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Enjoy Life

Title: 살맛납니다 / Enjoy Life
Chinese Title : 享受人生
Previously known as: 이혼하지 맙시다 / Iheonhaji Mapshida / Let’s Not Divorce
Genre: Drama, family
Episodes: 133
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-26 to 2010-Apr-30
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:15


A story about the love and married life of six married couples who are pigeonholed into six types of marital relationships!


Kim Yoo Mi as Hong Min Soo
Lee Tae Sung as Jang Yoo Jin
Hong Eun Hee as Hong Kyung Soo
Kwon Oh Joong as Byun Chang Soo
Kim Sung Eun as Na Ye Joo
Oh Jong Hyuk as Hong Jin Soo
Lee Min Woo as Kim Ki Ok
Go Doo Shim as Kang Poong Ja
Park In Hwan as Hong Man Bok
Im Ye Jin as Goo Jum Soon
Kim Il Woo as Na Bong Goo
Yoo Joo Hee as Na Ri
Shin Ki Joon as Goo Eo Jin
Lee Chae Young as Byun Ja Ram
No Joon Hyuk (노준혁) as Byun Woo Ram
Im Chae Moo as Jang In Shik
Park Jung Soo as Na Ok Bong
Choi Eun Joo as Uhm Hee Sook
Yoo In Jo (유인조) as Shin Na Ra
Hong Yeo Jin as Ms. Oh
Yoo Joo Hee as Na Ri
Jang Won Young as Mr Choi
Lee Jae Eun as Eom Hee Sook
Park Ji Woo as Joo Hwan
Kim Ji Won as Angelina

Production Credits

Director: Kim Dae Jin (김대진)
Screenwriter: Park Hyun Joo


2010 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award – Veteran Actor (Park Jung Soo and Im Chae Moo)

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  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    looks like a fun family drama 🙂

  2. 2 : Well Says:

    100+ episodes ?

    LOL, I wont have time for that.

  3. 3 : Cynthia Says:

    Nowadays, we have a lots of long winded korean drama. It will be quite boring if the story is too long.

  4. 4 : Melanie Says:

    sometimes we would rather choose to watch series like this than a heavy drama,..it was a help for us to enjoy life,:)

  5. 5 : rawda Says:

    i love korean drama an i will try to watch it

  6. 6 : sarah Says:

    I am from ksa
    I love Korea very
    And I love Korean movies and drama
    And I hope to be translated into Arab
    Lover Korea 🙂

  7. 7 : rawda Says:

    hi,i want to have freinds….lovers of korean drama

  8. 8 : rawda Says:

    sarah,how are you?

  9. 9 : 박주희 Says:


  10. 10 : didats Says:

    100 episodes? hohoho… i would say, no.

  11. 11 : showers Says:

    It would be easy for people to criticise, but I’m with you on this.

  12. 12 : appliance repair Says:

    This drama sounds meaningful, I would like to watch it in my spare time. Hope I will learn a great from it.

  13. 13 : disney restaurants Says:

    I love Korean movies and drama, I’ll watch it in my spare time. It looks like a fun family drama

  14. 14 : catherine Says:

    This show is nice, but i haven’t finished yet, still struck in no.100 episodes and it’s very sad. How can it be named “enjoy life”? I hope the couples have good ending. I just can’t understand why must the lead actress listen to the father in law? i wouldn’t. I guess it is different culture. although i am not done with this show, it is nice to watch

  15. 15 : 220-702 Says:

    it is very good post

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  17. 17 : 646-204 Says:

    certification exams

  18. 18 : 156-215 Says:

    It is very good

  19. 19 : 350-040 Says:

    I miss you

  20. 20 : Josephine/Donna Says:

    When will this drama” Enjoy Life” be on dvd and with english title ,
    Pretty good drama if It had English Subtitle

  21. 21 : Josephine/Donna Says:

    I can’t beleive the A faterinlaw is such a control freak over is one an only son what is that all about????????? Much to extreme even in the movie world !!!!!

  22. 22 : ardhan Says:

    This drama sounds meaningful

  23. 23 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama.. n this drama is so great,, love it..

  24. 24 : diefan Says:

    where i can watch it with english sub?

  25. 25 : mel Says:

    anothers family drama… i like it…

  26. 26 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..

  27. 27 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  28. 28 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  29. 29 : Mission Viejo Dishwasher repair Says:

    Yo también te aprecio como usted piensa sobre el tema. Realmente un muy informativo y en realidad me gusta la forma en que presente toda la historia para nosotros.

  30. 30 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […]   Dream High E شاهدت الى 11 وما كملته    East Of Eden Empress Chun Chu Enjoy Life Escape From Unemployment Evasive Inquiry Agency Even So Love Everybody Cha Cha Cha Exhibition of […]

  31. 31 : my tram Says:

    toi muon xem lai phim nay co the cho biet xem o web nao khong

  32. 32 : mary christodoulou Says:

    where to watch it with sub

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