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Title: 전생에 웬수들 / Enemies From the Past
Chinese Title: 前世的冤家們
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 123
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-Nov-27 to 2018-June-01
Air time: Monday to Friday 19:15


Choi Go Ya (Choi Yoon Young) supports her family by doing part-time work. Her father had an affair and left home 10 years ago. She is now looking for a regular full-time job. Meanwhile, Min Ji Suk (Goo Won) is a lawyer who specializes in divorces. He is skeptical about marriage, but after he meets Go Ya and gets close to her, they face a difficult situation.


Main Cast

Choi Yoon Young as Choi Go Ya
Goo Won as Min Ji Suk
Ahn Jae Mo as Min Eun Suk
Go Na Yun as Choi Go Bong

People around Choi Go Ya

Han Jin Hee as Choi Tae Pyung
Lee Bo Hee as Woo Yang Sook
Lee Sang Ah as Choi Tae Ran
Park Hyun Suk (박현석) as Choi San Deul
Noh Young Min (노영민) as Choi Go Woon

People around Min Ji Suk

Geum Bo Ra as Oh Sa Ra
Choi Soo Rin as Oh Na Ra
Myung Ji Yun as Jo Hye Eun
Lee Young Ran as Jang Ok Ja
Han Gab Soo as Han Jae Woong


Park Dong Bin as Min Ji Seok
Seo Sung Kwang

Production Credits

Director: Kim Heung Dong
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Eun


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33 Responses to “Enemies From the Past”

  1. 1
    Shahzad Says:

    wooo wooo, when its coming am waiting for this

  2. 2
    arena sinopsis Says:

    still waiting this..

  3. 3
    Rose Says:

    Ji Suk and the guy that works for him, Ji Seok, are so funny together. Their names are almost the same. I am enjoying their scenes together. Ji Suk is so upset about Go Ya and she doesn’t even know. So funny.

    First time I am seeing Goo Won, he is very handsome and love the character he is playing in this show.

    This is the 3rd drama in a row that I have seen Geum Bo Ra (Oh Sa Ra).

  4. 4
    Omni Says:

    Can watch, edp if U are waiting for your drama’s update.
    Good filler.
    Never seen him – Goo Win – is surprisingly good
    Hope to see more of his drama.
    This drama- Enemies is surprisingly good. Kept me up to finish all 30 episodes.
    Check it out if U are bored waiting

  5. 5
    Rose Says:

    I would hope Go-Ya’s mother and crazy sister, Go-Bong would start appreciating all that GY has done for them and is doing for them. She is always running around after them trying to pick up the pieces and neither of them are appreciative or treat her with any respect. She puts food on the table, helped her idiot sister get an education and looks after her sweet adorable brother. Go-Woon is the only person who cares for Go-Ya. I believe he is trying to fix Go-Ya up with Eun-Seok. It looks like this is the first drama No Young-Min (G0-Woon) is in. He is doing a great job.

    Does Go-Bong’s mother have any idea what her precious daughter does when she goes out?? Where does she get all the money to dress in the latest fashions, and Go-Ya looks like she is dressed in second hand clothes. Go-Ya needs to borrow some of Go-Bong’s clothes when she goes for an interview.

    Oh Nara is a piece of work – cold as hell – no feelings for anyone but herself. The best thing that happened to her is when the charge card her idiot husband gave her bounced in front of her friends. Where did he get the money to buy her that diamond ring???? Or is that a fake????

    Yang-Sook ex-husband is a jerk. She needs to move on and hook up with Oh Nara’s ex-husband.

    Choi Tae-Ran is really funny. I am enjoying her.

  6. 6
    Andrew Says:

    Some one needs to slap Oh Nara in the face – the cold wench.

    I can’t stand Go-Bong, and they are going to have Go-Bong and Euk-Seok get involved in a romance. He seems to be a nice guy which is even more aggravating. So-Bong needs to get her stupid head on straight and start growing up Go-Ya needs to stop being so worried about her. She is just running herself in circle with the chic.

    Hye-Eun and Go-Bong should live together – they can see who can out do each other with their rambling on and on about their social lives. They make a perfect pair.

    I would like to see Go-Woon do some fun things with Go-Ya and San Duel so he can have some enjoyment in his life. I hope he can get his kidney transplant and be able to enjoy his life, the sweet boy.

  7. 7
    Diana Says:

    I like Min Ji-Seok – he is funny – he seems to always be at the office. Does he ever go home?

    Go-Ya is trying so hard to earn money for her family and her mother and a-hole So-Bong just abuse her and blame everything on her. Yang-Sook told Go-Ya she neglects her brother!!!! Why can’t So-Bong take care of him, do something for him and take him out for ice cream or something. How stupid they are.

    I don’t see any affection from Yang-Sook and So-Bong for Go-Woon. No hugs, nothing nice to say, don’t do anything nice for him. I wish Go-Ya could get a decent job and make enough money to support herself and GoWoon. She could move out and live the two idiots to fend for theirselves, but Go-Ya would never do that.

    Why does Yang-Sook continually tell Go-Ya “she is like her father??” Is she not Yang-Sook’s daughter???

  8. 8
    Mardonna Says:

    Everyone except the grandmother age doesn’t fit the characters they play. The characteristics are to young for adults. Or the situations they. Are dealing with.

  9. 9
    mml Says:

    This drama is interesting in the sense that, it is not the lead actor and lead actress that can really attract me in watching. Actor Ahn Jae Mo and actress Go Na Yun , these two jokers in this drama , they got funny , clumsy behaviour and a lot of interesting scenes that, they both get to meet together.

    I really hope that, Go Na Yun and Ahn Jae Mo will become romance couple in this drama.

  10. 10
    David F Says:

    So-Bong calls her brother “kid.” What is he, some boy that is not related to her and lives in the neighborhood!!!!

    I don’t understand why the community center that Oh Nara was teaching flower classes, give her Woo Yang-Sook’s address? Oh Nara

    When Oh Nara called the Community Center, and said she needed a phone number of a person that was in her “Flower Class.” She called to get Woo Yang-Sook’s address, but Yang Sook was not in her “Flower Class.” What – the person that answered the phone went through all the classes to find Yang Sook’s phone number? Yang Sook was only at the Community Center once.

    What a scum Choi Tae-Pyeong is. Is he going to pull a scam on Yang Sook to get her house???

  11. 11
    Rose Says:

    I like San Duel – I am happy he gives Go-Ya a lot of support. Park Hyun-Suk (San Duel) is so very thin !!!! I know the Korean people are thin, but some times they are too thin. I wonder how much money he is making telling people their fortune??? He gave up his teaching job with possibly a better salary and whatever benefits – insurance, sick days, etc. they get.

    Go-Ya trusting her father??? Not a good thing. What a con artist he is!!!! Wonder if he was like that when he was living with Yang Sook????

    @mml — I am sure Go-Bong and Eun-Suk will most likely end up together. Go-Bong has her mind set on getting him one way or the other. Also if they get together and Go-Ya and Ji Suk will – what sweet revenge for Oh Na Ra. Love that triangle twist.

  12. 12
    Linda J. Says:

    Very good daily drama.

  13. 13
    meirav Says:

    where is ep 56 since yesterday I have been waiting ?

  14. 14
    Sundance Says:

    When Ep 32 ended, Jang Ok-Ja was looking at the applications of the two girls that won the cooking contest. Ok-Ja was wondering why Go-Ya’s application was not in there, but the scene ended rather strange, and just hanging without the man answering. I thought in Ep 33 it would pick up where it left off, but it didn’t, and through out Ep 33, the scene never came up again.

    Are the writers hooking up San Duel with crazy, intrusive Jo Hye-Eun? If So poor San Duel, I feel sorry for him. I like his personality. What a career change, from teacher to fortune telling. Funny.

    I would like to see more of Go-Ya and Ji-Seok and their relationship. I am sure when we do, there will be a lot of turmoil in their relationship. Oh Nara is one selfish low class lady even though she thinks she is so rich. Oh Nara and Go-Ya’s father make a perfect pair. I can’t wait for Ji-Seok to find out about her and Go-Ya’s father.

  15. 15
    Rose Says:

    @ meirav

    The drama will air again on the 26th of February due to the broadcast of Pyeongchang Olympic Games in Korea.

    Where I live in the Midwest, the drama didn’t air on February 14 — they ran two episodes of Heo Joon with a notification at the bottom of the screen RE: Olympic Games. I am not happy about it, but nothing we can do.

  16. 16
    meirav Says:


    thank u for letting me know I, another week to wait it is a shame
    I like this drama.

  17. 17
    Linds J Says:

    Welcome back, I missed you during the Olympics. Episode 56 came with a good surprise. Cried happy tears. MBC please don’t discontinue your dramas. Just tell your writers to keep writing Romance Dramas without CEO’s of a big companies. Write about ordinary people and exclude the rich. This drama is really good and so is another ongoing drama. FIGHTING



  18. 18
    Sunbeam Says:

    JS’s mother is totally annoying. In all the dramas I have seen Geum Bo-Ra in, she always plays an arrogant or egoistic person. She is going to be a pain when she finds out about Go-Ya and J-S.

    So happy that J-S is helping Go-Ya. He is so cute, I love the role he is playing.

    Go-Bong works part-time I assume and probably doesn’t make a lot of money, but neither does Go-Ya working for that cafe. And Go-Bong goes to her to borrow money??? Why doesn’t she ask her mother? What would Go-Bond do if Go-Ya was not part of the family??

    No Young-Min (Go-Woon) is just adorable. It appears this is his first acting role.

    Min Ji-Seok who works for J-S is so darn funny. He always makes me laugh.

  19. 19
    Ryan Says:

    How stupid that Eun-Seok waited for Go-Bong all night to give her the phone back. Give it to Go-Woon at school the next day and meet up with idiot Go-Bong some other time.

    Go-Bong went to college, does she work full-time at the work out facility????

    Go-Bong has up-to-date clothes, dresses better than Go-Ya, and she has the nerve to ask Go-Ya for money?? Doesn’t she make enough money to support herself at the exercise facility??? Does she give any money to her mother to help her out????

    Go-Bong didn’t help Go-Ya any by causing her father to fall down and break his ribs. Thought the cops are no help. Ten years in prison for someone breaking a rib???? How extreme and stupid is this.

  20. 20
    Andrew Says:

    Does Go-Bong have cotton in her mouth? When she talks she sounds like something is stuffed in her mouth.

  21. 21
    arizonafan Says:

    Doesn’t Go-Bong contribute any money to the family??? When Go-Ya was telling Ji-Suk all the money she contributes to the family, she has a heavy load. It doesn’t seem like her mother has any one in her place at all, unless it is all phone carry outs??? Does her mother make any income from that food place she has???

    Go-Bong must spend all the money on herself, as she dresses the best in the family. She is doing everything, but working at the exercise place, is a goof ball and does not know how to take no for an answer. How stupid is she that she continues to bite some one ears???

  22. 22
    David Says:

    Oh Sa-Ra is a hypocrite – she said “she would accept anyone JS brought home.” Didn’t Sa-Ra come from a family that was not as rich as the man she married??? She only has money from her husband’s side I believe. Sa-Ra complains that she is not treated well by her mother-in-law and she is doing the same thing without even giving Go-Ya a chance. She is so ignorant and aggravating.

    Go-Ya never caused any trouble at the cafe she worked at. Her dad and his idiot wife are the ones that caused trouble. Why would that young boy Go-Ya worked with a the cafe tell Oh Sa-Ra what happened that night when Tae-Pyeong caused a scene. The young boy should have told Sa-Ra to ask Go-Ya herself. Further more, JS knows all about Go-Ya’s life.

    Sa-Ra is so worried about JS and not her older son and who he is going to marry. She should be more concerned about Eun-Seok with that crazy Go-Bong. Go-Ya is the one supporting the family. Go-Bong pretending to hurt her foot quits working at the exercise facility. She is so nuts.

    Doesn’t any one lock their doors in Korea???? Every one just walks in to someone’s house whenever they want????

  23. 23
    cw Says:

    My schedule makes me miss episodes & YouTube doesn’t have English subtitles, DramaFever and Viki don’t have series at all. Does anyone know where I can find with English sub’s (please).?

  24. 24
    Rose Says:

    @ cw –

    Here are a few websites that have this show with English subs —



    Hope this helps you.

  25. 25
    Rose Says:

    @ cw –

    I forgot to mention that this program shows the re-run episodes the next day between 4 – 4:45 p.m. Depends on the commercials or whatever. In case you are free during that time, you can catch the re-run from the 8 p.m. show the night before.

  26. 26
    Sunbeam Says:

    San Duel is good at telling people’s fortunes. He has a knack for it. He is cute.

    Go-Ya’s mother bought her a new coat awhile back, and she continues to wear that same old coat. What is wrong with her. She has a good job in an office now, she should dress up better.

    But both Sa-Na and Yang-Sook were acting like idiots at the temple where they went to pray, fighting over Yang-Sook’s coat. Other people were praying there for goodness sake. It appears Sa-Na did not come from a rich family, but became rich on her husband and his family’s money. Now she thinks she is the best of the best.

    I like J-S’s grandmother

  27. 27
    cw Says:

    @Rose, Thanks for the information. I will try other sites. Unfortunately, though I’m over 70 I still have to work, so I’m not home at the alternate hours.

  28. 28
    Rose Says:

    I can’t believe Tae Pyong and Oh Na Ra!!!! In all the episodes I have watched, neither of them have showed any remorse for what they have done and the people they have hurt. They act so self-righteous and as if they are the victims.

    Go Ya continually tells Tae P to stay out of her life and he continues to butt in to her life. He is more concerned about Ji Seok hurting his precious wife, because Oh Na Ra is his aunt and raised him, than what he and Oh Na Ra have done to his ex-wife and family. What a low class jerk. He wasn’t worried about Go Ya for 10 years when he and the queen were in the U.S., why is he worried about her now??????

    Tae Pyong dresses like a bum from Skid Row and Oh Na Ra continues to dress up in her best clothes. I hate these two people. If they all become one big happy family at the end of this show, like most Korea dramas end up, I won’t be happy.

  29. 29
    Koreanfan Says:

    After Five Enough , this Enemies from the past is a well directed and no nonsense screenplay where the lead girl and her lover are not stupid but are smart in fighting and winning … Great direction, cute romance and very interestingly going forward ep after ep

  30. 30
    vra Says:

    How stupid is Oh Na Ra????? She blames Go Ya for everything going wrong in her life. Duh —- her and her idiot husband are the ones who came back after 10 years looking for money from Go-Ya. How stupid is she?? What did they do with all the money she got from selling the house Go-Ya is living in??? They went broke and then decided to get money from Go-Ya – like does that make sense. Stupid people

    Tae Pyung has no interest in meeting his son and only was going to pretend to do the kidney surgery for the money, but then he befriends a little boy in the hospital not knowing it is his son. Maybe when he finds out Go Woon is his son, Tae Pyung may comes to his senses.

    Do like Go-Ya and JS together – hope they strong to the end

    Go Woon looked so cute in his nice clothes for Go-Ya’s wedding.

  31. 31
    Mardonna Says:

    This is the most infuriating drama ever written. Episode 109 push us back to the beginning.

  32. 32
    Rose Says:

    What is this??? Why doesn’t JS tell his grandmother about Oh Nara and what she did to Go Ya’s family??? The grandmother would not let Oh Nara move into her house I would assume. It is the grandmother’s house, and idiot, JS’s mother tells her to move back in. I know the grandmother approved, but she doesn’t know the whole story and JS needs to tell his grandmother and his mother. Eventually the truth will come out.

    And he should tell his mother that he does not want his aunt to move back into the house, or he and Go Ya will move out.

    Let Oh Nara and Sara move into another house by themselves. Sara is stupid and Oh Nara continues to lie, the evil witch.

  33. 33
    Rose Says:

    Does any one know the actress that is Go-Ya’s real mother?? She looks familiar but I can’t place what drama I have seen her in???

    Oh Nara is nothing by slim.

    Do bad Oh Nara didn’t say more nasty things to Go-Ya at the hospital so Jae-Woong would have heard more of her smart mouth.

    Eun-Suk is so naive. Go -Bong is running circles around him, getting into his apartment and plastering photos of them all over and he goes along with the program. His ex-wife is not going to go to his house.

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