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Even So Love


Title: 그래도 좋아 / Even So Love
Chinese title : 怎样都喜欢
Also known as: Heart of Destiny
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 138 (30 mins)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-01 to 2008-Apr-11
Air time: Monday-Friday 7:50 AM


Lee Hyo Eun is a shoe designer with a very complicated family. Her sister was adopted by her biological father’s wife because she was unable to have children of her own. Hyo Eun was left to live through hardships with her mother. Her sister, Seo Myung Ji, lived in the life of luxury and begins to start a relationship with Yoon Seok Bin. Seok Bin is the son of Mr. Yoon, who works for Myung Ji’s father. While Hyo Eun develops a love relationship with Seok Bin’s half brother, Seok Woo. But Hyo Eun is already dating a dentist, Tae Joo.


Kim Ji Ho as Lee Hyo Eun (shoe designer)
Lee Hyo Choon as Na Jung Hee (Hyo Eun’s mother, Seo’s family housekeeper)

Seo Myung Ji family

Go Eun Mi as Seo Myung Ji (shoe designer)
Kim Yong Gun as Chairman Seo (Myung Ji’s father)
Son Sook as Kwon Eun Shim (Myung Ji’s mother)
Park Seul Gi as Mi Soon (Seo’s family assistant housekeeper)

Yoon Seok Woo family

Lee Chang Hoon as Yoon Seok Woo
Shim Hyung Tak as Yoon Seok Bin (stepbrother)
Han Jin Hee as President Yoon (father)
Jung Ae Ri as Ms. Jo (stepmother)
Kim Hyo Seo as Yoon Seok Kyung (stepsister)
Kim Sung Joon as Park Jae Bae (Seok Kyung’s husband)
Mun Young Mi as Kong Joo Daek (Yoon’s family housekeeper)

Other people

Hong Choong Min as Jung Hye Jung (Hyo Eun’s friend)
Kim Hyun Kyoon as Kim Tae Joo (Hyo Eun’s boyfriend, dentist)
Cha Joo Ok as Kim Tae Kyung (Tae Joo’s sister)
Kim Jae Man as Chu Kyo Chan (shoe designer)
Choi Seung Kyung as a small time gangster

Production Credits

Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok
Director: Kim Woo Sun

Official Site


  1. 1 : luvkimjiho Says:

    So great…i can watch it at Chinese site now…
    Thank u so much for your upgrade!!!
    This drama seems to b really great!
    Luv ya, ji ho!

  2. 2 : Hong Says:

    The recommended link streams the drama but do not have chinese subtitles. What can be done about it?

  3. 3 : happybelly Says:

    Hey, I was wondering is there any site that has this series with english subs?? I’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t find it!!! Is this also available to purchase???

  4. 4 : Park Jiyoun Says:

    Hello, i am a Korean, and i live in Korea too.
    “Even so love” drama was my favorite drama of many Korean dramas.
    But it already ended on last year, so i can’t watch this drama anymore.
    I don’t watch any dramas after this drama. Because i don’t have much time to watch the dramas.
    Anyway, if you want to know about this drama more, you send a mail to me. Then i will send a mail with many photos and stories about this drama. Bye~

  5. 5 : Luffy Says:

    Really good movie. I appreciate the second lead actress. She is pretty good at her role.

  6. 6 : maverick Says:

    where can i find english sub. Please help me.

  7. 7 : Thandar Says:

    Dear Park Jiyoun,

    First would like to introduce myslef. I’m one of the audience of ” EVEN SO LOVE “.

    I saw your message as above so I’d like to ask you about last series (Ending) of the drama. Many thanks if you tell the how come at the end.

    Awaiting for your reply with thanks a lot.

  8. 8 : Thandar Says:

    Dear Park Jiyoun,

    First i would like to introduce my self. I’m one of the audience of ” EVEN SO LOVE, KOREAN DRAMA “.

    I saw your message as above and want to ask you last series ( Ending ) of this drama. Many thanks if you tell how come at the ending.

    Awaiting for your reply with thanks.

  9. 9 : Nichole Says:

    Hi, My name is Nichole. I want to watch this movie. Where can i watch that movie? mysoju is not available for this movie and i have some difficulties. Please help me.

  10. 10 : michelle Says:

    hi! i’m a fan of even so love. this is a wonderful movie .
    Actually, i really really love yoon seok bin, shim hyung tak.
    every one is excellent in their roles.

  11. 11 : Fenny Says:

    Can anyone let me know how can I watch the ending for this drama, please. many thanks

  12. 12 : diefan Says:

    where english sub??? I wanna watch this…

  13. 13 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  14. 14 : mel Says:

    120 episodes? that is so long…

  15. 15 : nining Says:

    it’s romantic drama,, but im not really like i,,

  16. 16 : lv bag Says:

    First would like to introduce myslef. I’m one of the audience of ” EVEN SO LOVE “.

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  18. 18 : sangjhoon Says:

    reason i’m looking for this now is i heard one of the OSTs & it’s beautiful, however i hvnt seen this drama & wld luv to if there’s a site that’s available, the synopsis seems interesting!

  19. 19 : @mher17 Says:

    its to late to watch, EVEN SO LOVE, but i really really love it. specially KIM JI HO her acting, she’s very professional actress. congrats. sad to say coz some other episode not complete, 30mins per episode, but sometimes 9 or 20mins. only can you please upload complete the orig. time episode. please, please.. thank you.. more power KIM JI HO.


  20. 20 : khulan Says:

    woow i love it

  21. 21 : Wonderland Says:

    I re-watched again this drama – Even So Love. A bit long but the actress, Ji Ho Kim is fantastic in her acting. So touching, so emotional and so sad but good ending. I love her acting so well.
    I love her show so much that re-watching her old drama is still enjoying and fulfilling.

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