Everything Kimchi 03

Title: 모두 다 김치 / Everything Kimchi
Chinese Title: 全都是泡菜
Also Known as: Everybody, Kimchi!
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 132
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2014-Apr-07 to 2014-Oct-31
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50


A drama about a woman who challenges for Kimchi business after she was betrayed by her husband. She devotes her life for kimchi surviving the turbulence of betrayal and frustration.


Main Cast

Kim Ji Young as Yoo Ha Eun
Kim Ho Jin as Shin Tae Kyung
Cha Hyun Jung as Park Hyun Ji
Won Ki Joon as Im Dong Joon

Ha Eun’s Family

Lee Hyo Choon as Na Eun Hee
Yoon Hye Kyung as Yoo Ji Eun
Seo Kwang (서광) as Jang Se Chan

Hyun Ji’s Family

Noh Joo Hyun as Park Jae Han
Lee Bo Hee as Ji Sun Young

Dong Joon’s Family

Myung Ji Yun as Im Soo Jin
Choi Ji Won (최지원) as Im Da Yool

Tae Kyung’s Family

Park Dong Bin as Bae Yong Suk
Song Ah Young as Gong Ha Neul


Min Joon Hyun as Fellow lawyer

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Choi Yong Won
Producer: Kim Seo Gon
Director: Kim Heung Dong, Lee Gye Joon
Screenwriter: Won Young Ok


2014 MBC Drama Awards – Excellence Actress (Soap Opera): Kim Ji Young (Everything Kimchi)


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36 Responses to “Everything Kimchi”

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  1. 26
    HEN Says:

    Another drama with a mixed-up gene pool. Now it seems the “heroine and the villain” are actually sisters.

  2. 27
    Wae Wae Wae Says:

    Thanks for the warning all.

    A parody of these type of dramas might ward them away for good and make way for better ones.

    I’m enjoying “Yoona’s Street” and “Misaeng” is pretty good too.

  3. 28
    Rose Says:

    HEN — No. 24 — Your last sentence is so funny. Right on.

  4. 29
    M Says:

    132 episodes! REALLY? I’m up to episode 113, and the “victims” are still so incredibly STUPID, and still be victimized.

    I think I might have to give up daytime dramas, they’re just to frustrating.

    Also, there is not chemistry between the lead couple.

  5. 30
    Hank Says:

    This drama must end soon because it has become more stupid in subsequent episodes. Why do people put up with slapping and being dragged by an ex-husband. Furthermore, how can a father put up with such an arrogant daughter. The father is either stupid or senile. Let’s quickly close out this drama.

  6. 31
    Rose Says:

    That stupid Dong Joon married that evil person so he could live with the rich and all he does is fight with his EVIL wife. I would like to bust his teeth out of his mouth.

    And that stupid guy that is taking all the money from Hyun Ji to burn everything I hope he gets what is coming to him – like Jail.

    The father of the evil wife and daughter seems to be a pretty decent man. How did he end up with two crazy insane women in his life? He needs to lock both of them up. That skinny stick witch of a daughter is ugly.

    This is another show being dragged on way tooooo long.

  7. 32
    Viv Says:

    I too am wondering how this child be treated like a caged bird and her Auntie came to join her in that tiny room in this big rich house and both of them are treated less than human. I know this is a drama but come on, give Korea a little help here. I also wonder when amazon woman is finally put in the loony bin along with her everso loving mother.

  8. 33
    carol Says:

    The police just told the hero/farmer to not think about arson, but rather an electrical short. So, in Korea, a security camera with the date and time on the video do not count as evidence???????

  9. 34
    M Says:

    The police don’t count in Korea from what I’ve seen on most dramas.

  10. 35
    Rose Says:

    So I watched Ep 88 and the last one I watched before #88 was Ep 77 and the same thing is still going on with the evil wicked witch trying to destroy Hyun Ji. Geez……they need to push this drama along.

    What is it that Ha Eun can’t tell Hyun Ji?? She said she wasn’t the person to tell him!!

    The ex-husband just keeps picking on Ha Eun. Why don’t he just leave her alone. He has his daughter living with him and his creep of a wife. Let Ha Eun get on with her life and her business, if she falls in love with someone else, good for her. Geez…

  11. 36
    Rose Says:

    I did not see all of the episodes for this program. I was surprised to see Hyun Ji did not die in the car crash that caught on fire. She should have died in the car.

    And I guess Ha Eun’s relative I think, who has the young baby and another baby on the way that did all that evil stuff Hyun Ji hired him to do to Ha Eun and Tae Kyung’s Kimchi building’s etc. etc. and then got beat up by Hyun Ji never ever got caught by Ha Eun. What did he do with all the money. What a compete a-hole to do that to a family member and continue to live in the same house as Ha Eun and act like nothing is wrong.

    Since Hyun Ji survived that car crash – which is unbelievable should spend the rest of her life in jail. She is nothing but evil and she ruined everyone’s life. Ha Eun’s husband made a major major mistaking leaving her for the wicked evil witch.

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