaddict Says:

    There are 2 types of ppl in the ent-industry:

    1. There are who are actors, who impress our pants off with their acting. Lee Bum Soo comes to my mind. They have a relatively smaller following.
    2. There are those who are stars, who dazzle us with their charisma n heavenly looks. Lee Min Ho is such a one. They’ve box office mega-power n so have clout in the industry.

    The categories are not mutually exclusive. You have stars who can act extremely well too.
    Once in a while, you get sb who is an actor as well as a star. I think of Ahn Su Ki, but the guy has more than a few life-time achievement awards. I’m sure there are others.

    You’ve to find the time to finish the last 2 eps of AGD, if u haven’t already. They r really enjoyable. Vacuous but enjoyable.

  239. 239 : padma Says:

    is this drama interesting to watch?

  240. 240 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:


    I love AGD too:)one of the best drama with a simple plot but very entertaining..just done watching the last 2 eps @Kimchidrama…About Lee Bum Soo I agree with you he’s a great actor but only few noticed him coz he don’t have that great looks to swoon over but my god he’s got great acting skill:)I like him in Giant:)About salaryman havent watch it yet….

  241. 241 : ucriet Says:

    Like or dislikes it was okay, It’s free to express..everybody has their own opinion, but I will always support him no matter how.
    우리 이민호씨 화이팅 !!! 오빠 너무 멋져요 ^_^

  242. 242 : eny Says:

    i really love gaksital, the story and joo won acting is really good, best korean drama in 2012, until today………….

  243. 243 : JL Says:

    So far I find it interesting and will continue to watch until the end. Support KHS & LMH.

  244. 244 : hny Says:

    eps 2 .. OMG .. KHS is a nag doctor and Lee Philip is cool doc ..it’s rare combinations.. lol .. but she’s funny there, and like @ KDaddict say .. There are 2 types of ppl in the industry-ent .. and in this drama we can see the combination of it..and so far the result is pretty good..
    The last scene is early for the doctor to get an attack from LMH/choi charm 😉

  245. 245 : KDaddict Says:

    KHS plays a doc who loves money and fame. Let’s face it few people go into plastic surgery becos they want to save lives, lessen suffering n save humankind.
    Philip Lee plays an old-fashioned Han doc who is the best in the land, and he is pretty awesome with his Chi kung weapon fan too.
    Lee Min Ho is the moral compass of the whole shebang. He serves the king with his super swordsman skills, but he lives and dies by his word.
    Sharp contrasts between the two doc, also between the OTP.
    I find it very interesting So Far. And find Lee Min Hot super hot, as if this weather isn’t hot enough. Phew.

  246. 246 : Tonberry Says:

    @KDaddict (245)
    Is it weird that I kinda like how materialistic she is? Lol. Everybody loves/need money… but few people are so matter-of-fact about it like she is. I just really like characters who are flawed (like the king, for instance) and doesn’t act so perfect and noble all the time. Choi Young fits this category too. When he slashed that dude’s neck in ep 1, I was giddy with delight.

  247. 247 : hny Says:

    😉 :D…yap more hot with that costumes, BTW Arang will aired tonight right!! …I’m so curious with LJK n the girl from MGIG act..hope the eng sub out soon..I’m dying to watch faith without eng sub..I wonder why it’s take long for the sub not like other drama we seen before and the link to watch faith only a few .. it’s makes my heart hot !!

  248. 248 : hny Says:


    I love money too.. 😀

  249. 249 : cha Says:

    i’m not a fan of LMH but this drama is promising! 🙂

  250. 250 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 1 Eng sub

  251. 251 : Tonberry Says:

    Hey people, Ep 1 with english subs is out over at dramafever.
    Go watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

  252. 252 : jordan Says:

    Sound like another good series. Other players are good, but The lead actress is quite old with tick&flashy makeup, too sophisticated, noisy, not posses credible look as doctor. Hope her character will change as the series go on.

  253. 253 : johnterry636 Says:

    This is very like Dr. Jin . i an not interested this series !!! this is old story !!! Too boring

  254. 254 : princess Says:

    no its different from Dr Jin. give some time to story

  255. 255 : ghazal Says:

    i like soooooooooooooooooooo much lee min ho

  256. 256 : sara Says:

    I love when a drama starts in the middle of the story without any introduction to characters, and you suddenly enter to a unfamiliar mysterious world. Using the black color and visual effects also adds to the suspense and the mystery of the drama.
    This is exactly what separates the two worlds -past and present- The present is a bright and simple world with ordinary people without any mystical feature.

    LMH.When he became this manly and mature? Although all the actors have their particular acting traits and LMH is not an exception but here, even from the first moments of the drama, i can see a different LMH. I know it’s very soon for judging his acting but it seems he ‘s gotten very mature comparing to his other roles. His character is a cold and serious character but i can see he has a kind, gentle side too. I still don’t have any idea about the female lead.

  257. 257 : princess Says:

    i want see next episode.
    i hope rating come up soon

  258. 258 : myphim Says:

    Great start to Faith. Loving all the characters and loving this mysterious, fantasy world I find myself in.

  259. 259 : Dede Says:

    Wow. Caught my attention.

  260. 260 : pammy Says:

    This drama is great !!!!!!
    KHS sooooooooooooo pretty and cute
    LMH also looks very smartttttt

    arhh can’t wait for the nxt ep

  261. 261 : dsd Says:

    Faith ( The great Doctor) Ep 2 Eng sub

  262. 262 : Jerry Says:

    If you take away the magic element, this kind of show is a dime a dozen. I feel like I’ve seen it all before (no, not referring to Dr. Jin. I didn’t even watch that show), and there is nothing special about the story or the characters other than their magic powers. It’s just another political saguek about ppl fighting for power…same old, same old. Lee Min ho is boring and still can’t emote. (Did he get worst after cityhunter?) He would be great playing a robot for his next drama. It’s basically what he is now. Kim Hee Sun is ditzy and screechy and had 0 chemistry with lmh. Yup, I’m dropping this drama.

  263. 263 : roronoazoro Says:

    I hope Yoo Eun Soo is Park Min Young…:(

  264. 264 : bazz Says:

    Not interesting story same genre time travel so boring….lmh not a good actor

  265. 265 : drama freak Says:

    watched 2eps…it still looks ok to me…will continue to watch it…hope it gets better =) btw…Lee Min Ho is hot LOL XD

  266. 266 : sara Says:

    The door of heaven is closed and the doctor’s destiny will change forever. I love her being confused and scared. It’s so natural that she doesn’t know what to do at the moment but still is caring for her patient. Her acting is good and i don’t feel their age gap at all.

    CY is a very interesting character. He is cold, lonely, brave and loyal person with great swordsmanship and martial skills yet just looks for a opportunity to sleep. I’m very glad. That annoying hidden smirk is not in LMH’s face anymore. Now his eyes can covey lots of emotions and i can feel two leads chemistry.

    It’s a bit unfair to say he is like a robot. If there are two robots among actors, they are Younghwa and Kim Hyun Joong whose whole body turn instead of their neck when you call them.

  267. 267 : Rain Says:

    i really like it, its different than any other drama i’ve seen……..

  268. 268 : princess Says:

    i really want see next episode.i think we must wait for great story and great drama

  269. 269 : kdfan Says:

    i’m not too impressed after 2 episodes. ep 1 i was reminded of QIM, ep 2 of Jin. Aside from the beautiful visuals, most things are mediocre. I hope it gets better since LMH is one of the reasons i m watching. He is not the best actor, neither is he bad. Whats weird sometimes is when he was great at emoting, his words came out monotonous. but there is definitely a lot of hotness.

  270. 270 : lobnitta Says:

    i really like that drama and i am very keen to see the next episode…

  271. 271 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I love ep2 of Faith…I like the king everytime he delivered a speech and so with Lee Philip…Kim Hee Sun is quite funny I like her when she’s already in Goryeo:)hahah esp when she said they are filming a movie lol ofcors with all their get up who woudn’t think they are really filming a film?lol

    As for Lee Min Ho when he talk he seem like reading his script no emotion at all…no conviction everytime he delivered his speech.But without a doubt he’s hot with his costume!He don’t sound like a General in Goryeo Dynasty.

  272. 272 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Lee Min Ho is good when he gets mad:) that’s his forte…he’s good in delivering anger in acting!

  273. 273 : LilDuckling Says:

    Is this show good? Anybody here recommend it? Seems like 1/3 of yu hate it, 1/3 of yu like it, and 1/3 thinks its just ok. I’m not familiar with any of these actors. All new faces to me b/c i dunt watch much drama recently. Are they any good?

  274. 274 : KDaddict Says:

    If LMH, Philip Lee, etc. r new faces to you, then you are probably relatively new to Korean drama. Welcome.
    Do u know this website: dramabeans.com
    They have reviews out for the 1st two eps of Faith.

    That’s a good place to find out all rounded info abt KDs.

  275. 275 : yudith Says:

    It is super boring. If LEE Min Ho is not in it, seriously half the people would not be watching it. The story is boring, the supporting actors look like really bad extras. Its almost a little shocking. Pity Lee Min Ho to be in something like this when his usual drama standard is so high and this drama being so lame is not even his fault.

  276. 276 : hny Says:

    LMH is not good actor but he can act so well and bring the viewer love him..I like him not follow the other actor who will change their accent if get this role..coz I thought not everyone can easily change Their accent to suit a role they played..some of them who change the accent destroy my ear..coz their accent so weird..so bravo faith..

  277. 277 : sara Says:

    I believe a great drama can find its viewer and you can learn lots of things about a drama just by reading people’s ideas. Some people analyze a drama just like a critic. So although reading the comments helps you get familiar with the drama, at the end What you read here or in any other website are just people’s personal ideas. Lots of people – specially girls- don’t like historical dramas. Lots of people are biased coz they are in love with the lead. So it can’t be a perfect way for deciding if you must watch a drama. Sometimes a drama is really awesome with strong acting and story-line but it’s underrated and sometimes a weak drama gets lots of people’s attention and is overrated. In result, regardless of whether you are familiar with the actors or not, you yourself must watch a drama and decide if it’s good or not.

  278. 278 : LilDuckling Says:

    @KDaddict. Yeah I’m new to Kdrama. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

  279. 279 : LilDuckling Says:

    I’m confused @hny

    You says LMH is “not a good actor,” but he can “act well” and viewers “love him”? That makes no sense. So is he good or not?
    @sara. Yeah you’re right. And I will check it out eventually. I just want to gather people’s opinions first to see what I can expect coming into it. I don’t have a lot of time to watch drama b/c of work and school so I need to rule out the potential bad ones before watching.

    So far what I’ve gathered from netizens is that the lead actor Lee Min Ho is really hot, but is a poor actor… the lead actress is pretty, but ppl don’t like that she’s older than the male lead, and thinks she overacts and is screechy… the main couple have no chemistry, but there is room for growth… the story is old and has been done before, but this time they added magical stuff and it can be really exciting at times.

    Well, I haven’t seen other time travelling dramas so I don’t care that this has been done before. I am only worried that ppl say the acting is bad though. Maybe I will check out the first ep and see for myself if they are right.

  280. 280 : Nihal Says:

    for people whom criticize lee min ho, i must say that he is a good actor and not just : he can act..
    i watched all his dramas, and he is a very good actor, may be he does not have the experience becoz he is so young and he still has a very long and succesful life and career but in general, he is very good.
    i adore the way how he uses his eyes..he is talented and i am sure he will get better and better through the years…

  281. 281 : KDaddict Says:

    So far, I’ve been Really surprised at the no. of posts here that criticize LMH’s acting. That’s quite the opposite of what happened when City Hunter was airing.
    I’ve been even MORE surprised by the lack of fangirling going on here compared to some other threads. Where are Lee Min Ho’s legions of fans? I wonder. 😉
    Also, sb said: If you take away the magical element, then this is just like any other KD; Or if u take away LMH, then few ppl will watch it.
    Well, isn’t that kinda like saying: If you take away the oxtail, then oxtail soup is kinda like……. water?

    I love your name. It is so endearing.
    Don’t worry abt his acting. He may not get a Best Acting Award this year, but he is HUGHLY popular not only in Korea, but all around Asia for v good reasons. If you go to the City Hunter (a show that he starred in last year) thread on this website, you’ll see completely opposite comments on his acting. It just depends on who are writing their opinions at the time of your reading. Sometimes u get a big bunch of his fans, n end up with the impression that his big toe should get an Academy Award on its own. Other times u get ppl who are real supporters of another actor, so other actors may pale by comparison.
    Of the 30+ KDs showing, I’m only following 2. This n Arang. Both r worthwhile so far.

  282. 282 : KDaddict Says:

    @hny, LilDuckling,
    If I may, allow me to answer your Qn to hny this way:

    Lee Min Ho may not be known as the greatest actor, but he sure acts well enough such that lots of viewers love him.
    That’s what I’d say. @hny, I hope u dont mind. 😉

  283. 283 : Trisha Says:

    @KDaddict …Where are Lee Min Ho’s legions of fans? I wonder…. Hahahaha…I’m with u. For me LMH acting has developed in each his drama so its make LMH not only so so in act. For sure I always wait next Faith ep with full anticipation

  284. 284 : Gigi Says:

    Oh my goodness! Lee Min Ho is really hot no matter what he wears. I’ve seen a lot of k-dramas and this guy really delivers in terms of acting. Love him in City Hunter! His gorgeous looks, his smile, and ohhhh….that oozing charisma is a winner! The first two episodes have already made me yearn for more! Love it!

  285. 285 : swift Says:

    Hope the writers gives better characters development for all the cast. The storyline is very promising but somehow the dialogues and flow of the events seemed very forced.

  286. 286 : LilDuckling Says:

    @KDaddict (281+282)

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading your responses. What you said is very reasonable and well thought out. I’m glad it was you and not some crazy fangirl who answered my inquiry, otherwise I imagined the answer would have been something like “OMG-lee-min-ho-is-sooo-HOT-Wanna-have-his-babies-He’s-the-best-actor-eva-Fuck-the-haters-Go-watch-this-drama-now-Go-go-go-GO!”

    I’ve seen some Lee Min Ho fangirls over at that dramabeans place you told me about… and some of them were calling dibs on his FINGERS. (O_o) It was so bizarre. I couldn’t put any weight on anything they said because they all sounded so crazy.

    You are right about City Hunter. Seems like a lot of people liked that show. Maybe I’ll check it out first before watching this one, since it seems to have more favorable reviews. And Arang too. People also seem to like that as well.

  287. 287 : sara Says:

    You know the door of heaven was closed. So his fans are stuck in this heavenly world and our poor Minho is there. Lonely and injured. 😉 What we should do? We have to save him coz he ‘s really not as terrible as some people are saying. He is neither as great as KJW nor as bad as KHJ.

  288. 288 : sara Says:

    Yeah, It’s the right thing to check it yourself. I know what you are talking about. I was also very busy with school when i started watching K-dramas. But there will be a big difference in your taste if you start with a very great drama. If you start your k-drama watching with for example, Secret garden, most of the dramas seem weaker. Try to watch different kinds of dramas if you have time.

  289. 289 : eny Says:

    Lee Min Hoo not really bad but not really good, his acting not special for me,he just really popular because of Boys Over Flower really succes,which is the fans of the drama is teenager, the most fanatic viewer. fansgirl will give him so much praiss to him and like everything he did

  290. 290 : KDaddict Says:

    I recommended Dramabeans to u cos their recaps r good for getting a sense of whether one might like a drama. Their visitors often write funny comments for laughs. Sorry that u think they r crazy.
    With City Hunter, a finished drama, u have the advantage of not being surprised n u can watch at your own pace. Watching current dramas being broadcasted is a diff ballgame. It feels more urgent n uncertain, but therein also lies its attraction.
    My all time favs r Secret Garden n The Princess Man. But if u start w them, it’s all downhill from there. 😉 Happy viewing! Cheers.

  291. 291 : KDaddict Says:

    Lee Min Ho doesn’t need defending or saving.

    Hitherto he had a youthful look n following. With this drama, he can see him acquiring a more mature, adult appearance. He is growing into a man!
    Strange to say, there is a vacuum of actors in KD-land who look like men. A lot look like boy; some look like girls. He’ll continue to be a hot property for a long time.
    Viewers assess actors as a whole package. If acting was the only thing that matters, then the guy who played Lee Joon Ki’s father in Iljimae should be a big star; So should the guy who played the head surgeon in Brain, among others.
    Let’s say that Looks, Acting and Charisma add up to 100 pts in the ideal case, some actors score more highly on Looks, some on Acting, some on Charisma. It’s the total package or the total points that matter to viewers, not any one item per se. Lee Min Ho isn’t going to fall from his pedestal just becos a few ppl here voice their dissatisfaction abt him. 😀

  292. 292 : hny Says:

    @LilDuckling…mm I’m not visit this site daily so really sorry for makes u confused but hope u satisfied w @KDaddict answer..she can read my mind 😀

    and LMH for me his act can entertain me always..I’m watch KD not for looking who is the best and great actor/actress..just for fun n enjoyed many cute ,talented hansome man in this world since my fav actor Richard Gere n Jonny deep get old 😉

    welcome dear to KD land ..just watch them n enjoy the new air from KD..do not bothered with – opinions, take look n decide whice one suit w your taste..cha yooo

  293. 293 : Jewel Says:

    I’m also curious as KDaddict said where are lmh fans to support good comments for this drama. I think that in city hunter, there were good things to say along which could cover his weak acting. But in faith, there are many weak things from the script to the main actors except the budget of the drama. That’s why his fans also don’t have energy to praise.

    And people have the rights to criticize if a person is lacking talents in his career. It seems that they’re the normal audiences, not antis of lmh, and don’t seems they want to fall his popularity either. I believe the most words from the normal viewers will be more correct than fans’ praises.

  294. 294 : hny Says:


    talking about heaven door… I wonder why Choi Young just need 3 days for traveling to our era (2012), king n others warrior doesn’t change a lot when waiting CY back…just like regular door no impact at all for ppl who get in…I’m ok with Doraemon n Nobita coz they are cartoon!!
    if I can get in to heaven door I want cure my LMH from his injured and give my big hug to him..n also tell him Fighting 😉 😀

  295. 295 : KDaddict Says:

    @hny-294, Jewel-293, LilDuckling, sara,
    As I said in my post on Ep 1, this KD has the feel of a cartoon series, so far. Don’t take it seriously, and one will enjoy it as the light-hearted entertainment that it is. One needs to bring their sense of humor, n abandon some preconceived ideas.
    I Super LOVE Doraemon, n Johnny Deep, esp when he is being Jack Sparrow. This show can be viewed in the same spirit. Just look at that Big but silly-looking guy getting a Cockroach massage of all things, How can you take the show literally?
    Think of it as a bonafide historical drama on political strife and one will surely find fault w the script. But that’s like going to a fusion restaurant and then criticizing the food for being Not authentic. Faith has the LOOK of a sageuk becos of the customs, but at heart it is really a fusion drama. Being the enigma that it is, perhaps it is confusing the wit out of LMH’s many regular fans right now.

    At the end of the day, in watching KD, it is ALWAYS to each his own, isn’t it? 😉

  296. 296 : KDaddict Says:

    Above post #295 is for @Trisha-283 too.

  297. 297 : bazz Says:

    @Jewel (293)Very well said^^

    I definitely agree with you.You seem so smart and knows exactly what other people trying to imply at, regarding Lmh’s acting.Those people basically not a haters of lmh that will try to ruins lmh career.Lmh is a public figure so people have the rights to criticize his acting as long as its part of his career as an actor and not his personal life.You can’t expect that all of the time the viewers will praise him.Those people who doesn’t noticed the flaws of lmh’s acting then those are really his die hard fans who always there with him.We can’t really blame if other people seemed not contented with lmh’s acting.Quite franky,Lmh’s acting is just so so not that really great.I want to see Lmh in a different role like he is poor and not dress up with cool clothes.I’ve seen him in Mackerel Run…does anyone notice him there?BOF makes him popular aside from the drama was composed of 4 gorgeous guys…In my point of view Kim Hyun Joong is also one of the reason why BOF totally a great success!KHJ is already famous so most of his fans as a singer watched BOF ^^

    There you have it.

  298. 298 : hny Says:


    yap !!! .. I’m not take it seriously
    I like Kim Jong Moon as Dae Man his character really like cartoon run n jump in the air so fast also with his stutter speech.. I just want to go to his side to pat his back so he can spoke fluently 😉 but amazing he can act like that..very cute.

  299. 299 : clairerosean Says:


    how have you been?

    Our series Big and AGD both ended.. i’ve been potato-couching lately watching differrent KDs.. I watched K2H (Very-very much loved it), Rooftop Prince (Very-very much loved it), the Moon that Embraces the Sun (very very much loved it), Pasta (loved it), Personal Preference (liked it).. now starting I do, I do..

    about Faith, i think i’d wait till it is completed. It is quite hard to search the net for the weekly episodes with eng subs.. so instead of getting frustrated for not being able to see it, i’ll just wait.. but i will be checking this site from time to time to see the progress and reviews.. i don’t mind reading spoilers or something.. as long as it will be happy ending i’d still watch it..!

  300. 300 : ance Says:


    where are the LMH legions of fans? well i don’t know about them but as for me i haven’t watch Faith because i want to enjoy the whole series so i’m still waiting (trying my best to be really patient) for this drama to at least be half (episode 12) of the whole drama so i can watch it straight.

    and as for those who critizes LMH’s acting…have you watch his other dramas for you to say that he’s not a good actor? how can you say that? have you watched City Hunter?Perfect Match? or even Boys Over Flowers? i haven’t watch his other dramas but for me those 3 proves that he’s a good one. correct me if i’m wrong, maybe he just haven’t done heavy dramas that’s why some of you think that he’s not a good actor. but as for me (again) LMH takes you places with he’s characters. you’ll fall in love with him over and over. if he’s not a good actor he wouldn’t be this famous in our country (Philippines)…some Korean actors come and go but since Boys over Flowers, LHM has been one of the faces of Korean Drama in our country.

  301. 301 : ance Says:


    hey bazz nice to see you here,hehehe! i agree with you about Kim Hyun Joon being one of the reason why BOF was sensational…SS501 was already famous in Korea & Japan that time esp KHJ bcoz of him in “We Got Married” as the Sanchu Couple. Lee Min Ho, Jang Keun Sook & Kim Hyun Joong was head to head in the 2010 most handsome face in korea. well of course LHM won that year, so that also proves that he’s also famous.

    you’ve seen Mackarel Run? i haven’t seen that drama of LHM but now that you’ve mention it, you haven’t seen him there? oh no…should i watch it?

    Lee Min Ho Fighting!

  302. 302 : Tonberry Says:

    Just watched ep2, and it was awesome! I enjoyed it much more than ep1. This show is seriously hilarious and exciting. You guys should totally give it a chance. Take it from someone of the I-think-Lee-Min-Ho-could-use-more-acting-lessons camp. This show is enjoyable even with his passable portrayal of Choi Young.

    Choi Young is actually a pretty awesome character. On a better actor, he would have been all kinds of epic. As it is, he is still cool and bad-ass… I’m just not 100% into him yet. Still waiting for that one moment, that one scene, when he’ll become a real person in my eyes. ‘Cause right now I don’t see Choi Young… just LMH in a costume. But I have high hopes. Once LMH settles into this role and become more comfortable in the sageuk setting, I think he’ll be able to put on a better performance.

    One thing to note about this drama:

    Do NOT watch this without subs if you are non-korean. Be patient and wait to watch it with subs. The best parts of this show are the witty dialogues, the meaningful speeches, and the little jokes here and there that you’ll totally miss if you just watch it raw. And then your impression of the drama will be that it’s boring and uninteresting. That’s what happened to me with ep 1. Seriously, just watching raws and simultaneously reading recaps is not enough to get an accurate feel for this drama. Be fair to it, and watch it properly with subs before passing definitive judgement.

    In some shows like “Arang and the Magistrate,” the funniness is in the acting. Skilled actors can bring a scene to life even if the writing is so-so (Not that the writing in Arang is like that. I’m just speaking in general terms). You can enjoy a show like Arang and understand what’s going on even if you don’t 100% understand what’s being said. Kudos to good plotting, compelling visuals, and talented acting on that one.

    But when you’ve got a show like “Faith” whose awesomeness lies in the writing, you will miss out on the best part of it if you just watch without understanding what the characters are saying. When I went back and watch ep 1 again WITH subs, I found myself enjoying the show much much more. Lesson learned!

    So… watch this show. Watch it with subs. Suspend your disbelief for some wtf parts of it. And have a blast. XD

  303. 303 : sara Says:

    Hi, there
    I’m watching the new dramas. Faith, To the beautiful you and Arang. Arang seems so good and funny and faith, as @KDaddict says “don’t take it seriously” and just enjoy it whenever you would check it. There are lots of great websites. You can check Dramacrazy.net.

  304. 304 : Tonberry Says:

    @ance (300)

    What kind of “heavy dramas” do you mean? Like a makjang? (example, “Temptation of Wife”) The kind of drama with lots of over-the-top angst and ridiculous plotlines? Uhh… no thanks. The one good thing about LMH is that at least his choice in drama have improved. Both BOF and Personal Taste were terrible… but City Hunter and this new one is at least fun and compelling.

    He doesn’t need to be in a “heavy drama” to show people he’s a good actor. There were a lot of scenes in City Hunter, for example, that were very serious and emotional. Like when Yoon Sung’s dad got injured by the mine and he had to carry him on his back. I was really impressed with LMH’s portrayal of a panicked and distraught youth desperate to save his father.

    The point is, when the emotion is blatant and basic and unsophisticated, LMH totally rules. When the emotion must be subtle, intricate, and a bit obscure, however, his skills aren’t strong enough to pull it off. I’m saying this as someone who genuinely likes the guy, but can’t help but notice his flaws.

    In any case, I think he will be fine. He is young and has a lot of time to hone his craft. He’ll get better with time.

  305. 305 : sara Says:

    I agree with the package thing. That’s completely right. It seems LMH is 30% acting+50% looks+ 20% charisma. I love deep dramas which teach you something, even if it is trivial. So i just start to watch any drama seriously and if it doesn’t need that spirit, i just give it up and enjoy. Specially when the genre is fantasy and sageuk.

  306. 306 : sara Says:

    Remember RP? The past and present time was different. 1 year of present was just 24 hours of the past. I think here also the same low rules. It took just a few hours for him to go and back.

    You are right. Normal people’s ideas are always more correct than fans. But the point is whether they were his fans from the beginning? They weren’t. But at some point, they saw something unique in him and became his fans. And as people have different tastes, it’s not possible that all of them just fell for his looks. They love him as a package.

    I’m not his fan even if he is super hot. But it seems some of the people don’t criticize him, they are bombing him with their harsh words. As you see he is not famous for his acting skills.

  307. 307 : qiky Says:

    lee min ho always make a something new for every him drama,,that’s why i like him,, and this girl from sad love story right?? uwah she’s comeback !!

  308. 308 : ance Says:

    @Tonberry 304

    you have a good point there maybe i just go carried away…my comment wasn’t intend to only you…for that i’m sorry…i can’t judge his acting here i Faith coz i’ve been saving this drama last, and waiting for more episode so i can enjoy it well. i didn’t mean to offend you.
    about the “heavy dramas” i also don’t enjoy those kind of genres. it’s too difficult to understand those kind of dramas.
    anyway thanks for your intelligent criticism…i sure also hope for LMH maturity as an actor.

  309. 309 : Charlie Says:

    This show is great, I like it. LMH will never disappoint you.
    I’m also watching Arang, To the beautiful you and answer me 1997.
    1997 is surprisingly good, I really love it. I recommend you guys give it a try. A very nice drama to show high school life and growing up story. It has many funny moments. I hope Joon Jae is Si Won’s hubby, not his big brother.

  310. 310 : Tonberry Says:

    @ance #308

    Hey, don’t say that. I wasn’t offended at all. ^^ And I didn’t think that your comment was directed at only me either. I was just browsing through the comments and randomly responding to things that piqued my interest. I didn’t mean to come off sounding offended. I was just presenting my side of the argument regarding my criticism of LMH. It doesn’t apply to everyone, and doesn’t mean that you are wrong. It just means that our opinions are different. So don’t gooooo. D:

  311. 311 : Tonberry Says:

    Just wanna say that of all the magic powers we’ve seen so far, Philip Lee’s powers look the coolest. He uses it well. First, he uses it to heal and fight. He didn’t just blast everyone away like Choi Young did in ep1, but incorporated the magic into his martial arts, so it looked really bad-ass.

    I don’t really understand Choi Young’s power yet, and what it is exactly, so I can’t say if it’s awesome or not. But he can blow a whole gang of policemen away, so it’s really powerful. If the king’s got a general with that kind of destructive powers at his disposal, why would he need to have some foreign healer with him to impress the people? The general who can blow people up is obviously cooler. So is the healer he already has. =_=

    The flute player’s powers look like the gayest so far. When he used it to kill that bug…and acting all dramatic and intense about it like it was some kind of awesome bad-ass thing…I seriously burst out laughing. That was the lamest use of magic powers I have seen so far. Like, dude, it’s just a bug. Chill.

    And speaking of the flute player…his hairstyle does not look as good on screen as I thought. In the trailer, we didn’t get a close look at him, so I thought he looked alright. But in the actual drama, it looked really gay. The whole ponytail thing on top looks like the kind of hairstyle a little girl would wear. I hope they created a compelling personality for him at least…

  312. 312 : Lolipopairis Says:

    Hi guys! Here’s my opinion regarding this drama: At first, I wasn’t really looking forward to this drama cause of the synopsis (Dr Jin wasn’t that great in my opinion… and d’synopsis of this drama is almost similar to Dr Jin – which is unfortunate). But I downloaded it anyway – just wanted to see Min Ho’s acting. I’m not a fan of LMH – I find his acting seems to be similar in all of his drama (I don’t find City Hunter that enjoyable either – largely due to his acting in there keeps reminding me of his character in BOF). And I still get the same feeling after watching Ep 1 & 2 of Faith (in regards to his acting).
    But I do agree that Choi Young is an awesome character! I sincerely hope LMH will be able to grasp and settle into this role in the upcoming episodes.. Cause right now, in my eyes, he’s just the same LMH.
    However, I have a confession to make. This story is way much better than Dr Jin and I’m glad LMH is in it (shows that he knows how to find good scripts). Can’t believe that I actually enjoy this drama way more than I thought I would. (You have to watch it with subs tho). The main lead actress – I think she’s awesome. She actually starred in ‘The Myth’ with Jackie Chan – also as the main lead. Didn’t notice that till someone mentioned it to me. She’s a veteran. LMH’s lucky to be able to act beside her. No wonder he called her noona in one of the interviews =.=” This show is definitely under my watchlist <3

  313. 313 : myphim Says:

    I like the magical world of Faith. Loving all the characters right now, except that insane advisor to the King. Looking forward to Monday to see what happen next.

  314. 314 : ance Says:

    @Tonberry 310

    thanks Tonberry for understanding…truth is i don’t know much about LHM, i just a fan (not the addicted one) who love to watch his dramas, so whenever his name comes up i checked it out. thanks again for the constructive critisism, you’re right about us having different opinions. “we all have our own opinion” it’s either you stick with it or don’t say anything at all. i’m just happy to find smart people (like you) watching KDramas and give an interesting insight about each dramas. i’m still in battle with myself if i should watch this drama now or i should wait until it has more episodes…i can’t stand the waiting…in Arang & the Magistate i can’t sleep thinking of what might happen, if i watch Faith i think my brain will just freeze (because of too much excitement),hehehehe!

    thanks again…and it’s nice to gain a friend… ;D

  315. 315 : Tonberry Says:


    If you can find subs for it, then you should totally watch it now when it’s still new and popular and everyone is talking about it. That way you’ll have people to discuss things with if you want.

    I’m kinda like you. I usually don’t watch dramas that are just coming out. I always wait until all the episodes are in, and watch everything at once. But with this show and Arang, this is the first time I’m watching as soon as the subs are available. And the experience so far has been quite fun. I like being able to watch it and then immediately discussing what happened with another viewer online. ^^ It’s nice.

  316. 316 : tavai Says:

    love the drama already by just watching the actors and actress

  317. 317 : Nexus Says:

    My own observation between Faith and Arang are the lead actors.Lee min Ho is the same in acting,he’s the most overrated actor.Good for him that God gave him good looks because he can’t act really.The lead actor in Arang he is truly a real actor. ^^

    Faith is a nice drama for me,not the same with Dr.Jin cos this one has powers!I like the actress too…

  318. 318 : ance Says:


    i guess you’re right, why wait when it’s still hot…i’ll just finish what i’m watching right now then i’ll start with Faith so i can join the discussion here. i was just wondering, does the writers of this drama or the production team take time to look at this site? there are a lot of suggestions and opinions of fans here, are they even considering some of our thoughts? wouldn’t it be nice if they’re even considering what the fans would want in the flow/ending of the drama?just curious i guess… anyway thanks a lot!

  319. 319 : eny Says:

    i decided to see the first episode and i’am really sure i’m not gonna watch it anymore,………(lost my 50% interest) now i just watch bridal mask and i wanna try five finger. After bridal mask end i’m gonna see Arang too

  320. 320 : KDaddict Says:

    As viewers, we enjoy diff shows n actors for diff reasons. It doesn’t always have to be meaningful messages or impressive acting. Somehow eps 1n 2 of Faith remind me of this clip that I love: Both (Faith n clip) take sth profound n make it fun, n also the special effect of electricity. Note what the 2 men say at the v end.
    Enjoy. 😉

  321. 321 : KDaddict Says:

    I watched Reply 1997 last nite. Whereas I didn’t know any of the young actors, didn’t think they were emoting particularly well, or had a lot of charisma, I did enjoy the show enormously. It has heart n reminds me of my days as a teenager w my close friends. For me, the total package of any indiv actor counts less than the Total Package of the show. If it solicits an attitude like myphim’s as stated in #313, it succeeds.

  322. 322 : myphim Says:

    Yay, it’s Monday again. Looking forward to the third episode. Choi Young will live again!

  323. 323 : Jewel Says:

    @KDaddict (295)
    Yes, I also like Johnny Deep as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. It really has great plots, cinematography, and all cast can portray their roles well enough to capture a lot of viewers. But can’t find those attractions in faith. These two can’t be compared.
    @sara (306)
    I’m a normal kdfan who find and watch interesting stores with great acts. I didn’t see most of the comments about lmh’s acting in this site have harsh words, and also haven’t said lmh fans just fall for his looks. If the actors in faith including lmh were really good in acting, there will be many good comments about the great acting & storyline like in “Arang & the Magistrate”. But now, the thing which can be clearly seen is that many of lmh fans (not all) commenting here are too easily tempered and talking really harshly to other kdfans. Calm yourself down first please….

  324. 324 : KDaddict Says:

    The Pirates franchise is the most successful series in the history of Hollywood. Anyone would know that It n Faith r distinctly different shows. I said “I watch them in the same spirit”. It is my non-chalant approach to them that is similar, not them. Pt of clarification.

  325. 325 : sara Says:

    I’m neither angry nor a LMH fan. I just stated my opinion regarding to how some people treat him here or in any other website and i didn’t particularly talking about you coz you weren’t one of those haters. My one and only bias is Lee Seung gi but sometimes i protest if i think something is not right, Of course in my opinion.

    Agree. Reply to 1997 is very heart warming. Although i don’t have any nostalgia for the story coz my only love in 1997 was Titanic. But the unpredictable story-line, great acting -specially Shi won’s mom & dad’s- and the style of the story telling is so comforting and enjoyable that you feel you are watching a family documentary. SIG was very good in Love rain but here he really nailed it .

  326. 326 : Jewel Says:

    Yeah, I do not hate any k-actors. Just stated my opinion. It’s ok~

    It’s ok, sis. Have nice time with both “A&M” and “faith”.

  327. 327 : Ma Ruxiu Says:

    Faith (Korean Drama) Ep 3 Live Recap starts at 9:55 KT (In about 10 minutes). I can’t wait to see what happens tonight. I actually like the direction the story has taken so far. http://www.vingle.net/posts/45152

  328. 328 : myphim Says:

    Just saw Faith episode 3. LOL. It was so funny how ES shocked all the guys because she was showing off her legs in her makeshift short. Haha…the guys back then probably never seen so much skin on a woman in public. Too bad she did not pack her swimsuit too. Imagine the shock if she put on her bikini to go swimming. Hihi.

  329. 329 : princess Says:

    i want see episode 3
    i cant wait for download link
    did you watched this episode?
    just tell some thing about this episode , it was better right?

  330. 330 : Angel Says:

    Ratings for ep 3 are consistent with ratings of previous eps:

    13.4% Nationwide
    15.8% Seoul

    10.3 Nationwide
    11.6% Seoul

    It’s still doing pretty well, even though it dropped a bit in rank.

  331. 331 : azia Says:

    Faith OST Part.1 – ALi – Carry On

  332. 332 : anne Says:

    I like how the drama is developing tho not the part about the magical powers the weird people possessed or used.

    Actually I like the acting of the lead actress (not too wacky, not too seroius); i don’t find her too old for this role at all – she’s just right. Also, the chemistry bet her and lee minho is great. (To clarify, I’m not lee’s fan, so I’m i think I’m been pretty obective).

    Great show tho I do hope that they reduce a little of the magical power coz it just doesn’t make sense 🙂

  333. 333 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3:
    So far, this show has been 2 eps that have the looks of a sageuk, but not the feel of one; the 2eps have moments of comedy, but not the look of one. I loved the comedy in it, n was waiting for more, esp. the idiosyncratic animation. Alas!
    With ep 3, it settles into being so much like a regular sageuk, which is a disappointment for me. I was hoping for sth more eclectic, more fusion, less single genre. The fantasy element still remains, tho not the kind that I fancy. Its fantasy takes the forms of Cheun Eom Ja, the one who kills by sound, n his sister-in-training, the one who kills by fire. Violent fantasy–who would have thought!
    I finally figure out who that strange cockroach guy is: His name is Ki Chu; his sister was the queen of the former king. So he feels that he is entitled to the throne when the former king dies (was killed?), which is resolutely not the way of succession. It is high treason.
    This show has a serious draw back: it shares the same ridiculousness with Dr. Jin when it comes to operations n recuperations. This is no George Clooney’s OR! The ops r so unbelievable that they r laughable. And then after the crude n bloody incisions, patients walk around w no down time, blood transfusions or antibiotics! Come on. Better not to show your weak hand, PD team.
    I think LMH is in fine form. I see the determination n dedication in his eyes to get the job done, if it is the last thing he does. That and his skill command the respect n loyalty of his team, as well as the recognition n trust of the king. Other than that, he looks mighty fine in his armor. I like giving credit where credit is due: Ah…., pretty.
    KHS ‘s doc is this ditzy modern yuppy, who puts pragmatism above all else. But our killer warrior is beginning to notice her ‘as a woman’, as they like to say in KDs, while the Mongolian princess is beginning to notice our warrior ‘as a man’. That’s one triangle. I’m willing to bet that in time, Philip Lee’s Han doc will also come to notice ditzy doc ‘as a woman’. So that’s another triangle.
    Can’t say I’m as excited as I was after ep 1, but Onwards we go.

  334. 334 : KDaddict Says:

    Who is the SIG in Reply 1997? The only K actor I know to be worthy of his acronym of SIG is the mighty Song Il Gook. But I’m old school.
    I’m enjoying the hell out of 1997, w/out know a single actor in it. Love it even more than Arang, n I like Arang plenty.
    Started Gakistal. Love it. But am deliberately slowing down so that I don’t have to suffer its cliffhangers.
    In Faith, I notice that LMH doesn’t have that much screen presence so far. Often when u have a big star like that, they r in every frame. He hasn’t shown up enough for me to overwhelm me w his gorgeousness yet. 😉

  335. 335 : anne Says:

    Wow, now that KDaddict highlighted that there may be multiple love triangles; it makes me even more attracted to the show(stupid me!).

    Frankly, I kind of look forward to the “yuppy doc” and “macho general” combination.

  336. 336 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 3 is abt the reception that our king receives when he arrives back in Goryeo. Ki Chu has every one of those loyal to the king killed before his arrival. All the other officials go to a party Ki Chu deliberately throws (for the birth of his nephew), such that the king is left w NO one to welcome him home. It’s meant to highlight his isolation in the court, n therefore how untenable his throne is.
    Choi Young is recovering, badly. He wants to resign, but the king wouldn’t let him. Doc is mighty frustrated w such a poor patient n her situation.
    It is rather standard fare in a sageuk. Whether it is better depends on how well u like sageuks, LMH n KHS. Cheers.

  337. 337 : KDaddict Says:

    Sorry for typo in #334:
    Last sentence should be:
    He hasn’t shown up enough to overwhelm me w his gorgeousness yet.

  338. 338 : princess Says:

    i want see episode 3
    i cant find any link yet

  339. 339 : sara Says:

    Seo In Gook, The pretty boy who plays Yunjae. I just watched two or three scenes of BM. But it’s not my style and i don’t like Jo Won at all.

    “So far, this show has been 2 eps that have the looks of a sageuk, but not the feel of one; the 2eps have moments of comedy, but not the look of one.”

    I love this. Great description. I still haven’t watched it. But there are two more hotties in this drama besides LMH. We have to wait and see who ‘s the scene sealer.

  340. 340 : Ma Ruxiu Says:

    Faith Ep 4 Live Recaps starting in 10 Minutes!! I really can’t wait to find out about Cy’s story. I thought about all the possibilities last night after watching it. ooooh, can’t wait!!! http://www.vingle.net/posts/46432

  341. 341 : myphim Says:

    Omo, Choi Young’s past was so sad.

  342. 342 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 3 (The great Doctor) Eng Sub

  343. 343 : swift Says:

    Ep3 & ep4 with eng sub available now at kimchi drama

  344. 344 : nadhira Says:

    I love lee min hoo, and i love this drama XD INTERESTING !

  345. 345 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    Choi Young has such heavy baggage to carry for such a long time. I hope he reunites with his sister-in-training, who was insulted by the previous beast of a king.
    I still like the animated series; unfortunately it is no longer funny, becos it is used to tell a very sad story.
    Where n why do they find such a short person to play the king? He is shorter than everyone else by a foot.

    The other two hotties aren’t going to steal Lee Min Ho’s thunder. Not a chance. Once you start watching, you’ll know why.

  346. 346 : sara Says:

    I think now i know why, even if i haven’t watched ep4 yet.

    I love this drama. It’s getting better. There are no fantasy, magic and mystery in this episode but we can see more of its emotional aspect. You can see CY has felt something but he’s not aware of it yet. Now we know a bit more about the characters but still lots of them are unknown.

    1. I don’t like that scientific explanation of how playing the flute can kill a person or how that cruel girl explodes people’s hearts. I’d rather to know nothing about the how to and just enjoy the mystery. We have to wait to know more about the anti-heroes of this drama. I hope they won’t be some one dimensional evil characters. Specially, I kind of hate that white hair guy.

    2. I like the heroin. She is very simple and knows what she wants and is honest with herself. Although she seems a bit selfish some times.

    3. I love CY. He is the best and loveliest one. I don’t know if it is LMH’s acting or CY’s character. But I love his being carefree and lonely. I am curious to know why he wants to die and doesn’t accept the treatment. Why he seems spiritless and doesn’t have the will for living on. Why he just obeys the orders and doesn’t care about anything. There must be a reason in his past. And that’s what makes him very mysterious and unique. He seems to have a caring and romantic side too. I love when he looks at her with affection secretly.

  347. 347 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 4 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  348. 348 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 4:
    Stirred up such strong emotions in me that I didn’t know what to say.
    I am sooo angry at that beast of a former king that I wish him a fate worse than death.
    I feel sooo depressed for the treatment that Choi Young and his teammates suffered at the king’s hand. And CY is forced to serve said king w his life! Arghhhh!
    Love CY n LMH in this drama. And ditzy doc as well, for being caught up in circumstances beyond her control and her reaction to them!

  349. 349 : hny Says:

    watch ep 3 n 4..I’m more n more like to watch this..more than to watch other drama…see Choi Young past history makes me understand to his behaviour… no doubt LMH suit to this role. KHS ..I like her act now . so funny n not makes me bored also fall sleep like I watch Arang..really enjoy the story also all cast , they gave the best acting..powerfull chemistry from all makes this drama getting better ..I can’t wait to see next eps..

  350. 350 : emerald Says:

    oh my god! this is called craziness… i cant wait to see next episode… lol! thank you so much DSD for the link…

  351. 351 : Kyra Says:

    Shit! This drama was so fxxxing boring… most of the time! I can’t stand it!

  352. 352 : sara Says:

    Aha, now i know why CY is this spiritless and refuses to get treatment. He doesn’t have any motivation to go on. I fully enjoyed this episode. Doctor’s reaction are very funny and i love her character. But i just was thinking about one thing the whole ep: Finally, LMH has become an actor and among all the LMH’s drama characters, CY is the first one i love very much. He really managed to show the contrast between CY’s past and current character. You are growing fast, boy.

  353. 353 : sara Says:


    You have the right to hate this drama, of course. But try to continue watching it. It’s very lovely and fresh and delicious. My sister says “LMH looks like a delicious appetizing white chocolate or cake here, you want to eat him”.

  354. 354 : Tonberry Says:

    Other than the time traveling in ep 1, the magic stuff isn’t incorporated very well into the story of this drama. It doesn’t add to the drama in any meaningful way. Like… if you remove Choi Young’s powers and just make him a very skilled warrior… that doesn’t change who he is at all. The story can still continue on no problem. Same as with the flute player and the tinderbox lady. Instead of burning people or killing people with sound… if they just stab their victims with swords, they’ll be no more and no less evil. The magic stuff doesn’t contribute anything to the plot or the characterization. =_=

    Why did they even include the magic stuff in the first place? Was it to justify the existence of the wormhole? Or was it just a cheesy gimmick to make the drama seem new and different from all the other time travel dramas? They don’t need to do that. The story is strong on its own, and the characters are very interesting as they are (minus the corny bad guys). I wish they’d integrate the magic into the plot in a more meaningful way in later episodes.

  355. 355 : Googi Says:

    Folks, what is going ON with this show!?? The writing is TERRIBLE! I am a huge fan of LMH but this drama is painful to watch. Why would an educated SURGEON behave like a spastic teenager, and why on earth would she put up with his actions like that? The magic, the wormhole, the lack of ANY character with whom to empathize with. The only person that is tolerable is the Queen! I’m going to give it one more episode. If something doesn’t change, not even LMH can save it. 🙁

  356. 356 : Tonberry Says:


    Oh, the Queen! I’m so glad you mentioned her. ^^ I totally love her. She carries herself with such quiet dignity and grace. She’s the most interesting character in this drama. I hope she gets more screen time in later episodes.

  357. 357 : KDaddict Says:

    This series is kinda strange and uneven in its first 4 eps. In ep 1, it gives us the impression it is going to be this fusion/fantasy/comedy/sageuk. In ep 2, it looks like they have changed their minds, n r taking a turn somewhere; only we’ve to wait n see where. In ep 3, it becomes a sageuk with killers of ‘magical’ abilities. In ep 4, it is a tragedy of epic depth. For viewers, it feels like being friends w sb who is bipolar or has multiple personalities. I keep waiting to see what it’ll morph into becos of my curiosity and becos of LMH.
    As for the so called Magical abilities, I see them as exaggerations of certain Chi Kung based martial arts skills that fans of martial arts/Wu Xia novels have come across a million times b4. It is the special effects that accompany or accentuate their use that elevate them into sth magical. Sometimes special effects enhances. This time, it confuses the audience.

  358. 358 : hny Says:

    just want to support my great drama for this week…!!

    – watch faith w LMH as SURGEON w his spastic teenager..NOT Painful at ALL cuz he Paint Ur day 😀
    – a cool SURGEON with a funny doc ,will make the atmosphere tremble when interaction happen between them..
    -short King and the beauty Queen with their secret love and they quite dignity..so awesome
    – a villains with strange magic power and costumes like x-man, also ‘si gagap’ Dae Man who can run and jump like cartoon movies and handsome doc with magic fan..this fantasy story not make sense but suprise me (surprise makes u bored?!!)… just watch this drama my dear friends… will not makes u fall sleep(unless you are already sleepy)..
    FIGHTING FAITH …!!!! 😉

  359. 359 : Tonberry Says:

    Have I mentioned before that the flute player has really gay-looking hair? Yes? Well, I’ll say it again. His hairstyle looks really really gay (sorry if that’s offensive to gay ppl). Ep 3&4 has solidified my hatred for that little side ponytail that sits atop his head. Ugh!… Why? Why would you make a handsome, grown man wear a hairstyle like that? It makes him look like an idiot. It’s bad enough that the main villain is wearing dangly earrings and princessy headpiece, now you gotta make his right hand man don that kind of little-girl hairstyle, too? (T.T) As if we need more reasons to mock these caricature villains.

  360. 360 : sara Says:

    I also hate the flute player but he doesn’t give me any gay vibe and his hair style is chic and suitable for his mysterious character. It somehow can show a beautiful contrast between his appearance and his inner self. He is a handsome, mysterious creature in white, which is the color of innocence. He plays flute which is a very romantic instrument and in some cultures symbolizes the magic and god’s voice and in others beauty and nature- again innocence. But all of this is just an illusion before our eyes. He is a killer inside. Like evil wearing innocency mask. Everyone knows sword can be used for killing but using such a beautiful musical instrument for killing is a fresh and beautiful concept.

  361. 361 : Lorem Says:

    I have not yet viewed ep3-4 but I agree with KDaddict’s #357 comment on the special fx in this drama. IMO it’s tacky and takes away from the characters and the storyline. Though I’m enjoying the drama so far, I have qualms.

    The doctor’s character is too much of an undisciplined air-head to make it through medical school. It’s not necessary to play the character like that, in order to get laughs. She can be funny without tripping over herself and acting silly. Frankly, her appearance does not match her silly behavior. She is dressed like someone who takes charge … ahh..lemme stop there. Chonnaaah, I deserve to die.

    Well here is to hoping they keep it simple and just focus on really working the story i.e: just tell a effen great effen yarn.

  362. 362 : KDaddict Says:

    You crack me up. “My sister says: “LMH looks like a delicious appetizing white chocolate or cake here, you want to eat him”. Here? Only here? Ha ha ha.

    @Tonberry, sara,
    Re Cheun Eum Ja, He who delivers Sound:
    I watched Sung Hoon in NToG, all 50 eps of it, n am so happy to find him in a new series. Then they go and cover up his face with all that hair. If it weren’t for the cast list, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that’s him. What a let down. In 4 eps, we’ve only seen him use his special ability to kill a minion we don’t know and a cockroach! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!
    I’m of the opinion that if they hire a good looking actor, they should let us see his forehead, his expressive eyes, his fine cheek bones. If they give his char special powers, they should show him putting it to interesting uses, good and bad.
    The Mongolian princess is wasted on that weak n helpless king. I hope to see her fight for CY’s love, and I want to see MORE of LMH.

  363. 363 : Tonberry Says:

    Lol. I don’t mean “gay” as in he’s-a-homosexual. I meant the hair looks really lame and unattractive. It’s just a matter of personal preference, I guess, since you think it looks chic. btw, you write very eloquently. Thank you for the lovely explanation on the flute’s symbolism in certain culture. It certainly is very poetic if the writer/pd’s intention in styling him thus (very pure and innocent-looking) is to provide contrast for the evil inside of him.

    I still think he looks kinda gay. Heh

  364. 364 : Tonberry Says:


    Yeah, I kinda burst out laughing when he killed that cockroach. Like… Whyyyy? O_o What was the point of that? Go kill someone strong if you wanna impress me, not a measly cockroach. Not a good first impression. At the same time, though, I want to hire him to come to my house and do some pest control. My cats’ contracted fleas again and I need this little cutie to blast them away with a few sonic waves.

    Usually I don’t mind if the hair hangs a bit over an actor’s eyes. I dig that emo look, ok? Don’t judge me. 😛 But they cover half of Sung Hoon’s face in this drama. Waste of a good-looking actor.

  365. 365 : Tonberry Says:

    @Lorem (361)
    I like the doctor’s bubbly personality. Everyone else is so serious and frowny all the time, so she’s like a breath of fresh air whenever she’s on screen. I’ve grown to like this character quite a lot, though I didn’t really like her at the beginning. ^^

  366. 366 : sara Says:

    LMH is always deliciously handsome but my sister not only is not a fan of his but hates him somehow. Hearing her describing him like that made me realize now we can call him an actor. What is better? Once a hater now wants to eat him.

    Tonberry-363, KDaddict
    Oh, you meant that “gay”. My mistake. Thank you but you know I don’t know it’s me/you and other who want to create meaning for a certain scene or character or the writer placed the meaning in it hoping we’d discover it somehow. What do you think?

  367. 367 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara-366, Tonberry,
    We all know that ‘gay’ can mean happy, joyful, lively, or it can mean ‘homosexual’. But since the latter use is so prevalent and so loaded w meaning, that has become the dominant use. Since Tonberry-359 said: “His hairstyle looks really really gay (sorry if that’s offensive to gay ppl)” that solidifies the impression that she is talking abt “homosexual” appearance even more. Also becos the hair is indeed long n feminine looking. So IF Cheun Eom Ja ends up being homo/gay, the audience wouldn’t be totally surprised; but I don’t think that’s their intention.
    Quite aside fr the issue of whether the hair conjures up a homo image, I think the make-up, hair and costume in this drama r uneven, like so much else abt it. The Fire-user looks very attractive outright. The Sound-deliverer looks attractive to some n not to others. Ki Chu looks weird in a way that’s hard for viewers to take him seriously. The Han doc (Philip Lee) is not styled attractively either, cos we’ve seen him looking way better elsewhere. They seem to be taking some gorgeous guys n turning them into……strange beings. Go figure!

  368. 368 : Tonberry Says:

    @KDaddict 367
    Nah, I really didn’t mean to say that he looks like a homosexual. I actually meant to say that he looks like a little girl with that hairstyle. When I said “sorry if its offensive to gay ppl” I meant my usage of the word “gay” to mean something girly and feminine-looking. It’s not nice that the word has such a connotation (because there are lots of butch, masculine gay folks in the world), but that’s how a lot of people use it. And I use it a lot to describe things that are gaudy or overly feminine-looking (while knowing that I shouldn’t) and that it can be offensive to some ppl. So my bad if ppl are offended because I used the word thus. But no, I did not mean it in terms of homosexuality.

    On another note, yeah, all the villains look kinda ridiculous in this drama. They’re over-the-top, cartoon-like and worst of all… not scary. They don’t inspire any trepidation in me when I see them. I need to be impressed with the villains in order to be invested in our heroes’ plight. But I’ve not been so far, so I’m a bit disappointed.

  369. 369 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    The magic stuff looks so fake not impressive at all.This drama is a second rate trying hard copy cut, no originality,take off all those magic powers I’m sure this drama sux!The actors looks interesting definitely cos of their looks and not of their acting.Some people keep on watching cos their oppas are here.Aside the nice costumes nothing really so exciting in this drama,I feel bored watching and sleepy-.-

  370. 370 : kimchilee Says:

    this drama is quite boring.. hope it picks up.. else LMH’s character will be wasted in this draggy drama.. ep 3 disappointingly boring.

  371. 371 : Misya12 Says:

    Wooo…everyone’s talking bad about this drama,thus I will not waste my time to watch it!

  372. 372 : sara Says:

    No, it’s not everyone. And this drama is not a bad one. If you look carefully, some of the guys here are beautifully analyzing various aspects of the drama. You surely enjoy reading them.

    I totally agree with you about the make up. Lord Choi’s son in Arang is a handsome man with no strange make up but his mysterious eyes sends shivers down my spine every time i see him. I don’t know why. But here villains are caricature-like.

  373. 373 : miles Says:

    Enough of all ur bad comments, try to watch it and analyze the story and its quite good. The character of a female doctor I think is kind of normal as you dont know what is happening to your sorrounding. About those bad comments I think you are just jealous of Lee Min Ho because u dont have a good looking face like him. And about that guy with a white hair He is kind of mysterious guy and not like gay as you talking about. I think he is cute with that hair. Come on killing a coachroah already make you not wanting to watch i think you are kind of pathetic.

  374. 374 : miles Says:

    About lee min ho’s character he is professional in every aspects of acting. Broaden your mind and understanding of this drama .. this is just abeginning….

  375. 375 : Angel Says:

    A lot of viewers here are women. Why would they be jealous of a man’s handsomeness? Plus, half the comments here have nothing to do with LMH. Some viewers just don’t like the drama because they think it’s boring.

    And the flute player is supposed to be mysterious, stoic, and cool. If you take one look at him and think “cute” then yeah, the styling has failed big time. That means some of the comments here are probably right and he does look like a little princess with that hair.

    And if seeing him kill that bug doesn’t make you wanna burst out laughing, then the pathetic one is you, because you are probably blind to what is lame and what isn’t.

  376. 376 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve been quite surprised by the no. of negative comments from the beginning:
    Ppl complained that KSH was old to act w LMH.
    She doesn’t look 23, but she doesn’t look old either.
    Ppl complained that LMH can’t act.
    He may not be the greatest actor, but he is no worse than many leading men either, n he has shown much improvement here.
    Ppl complained that the Doc’s char is unrealistic for a plastic surgeon.
    Well, that’s to get the laughs.
    Ppl complained abt the make up.
    So some of it is straight forward, but some of it doesn’t please every one.
    All in all, it looks like the show is controversial, meaning there is no general consensus.
    IMHO, it does have some short-comings, which show doesn’t, right?
    But if you like LMH and/or KSH, Sung Hoon and/or Philip Lee, sageuk with some fantasy magical elements, it is very watchable. Plus it’s only been 4 eps out of 24. Kinda early still.

  377. 377 : sara Says:

    Personally, i think this drama is very good and if i compare it to Arang ,coz both of them are sageuk, this one is more watchable. To ones who don’t know if they should watch this drama, i ‘ll give 7 reasons for watching it. I love

    1. The atmosphere of the drama is not dark and heavy.
    2. Villains are not that nerve-racking and you don’t want to skin them alive.
    3. Doctor has a very pleasant character so she gives a comfortable and comic vibe to drama and makes the viewers feel good.
    4. LMH, PL, SH are very handsome so no lack of eye candies.
    5. LMH ‘s character is very very lovable and unique and he has sown he ‘s not just a handsome actor anymore.
    6. There are lots of fantasy elements in this drama. Flute player who is a killer, that fire lady, heaven door, warriors with black armors and supernatural powers.
    7. A good script that makes you come here and defend it.

  378. 378 : Lorem Says:

    Heh.. Dear @sara (#377). I like how you started with “Personally…”. I really want to enjoy this drama. I like the cast, and the premise, but “personally”, the character of the doctor is not doing it for me. Not the actress, the character she portrays. It’s too contrived. The writer could have toned her down a tad, and so might not have raised questions.

    The doctor is a person of science and so after witnessing a so-called wormhole (a hole connecting 2 points in the time space thinga-me-bob), even if she didn’t know what it was, she’s not likely to mistake it for a man-made thing. Most people today with basic education have a good idea of the limits of our technology, what to speak of The Great Doctor. We have cars, but they don’t fly — yet. We communicate with cellphones but they are cumbersome, requiring much effort to operate and you can lose, drop, break, short-out the darn thing.

    So I am to believe the disciplined mind of person who spent 8 years earning a medical degree is the same as that of a ditch digger? “Personally”, to enjoy this drama the main character must be plausible to a degree. Not asking a lot here. Just a few keyboard strokes or a twirl of the writer’s pen 🙂


  379. 379 : Park jun hee Says:

    @KDaddict and @sara
    i’m n0t too surprized if a lots of people n0t too like this drama. Well i just want to share my minds that maybe people thought as same as what i say
    1. Its medical genre? Ouch, i have dissapointed with medical drama recent the m0nth. Did u remember, before dr. Jin aired, people are so excited with that one. But after episode by episode people start to bored. Cz the story are focused in sickness. I d0nt kn0w, it’s too bored when i found sickness each episode. 22 episode, and its full contained with sickness and cronic. Romance scene is a bit. . .
    2. Although dr. Jin have a great actor like SSH, its not enough. As same as with faith, LMH is act too serious here.
    3. What the hell with couple? LMH with KSH?? OMG, its really not match. Well maybe in BOF, when LMH had couple with Goo Hye Sun, its ok cz their age n0t different so far, about 2-3 years old. But in here, maybe they have different age 7-8 years old. Aish, its n0t g0od. Its seem like that a teenager (LMH) fall in love with an ahjumma. . .
    Have u watch drama the man who cant get married? In the story kim so eun who is a youth fall in love with ji jin hee as we know is an ahjussi. It seem like that.
    4. Well, i dont like with genre, its didnt has comedy,maybe kn0w people m0re interested to watch arang and the magistrate, cz the genre is c0medy, each episode has twisted and funny scene. Oh, and its has more romantic scene that a lot of people likes.

  380. 380 : Hsin Says:

    This show is kind of cheesy. In episode 4, the fire lady tries so hard to be sexy and dangerous (because fire>>hot>>sexy…get it? Pfft, so cliche) but she looks like an ahjuma, and she’s just not very sexy. So when they play that slow seductive music in the background whenever she appears, it makes me cringe in embarrassment. A bomb-chucking fire-witch who looks like a middle-age woman, but prances around like a 12-year-old girl, to the accompaniment of seductive background music? Eww. No thanks.

    And ok, I can accept the magic because this is part fantasy, right? But then what’s with the gas bombs, poison bombs, and fruit bombs? O_O What’s the point of the magic powers if you’ve got bombs at your disposal?

  381. 381 : Lee Min Ho « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor (SBS, 2012)City Hunter (SBS, 2011)Personal Taste (MBC, 2010)Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)Get Up (MBC, 2008)I’m Sam as Heo Mo Se (KBS2, 2007)Mackerel Run (SBS, 2007)Secret Campus (EBS, 2006)Love Hymn (MBC, 2005)Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2004) […]

  382. 382 : Jewel Says:

    A lot of normal viewers are now knowing clearly that faith is a little boring. Maybe it’s bcuz their most anticipated dramas are “Arang & the Magistrate” and “faith”, starring popular K-wave actors, and the premise of these 2 were quite interesting. So they continue to compare these 2 dramas and after watching them, they found out that these 2 have adversely different qualities. In faith, the acting of most of the actors are just too normal like many of k-dramas except their looks, costumes and filming set. Its CG effects are not impressive at all, and too meaningless to use them. The male lead is like a wooden warrior usually with dead eyes & dead good-looking face, can’t able to attract ppl with his acting. The female lead is also annoying to watch. Her character situation maybe ok for this drama but she doesn’t fit well to it. It’s surely like a Chinese historical fantasy drama without good imaginations.

    However in “A&M”, a lot of ppl are now reliable to it that all of the actors are fitting well to their characters and the acting of the leading actors are too awesome~! It has impressive acting & CG effects, great cinematography & music, and definitely the mysterious wonderful newest k-drama script!! That’s why the more they compare, the more the weak things they found in faith.

  383. 383 : Angel Says:

    @post #381
    Please stop spamming all these threads with advertisement about your blog.

  384. 384 : Lauren mia Says:

    What wrong with LMH’s his acting is really poor…why he speaks in modern style,isnt he supposed to be a general in this, and he expression is flat..he just does the same blank face~

    I dont like the CGI in this ,it felt very low budget !! Owh~ It just fails on so many levels.

  385. 385 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m just curious:
    How come no one complained abt LMH’s acting on the City Hunter thread, n there r so many of them here? What do you all think?

  386. 386 : sara Says:

    I have watched all episodes of BOF, 13 episodes of PT and 4,5 episodes of CH. But although I’ve never been a LMH fan, he was not my reason for not watching those dramas. I didn’t like the whole package. But if you are fair you can notice LMH’s acting has improved greatly since BOF and he has shown his best acting ever in this drama.

    I guess his CH admirers and Faith haters/critics don’t like the whole package. They can’t relate to story-line, characters, female lead, CG effects, location, etc. So the problem lies in themselves NOT LMH. What else a viewer wants? Isn’t it enough that he’s doing his best? When you see an actor is trying hard to make his viewers satisfied and shows his respect for them by getting better and better, you need to appreciate his efforts.

    There are tones of terrible actors in drama industry. Some of them hasn’t improved a bit since their debut(KHJ). Some of them has been stuck in one point for a long time (JGS). But it’s strange that they always have lots of admirers. I really praise LMH for his efforts for improving along with maintaining his pretty boy image.

  387. 387 : anne Says:

    So far, I’ve enjoyed watching this show despite inaccuracies in historical facts ,e.g. huatou is not from but china Korea – so how could he disappear into nowhere from korea?

    But having said that, I’ve still enjoyed it. I find the plot interesting and am excited about the probable romance between the two lead characters.

    Just to clarify, I’m not a fan of any of the stars. I was just attracted to the storyline.

  388. 388 : eny Says:

    how can we see LMH acting improvement if he always choose the same charracter. For me Lee Min Hoo and Park Yoo Chun is same, they have to brave take different chraracter. I’m more appreciate actor/actress who brave take different charracter like Eunjang after her role in coffee house she choose Dreamhigh i can see her improvement even actually i don’t like idol singer move to acting

  389. 389 : Angel Says:

    @kdaddict 385
    Maybe because CH wasn’t this bad? Because the story was interesting, the writing was strong, the directing was spot on, the villains were impressive, the leading couple had good chemistry, and more. So there were a lot of things to distract viewers from sir LMH’s weak acting maybe? I think a lot of fans came into this drama expecting to be wowed like with City Hunter. But they were disappointed by the drama and the hero so their negative reaction is much stronger than it otherwise would have been.

  390. 390 : Fishnet Says:

    Yoon Sung in CH was a much more relatable hero than Choi Young is in Faith because we meet YS when he was young and have time to understand him and his motivation.

    Choi Young… he just pops on screen with no back story, so past. We don’t understand why he is the way he is, so people can’t warm to him. With Ep 4, people begin to understand the character a little, so I think their opinion on LMH will change. Maybe?

    Still… even after saying that, I’m forced to think about LJK’s character in Arang, and how he also popped on screen with no back story, and kind of a shitty personality, but people warmed up to him just fine after a couple episodes. So argh, idk!

    It’s in part the fault of the writing, in part the fault of the actor if he and his character are not received well by the audience I guess.

  391. 391 : xxy Says:

    what ‘s wrong with you people? why can’t you see how wonderful this drama is?. I started to get bored of all dramas but finally is there something original. i don’t like hysterical dramas anyway but this is deferent it has the fantasy factor in it which made it fine and watchable. the doctor character softens the serious atmosphere of this drama and add modernity to it.
    I just can’t see any mistakes about lee min ho acting. I have never seen him in a hysterical role before so it was weird at the beginning but i easily get long with it, i really think he is a great actor. I just dislike the ages differences in here, she should n’t be older than him.

    at the and i do believe this drama is n’t bad not only that but it is great.

  392. 392 : qwerty Says:

    It’s been 4 episodes, and I don’t know if I like this drama or not. I don’t hate it, but it’s not making me anxious to see the next episode either. I wish I knew where the plot is going. All I know is the synopsis of the first 2 episodes; a Goreyo warrior travels to the future, kidnaps a woman doctor, and brings her back in time to save the queen. But then what? What’s after that? What’s the doctor’s big role after saving the queen? I wish they’d give us a hint so I could have something to look forward to in future episodes. At least in “Legend of the First King’s 4 Gods,” you know what the big plan is: find the 4 gods, use them to win the war. There’s a buildup to the final showdown so it’s not boring along the way. But with this drama I don’t know what to look forward to. 🙁

  393. 393 : Janice Says:

    I don’t understand what the haters were wanting. They apparently didn’t understand the genre. I think LMH has done a wonderful job in portraying his character. He is portraying a more mature man. Most mature men would be attracted to a more mature woman. I welcome KHS back and I also think she is doing a wonderful job. I don’t know how people can expect her to be so young when her character is a doctor. A surgeon who has changed to plastic surgery. This takes years of schooling, etc. If they would have read and understood the synopsis, I don’t think they would have been so disappointed.

  394. 394 : sara Says:

    Why do you think his roles have been the same? In BOF, he was a brat who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and didn’t know anything about life. His PT’s character was a nice but a bit selfish boy with a painful past and some problems. His CH’s role was a very strong and attractive one who wants to get revenge and CY is a lonely, cold, strong but kind and loyal character who’s supposed to find his motivation and goal for life. All of them are different roles. If you want to see an actor who’s been playing the same roles for years, watch JGS and YRB, MMM, LR and you can see an actor with the same make up, fashion style and character in three different dramas.

    Playing a villain is not the only way for improving your acting skills. You can always be the sweet guy without losing your originality.

    You compared him with Micky. Why? Do you consider him a bad actor too? I think he is the best actingdol but be fair. LMH is way better than him.

    I guess i’m repeating myself and I’m defending him as if i’m a big fan but i’m not. I just want people to be fair and see the truth, even if they hate a certain actor.

  395. 395 : sara Says:

    error “who wanted to get revenge”

  396. 396 : Lorem Says:

    My 2 cents on Lee Min Ho; His on screen personality is warm and sincere, so for this viewer at least, that overrides all his other shortcomings. Lee Phillips has good onscreen presence as well. They might cast those two together as kick-ass buddies in a drama for the testosterone driven no-pussies-allowed audience. Haha.. I’m betting they can be hilariously funny together without even trying.

  397. 397 : Lorem Says:

    My 2 cents on Kim Hee Sun; I haven’t had the good fortune of seeing her in other dramas. And this one has been a little difficult for me so far. I try and read a person whilst looking at their face, then form preliminary judgements. She angles her face a lot, almost as if trying to hide. Camera shy or acting? She’s pretty though.

    I have already stated what I think of the Great Doctor. What I think and what I want, with respect to this drama, are two different things. IMHO the director needed to work on that character more than he has done.

    But, let us see how it unfolds in the weeks to come. Perhaps the production people will read the comments and take it as constructive.

  398. 398 : desire3552 Says:

    i’ve watched this drama so far…i can’t tell if i like it or not…but i clearly know that the female doctor its very irritating. i wish she could chill out a little bit. about LMH acting its still too early to say something. i think when he starts to fall in love with the female lead and his feelings will come out, we will see his acting much better than in these 4 eps…really hope for that .LMH Oppa fightin!!!!

  399. 399 : palaray Says:

    Uau this is getting better.
    I can´t wait for next episodes.
    This is just the beginning. So if we need to understand the story we must pay attention to all the details of the first episodes. This is still warm. The next hot episodes are on the way…. yuuupiiii

  400. 400 : zazar Says:

    As you can see in the episode 4, we can finally understand the motives and attitudes of the caracter played by LMH ( Choi Young). Wait and you´ll see. The best (climax) of this drama is coming in the next 8 episodes. Believe me. I am an addicted. i´ve seen more than 90 diferent korean dramas…. I´m really obsessed with everything related to Korea.
    Kimchi.. yupiiiiiii

  401. 401 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Let me salute you for this wonderful discussion. I’ve been on this forum for many years. This is a rare occurrence in which we come together to talk abt why we love or not love a drama, w calm n dignity. The recent posts on these 2 pages (14, 15) make great sense, with a few exceptions. It looks like ppl r saying they r irritated by the same set of things in the drama.
    To summarize:
    It looks like more ppl mind the way the doc is behaving than mind the casting of KHS, tho many ppl mind that in itself. I think that many of LMH’s fans r relatively young, so to a teenager or sb in her 20s, KHS would look e old. To his older fans, that’s less of a problem. But most ppl dislike her behav cos it’s unrealistic for a doc.
    Sb said those who dislike LMH in Faith may feel that way becos they hate the genre. That’s also the sense I get after reading the previous 50 or so comments.
    Most complaints r abt the show. It is a saguek abt the change of dynastic high treason, so it isn’t supposed to be a comedy , n certainly not a rem-com (like Arang). When it is funny, all the funny comes fr the Doc’s silly behav. That’s NOT good.
    It is supposed to be a fantasy, but what fantasy elements it has, in the form of the strange killers, don’t please ppl. Not good.
    3. The script itself irritates many viewers.
    The pt sb made abt Choi Young busting onto the scene w no back story, thereby making it impossible for ppl to warm to him fr the start (compared w YS in CH) is an observant one.
    Sb also said that there is no indication of where the story is going for CY, no clue for viewers as to what to look fwd to in terms of implications for CY’s life.
    It is NOT good when viewers know more abt good writing than the writer!
    I think we know that the story is going to be abt Ki Chu trying to kill the king, n CY stopping him, while falling for the Doc in the process. But Doc is silly n ppl don’t like her, n may find it hard to root for the OTP. I expect that’ll be another obstacle for viewers.
    As for the exceptions in the comments:
    I understand those who say I love LMH, so you all shut up. That is venting of emotions, not a contribution to the discussion. Likewise when sb said, Those who watch Faith r only watching becos their Oppa is in it. That’s dismissive n insulting to its viewers. From the comments, it looks like most of us watch for all the elements in the drama, good and bad.
    When a drama is so controversial, it suggests that it has certain fundamental flaws that ppl can’t overlook.
    Well, Good luck to the show, n happy viewing to us all.

  402. 402 : beam Says:

    @eny, @sara
    I think Yoo Chun’s acting is better than LMH. He did normal characters but he fits well to his roles and can make us laugh in comedic scenes. For example, the way he made his expression when arriving modern town is very far better than LMH.

    I don’t think LMH has improved his acting since bof. He may choose different character descriptions and genres but he actually acts in many dramas usually with a blank face for many facial expressions needed for the suitable situations. And ppl are understanding the genre of faith. They wrote such comments after watching it. So ppl are not satisfied with that, it’s not hating.

  403. 403 : H Says:

    I love this drama and l like LMH but where is ep 5 🙁 im waiting

  404. 404 : H Says:

    I want to say and join in the discussion with you
    First of all series there are supporters and opponents, there Fans and hate so we can not just stand with opponents because there are people who love this work and waiting every week
    Secondly, what happened where the fifth ep ?? We are waiting

  405. 405 : mia Says:

    i hate when someone hating lee min ho!! he is really amazing to me 🙂

  406. 406 : sara Says:

    Speaking of reactions, let’s compare four time traveling drama leads’ reactions.

    As i said Micky is the best actingdol but we can’t compare that time traveling drama with this one. There, YG suddenly travels in time and arrives to a completely unknown place. So he must react like a fool who doesn’t know anything. Furthermore, the genre is romantic-comedy and he needs to show funny reactions.

    Here, CY knows where he is going to go. He thinks he is going to travel to heaven and his goal is bringing a doctor. So he is not that wowed and surprised by the dazzling new world. He is a strong warrior who hasn’t smiled for a long time. So a bit of surprise is enough. Here is heaven, after all.

    The other reaction is BD’s reaction in QIM. He is very very smart. So his moments of confusion are short and he adopts himself very quickly. He shows his great smart character through the drama and you never think his first reaction is weird.

    Dr. Jin’s reaction is the worst. He barely shows anything. He’s not surprised. He ‘s not scared. SSH really disappointed me.

    So, they aren’t supposed to show the same reactions only because it is a time traveling drama. The important factor is their character in the drama plus the genre. Of course, you never can put the acting skills aside. But you should do the comparison in their own category.

  407. 407 : beam Says:

    I know about what you said for all dramas. I just told that while micky could show the humorous expression for it, lmh can’t show the suitable surprising expression as a smart warrior, only with a blank face and an opening mouth.

  408. 408 : Tonberry Says:

    @H (404)
    Ok, why are those 2 the only categories for viewers to be in? Actually, many viewers simply fall in the middle. They are ppl who watch and enjoy the show, but are critical of some elements in it. And I think that is very fair. You can’t expect viewers to love everything about a show no matter how much they enjoy it. Simply giving criticism on one of two points in the drama does not make them haters… and vice versa.

    I really hate having to constantly qualify at the end of any post criticizing this drama that I am not a hater. It’s really tedious, and some people consider you a hater anyway if you say anything at all negative about the drama.

  409. 409 : princess Says:

    why i cant find any similarity in LMH’s role .he was so young and rich boy like a prince in BOF and he was so normal man whit some normal problem in PT.he was so fantastic and strong and warm in CH and he is so silent and cold and alone in Faith

  410. 410 : sara2 Says:

    LMH acting when he find red moon scarf was superb so he has improved then about doctor she was unfamiliar with around and in ep 5 she is not silly any more and being materialist is her character nothing bad

  411. 411 : sara2 Says:

    and i love princess nogook..:)

  412. 412 : jenna Says:

    Noooo! Why did ratings drop again? Ep 5 was good! D:

  413. 413 : KDaddict Says:

    To everyone who loves LMH and r unhappy w the barrage of criticisms on this thread:
    1. Actually the majority of the criticisms have been leveled at the show; only a minority r against his acting.
    And most of the comments that say he can’t act have been written repeatedly by the same persons. So the no. of ppl who really don’t like him is relatively small.

    2. When sb says LMH can’t act, the Qn is: He can’t act compared to whom?
    I suppose what they really mean is: LMH can’t act compared to their fav actor, e.g. Lee JK whose Arang is being show concurrently, or to Yoochun whose RTP finished a short while ago.
    With these folks, you can say that LMH’s acting is sufficient, is fine, is varied, or has improved, till you r blue in the face, n it won’t convince them. Becos in their heart of hearts, they already love someone else; maybe it’s even someone they consider LMH to be a competitor of?

    3. There r many flavors of ice cream. Some love chocolate, some love strawberry. To those who love chocolate, stwbry is tart, n taste like cough syrup. To those who love stwbry, chocolate is bitter. One group will never convince the other.
    Personally, I’m glad that there r so many K actors, becos we all have different tastes.

  414. 414 : hny Says:

    I just watch ep 5.1..still no eng sub…I don’t know what they talk but the conversation at King throne makes me lol..the doc talking like in the air ..not fear..but after that she trembling in Han doc arms…lol

  415. 415 : Tonberry Says:

    Nope. People can be critical of an actor’s performance and skills without being bias against him because they like other actors. How small-minded of you if you think that the main reason people are criticizing LMH is because they are irrationally attached to their favorite actors and can’t be convinced with reason that LMH is a good actor.

    Of course, when judging whether an actor is talented or not, you have to compare him to his peers. Without comparison, how would you rate ANY actor? Haven’t you ever thought that maybe people compare him to LJK not because LJK is their favorite actor, but because he’s a genuinely good/better actor.

    I could just as easily say Ryu Duk Hwan is a better actor than LMH. Or Kim Hee Sun is a better actor than LMH. Or Park Se Young is a better actor than LMH. And it would still be true. They can emote better, they bring depth to the character they play, they move you with their acting, they don’t have that lost/blank look on their face all the time. I could say all this and it would not be more or less true than if I use YooChun or LeeJunKi or Jang Geun Suk or Song Joong-ki as examples.

  416. 416 : hny Says:


    true ,,,thanks to KOrea has create so many K actors to serve our taste !!
    KD has so much viewer right now with so many differences..like country,culture,ages ,knowledge etc…its makes many different perseption when they look a drama..how they judge a drama…I’m ok with that as far they not to over reacted !!

  417. 417 : Yuki Says:

    LMH’s role is to portray a man without any feelings because he lost his desire to live. Also, his role is opposite of KHS, serious and quiet. This is the only site I’ve seen comments criticizing LMH’s acting. All the Korean websites, including the official SBS Faith site, rave about his acting. I personally think he is not bad at all. It may not be perfect but I think he is doing a great job.

  418. 418 : hny Says:

    ALSO… how they judge an actor/ss.. ‘a comparison’.. bound to happen!! and basicly is always related to their taste .. taste that will makes ppl say..he/she good act, good looking, bla bla… or taste that make ppl say ..he/she bad act..ugly, no facial expression, etc…AND like I said different country. culture,age etc make different perseption and how they pick their good drama and actor/ss. That’s my opinion related to comments who dislike faith and cast/LMH… peace 😀

  419. 419 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi KAddict,

    loved your comments as always.. one old drama I want you to try watching or if you already have.. GIANT.. very good actors esp the younger ones. Kim Soo Hyun and Yeo Jin Goo acted there (both from TMTETS.. both acted very well there esp Jin Goo.. perhaps everyone should watch the child actors there and know the difference between bad acting and good acting.


  420. 420 : Hipoooo Says:

    Yikess… This is by far the worst korean drama i’ve ever seen. Super cheesy and confusing plot. Arang is way better sorry…

  421. 421 : DJ Says:

    Hello guys! looking for watch Faith Episode 5 hare i got a link from Google

    Faith Episode 5 Sub – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/faith-ep-5-eng-sub-great-doctor-on-sbs.html

  422. 422 : Jackie Says:

    @Tonberry (415)

    What a great explanation of you~! That’s exactly true.

    Seeing that KDaddict & sara always here to complaint the negative comments with their many reasons without agreeing the truth. It’s also not good for someone who wants to damage to other good actors and their fans. She should have right judgements before writing that comment if she wants to compare with a really great actor & lmh. It might be right even if she compared with other bad-acting overrated actors.

    And remembered to lmh saying that “faith is a very very interesting script. I finished reading 6 episodes in a sit”. Huh! Is that the script he was very interested to choose? Lol…. a very captivating script with a smart wooden character.

  423. 423 : KDaddict Says:

    The way I understand it: Qualitative terms are relative concepts. How pretty sb is, how fair their skin, how well they study, cook, shoot, act, etc. is determined in comparison with sb else.
    Watching KD and commenting on them is a matter of entertainment. When we comment often, there will be times when we agree w sb, n there’ll inevitably be times when we don’t. Of course it makes us happy when we find a kindred spirit, but when we disagree w sth sb says, we can disagree civilly.
    ALL KD websites have a policy of no personal attacks, no rudeness, no swearing. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t.
    I actually feel the pain of ppl on this thread who love LMH, becos the comments have been mostly negative, n like Yuki says in #417, that is rather unusual compared to other sites. In #413, I wanted to comfort them by offering a reminder that qualitative judgements are relative, that those criticisms of LMH are not absolute, are not made in a vacuum. 😉

  424. 424 : Nexus Says:


    Idk why, but it seems you are too much affected when someone gives criticism to this show or the actors, let’s be fair and respect others opinions because at the end of the day LMH won’t recognize you. Just respect if they don’t like the show or the actors, then so be it! you can’t do anything about it. You can NEVER please everyone. So, it’s not hating,ok? Peace 🙂

  425. 425 : KDaddict Says:

    If you’ve read #401, I actually summarized the negative comments and agreed w them.
    I haven’t been defending Faith. I criticized it in many posts myself, when I commented on it ep. by ep. I tried to offer a more balanced perspective, that it is neither all good, nor all bad.
    You say I refuse to recognize the truth that this show or LNH is bad. I don’t believe it is gainful to talk abt ‘truth’ in KD viewing. In entertainment, there is ‘preference’ all the time; ‘truth’ is easier sought elsewhere.
    I don’t mind if ppl hate Faith. I’m currently viewing a few others, n enjoying them. If there r ppl who dislike LMH’s acting, that’s their right, their freedom. My posts ought to show that I’m not out to convince or fight with anyone over Faith or LMH.

    Hi. Yeo Jin Goo is a genius, a child prodigy in acting that few can measure up to. If more actors can act like him, then we won’t have time to sleep! 😉
    I’m watching On Air n having greater appreciation for ppl who make K TV dramas, n feeling real sad abt Park Yong Ha. :'(

  426. 426 : KDaddict Says:

    OK, enough said. I won’t be responding anymore when my name is called. It only gets worse from here.
    Have a nice day, you all.

  427. 427 : Angel Says:

    Lee Min Ho fans, don’t be too sad.

    It’s probably not so much the actor that people dislike, but the drama. Lee Min Ho is just unfortunate to be in a show that people have such polar opposite reaction to, and to be playing such a bland character at that.

    Because, ok, I know people are comparing this to Arang a lot, right? But I don’t think it’s just because they are Lee Joon Gi fans or Lee Min Ho haters. I think they are really just “Arang” fans and “Faith” haters. They are fans of one show, and antis of another.

    Like, imagine if it were Lee Joon Gi’s “Hero” versus Lee Min Ho’s “City Hunter.” I don’t think viewers would be going over to the “City Hunter” thread and complaining that it sucks compared to “Hero” and that Lee Min Ho is a bad actor. Why? Because “City Hunter” is an awesome show and “Hero” just can’t compare.

    So all-in-all, I don’t think the complaints are a matter of THIS actor’s fans versus THAT actor’s fans. I think it’s more like THIS drama’s fans versus THAT drama’s fans.

  428. 428 : Tonberry Says:

    Just to clarify. We are not “Faith haters.” Why do you view things in such black and white terms? One or two negative comment about a show does not = hate.
    Ok, I’m dead bored of this discussion now. Can we move the conversation back to the drama please? Ep 5 just aired. Let’s talk about it or something.

  429. 429 : Jackie Says:


    It was just told about someone did something wrong. There’s no personal attack. If you thought like that, sorry about it.

  430. 430 : hny Says:


    Hi dear,.. where are u..come on let’s continue talk about this drama!!
    did you guys already watch eps 5?… there’s Q in my mind… is the women in CY memories is the same one with that ‘Bombs lady’ from villain side ?!!

  431. 431 : Sunny Says:

    Like Angel said, that situation is true. But “Hero” and “city hunter” were aired in 2009 & 2011, there’s no need to compare though. If they can be compared without years, a lot of viewers (not fans) will agree “Time between dog & wolf” is better than “Boys over flower”, “Hero” is better than “personal taste”, “Iljimae” is better than “City hunter”, and “A&M” is better “faith”, in terms of acting plus stories & editing for all these dramas.
    I’m a normal viewer but after watching “A&M”, now it can be seen that Lee Joon-gi is just too clever in challenging new characters & can show the perfect roles, and know how to choose great scripts for his acting improvements. I think ppl are hoping lmh to be such an actor as he’s good-looks. That’s why ppl are not satisfied with many weak things of faith after watching it. So, don’t think all the negative comments are only from haters, don’t be too sad, and angry about them. Have fun in watching faith….

  432. 432 : caca Says:

    I feel it is kinda ironic. I remember I used to defend HGI in TMETS thread because you are complaining abt her acting. And now, you have experienced what I feel before.
    For me personally, I think LMH’ acting is okay. If some ppl don’t like the way he act, then they should stop watching the drama.

  433. 433 : Nexus Says:

    Now we are comparing Lee Min Ho and Lee Joon Gi,acting wise Lee Joon Gi is too way better than Lee Min Ho ok?Iljimae and BOF was both aired in 2009 but in 2009 Seoul International Drama Awards Iljimae won as the best drama over BOF, so there’s no need to compare.Enough of this discussion.

  434. 434 : eny Says:

    so much critic about lee min ho acting in this drama how different with gaksital, so much praiss for joo won acting……………i just hope actors popular because of his acting

  435. 435 : sara Says:

    @sara 410-11
    Please use capital “S” drear. It’s confusing coz i’m writiong often on this thread but you are not. So please change your name or use capital “s”.

  436. 436 : sara Says:

    dear admin, could you please change “sara” to “Sara 2” in 410 and 411 comment. I asked her to change it before but she ‘s still using the same name. Thank you

  437. 437 : bea Says:

    This drama is different from the rest. I found it quite interesting compared to other dramas. Lee MinHo’s acting is great and opposite from his previous role. At the beginning I felt disappointed as this is not what Imexpecting but watching it through epi 4 I understand more clearly the story and the character each everyone portraits. Thumbs up for this drama for all the effort of actors.

  438. 438 : bea Says:

    How I wish I lived in Korea so I can watch it on time. All I have to do is to read ur comments and feel happy for good comments and feel so sad for the bad comments. If u dont like the drama then dont watch it. why keep watching it and has given a negative comments.Yeah I’m a big fan of Lee Min Ho. And I’m proud to be one.

  439. 439 : eny Says:

    this is big budget drama but the rating seem not too good, i heard the budget is 20 billion won ( another blockbuster drama only 10 billion won ~bridal mask and city hunter~ ).I wonder how they will get their money back, may be by selling overseas, since there’s popular name like lee min ho in it.
    I hope Indonesian television buy k-drama because of the story not just because of the popularity of the actor, lately i can only see popular korean actor in bad drama in Indonesian television,………what a waste

  440. 440 : bea Says:

    @caca I agreed with you…

  441. 441 : bea Says:

    hey guys are you all from korea or from other countries also?

  442. 442 : sara Says:

    Are what we writing here scientific clinical facts? NO. We all write our personal opinions and there are always people who agree or disagree with you. Naturally, you ‘d like to defend your ideas coz they make sense at least to you and to those who agree with you. So you try to convince the opposite party. If you can, good for you. If not, it doesn’t matter. Everybody ‘s taste is different and at the end what we are writing here are just our personal opinions. In result, nobody has the right to tell others they can’t defend their ideas.

    If you think LMH doesn’t recognize his admirers on this thread, he doesn’t know his critics either. You think LMH reads your criticism and it makes him to get better? No, we just are here to create a friendly environment for discussing a drama we all -love or not- watching. No need to take it very serious and insult others just because you think you are right and they are wrong.

    There is a clear line between criticism and hating. Most of the guys here are not haters. But you can’t compare two actors without considering the drama genre, script, co-stars, promoting, their influence on viewers, their behind the screen character, and your personal preference. There are just few actors you can say with confidence “he is better than x-actor”.

    Again, i’m not a LMH fan but PERSONALLY, i believe he has shown some improvement here and i don’t get why i and lots of people can see it and some can’t.

  443. 443 : shoshlev Says:

    think there are very few bad actors in Korea, there are better and more popular but if drama fails This is mainly because the script or production can not be the best player in the drama once and drama otherwise not an actor or is he good or is not good for example drama IDI DO actors played amazing and I think the script very beautiful, but apparently Koreans {it’s a very special and a bit strange compared to the West} are probably, I just guess myself, they do not like the character that Kim Sun Ah plays, maybe they used it plays comedies, or simply polls lie but have now effect Korea Kim Sun Ah, everyone wants to buy the clothes of the Kim Sun Ah and also a haircut like KSA so how could the ratings was low, strange, is not it? If one drama to its low rating not because of the players, Kim Sun Ah and LJW played great and professional and the fact that the drama I do I do by the comments on Facebook and the Internet has a very high rating and the girls in love with LJW

  444. 444 : sara Says:

    Hi there.
    I haven’t watched ep 5 yet. I’m waiting for subs. I will write my commen when i watch and we will discuss it.

  445. 445 : show Says:

    As you said, I don’t think a lot of ppl here see lmh’s acting improvements. Most of them are clearly seeing lmh’s weak acting after watching faith together with “A&M”which is really awesome with great acting actors, wonderful script, cinematography, editing, etc.

  446. 446 : show Says:

    @sara (442)
    And in the comparisons of the two actors, there wasn’t such ones before though. As KDaddict started using the name LJG and his fans, many ppl who know LJG is a truly great actor are reacting like this. So that’s a fair case already. Let’s finish this discussion.

  447. 447 : BIna Says:

    i think 24 episode to long for this genre drama. maybe 20 episode is good to see not bore and not rise for some question at the end of this drama like this.

    i think compare to other drama have been genre like these and some people have been disappointed by Dr Jin drama it seems why this drama not like arang rating. and this genre by this year very many choice to watch by viewer that’s make some viewer got bored.

  448. 448 : Emily Says:

    @Tonberry : Well…I just hope that a very nice person ( by reading your comment ) like you won’t be feel bother by a few people and stop commenting on these thread. I like reading all your comment…so keep it up 🙂 its good to have someone like you here.

  449. 449 : BIna Says:


    you are right about what @tonberry opinion is mean tonberry have give us a objective suggest no only by subjective. we have appreciate if actor have good on role but we are have to give some an early warn about actor who had been role on some this drama that’s mean we are true fans that’s actor not only give appreciates “you are good actor” “or yike i like you ” some other fans suppose talk about the idols

  450. 450 : renz Says:

    this drama sucks !! for me 🙂

  451. 451 : Poop Says:

    This drama is pretty dull. Most of the scenes are boring. The only person keeping this boat from sinking is the main actress. Her lively, comedic acting and “I think i must be going crazy” mentality is refreshing when contrasted with Lee min ho’s bland lifeless acting.

  452. 452 : sara Says:

    Thank you for changing the name dear admin.

  453. 453 : princess Says:

    oh my GOD
    episode 6 was fantastic.i cant wait for episode 7.
    i expect this every episode become better and EP6 was great.real story has begin.LMH was awesome in this episode and no body cant say any thing wrong about LMHs acting in this episode if they really knows about real means of acting.LMHs role is cold person he always hide his feeling you must wait for break his ice in feature its depend to story line just understand this point. lead actress was very good in this episode she was warm like always.her role and LMHs role is opposite in this movie she is so warm and LMH is so cold but both of them are loveable.great job.
    if you think this is boring drama just dont watch this.its better way for you then you discuss whit some other people that they love this drama.please if you dont like this drama just dont watch and let other people watch this drama and enjoy

  454. 454 : bea Says:

    Thank you at least somebody understand clearly this drama and each actor portraits.. that is true opposite attract…And its getting better and better. [email protected] wait to watch the rest of the episodes…

  455. 455 : bea Says:

    please keep updating and give ur comment as Im kind of late to watch it.

  456. 456 : Tonberry Says:

    Nah, that will never happen. 😀 People here are actually pretty diplomatic and courteous even when they’re disagreeing. There’s rarely any cussing, just some light name-calling, a few angry words… but that’s to be expected when opinions clash. It doesn’t bother me at all. ^^ I just hope other folks won’t be bothered by all that and stop commenting.

  457. 457 : Charlie Says:

    I’m enjoying watching this drama. Besides, there is nothing else
    out there on Mondays and Tuesdays. KHS’s performance is a surprise to me, very entertaining.
    I’m also catching up Bridal Mask. I didn’t think it would be good so did not watch until last weekend. Boy, what a wonderful surprise. It was first KD for early last centery for me. It is very interesting, all the wonderful actions and actings.

  458. 458 : lovelmh Says:

    Yup, if you don’t like it, dont wach it !!!

  459. 459 : Anomalous Says:

    OTP…so sweet!

  460. 460 : Fan Says:

    I dont know why but I think Shin Eun Jung is Hot and sexy with her red outfit.

  461. 461 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 5 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  462. 462 : gan3117 Says:

    Ow, I agree with you Poop!

  463. 463 : hny Says:


    so glad that you here with same opinion about this drama !! hope we will enjoy n discuss about this next…keep comment prince 😀

  464. 464 : kdfan Says:

    I wasn’t very impressed with the first 4 episodes but ep 5 won me over and I like how the story is developing for all the characters. And I like that it did not focus on the doctor saving more lives, which made Jin a bore for me. I like Kimheesun is this ep too, i think her comics are less exaggerated are for a change, are really funny. Choiyoung in next episode’s preview sort of look more lively, perhaps the teardrop which broke the ice also literally meant that. The princess is a rather complex character. I can feel her loneliness and how she is all fragile under the haughty act. I wonder if she really loves the king or she is more interested in choiyoung. Hope the following episodes will continue to be as good and better.

  465. 465 : hny Says:


    I thought he had fallen in love with the king as I know she is preparing herself to be a queen since her engagement to the king planned when they were little but then she was disappointed know the king hates that engagement.. she n the king like each other actually.. their secret love will revealed and that’s one interesting point in this drama who makes me keep watching !!
    BTW..you leave me on Arang thread… I post a comment to you there (743)but then sb else who react w that post… it’s almost a big war there if I follow them..huhu.. really funny 😉

  466. 466 : anne Says:

    I like the growing romance between the 2 leading characters. Really look forward to the next episode!

  467. 467 : princess Says:

    Choiyoung was enough healthy in ep6 but in preview of ep 7 we can see Choiyoung is little tired & bloody and he is with Dr ? just let discuss about what will happen in next episode its better than discuss whit some people that say this drama is boring but watch every episode of this drama and come here and spend their time for read other comment and write their comment.im sorry but its really funny.
    thanks bea & hny

  468. 468 : kdfan Says:

    i saw yr comments and bec we have communicated several times, I sort of ‘know’ you a little, so i totally understand the context and the meaning of your comment but when i saw all those comments, i too felt very funny 😀 😀 usually when that happens I prefer not to join the discussion. u r right in the beginning the princess seemed interested in the king but in the episode when she touched choiyoung, it makes me wonder why she did that bec with her status, it is very unusual to touch a man not related to her. but it would be a nice love story if she and the king secretly in love with each other. i wish they had a better looking actor for the king though 😛 coz princess is so pretty 🙂

    by ‘lively’ i was trying to say that choiyoung looks less serious. was just thinking when the tear broke the ice on his face, maybe literally it also ‘broke the ice’ as in he and doc r getting friendlier. but i doubt it since it’s an english expression and this is a korean drama, but with doc occassionally speaking english, i thought just maybe .. haha anyway i just wanted to try explain what i meant.

  469. 469 : luvminho Says:

    i think this drama is interesting ,the story line is not bad even though i’m not watching it already but i see the recap n the synopsis so i will be watching it ..lee min ho fightiing!!!

  470. 470 : Charlie Says:

    I think the king and the queen are in love. They were so close to disclose it, but didn’t happen. I’m sure the time will come.
    The tie between the doc and CY started with protection, now, it’s gradually developing into feelings. Actually, I think LMH’s performance here is pretty good. When he was looking at the doc, his eyes were sooooo, deep? I don’t know how to describe it, just wish I were the one he’s looking at. 😉

  471. 471 : cha Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama!!!!

  472. 472 : faithlvrs Says:

    @poop hey you! if you don’t like this drama, just shut your mouth! fxxxin jerk!

  473. 473 : Micc Says:

    I couldn’t figure it out, does the Queen love the King, or LMH?
    This King has quite an inferiority complex!

  474. 474 : iammee Says:

    Although the theme of this drama is also about time-travelling, I still find this very interesting and worth watching. I like how Kim Hee Sun delivers her character, She’s good in portraying dramatic roles and She can also give justice in doing semi comedic roles. Her beauty is also an added attraction. Lee Min Hoo did prepare well for his role, he exerted effort by gaining some weight and he really looks handsome in here. The story is slowly developing nicely and I hope that it will keep getting better.

  475. 475 : Popcorn Says:

    fuck YOU. He can say whatever he wants about the drama.

  476. 476 : princess Says:

    he can say every thing he wants but when he don’t like this drama he can don’t watch this drama no body cant force him to watch . i think it is better for every one .my friends just calm down and respect each other.

  477. 477 : princess Says:

    i think queen love king not LMH and she just like LMH as friend and respect him but every thing can change.

  478. 478 : kdfan Says:

    @Tonberry 456 looks like you spoke a little too soon 🙂 it doesnt bother me much. maybe seen it too often so not affected by it anymore.

  479. 479 : Popcorn Says:

    Of course. I don’t think he will be watching it anymore since he seems to dislike it so much. Still, he has a right to say his piece and leave without being cussed at by some idiot just because that person disagrees. Imagine if someone just come in here and say “All you Faith fans are a bunch of dumb fucks. Shut up with all your stupid gushing.” <– How rude would that be?

  480. 480 : Tonberry Says:

    Haha. But KD, I said there’s “rarely any cussing” not that there are never any. 😛

  481. 481 : bea Says:

    I think its better for everybody to start discussing this drama. You know guys i just rely to all ur comments so better feedback me with sense. Im glad that more people are liking this drama.

  482. 482 : erny Says:

    I think its better than time sleep dr JIN,,,just my opinion

  483. 483 : princess Says:

    im agree whit discuss about drama not person.its better discuss about dram not LMH he has a lots of fan.and they love him so much and respect him they don’t like listen any thing wrong about LMH when they believe he does good jab most of the time.im not Korean im Persian but lee min ho has a lots of fan in my country.its not because of his face we had a lots of good looking ,tall actor like Golzar & … we love him because he is a good actor. for me its very important we don’t have same language but we can understand his feeling in the drama.when you have fan in your country you must be good at your work as good as other actor in your country .its hard but you can control it because you have same language same culture and same style but when you have fan in other country you most be prepare for world .you must be as good as any actor that they know and it will be very difficult because they dont have any partiality for you.you are not from their country then you must be excellent to accept you as a good actor and if you dont do that they forget you so easy.LMH has a lots of fan in whole word then he knows about his position and he is big man for his country because most of the time people see him as a symbol of his country then you should believe him .if you are Korean you must support him to do his best not increase pressure on him.

  484. 484 : sara Says:

    Uhm, now, it ‘s a bit hard for me to write my comments here. I’m totally in love with the drama and full of praise for LMH. Sorry if my praising comments are not pleasant for some of the guys. They are just my personal opinions. Peace.

    I love every minute of this drama. Everything goes forward smoothly and now we know more about the hero. I love how the writer tries to keep his mysterious character by just throwing a piece of information about him here and there. There are some excellent scenes in this ep.

    1. The analogy of death which also shows how he sees his life now, is great. His heart freezes for moments, he wants to leave a world that has nothing for him to live on while his past days are sunny and full of hope. He is still yearning for those moments and is totally stuck in his past. Using black and white filming technic along with snow and coldness can show his disappointment at life.

    2. Doctor’s tear melts his ice and the sun rays go through windows again. Now that she brings the sun to his life, their spiritual give and take starts. That’s why he suddenly can say “i love that woman”, although i don’t think he has any romantic feelings for her yet.

    3. The other great scene is the fighting scene.You can see the elements of nature fighting. Water, fire, wind and he fight back using light. Coz he is from the word of light and they are from the world of darkness.

  485. 485 : sara Says:

    typo error * fights back *world

  486. 486 : bea Says:

    bravooo…. to all faith actors and actresses… I just watch the epi 5 and i’m loving it.

  487. 487 : sujulove13 Says:

    I love episode 6<3 Cant wait till next week cuz I want to know whats gonna happen next, historical dramas are my favorite and Faith might just be added onto my list of favorites for historical korean dramas

  488. 488 : kdfan Says:

    @Tonberry that’s right u did say rarely. Whenever it gets emotional here it always tickles more than irks me. No need to get so serious over fantasies n make believes. I m just here to enjoy talking about my favorite hobby 🙂 the subs r so slow nowadays…

  489. 489 : Kary Says:

    This drama seems more like a parody than an actual drama. Arang is a better drama. This drama is so bad that i wouldn’t doubt it killing Lee Min Ho’s career. I feel really bad for the main actress. She is keeping this show alive. How I wish she was part of the Arang cast instead…

  490. 490 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 6 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  491. 491 : hny Says:

    @Sara n also kdfan

    may I repeat my Q… is the woman in CY memories same with that ‘Bombs lady’ from villain side ?! cuz I think she has same face ! !… and that’s women is one of the reason that makes CY so down !!

  492. 492 : cassi Says:

    Don’t think lmh is good acting. As he has very good-looks, k-ent industry is just trying to promote him with exaggerations to become one of the country’s faces. He also has many fans only bcos of his looks, and many ppl are gazing his face, forget to judge his acting, and believing themselves he’s very2 good in acting. Without looks, many normal actors can act like his level of acting. Only the main actress is trying to keep this drama alive, poor khs! This drama is also little boring compared to other popular interesting k-dramas.

  493. 493 : eyra Says:

    kirain lebih bagus dari drama dr.jin taunyaa ceritanya gt doang..byk mitosnya..wkwkwk..jadi inget pilm2 yg di ikan terbang,,adegannyaa ga nahan..hahaha,,males ah donlod lg..rugi..ROFL

  494. 494 : shishi Says:

    what??24eps??hwuaah its borring to watch this drama!!!!!

  495. 495 : hny Says:

    watch ep 6 .. is get more interested … I like the story develop forward smoothly … I like how they show us about the story ever happened at the time of the korean kingdom. This drama only a part of the story in that century … I’m glad that this story does not follow the previous historical drama who has much featuring scenes such as the lord and slave, low people who have to impress worship the king or ppl which higher degree and most annoying scene is when the king and his officials met and shouted ‘Your Majesty’. .. I hate that … thanks to the author that such a scene was not so highlighted in this drama. here .. good side ppl and bad side ppl use diplomatic words to know or to analyze the power of each (besides the magic power they have)..This reflects the fact that it happens in every government in the world past and present. this is not a comedy drama but this can make us lol .. we lol not because they wrong act or bad expression etc.. (just smart ppl will understand 😉

  496. 496 : swift Says:

    is the king a dimwit or what. why in the world did the writer of this drama create his character as such, he cannot think wisely and easily waivering on his trust for the general.

  497. 497 : sara Says:

    No. She is the girl from red moon army. The one who forced to get naked by previous king.

  498. 498 : sara Says:

    Yeah, he is a dimwit. As you see he’s been a hostage in Yuan for a long time and he doesn’t have any confidence in himself. The story is about how CY finds his path of life, his love and a way to turn the dimwit king to a wise one. This is what LMH said in his press conference about his character.

  499. 499 : swift Says:

    LOL, so that is the story. what a joke, this is the first period drama i have watched with a not-so-wise king. the queen’s role is much more promising and hope the queen will fall in love with CY to give the king some pressure, LOL

  500. 500 : princess Says:

    why in episode 6 CY love the kid and they said CY was close to Previous King?but the Previous King Killed his Commander .
    how this is possible?

  501. 501 : hny Says:

    I see … it mean women in CY memories may be already die, right!!
    In this drama the writer do so many different thing .. as we can see from the attitude and manners are displayed here like out of the ethics / royal tradition where usually people at that time were very careful to act, speak or use body language … but in this drama seems like they broke ethics / tradition .. see for example the scene where the king sat with splay legs when Ki Cheol come and sit cross-legged or when the queen wanted to get out of the palace and lady Choi tried to advise and then asked Han doc to join advise her .. see the way Han doc replied lady Choi he raised his shoulders … it’s funny because there has never been a reaction / attitude like that in the palace;-) but they may have been contaminated by the slang style of Eun Soo 😀
    for the Korean people is probably not a good thing .. but for me .. something opposite / different .. very interesting to see.

  502. 502 : kimchilee Says:

    the dimwit king also can’t act at all.. is he a new actor in Korean drama? Never saw him in any dramas before… even the young Seo Jin Goo from TMETS could act better than him..

  503. 503 : Micc Says:

    He’s in God’s Quiz. I, on the contrary, think he is doing a good job as a king who has low self esteem but big ego.

  504. 504 : Kim Says:

    Look to watch latest Episode Faith English Subtitle hare i found new HD Video link from Google

    Faith Episode 6 Sub – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/faith-ep-6-eng-sub-great-doctor-on-sbs.html

    Faith Episode 7 Sub – http://www.kimchi1st.com/2012/08/faith-ep-7-eng-sub-great-doctor-on-sbs.html

  505. 505 : hny Says:


    there is 6 previous King before King Gong Min and the kid is one of that previous king whose so close to CY like brother and the King who was kill CY’s commander is Gong Min big brother… I thought the 6 previous king is from different descent but since Yuan colonize Goryeo , all previous king just allowed to use name ‘Chung’ after they died..so I think CY not close to the king who kill his commander .. maybe he only obey his commander orders before dies.

  506. 506 : princess Says:

    thank you for your answer

  507. 507 : sara Says:

    That’s right. He even is the first stupid king I’ve ever seen in historical dramas. Normally, kings are supposed to be strong and wise. But we did have weak, scarecrow- like kings who led their country to path of death. This one is one of those weak ones. It ‘s one of the strengths of this drama. To show a different king.

  508. 508 : sara Says:

    I agree with you. Good point. This drama is showing a different side. The queen is very brave, the king is a dimwit, the warrior doesn’t want to live and disobeys the king, the doctor is not a chic and stylish woman who acts her age, the language is not heavy and ancient, the palace lady knows martial art, a beautiful romantic instrument is used as a killing weapon. We haven’t seen any of these in any drama. That’s why i love this drama so much. Ultimately, dramas are means for taking you to a new world and put you in a dramatic situation which never or rarely happens in real life. This is the goal of making dramas. If you see it from a different view, this drama is doing a great job.

  509. 509 : Cia Says:

    Boring drama. But this thread is filled with arrogance, lol. Not bcos of the drama is good but with own reasons and promoting with praises, what a good job!
    Although a point is right, smart ppl can understand it well. Yes, so can’t enjoy it well with the weak-written fantasy genre script, unimpressive CG effects, and most of the actors can’t make their respective roles to be good.

  510. 510 : hong Says:

    First it’s Rooftop Prince, then Dr Jin, now this… I think the writers need to find other themes.

  511. 511 : hny Says:

    @Cia also hong

    …arrogance !! I think u should learn what the true meaning of the word !! so u can use that in a right place 😉
    if u can why u not try to be a script writer on thread for this drama .. like fixing which one in this script are not good.. also u can tell us how the cast suppose to be like director.. then maybe we can agree with u’r opinion about this 😀

  512. 512 : urrnchai Says:

    i have a question. why no ones in modern days mentain that choil young resembles lee min ho when he’s around them. the story is good but i think the king and quenn couple is cute. the queen is pretty. and the leading lady deliveries the role well. so far so good

  513. 513 : emerald Says:

    i was annoyed with the story… but i find it cute…

  514. 514 : emerald Says:

    i think theres a use of that Police Shield in the end thats why hes been carrying it all the time…lol…

  515. 515 : emerald Says:

    @ urnnchai: yes i agree with u, the king ad the queen love story is the most awaited part. hehehehe…

  516. 516 : zashee Says:

    in my opinion ,Lee min ho’s characters here as Choi Young still looks like Lee Yoon Sung’s traits in city hunter,for example, he acts cool, his eyes sight, and also the way he speaks. However, he still adorable here. Hope i can see some different mime from this drama.

  517. 517 : ching huey Says:

    Kim Hee Sun is so cute in this drama….so fresh and young !!!

  518. 518 : sara Says:

    “The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it.” (Voltaire)

  519. 519 : Cia Says:

    #comment 511
    It’s you who didn’t know that word is used in right place, it means disgustingly proud with something you did. And a lot of ppl don’t have much time to write long analysis for a drama while a few can do. There are also many ppl who don’t like this show.
    #comment 518
    Don’t need to make sense with every negative comments, ok? Hope you can understand to others.

  520. 520 : hny Says:


    need long time to write !!.. also need long time to get idea, right.!! u post to 518- ‘Don’t need to make sense with every negative comments, ok? Hope you can understand to others ‘ (this is 4 u too).. so u also can respect in this thread some ppl comments to support this drama in many way.. even if only a few ppl who like this drama !! . I’m off 4 this

  521. 521 : song Says:

    What’s happening here?? Always quarreling~ A very unpleasant drama thread ever. Only a very few defenders are attacking to a lot of viewers’ negative comments. Seems all day long without rest! Unbelievable……..

  522. 522 : Cia Says:

    Such angry face…., sorry for being you like this. You also have to think before saying something like “smart ppl understand this drama”. Your words made some ppl to respond like this. Didn’t you think, right?? And so, I can also be respect to threads with warm and friendly words than arrogant ones. I’m off this too.

  523. 523 : princess Says:

    i want see ep7.i wish Monday come soon.

  524. 524 : sara Says:

    Why do you think “Only a very few defenders are attacking to a lot of viewers’ negative comments”?

    Please read the comments and see who ‘s attacking. Read 509 comment. Yeah, you are right. THIS DRAMA IS A BIG SHIT, BAD SCRIPT, TERRIBLE LEE MINHO, A COMPLETE DISASTER. Satisfied? You think all the people should think the same? There are lots of shit dramas out there and still have tones of admirers. You think faith is the only terrible drama or LMH is the only no-good actor? Definitely not. What i don’t understand is, why our praises for the drama make others angry? PLEASE. We have the right to love a drama, to praise it, to write what we think. You also have the right to hate it but neither us nor you guys don’t have the right to insult. I have no problem with negative comments about the drama but i can’t stand when some of the guys insult us. And you know you can’t kiss the one who hits you.

    I’m tired of all this useless discussion. I “ll just talk about my fave drama from now on even if some of the guys call us arrogant.

  525. 525 : Me Says:

    @urrnchai –>512
    Is your question a joke? If this is tongue-in-cheek humour, then it’s hilarious. Because if it isn’t, then you, sir, are a moron.
    @Cia –> 509
    Though I don’t agree with them (because I also think this drama is bland as hell) I never got the sense that these people were arrogant. They just really love this show. They discuss the plot and characters like sensible adults. They don’t brag about it too much and they rarely put down other dramas in comparison. So I think your claim that they are arrogant is a bit unfair.

  526. 526 : Lorem Says:

    Hehe.. A romance between the warrior and the princess is something I would have really liked to see. The Princess or maybe its the actress, has that simmering passion waiting to blow. To make her the love interest to Min Ho’s character would sizzle the screen. Wouldn’t that be something to see? 🙂

    The doctor’s character is still loud, but Oh Sung’s strong presence now provides the much needed distraction. When she opens her mouth, the guy has that; “What the f***?” look on his face. He’s thinking the woman is either insane or has heaven’s blessing and therefore unafraid of me. He’s bewildered and bemused at the same time.

    It all seem to be working out. I like the cast and feel the director will remain on course. I’m gonna sit back, relax and enjoy this drama.

    Cheers All.

  527. 527 : Lorem Says:

    Sorry correction: “He’s bewildered and bemused” should read “He’s bewildered and amused”

  528. 528 : Angel Says:

    @Tonberry 428
    Maybe not all of you are like that (I know you’re not), but some people here are clearly Faith-haters. They’re easy to spot because they exaggerate things, and use a lot of superlatives in their comment, saying things like it’s the “worst drama ever” or the “most boring drama ever.” There’s no middle ground with them. I know Faith isn’t that great, but it’s not that horrible either.

    Then there are the fangirls, who are opposite, but equally extreme. They say Faith is “the best drama ever made” or dumb shits like that. These people are not to be taken seriously either.

    Anyway, I just call it as I see it. No offense intended. Just wanted to offer some kind of explanation for a few of the behaviors in this thread. Maybe I failed? Lol Whatever…

    @Song 521
    Yeah, this is one nasty-ass thread. It calms down for a few days, but as soon as somebody shows up with a strong opinion, BAM, it starts up all over again. Everyday there is fighting. People get upset, people get offended, people get pissed—-it’s so exasperating. Can’t you people just agree to disagree? >_>

  529. 529 : Maykou Says:

    OH GOSH. why watch this drama if u dont like it if u dont then dont watch it. I think the actors and actresses are hoping for fans to like it if you are a hater then dont watch it or comment. I clearly understand that this drama is a bit boring but still please dont make negative comments about it if u are not watching this. i watch this because of lee min ho and kim hee sun 😉 and so far this drama is getting quite intersting 🙂

  530. 530 : inkblot Says:

    …all you retards who keep telling us to stop watching this drama if we dont like it, why do you assume we will keep watching it?obviously if we say it is shitty then we are not gonna continue watching. there is no need for you to tell us to stop. but why shouldn’t we write our opinion of the show here? Places like this are for ppl to give their thoughts.That means the good AND the bad. What, you just want people who likes the show to come write just the positive stuff? and people who dislike the show can just fuck off because they dont have the right to comment? well, screw you. We’ll say what we want.

  531. 531 : Yuki Says:

    Don’t call anyone a “ratard” when it’s obvious you and those who don’t like this drama are the “retards” by continuing to watch a drama you dislike and waste your time (unless you have nothing better to do). For those of us who enjoy watching this drama don’t expect everyone to feel the same way but people like you are just being mean and nasty and trying to stir up emotions here.
    Leaving a comment to state why you don’t care for this drama is ok but using “f” word and calling people name is not acceptable. Let us watch and share our enjoyment. Just move on and take you misery some other place. You would be surprised how easy it is for anyone to identify and expose you…

  532. 532 : song Says:

    @sara (524)

    I didn’t say anything about the drama or actors. It’s true that there are only a very few common ppl attacking to all negative comments. “Attacking” can be used between both teams being against one another.
    But why are you talking me in this way? Behaving like this to others is not a good habit. It’s just over-sensitive or over-pained with unimportant issues, and wasting time with anger all day long. It’s the way I see for this thread’s common defenders.

  533. 533 : Cia Says:

    @Me (525)
    Read the corresponding comments first please. I didn’t use that word for ppl, but for few of their words (such as; ppl who like this drama are only smart ppl, and praising the lead actor like he’s the only one face & symbol of korea), that’s not right. Actually, there are many faces in Korea famed for their acting & perfect features, also starring in many famous k-wave productions, like Jang Dong-gun, Lee Joon-gi, Lee Byung-hun, Won Bin, and many others. Since I’m a viewer who like nice productions with great acting & interesting scripts, can’t accept to those words. That’s why I wrote like this. I didn’t intend to any ppl. Understand it please.

  534. 534 : hny Says:

    @hi… all my friends who enjoy this drama…from now on just ignore the comments who not satisfied with this drama… just leave them what ever they said 😀 .. plz concern discuss faith with others fan . .. fighting .. tq.

  535. 535 : hny Says:


    the princess and warrior.. makes a romance !! is something could be happen since there’s a word says ‘ love is blind’ 😀
    … but here I think .. chances of it happening are very small because I know princess likes the kings .. her attention for warrior simply because he is the only one who could be trusted to protect him and the king.. but the way she gave attention is so sweet, right !! .. it’s will makes other perception to viewer..

  536. 536 : inkblot Says:

    Hey. you spelled retard wrong. see page 9 comment 219. how bias that you defend one side, while criticizing another for the same action. they get to call us “losers” and “shit” and cuss at us no problem. But we say it and yur all up in arms? nice.

  537. 537 : Emily Says:

    @inkblot 530: very well said…I also hate how they tell us to quit watching when we dislike the drama at some parts. It is not like this drama is the perfect one and hope to hear all the good comments from various viewers…they should just enjoys the drama with those who like and ignore those who dislike…then there wouldn’t be any argument.
    Sorry for the poor English…

  538. 538 : faith Says:

    keep arguing people…ur debate(argument) on this drama is more entertaining than any drama HAHAHA.jokes apart . personally what i feel is we should write every comment coz from that the drama/movie writer or maker can improve their drama in future(if they ever read command posted by us) then it ‘ll be more entertaining for viewer like us, no?…even if they dont read, its ok i’ll read n enjoy ur comment LOL…

    oh, and about this drama i only watched till episode 2 so far n its little bit boring for me but its ok coz actor LEE MIN-HO present is enough for me(i like him sooooooooo much). maybe our expectation from his drama after CITY HUNTER is so high(atleast mine is) so we find this drama lacking… whatever…Enjoy the drama people…(THIS IS the 1ST TIME I’M POSTING COMMENT ‘COZ I’VE NOTHING BETTER TO DO TODAY…PARDON MY BAD ENGLISH)

  539. 539 : i am not hater Says:

    It is cute, at the firstly pages every body just, “wow, LEE min ho, LEE min Hot I love LEE min ho, welcome back LEE min ho!! Etc etc etc”

    in the middle part, comments started having two poles, like and dislike (it’s different with lover/hater Cos some of them really like this drama, some ppl have something they like/dislike from the drama, some other just totally dislike)

    and now, this thread is totally chaos with bad words, and judgement! LOL
    So if you like this drama you may leave comments here and if you dislike it you just stop watching and don’t leave comment here?

    Leaving comments, good or bad is a kind of human right, isn’t it?

    just don’t use bad and judgmental words like Fu*k, this drama is the best, this drama is the worse ever, lol

    I am lack in English, hope you understand what I mean TT

  540. 540 : eny Says:

    i heard many comparation betwen faith and arang, but i have to say after watch first episode of the drama i think Arang better than faith but arang doesn’t seem that special. Honestly the story of Arang still fresh and i thought it will be much funnier but it bellow my expectation.

    Untill now in 2012 my number one drama is Bridal Mask and the second is A Gentlement Dignity and i wanna try Man of Equator because the first episode is good

  541. 541 : Yuki Says:

    I wasn’t being biased. I just read the most recent comments and your comment bothered me because you were directing your comment to everyone who likes this drama. That being said, we alJl should be more civil and not use profane language here.
    Do not put words in our mouth. Most of us who enjoy this drama don’t think it’s perfect but we simply enjoy watching it for various reasons. It’s a human nature to defend what we like. Don’t you get upset when someone constantly criticize your flaws or someone you like? Negativity is never a good thing. Like i said, if you have nothing positive to offer, then make your point and move on instead of turning this thread into chaos.

  542. 542 : Yuki Says:

    I agree with you that the princess loves the king. I also think the evil guy is starting to like the doctor. It is getting more interesting… Did you know that the warrior actually had a wife with the same last name as the doctor? I read that it’s recorded in one of the Korean history books. Maybe she decides to stay…

  543. 543 : zazar Says:

    aygooo this drama is FANTASTIC…. can´t wait

  544. 544 : faith Says:

    @ eny 540

    GAKSITAL/BRIDAL MASK is no 1 for me too its awesome…i liked BIG too (except for the ending which kind of confusing n unwrapped for other characters)… A GENTLEMAN DIGNITY is good…MA BOY is cute…ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE is lovely (especially main leads)…TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU is refreshing (not story but actors)…FAITH is ok … anything left hmmmmmmmmmmm no i only watched those

  545. 545 : Seri Says:

    I really enjoy this drama too 🙂 I love both the male and female main characters!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  546. 546 : riajulian Says:

    I love this drama…I love it… but while waiting for the next episode,,I’ll watch other dramas mentioned… lets just enjoy watching it ok… korea has different culture, their dramas are different from my country.. It is a breath of fresh air watching dramas like this than what I have grown up watching.. Enjoy!!! Oww wait!!! Its a bonus that Lee Min ho is the lead actor… I love him…

  547. 547 : rose Says:

    can anyone tell me what this show is against at its time slot, i mean what are the competitions showing when “faith” is showing? i live outside korea, just want to know why the low ratings. thanks for any reply.

  548. 548 : Emily Says:

    Yeah just keep enjoying this drama then, no need to reply to my comment. And just want you to know that my human nature is different from you. Whatever I like I don’t care if people like it or not, I just enjoy it and ignore people who dislike it. By the way, this thread is already in chaos before I commented, so don’t say that I made it in chaos.

  549. 549 : Yuki Says:

    The competing dramas on other stations are “Haeundae Lovers” and “Golden Time”. Actually, the rating isn’t that low. In Korea, if a rating is 15% or higher, it’s a success. If it’s above 25%, then excellent. I believe the ranking includes all the showings including news and comedy.

  550. 550 : hny Says:

    Yap .. I think so.. that’s evil man wants her since he thought the doc was sent here by Hwa Ta . he could be a rival for warrior to get the doc !!
    I’m also curious with doc equipment, it’s same with the evil man have. he said his master left it to him and it belong of Hwa Ta .. so I thought maybe Hwa Ta also came from future .
    the warrior had a wife and she’s maybe the doc… really.. wow.. what kind a life would that be!! my warrior with ditzy doc … I hope can see that scene.. tq @Yuki .. I hope u can share the story from that book here 😀

  551. 551 : hny Says:

    do you already watch this drama ? if u want to know by your self u can watch this first..
    but if u usually watch drama by rating and u just want to know why the rating so low .. just read all ppl comments in this thread maybe u will find the reason u need… tq dear

  552. 552 : inkblot Says:

    **high 5**

    Did I direct that at everyone who likes this drama? nope. you didn’t even read my post correctly because you were so eager to jump down my throat. Read it again.

    I said “all you retards who keep telling us to stop watching this drama if we don’t like it.” it wasn’t directed that at the fans, or at people who likes this drama, but at the morons who gets angry that we criticize it, and redundantly tell us to stop watching it or stop commenting about it. Like you.

    Yeah, we’ll stop watching it. of course, we will. we’re not waiting for your permission or anything, so no need to say it over and over again. But should we not post comments about what we think of it so far? nope. why can’t we say negative things about it if that was our own impression of it? I didn’t see a giant-ass sign at the top of this page saying “only fans are allowed to leave comments.” Who are YOU to tell people to leave just becuz you don’t agree with what they say?

    Also, I didn’t say “fuck” at anybody, so don’t go having a heart attack. In fact, I used it as an example of how some fans here respond to US. I ASKED (see the question mark at the end of that sentence?) if we were supposed to just “fuck off” because we don’t have the right to comment here.

    So you see? you read all of my words incorrectly, you misconstrued my meaning, and you attacked me for the wrong reasons. good work. Guess I know which category of fans YOU belong to.

  553. 553 : Me Says:

    @Cia –>533
    Oh, then it was a misunderstanding. After reading your explanation, I actually share your sentiment. 😀 It also annoys me when people say “only smart people can appreciate this drama” or bullshits like that. Because I know there are lot of silly fangirls out there who watch this drama just for Lee Min Ho. They’re the same people who complains endlessly about the main actress’s age because that makes her a bad match for their precious oppa. They attack people who leave criticisms for the drama or their oppa’s acting. And these people are supposed to be the “smart” ones, while people who discusses the

  554. 554 : Me Says:

    [sorry, accidentally clicked submit b4 I was done typing]

    …acting or plot or character are the dumb ones? That’s hugely unfair.

  555. 555 : Yuki Says:

    @hny 550,
    I read it in Faith’s official website. This story is based on a famous warrior during Goryo Dynasty (of course, everything else is fiction). I guess he was married to a woman with a last name Yoo (lady Yoo, they called her). I think most Korean fans are hoping that they stay together… I agree with you that the doc is not the first person to come from the future based on episode 6.

    By the way, there are over 4500 comments in the official website and almost all of them are positive. The negative ones are usually complaints about the background music being too loud or the background being too dark. You won’t find any comments about LMH’s acting other than the positive ones so don’t be discouraged by negative comments here.

  556. 556 : Cathy Says:

    @ Yuki, 🙂 Usually in Official Websites, bad comments are taken out by the Administrator. so you won’t be able to see it their. I don’t think LMH acting is bad, it’s getting better actually. 🙂 But the fact can’t be denied, there’s a lot of actors in Korea who are less famous than him but much better than his acting.

  557. 557 : hny Says:


    don’t worry.. ‘on twitter there’s ppl call as ‘follower’.. and glad I’m not a kind of that 😀
    can’t wait for this night eps…

  558. 558 : Lorem Says:

    @Yuki 555. Good to know Yuki. And what criticisms there are, seem constructive. Thanks.

  559. 559 : Lorem Says:

    @Cathy 556 Yes you are right, moderators do block negative comments usually on such sites. And that is their prerogative I might add. Thank you for that reminder.

  560. 560 : rose Says:

    thanks for the info which made me decide to watch this drama then!

  561. 561 : rose Says:

    @hny 551: thanks for your input. actually weeks back, i started to watch the drama but after 15 minutes i stopped watching because there was something i did not like, plus the fact that i was watching then 2 other dramas (old ones) of the same genre, i thought i might get biased to like or dislike this one. i finished the other dramas and wanted to find out what the others commented on “faith”. to find squabbling comments above made me wonder about the ratings. like my response above to yuki, i decided to watch “faith”. i have watched 3 LMH dramas and want to find out if he has taken a challenging role in this one. guess that’s for me to find out! cheers!

  562. 562 : swift Says:

    so far the story plot is okay, LMH has improved on his acting, the lead actress is somewhat lacking in embracing the character as a doctor, i still keep watching the drama due to the story, the conflict of relationship between the king and queen is more interesting compared to LMH and faith

  563. 563 : Sophie Says:

    Otoke, otoke, I really found myself yawning in the middle of episode 4. Please, am not raving nor ranting and I SO want to believe that this would make me change my views on LMH’s acting. Anyway, I found Kim Hee Sun to be hilarious, loved her even. The other actors are ok, but maybe something about the costume or how LMH looks that I just can’t placed him in this period, he looks so ‘current’. They should have done something with the hair but it is not really working for me. Well, I suppose, this is still progress as I was only able to watch up to episode 3 for City Hunter and now I have reached half of episode 4. On the other hand, I found Arang and her magistrate to be refreshingly funny and can’t wait for the next episode. This should not mean anything for the Faith followers or LMH fans. Different strokes for different folks! Fighting for everyone!

  564. 564 : Yuki Says:

    I do agree with some of you that LMH’s acting isn’t perfect but I think he is improving with each episode. I also think he is becoming more comfortable with his role which can be seen from episodes 5 and on. What I really enjoy is watching the female character, KHS. I think she is hilarious and adorable.

    Regarding the official site, they don’t block all the negative comments because there are some comments about KHS’s overacting and some about her age. They do definitely block any comments with profanity.

    For those of us who enjoy watching ths drama, let’s hope it gets better!

  565. 565 : princess Says:

    ep7 was fantastic .this drama become great.i cant wait more for ep8.every thing in ep7was perfect.just watch it and enjoy . story become very interesting.i wish i could see all episode tonight.but its impossible i must wait . i wish all the best for drama and cast.

  566. 566 : princess Says:

    please write your comment about this episode

  567. 567 : Micc Says:

    So glad episode 7 is finally picking up pace. The only downside is I am grinding my teeth watching! LOL!

  568. 568 : anne Says:

    How I hate the bad guys in this show, especially the mousy guy who had forced the disposed young prince into suicide.

    Beginning to see the “budding romance” between the 2 lead characters. How I wish there more of such scenes coz I’m a romantic at heart. Can’t wait for more.

  569. 569 : Coleene Says:

    Im not updated about the news of a korean actor coz im not interested on their personal life but it is true that lee jung ki is the real lead actor here its just that of his mandatory service thats why it was switch to lee min ho, if thats true then why jung ki is in arang?

  570. 570 : Yuki Says:

    I just finished watching episode 7 and hate to admit it but I was not 100% satisfied. The transition between the scenes are too choppy which was very distracting to me.
    I did enjoy the scenes between the two main characters, LJK and KHS. They are starting to get serious 🙂
    I have not heard that LJK was the first choice to play the warrior in Faith. If he was, I’m glad he chose Arang instead because I think he is great at his current role in Arang. He is a good actor and based on the rating here, Arang seems to be doing well (better rating than Faith).

  571. 571 : Yuki Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say, “scenes between the two main characters, LMH and KHS”…

  572. 572 : hny Says:

    me too feel the same w U gays .. eps 7 more better n the rating also going up ..
    that evil man from Yuan is ‘cold-blooded killer’ .. that’s young prince.. I think still his family! as told that the previous queens came from Yuan, which means son of the king had mixed blood .. and if he is the brother from the queen before.. it mean the kid was his nephew .. OMG..he is bad cam hcun;-D
    now .. The doc looked very disappointed cuz Chae Young ended the kid’s life with his hand .. althought CY has a reason for it … I can’t wait for what gonna happen next…

  573. 573 : shiva Says:

    people who complaining about lee min ho acting is very interesting for me bcos to be honest i haven’t seen any acting from him up to this point. 3 first episodes he was unconscious and overall based on his character i dont think there is much space for him to act i mean what he suppose to do ?! he is just kind of guard so its not that he is a bad actor it is just his character in this drama that don’t allow him to act, maybe in future episodes he has more space to play, overall i find this drama a little bit boring but com on usually most of Korean drama are boring… i just watch them since I enjoy watching my favorite actor/actress

  574. 574 : hny Says:

    I like the OST .. I’ll look for it to be played every morning 😉

  575. 575 : mai Says:

    eps 7 the rating is lower than before..ckckck,,how about eps 8?hope will be good hhahahaha

  576. 576 : eny Says:

    i watch this drama only one episode and i’m not intersted to watch it it again but i like open this page because so many fight in opinion and sometimes it’s really funny
    I heard many halyu actor reject this drama but i think it’s not Lee Jun Ki, he reject another drama. The one that i heard reject this role is Kang Ji Hwan and i don’t know the rest

  577. 577 : Kylaa89 Says:

    Yes its true that “Lee Jun Ki” was the 1st original actor cast in the male lead role for “Faith” but due to his military service 2 years ago he had to drop out of the project !! and I think after he discharged from the military they probably offer him back but he decided to reject “Faith” cuz the writer completely change the script and he choose “Arang” instead. (I’m glad he chose Arang)

    This is the original script!
    “Faith,” set in the Goryeo Period (918-1392), tells the story of medical officer Kang-chan(Lee Jun Ki). Kang-chan eventually becomes a “신의” – an honored physician due to his exemplary medical practice.

    The drama covers Kang-chan’s life from his early physician stage to Kang-chan achieving his “신의” status. While working at the Kwangsewon private medical institution Kang-chan gives hope to the people and a new life…

    PS. Excuse my bad English!

  578. 578 : hny Says:


    I have to say tq cuz u share that info here.. that’s makes me understand more about the real script of faith.
    If the original script like u said.. then it’s perfect to LJK because really suit with his ​​taste in acting.. so I’m glad he choose Arang and makes Arang has good rating (good actor must knew his own capability)
    and also glad here the writer choose to make it different by change the script to be like this.. and I prefer to choose ‘changed script’ than the original so .. I love faith 😀

  579. 579 : pat reid Says:

    Hello? you people say negative things about Faith series, well, its only the beginning of the series, lets say its just started, you dont see the whole skrip yet, maybe the middle part will be interesting , lets wait and see, okay? love you lee min ho …

  580. 580 : Kathy Says:

    @pat reid
    Well, to be fair, it’s already 1/3 over. It’s no longer just the beginning anymore. Usually, people decide whether or not they like a series after watching the first 5 episodes. So if they haven’t fallen in love with this drama by now, they probably never will. It’s a bit unreasonable to expect people to watch till the halfway mark, or see the whole script, before making up their minds about the drama. But the good news is, people who have stuck around this long will probably stay with this drama to the end. 😀 Faith have some very loyal fans.

  581. 581 : princess Says:

    i cant understand why the rating is down? episode 7 was fantastic.story become very good.LMH and lead actress was awesome.especially when LMH hug the kid and kild him.

  582. 582 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Though the story line has a mixture of futuristic, fantacy and unrealism in it, it still quite enjoyable to watch,why ?because of the portrayal of each characters,which is well suited to the role they play.Audience kid themselves when they say only good script matters ,no matter who acts it.I believe choosing male and female lead with good chemistry would be the main factor for a successful drama not excluding the fact that good script counts as well.Even with the age difference between Lee Min Ho and the female counterpart is obvious,there is a pleasant feeling as oppose to awkwardness and out of norm behaviour.The love between the characters developes in a reasonable way rather than at first sight that makes it more realistic.I actually love it, especially the sad moments it has from time to time.I also adore the portrayal of the young king who died.I hope to see more of that kid in the future drama .He seems to attract and draw peoples feeling with his features,looks, and acting all together.Though his part was short,the impression he gave was such an impact that will be recognize.As the story unfolds,i know that it will even be better.

  583. 583 : princess Says:

    episode 8 was interesting. i hope rating come up

  584. 584 : sara Says:

    Love it. Strong episode. It gives me a very fresh feeling. We can see some excellent scenes in this ep too.

    1.When doctor calls the little prince a kid, CH pauses for a second and the expression on his face is like “i just realized it, yeah, he is just a kid”. I love this scene.

    2. Action scenes are beautiful and now we can see even CH can’t fight them alone.

    3. When doctor tells him to lean on her shoulder. It’s very beautiful when a tough man like CH secretly accepts to lean on a woman and in an era when women didn’t have any human rights. The flower scene has the same meaning. She can bring him back to life.

    4. Prince ‘s death scene impresses you. The child actor is great and you can witness an emotional LMH too. I really didn’t think he could be this good in conveying his character’s feelings. Although i ‘m sure he can get better and show us a more mature image in the future. (It’s the truth, i’m not fangirling him by any means. I’m not even a fan)

    5. Besides CH, doctor and Queen are two good characters in this drama. I like both of them. They portray two different women from two different eras. I hope the writer can show how influential they can be in the story.

  585. 585 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 7 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  586. 586 : hny Says:

    watch ep 8.1
    the King life after the WUdacil arrested by Ki Cheol .. like ‘bird in a golden cage’ … inner suffering, and confused what should he do .. I like the way he portraying that’s part 😉
    BTW .. I love the scene when CY in the cage, his eyes looked into the doc eyes.. wow.. like Leser heading into doc eyes .. doc’s heart will melted if Ki Cheol body not suddenly blocking .. aiiigo U evil man.. u disturb my view 😉

  587. 587 : anne Says:

    I find ep8 to be one of the best in terms of the growing romance between the doc and cy. I like how he treasures the little yellow flower and the times when they look at each other from afar. But please, more “togetherness” for the two for coming epsiodes would be nice!

  588. 588 : hny Says:

    eps.8 make this drama become more better .. I like the action scene .. the magic power they use.. cool !! (my hubby n kids also like to watch this .. jadi lebih seru nonton bareng-bareng 😉
    also sad for CY..
    first thing that CY do after escaped from prison is looking for doc .. but pity CY .. cuz doc called Na’ri when she thought was Ki Cheol who help her while she almost fell when ran to escape .. my CY’s heart freeze again *!*

  589. 589 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  590. 590 : princess Says:

    i like CY seans when he was in cage and look eachother

  591. 591 : sara Says:


    The plot is developoing smoothly. CH decieds to live on, the dimwit king decieds to fight, queen decieds to help him and we can see some traces of emotional relationship between doc and CH.

    The best scene is when the king changes his robe and royal guards kneel in front of him.

    The most romantic scene is when CH cherishes the little yellow flower. So beautiful.

  592. 592 : myphim Says:

    Episode 7 and 8 are the best!

    It’s kind of quiet here, isn’t it?
    Faith is quite popular over at soompi.

  593. 593 : OK OK OK Says:

    Just read these thread yesterday. A little surprise what is happening here. 🙂
    Only manage to read some of the comments here.

    I watch Faith is bc starring Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun.
    I rather have someone I like than watching a younger actress that is not lovely or adorable.
    Kim Hee Sun previous drama – in my opinion, more sad type – which i don’t really like. Didn’t expect her to be so lively this time. I started to like her more bc her acting is more natural now. She is still very young & beautiful.
    Match with Lee Min Ho bc he has a more manly mature look. If match with JGSuk – more boyish look – then depends on what is the story line & their makeup.
    Cannot expect a lady doctor to be very young bc needs many years of study & ALREADY a qualified plastic surgeon.

    5) It never come across my mind that Lee Min Ho cannot act. I can feel his emotion through his eyes. I have been enjoying his drama in City Hunters & Personal Taste. (F4 – I didn’t watch so can’t comment)

    5a) In this drama, LMH child hood girl friend committed suicide bc of the cheeky idiot king who humiliates & wanted to take advantage of her.
    5b) LMH is serving a “useless, powerless” king whom he has to obey his commands.
    5c) He has a high responsibility to protect so many people.
    How to be so lively and happy who all these sad things happen to him.

    6) LMH heart or body is always cover with “ice” UNTIL when Kim Hee Sun appears that he starts to warm up a little that melts the ice away. ha ha
    He can see the flowers blooms around him this time. Spring instead of cold winter. 😛

    So for 9th episodes on onwards, hope to see more of Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun romance blossom…..

    For the past 8 episodes, I did feel the frustration in this drama bc Lee Min Ho is always at the mercy of the useless King’s commands & the bad villains & the king keep asking repeatedly “Am I a useless king”

    Not like City Hunters, LMH is a lone ranger. He can do whatever thing he wants and that makes him very carefree, smart & heroic which I believe many people like this type of character 🙂

    Looking forward to the 9th episodes – bc this time Lee Min Ho is planning for retaliation. Hope the story turns out better and better – to Lee Min Ho’s advantage … 🙂

    Micky Yoochun is a good actor which attracts me in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (my 1st drama with him) & Rooftop Prince. I can feel his emotions when he acts.

    In Dr Jin, even Song Seung Hun shed tears, I cannot feel his emotions but I will still watch his drama bc I like him (provided he partner with the actress i can accept)

    Hero Jaejoong is also a good actor. Notice his acting skills in Protect the boss & Dr Jin. Can really feel his emotions 🙂

  594. 594 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 8 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  595. 595 : hny Says:

    @ OK OK OK, myphim
    Nice to see U here.. Just forget the past 😀 if u like LMH n KHS also can enjoy this drama.. Let’s makes this thread ‘MORE LIVES’ 😀 😀
    right now only loyal viewer who visit this thread write our’s impressions about every eps .. calm down after war 😉
    but maybe .. soon.. this thread will crowded as long ppl like U come n start watching faith and visit this thread !!

  596. 596 : gan3117 Says:

    Its already on 8th episode but its boring already. I couldn’t see where this the story is leading to.
    SORRY, guys! Just my opinion!!!

  597. 597 : rose Says:

    like what i’ve read in previous comments, just want to say that the young man who played the role of the abdicated “kid” king is a very good actor for his age. with more training, i’d like to watch him in more korean dramas.

  598. 598 : eny Says:

    @OK OK OK
    yoo chun look natural with that kind of charracter, sunkyunkwan, miss ripley and early of rooftop prince{the same xcharracter} in rooftop prince when he jump in the future that need comedic expression for me it’s fail. And i though his personality not far from the role base on the look when i see him in kbs drama award that’s way i don’t like it, that’ not acting.

    I just don’t like his acting but i don’t hate him as person because i don’t know him

  599. 599 : Lilliet Says:

    Kim Hee Sun saves the drama. The director sucks. I’m so sorry for Lee Min Ho. His character is weak, not the acting. The acting is excellent but there is something missing in this drama.

  600. 600 : ja Says:

    I been watch the episode 1-8 but it wont caught up my attention! This is sucks!! Sorry, but it is true.

  601. 601 : sara Says:

    I love this drama so much. There are lots of good things about it. But i think one thing that helps you decide if you love a drama, is its feeling. There ‘s no tension in Faith. I feel so good when i’m watching it. CH is really adorable and unlike most of historical drama characters, he is very real and you can relate to him. The heroine is not very feminine and weak but lively and humorous. Add to this: beautiful filming locations and nice OST. It’s just enough for me to love this drama.

  602. 602 : magsie Says:

    me too, i love this drama. cant wait for the next episode everytime.


  603. 603 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ hny & others

    Actually I write less comments nowadays than the previous time bc very busy. So if I didn’t reply – hope u all can understand. 🙂

    Happy watching 😉

  604. 604 : hny Says:

    @OK OK OK

    it’s OK lahhhhhh 😀 😀 😀

  605. 605 : hny Says:


    I agree w U.. his small role can touch my heart 8) .. I think I’ve seen his acting in another drama .. but I forgot what drama he plays !!

  606. 606 : Rain Says:

    love this drama, it’s really great…

  607. 607 : KDaddict Says:

    I’ve been enjoying this drama, in peace.
    Usually commenting is like watching a drama with friends sitting together on the couch or floor, laughing or crying together. Good to have that community feeling back now.
    I like the use of graphics when he dreams, of the ice covered lake, the ice on his face reflecting the ice in his heart, the tear drop fr ES melting his iced face, awakening his will to live, followed by the change of scenery in his dreamscape. Nicely done.
    He cuts a fine figure.

  608. 608 : chunlee Says:

    i’m a certified LMH fan and have been reading comments on this thread coz i don’t actually watch online. i’m waiting for its dvd. despite everything that was written here i’m still excited to watch it…. it makes me kinda sad though that there are many negative comments here. i have been hoping for this series to be great. i’m totally confused now if its good or not basing on the comments here. still excited for it though….

  609. 609 : Nili Says:

    this is one of the best dramas EVER and the rating is so low o_O … what on earth is with people :\ this should be rate as 1st so far..

  610. 610 : sara Says:

    Welcome back, girl. We had a big war when you were absent. But now, everything is okay and guys are getting along peacefully

    I ‘m totally agreed with you about CG effects. In episode 8, the ice melted and he found the motivation for life again. Very lovely and meaningful.

  611. 611 : sara Says:

    If you are a LMH fan, don’t hesitate to watch this drama. It’s really nice and you can see a different LMH here. He ‘s gotten very mature.

  612. 612 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, hny,
    I comment to have fun, not to fight.
    So let us regulars sit on the same virtual couch and enjoy this show together n enjoy each other’s company, in agreement AND disagreement.

    While away, it dawned on me that no where on the internet is it an offense to like a drama n the star on its own thread!

    This show is stylistically artistic. It has its quirky element in the doctor. The little guy who runs like lightning is just cute. The queen loves the king at first sight, but hasn’t gotten a chance to confess. The king is too preoccupied, too insecure to notice. The kid king n Young Ah’s relationship simply moves me to tears.
    I don’t like Sung Hoon’s hair covering his pretty face. LMH is 1 of abt 30 K actors that I like, so I don’t qualify as a fangirl. But LMH just lights up the screen. I like him better in this than in BOF, PT, or CH. He is more mature now, n is majestic in those warrior’s robes or armor.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  613. 613 : kdfan Says:

    Talking about hair, I find Gicheol’s pretty hilarious esp when he went on the date with Doc. He had huge pin on both sides above his ears!

  614. 614 : hny Says:


    ooh girl I miss U 😀 .. welcome backkkk

    .. ne, Maybe his style could be trend for villain at present 😀

    don’t confuse… this is interesting story, good drama for me now 😀
    LMH act more better here ..this drama really enjoyable to watch !!.. so don’t forget to buy the DVD ,ok 😀

  615. 615 : sara Says:

    Totally agreed. Specially when kid king called him “Young ah”, my heart ached for him. That’s why, i was so impressed when doc addressed him “a kid”. Young ‘s eyes were just like “Yes, he is. You are right. But why i haven’t noticed that till now?”. This scene is one of my most favorite scenes of this drama. I never ever thought, one day i would defend LMH on any thread. It ‘s enough reason to prove how his character here has moved me.

  616. 616 : KDaddict Says:

    Good morning, ladies,
    @hny-614, Good to see you too!

    I don’t get this hairstylist: Gi cheol’s hair is between creepy n ridi; it makes me think of a pedophile ahjussi somehow! The show gives no explanation for why Chum Eum Ja’s hair is white. Color aside, the small pony tail on top is superfluous, n don’t the long bangs make it hard to see when he fights? They r villains n shouldn’t look attractive? But that hair on Philip Lee makes him look cross-eyed. LOL.
    Did your boys enjoy the trip to KDland? Big one as well as 2 small ones?

    Here is a recap of the latest ep over on dramabeans:
    With the pix n reviewer’s thoughts, it’ll give u a much clearer idea of what this show is like. It contains links to recaps of the other eps too.

    This thread had been a surreal experience alright.
    Neither you nor I are die-hard LMH fans. We just watch it like we do any other KD. I’m not ecstatic, but I’m enjoying it.

    That “date” the doc makes Ki Chul go on w her is pretty hilarious too. She knows he wants her medical skills, when he says, I try to win your heart, but twists it around to play him in her palms. Wonder if Bad guy will really fall for her in the process. That’d be funny!

  617. 617 : sara Says:

    Good point. I also think it’d be funny, if he really falls for her. He ‘s not like any typical period drama villain at first glance. Even he seems so stupid sometimes. But he is a real evil. If i compare him to any animal, he can be a snake. His nature remindes of a snake. I just don’t know why he has the power of water. Water is the symbol of fertility, higher wisdom, purity, etc. He doesn’t posses any of these qualities. And his brother white hair is for creating a contrast between his outer appearance and inner self. As you know, white symbolizes innocence. But he is an evil inside.

  618. 618 : Prinna Says:

    This drama is really great with my favorite actors and actress! Finally able to watch Lee Ming Ho, arrogant & cool attitude. Glad to see Kim Hee Sun back to do drama although this script, she behave not smart as a doctor. Really cool to see Lee Philip! Looking to see more of Lee Ming Ho, Kim Hee Sun & Lee Philip!!!

  619. 619 : KDaddict Says:

    @caca-432, @bea-440,
    Sorry for late reply. I quit coming for a while.
    It is to be expected that we’d agree w some, n differ fr some others in our assessment of certain shows n performances. Sometimes we’d see them more favorably, sometimes less. The difference in opinion doesn’t affect my viewing pleasure. Hope it doesn’t affect yours.

  620. 620 : chunlee Says:

    @sara-611 and @hny-614
    i will definitely watch this drama… i am really a fan of LMH since BOF. i’ve been waiting for this like forever…so excited to see him in sageuk drama.

    thanks for the link. i’ve been reading your comments and i find it very interesting and informative. keep it up.

  621. 621 : kdfan Says:

    @hny looks like bad hairstyle is the in thing for all the villains here.

    @sara i too wonder if Kicheol will be in a love triangle with Doc and Choiyoung, it would be too funny for Kicheol’s character to be in love.

    It’s also weird they make his character so vain, he is always doing some funny beauty treatment. Maybe Doc will hv the opportunity to do what she loves best — plastic surgery on Kicheol then Kicheol would truly worship her 😀

    @KDaddict i hv a twin pair – boy&girl, just 2. as expected they whined and complained half the time. considering all that we managed to do without rushing in 6 days, they enjoyed most of it. We had to sacrifice one full day to be in lotte world with them, but that wasn’t too bad for adults. wish i could try more food. my kids couldnt eat spicy, so its always samgyetang n bulgogi though these are great.

  622. 622 : Azul Says:

    i tried my best to like lmh in this drama but always failed I don’t see any improvement in lmh’s acting,this drama not one of the best this year just a so so drama but i like the lead actress 🙂

  623. 623 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 9:
    The hair stylist gives CY a new hairdo, w a hairband, like Koreans tie around their forehead when they’ve a headache. Ha.
    There is another band of warriors living outside the palace; this one trained by CY’s sifu’s “younger brother in training”. The main guy on their team who wears white robes, is obviously gay, n takes a shining to CY the min. he lays eyes on CY. Love the way he puts food on CY’s spoonfuls of rice. Haha.
    Poor Doc is so thick n slow on the uptake. She needs Han doc to explain b4 she understands how painful it has been for CY to kill the kid king. She also doesn’t get it when they’ve to scheme to get her out of KC’s grasp. She gets mad at CY for putting her thru the ordeal, n cries in Han Doc’s arms, for CY to see!
    On the internet, viewers have been complaining that the show makes Hwata, who everyone understands to be Chinese, fr the 3 Kingdoms period, into Korean. Now this ep makes Hwata into a Korean Woman, named Eun Soo!!! Now that’s too funny for words.
    That is Her diary. Hoot hoot.

    I know you’ve twins. When I said your Big boy, I was referring to your husband. Hee. Everyone says husband is like grown son, right? Did u join a tour group? U r v brave to travel independently w 2 small ones.
    Your pt is fabulous. KC being vain n Doc giving him plastic surgery. Cracks me up. That’s why I enjoy sharing here. 😀

    Looks like our wish to see KC fall for Doc romantically isn’t gonna happen soon. He is too hell bent on conquering the world, or at least Goryeo. He wants her by his side, provided she can tell the future n pt the way for him.
    Now CY sees Han Doc embracing ES. Can’t the hard luck expert warrior ever get a break?

  624. 624 : Faye Says:

    tell me if this drama worth watching the ratings seems so low in ranking hmmmm

  625. 625 : anne Says:

    My comment about ep 9:

    I like CY’s new hairstlyle – looks more handsome (sorry, I’m shallow:P).

    I like how the plot is developing; it is getting more intriguing. I suspectthe Hwa Tuo they have been talking about might be a mistaken identity. That is, they have mistaken the modern day doc (may or may not be the lady doc)to be Hwa Tuo.

    Still need to complain about the budding romance bet the doc and CY – I need more. There interaction time is too little. Still, I like whatever little time they have with each other. It’s so sweet to see the doc tugging at CY’s sleeves while telling him how glad she is that he is not dead. Call me a saddist, but I enjoyed watching the CY let the doc kick him because she is so mad with him. For a guy him, he would usually avoid being attack or retaliate. However in this instance, he is willing to take her physical abuse!
    I’m a romantic at heart; so, I have thoroughly enjoyed all these “sweet moments”.

    My wish for the next episodes – more sweet moments, please!

  626. 626 : KDaddict Says:

    There are 2 Korean words at the end of the ep, on the last page of the diary. They are: 은수.
    Eun Soo. That is her name on the diary.
    So she had been in Goryeo before?
    The plot thickens!

  627. 627 : Gayle Says:

    can i ask anyone what does it mean by 11th next to the ratings?why the ratings is very lowwww???ain’t this a good drama of my favourite actor lmh?i only watch if the ratings is good but not sure if i will watch this one sorry lmh!

  628. 628 : myphim Says:

    Uh, rating usually does not tell you if the drama is good or bad. But, if you only watch high rated show, then I recommend Reply 1997 since it is doing very well in rating. Faith is a good drama if you give it a chance, but I understand if it is not your cup of tea.

  629. 629 : myphim Says:

    What a great twist in today episode. Has anyone figure out what the diary mean to ES? Or how it connects with her?

  630. 630 : happy Says:

    I think the most of people are watching this drama because of Lee Min Ho.
    The drama is not really interesting, it becomes boring more and more, wish I could be wrong and the next episodes will be better…

  631. 631 : hny Says:

    asyik… we can watch w eng sub .. they out so fast today..!!!

  632. 632 : rose Says:

    they cleaned up 2 male characters in episode 9: the royal doctor lost his facial hair and the head of royal protectors has combed his hair and put on a band! one thing i can say with the korean historical dramas is graphics is too clean cut, but i guess that is easier for production. anyway, i agree with mymphim-629 comments. it’s getting to be interesting! being non-korean, i found out the ratings don’t matter much to me anymore, as my likes are not the same as those of the ratings’ demographics. i just enjoy what i watch! cheers!

  633. 633 : rose Says:

    sorry, myphim-629, i mis-spelled your name.

  634. 634 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 9 ( The great Doctor ) Eng sub

  635. 635 : hny Says:

    yooksi.. as my prediction at 1st this drama will better n more great each eps!!

    My heart follow to roam along the soundtrack song who play while CY n Doc rom scenes .. this drama only have little rom scene for that’s triangle love .. but each time is so sweet ..
    the development of its storyline makes me curious! in addition to the controversy over Hwa Tuo. Can a woman become Hwa Tuo? I do not quite understand what it Hwa Tuo in a trust other people .. what I knew it was same as Dewa in Buddhist/Hindu. In my own religion “Dewa” can be said Prophet who is a messenger of God in charge of conveying science from God to the people, Prophet was also could be called a caliphate. And people of both men and women who can convey back science from God for another peoples can also called Caliph.
    so I Ok / agree to it if the author makes Hwa Tuo in this drama is a woman ..According to this eps! the diary may belong Eun Soo.. My thought only have two possibility :
    1. that’s Eun soo maybe ever come to Geryeo before, means she is the Hwa Tuo or
    2. Somebody else who close to Eun soo in modern time who brought his diary!! as we know this drama has many plot not shown yet.. that’s only my thought what I got from only watch this drama cuz I never read the recap or synopsis related to this drama. so what U think guys ? 😀

  636. 636 : Marie C. Says:

    Wow! The drama is getting better and better, I can’t wait for episode 10…. I’m beginning to like the female lead actress

  637. 637 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict haha yes yes my other boy. he was very responsible throughout the trip so I did not have 3 kids to manage. He took care of them for 2 hours while I went shopping. Not very long but I was very happy for that 🙂 we wouldnt have survived in a tour group with the kids. we were on our own. considering we made it to soraksan and back, it was quite a feat. i hv everything good to say about korea’s efficiency and hospitality to make it possible!

    @anne no u r not shallow at all. Enjoying KD dramas is not just about the story, and I don’t know much about the technicalities but it would be very much less interesting if the actors were not good looking and the ladies in frumpy clothing. Gorgeous looking men n women is one of the reasons I watch KDs :D. I miss CY’s old hairstyle but I too like the cleaner cut look. and wow , did he cut a formidable and dashing figure with his height in that awesome armour suit when he greeted the king.

  638. 638 : KDaddict Says:

    Something is wrong with me:
    I keep hoping that CY’s first love will come back alive! We saw her leap up to that tree using her whip, but never actually saw her die. She was a perfect match for him. I’ve nothing against KHS or ES, but I’m still in love with CY’s 1st love! Silly me.
    The loss of that girl turned him into a member of the walking dead for 7 years. As his aunt said, all he did was sleep. He became indifferent to the world around him, and to life itself. I just feel his hurt.

    Definitely a feat, to make it to soraksan n back, on your own w 2 little ones, definitely! Share some details n photos by email, ok?
    Hwata (華佗) is to Chinese medicine as Confucius is to Chinese Classical literature, a figure head, an inventor n innovator, a pioneer, an idol. His name has existed in Classical Chinese records for millennia, which showed that he lived in the 3 Kingdoms period. He is credited with the invention of surgery, way before it was thought possible. The emperor heard of his skill, summoned HT to cure his migraine. When HT outlined his plan of treatment, i.e. cutting open the emperor’s head, he was killed, n his records destroyed. The jail warden saved 1 book, the one that had been passed down to posterity, that greatly enriched the field of Chinese medicine.
    In the drama, they keep referring to HT as a heavenly healer becos he lived before their time, n would have gone to ‘heaven’ already. 😉

  639. 639 : peyutnduy Says:

    Hopefully this drama will have a happy/satisfying ending, not be ended as tragically as CY’s fate in the true history of Goryeo -_-

  640. 640 : princess Says:

    i want see episode 10.i don’t like lee min ho hair style in episode 9.i know he change this very soon

  641. 641 : sara Says:

    Our hero is doing great but he is suffering is endless. He does his best to save the king and ES plus to beat that snake, Kicheol. But ES misunderstands. She thinks of him as a cruel man who can easily kill a child. She even doesn’t thank him when he saves her.

    ES also is losing her cheerfulness bit by bit. I love how her character is changing. She finally will do a great job there.

    I’ve loved the brave queen since the beginning. But it’s the first time i feel i can like the king too. He finally is doing something and his and queen’s love is adorable.

    I enjoyed this ep too. ES’s name is written on the diery.The plot thinckens and lots of questions arise in viewer’s mind. Who ‘s Hwata? Is he related to ES in any ways? Has ES been in Geuryo before?

    It’s good that we can see our hero with a new hair style. I liked the former one more. LMH’s beauty was more obvious with that. I love his chubby cheeks and the new hair style makes his face look thiner.

    Yeah, i think so. He is too obsessed with his ambition to fall in love with anybody. But if he does, the story goes in a way that we’ll enjoy it much more. Seeing that stupid evil snake in love would be very funny. I ‘m not sure if we will have any love triangle though. Royal doc is too considrate to covet general’s woman and flute player is too unhuman to even have any feelings.

  642. 642 : Mariam Says:

    Am I the only one starting to fell love in the air? This drama is getting better 😀

  643. 643 : Mariam Says:

    I meant Feel* 🙂

  644. 644 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 10:
    This ep doesn’t give us what we long for.
    1. We don’t know more abt the diary. Doc recognizes her own handwriting. She guesses that the nos. r coordinates for the Heaven’s gate. That’s it. Don’t tell me she had gone back to Goryeo before this, n doesn’t know. That’d be too much like Dr. Jin.
    2. There r no sweet moments for the OTP, as some ppl were asking for. As a matter of fact, she said Goodbye to CY, mentally prepared to find a way back to Seoul on her own.
    3. There r no additional triumphs for king and CY.
    Their scheme to get the doc back n divest KC of his riches in ep 9 was so good. But this time, their plan goes awry. I find it painful to watch when their lack of security betrays them, once, twice, 3 times in quick succession.
    4. Doc is losing her effervescence. She is becoming sad w burden, scared at her role in changing history. I prefer Doc bubbly, even tho KHS overacted it at times.
    5. CY has no awesome moments in this ep. He just runs back n forth, not achieving a thing!
    This is my least fav ep so far. 🙁
    Can sb tell me how to make an emoticon that shows more anger than this?

  645. 645 : hny Says:

    thanks for sharing info .. it adds to my notes about Hwata!
    Me too.. also curious w CY first love.. since w didn’t saw her die .. I ever thought she still a life but for me she is not perfect match for him 😀

  646. 646 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 10 ( the great Doctor) Eng sub

  647. 647 : KDaddict Says:

    I read up on General Choi Young’s life n found it to be v sad, IMHO. He was a national hero who risked his life many times in the service of his country. But the king in history did not remain his ally and his friend, as suggested in the drama. Choi was ordered to fight for the Monguls and later against the Monguls on Jeju when his strength was needed, but was exiled and almost executed when it was not. He did live to the age of 72 (from 1316 to 1388).
    I’d love for our Choi Young to run away to Seoul w EO, but that isn’t possible since he was to become an impt historical figure. Would EO stay w him? But he’s a fighting man, not a family man. It’s hard to be optimistic. Sigh.
    You r very perceptive in likening KC to a snake. In ep 10, they actually tell a story abt that.
    I don’t get this hairstylist’s insistence on giving our leading men a small ponytail on top.
    First, Sung Hoon, now LMH. I’m OK w the hairband, but that tail I can do w/out.

  648. 648 : KDaddict Says:

    BTW, Chun Eum Ja (Flute guy) has a crush for Fire Woman, who is a flirt n a player (collector of men’s hearts, she says). That’s got to hurt (for him)! Maybe that’s why he is so cranky all the time.

  649. 649 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict will share some trip details in email a little later. i too read up a little on goryeo and choiyoung. wonder how much the drama will follow history bec sadly the king and choiyoung both lived a much turbulent live. did you also realize how important the kid Yiseonggye who had his appendix removed by Eunsoo? wonder if the drama will cover that long a period to include Yeseonggye’s story. I hope not bec it would mean a bad ending.

  650. 650 : ann Says:

    is it true the episodes getting better? i stop watching it at ep 1 becoz the story so boring in ep 1

  651. 651 : KDaddict Says:

    Considering Gongmin was the last king of Goryeo, n a change of dynasty was at hand, their lives could be nothing but turbulent.
    By the time Yi Seong Gye defeated CY n established the Yi dynasty, CY was an old man. I doubt that the drama will follow them into old age.
    I’m finding out that I like history. Not sageuk in itself, but the history (or folklore, e.g. TPM) on which it is based. At first I was hoping this would be fantasy, now I like its historical references.

  652. 652 : hny Says:

    such as graphics it’s the story become. today is down the same with the rating .. I saw Es with his innocently of thinking to get back to his world by thinks could outsmart a snake like KC with his charm .. OO and it makes CY increasingly worried about it. n King worsened see all the way to build strength blocked by KC .. I was so sad to see the expression on his face: (
    hope next week eps back to the top !!
    @ KDaddict
    ES may decide to stay and marry CY.. althought they only have a little time for together and I think it will be happen before king ordered him to fight for the Monguls. so I hope 14 eps left it will only show us much about CY n ES and time for kick KC from Georyeo 🙂

  653. 653 : rose Says:

    reading the comments above on history, i find myself now reading from wikipedia those portions of korea’s history from which this drama is ‘loosely’ based, (this drama is not purely historical). in many ‘historical’ movies i’ve watched, the writers and/or producers had the ‘privilege’ of ‘twisting’ or ‘making up’ something to make the production more entertaining, like the time travel in this instance. my interest now turns to hwata’s ‘diary’ and if the ‘heaven’s’ doctor could eventually go back to her time and world. if there is romance between choi young and the doctor, my guess would be that the doctor stays in choi young’s time and world. the writer cannot make him leave cy’s world or that would be ‘changing’ history! we’ll see what the future episodes bring! cheers!

  654. 654 : Tonberry Says:

    Ok, this is a fantasy drama… so I don’t know why they can’t just go full-out with the fantasy and simply change history. What’s holding them back? Why do they still need to be faithful to real history if they’ve already got time-travelling and people with magical powers in the show? It seems so silly to me. Choi Young doesn’t have to stay in ancient time and die. Just let him do what he needs to get Gongmin established, then he and the doc can hightail it back (or forward) to present day, and live happily ever after.

  655. 655 : anne Says:

    My comment on ep10:

    To me, this ep is extremely dark and sad with so many being killed by the hunchman/woman of the mousy KC.
    So sad because they get killed for being loyal to the king.

    I can empathise ES’s fear and frustration when she found out that she had messed up history-poor gal. If I were her, I would have gone insane.

    I like the part when ES apologised to CY for failing to save the ex king and then went to bid good-bye and exhorted hime to take good care of himself – so sweet. Love the part when she tried to kick him. However, I’m still complaining about the lack of interaction between the two – I want to see romance!

    Note: I don’t understand why the king’s men are so incompetent in guarding the palace; security seems really slack.

  656. 656 : KDaddict Says:

    In the previous comment that u left for me, you put words in my mouth, n then called me ‘small minded’.
    “..people are biased against LMH…people are irrationally attached to their favorite actors…”.
    Those were your words, your meaning, not mine. Now, I have no control over how ppl interpret what I write, but if you would be so good as to read the rest of that post, which said:

    “3. There r many flavors of ice cream. Some love chocolate, some love strawberry. To those who love chocolate, stwbry is tart, n taste like cough syrup. To those who love stwbry, chocolate is bitter. One group will never convince the other.
    Personally, I’m glad that there r so many K actors, becos we all have different tastes.”

    It ought to be clear that I meant there were different actors for different tastes, n it was a good thing.
    Why be so rash to put a negative spin on another’s comment, n insult them for your own erroneous reading?
    An amicable exchange/thread is always more enjoyable than a contentious one.

  657. 657 : Tonberry Says:


    Hilarious. You divided your post into point 1, 2, 3. So I responded to them thus. If you meant for point 3 to be a continuation of point 2, then why separate them in the first place? Point 3 has little to do with point 2 as far as I’m concerned because in point 3 you offer a nice, sweet olive branch to all viewers, while in point 2, you unfairly labeled other people’s criticism. I agree with your point 3 that there are many actors to fit the varied tastes of the audience. So I have no criticism for that comment. I DON’T agree with your point 2, which was the only point that I was responding to.

    In point 2, you belittle other people’s criticism by interpreting it (your words: “I suppose what they really mean is:”) to be nothing more than a petty snipe against LMH because they are comparing him to their bias/fav actor.

    I said—-“How small-minded of you if you think that the main reason people are criticizing LMH is because they are irrationally attached to their favorite actors and can’t be convinced with reason that LMH is a good actor”—- I said that because YOU said there is “no convincing” such people, even if you argue “until you’re blue in the face,” because “in their heart of hearts, they already love someone else.” You say they behave this way because “they consider LMH to be a competitor of” their favorite actor. <—These are all your words, clear and precise. There is no misinterpreting them.

    My response to that comment was to point out that it's small-minded to think that people only criticize LMH because they see him as competition of their fav actor or are comparing him to their bias. In fact, you can be critical of an actor's performance without it being related to your bias at all. I pointed to less famous actors as example of people who have few ardent fans, but are still better actors than LMH. This is to prove your assumption wrong.

    So you see? I've no problem with your harmless little ice-cream-flavor analogy. I happen to agree with it. I just don't like the part you wrote BEFORE that, which was obviously the only part I was responding to. So if you had read your own post correctly, you would understand where I'm coming from and not feel slighted by my response. Ok? ^^

  658. 658 : sara Says:

    Evil is winner, no struggling. This is what i call this ep. Our hero is helpless. He can’t do anything and i feel sorry for him who ‘s struggling in vain. ES is grasping the situation now. She wants to go back. She is struggling in vain too. The king is just doing something but a big wall grows in front of him. He even can’t struggle. Evil is too powerful. They use supernatural powers. What Woodalchi’s sharp swords can do? They seem so lacking. They are struggling in vain too. I’m just so curios to know how they can save themselves from this situation. It’s getting more and more interesting.

    Thank you for historical info. Actually i was too lazy to check it. But you did such a good job. =)

    Now i compeletly realize why LMH is very expensive and powerful in Korea. How else they can make people to go and check their history if not for LMH’s portraying of CY. I bet real CY wasn’t as half pretty and charming as LMH.

    In Warrior Baek Dong soo two boys were much more pretty with those hairstyles. The more manlier one was Park Sihoo’s hairstyle in Princess’man. But our hero’s hairstyle is not a bit pretty.I hope they change it as soon as possible.

    I thought flute player doesn’t have any human feelings. His face is always expressionless but it seems he possesses some emotional qualities too. I saw jealousy in his face. You are right. He ‘s interested in fire lady. But i think he is very scared of KC. I won’t b surprised if they reveal he is actually a lonely orphan with paiful past and a heart full of revenge. You think there is any relation between him and that painter?
    But For now, he is mostly for decoration. It would be good, if they can give him an opportunity to show himself.

  659. 659 : shetalla Says:

    kim hee sun eonni sarangheo…. your acting in FAITH is awesome. i’m always amused by your excellent acting. well done, eonni. u and lee min ho daebak. i love this drama so much.

  660. 660 : KDaddict Says:

    When I learnt to write, I learnt that a complete thought reflected in writing has more than 1 part. The whole post was a unity. I’d be contradicting myself if I accused ppl of being biased n irrationally attached to their fav actors in 1 paragraph, n say in the next breath that it was great that there were diff actors for diff taste. Doesn’t make sense.
    A simple “I’m sorry I didn’t read your comment in the light that it was meant” would work.
    You know why I bring this up? When you interpret and Re-write a harmless comment in a way that is offensive, sb will come along, read what you write, n say: “Oh shit, sb is insulting us or or idol.” They get riled up, a couple of nasty comments follow: “Yes, let’s get her; Go, go, go; So good to have sb like you, to stand up for us, etc.” , then it becomes a free-for-all. At that pt, it wouldn’t matter what I actually did write or mean anymore. Mob psychology takes over. With strong emotions tied to certain actors, it doesn’t take much to break the Harmony of a thread.
    Happy commenting to all!

  661. 661 : Tonberry Says:

    If that is the way you were taught to write, then you failed completely because the points in your post do not match up whatsoever. You DID contradict yourself by accusing people of being bias, then later trying to say that how great it is that there are different actors for different tastes. That is PRECISELY what you did! That is why I took exception to your comment. Please, for the love of god, go read your own post again! What you wrote in the post is clear as day, so it’s absolutely hilarious and shameless that you would outright lie and try to say you did not contradict yourself.

    And no, I do not apologize whatsoever for what I said. As if I would. I stand by what I said. There is no “in light of what it meant” with regards to how I read your post because what you said is clear. I speak English, lady. There is no need for “interpretation.” Your silly ice-cream analogy wasn’t so deep and profound that I had trouble making sense of you. All I did was respond exactly to what you said, and I even provided you with your own quote to prove my point. I did not interpret a “harmless” comment in an “offensive” way because I used YOUR OWN QUOTE to show you how offensive your comment is. Ok? What you said is simply offensive. And it’s only right that I stick up for myself and the people that you unfairly accused of being bias. When you make nasty comments about people, expect that they will follow up. So don’t play the victim now and pretend like you’re just trying to keep the peace around here, and it’s other people who are being mean. You may not cuss or name-call, but your comments are rude nevertheless.

    And speaking of which… what a joke. YOU’RE the one who brought back that old post from weeks ago. So obviously YOU’RE the one who wanted to start something back up again, so don’t try to throw the blame on me. So did you bring that argument up so that—“sb will come along, read what you write, n say: “Oh shit, sb is insulting us or or idol.” They get riled up, a couple of nasty comments follow”—? lol. Be honest. That was your intention, right? You’re being a total hypocrite and you don’t even see it. It was finally nice and quiet for a few days here, but you just couldn’t let that go could you? You had to start the argument back up, and then this thread becomes hostile all over again. Nice going.

    And look, there you go again with the passive aggressive talk. If a bunch of people fight back when you say something unfair, then it’s a “mob psychology”? How about this… how about instead of people being mad because they have a mob mentality, they just get mad because what you said is simply offensive? Hmm? Have you ever thought of that? Or do you always just throw the blame on others without first considering your own words and action? What a way to live.

  662. 662 : rose Says:

    @sara-658: when you say LMH is “expensive”, do you mean how much he is paid per episode, or total series? or why they got him as the leading actor in this drama? i’ve always been wondering how expensive are the korean dramas are produced, as it is one of korea’s best exports (per the KBS news i watched the other day). in a country i know, it is publicized how an actor can demand his price to agree to be in a movie or tv production. i wonder if the same is true in korea.

  663. 663 : Bombshell Says:


    I don’t think LMH is the most expensive and powerful in korea u must be imagining things because he’s ur bias…infact he ranked as the lowest in 2012 as the highly paid K-actors!


  664. 664 : sara Says:

    Come on girl, i said “he is VERY expensive and powerful” not “the MOST expensive and powerful” and he is not my bias. I”m even not his fan and by expensive i mean producers are willing to pay so much for him and i explained the reason too.

    As a foreigner who is not interested in Korean history at all, i’m very curious to know more about CY. Could a documentary make me interested? Could listening to historians’ lectures makes me interested? Could reading complicated, boring history books make me interested? Not at all. But when i see a handsome, adorable, strong CY portraying by LMH, i get interested to know him more. That’s why he is expensive and powerful. And it’s not just him. How many foreigner knew Jumong was founder of Korean peninsula before watching Jumong? I bet nobody. So you need to know that what i’m saying is a general fact and LMH is just an example. I’m not fangirling him and my one and only bias is someone else.

  665. 665 : sara Says:

    I don’t know exactly and i didn’t mean his pay for this drama. I explained in comment #664.

  666. 666 : sara Says:

    ” Could listening to historians’ lectures makes me interested? ”
    Sorry i mean “make”

  667. 667 : Rel Says:

    Just a fan here, and I was wondering if anyone could explain since my Korean is fairly limited…

    How are Cheon Eum Ja(???)/the guy with the flute and the fire-lady (for lack of better terms ^^;;;) related to KC? I think they call him saje or sahyung… Is that just formalities or does it mean like brother-in-law (but I can’t see any of them as being married…) or maybe like an older cousin? Or are they just his evil (but unrelated) minions?

    And yes, as someone mentioned above, I hope we get to see more of their backgrounds as well.

  668. 668 : princess Says:

    i want see episode 11 . because im not korean i dont know too much about Korea. but i want know its real story or its too far from real story?

  669. 669 : princess Says:

    im agree whit you in comment 664 because Jumong was very popular even in my country and after that people get interest in Korean drama . for me and a lots of my friend if he wasn’t LMH maybe i never start watching this drama but know im interest in story and CY personality. i want know who really was .
    but i really believe actor must be lovable and when you hear his name you want watch all thing about him and LMH is so lovable i know a lots of people that like LMH and watch Faith because of him.
    for me LMH like G-dragon when you hear his name you want hear all the music he made.
    lee min ho and G-dragon i wish you all the bestttttttttttt

  670. 670 : sara Says:

    Yes. Even it ‘s not needed to be a fan to admire an actor. I don’t get why some people think you only have to admire the one you love and if you say one or two admiring things about an actor, they will tell you, “he is your bias.”

    I don’t think so. One’s love or hate for an actor doesn’t change the truth. For example, i don’t like Jo won even a bit. But i do believe that he is a great, handsome, tall actor and seems to be a very polite and down to earth person. So if somebody reads my praising comment about him, one might think he is my bias. While as i said i don’t hate him but i don’t like him either.

    Anyway, my point is that people need to open their eyes to the truth. If LMH is a handsome man and a good expensive actor, you should accept it. Even if you don’t like him.

    And this is off-topic but i agree about Genius Dragon.

  671. 671 : KDaddict Says:

    If After due consideration, u find merit in what I say, take it under advisement. If not, then not.
    Since our use of English seems to differ drastically, I’d be much obliged if u don’t comment on my comments then. TQ.

  672. 672 : KDaddict Says:

    In the old days, ppl who trained under the same master (usually in martial arts) were regarded to be brothers n sisters within the same ‘family’. KC being the oldest n senior member of the gang of trainees is their senior sa-hyung. Then comes Fire-lady, sa-ja to those jr to herself; lastly comes Chum Eum Ja. So evidently their master specialized in these unusual forms of martial arts based on Ki Gung.

    Have you seen Nice Guy yet? Intense! Excellent acting by the leads! The story is v melo, which drives me up the walls.

  673. 673 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara, princess,
    I think there are 2 major kinds of viewers:
    Those who love KD before the actors; n those who love the actor first, n KD after. The potential for misunderstanding is always there between these 2 categories of fans. Their language, their emotionality n mentality bear no similarity.

  674. 674 : sara Says:

    I watched ep 1 tonight and I’m going to comment on its thread. Yeah, great acting and script. My expectation has got too high. Love it.

  675. 675 : Tonberry Says:


  676. 676 : Emily Says:

    Someone is trying to play a nice guy here….feel bad for her 🙁 its just doesn’t work out…

  677. 677 : eny Says:

    I choose the drama first then the actor/actress
    For me after Bridal mask ended my favorite is May queen, I enjoy it more than Arang

  678. 678 : Prinna Says:

    I think Ryu Duk Hwan is a good actor. Hopefully will see more of his appearance.

  679. 679 : Rain Says:

    I really recommend everyone to watch the innocent man it’s amazing and the acting just amazes you…. I like faith but I think the innocent man will be my number one drama of the year…

  680. 680 : Dede Says:

    I don t get it. Why are they making the Kings people an guards so stupid, that the jerky prince can get away with so much. On top of that the High Doctor is so annoying with her screeching and whining.

  681. 681 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 11:
    Been waiting to find out what’ll happen to these ppl becos they are so ill-matched when they go up against KC, his special killers, his schemings, his blackmails, kidnappings, murders, n general ruthlessness. All they have is CY on their side. CY sure has a lot to guard: Doc, the king, the queen, the ppl that the king invites to join his court, etc. That’s a hell of a lot to fall on the shoulders of 1 man.
    In this ep, we see Doc turning down CY’s protection to go to Heaven’s Gate on her own, but more importantly, we see CY’s determination to die again. He tells his aunt: ” Lately, I can’t remember her face (his fiancee). If this goes on, I won’t be able to recognize her on the other side. Before that happens, I should go meet her.” And then he goes to charge KC’s compound all by himself that night! My heart sinks on acct of all his sorrows.
    What will happen to them? The king will be replaced w another n soon Goryeo ends. What will happen to him? Can’t he be granted some measure of happiness?

  682. 682 : KDaddict Says:

    Viewers who were annoyed by the Doc’s ditzy behavior finally get relief. Starting with ep 10, n in ep 11, she comes to understand firmly the gravity of her situation n CY’s, and turns really somber. But CY misses her smiles, n so do I.

  683. 683 : raoul Says:

    can somebody help? why i cannot play it anymore? its says,currently not availabe 🙁 what can i do to make it?

  684. 684 : Micc Says:

    Is it the hairstyle, the costume, or LMH put on some weight?

  685. 685 : Mary Says:

    I loving this now 😀

  686. 686 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 11 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  687. 687 : hny Says:

    Anioooooooooooo…. this eps make me nut…their romance.. oohhh
    at pressure time insistently come their romance turbulent … King n Queen of the end they were holding hands! so sweet
    at last scene Doc ran riding a horse ..then ost .. very touching lyric n good describe the feel between ES n CY, make my tears dripping .. I wanted to jump to the next episode soon !!

  688. 688 : anne Says:

    So far, ep11 is my favourite.

    I like how the plot is developing. The doc has finally realised “the reality” of the situation and decides she cannot implicate CY by being with him. I suppose if I were her, I would have done the same as well.

    I find those lighted moments e.g. when the doc asks for direction by lowering her voice and how she tries to kick CY funny. I am definitely delighted by the growing awareness of their feeling for each other between the doc and CY. I think this part has nicely unfolded itself in a subtle but convincing manner.

    Really look forward to ep12!

  689. 689 : Miriam Says:

    Who’s excited for episode 12?????? RIGHT HEREEEEE 😀

  690. 690 : Sabrina Says:

    Did anyone see the preview for episode 12? I saw CY pierce a sword through him AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I see wrong or is it true?????

  691. 691 : eny Says:

    i just watch faith teaser Kang ji hwan version and it looks better. I guess i can watch it if it’s like the teaser. You can see it in dramabean recap of ep 11, you can see the link in the comment or find it in you tube. It’s really awesome…….Don’t miss it

  692. 692 : princess Says:

    finally we could see CYs smile and his ice finally break.i like ep 12 and ill be wait for ep 13. i hope we can see a lots of romantic scenes like ep 12

  693. 693 : sara Says:

    Ep 11
    I’d like to look at the drama from emotional point of view. So One word for this ep: beautiful. Doctor is changing bit by bit. She doesn’t smile even once in this ep and i love when Young tells her:

    “You don’t want to smile in front of me or you no longer smile?”
    He loves her smile. It gives him hope. Beautiful

    “Don’t protect me any more. Just let me go” Doctor tells him sadly.
    He loses his hope. This is the second time a woman tells him she doesn’t need him and doesn’t trust him. So he chooses the king who puts his trust on him and decides to scarify himself. Beautiful yet sad.

    The emotional part of the plot, the evils, the king, the hero’s character are developing slowly and beautifully.

  694. 694 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 12 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  695. 695 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 12:
    We finally see proof positive that Doc cares abt CY romantically. She puts her life on the line to save him from killing himself while trying to take out KC. Yeah!
    Perhaps @hny was right all along: she can stay behind in Goryeo to be with him! But she’ll have to abandon her parents. Would you do that for that person w that face?
    Alternatively, he can go fwd in time to live in Seoul w her, since he has nothing to hold him back in his own world. She can take a few antiques w her, sell them to raise capital for her research n clinic, n he can be her Model. “Come to me for plastic surgery, and you can look like Lee Min Ho”!
    As for the Choi Young who lived in history, perhaps one of the Woodachi guys or one of the 2 Suribang eager beavers who followed him around can take his name.

  696. 696 : KDaddict Says:

    Why doesn’t the show make better use of the Woodachi men? They r used like stuntmen when they strike in a group. But I love it when they gather to joke abt their leader’s budding romance.
    Why doesn’t the show make better use of Firewoman n Flute guy? They r mere pawns, tools of KC.
    Neither the men nor the special killers have any life, any story of their own. What a waste.

  697. 697 : nieza Says:

    this drama is boring….. i just watching this its because of lee min ho,the lead actress is so irritating

  698. 698 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict…haha (I do)..actually I wish the most that alternative!! he go to seoul w her.. this fantasy drama will be more great..(hope the writer hear this )..perhaps Dea Man will follow him but I don’t know if ppl in seoul can stand with he speech 😉

    I thought that too.. the writer seem just focus arround politik and KC ambition.. n little romance 4 2 couple .. they not made story for other cast more meaning full even for Han doc..why good talented actor like lee philips just sit n walking arround the klinik !! OMG.. althought I’m already feel enjoyable!! but I hope in a few episodes left will see other cast life story in this drama …Cha Yo writer nim!!

  699. 699 : sara Says:

    We can see a new side of CY in this ep. Strong, strict general who fights skillfully and adorable, cheerful Young ah who can melt your heart just by his smile. Doctor smiles again and decides to stay and help him. I love when she warms his hand and he touches her hair fearfully. Now, he has a new motivation for living on. I super loved the fighting scenes too.

    I also think Woodalchi is wasted. Why they are always one step behind? Mostly they can’t do anything. They are warriors after all. But as you said they can change the serious mood of the drama by their joking and fooling around. I love their relationship with Young too. They might be useful in the later episodes. I hate those two stupid evil characters. I don’t think anything changes, if they will be removed from the drama.

  700. 700 : cheeze Says:

    Wahhhh, I like this drama, but its going really slow. Hello what happen
    to the romance??? Its moving like molasses. I thought this drama is
    the greatest love story. But where??????

  701. 701 : KDaddict Says:

    @hny, sara,
    The poor guy lost his Master (sifu) AND the love of his life within a new days. All so unexpectedly, n unnecessarily. His world was turned upside down. To add insult to very serious injury, his master’s last words were for him to continue to serve the awful king. Anyone in his shoes would lose the will to live. It has taken 7 years, a more normal person as king, and a ditzy woman from 700 years in the future to S-L-O-W-L-Y defrost his frozen heart. Their bickering in front of the king, queen n aunt was funny, cos it was unexpected.
    The virgin queen ask the aunt what regular woman do to please their husbands. Aunt being an old maid has no idea. So they ask the royal butler what his wife does. He says she prepares a meal w wine for him. The two innocent women ask: What’s special abt wine? He goes: It’s not the wine, but what happens afterwards. That embarrasses everyone enormously. Ha ha.
    @hny, u were right. I had forgotten abt Han Doc! That’s how rare he appears!
    Why does the 1 week between eps of this show seems like a longer time than for other shows?

  702. 702 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict- (I don’t know, perhaps just b’coz LMH, no.. !!)

    yes the queen n Lady choi makes me lol that time ..maybe lady choi still virgin too 😀 why she ask the royal butler to answer the Q …. n queen becomes awkward when the king came !! she got idea to take the ‘cake ..

    Han doc power maybe just used for defense,,,but actually writer can makes him more useful than that.. he and Cy could be good combination to against KC.

  703. 703 : sara Says:

    @KDaddict -701
    Haha, those two scenes were very funny. I didn’t think the queen still would be virgin. So the king might be virgin as well. CY is still virgin too, isn’t he? But i don’t think doctor is virgin.

  704. 704 : KDaddict Says:

    Your post makes me burst out laughing!
    The king n queen were at odds so they haven’t consummated their marriage. Poor CY has been using all his spare time to practice Chi (ki) gung, n has been moping the death of his one n only gf. So he neither has time nor the mood nor anyone to, u know, with. Doctor’s 1st bf was Ahn Jae Wook. That’s a possibility!
    Choi’s aunt definitely is virgin. I think Han Doc as well. Flute guy too. Surely Not Firewoman, nor KC. ROTF!
    @sara, @hny,
    You think in the next ep, we’d see the queen serve the king a banquet?
    If u had asked me 2 weeks ago if I liked LMH, I’d have said: Not particularly. (That’s why it wouldn’t have crossed my mind to accuse ppl of being biased against him). His other roles in previous KDs never touched me. But then I got drawn into the life of Choi Young, in just these last week or so. I began to feel sorry for him, n hope that he can find a way out of his pitiful existence, to find some happiness. Choi Young touches me, n I now love LMH as CY. This is by no means the best KD showing rt now, but it is this one that I await most eagerly. Even I find it strange myself.

  705. 705 : anne Says:


    Sara – I like the part when the doc warmed CY’s hand and how he touched her hair and asked her not to cry anymore.

    Overall, I love how the plot is developing. Finally, the table seems to be turned: the villians are being outwitted by the king and his men. It is hilarious watching the guards gossip about CY and the doc. Also,happy to see CY becoming more lively when with doc.

    Look forward to ep 13!

  706. 706 : sleeplessnseattlekdcrzy Says:

    i am also drawn now to this drama ‘coz of the life of cy….even w/ his budding romance w/ the doc,i can’t seem to feel at ease…why?…’coz him being a warrior and protector of the king and others are his first and foremost priority, it equals to impending doom/peril…so as to being happy is just a temporary thing…oh well,i’m just gonna enjoy his sweet moments w/ the doc…*_*

  707. 707 : sara Says:

    Now that most of them are virgin, it’s better to find another name for the drama too. You can speak Korean. So, find a suitable word. 😉

    If everything goes well, she definitely will serve him a banquet. And they will celebrate their banquet till the dawn. I don’t see any eunuch in the palace. who ‘s going to help them?

    I also feel very sorry for him. Sometimes he seems very lonely with a heavy burden on his shoulders. It should be hard to be lots of people’s shield and help them. The strange point is that LMH ‘s character in CH was also a lonely person who just pretended to be alright. But i couldn’t relate to him at all. Here, his eyes are filled with loneliness and i feel happy for him, when he smiles. What’s the problem? It’s me or LMH?

    Agree. Episode 12 was the best one so far. I loved the romantic moments and they have great chemistry. I can’t feel their age gap at all. They are very comfortable around each other.

  708. 708 : hny Says:

    @KDaddict.. Maybe..but I wish the situation not Like in TMETS..do you remember the scene when King Lee(KSH) must serve the queen who he never touch !! what they both must do, all directed by the court lady..like ..when they must open their clothe etc…OMG.. hope here not happen like that!! it must be natural moment.. n LIke @sara says..they must celebrate their banquet till the dawn just both of them 😀

    And For me LMH is not my bias.. not all his role in KD attractive me.
    But its appearance in KD makes me amazed that in Korea there is a men like him 😉

  709. 709 : saosao Says:

    love…LMH…and love this drama too much..love when he smile ……he looks too smart..i will b ur fun forever…………….even somebody said you are not good acting, just think they r ur fun who give you more power to b great…………..fightinggggg LMH

  710. 710 : princess Says:

    i want see episode 13.
    fighting LMH & Faith

  711. 711 : Hades Says:

    I think This drama is soo cooll, characters , Place, and much more is so nice 😀
    Love you so much

  712. 712 : Hades Says:

    But, why video in viki.com not found or working ?
    I Need Help!

  713. 713 : normary Says:

    <3 lee min ho. I want to see the other episode

  714. 714 : oleee Says:

    i don’t know why some people said that LMH’s acting is bad in this drama, but that is how the script was written, CY is cold and doesn’t have any emotions. and in my opinion, LMH presents the character really way.
    sometimes the story doesn’t make sense on how KC can walk in and out freely in the palace, but i love CY’s character.
    can’t wait for ep. 13…who cares about the rating, but honestly…i love this drama, highly recommended!!!!

  715. 715 : Ranty Femilya Utami Says:

    I like Lee Min Hoo so much
    He is the best korean actor that ever I know

  716. 716 : raqzie Says:

    im loving every episode of it! specially moments of CY and YES….:)

  717. 717 : KDaddict Says:

    @sara-707, @hny-708,
    Ah, the queen does invite the king to a ‘banguet’ just as we hoped. But this director is really stupid. Would it kill him to show the couple going into their bed chamber?
    Like ES, I’m in love with CY becos we don’t see such men in our world. He is dedicated to a fault; he loves w his whole heart n mind; he is burdened, lonely n hurt. What woman wouldn’t want to love him?
    Ep 13:
    I watched the whole ep, but only have eyes for CY. They introduce a new char–the king’s uncle, to add spice to the brew.

    Would you do me a favor n give me a short version of the story of May Q on its thread? I left a Qn there. TQ.

  718. 718 : hny Says:

    oo ..so the King actually know for long time that the queen is the women he loves ,but he wait for the queen answer abt his proposal ..OMG …

  719. 719 : hny Says:

    today’s is King n Queen ..tomorrow will be CY n ES an hugging scene .LmAO !!

  720. 720 : Arvie Rex Says:

    can anyone tell me why the ratings is not improving at all with Lee Min Ho headlining this drama? Is the drama boring?!

  721. 721 : hny Says:

    try watch in EPdrama Or KimchiDrama..

  722. 722 : rose Says:

    does anyone know if someone in ‘faith’ production staff ever read the comments in this thread, because at this point i really wish the direction and screen play will improve, and improve a lot!!!!

  723. 723 : sara Says:

    Of course. I wrote a summary. It’s not that short though. 😉
    Is KJW in your top 10? He is in my top 3.

  724. 724 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I’m always writing recaps. This is the 1st recap that someone writes for me!! TQ.
    I love KJW in Wonderful Life, with Eugene n the 5 year old Jang Da Bin as their daughter. I’m left w the impression that he has a child-like quality abt him. Warm, open n innocent. Becos of the subject matter (death n dying) of some of his dramas, I haven’t seen enough of them to know him that well. What I saw, I liked tho.
    Right now, I can’t see enough of LMH as CY! I want him to be in every frame.

  725. 725 : sara Says:

    Your welcome. Hope it helps.

    Yes, Young ah……..Sighhhhhhhhh. Where can we find a man like him who ‘s always there for you even if you aren’t aware. He is handsome, loyal, gentle with a unique manly aura. K dramas put me in a great regret. I think ” Please, this hero is too good to be real. You’re going to kill me by creating such charming man?” Then i say “who knows? I’m still single. Maybe i could find my Young ah.” Still, I’m daydreaming, right?

    I wanted a kiss or hug for our royal couple. They have great chemistry and i loved king’s meaningful smile when he saw his bride the next morning in the palace. Although he is really pitiful.

  726. 726 : KDaddict Says:

    Sometimes I read comments on other KD sites left by guys. They say things like: Please leave us some room for survival. We can’t compete with KD heroes. LOL.
    As the Jade Emperor said in Arang, as Yoon Jae said in 1997, n as it was shown in AGD, each one of us is connected to sb else by a red thread; It just takes a while to get to the other end. When u do find him, remember to tell him that your KD viewing is sacrosanct. 😉
    Does the king have a meaningful smile the next morning? I’ve to go back n check.

  727. 727 : jin Says:

    Omg…. Rating…………..

  728. 728 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 13 ( the great Doctor) Eng sub

  729. 729 : KDaddict Says:

    Many ppl here have complained that this drama is boring, n we can see the ratings aren’t hi. I sorta understand why. While watching ep 14, I keep wondering if the writer is a newbie, if he understands what makes an interesting yarn n what doesn’t. Ditto for the directing n editor: if they understand what viewers want, n if they did, why don’t they give it to us! Or are they simply incompetent?
    In ep 14:
    Jo frames CY for corruption! That he takes 500 taels of silver to accept subpar weapons for his men! It’s so ludicrous no one believe it, least of all the viewers. Yet they spend 40 mins on the trial, putting him in jail, his escape, etc. (activities of the newly arrive uncle to the king.) It’s a total yawn. Compare that to Nice Guy where they deal w Maru’s trial n jail term w One camera shot! It’s the competence of the actors n actresses that saves this fr being a basket case.
    In the last 20 mins of the ep, we finally get to see Doc n CY spend some time together. Except that B4 long, Doc falls ill fr poisoning! Poor poor CY!
    I really wish they’d just hurry thru heaven’s gate n be done w that crazy world n its power struggles. 🙁

  730. 730 : kdfan Says:

    @KDaddict thanks, u just saved me 40 mins or so for me to get to my other more important yet got put off by KD stuff. All I am looking forward to is CY & doc scenes. 20 mins is quite plenty esp when I can zoom straight to it.

  731. 731 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 14 ( the great Doctor) Eng sub

  732. 732 : mallieynna Says:

    unique drama.. love it so much.. cant wait to see how this drama ends.. choi young n yoo eun soo,, king n queen,, woodalchi.. love them,, faith jjang!! fighting.. =)

  733. 733 : hny Says:

    aighhhhhhhhhhhhh….last scene makes me crazy!! why always makes me wait till next week with curiosity!!

    but i’m enjoy all part of this eps…CY n ES ,,,chayooo !!!

  734. 734 : Mystisith Says:

    #KDaddict729: Agree with you. I’m doing with Faith what I did with Feast of the Gods: I watch the pretty (people, costumes, buildings) and that’s it. The script is incredibly slow: EP 14 is behind us and still no major romantic move (from anyone). I thought I read romance in the genre of the drama…
    The story focus on the King more than on the woodalchi, it’s like the writer doesn’t know what to do with him (or with the doctors of the show: Lee Philip is where?). Well, I can understand: For me, LMH is miscast here (too young, no maturity, no martial arts skills of any kind.)
    Add to this than the director is below average and than obviously they have not enough money for the special effects (annoying for a Fantasy drama)…
    Next week, Ohlala couple and Horse doctor start: They better step up their game with Faith if they don’t want to be buried alive.

  735. 735 : sara Says:

    Young is the only dazzling thing in this ep. I love his moments with ES. I love his internal conflict to whether love her or not. He is like a real hero with a very difficult road in front of him. Now he must choose between himself and ES. Other than this, i’m not interested in King, that snake, those two stupid evil characters and stuff.

  736. 736 : Lorem Says:

    This drama is dying. Woldalchi Choi looks bored. Fire-girl’s itching to burn someone. Woldalchi warriors have nothing to do, resorting to playing tag games in the barracks. Someone give them a monopoly board game pls.

    The Doctor finds the remedy for her own boredom; make beauty soap and employ a method of marketing commonly used by internet businesses to establish a market niche, and make oodles of money.

    The hairnet guy plots and schemes to drown out his boredom. His acute case of boredom-itis is such that he feels the need to subjugate all. By “all” I mean the universe. If heaven will not comply, he will change-out heaven.

    The King’s uncle who apparently is bored long before this drama began, is now plotting to gain the throne. He has nothing better to do. It’s his way of relieving the boredom.

    Yes, they are all bored and waiting on the script writer. We’re all waiting on the script writer. But I will venture to say that our writer-neem is suffering from boredom. My guess; this lemon is the result of nothing more than writer-neem’s lack of “Faith” in his/her own vision.

  737. 737 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mysti, sara, Loren,
    Your posts are funny, esp to read in a roll!
    OK, I’m in a good mood, so I’ll own up: LMH as CY, that man’s face makes my heart go padam padam. Script, story, LACK of– budget, special effects, action, movement, excitement, proper use of secondary chars that set out to be interesting…….make me cringe. Arghh!
    I learnt sth thru METS n Faith: It isn’t a good idea to have a leading char be introverted, depressed, even suicidal, to the point that they don’t give a damn abt the world. That specification is hard to portray in an interesting way for viewers to watch. So everyone complains abt the acting, for HGI in METS n LMH in Faith. Granted, neither of them has been said to be a powerhouse in acting, but b4 those chars, complaints against their acting have been relatively mild. Compare that kind of char to sb like Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, who is naughty, cool, n goes to provoke the heroine out of love each day, or Gakistal who is a non-stop action hero out to save the oppressed ppl of Korea, or Satto in Arang who is an expressive proactive char (once he’s met Arang), Choi Young becomes a cardboard char. You get my drift.
    I can’t help but wonder: Is there anything that SongJK could do w this pc of dead meat of a char, CY, that LMH or sb else can’t? Seeing its limitations, SJK probably wouldn’t accept such a role in the 1st place!

  738. 738 : Mystisith Says:

    @KDaddict Hahaha. You’re cruel: Comparing CY and Joo-won: “Game Over”. Mind you, I’m rewatching SeGa these days (I realize I didn’t for quite a long time actually): I’m even more impressed with it if it’s possible. Every detail, the multi-layered psyche of the characters… It’s like 3D when effectively Faith ones are cardboards.
    I wanted to love Faith, I really wanted to. But as a viewer I need something to chew on.

  739. 739 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mysti dear,
    I’m holding my breath till Binnie gets out of the army! 2 months plus a week to go! I can’t re-watch SG right now. If I do, I might combust from missing him too much! Hope to go to a fan-meeting when he comes out!
    Faith!!! The writer, director, n editor should ALL be made to go back to film school and relearn their craft.
    Take the case of the king n queen:
    Everyone was rooting for them to come together. Then this damn series shows us the king presenting her w gifts. Poof! Zoom out! It’s like inviting ppl to a banquet, serving them tea, Showing (not feeding) them the appetizer, n then Closing the banquet! What kind of dog shit directing n editing is that? I can go on, but it’ll just get me angry. Plus, u know as well as I where the pitfalls r anyway.

  740. 740 : rose Says:

    wish someone in the thread above can go to the official ‘faith’ web site and blog his/her criticisms in korean (in the english translated page, i cannot find where i can write my comments in english). guess we care about this drama, for one reason or another, that’s why we are commenting, thought that if ‘faith’ production staff reads/heeds the comments, they might be able to improve 7-8 episodes and save our frustration!

  741. 741 : Lorem Says:

    @rose 740. Good suggestions you’ve made there Rose. If I had “faith” this drama can be salvaged, I might make the effort. But I just don’t see it turning around, judging by the wasted opportunities from start to date.

    I’m feeling a little betrayed by the director & writer. Shame on these two. They’ve sold their soul for what? A few bucks peddling eye-candy. Need I mention the unnecessary increase in all our carbon footprints.

    “Choooonah! Please punish the traitors!”

    “Ayeee!! Make them walk the plank Mr. Christian”.

  742. 742 : sara Says:

    Wow, you compared CY and Kim Joo Won and with your huge beautiful love for Hyun Bin? So you sure care about this drama. Let me compare them in this way.

    If CY is a historical character belonged to the past, Kim Joo won is a historical character belonged to the present. The difference is CY was general of battle fields and Kim Jo Won is general of hearts. Who lasts longer? The general of hearts. Wars will finish but hearts will beat forever.

  743. 743 : KDaddict Says:

    @Mysti, sara,
    I named some chars that were written well, like Kim Joo Won, Gakistal, n Satto in Arang. I think that’s the way chars OUGHT to be written, to give them life, wit, conviction, action, etc. With lively heroes, actors have good material to bite into when they try to bring those chars to life. At the opposite end of the continuum, when writers are stupid enough to writer a char who is depressed n has lost the will to live, what can an actor do but act like a block of wood?
    The former r examples of good writing. The latter r examples of bad writing (Wol in METS n CY in Faith).

    Your comment 742 is beautifully written, tho it doesn’t speak to the intention of my post 737.

  744. 744 : rose Says:

    @ Lorem 741: thanks for commenting on my suggestion. there’s no hope? shall i continue watching, or give it up? though i cannot see what the future brings for this drama, a miracle is in order: replace director, writer, whoever and come to the rescue! i feel sorry for all the cast, might affect their resumes, but a job is a job. as for lmh, is he being used? i’d hate that if i were in his shoes, but he is supposed to know what he is in for before signing up.

  745. 745 : sara Says:

    I know what you intended to say in your 737 comment. But seeing your BIG BIG love for your dear Binnie and how much you’re missing him made me write something beautiful for him. I love your love for him.

  746. 746 : annezhayne Says:

    i don’t get it.. i can’t watch any kd online anymore especially on your hosted channel????

  747. 747 : shawtiishawtii Says:

    , you all keep on commenting negative about this drama but still keeping on watching and waiting for the next, esp you @KDaddict. Stop being a pest , and dont be a bitter.

  748. 748 : shawtiishawtii Says:

    if you dont like this drama , stop watching , so you will not be boring !

  749. 749 : sara Says:

    Come on, please. What you read are not negative comments. They are useful criticism. They can help you decide whether you can like this drama or not. What @KDaddict is saying is completely right and if you read her comments in previous pages, you can see she never tries to insult or bash. She analyzes every episode and comments in a very informative way. Besides, she has the right to express her idea and you can’t tell her to stop watching the drama. “If you don’t like her comments, you can stop reading them. Stop being a pest.” Do you like if somebody tell you this?

  750. 750 : hihi Says:

    haha poor min hoo. he dont even know how to fight.. everytime he jump or kick they never show how he does.. poor him… anyway some a little bitches looking for your face…. fighting

  751. 751 : KDaddict Says:

    Where were you 1-2 months ago when 90% of the posts here were negative? sara n I were almost the only ones here who liked this show back then. 😉
    When I said: Ep 1 got me excited.
    Sb said: There is nothing to be excited abt.
    I said: I love the chars w special powers.
    They said: They hate them.
    You should have been here then.

    Don’t worry abt our posts. It is just that:
    There r different kinds of fans:
    Some love their idol n everything abt their idol’s shows unconditionally. Many of them tend to be young fangirls.
    Then there r fans who love KD more than specific idols n differentiate among various aspects of a show. These tend to be older viewers. We sing praises when we like sth in a show, n when we see that not sth in a show is not great, we say so. Those of us (n there r many) who have been pointing out the deficiencies of this show actually love LMH as CY, n love some other aspects this show.
    Welcome to the thread.

    TQ for your compliment.
    Earlier on in this thread, I was accused of bashing ppl who didn’t like LMH. Now, I’m accused of the opposite, of bashing Faith. Is a position in the middle really so hard to fathom? 😉

  752. 752 : yudith Says:

    It is a Bad show period! I don’t even bother to watch in sequence. Just occasionally watch episode 12 or something. Poor LMH, must be kicking himself for taking this weird show on. and the whole older woman match with him needs someone who actually looks like they r not older than him such as in Personal Taste!!! Sucks show : Faith.

  753. 753 : anne Says:


    Just watched it. The story development is well paced and events are unfolding in lucidly.I love the lively banter between CY and the doc. Hopefully, there will be more romance between the two. By then, I hope the doc will finally “discover” she has fallen in love with CY. I believe that with her modern days antics of romanticism, things will become more lively and funny.
    Overall, I have enjoyed the show so far. A show worth watching.

  754. 754 : hai Says:

    i love the story line..the acting are also good. lee min ho is good given his first role as warrior! can’t wait for the next episodes and hope for more romance:)

  755. 755 : the girl Says:

    i like the story, lee min ho is soooo handsome!!
    the story is different with the other time traveler, its getting more moree interesting.
    lead woman act is so good, she can be funny girl athough she isn’t young. she is older than lee min ho but i think chemistry can delivery well.

  756. 756 : jasy Says:

    I was one of ”negative” people when there was talk about this drama. I just never liked any LMH drama. But since i dont like to judge something i didnt even see, i gave this drama an oportunity. And im glad i did. I love the story and i love characters (even evil ones). Now i cant want for next episode!!

  757. 757 : Mary Says:

    Cant wait for episode 15 😀 Hope there will be more romance there!!!!1

  758. 758 : anne Says:

    the girl :

    agree with you – the doc can be both funny and serious. I think she has reprised her role very well.

    Also, the chemistry between CY and the doc is excellent. You can’t really feel the actual age difference between them.

    I think credits need to be given to the scriptwriter – the story is not just well crafted but emotion and feelings are refine.

    Kudos to the actors and actresses too, especially the two main characters.

  759. 759 : anne Says:

    oops, I mean “she has portrayed her role very well”

  760. 760 : drama freak Says:

    i think this drama is getting better and better….and i am enjoying it =)

  761. 761 : simei Says:

    Hi KDaddict,
    just came in to view this drama. Do you think this drama is worth watching, considering I’m not a particularly big fan of LMH? What are the pros and cons? hehehe… so sorry for all these Qs, but I do value your opinion.

    Btw, TQ for your recommendation on The Gentleman’s Dignity. Really enjoyed the show and yes… I did fall for all of the male characters hahaha…

  762. 762 : F.Ids Says:

    The ratings are really low!!! This drama deserves much better!

  763. 763 : Noel D. Says:

    I love this piece but pacing is too slow. It drags sometimes.

  764. 764 : swift Says:

    Since the emphasis of the storyline is on the power struggle between the existing king and the evil prince, the writer has to slot in the themes of schemes of the baddies to overthrow the king, I think this story plot is not much of interest of viewers. Furthermore, the baddies seems to have the advantage/ upperhand in most matters to frustrate the good people. The writer need to slot more plots of good overcomes the evil to give viewers a feel good drama.

  765. 765 : Beth Says:

    Although it seems slow and boring sometimes but when you analyze the story very well you will appreciate the drama and its actors/actress. I like Lee Min Ho facial expressions especially when he smiles. As the story come deeper and exciting, i find myself addicted to watch this drama. I love korean historical drama it’s different and unique.

  766. 766 : YunMei Says:

    Can’t wait to watch ep 15 ^_^
    Whether the story is boring or not, let’s just appreciate what the actors&actresses also the writer and of course the director have done so far…

  767. 767 : swift Says:

    Romance between the King and Queen is more interesting compared to the General and the High Doctor, hahahahah……………

    Anyways, at least the King is no longer a dimwitted fool anymore. But the evil prince is ever sooooo evil.

  768. 768 : jin Says:

    rating’s so low……..From…. Jin…to…Faith…

  769. 769 : ucriet Says:

    To those who gave negative feedback about this drama.Please…don’t harm!! at least you guys have to appreciate the others who still loves this drama and also the cast. It was so irritating to seen all the negative comments. 이민호 화이팅!!!!!

  770. 770 : hny Says:

    yap…yap…yapppp………………..agree ..agreee 😀

  771. 771 : KDaddict Says:

    This drama is a mixed bag.
    I didn’t like the other LMH chars n dramas, but I really like him as Choi Young in this one. It is a moving char that you can’t help but love. I think LMH has matured into a man n his charisma has acquired a fine aroma like red wine that has been allowed to breathe.
    The script, directing, editing do leave a lot to be desired tho. But what to do? Scripts r more often than not the weak link in KDs.
    A friend of mine is a die-hard Joo Ji Hoon fan. She flew to Korea to attend his fan meeting, n she’s been waiting for his return fr army n disgrace for several years now. She tells me the script of 5 Fingers makes her want to tear out her hair! But she loves Joo Ji Hoon too much not to watch. 😉

  772. 772 : orchids Says:

    i love this show n lee min ho <3………

  773. 773 : princess Says:

    ill wait for episode 16

  774. 774 : Dede Says:

    I agree,Lee Min Ho has matured. In Boys over Flowers I did not get his appeal, but he has grown and I would pretty much watch anything he is innow. Sigh,sigh. Also the King and Queens romance is so sweet.
    In time regression I did not think someone could actually change history, so what the Doctor professes to be the future will stay the future, otherwise she would probably disappear if those significant people she says were in the history books no longer guided the future from where they are now.

  775. 775 : thegirl Says:

    we have same opinion, i’m getting excited in every episode.
    although there isn’t romance scene (i mean kiss or declaration love from both of them) the screenwriter can delivery the love story with small things.
    i can see in CY eyes he really love the doctor, he want to protect her.
    and the doctor too, she alway doing something to make CY close to her, like suddenly hugging him.
    aahh i’m dying when i look lee min hoo eyes, 😀

  776. 776 : raqzie Says:

    This drama was more interesting than other drama that are currently airing.. CY and EU chemistry are perfect even their characters are not provocative in showing their love for each other still the chemistry was there and the story never blunt.. It keeps me interested more and more as the episodes progresses..

  777. 777 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 15 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  778. 778 : swift Says:

    So now the real villian the the king’s uncle, hahahahah……. so unexpected. I think the bad guy likes the High Doctor very much as trying to eliminate all the relevant parties to ensure he gets the High Doctor, whether he wants to be the king may be a different matter as I think he does not seem to be interested to be the king.

  779. 779 : Jennie Says:

    I am way behind you guys because I am only following this from cable. Up till now, I really am enjoying this drama. I like all the quirky jokes, especially from the bad guys and my favourite scenes are those about and between the king and queen. I find them so sweet and enduring. As for Choi Young, he is the saddest character of all and this is actually the best so far I have seen of Lee Minho. I just want to give him a hug and tell him all is right with the world – heehee. How can anyone say his acting is bad here?

  780. 780 : hny Says:

    agree @swift..the King uncle become real villian in one day… I never thought that Ki choul will act like that to ES… I don’t know what they speak, but KC expression when met ES is so adorable…she seemed very upset to know something !!
    this eps makes me so jealous with ES, but also proud because we in the same aged but still ok paired with the young handsome actor like LMH,,, I think their love doesn’t need a kiss to proof their love ,each scene already show me how deep their love !!! N this is the first time I don’t need kiss scene in KD…but I need a Kiss scene for KIng n Queen,,,, 😀

  781. 781 : swift Says:

    urghhh…. in VIKI the eng sub is available for ep16 but cannot watch as it is not available in my country.

  782. 782 : simei Says:

    @KDaddict (771)

    thanks once again for the opinion. I think I’ll give LMH another chance to impress me 🙂 Apart from his handsome face, his acting on other dramas so far didn’t really strike me. Hopefully I’ll get to love him as this drama goes on.

  783. 783 : kdfan Says:

    @raqzie & hny i feel exactly the same abt CY and ES. its quite rare to see such subtle chemistry. every time they are together, i can feel so much gentleness and love, esp when they are not speaking. u r right a kiss scene is totally unnecessary. so amazing. is that great acting or what. i love lmh more with this show.

  784. 784 : sara Says:

    I loved it. Great episode. Since this drama has started, this is the first time i felt everything was in its right place, from the acting, story-line to filming and editing.

    The emotional aspect is very strong and you can feel the leads great chemistry. No more wasting scenes for stupid evil characters and instead introducing a witty, smart enemy.

    And Young ah. He is always charming but irresistibly charming in this ep. LMH’s acting has risen to a higher level comparing to last episodes. When he hugs her, holds her hand, look her in the eyes, you can feel how deeply he is in love with her. You are the man. But a kiss scene makes it hotter.

  785. 785 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 16 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  786. 786 : OK OK OK Says:

    The actor (king’s uncle) who poison Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is Chae Rim’s real Brother. 🙂
    Don’t know why he is no more a lead actor after Indomitable Daugters-in-Law 🙁

  787. 787 : Joyoni Says:

    Someone ask what happen to their romance…well as anticipated, history can never been amend. ES wsa never in the Goryeo era history, so natually their love will come to an end… i guess…. sad though, what to do….how can a past and present couple be together ???

  788. 788 : jangerr Says:

    Love, love, love this drama! Yes, the directing and editing leave much to be desired but the storyline, the characters, the acting are superb!

    I’m not the least perturbed by the rating. I’ll enjoy what I’m enjoying and this is one drama that I find myself looking forward to each week and I’ll definitely not let any ratings affect me otherwise.

    One of my most favourite characters is ES. She’s vulnerable yet spunky, helpless yet hopeful, out of time yet not out of place! She’s down but she’s not out. She’s a fish out of water but she’s making the best out of the situation she’s in instead of moping around and be a mere damsel in distress. What a gal!!! She really rocks my socks off!!! Though KHS is better known for her beauty than her acting chops, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by her potrayal of ES!

  789. 789 : Rose Says:

    My fav drama!! love itttttt 😀

  790. 790 : orchids Says:

    love this drama….i really love the chemistry between CY n ES………i want them to be together in the end..its difficult but i hope writer will do something like that………….

  791. 791 : KDaddict Says:

    IMO, this show is well worth watching. Give it a chance, n I believe you’ll fall in love w LMH this time. I did.
    The pace is generally slow, but I don’t mind it. Some eps r better than others, so it is uneven. Despite its flaws, there is a lot of goodness in it. If u come to care abt the OTP, n I think u will, then you’ll get drawn into their story.
    I’m waiting to find out the answer to the puzzle at the center of this story: ES’s previous trip(s) to the past, where she had clearly met n fallen in love w Choi Young before. So how will she save him this time, n how can they be together?
    So glad u enjoyed AGD. Let me know how u like this one. 😉

  792. 792 : Sara Says:

    @ orchids, I agree with you, I want both of them to somehow end up together!!!

  793. 793 : Lania Tania Says:

    love LMH…and love this drama too much..love when he smile. he looks too smart..i will b ur fun forever, even somebody said you are not good acting, just think they r ur fun who give you more power to b great. 😀

  794. 794 : me Says:

    Can’t wait for episodes 17…..

  795. 795 : anne Says:


    After watching each episode, epecially starting from ep12, I thought to myself – this is the best episode ever. However, the next episode will prove to better in terms of plot development and chemistry between the characters. So again, I will have to say that ep 16 is by so far one of the best.

    I like how the story unfold itself : the success of the villians with their politcal coup, the escape of the king and his queen and, last but not least, the subtle but growing romance between the doc and CY. I love the moments between the doc and CY – so subtle yet so touching and romantic. The chemistry between these 2 leads is simply fantastic – audience

  796. 796 : anne Says:

    Oops, accidently hit the submit comment button.

    The chemistry between these 2 leads is simply fantastic – audience like me don’t feel awkward watching their lovely dovey moments.

    Really love this show. Can’t wait for ep17.

    Note: Can’t understand why the ratings are low. Peronally, I feel that the ratings don’t mean much: low ratings do not mean poor quality show. In fact, the numbers is just a misnomer.

  797. 797 : kimchilee Says:

    the only way CY and ES can be together is for either one of them to enter or remain in the past or future together..yeah..that’s how i hope the ending will be altho if it is a happy ending, i suspect ES will remain in the historical era.

  798. 798 : Lala Says:

    One of the best drama so far! I like this drama background music and OST !
    Love to see the love story between CY and ES!
    I love all the cast except the king’s uncle ==’ Kicheol has a funny face that won’t make him look evil XD
    LOVE THIS DRAMA! <3 <3

  799. 799 : rue Says:

    @KDaddict, please give me advice for what I really want to know,.
    If you must choose. 2 dramas from 3 , A& M, oohala couple, and faith, what will you choose? I can’t watch all 3 , I need to save time for my study. PLEASE. PLEASE

  800. 800 : rue Says:

    My favorite type, twisted plot, sweet romance, comedy and action, but I hate loose story and plot holes.

  801. 801 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi there.
    1. I love Arang. It is a perfect drama. I think the pairing of LJK w SMA is just fantastic. The story is tight, unusual, funny. The supporting cast is v likable. IMO, it is a must watch.
    2. I watched the 1st 2 eps of Oohlala. I haven’t laughed yet. I think the funny in that show will mainly come fr the lead actor being so tall n manly, playing a woman. KimJE is a really good actress, but I’m not crazy abt seeing her play a man. It may get v v good in future, but on the basis of only 2 eps, I won’t mind if I don’t get to watch the rest of it.
    3. Faith is entirely sth else. Objectively I know it has defects. So I understand why some ppl don’t like it. But I love it in spite of its defects. I suppose that’s becos I love LMH as CY, n sundry elements in the show. I find the union between actor n char irresistible. So it depends on your taste. Why not pick a random ep to try n see if it hooks u?

  802. 802 : rue Says:

    Thank you for your idea, I will watch some episode and decide it. Thanks again

  803. 803 : stellar Says:

    Yay! It’s Monday!!!

  804. 804 : Melda Says:

    I read most of the comments regarding this drama. I can say that it contained a lot of negative comments about this show. However, I gave a try because KDaddict is following this show. Suprisingly, I like this drama despite of so many negative comments. I was just thinking that may be everyone has different taste. That’s all.

  805. 805 : Mariam Says:

    Ohhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyy Godddddddddddd, Finally, the awaited kiss 😀 It was such a good episode Cannot wait for tomorrows episode to air!!!!!!!

  806. 806 : Sara Says:

    Yesssssssssss, finally the kisss!!!!!!! BTW, I cant find the preview for tomorrows episode. Can anyone give me the link for it please?!?!?!?! 🙂

  807. 807 : DoHee Says:

    Such a great episode!!!! Don’t miss out everyone.

  808. 808 : DoHee Says:

    Oh @ Sara, I was looking for it too but I don’t think its out cause I cant find it either!!

  809. 809 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 17 is daebak! A term that I rarely use.

    Ep 17 is what this show could have been, should have been. It’s what I’ve been wanting this show to be. Plot-wise, this ep has tight plotting, point counter point, bad guys gain a point, good guys catch up w a pt, to bring the tension to a successive higher level. On the emotional front, it speaks volumes when ES, on her way to the Big Bad Wolf, imagines seeing CY standing in the courtyard, waiting for her, smiling at her. (My heart skips a beat when that smiles go poof in a blink.) It tells us of her sweet yearning for him. And when he pulls her in for an embrace, as she blabbers on regarding the need to save him, becos she at least has to know that he is living safely after she returns to Heaven, as they won’t have any more contact, ah, my eyes moisten, my heart drops. Finally, when he kisses her in front of all the ministers n Baddie, I applaud the writer: THAT’s the way to use a kiss to best effect! Yes, Way to go!
    This is the best ep since ep 1. In between it flounders a lot.
    Most shows r not perfect. If u view them w even a ltd use of an objective yardstick, I believe it unusual if not impossible to love everything abt a show, everything abt every ep in it.
    It feels good to be rewarded w a great ep like ep 17 after following all this time. Many viewers dropped out cos they don’t have this much patience or love for it. N I can’t blame them.

  810. 810 : Mystisith Says:

    We know that what is written in books is not always accurate. Facts can be distorted in many ways voluntarily or not. It can be fabricated. Ha! The best way to be left alone and start a new life is to fake your own death and change your identity. Happy ending for everyone!! 🙂

  811. 811 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for your vote of confidence.
    Ep 1 is great, n then ep 17. In between, there have been times, when the show frays at the seams as their lack of direction n budget reveal themselves. Hence it’s a controversial drama. If it were just a small or lousy show, then few ppl would bother watching or complaining at all, like one of those that only has several dozen comments on their thread. Other than that, you r absolutely right that it’s a matter of taste, as KD watching always is.

    @Sara, @DoHee,
    No preview out for ep 18. It may come out 2 hours b4 or not at all. It is common Not to give previews when a show is in its final stretch.

  812. 812 : KDaddict Says:

    I had the same idea! I wanted one of the Woodachi men to take over his name n live on as Choi Young, while he follows ES to Seoul, bringing some artifacts along, to finance her research n clinic, n his own security firm!!!

  813. 813 : DoHee Says:

    @ KDaddic 809, You have a great point there, I totaly agree with you.Episode 17 just got me on haha. It was amazing man!!!!!!! Happy that I kept watching this 😀 I even made my mom watch it to share my excitement LOL

  814. 814 : hny Says:

    yesssssssssss…Daebak episode…Never thought that the kiss will happen in front of LOT ppl.. NIceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…LOVE CY n ES…

  815. 815 : DoHee Says:

    @ KDaddic 811, I just checked for the preview again and so far it only has the written version of it but thanks for the notice 🙂

  816. 816 : hny Says:

    just want to share a little Notice … long as I watch KD .. I thought ‘no one a perfect drama’ .. certainly in the story there is one or more deficiencies in story or each episode… if @KDaddict said A&M is perfect drama.. I’m not agree 😀 ,coz I leave Arang so soon…haha.. peace 2 @KDaddict doesn’t mean to harm you… I think I more agree when u said ‘is depend to U’r taste , right…love u @KDaddict 😀

  817. 817 : kdfan Says:

    wow, who woulda thought or imagined such a kiss could happen in a sageuk. did i say earlier they need not kiss to perfect their chemistry? i take it all back. there were lightning n thunderbolts on my screen during that last 10 second.

    @KDaddict not only we need another woodalchi to take over CY, we need ES to perform plastic surgery on the guy to look like CY so that nobody left behind will ever find out the truth ..

  818. 818 : KDaddict Says:

    No ‘harm’ at all. 😀 Happy to have a discussion.
    Arang started out as a ghost story. So if u aren’t into ghost stories, u might leave soon.
    I think it is perfect “In Its Genre”. I didn’t mention that in #801, cos I trieded to keep it short.
    Arang is a fantasy sageuk based on chars that exist in myth n folklore, like ghosts, death reapers, kings of heaven n hell, n fallen angels/fairies. Yet it is not really scary. It’s done w flair n a sense of humor. I love its quirkiness, backed by some meaningful Qns abt life n death, goodness n evil.
    I’ve no doubt that some ppl don’t like that kind of material. PPl who like stories of realism, e.g. Baker King, might find it too far-fetched. That’s where tastes come in. A rags to riches story can be perfectly executed n it wouldn’t attract me, becos I’m not into realism. A whimsical funny ghostly story might not attract them cos that’s not their dish. But within the rules of its genre, I do believe it is hard to find fault w Arang.

  819. 819 : KDaddict Says:

    Typo in #818: cos I “tried” to keep it short.

    Your comment is funny. Love it. Keke.
    In history, this king was going to be ousted very soon after he ascended the throne,n CY would loose favor with him even sooner. Best for him to get away w ES while he can.
    As for the kiss, it should have been completely SHOCKING n TABOO in ancient times. It must have been equivalent to having sex in public. I’m excited to see the Fall Out in next ep!
    When LMH was leaning against the wall smiling his million$$ or million watt smile in ES’ imagination, there were thunderbolts n lightning on my screen n in my heart! That’s a Smile that can sink a thousand ships!

  820. 820 : divine vivi Says:

    WHY the rating is low.. I follow this drama and its really GREAT !!..

  821. 821 : me Says:


  822. 822 : Norme sierra Says:

    Annyeong, thanks for the upload & the subs..you guys are the best..kamsahamida guys..Love LMH & KHS , great chemistry..as the rest, keep fighting you guys are awesome…fighting..

  823. 823 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 17 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  824. 824 : swift Says:

    ummmm……. do you all noticed that suddenly the evil prince is no longer in the limelight, somehow the king’s evil uncle is calling all the shots, hahahahha……. I just cannot see the chemistry between CH and ES, I feel that CH is more like an ahjumma to CH. ES would suit better with either the evil prince or the king’s evil uncle, just a thought…..

  825. 825 : Mary Says:

    Daebakkkkk, Cant wait for episode 18 to be subbed, Great episode 😀

  826. 826 : Micc Says:

    I know refreshing is not the apt description, but I really like Park Yoon Jae being the villain, very refreshing! haha!

  827. 827 : Micc Says:

    Is the doc naive or stupid? Why she repeatedly got tricked by Deok Heung Gun?

  828. 828 : sara Says:

    Ep 17
    Major things happened in this episode. GREAT GREAT episode. This was the best episode so far. You had to do this sooner wriretnim.

    Young king has found the courage to fight. The actor is doing great in showing the changes in king’s personality from a dimwit to a wise, independent one. Queen is helping him and they are adorable together.

    The man, charming Choi Young finally is showing his feelings in a more obvious way. ‘can’t you spend your remaining days here, with me?’ and he even doesn’t care about his death. ‘i don’t covet your power, i don’t want to know about the future. So give up that notebook.’ And finally kisses her in front of everyone. The kiss which can lead to his death coz she’s a royalty’s fiance. Does he want to go with her when he openly embraces death?

    BTW, LMH is such a great kisser.

  829. 829 : princess Says:

    finally LMH show his talent every ep become better and now we can see episode with great feeling.ill wait for next week and next episode

  830. 830 : princess Says:

    LMH fighting.good job

  831. 831 : KDaddict Says:

    What I like best abt Ep 18 is the OST at the end.
    The Fall out from the kiss at the beginning of the ep is a big let down tho. Instead of the kiss leading to sth explosive, it went out with a whimper. Nothing happened except that Baddie had him thrown in jail, n we all know how long that’ll last. That’s another example of how the writing n directing weakens the emotional impact of this show. Dramas r supposed to push our emotional buttons by creating various kinds of excitement. But this show keeps watering them down to take away the potency of each potentially rousing situation.
    ES pulls out her little dagger n puts it to Baddie’s throat, as CY has taught her. I say just slash it, cos u only got 1 chance to surprise him. Instead she talks to him, n that gives him a chance to poison her Again.
    ES finally says that she wants to stay behind in CY’s era. THEN in the same breath she asks if he’ll forget her when it is over (becos of the poison). Ya, right, he’s going to forget her after her giving her life for him.
    Abt Kim Hee Sun:
    I saw her in the movie Myth w Jackie Chen. She looked quite other-worldly; I think it’s her extraordinary beauty that makes her look like a mythical being in it. When she has her hair done up nicely in Faith, she looks so regal. I think she oozes majesty n a mature beauty that few actresses do. Whether she is a good match w LMH is a diff Qn entirely.
    But if many viewers r dissatisfied w it, as evidenced by @swift’s comment, #824, then it may not be the most successful pairing.
    Abt Park Yoon Jae:
    Chae Rim’s BB brother is 31. He is no doubt good looking. Makeup n costume make him into a man in the prime of his life; he plays sb mature, devious, scheming. It’s a more interesting villain than an obvious one.
    Abt LMH’s acting:
    So many ppl complained. Dare I go out on a limb n say that there r diff acting styles: His is more subdued n understated while some viewers prefer a more obvious, exuberant style on the verge of over-acting?

  832. 832 : hny Says:


    yes we met again … actually me too love a ghost story .. for me MGIG is the one of my fav K’ghost story .. SMA makes a new style korean ghost that time .. but kind of boring when she repeat that char in Arang .. I found some failure in players and the most fatal is the ost … ga match deh 😀 sometimes does not connect with the scene at that time ..this is only to let u more know that I like almost all genre but arang it’s … something, hahha..tq

    love your idea…makes other CY face by surgery 😀 ..but we have one problem who are fit to be another CY !! he must have body like LMH, his style also ..who ya?

  833. 833 : AsianPrinceLMH Says:

    @Hny I found you stupid, :p

  834. 834 : hny Says:

    @AsianPrinceLMH …. u tooo ;D

  835. 835 : kdfan Says:

    @hny that is a tough one ya. i think i would hope for ES to stay in goryeo. maybe the 2nd part of her book has more dates when the heavens door opens and closes so that she can come back again n again ya ..

  836. 836 : hny Says:

    @kdfan.. I hope so… but it seem a lot of thing will happen between CY n ES before heavens door opens..that’s the only remaining time for us saw them together before she leave Goryeo…huhuuhuuuuu…I hope happy end 😀

  837. 837 : argghh Says:


    Arang and the magistrate is too way better than this one!!!you like this drama because of the looks of LMH!!!look at the ratings with this drama it sucks.it doesn’t even reach 14%! so before you compare it to Arang make sure this drama is most talked drama!!!many people were devastated with this drama 😛

  838. 838 : swift Says:

    My instinct is telling me this drama will not end too well. Just compare with rooftop prince, when the prince went back to Joseon era, the lead lady was left behind.
    I think ES may end up going back to 21 century alone. CY will stay on to protect the king.
    If CY stays alive past 80 years, then the high doctor may meet him again after 60 years (there was in one episode which ES mentioned to CY that the heaven door will open again after 60 years).

  839. 839 : hny Says:

    @argghh….. !!!!! ????!!! 😀 Arang fan fighting !!

  840. 840 : krizzy Says:

    am fan of lmh but this drama not very very good i not very exited watch, city hunter is very good,i so very very sleepy watch this i stop watch,i want see lmh again in nice drama keke.

  841. 841 : wanis Says:

    i love this drama……bcoz have a history mix…i like….i;m not lie..swear..^^

  842. 842 : dsd Says:

    Faith Ep 18 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  843. 843 : son Says:

    The people who are making comments about aarang shound not write under the link of this drama because this two dramas are completely different

  844. 844 : son Says:

    ps: FAITH is awesome 🙂

  845. 845 : sara Says:

    I smell tragic ending from this episode. In one hand, she is poisoned and needs antibiotic. Lots of evil people are chasing her. It means she will die, if she stays. In the other hand, CY has lots of unfinished things to do and can’t go with her. It means they never can be together. I just hope even if they are going to be separated, none of them die. I hate tragic endings.

  846. 846 : KDaddict Says:

    ES has been to Goryeo before. When she left that diary for herself, she knew that she would return to this period. How did she get there the first time? I know, it’s by the portal, but what made her go thru it? And how did she know she’d go there again? But the present ES has no recollection of the previous visit.
    The ES from the earlier visit was there abt 1000 years b4 CY’s time, yet not only did she know abt CY, she wanted to save him, which would mean that that wasn’t her first visit to the past. She must have been to Goryeo another time before that visit when she became Hwata, when she had met CY n fallen in love with him, but saw him die. So she travelled back earlier in time, the time of Hwata, to leave the diary for her future self in the attempt to save CY, which means she knew how to control the whole time-slip mechanism.
    When she gets her whole diary, minus the last page, she will figure out the time-slip again. With that giantic magic trick in her disposal, she’ll figure out a way to save CY’s life n for them to be together. CY or his body-double could live to be the old man of history, n there can be a happy ending. Or else this whole show would be an exercise in futility.

  847. 847 : kimchilee Says:

    @Swift & @Sara,

    I agree with both of you.. suspect tragic ending but how about this ending.. if ES stay behind with CY in his century, too many killers around but if CY goes back with ES to her world and then there’ll be Faith Part 2.. CY learns all the present worldly things and like rooftop prince.. but ending is he will stay with CY.. yayy!

  848. 848 : anne Says:

    The kiss at during the last few minutes of the show was simply a “bombshell”. I wasn’t expecting it at all – somehow, I felt rather happy to see them kiss. At least to me it somehow helps to “cement” the relationship between CY and the doc.

    I notice that after the kiss, the doc exudes extra feminity when she is with CY. I suppose that’s how a woman will behave when she is with her loved one. You can really see and feel the tenderness in the doc’s eyes when she talks to CY – great acting !

  849. 849 : anty1borneo. Says:

    faithdrama.awesome….minoz never let me down.great acting..

  850. 850 : sara Says:

    I love your ending. Imagine CY in suit and short hair as the groom and ES in a long wedding dress as the bride. It would be super funny.

    Your theory make sense. But you think there are two CY or he also can travels in time? How it’s possible?

  851. 851 : princess Says:

    LMH good job

  852. 852 : sweetie Says:

    Hi. I want to watch it without paying. I loved to watch korea drama with english subtitles. Please open it for me to watch. Thanks.

  853. 853 : singapore fans Says:

    I think ending will be sad as kim hee sun will return back to her generation but i guess she will meet a guy who look like lee min ho in her generation when she is back …

  854. 854 : swift Says:

    If you have broadband services, then you can watch the Kdramas online, just google for korean drama, there will be listing of websites for free viewing, try Viki, Dramacrazy……..

  855. 855 : drama freak Says:

    the tell the truth….i don’t really like this drama at 1st….BUT now….i am addicted! it gets better and better! love it so much! and lee min ho is sooooo dammmnnnnnnnnnnn hot!

  856. 856 : yve Says:

    i hope choi young will go with eun soo to the future so they will live happily ever after!!!

  857. 857 : zigmamgs Says:

    I think choi young will live to be a general of Goryeo future emperor Goryeo strong and will live, eun soo going back into the world of today and will meet with lee min hoo that exist in the present 2012.

  858. 858 : jedi Says:

    Hi, I hoped you remembered me ^^`. Hmmm, this time we have different opinions, hehehe…..
    I liked Faith more than Arang. At first I liked Arang more, until the idea of possessed body by the fairy…. This idea not worked with me… My sister already dropped to watched Arang till ep. 9. I don’t know if you watched May Queen, I really didn’t liked Han Ji Hye acting ^^”

  859. 859 : KDaddict Says:

    @jedi, Hi,
    It is KDaddict. Not KDKDaddict. 😉
    Faith n Arang each has its own merits n supporters. I’m enjoying both.
    I didn’t mind HJH in her previous dramas, but I’m not following May Queen. I love SJK n MCW so I go w NG. 1 melo at a time is all I can stomach.

  860. 860 : jedi Says:

    Hahaha, sorry, I’m not realized I’ve mistyped, blamed it to my smart phone ^^”
    By the way, I’ve followed NG too, usually I didn’t got impressed by PSY, but she really did good job in NG, I liked the 3 of them. I hoped it will be happy ending. As May Queen, it’s sort of typical KD makjang story, you know well what it’s mean, LoL. KYJ as the child cast really superb and loveable, just sad HJH can’t matched it with her dull acting. I think MQ more interesting if they cast another actress.

  861. 861 : Wol Says:

    Well just finished watching Eps. 16. overall drama is good… can’t say about the end. I hope it ends good enough to make it different than other drama.

  862. 862 : Mary Says:

    I am really curious of what else is written in the paper Hee Sun found at the end!!!!!!

  863. 863 : Sara Says:

    I cant wait for tomorrows episode , what will happen to the queen???? Why does the heaven doctor show up in the kings meeting????? What else is hidden for Hee Sub??? So many questions :/

  864. 864 : Sara Says:

    Hee Sun* 🙂

  865. 865 : Sara Says:

    I just realized, I have been using the main characters real name hahaha 🙂

  866. 866 : Josephine Says:

    Great acting everyone!!! This drama is getting better week after week 🙂

  867. 867 : DoHee Says:

    I agree with you Josephine!!! I cant wait for what holds us at the end, hoping for a great and happy one 😀

  868. 868 : jin Says:

    bad bad rating???

  869. 869 : eny Says:

    I watch both May queen and Nice Guy both of the story is good, i like May queen more. I thought in Nice Guy maru charracter not deep enough and i agree with Jedi that PSY is good in Nice Guy. Even HJH acting in May Queen not really good but i see the story more focuss in CH so it’s not really disturb me. Sorry out of topic

  870. 870 : Sabrina Says:

    The soundtracks in this drama and the OST are really good, just saying!!! BTW great drama and acting. Really looking forward for tomrrows episode 🙂

  871. 871 : ***LMH*** Says:

    @ Sabrina 869, I agree with you, the soundtracks are amazing especially the one called I am Woodalchi, great one, definitely need to check it out if you haven’t heard it!!!!!!!!

  872. 872 : oh lala Says:

    What seems to be good on this show?the ratings very low in ranking,tell me if this is worth [email protected] too many negative comments I read that holds me from watching .

  873. 873 : ***LMH*** Says:

    The chemistry between the two main actors is simply amazing. It doesn’t give you too much so when there is romance, a big smile on my face appear as if it’s happening to me, I melt in my seat :P. The idea of filming during Goryeo period and not Joseon is very thoughtful. It might not be something new but the way things are portrait and the plot just defines the great difference. I personally think that this is a really good drama. I don’t care about the ratings, I don’t care about the negative comments. I care about what appeals to me, what catches my attention. Everyone have their own opinion and this is mine 🙂

  874. 874 : Ly Says:

    Love it!!! This drama is addictive.

  875. 875 : hny Says:

    ep.19…Congratulation JeooNa !!
    Hi @KDaddict it seem u’r theory -846 is work it now…That ES ever come earlier visit was there abt 1000 years b4 CY’s time, now is the second visit to Goreyo in the attempt to save CY or maybe the King n Queen, ..really love the chemistry between them in this eps…going naturally !!
    Old CY’s in this history !… jega jom gung-geum haeseoyo 😀

  876. 876 : sara Says:

    What i mostly loved in ep 19 was the lovely moments between the king -queen and CH-ES. CH is much more romantic in this ep. He look at ES with his eyes filled with love, while ES is like a child in his arms. Very comfortable and mischievous. KHS is such a great actress. Usually, being married makes actors and actresses conservative in Korea like HJH, HGI. But KHS is very comfortable with LMH. Sometimes i think they are really in love with each other. They have grear great chemistry. I love this drama so much.

  877. 877 : James Cho Says:

    this is a good program so we love korean drama
    thank you so much

  878. 878 : Micc Says:

    I didn’t really read through all the posts, but I vaguely remember seeing some criticisms about LMH’s acting. I am not a LMH fan, but I have to say, he did pretty well here, much better than all his previous dramas including the famous CH. He was cheerful when he was young; he was cold and closed his heart after his headmaster and gf died; and now he gradually opens up toward the doc. I think each stage was well played. Of course nothing compared to veterans like Shin Hyeon-joon, but it wasn’t all bad.

  879. 879 : thegirl Says:

    i think this drama have the most comment than the other drama in koreandrama.org, but why have low ratting?

  880. 880 : DSD Says:

    Faith Ep 19 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  881. 881 : DSD Says:

    Faith Ep 19 Eng sub

  882. 882 : jedi Says:

    Well, my opinion is LMH acting is so-so, his not mature enough in acting skills, but it’s okay for me. If you following May Queen, Han Ji Hye acting is really bad… Oh, my goodness, I think I always complaining about her acting ^^’. Please, make improvement!!! I like you in “I hate you but it’s fine”.
    Kim Hee Sun, I liked her in Faith, I never liked her in all her previous drama…
    Ryu Duk Hwan, I see him first time in “Like a Virgin” Movie, his so cute and so chubby in that movie. He always be one of my “Good Actor” List. Only one minor, it’s his height ^^’

  883. 883 : Melda Says:

    @hny- 875

    I myself think the other way round. In my opinion, I think ES first go to Goryeo era and then using the time machine to travel back to 100 years ago to prevent some of the things to happen. From the ep. 20, 100 years ago, ES has the memory of CY and ES walked the same path together and she knows the bells fell at certain place, while the current ES have no idea about what has happened for the past 100 years.

  884. 884 : DSD Says:

    Faith Ep 20 ( The great Doctor) Eng sub

  885. 885 : hny Says:


    aiiiggoooo…so cute banget sih dua sejoli ini ‘CY n ES’ makes me jealous :))
    poor King n Queen ,they lost their baby but this is makes them more closer..sweet !!
    big laughs ! when see Ki chul expression while King said ES not come from heaven..hahaha like kids who lose his toys..he is the cute villain that I ever saw 🙁

    @ Melda .. I’m also still confused about it … when exactly ES came for the first time to the Goryeo, whether before CY’s time or when CY older than now age .
    Where his first visit there’s a lot of things she couldn’t do for his loved one also King n Queen. thus making him regret it and hopes to come back to time where he can change his undesirable things happen. at least now.. I know that Hwata is ES, ..
    @jedi 882— absolutely agree w U 😀

  886. 886 : azka Says:

    why in indonesia can’t watch for episode 19 and 20????????? i’ve been trying in gooddrama.com, epdrama, viki.com. where site do i have to opened? somebody could tell me?????? pleaseeeee… gumawo…

  887. 887 : Melda Says:

    you could try another website. http://www.dramacrazy.net (this is faster) another website which is slower is http://www.koreandrama.tv

  888. 888 : mika Says:

    hi! are the episodes confirmed? hoping for more more more episodes left!

  889. 889 : Micc Says:


    Hi, love your screen name! 🙂

    I hear you, LMH is definitely “green” compared to a lot of more experienced actors. I never like Han Ji Hye, she’s the reason I don’t watch May Queen even though I like the two male leads. This is the first time I watch Kim Hee Sun, I have nothing against her, she sure is pretty and funny in here. And I absolutely agree with you on Ryu Duk Hwan. He is a very good actor, but boy isn’t he really short especially when he’s among LMH and other soldiers. His height wasn’t that noticeable in Quiz of God, however.

  890. 890 : hny Says:

    @azka…masa sh!…Epdrama is the best to watch KD di negara kita..mungkin Link-nya lg g bgus or internetn’y lg lemott…ky aku brp hr kmrn ampe pegal ga bs nglink..sabar coba lg … 😀

  891. 891 : ***LMH*** Says:

    Actually Viki is the best, they sub very fast and there isn’t a lot of commercials 🙂

  892. 892 : jedi Says:


    Kim Hee Sun drama usually very melo and a lot of tears… I mean REALLY A LOT OF TEARS… ^^”
    Her character in Mister Q similar with ES character, but I liked ES more.

    By the way, if you liked RDH, try to watch Like A Virgin. He’s so funny when tried to pose as Maggie Cheung for “In The Mood of Love”. I already knew he is a good actor since then. 162 cm, I think it’s average height, only in this drama the men very tall. ^^”

    Yoo Oh Sung as Ki Chul is such great actor too, first time I watched him in Friend, the movie with Jang Dong Gun.

  893. 893 : swift Says:

    KSH is married??? No wonder I couldn’t see the chemistry of her with LMH. But anyways, the high doctor’s character had build up well compared to the beginning of the drama.
    The love story of the King and Queen is still the best and even the King showed the right emotion when he mentioned that he understood what Choi Young felt when the High Doctor was in danger.

  894. 894 : azka Says:

    @melda : thanks 🙂 i will try it
    @hny : iya uda 2 hari aku buka ga ada gambar videonya, kalo judul sama posternya ada, dibagian videonya kan biasanya warna hitam,ini yg ada putih semua jd ga bisa klik playnya

  895. 895 : hny Says:

    @azka… oh klo ky gitu ..di F5 aja tunggu smp smua conection iklan jln smua..javascript (0)..bru cb play.

  896. 896 : dramafreak Says:

    i love this drama…..i love the love story line too….and of course i love Lee Min Ho…lol….he is so hot in this drama and i love every expression of his….this drama is getting better and better…and i really hope there will be a good ending =)

  897. 897 : [email protected] Says:

    i like this drama of korean i love you both of you idol im waiting ur movie exciting and also sweet …godbless.

  898. 898 : Wol Says:

    Well…….. It’s an average story in my opinion. Among 20 eps. My favorite part was the end of 20th eps. I felt it was romantic as well as an outstanding twist in the story.

  899. 899 : jedi Says:


    It’s nothing new in the story, but I liked the paced of this drama and gongmin-noguk. ^^”

    Also strong acting of the veteran’s actors and actress e.g. Ryu Duk Hwan, Lady Choi and Ki Chul.

    It’s not the best or flaweless drama but I really enjoyed watching this one. ^^`

  900. 900 : Mary Says:

    OMG, 2 more weeks and it’s done 🙁 I remember waiting for it to air for like 2 months but now, only 2 more weeks and its over :”'(

  901. 901 : sara Says:

    No need to compare these two dramas. each of them have their own flaws and positive points. Personally, i didn’t like Arang and dropped it soon but Faith made me follow it like a loyal fan. I love its feeling. There’s no tension in this drama. You want to watch more and more. With great acting of all the actors and great subtle chemistry of two leads.

  902. 902 : joan Says:

    i wish that after this drama,there will be another drama for lee min ho.. looking forward to it

  903. 903 : hny Says:

    @mary..u right! I just realized that my fav’s drama will end in 2 weeks ,aufffffffff I’m too enjoy this,.. OMG 😀

  904. 904 : Nihal Says:

    in fact, i did not want to watch this drama, i was waiting until it ends in korea so i can see the viewrs comments. But my sister as a huge fan of LMH, she insists on watching this one right now
    i just saw 3 episodes of the drama, but in fact, i can see that all the actors have done a wonderful job, LMH looks so sad and the way he is using his eyes is just amazing, i do not care about what other people said, but i find him a great actor, KSH is great either, i saw her in sad love story, and what a difference between the 2 roles…it’s sach an amazing actress and i totally beleived and loved her in this caracter..funny and looks like a little cute child..
    the king and the queen dazzeled me with their acting..the queen express classy in the most perfect way, using her looks and voice, she looks like royalty 🙂
    and the king did a great job too, may be the only thing that buther me a little is his high..
    in general, the drama is very very very good, and i just can’t wait to know how all of this will end

  905. 905 : 신의 Faith (Korean Drama) Says:

    […] no. 2 (source from koreandrama.org): Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a […]

  906. 906 : azka Says:

    chingu…. i am upset because i can’t watch episode 21, anyone.. could you tell me which site have proper playlist to watch? fyi gooddrama, epdrama, dramacrazy, koreandrama.tv all these site was broken 🙁

  907. 907 : RISA Says:

    aku sudah tertarik dengan faith bahkan sebelum drama ini ditayangkan dan sekarang aku pastikan aku makin tertarik.
    got me hooked on Monday and Tuesday

  908. 908 : RISA Says:

    aku baru selesai nonton ep 22 and it make me sad and shead tears.
    sampai ep 22 aku malah makin bertanya-tanya how the end ?????

  909. 909 : RISA Says:

    salut for song ji na yang berhasil menulis cerita drama faith dengan luar biasa dan membuat para penonton dan pembaca sinopsinya semakin jatuh hati padanya…GREAT JOBB

  910. 910 : RISA Says:

    General choi young is so suited with high doctor yoo eun so
    perbedaan umur is nothing, lee min hoo sekali lagi prove us that whoever the female lead he can get chemistry

  911. 911 : sara Says:

    Is CY’s hand problem a good sign and a way for having a happy ending? If he can’t use the sword anymore and the only way for his treatment, is going to heaven world, we can witness a happy ending in modern times. If they stay, the doctor should performs a surgery on him and finds the antidote. Again, happy ending. Please writernim, you have several ways to end the drama with “and they lived happily ever after”.

  912. 912 : Yun Mei Says:

    Had this big disappointment with ep 21&22 🙁
    Why all the bad guys are stil alive?
    Instead of being captured or dead?
    Come on at least make the viewers happy just to watch one of the bad guys dead.

  913. 913 : hny Says:

    @sara-911.. I hope so…hope the writer give us a big hapiness for the ending ..plz hear us writernim 😀

    @azka…tunggu CD-nya ajaaa 😀

    @RISA..welcome..tul, cerita drama ini klasik tapi dikemas dengan menarik dan setiap karakternya memiliki keunikan sendiri..pokoknya nga ngebosnin lah saat di tonton.
    kita sama2 berharap penulis mengakhiri cerita ini dengan bagus ya.. 😀

  914. 914 : sara Says:

    Lee Min ho, who says you are a bad actor? His acting in ep22 is super excellent.

  915. 915 : Mia says Says:

    The drama is excellent, tha actors very profesional, specially the main actors.

  916. 916 : lili Says:

    OMG totally agree with you sara it had to be a happy ending!! i just watched the episode 22 and felt like crying my eyes out :'(

  917. 917 : Micc Says:

    I am wondering who was the fella in the black conical hat who took the surgical instruments. And did Philip Lee die a little abruptly?

  918. 918 : princess Says:

    i really want a happy ending but i feel it will be a sad one.
    any one knows about lee min ho next project?

  919. 919 : tiger Says:

    @Micc #917: the guy who took the surgical instruments is the henchman of the dansa officer from yuan. the dansa officer told the henchman to take the instruments with him (when the henchman had to accompany the uncle prince to yuan) to have them melted as he thinks the instruments just cause havoc in his time. the dansa officer was told of warning from his great, great, great …. grandfather of a heaven person who came decades ago, that’s why he was worried.

  920. 920 : hny Says:


    Not me..hahhahha…two thumb 4 u n LMH ;D

  921. 921 : may18581 Says:

    LMH is the best……
    Who ever against LMH, please watch it before you talk negative

  922. 922 : sara Says:

    Phillip Lee injured his eyes during the drama and was forced to have surgery. So they killed his character abruptly.

    You are a fan and were a supporter from the beginning of the drama. two thumbs up for you and drama too.

  923. 923 : Micc Says:

    @tiger @sara

    Thank you so much for the info!

  924. 924 : Rose Says:

    http://www.viki.com one of my favorite websites

  925. 925 : tiger Says:

    @sara, micc: am sorry to hear about phillip lee. i thought they removed his character for some other reason. hope he is better now.

  926. 926 : RISA Says:

    This drama is so touching me, no one in drama ini yang membuat q disappointed

  927. 927 : RISA Says:

    The first time I think 24 ep is too long, but because I like faith very much now it be too short and just 2 ep left. huh…

  928. 928 : sara Says:

    I love this drama so much. I feel i can’t get enough of it. But there are some wasted characters in the drama and they could be played by other unknown actors too. One of them is Royal doctor or Philip Lee’s character. The writer couldn’t give him that much depth and he was wasted throughout the drama. Comparing with his role in SG, Philip Lee didn’t have anything to show. He could shine even in presence of Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun but here, LMH was the real scene stealer. He shines so much that overshadows everyone. Great performance.

  929. 929 : Nethu Says:

    im so obsessed by the love story… im so sad that the doctor left. lee min ho does a great job. love of them flows very nicely.

  930. 930 : Colleen Yong Says:

    I like “Faith” is quite different from other Kdrama. There’s a slow but constant and believable development in the characters of characters. This drama is awesome because is go with slow flow which cover-up relationship between the king and the queen. Choi Young and Eun Soo, whole lot of background stuff on solar flares, time travelling, poison and cures, sword fightings and true history. I enjoy this drama every minute of it because of the two good looking OTP.

  931. 931 : Jessy Wee Says:

    I want to tell Pt.nim :Please give us a happy ending! Pls pity our OTP, they sacrifise everything to live as mighty they can.

  932. 932 : Jessy Wee Says:

    One of the best Kdrama I had ever seen this year. Two good looking actor and actress act together. Daebak!!!

  933. 933 : tiger Says:

    @sara #928: you’re right about lmh being scene stealer, but that’s the reason why he is the lead actor. about phillip lee, you may not like what i will say, but they could have given him the lead role as he has that brooding face required of cy, being nonchalant about politics but at the same time he can do the job as the king’s protector (am sure he is qualified to be an action star striking with that sword) and he is also of age to have romance with the great doctor, then there would be no comments in this thread that the leading actress is too old to play lmh’s romance partner. i honestly like lmh as i have seen some of his portrayals, but he is too cute for this role and much as he is doing his best, if i were the casting director, i would not have hired him. if i had to hire him, i would have done something with his make up to make him more mature and a believable warrior. in general, in most korean dramas i’ve watched, something has to be said of the make-up being used. the very few recent ones have improved a bit, but their make up artists should get lessons from western professionals. sorry i have to say that, i hope i did not disappoint you too much. guess after posting this, i’d get comments from someone in this thread about lmh (there was a threat not to say negative about lmh, right?) but i am not bashing lmh. sometimes telling someone what is wrong can make that someone do better (as if lmh would care to read the comments in this thread!). anyway, we hope that next week’s showing will give satisfaction to all lmh fans!

  934. 934 : Saara Says:

    Plz don’t let this get over… I’ll die

  935. 935 : Saara Says:

    I love you lee min ho….saa raang hae <3

  936. 936 : sara Says:

    You have the right to say everything you want and your comment is very polite and i’m sure even hard-core LMH fans won’t get angry or upset a bit. I praise LMH so much. Even if i’m not a fan. I praise him for his strong will to get better drama by drama. Sometimes, when i’m watching Faith, i can’t believe he is the same actor who played that stupid Gu Junpyo. He’s gotten more mature comparing with his first days. While i can see lots of actors who just are repeating themselves throughout the years and don’t show any sign of improvement and the living example is ” “. I don’t dare to write his name. Because he has toooooooooooooooo many fans everywhere.

    As for Philip Lee, i agree. He even could play CY. He is a capable actor. That’s why i say his character is wasted here.

    I have the same problem with make-up in K-dramas. Sometimes, their make up artists surprised you by their weak work. I didn’t like LMH’s second hair style and yeah, he is too kind and cute to be a fierce warrior. But i think that’s why all of us love CY. He ‘s different from all the warriors we’ve ever seen in K-dramas. Cold and indifferent outside but warm and caring inside. Young and adorable outside but experienced and strong inside.

    And i have a problem with doctor’s shining nails. How she can take care of them in Goryo? It’s been a quite time she’s been there. So her nails must be ruined a bit.

  937. 937 : may18581 Says:

    @Tiger #933
    You mean me ? will comment ? Wkwkwkwkw I dont have hard feeling about that, only showing my opinion, hehe hehe

    About the age beetween LMH and KHS, because you already check at their age (real age) hehehe so you already knowing and that inside your head, that LMH too cute and too young for KHS

    But in this film, ES (32) more older 4 years than CY (29), so there is not much gape age beetween them, because i think, in Goryeo time, people more mature than their age, they have hard time to live, kill so many people, lost family, depend on themselves if they want to life.

    Nice to know you Tiger, enjoy watching !!!!!!!!

  938. 938 : tiger Says:

    @sara#936: am glad that you’re open minded about what other people think. although everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, there are others who cannot take negative stuff. you said you’re not lmh fan, but you have good observation about his acting. believe it or not, i thought that he was worth the baeksang award he won for ‘bof’. his role for being a jerk at the start of the series and improving his attitude towards the end, just looking at his facial expressions made the difference. of course, it was not perfect, but he was a better actor among the f4 guys. i’m relatively new in watching korean dramas, and i was intrigued with comments regarding ‘city hunter’, that’s where i saw him first. i liked the series, and thought, ‘oohhhh’ there’s this cute actor, so i decided to watch ‘personal taste’ wherein he did not really impress me that much. i did not watch ‘bof’ until much later, i thought it would be waste of my time if that series was about teenage kids. finally watched it, and found he’s better there than in “personal taste”, a later work. after ‘faith’, he should be choosy about his next role, a challenging one, so he can show his wares being an artist.

    as to make-up, ‘period’ films require ‘true-to-life’ coloring/features, etc. and realistic graphics to make the audience ‘feel’ being a part of the scene. at first it bothered me terribly, but i’ve learned to ignore production ‘mishaps’ and concentrate on the story.

    i admire mostly the korean dramas i’ve watched so far, and can understand why these are one of their country’s biggest exports. their writers can concoct so many entertaining stories, i hope watching so many of their dramas will continue to be interesting.

    i wonder who is this actor “xx” who has not improved. maybe i’ll find out myself after watching more korean dramas.

    nice chatting with you, sara!

  939. 939 : tiger Says:

    @may18581 #937: thanks, i thought i’d get a ‘lashing’ from you regarding my lmh comments. as to the age gap, it doesn’t really matter as people can fall in love, no matter how old they are or their age difference. there was this drama series i watched wherein the leading roles for both actor and actress have met in their puberty years, and they met again after 8 years. the later roles were by portrayed by other actor and actress. without knowing what were their chronological ages, i thought the actress looked older than what she was supposed to be in age. i checked this web site and found she was really older. it cannot be helped that young roles are assigned by older actors/actresses as the older ones are more experienced and can portray better.

    as to your favorite lmh, i’m behind you in admiring his work.

    nice meeting you here too!

  940. 940 : sara Says:

    Let me look at the matter from another view too. LMH deserved to win that Baeksang coz that drama was like a road to lots of new fans from different countries. So he served his country by being a big part of that production. He is a real soldier. Who is Choi Young in Korean history? Now, we know him thanks to LMH. He is introducing the history and culture of his country.

    I give you a hint to know that xx. (I’m not promoting GD’s song). 😉 He is a singer too.

    After an argument with a rude person on another thread, reading your polite, good comment was enjoyable. Thank you

  941. 941 : Cathleen Gilliland Says:

    I have really enjoyed the program but find it difficult to believe that in 2 more episodes, (23&24) and it will all be over. Alas, tis the way of good movies/TV series. Slammed through all 22 episodes in a few days so I will have to be content with re-watching it. Although, it is listed AS Season 1, and from what I can see the is room for at least an additional season. Thanks to all involved in making this drama.

  942. 942 : princess Says:

    this is last week.i miss faith from now.

  943. 943 : tiger Says:

    @sara #940: i didn’t realize that lmh (because of “bof”) in a sense had helped korean dramas be spread to many countries. good for him! somewhere i read that he became a hallyu star because of ‘bof” – is that right? is ‘hallyu’ comparable to ‘Hollywood’ in the U.S. somewhat? he has a standard to maintain then, so we wish him luck!

    as to your hint, i really cannot decipher anything specially because i don’t listen to the korean singers, except for very few who had osts in the korean dramas. i love ‘the flower letter’ from ‘iljimae’ by park hyo shin (if i remember right!). anyway, when the time comes that i would guess “xx”, i’ll send you a message! happy sunday!

  944. 944 : sara Says:

    Yes, LMH became a Hallyu star trough the drama BOF. Hallyu “refers to the significant increase in the popularity of South Korean entertainment and culture starting in the 1990s, in Asia, and more recently in other parts of the world. As one put it, it represents a surge in the international visibility of Korean culture.”
    This is from Wikipedia. You can read the complete article here:

    You will know him after watching hit K-dramas, for example You are beautiful.

  945. 945 : donna Says:

    I know Mr. “xx” and I don’t like his Love Rain too!

  946. 946 : sara Says:

    You get some guts,girl. I didn’t dare to write his name. So i just talked about him indirectly. But you were smart enough to realize. 😉 I really am not a hater or anything but he is frequently repeating himself in every single drama he plays.

  947. 947 : princess Says:

    i want happy ending.it is possible?!!! i hope.

  948. 948 : may18581 Says:

    At the first time, I really courious about your mr.’x’, and i dont have clue when you give a hint, and i think that guy could be mr.’x’, then i know that my guess is correct (after read another hint) hehehehe

    I know LMH is not perfect actor, he have few lack and minus, just like see him as CY, hehehehe

    I think need all combination to have a good drama, the actor, the actres, the story, scripwriter, director and everything else, must have good contribution to make a good drama…….

  949. 949 : RISA Says:

    I can’t wait for tonight,
    I think there will be a great battle tonight, but it would be difficult for young choi with continued shaking hands.
    I really can’t imagine what will happen…

  950. 950 : nihal Says:

    Just don’t want this drama to end..

  951. 951 : eager Says:


    Please update the summary Ep 23 and Ep 24 ok! Dying to know what happen to them. 🙂

  952. 952 : hny Says:

    @sara..right ! we’re supporter from beginning..and I’m glad now that many different name visit this thread and they like watch this drama too, bravo faith.. !

    @tiger…good name! I like read ur comments..welcome to KD land 😀

    hei…talk mr ‘xx’… I just love his a few song but act ..true, almost same 😀

    OMG,monday is comming to watch faith…what the writer will do to end this…. naneun, gung geum haseyo!

  953. 953 : sara Says:

    Finally, it’s going to end this week. It was like a far yet memorable journey. We had lots of problem on this thread. Glad to see lots of people come here and support the drama. I just wish we can witness a happy ending. Please writernim. Make us satisfied.

  954. 954 : donna Says:

    lol! I’m not a hater too! In fact, I watched (almost) all his dramas and even his recent movie. I love his singing voice but in terms of acting, I think LMH is much better! I’m addicted to korean dramas that’s why I knew at once who Mr. xx is!

  955. 955 : donna Says:

    2 more episodes! so excited to read live recaps from vingle.net.

  956. 956 : Betty Says:

    Sorry for a negative thought. No interesting main actress, no watching the movie. It sucks.

  957. 957 : Mary Says:

    what an ending for episode 23!!!! Super duper excited for tomorrows last episode 🙂

  958. 958 : raqzie Says:

    im really excited for the last ep 2morrow.. please! give us a happy ending.. 🙂

  959. 959 : jin Says:

    OMG…… 8.7%……..not in top 20……….bad…………

  960. 960 : RISA Says:

    CY and Eun-soo more intimate, although CY still ask eun soo to go but eun soo still do not want to go. CY said that until the time comes he will make eun soo smile and laugh, even though it will be hard to do. CY even will give all eun soo want and eun soo ask to CY if CY does have money and said he had a lot of money because of his salary for the first year has not been used. eun soo said he wants an expensive dress, earrings, necklaces … and feel good about it.
    eun soo did not give up to make the antidote, until they finally found dr. jang book which the said poison could be used to fight the poison and she intends to try.
    while it prince dokkon gun plans to take 1 of 3 hwata relic stored in the room’s king therefore he pretended to surrender and asked to meet with eun soo, CY who lost the power can’t fight back and allow eun soo to met prince dokkon gun .
    after that eun soo told to CY that he found a way to eliminate the toxins in his body and she will do it tonight and ask CY to remain peacefully beside her. before returning to barack eun soo asks CY, king, queen, lady choy and do chi stand together and take photos of them through with her eyes.
    after that CY just learned that the way to eliminate the poison is to drink another poison and it makes CY worry but he can’t stop eun soo.
    the time has arrived and eun soo drank the poison and CY keep hold her. until morning eun soo has not regained consciousness since it CY giving penicillin to eun soo with his mouth (kiss).
    and at the palace, prince dokkon gun go into action, he kill the guards and hold the king in the room meeting so that his brother and sister could take hwata relic. therefore CY must went to court and left eun soo with lady choy. prince dokkon gun said that he just took something and he will not kill the king and when CY arrived she said “where’s high doctor, I’ll take her with me”
    sol be trying to fight but he lose and die, CY are seen immediately took the sword to attack prince dokkon gun but with a hand like that CY easily miss his sword and at the same time eun soo has been unconscious

    and to be continued

    great moment for me is when eun soo take photo CY, king, queen, lady choy, dol chi together with her eyes and tell them to smile. it’s so tounching me, like she will leave them forever.

  961. 961 : Sara Says:

    I cant find the preview for tomorrows episode!!!!!!! Help!!!!

  962. 962 : drama freak Says:

    gosh….it’s gona end soon…NOOOOO….i will miss this drama for sure….i loveeee this drama…i knw some ppl don’t like it…but tht’s ur problem…as everybody has their own taste….and i loveeee and enjoy this drama very much!!!! LEE MIN HO JIANG!!!

  963. 963 : nihal Says:

    Does anyone has a link so i can see Korea’s channels online : SBS, MBC, KBS….???

  964. 964 : farah Says:

    super, super, supeeeeeeeeeeeer , can’t wait for ep 23 and 24 <3

  965. 965 : Alice Says:

    Too bad that this drama is coming to its end. I will surely miss Lee Min Ho. I will also miss the good chemistry of the 2 leads. I hope to see Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun again. I used to seeing Hee Sun in melodramas but I am sure she will also be good doing comedy. I’ll be waiting for the next drama of lee min ho. He will visit Manila for a fan meeting but too bad I don’t have much money for the ticket so I’ll miss my chance seeing him in person. I guess I’ll just be contended watching him on dramas

  966. 966 : com Says:

    oppa gangnam style whoop woop woop

  967. 967 : KDaddict Says:

    I just got off the plane after a 2 week trip. Managed to catch the last half of the Final Ep.
    She ran back and forth thru the time tunnel; one time she got in at a much earlier time. In the end, she came back at about the right time, n found him alive n well, only with stumbles, i.e., older. Obviously she chooses to live out her life in his time, with him by her side.

    Have to catch up on the last couple eps that I missed in the last 2 weeks!

  968. 968 : Melda Says:

    The ending is just right! Thank you writer and production team! Keep on fighting!

  969. 969 : cheeze Says:

    I truly loved this drama, n I like that she went back to live out her life
    with him. But couldn they jus kissssss or huggg. Come on, they havn
    seen each other for a while. Be more affectionate. Don just stare at
    each other. I hate that, all that good looks and romanctic sparks!!!!!
    nothing, boring. The ending was alright!!!! I would give it a 8.

  970. 970 : sara Says:

    I haven’t watched the last ep yet but ep 23 was very nice with romantic, beautiful scenes.Specially that photo-like scene with all the characters smiling was very nostalgic with a deep sweet sadness. I love LMH’s acting in this drama. CY is really every woman’s Mr.destiny.

  971. 971 : ваня Says:

    perfect!drama the best!

  972. 972 : Sara Says:

    What an ending!!! I really find it the same as City hunters ending. Overall, I was satisfied with it. Great job everyone 🙂

  973. 973 : myphim Says:

    Goodbye Faith. It has been an amazing experience for me.

  974. 974 : Micc Says:

    Nice ending!

  975. 975 : Carline Says:

    OMG! the ending is so sucks!!!

  976. 976 : Melda Says:

    I’m gonna miss this drama! Been rewatching the last episode. Goodbye Faith!

  977. 977 : ance Says:

    i like the ending, though it would have been much sweeter if they showed that they are both happily living in a house and has children, and Eun Soo is still practicing as a doctor and Choi Young is still a General or a fisherman (which was his dream). i like the fact that they found each other after how many years (is it 5 years?). something’s just missing or is it a loose end…i wanted to know what happened to the king & queen coz i don’t know their history. they showed what happened to the other remaining Woodalchis but what about the King & Queen?

    I loved how Choi Young calls Eun Soo “Imja”…for me it’s so sweet.

    I enjoyed this drama, especially their powers, too bad they didn’t showed that Choi Young’s power didn’t reached it’s full potential, i was expecting a big thunder and ice fight…but it seems they were a bit in a rush with the ending…i feel that they wanted to show more but no more episodes to show it.

    Congratulations to the whole cast and crew, beautiful and truly a masterpiece!

  978. 978 : Sara Says:

    An end it reached 🙁 I am going to miss the excitement and Woodalchis fighting scenes while the woodalchi instrumentals on :””( Noooo, I don’t want it to be over D:

  979. 979 : Sara Says:

    It truly was a masterpiece 😀

  980. 980 : tanvere Says:

    Good job everyone!!! Thank you for the happy ending. If it was a sad one, then I would seriously be upset for many days and also I would try to re-watch the last episode over and over hoping for a possible better ending 🙂 But thank you so much for this ending, made my day! 😀

  981. 981 : addylovesbwoowd Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLS DON’T END!!!! Thanks Faith Team for your effort and hard work!!!
    I wonder when we’ll get to see LMH on screen again. I didn’t know how attached i was to Faith until it ended. An awesome OTP. Probably the best female lead LMH has ever been paired with. Now i need a new drama to fill the void!! where are you Park Yoochun?!!! lol

  982. 982 : ance Says:

    after reading a little about the history of King Gongmin & Queen Nogook, now i understand why they didn’t showed what happened to them, though it was a historical drama i was really hoping that they could have a least showed that the queen said “i love you” to the king. but surely i really enjoyed their love story…

    about the general and the doctor…i know that historical dramas takes at least 50% to 80% of facts of history; so they couldn’t show what i have said about them living in a house and has a family coz it wasn’t mentioned in the wikipedia that general choi had a family. so now for me the ending in that tree was very acceptable…good job! thank you for the experience!

  983. 983 : RISA Says:

    after watching the last ep, all questions were answered already
    especially why eun soo could be hwata?
    do not you also curious about it.
    and I think the last ep was really touching, especially at the last minute where eun soo and CY meet again. it felt like it had been run 1 mile without stopping and ended up getting iced water at the finish line. huh … huh … so a relief.

  984. 984 : hny Says:

    the ending is so so…akkhhh will miss them, Es you are so lucky to have a man who take care you like his daughter, accompany you like a friend ,U have amazing masterpiece to touch and hug in this drama..so lucky you 😀
    can’t forget Ki chul face in last scene.. he so hopeless man,…one day I’ll take U to heaven 😀
    time to say bye2… TQ all cast n staf ..bravo !!

  985. 985 : juvy Says:

    super super like…. 24 episodes came too fast….

  986. 986 : sgkdramafan Says:

    It was such a relief when Eun Soo finally came to the right era and met Choi Young again. Thank you for a happy ending else it will be super sad and i’ll be the one with a hole in my heart. Lol.

  987. 987 : CharmaineWilson Says:

    And the end, they just facing each other? Oh Shit, i really hate that kind of ending! arrrgh! I cannot get over how I wasted 24 hours of my life on this… I think I am legitimately dumber from watching this.

  988. 988 : Julia Says:

    what happened in the last episode?

  989. 989 : KDaddict Says:

    Eps 19, 20, 21:
    I’m not terribly happy abt the queen allowing herself to fall for the trap that got her kidnapped. Nor the king giving his council the chance to decide on his fate n that of Goryeo. This plot development makes Gongmin such an enlightened king whose thinking on govt by democracy was way way before his time. In both incidents, the king n queen put themselves at risk n make CY’s n Wudalchi’s job so much more difficult. It is frustrating to watch.
    But I’m happy that these eps give more screen time to our OTP. There isn’t much skinship, but it feels right for that time n place, n for CY’s personality. We at least get to see them spending quiet private time together.
    Honestly, I never understood the alliance between Ki Chul n Deuk Heung. At 1st it seemed that KC wanted to be king, or at least a puppet king he could control. When DH showed himself to be a complicated n difficult ally, why did KC put up with it?
    So KC wants to go to heaven, more than anything else in his world. For that I don’t blame him. That seems to be an explorer’s spirit, except that he seems more mad than daring, judging by everything else that he does.
    His 2 assistants, Firegirl n Fluteguy are just human weapons. From beginning to end, it has never been shown why they do what they do, killing at random, e.g. the excessive killing at Dr. Jang’s clinic. They might as well be robots, n that makes their presence in the drama uninteresting.
    I know Philip Lee needs a quick exit for his surgery. But it is sloppy to kill off his char like that, without even bothering to show his body, by using a double. How hard is it to get a guy to dress like him, lie n the ground holding ES’s experiment. It’s lazy directing.

  990. 990 : RISA Says:

    for me drama faith will never be forgotten, of the hundreds of drama I’ve ever watched, faith is the only drama that very touched me and made ​​me cry at the last minute.
    I don’t expect more than this, because it was so perfect and very very very nice.
    I can’t imagine a better ending than this.

  991. 991 : RISA Says:

    for all those who haven’t watched drama faith you should watch it. I’m telling you, you’ll regret it if you not watch it.
    you know why??
    because you will miss the drama with the sweetest ending ever.

  992. 992 : RISA Says:

    Thank you to all who have worked hard to make faith an incredible drama.
    lee min ho who has worked hard for the past 6 months in this drama, I give it 4 thumbs for you. You really never disappoints me.
    kim hee sun, no one doubts your acting abilities, please be more frequent play in drama. Don’t make us wait for 6 years again.
    I hope to see you two next year with a new drama.

  993. 993 : RISA Says:

    CharmaineWilson @
    how can you not touched to see eun soo and CY facing each other with longing ??????

  994. 994 : lindab Says:

    OMG! i will miss the beautiful love story… thanks for showing us a diff kind of story on longing for love but a beautiful ending, so touching, i really love it. thanks everyone, we salute you

  995. 995 : butterfry90 Says:

    I was sort of expecting a bad ending after reading the history from wiki. Well, in history, the queen will die and the king, devastated, stops working hard on politics and starts to chase young pretty boys around. As for choi young, he was framed and executed. So, the drama had a good ending but i’m not sure if this is good ending for eun soo, if she were to be choi young’s wife, then, guess they will lead a tragic life later.

    But anyway, its just a drama. Glad it ended here and didn’t elaborate on the actual history.

  996. 996 : Sophie Says:

    Please put Faith and Arang and the magistrate at KoreanDrama.org’s Most Shared Drama (top20)

  997. 997 : sara Says:

    Finally, it finished. I didn’t like the ending. For me it was like climbing up, reaching to the pick and just one step remaining to it, falling down suddenly. The ending was really an anticlimax. I couldn’t understand who was Hwata, how she was related to ES, how she knew CY and how she traveled in time like a piece of the cake. They were all unanswered.

    I loved the drama so much. It was one of the best regarding to acting yet lacking in writing. I don’ say i expect a Queen Inhyun’s man ending but wasn’t that mere looking at each other too dry? At least they could hug each other. Again, is this another merit of being married and an actress in Korea? What about queen and the king? They were one of the most adorable royalty couples in historical dramas.

    Anyway, it was a good drama. LMH’s acting was impressive. Watching and following the story is an enjoyable experience. Thank you all the actors and staff for your hard work and a big thank you dear Admin for giving us an opportunity to share our ideas.

  998. 998 : raqzie Says:

    me too! the ending was a bit lacking, i felt like if they could at least hug after the emotional staring it could be much better and probably i wont feel any regrets watching the ending of the OTP.. But still their chemistry was something magical that i become a fan after watching a bit of the trailer before it was aired.. Now that it has ended i felt like i was again on a withdrawal state that i have to watch it over and over again until i will find another great series, but for now no k series that is appealing to me.. Same what happened when k2hearts ended.. huhu.. i am missing them already!

  999. 999 : iRSYa Says:

    why the rattings not to good…??

  1000. 1000 : iRSYa Says:

    acct im not interested about history drama but bcoz of LMH ill force my self to watch this …anyone,do u think this is a really good drama…??

  1001. 1001 : Nethu Says:

    aww i really loved this… nice ending and i really loved the way they showed that they were expecting each other and the happiness of seeing each other from their eyes.. wow.. even a tear came to my eye. this was a good drama from the very beginning. loved it sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! thanks for the logical and wonderful ending.. if it wasnt showing how everything happened with the time, i may have been disappointed and dissatisfied.. but everything was perfect. 🙂 but they might even have embraced once they see each other after waiting for years… or even a kiss.. they were jst staring at each other.. 🙁 but anyway it was beautiful.. waiting for another good drama from Lee Min Ho… u r a wonderful guy and was amazing in this… thanks for the good drama… !!!!

  1002. 1002 : juvy Says:

    nothing left for me to do but to watch it over n over again until lmh is back on screen 🙁

  1003. 1003 : Joyoni Says:

    It was good ending…but will be better if it is more expressive rather than just staring at each other… I think this is the Korean’s style… If no hug or kisses then at least some conversation such as.. “I am Back” or ‘You are back” or “Are you waiting for me”… such simple line will make the ending even more perfect.
    Actress Kim is very good at this show, she display the ES characters very well, in a jovious and sad way, she acts very well on these. Well done Kim…

  1004. 1004 : HAdeso Says:

    It was good ending drama, I really” Love this Drama ..
    GOOd bye Faith ..

  1005. 1005 : Dian Says:

    The best korean drama I’ve ever watched….! All were played good with the scenario was also awesome! But it ended too soon. It’s just too short. Wish there will be a sequel.

  1006. 1006 : PM Says:

    oNE of the Best drama ever…..

  1007. 1007 : KarlaaLouis192 Says:

    I dont like the ending. So frustrated! I mean really!

  1008. 1008 : DrAS Says:

    Brilliant drama.. I do agree that I would expect more expression after the long separation!
    Anyhow, I am going to miss waiting for new episodes every week…
    and I will miss all the characters as well..
    Wonderful job everyone…
    and Goodbye ‘the faith’, gonna miss you, ‘TaeJang’ 😉

  1009. 1009 : KDaddict Says:

    Ep 22, 23, 24:
    I wish Deuk Heung would get punished for all the havoc he wreaked, instead of slipping away to Yuan to wait for another day.
    It’s sad that so many of the Woodalchi warriors got killed. They r skilled, devoted, do their job well, but it seems that their only destiny is to kill until they r killed.
    I love all the small, intimate moments between our OTP, and wish that there r more of them.
    My other fav chars turn out to be Ki Chul the nutty guy, for he does nuts-cuckoo so well. I love that he is so fixated on the idea of going to heaven. It’d have been fun to let him go to Seoul of 2012. Most ppl want a car n a house, but he knows no boundaries; what if he starts to want a bus instead of a car, an airport instead of a house, etc. Keke. But why does the time portal reject him? That’s never made clear. And if ES could travel back n forth so many times, how come no one else has used it? There r many unanswered Qn’s in this series.
    My other fav char is CY’s aunt, Lady Choi. She is awesome. And the Queen. After them, the king n the Woodalchi guys.
    The final ep feels hurried in its last stretch, from the pt when KC drags ES into the portal, to the moment she finds him under the tree. It feels more like watching a montage, a flashback. I wish it had been handled better, but that applies to so much of this drama.
    The pleasure is in watching LMH play an older part (CY is 29 for 24 eps; under that tree, he is abt 33). KHS has been great to watch. Whether they have gt chemistry together is anyone’s decision.
    The director made his reputation a long long long time ago. His age n rustiness r showing.

  1010. 1010 : amy Says:

    The ending is EXCELLENT!!!! i just wish DEUK Keung Died as well like all the minions of Ki Chul.. GOOD JOB to all the staff, the director and of course to all the cast especially MINHO and Hee Sun… I truly truly enjoyed the whole series..MORE POWER

  1011. 1011 : amy Says:

    Minho was so handsome with his facial hairs…. so masculine and adorable… Love him so much..

  1012. 1012 : gonewithim Says:

    good drama but the ending too suck….

  1013. 1013 : two-key-jo Says:

    2 thumbs up for LMH & KHS

  1014. 1014 : ance Says:


    it’s a good drama…since you seem to be a LMH fan you’ll appreciate the plot and the characters. just don’t get your hopes up with a grand ending…i can just describe the ending (this is just my opinion) to be sweet…but the whole drama is truly a masterpiece.


    i agree with you about Lee Philips character…if someone doesn’t know what happened to Lee Philips they would have been so confused why they killed his character without even showing his body. and besides, they established that he’s not just a doctor but also good in martial arts, even if he was “guarding” that experiment they could’ve at least showed a doubled actor fighting KC’s pledge siblings right?

  1015. 1015 : Nia Says:

    Really like this drama..like the story..the acting of Le min Ho and KHS is lovely…

  1016. 1016 : Misa Says:

    Bad ending!

  1017. 1017 : kimchilee Says:

    What a horrid ending! its so draggy till towards the end when a wee bit of action was starting with ES running like crazy woman trying to save CY and suddenly, you see her watching a film about her parents?? ? then after moving here and there, re-winding the past scenes like how many countless times, the ending is like end up looking at each other! no wonder rating for last episode was the lowest! If it was not for LMH and KHS, the drama would have definitely been a flopped!

    still, i am glad for the happy ending.. and how cute LMH look with a slight moustache! wowww. cant get over him.. hope his next drama will be a better one like City Hunter.. aigoo.. have to wait another year before can see his next drama?? aigoooo .. will miss him!

  1018. 1018 : Nethu Says:

    but why doesn’t anybody remember great doctor after she returns? i mean, how come choi young is the only one who remembers eun su? others don’t recognise her when she talked to them after returning. and also, what happened to HWATTA? she used to be an amazing doctor 100 years ago and even in the very begining of the drama i can remember showing in cartoon that she was chased by guards and she escaped from the time door.. and even that is not explained at the end. also and how come she doesnt remember anything about what she did 100 years back??
    also how does HWATTA gives advise to eun su to return to palace when she was escaping with choi young to find the time door to save him and the queen? if it was really her, then how can she turn things back to normal? i don’t get it at all.. T.T
    i have these confusing questions. the end wasnt bad but it’s not enough… 🙁
    i heard they gonna remake the last two eps… hope those will give answers to my questions… hopefully… 🙂

  1019. 1019 : yuli putri Says:

    best drama ever watch !!!!
    love it <3 <3 daebak @[email protected]

  1020. 1020 : Mary Says:

    @ 1018 Nethu, what do you mean they’ll remake the last 2 episodes? Are you serious? I haven’t heard anything about that

  1021. 1021 : chloeruoyi Says:

    When I was starting this drama I was really excited about it, but then, as the drama progressed, I found myself extremely disappointed. The filming is awful,the CGI looks cheap, bad directing,the actors are really not that great, everything seems so fake. I didn’t feel any sort of sympathy or whatever for any of the characters,And what bothered me the most is that this show pretends that it’s different, more ambitious or however you want to call it, but in fact it’s just a pretentious drama with an a eyecandy…Yea yea~I mean Lee Minho.

  1022. 1022 : sweetestMyle Says:

    love this drama suppppeeerrrr!!!
    and also LMH love you too…

  1023. 1023 : princess Says:

    it was good drama but not too much.
    im wating for the next drama of LMH.
    LMH fightingggggg

  1024. 1024 : Lee Eun Tan Says:

    I Love Lee Min Ho as Choi Young

  1025. 1025 : Farlin Says:

    Namja couple choi young and yoo eun soo

  1026. 1026 : lee eun tan Says:

    Daejang choi yung love

  1027. 1027 : Rara Says:

    I ADMITTED THIS IS THE BEST DRAMA I EVER WATCHED! I cried a lot for the last two episodes! This drama has the best and unique storyline. This drama deserves to receive a thousand awards! This drama is really great! I don’t know how to describe how great and excellent is this drama! This is the first drama that I don’t hate any of its character! Including Gicheol and the Flute / Fire. I still remember when I cried a lot watching both of the pledge siblings died. They might be bad peoples, but they are soooooo cute! XD Kicheol also cute! LOL!
    Choi Young, that was the most beautiful Korean name to me. He has all the type of ideal man I want! (CY not LMH). and Lee Min Ho , he replaces No Min Woo and Lee Jun Ki place as my #1 favourite Korean Actor. XDD <3 <3 <3

    p/s : Faith fever wil replace my BTOB fever starting now XDDD <3

  1028. 1028 : sunshinne Says:

    I recomended you must watch this drama its owsome….the best drama…love you lee min ho

  1029. 1029 : Africanang3l Says:

    this is one of the best projects of leeminho!! he’s damn handsome!! yeah he has got all the qualities of an ideal man! <3
    this drama is a must to try! perfect with no flaws! great acting, and very touching indeed!! love it!! 🙂

  1030. 1030 : DSL Says:

    Well, I must say this: I’ve read almost all comments and sometimes people can be harsh. This drama was great! There are noo words that can be said. The story was new and different from any other drama I have ever seen. Come on people, you can at least say that it was better than any other drama… My old time fav is The Princess Man, but after seeing this drama I’m in a collercoaster ride… All I can say TRULY is that I do hope for another drama like this to watch and enjoy! I can watch this drama over and over again and still love it the same as the first time I’ve seen it!
    The actors were great! The episodes were awesome! and of course the cast were the best!!! It was good to know that you never wanted it to end…

  1031. 1031 : drama freak Says:

    omgggg……i really love this drama….it is soooo niceeeee….it is so touching that i cried…..i love the ending too!!!!! i totally love this drama! one of the best! =D

  1032. 1032 : Melanie Denby Says:

    So far, I am up to episode 6 and I am loving it. LMH is constantly surprising me with his versatile acting skills. I didnt want to watch and of the trailers or previews to the next episode and just wanted to be surprised at every turn. When this comes out in DVD I am going to buy it.

  1033. 1033 : Nethu Says:

    @ 1020

    i heard lee min ho has tweeted saying that he was busy remaking the last two eps but im not quite sure about it.

  1034. 1034 : unoriffa Says:

    i love this drama ! pls watch

  1035. 1035 : ruby placheta Says:

    lee min ho is great in whatever role he portray’s. i love it. saranghae lee min ho. hope for more series to come. love ya…………

  1036. 1036 : Simone46 Says:

    Watching this drama is highly recommended if you are an action, history, or romance fan. This drama has all three, along with some comedic relief on occasion and several warm and fuzzy moments. Thank you to the subbers who worked hard to deliver the translations so quickly. This drama had a good story line and great casting, as most of us even loved the villains. My only complaints are the rushed feeling of the last two episodes, the unanswered questions, and the ending, (which wasn’t horrible, but maybe because I was hoping for something more). At any rate, great job everyone involved and let’s have FAITH 2012! I give this drama a 4.4/5 rating.

  1037. 1037 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    So sad its over!!. I hope that cliff-hanger ending is just the prelude to a Special Episode or TV movie that will address the unanswered questions. (i.e.- if the 3 messengers sent to Yuan to bring an evading army happen; the “I love you” scene between the queen and king, did crazy ice man implode or become chipped ice? Stuff like that) Honestly, even tho the director and writers pissed me off on occasion, i enjoyed the heck out of this drama. It will certainly be on my “Favorites” list to watch over & over again. KUDOS to LMH & all that were involved in the project. (A special Thank You to the subbers.)

  1038. 1038 : Kicha Says:

    I’ve watched so many bad dramas! But the worst for me would definitely be Faith!!!!! I tried so hard to finish and there was really no climax!

  1039. 1039 : qiqi Says:

    This is the 1st time I left a comment on this site ! OMG I really really really really love this drama ! I will never forget this drama ! Never ever ! Leeminho and Kimheesun is OTP ! The storyline is very unique ! This story also makes me cry many time ! 10 /10 for this drama ! I love you Faith !

  1040. 1040 : Victorique Says:

    Well,this is a really nice drama^^ good job everyone. Lee Minho and Kim Heesun did an excellent acting. Actually, I love to see her in dress customes that more feminim like in ” The Myth”. I like the part every time, she get angry she speaks english in a funny way. And for Lee Minho, I’m looking forward the next drama,( my hope ) he will act with Yoon eunhye. In my version story it will be like “twilight”,just a thought^^p or “vampire diaries” or “revenge”. anyway, i enjoyed watch Faith . Have Faith to all of u!

  1041. 1041 : sachi Says:

    very… very,,, good drama… you must wacth…

  1042. 1042 : kriss Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this drama! Love Kim Hee Sun! She’s simply gorgeous. But most importantly, she delivered a fine job!

  1043. 1043 : Anntonett Says:

    De best korean drama ever

  1044. 1044 : Anntonett Says:

    Lee min ho u re de best

  1045. 1045 : Anomynous Says:

    This is the Kdrama which I want to watch so much.

  1046. 1046 : kimmy Says:

    LMH change from cute boy to cool man!!n it’s fits him best..:*

  1047. 1047 : mamegi Says:

    Faith is good…but I think LMH played better in City Hunter than others. He was awesome ~ cool, mature and extremely handsome 🙂

    I like korean drama so much. Great Story : Romantic, unique, very touching… Combine with Great Actors/Actresses ( handsome/pretty – cool – multi talented ) like :
    Jang Dong Gun – Won Bin – Lee Min Hoo – Hyun Bin – Park Si Hoo
    Kim Hee Soon – Song Hye Gyo – Yoon Eun Hye – Ha Ji Won – Shin Min Ah
    I like them all so much….

    The best korean drama I’ve ever seen are : All About Eve, Endless Love, Secret Garden, The Princess Man and The Moon that Embrace the Sun.

    So… Keep on making Good Korean Drama for me!! Fighting !!

  1048. 1048 : luvminho Says:

    really love this drama faith …its good story line n different from others…luv lee min ho..u did such a great job..i’m waiting for his new project as soon as possible..miss our daejang …luv imja couple..i’m gonna miss uuu

  1049. 1049 : Dev Says:

    I don’t care about the drama,even it’s best or worse I will still watch it coz all it’s about Lee min hoo for me is the best
    Sarangheyo Lee Min Hoo
    Love you
    Aku Cinta
    Wo ai ni

  1050. 1050 : gfhf Says:

    worst Kdrama ever, didn’t enjoy a single moment throughout the whole 24 eps.

  1051. 1051 : lovieSuzy Says:

    FAITH !!!! DAEBAK !!! Must watch DRAMA 😀 ….

  1052. 1052 : joana Says:

    I’m a bit disappointed with the end,don’t get me wrong I really like faith.I thnk the story was great,funny,hd great chemistry,an all-rounder.it was great up to the last 2 episodes.the last episodes were rushed & an emotional roller coaster.I hate it wen dramas end with the main characters jus looking at each other no real conclusion lyk a 1000 kisses,city hunter,man of honour,etc.I think most k-dramas lack a good ending.they are good up to the last 2 episodes where evrythng is just rushed.its lyk the writers are tired & they just want to be over & done with.I thnk they shld work on it.

  1053. 1053 : James_1734 Says:

    I watched 3 episodes of these series and then I decided to delete the files immediately. It just bored the heck outa me!

  1054. 1054 : Orangutan Says:

    I think this is one of the most romantic korean drama that I’ve seen. But they should have fired the coatume and props director. What they wore and many site and interior that they used were too modern.

  1055. 1055 : KokoCake Says:

    This drama is MEH….. really made me bored to death ~!
    No wonder the drama have such a low rating.

  1056. 1056 : Chhetri Pradeep,Nepal Says:

    I think,,Now,Lee min ho has became real hero…with maturity…
    keep it up…

  1057. 1057 : RISA Says:

    sudah ngak terhitung berapa kali aku menonton ulang drama ini, terlalu manis untuk ditinggalkan. tidak cuma mengandalkan chemistry pemainnya tapi juga arah ceritanya yang walaupun menurutku sangat perlahan-lahan tetapi berhasil mengantarkan terutama diriku pada kesimpulan 10 x 10 = 100
    sebenarnya semua anak sd juga tau jawabnnya, tapi dalam drama ini 10 x 10 telah di kemas menjadi 24 ep, luar biasa panjangkan. tapi kan kita semua anak pintar, walaupun jalannya panjang smpe ke roma seharusnya akhir jawaban kita sama, 100 kan buat drama ini.

  1058. 1058 : kimmy Says:

    it’s amazing how KHS being so cute n got the chemistry with younger actor..too bad they only put one episode for kissing scene..hehehee..

  1059. 1059 : stellar Says:

    love faith! just wish the ending has more ‘actions’… hehe!

  1060. 1060 : Esther Dina SN Says:

    This drama very good to watch,but there were much peole die so i think to cruel,but at yhe end of this dama so worsty,ake me dissapointed why didn’t they have conversation after so long not meet each other,only smile..????

  1061. 1061 : htayapril Says:

    Nice Drama.All the casts were great

  1062. 1062 : lee eun tan Says:

    oppa daebak, i like it, this drama

  1063. 1063 : luna Says:

    Tejangnim………….saranghae………,min hoo i love you……..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  1064. 1064 : sari tjen Says:

    I’m watching this now, just finish episode 20, oooh so many coments that the ending is not quite satisfaction… Hemmmm
    At the beginning, I watched with my husband, quite interested, Hë said. But after 2 or 3 eps, Hë find out that this is not an action movie, story about a great warrior, but full drama in it… Not so many fights Hë said, and get bored with this serial.
    So… I watched this alone until now, yes full of drama I agree with him, for me the story quite good because LMH an KMS play thei role very well. Good chemistry. Yap I have to get ready for the despointed ending, although it was a happy ending 🙂

  1065. 1065 : nitta Says:

    I really like this drama. The story, the characters, and lee min ho is such great mature acting and very handsome in this drama. Faith is one of my favorite. Good job for every actors and actress here, perfect castings.

  1066. 1066 : Me9i Says:

    I think this drama is nice and extraordinary… They really work hard for this…

  1067. 1067 : FarraZahida Says:

    I like the drama because I have faith with LMH acting…he never fails me and his fans…he acting skill in faith is a remarkable one. Matured role even he is just 25..indeed it is a very good acting.

    Audience should not just conclude the opinion by just watching early episodes. As for me, for example I’ve watched Queen In Hyun Man, Dr Jin the time traveller, I found the story was good, but the acting skill actually define the good acting that put remark in the fans heart. Even LMH is my favourite actor, his super acting skill is proven in Faith…LMH just keep up your good work!!!!

  1068. 1068 : Faith Light Says:

    i just watch this movie & really love it… though I’m a bit dissapointed with the ending of the movie… it’s like the ending is hanging…. overall i really love this story… especially lee min ho and kim hee sun……

  1069. 1069 : eve Says:

    love the king…

  1070. 1070 : Madi Says:

    This drama is boring at first for me but I love it….=)

  1071. 1071 : Simply faith Says:

    Lee Min Ho has matured into a great actor – his expression alone coveys the mood, expression, emotion and feelings. Glad that there is no excessive gestures – hands flapping allover the place, continuous tears, etc. Just simple pure acting. Coupled with a great acting from Kim Hee Sun, this is indeed a great movie.

  1072. 1072 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    To me, this is the one of the best Kdramas I have seen, in that it meets all of my needs for action, drama, romance, & laughter. The actors performed so well, that they made me care about what happened to them. I am sorry to say I was truly disappointed in the ending. Glad she found him again, but really?? Just staring after 5 long years??? I take issue with the director for any awkward moments in this drama. He had moments of brilliance, but the ending was not one of them. Overall, GOOD JOB & kudos to everyone involved. Can’t understand why it had such low ratings. I for one will watch it over again, starting NOW! Thank you subbers for your hard work, as well.

  1073. 1073 : nova Says:

    Faith it’s a great drama..I like it..Much well..Character lee min ho as a kapten choi young perfect.Terlihat dingin namun dalam hatinya lembut dan penuh cinta dengan eun soo..Eun soo lembut,pemberani dan bisa menyeimbangkan perasaanny dgn Choi young..Saat bertengkar pun, eun soo masih bisa lembut dan mencoba untuk meyakinkan Choi young..
    Daaaaeeeeeeebbbbaaaaakkkkk…Domu chua..^_^
    Love Min ho & Hee sun

  1074. 1074 : sunny Says:

    wondonful!!!!lee min ho

  1075. 1075 : sunny Says:

    wondonful!~lee min ho

  1076. 1076 : toritorisan Says:

    For me, this is the best drama of the year (and one of my new all-time favorite dramas). It had a really good mixture of history, adventure, comedy, fantasy and romance. The cast was awesome and the storyline was unpredictable and kept me interested all the way through. Recently there was a trend this year with time travel dramas (Dr. Jin, Rooftop Prince and Queen Inhyeon’s Man – in addition to Faith). Faith is probably the most satisfying one of this genre.

  1077. 1077 : hesusa Says:

    now i watch dis drama..hopefully its interesting coz lee min ho is the 1 of my favorate ,actor in korean drama…fighting!!!!

  1078. 1078 : Shyne Says:

    This drama g0t me bored.. But …. Because of minhossi im goin to watch dis til da end….

  1079. 1079 : jinbo Says:

    ชอบละครเรื่องนี้มากค่ะ ดูหลายรอบแล้วสนุกมากๆ Lee min Ho แสดงดีมากๆค่ะ^_^

  1080. 1080 : 은독 Says:


  1081. 1081 : 은독 Says:


  1082. 1082 : Sophie Says:

    Hey,Faith fans,please vote faith as the BEST KOREAN DRAMA in 2012!

  1083. 1083 : May Wong Says:

    Excellent drama, excellent actor & actress, it’s really great!

  1084. 1084 : novii Says:

    good drama !! love daejang choi young BUT HATE THE ENDING SO MUCH !!!! very dissapointed TT___TT

  1085. 1085 : Arhei Says:

    Love this drama…I thing this will be the best drama for 2012….

  1086. 1086 : adhe airashii Says:

    good drama

  1087. 1087 : inis Says:

    The best drama!!

  1088. 1088 : peyutnduy Says:

    the ending was soooo typical… the main actors finally met each other again after a period of separation and without a certainty whether they became a couple. but by seeing his wide smile, let’s predict that they became one ;”)
    miss LMH already…

  1089. 1089 : huey Says:

    Most vote for this drama is bcs they like Lee Min Hoo. The rating in Korea is pretty low, the story plot is weaker than Rooftop Prince or Time Slip Dr Jin.

  1090. 1090 : Catz Says:

    For the cast especilly KHS n LHM, Faith is one of the best dramas in this year.

  1091. 1091 : sari tjen Says:

    Really hope for a kiss or a hugh scene at the ending, not just standing and smilimh each other…. Heemmm OMG! LMH with a thin mustace, really look more handsome… Try it someday at new serial…. Luv you KHS and LMH 😉

  1092. 1092 : Pont Pont Htun Says:

    i love KHS & LMH & also this drama

  1093. 1093 : jssfoo Says:


  1094. 1094 : Junita Says:

    Really can’t stop watching… Great story, not just some null story without value, but a story that teaches honesty and loyalty to the righteousness…
    Anyone else can recommend other drama with korean historical background? Interesting to know history of great country like Koreaa…

  1095. 1095 : ari Says:

    faith is superb drama… i like the leads, who hav done awesome job.. just love their acting… music is good..i recommend others who hav not watched.. to watch this drama…

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you lee min ho….

  1096. 1096 : sheena Says:

    I enjoy watching this drama. lee min hoo nice one. the ending really like it.

  1097. 1097 : Medhavi Says:

    Simply gry drama!!!!! Lee min ho was definetly the best….he is always my favourite:-*<3 and kim hee soon also did vry well…..both lukd gud togethr….vry thrilling, unpredictable and vry vry intrsting

    BUT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN ME THE ENDING!!!!! m sure if i understood!!

  1098. 1098 : raquel galan Says:

    fue la mejor telenovela me encanto todos los personajes la trama bien hecha especialmente com actua Lee Min Ho es el mas guapo de todos no le hece falta nada esta como quiere

  1099. 1099 : Jossy Says:

    It’s an awesome drama in 2012! Casts are charming, especially Lee Min Ho 🙂 Love him!

  1100. 1100 : jhemi Says:

    .lee min ho I`m addicted to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wohhhhhhhhhhhh

  1101. 1101 : cherry ann Says:

    I lOve this movie ..
    Especially LEE MIN HOO <3
    saranghae LEE MIN HOO im your Big FAn ..

  1102. 1102 : lintang Says:

    i love this drama

  1103. 1103 : lintang Says:

    lee min ho i love you, i like you’re drama

  1104. 1104 : Mariko Says:

    Love this drama so much…
    Oh, the way they love each other…
    I love historical film, but this film are my most favorite one…
    Lee Min Ho are a great actor, I love him since Boys Before Flower…
    Kim Hee Sun are a great actress to, I love her since Tomato…
    I absolutely recommended this drama to everyone who love Korean drama…

  1105. 1105 : pineapple Says:

    i love lee min ho, but i don’t think this drama is the best korean drama 2012, the are so many drama that better than this drama, please be more objective when we vote it. Thx.

  1106. 1106 : opeyemi Says:

    I really enjoy the drama,but I really want to knw wat happens finally to choi young n yun euu soo.wen will d remaining episode be produce?

  1107. 1107 : JENNYLANCHENG Says:

    i love the dram faith very beautiful story i love u minho

  1108. 1108 : Mahsa Says:

    i was just watching this drama becuz of min ho …one of the worse drama i have ever seen…was absolutely rubbish…. ….im big fan of Min ho but…be honest this drama doesn’t deserve to be the best drama of 2012…. there are too many other daram which are all best and No 1 ….
    im wonder why the faith and love rain must be on top …
    please do not vote to faith just because of lee min ho!!

  1109. 1109 : jenny lan cheng Says:

    leeminho the greatest superstar i love you fo reever
    koreans drama the bestin another drama

  1110. 1110 : Hanako Says:

    Fantastic drama very sad at many episodes but the profound love between The Commander and the Doctor from Heavens was great and also the love between the King & Queen. Rather sad for those good devoted followers of the Commander ( Lee Min Ho ) died for the King and the greed between those Princes were also terrible that caused many deaths. Overall the drama and story was real good , and all the actors and actresses acted so naturally that made the drama more excting . Should get an award for this drama with all those Main characters for this particular drama
    Best Historical Drama of this year 2012
    2nd best – The Moon that Embraces the Sun
    3rd best – The King 2 Hearts
    4th best – The Rooftop Prince

  1111. 1111 : Tracy Says:

    Faith was my first time seeing her in any drama/movie. She owned that show and I will definitely have to try to see all her works(past and present from now). She was the main character in that show and she carried it.

  1112. 1112 : Tracy Says:

    Faith was my first time seeing her(Kim Hee Sun) in any drama/movie. She owned that show and I will definitely have to try to see all her works(past and present from now). She was the main character in that show and she carried it.

  1113. 1113 : evzln666 Says:


  1114. 1114 : Christina Nguyen Says:

    It’s the best movie that I have ever seen!!i love lee min ho & Kim hee sun !!!!

  1115. 1115 : nuri Says:

    for all fans of lee min ho oppa, Let’s vote Faith to be winner the best korean drama 2012….

  1116. 1116 : Winter Says:

    I am very confused about the way this movie, what are you all??? (for me this movie is not good, only players are making hooked)
    when seen from his players, just lee min ho who work hard will this film and for the others I do not agree …

  1117. 1117 : Winter Says:

    I feel this is really not the best drama in the history of lee min ho and not the best drama in 2012!!!
    please do not vote to faith just b’cuz of lee min ho

  1118. 1118 : Karen Says:

    I loved this drama. It was what a drama should be and took me out of reality and was entertaining.

  1119. 1119 : Tracy Says:

    I agree! Do not vote because of Lee minho, but faith was good. I loved most every character in there, even the creepy bad guy , Gi Cheol. His laugh made me roll with laughter.

  1120. 1120 : minozyifan Says:

    i think lee min ho is very good.his performance is best and he is very skillful and focuses his energy on this drama…i love him very much…

  1121. 1121 : chacha Says:

    vote .. vote … the best drama 2012

  1122. 1122 : chacha Says:

    please ,, vote thi dama to win … i the best drama ever .. right ???

  1123. 1123 : sayra Says:

    please ,, vote this dama to win … i the best drama ever .. right ???

  1124. 1124 : sayra Says:

    please ,, vote thi dama to win … is the best drama ever .. right ??? 🙂

  1125. 1125 : ratuzeldha Says:

    Dear minoz..dont forget to vote faith., the best drama 2012

  1126. 1126 : l6e1n3 Says:

    oppa, winner!!!

  1127. 1127 : rahzu Says:

    some of u think this is not the best drama…but people got their own oppinion…for me, i’m not a fan of lee minho or othr actor..but i juz deeply fell in love with this drama…it is the best of the best i’ve watch. the other actor played their part so well, there is humor, conspiracy, love and fantasy…i’ve watch others drama but i just cant get the faith drama out of my head..i keep remembering the character especially deok man…luv the character sooo much…i also keep hearing their ost…owwhhh…i truly love this drama..<3<3<3

  1128. 1128 : nga nga Says:

    Minh muon binh chon cho Faith

  1129. 1129 : catz Says:

    why you think think this drama is not good? I have seen it many times that i have never done it before.

  1130. 1130 : jocelyn maldonado Says:

    I love you forever lee min ho… tienes muchas fans acá en Chile. ojala puedas algún día conocer <3 mi hermoso pais

  1131. 1131 : jocelyn maldonado Says:

    I love you forever lee min ho… saludos desde Chile…

  1132. 1132 : jocelyn maldonado Says:

    … saludos desde Chile…

  1133. 1133 : Park Yong Rae Says:


  1134. 1134 : Park Yong Rae Says:

    This series will keep you glued to your seat from the beginning till the end. This is a highly recommended drama.

  1135. 1135 : Park Yong Rae Says:

    Please vote for this drama during the voting period of ” 2012 BEST KOREAN DRAMA”

  1136. 1136 : seila Says:

    faith is good drama ever , right ??
    vote ,, vote ,,

    salam indonesia

  1137. 1137 : lina07 Says:

    kindly vote for FAITH….Please..Please…
    RTP is leading now…

  1138. 1138 : 蕾蕾 Says:

    I like very much•﹏•!

  1139. 1139 : chenlei Says:

    this is my favourite drama~!

  1140. 1140 : Lee Min Young Says:

    Yes, definitely! This is a great drama and must be voted for!

  1141. 1141 : Song Jae Young Says:

    GREAT DRAMA~ Please vote! VOtE Vote VOTE!

  1142. 1142 : Park Yi Yun Says:

    Excellent show! DEFINITELY A MUST WATCH! #1

  1143. 1143 : nuri Says:

    If you love this drama, please Vote…vote….vote….

  1144. 1144 : Lorena Segovia Says:

    Genial , adoro dramas coreanos , sobretodo Lee min Ho

  1145. 1145 : venesia Says:

    i always vote for this drama everyday…never vote for rooftop although its a good drama though, but i’m surprise people doesn’t really like drama GHOST/PHANTOM thats really good drama too, different from other..thanks.

  1146. 1146 : Annie Says:

    Vote for faith

  1147. 1147 : marlene Says:

    Vote for FAITH!!! Dear fan of Lee Min Ho, please let us support him!!!

  1148. 1148 : yuan Says:

    I am minoz!!!love min ho

  1149. 1149 : -Autumn- Says:

    KHS still looks pretty and young despite she being a mother. LMH’s acting has improved a lot. He really put a lot of effort in polishing his acting skills.

  1150. 1150 : teresa ocaña Says:

    me encanto de principio a final… debe haber una segunda parte porrfaaaaaaa¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  1151. 1151 : karan Says:

    vote this drama !!!

  1152. 1152 : nuri Says:

    for all lovers this drama remaining 11 days , we need your support. take your time for a vote this drama. please vote…vote…vote….

  1153. 1153 : Ornella McKenzie Says:

    I vote for this drama!

  1154. 1154 : 爱他 Says:


  1155. 1155 : minbo Says:

    this drama is good!

  1156. 1156 : Diana Says:

    voto por este, me encanto!!

  1157. 1157 : Falana Helen Says:

    Very interesting.

  1158. 1158 : nuri Says:

    hai guys….Don’t forget to vote this drama every day. RTP is leading now.

  1159. 1159 : blossom_maya Says:

    Please vote for FAITH!Indeed a masterpiece!Go FAITH!

  1160. 1160 : blossom_maya Says:

    Please for vote fro FAITH! Truly a masterpiece!The story is great and the actors gave their best!Go FAITH!

  1161. 1161 : Casey Coki12 Says:

    Gotta luv Lee Min Ho in this drama.
    VOTED for Faith!!!!! 🙂

  1162. 1162 : aynur küpoğlu Says:

    plase for vote for FAITH ! ındeed a masterpiece ! Go FAITH !

  1163. 1163 : erychris Says:

    Can someone tell me where i should vote? What is the address to vote?

  1164. 1164 : alexis Says:

    at this site,2012 best korean drama..pls continue voting!

  1165. 1165 : tigerb Says:

    @erychris #1163: click on upper left hand corner “Korean Drama 2012”, it will open up the voting page. good luck!

  1166. 1166 : jane okawa Says:

    will keep voting for Faith…. really really enjoyed watching it.
    GO Faith!

    Lee Min Ho <3

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  1167. 1167 : matteo lhucaz sacapanio basco Says:


  1168. 1168 : yullieanne Says:

    sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bangeetttt!!!!

  1169. 1169 : apple Says:

    I vote this drama series lee min ho deserving to be a best actor this year
    saranghae minho lee! we all know that u have millions of fans dying to loving u aja fighting….

  1170. 1170 : lynnx Says:

    vote!vote!vote Faith for Lee Min Ho. He did a very good job on the drama. He should be the best actor in this year. Minho Xi, we love you so much.

  1171. 1171 : 누나 Says:

    Vote for 이민호 남동생. Vote for 신의

  1172. 1172 : Habeeba Lawal Says:

    I vote for FAITH because it’s so awesome. My best character’s are General choi young his Doctor, Kim Hee Sun.

  1173. 1173 : Sophie Says:

    Please VOTE for Faith!This drama has got 20 less votes than Rooftop Prince(who is the most voted drama at the moment)!

  1174. 1174 : Abz Says:

    Wow this drama was absolutely BRILLIANT Lee Min Ho at his best so far!! vote for this drama!!

  1175. 1175 : jane okawa Says:

    yeah! Faith got 31.59% and currently leading the poll…..
    Keeping voting guys 😉

    Lee Min Ho ssi & Faith – FIGHTING!

  1176. 1176 : Yi Yeun Says:


  1177. 1177 : lina07 Says:

    please vote for our FAITH…23 more votes…please…please…please…

  1178. 1178 : cute saranghe Says:

    oh my god this drama was very cool and enjoyable to watch.

  1179. 1179 : aynur küpoğlu Says:


  1180. 1180 : Aimi Says:

    Please vote for [email protected] great doctor płeàse please please i want faith win not Rooftop Prince i don’t like rooftop prince please vote for faith EvEryDay!!!!!and rootop prince is not the populor and best drama!

  1181. 1181 : nuri Says:

    hai guys where are you…..? Rooftop prince is leading again, ah…no…. please don’t forget for voting faith everyday. need your support guys.

  1182. 1182 : Jason Says:

    Guys tell all the fandoms of minho to vote.I don’t want that douchbag idol called Park yoo chun to win all these popularity awards…That asshole doesn’t even know how to act.

  1183. 1183 : alexis Says:

    i agree!Faith should be the number one!please continue voting!With FAITH,to be number one is possible!Fighting!

  1184. 1184 : Suan Cheung Says:

    I very like Min Ho’s acting in Faith. Faith should be the number one ! AJa….Min Ho !

  1185. 1185 : Star lay Says:

    Pls vote Faith…quickly ..otherwise .. other drama will be top in vote…

    let’s vote..Fighting.. Help Help

  1186. 1186 : ravali Says:

    faith should be number1!!!!:)

  1187. 1187 : ravali Says:

    faith is the best!!!!!:)

  1188. 1188 : KDaddict Says:

    It is really a tight race between Faith and RTP. Rt now, RTP is ahead by 103 votes. This is not so much a fight for the Best drama, but a show of who has the more committed fans. Good luck.

  1189. 1189 : tigerb Says:

    am wondering: for those who voted for dramas placing 3-8, since this contest is basically fan based, towards the end, would they change their minds and vote for the first two. that would be something to see who has more fans!

  1190. 1190 : jane okawa Says:

    come on guys…. just keep voting till the end for Faith & our Lee Min Ho!!
    Fight till the end like general Choi Young…..haha

    GO Faith GO Aja! Aja!

  1191. 1191 : kanchana Says:

    faith the best……….

  1192. 1192 : kanchana Says:

    faith shld the number 1

  1193. 1193 : Aimee Says:

    Minoz, please don’t forget to cast your vote everyday to make Faith on top again.

  1194. 1194 : Mei Says:

    Please continue voting for FAITH!It deserves to be the number one!For Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun fans out there, let us do it!

  1195. 1195 : Ye Ji min Says:


  1196. 1196 : Ye Jin Says:

    Yes, Faith is leading now by only a few votes. Please keep voting. Please….

  1197. 1197 : Tonette Says:

    Please keep voting!..We can do it! FAITH can make it to the number one spot!

  1198. 1198 : jane okawa Says:

    Yeah…. together we CAN do it….let’s go guys!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE
    for Faith – Fighting!!!!! think i will have a heart attack by the end of this year lol 🙂

    My top 2 dramas of 2012:
    1- Faith
    2- A Gentleman’s Dignity (love Jang Dong Gun oppa too, HE’s awesome!)

  1199. 1199 : jane okawa Says:

    GO Faith! GOOOOO….
    NO. 1 in my book
    dun care what other people said…

  1200. 1200 : Marielle Fuentes Says:

    Plssss vote faith!!!! go go go

  1201. 1201 : Denise Fuentes Says:

    Go faith!!!

  1202. 1202 : Anomynous Says:

    I can’t forget you, Eun Soo, I think you ‘re one of the beautiful Korean actress that I had ever seen. So cute when you wearing the amour suit. I want to be the warrior and take you away from Choi Young and live happily ever after because he dull and I ‘m not.

  1203. 1203 : sera Says:


  1204. 1204 : melo Says:

    I can’t forget you, Eun Soo, I think you ‘re one of the beautiful Korean actress that I had ever seen. So cute when you wearing the amour suit. I want to be the warrior and take you away from Choi Young and live happily ever after because he dull and I ‘m not.

  1205. 1205 : jane okawa Says:

    hey melo, no one can take Eun Soo away from general Choi Young. They belong to each other, such a cute couple. I love their on-screen chemistry. And yes, Eun Soo is a beautiful doc…who wouldn’t fall for her?!
    Also, Choi Young is not dull….he’s adorable 🙂

    GO Faith
    Lee Min Ho ssi – Fighting!

  1206. 1206 : Aimee Says:

    Let’s keep voting….

  1207. 1207 : alexis Says:

    The voting has nearly come to its end,what we need is to put FAITH at the number one spot!please continue voting!VOTE,VOTE and WIN!

  1208. 1208 : ROCIO PARRA Says:


  1209. 1209 : JENNY PARRA Says:


  1210. 1210 : JENNY ROCIO PARRA Says:

    QUE GANE -………………FE……………….- LEE MIN HO………….♥♥♥GANADOR

  1211. 1211 : CARLOS CALDERON Says:


  1212. 1212 : elia Says:

    It was a really nice drama.

  1213. 1213 : elia Says:

    Awww…. AND, I hope that it wins this year’s best drama award.

  1214. 1214 : jane okawa Says:

    Faith 32.81%

    Aja! Fighting!!

    Let’s GO….

  1215. 1215 : venesia Says:

    go FAITH…go LEE MIN HO always suport him…^^

  1216. 1216 : lamjingbi Says:

    I wish I were Eun soo then i’l be wit choi young <3 <3 hehe :p :p
    Go faith!! Fighting!!

  1217. 1217 : lina07 Says:

    we still have 4 more days to WIN the award.
    Please vote again…and again….for our FAITH…for our Choi Young & Eun Soo…..Fighting….

  1218. 1218 : dee Says:

    go FAITH.. yeyy.. 32,95%.. Fighting.
    i fall in love with u Lee Min Ho..

  1219. 1219 : lina07 Says:

    please vote…vote…vote…

  1220. 1220 : She2012 Says:

    Continue voting for FAITH please until the end of the competition! Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun are great actors!This drama has been my past time and the songs in it are my alarm and ring tone!…The BEST!

  1221. 1221 : priya Says:

    da best drama i have ever seen..

  1222. 1222 : Sophie Says:

    Faith needs 20 votes to be the first!Just 3 days remained!Vote for faith!

  1223. 1223 : jane okawa Says:

    only 3 days left to vote….
    GO Faith GO

    Aja! Aja!

  1224. 1224 : alexis Says:

    Please,please continue voting!We can make it!Aja!

  1225. 1225 : Marielle Fuentes Says:

    Please!!!! continue voting!!!!!!

    Do it for lee min ho!!!!!!

    Go faith!!!!!!!!

    sarang heyo lee min ho

  1226. 1226 : Analice Says:


    where are you fans? please vote for Faith, it’s really the best drama
    three days left for the final round, please vote until “Faith” win, you can do it, Faithing ….Aja!

  1227. 1227 : Analice Says:

    You are the best Le min hi sshi & Kim hee sun ^^

    sarangheyo ^^

  1228. 1228 : Maya Says:

    Please, please, please FAITH troops, LMH and KHS fans, continuously vote!…

  1229. 1229 : katherine Says:

    lee minho .. i iolize you hope your drama will win ..

  1230. 1230 : katherine Says:

    vote for faith .. as in ..more more vote please ..

  1231. 1231 : ridha Says:

    kurang romantis 😐

  1232. 1232 : Aimee Says:

    Keep voting, only three days left. Let’s still try to put Faith back to no. 1…

  1233. 1233 : They she wae Says:

    Drama faith,memang daebak ^^

  1234. 1234 : fatt Says:

    i like so much this drama

  1235. 1235 : fatt Says:

    this is the best drama i have never seen

    love you Kim Hee Sun you were so cute , natural and spontaneous

  1236. 1236 : tuboh Says:

    faith will sure prevail. we keep the FAITH alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  1237. 1237 : Maya Says:

    We are number one…please continue voting!God Bless!

    There is no other great drama than FAITH!

  1238. 1238 : Semilla Says:

    Please sign this petition for the book of Faith to be translated into English! Let Writer Song and her publisher know that there is a demand for it!

  1239. 1239 : jane okawa Says:

    yeah tuboh, we WILL keep “FAITH” alive!!!!! 🙂 🙂
    Just cast my vote again…. and again….
    Faith 33.39% @ No.1 spot -> that’s what am talking about guys

    Keep voting till Dec. 31st for Faith
    General Choi Young & Eun Soo – FIGHTING!!
    GOOOOO Faith!

  1240. 1240 : jane okawa Says:

    GO Faith!


  1241. 1241 : jane okawa Says:

    FAITH up to 33.41% @ this hour…. YAY!
    Keep moving baby!!!!

    Lee Min Ho – Fighting! 🙂

  1242. 1242 : Rosa Huarcaya Says:

    faith….. good!!!

  1243. 1243 : alexis Says:

    Keep voting!FAITH is fated to be number one! We can make it!

  1244. 1244 : reshma Says:

    this one is the best drama i ever watched…. lee min hoo jst for you…. go get it… fighting 🙂

  1245. 1245 : francisca Says:

    Todas las series de lee min ho me gustan las he visto todas pero me pasa algo especial con faith cada capitulo que veía sentía que mi corazón latía mas y mas y cada ves mas rápido no quería dejar de verla y que tampoco terminara cada sentimientos que interpretaban me hacían sentir como que lo estuviera viviendo yo misma.Definitivamente faith para mis es la mejor serie.

  1246. 1246 : francisca Says:

    Todas las series de lee min ho me gustan las he visto todas pero me pasa algo especial con faith cada capitulo que veía sentía que mi corazón latía mas y mas y cada ves mas rápido no quería dejar de verla y que tampoco terminara cada sentimientos que interpretaban me hacían sentir como si lo estuviera viviendo yo misma.Definitivamente faith para mis es la mejor serie.

  1247. 1247 : JAMELIE R. HOMILLADA Says:

    its one of the best after bae yong joon the legend…happy to saw some of the places during the legend…..their love story was such a unique one….lots of life lessons to b learned in this project…and hoping for a sequel of this on what will happen to their love story of Cui ying and medical cents….two thumbs up for this project!!!:)

  1248. 1248 : she Says:

    Please supporting FAITH by casting your votes!Dec.31 is near. Faith is one of a kind drama,something that u will look forward to and i know guys u love Faith too!LMH and KHS fans dnt miss the opportunity to make this drama number one!

  1249. 1249 : Bubbles Says:

    Please,please vote!Faith is the best drama ive ever seen!

  1250. 1250 : yati Says:

    for admin : why every time i was voting always appear “Thank you, we have already counted your vote” that’s mean my IP and my vote has been denied.when I do it on different days and hours

    (@yati from admin: That’s mean your IP already used by other people to vote in this poll. It should be you are using share Ip address.)

  1251. 1251 : Aimee Says:

    Let’s keep our votes rolling and try to put back Faith to the top spot. Only few days left. Fighting….

  1252. 1252 : Stoneheart Says:

    Hello, LMH fans, why are you silly? You know this drama doesn’t deserve to be the best drama. It is not even funny or love story is compelling. Bad directing, annoying music. Now I am tired of seeing faith as number one. Too bad.

  1253. 1253 : pamela Says:

    me encanto este dorama y todos los que son actuados por LMH el es muy buen actor apesar de lo joven que es … felicidades a todos en korea tiene muy buenos actores.

  1254. 1254 : ROCIO PARRA Says:


  1255. 1255 : anita. stamaria Says:

    i will support you every time u do a new drama minho ure the best actor for me u ate my super idol so keep up the good job that u have done so u can receive meny more award frm ure Fans her in PHIL FIGHTING MINHO 🙂

  1256. 1256 : happy默默187 Says:

    Just for Lee Minho.

  1257. 1257 : VERONICA Says:


  1258. 1258 : nazi Says:

    every body who likes this drama and LMO should come and vote, there is some time yet!!!!!!!!!!
    so please come to:

  1259. 1259 : Bubbles Says:

    Please vote,vote,vote!There isnt much time left! There is no other drama comparable to FAITH!

  1260. 1260 : KDaddict Says:

    OMG, this show is ahead by ONLY 7 votes! I hope this one wins in the end, so that all those ppl who hated it so much on this thread early on in its run can be surprised. Good luck.

  1261. 1261 : Stoneheart Says:

    Just theLMH popularity for his appearance. Not for real talent. The drama that really deserve to be the best drama are not here, just the fans’war. I don’t care. If this drama gets an award at the SBS, will be just the popularity award, not for excellent award.

  1262. 1262 : Yi Yeun Says:


  1263. 1263 : jane okawa Says:

    whether u people out there hate it or love it….
    FAITH still got my nod for No. 1 spot on the listl! and the next one is A Gentleman’s Dignity!! Jang Dong Gun oppa IS amazing & he’s gorgeous as ever 🙂 Love both dramas.

    2 days left to vote – we gotta win this battle lol 🙂

    Aja, FIGHTING!

  1264. 1264 : jane okawa Says:

    FAITH 33.98%

    General Choi Young needs some reinforcements

    Let’s GOOOOO guys!!!!!

  1265. 1265 : True2You Says:

    awesome drama..they should do a sequel…you guys won’t be disappointed..Min Ho..did an awesome job portraying General Choi…Going to miss this drama..I”m about to watch it again…

  1266. 1266 : jane okawa Says:

    @True2You: totally totally agree w/u 🙂 Have enjoyed every minute of it.
    I’m gonna replay the whole drama of Faith this weekend….haha

    GO Faith!
    Lee Min Ho <3

  1267. 1267 : Bubbles Says:

    i have tried a lot of time voting FAITH every 24 hours but my Ip is denied.But, this does stop me in finding ways to vote.Please FAITH fans, always cast your votes!2 days left!I cant move on with this drama. FAITH will win!

  1268. 1268 : Bubbles Says:

    i mean im finding ways to vote! Go FAÎTH!

  1269. 1269 : Joy Says:

    I can’t say about myself being a LMH fan, more a drama lover, so I watch almost every drama airing. For 2012 I have 3 favourite drama, but only Faith is here in this top, so I continue voting it 🙂 for the best of 2012. And from this top of 8, it’s obvious FAITH IS THE BEST ONE!

  1270. 1270 : Aimi Says:

    Please tell your all friends,to vote faith…..i dont want RP will win i want [email protected] great foctor please!!!! \o/

  1271. 1271 : Lenny Says:

    Always support and vote Faith drama and actor Lee Min Ho

  1272. 1272 : Marielle Louise Fuentes Says:

    Keep voting faith!!!!

    vote for generAL CHOI YOUNG!!!!!

  1273. 1273 : Marielle Louise Fuentes Says:


  1274. 1274 : Marielle Louise Fuentes Says:

    gO MINOZ!!!!!!!!

  1275. 1275 : jane okawa Says:

    FAITH -> 34.1%

    Aja, FIGHTING!

  1276. 1276 : coolit Says:

    You guys i dont know whats on your mind, pls dont play like dumb ass. You on yourself knows that faith isnt that great and did not deserve to be the best in 2012…….we are voting for the best drama not for actor.

  1277. 1277 : Faith Says:

    Keep voting!Well make it til d end!Faith,Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun have done great performances!Go!

  1278. 1278 : zhelmanuel Says:

    For me FAITH is the best… It’s my opinion

  1279. 1279 : Tw Says:

    I don’t know why this drama gets many awards,, come on it’s about drama right, it’s boring,, their acting is not good, Kim soo hyun, soong joong ki, gong yoo, their acting is really good,, sorry I think this drama undeserves get the awards.

  1280. 1280 : mellyanti Says:

    Lee minho is the best actor, he just not have a good looking, but he also a multi talented actor in korea.. PeopLe who says not good,just jealous and worried coz this drama can get the awards.. If this drama can get the awards.. I think the producer must make the faith season 2.. Ciayoooo…!!!

  1281. 1281 : mellyanti Says:

    Come on vote this drama.. Its a touched story between choi young and eun soo.. Very funny when see choi young in a year 2012, and takes eun soo to last time, soo Its just not about the story,but the feeling and emotion can be see in their eyes after long time no see.. In the last episode,u can see their face.. Eyes to eyes.. Its very very makes this film have a true ١٥٧٤ ♥͡…

  1282. 1282 : Faith Says:

    This drama is one of the finest!LMH has shown one of his best performances.Kim Hee Sun,well its my first time to see her but she made me believe that she is one of the best in beauty and acting!Go Faith!Please continue voting!

  1283. 1283 : jane Says:

    Faith is the best…MINOZ don’t mind the bashers, they are just jealous… TOO MUCH JEALOUSY WILL KILL YOU:)

  1284. 1284 : loveminho Says:


  1285. 1285 : nena Says:

    LOVE THIS DRAMA!!so math. Faith is the best…MINOZ
    Lee minho is the best actor^^and this drama can get the awards..
    Keep voting!Well make it til d end!Faith,Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun have done great performances!Go Go

  1286. 1286 : Maya Says:

    FAITH is the best! Continue voting!

    Im missing Choi Young and Yoo Eun Soo! How i wish there will be a part two!

    Vote, vote, vote1

  1287. 1287 : Vhin Says:

    what is this? this is so boring i can’t even dare to finish this drama. 24 episodes? haha. i got stucked at ep5. why? i got bored. i’d rather watch rooftop prince, Innocent Man and others couple of times than to watch this. and yet best drama for 2012? OMG!! hha. If this win, i don’t know. hha. This doesn’t deserve to win. why does this rank first anyway? Pls don’t look at the actor. i know Lee Min Ho is good but the poll says “Best Korean Drama” and not actor/actress. If it is to be seen like that, i’ll still vote for anything else other than this. He isn’t the best actor anyway and looking at its rating in Korea, do you still think this is the best. Come on! haha. I’m not saying this because i hate Lee Min ho. This is my opinion. I don’t need any comments regarding this. I hope that this would open your minds and vote for the best and deserving”DRAMA” for 2012. Happy New Year everyone.

  1288. 1288 : reshma Says:

    any thing for LMH…. i will see you for real one day LMH….. i so want to..

  1289. 1289 : Jason Says:

    @Vhin Go back to your freaking Yoochun’s ass.That overrated piece of shit idol doesn’t deserve every fucking awards like he is winning.He won’t die if he lose this one.

  1290. 1290 : POOCHAI Says:

    back off haters of faith !!!

    faith is really a good one, just like rooftop but we love Faith the MOST.
    dont be so mad just remember this, they are on the same comp. SBS!!!



  1291. 1291 : December Says:

    With FAITH, I don`t know if there is other drama which can beat it. The plot, casting, place and the actors are all great!

    Whatever the result is, FAITH is still number ONE!

    But, we should never lose FAITH!Aja!Vote now!

  1292. 1292 : December Says:

    Vote, vote, vote!

    For the FAITH haters, why dont you finish watching the drama, Im sure you guys will love it.

    Continue voting!

  1293. 1293 : Amy Gaus Says:

    pls vote for faith this is great.. all the haters of faith watch all the episode so you can understand why faith is to be the best korean drama this 2012… i watch this 4x still amazing and so touching.. the cast did there best specially lee min ho and kim hee sun.. Bravo all the cast of faith..

    i miss imja couple:) we should never lose FAITH fighting! VOTEVOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE NOw!

  1294. 1294 : Debarati dhar Says:

    i like lee min…and this drama is awesome

  1295. 1295 : Debarati dhar Says:

    i also voted for this drama 3-4 times….

  1296. 1296 : jane Says:

    Please pm to other. TO WIN IT!
    Vote using your computer, laptop and mobile phone w/ internet. Go to the nearest computer shops to vote!
    1. VOTE “Faith (SBS)” here: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=23799.
    2. Official Award – Want Lee Minho (이민호) to get an award(s) on SBS Drama Awards 2012? Link on how to register and vote:
    You can vote using your PC, Laptop, and Mobile Phone MINOZ! Let’s prove how FAITHFUL and UNITED minoz are! Kindly Share this! Pls. cooperate!

  1297. 1297 : jane okawa Says:

    Calling all the FAITH lovers: only 1 day left to vote…. try to cast as many votes as u can….bcoz it’s one good way to show our love & support for this drama and its main actors ^^

    Love Faith 🙂 Love Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun <3 <3
    Keep voting till the end guys.

    GO Faith! GO! Aja!!

  1298. 1298 : mae ri Says:

    oh, come on, we all here in philippines love lee min ho, not only because he is good looking but also he’s talented, most of all this drama is historical, i don’t know much about the history of korea but this drama is the best, touching and boring, those who don’t appreciate the theme of this drama is really stupid, if you’re bored then just don’t watch it, don’t put a non-sense comment…

  1299. 1299 : 张家清 Says:

    I like this movie very much . It is the best drama I have ever watch

  1300. 1300 : 937yang Says:

    please be patient….
    u have ur own drama desire….i hav also mine….so be the best drama wins.

    i already seen Faith and its good but i believe no one can beat my fav drama even though there r lot of haters.. i really love the story line of that drama

  1301. 1301 : tsuki_ko Says:

    i think the story of this drama is good, and acting between actor and actress is good, and i can understand the ending about this drama, but i think , if we must choose to vote the best drama, we must see the line stories of drama not only see the aactor/ actress thet we like.

  1302. 1302 : Vhin Says:

    @Jason .. Haha like what i’ve said i don’t hate Lee Min Ho.. i like his previous dramas – BOF and City Hunter.. but in this case, comparing just compare their stories and see for yourself. and what about Yoo Chun did i emphasize him? hha.. did i tell you that i like him? LOL.and why do you hate him so much? do you feel insecure about him? Come on!!! hha. Besides, there are so many actors/actresses!! i don’t stick to just one. i don’t know about you?? hha.. plz don’t be mad. this is my opinion that’s all.. as what i’ve said earlier i don’t want any responses about my comment. thanks. wake up already from your delusions. 🙂

  1303. 1303 : Vhin Says:

    *ooopss typo error. just ignore “comparing” in the second line above.. 🙂

  1304. 1304 : Vhin Says:

    guys.. pls remember that i am not a fan of Rooftop Prince. i was just shocked that this drama ranked first in the poll so i watched it but unfortunately i wasn’t amazed by it. i just don’t know about you guys why you vote for this. you exaggerate the drama since LMH is the actor. don’t look at the actor pls see for yourself what is the best drama for 2012. in fact, i enjoy AGD better than this – comedy but with sense. also, remember that i am not an anti-fan of Faith. Just saying . xD

  1305. 1305 : Vhin Says:

    and also i am not AGD’s fan . xD

  1306. 1306 : wangjy Says:


  1307. 1307 : wangjy Says:


  1308. 1308 : wangjy Says:


  1309. 1309 : jastine Says:

    You know you will like this movie if you will understand the story and how you get along with there emotions. I really like this movie (in my opinion) no hate comments tnx 🙂


  1310. 1310 : katherine Says:

    guys .. you have to vote .. more an more ..

  1311. 1311 : katherine Says:

    guys .. dont argue .. what ever happens all the actresses and actors is deserve to be win .. because they all make there best effort to do those korean drama for the sake of the viewers … its just they consider as a friendly competition.

  1312. 1312 : bigmamanee Says:

    I really like Lee Min Ho and Kim hee sun.
    Vote “Faith” no.1 in my heart. . . . fighting!

  1313. 1313 : katherine Says:

    you have to love whatever happens

  1314. 1314 : katherine Says:

    vote vote vote …….

  1315. 1315 : coolit Says:

    I cant stand watching this drama so boring it makes me sleepy. And if im not mistaken there is a stoy similar to this it likes an old american movie but i cant remember the title. At first i thought it was a good drama bcoz LMH is the main actor but its probobly wrong it was just a waste of money coz i even buy a copy of this.

  1316. 1316 : katherine Says:

    dont be so cruel coolit .. your own opinion should be by yourself because every fan here can be hurt . by saying that to there idol or the one there like ..

  1317. 1317 : 杨杨 Says:


  1318. 1318 : Mems Says:

    One more day left!

    Please vote, vote!

    FAITH should be the number one!

    To all LMH, KHS and FAITH fans, AJA!

  1319. 1319 : Anna Says:

    How can i vote? I love faith

  1320. 1320 : katherine Says:

    faith is leading ..

  1321. 1321 : aynur küpoğlu Says:


  1322. 1322 : katherine Says:

    vote more and more … haha,.. i am guaring the score wahaha

  1323. 1323 : katherine Says:

    vote more and more .. i am guarding the score .. hahah

  1324. 1324 : hohani-jiho Says:

    drama faith…jumpa anda di puncak kejayaan…oh yes!!!

  1325. 1325 : Faith Says:

    Regardless of anyone else’s opinion, I honestly loved this drama and can definitely say it was one of the best drama I have seen this year. I even have an urge to watch it over again. 😀

    In regards of the people who says based on their own perspective of the drama to not have been the best, this movie ranks one of the best only because of LMH’s fans, we all can agree that people have different opinions. If we liked the drama, there’s really no use of coming on here to try and change our minds. Just because your preference differs, doesn’t mean everyone else who you disagree with is being bias. I personally loved the drama therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you thought another drama was better.

    May the best drama win. 🙂

  1326. 1326 : ridha Says:

    This story is very random you know. When i open this website and faith get 1st?!! I dont think that faith is a good drama and you just like the actor Lee Min Hoo. I am a fan of LMH too i love him so much. But i dont like this drama. So i vote rooftop prince 3times and arang & the magistrate 1 time xD. Just sayin

  1327. 1327 : kdrama Says:

    Overall, I really liked this drama. To be honest, I found Yoo Eun Soo rather annoying and Choi Young very dull at the beginning. However, the love story between the two very different people makes the drama all the better. It’s fascinating to watch the two gradually fall in love and even change each other’s character by the end. Many times, I felt like crying while watching this drama. It’s a very bittersweet love that they have. Aside from that, the more I watched Choi Young, the more in love I was with this character. He is stubborn and doesn’t know how to show his true feelings but his aggressiveness shows just how much he cares about Eun Soo. He often yells at her because he cares, he often chase after her because he cares, just anything he does is because he cares. I learned to sympathize his character and was very satisfied that by the end, he knew how to be happy because of Eun Soo.

    On the other hand, I don’t understand people who come on here to bash, especially stating that they’ve only watched up to part 5. How can you give a truthful opinion about this drama if you haven’t even given it a chance. How can you possibly judge whether or not this drama is great when you have barely begun.

  1328. 1328 : yinka Says:

    To me, faith is the best season drama av ever watched.i just love it.

  1329. 1329 : -Autumn- Says:

    Is a nice drama. I love the drama and the chemistry between LMH and KHS, despite their age gap. LMH’s acting skill really improved a lot! I am not saying this because I am a fan of him, as I am not. Is so touching and cute when CY is protecting ES.

    But I am confused. I didn’t understand with the notes left behind for ES. She left the notes for herself but she can’t remember. The last few episodes are too rush. They seem to rush to end the drama. All of the sudden, the powerful people become weak and people died easily without putting a good fight. Anyway, I am still confused with the drama.

  1330. 1330 : justine Says:


  1331. 1331 : xiaona Says:

    the first

  1332. 1332 : jane okawa Says:

    Faith @ No.1 spot right now
    Just wish that A Gentleman’s Dignity can move up to second spot 🙂


    Happy New Year everyone!!

  1333. 1333 : Min Says:

    Keep voting. We’re @ 1st place

  1334. 1334 : shosho Says:

    The best
    happy new year:-D
    Fighting 😉

  1335. 1335 : 汤冰 Says:


  1336. 1336 : 汤冰 Says:

    Favorite Lee Min Ho, to refuel, oh MINOZ never support you

  1337. 1337 : MINOZ T子 Says:

    Min-ho brother, refueling

  1338. 1338 : MINOZ T子 Says:

    Lee Min Ho, 2013 to come to China to yo

  1339. 1339 : Mich Says:

    Minoz please support lee min ho! Faith must win

  1340. 1340 : lina07 Says:

    dear all,

    Our FAITH no 2 right now,…please vote…..
    76 more votes to go…

  1341. 1341 : lina07 Says:

    every one have their own opinion and i really love this drama. not just because of the actor & actress but the story line.
    i just knew LMH when watched this drama.
    just for our FAITH…keep voting…73 more votes…

  1342. 1342 : curt Says:

    Star light, star bright
    first star i see tonight
    wish i may, wish i might
    i hope they’re wish
    won’t come true tonight
    he he he!

    We’re on the lead again!

  1343. 1343 : chen Says:

    love you lee

  1344. 1344 : coolit Says:

    NICE curt

  1345. 1345 : shweshna Says:

    faith must win…fightin

  1346. 1346 : minoz Says:


  1347. 1347 : 張家清 Says:

    Faith is the best Korean movie I have ever seen.

  1348. 1348 : yinjiaojiao Says:


  1349. 1349 : Grace Says:

    Good , Fighting

  1350. 1350 : Mei Says:

    Only few hours left!Please vote!

    FAITH is the best!

  1351. 1351 : Nona Says:

    My favorite as long as lee is the star in it

  1352. 1352 : Mehrafarin ezzati Says:

    Lee min ho is one of the best actor that I see , I love his personality . I wish the best for him.

  1353. 1353 : katherine Says:

    guys .. keep voting .. pls…

  1354. 1354 : hohani-jiho Says:

    yes…i vote “faith @ the great doctor” …lee min ho..no1..

  1355. 1355 : Lee Philip | Magic Elixir Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor (SBS, 2012) Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) A Man’s Story (KBS2, 2009) The Legend (MBC, 2007) […]

  1356. 1356 : squareruth Says:

    ill vote FAITh. lee min ho..your the best!

  1357. 1357 : jane okawa Says:

    We need some reinforcements….
    Let’s GO guys!

    FAITH must WIN – Fighting!!!!! 🙂

  1358. 1358 : jane okawa Says:

    GO Faith!

    GO Lee Min Ho <3

  1359. 1359 : jane okawa Says:

    Faith got 35.81% of the votes @ this hour
    only 4 hrs left?!
    Keep voting…..

    Aja, Fighting!

  1360. 1360 : 吴翔 Says:


  1361. 1361 : katherine Says:

    guys… vote an vote ..

  1362. 1362 : jane okawa Says:

    GO Faith….


  1363. 1363 : Daniela Says:

    Faith <3 !!!!
    I Love you Lee Min Ho !!!!

  1364. 1364 : nazi Says:

    what’s wrong!?
    come on guys keep voooteeeinggggg!
    hurry upppppppppp…………..

  1365. 1365 : Joana Says:

    Faith <3

  1366. 1366 : ashley Says:

    what website can we vote in?

  1367. 1367 : wf Says:


  1368. 1368 : Matutina Says:


    You lost.

    Here a tip. Don’t insult your competitor, we, Rooftop Prince fans. Because we didn’t start the name-calling and insults.

    And you know what, it only made us more determined to win.

    Plus Rooftop Prince is waaay better than Faith.

    Happy New Year! Or better luck next time. Bwahahaha!

  1369. 1369 : imene Says:

    the faith <3 <3

  1370. 1370 : imene Says:

    i love the faith

  1371. 1371 : Vhin Says:

    @Matutina Yeah right.. hha

  1372. 1372 : Vhin Says:

    Faith just ranked second. :(. How sad. haha

  1373. 1373 : crys Says:

    this dorama is the best yessssssssss

  1374. 1374 : nuri Says:

    i was disppointed, RTP a winner the best korean drama of 2012. for me faith is the best, hopefully faith will get other awards

  1375. 1375 : Joy Says:

    rooftop prince sucks! only because its fans voted 12-20-100 /day it doesn’t make that drama any better! you may see that on other sites other people enjoy faith much more because it is really great! so enjoy your poor victory, because that drama is poor too. happy new year to everybody!

  1376. 1376 : Matutina Says:


    Bitter, Table for one is ready. Bwahahaha!

    Rooftop Prince Awards:

    2012 koreandrama.org‘s Awards : The Best Korean Drama of 2012
    2012 1st German Remarkable Korean Awards: Best Korean Drama
    2012 1st German Remarkable Korean Awards: Best Actor (Park Yuchun)
    2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards: Excellence Award, Actress (Han Ji-min)
    2012 5th Korea Drama Awards: Best Actress Award (Han Ji Min)
    2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: Excellent Korean Drama
    2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: People’s Choice Award (Korea) (Park Yoochun)
    2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actor (Park Yoochun)
    2012 7th Seoul International Drama Awards: Outstanding Korean Actress (Han Ji Min)
    2012 Mnet 20′s Choice Awards: 20′s Drama Star (Female) (Han Ji Min)

    Faith Awards:


    And of course, this contest is about how many times you get to vote for your favorite drama. That’s how the game is played.

    Suck on that! Bwahahaha!

  1377. 1377 : nuri Says:

    @mutitina ; you must be happy RTP be winner. so do not mock faith and go away from this forum.

  1378. 1378 : Matutina Says:

    @ Nuri

    I’m very happy, so happy, thank you.

    This is just pay back for all the insults and name-calling you and your filthy Faith fans (that’s alliteration for you) started hurling towards Rooftop Prince at the begging of the contest.

    Remember we didn’t start it.

    Just enjoy and be better organized next time. Bwahahaha!!!

  1379. 1379 : Matutina Says:


  1380. 1380 : nuri Says:

    @matutina : I also often see faith insulted in the RTP forum , but I kept silent and did not respond and not mocking reply, because i know everyone has their opinions and preferences. so let’s stop everything. you better go back to your forum and share your happiness.

  1381. 1381 : Matutina Says:

    @ Nuri

    The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

    I’ll leave you all alone to wallow in your misery.

    But at the same time, don’t be so uptight. It’s just a silly contest.

    All The Best.

  1382. 1382 : sweppie Says:


  1383. 1383 : Joy Says:

    as you are such a smart ass, before claiming something, please check when were those awards given…before shooting faith!!! so your insults prove only how well educated you are…

  1384. 1384 : nuri Says:

    @mutatina : yes, it is best for all

  1385. 1385 : sweppie Says:


  1386. 1386 : nuri Says:

    @sweppie: if you happy, you better go away RTP forum and share your happiness there. you’re wrong place, because it specifically for faith fans.

  1387. 1387 : Matutina Says:


    Stop eating and do some research. You’re getting fat.

    Those awards did not come from nowhere. The list of awards RTP has won would not be posted on their page if RTP didn’t win them.

    Is your name Joy? More like Sourpuss? Lol.

    Adieu. For realz this time.

  1388. 1388 : mickey Says:

    i’m a faith fan coz i really really like lee min ho. but i came to like RTP. they are both nice and good drama. it’s 2013, i admit i am upset that faith did not win, but its fate. congrat’s to RTP. even the actors and actresses of RTP wont like it if their fans are bragging about their win, and vice versa. let’s just enjoy all those korean drama… regardless who win or lose in contest like this. as long as in our hearts, we know who wins. be happy everyone! happy new year

  1389. 1389 : Joy Says:

    Yeah, my name is Sourpuss when is about stupidity! And Joy for smart and pleasant people! So what?!

  1390. 1390 : nazi Says:

    برو به جهنممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممم
    کله پوککککککککککک

  1391. 1391 : Matutina Says:


    Didn’t we beat your ass in World War II?

    Nazis are the ones who have gone to hell.

    Just a reminder. In case you forget. [:

  1392. 1392 : Matutina Says:


    You don’t make any sense.

    Learn some proper English before you respond.

    From now on, you’re on the ignore list.

  1393. 1393 : Joy Says:

    :))))) you should go back in the first grade …learn some manners! you are not an English native so… tais toi!

  1394. 1394 : sweppie Says:

    @nuri stfu am i talking to you?? just swerve.

  1395. 1395 : sweppie Says:

    @nuri and this is not your page either so i can post whatever i want. bitter much. lmao

  1396. 1396 : Matutina Says:


    Nuri is nice and polite. Don’t pick on her.

    We only deal with ugly girls like KillJoy.

  1397. 1397 : sweppie Says:


  1398. 1398 : sweppie Says:

    @matutina coz she wants me to go away and this is not her page! im expressing my love for rooftop prince

  1399. 1399 : Matutina Says:


    I understand. But let’s not rub any more salt on their wounds.

    What pisses me off is when Faith fans continue to bash Rooftop Prince when it has already been decided as THE. BEST. DRAMA. OF. 2012.

    I don’t usually start a fight, but if they do it first. I fight back and fight twice as hard. Win or lose, they won’t pick a fight on me again.

    That’s my philosophy really.

    But why am I personalizing all this crap? It’s New Year’s Eve. I need to get ready for the celebration here in the US.

    I still wish everyone the very best this 2013.

  1400. 1400 : Joy Says:

    hey, even if i enjoy playing with you, still it’s new year’s eve and only about 3 hours left till then(in my country). so i’m going to get ready for the party and leave you for now… so happy new year to everyone…and btw, my name is killmatutina 😛 or killmatutina’s joy 😛 and…of course…faith rules!!!

  1401. 1401 : Matutina Says:

    In your dreams, Killjoy.

  1402. 1402 : nazila Says:

    at first my name has different meaning,i’m a persian
    your name………..hahah!
    watch it in YT:
    Actor LeeMinHo 12.12.31 Best Actor SBS Drama Award
    your information is lacking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1403. 1403 : nuri Says:

    @nazila : really, lee min ho oppa got Best Actor SBS Drama Award. oh i’m so happy.

  1404. 1404 : nuri Says:

    @nazila : really?, lee min ho oppa got Best Actor SBS Drama Award. oh i’m so happy. 🙂

  1405. 1405 : nazila Says:

    yes……of course!
    he received what he deserved to,
    congratulation to him and everyone:)

  1406. 1406 : nuri Says:

    yup, chokaye oppa. you’re the best. i’m always support you.

  1407. 1407 : sweppie Says:


  1408. 1408 : Juls Says:

    Yup….,Gotta agree Faith’s story-telling is not really compelling,that’s why it doesn’t get/win the Drama Award.
    But congrats to Lee Min Ho for the Best Actor Award,though,
    That’s what this vote is all about in the first place ,not another way round.
    Still it’s a win-win situation….you win some,and you lose some.


  1409. 1409 : Vhin Says:

    … smiling while reading Matutina’s comments. hha. ^^

  1410. 1410 : JJ Says:


    Wow you are so rude. I loved Faith and was planing to check out RP but seeing people beeing so rude I think I’ll pass it for now. My list of dramas to watch is long anyway, one drop out is totaly fine with me. Hey I can even rewatch Faith instead 🙂

  1411. 1411 : Hope Says:

    Let us respect each others perspective..We love FAITH!

    Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun are great actors!

    For those haters just watch FAITH, then youll realize that this series is one of the finest!

  1412. 1412 : Matutina Says:

    I’m sorry; it’s not supposed to be Nazi but Godzila.

    Ever heard of the word ‘pseudonym’? Yeah, I thought not.

  1413. 1413 : Matutina Says:

    Otoke, JJ.

    I’m only rude to those who are rude to me first.

    TBH, I wanna check out and watch Faith. If only school/responsibilities were not in the way. I mean I think Lee Min Ho was gud in Boys Over Flowers, especially after Ku Hye Sun did a karate kick on him.

  1414. 1414 : Vhin Says:

    You’ll regret it. 🙂 Do as you wish.

  1415. 1415 : Mara Says:

    Matutina Говорит:
    2 января 2013 в 5:21 вечера

    Otoke, JJ.

    Я думаю, что Ли Мин Хо был гуд в Boys Over Flowers, особенно после Ku Hye ВС сделали каратэ удар на него.

    O. yes. Good speak!

  1416. 1416 : angelica Says:

    grande, lee min ho ,eres muy buen ,actor eres lo mejor.Muchas felicidades.

  1417. 1417 : angelica Says:

    lee min ho eres muy bueno

  1418. 1418 : Niti Says:

    Lee min Ho ‘s d perfect guy every girl dreamz bout…he’z awesome n hot !! All d best!
    Ur greatest n biggest fan ever!

  1419. 1419 : Oh!!!! Handsome leeminho!!!!!------ he is a great person!!!!! I loved LEEMINHO!!!!! Says:

    Loved MINHO LEE

  1420. 1420 : Hope Says:

    Congratulations Kim Hee Sun for winning the BEst actress for FAITH in the 20th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards….

  1421. 1421 : silvia Says:

    espero que este drama gane los premios ,a mi me necanto

  1422. 1422 : Meina diggi Says:

    This drama is like watching THE FOUR GODS all over again but it’s not as good as “the four gods” their costumed are the same…… But this is a great drama toooo……….

  1423. 1423 : _vsitorsinner_ Says:


    i love this korean drama FAITH.. so nice to watch this king of drama..
    i really hooked up.. straight 1 day i watched FAITH. all cast were doing great especially Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho..

    my mom loves Lee Min Ho hahaha 🙂

  1424. 1424 : ling ling Says:

    If there is a remake to the last two eposide, from the interview of Lee Min Ho. I would like to watch it. Hopefully, It has. Else it is a waste. The ending is too adrupt.

    I hope the writer would write another story about Cui Young travelling through time to look for Liu En Xiu… and the other Qi Che would be trying to kidnap her again. Hahaha. That would be another interesting drama…. Although it might be old script but ending would be different. If there are. Maybe they will be lost in time or maybe they will both die.

  1425. 1425 : Hasti Says:

    I love faith so much it is the best korean drama of the year i hate rft

  1426. 1426 : chesca Says:

    ahm,,, yeah this drama is wonderful but not so soul uplifting……… 🙂

  1427. 1427 : ninfa Says:

    El mejor dorana

  1428. 1428 : gloria rosario Says:

    a real drama and I love the potrayal of Lee Min Ho as a warior….

  1429. 1429 : Mary Jane reyes Says:

    I’d really love this series.. Looking forward to a new series of Lee Min Hoo… I’m an avid fan… Saranghae CHOI YOUNG!!!!!!!!!

  1430. 1430 : essong Says:

    I Love Lee Min Hoo . Have a nice day…..

  1431. 1431 : andee cajayon Says:

    before i didnt watch the korea nobela but after watching bof and then i love to watch the korea novela esp. min ho…go go min ho…

  1432. 1432 : quint Says:

    great drama..i think korean people are very romantic both women and men. I love to watch this drama, already twice… the general is awesome!! tall,handsome,cold but romantic…the doctor is a very funny person, and the queen..wow… beautiful and innocent …
    Great drama and Great main cast …two thumbs up…

  1433. 1433 : quint Says:

    ooppps … i forgot something… the ost is also great… “Because my steps are slow” by shin Yon Jae … this drama is just….PERFECT!!!

  1434. 1434 : bblve07 Says:

    i love this drama, but the ending is so sad and confusing.

  1435. 1435 : naribeth Says:

    i fell inlove with this movie,watching every single piss of it with joy.but at the end my heart almost stop beating.i taught the general and high doctor didnt meet again.and i almost got confuse.
    great work by the team.
    job well done.
    Lee min Ho..u are a great actor.
    Kim him sun..u are a great actress
    am looking forward to you guys new movie.
    i rate this movie as second and ju mong,first.
    nice sound track by ali.carry on.

  1436. 1436 : tuğba Says:

    faith şimdiye kadar izlediğim en iyi dizilerden biriydi..

  1437. 1437 : nova Says:

    for me faith is the best Korean drama of 2012…i love this drama..full of great actors and actresses.

  1438. 1438 : Jae Says:

    A great series. A ditz doctor, funny but great bunch of warriors, and few mental case villains. The ending was the best. XD It was part funny (if you catch on) and part heartwarming.

    *SPOILER*There is a happy ending.*SPOILER*

  1439. 1439 : bblve07 Says:

    OMG, leeminho is so great in this drama, he look so good as a warrior, its like in cityhunter action, romance.. I also like the leading lady, she so funny.

  1440. 1440 : rati Says:

    I like ur acting lee men hoo

  1441. 1441 : kimmy Says:

    faith is suberb!!
    i love lee min ho and kim hee sun..they got the chemistry..

  1442. 1442 : tinaminho Says:

    i really love to this drama, daebaaakkk…. udh total 10x nonton gk bosen… great choi young… naega nomutu saranghanikka lee min ho-ssi 🙂

  1443. 1443 : Mheekell Says:

    I like Lee Minho no matter what.., who ever is the first on him in popularity in Korea, that is base on what they like.. But to all Minoz 👍 for Minho sshi.. And one thing.. I notice they are alot of handsome in this Drama too.. 고맙습니다. ❤❤❤

  1444. 1444 : Viera Says:

    Only episode 24 was interesting, the rest boring to the max!

  1445. 1445 : jane Says:

    i was expecting this drama to be a great one but it was quite a disappointment. don’t get me wrong, i love LMH and i think KHS is 1 of the prettiest korean women. however, the script was just crap. soooo boring. even if dramas are only half way good, i usually watch all epidsodes in 1-2 days. but this one, i got so bored, so i had to stop many times and push myself to try to finish it. i made it up till ep20 and couldn’t bear it even for only 4 more ep. soooo many plot holes it’s ridiculous. from the beginning when KHS was so desperate to get back to the present, she was just standing there watching LMH fight with others, instead of going into the ‘gate’ that they already told her would take her back to present. how stupid can the directing get? just have a couple guys hold her down to make the scene look much better. as the drama proceeds, there are endless plot holes everywhere it’s frustrating to even ignore.

  1446. 1446 : era Says:

    Aigoo…. the most boring drama i’ve ever seen
    not recommended 🙁

  1447. 1447 : era Says:

    I actually watched FAITH Because of Lee Min Hoo. But really disappointed because the drama plots was very flat n had predictable storyline. But I remained faithful to watch with hope there is good in the middle. But till the last episode arrgghh seem very slow, as well as the final episode, all the enemies death with “easy”, beyond my expectation, hufffth ….

  1448. 1448 : shima Says:

    Brilliant! Awsome! wonderful!
    Can’t describe how much I like this drama..

  1449. 1449 : chie Says:

    what is the content of the notebook page the king’s uncle burned? didn’t even found out,but eun soo i believe want everypage so much T.T.i love the costume & the casting but i hope there is an extension they didnt even say “saranghae” with each other..the king and Queen too:’)

  1450. 1450 : Shima Says:

    Really dont understand why everybody says this drama is boring!! I think the plot was excelent and directing was great. I love everything in this drama. the chemistry between the lead actors was awsome and I think Faith is the best drama that lee minho has been played.
    Anyway,if you like a historical drama with beautiful classical romance, Faith is the best and If you like pink girlish funny dramas dont watch this 😉

  1451. 1451 : putri Says:

    Lee Min Ho did great in this drama. he looked more awesome than his previous drama (city hunter).

    worth to be watched!

  1452. 1452 : PSH Says:

    the leading woman is PATHETIC! she tries so hard to look lovely, how disgusting! she is not appropriate for the role. she’s obviously too mature for LMH. i only watched it because of LMH. I prefer the chemistry between the king and the queen, they are such a lovely couple:)

  1453. 1453 : PSH Says:

    its a boring drama, i bet many would want to watch it because LMH is the leading man, but trust me, you’ll get disappointed because of the doctor who tries very hard to be charming and funny.

  1454. 1454 : Aniar Says:

    Hahaha.. I agree with you PSH.. =D

  1455. 1455 : The Great Doctor / Faith / Shinui (신의) Says:

    […] : asianwiki.com , wikipedia.org , koreandrama.org VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait…Rating: 9.0/10 (1 vote cast)VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Rating: +1 (from 1 […]

  1456. 1456 : Katie Says:

    I have to say this drama was really bad and the acting too that I couldn’t go past the 5th episode !

  1457. 1457 : maria trocino Says:

    entertaining drama.cant be a judge of korean acting.interesting story.very good costumes props hairstyles.pls make more stuff like these,not boring.what is boring is some dramas set in modern period

  1458. 1458 : mail Says:

    finished watching it….it was really boring at the beginning as i tried to get familiar with d storyline, but it gets more interesting after episode 10 onward

  1459. 1459 : Faith (SBS)Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  1460. 1460 : choo Says:

    i love gongmin and nooguk!!!

  1461. 1461 : muku Says:

    Not a single boring moment..i am truly amazed at the different themes explored in this historical drama. Another brilliant drama starring Lee Min Ho 🙂

  1462. 1462 : Reshu Says:

    An interesting drama that captivated the viewers attention till the end… With daring themes and suspense the drama was truly a success.. Lee Min Ho has proved himself again 😀

  1463. 1463 : lita Says:

    i love it…..is great drama…..

  1464. 1464 : LPGdd Says:

    I loved it!! And not only for LMH but because of the whole cast, they all were awesome… watch this drama, it is really worth it 🙂

  1465. 1465 : misscleopatrax Says:

    Love this drama so much! I become kim he sun oni fan… so suprised read her profile… she is great actress actually… love your acting in Myth movie play with hollywood actor like jacky chan and other… lee min ho and kim he sun acted so natural be a couple it must be hard even that kim hesun oni older alot than lee minho… chukkayooo! I am waiting fot your next project… fighting!

  1466. 1466 : anonymous Says:

    fag. i hate lee min ho

  1467. 1467 : kdramalover Says:

    This drama was so great 🙂
    While watching the ending I’ m crying coz I thought they won’t see each other again. And when they met again I’m still crying due to happiness. And the characters we’re really in the Korean History. I love this drama.. 🙂 I love the characters 🙂

  1468. 1468 : wonbinfan Says:

    I love Lee Min Ho’s character in this drama. There’s nothing more sexy than a man who will protect his woman with no hesitation and no matter what the cost. He portrays that beautifully!

  1469. 1469 : kyon lisca Says:

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡love it..: )

  1470. 1470 : iloverhon Says:

    this drama is awesome… this is the series to watch from beginning and especially the end..i love the story and the cast.. i love the high doctor she’s lovely…LMH did the great job on this drama..

  1471. 1471 : wany Says:

    I love this drama very much, nothing to be bored for me. i’m not korean but i like to watch korean dramas and lee min ho is the best. this is my favorite one. keep it up lee min ho. god bless you

  1472. 1472 : kim ha ni Says:

    Best drama ever. I watched it because of Kim Hee Sun. I’m becoming her fan since Sad love story, Smile again and The myth. Glad she was paired along with Lee Min Ho, a tall guy with beautiful smile. They make a chemistry and the age gap doesnt matter at all. Surprised she’s married and have a daughter. Faith jjang!

  1473. 1473 : anewor Says:

    BRILLIANT!!! all the cast acted so well … i love lee min ho and kim hee sun … great chemistry!

  1474. 1474 : Nafidahh Says:

    I like this drama 🙂

  1475. 1475 : olfa Says:

    Tha Drama is great, all the actors are great, the leading actress is certainely funny and very charming.

  1476. 1476 : olfa Says:

    Kim Hee Sun is a gemini girl, she’ll remain young no matter how old she was. the chemistry between the two of them is just perfect!! loved it loved it

  1477. 1477 : em Says:

    hi.. i already watched this drama through online. but the dilemma is, im a bit confused about the whole story. did deja vu happen to yoo eun soo? in order to correct what needs to be corrected? did she go to the past before general (lee min ho) get her from the present? please enlighten me. thanks 🙂

  1478. 1478 : anewor Says:

    i wonder why the rating is too low??? This is a great and brilliant drama! the chemistry between lee min ho and kim hee sun is awesome.. perfect!!

  1479. 1479 : Tj Says:

    Just finish the series. Wow… Kim hee sun still looks young. Good drama story and lee min ho makes the series even more interesting to watch. Great drama series and nice ending too…

  1480. 1480 : coralou Says:

    I wish this drama will be aired here in the Philippines.

  1481. 1481 : CL Says:

    I didnt start watching this drama with high expectation due to low rating, but hey to my great surprise, this is one of the rare drama that I will watch for the second time again in near future. Just love looking at Lee min ho and Kim hee sun. Disregard the actual age gap, both of them acted very well in the chemistry of love and hope and endurance! Gambateh Lee min ho and Kim hee sun :)!

  1482. 1482 : Safa Says:

    This drama airing in indonesia now, monday to friday on 4.00 pm.. I like this drama so much

  1483. 1483 : Amy Says:

    I started this drama like 6 months ago. I never finished it. NO OFFENSE, but I thought this drama was kinda draggy. It had great cast, interesting storyline, and all that, but it just didn’t catch my attention and hook me into it. I felt like the main girl, Kim Hee Sun, was kind of annoying because all that was in her mind was “I wanna go home!”. She’s a wonderful actress, but I was bugged by her. As for Lee Min Ho, he’s okay. I liked him in City Hunter better. Again, I hope no one got offended because this was the 2nd best Kdrama on koreandrama.org but I felt like The Moon That Embraces The Sun was better, and it didn’t even make the top 8 dramas! I know that was sooo 5 months ago, but still. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish it…

  1484. 1484 : Jae Says:

    For the most part I liked this series. I liked the main guy and all the bad guys because they were just awesome! The main lady I didn’t really like but she got better in the end. I’m glad they ended up together. I found the king and queen to be annoying. I wonder how the story would be had the actor playing the doctor not been injured.

  1485. 1485 : Ahjussi2012 Says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a “special” to wrap up a few loose ends? Darn good drama!! I have watched the 1st 3 eps & last 3 eps recently. Faith is still 1 of my favs.

  1486. 1486 : taraJJ Says:

    I just start watching this drama bcoz it is airing in my country too but sorry to say this drama is boring.. Kim Hee Sun is great actress but her role in this drama so annoying.. don’t make any compare but I can’t help myself for me I think Song Seung Hun is way better as a doctor who flew back to the past in dr.Jin at least he know about Joseon history… I think Time Slip dr.Jin and Faith has similliar storyline.. bcoz I watched dr.Jin first so this drama didn’t make me hooked either…

  1487. 1487 : hazel caponong Says:

    i liked the tv drama series faith very, very much. there’s a corrolattion between the past and the present especially the medical side. the actor and the actress portrayed the role very much. my emotion was carried in the past as i watched the drama. long live for lee min ho.

  1488. 1488 : Muhammad Qoyum Says:

    I VERY LIKE THIS DRAMA . . . . . . .

  1489. 1489 : Sasa Says:

    Sorry people has the right to give their opinion, isnt it?
    Well a lots of people ask me to watch faith. Well recent week i started to watch until the middle. Guess what! N0thing happen. The story is SO0O0O0O S0O0O0O0O0O B0O0O0RED! Really bored, swear! I d0nt understand what the point plot the do in that drama! So confusing! N0 doubt its got low rating. The good drama generally (not all drama) has rating upper at least 13%
    so the conclusion is this drama ORDINARY! I dont know why this suck drama got many votes last year. Oouch i forget, there is lee min ho here, thats why. . .
    Some people (not all people) so addicted with this story cz they interested with him. Lee min ho is good actor for me but unfortunately this drama is SO TRASH for me. . .
    NB : the soundtrack also bad.

  1490. 1490 : CikTie A. Says:

    I just started to watch Korean drama last month and have an interest in period/historical drama. Coincidently I bought a DVD of this drama last week and finished watching the whole story yesterday. It is a very good drama and i will started to watch it again soon. (Note : I m not a fan of Lee Min Ho).. so.. Not LMH that making the drama became good.. It s the whole story itself.

  1491. 1491 : brenda Says:

    Faith was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome the main actress did it for me. Given the situation she was in, the way she accepted it was all natural and the way they fell in love is something that also came naturally so realy this series should have perfomed better than it did coz I’ve watched it like 4 times now and it still has the same impact wow…..

  1492. 1492 : mylene Says:

    i watched this about 5 times but i still cant get enough of it. i still cant understand the whole plot, but i can say that this is one of a kind series. it may not be the best but i still consider it as one of the best series i have watched.

  1493. 1493 : loolminho Says:

    OMO the best drama ever in the whole univesre
    i’d never watched anyting as beautiful as this drama
    full of emotions and sooo warm
    both the emja couple both are so adorable
    for rating i will give the drama ,story ,clothes ,makeup ,hair ,music and the whole cast 1000000 from 100%

  1494. 1494 : jhen Says:

    i like choi young & eun soo character, they seems to be couple.. ilove lee min hoo

  1495. 1495 : jhen Says:

    beautiful drama, actually i always watch again and again the beautiful epsodes of the drama.. i love the song CARRY ON actually i almost memorize the lyrics already…..kim hee is very beautiful even he is already 36 years old..she looks 25 only……luv luv luv the dramas

  1496. 1496 : anote Says:

    my heart goes out to the character of Gen. Choi Young who endures so much pain, physical or otherwise….

  1497. 1497 : wiji hartanti Says:

    I love the settings and the scenes of the drama. they are so natural and nice. the colors in every scenes are beautiful.

  1498. 1498 : wuchuntianrainie Says:

    I want to have faith that both dramas.

  1499. 1499 : wuchuntianrainie Says:

    I like choi young & eun soo

  1500. 1500 : BRENDA Says:

    I actually liked choi young’s aunt’s acting

  1501. 1501 : mae Says:

    Im not fond of watching historical drama but because im a big fan of lee min ho, iam watching it.well to my surprise it is really indeed a great drama. Im not yet finish watching it but as the story goes on it becomes more and more interesting. I love this drama. Lee min ho still looks husband. He has the charm to make people fall in love.

  1502. 1502 : comment Says:

    i am not a fan of L.Min Hoo but i like this series. I think the chemistry between Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo is better than Min Hoo with Park Min Young in City Hunter. Altho I think the portrayal of Eun Soo is a bit “over” at the beginning, she’s already an accomplished, famous surgeon in her 30s… and in the beginning she behaved more like teenagers – very talkative to the point of saying things without thinking, shallow/self-centered and too ‘bubly’…for example, when she walked around -all the time- Choi Young while they were taking a walk in the woods…that gestures remind me of a dog circling his/her owner joyfully when they were taking a walk and the dog was happy being with his/her master…hehe…so i think it’s quite inappropriate behavior to be shown by an accomplished surgeon of 30s…
    anyway, i think both Min Ho and Hee sun did a good job, incl all the entire cast and crew. oh, I like the one who played Dae Man – the character who is fast yet stutters..
    i wonder do they have already “found” or named “tuberculosis” disease those days because it was mentioned ? as well those kinds of period technicalities as such..

  1503. 1503 : Deny Says:

    Can anyone tell me whether it is very good as Sungkyunkwan Scandal or you are beautiful? Anyway, is the end the actor and actress meet each other or not? I want to buy it to watch but m not sure whether it is really good drama?

  1504. 1504 : Dalin Says:

    I don’t know how to say, but this drama is very very very great drama to me! At first I don’t choose to watch it as I am not really like the type of historical drama. But after I see the trailer, I give my self a chance to watch it when I am free…

    But just start from the ep 1, I was fallen in love deeply with the great characteristic of Choi Young. He is such best of the best men in this world. His honest eye, innocent feeling tear my eye every time I see him…. A men who never care about his life but just for protect the king finally fall in love deeply with the women who come from different world and devoting everything for her. I love the way he looks to Eun Soo with his honest eye, and keep protecting her with his life… my tear keep falling every time I saw he use his sword, how he is hurt to protect the king and the women he love in the same time !!!!!!! I don’t know how Lee Min Ho can perform such a great characteristic of Choi Young like this… Thank SBS for providing me such a great story but you know you also make me crazy by watching it again and again around hundred time and I even forget my boyfriend now … I can say that in my heart now has only him, General Choi Young !!! 🙁

  1505. 1505 : Lisa Aiko Says:

    I think the chemistry between Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo is better than Min Hoo with Park Min Young in City Hunter.Min Hoo did great job,and Hee Sun too…I never love Min hoo movie before,but,since I watching this movie(faith) I really love them…the story really great…about Korea and their kingdom…that’s great!!I thought that Min Hoo really good and better to be a warrior than a common boy…hehehe…I hope that Korean Cinema will make a Historical Movie again like The Faith…I hope LMH and KHS to be play together again..they are so match each other…Hee Sun is really the great actress too…congratz for them!

  1506. 1506 : Budiono Says:

    I love that movie!!The actor,min hoo,and actress,hee sun,are really great!!They are really have a great job to play acting in this movie!!Suddenly I saw the character of a great warrior,Choy Young,really live in the real life because Min Hoo can explore it!!I think Min Hoo succeed to play that character…he really match with Hee SUn…Hee Sun really prove that she was a smart actress…with a sweet smile and a funny gesture she really succeed to play her character…Imja couple are great!!.both of them really match in this movie..congratz for them…and the story..is really great!!The Faith is the best historical movie that I ever seen before…!!

  1507. 1507 : fadeke Says:

    saw the whole thing, loved it! Loved Lee Min Ho and the main girl, her character was amazing. I loved everyone in it even the bad guys, killing the pledged sibling at the end seemed kinda forced, but the ending… the ending was amazing!!!! i watch it now and again and just cry!

    the plot was great and the way the story was acted kept me wanting more. i had no idea they had kissed until when they did and a pinning LMH is the best!

  1508. 1508 : tncdel Says:

    Good cast except the leading lady. She got on my nerves constantly. Lousy actress, “over-acted” too much. High strung. Reminds me of my mom when she drank too much coffee. Her voice was grating on my ears too. She should have never gotten any leading role.

  1509. 1509 : Gbolahan Says:

    I really love dis drama it is well composed . Hmm kudos 2 u guys

  1510. 1510 : cchris Says:

    Loved this drama, both leads were wonderful and have great chemistry. Although I was satisfied with the ending I wish they would have had a bit more of what they said to each other or have had what was going on (historical battling) with Choi during that time, that would have made me feel more satisfied. These Korean dramas seem to do that with the ending where it is a bit too abrupt, like they are having another season when they don’t. Although I didn’t mind the magic powers they didn’t really expand on those much. But I guess there was a time portal so whatever. Just started to watch Korean dramas and am hooked, especially that they are more romantic then straight sexual. Overall, Faith is my favor because it has everything and LMH makes an awesome warrior!

  1511. 1511 : Ilovefaith Says:

    All faith’s fan!!! You know I do hate Arang and Magistrate’s Fan… They really look down on our Faith and Lee Min Ho… How can they say Faith is not good while Faith is range 2nd better than Arang and Magistate so Far…

  1512. 1512 : kemmy Says:

    Lee min hoo is one of the best actor, let me say i really love him in boys over flower ands personal taste. I also like him faith most especially in city hunter. Keep up the good work. But i can see you in I am Sam why, but i believe you are among the casts. One more thing, it alway amazing me the way you dress, your trousers never reach down but it kind of cute. Love you.

  1513. 1513 : enjoy! | Movies Says:

    […] (MBC) Rooftop Prince (SBS) Dream High 2 (KBS2) Mary Stayed Out All Night (KBS2) Pasta (MBC) Faith (SBS) The King 2hearts (MBC) Big (KBS2) You’re Beautiful (SBS) May Queen (MBC) KangChi, The Beginning […]

  1514. 1514 : AhMeihKyi Says:

    Love this drama. Both lead were wonderful chemistry. I think Lee Min Ho succeed to play that character. . He really match with Kim Hee Sun. Kim really prove that she was a smart and great actress with a sweet smile, nice voice and funny gesture. She really succeed to play as Eun soo. I hope that korean film will make a historical m0vie again like faith. I hope LMH <3 KHS to play toqether again. They so match each other . . I watch it 5x still im hookd to it. Kudos to all . . . Saranqhae KHS&LMH

  1515. 1515 : marilyn Says:

    i feel sorry at first because kang ji hwan is the second choice for this drama but still, lee min ho justifies the role. the only thing, i feel sorry about is that it may be better if kim hee sun’s character knows martial arts, in a way it may add spices at the story, just like yu ri at hong gil dong.

  1516. 1516 : nadia Says:

    really like love drama <3 <3

  1517. 1517 : Biancafish Says:

    good dram a , MIN HOO is a good actor , not only a handsome gay

  1518. 1518 : Issyl Says:

    Its was a awesome drama……i really love all type drama…..good luck and hwaiting Kim Hee Sun…:-)..

  1519. 1519 : Deepashika Says:

    I was not a fan of LMH untill I watch faith. it makes me become a big fan of him. it ‘s a really good drama and LMH was exremly greate in general charactor

  1520. 1520 : asmara ar rayyah Says:

    wah, salut kagum banget filem nya bener bener seeeru kuadrat

  1521. 1521 : faith Says:

    I really like the drama. It was heart touching story. The twists and turn make this interesting. Great songs and music. I felt the chemistry between Min Ho as General Choi Young and Kim Hee Sun as Eun Soo. The acting was superb too. I was kind irritated with Eun Soo at first, but I finally grew to love her. I think the General also felt the same way at the beginning. There was always something behind the story. The King and Queen also classy.

  1522. 1522 : mel Says:

    Lee Min Ho is Gay?

  1523. 1523 : marsel Says:

    i watched this drama because KHS. i’m not a fan of LMH and never watch his drama, so the faith is the first 🙂 As Choi young, he is very charismatic Good Job LMH!!

  1524. 1524 : KRP Says:

    One of my favourite dramas ever. Such a beautiful picture of love that cares more about the other person than oneself! Wow! How refreshing and wonderful that is to see.

  1525. 1525 : rm018 Says:

    Is this worth watching? I’m not into historical drama that’s why I’m asking. But most of the dramas of min ho oppa I’ve already watched them. From BOF, Personal Taste, City Hunter and recently The Heirs.

  1526. 1526 : slim Says:

    I love lee min ho in faith but he captured my heart in personal taste,he is a good actor and can play any role as far as I’m concern,I loved his character in city hunter. And I would always love his role in boys over flowers,I don’t really like his look in the heirs but he is still hot. The faith is absolutely amazing and I loved every bit of it especially choi young and eun soo fighting everytime…. Thumbs up lee min hoo and by the way you’re super cute *wink*

  1527. 1527 : Priya Bisht Says:

    Lee min ho innaaaa cutee kaise h…

  1528. 1528 : Jennifer Sussman Says:

    Please cancel my subscription.

  1529. 1529 : Faith Says:

    One of my favorite drama all times. Heart touching. All the actors deserve credits.

  1530. 1530 : moonflower Says:

    yeah, i love faith as well. the story is so romantic. Lee Min Ho has so much charisma

  1531. 1531 : esther Says:

    I never watch historical drama….I had to watch it because of lee min ho.
    He made a cute couple with kin hee sun

  1532. 1532 : glen Says:

    Lee Min Ho deserves a lot of blessings because of his good heart, happy 8th Debut Anniversary. #LMHLucky8

  1533. 1533 : Auroma Says:

    Love lee min ho and period drama

  1534. 1534 : Joseph Says:

    Wow very interesting, i really love faith. Lee min ho you are the best. So good when we talk about actions

  1535. 1535 : dinklik Says:

    i love this drama this drama is the best one This drama is soo awesome!

  1536. 1536 : kanthi Says:

    it s another great piece of work by Lee Min Ho…..He is a superb actor. I enjoyed each bit of it except killing scenes. I watched it twice.I am like his aunt but i enjoyed it loads.hope he will come to Sri Lanka one day

  1537. 1537 : Raisa Says:

    I just watched Personal Taste, and I noticed that Lee Min-ho’s character ex-girlfriend is named Yoon Eun So and she was going to medical school @ John Hopkins. What a coincidence,

  1538. 1538 : jympel Says:

    lee min ho such an exceptional actor. he always just knows what to do. and his smile- omo im captured by him!

  1539. 1539 : Faith 신의 [2012] | My Drama Links Says:

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  1540. 1540 : MayaF Says:

    I really really like this drama… Great story.. Great actor…. Amazing!

  1541. 1541 : flor Says:

    I love the story of this drama. Very lite.romantic and also funny. I really hope that there will be part 2. I love the character of Choi young.

  1542. 1542 : sa ru Says:

    i really liked this drama….love u lee min ho oppa

  1543. 1543 : Min Soo Ah At Hyundai Best Dress-up Car Contest 20…Nsfwnation.com | Nsfwnation.com Says:

    […] Faith @ the great doctor » korean drama […]

  1544. 1544 : Geneva Says:

    Three years after The Faith was completed, discussion continues. Great story.

  1545. 1545 : Faith (2012) (K-Drama) – MiniLo.me Says:

    […] Info: http://www.koreandrama.org/faith-the-great-doctor/ […]

  1546. 1546 : Rosario Vampire Season 1 BD Subtitle Indonesia (Selesai) | Cinema123 Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor […]

  1547. 1547 : Dog Days Season 2 BD Subtitle Indonesia (Selesai) | Cinema123 Says:

    […] Faith @ The Great Doctor […]

  1548. 1548 : Joel mkombo Says:

    Really I like the play, Faith, it has really inspired me in acting and producing play and movies I am a big fan of Lee Ho Min ,really I want to meet him one day, if you get this message Mr. Choi young contact me please, big up the Faith team,,,JOEL, from Dar es salaam Tanzania

  1549. 1549 : 신의 Faith (Korean Drama) - Che-Cheh Says:

    […] no. 2 (source from koreandrama.org): Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a […]

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