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Endless Love

Endless Love 04

Title: 끝없는 사랑 / Endless Love
Chinese Title: 无尽的爱
Genre: Period, Melodrama, Romance, Action, Crime, Thriller
Episodes: 37
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2014-June-21 to 2014-Oct-26
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


A drama about Korean politics and financials situation in the 1970-1990s through the life of a woman.

After a traumatic past of witnessed her mother’s death, Seo In Ae (Hwang Jung Eum) grows up as ambitious woman with sharp mind who knows how to grab people’s hearts, while still holding hope to avenge her mother someday. Since childhood, her life has been entangled with two opposite-personalities brothers from poor fisherman family, Han Kwang Hoon (Ryu Soo Young) and Han Kwang Chul (Jung Kyung Ho).


Main Cast

Hwang Jung Eum as Seo In Ae
– Bang Yoo Sul (방유설) as Seo In Ae (child)
Ryu Soo Young as Han Kwang Hoon
Choi Ha Ho as Han Kwang Hoon (child)
Jung Kyung Ho as Han Kwang Chul
Jo Yong Jin as Han Kwang Chul (child)

People around Seo In Ae

Shin Eun Jung as Kyung Ja
Lee Yong Yi as Mrs. Ahn
Lee Nam Hyuk (이남혁) as In Chul
– Go Kyung Pil (고경필) as In Chul (child)
Lee Seung Hyung as Director Im Yoon Taek
Lee Yong Lee as In Ae’s grandmother

People around Han Kwang Chul

Choi Sung Gook as Jo Won Gyu
Lee Dong Shin as Chairman Son

Chun Tae Woong’s Family

Cha In Pyo as General Chun Tae Woong
Choi Ji Na as Jin Yang Ja
Seo Hyo Rim as Chun Hye Jin

Min Hye Rin’s family

Shim Hye Jin as Min Hye Rin
Jung Dong Hwan as Prime Minister Kim Gun Pyo
Kim Joon as Kim Tae Kyung
Jun So Min as Kim Se Kyung

National Intelligence Service

Jung Woong In as Park Young Tae
Do Ki Suk as Kim Jung Chul

People at Busan

Maeng Sang Hoon as Han Kap Soo
Lee Won Jae as Yang San Bak
Choi Ryung as Kim Moo Hyuk

Chil Sung’s gang

Bae Min Soo as Chil Sung
Yoon Sung Hyun as Ji Tae
Chae Hee Jae as Yong Bum
Lee Jae Hoon as Gil Dong

Hyo Ri’s gang

Lee Chung Mi as Hyo Ri
Jung In Hye (정인혜) as Kyung Hee
Ji Joo Yun as Mi Sook
Kim Min Young as Hwa Ja


Lee Seung Hyung as Director Im Yoon Taek
Ham Eun Jung as Tae Cho Ae
Kim Yool Ho (김율호) as student body president
Kim Kyung Ryong (김경룡) as Attorney General


Im Joo Eun as Kyung Hwa (Seo In Ae’s mother)
Kim Min Kyo as Pyo Jin Soo
Otani Ryohei as Masato
Choi Jung Hwa (최정화) as masseur
Ri Min (리민) as NIS agent
Bae Min Hee as Jang Jae Hee
Lee Jung Sung as In Ae’s doctor
Han Yeo Wool as Jun Ji Hye
Shin Rin Ah as Esther

Production Credits

Production Company: Story TV
Chief Producer: Kim Young Sub
Producer: Lee Sang Min
Director: Lee Hyun Jik
Screenwriter: Na Yun Sook


– Episode 23 has been delayed to 2014-Sep-07 due to the broadcasting of chuseok’s day special film on 2014-Sep-06. (Source)

– Episode 32 & 33 were aired on 2014-Oct-11 from 20:45 to 23:15 and Mother Choice will be aired on the next day, 2014-Oct-12 at 20:45.

– This drama was originally plan for total of 40 episodes but cut 3 episodes to total of 37 episodes after that. (source)


2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars: Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Special Acting Actor (Long-Length Series): Jung Woong In (Endless Love)
2014 SBS Drama Awards – Top Excellence Actress (long-Length Series): Hwang Jung Eum (Endless Love)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2014-06-21 1 7.2 (12th) 8.8 (8th) 8.0 (13th) 8.6 (12th)
2014-06-22 2 7.1 7.9 6.7 7.3
2014-06-28 3 8.7 (13th) 9.1 (14th) 8.7 (12th) 9.8 (7th)
2014-06-29 4 8.0 (15th) 8.8 (15th) 8.3 (15th) 9.2 (13th)
2014-07-05 5 8.6 (11th) 9.5 (10th) 9.4 (10th) 10.4 (7th)
2014-07-06 6 7.2 8.1 (18th) 8.3 (13th) 9.5 (10th)
2014-07-12 7 9.4 (8th) 11.6 (4th) 9.5 (7th) 10.8 (6th)
2014-07-13 8 8.0 (16th) 9.4 (12th) 8.6 (14th) 9.6 (12th)
2014-07-19 9 8.2 (11th) 9.4 (9th) 9.2 (9th) 10.4 (6th)
2014-07-20 10 7.9 (17th) 9.2 (13th) 9.5 (10th) 10.6 (8th)
2014-07-26 11 8.4 (11th) 9.6 (9th) 9.0 (9th) 9.7 (8th)
2014-07-27 12 8.5 (12th) 9.7 (10th) 9.1 (11th) 10.5 (9th)
2014-08-02 13 8.7 (10th) 9.4 (7th) 9.4 (10th) 10.1 (8th)
2014-08-03 14 9.0 (13th) 10.1 (13th) 9.5 (12th) 10.0 (13th)
2014-08-09 15 9.3 (10th) 10.5 (7th) 9.9 (8th) 11.0 (5th)
2014-08-10 16 8.2 (15th) 9.1 (14th) 8.7 (13th) 9.5 (10th)
2014-08-16 17 9.2 (11th) 10.1 (9th) 9.6 (7th) 10.6 (5th)
2014-08-17 18 8.3 (15th) 8.9 (17th) 9.8 (10th) 10.7 (7th)
2014-08-23 19 8.5 (8th) 9.5 (7th) 9.1 (7th) 9.7 (6th)
2014-08-24 20 8.1 (14th) 9.5 (10th) 8.7 (12th) 9.4 (11th)
2014-08-30 21 8.6 (12th) 9.7 (9th) 10.2 (6th) 11.1 (5th)
2014-08-31 22 8.1 (14th) 9.3 (11th) 9.5 (9th) 10.1 (7th)
2014-09-07 23 6.3 6.9 7.1 (14th) 7.6 (15th)
2014-09-13 24 7.9 (14th) 9.2 (10th) 9.1 (9th) 9.7 (8th)
2014-09-14 25 7.6 (17th) 9.0 (13th) 8.6 (13th) 9.5 (9th)
2014-09-20 26 6.4 (16th) 7.1 (16th) 6.8 (15th) 6.8 (18th)
2014-09-21 27 8.8 (11th) 10.5 (10th) 10.7 (10th) 11.3 (9th)
2014-09-27 28 8.1 (11th) 9.3 (7th) 8.6 (8th) 9.2 (7th)
2014-09-28 29 6.6 (20th) 8.0 (18th) 7.6 (19th) 8.4 (16th)
2014-10-04 30 (<6.0) 7.6 (15th) 6.5 (20th) 7.2 (20th)
2014-10-05 31 7.4 (15th) 9.0 (13th) 7.8 (15th) 7.7 (19th)
2014-10-11 32 - - 2.8 -
2014-10-11 33 7.5 (14th) 8.8 (9th) 8.7 (10th) 8.9 (11th)
2014-10-18 34 (<5.9) 6.4 (19th) 7.4 (14th) 8.1 (11th)
2014-10-19 35 (<7.0) (<7.4) 7.0 (17th) 7.3 (20th)
2014-10-25 36 7.0 (14th) 7.7 (14th) 8.5 (11th) 9.5 (10th)
2014-10-26 37 7.7 (14th) 8.4 (14th) 9.3 (11th) 9.9 (11th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, I’ve been waiting for this drama since forever! I’m so glad the Queen Of Melodrama, Hwang Jung Eum, is finally back! My 2014 won’t be complete w/o watching her drama! Goodness, she’s even paired with Jung Kyung Ho! Love the pair already!!! Btw, love HJE’s long hair!

  2. 2 : mml Says:

    I will watch Endless Love this drama on Sat and Sun. And happy to have Glorious Day this drama on Sat and Sun too. I hope the romance of this drama is not bitter and seems to fine. Too much revenge dramas and sad dramas, really scare to watch.

    So far, Only Love sbs drama and Glorious Day sbs drama also not bad except that I hate Hana the well grown daughter and hopefully Endless Love will continue to catch my attention to watch on every episode.

  3. 3 : cuity17 Says:

    I’m gonna watch this drama, for sure… I love her, since secret, but it seems that JKH is not paired with her…?? Am I wrong?? I wish HJE n JKH will be a couple in this drama n happy ending as well… 😀 waiting so bad for this drama…..!!!

  4. 4 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17

    Me too, HJE is one of my top fave actresses! Btw, I’ve been keeping track of this drama & I read a longer synopsis stating, HJE was the ex girlfriend of JKH’s older brother, RSY. Says there too that JKH has always been in love with her since their younger years. I’m guessing he’d pursue her later on, that’s why the title is Endless Love. Wow, can’t wait for it to start!

  5. 5 : say Says:

    Because I have watched cruel city and loved it so much, in fact one of the best drama 2013,surly hope mister Jung Kyung Ho will give us one of his best performers in this drama like the one in cruel city,can’t wait,please do a good job dear writer don’t disappoint with us with this good actors.

  6. 6 : cuity17 Says:

    @malou1010 , thanks malou… Wooww…it sounds more interesting…, I wish it will be happy ending too..please..please… Writernim. For HJE n JKH couple… 😀

  7. 7 : jamie Says:

    I’ve been a silent lurker in this website, but for HJE I’d get out of my lurking mode & join you guys! I absolutely loved HJE in Secret so I’m definitely watching Endless Love! Oh my, RSY & JKH are both gorgeous!

    EL is loaded with a great cast & an intriguing story which is a great formula for an amazing drama for us! So excited to watch EL!

  8. 8 : kml123e Says:

    ~just watch it already~

  9. 9 : malou1010 Says:

    @ jamie

    Hi there! I know, right! Glad you’re joining us. Totally agree with you about the cast & the story. Did you watch IHYV? The villain there is the same villain here in EL! Good grief, Jung Woong In is such a great villain, you would really love hating him! Same here, I want EL to start already so i can watch it!!!

  10. 10 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17

    You’re welcome! You know, I read in other websites that HJE had to learn how to ride a motorcycle & boxing to prepare for her role. Goodness, she’s such a real trouper…….I love her even more! Watching the trailer really gave me goosebumps! JHK look so darn cool! I don’t even care about his “curly” hair. I guess it’s in keeping with the “in thing” during the 70s or 80s. His role here is a charismatic bad boy & it’s his first ever to get such a role according to a write up I read. Oh wow, it sure is a far cry from that sweet boy next door role he did in Smile You, which btw made me a fan of his! Me too, I want a happy ending for HJE-JHK couple!

  11. 11 : jamie Says:


    Hello! I did watch IHYV. Man, I really hated him there! You’re absolutely right, he’s soooo good playing the bad guy role.

    We’re down to 9 days more!

  12. 12 : Alanoud ms Says:

    She’s a great actress all of her dramas are perfect. Can’t wait!
    Defiantly going to watch it!
    Endless love hwighting!!

  13. 13 : cuity17 Says:

    @malouu…. Yeaaah I read about that too, I love her, esp her eyes..its tell everything… Same with me, I don’t care JKH’s hair style as long as it’s him, lol ;).. I like him in cruel city, soo cool n charismatic, hwaaaa waiting so bad for this drama aired. 😀

  14. 14 : Kay Says:

    Finally, a new drama for Hwang Jung Eum! Love love love HJE!!!! Gotta mark this date on my phone calendar…………….yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

  15. 15 : pudji Says:

    waiting for this drama…hopefully it can end nicely and happilly…

  16. 16 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17 & jamie

    Hey guys! Take note, just one day to go & we can watch Endless Love already……..ASSA!!!

  17. 17 : Sharon Says:

    I know she is an excellent actress, therefore, I will give this drama a try. I just hope the story is interesting enough to keep me watching. Fighting!!

  18. 18 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010

    Waiting is over! Endless Love………….Fighting!!!!!

  19. 19 : Lilac Says:

    Actually it looks like Viki may be failing to bring it to us, (and not for the first time either) but KDrama.com is planning to bring it. Please show your support by writing on their FB page and favoriting the show


  20. 20 : Ana Says:

    I really liked the first episode! This is going to be a good drama! Fighting!!

  21. 21 : maknaee Says:


    waaaah you watched it already? daebak

  22. 22 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    The first 3 minutes is somewhat below a B rate drama. But I have some faith in the director and the writer talents. We will have to wait and see.

  23. 23 : Lilac Says:

    Kdrama already has episode 1 subbed.. yey


  24. 24 : Seyha Saya Says:

    OmG, hard to wait for Ep2 …

  25. 25 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh dear me, finally gooddrama.net has English subs! Kamsahamnida! You guys are the best! Off to watch now.

    Hey there maknaee……………** WAVING HI**………so glad you’re joining us!

  26. 26 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    First episode is off on a good start. But I gotta say the writer don’t seem too sympathetic towards human life. Setting up the story like it’s just another day at work.

  27. 27 : Windsun33 Says:

    Well, so far I am seeing a lot of noble idiocy and just plain old stupid idiocy in the first two episodes. Will try a few more episodes, but so far it seems a bit like one of those really bad radical 60’s movies from the US.

  28. 28 : malou1010 Says:

    Episode 1 did it for me coz I liked it a lot! HJE looked so much at home riding her motorcycle. Her training really paid off! Wow, she’s got the moves when she was boxing in the gym! I gotta say I do love her hair in this drama. I like Seo In Ae already coz she’s feisty (love that money burning scene!), self-reliant (she can do most anything when she sets her mind to it), & most of all, a trustworthy friend to Kwang Chul. At this early stage, I can see the strong friendship that Kwang Chul & In Ae have built & I really love them! How far the sibling rivalry between Kwang Hoon & Kwang Chul would take them remains to be seen.

    Ok I’m off to see episode 2.

  29. 29 : malou1010 Says:

    The rating for episode 1 was pretty good for a pilot episode but what happen to episode 2? Hmmmm…….could it be because it’s World Cup season? Aigoo, it’ll end on July 13 so I hope the ratings pick up regardless of the World Cup!

    Endless Love………….FIGHTING!!!!!

  30. 30 : Ana Says:

    I love this drama! Fighting!!!

  31. 31 : jamie Says:

    My thoughts exactly………..I loved both episodes! I hope the ratings improve for the coming episodes. Fighting!!!!!

  32. 32 : mml Says:

    Episode 1 and episode 2, both episodes seems to be quite sad. Well, i can’t accept sad dramas. And i am expecting to watch episode 3 and episode 4 with some difference and not sad to watch.

  33. 33 : windsun33 Says:

    Episodes 1 and 2 had a lot of people making really bad and stupid decisions, but because I love HJE I will stick around for a while and hope that people get smarter. Getting hysterical and screaming to everyone about your enemy, then telling your enemy what you are going to do does not seem like the best tactic. Hopefully her time in prison will give her a wakeup call about how to think before rushing in blindly.

  34. 34 : malou1010 Says:

    Episode 2 was just too sad for me but regardless, I still loved it! I’m trying to be objective about Kwang Hoon’s behavior towards Kwang Chul but still, I really find it somewhat disturbing. To think his late father’s last words to him was to look after his younger brother! Oh well, I’m sure that brotherly love I’m looking for will surface eventually.

    Hmmm…….I was so glad In Ae finally gave that loud-mouthed inmate some well-deserved punches! In that scene, I was like, c’mon In Ae, you know boxing, teach her a lesson & give her your knockout punch! But when she was strangling her………eeeew, heck no, I don’t want you to rot in jail!!!

    What happen to Kwang Chul? Where is he? Can’t believe I have to wait till next weekend………..aaaargh!

  35. 35 : maemae Says:

    It this drama worth watching?

  36. 36 : tabitha Says:

    omg !! 40 episode ???

  37. 37 : maknaee Says:


    Hi, chingu! We meet again on the same drama. So happy! xD

  38. 38 : maknaee Says:

    *episode 1*

    This episode is such an introduction. They gave us the heroine backstory, her casual life / relationship with the two brothers family. All of that given in small amount yet enough. I’m glad that :
    – they didn’t waste earlier episode for the heroine+the brothers’ childhood ~~ instead we faced the conflict already.
    – Seo In-ae is a baddas yet softhearted woman. I love his bickering with Hwang-chul~
    – They didn’t save the identity of In-ae’s mom killer. Here we have Jung Wong-in, a superb villain in IHYV, as Park Young Tae from National Intelligence Service.

    Eungg… Maybe this is the second drama in this year that got me teary for father’s death scene, the first one is Park Chul in Doctor Stranger. They are always sacrificing their lifes for their sons ;_;

  39. 39 : maknaee Says:

    *episode 2*

    The story is moving, not in a slow pace, and I love this.

    Kwang-chul’s absence, for… about half of episode, is filled with In-ae’s woman prison life and Kwang-hoon’s army life. I got to know Kwang-hoon more in this episode, slowly I’m diving on his character. In the previous eps, I feel nothing for him, but now I start to symphatize. It seems like he doesn’t know what happens to Kwang-chul, right? Cause the one in his thought is always In-ae, his moment with In-ae.

    The preview for eps 3 made me excited! Romance developing?
    – In-ae’s free and moving to… General Chun’s house?
    – Kim Joon (YAY!) as Prime Minister’s son, Kim Tae Kyung. Is he going to fall for In-ae too? :3
    – Hwang-chul is back! <3

  40. 40 : maknaee Says:


    I don’t know, it’s too early to say whether it’s worth or not. But, for me, the first two episodes are worth to watch~~

  41. 41 : cuity17 Says:

    @maknaee…. Thanks for your info for this drama, waiting for next eps …. :D.

    @malou1010…. Wowww …it seems that you were so exciting watch this drama (eps.1-2), I haven’t seen. This yet,,I will watch this after this drama ended , but I want to know eagerly for the time kwang chul n in ae fall for each other….,:D lol, have fun watching sis..!! Don’t forget to keep post your comment here, For my reference, thanks, meanwhile I just finished watching marathon cunning single lady, 3days n inspiring generation (still eps 10)… 😀 endless love fightiiiiiing!!!

  42. 42 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17

    Hey there sis! Know what? My original plan was I’d wait for at least 4 episodes to be done before watching coz the waiting weekly would just be killing me! But I just can’t resist! No regrets coz I love watching EL! Of course, I’ll keep you updated but are you really, really, really sure about waiting until the drama ends before watching it? Hmmm………that’ll be an excruciating effort, if you ask me! Can you truly resist it? C’mon sis, why on earth would you subject yourself the torture of avoiding the inevitable……..go watch it already! It’ll be more fun if we share our POVs about the same drama we both love! How about it?

  43. 43 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee

    Enjoyed reading your posts! I had to rewatch the ending of episode 2 coz I missed the preview. Yeah I read in other websites that Kim Joon will also pursue In Ae. Kwang Chul is back in episode 3……..yaaay!

    This early I’m loving the drama already! I’m excited to know the journey that Kwang Hoon, Kwang Chul, esp. In Ae would take to get their lifelong dreams in life! Aaaah……..my weekends got even better now that EL is part of it!!!

    Btw, are you into tennis? Wimbledon is in full swing! I’m a huge fan of Djokovic & Sharapova. Fingers crossed I’d see both of them in the Men’s & Ladies’ Championship

  44. 44 : maknaee Says:


    What the… why I kept mistyoing Kwang-chul with Hwang-chul -___- lol lol
    I didn’t realize that Kim Joon is in this drama until I see ep 3’s preview. Miss him in dramaland so much, maybe I should watch Crime Squad kkk

    Their journey must be interesting!

    Yes, I am … but it was a long time ago… when I’m still an elementary student. My idols back then was Federer, Sharapova and Williams sister. Nowadays I just following the news, too many to watch since my interest also grew into football and motogp.

    Hey, did you watch world cup round of 16 first match ‘Brazil vs Chile’? It was superb, tight, full of tense, foul is everywhere. I feel like watching final round. Both of them did their very best and the scores was tie till the end of the extra time. So, they should do penalties kick. In the end, Brazil wins. I cried along with Brazil’s happiness and Chile’s disappointment. Very proud of both countries T_T

  45. 45 : maknaee Says:

    the rating is up! cool ~

  46. 46 : Sooki Says:

    Grandma’s house in episode-3 @ 8:17 looks like Maru’s old place in “Innocent Man”. The persimmon tree had undergone some pruning.

  47. 47 : malou1010 Says:

    Wow, rating for episode 3 went up………yaaaay! Endless Love……….FIGHTINNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!

  48. 48 : malou1010 Says:

    Once again, episode 3 brought me to tears!!! At any rate, I have pretty much prepared myself emotionally for this drama so having a “good cry” is inevitable in every episode. Hmmmm……a box of Kleenex is now a must-have for me!

    In this episode, I began to kinda warm up to Kwang Hoon. His love for In Ae was so selfless & true, to a point where he even opted to see her rather than choose his own freedom from that hellhole camp he’s in. Oh my gosh, I cried my heart out when finally the two of them met! Hwang Jung Eum is truly a great actress! She makes her pain your pain & in the process, you just can’t resist but cry with her!!!

    I love In Ae even more in this episode. Her time in this juvenile institution didn’t break her at all. Instead, she has shown endurance, diligence, & commitment to walk past this bad part of her life & move forward to start afresh. Her passing the college entrance exam while incarcerated is truly exemplary. I was truly ecstatic when she got released finally. Can’t wait to see her becoming a lawyer in the coming episodes!

    Absolutely admire In Ae’s loyalty to Kwang Chul! She’s the only one left who still believes he’s alive somewhere & would eventually come back someday. I was so frustrated with Kwang Hoon when he said to In Ae to forget about hoping Kwang Chul is still alive coz he’s not. Be that as it may, I don’t think In Ae could ever do that coz she believes in her heart of hearts KC is alive! That alone makes me ship Kwang Chul & In Ae even harder!!! Love them even more!

    Oh wow, this episode is truly inspirational! In Ae is a perfect example of my two favorite quotes which I truly love……..”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, & “He who has enough why can conquer almost any how”.

  49. 49 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee

    Oh wow, that Brazil-Chile game was truly one heck of a game! Truly amazing! Y’know, I never watch the games of my team live! Just couldn’t bear the pain in case my team loses! So I always cheat, kinda! I’d opt not to watch it live but first thing I do the day after is to check w/c team wins! Then I watch the replay! At least, I know beforehand where my team stands! LOL!

    But watching Wimbledon is another thing. I prefer watching it live. Federer used to be my favorite before Djokovic came. Hey now, you should go back to tennis! If you haven’t seen Djocovic play then you’re definitely missing out a lot. He’s such a brilliant tennis player!

  50. 50 : maknaee Says:


    wow you already watch eps 3!

    You should watch it live, the tension isn’t a joke!
    I’m soooo happy!~~~~~ Netherland won against Mexico. Eighty eight minutes time rolling… Netherland left behind Mexico with score 0-1. Just two minutes before normal times up, Sneijder made a goal. Gosh! Such a miracle x’D Then, in additional time, Netherland got penalty kick after Mexico player fouled Robben. Huntelaar was the executor and goal~ In the end, Netherland won! 2-1. This is such a dramatic game. Okay, I cried again. Congratulations, Netherland! This world cup Brazil 2014 has many unpredictable thing, and it was started when Spain (the previous winner) lose.

    Sure, I’ll try to watch tennis again. Ah… It’s been a long time since my interest shifted.

    Enough with happy tears, I should watch eps 3-4 soon. Can’t wait for this drama! xD

  51. 51 : John l Says:

    This drama sucks!! An 18 year old who thinks she’s so smart and knows it all. I hate dramas where the girl dates one brother and the other brother later on.Wtf?? This girl got a attitude on her!! She thinks she’s an adult when she’s just a kid. She doesn’t understand that it was her fault and her big mouth that got her boyfriends father killed.

  52. 52 : Waving not Drowning Says:

    Just watching #4. I have to agree with you @John. Our heroine is too naive and conceited. She’s naive about her current situation to be going against the bad dudes. She has no compunction at putting others at risk just like she did earlier when some died protecting her. She even admitted she was wrong but I guess it was all lip service on her part.

    I don’t think the writer can turn this ship around so we/I can warm to the heroine. At 4 eps in her personality is etched into the story. And it is not one that I’m going like.

    I already do not like the leading man with Jung Eum. There’s nothing (chemistry) there between them. But perhaps he will end up with Hye Jin (Seo Hyo Rim).

  53. 53 : Nne123 Says:

    I strongly disagree that this drama “sucks”. I LOVE IT. The heroin’s attitude towards getting premature revenge gets to me too but then I thought about her age. She is a teenager. How many of us know teenagers that are not feisty, immature and unreasonable. I think age wise her hot headedness is understandable especially after witnessing her mother’s death at a very young age. I will however start getting disappointed with the writers if she continues on this part as an adult. They need to change her character with age. I am so looking forward to this show and hope ratings get better and better. I love the three main leads. HJE and JKH are among my KD favorite actors….So I can say F…I…G…H…T…I…N…G.

  54. 54 : KDCraze Says:

    I’m only watching the first 2 episodes, looks like this drama is going to turn into a flop like Big Man. Big Man story is a flop because of the lead actress. I really like Hwang Jung Eum in Incarnation Money and Secret but I don’t like the lead actor Ryu Soo Young and I’m not a fan of Jung Kyung Ho either. The story itself is a little bit similar to East Of Eden and Giant. But Giant and East Of Eden have much better story. Anyway for me, Dr Stranger, Hotel King, Joseon Gunman and Fated To Love You is the best K-drama is airing at the moment.

  55. 55 : malou1010 Says:

    To deduct an ongoing drama to be a flop with barely 4 episodes in, is really quite absurd! Besides, I find the story quite compelling & the cast are just awesome actors/actresses so where did that come from? Seriously, if this drama is not your cup of tea, fine you can stop watching it but you simply can’t disparage it coz who knows you might just eat your own words later on!

  56. 56 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Nne123

    Absolutely agree with you! For crying out loud, In Ae is still in her teens so she’s passionate & impulsive. All the bad decisions & choices she’d made in the past would certainly be a part of life’s learning experiences to her as she becomes an adult. I’m just excited to see her life’s journey as the drama unfolds. Totally loving In Ae’s feistiness, sheer determination to be the best lawyer (heck, she even dreams of becoming a Minister of Justice!), & her resoluteness to avenge the death of her Mom & KC’s Dad. I’m thinking “her” way w/c is the right way since she’d be a well-known lawyer in the coming episodes.

    Like you, I absolutely love Endless Love! Fingers crossed, ratings will improve as the drama progresses. Aja! Aja! Fightinnnng!!!

  57. 57 : malou1010 Says:

    Ok, I’m off to watch episode 4. Be back later! Pssssssssh……hey there chingu maknaee, where are you? Are you still basking in the glory of Netherlands winning over Mexico? Btw, saw the replay of that game……….Wow! I’m soooo happy your team won! The only team left standing for me (****sobbing in a corner**** for my Spain & Portugal!) is Brazil! Hoping all the best for Brazil…….yaaay! Rooting for Neymar, David Luiz, & the cool goalkeeper with a cool name, Julio Caezar! Ring a bell?

    Btw, don’t you just love the OST, Grandpa’s Clock? How about it my diligent DJ maknaee, post the YouTube link already! Pretty pretty please!!

  58. 58 : mml Says:

    I have finished watching episode 3 and episode 4 a i’m still hoping that Seo In Ae will eventually give up her love with Han Kwang Hoon.

    In episode 4, Kwang Chul was severely bitten up by the Japanese guy. I’m praying and hoping that Kwang Chul will still be alive and miracles can turn Kwang Chul to be alive and seems to me that the romance for Seo In Ae should end up with Kwang Chul. I think Kwang Chul a devoted and loving guy will be best suitable for Seo In Ae instead of Han Kwang Hoon.

    Did Kwang Chul die after being severely bitten up by the Japanese Guy who tie Kwang Chu upside down and hit him badly in episode 4 ? Looks like Kwang Chul was fainted and also looks liked he was dead, not sure, am very confused after watching episode 4 ????

  59. 59 : natalie Says:

    Really this drama is no good I dont like the main to actors the main actress she is good in her acting but the male lead suxks … sorry sharing my opinion

  60. 60 : jamie Says:

    I’m done watching episodes 3 & 4. I’m loving Endless Love even more! It’s getting more & more interesting with each episode.

    Kwang Hoon is quite a character. With his calculating actions, he’s now on the good side of Gen. Chun. He swallowed his pride & became the Gen.’s lackey coz this was the best option for him to get out of that hell camp he was in. Since he’s ambitious, I’m curious about what else he would compromise to get that power he desires.

    In Ae is one character I truly love & I just have to add that HJE is doing such a tremendous job playing her! She’s feisty, ambitious, & undaunted. Now that she’s out of that juvenile detention center, I’m looking forward to see how her new life would turn out to be. Would she accept that movie offer? The director seems interested enough. Or would she go study abroad to be a lawyer?

    My heart goes out to Kwang Chul! I want some more backstory why he ended up in Fuokoka, Japan. How did he become a killer boxer? Why? Seriously, it was so hard to watch him in those fight scenes! I wonder who would save him coz poor him is unconscious after being beaten so bad. I want him to survive this nightmare of a life he has right now! Curious how his life would turn around for the better. Sooner than later, I hope!

    Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  61. 61 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh dear me, I’ve been waiting for Kwang Chul’s appearance but didn’t expect what I’d see in episode 4! Geez, I kept closing my eyes in those fight scenes! But the scene where Masato’s gang beat him up brutally was just too unbearable to watch! Im hoping that whoever saves him would also change the course of his life! I’m looking forward to that moment when KC & IA would finally meet again as adults & take their relationship to another level!

    Hmmm…….I see Kim Joon in the preview of episode 5 but will he be there for sure? Hopefully coz he’ll pursue In Ae while Seo Hyo Rim will be after KH. Sounds interesting already!

  62. 62 : Lilac Says:


    Viki has the license for Europe for this show.

    Kdrama has the license for the U.S.A for this show. I hope you can mention it above too.


  63. 63 : Tricksie Says:

    Stayed for 5 episodes. It became unbearable. The drama is like something in moth-balls.

    The music; like it was composed for an audience who have all passed to the other side and joined with the other dead members of the Titanic. Spooky in a “sailing-down-the-river-on-a-Sunday-afternoon” kind of way.

    The writing is uninspired.

    Feeling rather sorry for the cast. A waste of 5 hours.

  64. 64 : tintinRELOS Says:

    I haven’t started watching this drama… I’m gonna wait till episode 10 is out. @malou1010 It’s sad that neymar won’t be fit enough to play in the semis. germany isn’t a joke. 🙁

  65. 65 : jungilwoomylove Says:

    I just started this drama and I´m already on my third episode…but what got me a little confused is the brothers? …are they her real brothers..because it kinda feels like the oldest “brother” is more than that.. but maybe korean siblings are like that to each other? can someone clear this for me… are they more than brother and sister?
    BTW .. in the end of episode 2 they showed the trailer of episode three and they are freaking kissing.. this can not be brother and sister right?

  66. 66 : fourgreenrose Says:

    Han Kwang Chul survive to so many and badly injuries on his head. Hard to believe. More than this, he become business man from box killer. Also hard to believe. So, let’s just skip this and see what happen next.

  67. 67 : Sammy Says:

    Who is the main guy of the show? I really hope its Jung Kyung Ho. Idk, why but the content of the story seems so dry. I was really looking forward to Hwang Jung Eum and Jung Kyung Ho scenes. But I am so disappointed now, I really hope the story gets more interesting.

  68. 68 : cupcake Says:

    this drama is no good….lagu saoundtracknya pernah di pakai di tree of heaven….

  69. 69 : malou1010 Says:

    @ tintinRELOS #64

    Hi there! Yeah, what a bummer really that Neymar got hurt! Plus T. Silva got suspended……..talk about luck!!! Oh well, I’m still rooting for Brazil to give it their all on Tue. I’m counting on David Luiz & the cool as the cucumber goalkeeper, Julio Cezar!

    About the drama, I truly love it! It’s getting interesting with each episode so hurry up & go watch it soon. I’m a little behind so gotta go & watch episodes 5 & 6. Join us soon, eh?

  70. 70 : maknaee Says:


    Hey dear, my laptop is having a problem, it wont turn on. I’ve already cleaned the fan inside and re-install them yesterday, but the problem’s happening again. Jinjjaaaaa… I’ve so many dramas to watch *sobs*

    Seems like I have nothing to do without my laptop T__T

    I’ll catch it up as soon as my laptop’s free from the problem :'(

    Btw, my dream team for the final world cup :
    Brazil vs Netherland
    *fingers crossed*

  71. 71 : Corey Says:

    Argh! another boring drama. what a waste of time.

  72. 72 : jamie Says:

    @ jungilwoomylove #65

    Are you still confused or have you figured it out? In Ae & the Kwang brothers were childhood friends then later on when she was in her teens, Kwang Hoon (the older brother) became her boyfriend.

  73. 73 : jamie Says:

    @ fourgreenrose #66

    Kwang Chul isn’t a businessman. His boss, Chairman Son, is the very rich & influential Korean businessman who saved him in Japan & brought him back to Korea & made him his right-hand man.

  74. 74 : jamie Says:

    I’m done watching episodes 5 & 6. I’m glad In Ae’s life is getting better. Didn’t expect her to be a moviestar but she did. What’s even better is she did it on her own. I could sense some positive growth in character with the way she handled herself in that press conference. She sure is still gutsy but with a little restraint. So happy for her that she got admitted to law school! Finally, she’s a step closer to realizing her dream of becoming a lawyer. Love how her friends (including Kwang Chul from afar!) share her happiness!

    Kwang Chul’s back to Korea! He looks great & I’m so relieved he’s involved now with Chairman Son, who seems to trust him. He calls him his right-hand man & puts him in charge of all the projects he’s having. But what gives KC? Why don’t you show yourself to In Ae? It’s pretty obvious KC still cares for IA but right now he’s more than satisfied to watch over her from afar! My heart aches for him when he saw IA & KH from the window. Just as he’s ready to face her! The Sarah pendant he dropped was found by IA. Could she somehow connect it to KC? Absolutely love In Ae & Kwang Chul!

    Wow, In Ae’s birth secret is revealed! I sure love how straight forward writernim has always been. First, the killer of IA’s Mom then IA’s father. Possibly the mastermind behind the killer. That butterfly hint is a sure giveaway.

    Next episodes…………pleeeeeeese!

  75. 75 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee

    Oh dear, that’s the most dreadful thing ever……laptop burn out! Times like this most definitely need drastic measures in 3 steps: Step 1, with a sad face (practice lots of times in front of the mirror!), kinda hint to your parents your laptop died a natural death! Step 2, be extra helpful around the house, esp. to your Mom (if you win her heart then it’s a done deal coz your Dad could never say no to your Mom!). Step 3, armed with your Mom’s support, go talk to your Dad & beeeeeeeeeg him to buy you a new laptop! It’ll work, I promise!

  76. 76 : malou1010 Says:

    Finally I got to watch episodes 5 & 6. I’m so glad windows of opportunity are opening up for her! I’m sure her being a movie star would have a positive effect on her future. Oh wow, I was as excited as they were, checking if she made it to law school & I was so proud of her that she got admitted! I’m so looking forward to her becoming a lawyer! That’s a journey worth waiting for coz I’m surely waiting for payback day for Park Young Tae!

    I’m glad Kwang Chul found an ally in Chairman Son, who’s the richest Korean living in Japan. Since he trusts him & made him his right-hand man, I’m pretty sure he would make a huge difference in KC’s life. He’ll probably play a key role in making KC succeed in the near future. I’m guessing that the reason KC doesn’t want to meet In Ae is that he has nothing yet to show for to her. So heartbreaking really coz one can see that he has feelings for her! I so want them to be together the soonest possible time.

    Kwang Hoon seems to be wavering. His ambition seems to be overpowering his love life. Most likely, he’d choose his ambition over love. I feel for In Ae who’s just so in love with him!

    So that’s who In Ae’s father is! Didn’t expect it to be revealed this early. Curious what’s In Ae’s next move since she now knows who her father is.

    Love love love Endless Love!!!! EL………….Fighting!!!!

  77. 77 : MC Says:

    Love this drama. Great writing and wonderful cast. Hope it continues to keep me coming back.

  78. 78 : Big fan Says:

    What a wonderful drama. I love In Ae and kwang chul… Such deep friendship/love.

  79. 79 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, what a jump in ratings & rankings for episode 7!!! So happy for the cast! Fingers crossed higher ratings for the rest of the episodes!

  80. 80 : malou1010 Says:

    Episode 7 was truly awesome! Finally, In Ae & Kwang Chul met! Gosh, that scene was truly touching! Gotta hand it to HJE for all the emotions she poured into that scene. Such an amazing actress! Goodness me, my heart ached so much with her!

    PYT & the PM’s wife are acting rather suspiciously. Seems to me like the two had an affair & Tae Kyung is PYT’s son not the PM. I’m beginning to dislike PM’s wife but I do like the Kyung siblings. Se Kyung is such an adorable character & the way she handles Kwang Chul is a delight to watch. She certainly could give Kwang Chul a run for his money if she wants to! If my guess is right re Tae Kyung’s biological father, then I wouldn’t mind him pursuing In Ae. Perhaps it would make Kwang Chul jealous enough to seriously pursue In Ae. That is, assuming Kwang Hoon is out of In Ae’s life. Sooooooooon I hope!!! Am I right, writernim?

    Be back soon. I’m off to watch episode 8.

  81. 81 : malou1010 Says:

    Kwang Hoon’s behavior towards Kwang Chul in episode 8 was truly uncalled for. I get that his initial reaction would be anger but my word, did he need to punch him twice? He didn’t even ask him how he survived! Unbelievable! Come to think of it, Chairman Son cares more for KC than KH does. Just like what KC said, he truly believes in him & supports him which is a far cry from KH who knows nothing but hatred & mistrust towards KC. I was really ticked off during his talk with KC’s close friend WG, when he assumed that KC must have lived like a gangster in Japan & even doubted KC’s boss. Why can’t he give KC the benefit of a doubt? Can’t he trust him, even once? He sure was taken aback when WG told him who exactly is Chairman Son.

    Absolutely loved that drinking scene between In Ae & Kwang Chul, esp. the flashback when they were still kids. Pretty amusing really that way back then In Ae was already sticking up for Kwang Chul! Geez, Kwang Chul resorting to stealing stuff just to give In Ae things she needed! Loved how they laughed it off just thinking about it! These two really have a deeper bond than KH & IA. Just love seeing them having fun together!

    Now I’m just so eager for the weekend…….so I can watch this drama already!!!

  82. 82 : torri Says:

    ok!!! so after watching all 8 ep i officially don’t like Han Kwang Hoon i know will leave Seo In Ae the writer is only dragging the processes but he will at the end and as much as i would like him to surprise me and use the general to his benefits and revenge for dad death , the greed for power i see in him now wont let that happen but here i guess the writer has the last say , to me
    soe in ae is better off with younger brother they have so much in common and have the same believes maybe too quick temper and childish but they both seem more loyal to me than the older brother , the show still does not have me hooked as yet but i will keep watching on my free time

  83. 83 : jamie Says:

    Done watching episodes 7 & 8. I’m soooo glad In Ae & Kwang Chul finally met! The first accidental meeting at the escalator was so touching. In Ae didn’t actually see him face to face, she just somehow sensed him pass her by! It was the same woman’s intuition that brought her back to the exact same place she thought she’d seen him. That scene where she finally met him & the talk they had were just so moving & beautiful……I just loved it! Another scene I love was that drinking scene they had. When In Ae who’s kinda drunk told Kwang Chul that if he were truly dead, she would have buried him in her heart forever, to which Kwang Chul replied in that sweetest tone ever, if that’s the case then he would rather stay buried in her heart forever! Absolutely love this couple!!! They are like soulmates & I do believe they deserve to end up together eventually. Just saw In Ae wearing KC’s necklace which he threw away but she found it. Perhaps fate is on their side!!!

    Didn’t want to hate Kwang Hoon but I sure did in episode 8! I just can’t figure him out. He was so despicable here. He seems to be unhappy that KC is alive & well. All he sees in him are his flaws & what’s even more maddening is that he never let KC forget what he did to their father. Granted, KC had a part in their father’s death but at least, he was man enough to admit it & risked his life trying to clear his father’s name. All three of them chose their own paths to survive, but the worst end of it, I think, went to KC, who survived life fighting to stay alive. The way I see it, his friends esp. IA are more like family to him than sadly, his own brother. KH is so ambitious that I think he’d choose his dream above all else, if push comes to shove. Oh writernim, if your goal is for me to hate KH, I have to say, you’re a genius coz now I soooooooo hate him!!!

    Yup, I’m totally into this drama! Absolutely love Endless Love!!!!

  84. 84 : Carmen Says:


  85. 85 : maknaee Says:


    Hey, chingu-yaaa~~~ I’ve nowhere to go to contact you besides this website. You’re All Surrounded has come to an end, therefore I go to ‘Endless One’ page instead. I want to tell you two good news… no, veryyy good news.

    1. I PASSED THE EXAM! THANK YOU SO MUCH, GOD <3 Thank you for all your support, malou~~ <3 So… now, I'm a college student, right?

    2. My laptop is back! After got some services, it's comeback to normal condition~~ my internal hdd was safe, in other words, my drama / kpop files was safe! xD

    I'll catch all the dramas as soon as possible since I'm still busy with all kind of university registration process. See ya later, chingu! Can't wait to see my OTP Kwang-chul and In-ae on track! ^^

    —– about the OST, I've just know that it was a remake from Henry Clay Work's My Grandfather's Clock. That was very old song, published in 1876.

    *** This is the original song / lyrics, but idk whose version is this, whether Henry's or other people. Y' know sooo many people covering this song

    *** 2004; Simply Sunday's version , titled 'I Love You'

    *** 2014; Jo Seung-mo's version, and it's still not released yet. I can't find it anywhere. Let's waiting for the official^^

    —– sorry for being late kkkk

  86. 86 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee

    Aigoo, chinguya I’m so so happy for you! Come here………****I’m giving you now a BEAR HUG**** ….. This calls for a celebration, eh? Hmmm, we’re not in South Korea so we can’t go to one of the covered tents for our soju, then onto a karaoke bar, right? Nah, it won’t do coz I don’t drink, so let’s just settle for the second best thing which is ……..tada, a pizza with rootbeers, shall we? Erm, of course we’ll do it separately!Congratulations & welcome to college life!

    Glad you’re back to kdrama watching! Oh wow, you’re so resourceful, DJ maknaee! The 2nd one resembles Grandpa’s clock here but most likely it’s the 3rd one which is still unreleased. Thanks for sharing! See you soon!

  87. 87 : John k Says:

    This drama sucks!! What does a eighteen year old bitch know about life?? She’s hot headed and disrespectful!!She doesn’t realize her boyfriends father died because of her. She thinks she’s the shit!! What dumb bitch wants to live with all of her friends? She acts like she’s the leader of the pact!! Please shorten this drama to20 episodes because the writer and producer is just dragging this drama on!!

  88. 88 : malou1010 Says:

    @ john k

    Seems like it’s such an excruciating experience for you watching this drama. Seriously, if you hate it that much, stop watching. Why must you torment yourself? Go watch something else. Stop whining already.

  89. 89 : malou1010 Says:

    The face-off between the Iron Butterfly & the fearless iron-willed In Ae was truly epic. Feisty as ever, In Ae without batting an eyelash cooly asked her………” Do you know what’s the most frightening sin is? The sin of ignoring your sins.” Absolutely a winner! Pretty much like hitting the nail on the head!

    I’m loving how life has been good to In Ae lately. Just as I thought, her being a movie star would be the break she’s been waiting for. Oh wow, I’m so rooting for her that I share her life’s triumph every step of the way! Just love how excited she was as she shared with Kwang Chul & Master Won Gyu the joy of getting her first paycheck. That scene was so amusing. In Ae came unexpectedly & sensed she kinda walked into something that’s off limits to her. The guys denied it but my goodness, their awkward & guilty expressions were sure giveaways! Good thing for them, she’s not in the mood to probe but to share her good news. Just love all their reactions, especially KC’s! What a truly heartwarming sight!

    Speaking of Kwang Chul, I’m still waiting for his huge break in life. I have a strong feeling it’s coming along nicely. He & Master WG are cooking up something big & with Chairman Son’s influence, he’d get it for sure. If there’s anyone else who needs life’s blessing, no doubt it’s got to be KC. So excited to see it happening for him!

    Loooooooooove Endless Love!!!

  90. 90 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010 #88

    Totally agree with you! Clearly, poster #87 hates watching this drama so why does he even bother to watch it? Just stop complaining & move on. If you don’t like it, lump it!

  91. 91 : jamie Says:

    Funny moments are surely a breath of fresh air in this drama. It’s hard to come by so I actually savor those moments! LOL to that scene in the car where Kwang Chul & In Ae were reminiscing how Kwang Hoon even back then, had been getting the best parts in their school plays coz he was aiming for nothing but the best roles! KH would either play Jesus or Joseph, while IA would play a fallen woman, & poor KC would be playing either a shepherd or the man who threw stones at IA!!! Another scene I find amusing was at the restaurant where KC took SK to lunch. SK had barely started eating when KC, out of the goodness of his heart, placed two huge rolls of bathroom tissue on top of the table, which made SK quite uncomfortable. KC sure treats SK like a sibling but SK is beginning to have a crush on him.

    Oh no, In Ae was badly beaten up in episode 10! Since playing dirty is the only game that PM’s wife plays, I think In Ae should play her cards right to put to shame this evil witch. The last thing this evil witch needs right now is one huge bad publicity & this is it! There’s nothing wrong with TK pursuing IA coz they’re both single. So if IA would reveal to the press what the evil witch did to her, it would be the sweetest revenge ever! That’s just for starters coz the evil witch deserves much more than this & I’m so waiting eagerly for more! I hope the Director would stand by IA & give her the support she needs to get her by. To think IA even had a change of heart re using TK as a pawn for her revenge. It was truly heartbreaking watching that scene!

    Can hardly wait for the weekend!!!

  92. 92 : cuity17 Says:

    #51 john I & #87 john k, are you the same person? Coz you both wrote almost the same statement here, if yes.. Just stop watching n complaining this drama , once it’s enough.. Thanks

  93. 93 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17 #92

    Well, hello there sis! Are you back for good? Have you started watching? I hope you could join us soon!

  94. 94 : malou1010 Says:

    Geez, episode 10 was so good! It was heartwarming & pretty intense. I’m so happy for In Ae! Finally, she moved to her new house. True to her words, she did share her 1st paycheck with her circle of friends whom she considers pretty much like her family. She gave her mentor, Master WG, his own gym & as a token of gratitude to the Han family for all those years of sharing their home, she gave Kwang Chul & Kwang Hoon their own rooms filled with their personal belongings. Such a touching moment when KC was so moved by the utmost care & effort IA put into getting his things organized. Absolutely love that scene where IA lectured KC about life stuff! KC even half-jokingly said IA sounded more like a parent to him! My goodness, I simply love it when these two interact coz their chemistry is just unbelievable! I’m soooo rooting for them like crazy!!!

    Ugh, KH is getting on my nerves! Absolutely agree with KC that KH is a selfish opportunist. Can’t believe how ungrateful he is! KC with his friends risked their lives just to save him but instead of thanking him, he accuses KC of ruining his future. What a scum bag! I agree with WG that KC needs to distance himself from KH. More than ever, I’d like to see KC really succeed in life to prove to KH that this thug whom he belittles quite often, would definitely have his shot at success. Can’t wait for this moment to happen!

    KH to me is a lost cause already, as far revenge for his father’s death & his love for IA. He’s so ambitious & so driven that he’s willing to do almost anything, even risk his life, to get it. IA could feel he’s slowly drifting apart from her but she’s just in denial.

    Oh my gosh, PM’s wife is truly evil to the highest level! She’s such a hateful character, pretty much like PYT! My heart was in my throat as I watched In Ae being beaten up by the goons of PM’s wife! I hope this awful tragedy that has befallen her would make her even stronger. She needs to fight back & seek the support of the media to expose what this evil witch from beyond did to her! Never say die, In Ae! Fightiiiiiiing!!!

    Is it weekend already? Geez…….such a long wait!!!!

  95. 95 : cuity17 Says:

    Hii malou1010.. I still haven’t watched this,.. But I enjoy read your recap n others here everyweek.. Thanks , as I mention before, I will watch this after it’s end..no time for watching everyweek, such a busy person I am ha..ha..ha… Ok. Back to my activity now..byee malou…. Endless Love fightiiiing!!

  96. 96 : reindeer song Says:

    Note: I like the In Ae character, but at times she is very annoying. A miss know it all.

  97. 97 : maknaee Says:

    Malouuu, I’ve watched til eps 5! Why oh why must Kwang-chul saw In-ae’s kissing with Kwang-hoon ;_; and wth In-ae wants to ‘become one’ with Kwang-hoon. Heoool

    At first, Princess Hye-jin is fun to watch. Especially with her ‘husky’ voice scene. But she is annoying, very annoying. Well, yeah, your father is that great haha

    So far, I’m enjoying this melodrama. But the next eps preview was never match with what will happen in the following eps. They’re going too far with the preview. I remember they showed Kim Joon in eps 3 preview, but til eps 5 he isn’t onscreen yet. They even gave the preview when Kim Joon drives with In-ae and he said about his mother nickname ‘nabi (butterfly)’. Kwang-hoon and In-ae’s kissing scene, too. Aaaah there’s still many preview scenes to be mentioned. Why are they spoiling too much when that wouldn’t happen yet in the meantime? I want to be surprised with what’s going to happen. Glad that they didn’t give the preview for In-ae’s movie project.

    @reindeer song

    I just hate one thing from In-ae :
    Sometimes.. when she takes too much time to answer the questions. She always in silence a moment, freeze and blank mode. It happens in juvenile detention center and press conference. That makes me cringe and shouting ‘just answer the questions!’ –‘

  98. 98 : reindeer song Says:

    I am aware that some of us are at multiple levels of watching this drama, I am at the stage where she is being persued to become an actress. The movie Tess are you aware of the movie synopsis? Their is a rape, pregnancy, thought the baby died, that movie being redo in Korea in the era is truly wow, a Roman Polanski film. I will continue to watch how its played out. Another instance, InAe is in juvey she gets out right away she wants to tell everyone how to live and her plans for vengence, people life’s changed, the world continued to revolve, it did not stand still for her to return, but she insist what was best for everyone, she never listens.Again miss annoying pain in the tokus.

    @Maknaee it feels as thought she lost her train of thought or maybe she is thinking of a profound answer, it is a bit irritating.

  99. 99 : reindeer song Says:

    ****I am aware that some of us are at multiple levels of watching this drama, I am at the stage where she is being persued to become an actress. The movie Tess are you aware of the movie synopsis? Their is a rape, pregnancy, thought the baby died, that movie being redo in Korea in the era is truly wow, a Roman Polanski film. I will continue to watch how its played out. Another instance, InAe is in juvey she gets out right away she wants to tell everyone how to live and her plans for vengence, people life’s changed, the world continued to revolve, it did not stand still for her to return, but she insist what was best for everyone, she never listens.Again miss annoying pain in the tokus.

    @Maknaee it feels as thought she lost her train of thought or maybe she is thinking of a profound answer, it is a bit irritating.

  100. 100 : malou1010 Says:

    @ cuity17 #95

    *Waving hiiiiiiiiiiii right back at you!* Okaaaaay, gotcha sis! I know exactly what you mean! I used to be just like you……I’d wait for the whole drama to finish then I’d watch it. Hmmm, I kinda miss those days so perhaps after Endless Love, I’ll give it a try. Actually, I’ve started doing it coz I’ve been so good lately in letting two of my new dramas, FTLY & IOTL play on without cheating! How’s that for self-restraint?

    Btw, CSL is one kdrama I hold dearly in my heart so I always go back to that thread. What do you know………I saw your post! Y’know that’s one thread I truly enjoyed posting my comments coz I loved it to bits & my goodness, I really had a blast watching it! So it’ll be see you when I see you, eh? Coz you’re an avid HJE fan like me, I’ll be more than happy to share my POVs with you! Erm….I’ll try not to give you spoilers but if I slip up, miahnhae!

  101. 101 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee #97

    Yaaaaay……..you’re back finally! I’m glad you’re enjoying the drama just like me. My word, I never expected that I’ll be this interested in a political drama which btw is a melodrama as well! This is my 1st drama from this writer & I have to admit, I really like her writing style. The story is absolutely great & very interesting. Not to mention the great cast this drama has plus PDnim, of course! I’m so loving it!!!

    About In Ae, I feel that’s part of her character growth. She’s not as reckless as before. She doesn’t just speak her mind out but mulls it over since she’s now a public figure like in that juvenile dtention center & the press conference.

  102. 102 : malou1010 Says:

    The ratings & ranking for episodes 10 & 11 are pretty good. Hope the next two episodes would be better. Endless Love……….Fightiiiiiiing!!!!!

  103. 103 : malou1010 Says:

    Oooops, I meant to say episodes 11 & 12!

    I’m good with the way In Ae handled the supposed to be scandal that the evil witch from beyond concocted. She showed her how gutsy she was! Oh dear me, I was completely shocked at the extent of her feistiness when IA once again engaged her with yet another mind game! I was like, ” no no no IA just please walk past her!” but eeeeeeeks, she didn’t! But I love the exchange of words & the part where IA practically scored a winner against the evil witch from beyond, with her witty remarks! I loved the way Director Im supported IA. It’s one of those things that truly happens in real life, where you encounter someone outside your family circle, who helps you out as you go through life’s journey……be it a professor, a true friend, a great coworker, or an excellent mentor. I’m glad she’s now studying Law but I guess, it won’t be smooth sailing for her. There would be hurdles I know, but at least she’s headed to that path she chose which is to be a lawyer despite everything that she went through. I’m soooo rooting for In Ae! Love her character!

    I’m glad Kwang Chul’s life is going great! He’s now Chairman Son’s Gen. Manager in one of his hotels. Geez, he rocks wearing those suits! With the way Chairman Son trusts him & treats him like a son, I’m just curious if he’d give him this hotel. After all, it’ll be peanuts to Chairman Son coz one hotel wouldn’t dent his wealth. That’ll be a dream come true for KC!

    I’m soooo loving this drama!

  104. 104 : jamie Says:

    Wow, I’m happy for the ratings/rankings for episodes 11 & 12! Hoping for that two-digit ratings soon! Endless Love…….fightiiiiing!!!!!

  105. 105 : jamie Says:

    Seriously, I’m trying so darn hard not to hate Kwang Hoon that much but he’s reaaaally rubbing me off the wrong way! He’s truly abominable! I just don’t get his unfair & unbrotherly behavior towards Kwang Chul. He always prejudges him without getting the facts straight & blames him just the same, when he knows the real score. What the heck is wrong with him? Somehow, I get this vibe that he’s jealous of the closer relationship that In Ae & Kwang Chul have lately. Precisely why he keeps on telling KC to stay away from IA. He’s truly a piece of work! If only KC could take KH out of his Family Registry & replace WG instead, coz WG is more brotherly to KC than KH. With a brother in name only, KC sure is better off without him in his life! I feel for KC, really.

    By the way, KH was on a roll coz he just kept on being obnoxious! I was really appalled when he took TK’s letter from IA & actually read it! Who the heck gave him the right to invade IA’s privacy? Just because they’re in a relationship doesn’t mean he could do that hideous thing he just did. I believe couples should have mutual love, trust, & respect for each other, otherwise a relationship won’t work & it’s not worth having at all. What he did was so unthinkable!

    Totally agree with IA when she told KH that nothing good will come out if she tells him what he wants to know. Clearly, we are seeing a different KH with a different set of priorities in mind. His exposure to Gen Chun’s greed for power & the ways of dirty politics, shapes his own path to reach his own ambition. It’s now all about his bright future & what compromises he’s willing to do. While I’m not so crazy about KH, I admit I admire his sharp mind & his calculating ways to get to where he wants to go. He sure is a go getter but sadly he’s also selfish, self-righteous, & most of all heartless.

    What an amazing drama this is! Good job writernim! Hoping for more brilliant episodes to come.

  106. 106 : Torri Says:

    Like I said after watch the first 8 ep that this guys was going abandon her to go after his greed for power that it was a matter of time, well am glad the writer did not drag the break up for to long because preview of the next ep shows how he eventually abandon her to move to the states .well let the really romance start now looking forward to that, but am still not hook to the show yet hope soon

  107. 107 : terazhang Says:

    i started to watch this drama yesterday and finish till ep 12. But it doesn’t hold me interest. The issues about country revolution and all the political maneuver seems heavy for the drama.
    And i did get the impression that seo in ae won’t end up with any of the two brothers.
    Kwang Hoon did love her but his ambition is not something that Seo In Ae can manage to make it true.
    Kwang chul on the other hand started to get cosy with the prime minister daughter. Unfortunately(coz i hope kwang chul will end up with In Ae), the daughter character suits Kwang Chul behaviour very well, though seems slightly annoying for me.
    I’m a big fan of Jung Kyung Hoo…so I’ll brace myself and continue to watch the coming few episodes till i can’t take it anymore…..
    Honestly my genre is light and beautiful drama, or the melodrama that is full of tears, thrilling political issues(but i don’t know why not this drama)
    The casts is great….maybe the plot(too much reality and lack of heartache scene) that become an aversion to me.

  108. 108 : rroxan Says:

    jung eum is ugly not talented i will not voted this drama!!

  109. 109 : malou1010 Says:

    @ rroxan

    What the heck are you talking about? You gotta be kidding me!

  110. 110 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Admin.

    Don’t you think that this poster #108 rroxan comments must be the one which should be moderated? She’s bashing the actress, for crying out loud! Her comments have nothing to do with the drama & clearly, she just wants to cause trouble.

  111. 111 : Big fan Says:

    Hwang Jung Eum is a wonderful and beautiful actress. All 3 main characters in this drama are doing a superb job. The story itself at this time is sad, but portrays a time Korean political history which must have been very turbulent. But I love the idealism, fearlessness and passion of Seo In Ae and Han Kwang Chul. As far as older brother Han Kwang Hoon …I think he loves Seo In Ae very much, but he is a realist. I feel that Jung Eum (In Ae) portrays the innocence, idealism and all the stages of love so well….there are not many actresses that can do all those emotions as well. Her look of quiet despair in jail after Kwang Hoon breaks up with her is quite exceptional. I love this drama!

  112. 112 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    Absolutely love your post!

  113. 113 : malou1010 Says:

    The ratings & rankings for episodes 13 & 14 are pretty consistent so I’m good. Fingers crossed, the next two episodes would be even better, say two-digits, right @ jamie?

  114. 114 : malou1010 Says:

    Geez, these two episodes are just soooooo heartbreaking! I felt so sad for In Ae that darn, I cried as much as she did! To top it all, this……..this OST, be it instrumental or with the singer (btw, I’m so loving it!) absolutely intensifies all her emotional scenes……it’s tearing my heart out!!!

    While I’m aware that Kwang Hoon would eventually betray In Ae & leave her for Hye Jin, I was truly flabbergasted at HOW & WHERE he did it. It was so unthinkable! Totally agree with Kwang Chul………Kwang Hoon was indeed a cowardly bastard!

    For sure, In Ae needs some time to heal but I hope she’d pick up the pieces pretty soon. More than ever, she needs to really focus on pursuing her dream of becoming a darn good lawyer. I’m so looking forward to that new chapter of IA’s journey!

    I’m so………..so loving this drama!!!

  115. 115 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh my gosh, Hwang Jung Eum is such an amazing actress! I was totally amazed with her acting in Secret. I thought her acting there was the best. But my goodness, she outdid herself coz here in Endless Love, her best got even better! She’s absolutely born to act.

    Melodrama is really not my cup of tea but if it stars HJE, no ifs or buts about it……..I’m in, coz I’m pretty sure she will give nothing but the best, actingwise. Precisely why HJE is one of my absolute favorites. Looooove her to bits!

  116. 116 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010 #115

    My exact same thoughts!

  117. 117 : jamie Says:

    I really cried for In Ae after watching episodes 13 & 14. It was so painful to watch her try & fight to keep her man with that last-ditch effort. Personally, I don’t think Kwang Hoon is worth keeping & he, most certainly, does NOT deserve In Ae’s love at all.

    I’m hoping In Ae would come out from KH’s betrayal, move on, & along the way, realize soon enough that there is someone who’s more deserving of her love…….someone who has always been there for her & has been silently loving her unconditionally since forever………..Kwang Chul!!!

    As much as I’d like seeing IA get hold of that dream she’s destined to be, that is, a badass lawyer; I’d love to see her finally opening her heart to KC, who truly loves her to death! That right there is the moment I’d like to reaaaaally happen! I’m for In Ae & Kwang Chul all the way!!!

    Weekend can’t come soon enough! I love this drama so much!!!

  118. 118 : jamie Says:

    @ rroxan #108

    That’s a load of rubbish! If you can’t stand the sight of HJE then by all means, don’t watch any of her dramas………plain & simple. But stay away from any threads related to her drama, in this case Endless Love coz frankly, you have no business being here.

  119. 119 : maknaee Says:


    Hey, chingu-ah ~~ I have a little gift for you …. kkk

    Jjaaaan~~~ the first official ost that all of us have been waiting for… is finally out!

    (Part.1) Endless Love OST
    >> Jo Sung Mo – I Love You <<

    #download :

    #youtube :

    I will catching this drama up as fast as I can. There's still many episodes left. I'll start my 'Student Orientation and Campus Introduction' tomorrow, booyaaah busy days is coming kkk

    Ah, I would like to recommend you my most fave airing drama; It's Okay, It's Love. Jo In-sung and Gong Hyo-jin rock the drama so well 😉

    Btw, recently I've just finished High Kick 3, I never knew that Hwang Jung-eum will made her appearance as a cameo. You know what? She's freaking funny and full of aegyo. Wish to see her in romcom for future project, hahahaha xD

  120. 120 : Big fan Says:

    Oh, nooooooo……. I am waiting for In Ae to get a break here…… Poor babe. This was a painful episode, but still a drama I cannot miss. Evil people are really bad in this show! I am going to be so glad when In Ae starts to be strong again and get her revenge. Forget love…. I am into pay-back now.

  121. 121 : sss Says:

    i love jun so min . this drama hkc and ksk very love – match.

  122. 122 : ilovejunsomin Says:

    i like jun so min . .i like princess aurora korea drama . why i looking this drama because jun so min including this drama . .

  123. 123 : terazhang Says:

    Wuargh….ep 16 is so tragic. I cannot watch it anymore…
    Please writer-nim!!! don’t make ‘In Ae’ so pitiful again.

    I hope, she will eventually buck up, forget Kwang Hoon and move forward….
    In the last 2 episode, she’d become so pathetic because of Kwang Hoon and becoz of evil Park Young Tae….I hope the minister wife will experience the nightmare that In ae had to go through in this episode….no, i hope she’d become more miserable and pathetic than anyone ever is…..
    She’s crazy…..

  124. 124 : malou1010 Says:

    @ maknaee

    Hey there, chinguya! Oh wow, you’re the best…….gomawo!!! Love the OST & Jo Sung Mo is one heck of a singer!

    I bet your parents are so darn proud of you, eh? Enjoy college life to the fullest………you hear?

    Aaaah……I’ve got my eyes on 2 dramas, Fated To Love You & of course, It’s Okay, That’s Love! But this time I want to wait till the dramas are completed before watching. The waiting for the next episodes are just killing me, pretty much what EL is doing to me right now………yikes! Definitely these are on my next dramas watch list.

    Yeah, HJE is good in comedy as well. You should watch Full House 2. Btw, I’ve started Reply 1994 & my goodness, it’s soooo funny! I’m still on episode 6 but so far, I’m really enjoying myself. You’re right Go Ah Ra is pretty good there. Can’t get over her hair in 1994!

  125. 125 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh dear me, I was totally devastated at the turn of events in In Ae’s life! It was sooooo frustrating & depressing to see the evil pair, PYT & the Iron Butterfly, getting the upper hand again. I really hate this pair! I’m so looking forward to that moment when IA finally gets her revenge. What happened to her was too saddening. I’d like to see IA come out swinging! Darn it, I want to see a MUCH stronger IA who still has the inner strength, passion, & dogged determination to get back up on her feet & get the justice she truly deserves!

    As always, I’m loving Kwang Chul so much! I feel his love for In Ae is the endless love here. His love is so selfless that he only thinks of IA’s happiness above all else & is even willing to bury his feelings for her to give way to KH coz he knows how deeply IA loves KH. Aaaaah……..it’s really breaking my heart!

    Another character I truly admire & love dearly is In Ae! Absolutely love this drama to the extent that I actually read South Korea’s history & how democracy came about. It was such a tumultous era & indeed it was due to the passion, sacrifices, resiliency, & unwavering determination of the youth, mostly university students, who painstakingly led movements which eventually paid off & South Korea finally got its democratic government. Precisely, why I just love In Ae. To me, she represents the spirit of South Korea during this period amidst the political chaos.

    Endless Love is absolutely a drama like no other! Aaaaargh……..can’t wait for the weekend to come………pali, pali!!!

  126. 126 : Big fan Says:

    @malou1010 post 123:
    I really agree with you. Actually this drama is in my thoughts many times throughout the day. It makes me think about all the student riots I used to see in the news in the States and wonder why….

    Although I don’t want In Ae to go through such cruelty from “butterfly” Hye Ryn, the story is very realistic and compelling. Acting in this drama is so outstanding that I sometimes forget this is a drama. Thank you for the blog to share our thoughts and hopes that In Ae will recover soon….and that she and Kwang Chul will have a loving future!

  127. 127 : reindeer song Says:

    @Malou, do you think Korea is a Democratic country? I think it a socialist country, their people are not free to say what they want, they are not free to do anything, they are always watched even in their personal travels away from Korea.
    Does KH has a master plan? Is he a plant with the PM to bring down the greedy politicians? Is IA a part of that plan? Why did her granny says to her death bed to believe in KH no matter what? Another aspect why the superiority of KH towards his brother, he will in the end save him. The General daughter, does she really think KH loves her?

  128. 128 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan #126

    I know what you mean! This drama is so addicting really. It’s the one topic that I & my friends never get tired talking about. Most especially when you just feel like beating the heck out of the evil pair, PYT & the Iron Butterfly. Hmmm……..not healthy at all, to be seething with anger alone!

    Agree! EL is one heck of a drama! Brilliant writing & directing; and such amazing A-listers 3 main leads!

  129. 129 : Luisa1013 Says:

    I only get to watch this drama at good drama.net and for some reason episode 16 is still not being shown. Which sites do yo watch this drama. I am from Los Angeles, CA so I need with english subtitle. This is also my favorite drama to date. Thanks.

  130. 130 : Big fan Says:

    There is an Kdrama app for IPad. In that app, it has endless love with English subtitle along with other Korean drama.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I love Kwang Chul for expressing all the outrage and anger I feel toward Iron Butterfly and her Park Young Tae. I think those 2 evil ones were lovers at one time….Either one or both of Iron Butterfly’s children are PYT’s offspring….

  131. 131 : malou1010 Says:

    @ reindeer song #127

    Hmmm…..you just described the socialist government of the North side of Korea right there. I’m neither a Korean nor an expatriate working in South Korea, so I’m clueless on what exactly you’re getting at. However, I don’t think it’s fair at all to insinuate that its government is not democratic but socialist. I would be utterly offended if I were a South Korean!

    Its history tells us that South Korea’s rise to finally getting that democratic government was not an easy feat to achieve. It was a long & hard struggle & I’m pretty sure South Koreans must be very proud of their hard-won democracy, which was truly a defining moment in their history. That’s quite an achievement, worthy of respect & admiration.

    Ok, I’ve said my piece. Let’s just talk about this drama we both enjoy watching, shall we?

  132. 132 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    Yeah, exactly my thoughts. Initially, I was sure it has to be TK coz PYT cares too much about him. But lately, he’s on SK rather closely so it got me thinking along that line. It’s so amazing that this evil pair could have such good & decent children! Most definitely their good traits came from PM’s influence.

    I know, right! KC’s rage did mirror the rage I felt at that time. My heart was really ripped apart & hard as I try, I just couldn’t help but cry each time In Ae scene came! I can’t wait for the weekend to come……..just want to watch what happens to In Ae & what will KC do to get even with the gang, now that he knows who those bastards are!

  133. 133 : jamie Says:

    What a heart-wrenching episode! Episode 16 was so difficult to watch that it took me a while to finally watch it. My heart really really aches for In Ae! This was by far the ultimate low in her life. She’s both emotionally & spiritually broken but she, most definitely, needs to take her life back. The will to live, fight back, move on, & be a stronger person that she could ever be has to come from In Ae’s own resoluteness & resiliency. I’d like to think that by her hitting rock bottom, there’s absolutely nowhere for her to go but UP! She will surely come out of it coz I’m positive she will never ever give up!

    On the bright side (Oh yes, there was & I love it!), In Ae now knows that her Sarah necklace was given by Kwang Chul, having seen his Jacob necklace. I’m so excited where & how far this would take my lovable couple. IA & KC are truly meant for each other! Love them even more!!!

    So glad it’s weekend tomorrow!!!

  134. 134 : Carmen Says:


  135. 135 : Big fan Says:

    I found epi 17 and 18 very compelling and moving. In Ae is not going through suffering/torture for love, but for justice and democracy. She represents the young college students of that era that stood up for democracy… which helped S. Korea to be the democratic country it is today.

    I found it so touching and beautiful when the priest talked of In Ae’s pure soul. Even though epi 16 was brutal, we can see In Ae is loved with unconditional and fierce love by Kwang Chul who will give all for her. Incredible love story….. I love this drama!!!!

  136. 136 : malou1010 Says:

    I was so unprepared emotionally to where In Ae’s suffering went in episodes 17 & 18. I really thought that this harrowing experience she had in episode 16 can’t get any worse…….but it did! It’s truly heartbreaking & I really felt so indignant at such injustice that has befallen her. Since she’s deeply religious, I’m positive that her initial decision on how to survive this ordeal she’s in would change. It’s absolutely a hard call but whatever In Ae finally decides, I would totally support her unconditionally. After all, ONLY IA has the right to make a decision call.

    I love Kwang Chul a thousand-fold! He has shown once again how deeply he loves In Ae. He gave up everything he has & was even willing to risk his life JUST FOR HER. He was always there for her to protect, support, & most importantly, love her unconditionally. In Ae means the world to him & he has certainly shown her that, every chance he got. KC’s love for IA is, without a doubt, ENDLESS. I really hope she ends up with KC eventually. I want them to be happy together in the end………they so deserve it!!!

    I’m loving this drama to death! I’m glad I read South Korea’s history because by doing so, I appreciate the story much more since I understand its history. In Ae is truly such an endearing character because if it hadn’t been for people like IA, who put love for country & its citizens first & foremost, unmindful of risking their own lives……..who had the guts to speak up & in the process, sacrificed themselves……..South Korea wouldn’t have its democratic government it has today.

    I’m hoping In Ae gets her bearings & survives this nightmare she just had. I firmly believe that all these tragic moments in her life would make her even stronger. She has always been a strong woman & I’m confident that regardless of the odds & circumstances she’s in right now, she will surely rise above it all. She can do ANYTHING if she wants it badly enough! This is the feisty, passionate, & fearless In Ae I have come to admire & love……….Darn it, I miss her & I want her back!!!

  137. 137 : reindeer song Says:

    @malou131: If you know the history of the uprising that is being portrayed in this drama then you will understand where I’m coming from. Yes, they fought for a Democratic system, but in this modern day, they still spy on their country men. They cannot travel outside of their country without someone reporting their actions, then they are tried in their courts, for misconduct outside of Korea, is that Democratic? i.e. someone pass GDragon a joint in Japan he was reported upon back in Korea, havoc insued, Rain, Li Min Ho and others gambled with their money they were reported in Korea havoc insued is that Democratic? I am speaking of the South not the North, I know the difference quite well. Okay, let enjoy this drama.

  138. 138 : reindeer song Says:

    [email protected]: If you know the history of the uprising that is being portrayed in this drama then you will understand where I’m coming from. Yes, they fought for a Democratic system, but in this modern day, they still spy on their country men. They cannot travel outside of their country without someone reporting their actions, then they are tried in their courts, for misconduct outside of Korea, is that Democratic? i.e. someone pass GDragon a joint in Japan he was reported upon back in Korea, havoc insued, Rain, Li Min Ho and others gambled with their money they were reported in Korea havoc insued is that Democratic? I am speaking of the South not the North, I know the difference quite well. Okay, let enjoy this drama.

  139. 139 : Big fan Says:

    @malou1010 #136.
    I love, love your post. Even though last 3 episodes were so gut wrenching, I see once again the true beauty and strength in In Ae and Kwang Chul. I love the way KC is …..where he is not a crying boyfriend in tough times, but an unbelievable source of strength and pure love for In Ae. KC doesn’t want anything from In Ae for his sacrifice, but that she will continue to live. I love the way he tells her how she is the cleanest and purest person…. I did not hate older brother Kwang Hoon before but I am starting to lean that way. KC’s phone conversation with KH on epi 17 made me realize that KH is a coward. KH puts himself first… KC telling his brother to go hide and be a cockroach was priceless.

    I can hardly wait until In Ae becomes once again the bright, strong woman and find a way to fight back against Iron Butterfly and PYT. What a great drama!

  140. 140 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010 #136
    @ Big fan #139

    Guys, I love both your posts! I agree, these last 3 episodes were just unbelievably heart-wrenching. Seriously, I didn’t see it coming……..just didn’t think the writer would go there. My heart bleeds for In Ae! What she’s going through is so unthinkable & it’s just too saddening to see her so defeated & dispirited. Absolutely hate the evil pair, Park Young Tae & Iron Butterfly! I just cannot wait for that moment when In Ae would finally crush these two. Getting a death sentence is not good enough for them…….heck, it would be an easy way out! Instead, I’d like to see them get MULTIPLE life sentences with absolutely NO chances of parole. But before the evil half, Iron Butterfly ROTS in jail, I’d like to see her children DISOWN her first. It would be such an ultimate victory for In Ae to see that evil witch, ALL ALONE & suffering for a very long, long time. This to me is worth waiting for!

    I love Kwang Chul’s letter to In Ae! It was absolutely beautiful & inspiring……….it’s just what IA needed most at that point in time. KC is now IA’s emotional anchor & I truly love him for that! I’m hoping that IA & KC would end up together in the end. She obviously treasures her Sarah necklace so much that regardless of the place where she lost it she still wants it back. She told KC to go there & look for it. She now knows he gave her that necklace so my hopes are high that they would be together in the end!

    It’s my wish that In Ae returns to us viewers on this weekend’s episodes. I’m looking forward to her winning all her battles in life for a change! In Ae………fightiiiiiiiing!!!

  141. 141 : Mimi Says:

    who is father of In Ae’s child? I just watch ep18. and quite confusing because for some unknown technical reason happened, I couldn’t watch ep.16 and 17.

  142. 142 : Meram8 Says:

    @Mimi. In Ae was gang reaped by 6 to 7 of Park Tae Young’s gangsters with the intent to torture her and ruin her image when the public found out she was pregnant.

  143. 143 : Meram8 Says:

    I finished watching episode 19. 1) I’m over the torture scenes. The gang rape was enough to give a visual of the times they are living in back then. 2) I’m over scenes of Kang Hoon and his trashy greedy pregnant wife. Their affectionate scenes seem fake. She does not grieve for the ex who is a vegetable and comatose because of her father, the ex who has 30 photo albums of them as a couple! She only worries about the image degradation it could have on her father’s rise to power. Kang Hoon is constantly covering up for her family to keep the path clear for his greedy future advancement. I watch their scenes only hoping to see the payback strike the general’s family and sweep Kang Hoon out with them.

  144. 144 : Mimi Says:

    @Meram8—That’s so sad. I feel sorry and feel her pain too. Poor girl but I think in the future she will make them pay back for what they’ve done to her.

  145. 145 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    Know what? I’ve given up on Kwang Hoon a loooong time ago! I don’t know if he’s still redeemable & quite frankly I don’t care. I used to think he’s just waiting for the right time to avenge his father’s death but sadly I don’t see it at all……..all I see is his sickening greed for power!

    @ jamie

    My goodness, I love the way you think! That’s exactly the kind of payback I so want for these evil pair! Just haaaaaaaaaaaaate them!

  146. 146 : malou1010 Says:

    Don’t know what happened but my websites had late English subs. I usually wait for 2 episodes to be completed before watching but episode 20 took longer than expected! Ok I’m off to watch. I’ll be back for my comments.

  147. 147 : Big fan Says:

    This is such an interesting drama. It is not only about love story between a man and a woman; it is also a story about a love between a person and his or her country. In Ae may want to give up on her life due to pregnancy, but she will not give up fighting for justice and democracy for her country… Her quiet strength and resolve shines even in a dirty jail cell.

    I know that we don’t see the feisty In Ae yet, but it makes sense that she is down with all the sufferings she had endured. Considering that there are a lot of political maneuvers in this drama (which I generally don’t care about), this story is very well done and thought-provoking. This is my favorite drama!

    I think about what would be appropriate pay-back for Iron Butterfly, PYT, and older brother Kwang Hoon… I will not be happy with Iron Butterfly being just abandoned by her kids and her husband. She definitely cannot become First Lady (obviously her main dream) even if her husband becomes the President. I want her to feel the humiliation that she made others feel…

    As for PYT…. Maybe find out that Iron Butterfly never loved him, but used him only….etc, etc

    For Kwang Hoon, he will alway look at In Ae with so much regret and love…. because he will never know that love again. Of course, this only works if In Ae is happy and in love with someone other than KH…. mainly Kwang Chul!

  148. 148 : terazhang Says:

    Do anyone know where can I read a recap episode for these drama. Or is there anyone who are recapping the episodes? I keep wanting to watch it but I really have no time to do that. Reading the recap would be much faster…
    Anyone?? who know??

  149. 149 : malo1010 Says:

    Aaaargh……..got to admit I was a bit frustrated that In Ae didn’t take the medical discharge that Kwang Chul worked so hard for! However, I thought about it & I totally understand where she’s coming from. She will never choose an easy way out for her while the rest of her co-accused are left behind. She’s a fighter for human rights & democracy so regardless of the hell she’s going through right now, she will remain totally committed to their cause & her own safety is never an option for her.

    I just love that intense meeting between Park Young Tae & In Ae………it was absolutely epic! In Ae told PYT point blank that someday he’s going to die in her hands. Oh wow……..my gutsy In Ae is back!!! I really can’t wait for that day when finally she would be in a position, say an ace human rights prosecutor & would be instrumental in bringing all the evil bastards, led by PYT & Iron Butterfly, who committed such atrocious crimes on innocent & helpless people………..to justice once & for all!

    I believe a new In Ae will emerge in the coming episodes. As soon as she gets out of prison which is pretty soon, a new phase of her life’s journey begins. I’m soooo excited to see that. Don’t want to see her back in jail……..EVER!

    Oh my goodness……….love the preview of episode 21! In Ae telling Kwang Hoon to leave her be……..pretty much telling him to get the heck out of her life! She’s back……….not exactly 100% yet……….but she’s definitely getting there!!!

    Endless Love is truly such an incredible drama……….I just love it sooooooo much!!!

  150. 150 : malou1010 Says:

    Hmmmm…….the ratings & rankings are driving me nuts, really! Strange how all the odd numbered episodes have higher ratings & rankings, while all the even numbered episodes have lower ratings & rankings. Fingers crossed, rest of the episodes would be getting ratings & rankings the drama truly deserves!

    Endless Love………….FIGHTING!!!!

  151. 151 : malou1010 Says:

    @ terazhang

    Don’t know of anyone but are you sure you just want to read recaps? Oh c’mon you would be missing out a whole lot! Think about the intensity, the rawness of emotions that this drama never fails to deliver, the heartbreaking yet heartwarming moments that’s so darn moving & inspirational, & most of all the brilliant acting of the cast, especially Hwang Jung Eum & Jung Kyung Ho who are both just killing their roles! Go watch it already!!!

  152. 152 : jamie Says:

    Me too, I’m so frustrated with the ratings/rankings the drama has been getting! I agree how strange that the odd & even numbered episodes are in a sort of a pattern of highs & lows! LOL!

    Ok now, good people of South Korea, give me higher ratings/rankings for the rest of the episodes! Endless Love……….fightiiiiiing!!!

  153. 153 : jamie Says:

    Episodes 19 & 20 are such powerful episodes for me……..just love it! I wanted to see In Ae beat the odds & get a hold of herself………be a little stronger at least……but she did more than I hoped for! True, she’s far from her old feisty self YET but she’s headed towards it………she’s slowly but surely recovering!

    I’ve got two ultimate favorite scenes which to me are turning points for her. First, that amazing face off between In Ae & Park Young Tae. I love how IA stood her ground, unmindful of its repercussion, & told him bluntly that he was an animal, even threatened him that there would come a time when he would surely die in her hands. That definitely took a lot of guts & IA proved that despite everything, she still has it in her! That scene made me teary eyed but in my next ultimate favorite scene, I completely lost it……..I really cried my heart out! IA’s final statement at the trial was indeed so powerful, heart-wrenching, & inspiring. She poured her heart out & I really felt the indignation, injustice, pain & suffering that these courageous people went through; who dared speak up & fight using only their rights of free assembly with the hope of getting that democracy they long for. Honestly, I have never loved a character before as much as I do In Ae. She’s truly inspirational……I can’t help but love & root for her!

    Finally, it’s already halfway through the drama. I’m just waiting for In Ae’s rebirth. I know in my heart of hearts that the old feisty & fearless In Ae will surface soon. Her sheer willpower will take over & a much stronger In Ae will soon begin her battles in life & will most certainly win it all!!!

    I’m loving this drama so much more!!!

  154. 154 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh wow, it’s about time! I’m soooo happy with the ratings & rankings of episodes 21 & 22! I’m not gonna even look at TNmS coz AGB has more viewers, hence more accurate statistics. Keep it up Endless Love…………..FIGHTIIIIIIIIING!!!!

    @ jamie……..our wish for that two-digit ratings……..yaaaaaay!!!

  155. 155 : malou1010 Says:

    Ok…..gotta run & find me English subbed episodes!

  156. 156 : Nne123 Says:

    I love this show but really the pregnant prisoner role is dragging a little too long. Get her out or kill her don’t care just keep the drama going forward. Its a good show

  157. 157 : Carmen Says:

    That prisoner is getting tired of seen the same , same same…come on people moved on……it is tired to see Inea crying all the time……

  158. 158 : malou1010 Says:

    Aaaah……..so darn happy In Ae is out of prison! It truly was so refreshing to see her smile for a change. Now, I can expect good things happening in her life with Kwang Chul by her side. Wow, KC gave back her Sarah necklace…..soooo happy that KH saw her still wearing it! I’m really excited to see IA’s reaction when she sees her Sarah necklace coz she did ask KC to look for it. I think IA worrying about KC going to Saudi means she’s starting to have feelings for him……….fingers crossed! I’m hoping that in this new chapter of her journey, In Ae gets a chance to finally open her heart to Kwang Chul who’s so deserving of her love……..because KC’s love for her is so selfless, unconditional, & most of all endless! Soooooo rooting for them!

    Ugh……I cringed at the preview of episode 23! Has Kwang Hoon gone bonkers or does he now have a case of selective amnesia? What the heck does he mean that he has another chance with In Ae? Hell NO! You cowardly bastard, are you forgetting that you betrayed IA because you chose your greed for power to achieve your ambition in life? It was never about IA’s sake…….it has always been & will always be about YOU & your selfish desires to get ahead regardless of whatever consequences your actions would result. I have had it with that anguish look you show whenever you think of IA, while comforting your wife who is your sure ticket to that power you dream of! Back off & leave IA alone. Clearly, you’ve made your choice……you’re now a married man & you can’t ever go back, you jerk! I really hope you live your life utterly MISERABLE, forever looking back at that love you lost & tried with all your might to get back but NEVER ever could because IA gave you an emphatic NO.

    Totally loving Endless Love!

  159. 159 : Big fan Says:

    This drama is so good! I realize that In Ae’s sufferings in prison was longer in number of episodes than I would like, but if writer made it shorter it would not have the same impact of her commitment to justice and democracy. I think all the other subplots are believable and very interesting.

    I have a couple of concerns. Although Kwang Chul loves In Ae, does he love her to the extent that he will let her go to his brother if In Ae wants that….. Kwang Chul does not seem to be possessive in his love for her enough to fight for her… I really hope that Kwang Chul will tell her how he loves her….
    What does Kwang Chul feel toward Se Kyung….he let her hug him quite a long time. It seems too long for just gratitude. Also Prime Minister’s son’s pretend girlfriend looks like she may become a problem for In Ae later. She show signs of ruthlessness like the Iron Butterfly and I think she really likes the Prime Minister’s son.

    I love that last expression on In Ae’s face as she looks at Iron Butterfly in the preview for next episode…. This drama definitely has me hooked. I love, love In Ae.

  160. 160 : Big fan Says:

    Maybe Kwang Chul feels empathetic toward Se Kyung, since he know what it feels like to love someone so much…who loves another person…. The pains of one sided love.

  161. 161 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010

    I know, right! Finally, that elusive two-digit ratings for Endless Love……….I couldn’t be any happier!!! Hope it’ll get better with the coming episodes. Endless Love……….fightiiiiiiing!!!

  162. 162 : jamie Says:

    I’m really really happy that In Ae got that much needed amnesty from the PM, through the efforts of the Opposition Party Leader who’s exiled in the US. Finally, she’s out of jail……what a relief! Seems like she would most likely have a miscarriage. I feel this is her best option, all things considered. I’m hoping the writer takes her there instead of letting IA have the baby……it would just be too cruel for her! Her painful past would always be there in her heart……it’s a wound that could never heal & understandably so; but to let that unborn child live would just be such an ultimate torment for the rest of her life……the child would always be a constant reminder of the injustice she got while fighting for a cause she strongly believes in.

    Nothing to do with Hye Jin’s baby but I just can’t help hating the contrast between Hye Jin & In Ae at that hospital scene……In Ae’s suffering on the verge of having a miscarriage in contrast to Hye Jin’s holding her baby & smiling happily at Kwang Hoon. I felt so sad for In Ae!

    Still, I’m so happy for In Ae. I really think she’s in a good place where everything else will fall into place. She now has the support of two influential people, the Opposition Party Leader & the PM who would soon be very protective of her once he finds out about her birth secret. I’m confident that with (please, writernim…NO!) or without her baby, as I see her now, she will definitely pick up the pieces, rebuild herself, & come back stronger than ever!

    Dr. Seus said & I quote…….”Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So……get on your way.” Believe you can, In Ae…….fightiiiing!!!

    Absolutely loving this drama!

  163. 163 : Big fan Says:

    @malou1010 and @jamie.
    I love both your comments. I think the writer will let InAe have the baby. I totally agree with InAe’s initial reaction to the pregnancy, but I was stunned by Kwang Chul’s reaction to this pregnancy that started with brutality and tragedy. The fact that the baby is InAe’s is more than enough for him to love and cherish both InAe and the baby. He knows InAe so well that InAe could not live with herself if she intentionally stopped the pregnancy. His love for InAe is so deep and beautiful…. I can accept either of writer’s decision. I really hope Kwang Chul and InAe end up together and happy.
    I love this drama.

  164. 164 : terazhang Says:

    I really hope that In ae and the baby will survive. Yes, of course it will be difficult for In ae when the baby comes along, but I think it will make her stronger. Nothing is more beautiful than a mother’s love towards her child and I’m sure In ae will survive and become the best mother for the child.
    I really hope that Han Kwang Chul will end up with I ae, but really I cannot see any sign of that.
    All I can see is that Se Kyung will be the variables either Seo In ae and Kwang Chul will end up together or not.
    Hope for more sweet and meaningful moment btween seo in ae and HKC.

  165. 165 : reindeer song Says:

    Hello! Have a gang raped baby, whenever she look at that baby it will be a constant reminder, of the most horrific experience in her life. Remember, Korean mentality, that child will be ostracized by society, an outcast, koreans have no compassion for anyone, less it will be hard on the child who did not asked to be born in that respect. The writer should have her go thru the process as to not advocate abortion, but for those who feel it is wrong to have that baby something should be done. Let the girl fulfill her life long dream to be whatever she choses with that stigma, then go after the bastards who took her virility. Castration is too good for them. Light them up! crouch first and watch them burn, not to die see them loose their function. Siorry fold for men who violate us women I have NO COMPASSION!!

  166. 166 : Mochi Says:

    Did anyone watched episode 24 yet?

  167. 167 : malou1010 Says:

    Yikes……..episode 23 was preempted & was shown on Sunday, but what ever happen to episode 24? Been waiting for it but just now I noticed it’s scheduled to be shown tomorrow……..aaaargh!!!

  168. 168 : malou1010 Says:

    Absolutely loved In Ae’s stinging remarks to Kwang Hoon! She told him that she would definitely erase from her memory that part in her life when she shared the same dream as his & trusted him wholeheartedly. That scene was indeed priceless! I’ve been waiting for this moment when IA would finally come to her senses & realize that KH was her PAST; that a first love not worth having is certainly not worth keeping……& most importantly, not worth getting back at all (you hear me, writernim?)! I’m just glad she got to this point where she seems determine enough to move on & let go finally!

    I admit, though, that during their last talk, I noticed IA’s reaction to KH’s holding her shoulder. It was an absolute “what the heck is going on here” moment for me. Oh, c’mon writernim cut the “I think I still have feelings for him” CRAP…….enough of that! I would just be totally……& I mean TOTALLY devastated if you would let IA & KH end up together again!

    Moreover, it would be just too unfair & downright cruel to KC……who has been so devoted to IA…….silently loving her for the longest time……& has always been there for her since forever. If need be, he would rather die so she could live…….he would rather lose everything he has for her sake because for him, she is all he needs in his life……& most of all, he would go to the ends of the earth to protect & support her! I absolutely love how KC shows how much IA means to him. True, he hasn’t actually verbalize his feelings for her but his actions speak louder than words!

    I’m hoping the writer would give Kwang Chul a chance to let In Ae know his true feelings for her & that part of In Ae’s journey would be that moment when she would finally open her heart to this great man who has always loved her……..more than she could ever imagine! I love In Ae & Kwang Chul characters so much……..I just want them to be happy together!

    So excited for the weekend!!!

  169. 169 : malou1010 Says:

    Hmmm…….I’m guessing the domestic viewers got confused themselves which explains why the ratings dropped! On the bright side, the sort of odd # episodes being high & even # episodes being low pattern, has been broken! What’s your take jamie?

    Fingers crossed, better ratings & rankings for the coming episodes! Endless Love……………..FIGHTING!!!!!

  170. 170 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010 #169

    Let me see…….after an exhaustive data gathering & analysis, using a defined calculation methology to address the issue itself, which is the “odd/even rating pattern” at hand…….I dare say…….JUST KIDDING!!!

    Yeah, I see what you mean! Hopefully, the “pattern” is broken & Endless Love’s ratings/rankings will be higher! Endless Love……fightiiiiiiiing!!!

  171. 171 : jamie Says:

    I’ll be back for my comments on episode 23. I’m really frustrated that only one episode was shown. Like everyone here, I was waiting for it, too! What a bummer!!!

  172. 172 : malou1010 Says:

    @ jamie #170

    HaHaHa……..I liked your “statistical analysis”! Just had to sneak a peak on the ratings of episode 24………Yaaaaay!!!

    Haven’t watched episode 24 yet. Still waiting for English subs.

  173. 173 : aznative Says:

    Getting ready to watch episodes 24 & 25 on KDrama.com.

  174. 174 : aznative Says:

    Can anyone give me a brief recap of the last 40 minutes of episode 21? The website I watch on has the subtitles messed up. Thank you. Happy viewing.

  175. 175 : jamie Says:

    I’m done watching episode 23. I’m really glad In Ae’s popularity is gaining her more supporters, particularly, the Opposition Party Leader who admires her gutsy ways & unwavering commitment to justice & democracy. Regardless of his using IA’s popularity to be his voice in South Korea; having those posters could actually work to her advantage. She has now become a force to be reckoned with & for sure, the evil pair, a Match Made In Hell (Iron Butterfly & Park Young Tae), would really find it so darn hard to get to her! Just waiting for the PM to man up & be the father he never was to IA………she would definitely have a rock-solid protection!

    I liked how In Ae handled the poster situation with the General. She was more cerebral unlike the old IA who at times lets her emotions get the better of her.

    Can’t help it…….I’m loving Kwang Chul even more! Once again, he proved in this episode that he truly is a better man than Kwang Hoon! He’s such a gentleman…..giving way & letting KH & IA have that important one last talk before KH goes back to Boston. Seeing KC watching them from afar broke my heart into tiny little pieces! I totally agree with you malou1010 re KC’s love for IA. Such a beautiful take on it! Seriously, KC just kills me with his undying love for IA! I reaaaaaally hope he gets a happy ending with her! I do believe, in my heart of hearts, that In Ae has deeper feelings for Kwang Chul much more than as a dear friend……….she just doesn’t realize it yet! I’m hoping the writer takes her there……and soon! Love this pair so much!!!

  176. 176 : jamie Says:

    @ aznative #174

    You can read posts #158-160, then #162-165. It’s actually better than a recap since it includes the comments of the posters. I usually watch 2 episodes at a time so mine was the summary of episodes 21 & 22. Hope it helps to update your viewing.

  177. 177 : TIRA Says:



  178. 178 : malou1010 Says:

    Aaaah, there’s a lot of heart in this drama…….absolutely loved episodes 24 & 25! Honestly, I was kinda conflicted about the writer’s decision to allow the birth of In Ae’s baby. This is such a controversial issue considering IA’s frame of mind in previous episodes, but the writer had been pushing the envelope lately so it didn’t surprise me one bit. However, whatever misgivings I might have had, completely vanished away after I saw IA’s reaction on seeing her baby for the very first time. It was such a touching scene that I was so moved…..I cried my eyes out! The scene was just absolute perfection…….it was a testament to a mother’s inexplicable bond to her baby; it proved that regardless of this tragic circumstances she went through, one thing remains constant in her life right that moment…….In Ae loves her baby unconditionally!

    Kwang Chul was just amazing in this episode! Such raw emotions coming from such an endearing man! He simply adores & practically fell in love with his “baby” at first sight…….vowing to raise her to be an amazing lady & promising to protect her at all cost. How could I not love KC? Kwang Chul is such a great guy……I absolutely love him! Having said that, I just can’t figure out why the heck IA has been pushing KC away! Ugh……I’m not even going to comment on it because quite frankly, I’m very annoyed right now!

    Sooooo darn glad In Ae is now a lawyer! I saw that little badge on her collar & oh my gosh, I was just truly ecstatic! She now has more clout to take her revenge on those evil bastards who wronged her, most especially (Hey jamie, I love this term you coined for them!) this Match Made In Hell pair, Park Young Tae & Iron Butterfly. Whoa…….it’s GAME ON! Looking forward to payback time………fightiiiiiing, IA!!!

    I was so heartbroken when KC got hurt pretty badly. But I do believe that all things happen for a reason. Case in point, it took this accident to occur for IA to realize how much she truly cares for KC! There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that she loves him more than a brotherly love. This accident definitely gave her a big jolt & made her see just how much he truly means to her….that should KC die, she would rather die first! I love it when she said that she alone would save & protect him just as he had done for her in the past, & that no one could ever touch him again. Oh dear me, I’m sooooo loving this turn of events! But I hope the writer won’t go to the AMNESIA route……..just Noooooo!!!

  179. 179 : aznative Says:

    @ Jamie #176

    Thank you so much, I’ll take a look.

  180. 180 : Big fan Says:

    I loved episodes 24 and 25 also. The writer for this drama is very talented. It is certainly not one of those predictable storylines. It really keeps me glued to the show….
    I was not sure if Kwang Chul loved InAe as a lover before, but epi 24 answered it for me. When InAe is singing a lullaby to Ester, Kwang Chul had such a look of longing on his face looking at InAe.
    You are right, malou 1010…. I think InAe is coming to realize how precious KC is. Also I am excited to see in the coming shows how InAe will be going against PYT.
    I am so looking forward to this weekend.

  181. 181 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    There you are! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you’re back! I was just about to give a holler & say………..hmmm, to catch your attention I’d use the “old” English way & pretty much sounding like British, I’d say…….”Where art thou, Big fan?” How’s your Korean? You’ve been gone 3 episodes ago so really….. Jongmal bogosipo!!!

  182. 182 : jamie Says:

    @ Big fan

    So nice to see you back! I missed reading your post……so don’t go anywhere, ok?

  183. 183 : Big fan Says:

    Thank you, malou1010 and Jamie. Your posts and others in this blog really makes this drama even better for me!

    So I have a question about Prime Minister’s son, Kim Tae Kyung…. I thought he was biologically PYT and Iron Butterfly’s son. Maybe I misunderstood the conversation between (as Jamie aptly puts it) the Match-Made-in-Hell. It is possible when evil butterfly talked about “our children,” she meant one child with Prime Minister and one child with PYT.

    I love InAe’s integrity. When Kwang Hoon, the older brother, comes to see her, she could have swayed him or herself considering how much and how long she had loved him … but I love the way she is firm and poised to let him know that KH is a forgotten past at his original request. I think when KH talked about how much he wanted to see Ester, he really meant InAe.

    I love, love InAe and KC. I am going to die if KC has amnesia. I love this drama!

  184. 184 : jamie Says:

    So true! I agree with both malou1010 & Big fan. I totally loved episodes 24 & 25 because both delivered so much feels & made me cry a whole lot! Na Yun Sook deserves to be complimented for her brilliant writing. She’s truly an amazing writer who writes with her heart & soul, making the viewers feel for the characters that they’re rooting for. Seriously, I have not been so emotionally attached to a drama before as much as I am now to Endless Love. Heck, I don’t even care that it’s a 40-episode drama because it truly draws me in, weekend after weekend…..I just love watching it! Couldn’t imagine my weekends without it!!!

    I absolutely love this new chapter of In Ae’s life……she’s finally a lawyer! It’s payback time……time to kick some butt! Darn it, LINE them all up…….starting with the Match Made In Hell, Iron Butterfly & Park Young Tae!

    About Kwang Hoon, I’m not fully convinced about his threatening words to PYT. I have my doubts, really! He’s now way up there, a Presidential Advisor……..so will he risk it or a better question is…..will he be MAN enough FOR ONCE & fulfill his father’s dying wish to protect Kwang Chul?

    Like you malou1010, I didn’t like IA pushing KC away. If it’s KH, it’s fine but if KC….heck NO! But I’m so over it now! I knew it…..In Ae, deep down in her heart, loves Kwang Chul! Such a beautiful moment, really! So looking forward to KC finding out how she truly feels about him. I don’t want to see KC having an amnesia when he wakes up so I’m hoping the writer, being unpredictable & all, won’t go there!

    I love the ending……In Ae smiling at PYT……..seems more like “I gotcha this time & there’s nowhere to run!”……….so priceless!!!

  185. 185 : bluefish Says:

    Did KH attend his father’s memorial in keeping with tradition or to see InAe on a pretext. It’s a different chapter in their lives now and it’s futile to look back at what could have been. New goals, new dreams…everything seems within reach with her recent success in the legal profession. Time to focus on those goals like a laser beam, karma will take care of the injustice she suffered. Hye Jin’s problem with alcohol may prove to be a big factor in the future breakdown of a marriage that’s built on lies and deceit.

  186. 186 : jamie Says:

    @ Big fan

    You didn’t misunderstand. Iron Butterfly did tell her EVIL HALF, PYT, “our children” in one of the previous episodes so I deducted both are his children. I still think TK is his son, otherwise, why say “our children”, right? The thing is, if PYT is not TK’s father, then who is? I don’t think it’s the PM either. I just don’t trust the Iron Butterfly. Come to think of it, how on earth did the Match Made In Hell pair manage to have a daughter…….did the PM turn a blind eye? If so, why? Was he aware of the affair/affairs his wife was having? On that note, I have to really go……..it’s now my bedtime! Talk to you later!

  187. 187 : Big fan Says:

    @ jamie
    This is how my understanding of Prime Minister’s marriage goes. He was married to Iron Butterfly when he met the love-of-his-life. He had an affair with his love, who eventually had InAe as their daughter. While he was in love with InAe’s Mom, he did not want to pursue political career or his marriage. So Iron Butterfly used PYT to get rid of InAe and her mother. While Prime Minister was crazy in love, Iron Butterfly and PYT had another affair….resulting in Se Kyung. What I am not clear on is whether TaeKyung is PYT’s son that Iron Butterfly lied to Prime Minister-to-be to get married or her husband’s biological son.

  188. 188 : ace_diamonds Says:

    ParkYT has sunk lower than a sewer rat when he decked TaeKyung again almost bashing him to a pulp. Shame shame on this half a human being… hope karma comes knocking on his door soon. Good thing they didn’t prolong KC’s unconscious state…rather, let him wake up to find his love so close…a rare, tender and deserving moment for Han Kwang Chul.

    SeKyung should realize by now that she’ll always be second place as long as InAe is in the picture…what a lot of wasted tears have been shed on this unrequited love. The attempted murder on KC is meant to deter him from any connection with SK; so she’s really doing him more harm than good by hanging around him like an albatross…

  189. 189 : aznative Says:

    Hello fans! I have a programming question. Do both episodes air this weekend or was the Sunday episode preempted because of the Asian games? Thank you.

  190. 190 : aznative Says:

    Episodes aired as usual. Watching episode 26 right now and I think I’ve narrowed down the time frame to be 1979, before the assassination of General Park Chung-hee. Love these kind of dramas because I find myself digging into my favorite subject….HISTORY!

    Enjoy this weekend’s episodes!

  191. 191 : aznative Says:

    Revealed in episode 26 was the biological father of Kim Tae-Kyung, there can be not doubt now.

  192. 192 : terazhang Says:

    honestly before ep 27 i still have a spark of hope that HKC will end up with SIA…
    But that’s never going to happen…
    It’s obvious from previous episode that HKC swayed by Se kyung…
    I won’t blame him since SIA never give him any inch into her heart…..
    This remind me of Empire of Gold. The writer focus more on the main theme of the story and include more of reality on the love line…..

  193. 193 : ace_diamonds Says:

    The confrontation and showdown between Sekyung and PYT was truly a masterpiece. Great great acting by Jeon So-Min…wow such explosive emotions that rocked even the hardhearted PYT. They say, “where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”; and it’s ringing true here. The new revelation of her bloodline is a shocker as she hears the words from the horse’s mouth. As you cannot unring a bell…the harm’s being done, poor SeKyung.

    I never liked seeing anyone put a gun to their head in a moment of anger; acting on such an impulse may result in unintentional tragedy as in a case in Hollywood many years ago. Looks like Seo InAe will include no man in her new life…neither the man who gave up everything for her, or the man who betrayed her….as she channels her passion and energy towards a different direction now.

  194. 194 : TORRI Says:

    i was hoping there would be a love line between In Ae AND Kwang Chul but after yesterday ep , i realised that the writer wont be going to that direction , and second the writer wants the viewers to see how In Ae goes from nothing to something and romance has nothing to do with it
    i wish i had figured out by now i wont have wasted my hope that this two will form some kind of romance in the end more over if this writer makes Kwang Chul and Kim Se Kyung a couple now when we all know her biological father is responsible for the death of Kwang Chul dad death as well as In Ae mum death added to the fact that he was also was responsible for In Ae rape then the writer is way off and that will ruin this drama but hey that just my thinking as for now am no longer a fan of the drama so my viewing of this drama ended this week hope the rest of keep enjoying the rest show and it turns out the way most of you want

  195. 195 : malou1010 Says:

    @ aznative #190

    Me too, I’m such a History fanatic! I loved it then & I’m still so crazy about it now! Learning about what shaped a country’s history is truly quite an amazing & inspirational experience. Precisely why I’m addicted to Endless Love…….I just love it to bits!

    Welcome to the thread!

  196. 196 : malou1010 Says:

    Soooooo glad to see the two-digit ratings back again…….Yaaaaay!!! Endless Love………FIGHTIIIIING!!!!!

  197. 197 : malou1010 Says:

    I was so relieved Kwang Chul didn’t have amnesia when he woke up! What made the scene even better was In Ae was right there by his side when he did! Oh writernim, you’re truly killing me with your hints! Come to think of it, I’m still positive the writer will surely create a moment for KC & IA because they so deserve to be together in the end! If that’s not part of writernim’s plan (Oh dear me, I want to see that darn script she’s writing! Heck, I want to coach her myself!), why show us that IA really loves KC more than a dear friend in the previous episode? With this in mind, I’m not abandoning my KC/IA ship…….Nope! Not gonna happen coz I’m hanging on! You hear me, writernim!

    I think what IA needs is to have more time & space to completely heal from her tragic past. I feel her pushing KC away is her own way of protecting him because she loves him & wants his happiness above all else, & feels she’s being more like a hindrance & burden to him. So I’m good with that premise for now because more than ever, I really want to see that part of her journey where she gets her OWN POWER…….to prove, once & for all, that justice will prevail……..& that NO ONE is above the law!

    Having said that, I really can’t help but feel sooo hurt for KC! My head rationalized IA’s actions but my heart was really ripped apart for KC! Nonetheless, I doubt if he would listen to her. He adores Esther & loves IA so much that he will wait for her however long it takes. His heart belongs to no one else but IA & no amount of her pushing him away could ever change that. And if there’s one thing that remains constant in IA’s life, it is……..KC will always be there for her & Esther. Absolutely love KC!

    For now I’ll put the loveline on the back burner because I’m sooooo ready for payback time! IA beating the evil bastard, PYT, at his own game was just EPIC! That’s just for starters…..can’t wait for more & this time I want the vile witch, Iron Butterfly included too! Aaaah, loved that scene of the Match Made In Hell pair by the river! PYT hugged Iron Butterfly & assured her that if she were to die, she wouldn’t be alone……they would die together in the same place. WELL SAID, because I’m really, really & I do mean really waiting for that moment! But……NAH, I’d rather see them ROT in jail for the rest of their miserable lives!

    Totally loving this drama! Can’t wait for the weekend!

  198. 198 : Big fan Says:

    I have not given up on InAe and Kwang Chul either. I think that InAe taking the case of the raped woman may become the key to something very important in InAe’s personal life in the near future. I hope Kwang Chul remains true to InAe, even though InAe is pushing him to SeKyung for “his own sake”…

    I think a little of the payback is coming true for PYT, although far from enough for this very evil man. He obviously adores SeKyung…and it is going to drive him nuts to realize how much she hates having his bloodline.

    I am so looking forward to this weekend…. I love that the storyline is not predictable, therefore it is fun speculating and discussing here.

  199. 199 : Juana love Says:

    Mr writer pls let InAe and Kwang chul be together…..

  200. 200 : jamie Says:

    Well, well, well……the two-digit ratings I’m waiting for! Keep it coming, good people of S. Korea! Endless Love……….fightiiiiing!!!

  201. 201 : jamie Says:

    I’m really glad the writer didn’t drag out Kwang Chul’s unconsciousness & so thankful she didn’t use the amnesia card. Seriously, I didn’t dare blink when KC finally woke up! Simply adores how unpredictable our lady writer is!

    I just loved that In Ae was being cerebral with her dealings with the despicable, PYT. It was such a delight to see him squirm & be that defenseless because IA didn’t leave him any room to weasel his way out……just priceless! I’m just as excited as the rest of you guys for payback time! I definitely could see it coming preeeetty soon. IA now has all the aces against the Match Made In Hell, PYT & Iron Butterfly…….the recording to incriminate PYT should anything bad happens to her; the documents TK gave IA for safekeeping which would put the evil pair in jail for a long time; & of course, the PM’s protection, that is, if & when he gets out of his cowardly self, be a father to IA & really protect her to the end. So definitely the evil pair would soon be DEAD MEAT……..******rubs hands with glee****** In fact, they should start liking the color BLUE because pretty soon BLUE would be the ONLY color they would be wearing when they get settled……….in the SLAMMER!

    That beach scene between In Ae & Kwang Hoon was both nostalgic & meaningful. I liked that it showed the contrast of feelings between the two…….KH’s longing looks at her & IA’s total indifference to his presence. It clearly showed how she felt about her past with KH. IA’s heels digging deeply in the sand sort of symbolized the deep wound he left in her heart due to his betrayal; her walking away from him as she took heavy steps initially then finally getting the hang of it, meant that after so many struggles she had finally come to terms with reality……..she had moved on & was letting him go!

    Count me in coz I’m still on board the KC/IA ship……..there’s NO WAY I’m giving up on them! I’m still confident the writer, being unpredictable throughout this drama, wouldn’t give all these hints……..IA finally moving on & letting go of KH………IA finally realizing she truly loves KC……..KC loving IA unconditionally & endlessly…….Esther now being the center of both IA’s & KC’s lives…………if the endgame won’t be a HAPPY ENDING TOGETHER for our endearing couple, KC & IA! Pleeeeeeeease writernim!!!!

    Still crazy about Endless Love!

  202. 202 : Big fan Says:

    jamie, I think your description of InAe’s heels digging into the sand symbolizing the wound deep in her heart was really awesome. I had not thought about that. I knew that the beach was very significant in InAe and Kwang Hoon’s past love; and it seems very appropriate that she turns away from KH at the beach. KH looking at IA with deep longing and regret….. a little of payback I want.

    Epi 28 was great! I love the way the storyline moves without “unnecessary fillers.” I am glad to say I was wrong when I thought Kwang Chul may give up on InAe. In Epi 28, I noticed the way KC looks at InAe and the tone of his voice when he talks to her. Such tenderness and deep love. He only seems to use that gentle tone with IA and Esther.

    I love, love this drama!

  203. 203 : ace_diamonds Says:

    If burning bridges is a good way to sever ties and references to old loves, then Seo InAe has more than burned bridges, she has incinerated all memories of KH never to rise from the ashes again. Such a sad chapter in her life will be shoved away and discarded like yesterday’s newspapers. a life lesson that a promise of love and loyalty is as reliable as the dubious weather in tornado season.

    I felt a subtle hint that she may leave Esther with KC and SK while she embarks on her mission of justice, a magnanimous gesture on her part as she exits the picture. The next preview shows a brief embrace between KC and SK. I’m a little disappointed but it’s not the end of the world. InAe is proving to be a great strategist as she methodically gathers the secret ammo for the political fight of her life,a fight that will change history…

  204. 204 : malou1010 Says:

    I’ve got just two words for episodes 28 & 29……….ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I just love the “new” In Ae! Finally, I see a strong, fierce woman who’s more than capable of holding her own against her adversaries, the despicable PYT & the untrustworthy General Chun…….who’s so resilient that regardless of the adversity & conflicts in her life, she rose above it all & never ever let her horrible past break her spirit or shape her soul. I totally love what she has become now……..outspoken, independent, self-assured, way more intelligent, & most of all, empowered……I couldn’t be any happier! That scene at the courthouse was truly EPIC……..soooooo proud of In Ae! Oh dear me, I got emotional myself as she was pleading justice for that young woman who was violated while imprisoned.

    Absolutely love seeing IA, KC, & Esther together……they look pretty much like a REAL family! Oh writernim…..there you go again with your hints! Aaaaww…..Esther is so cute & adorable & she’s truly a Daddy’s girl! Loved that scene where KC & Esther were outside IA’s office waiting for her to come out. She’s so close to KC that she actually “listens” to him……..when he said they should wait for IA to come out coz she’s working late, Esther readily agreed; but the moment he suggested that they should go & check if she’s done, she was more than happy to do it because it was exactly what she wanted to do from the start but KC talked her out of it, & she did it for her Daddy! Also, when IA asked her what she wanted to eat, she instinctly asked her Daddy KC what would he want as well………such a sweet little munchkin, I love her!

    So excited for the weekend’s episodes! Totally loving Endless Love!

  205. 205 : jamie Says:

    You are so right, malou1010! Episodes 28 & 29 were definitely so powerful & truly amazing! I completely agree with you about In Ae’s rebirth……I love her even more! She faced many struggles & obstacles in life……she stumbled & fell lots of times but she fought for her dreams & never ever strayed onto the wrong path. Her tragic past didn’t weigh her down but instead made her even stronger & more than anything, it did help light her path out of the darkness & brought her to…….exactly where she wanted to be, doing exactly what needs to be done, & most of of all, saying exactly what needs to be heard. She didn’t allow her past to define her life…….she defined HERSELF! I couldn’t be any prouder!

    I’m more than satisfied with how the story is unfolding & I’m excited to see the Match Made In Hell pair, PYT & Iron Butterfly, finally wearing their would-be-couple BLUE prison uniforms! Happy thoughts!!!

    I’m in such a good mood right now that I simply refuse to comment on KH’s irritating behavior in IA’s office. But…..if I must, then I’d keep it short. What he did was truly very “typical” KH………he’s such an “A#^>*<E"!

    Erm……..it's now 3AM on my side of the world, so that means…..Yaaaaawn……..my bedtime!

    Love this drama so, so, so much!

  206. 206 : jamie Says:

    @ Big fan

    Me too, I loved that scene you mentioned. This is one quality of KC that is so endearing……..he’s always in tune with IA’s feelings! Which goes bothways so seriously, KC & IA are truly soulmates……..love them so much!

  207. 207 : malou1010 Says:

    @ jamie

    Oh my goodness, you really crack me up! Love that “would-be couple blue prison uniforms”! I just popped in to check the ratings & ugh……..I was really disappointed! Such a shame really that this amazing drama with brilliant actors/actresses is not getting the ratings it trully deserves. But at least after reading your post, I felt a whole lot better. You made my day!!!

  208. 208 : malou1010 Says:

    Gosh, I did say in one of my previous posts that I’d be willing to put the loveline between Kwang Chul & In Ae in the back burner, but…………writernim sucked me right back in! I was glad KC finally had the courage to ask IA where he stands. He must have felt in his heart that it was the right moment, so he didn’t waste that chance……..he told her exactly what’s in his heart! When he asked her if he should leave & that he could let her go now, I took it as his way of telling her that it’s time for her to choose. But adding if it’s for Esther, he just can’t ever leave her, I was so overwhelmed because right there & then I could feel he loves Esther as much as he loves IA! And when KC hugged IA, after she told him that she had long given up being a woman, I was incredibly glad! Why? Because for what it’s worth, when KC asked her should he leave & is he insignificant to her, IA never gave him a categorical answer! And most importantly, she didn’t push him away but she stayed in his arms……….Aaaaaaw, I loved that scene! Hints again, writernim! But I do love this last hint the most because it’s giving me positive vibes that my KC/IA ship is worth holding on, after all!

    I do get where IA is coming from. She was traumatized by her tragic past, & it has damaged her emotionally in such a way that she thinks she can’t love again. I’m hoping that she will have the courage to finally open her heart to KC, & acknowledge that she,too, loves him as deeply as he has always loved her. After all, time heals all pains. IA always says time & again that she has a scar from her past. Which brings me to this beautiful quote I came across which says…..”There is something beautiful about all scars, whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed & healed…..it’s done with!”

    In the preview, KH must have been in a terrible car accident. He’s in cardiac arrest & the medical staff is trying to revive him! Aaaah, writernim…… don’t go there, please! Regardless of how much I despise KH character, I don’t want to lose one of the 3 main characters. Just………NO!

    So glad it’s weekend tomorrow. Fingers crossed, ratings will be better. Endless Love………FIGHTIIIIIING!

  209. 209 : jamie Says:

    Episodes 30 & 31 were absolutely great episodes! I love the fact that In Ae by fighting for Jan Ji Hee’s vindication & winning in the process, she herself went through her own emotional healing as well. Both of them had been through such a horrid experience that now they both share a special bond, so deep that only the two of them could ever relate to. JJH’s freedom meant pretty much like IA’s own freedom too. That scene where JJH ran happily into IA’s arms, after being released from prison, has to be one of the happiest moments in IA’s life. Mine too……I am just so proud of IA! I love her character so much!

    Seriously, I’m really on the fence about the PM’s political suicide. Rather than be imprisoned which made him unproductive, being the PM; he could have joined forces with Opposition Party Leader, & with his political clout & popularity be instrumental in bringing forth the clamor for a change to a democratic form of government. This way he could have shielded himself from the backlash of the present regime. But then again, if he did that, I would have missed the joy of seeing the vile witch, Iron Butterfly, having a nervous breakdown because she could never ever be a First Lady, which was her ultimate dream in life. That’s her reality which she has to face for the rest of her wretched life. I’m extremely delighted! However, I’m not so keen about her going insane……Heck NO! The humiliation of having that power stripped from her was just the beginning of the much awaited payback time for all her evil deeds. She needs to suffer so much more & when the right time comes……I want her completely sane! And her EVIL HALF, PYT, of course! I’m glad the writer won’t take that route as seen in the preview for this weekend’s episode.

    That scene between KC & IA was just awesome! I truly love & adore KC so much more! Finally, KC broke his silence to let IA know how he felt about her pushing him away. I don’t think KC ever responded to IA’s pushing him away till now. That hug was to me a sure giveaway that our endearing couple will have a happy ending together! IA didn’t attempt, not even once, to break away from KC’s hug…..I love that scene! Finally we get our first hug from KC & IA! It sure was a looooong wait……..we got it after 31 episodes! More to come, I hope!

    So true, malou1010! I feel IA is too wounded to take the risk for fear of getting hurt, betrayed, or rejected. I hope she stops denying what her heart tells her & she finds the strength to start all over again. KC truly loves her…….he loves all of her……every imperfections, every past mistakes, Esther…….EVERYTHING! He’s such a great guy to pass up & he’s just waiting for her to give him that chance of loving her the way she deserves to be loved. I’m for KC & IA all the way!

    I love Endless Love soooo much!

  210. 210 : jamie Says:

    Hoping for better ratings/rankings for this weekend’s episodes! Endless Love……….fightiiiiiiiiing!!!!

  211. 211 : Lighthouse Says:

    Woah another drama from SBS has to cut the episodes short due to low ratings, recently GD drama and now this one Endless Love, the episodes cut to 37 instead of 40 episodes. Wow what’s wrong with SBS this year????!!!

    They need re-formulate all of upcoming dramas otherwise all of those dramas will fail 🙁

  212. 212 : malou1010 Says:

    I disagree. True, Endless Love didn’t get the top 5 ranking but it did get included with the top 20 most viewed TV shows at its designated days & timeslots. It stood its ground & was pretty consistent in its ratings & rankings since it got started, dropping twice only in its 32 run of episodes.

    It’s such a shame really that this drama has not been more popular because I do believe it deserves to be. Its story is so well-written & all the cast especially the main leads are such brilliant actors & actresses. I love this drama so much!

  213. 213 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh dear me, I was just totally thrilled with episode 33’s ending! It was a dream come true for me……I couldn’t be any happier! Usually, I’m irritated whenever I see scenes in kdramas calling for splashing water on someone’s face. But hey……seeing In Ae splash water on the face of that evil witch, Iron Butterfly, was too exhilarating to pass up……absolutely adored that scene! Heck, I would have preferred that IA poured the whole darn pitcher of water instead of just a measly glass of water! IB is just unbelievable. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. When IA demanded an apology & wanted IB to beg for forgiveness……ON HER KNEES…….I was like, “Nah, there’s no way that she’ll go that low!” But, oh my gosh, IB did it! I know IB wasn’t really sincere but I couldn’t care less! Just seeing that vile witch stoop that low, & begging IA……..ON HER KNEES…….was truly priceless! I’m pretty sure IA will savor that moment …….& I expect her to turn down her request FLAT OUT!

    When IA told KH: “A woman with scars needs a deeper love. Deeper & earnest love to be genuine, endless patience is required”……..it got me thinking…….was this meant for KC? Is this IA’s way of telling the KC/IA shipper (Ok now, jamie & Big fan prepare to join me in boarding our KC/IA ship! Btw, why are you MIA, Big fan?), that she’s now beginning to realize that KC’s enduring patience has finally won her heart over? That now she knows in her heart that KC’s willingness to wait for her to accept his love……only proves to her just how much he values her love. Aaaaaww…..writernim, is this another hint! I’m all for it!

    I’m really, really, really so sad they cut 3 episodes of Endless Love! I’m hoping writernim won’t give a rush ending……Just NO! I want to see the evil pair, PYT & IB, finally paying for all the injustices they committed. More than ever, I want to see IA being instrumental in putting handcuffs on the despicable, evil bastard PYT, whom she calls the epitome of all evils, & tagging along, of course, is his equally evil partner, IB. I want them both to ROT in jail for the rest of their miserable lives!

    Most of all, I want to see In Ae & Kwang Chul having a HAPPY ENDING together. If IA (but NOT this, writernim! Jeeeeeebal!) ends up being just a mother to Esther, a force to reckon with politically, happily doing the work she loves, & fighting the good fights……I’ll be happy for her as well. If she ends up being a mother, a leader, & a woman who finally acknowledges that her heart belongs to no one else but KC………I’ll be incredibly ecstatic! This………this is exactly my ultimate wish for a happy ending!

    With just 4 episodes to go, I’m so excited for the last 4 episodes! Totally loving this drama!

  214. 214 : malou1010 Says:

    Correction on my post #212

    dropping once only in its 33 run of episodes (based on AGB ratings & rankings which are more reliable since it has more viewers than TNmS).

  215. 215 : aznative Says:

    I am also disappointed to see the episodes decreased. Just hope the writers provide a conclusion worthy of the series.

    It’s been great reading the posts of all the fans.

  216. 216 : Big fan Says:

    Epi 32 and 33 were really great. I just love this drama and cannot believe that it is not receiving the very good ratings that it deserves! I was so disappointed to see that the number of episodes are decreased by 3!!!

    I am ready for InAe to open her heart to KC…..please, please…. I am afraid that KC will give up InAe to his older brother who seems to be going through a very rough marriage issues. It has been said multiple times in previous episodes that KC acts more like an older brother (being thoughtful and more caring to his brother.). I will be devastated if InAe does not get to love again and feel whole as a woman. I don’t want that evil PYT to take away any part of InAe to love again.

    I feel for SeKyung, but if KC ended up with SeKyung at the end….. I feel that KC will never truly be happy inside. Ultimately SK will not be happy knowing that KC’s heart will always belong to InAe.

    Please let it happen this weekend that InAe will open herself to KC as a woman!!!!!!

  217. 217 : aznative Says:

    @ Big fan

    I’m afraid those of us who want to see a loving relationship develop between Kwang Chul and InAe might be disappointed. That is the direction I would like to see but InAe seems determined on her path for justice, both personal and national. But maybe the writers want us to think that way so they can pull a fast one at the end and make us all happy campers!

    The General’s daughter is a mess, her actions don’t surprise me at all, she’s forced the horse to water but has realized that you can’t “will” someone to love you. I feel sorry for her, she’s a victim of her father’s political aspirations.

    I think SeKyung will close her heart to KC since her biological father is and has been the source of horrific crimes against those she holds dear. It’s to KC and InAe’s credit that they treat SeKyung as family.

    Is it possible that InAe doesn’t open her heart to KC partly because she knows SeKyung loves him?

    Well, we’ll have the answers in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy this weekend’s episodes!

  218. 218 : morally Says:

    One thing I dislike InAe, she is too secretive, how could she kept all the secret to herself, that is very wrong, even KC is so devoted to her and loved her with all his heart, I would be hurt too if I were him. But this is the major plot of all Kdramas, SECRET SECRET. without secret they can’t not produce the dramas, even at the end all secret will be revealed.

  219. 219 : jamie Says:

    I loved both episodes 32 & 33! Like you, malou1010, I loved the ending of episode 33, as well. I really couldn’t have asked for more……it’s absolute perfection! It’s as if the writer read our minds & heard our frustrations over the evil wench, IB, & to give us a peek of that much-awaited sweet revenge of IA, she gave us THIS as a starter. You’re the best, writernim! And yes, malou1010, I’m so ready to board the KC/IA ship! Just waiting for writernim to lead us there.

    Another scene which was truly a to-die-for-moment was that awesome face off between IA & PYT in the Blue House lobby. When PYT told IA with such irritating arrogance that he will make sure he collects the money that he coughed up to IA, I loved how she replied. IA, in turn, didn’t mince any words & told the abominable, low-life, evil bastard PYT, that only DOGS eat what they threw up! That scene was PURE GOLD……I absolutely loved it! And to finally finish him off, she told him point-blank that she will definitely be the one who will handcuff him. She was so incredibly cool……..I’m just loving her character so much more!

    I’m so sad EL was cut down to 37 episodes. I do hope the writer can wrap things up & give a heartwarming ending for our endearing couple, KC & IA….. HAPPY & TOGETHER, pleeeeeease, writernim! But if the writer decides otherwise (Noooooooooo!), then I don’t want KH back in IA’s life! That’s a big NO for me! KH & his furrowed brow needs to stay far, far away from IA. When he chose Yale & his bright political future over his love for IA, he definitely put the last nail in the coffin, as far as his relationship with IA goes. He doesn’t have ANY right, at all, to get her back & he deserves his creepy wife! In a way, IA’s heartbreak was a blessing from God. I believe it was His way of letting her realize He saved her from the wrong one……..because the right one He chose for her is a better man!

    I’m confident, though, that IA will never accept KH back in her life. I’d be so frustrated if the writer would do this! But if worse comes to worst, then I’d rather see IA ALONE but living happily with Esther, fulfilled & accomplished professionally. I’m such an optimist so I’m still hopeful it’ll be a HAPPY ENDING TOGETHER for KC & IA! It’s my fervent wish that IA listens to what her heart tells her, & follows her heart because her better man, KC, is just waiting for her, for the longest time, to reciprocate his feelings!

    Seriously, KC’s endless devotion to both IA & Esther, & his undying love for IA would remain forever engraved in the hearts of the viewers. I love, love, love his character so much! I just hope the writer gives this remarkale man a HAPPY ENDING he truly deserves……..together as a family with the only woman he will ever love, IA!

    Can’t wait for this weekend’s episodes? Happy thoughts only!

  220. 220 : jamie Says:

    Ooops…….typo error! Should be: ****remarkable****

  221. 221 : terazhang Says:

    am i the only one who’s glad that the drama has been cut down….Honestly it has been a hassle for me to watch this drama because its too long. Haha at least we got to see the ending faster…

  222. 222 : malou1010 Says:

    Oh my gosh, what did just happen? Is my KC/IA ship sinking already or worse, has it finally sunk? C’mon writernim, give me a break…….my KC/IA ship has not even started sailing yet! And good grief, with just 2 episodes left, why go there at all? Why torment us KC/IA shippers? Aaaaaaargh!!!

    Quite frankly, I really feel for KC. I understand his mixed emotions……he’s hurt, disappointed, frustrated, & most of all, he felt so betrayed. He loves IA with every ounce of his being……..he was there for her every step of the way when IA’s life became bleak & unknown…….he supported & protected her, & he made sure that she would come out of the hell-hole she was in & be WHOLE again……..& most of all, he was willing to wait for her however long it takes until she’s ready to give her heart to him. He had practically given his all to IA but at that point he felt so insignificant because he could never be good enough for her, & worse, she didn’t trust him enough to share her birth secret with him. Honestly, though, I didn’t expect him to actually leave IA & really meant it! I’m just as heartbroken as KC! Writernim, you are just killing me here!

    However, I do get where IA is coming from. She doesn’t want KC’s life to be endangered again because of her. She wants to protect him so she kept it a secret & had no intention whatsoever to divulge it to either brothers. But the “bearer of bad tidings”, KH, as usual, barged in IA’s office to confirm her birth secret. The nerve of this guy! Couldn’t he use the phone, not even once, instead of just showing up unannounced? He thinks & acts as if the world revolves around him! He’s so full of himself & frankly, he annoys me no end!

    All things considered, I’m still hoping for the best for my KC/IA ship…….nope, I’m not giving up……still rooting for KC & IA till the end! So with just 2 episodes left, my ultimate happy ending wishes: KC rescues Esther & comes out ALIVE (You better be listening, writernim!)………IA finally realizes she loves KC so much that life without him in it is not worth living for; that there’s absolutely no one she could ever be with, & that she would rather be ALONE than be without KC!……….KC & IA finally end up together, living happily with Esther……….& most of all, 2014’s evilest pair to date, PYT & IB, finally get convicted for all their crimes & rot in jail, wearing the “couple blue prison uniforms” (right, jamie?)…………all these sound sooooo perfect! I’m really, really, really hoping writernim takes us there!

    Fingers crossed, Endless Love gives us nothing but the best ever HAPPY ENDING! Absolutely love this drama!!!

  223. 223 : princess Says:

    @malou1010 n @Jamie……wow,wow,wow,wow,welldone guys am soooo impressed n speechless wit ur comments u guys will make me watch endless luv(quick,quick,lol)u guys r fab….(Diz is no flattery)”flattery gets u everywhere”writing it d other way round….hp u get it?luv d way u analyse d episodes…hp writer nim gets 2 read ur cmnts….kip it up guys….plz stay healthy..goodluck wit everything… :))x0

  224. 224 : jamie Says:

    @princess #223

    Thanks! I’m glad I convinced you into watching this amazing drama. You won’t ever regret it, I assure you. LOL to your “own” version re flattery! Mmmmm…….I like yours better than the original……..it makes perfect sense! I wish you well, too. Hope we meet in other threads!

  225. 225 : jamie Says:

    I really love what you’re saying malou1010. It’s exactly how I feel for a HAPPY ENDING for KC & IA! And yes, like you, I’m still holding on……..still on board our KC/IA ship!

    I was truly shocked at the extent of KC’s anger & frustrations towards IA. I really thought it would blow over after some time, if not for IA’s but for Esther’s sake. Seems like he has been pushed to the limit & just couldn’t take it anymore. I know he’s hurting but I think he should have at least talked to Esther & said his goodbye. She simply adores & loves him as much as he does her so he owes her an explanation. It would certainly traumatize Esther if he just leaves without saying a word. I was a bit frustrated when he didn’t go to her birthday. Poor Esther, she’s being torn apart by this awful situation!

    I’m wondering what Esther’s present is. My gut feeling tells me it’s KC’s Jacob necklace. He treasures that necklace because it symbolizes his undying love for IA………the one thing he held on for the longest time…….the only thing which gave him the strength & will to live during his own hellish life in Japan. By giving it away to Esther whom he loves dearly, would mean he’s truly giving up on IA! My heart is aching so much for KC!

    If it is the Jacob necklace, then this is another jolt that IA needs the most. More than ever, she needs to make a decision, like RIGHT NOW. Would she allow fear to take over again? Would she continue forever denying herself that love she feels for KC? Now that she has this last chance, would she finally say what’s in her heart? There is no denying that she knows, deep down in her heart, that KC is IT for her……..he’s the ONE love she wants to keep & hold on forever! And all it takes for KC to stay is IA telling him: “Esther needs you but I need you the most because I love you too!”

    It’s never too late for IA to win back KC because despite all the hurt, anger, & frustration……..KC will always be there for IA & Esther………& that his heart will always belong to her! I’m really hoping IA would take a leap. Otherwise, in the end, she might regret the chances she didn’t take, the relationship she was afraid to have, & most of all, the decision she waited too long to make.

    I’m seriously on edge for this weekend’s last 2 episodes! But I am & will always be an optimist so I’m counting on all the HINTS writernim has been giving us KC/IA shippers. I’m hoping for a heartwarming ending for our endearing couple, KC & IA!

    I love this drama so, so, so much!

  226. 226 : Big fan Says:

    Wow, jamie and malou 1010. You both are incredible in your analysis! This thread has been very instrumental in my enjoyment of this great show. As you know, I love this drama so much.

    I think KC had to make a definite choice to break from IA for her to realize that she truly loves him as a man, not love him as a friend. I am hoping that KC already made a choice in airport before he sees IA, that he could not leave IA….. I am still believing that IA and KC will be together.

    I am off to watch my favorite drama this weekend!

  227. 227 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Princess #223

    You made my day……..thanks a bunch! You could have watched it with us. I can assure you that Endless Love will surely grab your heart & you will fall in love with Kwang Chul & In Ae. Be sure to bring along a box of tissues & clear your desk of any pointed objects including paperweights. Why? Because there are really times when you just want to beat the heck out of the evil pair, PYT & IB! Enjoy the drama & I hope to see you around in other threads. You too be well always!

  228. 228 : malou1010 Says:

    @ Big fan

    Thanks! I had a blast sharing my posts as well as reading yours & jamie’s! It was so nice meeting you guys! I hope we will run into each other in one of the threads around here. I’m waiting eagerly for Birth Of A Beauty (starring Joo Sang Wook & Han Ye Seul) w/c will air soon & will marathon Blade Man, currently showing. Want to join me?

  229. 229 : malou1010 Says:

    I’m so glad the rating & ranking for episode 36 picked up some steam! I haven’t watched it yet……no English subs yet! Aaaaargh!

  230. 230 : myrshada Says:

    Can’t accept the final pairing… what a big disappointment! I know that in this way is a happy ending for everybody (at the most) but… to me it feels like such a waste. Loved KC since the beginning and thought that the at first pitiful and lately annoying SK should stay at the side of the story like her half-brother.
    Ahhhhh… so irritating!

  231. 231 : malou1010 Says:

    Typically, I really don’t watch melodramas so I pretty much stay away from this genre, with few exceptions. But my love for Hwang Jung Eum (first & foremost!) & Jung Kyung Ho coupled with my passion for political history got me in. And oh my gosh, did I get hooked! As expected, Endless Love was totally & completely amazing! It captivated my attention & held it the entire 37 episodes. I absolutely love this drama on so many levels………well-written, brilliant acting, inspirational, insightful, heart-wrenching, & heart-warming. I am genuinely so in love with In Ae & Kwang Chul that I’ve grown attached to their characters, in such a way that somehow I feel a real bond between me & their endearing characters.

    Precisely why I’m a bit frustrated with the ending, because I wanted so much for KC & IA to have a very happy ending together with Esther in the end. Honestly, the first day after watching the final episode, I was speechless. It’s literally unbelievable because I really thought IA would finally open her heart to KC. Clearly, his enduring patience with his unconditional love & devotion to both IA & Esther pretty much epitomizes exactly what the title says…….Endless Love!

    Even now thinking about it, I do believe KC decided not to fight for IA’s love because all he ever wanted, above all else, was her happiness. He wanted her life to be everything she deserves & even if it meant having to give her up in the end, he did it for her sake. True, he married SK & probably he might even love her…….but not the way he loved IA! IA will always stay in his heart forever no matter what because there is a part of his heart that will always belong to her………& that will never ever change! Seeing him getting all excited when IA came back from the States, in contrast to seeing him getting in a pensive mood as he watched IA with KH from afar absolutely brought a twinge in my heart! By giving her up & letting her go so she could freely decide who to choose, KC proved once again that he was willing to do almost anything for her because IA means everything to him. Absolutely love KC!

    I will surely miss Endless Love! I may not agree wholeheartedly with how writernim ended this drama but I have to admit, Na Yun Sook is one brilliant writer! She has my respect & admiration. She kept me engaged until the very end & took me to a “place” I’ve never been. It was a journey I was on all the way! Great job, writernim!

    Hwang Jung Eum never ceases to amaze me with her brilliant acting. She nailed her role as In Ae! It’s such a joy to watch her act. Her acting has always been done with absolute perfection…….love her so much! And Jung Kyung Ho simply killed his role as Kwang Chul! He’s such a brilliant actor. Absolutely love HJE & JKH & hopefully, they get to do another drama together……..Rom/Com, pretty pretty please!

    To the whole team of Endless Love……..great job everybody!!!

  232. 232 : malou1010 Says:

    @ jamie & Big fan

    Hey guys, where are you? C’mon don’t tell me you two are still nursing a broken heart! I’m so looking forward to reading your comments re the final episode.

    Guess what? I found another Rom/Com to watch……Mr. Back which stars Shin Ha Kyun (loved him in All About My Romance) & Jang Nara (yaaaaaaay!). So how about it, join me in Birth Of A Beauty airing tomorrow & Mr. Back? It’ll be fun!

  233. 233 : aznative Says:

    @ malou

    I really enjoyed “Endless Love”, a lot, and while the ending wasn’t a surprise it did make sense. The cast was amazing — good and bad “guys” alike!

    “Mr. Back” looks really interesting, but I haven’t found a site to watch in the USA. I’ve been a fan of Han Ye-seul for a long time and will definitely watch “Birth of A Beauty” so you’ll be seeing me here. I’m pretty busy right now watching “What’s With My Family” on Viki, a lot to like and alot to gripe about, but that’s what melodrama’s are like, right?

  234. 234 : jamie Says:

    I’m so disappointed with how KC & IA ended up in the last episode. Seriously, my heart was just crushed! Hard as I tried, I just couldn’t figure out why IA chose KH over KC. KH betrayed her, trashed her & chose his greed for power & fame, time & again, & most of all, at that point in her life where she was at her lowest, he was nowhere to be found. KC, on the other hand, NEVER ever left her side. He stood by her & above all, he became her pillar of strength & support in her times of utter despair & desolation. I firmly believe that all relationships have ONE law……”Never make the one you love feel ALONE, especially when you are there.” And that’s exactly how KC has always been to IA for the longest time.

    You’re right, malou1010. Such a beautiful take, as always! I felt the exact same thing you’re saying about KC’s stepping aside & letting her go. He truly is a great guy! I felt his sense of resignation & acceptance, as he watched IA & KH walking away…..that the ONE love he can’t have, can be happier with someone else………& this is the one person he can’t live without but needs to let go. How can I not love KC? In a way, I’m glad he married SK. I wanted him to have someone who loves him as deeply as he loves IA…….& SK does. It’s kind of bittersweet but I’m ok with it. It sure took me a while but now I have given in. So whether KC & IA are together or apart in the end, what matters most to me is that they both have their own happy ending. But there’s no denying, I still feel so sad & so heartbroken right now!

    Nevertheless, I’m so unconditionally in love with this drama & I still hold our lady writer, Na Yun Sook, in high regard. She truly is an amazing writer. She has such a sense of people & relationships. There is depth to all her characters & imagination in the plot. Most definitely, she has this gift of building great characters & a talent for writing such a compelling storyline that fascinated me & pulled me in until the final episode.

    I absolutely loved the journey that IA underwent. It was a time of heartfelt & devastating struggles, & oftentimes, serious violence. But she persevered to pursue her dream, & ultimately, her dream became a reality. What made her character so endearing & inspirational, was that she took a strong & towering position in regards to what was right & true. IA was such a great character to root for……I simply loved her since day one!

    I will miss Endless Love so much! And when I think about this drama, I would most definitely be reminded of one of my ultimate favorite quotes……..”It always rains the hardest, on people who deserve the sun.”

    I love all the cast, especially Hwang Jung Eum & Jung Kyung Ho! Both HJE & JKH were incredibly amazing playing their roles…….they both aced their roles! You’re so right, malou1010……it’s about time we see HJE’s smile, so yes, I want her next project to be a Rom/Com! Me too, since JKH didn’t get her in this drama, I really would love to see them paired again in a Rom/Com……..& darn it, I want them to end up together this time!

    So, if anyone wants to watch a drama with an amazing storyline & a perfect cast who are all brilliant actors/actresses, then Endless Love is IT for you. It’s so worth watching!

  235. 235 : jamie Says:

    @ malou1010 & Big fan

    Guys, thanks a lot for making my first post ever in any thread very enjoyable! I loved reading both your posts. I hope we meet again in one of the threads here.

    I’m really interested to watch Birth Of A Beauty & Mr. Back so if ever I join the thread, I’ll wave hi to you malou1010!

  236. 236 : jamie Says:

    @ Admin

    Thanks a lot for giving global viewers like us, an opportunity to express our points of views about the dramas we simply love watching. You are the best, KoreanDrama.org team! Kamsahamnida, guys!

  237. 237 : Dee Says:

    its been a worthwhile journey and that finale should have pulled in more ratings..loved it!

  238. 238 : -Autumn- Says:

    So tell me, is it KC and IA not together in the end?? I expected them to be together.

  239. 239 : -Autumn- Says:

    so what is the ending? Are KC and IA together in the end? As i expected them to be together in the end.

  240. 240 : SPOILER Says:


    Now my opinion to the ending:
    The end is crap!
    Why do koreans always made a bad ending?! Im really disappionted!
    During The hole drama i was hoping that So in nae finally opens her heart to kwang chul! But what? He suddenly had a family with kim se kyung?? N So in ae came back together with han kwang hoon!wtf!

    N what about her revenge which she though about her hole life?? She couldn’t even do that cuz park young tae and the butterfly suddenly get shot!!! Wht is this nonsense?

    I really loved this drama but this ending is so bad! I didn’t expect this! I also dnt understand why they cut down 3 epis.

    Aahh im really angry now. Cuz when this drama had a few more episodes maybe there would be a happy ending. :’D

    This is just my opinion n im curious what others think about it.

  241. 241 : M Says:

    To SPOILER #240

    I couldn’t agree more. The ending was absolute CRAP. I watched this entire drama, and at times it was extremely TEDIOUS. That said, along with bad ratings, I see why 3 episode were cut…I’m glad they did.

    I’ve been watching Kdrama for 10+ years, and I feel like I wasted a lot of time. Lost children, fake mothers & fathers, car wrecks, cancer, nasty MIL, the list goes on & on. They’re all the same, frustrating.

  242. 242 : sassa Says:

    When i saw EL till epsd 36, i have think this is one of the best drama that i had ever wacth. But when i saw eps 37 ( 30 minutes before ending ) i chagge my mind; i think this is one of the worst drama that i ever seen. Because THE ENDING TOTALY RUINS ALL THE STORY. I’m wasting my time to wacthing this drama.
    I have been seen so many drama with sad ending. Its not make me frustating. But EL have dissapointed ending. Really, Really, Really dissapointed. If IA with KC its call Endelles Love.

  243. 243 : ztie Says:

    Im still watching this drama I’m in the 31 episode and so curious what the end of the story. Couse I want that IA snd KC will be end up. But after I read all the comment. I don’t like any more to watch the drama cause I feel so frustrated. Why is that the author came up of that ending,Why they did kind of ending. That they call a endless LOVE OMG.

  244. 244 : JM Says:

    hello. I am a big fan of JUng Kyung Ho. And i am in ep 9 watching endless love. After reading all the comments here. I decided to stop watching. Because frankly speaking i dont like the Kwang Hoon AT ALL. Rather than feeling frustated at the end. I better stop now. And repeat repeat watching falling for innocence better. Hahahahaha.

  245. 245 : OK OK OK Says:

    Thanks for all the spoiler. I can save my time watching other interesting and good ending drama. Kamsa Hamnida 😛

  246. 246 : Bianca Says:

    what a crap, wasted my time watching this so in ae could be with kuang chul, dont watch this drama, it was tedious but still watched it because i was hoping to see and ending with kuang chul, it was disappointing

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